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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Increasing Memory and Treating Forgetfullness

Forgetfulness and having a weak memory are usually associated with old age, but even children at times can show these symptoms. There is no specific reason for having a weak memory and forgetfulness, though stress, over-exertion of mind and even sleeplessness can play a part. Homeopathic medicines for increasing memory and treatment for weak memory  are of great help in the treatment . Made of natural substances and completely safe with no side effects, Homeopathic medicines are given after taking note of unique individual symptoms. A person could have a weak memory when it comes to stuyding, for dates, for places, for recalling past or even recent events, or the common weak memory in elders. The Homeopathic remedies are prescribed after taking note of individual symptoms and are very effective as a medicine for weak memory and forgetfulness.

Top Homeopathic Medcines for Increasing memory 

Baryta Carb: Best Homeopathic medicine for weak memory in children for studies

Baryta Carb tops the list of natural Homeopathic medicines for weak memory where a child has a very weak memory when it comes to studies. The child has great trouble in concentrating on studies and takes a long time to comprehend a sentence and reads it over and over again. The memorising power is so diminished that the child takes a long time to learn something and even forgets the learnt part soon after. The child is dwarfish both mentally and physically. Mainly the child is of a timid and shy nature and is averse to meeting strangers. Confidence is also lacking. There may also be an extreme sensitivity to cold air. A history of repeated attacks of tonsilitis may also be found on case taking. For all these symptons, Baryta Carb is the ideal Homeopathic remedy.

Lac Caninum: Homeopathic medicine for weak memory and forgetfulness while writing

The best natural Homeopathic medicine for weakness of memory with forgetfulness while writing is Lac Caninum. When a person cannot remember the right words when writing and commits frequent mistakes, Lac Caninum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy. The person uses wrong inapplicable words and omits letters. The concentration power also seems lacking. Usually the person needing Lac Caninum possesses a nervous kind of nature. Even absent-mindedness has an effective medicine in Homeopathic medicine Lac Caninum. The person seems absent-minded with a feeble memory and forgetfulness. The feebleness extends to the point that a person buys things and leaves them on the counter table.

Cannabis Indica: Homeopathic treatment for weak memory and forgetfulness while talking

Cannabis Indica is a natural Homeopathic treatment for weak memory and forgetfulness that is most marked while talking to others. Such a person frequently forgets while talking. He or she forgets the words in between a conversation and does not remember what he or she is about to say.  Excessive forgetfulness makes it impossible to end a sentence. To memorise the last said words or what is intended to be spoken seems a difficult task. Along with a forgetful nature, numerous thoughts may crowd the mind of such a person, who may otherwise be fun-loving. Cannabis Indica is very beneficial as a Homeopathic remedy when such symptoms present themselves.

Medorrhinum: Top Homeopathic medicine for weak memory for names and spellings of words

Medorrhinum is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for persons who possess a weak memory especially for names and spellings of words. To remember a name even of a well known person is quite a task for such subjects. The weakness can even be of such an extent that the person forgets his or her own name. Medorrhinum is also a Homeopathic remedy that is very beneficial when a person has a weak memory to remember the spellings of words. The weakness may be found while speaking as well. The person repeatedly loses the conversation thread and wants the question to be repeated before answering as the mind seems very feeble to hold on to a conversation.

Kali Phos:One of the Natural Homeopathic medicines for weak memory following mental exertion

Kali Phos is considered the top natural medicine in Homeopathy to treat weak memory because of mental exertion. It could be post an examination or due to excessive office work, where the mind has gone feeble as a result of mental exhaustion. Homeopathic remedy Kali Phos acts as the best memory enhancer by removing the after-affects of over-use of mind. It provides strength to the brain and nerves and can be considered as a complete tonic for improving memory.

Kali Bromatum: One of the top Homeopathic medicines for extremely weak memory leading to complete memory loss

Natural Homeopathic remedy Kali Brom is of great help in treating memory loss. It is very beneficial when a person completely forgets how to speak and can utter only the words told to him — in other words, can only repeat after you. Independent speech is totally impossible as complete memory has been washed out. Marked restlessness, especially in hands, is noticed in persons needing Homeopathic medicine Kali Bromatum. In case of children, another accompanying symptom may be screaming and crying in sleep. Walking during sleep could be another noticeable symptom, for which Kali Bromatum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy.



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    Khuni babasir ka ilaj

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    मेरे माता जी 86 साल के है कभी कभी सब भूल जाती है बार बार बक्सा खोलती ह कपड़ो को निकालते रखते ईसमे 1.2 धंटे लगा देती है कभी कुछ बोलती है कभी कुछ किरपया कोई दवाई बता दो

  3. Hating Lyme Disease says:

    I am 63 years old. Two years ago I got Lyme Disease. My first symptom was memory loss. I was driving down the street and could not remember where I was going. I went to a homeopathic doctor who told me I had Lyme disease. She said she needed to get rid of the Lyme Disease first, before she dealt with the symptoms. I recently was told I no longer have Lyme Disease, even though she never treated me for my memory loss. She told me I now needed to find a doctor that could deal with my memory loss. I just started with a doctor, who I am not sure if I want to stay with. He wants me to take one 5 mg tablet 2x a day of memantine. Are there any homeopathic recommendations for memory loss with Lyme disease.

  4. Sayyed Muhammad adil javid says:

    My age 11 years my brain Mamore week please precribe me medicaine

  5. Hi doctor.
    I have symptoms which matches three remedies:

    Cannabis Indica
    Lac Caninum

    So which potency and how much drops should I take? Or is there any medice available where these three medicines are combined?

    Best regards

    • Hi,
      My memory is very weak. I forget watching, reading and hearing tropics are Frquantly loss in minutes. My age is 48 year’s so suggest homeopathy strong , resulting, effective medicine sir……..

  6. A.K.Sen Sarma says:

    If I want to use Kali Phos 200 for forestalling weakening of memory how often should I take it?

  7. I sm 16 year i have ptoblem to remember which i read

  8. Varsha Upadhyay says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Varsha and I am 18+ years old. I am in first year of college and have symptom to forgot spelling and name easily caused to poor performance in exams.

    Please give me solution that help me to remember thing for long period of time.

  9. Muhammad Ejaz says:

    Hi Vikas Sharma,

    I am 43 years old and engaged in secretarial jobs. I have memory issues and some time i forget the names of even very close peoples. please advice any appropriate medicine to strengthen the memory.

  10. Ayyub aafi says:

    I am used to lose my memory for 5to 6 minuts, some time i can remember things with in above mentionef time and some it takes more time. Am poet but can not recite my poetry verbaly, I have leaned homeopathy for three years on a homeo pathy college, am student and follower of h.pathy, plaese guide me what power of kali phoss will suites me, and what about modorrhinum, please guide sbout doseges also

  11. Ankit Diwakar says:

    My name is Ankit Diwakar. I am a students and my age is 17years. Sir I have a problem that I am not able to remember what I studied after studying 1 hour I forget what I have studied. I am not able to remember the concept of any subject or lessons that I have been studied in school tuition classes and at home .

    Please give me solution about that why I am not able to remember the concept that I have been studied.

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