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Causes of blood clots during menstrual bleeding and its Homeopathic Remedies

Many females pass small clots during menstrual bleeding once in a while and that is absolutely normal. These are composed of tissues of the uterine lining, blood cells, mucus and proteins. But passing large clots frequently during menses could arise from some medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated. The first medical reason behind it is uterine fibroids. These are benign (non – cancerous) growths made of muscle and connective tissue in the uterus. Fibroids can cause passage of blood clots in the menstrual blood along with other symptoms including prolonged periods, pelvic pain, menstrual cramps, intermenstrual bleeding, painful intercourse, back pain and pain in the legs.

Another cause could be endometriosis. It refers to the growth of endometrial tissue, normally lining the mucous membrane of uterus, in areas other than uterus like in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, rectum, intestines and the urinary bladder. It can lead to heavy menstrual bleeding with clots, painful periods, pelvic pain, painful urination, painful intercourse, pain in the rectum and bleeding from the urinary bladder or rectum at the same time as that of menstrual bleeding.

Blood clots may also arise in cases of uterine polyps (small soft fleshy growths developing in the lining of the uterus). Blood clots may also pass during heavy bleeding at menopause time. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) could also lead to heavy bleeding with clots. Another reason is adenomysosis (a condition in which endometrial tissue of the uterus grows in the muscle wall of the uterus). Its symptoms include heavy menstrual bleeding with clots, long duration of menstrual bleeding, painful periods, painful intercourse, bleeding in between the periods and bloating. Rest of the reasons might include thyroid disorders, bleeding disorders (like platelet function disorders and von Willebrand’s disease which is a bleeding disorder in which blood does not clot properly) and cancer of the uterus or the cervix.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic mode of treatment carries a great scope to manage passing of blood clots during menstrual bleeding. By treating the root cause behind the blood clots during menses homeopathic medicines bring excellent results. Along with blood clots, any attending symptoms are also well managed with homeopathic medicines like heavy menstrual bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding(bleeding in between the periods), pain during menses and early periods before time. Homeopathic medicines for treating this condition are made of natural substances, hence are very safe to use without any toxic side effects. Homeopathic prescription to treat passing blood clots during menses varies from case to case based on the cause behind it and characteristic individual symptoms. So any of these medicines should be taken under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor after detail case evaluation and self-medication should be avoided. Some of the causes behind blood clots during periods can be quite serious so it is advised to always get your case evaluated by a doctor to find out the reason behind it and its appropriate timely treatment. In case of serious causes, it is advised to take help from conventional mode of treatment as homeopathy has a limitation in handling such cases.

Homeopathic Medicines For Blood Clots During Menstrual Bleeding

1. Sabina – Top Recommended Medicine

Sabina is the most prominent medicine in homeopathy to manage complaint of passing blood clots during menstrual bleeding. This medicine is used when the menstrual bleeding is partly fluid and party clotted. The bleeding is quite heavy, bright red and the clots are dark in colour. The slightest motion makes the bleeding worse. The blood has a foul smell in most of the cases. The menses may last for longer duration than normal. Bleeding is attended with pain. The characteristic feature of pain is that it extends from the sacrum (a bone at the bottom of the spine formed by the fusion of five sacral vertebrae) to the pubes (lower abdomen area in front of the pelvis). In cases needing this medicine, intermenstrual bleeding can also occur medically called metrorrhagia. Sabina is a top-ranked medicine for managing cases of uterine fibroids.

2. Thlaspi – For Heavy, Prolonged Periods With Clots

Thlaspi is an effective medicine to manage heavy, prolonged periods with blood clots in the bleeding. The bleeding is bright red. The periods tend to last anytime between 8 to 15 days. The periods may also have a tendency to come early before the time. The females needing it haven’t even recovered from previous periods when the next periods start. Periods cause exhaustion. Like Sabina, this medicine is also indicated for treating uterine fibroids.

 3. China – With Distended Abdomen

China is a highly beneficial medicine for managing clots in the menstrual bleeding with distension of the abdomen. The menses come early in cases needing it and also occur with heavy flow with dark clots. The menstrual blood is dark. After menses there occurs great weakness and trembling.

4. Platina – With Pain In Abdomen

Platina is a well-indicated medicine for managing pinching pain in the abdomen during bleeding. Dark-clotted bleeding occurs during menses. The menses occur early and last for short time. The flow is thick with foul smell. Bearing down sensation is felt in the uterus.

5. Crocus Sativus – For Dark Clotted Stringy Bleeding

This medicine is recommended to manage cases of dark clotted stringy bleeding during menses. The menses though come at proper time but last for a long duration. The bleeding is also profuse. Pain during the periods also occurs. The bleeding is attended with headache, backache, vertigo and weakness also. There is also tendency to intermenstrual bleeding with dark stringy bleeding in clots where this medicine is required.

6. Pulsatilla – For Late Periods With Clots

This medicine is recommended when periods occur late with passing of blood clots. Flow is more during daytime when walking. The bleeding is dark and thick. There is pain during menses with a chilly feeling. There is tendency of irregular periods in most of the cases requiring this medicine.

7. Ipecac – When Attended With Nausea And Vomiting

Ipecac is a well-indicated medicine for heavy bleeding with blood clots attended with nausea and vomiting. With every effort to vomit, bleeding increases. Cutting type of pain around the navel is also present in cases needing it. Pressure over the uterus is also felt. Headache and dizziness may attend the above-mentioned  complaints. The periods may occur several times in a month with bleeding in large clots. Weakness occurs after menses.

8. Cyclamen – For Early Black-Clotted Menses

This medicine is useful for managing early black-clotted menstrual bleeding. The bleeding is profuse and occurs frequently. Bleeding is less when moving about. Before menses, the abdomen is swollen and bloated. During menses, pain is felt in the lower back that radiates to the abdomen and pubes.

9. Murex – For Irregular Heavy Menses With Large Clots

Murex is helpful when there is irregular, heavy menses with passage of large clots in the bleeding. Pain is also felt during periods. The uterus feels sore. There is weakness and pain in the back. A downward pressure in the uterine region occurs. This medicine is also indicated when large blood clots pass during bleeding at the time of menopause.



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  1. Tayyaba Usman says:

    I have fibroids and bleeding is too heavy with abdomen pain (severe pain) and clots are dark in colour and feel warm
    I can’t stand or walk as the flow of bleeding very frequent
    I m very pale and feeling exhausted
    Which medicine is suitable for me

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