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Opium: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

This medicine is derived from plant ‘papaver somniferum’ belonging to family Papaveraceae via potentization.  Potentization is a process that extracts and intensifies medicinal properties of a crude substance. This medicine is of great clinical significance in treating cases of constipation, sleeplessness and effects of fear.

The ‘Opium’ Constitution

This medicine is mainly suited to people with relaxed muscles and those who have are been habitual alcohol drinkers for a long time. It is also well-indicated for those in whom well-selected medicines produce no effect.

Drug Action

Action of opium is especially noted on gastric organs mainly rectum. It also acts well on the mind and nerves. It is a very effective medicine for managing sleep issues as well. Other than this, its action is noted on face, limbs, urinary organs and limbs.

Clinical Indications

Constipation, fear effects, sleeplessness, snoring, convulsions, delirium, hernia, drowsiness, colic, painful menses, paralysis, facial twitching, urine complaints

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Gastric Problems (Constipation, Diarrhea, Hernia, Vomiting)

Opium has a wide action on the gastric system. It has a prominent action on the rectum to help cases of constipation. There is intense constipation in cases needing it. The stool is passed in the form of hard, round balls which is the characteristic to use this medicine. Intense pain may be felt in the rectum. It can also be given for treating cases of diarrhea especially that follow some fright or sudden joy. The stool is fluid and frothy with anal burning. The stool has a very offensive smell. Stool may pass involuntarily from fright. Opium is a very useful medicine for cases of abdomen pain with passage of hard stool. Abdomen feels hard and bloated. This medicine is of great value for cases of umbilical or inguinal hernia. It can be used for cases of pressure and heaviness in stomach. Lastly, it is indicated for managing nausea and vomiting. The vomiting may be greenish or contains blood.

Key Indicating Features

Constipation with stool passed in form of hard, round balls

Diarrhea following fright or sudden joy

Umbilical or inguinal hernia

2. Sleep Issues (Sleeplessness, Drowsiness, Snoring)

Opium proves to be a very effective medicine to deal with certain sleep issues. It is a very suitable medicine for managing sleeplessness. Persons needing this medicine have acute hearing and noises coming from far away keep them awake. They are sleepy but cannot sleep. There is excessive restlessness with tossing in bed. On the other side, it can be given when a person has excessive drowsiness and goes into deep sleep. Its use is also recommended to manage jerking, and muscle twitchings happening during sleep. Lastly, it proves very beneficial for cases of snoring.

Key Indicating Features

Sleeplessness with acute hearing and noises coming from far away keeping the person awake

Jerking, twitching during sleep

Excessive drowsiness with deep sleep


3. Mind Complaints (Fright, Delirium, Convulsions)

It is a highly suitable medicine for complaints that occur from fright, excessive joy or anger. It is further well indicated for dullness of mind where brain works slowly. A person lacks mental grasp and is unable to comprehend whatever he is reading. The role of opium in managing delirium is also very important. Delirium is sudden change in brain resulting in confusion, unclear speech, clouded thinking, difficulty in paying attention, distraction and disorientation. In delirium, it works well when there is muttering (speaking in a low voice) with red, puffed, swollen face, wide open eyes and excessive physical activity. This medicine is prominently indicated for convulsions (fits) which get worse from fright, anger, insult and for convulsions in sleep.

Key Indicating Features

Complaints from fright, excessive joy or anger

Delirium with muttering, red, puffed, swollen face, wide open eyes and excessive physical activity

Convulsions (fits) worse from fright, anger, insult and in sleep

4. Limbs (Trembling, Weakness, Paralysis, Twitching, Jerking)

With its action on limbs, opium offers help to manage trembling of limbs especially due to fright. It is well indicated for managing numbness in hands and legs. It is also valuable for management of weakness and paralysis of legs. Its use is lastly considered for cases of jerking and twitching (spontaneous muscle contraction) of limbs.

Key Indicating Features

Limbs tremble following fright

Weakness and paralysis of legs

Jerking and twitching (spontaneous muscle contraction) of limbs

5. Face (Twitching, Cramps)

If we talk of facial concerns, opium is an important medicine for muscle twitching on the face mostly at the corners of mouth. In general, the face is red, flushed and swollen. It is effective in managing cramping in the lower jaw. Lastly, it is of service in case of swollen, distended veins on face.

Key Indicating Features

Facial twitching mainly at the corners of mouth

Cramps in lower jaw

6. Urinary Problems (Retention Of Urine, Kidney Pain)

Opium also cures urinary problems. The main complaint where it serves the best purpose is retention of urine or involuntary urine after fright. It is also indicated for retention of urine in females after childbirth. It can be used in cases of kidney pain when pain radiates from the kidneys to the bladder, and in males to testicles. Last indication for its use is weak stream of urine and slow initiation of urine.

Key Indicating Features

Retention of urine after fright or after childbirth

Involuntary urine after fright

Pain radiating from kidneys to bladder, and testicles in males

7. Female Problems (Suppressed Periods, Painful Menses, Suppressed Lochia)

Women may find this medicine highly useful for managing certain problems. The foremost indication for its use is the suppression of menses due to fright. Another concern that it can treat well is of painful menses. It is suited when pain during menses forces the patient to bend double along with urge to pass stool. Lastly, its use can be considered when lochia (vaginal discharge that occur after childbirth and last for about four to eight weeks) is suppressed from fright.

Key Indicating Features

Suppressed menses from fright

Painful menses with bending double and urge for stool

Suppression of lochia after fright


Worsening factors: Complaints are worse from fear, joy, heat, alcohol intake, odors and suppressed discharges

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from cold and from constant walking


It can be used from 30 C to 200 C potency. Its action lasts for about 7 days. In low potency, one may repeat it often but in high potency, frequent repetition is not advised.

Relationship With Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Camphor, Belladonna, Ipecac and Nux vomica

Followed well by: Aconite, Antimonium Tart, Belladonna, Bryonia, Hyoscyamus, Nux Vomica, Nux Moschata and Sambucus


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  1. Where do you purchase the homeopathy pills from this article?

  2. I follow your writing about disease and medicine. U are the best among specialist. Please help me how to treat a chronic common cold disease due to irregularities in Bathing in day after day.

  3. K N Sharma says:

    R/ Dr Sharma, I am actually suffering acute constipation. My stool is very hard and in small ball shapes. I have to exert a lot to clear it. At present I am 77. I do all for example exercise, 4 to 5 kn walking, eating papaya, only home made food. Earlier I took nux vomica 30, then bryonia 30 but no relief so far . Now I switched over to opium 30c from today.

  4. Dear Dr
    I have a 7 year old autistic child, he has been in his own world, no spirit, limited speech, his dad drank heavily before getting pregnant, mom had him by c-section under general anesthesia, do we need an opium antidote?

  5. Child nails khata hai.
    Tell me how to medicate.

  6. Magezi Shammah says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I suffer stunt growth of my legs ,an issue where the back and the legs aren’t coordinating ,stiffness of legs with blocked pours, a failure to stand straight by rather having one leg bent forward,what could this problem be? And what remedies might help,

    I’d love to have firm strong legs

    Your reply is highly valued.

  7. James McAteer says:

    But for pain relief, none of the homeopathic doses have any morphinum or opium in it? Are there any that retain some of the morphinum or opium? Not to get high or abuse it, but if you are experiencing more acute or chronic pains? I don’t think even a 6C has any opium or morphinum left in it ? Do any homeopaths make it into a mother tincture?

    Again, I worked as a specialist in addicitions treatment as a licensed therapist for many years, and I know quite a bit about opiates, and my question is strictly for reduction of pain, not abuse.

    • There is also wild lettuce extraction if you are looking for similar pain relief action and it’s easy to find and extract

  8. James McAteer says:

    Dear Dr. Shama, I have never abused any drugs, and an interested in opium as a possible homeopathic medicine for better sleep, relaxing muscles, some pain reduction, I have chronic fatigue syndrome too, and believe the pain wears my body down, and this type of homeopathic medicine may be helpful. Though I do not want to ever abuse any medicine, I feel I need a stronger dosage to begin, for both help with sleep, nerves, and pain reduction, and do not understand how homeooathic dosing works. For instance, does a 6C or a 30C of opium have more immediate potency for pain and sleeping problems than a dose of 1000C? Because of the delutions of the medicine, doesn’t that make it weaker? Yet, I see the more delutions the stronger the dosage and this confuses me. I always prefer natural herbal remedies to any kind of modern day synethetic drugs. Can you help me better understand the homeopathic and ayurvedic dosing for opium, and which dosage would be the most helpful for one such as myself, who suffers from certain muscle pains, malaise, sleeping problems, and chronic fatigue syndome? I believe the right dosage, if it reduced pain would actually give me more energy! (despite being technically a depressant). Hope you can help and give me advice on homeopathic opium and dosing for my problems….It would also help me with grastic problems and reduce diarhea? Thank you so much! (also where to purchase it?)

    • Catherine Eleanor Behan says:

      I wish to purchase papaver somniferum 200 homeopathic remedy. It is not available in Dublin. Can you help me please?

  9. Sarma Veluri says:

    Antidoted by: Camphor, Belladonna, Ipecac and Nux vomica

    Followed well by: Aconite, Antimonium Tart, Belladonna, Bryonia, Hyoscyamus, Nux Vomica, Nux Moschata and Sambucus
    Dr.sir, please rectify whether NUX is antidotes or followed. You are a great doctor and be careful in the written script please

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