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Stannum Metallicum: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The homeopathic remedy Stannum Metallicum is derived from metal tin. Metal tin is inert in its crude form. When it undergoes potentization (process of preparing homeopathic medicines by arousing the medicinal properties of a crude substance), it is converted into an excellent homeopathic medicine Stannum Metallicum. This medicine is highly effective to manage various respiratory troubles, certain female problems, typist’s paralysis and writer’s cramp.

Drug Action

The seat of action of the highest affinity for this medicine is respiratory system and nervous system. Its action is also marked on female organs, limbs, head and throat. Lastly, it acts well on throat and gastric system. Its action in dealing with weakness related to respiratory problems is marvellous.

Clinical Indications

Cough, weak lungs, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, uterine prolapse, leucorrhoea, weakness, Writer’s cramp, paralysis, tremors, headache, sore throat, laryngitis, voice weak, colic, constipation, excessive sweating

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Respiratory Complaints (Cough, Difficulty In Breathing)

Stannum Metallicum has a great clinical reputation in treatment of several respiratory complaints. Firstly, it proves to be highly effective in managing cases of cough. The characteristic feature to use it is worsening of cough by talking, singing and also by laughing. Green coloured expectoration may occur along with cough. It has a sweetish taste. Sometimes blood may get spilt. The cough is worse during the day. Other than this, Stannum Met is also well indicated for dry cough in the evening that lasts until midnight. One very peculiar symptom is cough occurs in paroxysms of three at a time. This medicine is useful when there is difficulty in breathing on exertion. Difficulty in breathing gets worse on ascending stairs and on the slightest motion. It gets worse in the evening that causes the sufferer to loosen clothing. Difficult breathing may be attended with stitching pain in the left side of the chest while breathing or lying on the left side. The lungs also feel weak. Stannum Met is recommended for managing certain respiratory problems including asthma, emphysema and pneumonia. Its use is also suggested for managing symptoms in cases of tuberculosis. In most cases needing it, expectoration occurs that may taste salty, sweet or sour with putrid smell. It may consist of yellow green pus in some cases. An important symptom for using this medicine is an empty, weak sensation or a raw, hollow sensation in the chest. Chest may also feel oppressed. Besides these, a marked symptom for its use is intense weakness from some long term lung complaint with expectoration of mucus and pus. The sufferer is unable to talk and drops in the chair instead of sitting in a comfortable position due to weakness.

Key Indicating Features

Cough worse from talking, singing and laughing

Cough with green-coloured expectoration

Cough occurring in paroxysms of three

An empty, weak sensation or a raw, hollow sensation in the chest

Intense weakness from some long-term lung complaint with expectoration of mucus and pus

2. Female Problems (Leucorrhoea, Uterine Prolapse)

Stannum Metallicum proves effective in managing few female problems. To begin with, its use is preferred to manage vaginal discharges (leucorrhoea). The characteristic to use it is gushing vaginal discharge along with weakness. The discharge can be yellow white, thin watery or of transparent mucus. Secondly, it is well suited for managing cases of uterine prolapse. Here it is accompanied by bearing down in uterine region with weak, sinking feeling in stomach. Weakness is marked and sufferer drops down suddenly. Lastly, it can help in cases where menses come too early and are too profuse. Before periods set in,  sadness is present.

Key Indicating Features

Gushing vaginal discharge yellow white, thin watery or of transparent mucus with weakness

Uterine prolapse with bearing down in uterine region and weak, sinking feeling in stomach

3. Limbs (Writer’s Cramp, Weakness Of Arms, Paralysis, Tremors)

Action of this medicine is marked on the limbs. This medicine is of utmost importance in managing cases of Writer’s Cramp (a disorder in which there occurs involuntary contraction of hands, fingers while writing). It suits people in whom fingers become rigid all of sudden, distort or contract on attempting to pick a pen or after using hands for a long time. Person may have to open the contracted fingers with the other hand. Jerking of fingers when holding a pen may also appear. Stannum Metallicum can be given in cases of heaviness and weakness in arms as well. It gets worse from movement. Weakness can be so intense that everything that is held in hands tend to fall. This medicine is well indicated to manage cases of Typist’s Paralysis. It provides substantial relief in cases of trembling of hands.

Key Indicating Features

Writer’s Cramp: Fingers become rigid, contract on attempting to pick pen or after using hands for a long time

Heaviness and weakness in arms with falling of objects from hands

4. Head (Headache)

With its action on the head, Stannum Metallicum can effectively deal with cases of headache. Pain is felt in the forehead and the sides of head and gets worse from movement. The nature of pain can be beating type with a feeling as if the head would burst. It can be given for headache in the morning over either eye that gradually extends over the entire forehead accompanied by vomiting. Its use can be done in migraine cases too when vomiting relieves pain in head.

Key Indicating Features

Headache, felt in forehead and sides of head, which gets worse from movement

Headache in the morning over the eyes gradually extending over the forehead, along with vomiting

Migraine with relief in headache from vomiting

5. Throat Concerns (Laryngitis, Hoarse Voice, Sore Throat)

Coming to throat concerns, Stannum Met is very useful for laryngitis cases. It is a wonderful medicine for cases of hoarse voice attended with weakness of voice. The voice may be deep or hollow. Hawking relieves it. Stannum Met can also settle complaints of sore throat. There is dryness and stinging sensation in throat. Pain is felt in the throat while swallowing. There is sticky mucus in the throat which is difficult to detach. Efforts to raise it causes nausea. Thick mucus of grey green colour with blood is detached from the throat.

Key Indicating Features

Hoarse voice attended with weakness of voice

Sticky mucus in throat which is difficult to detach

Thick mucus of grey green colour mixed with blood detaches from throat

6. Gastric Issues (Abdomen Pain, Navel Pain, Nausea, Vomiting, Constipation)

Another magnificent action of this medicine is seen on the gastric system. It is a superb medicine which helps manage abdomen pain with hunger better from hard pressure. Loose motions may be an accompanying factor. It can also alleviate cramping cutting, or pinching pain around the navel. The abdomen is distended and also sensitive to touch. It also gives substantial relief in case of nausea, and vomiting. It is of great help when nausea and vomiting occurs owing to the smell of food at the stage of it being cooking. Besides all these, it is of great value in helping manage constipation. It works well when the stool is dry, hard, knotty with just an urge to pass it.

Key Indicating Features

Abdomen pain with hunger better from hard pressure

Cramping, cutting, pinching pain in navel region

Nausea and vomiting from the odor of the food at the stage of it being cooked

Constipation with dry, hard, knotty stool with just an urge to pass it

7. Perspiration (Night Sweats)

Lastly, it can be given in cases of excessive sweating. Its use is mainly preferred when there are night sweats with marked exhaustion. Sweating mostly takes place at 4:00 am. The forehead and nape of the neck sweat the most. The sweat smells offensive or musty.

Key Indicating Features

Excessive night sweats with marked exhaustion

Excessive sweating on forehead, and the nape of the neck


Worsening Factors: Complaints get worse when one talks, sings, when one lies down, touch, laughing, due to cold, warm drinks, and at the time of the passing of stool

Relieving Factors: Complaints get better by applying pressure, bending double, from coughing, in the open air and from quick movement


This medicine can be used from low to high potency. If used in low potency, then there can be repetition. But in higher potencies, frequent repetition should be avoided.

Relationship With Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Phosphorus and Pulsatilla

Followed well by: Calcarea Carb, Bacillinum, Selenium, and Sulphur

It follows well: Causticum and Cinais is converted into an excellent homeopathic medicine Stannum Metallicum. This medicine is highly effective in managing various respiratory troubles, certain problems of women, typist’s paralysis and writer’s cramp.


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