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Menopause Homeopathic Treatment

MenopausessaManaging Menopause safely with Homeopathy

As the controversy regarding the use of hormone for treating menopause deepens, the need for a completely harmless treatment becomes stronger than ever, and a notable shift is now seen with more and more people opting for safer systems of medicine like homeopathy.

Talking about safety, the need arises for the treatment free from short- term as well as long-term side-effects.


Menopause is a normal change in the body functioning and means the end of menstruation. After a year of no menstruation a women is said to have gone through menopause. It is the final result of a gradual decline in the functioning of the ovaries. The ovaries are a set of organs in females that produce eggs for fertilization, and a female sex hormone called oestrogen. As women reach menopause their periods become irregular and scanty, until they permanently cease. In some women the periods cease suddenly. Menopause usually occurs between the age of 45-52, although in some it may start as early as the late thirties and the early forties.

Symptoms of menopause in women passing through this phase may range from hardly any to severe ones. One of the symptoms that may cause great discomfort, embarrassment and also sleeplessness is hot flushes – it is a feeling of extreme heat, mostly in the upper parts of the body, accompanied by drenching sweats. These hot flushes gradually subside over a year or two but in some it may even continue up to five years. Homoeopathic medicines Sepia, Amyl Nitrite and Lachesis, if used under proper guidance, can give excellent results in treating these dreadful flushes.

Loss of vaginal lubrication and elasticity during menopause results in difficult intercourse and irritation in the urinary tract. Homoeopathic medicine Sepia is recommended for decreased libido and low sexual energy, and Lycopodium is recommended for treating vaginal dryness. Irritability and sudden mood fluctuations may result out of the hormonal change occurring in the body in addition to the stress of aging. Homoeopathic medicine Speia is one of the leading medicines in treating the symptoms of menopause with irritability and indifferent behaviour.

Pulsatilla may be useful in women who undergo sudden mood fluctuations and depict emotional instability. In some cases psychological symptoms may worsen and symptoms of clinical depression — excessive weeping, sadness, feeling of loneliness, sleeplessness and reduced social interaction — are also seen. Homoeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara can be a great boon for such patients.

One of the main effects of menopause is osteoporosis. It is a progressive loss and weakening of the bones. Bone mass losses on an average 1-2 per cent/year after menopause and results in easy fractures and other symptoms related with osteoporosis such as backache, pain in bones, etc. Homoeopathic medicine Calcarea Carb can be a “sight for sore eyes” for those women who are undergoing osteoporosis. It helps in decreasing the loss of calcium from bones and also increasing its absorption from the food that we eat.

Natural approach to menopause

Increase calcium intake : Increase your dietary intake of calcium. Calcium is found in dairy products–milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc. At least two glasses of milk are recommended for women undergoing or heading for menopause.

Exercise: Adequate exercise is a must for menopausal and post-menopausal women, as it reduces the rate of loss of calcium. Women who exercise less generally develop more osteoporosis.

Latest research: Soya foods have been found to contain natural phyto-estrogens that are very helpful in menopausal and post-menopausal women. The potential health benefits are the reduction of hot flushes and vaginal dryness, protection against coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer.

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  1. Hi
    I am 37 mother of 6years old girl. I have delivered child with c-sec and undergone abortion of 5weeks 3years back.
    Last 8-9 months my periods have reduced from 5days to 1day. Pls suggest if there is any homeopathy medicine to stop early meno puase

  2. Surendra Sìñgh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My wife’s age is 55 and she is having serious attack of spondylitis and vertigo and vomiting for few days in every month.
    I am a vet and due to my interest in homeopathy I use to give her the conium30 for vertigo. This time she had vertigo and pain in every movement so I gave her the Bryonia 200 and she got relived.
    What other medicine you would like to proscribe for her??

    Dr s s bagga
    Jabalpur MP

  3. Hello Dr Sharma, Im 57 years-old, suffering permanent vaginal burning sensation. I do not want go for HRT so I hope you can help me with this problem and I also stop feeling hot all the time. Thanks

  4. Kiki Gilstrap says:

    I am desperate for the guidance of a professional who is a woman. My doctor, simce I turned 65 barely answers my questions , and we are only able to discuss about an “eighth of the pie”, so to speak. Medicare says no to Premarin. I have been on anti-depressants since the age of 40. Had a complete hysterectomy at 45. Since medicare has butted in, I am an emotional and physical wreck. I have always had the confidence that my doctor could really help me out. I feel like I have been tossed out into oblivion, because he cannot provide the help I need due to the interference of Medicare. I am VERY depressed, and full of rage. I am a walking raw nerve. I need help. I have the state plan as secondary.

  5. Kiki Gilstrap says:

    I am desperate for the guidance of a professional who is a woman. My doctor, simce I turned 65 bearely answers my questions , and we are only able to discuss about an “eighth of the pie”, so to speak. Medicare says no to Premarin. I have been on anti-depressants since the age of 40. Had a complete hysterectomy at 45. Since medicare has butted in, I am an emotional and physical wreckL I have always had the confidence that my doctor could really help me out. I feel like I have been tossed out into oblivion, because he cannot provide the help I need due to the interference of Medicare.i have Blue Cross/Blue Shield secondary.

  6. Srabani Banerjee says:

    I started my periods yesterday ,14th August 14th 2017 after 46 months of menopause . Bleeding is not heavy having very little bit of bleeding while passing urine
    I don’t have any pain
    Do you have any homeopathy medicine for this
    I don’t want to go for allopathy
    Thank you

  7. Cheryl Hobson says:

    I had a partial Hysterectomy age 21, Now at the age of 67, my body feels so hot,like I’m on fire. I can put one of those Ice packs on my head, back of my neck, and one on my back. They thaw out in 20 to 30 minutes. After had my surgery, They put me on hormone shots one time per week ,then 2 times once a week , which almost drove me nuts. I finally met a Doctor who put me on premarnin. When I turned 46 another Doctor took me off of the meds. Now I’m 67, and I’m irritable, and have bad headaches, along with this being Hot all day and though out the night. I’m taking alot of Meds, and I do not know what to do.

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  9. My wife she 42 feel regularly irriate, stress,tens,short tempered,get nurvous, not sleep well, catches meaning of each word interpetate wrongly – ve thought etc. Recall all past word incident stick on past, earlier she was very well now she get depress. I understand hormanal change but how i can educate her. Wht are the treatment plz suggest

  10. Burning sensation in head and dizziness

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  14. sharada u shetty says:

    Dear Madam

    heavy bleeding and blood colt is discharging please advice me and bleeing is not stoping. please advice me regarding food and medicin

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  20. I am suffering from missing periods problem.and weight gain because of it

  21. tandra jha says:

    very much hot flushing.veginal dryness.nolibido.painin intercourse.bed smell fromvagina.uneasyfeeling

  22. Josechacko says:

    dear sirplease guide me where will be held this tininrag camp and how can I participate in this camp?thanks & regardsDr.Ajay Kumar SharmaB.A.M.S., DNYS,CTY BHU09839524392

  23. Yes, I know that Washington University School of Medicine is presently wirokng on a vaccine and drugs for derailing HSV-1 and HSV 2. Do I believe that Boigetica has the cure? No. That would be front page news everywhere. The scientists at that company would never have to work again ..It would be like Smallpox .BIG news, eradicated! (only to come sweeping back through)

  24. I have gone through menopause without many problems. However, I have mood swings, feel lonely, tearful at times which I do privately. My main problem is that my libido seems non existent. This is causing problems in my relationship as this side of our relationship has always been very healthy. Please advise.

  25. Asha Prasad says:

    My mono-pause had occurred at the age of 44 and I am now 56. Recently from last one year severe pain during intercourse is causing a serious concern for me and my husband.There is lack of lubrication. But, even after using full lubrication the pain during intercourse is not subsidised which is a real worry. I have consulted the gynecologist who prescribed Estrogen in cream form but I did not get relief.
    Kindly prescribe me homeopathy remedy for this so that i get rid of the problem for ever.


  26. NEELUM KUMAR says:




  27. shepra singh says:

    feeling alone dullness weakness

  28. Bula Biswas says:

    My wife age 50. I see menoposal effect my wife. simtoms is Hot Flashes, low sleep, sort temper.
    She is thiroed paitent 20 years eat pill & high blood pressure.
    Please advice me.

  29. Rajashree Anilkumar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma:

    I am 49 years old and I was going through peri menopause symptom of irregular periods. Went to specialist and did all kinds of tests. Everything was normal. But to regularize periods she put me into hormone pills. I got severe side effects of high B.P. and hence my neurologist asked me to stop. Now I came to know about natural ways of treating menopause in homeopathy. Please will you be able suggest some remedies. I am settled in Canada exactly in Brampton. If you have any clinics here I will be more than happy to go and consult the physician there. Your advise is highly appreciated.

    Rajashree Anilkumar

  30. Eve Mcintosh says:

    Hi would love help with not sleeping after going through menopause and very depressed, I’ve had a partial hysterectomy only left ovaries which are now not working for more than 2 years. So have been in this stage for many years not sure when menopause started and finished because there was no bleeding. And moods were bad for a long time for no reason.

  31. Lynda Abenchiker says:

    I’m 67 years old. I used HRT patches for 14 years (which I was given at the age of 49 as I had signs of osteoporosis).
    I stopped using the patches 4 years ago…quite suddenly as the company stopped making the patches I was using (oestrogen with progesteron), I had already decided I didn’t want to put chemicals in my body any more anyway.
    Since then I have been lucky as the only symptoms I have are hot flushes, but I would like not to suffer from them. I’ve tried so many different natural ways, including soya and sepia, but nothing works so far.
    I’m very careful with my diet eating only healthy food I prepare myself.
    What would you recommend?

  32. fiona smith says:

    hi im 52 now but have been menopuse for near 6-7 years with hot flushes day and night cant sleep at night very very sore back, knees, finger, and ankle joints im working and im so so tierd im feeling like my life has come to a end im very active have been most of my life had horses for near 20 years mucking out stables every day and riding most days im off work, but i have had problems with my hips as well so im not riding anymore and im so upset it was my life i loved it , well yesterday i mucked out 2 stables and picked up poos in field and to day i feel iv just had a round with a boxer in a ring im so sore back,knees, and stiff as a board ,its getting me so down i cry a lot and had a little depresion ,i feel like im an old lady in my late seventy some or most days its started affecting my work as im taken time of as im so all i can sa is feeling done iv been to the docs and all i get is pain killers to take ,can you help me in any way my life is passing me by oh and i like going on my husbands bike and its to much now please help .thank you so much fiona smith

  33. Mrs Leena says:

    iam undergoing manopause ,suffering severe headache, mood swing,irritibility and back ache, please help

  34. Por favor dígame que usted va a seguir con esto! Es tan excelente y tan importante. No puedo esperar a leer adicional de su parte. Me siento como si supieras lo sustancial y sé cómo hacer que la gente escuche lo que tienes que decir. Este blog es simplemente demasiado frío para ser perdido. Buen material, en serio. Por favor, POR FAVOR ¡Seguid así!

  35. Respected Sir,
    I am a 48 year old working woman.Cervical Spondylitis had started some 3 years ago. I already have acidity. Last year allergy problem started (lip swelling & body rashes). When I took alopathic allergy medicine, severe throat pain started which would not go away. Lot of tests were conducted like diabetes, thyroid, lipid profile, vitamin D3 and vitamin B. Only vitamin D3 was found to be deficient (around 8)(other tests were normal). After the throat pain subsided, severe coughing started (which was diagnosed as asthma after lung test was conducted). Now, I have to take pump inhalation daily for the same. Kindly advise homeopathic medicine for low immunity, asthma Vitamin D3 deficiency and spondilytis.
    Thanks and regards,
    K Shah

  36. Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 47 year old woman. For the last month or so, I have a lot of trouble staying asleep. I fall asleep easily but wake up 2-3 hours later and stay up, sometimes for at least 2-3 hours and at other times all night. This is taking a toll on my mental state. I alternatively feel hot and cold at night. I change covers frequently to adjust to the temperature. I find that when I am awake at night, I feel anxious, perhaps because I am trying hard to sleep. I get palpitations at night. I have been going through some personal stresses where a lot of self-doubt is creeping in. I have tried Ars Alb. 30 C before bedtime, Kali Carb 30C and coffee Cruda 30C before bedtime and I am not sure it works. I have tried valerian root and melatonin and that helps me fall asleep but it does not help me stay asleep. I am generally a happy person and get along well with people. I don’t want to take any allopathic medications if possible. Please help me. I need to know what I can take to sleep.

    Thank you so much

  37. Mrs Lakshmi J says:

    Hot flushes,prespiration at night,pain in the arms (biceps)tendonitis,disturbed sleep at night,wake up in the morning with sleepiness and heaviness in the head,headache during periods,severe hair loss.

  38. Shaniqua says:

    What is your thought on sublingual drops for hormone balancing at for menopause hormone balancing?


  39. Hi
    I am 36 years old and I am not getting my period fromlast 2 years. Doctorstart giving me birth control pil so that period can come, but still it’s very low. I don’t understand what to do. I am marriedand my sexual time is very less. Seems like very scary part of life. I start having dark spots on my skin too. That’s very disturbing me these days. Please help me

  40. kalpana says:

    My age is 51 yrs and passing through the menopause. I am facing problem like insomnia, triger finger with pain below the fingernear the joint I.e. in he palm doctor says, here is swelling and needs to be operated. Yesterday my mouth was suddenly filling with water. Basically my habits re to be and keep my house very tidy. Even I have an urge to clean others house if it is not tidy. Like sweets. Illness aggravates when in rest.

  41. anju narula says:

    sir; i m very disturb with menopause’ anxity ‘very fast heart beat’sleepless’i m just 40 years.pls.suggest me any medicine

  42. Dear,Am in menopause & i have problem of low sex drive(eroticism & orgasm),While intercourse i feel pain full,The breast less sensation,When i asked my Dr. she said that u need to take testosterone hormone,Do u have testosterone in homeopathy it will much less side effect if i take it in allopathy way,

  43. Lorrienne says:

    AS a woman fast approaching menopause I found your article very interesting. Thanks for the great read.

  44. hi ,
    i am suffering a problem and that is when ever i talk to and girl or watch any porn movie i suffer from lubrication problem and frankly specking i do masturbation last 10 year and because of that my sexual time is very less i am not married but after 6 month i will be married . please suggest me the proper homeopathic treatment .

    i shell be very think full to u for this act of kindness


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