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Kali Muriaticum: Homeopathic Medicine — Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The remedy Kali Muriaticum is derived from potassium chloride. Potassium chloride is inert in its crude state and when it goes through potentization (process of preparing homeopathic medicines via which medicinal properties of a crude substance are aroused), it gets converted into a brilliant homeopathic medicine Kali Muriaticum. It is one of the 12 biochemic medicines in homeopathy also known by the name of Schuessler’s twelve tissue remedies. Its use is highly recommended for cases of ear infection, cold and sore throat. Complaints attended with thick white discharges is one of the marked indications pointing towards its use.

Drug Action

This medicine’s chief action is noted on the ears, nose and throat. It also manifests its action on head, mouth, respiratory system, limbs and joints.

Clinical Indications

Ear disorders, otitis externa, otitis media, eustachian tube congestion, otorrhoea, cold, nasal congestion, epistaxis, sore throat, tonsillitis, headache, dandruff, sinusitis, mouth ulcers, oral thrush, stomatitis, cough, bronchitis, joint pains

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Ear Complaints (Ear Infection, Ear Discharge, Blocked Eustachian Tube, Noises In Ear)

Kali Muriaticum acts magnificently on the ears and is of special service in treating numerous ear-related problems. It is a superior remedy in treating cases of infection of outer ear canal (otitis externa also known as swimmer’s ear) and middle ear infection (otitis media). It is mainly used when white discharge comes out from the ears. Ear discharge is medically known as otorrhoea. Ear ache and difficulty in hearing are also felt due to swollen and congested middle ear. Swelling of the glands around the ear may be noted as well. It acts favourably on the eustachian tube (a thin tube that connects the throat to middle ear). Kali Muriaticum can manage cases of blocked, sore and swollen eustachian tube. In cases of blocked eustachian tube, its use is preferred when there is difficulty in hearing. Along with this there is a sensation of fullness and being plugged in the earsNoises are felt in ears (tinnitus). Its use is considered mainly for popping or snapping noises in ears. It can also be given for crackling noises that arise when swallowing or when blowing the nose.

Key Indicating Features

Infection of outer ear canal or middle ear

Ear discharge (otorrhoea) of white color

Earache and difficulty in hearing from swollen and congested middle ear

Blocked eustachian tube with difficult hearing, fullness/plug sensation in the ears and noises

Popping or snapping noises in ears or  crackling noises on swallowing / when blowing the nose

2. Nasal Problems (Cold, Frontal Sinusitis, Nasal Bleeding)

Its action is also marked on the nose. Kali Muriaticum has a considerable clinical reputation as a medicine for some of nasal complaints. Among these, it is a powerful medicine to manage cases of cold. The guiding feature to use it in cold is white colored mucus discharge from the nose. The discharge is thick, profuse and along with this sneezing is present. There may be hawking of mucus from posterior nares as well. A stuffed feeling in head is felt. It is also well indicated for frontal sinusitis with white mucus discharge from nose. It is a beneficial medicine to manage cases of bleeding from nose (epistaxis). It occurs mostly in the afternoon or at night. Bleeding especially occurs from the right nostril. Lastly, it can also manage cases of stuffy cold well.

Key Indicating Features

Cold with thick, white, profuse discharge from nose

Frontal sinusitis with white mucus discharge from nose

Nasal bleeding in afternoon or at night

3. Throat Issues (Sore Throat, Tonsillitis)

Kali Mur is highly recommended for managing sore throat . There is greyish-white coating in throat along with ulcers. In cases needing it, there is hawking of thick, white, mucus, cheesy small lumps having bad odor and taste. It is also useful for cases of tonsillitis. There is swelling, inflammation and enlargement of tonsils. The tonsils may be covered with white or whitish grey coating. There is intense pain in the throat while swallowing even water.

Key Indicating Features

Sore throat with greyish white coating in throat along with ulcers

Hawking of thick, white, mucus, cheesy small lumps having bad odor and taste

Tonsillitis – swollen, enlarged tonsils covered white/whitish grey with intense pain when swallowing

4. Head (Headache, Dandruff)

With its action on head, Kali Mur proves highly effective in managing headache. It has a great capacity to relieve sinus headache. Here the characteristic to use it is headache with hawking of white mucus. The frontal sinuses are affected. Along with headache, sneezing and cold is experienced. Its use is indicated for headache accompanied by vomiting of white phlegm. Lastly, it also treats dandruff. It works well mainly when there is excessive dandruff which is white, falling as small flakes. It is attended with scalp itching.

Key Indicating Features

Sinus headache with hawking of white mucus

Headache with vomiting of white phlegm

White dandruff in excess that falls as small flakes with itching

5. Mouth (Ulcers, Oral Thrush, Stomatitis, Coated Tongue)

Kali Mur gives considerable relief in cases of mouth ulcers. Those needing it have ulcers inside the lips and upper surface of tongue. It is accompanied by excessive saliva. It is a prominently indicated medicine for treating cases of oral thrush (fungal infection in the mouth). In these cases, it suits well when there are white ulcers in mouth. The breath is very fetid with ulcers. The taste of mouth can be salty or bitter. Besides, Kali Mur is a valuable medicine for treating cases of stomatitis (inflamed, sore mouth). The entire mucus surface of mouth is red with multiple grey ulcers. This medicine is also important for cases where tongue is coated greyish white, thick, sticky and slimy.

Key Indicating Features

Ulcers inside the lips and the upper surface of tongue with excessive saliva

Oral thrush with white ulcers in mouth

Stomatitis with redness of entire mucus membrane of mouth along with multiple grey ulcers

Tongue coated greyish white, thick, sticky and slimy

6. Respiratory Issues (Cough, Bronchitis, Pneumonia)

Kali Mur has a great tendency to relieve cough. Its use is mainly preferred when cough is attended with thick, white sputum expectoration. Its use can be done in managing cases of bronchitis (inflammation of bronchial tubes that carry air to and from the lungs) and pneumonia (inflammation and infection of air sacs of lungs). There is formation of thick white mucus which is hard to cough up. Rattling sounds are heard when air passes through thick, sticky mucus in bronchi.

Key Indicating Features

Cough with thick, white sputum expectoration

Respiratory complaints with thick white mucus formation which is hard to cough up

7. Limbs And Joints (Joint Pains, Chilblains, Stiffness)

In case of joints, Kali Mur is very useful in managing joint pains. In cases needing it, joint pains are mainly felt during movement or at night. Swelling around the joints is well-marked. It can be given to persons who persistently have cold hands and feet. Its use can be done in chilblains cases as well. Lastly, its use is suggested to manage stiffness of hands while writing.

Key Indicating Features

Joint pain during movement or at night with marked swelling

Cold hands and feet

Stiff hands while writing


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from cold drinks, fatty food, in open air and at night

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from cold drinks, rubbing and movement


Use of this medicine is recommended in low potency varying from third to twelfth power. Among these, it is most frequently used in 6X potency. In 6X potency, it can be taken three to four times a day depending on the case presentation.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Belladonna, Hydrastis, Calcarea Sulph and Pulsatilla

It can be compared with medicines Kali Bichrome and Hydrastis in case of thick, tough mucus secretions.

In case of joint complaints, it can be compared with medicines Bryonia and Rhus Tox.

Lastly, its comparison is done with medicine Mercurius Dulcis in eustachian tube complaint and ear inflammation.


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  1. Satyanarayana says:

    I have mouth ulcers on the edges of tongue buccal inside for 2 months i used merc solo,borax and acid. Nitricum.nitricum gave relief but not cured. I am advised kali mur, as doctor diagnosed it as fungal infec tion. Spread into throat & duodenum. Can you guide and potency of kali mur 6x or 200. Regards

  2. Ajay tripathi says:

    मुझे हमेशा जुकाम बनी रहती है और गंध का कोई पता नहीं लगता नाक से बलगम गिरता रहता है एकदम पतले टाइप का इसके इलाज के लिए मैं फेरम फॉस 6x नाइट्रम म्यूर 6x काली म्यूर 6x का प्रयोग कर रहा हूं इसके प्रयोग से राहत मिलती है कृपया मार्गदर्शन करें

  3. Kan k liye kaise use kre

    • हरि कुमार सिंह says:

      कान में आवाज आ रहा है तो इस दवा का इस्तेमाल कैसे करें कान में डालें या इसको पानी के साथ ले कान में सीटी बज रही है कभी तेज हवा जैसी आवाज आती है तो यह दावा कैसे लें

      • Ravindra says:

        दावा को कैसे लेना पानी के साथ या फिर कान में डालें

  4. Rajaji Rajagopalan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I need help.

    My doctor, also named Sharma, of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, prescribed Kali Muriaticum 150 pallets for ear infection. He wrote “5 pallets three times daily X 10 days “, and to apply externally.

    I don’t know how to use this drug externally. Please help.


    S. Rajagopalan

    Oakville, Ontario

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Hello, I am wondering if I take these salts the Kalium6x to clear my Eustachian tube of mucous. A doctor gave me these and said to use 2-3x a day, but for how long should I use them before I see results. At first she said only three days to a week. I mostly did it two times a day, but only for 5 days, as all the remedies she gave me were very strong. So since I did not see results of my ear being unclogged I stopped. But I want to try the salts again. My ear has been clogged for six weeks, but I do not feel dizzy anymore like I did in the beginning. If you could help me I would be so happy. Thank you! Jacqueline

  6. Medicine for receding gums and cavities and gum pocket and gum separate from teeth

    • Surjit Singh says:

      I have allergic asthma in winter only . I am taking Nat.mur 6x 3 times a day. Which gave me good results but I have to take it after 6 to 8 hourly.I am taking it from 10 days. Should I continue? And how long I can take it? please suggest. Thanks

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