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Hot Flashes During Menopause – Homeopathy can Work Wonders

homeopathic medicines for hot flashes A hot flash is a sudden and intense feeling of heat that is felt on the upper parts of the body, like the face, chest, and neck. There is a sensation of heat which may be accompanied by redness of the face, night sweats, increased heartbeat and, sometimes, a tingling in the fingers. These symptoms are very commonly noted in menopausal and peri-menopausal females. However, other disorders (like diabetes mellitus) may also cause hot flashes. Homeopathic medicines for hot flashes includes medicines like Sepia, Amylenum Nitrosum, and Lachesis Muta.

Hot flashes usually occur in women between the age group of 40-55 years. Some females also experience these during their regular cycles. They tend to occur more during the night and tend to affect sleep.

An episode of a hot flash can last for between one to five minutes, or occur multiple time in an hour. In some cases, it occurs less frequently, (like a few times a week or month) while some experience it daily. These hot flashes can last for approximately six months to a year but can last longer in some women.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Hot flashes

Homeopathy has a natural solution for hot flashes. With the help of natural homeopathic medicines, hot flashes can be reduced to negligible levels, thereby improving the quality of life.

1. Sepia: For Hot Flashes with Weakness

Sepia is a medicine indicated for hot flashes in a female during the menopausal period. Sweat accompanies the episodes of hot flashes. Another fundamental indicative feature of Sepia is that there is marked weakness with a tendency to faint (along with the hot flashes). There is a lack of energy with a feeling of fatigue. It very helpful for all the ailments arising during climacteric/menopausal period and is suitable for individuals who are emotionally very sensitive and can become easily nervous.

Key Indications for Using Sepia:
– Weakness
– Fatigue
– Emotional Sensitivity

2. Amylenum Nitrosum: For Hot flashes with Excessive Sweat

Amylenum Nitrosum is a remedy for hot flashes where there is excessive perspiration. Its sphere of action is on the vasomotor nerves which affect the arteries and capillaries (causing their dilatation). Therefore, it is one of the top remedies for hot flashes. Hot flashes which are followed by an episode of drenching sweats is a marked feature of this remedy. One may also experience headaches along with the hot flashes. There is a prominent flushing of the face. Episodes of hot flashes are usually followed by a period of coldness and pallor (paleness). There can be a throbbing sensation in the whole body during the hot flashes. Also, helpful in cases where there is a history of heart complaints along with the hot flashes.

Key Indications for Using Amylenum:

– Excessive Perspiration
– Headaches
– Flushing of Face

3. Lachesis Muta: For Hot flashes at Menopause

Lachesis is a remedy indicated for menopausal ailments. It is well suited to females during or around the menopause phase. It is helpful for hot flashes which are accompanied by palpitation, headaches, and a feeling of fainting. One may also have hot perspiration along with the hot flashes. Hot flashes also felt at the vertex area (top of the head). The flashes usually occur on falling asleep or on waking up but are generally worse at night. There is an overall feeling of congestion in the head causing congestive headaches. The palpitations felt are worse in a warm room or during the morning hours after waking up. One cannot tolerate tight clothing, especially around the waist area. Well indicated in individuals who have associated high blood pressure with these menopausal ailments.

Key Indications for Using Lachesis:

– Menopausal Ailments
– Palpitations
– Aversion to tight clothing

Other Important Remedies

4. Sulphur: For Hot Flashes with Night Sweats

Sulphur is a remedy for frequent episodes of hot flashes. There is a sensation of heat in the entire body. Heat accompanies the hot flashes in the head, hands, and feet. One may also experience a sensation of emptiness in the stomach during an episode. Another indicative feature of sulphur is profuse sweats at night, especially at the neck and back of the head. One may also experience heat in only one side of the body.

5. Causticum: For Hot flashes with Reduced Sexual Desire

Causticum is a remedy indicated for hot flashes during menopause accompanied by heat along with sweat, especially during sleep. It is a well-indicated medicine for night sweats occurring typically around 4:00 am. A sensation of heat in the whole body is present, which is worse during the late evening or night hours (mostly during 6:00pm-8: 00 pm). There is a tendency to sweat easily on the slightest exertion. One is also vulnerable to develop anxiety, sadness, and weakness along with these complaints. Along with hot flashes, there can be reduced (or absence of) sexual desire.

6. Glonoine: For Hot Flashes that are Frequent and Sudden

Glonoine is also among the remedies for hot flashes during menopause. It is indicated in cases where there is a flushing of heat to the head. The hot flashes occur daily, and there are frequent episodes during a day. Sudden onset of hot flashes with pressure in the head, nausea, and vertigo are other symptoms. One feels as if there is a loss of senses, they feel dizzy and light headed. They find it difficult to go out alone. There may be associated swelling and numbness in the feet during menopause. Complaints are worse after sun exposure.

7. Sulphuric Acid: For Hot Flashes with Trembling

Sulphuric Acid is a indicated for hot flashes during climacteric (menopausal) period. With hot flashes, there is a feeling of tremors all over the body. There is marked weakness and debility during menopause. There is a lot of restlessness with a sense of wanting to do everything hurriedly. The symptoms of hot flashes get worse by the smell of coffee. There are palpitations without any anxiety or fear.

8. Calcarea Carbonicum: For Hot flashes with Profuse Sweating

Calcarea Carb is suited to obese women who experience hot flashes with profuse sweat. Sweat is mostly on the head and chest area during sleep. There is an overall tendency to sweat easily. There is a lot of sweating even from slight physical exertion. There is a tendency of developing loose and flabby muscles. There sensation of burning in the top of the head with much perspiration. The sweating of the head might be so intense that it wets the pillow. There may be sweating at night along with palpitations.

9. Sanguinaria Canadensis: For Hot flashes with a Flushed Face

Sanguinaria Canadensis is a medicine indicated for hot flashes accompanied with burning in the face and head. There is a feeling of fullness or congestion in the head. One may also experience severe pain in the head with nausea. The hot flashes are accompanied by a flushed red face and hot hands. The face turns hot and red as if from the congestion of blood. Chills, weakness and a feeling of sickness may follow. The menses become profuse and dense around the menopausal period. Along with the hot flashes, there may be a complaint of leucorrhoea during menopause.

10. Pulsatilla: For Hot Flashes followed by Chilliness

Pulsatilla is indicated for cases of hot flashes where the person experiences a spell of chilliness following a hot flash. Hot flashes are worse from the warmth of air or in a closed room. Profuse sweating on the face and scalp especially at night, flushes of heat with redness of the face, hot flashes with mood swings and depression during menopause are other associated symptoms. The person is very irritable and tends to weep. She may also be very sensitive and cry easily. Generally, the woman tends to overall feel better in the open air.

Causes of Hot Flashes

There is no specific cause given as to why hot flashes occur, but there are various theories which explain their occurrence. About 60-70% of all women experience it during their menopause. However, it is not mandatory that every female will have it during menopause. Given below are the various factors which are related to cause hot flashes:

A Drop in the Estrogen Levels

Before menopause, the hormone estrogen is present in the body in the form of Estradiol (released by the ovaries). During and after menopause there is a drop in the Estrogen levels. This decrease in the levels affects the hypothalamus (Thermostat of the body), which regulates the temperature of the body. Reduction in one’s ability to tolerate heat makes her more vulnerable to experience hot flashes.

An increase of Thyroid Hormone (Hyperthyroidism)

An increase in thyroid levels increases the metabolic rate of the body. This increase in metabolism leads to hot flashes and excessive sweating.

Anti-Depressants and Other Medications

Certain drugs like anti-depressants and anti-hypertensive medications also cause hot flashes in many cases. The onset of hot flashes is noted after the usage of either of the drugs. In these cases, substituting the medicine or reducing the dosage can help reduce the hot flashes.

Stress, Anxiety, and the Production of Adrenaline

During stress or anxiety, the body increases the production of adrenaline. This excess of adrenaline can cause hot flashes or a general increase in the body’s temperature. The body feels heated, and there can be associated with the symptoms of palpitations and increased sweating.

The factors that can trigger hot flashes during menopause include smoking, obesity, alcohol, exposure to hot temperature, wearing tight clothes, stress, anxiety and excessive intake of caffeine.

Tips to Manage Hot Flashes with Food

Plant Estrogen: Also known as phytoestrogens or dietary estrogen, these are natural sources of estrogen found in certain plants and legumes. They have a structure similar to Estradiol. Foods that contain Estrogen are Flaxseeds, apricots, oranges, peaches, carrots, peas, soya beans pinto beans, lentils, and olives.

Foods rich in magnesium and vitamin E seem to help in reducing the intensity and frequency of the hot flashes. They help in controlling the milder forms of hot flashes.

Apple Cider Vinegar seems to play more of a supportive role since frequent intake of apple cider vinegar can help reduce the intensity of hot flashes.

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help reduce hot flashes. These two are considered to be very significant triggering factors. Reducing their intake can lessen the hot flashes.

Quitting smoking can be of great help since it can improve the temperature regulation and metabolism of the body.

Exercise and meditation can help smoothly transition into menopause smoothly. These practices help calm down the mood swings, insomnia, and hot flashes.

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  1. Jacqueline says:


    I am 53 years old and had my last period 5 months ago. I am looking for help with the following:

    1. plantar fasciitis on my left foot.
    2. hyper pigmentation and melasma. This condition is very acute with my entire face looking dark that people think that I have been away on vacation. I have always had some freckles but the melasma has been gradual but got really bad last year with dark patches on my chin and nose and cheeks. My neck is also gone very dark.
    3. I used to have very thick eyebrows which have gradually gone thiner however last year I practically lost all of the hair on my eyebrows especially the end part.
    I have hot flashes, night sweats (some) and some anxiety. My naturopathic doctor has treated me with multi vitamins, iron, since and ashwandha which has helped me enormously. However, my hyper pigmentation/melasma and eyebrow hair loss still have not improved.

    Are you able to help me? How long will it take to see any improvement in my skin condition? How much do you charge for a consultation?

    Looking to consult with Dr. Sharma not anyone else.

    Thank you

  2. Saroj Pawa says:

    I am a female aged 70+. I have been experiencing hot flashes on the left side of my face. These hot flashed occur around 12 to 1 in the afternoon and last for one to two hours. The intensity varies from day to day. Sometimes it is severe and other times it can be mild.lam diabetic but my diabetes is well under control with metformin. Iam on regular dose of 30mg of nifidepine as I had gone for my angiography recently but there was no substantial blockage of the arteries. I went for the procedure due to uncomfortable chest feelings. My blood pressure is well under control around between 100 to 115/60 to 70 and pulse rate around 70

    I am concerned because these hot flashes are connected with certain time. In india it occurred at noon. It is the same noon time here in USA also.

    I have consulted many doctors with no proper diagonisis. I hope homeopathy may have some remedial measure.

  3. Hi Rehana, according to your symptoms and age, you are going through the menopausal period. Although Lachesis and Pulsatilla are good remedies for menstrual complaints, there are other factors that need to be considered before using them. A homeopath will be able to better evaluate your case and prescribe the appropriate remedies (as self-prescription is usually not recommended.)

  4. Which is tge best remedy fot hiy flashes

  5. Good post

  6. DR.MD.ABDUL LATIF says:

    very nice information.

  7. Susu Lespier says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve been told about Sepia through a childhood friend who was using it and is starting treatment again due to hormone imbalance as she is in menpoause and so am I! She informed me there is a sequence to taking it and on & off, etc. Here are my symptoms….sweating at night that my sheets are nearly wet, at the least very damp…this leads me to believe as I enter the new day I am already very dehydrated! My skin is dry and I use to have oily skin I also have the hormonal patches of hyperpigmentation associated with menopause changes. I am currently taking an herbal supplement that has these ingrdients combined..
    Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Pueraria Mirifica extract 100:1 ratio, Vitex berry, Beta-sitosterol, red clover flower, lemon balm, black pepper extract 50:1 ratio and Puerarin (a bio marker dose) ? do not know whatthis means. It seems to be helping a little. However, I just started taking the right dosage just this past week.
    I feel lethargic, depresed at times and I also notice my skin is experiencing less tonicity, I work out as I am fitness trainer, eat well no garbage foods, no junk foods, no canned goods or sodas, I also take vitamins to help with energy, a probiotic and enzymes to help digest food even more when I eat any meats.
    I was told to get a blood panel to see where my hormone levels are and do the bio-identicals.
    Can you help me narrow this down? I’m taking a few different things for strength, energy and menopause its confusing and frustrating:(
    Thank you
    S. L.

  8. Please suggest a remedy for the feeling of imbalance while sitting or walking, which is due to menopause.

  9. Jayne Lemieux says:

    I need help. Hot flashes and mood swings with depression.
    I am 52.

  10. Hello, I am a 55 almost 56 female. My period ended at 52. Overall I feel fine but I am looking for remedy to increase my libido that I lost. Will sepia help? can you recommend a dosage.

  11. Anne Hastings says:

    Is it safe to take Sepia with Tamoxifen? Is there any evidence based research?

  12. Samantha Carson says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 51yrs old and have been experiencing a number of unpleasant menopausal symptoms, but the one that is bothering me the most is an itching sensation everywhere, but skin is clear. Could Sepia help? Have been under some stress lately.
    Many Thanks.

  13. patricia says:

    Hi Dr i have a problem

  14. cheryl beer says:

    Hi dr sharma
    Im a 51yr old menopausal women who has now been menstrual free for two and a half yrs now .
    My symptoms have got progressively worse with hot flashes and sweats night and day with joint pain etc , just wondered what dose of sepia i should try as im desperate
    Many thanks cheryl beer

  15. good morning doctor sir, I am fifty two suffering from irregular bleeding from past one year its not heavy but occurs very frequently . some days no bleeding then suddenly little bleeding .at times I have backache , l have put on some at to .Dr please suggest homeo remedy . I have complete faith in homeopathy

    • Sabita panigrahi says:

      Dear Sir, i am 57 year old woman. In 2010 my uterus was removed, after that i was suffering from insomnia, severe acidity, thyroid, bp, diabetics. I am taking allopathic medicine for each individual problem. Another problem i found that my whole body was burning, basically my upper part of the body. Burning sensation increases at morning time. Sweat also comes from my neck and head. What type of disease is this?

  16. I have Epstein-Barr virus. What can I take for menopausal weight gain?
    Thank you.

  17. Hi
    For menopause hot flushes am I safe taking sepia 30c?

  18. Angela Clark says:

    Sepia worked wonders for my menopause

  19. Goodmorning

    My Mother has had breast cancer is Sepia safe for her to take.

    Thanking you

  20. Doc hi I am a 11 10 year cancer survivor twice over one breast and the other thyroid , I am not keen in using hormone treatment for menopause . I am experiencing extreme hot flushes daily , can I try out Sepia is it safe to use as a cancer survivor .

    Thanks You

  21. TERESA CLARKE says:


    I am in my forties have two fibroids small and been having heavy menses. I have gained a lot of weight body heavier buttocks and thighs, abdomen and arms. I would like to lose weight, I crave sweet foods mainly and can be bloated at times, weight has been difficult to shift. Any suggestion

  22. kuljeet singh says:

    My wife is 45 years old and last eight month period is not coming and she is gaining weight.
    Pl.advice good medicine .

  23. suprava pradhan says:

    I am 50 yr old woman suffer from excess obesity and tiredness. Please suggest me which medicine is suitable for me.

  24. nea montoya says:

    Hi, Iam 65 years old.I have had horrilbe hot flashes.The sweating on my face and neck are bad. anxiety ,lack of sleep, tired all the time.At my age who would think HELP.

  25. william says:

    how many doses of sepia to cure ovarian cyst

  26. ANJALI KADAM says:

    I am 47 yrs old. I have this blotted feeling in my tummy which is very irritating. Lots of gas too.
    earlier my periods were very punctual but for the last 6 months i get them once in 2+ months.
    please advice.

  27. Elisha Gabriell says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have 63 yrs. life experience. Due to having been a Yoga teacher for 20 years, I’m in good condition except for low thyroid (life long) and prolapsing uterus with 1/2″ protrusion, which comes and goes throughout the day.

    My diet is 100% pure and natural. I cook many Indian dishes at home because of the wonderful healing spices.

    I noticed my uterus dropping at the onset of menopause. I still ovulate every month, and have been missing menstrual cycles on and off for years.

    I’ve done my own research, and have discovered Sepia 100C to be taken in 3 pellets 3X day.

    Would you agree with these directions for my specific conditions?

    Thanks and Blessings!

  28. Terri Delconte says:

    Hi, I’m at 57 y old female and have urogenital atrophy. Will Sepia help me with this. I am not on HRT and I need some sort of replacement. My Dr. said there is nothing they can give me other than hormone creams, and oral. The medical field has medications for erectial dysfuntion for men testosterone replacement and nothing for women with this problem who either can’t or would rather not take hormones, it’s awful and there have been clinical studies done with positive results and nothings been done. Your help is much needed. Thanks in advance Terri

  29. Hi, dr. Sharma.
    I’ m 48 y women. One year ago was diagnosed estrogen positive breast cancer. I am done with my surgery ( lumpectomy), radiation and chemo. Now I am taking tamoxifen and have terrible hot flashes. My friend told me that sepia can help. She takes it for menopause symptoms and it works. But I am not sure if it is good for me ( worry about estrogen).
    I would be very grateful if you could help me.
    Thank you. Tamara

  30. I am 46 yrs. old, 5′ tall and 105 lbs. with a history of fibroids & cysts. I was a gymnast so I didn’t begin menses until I was 17, and I was never regular. Typical cycle was 6-7 weeks. I had a hysterectomy 10years ago due to a massive fibroid (over 2 lbs). I did take birth control pills for 2 years thinking they were “safe.” Periods were irregular before and after takingbthe pill.
    I have 2 grown children ages 22 and 20. Since the children came along, my sex drive has decreased over the years to nothing. I have done a ton of reading and am considering taking sepia but wasn’t sure the concentration or the dosage.

  31. Susanne Watson says:

    I started with SEPIA.
    WHY only 2x per week
    and not 1 every day???

  32. Hello Doctor,
    my dad is suffering from lower backache n it moves to left leg also with numbness and tingling sensation in lower leg n foot. He couldn’t walk , sit n stand for more than 5 or 10mins. He is suffering from this pain since 6 months. Now its worsen than before. Allopathy seems not much effective in treating this pain as it gives relief for short time only. What do u suggest for him?

  33. Inget sad every time i take sepia 200 over the lastmfew weeks. Deos that mean i am proving and should chose another one for menopausal problems.

  34. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am experiencing hot flashes, neck tension and vaginal dryness with Menopause. Mostly have hot flashes as soon as I lie down and wake in the night with one and as soon as I move in the morning. Research is showing sepia could help. What dosage should I take? Thanks for the help!

  35. Robin Peagler says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning at the onset of menopause. I am told that I smell like hormonal imbalance, a malodorous perfume smell that can overtake an entire room. I also have hair loss. Do you think Sepia would be the proper remedy for this condition?

    Thank you
    Robin Peagler

  36. Khadija hassan says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am 44 year old woman I was bleeding since 4 months in between DnE have done. As per doctor advise my Utrus walls were much thick.but it couldn’t stops my bleeding process kindly don’t keep my letter is ur history so any one could read me.plz let me know what medicine works other then Sepia and what number I was have herbal medicine by herbs doctor but it is not stopping my periods plz do help me I am tired now my hemoglobin is normal 11.10 so please prescribe an accurate medicine for me.

  37. Menopausal, not had a period for 18 months, have only hot flushes in the night and do not sleep well. Heard sepia could help?

  38. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I had breast cancer in 2010, lumpectomy was done, followed by chymo and radiation. Now I am on arimidex 1 mg. I get very strong hot flashes, my oncologist tried many meds but nothing worked. My daughter told me that her friends’s mom had breast cancer and now she’s using Sepia and she felt better but the question is, how can I make sure it’s good for me? I am experiencing herniated disc leading to sciatica in my right leg and ulnar nerve damage in my left hand. therefore, Iam taking Gabapentin, Celebrex, Bacloven, for pain killer I take oxycodone 1 every 6 hours. So with all thoses meds can I still take the Sepia ? if yes, what is the dosage required?
    Btw, I am 54 years old
    Thx for your patience and your help, have a wonderful and healty life

  39. hi!

    My daughter 13.5 yr old, she face lots of pain during manstrual period.
    Specially first 2 days. what medicine do you suggest to get releif.


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  41. age-27, loose vagina,dryness of vagina at the time of sex and body sensation is nill;

  42. my wife is now very cool she have no sexual desire at all i am very sad pls suggest me

  43. Anne McAlpine says:

    Hi Doc

    I have just started to take sepia for my menopausal symptoms. How long do I take this for?.


  44. Hi Doc,
    Anything I have turns immediately into gas(flatulence)and i have this urge to use the washroom & in case I supress it-I get “sinking ‘ feeling.And the urging is most of the time effectual.Hre I must mention that my digestion is good.I am 51years of age .I thnk I am undergoing the menopausal phase.I get severe hunger pangs & have to eat immediately or else i feel terribly weak as if i would collapse.I have stopped going out coz of my gas problem & irritable bowel syndrome.Initialy the sinking sensation came several times in a day.But after having Lachasis I improved a lot but the flatulence & IBS still troubles me.Now i am taking pulsatila-30 & sepia-30 altrnatively along with Razo-D(for gas),Inderal(beta blocker) & Buspin.
    I would be very grateful if u cud help my gas problem.

  45. catherine says:

    Have not noticed anything yet? i am taking sepia 6c(125 tablets) one week,
    How long before i notice anything?

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