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Homeopathic Medicines for painful Menses

Having periods or menses is literally nothing short of a pain for women and if this is accompanied by real pain, the ordeal only gets tougher. Homeopathic remedies for menstrual pain during periods is very effective in providing relief from the pain. These remedies for pain during periods are made of natural substances and are free from any side effects. These completely safe natural medicines work to end the root cause of the pain during periods. Homeopathic Remedies for Menstrual Pain 

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Menstrual Pain

1. Magnesium Phoshphorica: For Cramping or Shooting Pain during Periods

Natural Homeopathic medicine Magnesium Phoshphorica is the best homeopathic pain relief medicine during periods. For using this Homeopathic medicine, the pain can be of cramping, shooting or cutting nature, mainly in the lower abdomen. The pain is always relieved by warm applications on abdomen. Putting pressure on abdomen also reduces the pain. The pains are accompanied by extreme flatulence in abdomen with colic.

2. Belladonna: For Pain in Lower Back during Periods

Belladona is a very beneficial remedy for treating pains during periods. Belladonna is mainly given to patients who complain of excessive pains in lower back that extend from hip to hip. Such pains get worse by touch. The bleeding during periods is bright red, profuse and hot. Headache usually accompanies the bleeding. Tightly binding the head provides relief from headache.

3. Kalium Carbonicum: For Pain in back, abdomen and hips during Menses

Kalium Carbonicum is a natural medicine that is of great help for dealing with pain during menses. This Homeopathic medicine is prescribed for cutting pains in abdomen, back and hips. Backache is most severe. The patient gets relief from backache by sitting or by applying pressure on back.

4. Viburnum Opulus: For Cramping pain in Abdomen during Periods

Viburnum Opulus is the top natural medicine for patients who suffer from colicky or crampy pain in abdomen during periods. The pains get worse in the lower abdomen. The pains also extend down to the thighs. The blood flow during periods is very scanty and lasts only for a few hours.

5. Lachesis Mutus: For Severe pain during starting of periods

Lachesis Mutus is the best remedy for women who complain of pain during periods which is worse in the beginning of periods. As soon as the complete blood flow is established, the pain disappears. The bleeding during periods is usually scanty in nature. Duration of periods is also short. Excessive hot flushes are felt by women requiring Lachesis Mutus. Tight clothing around the waist is unbearable.

6. Pulsatilla Pratensis: For Pain during Periods at Puberty

Pulsatilla Pratensis is the best natural medicine to treat the pain during periods in girls at puberty. The pains are worse in lower abdomen and back. The intensity of pains is severe, leading to cries from the patient. The bleeding during periods is very scanty and irregular. Extreme chilliness is felt along with pains. However, in spite of chills, the patient desires fresh, open air. Nausea and loose stool can also be present along with pains. The patients requiring this medicine have no thirst for water.

 7. Ammonium Carbonicum: For Diarrhoea during Painful Menses

Ammonium Carbonicum is an excellent natural medicine for women who complain of diarrhea during painful periods. The patient requiring this medicine complains of loose stool with gripping pain in the lower abdomen during periods. Diarrhoea gets worse at the beginning of periods. Diarrhoea and painful periods are accompanied by fatigue and weakness. Weakness is felt especially in the thighs. The bleeding during periods is abundant and acrid. Chilliness is also experienced in addition to loose stool and pain during periods.

8. Sepia Officinalis and Nux Vomica: For Pain during Periods with Constipation

Both natural medicines Sepia Officinalis and Nux Vomica are top remedies for constipation at the time of painful periods. Sepia Officinalis is given to women who complain of difficult stool or poop during painful periods. Stool is very hard and passes out in small round balls. The pains in the womb of bearing down character predominate. Women feel that the pelvic organs are coming out through vulva at the time of periods. The periods are always irregular in these women. Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is the top remedy when women have the constant desire to pass stool with pain during periods. The stool is very scanty. The pain in the lower abdomen gets better after passing out stool. But soon the pain reappears with an urge to pass stool. The periods are prolonged and accompanied by fainting.

9. Ferrum Phosphoricum: For Fever during Periods with Pain

Ferrum Phosphoricum is a natural medicine that holds a great promise to lower down the temperature during painful periods. There is excessive heat in body. The periods occur frequently with much pain in womb and head. The blood is bright red during periods. Vomiting out undigested food may also be experienced along with fever and pain. Women requiring this medicine are always anaemic.

10. Cinchona Officinalis: For Pain during Periods with Excessive Weakness

Cinchona Officinalis is the best remedy for extreme weakness during painful periods. This medicine suits all those women who have heaviness and pain in pelvic organs during periods with profuse bleeding. As a consequence, weakness follows. Large clotted pieces of blood are also shed from the uterus during periods. The abdomen remains bloated due to flatus.

11. Ipecacuanha: Painful Periods with Nausea

Ipecacuanha is the top ranked natural remedy for nausea during painful periods. This medicine can be taken by all those women who have persistent nausea during periods with pain in the lower abdomen. The bleeding is very profuse and bright red in colour during periods.

12. For Painful Periods with Vomiting

The natural medicines that give good results in treating cases of painful periods along with vomiting are Bryonia Alba, Pulsatilla Pratensis and Veratrum Album. Bryonia Alba is the ideal remedy when the vomiting gets worse after eating during painful periods. The pains get worse by motion and better by rest. Excessive thirst for water is felt by women. Pulsatilla Pratensis is the best remedy when vomiting during periods is accompanied by nausea and chilliness. Thirst is completely absent. Veratrum Album is recommended when both vomiting and diarrhea occur during painful periods. All discharges, be it stool, vomiting or menstrual blood, are substantial. Excessive coldness and exhaustion are marked symptoms.

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  1. Aastha rani says:

    Hello sir,
    Meri problem ye hai ki 1st day of period bohot jaada pain rhti h lower abdomen pe aur vomiting bhi bohot jaada hoti hai..aur pain unbearable hoti hai..aur mujhe constipation aur gas ki bohot jaada problem hai..

  2. Muhammad Yousaf says:

    Hello Dr sharma
    May i get medicine name menstrual pain.
    As menses ready to to start. The pain also start. Menses started severe pain start in lower abdomen,legs,and back side. When stool pas pain increase. Large Coagulateed blood pass out with pain. No realeave in pain in any condition. Patient crying during pain.
    Ages 25 year. Married
    Please suggest medicine

  3. Tahir Hasan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma my daughter is 24 and since her menses started 9 years back it is an ordeal . She has severe lower abdominal pain colicky radiating to upper thighs vomiting diarrhea and passing of clots of blood there is also great pain in lower back so much we have to massage her kindly provide a remedy. Her ultrasound done was normal. Thanks

  4. Stomach pain leg pain back pain over bleeding
    Solution please age 15 8days period start date 38dayas

  5. What about migraines with vomiting that start before and after period? Would Lachesis Mutus work?

  6. I am shobha 31 years l am married suffering from period pain last 15 years period time three days stomach pain heavily

    • Monika Gupta says:

      Hi Dr Sharma my daughter is 20 years old. She has really bad lower back and abdomen pain, every month during her periods. She also feels nauseous and change in behavior, she gets very uncomfortable and short tempered.
      Please suggest medicine which can help her.

  7. Dr M Hasan Raza says:

    Sir I am sured that you are working well for humankind.

  8. Dr. Debabrota Biswas says:

    Lycopodium 1m
    Two dose

  9. My daughter aged 20 yrs had severe pain during periods last 5 years. She also vomit during period & feel gas & if she eats then vomit it & pain gets worse. Pl help dr

  10. P S Subramanian says:

    My sister is have mences problem and is having fibroid growth which is painful. Please guide.

  11. shrooti says:

    hello sir, i have pcos problem and its not curing at all i have tried lot many remedies but didn’t show any effect on it.

    • Aastha sharma says:

      Hello sir,
      Meri problem ye hai ki 1st day of period bohot jaada pain rhti h lower abdomen pe aur vomiting bhi bohot jaada hoti hai..aur pain unbearable hoti hai..aur mujhe constipation aur gas ki bohot jaada problem age is 22 years.

  12. No mention of excessive hunger or headaches during menses?
    Please add these symptoms

  13. Gunasundari says:

    Hello sharma sir,

    My best wishes for the successful career,
    Pls, let give me the tips to attain a regular period and to prevent from pcod problem.I’m not sure adrenal glands takes role for the harmone changes.could you explain that pls..(like put arms in the hands,excess weight)sugar problem may also occur during the absence of period and harmone changes is that right?plz explain the too. And my last question, is 37yrs old,for the past 2yrs I have mensural problem (irregular peripod I.e every 5mths)and I put weight and arms unexpectedly. And just because of these, I got knee pain.I cannot get down in the steps. I can walk but its not quite normal,the pain was like suluku in Tamil, even I may get slipped down.can you tell me sir what kind of osteo problem is this,if possible,tell me any simple remedy for the knee pain.
    On nama sivaya

  14. Arpita Dutta says:

    I am suffering from voice crack since last November. I am a teacher by profession. Plz suggest me immediate remedy . During conversation I experience slight pain in the throat.l fear that this doesn’t become a permanent disorder.

  15. snah khan says:

    I want to talk about my sister since 7 month non stop I bleeding i am heomophatc practionar I tried medicine bell puls I peace viber num .f.phos.sabina.ambra.calaria car.

    Bryonia please call me urgent we are so worried about her metrorrahiga

    • Ramakrishna says:

      Try,Arnica 1 M Moring 1 dose and evening 1 dose. Also please check with good allopathy doctor to make sure there is no other problem!

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