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Urtica Urens: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Urtica Urens is prepared from the plant Urtica Dioica commonly called ‘stinging nettle’ (bichhubutti). It belongs to the family Urticaceae. This homoeopathic remedy is prepared from a fresh plant when in flower via potentization. It is a process of preparing homeopathic medicines that extracts and arouses medicinal properties from crude substance. It is a superb medicine to manage complaints of urticaria/hives, gout, burns/scalds and kidney stones.

The ‘Urtica Urens’ Constitution

Urtica Urens is recommended to persons who suffer from joint pains due to high uric acid levels (gout).

Drug Action

This medicine mainly works on the skin and the joints. Other than this, its action is noted in the urinary organs, female genitals and breast.

Clinical Indications

Hives (urticaria), allergic reactions, burns, scalds, sunburn, bee stings, herpes labialis, prickly heat, gout, deltoid pain, kidney stones

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Skin Problems (Hives, Burns, Scalds, Sunburn, Herpes, Prickly Heat)

Urtica Urens treats skin problems very well. This medicine is extensively used in the treatment of urticaria also known as hives. Urticaria is a skin complaint in which red, itchy bumps (wheals) appear on the skin from an allergic reaction. There is violent itching along with burning heat in the affected area.



Other than this, formication (sensation of insects crawling on or under the skin) accompanies. For cases where hives are formed from eating shellfish, it is the best medicine. This medicine is also prominently indicated for cases in which urticaria occurs along with or alternating with joint pains. Its use is also suggested when urticaria gets worse every year in the same season.

Urtica Urens is a powerful medicine for managing cases of burns and scalds. It is mainly prescribed in cases of first degree burns (burns that affect the first layer of the skin). Its use is recommended in the form of external application as well for internal use. Urtica Urens is also a superior remedy for cases of sunburn (red, swollen, inflamed and painful skin that arises from overexposure to UV rays from the sun). In such cases,  this medicine helps to allay intense burning and itching on the skin.

Another complaint that this medicine can handle wonderfully is prickly heat (skin rash arising from sweat getting trapped under the skin). This medicine can be given in cases of herpes of lips (herpes labialis) caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). A burning sensation on the skin is followed by painful blisters (fluid-filled bumps). In these cases, it can be used when there is marked itching and heat sensation. Lastly, its use is also considered in cases of bee stings. External application of Urtica Urens on the particular point of bee sting is known to give quick relief.

Key Indicating Features

Hives with raised red wheals with violent itching, burning and formication

Hives from eating shellfish

Urticaria occurring along with or alternating with joint pains

First-degree burns affecting the first layer of skin

Sunburn with intense burning and itching on skin

Herpes of lips with marked itching and heat sensation

Bee stings

2. Joint And Limbs Complaints (Gout, Deltoid Pain, Blisters)



Gout can be tackled magnificently with this medicine. Gout refers to pain, swelling, redness and inflammation of joints from increased uric acid levels in the blood. This medicine works equally well in acute as well as chronic cases of gout especially of wrists and ankles. Other than this, it is useful in managing stiffness and soreness on the inner side of the left knee.

Deltoid muscle on the shoulder

Deltoid muscle on the shoulder

Its use is preferred in cases of pain in deltoid muscle (muscles that help us move our arms). It gets worse on rotating the affected arm inwards. Mostly pain occurs in right sided deltoid and is continuous type. This medicine can be given in cases of blisters on the skin of hands and fingers which are raised and red with itching.

Key Indicating Features

Gout pains in ankles and wrist

Pain in deltoid muscle, worse on rotating arm inwards

Red, itchy blisters on skin of hands and fingers

3. Urinary Issues (Kidney Stones, Strangury, Bleeding)

Urtica Urens acts well on the urinary organs. Here it is effective in treating bladder and kidney stones. This medicine can be given when there is strangury means painful, frequent urination, with scanty urine expelled slowly with straining. Lastly, it is indicated for bleeding from urinary bladder.

Key Indicating Features

Bladder and kidney stones

Painful, frequent urination with scanty urine expelled slowly with straining

4. Female Problems (Pruritis Vulvae, Breast Swelling, Diminished Breast Milk)

For females, it is recommended to manage pruritis vulvae (itching of external genitals including mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris). Along with itching, stinging sensation and swelling can be present in vulva. This medicine acts well on breast. It proves very effective in complaints of swollen breasts with stinging, burning pain. It is also useful for cases of diminished breast milk in females after child birth.

Key Indicating Features

Itching in vulva along with stinging and swelling

Swelling of breast with stinging, burning

Diminished breast milk in females after child birth


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from touch, yearly, from cool moist air

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from lying down


Its use is recommended in mother tincture form and low potencies. This medicine can be repeated frequently depending on case presentation. In case of bee stings and burns, external application of this medicine is also suggested.

Relationship with Other Remedies

1.Urtica Urens can be compared with medicines Apis Mellifica, Natrum Mur and Astacus in case of urticaria.

2. Its comparison can be done with medicine Ricinus Communis in cases of diminished milk secretion in females after childbirth.



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  1. Hello doctor
    I am a breastfeeding mother and my uric acid is 7. I have severe pain in the feet specially the heel. My blood pressure is also high. Can I take urtica urens, is it safe while breastfeeding.

  2. Arshad mahmud says:

    Good morning I have e history of uric acid mild level recently having pain in right hand wrist foot should I start urtica mother tincture please advise dosage also for how long have used this in past it did help
    Kind regard

    • आदित्य भट्ट says:

      डॉक्टर साहब मैं अर्टिका यूरेन्स Q यूज कर रहा हूं मुझे इस दावा के साथ क्या खाना चाहिए और क्या नहीं !

  3. Mohd. Nasir says:

    Mera BP hi rahta ha 160 main BP ki tablet leta hu. Mera uroacid 7.7 hai kya mai ye dawa le sakta hu.

  4. Sar mere naut mein pic ki bahut hoti hai bahut phool jaate Hain

  5. Afroza Akter says:

    My milk flow is almost gone,,i am trying to increase my breast milk, baby is only 4.5 month old,, what should i do??

  6. ajay pandit says:

    मेरी मा को हाथ पैरो मै बहुत दर्द रहता है ये दवाई सही रहेगी

  7. I suffer from chronic gout condition. when I get gout attack my knees, ankle, feet, big toe, wrist get inflammation and there is severe pain to the extent that I get bed ridden for month or longer. would this medicine help.
    Does this help to reduce uric acid level or only reduces inflammation and pain. what would be the dosage.

    is this medicine available from Dr Reckeweg


    Respected Dr,
    I am Male 47 years old. I am felling pain in my lower right side of left knee since 6 months.
    I could not walk more than 10 minutes.
    I also feel pain in my ankle of left arm.
    My Uric Acid report test becomes the result 7.1

    secondly i want to know that my wife is also feel pain in her body bones. she is pregnant now and she feels very lazybones and pain.

    please recommend both of us any medicine.

  9. Dr Arshad Farman says:

    Respected Dr..
    Very informative article about homoeopathic medicine Urtica uren..
    Especially first time I have got information about its actions on deltoid muscle.

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