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Paris Quadrifolia: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Paris Quadrifolia is prepared from a plant ‘one berry’ and ‘herb paris’. It belongs to the family Trilliaceae. The whole plant when in fruit is potentized as per homeopathic formula that extracts and intensifies its medicinal properties. It becomes a homeopathic medicine Paris Quadrifolia of great value in treating certain health concerns. It is an important medicine to manage neck pain and numbness in the fingers.

 Drug Action

It mainly acts well on the neck and back. It also acts well on head, eyes, mouth, throat, larynx and the gastric system.

Clinical Indications

Neck pain, neck stiffness, cervical spondylosis, brachial neuralgia (severe pain in shoulder and upper arm accompanied with upper arm weakness), acidity, weak digestion, headache, neuralgia and hoarseness of voice.

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Neck & Back (Neck Pain, Back Pain, Tail Bone Pain)

This medicine shows its action well on the neck and the back. It effectively manages cases in which there is pain in the neck on both sides. The pain from the neck radiates to the shoulders and reaches the fingers. Along with this, a weight or heavy load is felt in the neck and also across the shoulders. Stiffness in the neck is also present. Numbness in the fingers along with neck pain is a very important symptom to administer this medicine. It is the best medicine for cervical spondylosis when neck pain is attended with numbness in fingers. Those needing it have worsening of neck pain from exertion. They feel relief in the pain by taking rest. A heated sensation in the neck extending down the back is also its main indication. Weakness in the neck muscles can be felt in addition to the above symptoms. Another symptom that guides its use is pain in the back felt on stooping. There occurs a sensation of a load pressing on the back. Lastly, it is a wonderful medicine to help cases of pain in the coccyx i.e, the tailbone. It is well-indicated for managing pulsating or stitching nature of pain in the tailbone felt while sitting.

Key Indicating Features

Neck pain radiating to shoulders or fingers

Neck pain attended with numbness of fingers

Neck pain from exertion

Feeling of weight or heavy load in the neck and across the shoulders

Coccyx (tailbone) pain on sitting

2. Head (headache)

Paris Quadrifolia manages headaches quite well. It also benefits if the pain is felt in the back of head (occiput) and there is a weight-like sensation. It also works well in case there is pain in the eyes extending to the back of head as if pulled by a string. Another characteristic feature to use this medicine is when headache worsens merely by thinking about it. Another indication for its use is if there is pain in the head after smoking tobacco. Along with the above symptoms, one may feel as if the head is distended and enlarged.

Key Indicating Features

Pain in the back of head with sensation of a weight

Headache with pain in eyes extending to the back of head as if pulled by a string

Headache gets worsen merely by thinking about it

Headache from smoking tobacco

 3. Eyes (eyeball pain, double vision, heaviness, burning pain)

It offers relief from pain in the eyeballs that occurs as a result of slight motion. There is pain in the eyes as if there is an inward pull into the head.  It is also administered if the eyes feel too large. It can be administered if one encounters double vision or upon seeing one object as two. It is also used in case one reports pain of the burning nature in the eyes. In such cases, eyes normally go watery after waking up in the morning. Another indication for its use is the feeling of heaviness in the eyes.

Key Indicating Features

Eyeball pain from least motion

Eye pain with inward pull

4. Mouth (Dryness, Coated Tongue)

It manages well cases of dry mouth and tongue or coated tongue. There is excessive dryness of the mouth and tongue upon waking in the morning. There is white coating on the tongue with roughness and absence of thirst. There can be bitter taste in the mouth or reduced sense of taste.

Key Indicating Features

Dry mouth and tongue on awaking

White coated tongue with roughness and no thirst

5. Throat And Larynx (Sore Throat, Pain, Hoarseness)

It acts on the throat and larynx quite well. It can manage well complaints of sore throat. There is pain in throat while talking or swallowing. The pain may radiate to the ears as well. Burning pain is felt in the throat while eating or drinking. It can be used in cases when there is hawking of tough, green mucus. It can be administered in cases of hoarseness of voice with a burning sensation in the larynx (voice box).

Key Indicating Features

Sore throat with pain on talking and swallowing

Hawking of tough, green mucus

Voice hoarse with burning in the larynx

6. Gastric Issues (Stomach Heaviness, Burning, Cramps, Loose Stool)

Lastly, it acts wonderfully on the gastric system to manage stomach heaviness, burning sensation, weak digestion and stomach cramps. The stomach heaviness gets better with burping. There is burning in the stomach that extends to the lower abdomen. Cramps are felt in the stomach. It is also useful to relieve one from griping pain in the abdomen. Lastly, it also helps well to manage complaints of loose stool that have a fetid smell.

Key Indicating Features

Stomach heaviness better from burping

Burning in stomach extending to the lower abdomen


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from touch, mental exertion, and upon mere thought about health issues.

Relieving Factors: One gets better from rest and pressure.


It can be used in both low and high potencies. It is a medicine which acts for a short duration of two to four days. In low potencies, it can be repeated often but frequent repetition in high potencies should be avoided.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Coffea Cruda

Followed well by: Calcarea Carb, Ledum Pal, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, Rhus Tox, Sepia and Sulphur


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