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Lycopodium – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Lycopodium Clavatum is a homeopathic remedy derived from the spores of the plant known as Clubmoss or Wolf’s Foot. It belongs to the Lycopodiaceae family and is commonly found in the hilly pastures and heaths of Central and Northern Europe, Russian Asia and North America.
Lycopodium is a low creeping perennial plant. It is a spore-bearing, flowerless, vascular, terrestrial, widely branched plant. Its stems are erect and have small, simple needle-like leaves that cover the stem and branches thickly. The leaves contain a single un-branched vascular strand called microphylls. Kidney shaped cases include spores of one kind only and are borne on the upper surface of the leaf blade of specialized leaves. These are arranged in a cone-like strobilus at the end of the upright stems. The club-shaped appearance of these flowering stems gives clubmosses their common name.
The homeopathic remedy is prepared from the freshly crushed spores of the plant. The medicinal properties come into play after a series of trituration and succession of the spores. The remedy is prescribed in both high and low potencies, as the case may be.

The Lycopodium Constitution

In homeopathy, it is believed that every person has a particular constitution. This is the composition, structure, physical makeup and nature of a person.
Lycopodium is best suited to the carbo-nitrogenoid constitution; those who are intellectually keen but physically weak. The upper part of the body is emaciated whereas the lower part of the body is characterized by the collection of an excess of watery fluid. Such people usually have a dry temperament and dark complexion.

It is mostly adopted in cases where ailments develop gradually; functional power weakens, failure of digestive powers occurs, or the function of the liver is seriously disturbed. It works wonderfully in cases of malnutrition. The Lycopodium personality lacks vital heat and has poor circulation and cold extremities. Pain comes and goes suddenly. There is extreme sensitivity to noise and odors.

Lycopodium and its Drug Action

Lycopodium is highly effective on the nervous system, by also has other centers of action.

Mucous Membrane: Lycopodium acts powerfully upon the mucous membranes producing atonic (lack of muscular tone) state, congestion, catarrhal inflammation and copious mucous discharge.

Kidney: Acts upon kidneys and bladder, Lycopodium produces frequent painful micturition with cloudy, sedimentous urine, like brick dust and sometimes mucus and blood in urine.

Digestive Organs: Lycopodium produces slow, irregular digestion, flatulence, and constipation, also congestion of the liver with all of its concomitants, constipation, and flatulence.

Side of the Body: Lycopodium especially acts on the right side of the body. Symptoms run characteristically from right to left side of the body.

Clinical uses of Lycopodium

Lycopodium has proven its efficacy in the treatment of the following disorders:

– acidity
– bloating
– colitis
– corns
– emaciation
– flatulence
– food allergies
– hair loss
– hemorrhoids
– indigestion
– liver-derangements
– malnutrition
– kidney colic
– kidney disorders
– sciatica

Lycopodium and its Action on the Mind

Lycopodium works well in the cases where the mental symptoms are clearly present with the physical ones. The person requiring lycopodium is generally fearful. He has a fear of public speaking, failure, success, new situations, commitments, and responsibility. He has a fear of being alone, and of his shadows.
Such people are usually hypochondriacs which means that they have abnormal anxiety about their health. They typically suffer from panic attacks, have poor confidence and low self-esteem. Forgetfulness is marked with peevishness. With their dictatorial tendencies, they have a love for power and control over others.
Lycopodium works well in cases where one is experiencing failing brain power and confused thoughts. A weakness of memory, inability to remember names and letters, spelling or writing words or syllables incorrectly and experiencing difficulty in speaking during conversations are classic signs. It is also useful for ailments that stem from domineering parents or siblings.

Lycopodium for Ailments of the Head

Lycopodium covers the symptoms of external and internal head issues. Right-sided headaches, pain that begins on one side and goes to the other where it is worse, pain in the head with ravenous hunger which gets better after eating are the classic symptoms indicating towards Lycopodium. If food is not eaten regularly, the headache becomes worse. Premature greying of hair and severe hair fall that leads to premature balding is also noted. The hair fall usually follows abdominal diseases, or after parturition (childbirth). There is burning, scalding, itching of the scalp, especially when the body is warm after exercise. Lycopodium acts very well in cases of hair loss by preventing further loss of hair and initiating hair growth.

Lycopodium for Facial Concerns

The person needing Lycopodium may have freckles that are yellowish, pale, and gray, with blue circles around the eyes. There are herpetic eruptions on the face and corner of the mouth. Small, white, pedunculated warts on the chin may also be present.

The action of Lycopodium on the Kidneys

Lycopodium has a specific action on the kidneys. There are deposits of lithic acid in small quantities in the kidneys which can result in the formation of stones. Kidney stones cause pain in the kidneys as well as the bladder. Conditions associated with Lycopodium are Calculus with hematuria ( blood in urine) from gravel or chronic catarrh and urination of clotted blood with renal colic during the passage of small calculi. The pain is of burning, cutting character. Urine appears dark and fetid. There is a pain in the back before urination, and it ceases after urine is passed. Urine is slow in coming, and the person must strain to pass it. Heavy red sediment may be present in the urine, and the urine has a nauseating smell. Kidney colic with stinging, tearing, digging pain in the right ureter that travels to the bladder as if some small calculus was tearing its way to the bladder is present. An affected child may cry before urinating, and red sand-like substance may be present on the diaper.

Lycopodium for Gastric Disorders

Lycopodium covers many symptoms of the complaints which are gastric in origin. There is constriction of the throat that is always induced by regurgitation of food. An excessive appetite that gets satiated easily, eating a small amount of food that creates fullness are characteristic features. The person suffers from chronic constipation and hard stools. There is flatulent colic present in children and young girls. Emaciation and debility occur from loss of fluids in the morning.
It works wonderfully in cases of gastralgia (neuralgic pain in the stomach) and gastritis (inflammation of stomach lining). Derangement of stomach occurs from consumption of sweets and pastries. Belchings tend to rise only up to pharynx. The patient feels hungry immediately after eating, though the stomach and abdomen are full and tense. Cramps in the stomach, which is distended, digestion that proceeds very slowly, with flatulence and acidity and rumbling of flatulence particularly in the left upper part of the stomach are some other symptoms. Enteritis (inflammation of the intestine) occurs in infants, which is caused by indigestion. There is excessive flatulence before and after passing of stool. Tympanitic distension of abdomen is present. Flatulence presses outwardly on the rectum and bladder, and there is a sensation as if something is moving up and down in the bowels.

Lycopodium and Relation to Food

People who need Lycopodium have a strong desire for sweets. Different food allergies are present, and complaints arise after intake of wheat, bread, and fermented foods. Complaints usually aggravate after consumption of flatulent foods like cabbage, beans, and onions.

Lycopodium and Rectal Disorders

Lycopodium is indicated in cases where there are sharp, aching pains and pressure in the rectum which gets worse at night. Burning in the rectum is present during and after passing stool. Rawness and skin abrasions around the anus that bleed easily and feels itchy and moist is a common symptom. Aching and painful hemorrhoids, which are sore to touch, marked inactivity of bowels, cramps in the rectum and small of the back, unsatisfactory stools, alternating diarrhea, and constipation are other symptoms. Diarrhea occurs after the suppression of skin diseases.
Marked constipation may be present since puberty, when away from home, in infants, with ineffectual urging. Rectum contracts and protrudes during stool and can lead to the development of piles.

The stools are hard, small and are not expelled completely. The first part of the stool is difficult to expel, while the last part is thin and gushing. Stools are pale, putrid, thin and brown, usually mixed with hard lumps. Spasmodic constriction of the anus prevents stool to be expelled. There is aching and pressure in the rectum which is worse during the nights with bleeding piles.

Lycopodium for the Liver

Lycopodium is of great value in chronic hepatic congestions, where the liver is very tender on pressure. The person cannot eat to satiety as it produces a distressing feeling in the hepatic (liver) region. There may be violent gallstone colic, pain in the back and right hypochondria due to congestion of the liver.

The action of Lycopodium on the Limbs

Lycopodium has always proven its efficacy in treating the cases of sciatica. There is numbness, drawing and tearing pain in limbs, along with stiffness of joints. There may be a tendency for chronic gout and chalk deposits in the joints. Right-sided sciatica, painful corns, and callosities on soles, toes, and fingers, a feeling where one foot feels hot and one foot feels cold are other symptoms. The sciatica is so severe that the person cannot bear to lie on the painful side. Heaviness in the arm, contraction of tendons, especially hamstrings is also treated with Lycopodium.

Lycopodium for Women

Lycopodium shows good action in cases of female problems. It works well in cases where the menses are delayed, with undeveloped breasts at puberty. Extreme sadness and irritability, depressed mood and indigestion before menses is noted. The menses may be suppressed for months. Dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) is so violent that it leads to fainting. Pains in the right ovary traveling to the left, ovarian tumors and vaginitis are treated well with this remedy. It is also used to treat a dry, burning sensation in the vagina which gets worse during and after sexual intercourse. Intercourse is extremely painful, and there may be profuse leucorrhoea (white discharge) with cutting pains across the right side to left with flatulence. Discharge of wind from the vagina may also be present.

Lycopodium for Males

Lycopodium acts wonderfully in cases of male impotence. It is used in instances where there is a discharge of prostatic fluid without an erection. Other symptoms include enlargement of the prostate, marked performance anxiety during intercourse, premature seminal emissions and sexual exhaustion and weakness. Impotence from masturbation, sexual excess or advancing age may occur. Lack of erectile power, a small, cold and relaxed penis, marked loss of sexual desire after gonorrhea or cystitis and premature ejaculation may also be present.

Lycopodium and Other Homeopathic Remedies

Lycopodium is antidoted by homeopathic remedies Camphor, Pulsatilla, Causticum, Aconite, Coffea, and Graphites.

It antidotes the action of homeopathic remedy Cinchona Officinalis.

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  1. Vinod kumar says:

    A boy is 10 years old but his height is not growing

  2. Vinod kumar says:

    In intestine, always becomes heaviness and left side head pain and not properly wash intestine when left side head pain its beginning vomiting

    • Vinod kumar says:

      In intestine, always becomes heaviness and left side head pain and not properly wash intestine when left side head pain its beginning vomiting.

  3. Jameel Ahmed says:

    i am the patient of impotence. Discharge of prostatic fluid without an erection. Lack of erectile power, a small penis, marked loss of sexual desire and premature ejaculation may also be present. which potency i use for it, and how many remedy composition for treatment.

  4. Daughter 8 years old. Stammers on final sounds of words. Bloating/gassy from foods (dairy usually). Attention deficit issues. What potency/dosage would you recommend.

  5. Dharmarao Vipparthi says:

    Hi Doctor, for acidity and prostate enlargement,what potency of Lycopodium and at what intervals nd what dose I need to take ..any combination of other drugs I need to take

  6. Vinod Kumar Misri says:

    I am suffering from enlarged prostate gland with 90GM’s weight please suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  7. Where does this homeopath medicine manufactured LYCOPODIUM 1MX2

  8. sir
    i did alot of musterbation due to musterbation i foun erection on bed plezz suggrst medicn

  9. Shrikant Singh says:

    What potency of Lycopodium for inflammatory and acidity

  10. Trived Sharma says:

    I have level 2 fatty liver. What is the dosage and at its timing

  11. Avinash Joshi says:

    What are the doses of Lycopodium 30 for acidity and constipation.
    Thanks and Regards.
    Avinash Joshi

  12. Ashok Kumar says:

    Myself Ashok Kumar, age 58 yrs from Delhi. Since sometime I am suffering from frequent urination along with irresistible dribbling of urine which causes much discomfort. My stomach also got easily upset whenever I take any food outside home. The problem of constipation is also there. I am completely vegetarian and tetoteller leading normal life except the problem stated here. Pl. advise some medicine so that I can recover from this problem. If you need any other information, i will provide as and when ask.

  13. I have enlarged prostate and have problem of frequent urination particularly at night.I have become completely impotent. I am 80. Have sever problem of constipation. Pl suggest some remedy. Thanks

  14. Veerendra kumar says:

    Dr sahab mujhe pichle 7 se 8 days bilkul bhukh nahi lagta hay . Main Lycopodium 200 potential ki dawa din main eak baar le raha hoon pichle do days se .

    Kripya mujhe uchit salah dein .

  15. Uday Banerjee says:

    Myself Uday Banerjee , Age-52, Having problem in stomach, all time feeling that stomach is jammed, Right side having pain, Tongue is like with different taste ,Vomiting ,Through feelings BLOCK/Tight
    Stool not use to clear everyday ,Sometime feeling that some thing like GAS is coming towards thought from Stomach .

    Please suggest what to do

    • Vinod Sharma says:


      Suffering from Gastric problem and bloating in lower abdomen also have small bulge on naval(may be umbilical hernia) also have kidney stone problem for last 15 years stone pass frequently and have size below 10 mm , no uric acid problem. BP ranges 140/90 mostly.
      No acid reflux

      Please suggest
      I shall be highly thankful to your good self

      Vinod Sharma
      Age 37 yrs.


    My wife from last one month has developed a problem of going for urination 4-5 times at nights, disturbing her sleep.
    She is although type-2 diabetic but her sugar is always in control.
    Age-58 yeras
    Please advice medication to stop frequent urination at night

  17. My son is 5 year old he is having inguinal hernia from 3 months which medicine i use for him

  18. Hi Dr
    I just knew about this Lycopodium -30 and received it and I want to use it for Rosacea, Could you please let me know how to use it and what is the right dose and for how long to be used ?
    Thanks and regards

  19. J. K. Sharma says:

    डॉ जी
    इधर करीब 15 दिन से पेशाब करते हुए पहिले करीब आधा चम्मच ब्लड मिला पेशाब आता है फिर ठीक आता है। रात में करीब 4 बार जाना पड़ता है। उम्र 68 की है। हाई बी पी भी है। किडनी में स्टोन आया थ। दवाइयां लेने के बाद दोबारा अल्ट्रासाउंड नही कराया। पानी जब भी पीटा हूँ उसके आधे घण्टे बाद ही पेशाब जाना पड़ता है। पेशाब दिन में भी जल्दी जल्दी जाता हूँ। इधर हर्निया भी हो गई है और बाएं तरफ हैड्रोशील भी करीब 30 सालों से है।
    निवेदन है कि कोई निदान बताए।

  20. Kehinde Ademola says:

    Hi, I am Kidney disease patient though I am not on dialysis because creatinine test required by my doctor shows my creatinine is within normal. My PSA is 0.49 and my prostrate volume is 20.16cm3. Back in December 2018 I had blood in urine which was treated with Prexam and Divos 500 and the blood in urine stopped. When frequent urine started 4weeks ago my general practice doctor required that I do HIV Antibody test which was negative. My fasten blood sugar also shows I am not diabetic. I have low blood pressure which is 64/104. I also have the following conditions:
    –I have lost 5kgs in 4weeks.
    –I urinate almost 30times in a day.
    –The urine come with serious urgency to the extent that if I do not urinate immediately I will urinate into my pants.
    –I cannot get the real taste of food(metallic taste or what can be described as highly coated tongue)
    –I have serious lower back pain especially lower left back.
    –I have cramps in my arms and hands such that sometimes if I fold my hands fingers it will be difficult to stretch it out.
    –I am anaemic (RBC count is 29.2 , PCV is 26.9%, Haemoglobin (Hb) is 9.4gm/dl.
    –Sometimes I have swollen legs and arms which I control by reducing my salt intake.
    — I sometimes breath very fast when I eat food such as corn or corn based foods and pineapple . After a personal research I discovered that what is common to those foods is that they contain phosphorus. –The episodes of blood in urine also comes up when up when I eat foods like meat, fried foods , roasted foods , smoked foods and a host of others.
    In short I have all the symptoms of a kidney failure.
    I want a herbal or homeopathy solutions to these

    • plz consult with good homeopathic doctor. My mom is a diabetic and she was also facing the problem of kidney disease and some one advice us to consult a homeopathic doc. Medical Doctor also advise us for dialysis but my mom refuse to do this. Now she is very active and eating homeopathic medicine for kidney problem since for than one year.

    • Gopal Bhatia says:

      Hi I am 57 years male I had one heart attack in 2000 abcess in lever in 1994 constipation & gastic can I use Lycopodium 200 how many dose should I take

  21. samar kumar Roy says:

    I am 70 year old male suffering from hypertension for last 30 years & diabetes type 2 for 12 years. Now a chronic kidney disease for the last 3 years with creatinine level of 4 . Feels exhausted & likes to remain in rest. On allopathic treatment & diet restriction. Please advise any homeo remedy.

  22. Dhanshri Sahu says:

    Hello Sir! I am 31 yrs old female and taking Clearstone drop and SBL drop no. 3 for UTI by which I had suffered last summer. Also taking Lycopodium 200 for many stomach and digestion problems and for minute gallstone. Is it safe to take all these drops?

  23. Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna says:

    Hi Dr kaur , l am health problem mantel deeppration ,anxiety, tension , gas

  24. Sir,
    I am on self-medication. So may i know how long should I take Lycopodium Clavatum 30. Many symptoms of Lycopodium of brain and digestion are similar .
    pls advice.
    ii) Same for CALADIUM 30 ALSO

  25. Munilal sharma says:

    I am 37 years old man height 5^7 suffering from erectile dysfunction for 7 years due to exceed materbation in early age.Lack of confidence ,depression, anxiety, performance anxiety. I am married in 2002 and first impression was very disappointed. I took allopathy by psychologists much more time but did not get parmanent cure.I have two children .My penis is short and I am now unable to intercorse. Before intercourse my penis goes downwards and have to sleep disappointed
    I suspect on wife and she loves a boy of 24
    I think of suicide sometimes .Can I be recovered sir ??

  26. Ashutosh mishra says:

    Mera pet saf ni hota hai dr. Sahab btao me kon c dwa lu

  27. is lycopodium is helpful for constipation

    • Nux Vomica 200 potency is helpful for constipation. Take 5 to 10 drops at night before sleep.

    • Nibedita Mitra says:

      Hello Doc , I am a 55yrs lady and put on weight specially on buttock , hips and thighs. Pls suggest me a homeopathic medicine to reduce my body weight and get it into a shape. I do exercise regularly. I don’t have any hypertension or diabetes history.

  28. sujata dutta says:

    My son is 26 days old. He often cries before passing urine. I have lycopodium 6 (liquid) at home. Can I give him the same to treat the problem? Since he is completely on Brest feeding, What should be the Dose and can I give the medicine with some water or directly?

    Thanking you


    • Avani gajjar says:

      Hello sujata no need to go for any medicine.bcoz of his penis hole note open properly he cries .my son has same problem.i go for urologist pediatrician n he pull back his penis skin .it take few second n within minute i come back frm doctors cabin. Go with good doc ow some doc suggest u surgery which muslim does with their son.or if u have malish bai for ur son .she might have traditional knolege she pull back his skin.or the safest way to go for doctor.little drops of blood came and he will give u tube neomycin and it cures in 2 days.9924115008 my number u can cal me

    • Nazeem G M Kazi says:

      Sir I have left side ingenual hernia since last ten years. Still no harm, but I am in search of effective homoeopathic medicine. Kindly reply.

  29. Vijay Kumar40/m says:

    Acidity heartburn and constipation with irritable bowel syndrome kindly tell the medicine to cure all diseases

    • Lycopodium 200 potency 5 drops in morinig before eating food and same at night. for constipation take nux vomica 200 potency 5 to 10 drops at night before sleep.

  30. Hasan Raza says:

    Dear Doctor I am having brain zaps as I left using antidepressent one and half month ago and now brain zaps are killing me I get electric shock like feeling in head and seizures feeling jaisay jhatka parta hai does homeopathic have any medicine for this

  31. Acidity fast & diabetes

  32. HASANUR RAHMAN says:

    Raspected sir
    I have been suffering from constipation for some years. Digestion level is very low. Whenever I eat some food I feel as if I should go to toilet though it is not such case. Now I want to know if Lycopodium 200 will be effective for me or not. If yes what is its dosage?
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Lycopodium 200 potency 5 drops in morinig before eating food and same at night. for constipation take nux vomica 200 potency 5 to 10 drops at night before sleep.

  33. A. P. Singh says:

    Respected Sir, I have been suffering from bloating for a long time now. I feel always full even if I eat less. I have experienced almost all the symptoms mentioned herein above. Sometime ago one of my friends suggested taking Lycopodium. Would you be kind enough to suggest a dosage for the same. I am 59 years old.

    Thanking you,
    Warm regards.

  34. Raja Roy says:

    What is the dossage of Lyocopodium of 30ch for 21 years old person?

  35. Diwakar Reddy says:

    Dear sir,
    I have indigestion problem from so many years.
    Flatulence after eating.stomach becomes full with less food. Uric acid levels 7.6 to 8. Right knee and right elbow pain when bending and sitting. Grinding sound in joints when moving and pop up sound if they are idle for 10-15 min.mind is anxious and gets irritated to the slightest of wrong things. Gets worse with cold attacks during winter season. Sometimes may turn asthmatic and breathing problem.

    Kindly provide valuable suggestions and remedy

  36. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    So Value-able information

  37. I have viewed video by Dr.Jawahar Shah MD on Lycopodium. It appeared to me that I am Lycopodium constitution. I am 64yrs bald headed, diabetic and having arthritis to some extent. I have poor libido and erectile dysfunction. Pl advise me about medicine, potency and dose frequency.

    • Vinita Jain says:

      my mother got operated rt colectomy 4 weeks ago. now she has develop lump around naval region. one of long distance doctor suggested me to give Aconite 30 & Lycopodium 30 in equal proportion every two hours 4 drops. Due to lockdown we cannot go out anywhere. her age is 79 yrs and very weak physically 39 kg weight. kindly suggest , its emergency

  38. Hi , doctor. I have maximum symptoms that match with lycopodium. But I don’t know of which potentcy I have to take . Plz guide 1. I am gastric patient and use allopathy medicine for relief and using it from year. 2. From past few month i am facing losemotin and their is constant pain in my lower abdomen gets relief after stool pass . In 24 hour I have to go to toilet min 4 times in 24 hour. Plz suggest

  39. Tarun Chatterjee says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 2013, I am having constipation since my young stage. Last one year I am facing too much irritation while burping. I am now 55 years old. Prostate has enlarged. I am having also urinary tract infection. I want to stop burping. Please advise me to get well soon.

  40. Rajesh singh says:

    Is erectile problem solve by lycopodium1m

    • Vijay Kumar40/m says:

      Acidity heartburn and constipation with irritable bowel syndrome kindly tell the medicine to cure all diseases

  41. Sachin Patil says:

    Hi I am sachin
    I am suffering from constipation and gases since last 3 years. I have my lunch and dinner in time everyday. I walk for half hour and also do other exercises regularly. I have visited doctor of Alopathy for problem of constipation. He told my digestive system is very slow. After some allopathic treatment I was feeling better. But after some days issues started again. I don’t have other health issues other than constipation and gases. I have go for toilet for 3 to 4,time in a day. How should I take doses of lycopodium 200? Can I get medicine home delivered. Please suggest

  42. Chandrakant B Patel says:

    I have a problem of gas formation, after eating some fermented food or bakary items suddenly blotting started and that time chest pain also coming, I afraid too much and then I started to take medicine antacid liquid, my question is that Lycopodium 200 potensi is suitable for me or not, if suitable what is the dose per day.




  44. Dr Sharma
    I am 65 yrs old. For last few years I am experiencing the following problem :

    At night I am to get up 3/4 times for urinating. Every time, after urinating I feel my throat to be dry and hence need to take one/more glass of water. There is normal urine pressure no pain or any thing. At day time no such problem. At bed time also, I need to take few glass of water. I do not have diabetes but having high BP (taking one TELMA 40mg tab daily). Have not consulted any physician yet. One & half yr back my prostate was found normal.
    May pl. suggest any remedy and oblige.

    Thanks and regards.

  45. Rahul kumar says:

    I am 42 years old, suffering acidity and feeling hot in my stomach More than five yeats, and also suffering from constipation.
    Kindly advise me which medicine to take for cure this sympom.

    • Carol Giron says:

      What dosage of lycopodium do I take. ?

      • Mudassar Awan says:

        HI DEAR DR.
        HOW R U?
        I M 45 YEARS OLD MAN
        I HAVE 3RD WIFE NOW.
        SHE IS 25 YEARS OLD

        LYCOPODIUM 10M
        OR OTHER

        Digestive problem feel also
        Eyes problem also appearing in my life

        I used lycopodium 5 drops after 1 weak in some water
        Advise me better way of dose and alternate

    • shekhar singh says:

      I have similar symptoms and taking following after prescription of doctor. It’s effective.
      Take (1) LYCOPODIUM 30-10 ml sealed bottle-2 Drops in 1 tsf water daily at 6am, 630am,7am before breakfast (2) ACID SULPH 30-10 ml sealed bottle-2 Drops in 1 tsf water daily before lunch & dinner (3) ROBINIA Q 60 ML-20 Drops in 1/4 cup of water morning night daily after meals (4) Y LAX TAB- 20 tabs-2 tabs with 1/2 glass of Luke warm water daily night at bedtime till constipation persists.


        Good Morning Sir,
        I am 64 Years Old. Every 15 days facing problem of in control of urination. Really Running into toilet. I am taking Lycopodium 200 One dose. But again & again facing same problem. Recently on sanding Prostate Gland enlorged 3mm. I am a heart patient also. My EF is just 40% please send Your Valuable Advice.

  46. sir,
    please suggest me a good medicine for “recent memory defecit”.

  47. Hira Singh Bist says:

    I am 65 years old. Suffering from calculi of right kidney measuring 4 mm and cyst in left kidney. Suggest homeopathic.

  48. DR. CVN. SUBRAMANYAM ; Ph.D. says:

    Sir, Good Morning.
    Iam 53 years old male. I got Simpsons of need of lycopodium. Can use or should Consult Homeo Physician about using of the above medicine.
    With Regards
    Dr. CVN. Subramanyam, Ph.D.

  49. हेमलता गढ़ेवाल says:

    मधुमेह, उच्च रक्तचाप, फ्रोजेन सोल्डर, जोंडों के दर्द tinitus aur प्रोस्टेट की दवा बताएं। 15-20 साल से पीड़ित हैं।

  50. is there any side effect of lycopodium if used regular..please inform me at 9891149843… mukesh.

  51. Samit Barman says:

    I have single kidney. I am suffering from protein leakage .what can I do?

  52. Jack A. Sunseri says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:
    Does Lycopdium cause Kidney Stones if i take the pellets, please advise.
    I read your information on Lycopodium and wonder if I have misunderstood your writings about Kidney Stones taking Lycopodium.
    I’m dealing with a 3.2cm Acoustic Neuroma, Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism) an Heart Aneurysm, leaking heart valves with a Heart-Murmur and a enlarged Prostate with frequent urgencies at night, as many as 8 times at night. I do have a swollen Prostate with a small growth on the Prostate. I have not been diagnosed yet with Prostate Cancer.
    I’m 74 years, white male living in California. I have been treated 3 times in the hospital for small intestines blockage.
    Please prescribed what you have i can take to help me with the above, ill be greatly appreciated.

  53. Anjana Agarwal says:

    I m having hair loss… What potency of lycopodium should be used n how?

  54. What potency of lycopodium should be used to treat ED. I am of 67 years

  55. Ashok kohli says:

    I am in US currently and will reach India after 10 days. I will contact you personally in Chandigarh. My grandson is suffering from ASD. Currently getting homeowners treatment.
    Just Small querry before I meet, can lycopodium 30′ be given daily.
    More when I meet you and take your treatment
    Ashok kohlu


    Dear sir,
    I’m 35. I’m the patient of highly pharyngitic.
    Is lycopodium 200 best for me ?
    Best regard

  57. I m 28 years old….I have a erection problem….can I take luck podium 200 I m once in a month

  58. Hello Sir.
    Greetings of the day.
    I am 48 years old with medium built up and tall.
    I am suffering from chronic problems of gas formation, bloating and mild acidity. I never get complete bowel movement, always a feeling of incomplete evacuation. At times I will get diarrhea after passage of small amount of stool in semi solid form. Stool is mostly semi solid only. At times there will be mucous also without any pain in stomach. Usually I go only once to toilet but twice or thrice even on the days I get hardly any motion in the morning.

  59. Manish parmar says:

    Can this mediciene work on hai problems like white hairs?

  60. Abdul waheed says:

    I am 73 year old and using BP medicines from last 25 years. From last 4 to 5 years I am getting problem of immediate discharge on intercourse and can not enjoy sexual process. Please advise me homeo medicine for the problem.



  61. Radhakrishnan.N says:

    Now a days people very often suffering with calculi, due to their irregular habits of food and drinking enough water in day to day basis. They approached Allopathy doctors while they feel Urinary Track pain or irritation. They advised immediately for removal of the stone or any block in the urinary track. They immediately advised for stetting procedure and asked to treat as in-patient. This leads much of time consuming and gives very much of tension and depression to the patient. And also very much of money involved.
    If they are suggested to take Homo medicines, they will be free from all above said problems and will get immediate and without side effect cure from UTI.

    I, Experienced with the Urinary track problems for five years from 2011 to 2016. Now I am using the Homeo medicines in meager expenses. Cell No.9444007681

  62. Pls text ur no to discuss

  63. What about dissolving left sided kidney stone?

  64. Good morning sir
    This is naveen. I am suffering from lack of sexual desire. I have no desire at all . I think this is due to over masturbation in my childhood . Please suggest a medicine & if I have to take lycopodium what potency should I buy & what dose I should take . Please let me know .


  65. Mari primario says:

    Hi I hope you can reommend the correct dosage. I am bloated although not as bad as when it started. I have pain in lower stomach near utiris and pain dull and steady in ovary area on right. Relief when I relieve myself and sometimes painful gas. I was told it might be my gall bladder. What do you suggest.


  66. This is ali here.38 yrs old.i am suffering from urine problem especially at night have to go repeatedly wash room even i drink littile water. I feel pressure in bladders. Cant control.i also have constipation nd dust elergy problems.nd gaining weight nd high bloodpressure .also erection problems.plz suggest me medicine.thanks

  67. Mr Tariq says:

    My Dear Dr Sharma My name is tariq , 56 years old . I am suffering from insufficient erection . Very strong desire but weak erection. Early age excessive mastubation may be one of the cause I also suffered hepatites c 10 years ago which is negative now. I am living with viagra for last 8 years can you advise me homeo therapy for my problem best regards

  68. Shyamal Sarker says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for explaining Lycopodium in detail and the main characteristics is this works well in right side. I have some big cysst in left side kidney, and two small cyst in right side kidney. Does lycopodiun help to cure the csts?
    Shyamal Sarker

  69. Michelle says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I wrote to you a few days ago and while I await for a response I have one more question to add. He has liver cysts and jaundice. His bilirubin levels are high and he is having constipation of which his stools are very pale. His urine is very dark. What would be a good choice for this condition.

    Thank you for your time,

  70. mukesh narula says:

    Dr sharma
    I have this bloting problem for years now, it could be IBS or something else. My blood report indiated i might have wheat allergy. So I am on gluten free diet for 5 months now, but the problem of bloting and gas is there. What homeopathy medicine shall i go for to cure this condition. This is going on with me for last 4 years.


  71. rgkushwah says:

    Thanks for broad homeopathic knowledge a such as Lycopodium and sepia also.

Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.

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