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Psorinum: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Uses, Indications And Dosage

Psorinum is a leading homeopathic medicine for managing various skin complaints effectively. Some of the main skin issues treated well with it include skin itching, eczema, psoriasis and scabies. Its action in treating tonsillitis, Quinsy and recurrent cold is marvellous. It is of great clinical significance for cases where even well-recognized medicines fail to act, where Psorinum helps to boost body’s response to medicines.

 The ‘Psorinum’ Constitution

This medicine suits people who get nervous, restless and anxious easily. It is also highly suitable for persons prone to skin problems or have a history of suppressed emotions. Extreme sensitivity to cold air is experienced by those needing it. They desire to be covered warmly even in summers.

Drug Action

Psorinum is a polychrest medicine which means it is of great value in treating many health conditions related to different body parts. The most important action is noted on skin, throat and nose. It also acts well on the mind, ears and face. Its action is also noted on head, gastric organs and respiratory system. It is helpful in managing weakness in the recovery phase of any acute disease. It also deals effectively with diseases that involve foul discharges like stool, ear discharge, oozing from skin eruptions or sweat with filthy smell.

Clinical Indications

Skin disorders, itching, eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, skin eruptions, scabies, tonsillitis, quinsy, cold, depression, anxiety, ear discharge, acne rosacea, pimples, diarrhea, constipation, spleen pain, cough, asthma, headache

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Skin Problems (Itching, Eczema, Urticaria, Scabies, Psoriasis)

Psorinum has marked action on the skin. It is used to treat numerous skin-related conditions. To begin with, it can handle cases of skin itching well. Those needing it complain of intense itching that is almost intolerable. They scratch the skin till it starts to bleed.  Even the heat of bed worsens the itching at night that disturbs sleep. Simultaneously with itching, there may occur stinging sensation on the skin. In some cases, after rubbing the skin, little bumps on the skin (vesicles) may appear that may be filled with fluid.

It is a superior medicine for managing eczema (inflamed skin with dry rough itchy patches or fluid- filled eruptions). It renders great service in cases of eczema that occurs behind ears, in bend of elbows, armpits or scalp. There may occur dirty, rough skin or eruptions that bleed easily. In some cases, pus may accumulate in the eruptions. Psorinum proves to be one of the best medicines for skin complaints that appear in winters and vanish in summers. It is the most effective medicine to manage dry, scaly eruptions.

Psorinum is a highly effective medicine for scabies as well. Scabies is a highly contagious itchy skin condition caused by mite known as sarcoptes scabiei. Another skin condition where it gives good results is herpes zoster (a painful skin rash with blisters caused by varicella zoster virus). Herpes eruptions that occur on scalp or bend of joints are treated wonderfully with it. These eruptions are accompanied with itching and burning. Further use of this medicine is considered for cases of urticaria (itchy wheals means raised bumps on skin caused usually from an allergic reaction). The characteristic to use this medicine is urticaria caused by exertion. In cases that need it, the skin is usually dirty and greasy due to excessive secretion from sebaceous glands. Lastly, it is useful for treating psoriasis (an autoimmune skin disorder that results in inflamed patches on skin covered with silvery white scales). There occurs small red eruptions with white scales.

Key indicating features

Intolerable skin itching with desire to scratch till skin starts to bleed

Eczema behind ears, in bend of elbows, armpits or scalp

Skin complaints that appear in winters and go away in summers

2. Throat Issues (Tonsillitis, Quinsy)

Next Psorinum acts magnificently on the throat. Its foremost action is treating tonsillitis wonderfully. It is well indicated when the tonsils are swollen and painful. The pain gets worse while swallowing and reaches the ears. There is burning sensation in the throat. Throat feels dry in morning and a sensation of plug is felt in the throat. Tickling in throat can occur that excites cough. It is a principal medicine for treating Quinsy (pus collection behind the tonsils) cases especially of recurrent Quinsy. Its well-known action is to eradicate tendency to Quinsy. In cases needing it for Quinsy, excessive pain is felt in the tonsils that extends to the ears on swallowing and there is tough mucus in throat that needs to be hawked continuously. There is mainly hawking of mucus in the form of cheesy pea-like balls that smell bad and leave a bad taste in the mouth. There is excessive salivation that has an offensive smell.

Key indicating features

Tonsillitis with swelling and pain in tonsils worse when swallowing with pain in ears

Recurrent quinsy to eradicate its tendency

Hawking of mucus in form of cheesy pea like balls that smells and tastes bad

 3. Nose (Recurrent Cold, Hay Fever)

This medicine can rectify many nasal complaints. It is of great clinical significance in treating cases of recurrent cold. As per homeopathic therapeutics, psorinum proves to be effective in boosting immunity against frequent colds. In cases needing it, either there is dry cold with nasal blockage or there occurs thin discharge from the nose. Loss of smell may be noted too. In some cases, post nasal discharge (dripping of mucus from the back of nose into the throat) is witnessed on clinical examination. Besides, it is a prominent medicine to tackle cases of nasal allergy/hay fever (an allergic condition caused by allergic response to allergens like dust mites, pollen resulting in symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy, watery and red eyes). It is well indicated when hay fever occurs every year especially in August.

Key indicating features

Recurrent cold

4. Mind Complaints (Fear, Depression)

Psorinum can help people suffering from various mind-related complaints. It is a useful medicine for managing anxiety and different kind of fears. The fear is mainly of being alone, of fire, of business failure and fear of death. A person has negative thinking, constant thoughts of dying may prevail. It is beneficial for managing depression in females during menopause. There is sadness and forsaken feeling in those needing it. There is a desire to be alone and remain in bed all the time. Hopelessness is marked. It is also indicated for children who are very irritable, fretful and get startled easily. During day, they may be playful but at night, become restless and may scream without any reason.

Key indicating features

Fear of being alone, of fire, of business failure and fear of death

Depression in females during menopause

5. Ears (Discharge, Eczema, Noises)

It gives substantial relief in cases of otorrhoea (ear discharge). Offensive brownish pus discharge from ear is the guiding feature for its use here, accompanied by headache. Secondly, it has a great ability to lessen itching in the ears. In most cases needing it, itching is intolerable with a need for picking and boring in the ears all the time. It is a highly suitable medicine to treat eczema behind the ears. There appear red, oozing eruptions with scabs around the ears. Sore pain behind ears is also well marked. Lastly, psorinum is helpful when hearing is impaired, along with noises in the ears (tinnitus) which may be buzzing, humming, ringing or cracking type.

Key indicating features

Offensive brownish pus discharge from ear

Eczema behind the ears

6. Face (Pimples, Acne Rosacea)

Use of this medicine is considered to manage some of the facial concerns too. The foremost use is in treating acne (pimples). Those needing it complain that the pimples get worse from fats, sugar and coffee. Females may have worsening of pimples during menses. Next noteworthy complaint where psorinum proves beneficial is acne rosacea (a skin condition that causes flushing and redness of face along with appearance of small pimples). The face is red along with burning heat. Small red pimples appear in the middle of the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.

Key indicating features

Pimples worse from fats, sugar and coffee intake

Pimples worse during menses

7. Head (Headache, Eruptions)

Psorinum can give great relief in headache and eruptions on scalp. The major symptom is headache occurring from suppressed skin eruptions or suppressed menses. The pain is hammering type. In many cases, headache may be preceded by flickering before the eyes, dim vision or black spots before the eyes. The head is sensitive to draught of air, the affected person covers head even in hot weather. It plays a very important role in treating eruptions on the scalp. The eruptions are filled with pus (pustules) with severe itching. The eruptions are covered with thick, dirty yellow scabs. Hair become matted. The eruptions may spread over the nape of neck.

Key indicating features

Headache from suppressed skin eruptions or suppressed menses

Pus-filled eruptions on scalp with severe itching

8. Gastric Issues (Diarrhea, Constipation, Pain, Belching, Spleen Pain)

Psorinum can be administered for cases of chronic diarrhea. The persons requiring it have early morning diarrhea with urgent desire to pass stool. The stool is dark, watery with horribly offensive smell. Diarrhea that follows some severe acute disease or when it occurs during dentition can be treated well with this medicine. It can be used for cases of constipation. The stool is hard, difficult and blood may pass along with stool. Burning may be felt in the rectum. Pain in lower back may occur along with constipation. In some cases, stool is passed after a gap of three to four days. Next, its use may be done in cases of abdomen pain that gets better from eating or emission of gas. Its use is also considered for belching that is sour with offensive odour like rotten eggs. Another important indication is stitching type of pain in spleen. Pain gets worse from movement but better on standing.

Key indicating features

Morning diarrhea with urgent desire to pass stool which has horribly offensive smell

Abdomen pain better from eating or emission of gas

 9. Respiratory problems (Cough, Asthma)

Lastly, psorinum acts well on the respiratory system. It is mainly indicated for dry, hard cough with chest pain. Heaviness is also felt in the chest. Bouts of coughing occur in mornings and evenings. Its use is next suggested when there is expectoration of green or yellow sputa that tastes salty. The mucus is sticky and difficult to expel. It is a brilliant medicine for asthma cases. The characteristic feature to use it is difficult breathing which gets worse in open air and while sitting; asthma gets better when lying with arms spread wide apart.

Key indicating features

Asthma with difficult breathing worse in open air, when sitting and relieved when lying with arms spread wide apart


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse by cold, open air, weather change, evening, night, heat of bed and from scratching

Relieving factors: Complaints get better by lying quietly, from heat, washing, rest and when eating


Use of this medicine is recommended in 200 C and higher potencies. Its action seems to begin approximately after ninth day of intake and lasts for around  30 to 40 days. It is strictly advised to not repeat this medicine frequently.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Coffea Cruda

Followed well by: Alumina, Borax, Baryta Carb, Carbo Veg, China and Sulphur


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  1. Subhash arora age 62 m.n.7785901602 says:

    Kan ka rog purana h parde m ched h awaz jhingur wa Sai saike awaj or pus nikala Rahi hai alopathy or homiyopath ke bahut dawa ke abhi homiyopath ke dawa kha rahe h Aram nahi hai marg darsan kare

  2. Humayun Kabir Khan says:

    After itching skin it is burning both the leg from
    Lower side to upper side. What is the best medicine in homeopathy and it’s dosage. Thank you Madam.

  3. Hello doctor, I’m uzma suffering from psoriasis and using homeopathy medicine psorinum30 with urtica30. Can you please advice me that for how long i can use this medicine and how much time it will take to cure my psoriasis. I’m 51 yrs old. What are the side effects of this medicine.

  4. Sarita Nair says:

    What are the side effects of this medicine ? Why you mentioned that it is not advised to repeat this medicine frequently.

    • Farhad Kabir Salim says:

      I am 45 yrs old. can I use it for fungul infection. if yes. then give me dose indocation.

    • Is it safe to take this medication while I am on birth control pills? I am using them for acne control and want to supplement for outbreaks during the placebo week. Also, why do you recommend that the dosage not be repeated often? Is this medicine dangerous?

  5. Hello,
    Can you recommend how often to dose 200c Psorinum for dermatitis? Do you recommend pellets or liquid 200c? Thank you-

  6. Anita Amos says:

    hi, I am having issues with my little dog, lhasa apso, 8yrs, suffering from chronic skin eczema, not sure whether allergies or not. I know you are not a Vet, but I think homeopathy works the same way with dogs. He has anxiety when I go to work and has often ear infections, all red inside. His whole body gets hot and itchy. He drinks little water and is always hungry even after eating. He eats freeze dried raw food twice a day.
    I was able to treat the initial smelly yeast infection Malassezia with homeopathy using Belladonna, Pulsatilla and Aconitum and washing his body with water and a few drops of Essential Oil Lemongrass every 3-4 days, after Vets could not help me. Have tried Sulphur but reacted badly with lots of itching, the dose was 30c. I tried several remedies like Graphites (seemed to help and than stopped), Arsenicum album and others mentioned for his personality and symptoms with little success.
    He has been healing up on his body but the smell is returning and he has now extreme itchy eczema with pimples on his neck under his face, behind ears, face, licking his paws and chewing them, red ears, shaking his head a lot, eczema on his right side of his body, he has crusts on his tail at the beginning.
    Retrieving more info online I stumbled over PSORINUM and read about Miasm and am convinced he need PSORINUM. I started giving him Pso 6c x 3 today. I was called by my daughter 6 hrs later finding him scratching his skin to blood. ( he wears pigiama to protect his skin from scratching). Is this a symptom from Psorinum ? because it normally takes 9 days to see any reaction or just an incident? And if I am continuing giving psorinum when should I give it and how much. Can I still give him Aconitum to help against the itchiness meanwhile or not? I am really unsure how often I should give Psorinum and if I should use 30c or 200c instead of 6c because of his chronic skin disease. I live in Miami and don’t find a Homeopathic Vet able to assist me. I am desperate! I hope you can help somehow, thank you very much!!

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