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Homeopathic Remedies for Bleeding Between Periods or Inter Menstrual Bleeding

Homeopathic medicines for periods every few days
Bleeding through the vagina that occurs any time in between the expected date of normal menstrual cycle or periods is known as Inter Menstrual Bleeding. It may also occur in women around the menopausal period. The medical term for Inter Menstrual Bleeding is Metrorrhagia. The causes include fibroid uterus, polyp in uterus, endometriosis, adenomyosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and malignancies. The Homeopathic mode of treatment with the use of natural medicines can effectively cure Inter Menstrual Bleeding or Metrorrhagia. Homeopathic remedies for Inter menstrual bleeding strikes at the crux of the problem. They are completely safe and have no side effects and are of great help in the treatment of Inter Menstrual Bleeding.

Homeopathic Remedies for Bleeding between Periods

Metrorrhagia or Inter Menstrual Bleeding is a curable disorder with natural Homeopathic medicines. The most suitable Homeopathic medicines out of a wide range are prescribed after preparing a proper case study of the affected woman. Special observation is made to find out the character of blood and presence or absence of pain. Efforts are also made to find out any physical, mental or pathological cause leading to Inter Menstrual Bleeding. The mental cause can be emotional excitement, anger, fright, etc. The physical cause can be any injury or exertion. The pathological condition can be fibroid or endometriosis. After taking details of the patient, the best Homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat Inter Menstrual Bleeding. The natural Homeopathic treatment for inter menstrual bleeding regularises the menstrual cycles or periods.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Inter Menstrual Bleeding

1. Sabina: For Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Sabina is very beneficial in treating abnormal vaginal bleeding occurring in between the menstrual cycle. Sabina is prescribed when the blood is partly fluid and partly clotted. Homeopathic medicine Sabina is also the best natural remedyforInter Menstrual Bleeding that occurs as a result of fibroids in uterus and during menopause. For use of Sabina, the character of blood — fluid blood mixed with clots — should also match with the causative factor, either fibroid or menopause. The women needing Homeopathic medicine Sabina mostly suffer from increase in bleeding from the slightest motion. The bleeding is also very excessive in addition to its occurrence at an unusual time.

2. Thlaspi: For Bleeding in between periods with Pain or Cramping

Thlaspi is the top natural medicine when a woman experiences bleeding in between periods that is accompanied by violent uterine pains that are colicky (start and stop abruptly) or cramping in nature. The cause can varyin different women like fibroid in uterus, menopause or cancer of uterus. Large clots may pass along with the blood. The bleeding may also be accompanied by backache.

3. Trillium Pendulum: For Bleeding in between periods with Pain in Hips and Back

Trillium Pendulum is another natural medicine of great help in treating bleeding that occurs in between periods. The foremost symptomfor using Trillium Pendulum is severe pain in hips and back along with Inter Menstrual Vaginal Bleeding. The pains are so severe that the woman feels that the hips and back will break into pieces. Another symptom that calls for the use of Trillium Pendulum is that the bleeding is bright red in colour. Homeopathic remedy Trillium Pendulum is also very beneficial in the treatment of Inter Menstrual Bleeding due to fibroid or menopausal concerns, but that is when the symptoms of pain and bright red colour bleeding stand out prominently.

4. China: For Bleeding in between Periods leading to Exhaustion

Natural medicine China is the best remedy when bleeding in between the normal menstrual cycle is accompanied by exhaustion, weakness or even faintness. Homeopathic medicine China helps in putting a halt to the bleeding as well as removing the weakness.

5. Calcarea Carb: Inter Menstrual Bleeding due to Uterine Polyps, Fibroid

Calcarea Carb is the ideal natural medicine when Inter Menstrual Bleeding occurs due to uterine polyps and fibroid.  The bleeding occurs very frequently and is profuse. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carb is of great help in stopping vaginal bleeding occurring from the slightest mental excitement. The woman may also complain of excessive chilliness, especially cold feet, during the bleeding episodes.

6. Phosphorus: For Scanty Bleeding in between Periods

Phosphorus is considered the top natural medicine when the woman experiences slight vaginal bleeding in between periods. Uterine hemorrhage in between periods due to fibroids, polyps and cancer of uterus is also very effectively treated by Homeopathic remedy Phosphorus. The blood is bright red in most cases.

7. Natural Medicines for Bleeding in between Menstrual Cycle due to Fibroids

Natural medicine Trillium Pendulum is very beneficial for women who experience bright red bleeding in between periods due to fibroid uterus. The bleeding can be accompanied by severe backache and pain in hips. Hamamelis is the best natural medicine when the Inter Menstrual Bleeding is dark coloured. Backache may even be associated with this medicine. Thlaspi is the natural cure for bleeding in between periods due to fibroid with violent colicky or cramping uterine pains.

8. For Inter Menstrual Bleeding in Menopausal Women

Sepia is the best natural medicine for Inter Menstrual Bleeding during menopause. Sepia is selected when the symptoms along with menopause are of hot flushes, irritability, sadness and uterine haemorrhages. The bleeding may be accompanied by a characteristic bearing down sensation in the uterus. Thlaspi is the ideal Homeopathic choice when the bleeding is present with violent uterine cramping or colicky pains. The bleeding is also very profuse.

9. For Bleeding in between Periods due to Exertion

Ambra Grisea is a natural medicine that is very beneficial when the slightest of exertion leads to menstrual bleeding. Helonias is the ideal remedy for women who have a relaxed atonic uterus with much general weakness. The relaxed uterus predisposes to bleeding in between periods from exertion.

10. For Bleeding in between Periods from Injury

Both Arnica and Hamamelis are effective natural medicines for tackling cases of Inter Menstrual Bleeding following injury after a fall or from a blow. Arnica can be used when sore bruised pains accompany uterine bleeding following an injury. Hamamelis, on the other hand, is a remedy that works well when excessive weakness is present along with uterine bleeding due to injury.

11. For Bleeding in between periods with Mental Cause

Chamomilla is beneficial when an episode of anger has led to bleeding in between periods, while Calcarea Carb is the ideal remedy in all those cases where any kind of mental excitement, including fright, brings about vaginal bleeding at an unusual time.

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  1. Soma Chatterjee says:

    I had been detected with fibroid in 2016. Had been under homeopathic medicine. From last April there was no period. Again got period on April 29th this year. There is very less bleeding but hasn’t stopped yet. Had a sonography done 6 months ago which revealed that the uterus has shrunk in size. What medicine should I take?

  2. Hi dr. I delivered a baby on 28 Nov. And after that bleeding occured as usual but after one month clots were coming with heavy bleeding I went to my doc. She gave me kyrah allopathic medicine for 21 days inorder to stop the bleeding however bleeding stopped after taking 3 ,4 pills but brown discharge continued coming and when 3,4 pills were left heavy brown discharge is coming from ,3 ,4 days I m taking pads for it so doc. Plz suggest some medicine so that my periods become regular and no brown discharge should come in between plz suggest some medicine so that I may get relief as soon as possible.

  3. Hello
    I m 35 yrs old married lady with 2 children with major operations. Infection in vegina since 2012. Used local ointments. Undergo 2 time aborted and 2-3 times take medicine after pregnancy positive test to destroy it before two months. Now suffering from inter menstrual bleeding. It bleeds red without clots. No pain. Normal pain in back. B.p remains high say 160/90. Please advise us. Kajal- from India

  4. Ruth Galan says:

    hello, im a 23yo 217lbs 5’6 woman and ive gone to many doctors without finding a real cause to my bleeding. i skip a month and then bleed for a month and never knowing when it ends. i need something to regulate my cycle. i believe its mental but also hormonal imbalance, but i have yet to be sure. no fibroids or cysts according to xrays/ulstrasound. please advise. thank you.

  5. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter age 23, facing bleeding in between period with pain & cramps, it usually occurs in summers and during stress like exams and whenever she is depressed or sad and when she over works. Please advise any natural remedy to overcome this.

  6. Khushboo sood says:

    hello i have pcod my menses is irregular & gap around 3to 4 month….. and weight also increase.
    please suggest what should we do?

  7. Hello. I am 50 years old and have had a pattern of bleeding every 2 weeks for the past few months,. I have had this problem off and on the past few years. I had a D&C, biopsy, and ultrasound 6 month ago and everything is fine. It is definitely due to hormones. I have no pain or cramping, just bleeding often. One of the periods is usually lighter than the other. What would be a good herb to take to help with this?

  8. Hello doc,
    I am experiencing spotting and mild watery discharge in between the periods since 2 months.
    Can you please suggest me homeo medicine to stop this problem immediately.

  9. Uzma sajid says:

    hi I’m fifty had a cycle after three months it’s about twelve days I’m still bleeding on and off its not much I have no pain thank God why is this mormal

  10. Hello Dr. Sharma
    My sister is just 25 years old and she has been facing heavy bleeding during periods for the last 2 years. Also her menstrual cycle is not regular. She has taken allopathic and homoeopathic both the treatments but of no use.
    Please suggest what should we do.
    Thank you

  11. Dear Doctor,my daughter is 11years 6months old,attained puberty 9m0nths back.she gets her periods once in 12days with heavy flow.her ultrascan and blood reports are normal with Hemoglbin 11.Gynecologist suggested hormonal pills.kindly suggest what to do.Regards

  12. Hi iam38 i got a period on March 21 still now bleeding is coming.i have s cyst in right ovary and endometrium wall is thick soltion for tat

  13. Vinuta Naik says:

    Doctor, I am Vinuta, 22 years old, unmarried girl having prolonged painfully bleeding since from 4 to 5 years. I have taken allopathic medicine since from one years but the problem still exist. Kindly suggest me the treatment.

  14. Madan sharma says:

    Sir my mother vegina has cancerus wound and wound has too bleeding for last one year .Now she she has under treatment of radiation for lSt 15 days but there is not Ny improvement.kindly suggest homeopathy medicine to cure this problem.

  15. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 52 year old woman in peri menopause. I have had heavy periods all of my menstruating life but now suffer from dysfunctional uterine bleeding in peri menopause. I am under a gynecologist’s care and she is giving me Prometrium 100 mgs. twice a day for the first ten days of the month each month. This seemed to help a lot in the first three months, but now I am having the dysfunctional bleeding again.

    She has ruled out polyps, fibroids, and cancer. I have nothing wrong with me except the hormonal balance that comes in peri menopause. I’ve used homeopathy for decades but cannot seem to find an effective remedy now. Please help. Thank you!

  16. Swati Sarkar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am a woman aged 40 years. I am having a problem of bleeding between periods like spot bleeding and little red blood dischange in fluidy pattern is observed, getting periods early in every month by 5 days was common but after using copper t from last 3 yrs it comes on every 20th day some times on 15th day.
    Can homeopathy help me??
    Regards Swati

  17. Mrinal Choudhary says:

    Hello doctor, my periods are irregular since 2-3 years now.
    I’m slightly over weight. I’m 19.
    My homeopathy doctor precribed me a medicine. I can’t recall the name. To regulate my periods.
    Now since 20-25 days they aren’t stopping.
    She prescribed Sepia 30. A week back. No effect.
    Can you please proscribe me some medicine which will stop even my spotting?
    Thank you very much.

  18. I sir I am suffering with over bleeding problem on every month on period time now I am suffering with same bleeding problema after my period .I got a period on 2 feb and stop the bleeding on 11th feb .Now i facing the same bleeding problem on 17 th night on plz help me suggest me best medicine for me

  19. MALOY PAL says:

    My daughter menstruation periods occur twice in a month after an interval of 10 to 14 days.I had done homeopathy treatment for more than 1 year. It cured but when medicine stopped the same problem arise again. Her age is 15 years only .I am worried about her. Please suggest me.

  20. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding. This problem started previous year. It is so heavy bleeding that it does not stop with any medicine. It continues for months at a time and sometimes so heavy with blood clots. I have to take birth control pill Norethrindrone Acetate 3 pills for 5 days to stop the flow. Even after the blood flow is reduced I still have to continue with 1 pill per day as there is still faint discharge.
    The flow again comes back in 15 to 17 days again I take the pills heavily.

    Past history:
    I always suffered heavy flow in the past but it used to stop after a month and sometimes I missed period by 1 to 2 months. But now it is never stopping. Sometimes it is heavy and sometimes light to faint.

    I cannot get pregnant because of this.
    Please suggest.

    • Shatoroopa says:

      Dear doctor. I am 35 yrs old.for 6 months my period is continuing and has never stopped. There is heavy blood flow with clots but with no pain …I want to get pregnant but can’t due to his …please help

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