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Lachnanthes Tinctoria: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Lachnanthes Tinctoria is prepared from plant commonly named as ‘spirit weed’. It belongs to family Hemodoraceae. This homoeopathic remedy is prepared from the whole plant via potentization. It is a process of preparing homeopathic medicines that extracts and arouses medicinal properties from crude substance. This medicine is of special service in treating cases of neck pain, neck stiffness and torticollis (a painful condition arising from involuntary contraction of neck muscles resulting in twisting of head to one side).

Drug Action

The most favourable action of this medicine is seen on the neck. Other than this, its action is noted on upper back, head, eyes, throat, gastric system and skin.

Clinical Indications

Stiff neck, wry neck, torticollis, headache, sore throat, cough

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Neck And Upper Back Complaints (Stiff Neck, Pain In Neck, Torticollis, Burning In Shoulder Blade)

The chief action of Lachnanthes is centred on the neck. It is the top most medicine to manage cases of painful and stiff neck. It gives great relief in neck pain and stiffness. Persons needing it have neck pain with a feeling as if the neck is dislocated. It is felt especially when turning the neck to the side or bending the head backward. The pain and stiffness may spread over the entire head and down the nose. It has a considerable clinical reputation in managing cases of torticollis. Torticollis is stiff, painful neck resulting from an involuntary contraction of neck muscles that leads to twisting of head to one side. Its use is considered when there is intense stiffness in neck along with drawing of head to one side. In most cases that require Lachnathes, the head is drawn to the right side. Its action is also marked on the upper back. Here it is particularly helpful in managing burning sensation in the right scapula (also called shoulder blade which is is a triangular bone that lies in upper back one on the either side). It is also well indicated when there is a sensation of wetness between shoulder blades as from cold sweat. There may also occur a sensation of a piece of ice lying on the back between shoulders.

Key Indicating Features

Neck stiffness and neck pain as if neck is dislocated

Torticollis with intense neck stiffness and drawing of head to one side especially right side

Burning sensation in the right scapula

A sensation of wetness between shoulder blades as from cold sweat

A sensation of piece of ice lying on back between shoulders

2. Head complaints (headache)

The action of this medicine is seen on the head. Here it is mainly indicated to manage cases of headache. It is prominently indicated for pain in the right side of head. The pain is bursting or splitting type, it may extend to jaw. The pain gets worse from movement of body or head. The least noise causes headache. Sometimes there is tearing pain in head that gets worse from vomiting. Tearing may be marked in forehead from left to right side. Another very characteristic feature for its use is head feeling enlarged. It gets worse from the least noise. Further, it helps cases where the bridge of the nose feels pinched.

Key Indicating Features

Right side headache bursting or splitting type extending to jaw

Tearing pain in head worse from vomiting

3. Eyes-Related Problems (Lachrymation, Burning, Floaters, Twitching)

Coming to eye problems, this medicine proves effective in complaint of violent lachrymation (eye watering) and burning in the eyes. The vision may be unclear as if there are clouds before the eyes. This medicine is also valuable to manage floaters in front of the eyes. It works well in cases of yellow spots or grey rings before the eyes. Its use is mainly considered when a small grey spot runs in front of the left eye when reading or writing. It can also be used in cases where eyes feel heavy and a person is not able to open his eyes. Lastly, it can be given in cases of twitching of upper eyelids worse when closing eyes.

Key Indicating Features

Excessive eye watering and burning in eyes

Eye floaters with yellow spots or grey rings before eyes

Small grey spot running before left eye when reading or writing

Twitching of upper eyelids worse when closing eyes

4. Throat Issues (Dryness, Soreness)

If we talk of throat issues, then Lachnanthes is effective for dry, rough throat. Its use is recommended when dryness is most intense during night. It is accompanied by bouts of coughing. Dryness of throat may lead to sleeplessness. The roughness in throat is attended with pricking sensation while swallowing. Throat is sore along with short cough. Itching in throat may be felt while swallowing.

Key Indicating Features

Throat dryness on awaking during night with coughing

Roughness in throat with pricking sensation when swallowing

Sore throat along with short cough

Itching in throat while swallowing

5. Gastric Concerns (Gas, Pain)

Another area of action of Lachnanthes is the gastric system. It is helpful for cases of excessive gas in abdomen. There is fullness in abdomen with rolling of gas and also escape of wind from the anus. With its action on rectum, it proves effective in managing frequent stool with passage of gas. Another notable feature to use this medicine is a constant stitching pain in the anus in the morning.

Key Indicating Features

Fullness in abdomen with rolling of gas and passage of gas per anus

Constant stitching pain in the anus in the morning

6. Skin Complaints (Itching, Burning, Pimples, Stinging)

Lastly, it acts well on skin. It is mainly helpful to help relieve skin itching. It gives substantial relief when itching on skin occurs at night along with burning. It gets worse from scratching. It is also of great value in managing pimples. Here it can effectively heal pimples that contain a watery fluid. Besides these, it may be used in managing stinging and tingling sensation on legs, thighs, feet and arms.

Key Indicating Features

Skin itching and burning at night worse from scratching

Pimples with watery fluid

Stinging and tingling sensation on legs, thighs, feet and arms


This medicine works well in both low and high potency. Its potency is selected as per the individual case presentation. The low potencies can be taken often, but high potency should be taken in infrequent doses.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Lachnanthes can be compared with medicines including Bryonia, Cicuta, Actaea Racemosa, Fel Tauri and Gelsemium in case of neck pain.


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