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Why migraine occurs

Migraines, known to be one of the most common ailments of the nervous system, cause frequent headaches and at times other neurological symptoms such as tingling, numbness or weakness on one side of the body. However, initial symptom still remains occurrence of an aura (intuition that an attack is about to happen), such as a visual disturbance like bright spots or zigzag lines appearing before the eyes.

Now how does an aura begin? Well, it starts with temporary contraction of the vessels supplying blood to the brain. As soon as these vessels, tightly constricted till then, open up and a gush of blood flows through to the brain, a severe headache, mostly one-sided, follows. Though all migraines may not follow the same pattern, important is that these headaches occur after a person has passed through, rather than during, the times of stress, for example after an examination or some important interview.


Even as details about migraines are yet to be known, researchers point out that these severe headaches are caused by functional changes in the trigeminal nerve system, a major pain pathway in the nervous system. It may even result out of the imbalances in brain chemicals, including serotonin. The levels of serotonin, which plays a regulatory role for the pain messages passing through this pathway, drop during a headache. This, as per researchers, causes the trigeminal nerve to release substances called neuropeptides, which travel to the brain’s outer covering, known as meninges. Once it reaches there, blood vessels become enlarged and inflamed, resulting in headache.


Migraine may result out of several causes, but the most common triggers that have been witnessed include hormonal changes, stress, intake of certain foods, sensory stimuli, changes in the sleep-wake schedule and intense physical exertion, including sexual activity. On the hormonal front, the exact relationship between them (hormones) and headaches is not clear yet, but researchers believe fluctuations in estrogen trigger headaches in many women, who have history of migraines. Females often report headaches immediately before or during their periods, and this corresponds to a major drop in estrogen. Others have an increased tendency to develop migraines during pregnancy or menopause. Hormonal medications, such as contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy, may also worsen migraines.

Then, stress at work or home can instigate migraines. Overuse of caffeine; certain seasonings; fermented, pickled, marinated, canned or processed food; skipping meals or even fasting can trigger migraines. Alcohol, especially beer and red wine, too can be a cause. Bright light and sun glare can produce head pain. So can unusual smells, including scents such as perfume and flowers, and unpleasant odours, such as paint thinner and secondhand smoke. Besides, environmental changes like in weather, season, altitude level or barometric pressure and certain medications can also aggravate migraines.


Despite being a chronic disorder, migraines often remain undiagnosed, and as a result untreated. As soon as a a person witnesses the first symptoms of a severe headache, he or she should track the attacks and contact a doctor. If one has a history of headaches, advice from the doctor becomes even the more compulsory. One should definitely contact a medical practitioner if an abrupt, severe headache like a thunderclap occurs; if headache with fever, stiff neck, rash, mental confusion, seizures, double vision, weakness, numbness or trouble speaking is there; headache after a head injury persists or a chronic headache that gets worse after coughing, exertion, straining or a sudden movement attacks a person.

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  1. dear doctor..
    i m wafa from aligarh.. i m 16 yrs old suffering frm migraine since 4 mnths…whn i tk medicine i feel good fr sme hrs but after some hrs i again strat feeling same….most of d time i m having headache,vomiting and heck pain…could u please hlp me….my board exam is very near….plz hlp me…

  2. seema shah says:

    hello sir, i had migrain since 10 years. i took different different treatment to rid off. but nothing help me start from eyes. start from zig zag.trigger is lake of sleep. tension,dhytradration, skipping meal.
    i am fed of now this long sikness.i hope u can help me.i have iron problem. and was vit b12 problem.

  3. Hlo sir i recently came to know that i have migrain problem. I m preparing for competitive exam and you know whts the stress level in a competitive environment sir please help me to get through this because of this headache i m not able to attend my class sometime which result in so much of loss. Please help me what should I do to get rid of this!!!!it hppns suddenly whn any bright light comes to my eye it starts paining severly. Pkease help me sir

  4. Lisa J. Gordon says:

    i have been suffering from migraine for years now. someone talked me into trying iv vitamin therapy to cure the pain and im glad it did!

  5. Geoffrey GH says:

    My migraine occurs most often when I can’t protect my eyes from too much light. Putting on an ice bag over my forehead, staying in a dark room and getting a nap offers relief. I try and avoid taking pain medication as much as I can help it. But if it’s too severe, I take one just to at least lessen the pain.

    Recently, I’ve had an appointment with a naturopathic doctor and he recommended me to get this one treatment:

    Thoughts on this kind of treatment, doc? Thanks!

  6. surjeet kaur says:

    Respected Doctor
    I am 61 years old female. From 3-4 months I am having headache and neck pain. It shifts daily from one side to another . I am taking Ayurveda medicines since 40 days with no results. Kindly advise how can I get rid of this ailment.

  7. aman kumar says:

    my head is paining too much from 5 to 6 months and my eye also paining.
    one day vomiting occurs due to pain in my head.

  8. How to control it without consulting a doctor, how to cure in home

  9. why migrane happened???
    Which foods are reason for migrane????

  10. Dear Sir,
    This is Chaya M v 36 years, suffering from headache from childhood. One doctor has suggested me to take Vasograine tablet whenever the headache comes. Before headache was weekly once. But from one month it is coming daily & am suffering a lot. Now a days giddiness is more & also I am shivering. I cannot control my headache. Please suggest me something to control my headache.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Recently i have developed migraine which last for more than 72 hours. Also it happen almost every week. i also have diabetic and thalassemia and therefore i have to eat lots of tablets( Medicine) everyday. Kindly help what best medication i can have to reduce migraine and also if there is any homeopathy medicine for Thalassemia. Thanks for all your advice and kind help.



  12. hezil gin aguirre says:

    i am suffering from migraine with auras before my migraine triggered once a month but lately its worsen i got migraines with a weeks! and its concerned me a lot!

  13. foysal ahmed says:

    I want to talk with you for my problem I m seriously in problem

  14. I am suffering from migrane on side of my brain heavily and eyebros pain.i am confused to use the english medicine or homeopathy.pls suggest me how to recover from this.

  15. I think it probably is the coctants, but if the pain doesn’t go away soon with treatment and if you aren’t wearing the contact, then you’ll know that’s not it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does turn out to be from the MS though, I know 3 different people with MS and each have almost entirely different symptoms, some of them being things the Dr.’s didn’t initially attribute to MS. Good luck

  16. Pallavi Jadhav says:

    What precaution we have to take if some one have migraine problem?

  17. Dear sir
    This Manjunath I am suffering from migraine for evry 3 months once and i would like ti know why this is came to me….. fro last 4 tears iam facing this problem kindly give me the solution and how to over come this ..
    we will appreciate your early favorable reply from your end.

  18. Dr. I have migraine problem since from last 10 – 12 years. i get pain in left side of my forehead which is unbearable. feels like a heavy thing is placed on my head. sometimes frrl like vomiitng. only rest for few hours through a good sleep gives me relief. Please advice


    Respected sir
    Kind Attn -Dr . Sharma

    Please advice to me regarding migrains how to cure because my wife is suffering from this disorders since more then three years her age around 40 years. she is working as PDO in RDPR Dept in karnataka .we have consulted to Nurology doctor when it was notice intialy as per doctor medication useing the pain will relife for two weeks again it was trigger headache this is continous process how long she can use medication & regularly suffering by this problem somehow to cure because by using medication in long period may cause another side effect in the body ,hence you could advice what is the best treatment to control /cure permantly .
    Thanks & regards

  20. katyayini says:

    headache starts in the mid night it start from the nose pain then facial pains then it reaches the temples and gradually spreads all over the head and the pain remains very severe at one side the whole day. nowadays i get burning like feeling. is there any solution to get relieved from taking migranil daily can reduce the problem or it will create more problem. if there is any solution please let me know. thank you

  21. Isha Mehta says:

    Hello sir,
    I’m suffering from migraine for the last 2 years and i took homeopathic medicine for 9to 10 months and it did work.for the last 4 months i ‘m not takng any medicine but from the last two weeks i had sever migrain pain n i took paracetamol n sometimes vasograin.but in mom n aunt all have this problem.i’m housewife n studying age is 30 years.kindly show me the way.
    Isha mehta

  22. Rashmi Nanda says:

    hello Dr Sharma

    I have severe head-pain in half head for last 25 days . when it occurs i started vomiting then i take a one or 2 combiflame after tht i feel relax. I consult a Neurology he told me that its a Migraine attack. nw i want to know abt the homeopathy medications. wht should i take to relax

    thanks & regards
    rashmi nanda

  23. I have first stage of migraine(prodrome) and symptoms clearly reveals it.

    And doctor suggested me FLUNARIZINE 10mg it worth? Suggest me some medications or other tips to completely resume migraine.

  24. Mary Anne says:

    Good Day Dr. Sharma,

    I have suffered with hormonal migraines for approximately 20 years. I am in my late 40’s & they seem to be increasing how many I get as well as the severity. I do take a migraine medication at the onset of a migraine, which helps alot. My struggle is that they tend to reoccur the following day after taking the medication. Can you recommend something to take them away completely or to lessen the severity?

    Thanks kindly,
    Mary Anne

  25. Linda Taylor says:

    continuous migraine pain plus feel the area on my head is sensitive to touch, pain on exertion,any suggestions re therapy. tried triptapan no effect

  26. I’ve had migraines since 10 years old. I am 43 and all the triggers mentioned are mine. I have 2 per week. I’ve seen 3 neurologists, 4 chiropractors, and two message therapists. NOTHING works. I watch my basic triggers, however there are too many. There is not enough research on migraines. I will try anything at this point, as I am now in danger of loosing my job, even after I filed FMLA. I am worried these episodes will kill me as I feel this is not healthy for my brain. I HATE taking any narcotics because I get sick from them. Any ideas or suggestions?

  27. michelle Hutchinson says:

    I was poorly last year from viral meningitis and since then i strugle with migraines i strugle with writling sometimes mis spelled words laterly i have had three in a week. I am geetting myself abit worried now and are.asking for advice my doctor gave me some tablets and told me to keep a dairy for two wreks until i see him again.

  28. Priya sharma says:

    Respected sir,I have migraine problem since last ten years.I am taking Migarid & Nimace -P (tablets).I took the tablets whenever i needed, but it is not a permanent measure or treatment. Can you just help me how to get rid of this disease permanently. Regards Priya

  29. Hi doctor i am sufring frm migrain frm last week doctr gvn me mdcne brufen plus n migril m having severe pain in half side of my head n vision prob as wel do i do?plz help

  30. Respected sir,

    My wife, age 36, sufferd from chronic migraine, mainly at slightly above eyebrows, sometimes at top of head also.

    Which homeopathic medicine is suitable for her?

    This occurs from last 4 years.

  31. Respected sir,

    My wife, age 36, sufferd from chronic migraine, mainly at slightly above eyebrows, sometimes at top of head also.

    Which medicine is suitable for her?

    This occurs from last 4 years.

  32. Jagdish Parmar says:

    My daughter is suffering from migraines since many years,Alophethy Dr has told that its Migraines I request that what are Homeopathic medicines she should take so she can be relieved from.She is 35 years old.
    J.L. Parmar

  33. My wife is having more and more of these…..becoming incresingly more intense and lasting longer with fever and stomach upset now….I`m very scared for her…..She has seen her doctor but all they do is give her stronger medication…..Has to be a better way!…Do you have any suggestions on what we can do?

    Thank you for your time

  34. smita roy says:

    when i go outside and sunlight affect me a lot, the result of that a severe headache problem started…in the time period of headache i could not work properly and i could not decide anything…some times one side of my head become more painful…sometime vomiting tendency occurred…is it a severe migraine problem??????pls give me a suggestion…..

  35. Angela Phelan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 48 years old and very healthy and active. I have pain in my upper cervical area but it is managed by using birth control pills non stop. It is a mini pill and has little or no estrogen. If i try to take the placebo week to get a period, i go into such strapping pain by the 3rd day. This is the reason why intake them non stop. I am mostly pain free otherwise on the pill. When i was pregnant, i was pain free also. I don’t understand why i have a connection between hormones and neck pain. I can’t take these pills forever and curious how else to treat this. I do not want to go off because it will require me to take pain meds and whatever else. This is not an option i want. I would love your advice.

  36. I am suffering from flashes migraine and it is getting worst, I am going through mono-pause at the very early age. Noise, light, food smells bothers me. Please help Dr. I changed my diet, no tea, no wheat and avoid all the food which my blood group doesnt accept. After 11 months my migrine comes back as it want to take revenage for 11 months missing migirines. I am almost on medication but nothing is working now.

  37. ANAGHA MEHTA says:

    hello Dr. from few months i m having bad headache only one my left side on my eyebrow it pains badly day and night i cant sleep. is it migraine problem or something else wats the cure???

  38. SOhail Ahmad says:

    Sir, I am very thankful to your bloke. I also suffered with tropical migraine. It will be so grateful if you advice me to became out of this by some way.

  39. Parul Aggarwal says:

    I am suffering from migraine for last ten years. Allopathy did not help. Now headset medicine give relief but after taking this i feel sevier weakness and sleepy . I suffer migraine ten to twelve times in month. Can u help me

  40. Howardhuntine says:

    hi nev if your still knoking around this is there web address
    and details,check out there great prices ,just say huntinesy give you there number

  41. Jatin Bansal says:

    Dr. Vikas Sharma Ji,

    I am having the same symptoms you described above, please suggest what I should do to treat this problem. It is not regular but when starts it gets regular for 2 – 3 days.

    With Regards,
    Jatin Bansal
    New Delhi

  42. Howardteaten says:

    hello macauley here is the contact address ,give them a call , mention Howardsy put you on

  43. bijay kumar mohapatra says:

    pls send me sms about its cure & i shall be oblidge.

  44. sir,i`m suffering from migraine prblm 4 the past 8 years…how can i get rid from this hell full

  45. Sir, I m suffering frm migraine frm last one year .pls suggest pls

  46. sir,
    my bhabhi is suffering from migren problem past 1 month or more may i know the suitable treatment

  47. its a great article thanks fr the post

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