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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Increasing Memory and Treating Forgetfullness

Forgetfulness and having a weak memory are usually associated with old age, but even children at times can show these symptoms. There is no specific reason for having a weak memory and forgetfulness, though stress, over-exertion of mind and even sleeplessness can play a part. Homeopathic medicines for increasing memory and treatment for weak memory  are of great help in the treatment . Made of natural substances and completely safe with no side effects, Homeopathic medicines are given after taking note of unique individual symptoms. A person could have a weak memory when it comes to stuyding, for dates, for places, for recalling past or even recent events, or the common weak memory in elders. The Homeopathic remedies are prescribed after taking note of individual symptoms and are very effective as a medicine for weak memory and forgetfulness.

Top Homeopathic Medcines for Increasing memory 

Baryta Carb: Best Homeopathic medicine for weak memory in children for studies

Baryta Carb tops the list of natural Homeopathic medicines for weak memory where a child has a very weak memory when it comes to studies. The child has great trouble in concentrating on studies and takes a long time to comprehend a sentence and reads it over and over again. The memorising power is so diminished that the child takes a long time to learn something and even forgets the learnt part soon after. The child is dwarfish both mentally and physically. Mainly the child is of a timid and shy nature and is averse to meeting strangers. Confidence is also lacking. There may also be an extreme sensitivity to cold air. A history of repeated attacks of tonsilitis may also be found on case taking. For all these symptons, Baryta Carb is the ideal Homeopathic remedy.

Lac Caninum: Homeopathic medicine for weak memory and forgetfulness while writing

The best natural Homeopathic medicine for weakness of memory with forgetfulness while writing is Lac Caninum. When a person cannot remember the right words when writing and commits frequent mistakes, Lac Caninum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy. The person uses wrong inapplicable words and omits letters. The concentration power also seems lacking. Usually the person needing Lac Caninum possesses a nervous kind of nature. Even absent-mindedness has an effective medicine in Homeopathic medicine Lac Caninum. The person seems absent-minded with a feeble memory and forgetfulness. The feebleness extends to the point that a person buys things and leaves them on the counter table.

Cannabis Indica: Homeopathic treatment for weak memory and forgetfulness while talking

Cannabis Indica is a natural Homeopathic treatment for weak memory and forgetfulness that is most marked while talking to others. Such a person frequently forgets while talking. He or she forgets the words in between a conversation and does not remember what he or she is about to say.  Excessive forgetfulness makes it impossible to end a sentence. To memorise the last said words or what is intended to be spoken seems a difficult task. Along with a forgetful nature, numerous thoughts may crowd the mind of such a person, who may otherwise be fun-loving. Cannabis Indica is very beneficial as a Homeopathic remedy when such symptoms present themselves.

Medorrhinum: Top Homeopathic medicine for weak memory for names and spellings of words

Medorrhinum is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for persons who possess a weak memory especially for names and spellings of words. To remember a name even of a well known person is quite a task for such subjects. The weakness can even be of such an extent that the person forgets his or her own name. Medorrhinum is also a Homeopathic remedy that is very beneficial when a person has a weak memory to remember the spellings of words. The weakness may be found while speaking as well. The person repeatedly loses the conversation thread and wants the question to be repeated before answering as the mind seems very feeble to hold on to a conversation.

Kali Phos:One of the Natural Homeopathic medicines for weak memory following mental exertion

Kali Phos is considered the top natural medicine in Homeopathy to treat weak memory because of mental exertion. It could be post an examination or due to excessive office work, where the mind has gone feeble as a result of mental exhaustion. Homeopathic remedy Kali Phos acts as the best memory enhancer by removing the after-affects of over-use of mind. It provides strength to the brain and nerves and can be considered as a complete tonic for improving memory.

Kali Bromatum: One of the top Homeopathic medicines for extremely weak memory leading to complete memory loss

Natural Homeopathic remedy Kali Brom is of great help in treating memory loss. It is very beneficial when a person completely forgets how to speak and can utter only the words told to him — in other words, can only repeat after you. Independent speech is totally impossible as complete memory has been washed out. Marked restlessness, especially in hands, is noticed in persons needing Homeopathic medicine Kali Bromatum. In case of children, another accompanying symptom may be screaming and crying in sleep. Walking during sleep could be another noticeable symptom, for which Kali Bromatum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy.



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  1. Kristen Pinder says:

    My son is almost 14 years old. He was diagnosed with ADD and a low working memory. He can be very absent minded and I find myself having to ask him to do the same task over and over again. He is not a strong writer and has a hard time gathering his thoughts and ideas. I need to find a homeopathic remedy to help him. He tries so hard and it’s heartbreaking watching him struggle.

  2. PRASAD C N says:

    Hi Dr.

  3. Hi DR


  4. Prem Sewlal says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    Plse tell me remedy for memory problem
    63 years old short term memory loss
    Forgetting where I keep things
    Can’t think properly
    Prem Sewlal
    Thank you

  5. mahmudul hasan says:

    I am suffering from brain problem . I read regularly but i forget everything. That is painful and distress for me so i want a solution .

  6. My daughter’s don 1/ 11/2008 . Her height is average. Her memory is too weak as well as lack of concentration. I am worried about her future, carrier.
    Pls suggest

  7. Sir; my17years old son have weak memory &nil in study. His brain growth is not according to his age

  8. JAGANNATH K R says:

    Pl. let me know the medicine to boost memory loss in old aged people early.

  9. ankit kumar says:

    Namastey sir
    Mai padhai me bahut mehnat krta hu lakin baad me kuch bhi yaad nhi rhta hai aur dair se yaad hota hai math me samajh to jaldi as jaata hai lakin gk yaad nhi rhti hai Mann bhi kbhi kbhi kuch vichar bhi chalte rhte hai aap please koi achi si dawai bataye sir

  10. I am about 56 years age and is in govt job my weight is under 90 kg and were treated twice hep c now I feeled that my memory becoming week and forgiveness the things for minutes I also feeling very weak memory I am also taking gulocophage once a tablets of 500 mg and co valtec 80/12 my ear always feeling sounds and feeling closed please advise thanks

  11. Maxine Warsh says:


    My 92 year old mother is complaining of extreme memory loss. She lives alone and this condition is very frightening for her. Is Kali Bromatum a hood solution? In the past her classical homeopathic constitutional remedy has been Platinium. However this remedy is not helping her extreme memory loss.

    Thank you

    • Try natrum silicata 200 potency one dose on tongue after daily 2 white ball pills morning and same night upto 2 weeks

  12. Mukesh Choudhary says:

    I have problems as under,

    1)Even after 9 hours of sleep it seens is not enough for me
    2) gastric and not feel hungry
    3) Memory is too weak, I cannot remember new faces of people new places new words
    4) often i have headache
    5) little bit of Synus
    6) nerve on The right side of the neck pains often

    • Hello sir, my memory was decreased . Nowsdays i can’t concentrate to study and forget . I feel pain on my head frequently and i feel tired . My head is also very hot. My neck of my back side is also feel pain . Pliz help me.

  13. Sushma Mate says:

    हॕलो डाॕक्टर,
    मेरा बेटा 11 साल का है,वो बहुत कमजोर है. 11 साल का लगता नहीं. खाना
    खाता है, लेकिन तबीयत नहीं है, पढा़ई भी करता है, लेकिन जल्दि भूल जाता है. याद नहीं रहता. सुस्त ज्यादा रहता है.पहले exam में अच्छे marks आते थे, लेकिन अब वो बहोत कमजोर हो गया है. पढा़ई करने का
    मन नहीं करता उसका, पूरी तरह से ध्यान नहीं देता, बात भी कम करता है
    चीजें भूल जाता है.जो पढ़ता है,वो बाद में याद नहीं रहता.
    confidence भी कम है उसमें. Memory बहोत वीक हो गई है उसकी.
    जिससे वो बाकी बच्चों से पीछे रह जाता है और बात बात पे रोने लगता है.
    तो प्लीज उसके लिए कुछ ईलाज बताए .

    • Amrita Kaushik says:

      Hello sir..My daughter is 15+..she doesn’t take much interest in studies..Rather she tries alot but couldn’t remember things in exam times. Going very low in studies. Health is good but she don’t want to talk to any one byt her relation is very good with me.She cries alot on small things. she can not learn particular dates, names.very weak in science &maths. When I see her answer sheets it looks like she can not write any answer properly, spelling mistakes. feel very nervous performing anything on stage. Pls recommend some homeopath medicine

  14. Abdul Karim says:

    My daughter 13 years old.She is very weak in study.more sleep.Do note care any body.If give any advice to her she become angree. Speak very less than others.memory is not sharr.What is the treatment for my daughter?

  15. Umesh kumar says:

    My daughter is age of 15 years.she is very poor to learn easily. Her IQ is average as diagnosed 8 years ago. Kindly advise for her betterment
    Umesh Kumar

  16. jitendra kumar says:

    gd mrng sir my age is 31yrs i am suffering from memory lose and concentration not able to memory my subject even my friends name .sir due to bad friendship i suffered from exessive masturbation at age of 16 plz guide me sir

  17. Dipankar sengupta says:

    My children’s age is 10 years. He don’t memories his study through out a weeks but other things releted to home or play he can memories. Which medicine you can prefer for him

  18. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My daughter is 6 yr old and has been diagnosed for border line ADHD with poor focus and concentration , she has very high energy level otherwise.

    She is lacking in her daily task and studies.

    Pls help me .

    Although we had started he medication from PGI Chandigarh but I have a trust on homeo so pls guide me and help me.


  19. My daughter sleeps too much — daily 10 to 12 hours. Still, she feels sleepy.
    Her age is 16.
    How can I get help from you?
    Thank you

  20. Vikas Kumar says:

    Sir kuch months se mereko memory loss feel ho rha h, mainly jaise ki Kahi se koi phone call ati h or baat complete hone pr call cut krte h , uske bad Jo bat phone pr hui thi mostly m bhul jata hu or bahut sochne pr kuch minutes k bad yad ata h. Second problem ye h k mai logo Name bahut jaldi bhul jata hu, kabi kabi baat karte karte baat hi bhul jata hu.
    So is problem se solution pane k liye aap mereko suggest kijiye pse.

  21. Umesh Vaidya says:

    My daughter giving exam of mci but she has weak memory n fear if exam so how can we improove strong memory to pass out the exam ol give me m homeopathic medicine names

  22. Jaya Saha says:

    My daughter is 7+years old. .she cannot concentrate on her studies properly.please suggest some medicine for her. Thanks.

  23. Debendrakumarsenapati says:

    My daughter is 8 yrs old.she cannot concentrate in her studies.kindly advice medicine for her.

  24. Kamalesh kumar says:

    My age is about 36 yrs and perhaps suffering from memory problems ..I forgot where I document kept of just before one day ..And never remember the name of any person except closely frd/co worker
    Suggest a medicine if present

    • Dear doctor i have the same problem as kamalesh kumar..plz advice some thing plz.

    • I am about 56 years age and is in govt job my weight is under 90 kg and were treated twice hep c now I feeled that my memory becoming week and forgiveness the things for minutes I also feeling very weak memory I am also taking gulocophage once a tablets of 500 mg and co valtec 80/12 my ear always feeling sounds and feeling closed please advise thanks

  25. अभय says:

    24वर्ष हो गए है सुस्त रहते है कई बार बोले त़ो एक बार बोलते है अकेले मे घबराहट होती है खोये खोये से रहते है 16वर्ष तक पढनेमे तेज थे इधर कन्सटेर्सन का अभाव है

  26. Bhushan Dutt Sharma says:

    My father is suffering from Joint pain and weak memory last 8 months.
    He has low blood pressure last 1 year.
    No sugar and another diseases
    Age 75 years
    Please suggest the effective medicine

  27. Anupam Arora says:

    My daughter is 8 years old she can’t concentrate in her studies.
    Her memory is also weak, we listened from her but she forgets while writing.
    Kindly advise medice for her

  28. ganeswar barik says:

    Baryta carb homeopathic medicine how many power we should uses for 13 years child

  29. AMRINDER SINGH says:


  30. Debasis Ghosh says:

    Respected Sir,
    It is to request your kind suggestion about a patient with partial memory loss after a operation of BONE Cementing on hip recently.The patient is also suffering from asthma since long years.Patient is aged 75 years.
    Please recommend Homeopathic medicines in Globules and also the dosage.
    Thanking You ,


    ಡಾ. ಶರ್ಮಾ: ನಾನು 26 ರ ವಯಸ್ಸಿನಿಂದಲೂ ಹೋಮಿಯೋಪತಿಯಲ್ಲಿದ್ದೇನೆ ಮತ್ತು ಕಳೆದ 2 ಅಥವಾ 3 ವರ್ಷಗಳಿಂದ ಹೆಸರುಗಳನ್ನು ನೆನಪಿಸುವ ಪ್ರಗತಿಪರ ಸಮಸ್ಯೆಯನ್ನು ನಾನು ನೋಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ, ಇಂದು ನಾನು 25 ವರ್ಷಗಳಿಂದ ಡಯಲ್ ಮಾಡಿದ ನನ್ನ ಹೆಣ್ಣು ಫೋನ್ ಸಂಖ್ಯೆಯನ್ನು ಮರೆತುಬಿಟ್ಟೆ. ನಾನು ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಕಾಳಜಿವಹಿಸುತ್ತೇನೆ. ನಾನು ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಬರೆಯುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ ಮತ್ತು ನಾನು ಬರೆಯಬೇಕಾದ ವಿಷಯಗಳನ್ನು ನಾನು ನೆನಪಿಟ್ಟುಕೊಳ್ಳಬೇಕು, ಅದು ಪರಿಣಾಮ ಬೀರುವಂತೆ ತೋರುವುದಿಲ್ಲ. ನಿಮ್ಮ ಸಹಾಯವನ್ನು ಮೆಚ್ಚುತ್ತೇವೆ

  32. Saurabh Kumar Singh says:

    5 year boy suffering from loss of concentration. I gave him bryta carb 200. Suggest me some more medicine for concentration.

    • ISHTIAQUE Azami says:

      Sir! I am a teacher and suffering from memory weakness for along time , I am studying & reading more and more, but when I go to my classes, I forget every things, which I have studied.
      Beside it, I am a patient of HBP for 18 years & Diabetic
      for 5 years. My age is 58 years.
      Plz! give me a best homeo medicine for memory loss.
      I. Azami.

  33. Sharavana sree says:

    Sir I am 30 years old and I want a medicine to remember what ever I read as I am going to attempt csir exam air please can you help me out in this regard

  34. Rakesh Sachdev says:

    My father is 85yrs old he forget the things told to him half n hour before. I think he feels lonely after my mother expires in the month of February 2018.He already has piles problem and taking Homeopathy medicine. For high B.P he is taking Allopathic medicine.Please advise me which treatment to consider.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Dave Chansky says:

      Dr. Sharma: I have been in Homeopathy since age 40 I am 82 and for last 2 or 3 years I am seeing a progressive problem remembering names, Today I forgot my daughters phone number which I have dialed for 25 years. I am greatly concerned. I do much writing and I have to remember things I am to write on, that doesn’t seem to be affected. Would appreciate your help

  35. Jeffrie Robbins says:

    could you please contact me at

  36. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    About 18 years ago i suffered a breakdown due to going through a bad relationship and was smoking canabis. My memory shut down and i couldn’t remember anything. I was very forgetful and absent minded. I had lost my soul and didn’t know who i was and what my purpose in life was. I completely shut down.
    After going through many types of therapies such as counseling, hypnosis etc..i am now in a better position. However, my memory, focus and concentration is low. I don’t remember conversations very well. I am forgetfull and get distracted easily. My mind wanders at times, and I lose concentration. I can’t remember where i parked my car. I cant remember shopping lists. Although I can work better now, i still have these issues.

    Can you help?



  37. Mozibul Haq says:

    hello Dr . Sharma ,

    i am 42 year old…married and also and i am affected all the above symptoms

    1) weak memory and unable to concentrate
    2)forgetfulness while writing and talking
    3)feel shy to communicate others in public or common place
    4) confusion of word and spelling of word
    5)mental exertion and restless

    this are my symptoms…. which medicine help to recover and improve my
    poor memory

  38. V. S. Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m 77+, a retired professor. I still remember passages from English Literature, learnt at school in 1959. But, now I forget words while writing an article. Sometimes, I forget the names of people.
    Please suggest a homoeopathic /biochemic medicine to boost my memory and oblige.

    • Mozibul Haq says:

      hello Dr . Sharma ,

      i am 42 year old…married and also and i am affected all the above symptoms

      1) weak memory and unable to concentrate
      2)forgetfulness while writing and talking
      3)feel shy to communicate others in public or common place
      4) confusion of word and spelling of word
      5)mental exertion and restless

      this are my symptoms…. which medicine help to recover and improve my
      poor memory

  39. Iqbal Feroze says:

    Dear sir
    I am 69 year old having better health losing my memories rapidly forget the name of person , places , location , addresses and words . I am a writer and some time cannot chose suitable words . pl healp and suggest some suitable Home Madeline and oblige

  40. hello Dr . Sharma ,

    i am 30 year old… unmarried and also and i am affected all the above symptoms

    1) weak memory and unable to concentrate
    2)forgetfulness while writing and talking
    3)feel shy to communicate others in public or common place
    4) confusion of word and spelling of word
    5)mental exertion and restless

    this are my symptoms…. which medicine help to recover and improve my
    poor memory

  41. Pramod Kumar Shandilya says:

    Dear sir,
    I am Pramod from Gaya, Bihar. I am suffering from alopecia Universalis from last 6 years. No hair on entire body. But no any other complain.
    So sir please suggest me homoeopathic medicine.

  42. Due to drugs, I lost my memory, now I am leaving simple life, how I can emprove my memory, advice

  43. Anubha Reddi says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is 13 years old . she lacks in sense of responsiblity, she is lethargic most of the time , lacks concentration. but she has a very sharp mind, but does not want to study. she has starting skipping the school also now. she does not even eat properly, am worried , what to do. pls suggest.
    Anubha Reddi

    • Irish Gomes says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma,
      My son is 13byears old has lack of forgetting what je studies while he studies cannot concentrate and forgets very soon what he studies and he even forgets his spelling and becomes nerve which is my big worry for him as he is going to grade 9th need to know which homeopathic medicine should i give and how much time it take the medicine to work Kindly suggest.

      Thanks & Regards

  44. Gurgit S Lehri says:

    I am 60 yrs plus, experiencing memory loss. I can remember
    Things I have forgotten after few hrs, not immediately.
    I have been weak in remembering names as an adult
    But numbers I am good still.
    I walk everyday, and have controlled BP, weight etc.
    Active otherwise, eat a balanced diet, my weight has been s
    steady over 40 yrs.
    can u guide me how can homeopathic medicine can help
    me for memory loss.

  45. i am anand, aged 56 years. due to rabies in 1991 i lost complete memory. After this many years and after
    all types of medication, while i improved, still suffer from recent/immediet memory defecit. due to this
    i had to leave the service, which was to run another 5 years. My effort to improve this recent memory
    defecit has not succeded inspite of allopathic/ayurvedic/homeopathic doctors advise/medicine.
    Now also, new place,new work, new people company, etc completely forgotten, very next day.
    I request you to kindly advise please,

  46. Dinesh Mule says:

    Dr. I am 24 year old guy feeling that i am forgetting the things which i did or heard befor 2 weeks or 3. and not able to concentrate properly so what should i do?

  47. Fatima munshi says:

    My daughter weak in studies and have very less concentration while studying looking everywhere in 5 mins we have to tell her many times and very slow in writing. I have done her IQ test so it is normal.

  48. Hemant Meshram says:

    My daughter aged 8 can’t concentrate on her study and forget everything whatever she study just after one or two days . Is Baryta carb will be suitable for her. If so please suggest the doses. Her final examination is just one month away. Please suggest any suitable homeopathic medicine with doses so that she can do well in the examination.


    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My widowed mother’s (Mrs Bijoli Bala) age is 86. She is very weak & fragile and has been suffering from dementia, but till date sometimes she can eat, drink, walk a little bit in the rooms herself (sometimes surprisingly she uses her left hand during having her meals, may be her right side of brain is more active), but can not communicate her sayings in perfect order of sentences, can’t sign her pension papers etc. and completely loses her memory. Even sometimes she can not recognize me as his elder son. Also she can’t brush or use toilet her own or can bath herself. Just recently she unable to get up from bed or lie down bed. Sometimes she has become very restless, sometimes very silent and sometimes screams unnecessarily. Though her eyesight is very good without glasse and can read Bible and title-cards on TV screen. Are these signs of alzheimer?

    When I contact a local homoeopathy doctor (he is a good doctor) in 2014 and describe the condition of my mother (then she was 81/82) but he discouraged me that no homoeopathy drugs will work for her because it is too late for homoeopathy treatment for dementia. Is it true? My another question is if I start homoeopathy treatment now for her will it work or not? Please help.


    May God bless you.

    Edwin Bala

  50. I am forgetting just done work.
    Example-after taking my thyroid medicine at 6.00am,
    I am in confusion at 8.00am whether I took the dosage or not.
    Short term activities performed 2 to 4 hrs ago I forget.
    I have taken Anacardium 30 thrice daily for about a month but no significant improvement.
    My age is 50.
    Are my brain cells drying up?
    Which medicine should I take?
    Pl suggest.
    Also thanks in anticipation for reply.

  51. Sanjay Srivastava says:

    Hello Doctor, My daughter is 14 years of age 5ft 7inch weight 62kg having allergy due to dust or pollen, start with sneezing and running nose , there after cough and breathlessness. besides this she developed some sort of neuro problem which allopathy describes as Brain Stem Aura Migrain , symptomatically she fall down frequently triggered with blurred vision. Her MRI and EEG did not confirm Epilesy and there is no limb movement during period of unconsciousness. She comes back to normal after 5 – 15 minutes with fatigue. Seems to be her nervious system switch off and switch on after few minutes.

    Can homeopathy help he in curing the brain and asthma ailment.

  52. K.K.Kulshrestha says:

    Slip of memory. Means forget name etc of well known persons or things. Some times go to another room for bringing some thing but forget when reached that room, thinks for what I came but on concentration got it. In all cases concentration needed to recollect otherwise it slips.

  53. My daughter is 9years old. She is very weak in studies due to the forgetful. She studies for more hours but forget very soon. Less concentration. Because of this there is a no confidence in her. In the school also she doesn’t have friends. She is not participating in school activities. I heard about memory booster powder but don’t know the name of the same.
    Please advise me. It’s my daughter’s future.

  54. Sir my son is 10 year old he is in 4th standered. Name is samarth . He had facing some problem in studies. He can’t make concentration in class and in studies at home. He forgets letters in all subjects during writings home works & in his exam. That’s why he is very slow in writing so he never complete his homework, classwork & examination paper. Please suggest me best Medicine for problem. Sometimes he leave the paper also.plz help dr.

  55. Sir my son is 10 year old he is in 4th standered. Name is samarth . He had facing some problem in studies. He can’t make concentration in class and in studies at home. He forgets letters in all subjects during writings home works & in his exam. That’s why he is very slow in writing so he never complete his homework, classwork & examination paper. Please suggest me best Medicine for problem. Sometimes he leave the paper also.Thank

  56. Sir my son is 10 year old he is in 4th standered. Name is samarth . He had facing some problem in studies. He can’t make concentration in class and in studies at home. He forgets letters in English & Hindi during writings home works & in his exam. That’s why he is very slow in writing so he never complete his homework, classwork & examination paper. Please suggest me best Medicine for problem. Sometimes he leave the paper also.Thank

  57. Sir my son is 10 year old he is in 4th standered. Name is samarth . He had facing some problem in studies. He can’t make concentration in class and in studies at home. He forgets letters in English & Hindi during writings home works & in his exam. That’s why he is very slow in writing so he never complete his homework, classwork & examination paper. Please suggest me best Medicine for problem. Thank

  58. Father Tarun Misra says:

    Sir my son is 10 year old he is in 4th standered. Name Bhavesh . He had facing some problem in studies. He can’t make concentration in class and in studies at home. He forgets letters in English & Hindi during writings home works & in his exam. That’s why he is very slow in writing so he never complete his homework, classwork & examination paper. Please suggest me best Medicine for problem. Thanks

  59. Sandeep kumar sharma says:

    Send medicine for spermatorrhea and weak memory.i am Male man of 43

  60. Marilyn Cimonetti says:

    My husband passed October 2016. I spent the prior two years caring for him as well as working as a psychotherapist. I had no problem before his death, yet after he died I was numb & spacey. Memory was slipping but I attributed that to physical as well as emotional exhaustion.
    Currently I having difficulty with word retrieval, disorganised, paying attention to detail. However when I am seeing individual patients I’m focused and present with them
    I would appreciate your help!!!!

  61. Manoj kumar says:

    Sir, mera son 8 yr ka hai padhai orally to theek hai lekin likhne me bahut weak hai we likhna hi nahi chahta, koi homeo medicine bataiye. Thanks

  62. aashutosh kumar Bhardwaj says:

    hello dr. I’m suffering from forgetfulness of answers…

  63. Hemant Meshram says:

    My daughter aged 10 years can’ t concentrate on her study. She forget whatever she learn after 1-2 days. Please suggest a suitable homeopathic medicine.

  64. Hello doctor, my name is Ujwal iam an actor presently doing short films, my weakness is i take some time to memorise the script, but after memorising when it comes to give a shot in front of camera my mind becomes totally blank i get confused but still i do remember the script so please suggest me what to do.

  65. rehan khan says:

    Hi sir mera naam Rehan Khan h m 27 saal ka hu or m writer hu meri problem h yaddast camjor ho gai h baat karte karte bhul jata hu muje aage kya bolna h jabki muje sabkuch malum rehta h lekin dimag m wo baate jaldy jaldy nhi aati sir mera dimag active nhi rehta h jiske kaaran muje sochne samjhne m bahut time lagta h sir aap bataaye kon si medicine lena h

  66. MRS.ANJALI says:



  67. Hamayun Khan says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My Father have problem memory loss, he is 85 years old he suffered from brain hemorrhage 5 years ago , from 2 years we are feeling that his memory is going down. now when he speak with some body he can not correctly say the words , some time he forget the right name of specific thing .
    his thinking power is going week daytoday ,please suggest some medicine for my father.


    Hamayun Khan

  68. My daughter is 9 years old and is having difficulty in studies especially the comprehension and writing part .she is allergic to milk .she gets wheezing when she consumes milk .she has focus issue in the class.Which medicine would you recommend.

  69. Muhammad Gayas says:

    Sir im mbbs student I problem in loss my memory & stress im take medicine Khaki phos this good for me

  70. manoj gupta says:

    My name is Manoj Gupta I am stress full my head left side always pain that problem last five year which medicine is helpful please replayed

  71. manjay Kumar says:

    Sir me bhaut study krte hai laken I forget all

  72. love kumar jha says:

    good evening sir
    myself love kumar jha from rajasthan india. my wife has been suffering from severe migrain pain since 10 years she tried all the medications.following aayurveda but al in vein…no result found till now… please help her out to cure the disease..thanking you in advance

  73. Sir
    I m student pursing masters currenlty. My age is 26 male weight 52 kg. I’m suffering from Forgetness and weak memory. While during studies time my concentration is very low. Please help me out. My cell number is 08318597134.

  74. olga marina grant says:

    im 81 years old,never had take any king of medicacion, but my mother died with alzyermes, i have noticed a lot of changes in my mind the last few months. what will be a good homeopathic remedie to help me with this problems.

  75. My daughter is 11 years old .she has huge learning problems.she tries but can’t remember and comprehend .pkz guide and help

  76. Gorkshanath Dhanawade says:

    Sir, my 8 year old child is poor in writing .He is obese . Always angry . Suggest me medicine.

  77. Sir my daughter memory is very very weak she could not learn eney lessons. Plzzzzzzz halp me

  78. Denise Businger says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Both my 10 & 12 year old children have learning challenges with reading comprehension and math. What are the best choices for homeopathic remedies or others that will show marked improvement? They are already experiencing self esteem issues with learning and I know there has to be something out there that really works. Thank you kindly for your reply.

    • Sangeeta Sayaji says:

      Both my 15 year old twin children have learning challenges with reading comprehension and math.they are otherwise very active specially in mobile games . They will appear for ICSE exams in 2018 February.
      What are the best choices for homeopathic remedies or others that will show marked improvement? They are already experiencing self esteem issues with learning and I know there has to be something out there that really works. We are based in Pune.
      Kindly guide.
      My e mail is
      Thanking you

  79. kishor bawangade says:

    we loss the memory toking about in our office whiten a five minutes we now these words.

  80. Biswa Ranjan says:

    Sir when i am offered 2-3 works at a time i loose anxiety i creases .i think when ll i finish them instead of accepting the challenge . Often my voice becomes low. My
    confidence goes down n i start thinking
    That i cant take pressure . Pls suggest remedy for such symptoms.

  81. Dr Saheb This is Nadeem from Islamabad Pakistan. I am 61 now Sir my memory is very weak and also forget what I said or What I have read. I am Diabetic since 1991 and triple vessels blockage since 15 years. I am on Insulin Lantus Solostar 38 units daily at night and remaining treatment on Alopathic medicines.
    Will you please send me the treatment for weak memory and forgotfulnes.
    Thanking you and waiting for early reply.

  82. kailas s gholap says:

    hi sir, i am kailas gholap from pune, sir iam very confused memory. i am taking alraedy sleep tab. but due to this tab my memory loss. my current dose is depranil,homin,arifine tab in oe time

  83. peggy daubar says:

    Iam taking an exam in 1 1/2 weeks, I can’t seem to remember what I just read when taking a practice exam. Math is very trying. What can I take to keep myself calm and my mind retentive. My age is now mid 60s. This is a second career. Peggy

  84. Rajesh Shervegar says:

    Iam asthmatic, long back , was given Merc sol successfully, which seems to have stopped working now. Tried Hepar, Bell, Spongia, and now taking Kali Iod 30, also Sulphur intermittently. After all this I still have to depend on Allopathy.
    My other symptoms are, sexual debility, no desire to work, sleepy, angry especially on family, very harsh and no regards for others, also bloating of stomach and abdomen, flatulence and complete loss of smelling sense.

  85. My father has s problem of memory loss due to old age he is now running 82 years.he has no other medical issues .from some months he is Specking the words which we are saying. He is physically fit but now a days he is not able to stand up without support .he is not making efforts for that.please give us solution ..m

  86. Saeed Ahmed says:

    N any one have recived any reply from doctor in this forum

  87. Annie Ramanigopal says:

    Hello Dr, I need your advise for my children. Pls let me know how we could connect

  88. Saeed ahmed says:

    In which potency may be used of above mentioned medicine i-e briyta card etc and also guide how much long treatment should be continued

  89. Dr.Subrat kumar says:

    Which potency medicine used memory increase in acute type

  90. I am doing computer science engineering and in my course i forgot the things or letters which i have to type in any project or cant remember the small part of study .so plaesee help me

  91. Umesh gupta says:

    My. Daughter (17yrs) is preparing competitive exams so pls suggest good homeopathic medicine for improve his memory.

  92. What is remedy to forget bad menories

    • mrs kulsam majeed says:

      my wife is 76 year old her momory is very week pls advise what kind of homiopethik medition can hepl increse mimory can inprove

  93. Hello!
    Can I buy these remedies in Dubai and where?

  94. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am facing a memory problem from my childhood. What I hear,I forget mostly. I also find difficult to memorize a written matter though I may have read it several times.Also poor with remembering anniversary date, date of birth of my spouse, children or parents.names or phone numbers. I lapse memory varying from the same day to within a weeks time.
    I am known for being careless and forget many things asked to do.
    Forget points/agendas for a meeting.
    These behaviors are also with my parents especially my mom.
    In addition,I am very emotional in nature and always stressed may be due to personal relations or professional challenges.Posses behaviors like anxiety , shouting/screaming ,restlessness.
    Find challenge in appearing face to face interviews more than written exams.
    I need more think time in understanding a lecture or may be answering a question.
    I can on a sudden recall a 20 years old incident but not the near time ones. Sometimes I entirely loss an event participated recently may be in a month. Confuse with roads recently visited or data units like mg,g,MB,GB etc,
    I am already under homoeopathic treatment for asthma , cough and could and digestive disorders.
    Prone to allergy like dust, sunlight and certain drugs like sulphur, Ofloxacin groups.
    My Age : 35 years +
    Weight : 85 kgs
    Body time : Average bulky
    Height : 5′ 7″.
    Food Habit : Mostly non veg.
    Industry : Information Technology
    Please advice. Please let me know if I can visit you or call you or visit online.
    Thanks and Regards
    The Unfortunate

  95. SHIVANAND says:


  96. Grannie and PaPa too says:

    wondering whether Omega 3 2800. liquid is a goodcure for memory loss,or do
    you have a real good cure or help……

  97. Moulibrata Sarkar says:

    Sir, I took some antidepressants from a psychiatrist and since then I have been experiencing severe defects in memory.After reading a paragraph I forget all but the last line.I am a biology student and this has made life hell for me.Could you please help?I took them 2 years ago.

  98. Anannya Chatterjee says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a 23 year old woman, suffering from forgetfulness while talking. I tend to forget words while talking, and this has become a headache.
    I have read that Cannabis indica will help me. May I know the dosage in which I should take the medicine? Thank you

  99. M K SRIVASTAVA says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age 45 years . I am Woking in a private firm I am feeling last 3-4 years my memory is going to weak and I forget many things . I am very much tense . Kindly suggest for me .

  100. Muhammad Javed says:

    Dear Sir

    My mother(stroke patient) , Before 15 days her memory was ok. but now a days she lost her memory and repeat her some relative name again and again & not known family members by face and not called her their name. And not take drink or eat herslef. if we give her some water or milk , she closed her mouth tightly.

    Please tell us medicine that quick action for restore memory.


    Cell: 0300 6639230

  101. Lalatendu sahoo says:

    Hello sir,I m suffering from hypertension for last 3 years & I m 24 yr old.My pressure is 150/100.sir plz help…

  102. Md Sharif Golam Rabbi says:

    I am Md Sharif Golam Rabbi, 18 years old from Bangladesh. I am a medical Student so I have to memorize many things. I want to increase the power of my memory at any cost. My Long term memory is weaker than short term memory.In this case, Please Advice some medicines to me sothat I can increase my memory power.

  103. Lalit Chamate says:

    Dear sir,

    I am Lalit chamate, I have a problem with forgetfulness. Usually, I forget things around me like keys, things that I regularly use that where I place it last time. Which medicine should I use to remember things and make memory strong?


  104. Vijay Ganpatye says:


    My daughter is 17 yrs old. She has a fogetfullness problem she is a weak in mathamatics she appeared
    10th but she failed only in mathematics 3 times. I am worrying a lot about her this problem.
    I met her tution teacher she said me she forget immediate after 5 minutes. she dont remember any thing
    and this problem made her difficult to pass an exam. Is there any good medicines which can be solved
    her problem ?? Pleas do help me and also reply me too.

  105. aayush kumar says:

    hello sir ..
    I am aayush .and I am suffuring from not remeber what I do before 6 and 7 hours
    and …. my ..mann… not want to live alone so . I feel bad

    plese reply

  106. Sasi. K a says:

    Hello Doctor.

    I am mr Sasi,aged 60.reading is my hobby to get knowledge.I forget everything within One or two weeks and do not remember whatever I read in the morning.i have no any tension now.can you help me giving suitable medicine like “Cannabis Indica”which I seems to be good after reading the prescriptions above.

  107. Bandana Pani says:

    Sit my son is in std 10yh and he is going to appear exam. He is 15yr old. How to increase his memory and he is very thin , getting very tired very soon. He is not able to play outdoor game. His food intake is very less.what medicine he will take ? That immune system will increase? Please help.

  108. Ashmeet arora says:

    hlo Doctor
    I m student ….. my memory is very week in study . I can’t learn fast and something I can nd forget that ques or work plz suggest me best medicine for my problem.


  109. ashmeet arora says:

    ho doctor I m a student my age is 18 y my memory is very week I can’t learned early nd something I learn I forget after some gym pls suggest a best medicine according to my symptoms thanks

  110. Jaspreet kaur says:

    How to increase weak memory. Tell us medicine?????

  111. GYAMFI Boateng Julius says:

    Am having Brother who is having weaker mind

  112. Sadaqat Ali says:

    My Memory Very Los & My Age is 27 Yeas Sir Pleas You are the Best Choice One Medicine Name I am Student

  113. Leela Krishan says:

    My mom (80+) had multistrokes of paralysis last year. She had a very week memory even before these strokes, but now after right months of strokes, she has started forgetting very badly. She has started calling us by some other names. Some times she is very confused. Today Evening she told me that she is sitting taking sun heat we should not ask her to come inside.

    She can not walk and speak properly for paralysis effect on her right side.

    She is taking stroke preventive medicines and some ayurvedic medicines for overall health. But we are much concerned with her extremely week memory.

    Please advise suitably.

  114. Priya Harsh Kataria says:

    Dear sir,
    MY child is 7yrs active in all things but when it come to studies she is nt able to concentrate, for Learning one question she take more than a hour n next day if I ask her she is blank
    Pls suggest

  115. Ram Prakash Chaudhary says:

    Sir, My name is Ram Prakash Chaudhary.I am 26 years old. I want to tell you my problem that i can not remember what i have studied. i also forget the people face whom i have met earlier. i have a problem of hearing. i can not stand on stage to give speech because i fell nervousness. so please sir tell me what i should do and what medicine i have to use. please help me sir.


    sir, my age is 30.I m preparing for civil sevice.but I can not memorize the lession even I have read yester day.if I read some line I can not recall it.even name .plz sir say its solution .which medicine i will give prefer and how can my memory will be very strong powerful for receiving and recalling any thing any lession.plz sir.thank you.

  117. Hello dr Sharma hopefully you will be fine.
    my grandmother 85 years old few months back she had loss memory problem after BP high . she can.t express any think . when she is angry then she speaks well other wise she can not answer any think please tell me any medicine .i give him causticum,200 and kali phos.200


    Hello Doctor,

  119. Shaikh Mehmood Hassan says:

    My wife is 69 years old. We are from Mumbai – India, presently residing in Dubai for the past 10 years before in Saudi Arabia for 32 years. Since two years my wife suffers from loss of memory and diagnosed as mild cognitive impairment by consultant neurologist and she is on allopathy medicines. She used to remember all Tel no. , Birthdays, names of relatives etc. but now she has forgotten. What I have observed in her is that present she forgets and past she remembers namely if I ask her about my son’s marriage activities she is able to recollect. Do you suggest any Homeopathy treatment or medicine? I am prepare to bear the cost. Awaiting your prompt reply

  120. Madangopal Basak says:

    My daughter is 13+ years. She reads in class ix . She reads well. When her teacher​s teach her she understands and reads well. But she cannot score well in the exams. She cannot remember for long time. How can she do to improve her memory power?

    • ritesh kumar says:

      Hello , sir my problem is that before examination i remember those thing are ask in exam and when i wen.t to examination hall i loss some memory.

  121. My ward is 11.year old. I got I Q test report of my ward that is 90.6 as per psychiatrist view. I feel that my ward is having very low concentration and too slow to read and Learn he also not sit continuously 2 minutes please advise medicine for increasing his concentration and studying and also advised about dose

  122. Ram Prakash says:

    I am 56 years old. Having weak memory especially forget names. Sometime while speaking find difficulty in recalling names and could not pronounce words properly while talking in person or in meetings or presenting something.Facing sexual problem also as not able to perform. Reserved nature. Taking Allopathy medicine for biopolar for last so many year’s which also includes sleeping pills.Please suggest me medicine for appearing in exams and interview with confidence, remembering things and speaking words properly

  123. Dear Dr.
    My son , a 12 year old boy, is very active in sports and very good at managing the things related to all family members . Shows good grasp of concepts while teaching and answers well while the discussion is on. But when it comes to reproducing answers in a test, he forgets even the basic relevant information and sometimes just completes his answer with the first thing, relevant or irrelevant that comes to his mind. This is almost mostly in academic related topics. His concentration is also poor, though very much better than when he was even younger. I have been giving him Kali Phos and Bacopa Monineri, off the counter for the past 2 years now. Whatever subjects that are taught to him need too many repetitions and I actually sit with him and teach him every word and concept. For anyone else it would have produced at least 99% result but he gets hardly 40%-50% marks. Otherwise he is a very affectionate ,well mannered boy.
    Please advise ,I am willing to come for a personal cunsultation too.

  124. My husband is 55yrs ,is hypertensive and has coronary artery disease , had an episode of subarachnoid hemorrhage due to aneurysmal rupture few yrs back . He forgets names and persons , and it gets embarrassing for him. Rest , he is very active and very bright, with a good sense of humor .he is on allopathic medicines for his problems. Any thing to help his memory.

  125. Sir

    Mere father 80 saal ke hain. Last two years se wo kabh kisi ka naam ya koi saman rakh kar bhul jate hn. Din me chair par baithe hi soi rahte hn. Hamesha kuch sochte rahte hain aur pareshan se rahte hain. Baar baar bathroom ka direction bhul jate hn aur puchte bhi hain. Bed pe toilet bhi ho jata h. Koi aur bimari nahi h. Kai dr. Se dikhaya lekin kuch fayda nahi h. Pl. Koi medicine batayen.

  126. Sonia bhardwaj says:

    Respected sir,
    Meri mom ki 2 saal pehle memory 90% chali gayi thi ,tab se unhe kali phos 12x aur vita-c15 medicine di gayi jisse unki 80%recovery ho gayi but sir 1 mahine se unka chalna uthna baithna dheere dheer kam hota ja raha aur kuch symtoms pehle wale uth rahe hai to hamne again kuch jaankaro se opinion liya to unhone kaha ye bones ki problem neuro se related hai inke brain cells kam ho gaye hai, to sir plz aap help kizie kuch medicine change hogi ya kuch treatment sir plz opinion diziye…..

  127. I am 46.i have weak memory,stomach problems also inching on foot and drops came out while peeing,irriction problem also.

    • ASIT CHANDA says:


  128. Khyati shah says:

    My son is12 year old.he has fear for maths.he cant recognise any thing at a time. All subject he had a problem please give me answer

  129. Narendra Nath says:

    Respected Sir
    I have been suffering from branchole asthama and some cold elergy.
    Doing yoga every morning has given me a relaxation from elergy to the some extent.

    How can I get rid of asthema?

    Thank you

  130. Narendra Nath says:

    Respected Sir
    Is there any problem to have above mentioned single medicine or some combination is required ?
    Does it have some side effect as well?

    Thank you

  131. Sir my memory is very weak i cant remember anything i can concentrate on my studies for past 8 years ,,, i cant do mathematical calculations i am very weak in learning i can focus on anything,, i cant study at all , pls help me i really need ur help ,, i cant calculate , i cant memorise , i cant focus ,,

  132. Hi,

    I have son 9yrs old. From his teacher report, he have difficulty to memorize. May i know which homeopathy medicine suitable for him?

  133. Rana poddar says:

    I m 29 years old male & have erectile dysfunction since many years & loss of libido . kindly advice me.

  134. Sir, l am facing prolem with my younger son. He is presently studying in 11th science.He is not getting concentration to his stidies.Could you please give me suggestions to prescribe an effective homeopathy medicine,so that the deficit of concetration could be solved.He is 16yrs old,having little bit of shyness,lack of attentiveness in study,biles is not cleared regularly.fond of fast food and drinks less water.Waiting for suggestion pl.

  135. Sir, I am 41 years of age and facing some problems regarding poor memory. I work in a govt. office, I some times forget that which file I had sent to my officer one day before or when I received the file etc. Kindly guide me in my problem

  136. yasir yousuf says:

    sir I am 24 years old I cannot gain whole lecture sir give me the suggestion what I will do that my memory becomes powerful

  137. Sir,
    I am 36 years of age and teacher by profession.I forget while teaching and talking. Please, Sir suggest me effective homeopathy medicine.

    • Rajesh Narayan Sinha says:

      I am working with a nationalized bank & 57 year old. I have observed that i find difficult to recall names of individuals while typing. I smoke also. Please suggest homeopathic solution.


  138. varun gaur says:

    Dear Sir,
    i would like to say that myself varun gaur. i have suffering from weak memory. actually no record found in my mind means recall problem. i grape things easily but at that time when use things i washout. many time small things recall after pressure on mind. after this i have face trouble in my professional life. so please suggest me medicine for improve memory for recall things.

    thanks & regards
    varun gaur

  139. tapas kumar manna says:

    Respected sir,
    my child has been suffering from very week memory.when he learns he forgets his pre lessons.even he takes more time to catch a sentence.what will be his best medicine and potency.

  140. Hello Doctor,

    I am at a senior level in a reputed multinational. My memory become week in last 5-6 years I am a loosing confidence due to same. The major problem is with short term memory where I find to remember name of person or thing which is encountered within 10 minutes to one week. There is some impact on long term memory as well but it is still normal. Please note that my memory was better than normal earlier. I got diabetes around the age of 30 and now my age is 44. It was exceptionally high when detected-590 Pp but after that normally in control by alopathic medicines. Recently got BP which is also controlled. I am bit overweight 98 kg(height 170 cm) male. I have one more chronic problem of bad bredth for last 10 years but I am more concern on memory issue.

  141. hi sir, i am 45 years. when i read or listen today, i dont remember tomorrow anything. plz advice me

  142. Hii sir,

    Mera nam Majid hai or meri umar 19 year hai meri pehle itni kamjor nahi thi lekin kuch salon se meri memory week ho chuki hai or much kuch yaad nahi rahta hai…

    Sir mai jab lagbhag 8 year ka tha to mai chat (छत) se gir gaya tha mujhe mind pe chot bhi lagi thi lekin Doctor ko dikhane ke baad Doctor ne bola ki koi problem nahi hai or ek Doctor se nahi balki 2 ya 3 Doctor se dikhaya to usne bhi bola ki koi problem nahi hai lekin ab mujhe problem ho rahi hai meri yaad dast kamjor ho gayi hai mujhe kuch yaad nahi rahta or iska ek or reason bhi hai ki mai bahot tention bhi leta hoo mujhe bahot tention bhi hoti hai…

    Sir mai Aapse humbly request karta hoo ki mujhe Aap best medicine ka suggestion de…

    Or ha sir mai ek bat likhna bhool hi mai isse pahle memory ka medicine use kar chuka hoo but usse jayada fark nahi pada uska name hai..
    1- Mnemonic care
    2- Brenol

    Or sir mujhe bahot Neend bhi Aati hai.

  143. Hii sir,

    Mera nam Majid hai or meri umar 19 year hai meri pehle itni kamjor nahi thi lekin kuch salon se meri memory week ho chuki hai or much kuch yaad nahi rahta hai…

    Sir mai jab lagbhag 8 year ka tha to mai chat (छत) se gir gaya tha mujhe mind pe chot bhi lagi thi lekin Doctor ko dikhane ke baad Doctor ne bola ki koi problem nahi hai or ek Doctor se nahi balki 2 ya 3 Doctor se dikhaya to usne bhi bola ki koi problem nahi hai lekin ab mujhe problem ho rahi hai meri yaad dast kamjor ho gayi hai mujhe kuch yaad nahi rahta or iska ek or reason bhi hai ki mai bahot tention bhi leta hoo mujhe bahot tention bhi hoti hai…

    Sir mai Aapse humbly request karta hoo ki mujhe Aap best medicine ka suggestion de…

    Or ha sir mai ek bat likhna bhool hi mai isse pahle memory ka medicine use kar chuka hoo but usse jayada fark nahi pada uska name hai..
    1- Mnemonic care
    2- Brenol

  144. Saroj Bala saini says:

    Sir meta beta 7 year old hai aur iski memory behad week ho Gai hai .Jab ye sawa saal ja tha isko manigities fever hua tha isko dimagi bhukhar bhi hate hai. Us wakt usko raat ko Karin 12 babe k aas pass 105 fever ho gaya tha tab ye chikhmarkar upar ko ucchalkar behosh ho gaya tha aur muh sey jhag pani nikal Raja tha aur iski aankhe uoer ki aur khul Gai thi. Tab usko hospital mey admit karwaya tha tab doctor ney bataya ki isko fits aaye hai. Aur tab sey lekar aajtak isko seizure disorder ki problem hai. Pahle isko Eptoin syrup de rahe they aur tab sey lekar aajtak isko 3 times fits pad chuke hai. 2nd time isko jab 3year ki age mey nimoniya hua isko fits aaye fir uske baad 5years ki age mey school mey fits aa gaye aur tab isko school sey hi hospital lekar gaye to waha pata chala ki Eptoin kam nahi Kar rahi thi tab say isko vellprin 200 syrup diya ja raha hai. Brain k CT Scan aur MRI mey kucch nahi aata Lekin EEG aur jo rider ki haddi ka pani lekar test hota hai. Usmey problem hai. Par Sir mera beta 2nd class ka student hai aur school mey vo apni seat par tik Kar nahi baithta vo hyperactive hai aur iski memory bhi behad week hai. Aap mujhey ye batieye ki iski memory kaissey improve hoti. Aur iska hyperactive disorder kab tak normal ho payega?

  145. Kavita Desai says:

    My son 6 has extreme difficulty in reading and writing as he forgets studies. He is mugging up but still forgets after break like if he study today forgets tomorrow. Kindly help this problem is only with studies. Otherwise he is fine. Studies r very important as scoring marks is very important to promote in next standard.
    Help him to improve his concentration, memory.

    • Daxa patel says:

      Hello Dr. My son is 15 years old. He is in 10th please help me his memory is weak hain and his concentration bhi nahi kar pata .aur study kiya hua yad nahi raheta spelling mistakes karta hain

  146. My husband 51 years old suffering from Thrombotic occlusion of left sigmoid transverse sinuses with a hemorrhagic venous infarct in the left temper-parietal lobe. Now he has lost his memory, he couldn’t understand things, names (objects, person )even he unable to write and read. Would it be possible to read,write and identify things in future.

  147. sir i want incease my pins sexual power what medicine i used

  148. Respected sharma jee plz tell me the medicine or any other way to get success of memory and higher concentration power because when i am reading there is always an another matter came in my mind that’s why my mind is reverted so sir kindly i say u tjat plz give me some advice i shall remember u in my whole life

  149. Prosenjit Banerjee says:

    My mother is 79 year old. She lost his memory and can not identify person . Hospital done ct scan but find and told nerve is drying due to overage. Is there any medicine to recover this inactive brain?

  150. Hi my name is ziaali i have a big problum I am a singer I forget while singing plz help me to prescrib the best medicine thanx

  151. Tapish meena says:

    Sir when I talk to anyone that time I start too much sweat on my face and my heartbeat was increased ( very high).Basically sweat are come in hands, feet or under armpits.but sir mainly affect area is face when I talk to anyone & due to this my confidence is very loose and did’nt perform in any interview , presentation or any stage performance .when I am alone that time I also sweat too much in hands ,feets and armpits. My whole body is heated up at time of talking to anyone .so sir because of this I am in trouble or feeling anxiety.I wan’t to face so many interview in my future . So sir how can I speak there . And sir again I said that my main affected area is face when I talk to anyone i .e too much sweat on face .Please suggest me .Tell me the name of disease .And sir at last, I want to ask that sir it is completely treatable in homeopathy or not .Thanks sir.

  152. Manish Kumar says:

    Hi, Sir
    I am 27 years old and I am student. I take very long time understand my subjects and forget easily my things like mobile, book, key etc. I want to improve my memory power especially for studies, Please guide me. I am always be thankfull to you. Please reply me as soon as possible, my exams are coming nearer.
    thank you!

  153. Sachin dinker says:

    Hello Doc

    My son is 7 years now,he don’t cry on day one and had a seizure. Doctor says some part of brain is mildly damaged and impacted. His walk, speech and memory has some problem.

    Can it be treated, plz advise.

  154. Tapish Meena says:

    Sir I have one problem i.e if I read 3 pages from any book then I think that I did’nt read them and again I start to read them . After reading again I read those 3 pages.sometimes it happens with me . It is Weak memory symptoms?

  155. S. Anzer Hussain says:

    I am 55 years old male person and i have problem memory loss while talking forget the content, name etc.
    kindly advice/ suggest good homeopathic medicine to me with details medicine name, power, dose and how long to take it. what is restriction of eating during taking medicine.
    I don’t have sugar, blood pressure, hypertension.
    your advice will be highly appreciated in above matter.

    • Chandrabhushan . P says:

      Sir My mother aged 75 who got stroke in brain Before 10 months. She can move her right part 50% 0nly. And she lost her memory and understand very few commands. Neurologist said her frontier lob was effected due to stroke Now we are using Medicines according to their suggestion. We requested you please prescribe any home drugs in addition to that.

  156. Muchipalli Venkata srinivas says:

    The doctor,
    My name is M.V.SRINIVAS. I completed my studies now I am going to face competitive exams. I am unable to concentrate on that type of exam. I want such as medicine ones I will read I will never forget it. I want that type of medicine sir. Please suggest me. Thank you sir.

  157. Sir, I am 55 years old working person. I have to appear in departmental exam every year. My problem is what ever I read and remember, i forget in next two days. Sir kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine , which could be available .
    Thanks Dr shab
    Ha khan

  158. Aethusa will work like this or i have to use other medicine to concentrate my mind .if it will work than what will be doses.please suggest me.

  159. chanchal Kumar Verma says:

    How much useful is anacardium 10M for memory strengthening purposes and what should be it’s dose for 25years old youth

  160. Balvinder singh says:

    Sir, my grandson is 16 years. He is studying in 10th class and is very week in studies and his memory is very week. The school class teacher has warned and not to let him sit in final exams. My only grandson though is healthy and also sleep to much and also lazy in studies. Kindly advice for the best medicine so that he can pass his class in good numbers please,

  161. Sir my son 2.5 year old and immunity power very week pls suggestion for homeopathy medicine increase immunity power

  162. How can increase memory medicine my problem is no remember to talk in past

  163. chandra kishor kumar says:

    Respected sir
    my memory weak due to family shocks please suggest suitable homepathic medicine or any.

    • Muzakkir Hussain says:

      Hello sir, I am 20 yrs old boy. From 2 yrs i were suffering form sinusitis. But now i get fully cured by the treatment of homeopathic medicine. And my problem is that i forget everything what i learn by understanding or memorizing . Plz give the name of perfect medicine.

  164. chandra kishor kumar says:

    my memory weak due to family shocks

  165. Respected dr sharma my mother 80 Years old has a problem of self speaking and weak memory please suggest suitable homepathic medicine

  166. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am a research scholar in Engineering discipline. I am having the problem of weak memory since a long time by now. It’s like unless I don’t look back into my notes or something I don’t recall whatever I had read, I usually forget my passwords, sometimes people face also whom I had met once sometime back. I am very tense with my current situation as it’s causing a lot of trouble in my academic and everyday life for which I am seeking your help to improve my condition.
    I am currently residing in Bangalore, please let me know if online consultation is possible in my case, if it’s not possible to reach you in person.
    If you can help me improve it with some medication and everyday exercise or something, I will be really grateful to you.

    Thanking you !!

  167. Hello sir ….My mum lives in India she is suffering with the problem of forgetting things. She is having this proplem from few years now. When talking on phone, she keep asking same things again and again. She even forgets what she have eaten. I am very much worried!! Please suggest me good homeopathy medicine to solve this big prolem. I am really really worried abut my mum. I will be very thanfull to you.

    • My father is 80 above and has suffering a great forgetfulness ‘he has totally loss and sometimes forget his own way .before three yers he had a mild stroke after that the problem arised so plz sugest a remedy for him


  169. What should be the potency of Baryta Carb for an eight year old child with the same symptoms?

  170. Neha Narangikar says:

    Hello my son is 13 years Old and he is not concentrating in his studies and memory is also weak. Complaints comes from school and tuitions. Can you help me out with these problems.

  171. Dear Dr Sharma
    My son is 18 now. He is a student of class 12 th science, which he himself chose. His memory is very weak. he cannot concentrate for more than 10 minutes. His confidence level is low. He always have a fear of exam. He evades from studies. It is always very difficult for him to grasp new concepts and retaining them is harder. He doesn’t suffer from cold and neither he suffers from tonsillitis.
    He has this condition from kindergarten. I took him to many homeopaths but in vain. Please help me as his board exams are approaching. Thanks a lot

  172. Vijai Kumar Bhargava says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma

    My grand son do not keep remembering strongly about his studies. Due to which he is not concentrating on studies. On the other hand he can concentrate in computer games. kindly suggest some medicine for him. A early reply is requested.
    With regards.

  173. I cant remember what i ate in the morning & afternoon. what work i did yesterday. My memomy is not sharp as before 1 year back. I have short term memory loss it lookslike. i cant hold in my memory 2-3 important things. kindly help me how to cure this memory problem.

  174. saumya shrivastav says:

    Hlo sir,
    I am 20 years old girl and i got selected in nuclear medicine by 7th rank …even after selection i can’t got admitted and due to this totally distrbed…i m always trying to start new things for my career but i can’t.plz suggest the medicine prefarable for me

  175. Hello sir,
    My Niece is 8 years old she has very weak memory ,weak concentration,and low self confidence
    so please suggest me best homeopathy single medicine so that she can overcome from all problems.
    waiting for early and positive reply


  176. sir am 34 yrs women.actually i have exam coming pg exam .i wanted to persue high my problem i have noticed that i study in morning but same day evaning not able to recollect.and i make silly mistakes in paper.i want to focus more and i have burden of my house too.pls help me am from kerala.

  177. Haziq shahabuddin says:

    My son is7 years old and has a loss memory.he donot remembers his lesson and also cannot write the exam.please suggest mea good medicine as soon as possible.

  178. vinod gujar says:

    Dr sharma,
    My son is 6 yr old , he forgot his studies within a week please suggest a medicine for him

  179. dear Dr.Sharma,I am student of Electrical engineering here in student carrear is Exclent throughout. But now i am not following the class lectures due to lack off consentartion and also weak over all health is very good.plz suggest med.for me .
    tkanks a lot.

    • Haziq shahabuddin says:

      My son is7 years old and has a loss memory.he donot remembers his lesson and also cannot write the exam.please suggest mea good medicine as soon as possible.

    • Mahabir Verma says:

      I am 53 year old Banker had a glorius past for last one year there is sharp decline in memmory, grasping power even if reads a passage can not analyse it immediately. Fatigue, loss of sound sleep. Mind always remains in pressure. Had solutions of each and every thing but lac of expression power and confidence. Mammory is quite slow. Please guide

  180. kumar Devashish says:

    Dear Doc

    I have Chronic Osteomyelitis about 19 years and I take all type of treatment like allopath ,homeopathy and surgery,no one treat as it take conscious only they treat as like business that’s why I have a big grief

    After reading your blogs I thing you are worthy and take interest in my grief.

    Dear Doc I have Osteomyelitis in left femur and three sinus where puss is always comes down due to which left limb is so weak, I am depressed, low confident ,bad smell from sweating ,forgetfulness ……

    I take two times homeopathy treatment ,they gave me the drug that increases the flow of puss after 1 and half year my limb become so weak then we left him and take another treatment from a homeopathy, in his treatment flow stops but after some days it erupt like volcano …….

    please help me ,I live in patna

  181. Sir,
    I am suffering from recent memory defecit, because of rabies in 1991.
    Past, childhood,college days etc all are 100% o.k.
    current, day to day, recent past events are vanishing from brain.
    Allopathic, psychiatrist,ayurvedic ,spiritual healing did not help.
    Homeopathic was also tried in 2000 decade. but this recent memory defecit continues.
    Kindly advise

  182. Suggest me any medicine for improving my mathematics if there is any

  183. Sukhjit Singh says:

    sir i have an problem of weak memory
    i cant memories for long time which i have read
    there is also a problem of concentration

    i am totally vegetarian
    please suggest me

  184. deepakkumar says:

    please suggest any medicine for weak memory and also for weight loss

  185. prosenjit pal says:

    i am 22 years old male.i am suffering from low appetite, tired, gas & excessive sweat problem .so i take Chelidonium and lycopodium just two days it perfect to take these medecine for my problem?
    sir i m also suffering from memory problem.i feel instant forget, low memory,dont remember thing properly,sometime feel more stress & headache but this problem occured hardy 1year,it was not before.
    pls sir give remedies.
    thank you

    • Nawaz Sharief Bali says:

      Dear Dactor
      I am now 18year old male.My memory is very low when I remember question or any thing after sometime I forget this.I shall be great full if you write me the solution.
      Thank you sir

  186. sir my daughter is 7 years old having weak memory please suggest me homeopathic medicine for memory improvement.

  187. Amrish bansal says:

    Good morning Doctor,

    My child is in 8th grade. He is very good in playing cricket. Very active in playing but when it comes to studies, he don’t remember spellings, difficult in writing, poor handwriting and feel bore so often.

    He is s nsitive to steroids and his eye pressure goes up. Physically he is active.

    Kindly advice.

  188. shashi jain says:

    dr. sharma namaskaar … i am 58 year old lady. i think due to age i generally forget the name of even my neighbour. while talking i forget the normal words to speak. i am trying to read the books of homeopathy but i am enable to remember the names of medicine which i have read even last i will read ? i also have some other minor problems and trying to get self homeopathic treatment. please help me..

    • My male child he is in 4th class He can’t concentrate his mind aversion to study overact in public bad hand writing pl suggest me medicine

  189. My child is 7 years old.having mild adhd pro.and cannot speek fluently.cannot say properly about himself what he is doing inthe school.when we go out ,after coming back he can say hardly few things he saw out.he cannot express anthing fluently.he can speek just like a 3 year there any homeopathy treat.for him.I am giving him anacardium and cina for attention and improves a I want to improve himspeeach and memory.

  190. weak memory complete memory loss forgetfulness while talking
    56 years old service running

  191. Dulal Das says:

    Dear Doctor, I am now 67 years old. Now my memory is very low. When I read something but after some time I forget the subject. I shall be great full if you write me the solution. Thank you.

  192. shahid kiani says:

    I have a problem of stiffness of legs muscles i am alredy using homoeo medicene . Muscle pulled in cold at,mosphere or changing seasons like summer to winter

  193. Milan Majumdar says:

    Respected Doctor,

    My nephew now 22 years old is a SLE patient and is on treatment with immuno suppressant drugs. He has developed Avascular Necrosis with severe pain. Is there any Homeopathic treatment?

    Kindly advise.


    Milan Majumdar.

  194. nahid mohammed says:

    Dear Dr.
    The Medicine you are recommending on your website, they seem to be interesting.
    But i have a question, is it important to consume booster homeo medicine if we want the medicine to work..

  195. jyoti vyas says:

    i want to know medicine foe face complexion fair and glow .my face has become very dull and look like mature .my age is 30



  197. Dear Dr. Sahib.

    I am from Patiala Punjab. My 26 years old son is having Autism. Still he is non verbal. I want to give him homeopathic medicines for developing his speech. Please suggest the medicines effective for developing speech. After hearing from U I will remit the cost of medicine to you. Presently I am giving him: Omega-3, Vitamin B6, 12. vitamin A, C, D3 & E , k, Zink & Magnesium. In Ayruvedic medicines the following medicines are given to him. Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Vacha, Ashvagandha etc. No English medicines are given. Still there is no fruitful result. It is not possible for me to visit your clink. If U want more information of my son plz. intimate me by mail & the same will be made available to U. Early response.
    MOBILE 9418460181 & 9888453455

  198. ANKUR KUMAR says:


    In my childhood i have problem in reading,difficult in writing while some one is dictating but some how i able pass school and college s with good marks but knowledge is zero because difficult to retain knowledge.i have good short term memory and pass the exam but from last 3 years i have headache and eye sight problem .other problems as follows
    1 headache, pains in veins
    2 eye strain
    3. more sleeping hour
    4. depression
    i have taken treatment but no result and my condition become worse,
    now just passing my days
    at present my age is 27 .
    stay at lucknow.
    ph- 9616261359
    can you help me

  199. DearDoctor
    My Age is 51 and my weight is 92kg.My stomach is bulky in appearance and my sgot is also high with fatty liver.Pl suggest me homeopathic medicine to get rid of excessive fat and weight

    • Yatin anant shelar says:

      Dear Sir,

      I am 47 years of male ,I am suffering from knee,waist, back pain. Also all day I feel drained. I am exhausted even half an hour work. There is no enthusiasm in work .
      Can you suggest good homoeo medicine please.


  200. gopal prasad mahanty says:

    I am 74. Tall 5’9″ fairly good health. I have prostatomegaly USG showed a few years back 29cc size of the prostate gland. For 2 years or so I have hernia right side just above the testis bulging. On pressure and on lying it reduces and sometimes it is normal. When in normal condition, there is pain in the abdomen. Family history of cancer. I am afraid of surgery. Can you suggest good homoeo medicine please. Regards

  201. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Many thanks for your kind info

    • Tariq kamal khan says:

      dear sir
      my son is 7 years old, his problem is he is not concentrating on his study, he forget things after two three days and also also he got very angry when ever i told him to study and become out of control, and start crying and keep of crying two three hours. also his height is not according to his age and also gaining weight.
      pls suggest some medicine for him. I am very much worried for him

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