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Lithium Carbonicum: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Lithium Carbonicum is derived from lithium carbonate. To prepare homeopathic medicine Lithium Carbonicum, lithium carbonate has to undergo potentization. This process extracts medicinal properties from its crude form. Via this process lithium carbonate is converted into a highly valuable homeopathic medicine Lithium Carbonicum. It is a primarily useful medicine for treating joint pains, joint inflammation and gout.

The ‘Lithium Carbonicum’ Constitution

This medicine suits well those people who have tendency to have high uric acid levels in the blood.

Drug Action

The major action of Lithium Carbonicum is noted on the joints. Further action is marked on the urinary organs, the mind, head, heart, and skin.

Clinical Indications

Joint inflammation, joint pain, gout, urinary disorders, depression, claustrophobia, bipolar disorder, headache, heart disorders, barber’s itch, dry skin.

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Joint Complaints (Joint Pain, Gout, Tophi)

The principal action of ‘Lithium Carbonicum’ is seen in the joints. It is of great value in managing cases of joint inflammation and joint pains. The classical symptom to use this medicine is when joint pains get better by the application of very hot water. Generally, it is administered for treating joint pain in the shoulders, arms, fingers, and small joints. The finger and the toe joints are swollen and tender. This complaint is relieved with a hot water application. Nodular swelling is there in the joints. It is useful for ankle joint pain felt while walking. It handles those cases of pain particularly well where the knee joint occurs mainly while climbing up the stairs. The knees feel weak. It also works well in case of pain in the foot on the right side. It is felt when one awakens at night and veers off in the morning when it is the actual time to wake up. It is a well-indicated medicine for managing cases of joint pain from gout (inflamed, red, swollen, painful joints from increased uric acid levels in the blood). In gout, it is majorly indicated when there is tophi formation. Tophi are large bumps on the joints that form due to the build-up of uric acid crystals around the joints.

Key Indicating Features

Joint pains get better by application of very hot water

Inflammation of small joints especially swollen and tender finger and toe joints

Nodular swelling in the joints

Gout with tophi formation (bumps on joint formed due to accumulation of uric acid crystals around the joints)

2. Urinary Issues (Bladder Pain, Frequent Urination, Kidney Pain)

The second locality of action of this medicine is urinary organs. This medicine offers help in managing pain in the urinary bladder. It can be given when there occurs a sharp sticking pain in the neck of the bladder on the right side. It is accompanied by soreness of the bladder. Flashes of pain in the bladder are felt before passing the urine. It can be used in cases of soreness of the bladder with frequent urination. Its use is also recommended when there is frequent copious urination disturbing sleep. ‘Lithium Carb’ is administered to manage kidney pain in the right kidney. There may be the presence of mucus in the urine. Red-brown sediments may also be present in the urine.

Key Indicating Features

Sharp sticking pain in the bladder neck on the right side with soreness of the bladder

Flashes of pain in the bladder before the passing of the urine

Soreness of the bladder with frequent urination

Frequent copious urination which disturbs the sleep

3. Mind Complaints (Depression, Claustrophobia)

The action of ‘Lithium Carb’ is also marked on the mind. It is a wonderful medicine that helps manage cases of depression. Sadness, discouragement with the disposition to weep are present. There is an aversion to being spoken to and being touched. There is anxiety, restlessness, and hopelessness. It is found to be highly effective for cases of claustrophobia. Those who need this medicine have a marked fear of narrow places. Lastly, its use is suggested in managing cases of manic depression (bipolar disorder). It is a mood disorder that causes intense shifts in mood and energy levels.

Key Indicating Features

Depression with sadness, discouragement with the disposition to weep

Claustrophobia with fear of narrow places

4. Head (Headache)

It can effectively manage complaints of headaches. The foremost indication for its use is when the headache gets better after a meal. Among the most who need it, the pain is marked over the eyes. It gets worse towards the evenings. The Forehead feels constricted. The head feels very large. The next main indication for its use is that the headache gets better by rubbing. It can also be used when the headache gets worse upon lying down, and it gets better while sitting. Lastly, it proves helpful in cases where headaches in females arise from sudden suppression of menses.

Key Indicating Features

The headache gets better after a meal

The headache gets better upon rubbing

The headache gets worse upon lying down and better while sitting

Headache from sudden suppression of menses

5. Heart Issues (Pain In The Heart Region)

‘Lithium Carbonicum’ also acts well on the heart. The first indication to use it is throbbing or dull but stitching pain in the region of the heart. The pain from the heart may extend to the head. Soreness is also felt in the vicinity of the heart which gets worse while stooping. A characteristic feature to use this medicine is when there is a worsening in the symptoms of the heart, particularly while bending forward, and relief after urination.

Key Indicating Features

Throbbing or dull but stitching pain in the heart region

Soreness in the heart region gets worse while stooping

Worsening of the symptoms by bending forward, and relief after urination

6.  Skin Concerns (Dry Skin, Barber’s Itch, Eruptions)

It also acts well on the skin. The first complaint where its use is suggested is upon dry skin. There is a rough rash all over the body, marked skin dryness with itching. Next, it can take care of cases of barber’s itch (ringworm of beard). There are circular patches on the affected portion of the skin covered with scales. Lastly, it can also be used in cases of eruptions on the head, cheeks, and hands preceded by redness, and rawness of the skin.

Key Indicating Features

Dry skin with a rough rash all over the body with itching

Barber’s itch with circular patches on affected skin covered with scales


Worsening Factors: Complaints get worse from motion, during the mornings, at night, and during the menses

Relieving Factors: Complaints get better after a meal, from rest, and from urination


This medicine can be used in both low and high potencies. The dose and repetition of this medicine is decided by the physician as per every individual case presentation.

Relationship With Other Remedies

‘Lithium Carbonicum’ can be compared with medicines — Benzoic Acid, Lycopodium, and Berberis Vulgaris in complaints of joint pains and gout.


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