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Rhododendron Chrysanthum: Homeopathic medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Fresh leaves of the plant ‘Rhododendron Chrysanthum’ undergo potentization (process of preparing homeopathic medicines that extracts and intensifies its medicinal properties from a crude substance) to obtain the medicine Rhododendron Chrysanthum. It is one of the best medicines to manage hydrocele (swelling of scrotum from fluid collection in the sheath surrounding testicle) and orchitis (inflamed testicles).

The ‘Rhododendron’ Constitution

This medicine is good for persons predisposed to joint problems. It is also apt for people who are fearful of thunder and storms.

Drug Action

It is predominantly a male remedy that has a prominent action on male genitals. But its action is just not limited to this as it also acts wonderfully on bones and joints as well. Besides these, it acts well on fibrous tissues, eyes, ears, face and back.

Clinical Indications

Hydrocele, orchitis, joint inflammation (arthritis), ciliary neuralgia, neck pain, noises in ears, earache, facial pain, back pain, bone pains.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

1. Male Problems (Hydrocele, Testicle Pain, Orchitis, Balanitis)

Rhododendron Chrysanthum has a marked affinity to treat a number of male problems. It is highly recommended to treat cases of hydrocele (scrotum is swollen from the collection of fluid in the sheath present around testicle). It can manage hydrocele affecting any age group, even boys suffering hydrocele since birth. Rhododendron manages cases of orchitis (inflamed testicles) well in which there is swelling and pain in testicles. The pain can be bruised or drawing type; it may extend to abdomen and thighs. Sometimes contusive sort of pain (as from injury) is felt. Pain gets relieved by movement. Testicles may also be tender to touch. It is also well indicated for swollen and hard testicles after gonorrhoea (sexually-transmitted infection caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae). Another complaint where it gives good results is balanitis (inflammation of glans penis). Its use is also indicated for drawing pain in spermatic cord. It worsens from rest and gets better from movement. Other indications include itching of scrotum, weak erection, low sex drive, involuntary emissions at night with sexual dreams.

Key indicating features

Hydrocele to manage swelling and pain in testicles

Testicle pain of bruised or drawing type that may extend to abdomen and thighs

Orchitis and balanitis

2. Joints (Joint Inflammation, Pain And Swelling)

This medicine also shows action on joints where it helps cases of inflamed, swollen and painful joints. The unique feature to use it is worsening of joint pains in stormy weather. The pain also tends to increase at rest. Most commonly involved joints are shoulder, wrists and joints of arms. It also treats inflammation of small joints. Shoulder pain is relieved by warmth and pressure. Wrist feels as if sprained or bruised. It can also be given for knee and ankle joint pain, especially stitching type of pain. It treats tearing type of pain in limbs on the right side. In some cases, weakness and tingling sensation occurs in few joints. Rhododendron also works on inflammation of joint of big toe caused by gout due to increased uric acid level.

Key indicating features

Joint pains in stormy weather

Inflammation of joint of big toe due to gout

3. Bones (Bone Pain)

With its action on bones, it manages well pain in periosteum (membrane covering the bones except at joint surface) of long bones. Pain can be tearing or drawing type occurring on particular spots on the bones. Weather changes worsen the complaint. It is also useful for hip bone pain, especially at night. Apart from these, it offers help to manage pain in skull bones.

Key indicating features

Pain in periosteum of long bones

4. Face (Facial Pain)

This medicine is also applicable to manage complaint of facial pain. The pain is felt from side of head (temple region) to lower jaw and chin. Pain mostly affects the right side of the face. The pain worsens in windy weather and weather changes. Nature of pain is drawing, tearing or violent jerking type. There may be relief from eating, warmth also brings relief.

Key indicating features

Right-sided facial pain from temple to chin

Facial pain worsening from weather changes and in wind weather

5. Eyes (Eye Pain, Ciliary Neuralgia)

Rhododendron Chrysanthum manages burning type of pain in eyes while writing or reading. Dryness and burning in eyes may also occur from exposure to bright light. It can also be given for darting type of eye pain. One may also find it useful for ciliary neuralgia (cluster headache in which pain attacks around eyes are felt every day for one or two months followed by pain-free period of several months). It also provides relief in red, swollen eyelids attended with irritation.

Key indicating features

Burning pain in eyes, worse from writing, reading and bright light

Ciliary neuralgia with pain in eyeball, orbit and head

6. Ears (Pain, Noises In Ears)

It is an important medicine for cases of tinnitus (noises in ears). Ringing, buzzing, whizzing noises especially indicate its use. Vertigo and difficult hearing occurs along with noises. Hearing is better in the morning. In cases of earache also, Rhododendron Chrysanthum works well. Persons needing it mainly have right-sided ear pain. It is jerking, twitching, and tearing type.

Key indicating features

Tinnitus with vertigo and hearing difficulty

Ringing, buzzing, whizzing noises in ears

 7. Limbs (Achilles Tendon Pain, Weakness/ Heaviness/ Tingling In Arms, Corns)

Rhododendron Chrysanthum is effective for pain in the Achilles tendon (tough fibrous band that connects calf muscle to heel bone) while stepping. Secondly, it works well when weakness and heaviness is felt in arms which may radiate to fingertips. Tingling in arms may accompany. These symptoms appear during rest or sleep. This medicine also covers complaint of sleep sensation in legs and feet. Swollen legs and feet also indicate its use. The feet may be very cold even in warm room. It is beneficial for deltoid muscle pain (overuse injury) which increases from movement. It can also be used in cases of corns on feet. Shooting pain is felt in corns.

Key indicating features

Pain in Achilles tendon on stepping

Weakness/heaviness/tingling in arms during rest or sleep

Corns on feet with shooting pain

8. Neck And Back (Stiff Neck, Pain In Neck, Lower Back Pain)

It is a prominent medicine for managing stiff neck. Stiffness worsens in the morning, especially on the neck which also bears drawing or tearing type of pain. Tearing pain may radiate down the back. Pain between shoulder blades sometimes is present too. Rhododendron Chrysanthum is also effective for treating lower back pain. Sitting increases the pain, exertion is another factor that intensifies the pain. A person also complains of pain worsening in wet, cold weather. The back may feel heavy and weak. Formication (crawling sensation) in the back is another attending symptom.

Key indicating features

Neck stiffness in the morning

Lower back pain from exertion, when sitting, in cold, wet weather


Worsening factors: Complaints worsen before a storm, during windy or cloudy weather, on approach of thunderstorm, from change of weather.

Relieving factors: There is relief during sunshine, warmth, from exercise


This medicine works well in both low and high potencies. In low potency, one may take it frequently but in high potency, frequent repetition is not recommended.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Bryonia, Camphor, Clematis and Rhus Tox

Followed well by: Arnica, Conium, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Silicea and Sulphur


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