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Ratanhia Peruviana: Homeopathic Medicine —Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The remedy Ratanhia Peruviana is derived from plant Mapato, also known as ‘Krameria Triandra’. It belongs to family polygalaceae or leguminosae. The dried root of this plant undergoes potentization (a process of preparing homeopathic medicines that arouses medicinal properties of a crude substance). After this process, it is converted into a magnificent homeopathic medicine Ratanhia Peruviana which is indicated for treating anal fissures and piles. 

The ‘Ratanhia’ Constitution

This medicine suits persons suffering from rectal complaints.

Drug Action

The primary action of Ratanhia is seen on the rectum and gastric system. Besides, its action,though not very wide,  is also seen on eyes, nose, head, female genitals and breast.

Clinical Indications

Anal fissure, piles, constipation, diarrhea, anal itching, worms, pterygium, nasal dryness, cracked nipples, amenorrhoea (suppressed menses), stomach pain, vomiting

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

 1. Rectum Complaints (Anal Fissure, Piles, Constipation, Diarrhea, Anal Itching, Worms)

It has shown the best results in treating rectal complaints, especially anal fissure (tear, cut or crack in the lining of anus). Intense burning at the anus due to anal fissure is the most striking feature to use this remedy. The burning sensation is intense. Person usually expresses knife-like stitching pain (excruciating pain) at the anal opening. Pain and burning sensation continues for a long time after passing stool. Other than anal fissures, Ratanhia is used to treat piles (swollen, enlarged, engorged veins in or around anus or in lower rectum) along with  intense burning at the anus. The piles hemorrhoids may protrude on straining. There is relief in the burning sensation from cold water.  Another very peculiar symptom that can be present is pain in rectum where a person feels like sharp splinter-like pricking . Ratanhia Peruviana can be used for treating constipation when there is hard stool with straining and ineffectual urge to pass stool. It is an important medicine for cases of worm infestation. It is mostly indicated for pinworms and ascarides worms. It can offer substantial relief in anal itching. Diarrhoea is another concern where Ratanhia is well indicated. It is used when there is loose, thin, fetid stool. It is attended with burning sensation in anus. This medicine can be given to control rectal bleeding as well.

Key indicating features

Anal fissure with intense burning

Anal pain and burning in anus that continues for long after passing stool

Rectal pain like sharp splinter-like pricking

Piles with excessive burning, protruding piles

2. Gastric Issues (Stomach Pain, Vomiting)

Ratanhia also acts well on the gastric system where it is beneficial for managing complaints including stomach pain, burning, and vomiting. The pain can be bursting, griping or cutting knife-like which improves by burping. Some people complain of intense pain in stomach along with feeling of fullness in the stomach. There can occur intense hiccoughs causing stomach pain. Vomiting can occur which may expel food or blood- streaked mucus.

Key indicating features

Stomach pain griping or cutting in nature, gets better by burping

3. Eyes (Eye Pain, Pterygium, Eyelid Twitching And Myopia)

It helps to manage eye pain, burning sensation in eyes, pterygium, eyelid twitching and myopia. Ratanhia is used when there is compressed pain in eye (pain radiating from outside to inside). Burning sensation is felt in eyes especially in evening.  This medicine is also clinically indicated for cases of pterygium (a tissue that grows abnormally on the conjunctiva). Ratanhia works well in case of twitching of upper eyelid on either side. Lastly, it can be given for myopia ( short-sightedness , which is when nearby objects are visible clearly but distant objects appear blurred).

Key indicating features

Compressing type of eye pain

Pterygium (abnormal tissue growth over conjunctiva)

Twitching of upper eyelid

4. Nose (Dryness, Itching)

Ratanhia does a great job in getting rid of dryness in nose which may block nostrils. Scabs in nose, inflamed nostrils and sneezing may occur. One can feel burning sensation in nose, along with itching.

Key indicating features

Nasal dryness with blockage

5. Head (Headache)

By acting on the head, Ratanhia manages headache well. The characteristic symptom to use it is pain in head while straining at stool. Pain is bursting type and can be felt after passing stool too. Heat is also felt along with pain on top of the head which gets better in open air. Sometimes tearing pain is felt in the back of the head radiating to the top.

Key indicating features

Headache on straining while passing stool, or after

6. Female Problems

This medicine can effectively deal with certain female problems. It is a very effective medicine for healing cracked nipples occurring in nursing mothers. Ratanhia can be given in cases where menses are suppressed along with swelling in abdomen and breast. It is also indicated for early and heavy menses that last for long duration. It can also help cases of intermenstrual ( in between periods) bleeding.

Key indicating features

Cracked nipples in nursing mothers

Suppressed menses with swelling in abdomen and breast


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from straining at stool, touch and at night

Relieving factors: Complaints get better in open air


It can be used in 30C and even higher potencies like 200C, 1M. In general, low potencies can be repeated often but frequent repetition of high potencies should be avoided.

Relationship with Other Remedies

It can be compared with medicines including Nitric Acid, Graphites, Paeonia, and Sulphur

This medicine follows well Bovista and Sulphur


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  1. Hello doctor,
    I had a anal fissure problem and gone through a surgery. Now I don’t feel pain but I do feel burning a few hours after passing the stool. Could you pls suggest some medication for this ?

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