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Teucrium Marum Verum – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The homeopathic remedy Teucrium is derived from the plant Teucrium Marum Verum commonly known as cat-thyme from family labiatae. This entire fresh plant undergoes potentization (a process to prepare homeopathic medicines by which the medicinal properties of a crude substance are aroused) by which it is converted into a very beneficial homeopathic medicine Teucrium. It is extensively used in homeopathy for treating nasal polyps.

The ‘Teucrium Marum Verum’ Constitution

Teucrium suits well when the use of excessive medicines has resulted in an over-sensitive condition as a result of which further remedies do not act. Though it works well among all age groups, it is most suitable for children and elderly persons.

Drug Action

The foremost action of this medicine is seen on the nasal mucus membrane and rectum. It also acts well on abdomen, stomach, throat, eyes, ears, limbs, male genitals and female genitals.

Clinical Indications

Nasal polyps, atrophic rhinitis, cold, sneezing, loss of smell, threadworms, ascarides, anal itching, stomach pain, sore throat, tarsal tumours, vaginal polyps, uterine fibroids, ingrown toe nail, joint pain, earache, tinnitus, urethra inflammation.

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Nose (polyps, atrophic rhinitis, cold, sneezing)

Teucrium is primarily a homeopathic medicine of great importance to treat numerous nasal problems. It is a principal remedy for treating nasal polyps which are soft, non-cancerous growths developing on the lining of nasal passage or paranasal sinuses mostly from chronic inflammation. The characteristic symptom to use this medicine is blocking of the right or left nostril depending on whichever side the patient lies down (the right side nostril gets blocked if a person lies down on right side and vice-versa). Persons having a history of frequent cold attacks followed by growth of polyps can benefit from this medicine. The polyps may be pale red or greenish white. In some cases needing it, the polyps may be very large filling the nasal cavity completely. This causes difficulty in breathing through the nose and also causes snoring. Watery discharge and mucus may flow from the nose. On blowing out from the nose, pain may be felt and sometimes bleeding may occur too. There is a tendency of worsening of polyps in damp, wet weather. Teucrium also works well in cases where nasal blockage occurs despite the surgical removal of polyps.

It is a superb medicine to manage cases having loss of smell (anosmia). It has a well-known effect to manage atrophic rhinitis also known as ozaena (a chronic nasal condition characterized by atrophy, meaning shrinkage of nasal mucus lining and the underneath bone). Here the guiding features to use Teucrium are discharge of large, irregular, foul crusts or greenish scabs from nose. Foul breath is present. This medicine is effective in case of cold and sneezing. Crawling or tingling sensation in the nose along with watering of eyes is also felt. Cold is attended with blocking of nostrils. Besides a stuffy nose, pain in the forehead may be felt. Sometimes there occurs stinging pain in the upper part of the nasal cavity.

Key indicating features

1. Nasal polyps with blocking of nostril on the side a person lies down on

2. Atrophic rhinitis with discharge of large, foul-smelling crusts or greenish scabs from nose

3. Sneezing, cold with crawling/tingling in nose, blocked nose and watery eyes

2. Gastric system (Stomach pain, anal itching, worms, vomiting)

Though Teucrium acts on the nose, it can also treat certain gastric issues. Firstly, it is helpful in managing stomach pain which is cutting/drawing/ tearing type. The pain gets worse after drinking water or beer. Sometimes, a little pain is felt due to gas trapped in abdomen. When the gas escapes, it smells like rotten eggs. Next, it is a highly recommended medicine to manage anal itching, tingling and irritation. The constant itching may get worse in the evening and cause restlessness and sleeplessness at night which may be due to worms mainly threadworms. Teucrium is also prescribed for person with ascarides worms in the intestine. Crawling sensation is felt in rectum after passing stool. Besides these, Teucrium can be administered to stop vomits which are dark green in colour.

Key indicating features

1. Cutting/drawing/ tearing pain in stomach which increases after drinking water or beer

2. Anal itching, tingling and irritation

3. Worms – threadworms, ascarides

3. Throat (sore throat)

This medicine is recommended to manage throat pain. The pain is variable and can be tearing/ shooting/stinging or drawing type, and causes difficulty in swallowing. There is a desire for hawking (clearing the throat to cough out phlegm) frequently. Mucus has a moldy taste and gets expelled on hawking.

Key indicating features

1. Throat pain of tearing, shooting, stinging or drawing type

2. Hawking (expelling) of mucus having a moldy taste

4. Eyes (tarsal tumours; red, inflamed eyes and red puffy eyelids)

Regarding its action on eyes, Teucrium is mainly useful in treating tarsal tumours (nodes on eyelids). These are painless but attended with blurring of vision. Secondly, it is indicated for red, inflamed eyes. Excessive flow of tears from eyes especially in open air happens.  Lastly, it can be used for cases of red, puffy upper eyelids.

Key indicating features

1. Tarsal tumors

2. Red, puffy upper eyelids

5. Ears (earache, noises in ear, herpes)

Teucrium also has limited action on the ears. It can reduce tearing/shooting pain in the ear. It is also indicated for managing noises in ear (tinnitus) of ringing/ hissing type. Teucrium can effectively deal with dry herpes with scales of white colour on and behind the ears.

Key indicating features

1. Tearing/ shooting pain in ear

2. Ringing or hissing noises in ear

3. Herpes with white scales on and behind the ear

6. Limbs (ingrown toenails, joint pain)

It is a leading medicine for dealing with ingrown toenails in which the corner of the nail curves and grows into the surrounding skin, mainly on the thumb toe. There may be ulceration. Teucrium is beneficial in joint pain which aggravates in the evening and gets better by movement. The joints of arms, hands, fingers and toes are mainly affected. Finger joints have a tendency to bend over easily.  Burning sensation on finger tips may be felt.

Key indicating features

1. Ingrown toenail mainly of thumb toe with ulceration

2. Joint pain worse in evening and better from movement

7. Male problems (urethra inflammation, low libido)

In the case of males, this medicine is valuable to manage pain that extends from the abdomen into the spermatic cord and testes. The pain is drawing/ pressing type. Teucrium can be given for inflammation of urethra due to gonorrhoea (a bacterial infection caused by bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae). It is useful in managing burning pain in the forepart of urethra when not urinating. It also helps in cases of low libido.

Key indicating features

1. Abdomen pain extending to spermatic cord and testes

2. Inflamed urethra after gonorrhoea

3. Burning biting pain in forepart of urethra when not urinating

8. Female problems (vaginal polyps, uterine fibroids)

In females, Teucrium is of great value to treat cases of vaginal polyps. It is effective in treating smooth, pear-shaped and pedunculated (has a stalk and looks like a mushroom) polyps protruding beyond hymen. It is also indicated for managing cases of uterine fibroids which are non-cancerous tumours that can develop in or on uterus during child-bearing age of women.

Key indicating features

1. Smooth, pear-shaped, pedunculated (stalked, mushroom-like) vaginal polyps


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse depending on the right/ left nostril the polyp arises on and the person lies down on, sitting, warmth, wet weather

Relieving factors: Complaints are better from movement


Teucrium can be used in both low to high potencies. In low potency like 30C, it can be taken frequently but in high potencies (like 200C, 1M) frequent repetition is not recommended.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Camphor

Followed well by China, Pulsatilla and Silicea

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    This is a very comprehensive article on this little-known remedy. Thanks for exposing it in so much detail with so many different applications. It really expands the limited reputation Teucreum actually has till now in our understanding. I am sure you agree there is no such thing as a ‘small remedy’ – just an unproved one…. Best wishes.

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