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Rhus Tox – Homeopathic medicine its uses indications and dosage

Rhus Toxicodendron is a top grade homeopathic medicine very often for varying types of pains. Also called as Rhus Tox, finds its usage in pains including joint pains, muscle pain, backache and general body aches. Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox is a highly effective medicine for getting quick relief in general body aches. It also has marked action on ligaments and tendons. It is very useful in all cases of over-stretching, overexertion and overstraining.

Clinical Indications for the use of Rhus Tox:

Rheumatoid Arthritis , Body aches, Backache, Joint Pains, Muscle pains, Sprains, Injuries, Ligaments and tendons complaints, Over lifting, Fever blisters, Herpes zoster, Drenching in rain complaints, fever.

1.Body aches: General body aches, Body aches during fever, Body aches with restlessness, muscle pains.

2. backache: a Backache with stiffness.

3.Joint Pains: Joint pains as in rheumatism, gout, frozen shoulder.

4.Muscle pains: Pain in muscles, muscle pull, overstretched muscles, muscle pains following exertion.

5.Sprains: Stretching or tearing of ligaments due to falling or twisting.

6.Injuries: Injuries to muscle, tendons, and ligaments.

7.Ligaments and tendons complaints: Ruptured, torn, overstretched ligaments; Tendonitis.

8.Over lifting: Complaints due to over lifting, overstraining and overexertion.

9.Fever blisters: Fever blisters around mouth and chin.

10.Herpes zoster: Herpetic eruptions with much burning and intense nerve pain.

11.Drenching in rain complaints: Complaints from getting wet in rain including fever, cough, cold, body aches.

12.fever: Fever with chills and shivering, Body aches with fever.


Guiding Features for the use of Rhus tox:

1.Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox must be considered in any or every kind of body aches including general body aches, joint pains and back pain. It has great power to relieve the body aches quickly.

2.In cases of injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscles Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox should be considered as the first line of treatment without a second thought for prompt and speedy recovery.

3.Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox must be used in all cases of sprains, strains, overstretching and over lifting to get excellent results.

4.Rhus Tox should be considered as the first homeopathic prescription in complaints after getting wet in rain including cold, cough, fever, body aches.

5.In most persons needing Homeopathic medicine, Rhus Tox restlessness accompanies the majority of complaints and continued motion seems to give relief. First motion is painful. 

6. Rhus tox leads the homeopathic table for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis, especially when morning stiffness and pain are the most predominant symptoms


Dose: Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox can be used in 30C to 1M potency depending upon the severity of the disease and can be repeated frequently.

Caution: Although Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox is safe to use without any side effects but advice from homeopathic physician must be considered and self prescription be avoided.

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  1. Arun Kumar Nag says:

    Can I use Rhus Tox 200 for cough and cold.

  2. Is Rhus Tox 200ck dissolve heel bone spurs?

  3. Rita Lowther says:

    Got pain im groin from very tight glutes and sitting on massage chair too long,also got tight hips. What homeopatic remdy would help.Iam a 60 Year old

  4. Meera Singh says:

    Name: Meera Singh
    Age: 55 years
    Sex: Female
    1.Bunion in both the feet
    2. Occasional pain and mild swelling
    3. Burning and pain in all the toes when standing for long.
    4. Pain in the knees while climbing and going down the stairs and slight creaking sound in the right knee while bending the knee

  5. Alok N Sinha says:

    My mother suffers from scitica. May she take Rhus tox

    • Rabi Shankar Shaw says:

      My wife is suffering from sciatica last 10 days
      Pain at left hip to left calf. Given Zerodal P at bed time it is giving relief till next morning then again start couldn’t stand
      May I give Rhustox 200? It is available at home.
      What will be the dosages

  6. Sit mujhe kafi arsa sey fibromalaygia ka.issue hai koi.kaam.kerun like car wash kerun day in the morning sari body.mein.pain.hota.hai phir massage kervata theek.hota hai kindly mujhe koi droos bata dein abhi.mein RHUX TOX use.ker raha.hon

  7. Amna Manahil says:

    . muje shoulders ka kafii pain hei kafii time se Gp yhan kafiii kuch medcine dey chukay but kuch b asar ni hua muje.. ibrufean painkiller se kuch tym ky liye dard toda teek hota hei phir wapis ajata hei. .. 10months pehly mera c section hua tha 2nd baby ky baad see pain worse hoti chal ja rai hei mattress b badal ky dehka without pillow b soti hu..
    Pain back of upper middle se lker shoulder blades or neck se hota hua bazoo or hatho ki unglia mei atti dard..
    Elbow wrist fingers bone mei shadeed dard hoti heii.. bazoo upar ni hota or cooking ky tym cutting mein b kafii pain hota.. mery blood test b huway vitamin d or baqii b wo sab teek aye thay… 3 bar emergency b ja chukii hu kay sheid heart problm but wo b ni hei.. kunki pain zayda ho tu palpatation ka b issue hojta..
    App kindly muje koii medicine bta dey.. takay mei normal daily life ky kam ker saku jazakAllah

  8. Col Raghbir Singh says:

    I am suffering from Postherapetuc Neuralgia since 18 months. Severe stabbing and shooting pain in the back right shoulder spreading front below chest right side.

  9. Iam suffering ankylosis spondylitis…Back pain is heavy..Sleeping time and cold weather nurves very stiffness..rhous tax is used my conditions?

    • Babar shah, bangladesh says:

      Dr. Sharma
      My baby age 7+
      But she playing horse games at resturat, suddenly the games out of control and under this floor. I am immediately x-ray. Report dislocation, . same time doctor plaster her hand.
      Now what this sisution?

  10. Hello. I am interested in this Rhus Tox for my arthritis. How do I get appointment with you and get this product?
    Thank you

  11. Waseen y s says:

    Hello dr iam waseem n a patient of nerve compression at l4 n L5. I have severe sciatica in my left leg. Is there any treatment in homeopathy

  12. Imtiaz khan says:

    Dr I have severe headache and muscular paiin in back side of head. Aches in my back leg muscles.Heart beat is fast during it.please suggested some medicines according to symptoms.

  13. Awdhesh Pratap Singh says:

    I am suffering from cervical spondylosis pain since 2months.My age is 71 yrs. I have a suggestion from a friend to take 2,2 drops of Rhus Tox 200 two times a day Whether it is pain killer or cure? Please let me informed ond oblige

  14. Cathy Scott says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I am 59 and been having pain in my knuckles for about 5 months. The pain has become more intense. Even holding a glass is painful. I also took a tumble about 3 months ago and fail on my left hand not able to put alot of weight on it. Could you please help. Thank you


  15. Mahendra Kumar Gupta says:

    (Esophagitis) ,difficult swallowing(stricture) of esophageal canal.
    Can it be cured by homeopathy treatment?

  16. Gautam Nandy says:

    Pl. Suggest medicine for my symptoms like morning finger stiffness, back pain, waist pain, neck pain , joint of knee and hand pain. I am 60 years old man.

    • Gautam Nandy says:

      Pl. Suggest medicine for my symptoms like morning finger stiffness, back pain, waist pain, neck pain , joint of knee and hand pain. I am 60 years old man.

    • Kim Metson says:

      Hi I have osteoarthritis, which is getting more painful, I have severe asthma and a heart condition, what can I take for the osteoarthritis please.

  17. Mahendra kumar says:

    I am 81 plus old man ,suffering from PHIMOSIS since perhaps20 days. Is it curable in homeopathy treatment?

    • Mahendra kumar says:

      I strongly believe in homeopathy system.Iam also studying BOERICKE RIGHT NOW BUT since I am not doctor,I cannot and must not take any action with out consulting from any qualified doctor,
      can you help me please? Thanks.

  18. Michele Keleher says:

    I have nighttime aching in my right leg. The vessels are more prominent in this leg. I am a lymphedema therapist and physical therapist. I tried compression stockings. This seems to help somewhat but mostly my leg aches less during the day when I am active.. pain is worse when I am inactive and increases at night. I took a 30 c rhus tox but am not sure of dosage or if there is something better. The leg is a little more swollen than the left but not significantly so. I am 77 years young and in otherwise pretty good shape and still working. I also tried nighttime compression. At first this seemed to help but lately I am not sure this is beneficial. I want to avoid medical intervention. Thank you.

  19. Hello Dr. Sharma, I am 77 years old and in pretty good shape, not over weight and fairly active. I have a hard time with high blood pressure, especially under stress and yes I suffer from anxiety. Is there any all natural medication I can take for this? My prescription meds do not work well.

  20. Narinder Bassi says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I am 60 years old. I have osteoporosis arthritis for last 3 years, it effected my right hand, right foot , it started from my left hand (wrist)14 years before, it was minor,didn’t bother me , 3 years before in my left knee, Physiotherapy helped in recovery of knee, after that in right foot back,now in thumb of right foot bone increase , it looks like bunion, but in X-rays it shows osteoporosis arthritis,sometimes I have pain here , and swelling.Swelling in my hands also, in morning it is more and till everything it decreases, Please guide me.

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