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Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Migraine – Part 2

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Migraine – Part 2

Epiphegus for migraine headaches

A lesser known drug for migraine but does wonders if symptoms match. I can personally vouch for Epiphegus .I treated my cluster headaches with Epiphegus which would settle over my left eye. Epiphegus is very effective for cluster headaches. This drug has more affinity for left side. It is indicated when headaches come on with MENTAL EXERTION or MENTAL TIRE. Headaches that are triggered by going out in the sun or, shopping or any deviation from normal routine. Mainly headaches that are caused by overwork or fatigue, Epiphegus does wonders in curing them miraculously.

Nux Vomica for gastric Migraines

Gastric migraine is a new terminology that is being used in modern medicine nowadays. It refers to a condition where the headaches are accompanied by gastric disturbances. The gastric disturbances that are usually accompanied with migraine headaches are constipation (this could be in the form of ineffectual desire to pass stool; or not getting complete evacuations) bloating of abdomen or feeling of gas; or a feeling or an inability to release gas. Nux is also used for headaches that brought on by eating fatty, rich fried food. Alcohol consumption when leads to triggering of headaches are effectively treated with Nux Vomica.

Medicines mentioned here are for information purpose only. Kindly do not self medicate.

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to treat Migraine part 1


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  1. Ravi Shankar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Son is aged in between 13 to 14. Suddenly a Doctor of my home town has diagnosed him Migraine Symptoms are as follows have headache and Vomiting tendency. He has a bad habit of using Mobile phone and watching television. Please suggest me suitable medicine to cure his decease.



  2. I am 54 yrs old had been suffering from headache since childhood. I used to take paracetamol tab to get relief. Now after ten days I am getting headache a nd last time it prolonged for two days. It is generally triggered by hyperacidity. Suggests some homeopathic medicine for permanent cure. Cam I take nux vomica 200 what is the dosages

  3. Madhvendra mishra says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My wife is suffering from Migraine since age of 10 now she is 31 year old.I got married with her since last 7 years.Initially 3 years we are staying in bangalore (temp 20-32) at that time she was getting headache when we go out in sun after that I got transferred to mumbai(temp 25 to 40) so since last 3 years every summer migraine pain is becoming more severe .Now whe she get attack she will take medicine but untill she will vomit 4 to 5 times she will not get relief.Initially 7 years before it was like either medicine or vomiting once she used to get relief.
    After reading your article I want to try Glonoine .Please help me with the dose and suggest me weather this will give relief in headache or it will give permanent treatment.

    Please suggest me weather Glonoine I should try or some other medicine is there

    Thanks in advance
    Madhvendra Mishra

  4. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have been using Homeopathic remedies for many years. Pulsatilla literally saved my life back in 1988!

    I’ve recently started having Occiputal Neuralgic headaches. What remedy (s) do you suggest?

    Thank you.

  5. macford mwape mubangwa says:

    Hi Doc,
    I feel you are the last hope I have to help me find a working treatment or cure for a very debillitating form of Migraine which has afflicted my twenty year old daughter for the fourteen years past. She experiences a loss of breath or light flashes and at other times dizziness before the onset of an attack which is often a throbbing one side of head type of headache which can last anything from a few hours to a day or three.We have visited hospitals, seen doctors have had prescription medicines like vasograine to no avail.What do you advise in homeopathic treatment of this type of Migraine?

  6. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from vestibular migraine & balance problem since last year. I take vertin tablet but it gives me temporary relief. Is there any effective medicine to cure this type of migraine.

  7. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I’m 37 years old and from last year I have started getting migraine now and then. It starts with blurring in the eyes and then after a while headache starts and it also cause nausea. The first few migraine I got , I had pain behind the eye sockets and now it is on the forehead. I started also getting morning migraines. I usually get when I did not sleep well or if there is lot of stress or if I miss meals.

    I have started taking vitamin b2 (100mg ) in the night and it seems to help a bit. Is there any effective homeopathic medicine for this kind of migraine?

  8. Beena jose says:

    I am suffering from migraine for last 20years.symptoms both as per part 2 ie over sleeping ‘ change in routine, eating fatty foods kindly prescribe ahomeopathic medicine branded one so that I can purchase from Homeo medical shop

  9. meherjabeen says:

    I have mild one side eye pain almost every day with that side od head and neck pain also.sometimes when it’s very severe I take a pain killer.i have a 3 month old daughter.

  10. shanta dangal says:

    I am feeling sever pain.and a doctor said it is migarine.I have not take any special mrdicine fot that except imbrofin and paracitamol.what medicine do I take?csn we find any dr.baksi medicine?

    • Hello Dr. Sharma,
      I have been suffering from vestibular migraine & balance problem since last year. I take vertin tablet but it gives me temporary relief. Is there any effective medicine to cure this type of migraine.

  11. Dear Dr.
    I want to use homeo medicine for my wife’s migraine. When pain starts intensity is very high. I want to use medicine prescribed at S No 1and 2. Kindly suggest the dose.

  12. Arjun Mehta says:

    How to use Epiphegus and Iris Versicolor to treat the Migraine.
    1. How to get those medicine
    2. What are the doses to use it
    3. For how long to use it
    4. Can both be used together
    5. What are side-effects of both.

  13. Sir,
    My age is 25 yrs,unmarried.
    Every day,when i,m present in house then not pain but when gate the attend in work
    and stared my head pain.Head pain Medicines is cont anew taken not batter for health,
    So i,m taken some time. Pls gives me some solution

  14. Abdul Basith says:

    My age is 32 yrs i am a married man from last 3 years .
    at the age of 21 i have taken Nux Vomica 30/4 madicated Global ( Homeopathy madicans ) for 15 days in recomendations for my friend becouse i have the problem of seman discharge in nights..
    The problem was solved
    Talking of now after marreige i dont have kids my treatmrnt of infertility was going and i am taking madication as per doctors advice
    maxoza L
    fertyl m
    which not at all improving my sperm motility
    counting was 5 million

    i am concerned if my previous of taking nux vomica takes me to this is this side effets of this medicans
    i am concerned pls help me

  15. hi, Dear Dr.
    i have pain starting from back of neck on right side, comes forward on the same side up to right eye. some times very pain full making me dull and dizzi.

  16. Pawanjit Gakhar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    At the very outset, I like to congratulate you for having such an informative website. I am a resident of Canada and have recently been diagnosed with Migraine. The pain is on the left side of my forehead and usually severe and has been hurting for the last 15 days or so. On some days I get it once and on other may be twice. I had this kind of pain about 6 years ago and was helped by a homeopath in India. He used Spigelia along with other medicines. These days sometimes have digestion issues or may be it is related to frequent changes in our weather like sudden drop in temperature for example -10 C to -35. I have been taking Spigelia for some time but has not helped much. Do you think I should continue with Spigelia alone or should combine some other medicine along with it. Also, I get Ist migraine attack when I reach office early in the morning. I am not sure if the headache is related to office pressure, digestion issues or frequent change in weather. Please note that nothing major has changed in my office responsibilities.
    Please advise.


  17. Sir,

    My son who is 11.5 years old has been diagnosed with abdominal migraines. He has severe nausea in the mornings and complains of severe burning in the upper abdomen. He is unable to attend school. Currently he is on sibelium 5mg and inderal 20 mg. Please advise.

  18. I used to have migraines that were cured by homeopathy about 20 years ago. Then recently I got a really bad attack. It was when I went to a stadium in the afternoon, maybe it was noise, don’t know, I was in the shade so can’t be sun, I always get pain my lower back of head and top of neck. I got bad nausea as well, vommiting last night gave me some relief but again today I am feeling some pain and nausea. I took a Panadol and ibubrufen but it didn’t help. I don’t remember the names of the medicines I took last time, but can you help?

  19. gail rawlings says:

    i had manipulation of my shoulders under anesthetic have never recovered ,my shoulders crack like rocks,cronic pain 24\7 that never goes away
    thanking you for helping me

  20. Have headache/migraine for many years. But the frequency is continuously increasing. Also have constipation. Piercing sensation. Also feel high fever, but no high reading on thermometer. Increased my head movement, sudden awakening. Get temporary relief by vomiting, sleeping, oil message, but continues for 3-4 days. Possible reasons for triggering: anger (particularly when try not to burst up), less sleep, mental anxiety. Age: 39 yrs.

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