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Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Merc Sol is a deep acting polychrest medicine (i.e. has a wide range of action to treat number of diseases) prepared using mercury by the process of trituration. This process extracts the medicinal qualities of mercury while at the same time deactivateing all poisonous properties, thereby assuring its safety as a homeopathic medicine. Among the various complaints, it is majorly used to treat mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, sore throat, blood in stool.     Homeopathic Medicine Merc Sol

The ‘Merc Sol’ Constitution

Merc Sol is suited to persons prone to throat infection, skin complaints, inflamed intestine and UTI (urinary tract infection.)

Drug Action

It shows its action on every organ and tissue of the body. It is a great medicine to heal ulcers especially in mouth, throat, intestines and skin. Next, it acts wonderfully to reduce inflammation in various body parts including throat, gums, para nasal sinus, ear, intestines, rectum, urinary tract, male & female genitals. Its another action is to manage bleeding from ulcers, gums, nose, rectum and from urinary tract. Apart from the above it is a highly effective medicine to treat suppurative conditions (conditions with pus formation). It is also a top grade medicine to treat offensive body discharges including sweat, urine.

Scope As a Homeopathic Remedy 

1. Oral Complaints 

This is a leading medicine to treat a number of oral complaints including ulcers, increased salivation, oral thrush (fungal infection in mouth), offensive odour from mouth, stomatitis (mouth inflammation).


It is an incomparable medicine to heal ulcers in the mouth. Persons needing it may have ulcers on tongue, gums or inside the cheeks. If we look at the ulcers they are red, bluish and inflamed. Their edges are undefined with dirty, unhealthy look and are surrounded with a dark ring. Merc sol also helps to manage attending pain and burning sensation in the ulcers. Along with above features person may have thickly coated tongue with bad, odour from the mouth. A metallic, coppery taste in the mouth may also attend above complaints.


Secondly, it is useful to manage the complaint of increased salivation (ptyalism). Persons requiring it have excessive salivation especially while sleeping. The saliva is thick and stringy and may be bad tasting and offensive. In some cases it tastes metallic, like copper.

Oral Thrush

This remedy also works very well to treat oral thrush i.e fungal infection in mouth. In such cases it works well when mouth is red and inflamed. Further, small ulcers are present in the mouth. Along with this, the tongue is coated and seems as if covered with white, thick fur. It is attended with offensive breath and increased saliva.


In cases of stomatitis (mouth inflammation), it helps to reduce redness, swelling of mouth and healing the blisters/ulcers. Further it helps ease the pain, burning, and pricking sensation in the mouth associated with stomatitis.

It also works very well in cases of offensive odour from mouth or bad breath (halitosis). Odour is fetid, putrid and extremely noticeable by a person at distance.

Tooth and Gum Complaints

This remedy is well-indicated to treat gums inflammation (gingivitis), toothache, tooth decay.

In cases of gingivitis, it works well when there are swollen, red, inflamed gums with bright red margins. Other than this, the gums may be covered with thin, white patches. It is accompanied by pain and bleeding. The gums may recede with loosening or falling of teeth from the gums. Fetid odour from mouth is present.

For toothache with swollen gums, this remedy works well when there is a pain in the teeth that radiates to the ear or head, and there may be an increased flow of saliva.

This medicine is known to prevent further decay when teeth have started turning black, dirty grey from caries. There may also be loosening of teeth in gums where it is required. Stitching, tearing pains in decayed teeth are also manageable with this medicine.

2. Cold, Coryza, Sinusitis

His remedy effectively manages complaints of cold, coryza and sinusitis.

In cases of coryza with sneezing, the symptoms to note are fluent discharge from the nose, itching, burning in nose from discharge. The discharge may also be of greenish offensive pus. Additionally, the nostrils are red and. raw It is also helpful to manage the complaint of crust formation in nose that bleeds on cleansing nose.

Next, it is beneficial to treat sinusitis. In such cases mucus trickling in throat from the posterior nares is a major complaint. Other symptoms include hoarseness of voice, dry cough and tearing pains in forehead and cheeks.

It is also a renowned medicine for treating sore throat, enlarged and inflamed tonsils. Main features for its use are pain in the throat, tonsils especially when swallowing and it often radiates to the ears. If we look at the throat, it is red, swollen with dark red tonsils frequently studded with ulcers. The person may complain of rawness, roughness and a burning sensation in the throat. There is increased salivation with above symptoms. It is also a top grade medicine for managing cases of quinsy with suppuration (pus formation) in tonsils. In such cases sharp, sticking , stinging pain is prominent along with pus formation.

3. Ear Complaints

This medicine works well to treat ear complaints including earache, ear discharges (otorrhoea) and ear infections.

Persons needing this medicine have soreness, tearing, throbbing, stinging or shooting pain in ears. The pain usually worsens at night or in warmth. Burning sensation in the ear may be present.

Other than this, this medicine is useful to treat ear infection with discharge. The discharges are specifically pus-like, yellow, green and offensive. Sometimes the discharge is blood-stained, and there my be itching and pain in the ears with roaring noises.

 4. GIT (gastro intestinal) Complaints

When it comes to the GIT, this remedy has a definitive action to reduce the inflammation of intestine and rectum. It is also one of the most effective medicines to manage the complaint of blood and mucus in stool. If we see therapeutically, it shows remarkable results in cases of ulcerative colitis (disease with inflammation and ulcers in large intestine and rectum) proctitis (inflamed rectum), dysentery (intestinal infection that leads to severe loose stool with blood, sometimes mucus).

Persons needing it have watery, green / yellow, frothy, slimy stool. It is accompanied by excessive blood and mucus in stool and occasionally undigested food particles. They have continued urge to pass stool. A “never-gets-done” feeling persists even after passing stool for a number of times. It results in intense weakness. Another complaint that they have is pinching and cutting in abdomen before and during stool. Other symptoms are burning in anus, pain in rectum, nausea, vomiting and marked chilliness.

5. Vaginal Discharges (Leucorrhoea)

This medicine can help treat vaginal discharges (leucorrhoea) in females and is prescribed when vaginal discharges are yellowish, greenish in colour, sometimes blood-stained too. It causes intense itching and biting in genitals especially at night. Itching of genitals gets worse from contact of urine. In most cases, a violent burning appears after scratching the parts.  It is a majorly used medicine for treating vaginal infections and vaginitis with presence of above symptoms.

6. Male Complaints

This is an important medicine to treat orchitis (inflammation of testicles.) Here it is useful to reduce the inflammation and pain in testicles. It also helps relieve drawing sensation in the groin and spermatic cord. It proves to be an excellent medicine to treat inflammation of testicles, related to gonorrhoea.

Next, it is indicated to treat gonorrhoea with greenish, purulent discharges. Along with discharges male have burning in forepart of urethra. Their prepuce and glans are intensely swollen, red.

Other complaint where it is helpful is vesicular (fluid filled) eruptions or ulcers on forepart and sides of the glans penis. They tend to ooze fluid of yellow white colour, with a strong, offensive odour. Burning on the penis and sweat on the genitals is also present.

In addition to above, this remedy is majorly used for Balanitis where there is extreme swelling and pain in the glans and the prepuce. In few cases small vesicles appears on the glans and prepuce with oozing of fluid and burning sensation. Foreskin is sore and there may be yellowish pus in drops.

7. Urinary Complaints

When it comes to urinary complaints, this remedy is recommended to treat cases of polyuria (frequent urination), painful / burning urination,  blood in urine (haematuria), urinary tract infection (UTI), and overactive / irritable bladder.

The key features to use it in urinary issues are increased frequency of urination and marked urgency to urinate where person must hurry to pass urine. The frequency of urine is increased both day and night. There is also flow of urine in a thin stream, sometimes only drop by drop. Violent burning in urethra on beginning to urinate also appears with above symptoms. Mucus or blood may appear in urine. Another peculiar feature is strong, offensive smell in urine.

8. Skin Complaints

This homeopathic medicine can take care of many skin issues. First among them is skin itching, where there is itching that is most troublesome at night. The itching is violent, intolerable and person is obliged to scratch it intensely. The itching shifts from place to place.
Next, it is frequently used for vesicular eruptions with redness on the skin. The vesicles discharge thin, clear fluid

It is also highly applicable to treat skin ulcers which are large and bleeding. The margins of ulcers are highly inflamed. Pricking and cutting pains frequently appear in the ulcers.

One can also use this medicine to get rid of increased and offensive sweat on body. Lastly,  cases of herpes zoster with burning pains in the eruptions can be significantly improved with this medicine.


Merc Sol can be used in 30 potency. It can be repeated two to three times day depending upon the intensity of the complaint.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Complementary medicine is Badiaga.

Inimical medicines are Acetic Acid and Silicea .

Antidotes are Hepar Sulph, Aurum Met and Mezereum.

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  1. Sir i have urethera stricture since long time i have treated by allopathy and two time endoscopy surgery done but problem is same my urethera is narrowing doctor saying now for uroplasty surgery .
    can it cure by the homepathy medicine .Now day i am taking homeopathy medicine cantharis ,merc sol wiythin week but i feel that no any reccovery by the medicine same .

    Please help have u any medicine.


  2. Anwar hamid says:

    I am a senior citizen 71 age. How I can get homeopathic mother tincture and dilution in USA

  3. ASHOK SHARMA says:

    Sir, Thank you very much for deep knowledge about this wonderful medicine Merc Sol.
    What is difference between Merc Sol 6 and 30 and 200? In which case Merc Sol 6 , 30 and 200 may be used and in what quantity?

  4. Anand bhutra says:

    Suddenly yesterday I have throat pain and inflammation and unable to swallow fluids and reason I know that I have taken chach only and also I have mouth ulcer from last 2-3 days
    Kindly suggest merc sol 30 is best suitable for this problem & also suggest dosage

  5. B. RAMESH BABU says:

    Good morning doctor Sharma.
    I am suffering with herpis. So I am using Mercsol. When I use this drug the disease will be come down and after 3or 4 months again it will raise. So could you advise any other drug for permanently cure. Thanking you sir

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