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Sabina Officinalis – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

The homeopathic medicine Sabina Officinalis is prepared from a plant named juniperus sabina also known as savine. It belongs to the family coniferae. The young, fresh tops of the branches of this plant are used to prepare homeopathic medicine Sabina Officinalis via potentization process. This process extracts and intensifies its medicinal properties and converts it into a highly valuable homeopathic medicine Sabina Officinalis. It is a very effective medicine to treat various female problems the major being heavy periods, painful periods and to prevent tendency of recurrent miscarriage.
Sabina Officinalis

The ‘Sabina Officinalis’ Constitution

This medicine is mainly suited to females to treat various chronic issues, mainly to control excessive uterine bleeding and treat tendency to miscarriage. Females who suffer from joint inflammation and heel inflammation may also find this medicine quite effective.

Drug Action 

The primary and most prominent action of this medicine is seen on the female genitals. Next, it acts well on the joints, limbs, skin, male genitals, rectum and back.

Clinical Indications

Heavy periods, painful periods, fibroids, miscarriage, intermenstrual bleeding, nymphomania (excessive sexual desire in a female), leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge), ovary disorders, joint inflammation, warts, gonorrhoea, piles, back pain 

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

  1. Female Problems (heavy periods, vaginal discharge, recurrent miscarriage, fibroids) 

First and foremost action of this medicine is seen on the female genitals. It is among the best homeopathic medicines to manage cases of heavy periods. Females who need it have very profuse, gushing, bright red menstrual bleeding. The blood is watery mixed with clots. The periods may also come early. It is attended with uterine pain, pain from back to pubis and increased urging for urination. Pain from the sacrum (a triangular bone at the base of spine) to the pubis (area in front of pelvis) is a characteristic symptom for the use of this remedy.  It is also suitable to manage intermenstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia).
This medicine has shown clinical improvements in cases of painful menses. Its use is considered when there is pain in the uterus extending to thighs. There is relief from lying flat on the back with extended limbs. It is successfully used in treatment of vaginal discharge too. There is thick yellow discharge from vagina in cases requiring it. The discharge is foul smelling.

Its use is also highly preferred to treat cases in which there is tendency to recurrent abortion. It works well in treating cases where miscarriage occurs specifically at third month.
Another important complaint where it gives magnificent results is inflammation of the uterus and ovaries after childbirth. It can also be given to control excessive sexual desire in females. Lastly is well indicated to manage bleeding from uterine fibroids (non-cancerous growths in the uterus made of muscle and connective tissue).

Key indicating features

Heavy periods with profuse, gushing, bright red, watery bleeding watery mixed with clots
Pain from sacrum to pubis
Recurrent miscarriage at three months
Bleeding from uterine fibroids
Pain during periods better lying flat on back with extended limbs
Inflammation of uterus and ovaries after childbirth

  1. Limbs (joint pain, heel pain)

Another action of this medicine is well marked on the limbs. The prominent action is on the joints. It works wonders to help cases of joint inflammation (arthritis). The affected joints are red, shiny, swollen and painful where it is required. It can also be used in cases of gout (joint inflammation from increased uric acid levels). It is well-suited when there is redness, swelling and stitching pain in the big toe.  It also works well for swollen, stiff wrist joints attended with tearing or stinging type of pain.  Next it is used in cases of heel pain when it is shooting. 

Key indicating features

Red, shiny, swollen and painful joints
Redness, swelling and stitching pain in big toe
Swelling, tearing/ stinging pain and stiffness of wrist joint
Shooting heel pain 

  1. Skin (warts, black pores and ulcers)

With its action on skin it effectively treats warts (small bumps on skin caused by human papillomavirus). The guiding feature for its use is intense itching and burning in warts. This medicine is also indicated to treat black pores on skin mainly on the face. Lastly, it is beneficial to manage skin ulcers. Here it is given for deep ulcers with prickling sensation. The complaint is worse from the warmth of bed and touch. It is better from the cold and in the open air.

Key indicating features

Warts with intense itching and burning
black pores on skin mainly on the face
Deep ulcers on skin with prickling sensation 

  1. Male Problems (gonorrhoea, warts)

This medicine is helpful to treat certain male problems as well. The main indication to use it is gonorrhoea with pus discharge. Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. With this there is dark redness of glans penis with pain, soreness and burning. This medicine is next used to treat warts with intolerable itching and burning sensation. Lastly it is used to control excessive sexual desire with continued violent erections. 

Key indicating features

Gonorrhoea with pus discharge
Dark redness of glans penis with pain, soreness and burning
Warts with intolerable itching and burning
Excessive sexual desire with continued violent erections

  1. Rectum (piles and constipation)

By acting on rectum it proves beneficial to treat piles (swollen, enlarged, engorged veins in or around anus or in the lower rectum). The top most feature for its use is excessive bright red bleeding from piles. In some cases blood is mixed with mucus. Biting sore pain, burning and itching is felt at the anus. With this there occurs constant urge for stool. Its use is also considered for constipation. In such cases it is given for hard difficult stool along with pain.  

Key indicating features

Piles with excessive bright red bleeding
Constipation with hard, difficult, painful stool

  1. Back (backache)

Lastly, its action is noted on the back where it proves successful to manage pain in the lower back. The main symptom indication is pain in the lower back extending to pubic region. Persons needing it may feel constant pain in the lower back. There may occur relief from bending backward. There may also be a weakness in the lower back. 

Key indicating features

Pain in lower back extending to pubic region


Worsening factors: Complaints are worse from heat, heat of bed, slight motion, exertion, by touch, from music

Relieving factors: Complaints are better in cool open air and from cold

Sabina Officinalis – Dosage

This medicine works well in both low and high potency. If taken in low potency it can be repeated frequently. But in high potency frequent repetition should be avoided. 

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Pulsatilla

Followed well by: Arsenic Album, Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox, Spongia and Sulphur

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  1. I have round red open sores on my back upper thigh.
    They are not crusty. They are sensitive to the touch.
    I have been experiencing this for a few weeks.
    My GP prescribed Hydrocortisone Cream, not much help,
    and for the last few days I have been applying Mupirocin on washed skin 3 – 4 times per day. I have not had much relief.
    Can you suggest something ?
    Thank you

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