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Phosphorus – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Phosphorus was discovered by an alchemist Brandt in 1673 and soon after by Kunkel. Kramer claimed to treat epilepsy and diarrhoea with it. Other cures that were listed with it at that time includes intermittent fevers, pneumonia of left lung and periodic headaches. Afterwards it was introduced in homeopathy by Dr. Hahnemann. This homeopathic medicine is prepared by trituration of red amorphous phosphorus. The process of trituration helps to extract the medicinal properties of red amorphous phosphorus. It is used for treating a large variety of disease conditions without any side effects like anxiety, fears, hair fall, dandruff, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, nose bleeding, gastritis, glaucoma, hoarse voice and excessive menstrual bleeding. Phosphorus - Homeopathic Medicine

The ‘Phosphorus’ Constitution

Phosphorus is especially suited to tall, slender, narrow – chested persons They have mostly fair skin, blonde or red hair, and delicate eyelashes. Nervousness and sensitiveness in nature is marked among them. It is also adapted to young people, who grow too rapidly and tend to stoop. Apart from above it also suits persons who have a tendency to bleed.

Drug Action

It has a marked action on mind, spinal cord and nerves.  Its second action is on mucous membranes where it helps to manage irritation, inflammation and degeneration. It also acts upon bones and aids slowing down of bone destruction, especially the lower jaw and tibia. Apart from above it has significant action on the blood and blood vessels and acts as a great anti-haemorrhagic medicine that helps stop bleeding. It helps to manage cases of bleeding from nose, gums. It is also useful to manage blood in urine, stool, vomiting, bloody sputa, blood spots on skin, and excessive menstrual bleeding in females.

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Anxiety and Fear

It is a prime constituent of nervous matter thus has a deep action on mind and sensation. It helps treat issues of anxiety and fears quite effectively. It mainly helps persons having anxiety about future, anxiety about others and anxiety as if they are about to die. Anxiety appears mainly when they are alone. It is attended with restlessness, palpitation with much sweat on the  forehead. Along with above, the person may feel sad and fears that are mainly presented are fear of death especially in evening time, fear of being alone, fear of thunderstorms, fear of dark, of ghosts, fear as if something bad is about to happen.

2. Hair fall and Dandruff

It is known to be highly effective to treat cases of hair fall. People needing it have excessive hair fall in large bunches. Most times the hair fall is present on fore part of head, and above ears. It also works wonders to regrow hair in cases of hair loss that occurs in spots (alopecia areata). Apart from hair fall it is well indicated for treating premature greying of hair when roots of hair turns grey.

Next, it is very beneficial to treat dandruff. It is mainly used where dandruff is copious and white in colour. It is attended with much itching over the scalp.

3. Nasal problems

When it comes to nasal complaints, it helps treat cases of chronic cold, nasal bleeding (epistaxis) and bleeding polyps. In cases of cold it is used when there is alternations between fluent coryza and stopped nose. Along with this soreness of throat may attend. Loss of smell and taste may also be complained of. In case of nose bleeding it is indicated when episodes occur several times a day and are often quite profuse. Nasal polyps that bleed easily are also suggestive of its use.

4. Eye Complaints

It is a leading homeopathic medicine to treat many eye complaints.

First, it is useful in improving vision in glaucoma cases. Glaucoma is an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. In this condition blurred vision, eye pain, severe headache, eye pain are experienced. If not treated in time it can eventually cause vision loss and blindness. In such cases, apart from improving vision it is also helpful to manage shooting, burning pain in eyes and sensitivity to light. Glaucoma after iridectomy (surgical removal of part of the iris) is also indicative of its use. Secondly Phosphorus is indicated for cataract cases. It is known to prevent further progression of cataract. In cases needing it there is presence of hard, white, convergent striae in lens with diffuse haziness. Apart from above, it is beneficial to treat floating spots before eyes (muscae volitantes). These spots mainly includes flashes of light, black points or sparks before eyes.

5. Gum Inflammation and Bleeding Gums

It is a very valuable medicine for treating oral (mouth) complaints. Mainly it is used when gums are inflamed (gingivitis) or  bleeding appears from gums. Along with inflammation, ulcers may be present on the gums. In many cases gums may be weak along with looseness of teeth. It is also recommended for gums bleeding that appears after tooth extraction.

6. Gastro intestinal (GIT) Troubles

When it comes to treat GIT complaints, this remedy mainly helps cases of gastritis and stomach ulcers. It works effectively to reduce the inflammation of the stomach and heal the ulcers. The symptoms that guides its use in such cases include burning in the stomach that worsens after eating. In some cases gnawing pain is felt in the stomach. Relief in burning may be obtained by taking cold drinks. Stomach appear greatly distended and may be painful to least pressure with above symptoms. In many cases heartburn attends the pain. Nausea and vomiting also appear with the pain.

Next, it is an excellent medicine to treat diarrhoea (loose stool). The stool is watery and profuse and passes like a gush of water. It may be yellowish, greenish, greyish or blackish coloured. Sometimes lumps of white mucus and blood passes in the stool. Undigested food also passes with stool on few occasions. Urgency to pass stool is marked with above and it may pass involuntarily also. In some cases, burning in anus and rectum may follow passage of stool. Person feels intense weakness with above symptoms.

Lastly, it is considered highly useful for protrusion of piles even on passing flatus and for bleeding from piles. It also helps to relieve pain in piles and burning, itching in the anus.

7. Respiratory Complaints

It is a leading homeopathic remedy to treat a number of respiratory complaints mainly including cough, bronchitis, pneumonia.

Dry cough arising from tickling in throat and from laughing, talking is indicative to use this remedy. Cough appearing from strong odours also points towards its use. Person needing it also complains of pain in head and chest while coughing. They sometimes expectorate reddish – brown phlegm. Few persons needing it also expectorate bright red bloody sputum.

Other than this cases of bronchitis are very well manageable with this medicine. In such cases it is used when there is cough with tearing pain under the sternum (breastbone). Cough is severe, hard and very exhausting (causing weakness). Along with this burning pain in the chest is felt. Sputum of yellowish mucus sometimes streaked with blood also arises. Breathing is quickened and oppressed along with above symptoms.

In addition to above, it is a significant medicine for pneumonia cases. It is specifically indicated for pneumonia of left lower lung. Here it is given when person has frequent cough, with frothy, brown, rust coloured or purulent (pus like) expectoration. With this, breathing difficulty is present. Sharp stitches in the lungs also accompany.  Weight and tightness along with heat in chest are rest of the attending symptoms.

8. Laryngitis and Hoarseness of Voice

It is a top grade medicine to reduce inflammation of larynx (voice box) and improve hoarseness of voice. Persons needing it mainly present with hoarseness of voice in morning hours. They have rough, husky voice with pain and rawness in larynx. They are also unable to speak a loud word. Hoarseness of voice arising in public speakers from prolonged speaking is also well managed by this remedy.

9. Females Troubles

It is a very important medicine to treat complaint of excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) and inter menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia) in females.

This medicine effectively manages the complaint of early and very profuse periods. The periods also last for a long time in females requiring it. The menstrual bleeding is bright red and there may be a shooting headache, pain in back, nausea, cold feet, hands and shivering during menses. There may be excessive weakness, blue circles around eyes, and anxiety after menses. Apart from above it is very beneficial medicine to treat metrorrhagia when bleeding appear very frequently in between periods and flow is very copious.

10. Liver Disorders

This is a well-indicated homeopathic remedy for managing liver disorders including hepatitis (inflammation of liver), enlargement of liver, fatty liver and cirrhosis (irreversible damage to the liver with death of liver cells). The symptoms to look for to use it here are aching or stitching pain in liver region, marked soreness and hardness over liver region.

11. Backache

It is useful to treat lower back pain when attended with intense heat in the back. Most cases needing it have worsening of pain when rising from stooping. There is also prominent dragging sensation and weakness in back with above features.


Use of Phosphorus is recommended in both low and high potency. Dose and repetition varies as per the disease condition, so should be taken as per physician’s recommendation.

Relationship To Other Remedies

Complementary medicines are Arsenic Album, Allium Cepa and Carbo Veg. These medicines can be used to complete its action when it is no longer acting.

Inimical medicine is Causticum and should not be used before or after it.

Antidotes are Coffea Cruda, Mezereum, Nux Vomica and Terebinthina and can be used to neutralize the action of Phosphorus.

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