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Staphysagria: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Staphysagria is a homeopathic medicine derived from dried seeds of a plant Delphinum Staphysagria, commonly known as ‘stavesacre’. It belongs to Ranunculaceae family. The seeds of this plant undergo potentization process that extracts and intensifies its medicinal properties and gives a highly valuable homeopathic medicine Staphysagria.

The ‘Staphysagria‘ Constitution

It is suitable for persons who get angry easily but suppress it followed by periodic fits of anger.

Drug Action

This medicine has marked action on different body parts. These include mind, eyes, teeth, urinary organs, male organs, female genitals, back, limbs and skin.

Clinical Indications

Anger attacks, suppressed anger, styes, chalazion, tooth decay, toothache, cystitis, honeymoon cystitis, warts, backache, weak erection, prostate issues, ovarian disorders, eczema, injuries.

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Mind (Suppressed Anger, Fits Of Anger, Depression)

Staphysagria covers many complaints related to the mind. The complaint best addressed by this medicine is outbursts of violent anger. During these fits of anger, the person breaks or throws away things. These outbursts are often a result of suppressed anger over a long period of time. Eventually, a person suffers a violent fit of anger, that had previously remained unexpressed. Anger from indignation may occur which originates from injustice, anything unfair or insulting. People needing this medicine are good-natured but get hurt easily. They are highly sensitive and get offended easily. A history of deep guilt, humiliation, insult may be present in those needing it. This medicine also covers ailments that follow suppressed anger, shame, sexual abuse and acute/chronic grief.  Staphysagria helps in managing depression. Here sadness, crying, sense of worthlessness, self-pity are marked. Consolation worsens the complaints as there is low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Key indicating features

Ailments from suppressed anger and indignation

Fits of violent anger

Ailments from shame, sexual abuse, guilt, humiliation, insult

2. Eyes (Styes, Chalazion, Nodes On Eyelids)

It is a superb medicine to manage eye complaints. Firstly, it can be given in cases of stye. It is a red, painful lump that forms on the outer edge of eyelid from bacterial infection of an oil gland. In cases needing it, the stye may be painful relieved by applying cold water. It is one of the best medicines for styes that turns into hard nodes. There can be multiple styes at a given time. Besides, Staphysagria is an infallible medicine for treating recurrent stye when one stye after another appears frequently. It is also the best medicine for treating chalazion, a condition in which a painless lump forms on eyelids due to a blocked oil gland.

Key Indicating Features

Styes that turn into hard nodes and recurrent styes

Nodes and chalazion on eyelids

3. Teeth (Toothache, Decayed Teeth, Dental Fistula, Dentition Problems)

It is an important medicine to treat cases of toothache, decayed teeth, gum swelling, dentition problems and dental fistula. It is useful for toothache that occurs in root of teeth, decayed teeth or hollow teeth if food particles lodge in the cavities. Persons may have worsening of pain from cold drinks. Touching the affected teeth may also cause pain.  The pain may radiate to ears or side of head (temporal region). It is very suitable for managing toothache that occurs specifically during menses. Staphysagria works well for decayed teeth when they have dark streaks or become black. Crumbling of teeth (breaking into small pieces) may be present too. Decay of teeth in children soon after they erupt is another prominent feature to use this medicine. It is also an effective medicine for treating dental fistula. Apart from these, Staphysagria is well-indicated for dentition problems in children. Children needing it have pale white tender gums and have a tendency to cry from the slightest pain.

Key indicating features

Toothache in decayed, hollow tooth

Decayed teeth when teeth are black or have dark streaks and crumble easily

Tooth decay soon after they erupt in children

4. Urinary System (Cystitis, Honeymoon Cystitis, Cystocele)

Staphysagria acts on urinary organs and settles many complaints related to them. It is quite useful for cases of cystitis (inflamed bladder mostly from a bacterial infection). There is burning in urethra while passing urine. Sometimes, it is felt even when not passing urine. Pain can occur after urination also. Pressure is felt on the bladder and the patient feels as if the bladder is not emptied completely. Urge to pass urine, which may be scanty or profuse, is also frequent. Urine passes in thin stream and at times drop by drop. It is a prominent medicine to deal with cases of honeymoon cystitis (cystitis that may arise in woman from doing sex for the first time or after a long period of time).  It is also indicated for bladder inflammation from having sex frequently. Women, especially newly married, having complaint of irritable/overactive bladder (it leads to frequent and an uncontrollable, sudden urge to urinate) can be treated well with this medicine. This medicine is also recommended for cases of cystocele (bulging of urinary bladder of woman into her vagina).

Key indicating features


Honeymoon cystitis and irritable bladder in newly married woman

5. Male problems (Erection Issues, Spermatorrhea, Increased Libido, Prostate Issues)

Many male problems can be treated with this medicine. It can help solve problem of sexual weakness, weak erection or loss of erections from excessive sex in the past. It is also suitable to treat spermatorrhea (involuntary loss of semen without an erection or sexual activity). It is accompanied by weakness and pain in the back. It is mostly suited to males who have increased sexual desire, who constantly dwell on sexual subjects and are in the habit of excessive masturbation. Staphysagria also treats prostate issues well, including prostate enlargement or prostate inflammation. There is frequent urine and urethral burning when not urinating. It is majorly indicated for long-term prostatitis in elderly people where pain extends between anus and urethra.

Key indicating features

Weak erections or loss of erections after sexual excesses

Spermatorrhea with weakness and backache

Prostate enlargement and prostatitis (mainly in elderly men)

6. Female Problems (Painful Intercourse, Increased Sexual Desire, Honeymoon Cystitis)

Staphysagria treats many female problems. It is effective in treating dyspareunia (painful intercourse) especially in newly-married women. The genitals are very painful and sensitive. It also helps to manage ovarian pain that may extend to thighs and may get worse after sex or by applying pressure. This medicine is very important to manage nymphomania (excessive uncontrollable sexual desire) or increased libido. Females needing it think excessively of sexual subjects with an increased sexual desire. It can be also given for managing vaginismus (involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles when something is entering it). Its use is also indicated for ovarian cysts and tumours. Besides these, it is suitable to treat honeymoon cystitis, irritable bladder in young married females. Last indication is complaints arising after surgery on ovaries.

Key indicating features

Painful intercourse especially in newly married woman

Honeymoon cystitis

Irritable bladder in young married females

Complaints arising after an operation on ovaries

7. Injuries (Lacerated Wounds, Injury From Sharp Instruments, Post-Surgery Pain)

Staphysagria is used to treat lacerated wounds in which skin, muscle or tissue is cut or torn. It is also useful for injuries from sharp, cutting instruments causing clean-cut wounds.  It also manages pain following surgery — pain after abdominal operations and pain after ovariotomy (surgical incision of ovaries). It covers mainly smarting, cutting or stinging type of pain post-surgery.

Key indicating features

Lacerated wounds, and injury from sharp, cutting instruments

Pain after abdominal surgeries

8. Back (Back Pain)

Staphysagria has shown good results in cases of back pain. Persons needing it mainly have this complaint in the morning before they rise. There may be tendency to have back pain after sex. Lower back pain may also occur after lifting heavy weight or when rising from the sitting position.

Key indicating features

Backache in morning before rising

Back pain after sexual activity

Lower back pain from lifting heavy weight

9. Limbs

This medicine has proven its efficacy in treating cases of crural neuralgia (thigh pain involving crural nerve). Other than this, it can be given for cases of nodes on finger joint from arthritis (joint inflammation). It is also recommended for bruised pain in calf muscles.

Key indicating features

Crural neuralgia

Nodes on finger joints from arthritis

10. Skin Complaints (Eczema, Warts, Skin Ulcers)

With its action on skin, staphysagria is capable of treating eczema, warts, herpes and skin ulcers. Eczema may be present on head, face or ears. Eruptions covered with crusts appear with yellow fluid oozing from beneath the crusts. Itching is felt in eruptions, and when scratched burning sensation is felt. On scratching, itching tends to shift to another place. For warts, it can be used for pedunculated warts that are attached to skin with a stalk and cauliflower-like warts. It works wonders in cases of herpes with dry eruption covered with scabs specifically on joints, which burn on scratching. It can be given for skin ulcers with itching, burning sensation and pain. Pain can be tearing, smarting or shooting type. Excessive pus may be discharged that smells offensive.

Key indicating features

Eczema with crust and oozing of yellow fluid

Pedunculated or cauliflower like warts


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from suppressed anger, sexual excesses, grief and tobacco use

Relieving factors: Relief is noted by taking rest at night and from warmth


It can be used from 30 C to 1 M potency. If using it in 30 C potency, repetition can be done frequently. But in higher potencies above 200 C, frequent repetition is not recommended.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Ambra Grisea and Camphor

Followed well by Fluoric Acid, Calcarea Carb, Causticum, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Sulphur and Selenium.


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