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Kali Bichrome – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Kali Bichrome is prepared from Bichromate of Potash by the potentization process. Through potentization, the medicinal properties of Bichromate of Potash are extracted, leaving behind any of its poisonous, toxic effect. As a result we get homeopathic medicine Kali Bichrome which is used in treating a number of health complaints. It is majorly used to treat cold, sinusitis, post nasal drip (PND), ear discharge, sore throat and gastric ulcers.   Kali Bichrome - homeopathic medicine

The ‘Kali Bichrome’ Constitution

This medicine is suited to fat people with a fair complexion. It is suitable to people who have tendency to have inflammation of various body parts that mainly includes nasal mucus membrane, paranasal sinus,  ear, throat, joints and erosions in stomach.

Drug Action

Firstly, it has a marked action on nasal mucus membrane and paranasal sinuses where it helps to reduce its inflammation and give relief in many symptoms including cold, nasal congestion and PND (post nasal dripping of mucus). 

Secondly, it has marked action on ears where it helps to fight with ear infections and relieve ear discharges and ear pain. Next, it has great ability to treat sinus headache and migraine headache. Other than this it is used to reduce inflammation  of the throat, respiratory tract and joints. 

Lastly, it show its action on gastrointestinal tract and helps to heal gastric ulcers and give relief in its related symptoms.

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Nasal Complaints

It is a very effective medicine to treat a number of nasal complaints. Firstly, it works wonderfully to treat complaint of cold. It is mainly given when there is discharge of thick, ropy, yellow or greenish mucus from nose. The discharge also has an offensive smell.  It is also used in cases where loss of smell and taste is present from long standing coryza. It is also well-indicated in cases where crusts are formed in the nose. The crust if detached leads to bleeding. Along with this, there is soreness and pain in the nostrils.

Next, it is a top listed medicine to treat cases of PND (post nasal drip). Post nasal drip refers to dripping of mucus from back of nostrils into the throat. Here ropy, thick mucus dripping from back of nostrils into throat is indicative to use it. The mucus is hawked up with difficulty.

Other than this it is a renowned medicine to treat sinusitis (inflammation of the membrane that lines any of the hollow areas i.e. sinuses present in the skull). Person needing it in sinusitis mainly complain of thick, ropy, yellow, greenish mucus discharge either from nose or dripping from back of nose in the throat (Post nasal drip). They also have complain of nasal stuffiness. Along with this they have violent pain in head and root of the nose.

Apart from the above, it is helpful to treat nasal polyps. These are soft, painless and non cancerous growths arising from the mucous membrane of the nose or paranasal sinuses.

2. Ear Complaints

If we talk about ear complaints then this is a very beneficial medicine to treat ear infections. In such cases it is indicated when there is a thick, yellow pus discharge from the ears. The discharge has an offensive smell. Along with this there is complaint of pain in ear especially at night time. Itching in the ears is also felt.

3. Headache

It is an excellent medicine to treat headache.

Firstly, it is indicated for treatment of migraine. In case of migraine it can be of help when there is one sided headache in small spots attended with nausea and vomiting. Sometimes vertigo also appears with it. In addition to this it is useful when blurred vision attends headache. Along with this there is aversion to light and noise.

Next, it can take care of sinus headache very well. Here one can take it when there is pain in forehead along with thick nasal discharge. They also have stuffiness in nose.

4. Sore Throat

In case of throat problems,  it is given when there is a violent pain in the throat upon swallowing. The pain is sharp and shooting in nature. Many times the pain radiates from throat to ear. Their throat and tonsils are dark, red, inflamed, swollen. Sometimes there are ulcers in throat and tonsils. They also have dryness and burning sensation in throat.  Along with this there is thick, stringy mucus in throat. It is so viscid that it can be drawn in long threads. There is also intense offensive odour from mouth.

5. Gastrointestinal (GIT) Problems

When it comes to GIT, it has given remarkable results in case of gastric ulcers. It helps to heal the ulcers and also helps to relieve its symptoms. Persons requiring it have complaint of burning in the stomach. They also suffer from pain in the stomach after eating. Fullness and heaviness in stomach is also felt by them soon after eating. They have excessive nausea with above symptoms. They may get vomiting after eating. Along with this they have loss of appetite. Other complaint they may have is excessive gas in abdomen.

6. Joint Pains

It effectively manages joint pains where there are wandering pains that shift from one joint to another. The nature of pain is shooting and pricking in nature. The pain is mostly seen to get worse in the morning time. Along with this persons needing it have stiffness in joints. They also have cracking in the joints on movement.

7. Respiratory Complaints

It is highly recommended for treating respiratory complaints. Here, its use is suggested to treat cough, asthma and bronchitis. Asthma refers to a condition characterised by narrowing with swelling of airways and extra production of mucus. It results in cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial tubes that refers to passage through which the air is carried to the lungs from trachea. In above cases it is of great service when there is cough which is loud, harsh with rattling in the chest. Along with this there is thick, sticky, yellowish, greenish mucus expectoration. The mucus is so viscid and stringy that it can be drawn into long threads.  In addition to above there is heaviness in chest as from a heavy load. Sometimes there is stitching pain in the chest. Wheezing or whistling sounds are also present in the chest with above symptoms. Another accompanying symptom is excessive difficulty in taking breath.


Kali Bichrome can be used in 30 C and 200 C potency. 30 C potency can be taken once or twice a day, while 200 C potency should not be repeated frequently. It is to be used under the guidance of a homeopathic physician. 

Relationship to Other Remedies

Complementary medicine is Arsenic Album. It can be used after Kali Bichrome to complete its action when it is no longer acting.

Inimical medicine is Calcarea Carb.

Antidotes are Lachesis and Pulsatilla. These work to neutralize the action of Kali Bichrome.

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  1. Vijay Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Some 35 years ago I was suffering from severe migraine and all allopathic medicines failed to give any relief. That is when I met a Homeopathic doctor who advised me Calcaria Carb 1 M dose, followed by calacaria carb 200 for 5 days and after 1 month a booster dose of calcaria carb 200 for two days. Then he advised me to take Calacaria Carb 200, for two days every ear. This was in 1987. After 6 years I underwent Bypass Surgery and again met him to see if I can continue Calcaria carb. After reference of some books, he advised me to stop Calcaria Carb and start Kali Bichrome 200 every year 2 days to keep migraine way. And I did not suffer from Migraine. For the last two years the effect of the medicine is not lasting one year. It is lasting for less than 6 months. I am getting recurrent attacks of Migraine. Can you please advise me if I can take Kali Bich. 200 (2 Doses) two or three times a year safely? I am living in USA for the last 5 Years.

  2. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I feeling headache left and right and coming green/yellow kuff through mouth and nose due to this I feel headache and my one nose is block every time pls advise medicine

  3. Sastry Malapaka says:


    My name is Sastry Malapaka covid19 Rapid Test Positive, since april 11th 2021. As of 04/19/2021 I have chills , no fever from 3 PM, Today 04/22/2021 i started to take Kali bichromium, apple cider vinegar, Sitopaladi powder with honey. I was also prescribed Azithromycin 250MG 6 tabs and Promethazine Codeine syrup. (5 ML) 4 times a day. The Amiththromycin will end on sunday 04/25/2021. I have little chills in the evening and lot of phleghm and sore throat. Tommoow i am going for my covid test again

  4. Shiv Poojan Prajapati says:

    Dear Sir ,
    Nasal polyp of my wife from 2 to 3 years please give treatment advice.

  5. Sir.where this medicine is available as I have sinositis problem thick pnd discharge of mucous mainly left side.nasal congestion loss of smell

  6. Hello, I am from Vietnam. I am suffering very bad sinusitis and I want to be treated with homeopathic medicines, via online prescription.

    • Naitik Shah says:

      I had a sinutis and now it completely resolved based on Homeopathy medication through my sister who is doctor in Homeopathy

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