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To 5 Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Recurrent Mouth Ulcers

Homeopathic Medicines For Mouth UlcersNearly everyone suffers from mouth ulcers at one time or the other in their lives. Most would also agree that these insignificant-looking ulcers can cause major discomfort. For some people, the irritation and pain can be so troublesome that it tends to disrupt their daily life. Homeopathic medicines for mouth ulcers work well to treat the ulcers quickly, and also to help prevent their recurrence. Natural medicine for mouth ulcers treatment also helps during the acute phase of the condition in reducing the pain as well as the duration of ulcers. Mouth ulcers are more common in women than in men.

Pain caused by these ulcers can at times be so severe that it can limit the ability to speak and eat properly. Besides the pain, mouth ulcers have another troublesome feature associated with them- ‘frequent recurrence.’ These ulcers tend to occur very frequently in some people. It is a common issue with mouth ulcers that while the first lot is not fully healed, new ulcers are already on their way. Mouth ulcers (apthae) also tend to occur in crops or multiple numbers.

Homeopathic Medicines for Mouth Ulcers

Allopathic treatment for recurrent mouth ulcers involves pain management and lowering the healing time of the ulcer. However, conventional treatment does not cure the ulcers permanently. The usual advice involves using a rinse of saltwater, antiseptic liquids, baking soda or steroid to reduce the pain, but the underlying cause remains the same. This increases the tendency to develop ulcers again and again. Biochemic medicine for mouth ulcer works by naturally treating the cause of the problem. Merc Sol for mouth ulcers and borax for mouth ulcers are some common medicines. Homeopathy medicines help heal mouth ulcers quickly without any side effects.
Mouth ulcers usually need time to heal. There is no quick fix to this condition, but homeopathy medicines can help speed up the healing process and also reduce the pain. Recurrence of mouth ulcers is also minimized through the use of homeopathy remedies.

1. Mercurius Solubilis: Top Medicine for Mouth Ulcers

Mercurius Solubilis is a medicine for mouth ulcers derived from the trituration of quicksilver. It shows a powerful action on every organ and tissue of the body. Merc Sol not only hastens the healing of ulcers and reduces the pain, but it also eradicates the tendency of frequent mouth ulcers. It is (for most of the homeopathic physicians) the first line of treatment for mouth ulcers. It is indicated for all kind of ulcers whether small or big and in severe cases where the mouth is inflamed with burning aphthous ulcers with salivation with a lot of salivation. It is also helpful in certain other aphthous conditions: pale mucous membrane( mouth lining) with numerous erosions, small, flat ulcers with red, inflamed edges on the tongue and inside of lips and cheeks. Excessive saliva in the mouth and desire for cold water while having ulcers are indications for this medicine. A foul, metallic taste of the saliva, confluent oral thrush that changes into ulcers, and diffused redness of the whole mucous membrane of the mouth with profuse salivation.

2. Borax Veneta – For Mouth Ulcers that Bleed Easily

Borax is a medicine derived from sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate was used in the earlier times to neutralize the effect of excessive acids produced by the stomach. In homeopathy, it is used to treat ulcers that have a tendency to bleed easily when touched, or during eating. Other key indications for borax to be used are dryness in the mouth with rapid formation of the ulcers. The ulcers appear in the mouth and on the inner surface of the cheeks. It is also used for mouth ulcers in infants and babies.

3. Nitricum Acidum: For Mouth Ulcers with Severe Pain

Nitricum acidum is a medicine derived from the trituration of the nitric acid. It has a marked action on the outlets of the body where the mucous membranes meet the skin. It is used to treat ulcers that appear on the soft palate, within the cheeks and on the edges of the tongue. It is mostly used when the whole mouth is ulcerated and the pain are severe. For medicine Nitric acid to be used the key indications are sticking pains in ulcers like that from a splinter. It is also used in cases where the mucous membrane gets easily bitten, swollen and ulcerated. The  Swollen mucous membrane, such as ulcerated tender gums, do not allow the patient to chew food.

4. Muratic Acidum: For Mouth Ulcers with Tendency to Perforate

Muratic Acidum is a medicine used to treat mouth ulcers where the mouth is studded with ulcers that tend to perforate. The ulcers usually have a dark or black base, and there is excessive redness inside the cheeks and the palate. Usually, the red, inflamed and painful ulcers occur as a result of aphthous stomatitis. There may be a lot of dryness of the mouth.

5. Kalium Iodium: For Mouth Ulcers that are Irregular Shaped

Kalium Iodum is a medicine for mouth ulcers that is used in cases where irregular ulcers appear in the mucous membrane of the mouth. They look as if they have a milky coating. Along with ulcerative condition of the mouth, copious salivation, offensive mouth odor, heat in the mouth, swelling, dryness, and bitterness in the mouth are, and pharynx are some symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

6. Natrum Muriaticum: For Oral Thrush

Natrum Mur. is a medicine for mouth ulcers that develop with oral thrush. There is dryness of the mouth, lips an tongue, soreness of the mouth with sensitivity to liquids, burning pain when food or liquids touch the ulcer, small grouped ulcers on the tongue, gums, and cheeks with burning along with profuse watery saliva from the mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what exactly are mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers (also known as aphthous ulcers or canker sores) are shallow, painful sores inside the mouth. They appear as painful white or yellow ulcers surrounded by a bright red area. A mouth ulcer is a lesion in the mucous membrane. The development of an ulcer begins with a burning sensation followed by a red spot which then progresses into an ulcer. They can make eating, drinking, and talking uncomfortable.

2. Are mouth ulcers contagious?

No, these are non-contagious and benign in nature and do not pose any risk.
The pain from an ulcer usually subsides over a week, and the final healing takes place within 2-3 days. There may be mild to moderate fever accompanying the ulcer.
Mouth ulcers are different from another condition called fever blisters, which usually occur on the lips and corners of the mouth.

The most common sites places where mouth ulcers appear are:

  • Inside of the lips
  • Inside of the cheeks
  • Base of gums
  • Under the tongue
  • On the palate

Ulcers on the tongue are also fairly common.

3. What are the causes of Recurrent Mouth Ulcers?

  1. The exact cause and process of development of mouth ulcers is not known. Ulcers can be the result of a combination of conditions, like:
  2. A mechanical injury caused by the sharp edges of teeth, fillings, crowns, dentures, braces or even accidental biting of the inner mouth can lead to an ulcer due to irritation. Eating rough foods or putting sharp things like pens, toothpicks or fingernails in the mouth can also cause a tear in the mucous membrane, from where an ulcer can develop.
  3. Putting hot food or beverages in the mouth can cause redness inside the mouth, especially in sensitive areas like the palate or the lining of the cheeks and back of the lips and lead to an ulcer.
  4. Any strong or concentrated caustic chemicals, when kept for long in the mouth, can cause a chemical trauma inside the mouth. For example, holding medicine in the mouth instead of swallowing it can create a problem if the medicine is strong. Such injuries are more common in children or people under psychiatric care.
  5. A viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic contact can contribute to the growth of infection inside the mouth. A weakened immune system and a tear in the mucous membrane of the mouth can lead to the development of ulcers on the inner lining of the mouth.
  6. Mouth ulcers can occur as a side effect of medications like antibiotics, painkillers, steroids, analgesics, NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs).
  7. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 and iron can trigger the growth of ulcers.
  8. Tobacco is a major cause of mouth ulcers, so smoker’s are more prone to develop recurrent mouth ulcers. Alcohol also triggers mouth ulcers by disrupting the absorption of nutrients in the system.
  9. Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (Canker Sore) is the most common cause of the recurrent mouth ulcers. This condition causes the recurrent formation of oral ulcers for reasons unknown.
  10. Xerostomia is a sensation of dry mouth that is often associated with the decreased functionality of salivary glands. This prevents lubrication of the mucous membranes and due to excessive dryness in the mouth, lesions can appear inside the mouth.
  11. The herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) also causes mouth ulcers as a symptom of the herpes infection.

Other factors that can contribute to the occurrence of recurrent mouth ulcers are:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Diabetes
  • Emotional stress
  • Dermatological causes like lichen planus, lupus erythematosus.
  • Products containing SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), like toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • Gastrointestinal causes like celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, etc.
  • Epithelial atrophy that makes the lining more fragile and easily breached.
  • Radiation-induced stomatitis is more common after radiotherapy. It can cause mucosal erosions and ulcerations on the lower jaw.
  • Vesiculobullous Diseases lead to the development of vesicles and bullae formation on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, which tend to be fragile and quickly break down. These leave behind ulcers in the mouth.

4. What factors lead to Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth ulcers can also be triggered by certain other factors –

Family tendency: Someone who has a family tendency of having recurrent mouth ulcers can be at high risk of developing it.

Hormonal changes: Due to hormonal changes that usually occur during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, some women tend to experience oral changes that include the development of canker sores or bleeding from the gums.

Medications like NSAID’s (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and beta blockers tend to increase a person’s tendency to develop canker sores.

Chronic conditions like inflammatory bowel disease or celiac disease are usually autoimmune disorders that can manifest themselves orally (in the form of ulcers) due to a weak immune response.

Signs and Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers feel like elevated areas inside the mouth, on areas like the inner cheeks, inside of the lips, under or on the tongue, and the sides of the tongue.
Some common signs of a mouth ulcer include:

  • yellow discoloration of the elevated area with the surrounding reddened edges. These can sometimes be coated with a white or milky lining.
  • swelling inside the cheeks or the lips
  • bleeding from the ulcers
  • dryness in the mouth
  • offensive odor from the mouth

Some common symptoms of recurrent mouth ulcers include:

  • Pain: Pain can range from mild to moderate or even severe and it depends completely on the individual case
  • Discomfort: These can cause significant discomfort in eating, drinking or even while talking
  • Tenderness of the affected area
  • Burning sensation in the mouth
  • Tingling in the affected area
  • Warmth and dryness of the mouth with increased thirst
  • Excessive salivation
  • Irritation of the sores by acidic, rough or dry foods.

Types of Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are classified as:

Minor Ulcers: These are the most common type of the ulcers and are generally very small, oval or round. They appear in groups of 1-6 small ulcers. These tend to heal within one to two weeks and do not leave any permanent scars.

Major Ulcers: These are less common and larger and deeper as compared to minor ulcers. These come as deep lesions with irregular edges and can take up to six weeks to heal. These ulcers can result in long-term or permanent scarring and tend to become recurrent.
Major cankers can affect areas like the inside of the cheeks, lips, sides or under the surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth.

Herpetiform: These ulcers are the least common type of ulcers. Herpetiform canker sores are small ulcers that usually appear in crops of about 10-100 ulcers. Adults tend to be more affected by these. The ulcers have irregular edges and are extremely painful. They tend to cause scarring as they heal, which can make it a recurrent problem.

Diagnosing Mouth Ulcers

Visual examination done by a physician can help diagnose mouth ulcers. If required, clinical investigations can be done to rule out the underlying cause, followed by appropriate treatment. In case the ulcers do not heal or reappear at short intervals, they tend to progress towards a more malignant condition. The main difference between mouth ulcers and cancer is the amount of time they take to heal, the number of sores and the pain associated.

Tips to Prevent Mouth Ulcers

Certain precautions can help minimize the risk of developing a mouth ulcer, like:

  • Avoid foods that irritate the oral mucosa like acidic foods, nuts, spices.
  • Avoid talking and eating at the same time to prevent local trauma caused by biting the inner cheeks or the lips.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene by regularly flossing and brushing the teeth to prevent any infections in the mouth that can cause ulceration.
  • Eat a balanced diet, high in nutrients and vitamins to avoid the occurrence of ulcers from nutritional deficiencies.
  • Avoid stress as it may cause an altered immune response, leading to the occurrence of more ulcers.
  • Avoid mouthwashes that contain sodium lauryl sulphate as they usually trigger mouth ulcers.

Managing Mouth Ulcers

  • Use toothbrushes with soft bristles to avoid scraping the ulcers.
  • Have cool drinks to soothe the ulcers.
  • Eat soft foods.
  • Get regular dental checkups to avoid the further damage caused by sharp teeth, braces or dentures.

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    l have a reoccurring mouth ulcer since 2009 and l have been treating the mouth ulcer from that period up until now.l have painful sore inside my mouth,tongue and lips;it is very painful and discomforting. Please,what medication can be used to treat this illment?

  64. Ankit negi says:

    I m getting moth ulcers like 4-5 times in a month ……means on avg in a month more than 20 days i spent times with ulcer in my mouth and in recent 1-2 yrs they are frequent……. it is driving me crazy…and also their is a constant chilly i feel whenever i eat ….where other members in my family eat them easily i have to drink water with every engulf……plz help me…..i m going crazy……cant eat …..cant drink

  65. Having Ulster in left cheek for months
    Using many pastes some times it’s ok but again it develope Recently my gum on my wisdom tooth it bleeding also when I brush in the night
    I am a lung patient I am tired of taking medicines Unfortunately there is a great dress also in my house I have a lot of pain in my lower limbs too
    Thanking you

  66. j. neelkanth says:

    Kindly provide your clinic address n phone no. of hyderabd clinic for consultation, as my wife is suffering from frequent painful mouth ulcers and sores – Neelkanth

  67. plz provide me youre address as my daughter is suffering from ulcer on every 3 4 month

  68. Hello Dr.
    One of my friend us suffering from mouth ulcer repeatedly. She eats allopathic medicine but it’s coming again and again. As I heard from her she is having stomach problem. Please suggest which homeopathy medicine can be used.
    Thanks and regards,

  69. sarfaraz Ahmad says:

    Hi Dr sharma I’m sarfaraz from India
    I have a problem of mouth ulcer, l consult to many doctors but I’m failure, they says my problem’s cause is acidity of stomach, when use medicines tills fell comfort when leave the medicine it come to initial position. Please help me

  70. Hattie,,kelly says:

    I had cheek biospy done about 8weeks ago,,my mouth is still very sore and infected,,,the ulcers are very ulcerated,,,I have a lot of pain ,,in lower jaw area on both sides and fever with fever blister,,,what could have gone wrong,,,I have lost 21 pounds

  71. Vivek Walia says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am vivek, i have been suffering from regular mouth ulcers
    Have taken borax several times but there seems a temporary relief
    Can u provide a permanant solution

    • Premchand Madhira S K says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am suffering from mouth ulcers and blisters on the tongue for the past so many years. I use Beplex Forte and Riboflavin tablets. It gives temporary relief and recurs. I also suffer from acidity.

  72. Sir reaptidly mouth sore ulcer and sore throat I have takenb borax200 mercsol30 belladona30 but due to heart stint Ian takeing allopathic medicine also Can you help treating

  73. Raja Shaheen Iqbal says:

    Am having blisters on my tip of toung and uder it painful persistent for more than month.plz prescrip treatment

  74. b.lingam says:

    dear sir
    I am suffering from mouth burning with tongue sides inflamation, lips burning and becoming black outside and inner cheeks burning and skin becoming red on hands localised redness on five places on hands since ten months.
    i used allopathy medicine citrizine and b complex vitamine tablets by doctors. but no use it repeats.

    used ayurveda some time but recurred.
    please advice me. thankyou sir

  75. Jackie Christisnson says:

    I am 75 and have been suffering for about 5 years. Believe stress. Been to immune doctor after ENT. Take l-lysine, zinc.
    , folic acid, B1 and B12. In beginning when I didn’t know how to eat with them I lost 35 lbs.
    I have lydocane if bad flare up.
    I finally found Borax 30! It really helps.
    I love it!
    For me it is defiantly stress
    Jackie Christianson Tampa FL

  76. sudhir Saxena says:

    Dear Dr. my son age 15 year he is suffering with mouth ulcer last 5 year, every last 2 or 3 days he suffer mouth ulcer please suggest medicine

    • sangeeta mehrotra says:

      Dear Mr. Sudhir Saxena
      I am not a doctor. But concerned. You must IMMEDIATELY see a skin specialist as it is recurring for 5 yrs. Get biopsy of the lesions done.

  77. Nkkapoor says:

    Mouth ulcers are recurring almostafteragap of 15 days have tried various homeo medicines no relief

  78. Good afternoon Dr Sharma One of my family members have Aphthous ulcers situation which causes pain and isn’t treated correctly?
    Help needed?

  79. Moushumi Choudhury says:

    How to use Borax?

  80. Mouth ulcers very frequently. Suggest some medicines.


    Dr .Sharma,
    I am suffering from small ulcer inside my upper lip for last one year and this ulcer generated bu using denture.But when ever I am not using denture the ulcer subside and pain reducing.But without denture to eat roti and some hard vegetables is not possible.Kindly suugest whether Marc.sol 30 will act to remove the ulcer and pain.Thanks

  82. Dr.Sharma,
    We r very much tired & disappointed for having no results for the last 4 years treatment from known doctors, child specialists, ENT specialists etc etc.
    We r not in reach to see u physically. We seek advise and remedy.
    Child Name: Muneeb
    Age: 6 Years
    National: Pakistan
    Weight; 13 Kg
    Physical growth is very slow.
    Physically the child is fit in all respects and very active except pain in the lower part of legs. Memory very sharp. Very good in studies. Occasionally complain stomach pain.
    No liking for food. Ask for various things but cannot eat.
    Cannot tolerate any type of smell good or bad.
    Child is suffering from big lumps of Pus forming on and around Tonsils, upper & lower part of throat, blocking the entry. Child cannot eat, drink, swallow and sometimes difficulty in breathing.
    Other problem is formation of Boils inside the upper and lower lips. This keeps repeating every 2 or 3 months. All test are normal except allergy level which is higher than the normal.
    Doctors have used third generation antibiotics which is a temporary relief.
    Lastly we referred to Homeopath Doctor he suggested
    Belladonna 200, Borax 200,Acidum Nitricum 200, Pyrogenium 200 3 times a day,
    This also proved a temporary relief.
    Presently his mouth is filled with boils. No Pus formation cannot eat due to pain.
    Seek urgent advice.
    Many thanks

  83. One of my close relative(female ,52 years ) is suffering from mouth ulcer..plz suggest remedy

  84. Dear Dr Sharma, namaskar. I had used your medicine for my RAS (recurrent apthous stomititis) many years back. After the medicines, the symptoms or my problem aggravated. Out of fear and desperation, I had stopped taking the medicines.

    RAS keeps giving me problem. Other homeopathic medicines that i have taken are: Condurago 200; Borax 30; Merc Sol 1M etc (1-2 more medicines – can’t understand or read the handwriting on the prescription).

    The problem subsided only temporarily, or received temporary relief – for few days or a week maximum. Right now my mouth condition (apthous stomatittis) is severest. It’s been so in the past also many times. Kindly advise.. prescribe medicines to get permament cure. Merc Sol, as per your write up, seems to be the only best and sure shot medicine. Kindly advise the specific details of Merc Sol.

    I’m over 50yrs, absolute non-smoker/non-alcoholic, very moderate non-vegetarian, consume regular, adequate fibrous food (green vegetables/fruits) and at least 04ltrs of water every day, do regular exercises/yoga/brisk walking.

    Thank you and with regards

  85. Syed Anwar Ahmad says:

    Mouth ulcer with chchale under the cheeks and multiple hard bumps on th tongue.Difficult to eat and drink for the last six months.Blood suger test and other tests are normal.ENT and Oral specialists have have given many medicines.They don’t recommend biopsy.I have also tried many homeopathic medicines
    Like borax,thuja,calcaria carb,echnisia etc but not Merc.sol.Now I am taking b 12 injection.Please help and guide


    • Sudhir Mishra says:

      Respected sir,
      I am on steroids inhalation for asthma for last 20 years. Mouth ulcers (rt. Cheek inner) has developed since 1 year. Tried all types of mouth wash etc. But no relief. Can l get any help, please ! I am 74 and an habitual pan chewer.

  86. Samar Dutta says:

    I appear to be suffering from Apthous Ulcer on two corners on my leap and underneat toungue. Please suggest a good homoeopathy treatment.

    Samar Dutta

  87. Aarti Vishwakarma says:

    And also she is unable to eat any spicy food or rather salty.. She makes a less salted vegetable for her separately..she is 42yrs old..

  88. Aarti Vishwakarma says:

    Hello Dr. I myself in internship of BHMS… Just wanted to know that my mom has craving of “mava” if she doesn’t get it she gets angry and without which she is not interested in works.. She is eating since 4-5yrs, now she is suffering from mouth aphthae and tongue is coated slight brownish and milky and in upper palate there is brownish aphthae.. She is unable to open her mouth more than a inch… She feels pain while opening it more.. Can u advice a homoeopathic treatment plzz..

  89. K. Sri Rama Prasad says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am a male, 66 years Old, I have been suffering from Canker sores continuously since one month. Now the pain is severe for last one week. It is very painful to swallow liquids or solids it is difficult to speak also.
    This is a recurring disorder for years. Of late I feel dry lips, tongue and lot of pain of tongue. Saliva is flowing out from the mouth during sleep . Digestion is Normal. No constipation, B.P is Normal, No t diabatic.
    Kindly suggest cure with Homeopathic drugs.

  90. I had a wisdom teeth right up side n had a hole with light white colour is for 4months is thier any serious problem?

  91. Sanjib Mete says:

    I have colitis , gastritis and mouth ulcer.
    Can it be cured by taking homeopathic treatment?
    please reply

  92. s s kaintura says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    In the past, exactly in Jan/Feb 2016 I had a feeling of dry mouth. I consulted a physician who administered some medicine which caused pitti all over the body. Then consulted a skin specialists who administered some allergic medicine which gave me lot of relief and recurrence of pitti was stopped.
    Now from Nov/Dec 2016 onwards my upper tongue area has a burning sensation and the meanwhile have consulted skin specialists, dentist etc. but no relief. Sugar test for fasting + after fasting is also normal.
    Today when consulted the dentist once again, homeopathy medicine has been advised.
    Please suggest

  93. Kumar Vaivav says:

    Sir I am suffering from recurrent aphthous stomatitis since 5-7 years I am 22 years old and right now my condition has worsen plzz plzz plzz tell me what medicines should I take my whole mouth is full of saliva all the time and ulcers are on cheeks and tongue.

    Please sir reply fast

  94. DrSharma Namaste
    I’m Ajay from TataNagar (Jamshedpur), Jharkhand State of India.
    I’m suffering from mouth ulcer since 2nd fortnight of January2017.It is on the right border of my tongue. Sometimes it looks red &some other time white.It has no pain but there is irritation when I use to take some spicy food.
    In 2015 tge same condigion was there
    .one afternoon that time I was sleeping. All of a sudden I felt oain in that area & ifekt some bkast inside the mouth .Ibecame nervous
    &there was bleeding .U was ny mouth and after somedays evrrything became normal.
    Now again ulcer erupted on that same place
    So pl. Advise me medicine & is it something serious?

  95. Dear All
    Please do 3-4 tea spoon of cocunt oil and gargle same for about 6-9 mins.Try to gargle more on the effected area of your mouth,TRUST ME within ONE DAY the mouth ulcer will go off.( You need to do atleast 4 Times througgh out the day and if possible maybe more


  96. Shahnawaz Khan says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma I am having chronic apthous ulcer inside left cheek since 4 months ago. It is very painful, unable to open mouth doctors gave me antibiotics such as amoxycilin 500 mg. and potassium clavunate 125 mg along with B-complex even somtime cefixim but still am suffering, there is swelling also please suggest me medicine, please help. God bless you.

    • I Have Chale in my hole body and now in my mouth last 7 months
      I am taking my plat tablets and beetel cream
      and oral gel
      but mouth chale is very painful
      In the starting

  97. I have apthous ulcer since 9yearz,i visited lots of dr’s but didnt find perminent cure, it occurz every 3month and that stopz my eating and function,rite nw iam using merc sol and borax 30 frm wilmar schwabe,that helped and cured within week which mostly continue about 30days, iam fine but is it perminent plz tel me it destroyed me total,should I continue more

  98. Kalpana pathe says:

    Hello Dr this is kalpana pathe my husband is having boiled inside left chick for 1 yr what we have to do for removing this boils

  99. Ghulam Haider says:

    I have sores in mouth and tongue. when ever I take some medicine for pain they appear in my mouth. even I can’t talk and can’t eat. very difficult time please suggest some medicine so I can buy.

    Ghulam Haider

    • Dear Sir I am suffering mouth ulcers since 6month iam diabitic i use antibiotic aestrods b complex c help me how to prevent

  100. Dr I am 42, suffering with mouth ulcers for the last 3 months,one after’s coming regularly, how can it will cure permanently.

  101. Painful sore at tip of tounge lower side red color

  102. I have mouth ulcer one month before and then took homeopath medicine. It cures but again develops. Not painful but irritating. I am taking Thuza 1m for other ailments. I had this type of problem many years before and used to apply boroglycerine. Now I am not getting boroglycerine from Bangalore. Can you suggest anything ?

  103. Gulnazpirani says:

    I have mouth thrush since 25 day after taking antibiotic for dental procedure. I am being treating by a homeopathic doctor .too much spit. I can’t gulp the saliva.o shall I go for alleopathic treatment.please suggest I have lost 5 kg and feeling weak.


    please suggest me homeopathic tablet to cure my mouth ulcer.

  105. Ravi Singh says:

    I am Suffering mouth ulcer since 4 month it is very p painful to eat anything, i checked with 4 doctor but little bit become fine but still have ulcer, please suggest me good doctor or good medicine, i am really worried about that please suggest me.


  106. vinod kumar srivastava says:

    i’m suffering mouth ulcer since last one year it is very painful to eat anything.sometimes it look like a rice but many time it’s a big is very painful to swallow or drink water also.KGMU Lucknow send three time for biopsy but all time it’s report is negative

  107. hi madam,,
    i am 24 years old i am suffering mouth ulcers problem from last two years i want homeopathy medicine for cure this problem.

  108. Respected Dr Sharma, i’m suffering from apthous stomatitis (chhale) or mouth ulcers since last 20 yrs. or so. I had even consulted one oral cancer specialist. After tests, the doctor said it is not cancer or any serious disease, but pure “recurring apthous stomatitis”. Medicines only give holiday relief. Allopathy – no hope, no permanent cure. Gels are useless. Ayurved – i tried. Homeopathy – i tried once, but after taking the medicines, my problem became so acute and severe that out of fear and panic, i had stopped taking the homeopathic medicine.

    I get mouth ulcers frequently and through out the year. Reliefs are always temporary. Bowel movement is irregular, though it is not constipated. I get cold easily and always have cold & cough, though moderate and under control.

    My food habit or diet includes green vegetables, fruit, lot of water.. and am a moderate non-veg.

    Will you advise me Merc Sol 30c .. will this give me permanent relief from apthous stomatitis?

    Kinldy support. Thank you and regards, A K Roy

    • if u are relieved or got any solution for this ulcer
      plzz suggest me also plzz i am also suffering since 7 yrs i am just 27

  109. Prety sharma says:

    Gd evng sir, my mom is having mouth ulcer since 2 yrs. And she has tried at many hoapitals for her treatment but she is not get rid of it. She cant even drink water sometimes. I feel very bad for her. I want to get her well soon. Please tell me what should i do so that my mom can get rid of mouth ulcers.

  110. Sir my son having age of 10 year’s have mouth ulcer . It comes on his tongue .these ulcer are in big size and have bad pain. In these day they coming frequently on his tongue . Please advise me any medicine

  111. Hello
    Dr I facing problems of mouth ulcers since last 5-7 years that remain 7-9 days after every 15-20 days .

    I am not getting clear my stomach in one time usually 7-8 times to go for pass stood (toilet)
    I checked up my blood & got only vitamin D deficiency other all are normal
    Please suggese me.

  112. hello Dr Sharma I have get mouth ulcer problem please what medicine can cure it and will be free because I feel pains to much please I need your help

  113. hello Dr Sharma I have get mouth ulcer problem please what medicine can cure it and will be free cause I feel pains to much please I need your help

  114. GYANA RANJAN says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Last 4 months I’m suffering from mouth ulcer which is under left cheek.little swelling n painful.plz suggest me as I don’t have any other problems.

  115. Sir i m from new delhi. My husband has white patches on the side of the tounge.there is no pain.we did the biopsy and the result come negative for dysplasia and neoplasia 4 months back.the patch is still there.sir plz tell me what to do.he smoked 7 yearsback and chew tobacco 3 yearsback. But now taking nothing. Family history is there.

  116. Hema Bisht says:

    Sir i m from lucknow very much irritated bcoz of my mouth ulcer .this takes place 2-3time in month and pains a lot.

  117. Vinay Chaturvedi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I had been eating Rajnigandha and Tulsi for years and have been heavily eating. Only from yesterday i started feeling a pain in my left jaw and due to the pain i am not being able to stretch and open my moth to full extent. I got aware and afraid also. Stopped consuming Rajnigandha and tulsi since yesterday and immediately taking notice of the may be upcoming problem, decided to contact you for immediate preventive medicine that i can start taking. I don’t have any ulcers. Kindly help me at the earliest.

    Vinay Chaturvedi

  118. O.P. Khurana says:

    I am facing mouth ulcers (reddish only) on both side of tounge back side for the last 30 to 40 days. Also I am having constipation & acidity problem since long. My tounge has no swelling, no pain. I have taken lot of allopathic medicines but no cure. Five days back I visited Homeopathic physician & he told me to take Nux Vot 30 & Kali Chlor 30 Also to do baking soda gargle & apply boro glycerine. Number of times I am having tounge sore. I want to know that how many days I require to cure from mouth ulcers by Homeppathic medicine. Also anything else to be done by me.

  119. ahtesamul haq says:

    mere papa ka ilaz 2000 se tata memorial me chal raha tha 15 years bad fir se tangue cancer ke rup me repet hua hai jo oral cavity cancer hai. please dr. sahab agar iska koi illaz ho to jarur salah de. main bahot paresan hun. aap kahen to main pura report watsup kar sakta hun. please kuch to sujhao dijiye

  120. CH.R. PANTULU says:

    I am suffering with P.H.N. (post herpetic neuralgia) to my right hand since two years. (from 14.10.2014) I have taken a long treatment and used English medicines of all varieties as prescribed from time to time by the doctors and could get no proper relief and as such, stopped all pain killers. The common medicines which I have use are, tremadal, gapaintin, nervimac, pregoboin etc,. Also used capsaicin ointment Renerve Plus inj.

    I therefore, request you Sir, to advice a suitable homeopathic medicine to my right hand nerve pain so that I can try. I feel pain on right shoulder fore arm near right muscle and backside of right shoulder continuously.

  121. Sumit kumar Sinha says:

    Mouth not open due to gutkha

  122. hello dr.sharma

    I am suffering from severe mouth ulcers problem since at the age of 12 yrs of mine. Now I am 23 yrs old. My mother also had the same problem at her childhood. I am suffering very badly for this. And ulcers are there on tongue, cheeks, under the tongue, and also more saliva will releases at that time. Please help me sir.

    • saravjeet singh says:

      You can have temporary relief by applying toothpaste on the effected areas. It will reduce pain only. you can repeat this process as many time as you want and whenever there is sever pain on the mouth ulcer.

  123. Rajeev Lochan Sharma says:

    I am 49 year old . suffering from white cheek ulser from 4 years due ta eating Gutkha . I am not eating Gutkha since 4years but ulser is still paining and burning.i have taking alothpathic treatment since one month but there is no improvement.i have initial test of cencer but there is no signs of cencer.please advise me about homeopathic treatment.

  124. sunanda banerjee says:

    Dr. Sharma please suggest me how to cure my oral infection due to cut langue problem
    i am feeling burning and pain full condition in tangue and mouth.



  126. I have episodes of recurrent mouth ulcers and i have taken treatment for it but not treating …. Now what to do Dr.

  127. i have canker in every month what can i
    do Dr

  128. am tired of hiv virus and i need a help from a strong doctor

  129. Biswajit Biswas says:

    I have been sufffering since last 3 years with tongue ulcer both lateral side,during this period I got medication by homeopathic doctors as well herbal,allopathic but no result, can you help me to get rid of the disease.

  130. Jitendra Gupta says:

    I am suffering from cheek ulcer since last 14 months. please suggest me some medicine

    • Sir, I am Alapan Das (14yrs) suffering from Mouth ulcers, Please tell me which Medicine I have to use and what are the dose for that.

  131. Sir
    I am suffering from tounge ulcer since last 18 months. Some time it appears on it lower suggest me some medicine

  132. I am65 yrs. old. I have been suffering from mouth thrush for last 1 month. Under my right cheek near lower jaw I have been facing roughness and burning sensation. Light white marks have appeared on both corners of lower lip.

  133. my son age 31 year burn the tongue last 4 month and test has been done he obgerve the hiatus hernia

  134. ms shashi nigam says:

    firsty in july my husband go to shirdi and bombay after returning they feel CHHALE in his mouth. then he started mercsol30 and after one week MERCSOL 200 . chhale finished then again FISHER is appeared in august, as doctor told him. he is very much in pain, sir what to do.
    my mail id is –

  135. Kundan Kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from Mouth ulcers, Please tell me which Medicine I have to use and what are the dose for that..

  136. pankaj pandey says:

    maim pls tell me mouth opning problem and buckle side spot white ( ulcer) treatment in homeopathy medicene possible. which medicine ……. maim pls

    patient- J N pandey
    Age – 55

    • Narender Negi says:

      Dear Sir,

      I am having mouth ulcer since 3 years but in different positions in both side of tongue & Lips. Sometime 2 or 3 small ulcers together appear. I have consulted by GP and ENT as well they all said its normal ulcer but why its appears again and again despite of eating all the medicines provided by the doctors ? (may Aged 43 )

  137. Tarjan Kumar Nonia says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am having mouth ulcer since 2 months but in different positions. Whenever one is healing another appears. Sometime 2 or 3 small ulcers together appear. I have consulted by GP and ENT as well they all said its normal ulcer but why its appears again and again despite of eating all the medicines provided by the doctors ?

  138. Shafiq Ahmed says:

    Dear sir, My mother aged 70 plus experiencing buccul mucosa problem for last 18 months. I consulted and got check up by the doctors who suggested surgery upon fitness, but due to ill health we are not in a position to take risk of operation. You are requested to please suggest the homeopathic medicines for remedy of problem.
    Shafiq Ahmed

  139. chithrajegannathan says:

    How to get rid of mouth ulcers pl give remedy what type of food I must take

    • Hilu Dallas says:

      Ulcers in mouth due to denture. Will Merc Sol or Kali Sulph help. Please let md know what I should take. Can I also apply Glycerine Tannic Acid.
      An early reply will be appreciated.

      Thank you

  140. My name is Maha since 2 month i m suffering toung problem i visited defferent drs bt no relef kindly help me thanks n regards

  141. Emmanuel Tudu says:

    My dog aged 15 months able to hold things with mouth though he tries his best. He is unable to use his tongue to its full capacity. Thus he has exert great effort to eat his food. Vet suggested some antibiotics but it gave no relief to him. This January he vaccinated for rabies just after that he got paralysis attack. Vet gave some injection and Some suspension drop. His worsen after this and he condition reached quite near to death. The vet suggested me to give him poisonous injection so that he could sleep in peace. At this point of time I told the vet to live him as he is and do not try to kill him. I brought him back to home and searched homoeopathy remedies using Internet. I found Arsenic, Arnica, Rhus Tox, Hypericum and so on. I was a layman in this field, but I decided to save my dog’s life. So these remedies one after another at an interval of 30 minutes. Next I saw he opened his eyes and fixed stare at me. Due to paralytic condition there was no movement in his body. Again I tried to find some remedy specially paralytic condition like my dog. I came to conclusion that Rhus Tox will do some good to him, so I gave him Rhus Tox for a week. Conditions improved very slowly. I was happy to see my dog out of danger of death. He was not able to open his mouth so I feed him with spoon opening his mouth by hand. I continued Rhus Tox with occasional doses of Arnica and Hypericum. Now my dog is better. He able to stand and run, sometimes he barks also. But still he is not able to jump and nor he is able to eat his food without effort. I am trying different remedies so that he becomes as normal as he was. He is loving street dog looks like a shepherd. I love him very much and I keep him in my house with me just like a family member.

  142. S.K.Jaģdhari says:

    I get mouth ulcers after heavy food generally after parties .

  143. Tamas Roy says:

    Two or three times in a year I face with ulcer ic corner of the teeth ,inner wall,fainfull and just like a cut mark.i am taking Homeo medi.for 2yrs.But not cure at all. I want to prevent it permanently .
    Please ,can you help me?
    Thanking you.
    Tamas Roy ,
    Mail Id-

  144. very good sir ,

  145. Usha gaur says:

    Dr. I never had mouth ulcers . Now I am getting attacks of ulcers for past 6 months .my lips & around the lips swells up . The taste in mouth disappears . I get tingling in tongue, & lips & they start swelling . Saliva also comes from sides of mouth . Dry cough was persistent after first attack of ulcers in February which took 2 months to recover .
    There is pain in ear on one side . This pain is there for last 4-5 months .now in my neck just below the jawline pain is there . I shied to dr. In hospital . He said herpes simplex is there . But I took no antibiotic for it .
    What do suggest I should do ?

  146. Shaik Ahamad says:

    Sir,good evening I am shaik Ahamad,46yrs from warangal of telangana.I have many mouth ulcers in my mouth creating a lot of pain.I oftenly get these ulcers but this time they are more and painful.I am suffering with a lot of pain while taking any food.I will be very thankful to U suggest a medicine which gives me speedy relief.Thank U very much sir.

  147. Dear doctor,

    For the past one month I am on & off getting very painful mouth ulcers. I don’t know what’s the reason. Could you please help me.

    I’ve used Mer Sol. But I still get it. Now I am gargling with salt water.

  148. I am having ulcers from 3 months regularly. I m taking vitamin b12 and multivitamin from last 2 months but still ulcer are not stopping in mouth. Please recommend what to do.

  149. Nitin yesare says:

    My mother 57 years old she is having mouth ulcer for last 2 months is this treatable by homeopathy. Currenty she Going ubder treatment at kem hospital. think its ‘recurrent aphthous stomatitis type dóyou suggest homoepathy treatment can silve this.

  150. Sir during my appendix pain I taken spasmo proxyvon capsules as pain killer in2010 and now I have habit of taking this medicine I want to leave this medicine but I am not able to leave pls help me how can I remove my this habit of s p caps intake pls reply me soon.

  151. Sukomal Dutta says:

    I am 78yrs. (M),very often internal part of my mouth,lips and tongue comes under my teeth, and the injury turns into painful ulcer which persists for 10-12 days, only medicine applied is Smyle-jelly with no effect.Please suggest some H. Pthy. medicine which can cure it, please also suggest how the cause of injury can prevented.

  152. indira purkoti says:

    i have very serious mouth ulcer i even cant talk..bcomplex medicine cnt work plz help mee..

  153. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Actually I just recovered from Typhoid. Prior to this I was having fever since 18.03.16 and was on medicine of Viral Fever, since than I had a problem in my tongue like denting and little bit swallown and mouth ulcers. Now a days one is troubling a lot which is at the bottom of my lip which has become white and the area around it is red with severe pain, very difficult to eat anything from that side, even sometime if touched by water it starts paining. I brought three tubes for oral applications for this purpose, I just consulted one homeopathic doctor who gave me medicine(one in liquid form 10-12 drops on tongue thrice a day and 7 pills again thrice a day, I am taking that medicine but problem still exists. Kindly suggest any quick healing medicine which will give me quick relief. Thanks a lot

  154. Sir I am suffering from mouth ulcer that occur mostly on tongue from past 10 months. My B12 was tested only 111. Kindly help me . I will be grateful to you.

    • sukomal says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma,

      I am 78 yrs. male and self dependent, I have B P (under control with medicine),uric acid level varies and medicine is tsken(ZYLORIC 100), I have mouth ulcer problem, which starts mainly when any part of the mouth(internal) or tongue comes under teeth while eating or talking and painful ulcer starts within a day or two which continues for 7-10 dqays. Only medicine applied is Smyle(gel) with little effect. Please suggest some effective treatment. THANKS.

  155. md asgar ali says:

    My father is suffering from mouth ulcer . From last 10 month. But we are giving him homeopatic treatment but it is not giving such response. So what would we do to cure him. Can u give some good suggestion .last we are thinking.To take him mumbai tmc.

  156. Naaz Fatima says:

    It’s curable by homeopth

  157. Sir is there no solution for saty cool to our stomach.? becz if our stomach will saty cool then these ulcers will not happens, if yes than what are the eatable things or any homeopathy therapy which makes us to say cool our stomach please if there is a solution then please answer me becz I am facing this problem from 5- 7 year

  158. Vicky Anand says:

    I am facing this mouth ulcers from age of 18. Previously it was not that much but now a days every week. It frequently occurring every week in beside lips, up lips, down lips, lower part of tounge, corner part of tounge.

    I have no addiction. I am a vegetarian.
    Please help me I m in deep pain.

  159. qaiser iqbal says:

    my mouth has closed due to tambako

  160. Bruce Sokol says:

    Historically I’ve had mouth ulcers 2-3x a year for the last few years. These were in the inside of my check and the front of my mouth. I’m now almost 61 and attributed it to aging. But the last four months, I’ve had them break out under my tongue and when one almost heals, another one starts. My mouth always feels dry and I drink 4-5 bottles of water a day. My mouth has not had a break except that my primary doctor prescribed oral steroids. They quickly went away for about 5 days, but before the final dosage was due, one started again. Nothing in my diet has changed to suddenly cause this, but I have tried to limit what I eat, which is hard because it seems the list of foods that cause these are just about everything I eat. I used to drink fruit smoothie and a vegetable smoothie once a day each and have totally eliminated these. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciate.

    • I am suffering from mouth ulcer since last 10yr it always occur in my lip, inside cheek, upper lip. My lip remains dry this time. It lasts for 10 to 15 days for cure. I never used any bad habit even a cup of tea. Pl suggest any homeopathic treatment.

  161. Santhosh says:

    My age is 18 .iam often suffering from mouth ulcers. Suggest some permanant remedies. Naturally i wont take hot and spicy food.

  162. Dear doctor sharma
    I have a newborn baby. After a week wound seen on the right between upper part of lip. It look like ulcer. We went to hospital and Dr suggest quardrajel mfd by fourrts company india to apply on infected area and flupen syrup mfd by national healthcare company nepal. We have been using this since week it seems not working. The wound is growing bigger .So I request for your helpful suggestion.

  163. Kunhi kannan says:

    I am aged 66. I am a vegetarian, no smoking , no alcohol drinking. Mouth and throat ulcer comes once in a month or so for the last many years. But for the last few months it is there permanently. Usually I drink hot or normal water. Drinking tea and coffee is occasionally. ie when we visit others house only. otherwise I drink water only. I have taken homoeo medicines but hear Doctors will not disclose the name of the medicine but they will give the medicine

    Thanking you
    Please suggest

    Kunhi kannan

  164. rinku mishra says:

    I am suffering from white ulcers in mouth and throat , these ulcers are highly burning and painful

  165. Sunaina Varma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    my father, 76 years of age, is having a very painful blister on his inner throat, not visible. He is unable to talk nor eat. Pls advise
    thanks, regards,

  166. Asma rulani says:

    Sir ….
    After reading ur block i just want toh conform that can we go for the nitric acid as a first prescition in case of chronic nd recurrent mouth ulcer
    Plz do reply …..waiting for ur suggestion

  167. Respected Sir,

    I had a very bad habit of chewing Gutka which I left three years ago , but still eat tobacco,The result is that my mouth opens not properly,Last 1 month, more than troubled by the problem,hardly 01 fingure insert in my mouth

    Who reads and hears about this, I’m that much of it is very difficult to treat so that The fear I have not ever seen the any doctor, it is possible to treat drug and injection

    pl advice the expert doctor in your hospital


    M Singh


  168. i wil get mouth ulcers frequently so sujest me a medicen that cures permanetly. i cant handle this trouble

  169. keshav vasishth says:


    I am keshav vasishth from New Delhi. I have frequent mouth ulcers followed by dryness and bad breath. As per my analysis it is caused due to stress at job. When there is no stress then mouth ulcer dont occur. Can you please suggest a good homeopathy medicine so that this problem can be solved. My mouth also pain when i speak. Please suggest for good medicine or appointment.

    keshav vasishth
    M- 9873326566

  170. R.Priya bhavana says:

    Hello sir,
    I m Priya I am having frequent mouth ulcer.
    I think it is by hereditary.
    From few days back I started brushing twice a day that too taking my own time.
    What I observed is that after I started to brush twice morning and at night I started having some kind of little,tiny bubbles kind on my tongue that too very badly,it is not even allowing me to eat my food properly. It is hurting too bad.
    I would like to know weather I could have some medice to get rid of it permanently???

  171. hi sir

    my mother is suffring from mouth patches.
    i hve done byopsy but cancer not deducted.
    she takes some medicne but not relif

    pls let me know any medicine in homeopathy


  172. I having the mouth ulcer problem, when I ear food outside my home it gets aggravated. Kindly suggest me some constitutional medicines to permanently cure this. I am Diabetic and having sugar under control. I am also using B complex tab & folic acid tab.

  173. veena rani says:

    i got tongue ulcer for about 15 months. B-12 helps to reduced paint. i takes iron tablets also daily at night. i got relaxe by medicines but not cure completly. Fruits like orange, banana,apple, grapes , pineapple etc increase the pain and ulcer. vegetable like palak, bringel and the vetetable having iron more cause more paint and ulcer . what i should do.

  174. Ajay sharma says:

    I am having ulcer which start as a white dot on tounge or cheek in the mouth and it heels I a day or two days.I am also having problem of constipation and when ever I drink beer I am having the problem of ulcer and burning sensation in the mouth and having gas problem also.Pls suggest what to do.I have also shown to dentist and ent doctor but nothing benifit me for a long time

  175. Lawrence Chettri says:

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings to you..

    I am very prone to getting canker sores and it is very unbearable. But the frequency of ulcers increased frequently since 2012. I would request you to please advice some remedy to cure and avoid such occurence.

    Thanking you.

    Warm Regards
    Lawrence Chettri

  176. Neera Nargis says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    Hello Sir, i am Neera Nargis from Bangladesh.I am 48 years old woman and have married since 1991.We have no children.In 2005 ,my uterus and ovaries were removed.I have also hypothyroidism for last 5 years. My liver is fatty.And now, i am a diabetic patient.For last 2-3 years there was lichen planus in my mouth.I have visited doctors and have treatment both Allopathy and Homeopathy.But the problem of my mouth , tongue and teeth is increasing.
    Sir , i am asking your advice and treatment.Please , give me reply and a treatment plan .Thaks a lot.

    Neera Nargis.

  177. Hello Dr Sharma.
    I have severe gastroparesis. I can tolerate only liquid food. I feel very heavy after a few sips, lots of burps and acid. Regurgitation no stop. Can you help with homeopathy?

  178. M AKHTAR SURURY says:


  179. sadia imtiaz says:

    I have aphthous condition of throat that feel to extend downwards.& the stomach is also disturbed. There is heartburn & the taste is so bitter. The aphthea are also on tongue that returns after some days repeatedly.Sometimes the throat & tongue are covered with the ulcers after taking too much tea. So please prescribe the remedy so that i can get rid off these blisters or ulcers.

  180. Mrs Ruchira Bhandari says:

    I am having recurring problem oof mouth ulcers. Every year after the rainy season I get mouth ulcers for 3to4 months for the last 4 years .I have dental problem.

  181. Santosh Kumar Mahto says:

    I am suffering with mouth ???? ulcer. It’s a small boils in my mouth. Pls. suggest a Homeopathy medicine name. It is coming again again.

  182. Deepak Sharma says:

    About Mouth ulcer treatment. I m suffering from mouth ulcer very long time it means 7 or 8 years.sir give me yr guide line .

  183. Dear sir
    I am suffering from mouth ulcer for the last one year I tried allopathic aaurvedic medicine but temporary relief .l tried homeopathic for some time ,I was given Modorhium 200 and pulsatilla for a week I felt better for two days but now again I have the same condistion too much ulcer in mouth please suggest some good homeopathic medicine
    I am 65 years old fare lady
    Please help

  184. jeeban tamang says:

    My son which is 1yrs. got mouth wound/ulcers and light fever and water is coming from the mouth and unable to eat.hiw i can remedy my son..pliz sugest me…

  185. Sanjay Kumar Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Sanjay Kumar Singh from Varanasi U. P. East, India. I have suffered with mouth ulcers nearly 6 years past. Now my mouth is not open more than 1inch and the colour of upper skin layer has been white into my whole mouth . And sometimes chhale comes out into my mouth.
    Therefore I request you to suggest me proper treatment or homeopathy medicine to get rid of it.
    Please reply soon sir!
    Thanks & Regards
    Sanjay Kumar Singh
    Varanasi U. P. East

  186. manish kumar says:

    dear sir, i am suffering from recurrent aphthous stomatitis since 3 years and i have tried colchicine tablets for one year but then its stops to effect. some doctors says it is immuno vascular type problem. the only salt which respond with ulcers is deflazacort but i cannot continue for long time. sir it is very rare when my mouth frees from ulcer. sir please suggest me.

  187. doctor,i have many painful ulcers in my mouth which frequently occurs.please tell me its treatment.thank you.

  188. My mouth is not open properly its pain when i chew or eat any heavy thing . Its open oy 1.5 and 2 inch.kindky suggest what i do

  189. subramanian Magudeswran says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 53 old , facing mouth ulcers frequently, getting cured , then after two to three days again coming.
    Like that , i am facing last five years till now.

    please advise what to do ? To overcome the issues once for all.

  190. Mujey cervical problem na chala jata ha na hi khara hova jata ha bht si medican istamal kr chuka ho kabhi chakar bhi aa jatey ha plz koi medican bataiye thanks

  191. Thanks for recommending Merc Sol(30 C.
    Is is true that number of drops taken in water does not make any difference. 10 drops or 1 drop, its all the same. Instructions for taking 15 drops in water is just to sell more bottles.

  192. Respected Sir,

    I’m 22 years old. I’m suffering from a mouth ulcer(6-7mm) in length from last 4 month. have little pain it is a serious problem??
    plzz reply and help me.. by giving me proper suggestion.

    Thanking you

  193. K Solomon Raj says:

    My son is suffering from palate ulcers since two years this was due to reaction of the tablet taken to control motions I had been to physician,dentist, skin doctor,herbal doctor from Kerala. My son is on herbal medicine since one year,it has shown good result and the palate ulcer had almost healed I discontinued the medicine and again it has surfaced.should I continue with the medicine or look for homeo medicine. Please advice me I need your help.

    Thanking you

  194. nekibuddinahmedyamaneh says:

    i m suffering gum problem,seen simple blood while clean mouth by tooth brush at morning

  195. Amjad Dogar says:

    Hi Dear Doctor,
    Been a patient of diaherrea for the last 8 months. Started after the death of my wife in Aug 2014.
    Had no female member in the family. Had to eat from hotels . The result – acidity and then watery diaherrea- 4-8 times a day .
    All lab tests clear . The Drs say it IBS . Some medicine for acidity works for a day or two. All useless . Weight loss 118 to 68 kg.
    Consulted homeopaths for the purpose but of no avail.
    Started taking interest in it myself.
    Self medication been of some help for the last three days.
    It is Carbo Veg in ascending order 30- 200- 1M that stopped the hydrant .
    But now I feel
    1. Extreme/ unfinished hunger
    2. Still a burning in GIT, more irritating of which is a sort of lump or irritation in the throat that always threatened diaherrea previously .
    3. Weakness that won’t allow me move about more than 5-7 minutes .
    If you spare a few moments to study and reply….

  196. Richa Sahay says:

    sir, I am suffering from mouth ulcer from 6-7 years.It repeats always . It hardly happens that Iam without mouth ulcer and also 1 mouth ulcer tends to persist even for more than 2 weeks.I am also suffering from constipation. sir please suggest how I can cure it.

  197. arun kumar singh says:

    i am suffering from cheek innliner in both side previous 3 years and no pain . my age 32 years .i m not any drink,junk food, kindly suggest me

  198. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am getting mouth ulcers regularly from last 3 months,

    One doctor said ” Deficiency of vitamin B, and suggested B complex capsules & antibiotic) Alopathic medicines.

    Other doctor of homeopathic medicine says : It’s due to acute acidity, I took that homeopathic medicine for 3 days but after that again ulcers occurred.

    I DO NOT smoke, DO NOT eat tobacco, no spicy food, nor junk food.

    Kindly suggest me?



  199. Bimal sharma says:

    and my age is 27 running pls sir help me

  200. Bimal sharma says:

    sir I’m sufferings mouth left side cheek side ulcer. I can’t say what is this.but I visit to many doctors some of give me b12 tablet some of lexanox and some tablet etc .but solutions is not coming out .same I’m suffering .
    sir what is this pls help me at my left cheek round circle and in middle some times is appear red in color dot n when I ve lunch or dinner is goes in white round dot .and after 2 3hrs the white dot disappeared. sir pls help me I’m suffering this ulcer form 3 months running .
    sir pls give me right solutions .
    and sir one think I want to rember u that I don’t take tobacco pan n somking.because in my life I never been taking this thing.not even alcohol. so y im suffering this ulcer pls help me
    thank you

  201. Bimal sharma says:

    sir I’m sufferings mouth left side cheek side ulcer. I can’t say what is this.but I visit to many doctors some of give me b12 tablet some of lexanox and some tablet etc .but solutions is not coming out .same I’m suffering .
    sir what is this pls help me at my left cheek round circle and in middle some times is appear red in color dot n when I ve lunch or dinner is goes in white round dot .and after 2 3hrs the white dot disappeared. sir pls help me I’m suffering this ulcer form 3 months running .
    sir pls give me right solutions .
    thank you

  202. Iv had a mouth full of sore’s ….(((( I just used a skunk )))) smoked it for 2 weeks and all the sores are gone ()–_ only a skunk can help

  203. I have suffering frome mouth ulcer and I have gastric problem how can relief these problems

  204. i am suffering with tongue ulcers since 7years plz suggest to get good treatment

  205. pradip datta says:

    I. have this ulcer inside my cheek. since seven month with no pain. but fill irritation if. pressed with tongue please suggest any remedy for this. I am feeling upset with this

  206. nilomee garach says:

    I am 15 years old. I am suffering from mouth ulcer since last 4-5 years and it attack twice or thrice a month. please suggest me some homeopathy medicine.


  207. Hi Dr. Sharma. Chemo treatment has triggered ulcers in my friend Amy’s mouth. She’s around 50, had breast cancer a few years ago and now it’s bone cancer so she’s back on chemo. I use a lot of holistic and homeopathic remedies for my dogs and horses so I was wondering what I could recommend to my friend. The things I have read on homeopathic remedies for ulcers don’t address the ones that are caused by chemo treatments. Thank you. Elena

  208. Muhammad Wasif says:

    my ulcer cause due to teeth biting and some time it cause of affecting tong also is there any specific remedy for this type of ulcer

  209. Dear Sir,
    Am 63 male retired recently wt 95 kgs .stubborn fat on waist line .sendetary life style BP 140-150 & 90/ diabetes ,Sudden change in life style of busy office to retired life .Not feeling good to complete the pending jobs at home like consolidation of issues ,rehashing of papaer works which were not attneded for long time due to office works .
    Stresssed due to domestic disturbance and very hostile home atmosphere .Uncooperative wife and children .

    1.Frequent mouth ulcers .
    2.High BP using alopathy medicnes -Telsarton 80/ meta prolol .
    3.had episode of miners disease in 2014 .-Vomiting ,severe head realing ,MD induced high BP .Was admitted in ICU for 2 days for trestment .
    4.Sweelings in the feet anf calf muscles .No kidney problems as per the medical reports .
    5.high cholestrol ,High triglyserides ,SGPT .
    6.Joint pains ,feet heals in the morning and nights .
    7.Burning of soles of feet .Applying oil like coconut ,mustard oil with camphor and menthol 2/3 times a day .
    Poor qaulity sleep in the night .Mornings sleepy ,tired and restless .baggy eyes ,watery eyes ,black circles .
    8.frequent pruritis of the scrotum ,itiching ,dry pustules ,no bleeding ,scaly .inflamation of the scrotum sac .used Flucanazole ,applying essential oils on the underparts daily 3/4 times .till gets dry and itching when temparature difffers ,After removing the undergarments .
    9.Severe stomach bloating due to inflammation of bowels syndrome .
    10.Appetite normal .normal digestion normal motion thirst noraml .Acidity ,acid reflux ,occassional chest burning .
    11.dont feel like going out and meeting people .
    Feel lethatgic to stay at how reading ,TV,Intenrt and listening to spritual discouses .
    12.Occcassional walkinng in the apratment .
    13.worried about future ,marraige of daughters ,failing health and diasbilites .
    14 stayed away ffrom family for 4 years and stayed alone due to unpleasant domestc atmosphrere .
    15 .Like sweets ,citrus fruits , dryfruits ,fruits .Sometimes Non veg food .
    16.Severe Swetting and head reeeling when i go out ,gait cahnges ,drags to left ot right side ,cant bear the heavy sounds like bus ,car horn etc .continuos sound in the ears for the last 20 years .

    Pl suggest suitable remedy and trewat ment to my above .


  210. Dr.Shivanand Ghule says:

    Dear sir,
    My father is having mouth cancer since last 6-8 years. which medicine we have to prefer, aleopathic, homeopathic or aurvedic.
    Whats the effect of nitric acid over it
    To reduce stress which medicine have to use.

  211. Muhammad Daud Dogar says:

    hi doctor,
    i am effecting from mouth blisters at least 16 years.
    what can i do so that i can rid from this.

    please give a good decision about medicine.

  212. Dear Sir,

    My self Gyanendra Pande , I am suffering from recurrent ulcers from last 5 years earlier i used to get ulcer after 2 to 3 months but from last five years there is no day when ulcer are not appearing on my tongue. I am currently taking Homeopathic Treatment from one of the Consultant in Mumbai.And it has help me in the reduction of the size of ulcer ( earlier i use to get very big ulcer ). Following are the main changes i have observed from last 5 yearss

    – Recurrent Oral Thrush
    – Ulcer starts with very small size ( like one granule of tongue) then it grows
    – Heavy Acidity ( Stomach)
    – Body Ache

    Following are the result of Diagnostic Results
    – ANA Test : -Ve
    – HIV Test : -Ve
    – Vit B12 : Within specified limits
    – High Uric Acid.

    Please suggest some course of treatment which would help in treatment of Ulcers.

  213. Dear,
    Sir I am suffering from mouth ulcer and a white patches in my mouth please suggest me my choices
    medicine so I can recover from this dezees.

  214. dharmendra sharma says:

    I’m suffering from mouth ulcer for so many years. It occurs frequently.

  215. Vikash Baid says:

    I took merc sol 200 two drops in water twice daily for two months and am now taking merc sol 30 two drops in water twice daily. Is it advisable to take for so long. My ulcers are reduced and controlled but not cured. I have been having ulcers for last three years continuously

  216. Rakesh Nandan says:

    Pls suggest me best and safe homeopathic remedy for following things I am the patient of chronuc IBD due to poor eating habits and also due to environmental and physiological factors for which I got several treatments in almost all sciences but not able to get rid of it and secondly i have low on sex drive means early ejaculation for which already I had taken demiagra medicine and genseng but not satisfied and lastly I suffer from mouth epthous ulcers moderate to more from several years I want to get rid of all these conditions which I think is easily treatable with right combinations but I m not able to get so though I visited various high class Dr. But of no much respite. I suffer from anxiety, I got angry very easily and superstitious person but also scared with life outcomes easily for no reasons kindly help

  217. Deepa dey says:

    Dear doctor
    This one pink colored round spot had been there on the left wall inside my mouth for the last 1 and half year .what is that .what should I do .pl help

    Looking forward to your healing touch

  218. s.c. singh says:

    dear dr. sir
    i was suffering from mouth ulcer since last 15 year. homop has given me new life & also me, now again it has been started .
    kindly suggest me medicine for this chronic disease.


  219. Julia Hockmeyer says:

    i have battled mouth sores since the age of 13. I have a sore on my tongue and on the inside of my cheek and it hurts so very bad. Sometimes I get a steroid shot when they get real bad. I take acyclovir daily to help prevent outbreaks. Right now I’m trying to eat bland to see if it helps. Usually my stomache is extra sensitive during an outbreak. Please help. I’m hurting and need relief. What would you suggest I try. I just bought borax supplement and it scares me that it will make them worse.

    Sincerely, Julia Hockmeyer

  220. Josephine wambui muniu says:

    I have severe mouth ulcers which keep reoccurring. What medication can I use

  221. Hello Doctor,
    I have taken Merc Sol 30 for two days but it does not reduce the pain of my mouth ulcers.
    What should I do?


  222. Tarini kanta sarma says:

    Suffering from tongue ulcer that from deeper. Very often i use to suffer n please give treatment

  223. lalit mehra says:

    dear sir

    every month i am suffering from Mouth sores. i have taken so many medic ens but not re leave so please advise if any homeopathy medi for me.

    coz i am worry about it if one day this disease not make a big disease.


    last night a single blister was developed on my tongue, i am feeling problem in eating drinking spitting out and speaking.
    will you please suggest

  225. DARPINDER SINGH says:

    pl recommend how to cure mouth ulcers

  226. Dear doctor,

    M frequently suffering from mouth ulcers and i could not take normal food also for many days. Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for her.

    Thanks in Advance

  227. abhishek kumar says:

    i have routh mucous membrane inside of my tongue .plz tell me the medicine that its become smooth .

  228. ASIS HAZRA says:

    Frequently I have ulcer in tongue, inside lips and inside mouth. It is very painful specially at the time of taking food. I have an habit of taking very hot tea and food and also spicy food. Please advise me, because it is happening very often and it takes 7-10 days to recover. I have also problem of digesting food and gastrities.

  229. O P Khurana says:

    I am facing problem for the last 15 to 20 days, when I eat hot thing it touches with my tongue & lips & starts burning problem otherwise there is no problem at all. I have taken medicines but the problem still exists. Now from today I have started homeopathic medicine Arsenic 30. Please tell me what to do.

  230. respected sir ,

    my mother is 59 yrs old …she is diabetic …she had rapid weight loss …whatever she eats …comes out as it is through stool …she has scanty stool problem …my concern is how to make her healthy …weightwise also …her sugar levels are 154 empty stomach and 240 after lunch…she is very active……very systematic…meticulous ..lady…sometimes she suffers from mouth ulcers …sometimes from ithching and warts in in genitals …lot of thirst…vision is also started blurring ( though not much ) sometimes toothache ….kindly… help me out


  231. BALA K.R. BADUGU says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering with this for a longtime i.e., 25 years. Now I am 64 years old. The main cause, right from beginning to till date to the mouth ulcers on lips or tongue is biting only. I have good belief on Homeopathy. Kindly tell me the remedy for my suffering please.

    Yours sincerely,

  232. I am 63 year old.i am suffering from deep ulcer behind the toungue for 1 year.but i is becoming more dangerous.i have taken treatment but not getting cure.i m also heart patient.and have to take medicines for that.

  233. Nivesh chaudhary says:

    I’m 19 years old and suffering from so many problems. These problems are as follows;
    1)Mouth ulcers- ulcers mostly remains about 1 month and i get rid of it for at most 10 days and again i have ulcers.
    2)stomach ache: most of the time i suffer from stomach ache .it occurs suddenly for 2- 3 minutes . it occurs about 4-5 times daily and some times ache remains for 2-3 days.
    3)vertigo- whenever i stands after sitting for a short time or long time there gets darken in front of my sight. and sometimes i even falls.
    4)headache-headache i s also common for me. it is either less or medium but not that much that i cant even stand.

    I never take any type of medicine for these problems except ulcers.

    plz help me out, how can i get rid of these problems.

  234. Sheila Freeman says:

    My son is 32years of age and suffer’s from servier mouth ulsers, to the extent that his mouth bleeds and he can not eat for weeks, he has under gone tests at the hospital and they have not come up with a Remadies. Is there any homeo Pathic Remadies you can suggest for him to try, he is at the stage he will try anything ,

  235. Helo Dr. Sharma, my mother is suffering from mouth ulcer from past 2-3 years. It is spread on tongue & throat. She is not able to swallow properly, have irritation in her mouth. She has also taken allopathy & ayurvedic but no improvement. Please help.

  236. DR MANJEET SINGH says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, my respects & regards. My problem is that I get recurrent mouth tongue ulcers every 3-4 months. Unfortunately I lost both of my parents in last one year. Since then only this problem has started.
    More ever I have a problem of IBS as per my GE doctor friends. I usually have acidity with constipation & piles. I will be obliged for your remedial advice. I am a Professor of Radiology in a Teaching Super- -specialty Govt. Medical Institute. My age is 59 years.

  237. saroj kumar mohanty says:

    I am saroj 32 years old have been suffering with mouth ulcers since long and regular within 15 days it comes so please give me advice that i can refile with this major problem for life time.

  238. Subhojit Paul says:

    I am 30 years of old, I have chronic year infection from last few months. I visit many homeopathy doctors and use many medicines for long time. But i did not get relief from it. Thick yellow discharge but not running, its accumulate in the year………….
    Suggest me some medicine………

  239. Hello,
    My name is Rajesh. I am 41 years old male suffering from mouth ulcers for the last 10 to 12 years. from the last one year they have become very frequent. i consulted ayurveda , allopathy but of no use . as long as i am taking medicines it is ok . once medicine is stopped mouth ulcer reappear. I am vegetarian. non smoker no drinking. kindly see if something can be done.


  240. j govind rao says:

    i am suffering from canker sores for over 1 month, and they don’t tend to heal i have tried medicines but no positive results till now .. i can’t feel any senstation. it doesn’t cause me pain but at times when i eat very spicy food it’s slightly gives me a burning sensation. i have got a reddish bubble kind of thing on back of my lip which is based slightly upwards( exterior) just touching my teeth and also multiple number of ulcers on my tongue. please suggest me something effective. i just wana get rid of them either by hook or crook.

  241. Malabika Chakraborty says:

    Mouth ulcers on right side tongue and gum for one and half year ,also their is pain and irritation .please suggest any homeopathic medicine.

  242. Suffering from apthous stomatitis (cheek ulcers).using nat.mur 30c borax 200 daily twice not heeling completely. Other factors such as vitamins etc.,good. Seek remedy

  243. vardaan agarwal says:

    sir i have been having rashes for about two years . They are very irritating , the doctors have said that these wont heal and will reamin life long . currently i am using a antifungal cream candid . Can you please guide me through this problem . It would be highly appreciated ………

  244. C B Mathur says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife aged 63 years uses a small denture on both sides. Ulcers occur frequently on inside of cheek where denture wire touches the inside of cheek. If denture is not used for some days then also ulcer occurs at same place due to inside skin getting bitten sometimes during talking or eating.
    This problem has started occurring since she fell ill due to fever two months ago.
    We have also got the denture made new but problem persists.
    We tried Thuja 30 and Thuja 200 but no permanent cure.
    Please advise.

  245. During sleep at night water (lar) comes out from my mouth after days or so l got sore in my tounge and mouth it repeat after approx every three month where as i am taking regularly multi vittamins and liv 52 ds

  246. Gunjan Dixita says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I read above article , my mom is suffering from oral sores in her mouth since 5+ month. All medication we did in aleopath but did not get any remedy.

    Symptom: She has pain while eating either hot & cold. in tounge she feels become fat or kind of strong layer . in inner gum there are small or tiny molecules seems to while or pale.

    Kindly assist

    Thanks & Regard
    Gunjan Dixit

  247. subhash d says:

    sir, ulcer on side of tongue was creat one year ago and treat at bout one year, again same side another place ulcer creat ,not treat even two month, bcosule -z was taken contuniously, ulcer is justlike skin break no red lisen ,no white lisen show pl suggest me

  248. Mazhar Sayed Alam says:

    I have mouth ulcers in right side of mouth specially in cheek and can not open mouth fully. There is stiffness in the right side cheek . Which medicine should I use

  249. SHAILESH DUBEY says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from mouth ulcer since last one & half year it only occur in below the tongue & relapse in every month. I have already taken folic acid,B complex & vitamin.Still i the problem is as it is.please suggest me some biochemic medicine I will be highly oblige.
    Thanks & regards
    Shailesh Dubey

  250. Hashim Ali says:

    Sir ? I use tobaco I mean I keep inside the lip side now I stop this kind of bad things even if now I found in my mouth white and yell coller no ulcer . If you advise any good medicie its would be better sir . So please kindly needful . I hopfull you would consider thanking you

  251. SREEKUMAR says:

    Dear sir, please suggest an effective medicine to prevent from bloody mouth ulcers frequently from past some years please suggest me am getting 3 to 4 places at atimewhen it occurs. Last 3 months I am following homeopathy. But no result why….,,,,……………..

  252. Dear Doctor, I am 61 yrs and i am suffering from mouth ulcer/ canker sours for the past one month and alopathic doctor has given me gel containing choline salicylate and Benzalkonium chloride solution to apply, but it only relieves paid and not getting rid of the ulcer/canker sours.
    please advice me and recommend the right homeopathic medecine to get rid onlce in for all and the dosage, how it should be taken and when.
    Please help me out doctor.

  253. harendra khichi says:

    sir I have many ulcers in my mouth but treatment after come back please help me what I do

  254. I am 49 years old and a diabetics patient. I have been suffering from mouth ulcerating. Doctor dentist at Dhanmondi adviced me but there is no change of ulcer. Would you please refer to any mouth ulcer specialist in Dhaka

  255. parthiv joshi says:

    Mouth ulcers since long..habit of tobacco pan mava…gastritis .depressed state of mind..
    Pl to
    Thnx n looking forward to your reply
    Parthiv joshi

  256. hi my self abhishek mera pat kharab rehta h his karan mujhe mouth sores hote h please suggest some medicine imideatly

  257. Surendranath Mohan says:

    I am suffering with Mouth ulcers for the last 15 years and of late for the last 3 years, I am getting frequently inside lips, tongue sometimes without gap in period and it will be there for at least 5 to 6 days. I am regularly doing gargling with salt/cooking soda daily 3 times after meal. I have no problem with constipation, indigestion, gastric etc. I am aged about 64 years and no BP and sugar.
    Kindly advise me with remedial measures for curing the chronic mouth ulcers by using homeo medicine.
    With kind regards

    Surendranath Mohan





  259. col suresh gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having mouth sore since last 9 months intermittently. I am being treated with tab aciclovir, and sometime with azythromycin and once with wysolone. But symptom errups after a few days . I am presently in USA. I was even seen by ENTERING specialist . He advised to add aciclovir and VitB comp.
    My condition is bad. Can you please advise?
    I will be here for another 1 month or so.
    With regards,
    Col Gupta


    since last one year suffering from recurrent mouthsore onr cheek area near wosdom teeth both side
    it comes and goes every week, i use zytee for healing purpose.sometimes i feel pain at my right ear.docter says this is nothing to worry about this is common., controle stress. everything will set right.

    please suggest me if homepahty can help me getting well for ever.

  261. Anuradha says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am 46 years old and I have recurring mouth sores which have a burning sensation especially under and sides of tongue and and under the mouth also. It gets aggravated when I take anything hot or spicy food. Some days it is just too much and other days it is there but slightly bearable. I do have a bit of constipation.
    Currently I am taking medication for hypothyroidism. Pl suggest any appropriate medication as this is going on for many years now. I also want to know if thyroid medicines give u sores. Also if floride in the toothpaste has any cause for this.

  262. Muhammad Rafiq Shahzad says:

    Most Respected sir
    PLC Adwez me mouth ulser medeson I am passant of mouth ulser
    Best Regard
    M.Rafiq Shahzad

  263. Is there a remedy for geographic tongue



    i am suffering long back mouth and tongue there is wound left side
    i am suggering with heavy paid my age is 67 years. further the left side
    my tooth are remove due to badly damae


    i am suffering with mouth and there is wound in the tongue left side and getting heavy pain
    please suggest good homo pathy medicine

  266. Tribhuvanesh says:

    my gums are weak and sweeping in it
    what can I do for Cher gums and healthy tooth

  267. SP.SHARMA s says:

    Please suggest me good medicine for cronic mouth ulcer treatment. I have taken full course of allopathic medicine. I got relax but not completely cure

  268. Cheryl Corey says:

    hemoform serum helps prevent the cold sore when you use it at first tingling feeling on the lip. If the cold sore should appear, it cures the blister in shorter time. I love it.

  269. Dear sir

    I having adiction of tobacco but i quit that since last 1 and half year but a white spot and with red area come in my inner check which sometime reduce and accur again and again.
    Now it not getting pain but it not going permanentaly.
    Kindly suggest some medicin for the same i am be very greatful to you

  270. Sir,I am suffering from oral submucous fibrosis. Is it possible to treat it through homeopathy. Please tell me what. Should I do to get rid of this problem

  271. dr.rajesh verma says:

    dear sir,
    my age is 34 year/male my complain is white patches in buccal mucosa since 8 month,dental carrise right sided burning right hypochondric region since 8 years,headache right sided since childhood, neck,shoulder,shoulder join,scapular region are stiff constipated,dark brown ,blackish stool,soft,offensive ,difficult consentration,memory week ,hurried, please sir help me sujjest me sutable homoeopathic medicine

  272. dr.rajesh verma says:

    dear sir,
    my age is 34 year/male my complain is white patches in buccal mucosa since 8 month,dental carrise right sided burning right hypochondric region since 8 years,headache right sided since childhood, neck,shoulder,shoulder join,scapular region are stiff constipated,dark brown ,blackish stool,soft,offensive ,difficult consentration,memory week ,hurried,

  273. Dear sir l got white patch in right cheeks. Please suggest me very effective medicine

  274. Koser Hussain says:


    My Husband has an ulcer on his wisdom tooth , he is in alot of pain , his mouth is al swollen and red hot, left sided.

    Please help
    Thank you Koser

  275. prakash Mehrotra says:

    Which is the best homeopathic medicine for mouth/ tounge ulcers? for quick recovery.


    i am suffering with mouth ulcer. there is wond left side
    tongue and getting very pain and getting water some time and
    it will drie also. further i am unable to take food properly.
    Further my age is 68 years and left side teeth are badly damaged
    and removed and right side tooth also damaged but not removed.
    please suggest good homeo medicine to me

  277. S.VIJAYA LAXMI says:

    I am suffering with repeated occurrence of mouth ulcers.Used various allopathic medicines found very little relief. with your advise of homeopathy medicines,can I try what is advised above ie. Merc sol 30c can be taken three times a day for a maximum period of 2-3 days. It must be discontinued once the pain subsides.
    Best ragrds

  278. Dear sir,
    I am suffering from mouth ulcer frequently last some years. Also suffering two years nerve pain &swelling below right ear.
    pl. suggest me some home medicine.
    Thanks for needful suggestion.

  279. mohar singh meena says:

    mouth me ulcer h tambakoo mouth me rakhne se us jagah par white skin ho gyi h Jo kai mahine she tik nhi ho rhe h mene anek doctor se ilaj karwa chuka hu dawai lene PR kuch din aaram rahta h phir problem start ho jati h ab baha us jagah PR dard mahsus hota h….plz samadan btayein….

  280. I have been diagnosed with mucous membrane pemphigoid. Is there a homeopathic remedy for this condition?

  281. chanderpal singh rathore says:

    37age and had ulcer problem since 26 however it has aggravated alt. For last 2-3 years I hav quit smoking since sept2014 but alcohol (whiskey)is weekends only. Now spicy food also is a problem as it upsets my stomach pls advise.

  282. dineshtambe says:

    Dear dr plea
    Se sujest medicine for mouth ulcer fro lesion in r cheek white patches pl. Do needful.

  283. mr Wal welford says:

    As an ex smoker, I never knew what a mouth ulcer was whilst smoking,when attempting to give up every time I stopped, with in a month I had an ulcer. I finally stopped in 2005 and ever since have mouth and tongue ulcers very frequently. Over this Xmas period I have had ten ulcers in my mouth and tongue, I have tried many remedies all ease the pain but dont help the healing. I am on antibiotics for an ulcerated throat, which finish on Tues 30th. I take bongela, iglu, Benzydamine mouthwash, Nystan suspension as well as paracetamol, so far no doctors or my dentish have helped. Can youhelp please?

  284. Hello sir,
    I am survived of mouth ulcer problem of long time please give me a best solution of this problem

  285. jitendra meher says:

    dear sir,
    my age is about 31,suffering from osmf cant open my mouth properly since 5 years..having inflammation in mouth…what is the medication I will do
    ….is gargling of borax useful or any other medication….
    thanking u …
    waitnig for ur kind replsy

  286. Mera mouth sirf 1anguli jaye itna ha open hota ha tobako chose 10 years ho gaya ha bayofc me cencer nahi aaya ha left gal me under Ki taraf ghav ha medicine bataye

  287. abdul wahid says:

    tongue ulcer…
    beneath the tongue at left side…
    my mother’s left side lower bicuspid has been decayed and its broken pieces are touching the tongue and getting painful for her…
    light yellow color layer on her tongue…
    chronic constipation….
    kindly tell me the remedy…

  288. ankur kumar says:

    i am suffering from mouth ulcer and red patches on tongue for 5 yrs.sometimes it gets very small and sometimes very large.i have taken homeopathic treatment in which i was generally given merc sol.kindly suggest me some medicine for its permament solution.

  289. Joy Bowles says:

    I have had canker sores for years but they stopped for years after a bout of Herpes medication. Now I am undergoing Chemo Therapy with Imbruvica. I have had several mouth ulcers and have tried mouth washes, Lidocaine solution used with a Qtip. Nothing helps. What can I do. I have to have the Chemo meds for a long time according to my Oncologist. These sores are causing weight loss since I cannot eat normanally. Thank you for ANY help.

  290. Dr Tapan Purakayastha says:

    I have been suffering from recurrent mouth ulcers since last ten years. I have observed that there is some correlation between gas and constipation with mouth ulcer. I feel it is hereditary as my mother and daughter also have similar problem. The mouth ulcers appear on and under the tongue, inner floor of the mouth, gum and these looks like white spots with red lining. The mouth ulcers persist in my mouth for a week or ten days. and it is very painful. Kindly suggest appropriate medicine for complete cure.

  291. sir i have problem pf demensia ..pls cure it

  292. Sir iam suffering from heavy mouth ulsar problem given any mesicen or suggestion to me sir thankyou

  293. Jawed Asrar says:

    My grandson is suffering from viral infection from last Friday afternoon. He has fever, stomach-ach, ulcer in mouth and can’t eat. Cannot drink anything other than water. Has trouble even speaking. Looking forward to your advice. Thanks a lot in advance.

  294. I’ve been suffering of serious problem of mouth ulcers and a very sore mouth and throat when I give up smoking. I have been prescribed a lot of medication with the final result of me taking Betamethasone soluble tablets to gargle and Hydrocortisone Buccal Tablets. Neither have much effect, and I have now started to smoke again (this has happened 3 times now) because I cannot stand the constant pain in my mouth and throat and feels like someone has tipped boiling water in my mouth, I am also unable to eat or speak, mouth is full of saliva and have to take time off work. The last episode lasted 10 weeks and I had to start smoking again.
    Please please help me get over this as so very desperate to stop smoking.

    Many thanks in advance
    Mrs H

  295. My daughter gets a very itchy tongue often after eating potato chips, cheetos, etc., then progresses to a very red tongue, and then white patches on her tongue. It is very painful. I have told her not to eat those things. She gets given these things at school. I think she may have an allergy to iodonized salt. Does that sound likely or do you have some other suggestion as to what it may be. Her Dr. said he thinks its nervous habit but she doesn’t roll/scratch her tongue until it is irritated. Can you help at all? This has been going on for 10 years with no end in sight.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  296. Mahananda halder says:

    Dear Sir,
    Last 3 years I am suffering the mouth chale on lip & tung also lower the tung & over the tung.I have consulted to the BHMS doctor and he has given the medicine uch as Acid nit,Kali bicho,mecurious..,.After taking the medicine this is removed . But the particular days 15 to 20days it is again started continuously. one is clear & another is started & very pain feeling.Three to 4 times I have taken the medicine but not cured for ever.What can I do? what is the remedy process?pls suggest me.Thanks



  298. Arshad Khan says:

    I am leukoplakia patient
    I want to know ..leukiplakia is a common disease or not
    am confuse that who’s doctor of consult like skins or dentist or etc

  299. Parvathi S Pillai says:

    I have written this for my nephew, who was in kerala. He has the problem of mouth ulcer for the past 5 yes. He is a 16th old boy. When it occurs it lasts for one week. After 2 week it will appear again. Some Aloppathic medicines are given. But it works for that time only. To avoid this for permanently what can we do.? He is very much suffering from this.


    I am suffering with mouth ulcer and there is ultcer near tongue and all my teeth also
    damaged. please suggest good home pathy medicine

  301. dr. dipeeka says:

    my brother having mucoal cyst on lower lip ,,, as his nature is actually he passed mba but dont dair to get on job so

  302. samani Amritpragya says:

    sir i am suffering the mouth ulcer from last five months continusly. i took aleopathy and ayurvadic medicine even i took homeopathy medicine. till now i doesn’t get any relief. drs are saying it is apthous ulcer. it will go by itself. i am suffering a lot of pain. i am 40 yrs. i need your suggestion if it is possible.
    i am a jain nun
    thank you,
    samani Amritpragya

  303. Baldev singh sagoo says:

    Respected Dr. sharma ji,
    I have been reading your articles on homeopathy regularily which are very useful to the homeopathy loving people. YOUR guidance on various types of health problems is very much valuable. please do continue serving the humanity by posting such type of articles on homeopathy.May god bless you with every prosperity in your life.

  304. I having problem of recurring tounge ulcer.pls advise me homeopathic medicine

  305. my pleasure

  306. hi dr.sharma how are you

    I am from south Africa Wit bank.

    i read your article and its helps me some .But the problem is that i have problem in my mouth almost 3 months ago now
    I went alot of doctors and eat alot medicine and apply alot of ointments no 1 is helping to slove my mouth problem. It is one on my lips and rest in side the chicks left and right side both up and down.
    As i eat some thing hot it felt and also chilies

    So please suggest me some thing good.Waiting for your reply

  307. muhammad tasawar hussain says:

    sir plese help me for mouth ulcer i fall this may be 5 year i get homeo medicine but can not feel relief.

  308. pallavi barthakur says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and uterine fibroids. I’m 44 years of age. Please help me.

  309. SANJEEV MITTAL says:


  310. Linda Ostrow says:

    My husband, a 67 year old healthy male, developed a mouth ulcer in April and is still present. He’s gone to his PCP, then was sent to an oral surgeon who tried antibiotics and steroids. After no improvement a biopsy was done which was negative. Now more mouth sores are developing. She sent us back to our original doctor—she said she never saw anything like this and to please let her (the oral surgeon) know what it is and how to treat when we found out. PCP had no idea. The only thing my husband’s treatments have given him c-diff twice…probably the first time was not treated long enough. He has gone from 172# to 145# due to the inability to eat and the c-diff did not help. Went to an ENT and he had no answers. Prescribed a ‘miracle’ mouthwash but that only helped the pain for a short amt. of time. he’s almost in tears with limited sleep, little intake and emotional depression over this-since April…any ideas ?? Tired of one medication after another with no results

  311. ravi narain tiwari says:

    Homropathic treatment for mouth ulcer five days old

  312. Mohammad Islam says:

    Dear sir,
    Hope you r fine, long time to continuing my bad/foul breath, sometime shows in the mouth ulcer, No one want to talk with me in front for bed breath. how can I remove this. please advice me.

  313. Uttam Kumar says:

    Sir my hair is falling quite a lot leading to baldness in front side of head .There is no one bald in my family . so its not genetic
    please help me

  314. Please sir.
    Suggest me a complete treatment…
    I suffer from this diseas 2 or 3 time in my whole mouth in every months… And its pain uncontrollable…
    Please sir suggest me a permanent treatment…

  315. Have given up on chewing tobacco recently but there are these twitching and numbing sensations in the cheeks. Also even the slightest spices in food cause a burning sensation. Can homeopathy help ?

  316. nirmal kumar says:

    i am suffering from mouth ulcer from 4-5 days.please write me an effective homeopathy treatment.


  317. manish mehra says:

    Dr. Sahab. I am suffering from mouth ulcer since 20 days. I went to ent dr. and he prescribed me steroids for 7 days. My ulcer is healing slowly. I get very much relief in pain, eating foods and every thing but not healed 100% .there is some scar. My history of chewing tobacco that i leaved. Please help me.

  318. Alkab Hussain says:

    I m suffering some type of ulcer in my internal side lips. It is so irritating it also create problem while talking. I m suffering from last one year. I used so many Mouth ulcer Gel but no progress. I also consulted few dentist but no improvement. I feel little paing 24 hours. There is nothing red or something like wound but it feel like a pimple or small wound. When I try to see the effected area I couldn’t found any wound or pimple the whole area looks like normal.
    Please suggest me a good treatment for this. Or give me any advise If I need to contact to any Doctor specialist.

  319. swapna khardikar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I liked your information about mouth ulcer. My daughter has comman tendency
    Of secondary mouth ulcer.She is 13 yrs old.
    I gave her Mahasudarshan vati and turmeric
    with warm water two times.Now I will try
    Merc sol-30.But pl guide me what quantity
    will i give her according to her age.
    Thanks.etn for your replay.

  320. Dear Dr sharma: my mother suffering with mouth ulcer since many years, she is 80 yrs of age , she can eat soft,liquid type foods only, her tongue and lips are black & red, mouth is watery,she is also involve in stomach ulcer disease since long , her diet is very selective and got severe stomach pain if she eat some thing else, she use only homeopathic medicine and never use any other system of medicines. need your help in this regard , thanks

  321. Jehanzaib Yousuf says:

    Dear Dr,
    Would please tell me name of a medicine from schwabe for frequent ulcers.

  322. lakhan bhati says:

    sar muje 5 days ke bad bahut jyada mouth me bahut jyada alsar ho jate hai jinke karan me kiisi se bat bhi nhi kar sakta hu—- and kabaj ki bahut jyada problam hai muje digision bhi sahi rahta hai and me sirh normly khana khata hu sar koi beas teblets ho agar homopethik to plz name send kar dijiye plz plz

  323. thakur singh sahu says:

    I’m long time suffering to mouth ulcers, every month this disease attack me, sir you requesting for better solution for this.

  324. Lalit Vivarekar says:

    i am facing mounth ulsers from last 20yrs had every kind of treatment but getting relife

  325. khurshid hashmi says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering from Eczema since 3 months . Iam taking Arsenic 1M once in three days and sulphar 30 thrice in a day and applying graphitis ointment is it sufficient or can you advise me else more. My father was homeopath Ihavent taken allopathy medicine till now My father expired in 2009 so pls guide me Thanking you in an anticipation

  326. Asghar Ali says:

    I am facing limited mouth openning problem since last 10 years
    please advise me any medicine avaible in homeopathy


  327. vp sharma says:

    Dear sir.
    I have been suffering from hoarseness since last 2 months. I have taken lot of medicines from varios allopathic doctors. I had been well also but again it occurred
    Though i can speak yet the voice is not normal. One doctor described normal inflammation and another suspected leukoplakia at the end of tongue. I do not any pain in breathing or swalling food or drinking water etc
    I do not smoke, chew but drink very occassionally. My job is such that i have to shout sometimes
    It happened on a day when i was shouting with dry throat. Please advise.

    VP Sharma

  328. you can stop any aphthous ulcers in 30 second
    i can introduce a herbal drug to all of people in the world
    combination of rhubarb extract + licorice extract + salisylic acid
    i have this drug ,
    if you want , i can send for you


  329. S.Ramesh says:

    so nice article and very much informative. Dr sharma good afternoon, i am suffering from mouth ulcers very frequently. kindly suggest me a remedy in homeopathy. Even my son also gets it frequently.. kindly suggest medicine.

    Thanking you sir


  330. Amit shrivastwa says:

    Dear sir i don’t speak fluently and i have oral hygiene problem, this problem creates to be beginning.
    and so give advise to me.reply soon

  331. mehernosh says:

    I have severe mouth and throat ulcers making it difficult to swallow also.
    There is red patch with yellow pus on teh lower right throat on tonsil.
    What medicine should i take?

  332. I have severe mouth and throat ulcers making it difficult to swallow also.
    There is red patch with yellow pus on teh lower right throat on tonsil.
    What medicine should i take?

  333. Sabbir ahmed says:

    I had this mouth ulcer since January 2014 it’s really sore and painful. Been to the cancer hospital and they have taken 2 sample to check weather If I had an cancer. Result has come clear.

    I have tried everything even steroids but nothing has worked so far.

    I was wondering if you can help me is there anyway I can make an appointment with you? And do you also provide homeopathic medicine?

    Kind regards

  334. Shankar Lal says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Since last 8 years I am having white patches which are rough on the palate, inside of lips and gums. At times they increase. There is no pain. Biopsy report says Epithelial Hyperplasia. One homeopath doctor advised Merc Sol 1m twice daily, which benefited but the patches come back after the medicine is stopped. I take alcohol and smoke occasionally. Please advice.


  335. mujhe mouth alcer ha mere cheeks mai reason yh hai ke mai tobaco khata hon but ab mai chor do ga plz mjhe koi Madison dain thanx plzzz

  336. Zarina Akhtar says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I am having mouth blisters for last 4 years, and was treated in Libya. during treatment in first two years, I receovered well by using immunosuppressant steriod “Prednisone” but after stoppage They reoccurs by themselves and are very painful. I started using Prenisone again but no relief.

    I am avoiding hot / spicy foods plus acidic foods but problem still persist.

    Hope you could help me out.

    best regards,
    Zarina Akhtar

  337. Priya bawa says:

    I have been suffering from painful mouth ulcers for the last 3 months.kindly suggest a remedy.

  338. MD AFTAB ALAM says:


  339. Kumari Sarita says:

    ulcer on both side of mouth.

  340. mohammad nasir aziz says:

    dr said to me that ur one teeth is have cavity and u must do rct treatment
    sir what is ur suggestion for me

  341. narendra kumar gupta says:

    i already oprated a ca tounge right side after oprated boispy resport is good by the docter , dr. Not give me any thepy after opration , i oprated 04 apr 14 in mumbai by sultan pradhan but next day i feel pain in my cheek i say to doctor but they are ignore them after 15 days i seen a other turoma in my cheek , Afer one month dr. Pradhaan seen me my chhek and said me u go for biospy , also i seen my chhek to tata memorial dr pai he said me u r reports are to good and u r cheek troma is not a cancer ulcer it is a cut form a theth bite so he adwise me theth extraction i was totly confuse plz. Give sugetion what can i do .

  342. Syed Raza says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Since about 10 days I am getting a blister on the right side of my palate. I have tried Merc.Sol 200, Silicea 200 and also Hepar Sulp 200 to no benifit. Please advise what I should do to clear this problem. Usually other blisters that some times occur inside the cheek disappear with one dose of Merc. sol 200.

  343. k.p.sahu says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife has .been suffering from mouth ulcers for the last 5 years when she was diagonised as patient of SLE. in 2009. She is getting treatment of her SLE from a reputed Rheumatologist(Prof Rohini handa)which is under control. He has been prescribing some mouth paste from time to time but no relief.

    The ulcers are not very visible, but is painful. it is on the tongue under tongue and in the mouth.
    can it be treated under homeopathic. please advice any medicine or any suggetion.

    with regards.


  344. Ronak Anchliya says:

    Please suggest medicine for
    1) Recurring mouth ulcers
    2) Hypertension
    3) Constipation or indigestion

  345. Deokinandan Gupta says:

    Respected sir, I am a patient of Hypothyriodism,Rumotoid arthiritis with deformity in both hands
    simaltaneously iwas anemic with iron defeciency, But this defeciency is controlled by iron present problem is mouth scars & white marks on toung .Kindly suggest me the medicines

    Thanking you


  346. Virendra Singh says:

    Dear sir vl I am facing the the problem of mouth ulcer that is like water filled Its increases the size and becomes very painful until I punctured it. After the feel relaxed mildly from pain. But I got total relief after 3 to 4 days. These ulcer occurs within the interval of 7 to 15 days. Kindly do the needful.

  347. Anas beg says:

    Apthous , since 5 to 6 year ,
    every 2 or 3 days
    pain ful , margin of tongue also affected,
    this start after since joundice ,typhoid fever 5 to 6 year ago

  348. Manoj kumar.p says:

    Respected Dr,

    I have mouth ulcer from my childhood. i take ayurveda medicine and tonic for one month. first it will help i leave the ayurveda medicine now again it will come back.i do know why it will come back so please give some good advice to cure the mouth ulcer permenately.

    Thank you Dr

  349. Atul Tembare says:

    I have mouth ulcer from last 1 year. Not able to eat spicy & hot food. Even when I chew roti feel pain in gums. There are rashes at the jaw joining portion & food gets stuck in it. That rashes are like fibers joining both jaws. Those are more painful. Trying homeopathy medicine from last 8 months. There is no any improvement. They are giving nit acid & some other tablets for the same.
    Pl. help.

  350. S C Arora says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    This mail pertains to the problem of Mouth Cancer and patient is my younger brother, Mr. Kailash Arora. His age is 64 years now and disease was diagnosed in May,2012 at an advance stage. Patient is having very limited means and We are supporting him somehow.
    All regular treatments including (i0 Chemotherapy and (ii) Radiation have been completed. Now, his chemotherapy is being carried out thru’ tablets. Due to side effects , there are now red bristles on the lips and mouth is full of sores. Also, mouth opening is very minimal and thus feeding is very big issue initself. The mouth sores now burst up at Regular Intervals and blood oozes out from the mouth. Condition is really very pathetic. May I request to you to advise some Homeopathic medicines which may lessen his agony. He weighs only 40 Kgs. now. My phone no. is 9868391132 and please mail the name of medicine available in Dilshad Garden Locatilty Near G.T.B. Hospital Delhi. Kindly treat it as an S.O.S.
    Regards/ S C Arora

  351. Akshay pantt says:

    I have tried almost each and every medicine and avoid some food too which was suggested me by some physicians for my mouth ulcers…. but there is no solution for it… it was hardly a week in the year.. in which there is no ulcer in my mouth…. plz give me some cure for it….

  352. My wife has an mouth ulcer since last one month, gradually it spreads inside lower lip and inside of cheeks and around the base of lower gums. Applied Zyte and Triamcinolone Acetonide Buccal ontment for last seven days, but no result yet. Please suggest Homeo medicine.

  353. kinjal sanghavi says:

    Respectedsir, My father Mr. Manish Sanghavi is suffering from recurrent mouth ulcers on tongue ,below tongue.We tried several ways of treating his ulcers. Sir, myself being a homoeopathic student of 2nd yr,i told my father to bring natrum sulph 6xand he took 2 times a day but every time it would relieve him and again ulcers relapse.sir please suggest me any ways to get out of this condition.

  354. sir/mam
    i am suffering by sores(fungas) on my tounge from last two hurt so much.on right side it pain too much.please help me by giving appropiate treatment.i have used many mouth cream n medicines but it give pain in whole neck in side badly.

  355. Vinod kaushik says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma. I am facing mouth ulcer problem from last one month. Can u advice the Homeopathic medicine for treatment of the mouth ulcer

  356. hello sir,
    My daughter her age is 5 yr is suffering from mouth ulcer from last 4 years. I will take many medicine but no positive response. I was very worried about that. please give me solution.

  357. Mukesh kumar suman says:

    Dear sir,
    i’m mukesh from bhagalpur,bihar.Sir i have blisters in my tongue and pain in eat hot foods.Please give its solution and medicine..

  358. Katerina says:

    Dr Doctor

    I have been getting mouth ulcers all my teenage and adult life (I am now 31).
    Recently since second pregnancy had mouth ulcers coming themselves and because of bites or cuts from eating. I also get spots on the side of the tongue at the back left side. (in the last three months I had them four times or more).
    I feel run down but who would not with two small children. I am also breastfeeding.
    can you please advice what medication to take?
    When I have ulcers-spots I feel my tonsils enlarged and somehow painful too while swallowing or touching, just on the side where the ulcer is.

    Thank you so much in advance,
    Kind regards

  359. Priyanka Singhania says:

    hi doctor,

    I am suffering from this problem of mouth sores for long. I thought that it to be related to my stomach problem as sometime I have loose motions and sometimes constipation. plz suggest a suitable remedy / medicine for this.

    kind regards


  360. huka achumi says:

    dear doctor, im 34 year old male, i have problem with mouth ulcer since childhood, during ulcer there is a mild fever too. thank you. anticipating your valuabe advice.

  361. huka achumi says:

    sir, im 34 year old, i have a prolem with mouth ulcer from chilfhood, when ulcer occur in my mouth specially on my tounge, there is a mild fever. il be anticipating your valuable advice.

  362. KS Sudhir says:

    My wife is suffering from frequent mouth ulcer for the past 20 years. The only time she was not having any ulcer was during the 1 year period of her pregnancy. These ulcers are recurrent and goes away some times with in a week and at times it may take 3 weeks even. Earlier these ulcers use to come near her periods but now a days the time when it comes cannot be predetermined. She has used all type of medicine. Please suggest a remedy to this

  363. Narender Singh Negi says:


  364. manoj bhatt says:

    sir my mother suffring from mouth ulcer( inner side right and left on cheek) since 2year…pls suggest me about ur home treatments….

  365. Dear Sir,

    I’m 29 yr old female.
    I have been suffering from mouth ulcers and constipation right from my childhood.
    and I have also been suffering from acne problems on my face, shoulders and back from past 7 yrs. I’ve full faith in homeopathic treatment and have been following it for 3-4 yrs.
    but the problems come back whenever I stop the medication.
    Hope you can help me soon with your advice and treatment.

    Thank you,


  366. I have recurring toung ulcer.I need a permanent homeo solution.

  367. Dear Doctor,

    I have two more cases for my wife’s parents and they are as follows:

    1. Mother in Law, she is around 53 years old. Last 3-4 months she is having problem in her mouth mainly in her tongue/front side of the tongue. She can’t eat anything. When eating she feels like something burning effect on the end of her tongue, but can’t see anything there. Some doctors even told her that it was due to broken teeth and she removed 2-3 teeth, but the problem is still there. Some doctors told that it is due to some vitamin problem and treated without any effect. She is taking local homeo treatment for around 1 month without any relief. Please give some advice/treatment/medicines for her.

    2. Father in law, he is around 62 years old and now he is having itching all over his body. Its now around 6 months and done treatment in all types. Now he is taking treatment with local homeo doctor but without any relief. in thighs it become dark colour and in night it feels too much itching. Please advise him a good treatment.

    Your urgent reply is awaited.




  369. V.Suresh babu says:

    Dear sir,
    I suffering with mouth ulser on tounge from last 4 years. I feel pain while eating spicy items. I had consulted a Allopathic Doctor and I was advised medicine for one month. And even after taking this medicine I did dnot find any cure. Sometimes there is itching also. I am using Vitamine Tab also it is not cure.

    Kindly advise me the best Homeopathic medicine that can cure my ulcer immediately.

  370. my mam is suffering from tooth pain and gumdeseases she is also a diabetic she came to know that she have chronic colitis.she is so weak what medicines she need to take or not

  371. sapna arora says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I want to discuss about my father he has mouth ulcers from almost 1.5 months it is not healing now he started taking homeopathic medicine please help me what should i do for him his age is 62 years.


    Sapna Arora

  372. Bipin Kumtakar says:

    What kind of diet should one take when suffering from mouth ulcers. What is the home remedy for the same

  373. Hi i hv married two years my husbnd is suffering frm
    Canker sores problem fmmore than ten years in every couple of weeks he got painful sores in lips ,on tongue,under cheeks i can’t evensee pls help

  374. Avishek Goswami says:

    Dear Sir,

    I regularly suffer from Mouth Ulcers with lot of pain. Any medicine that you recommend for the same.

  375. sir i m sufering of mth ulcer till 5 year.when ulcer occure it gives too much pain.sir plz sugest me some homeopathy drug

  376. RAJESH SAXENA says:


  377. Venushankar says:

    Dear Sir
    I am 48 years,suffering a mocus feeding freqently/continious to sinus area,as well in mouth,nose,Throat,eyes,due to upper tonge faling little down due to swelling & feeding mocus too much,thereby getting a frotal sinus,ethmoid sinus,bottom eye lid completly
    gets swelling & gets a pain,
    To read & gets a concentration little difficulty
    Your homeo medicine: Merc sol 30c can be taken three times a day for a maximum period of 2-3 days. It must be discontinued once the pain subsides,it will succesfull or not”
    Present I am taking a Tab: ALLER AID 2 tablets x 3 times,
    Also Liquid:B22 10 to 15 drops with water, which stoped due to stomech(Colomn) pain.
    ENT Dr: he said me 1 or 2 switch to be done on mouth near small tongue,but he is not done
    What is your opininon on chief & best
    Thanking you & awaits your opinion

  378. How I am free to gutkha pan & masala

  379. Arun pandey says:

    mouth ulcers on two deys

  380. Sir,
    Good Day,

    I am small small boils/ulcer type , on my tongue and on the inside of throat but on the tongue again ,
    Kindly prescribe some medicine ,
    A Little masala diet or papad or achchasr irritates a lot ,

    kindly help me some with some good Medicine and oblige,

    God Bless You , m a Sr citizen without any earnings pl

    Best Regards and respects


  381. KASI VISWA NADHAM says:

    Hare Krishna.
    I am suffering from mouth ulcers and infection in gums. It occurs once in a four months. I take antibiotics for 5days and pain killer and apply some cream. Then it gets cured. Can you help me by suggesting some homeopathic medicine.

  382. ridhima awasthi says:

    My 5 years child has hand leg mouth desiese as directed by doctor i m giving him merc sol, nitric acid and belladona combination 3 days passed but he is unable to eat and talk what to do please help i will be thank full to you

  383. Pravin Mathur says:


  384. I have been suffring of mouth ulcer for last 5-6 month , in between took hoeopathy or other treatment and got temporary relief.
    Please suggest some treatment for getting cure.

  385. shakil ahmed says:

    hello sir, um shakil ahmed and suffering frm oral cheek ulcer and it was caused by accidental cheek bite….from 18 month ago…..i tried allopathy by several dental dr. as well as by ent specialist….and used different medicines like…kenalog,various vits, salt water ringe…..but.. no improvement….ulcer is painless,age..27, weight57kg please sir help me i will be great ful thank u

  386. syed yaseen shah says:

    very excellant artical thanks

  387. What are the anti miasmatic remedy
    Give example
    Why they are called so
    Can it use for acute case

  388. Dear Sir,

    My age is 53. I have gastric problem since five years and taking medicines. Since one year I am
    facing problem with mouth ulcers on in side cheeks. Now some lesions ( brown spots) araised on the legs and hands. Skin doctors said that these spots are came due to ulcers and it will take time to heal. Now I intend to seek homeopathy. I request your advise.

  389. Hi Dr Sharma
    My son who is 11 years old has walking pnemonia and it has been 4 weeks and he is coughing really bad especially in the evenings and he sicks up white mucus the doctor gave him antibiotics and predisone 2 lots and the cough is still there what do you recommend ?

  390. manvider pal singh says:

    my son is suffering from ” cml” disease & is on drug IMATINIB


    Ihave tried merc sol &acid nitreate

  391. I have mouth ulcer under the tongue since last 5 years. I feel pain while eating spicy items. I had consulted a Allopathic Doctor andd I was advised medicine for one month. And even after taking this medicine I did dnot find any cure. Sometimes there is itching also. I am a Diabetic also.

    Kindly advise me the best Homeopathic medicine that can cure my ulcer immediately.



  392. my daughter is 4 years old. she was getting mouth ulcers on the lower lip ,sides of the chick , front tip of the tongue and side part of the tongue. From one year onwards the ulcers were coming in a bigger size and they are taking 15 days time to heal. every month the reoccurrence of ulcers were happening. Now after seeing your message in website , iam using merc sol 200 for the last two days onwards. But there was no improvement in Healing the ulcer. kindly suggest us best medicine for curing the ulcers and to stop the reoccurrence also

  393. I have eaten a chilli dish on Saturday night. My throat and back of my mouth has since developed numberous painful ulcers. Can you advise any treatment which may help.

  394. SHASHANKA KABAT says:

    I always get suffering from mouth ulcer . Please prescribe a permanent cure


  396. Sir,
    muze 7 monthse mouth ulsar hi , m no smokh and no drikng..
    m fuliy vag
    plz hellp

  397. Dr s n jha says:

    I am suffering from recurring mouth ulcer from 25 years i am 45y old now .i have used many medicine in homeopathy but not having permanent relief. please suggest for permanent relief

  398. izuchukwu chikwendu says:

    I have been suffering aphthous ulcer for about three years now and have been to several hospitals but I couldn’t cure, so please help out so that i will be free from this mouth ulcer please what can of drugs do I have to take that can cure me totally please help out

  399. reverend doctor sharma saheb

    i have been suffering mouth ulcer since 2007 . some times i have treatment alopathy and homeopathy and it is cured and again the same things happened . now it is ok there is no pain problem and any where ulcer spot . only thing is i could not able to eat chill or chilli food completely even something also and one more problem is there is white fungal in tongue side since longtime. so how can i be cure from this disease and obliged to you
    awaiting for your favorable reply

    yours eternal and obedient

  400. M. S. Verma says:

    I am 80 years old and have had lenses after removal of cataract. I have lachrimation almost all the time I am awake. It is very bothersome. Euphrasia 30 or 200 have not helped much. I also use Euphrasia eye drops while going to bed. What remedy should I take?

    Prof. M. S. Verma

  401. Guruprasad says:

    Dear Doctor, I have recurrent painful ulcers around lips and inside cheek with pus and swelling. I also get ulcers around and tip of tongue, in the palate, upto throat also. I also get acidity in the chest during this period. I am little diabetic and have uric acid problem. I also have little swelling to my feet, usually left or sometimes to both, in the inner side of ankle joint. Could you pls guide me with remedies.

  402. Terry Barron-Turner says:

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding my father, who has suffered from Cervical Spondylosis for years now and has found no cure, is there anything that can be done to reverse or alleviate it?



  403. Himanshi Setya says:

    My father is suffering from cancer(RCC) and he is on Targeted Therapy Tab (Afinitor) .This medicine is too strong and due to this, Mouth ulcers have developed please i need your valuable advice

    Himanshi Setya

  404. Dear Sir,
    Your article is very helpful. Can you please suggest me medicine for mouth ulcers. These ulcers are on my gums just beside my last tooth and its very painful. The pain affects my ear and throat. I am taking Borax 200. Can you please tell me if this is the right medicine for ulcer.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Kabir Kumar Grover.

  405. narendra pratap says:

    sir mere vocal card mai whitish leucoplakia ho gaya hai. 10 month tak alopathice upchar karwaya lekin badh gaya hai please bahut preshan hun.

  406. Yes, I am having the tendency to suffer frequently from mouth ulcers . Wants to try Merc Sole30 C. Thanks Doctor.

  407. Salam sir. It’s a blessing to
    Have someone like you plz help me I have polysystic kidneys and it’s inherated disease water bubles form in the kidney tissues distorting the actuall kidny overtime they growing untill complete kidney failure then will come dialasis . Plz tell me some remedy in homeopathy that works I am 35 years old male thanks God bless

  408. Mrs Saroj Saxena says:

    I am suffering from mouth ulcers for approx last three years in the right cheek and adjoining portion of tongue. I have taken allopathic treatment as well as homoeopathic treatment from reputed doctors but not of much avail. Local application of ointments / gels only provides temporary relief. I have taken merc sol and borax for a long time on doctors’ advice. Now one of my friends who studies homoeopahy as a hobby has suggested me to take Lachessis 200 oncea week and phytolacca – 3 times daily. Kindly advise – will it work, or suggest some other medicine. Please reply at my e-mail Id. Thanks. Mrs saxena

  409. I have mouth ulcer .It,s very painful and i can eat or talk

  410. My son 6 years plus has this problem of mouth ulcers since 3 years many homeopathic allopathic treatments done it cures n re occurs pl. Advice me the permanent cure for it

  411. VARESH KHANNA says:


  412. rasheedpallikandy says:

    ihadtonqueulcer so very difficult for eat and speak tonque crack and small temples also please you suggest any home medicine

  413. Sumanta Gupta says:

    Respected Sir, I will be obliged if you kindly suggest any medicine for my following problem
    ” In train or flight i cannot pass urine or any time of tension i face the same problem “

  414. Sreeparna Mitra says:

    My daughter (10+ yrs), is suffering from mouth ulcer very frequently. She is having thin body structure ( wt. -27.5 kg). Till date no medicine ( tried Zitee, Mucopain, Smyle, Dologel and also tablets like paracetamol etc) is able to relieve her from pain . Even some homeopathy doctor suggested Borax . It didn’t work too.
    In the website you have suggested Merc sol 30c. Can she take it ?
    Please suggest me some medicine that will give her relief as well as protection from the suffering.
    Thanks and regards.

  415. santosh kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Sir i previously taken mercsol-200
    But no use
    It is frequently coming

  416. Debasish Saha says:

    My age is 33.I am suffering mouth ulcers since 20 is a continious process in mouth.One cure another develop in my mouth.Please suggest me through my mail.

  417. RAJINDER KUMAR says:

    sir, i am suffering with mouth ulcer problem twice during the one month. My age is 45 year and i am non smoker but taking alchol three time in a week . kindly suggest me a medicine which i take to comeout this problem completly and advice some precaution tips .

  418. Respectable Dr.Sharma,

    My father is suffer from mouth ulcer since last more then 150 years now he has ulcer in the thorax. before the ulcer is cure after few day treatment but now is not healing we give him some medicine of alopathic there is no result then we start the treatment of homeopathy in start it look good but now again the same situation so kindly guide us what we do.

    Note: we use Heper sulf 200.

  419. Bhavin waghela says:

    i am 20 years old suffering from frequent mouth ulcers since childhood.As you have mentioned in your article that in some cases it occours even when other are not completely healed,same is the my case.please help

  420. thank you very much dr.

  421. Ever since I had a bridge put in, 3 days later they told me I had thrush and mouth ulcers. I’m rinsing with malox and Benadryl every 4 hours. My mouth still hurts, I’m thinking about taking the bridge out. Now my sinuses are bothering me will this ever get better? I really don’t know how it got to this point. If my ulcers don’t get better in 2 weeks the dentist wants to take a biopsy. What can I do to help myself?

  422. Ram Charan Passi says:

    I have read about mouth ulcer, how much drop can be taken 2-3 times daily.please guide me .and merc sol 30C .what is c please write me.
    Thak you
    Ram Charan

  423. Ram Charan Passi says:

    I have read about mouth ulcer, how much drop can be taken 29-3times you have not please guide me .and merc sol 30C .what is c please write me.
    Thak you
    Ram Charan

  424. Ibrahim kawu says:

    sir,I have a tonsilites and it is given me pain from my neck down to my body when ever i take something sugarous.I go for diabetes test and the result is normal.please help me.Thank you

  425. goli madhukar says:

    Sir i have suffering from .mouthand throut ulcers iam contact yosoda hyd and some other hospital please permnent relief this problem

  426. Malik Abrar Ahmad says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am writing to you in regards to recurring mouth ulcers to my mother (aged 75)for prolonging period of two to three weeks, during that period she is unable to eat or swallow anything including liquids. Generally she is very healthy and active and has a balanced diet, she takes multivitamins and Vitamin C as supplement on regular basis. Usually she applies gels and other liquids prescribed by doctors during that past she also took homeopathic treatment (cant provide medicine names) on occasions. please advise a medicine for the specific situation. Many Thanks

  427. Dear Sir
    I am suffering from a mouth disease it may be a mouth ulcer here are the symptoms I feel.
    i have teeth grading all the time have done some dental treatment and they advised for the night mouth guard. my teeth are exposing and gums gone up .getting gapes on my teeth.
    inner cheeks are having redness and i am feeling now swelling inside the cheeks .feeling irritation on lower jar of teeth, it effects on my speaking and i feel always not to speak and touching my teeth with my tongue all the time.
    I have b12 deficiency and i take neurobian injection
    I have sinus problem and i am mouth breathing while sleeping.
    I am regular smoker
    I drink alcohal 3-4 time weak.

    your kind avise is requested on above disease and living with above symptoms since last couple of years

  428. My son 9 years old is dominated by recurrent mouth ulcers (Aphthous)
    since 5 years. he is unable to concentrate on studies

    other problems are weight loss, loss of apetite, anemia

  429. SUBHAS BHADRA says:


  430. SIR,

  431. SIR,

  432. Gayane Navasardyan says:

    I have been getting mouth ulcers for 6 years now and there is nothing i can do to prevent them. I have tried almost everything people tell me to make it better but stil no luck. Whgen i get them they come all at once about 3-6 at a time on my tangue inside my cheeks on my gums and lip. I have really had enough and i want to solve my problem once and for all. I get very anxious and stressed when i get them and i cant controll the pain either. please sugget anything i am ready to go thru anything just to get them to never come back.

  433. Neha Rakesh says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My 4 year old son has ulcers in throat, I’m giving him Mecr Sol 30, (3-4 pills)from 2 days, still he is having pain while eating and drinking water.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

    Neha Rakesh

  434. Dear Dr . Sharma,

    This is Eshrak from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am suffering in aphthous ulceration last 4 years regularly. At a time two or three ulcer may develop, but up to five may appear at the same time. Each ulcer heals within 10-15 days. They are usually very painful. I asked my doctor (GP) many times for treatment, but he advise me no treatment needed. I would appreciate if you could please prescribe me on this.

    Best regards,

  435. Sukumar Pandey says:

    Dear sir, please suggest me as am getting mouth ulcers frequently from past some years please suggest me I am getting only one place at a time when it occurs.

    wiating yor repply

  436. pankaj sbukla says:

    Dear sir I m 41 years old man ht 171 cm.wt 92 kg my problem is mouth ulcer white tongue redish on corner occurance lasting around 17 yr back long burping constipation mucus cramps and pain in abdomain thick saliva cough and sneezing in week or 15 days no sugar occasionaly alcohalic and smoking 3 to 5 cigarrates daily no pan masala on sada pan work as a caterer so in marriage days hardly sleep in night previous medicine omez pantop izra d cyra d rinifol folvite nux merc sol chellidonium nat.phos 6c

  437. Naga Phaneendra says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,

    This is Naga Phaneendra, I always suffer from these mouth ulcers , almost 300 days a year from mostly 5 or 6 years i think, recently i have heard that, if these are got into serious condition, there may be a chance of infecting to lungs too. I am so afraid of these now, how to get a permanent treatment for this mouth ulcer, so that in my life it won’t affect again?

    Naga Phaneendra.

  438. Ramesh Macwan says:

    I am suffering from tongue ulcer since last 2and a half years. I have even got the biopsy also, and the report is negative. The doctor say that there is no medication for ulcer. I have become helpless. Would you please show treatment in homeopathy for this ulcer of tongue. i
    Is Merc.sol.30c available in Mumbai? Please help me to get rid of this very painfull tongue ulcer.
    I will be very gratefull to you. Thanks.

  439. MR SHER KHAN says:

    I have had mouth ulcers for over 13 years had blood test,been to the dentist,doctors, had herbal median but nothing works can you help me

  440. Sir,

    Hello Doctor. How are you. I am from Bangladesh. My wife name is Maksuda she is 38 years old. She is suffering from mouth ulcer since 20 years ago. Some times she is feel very sick due to the non taking the food. Frequently we saw it on the tongue & some times it in the lip .

    Now I am seeking your advise how we can remove that diseases .

    Expecting your suggestion.



  441. arun tiwari says:

    i have apathous ulcres from five to six months in mouth with painful sensation. please tell me medicine to get rid from this problem

  442. ambereen says:

    sir, my daughter is 18 moths old. whe has developed certain mouth ulcer. we used somogel but did not work. currently fruits like mango, leechi, yellow melon is a part her diet. she feels terrible pain in her tongue. please advise us what and how to use with fruits to be avoided.

  443. Dr Sharma
    I m from nepal.during 2 month i have Mouth Ulcer.i m not well by alopathy so i would like to request please which Homeopathic medicine will be effective me .I m waiting your feverable Response.

    Thank You Dr.Sab

  444. Noorul Islam says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am suffering from an ulcer on top of my tongue,i am not sure as it has come due to tooth bite.I am suffering since last 6 Month , i have taken several B complex folic acid medicine. Its appearance is white and gives severe burning sensation while eating spicy food.Recently i visited a doctor he suggested to do a biopsy test. I am little scared please advise.
    Mouth ulcers are very commonly coming to me but they disappear whenever i take B complex caps but this time its not going.

  445. Dp singh says:

    Got a small pimple just inside my mouth on the lower lip. I pressed it to take out the pus. After that for 6 months the pimple is still there. Sometimes it subsides but then comes again. It is the size of a tear drop. It does not pain but if I press it with my tongue then it hurts a little bit.

  446. Deepa Thakur says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    My 9 years old son is suffering from frequent moth ulcers or canker sores since he was 9 months. I have usually he has 3 at one time all through the year. Can you please advise.


  447. MAULIK SHUKLA says:

    dear sir, i have ulcer on my tongue since three months. i saw physician and dentist too. but they can’t solve the problem. plz suggest me any treatment for my disease.

  448. dr.sharma ,i am a lean active 72 year old woman . noone in my family on either side has diabetes but 2/3 months ago i have develped it. my blood sugar fasting was 150 and random also 150. i am on diet and am taking only hoeopathic medicine syzgium jambolana and gymneme sylvestre Q 10 drops 3 times a day .pls could you recommend some medicine which can lower myblood sugar + reactivate my pancreas . iam in a very stressful situation and have been under severe stress for last 6 years . thank you

  449. k.mcdowell says:

    I have what appears to be cankers on my tongue, more than on my gums or cheeks. The ones on my tongue cause me more trouble . I can’t eat or even talk, depending where they are located.
    I use multiple vitamins, b50 complex, cod liver oil and coenzyme Q10.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  450. Shantidevi sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sir, Namaskar.

    I am shanti Sharma,50 yrs,wt 65 kg have developed pain & severe inflammation on my left knee.
    I took allopathy treatment for one year found no lasting cure.I was advised by the allopathic physician to try Homeopathy treatment and accordingly I took homeopathy treatment with remedies-Rhus Tox 30x & Bryonia 30x 15 drops both morning & evening for one month.I got relief and the inflammation & pain reduced to 90 % but sir I still have difficulty to move after sitting for few minutes. I feel stiffness & cracking sound and sometimes feel pain both sides of patella and slight inflammation at times.
    Sir, I am sure I will be fully cured if not controlled from further deterioration.I have gone through your Web site and have found your expertise in Homeopathy remedies.Recently I have developed “Buffalo Hump” on my neck back. Please diagnose and advise me for a cure.

    I shall highly be thankful for this kind acts

    With kind regards
    Shanti Devi Sharma.
    New Delhi-62

  451. sir, l am a frequent victim of canker sores. The worst condition occurs when it affect the tounge. I cannot speak or eat due to pain. I tried a lot of B complex tablets, sea cod tablets. Presently using Nutrolin B plus capsule gives some relief. Is there remeady in homeopath?

  452. Patrick Omorovan says:

    Hello Dr.

    Am patrick from Nigeria, please sir, I despirately need ur help, I have bEen having serious mouth sores which comes wit a lot of pains for morethan 10 years now. Please sir I will be most grateful if u help me with an urgent solution to this, it last for morthan a week with severe pains which completely puts my whole life in a mess while it lasts, and I can’t even talk or eat or go out to meet people, am alwys in doors while it last. Please doctor help me. Crying.
    Reply me soon pls doctor

  453. CHETHAN.R says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma

    I am facing mouth ulcer problem 3 years onwards, i applied DOLO GEL, kindly let us know were i have to take treatment & which medicine i want to take, kindly let us know doctor, its very pain, i cant eat, drink anything,



  454. sir,
    I am fed up of taking aleopathy medicine (rinifol,folvite,becosule etc.) for mouth ulcer. i want to ask about remedy for both severe mouth ulcer(frequent,particularly if any painkiller is taken ,say for head dace) and sleeplessness. this problem is there for many years

  455. Sathyabhama Venugopal says:

    Sir, For the last 2-3 days, I am having the mouth ulcers. I cann’t take any food with salt and chilly. I am getting irritated. It started as throat pain. Which is the best medicine for this. Please help.

  456. rajesh aswal says:

    dr. saab namaskaar,
    mera naam rajesh hai,
    sir me delhi me rehta hu.
    sir mujhe last 6 month se throat me pain hota hai. aur throat lal rehta hai.
    morning evening me lagataar chinke aati hai. aur naak behti hai.
    aur throat me kaf girta rehta hai. jisase throat me right side me pain hota hai.
    allopathic doctor se treatment liya lekin koyi fayda nahi hua.
    sar me bhi pain hota hai. aur sar me bharipan rehta hai.

    please sir mujhe koi medicine bataye jo delhi me mil jaaye.
    rajesh aswal

  457. AMIT KUMAR says:

    Very good article but mein apni patni ka treatment kar raha hoon,thik hone ke bad or comment, but i want to talk to a doctor.

  458. Vasudevan says:

    Thanks for the information in your site.
    I get mouth ulcer allergy when the trauma of the past trigger. I cannot guess which one causes each time.
    Though not frequent, I get mouth allergy whenever I take sandwich with mioneese.
    When it attackers I go through same symptoms of depression and exhaustion, with sticky tongue and low salivation. Please advise whether Merc Sol with rescue remedy will heal.

  459. Dr.S.K.Mondal (BHMS) says:


  460. S.K.MUKHERJEE says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am now 71+ and suffering from chronic and acute mouth ulcers for over 25 years.
    Presently the frequency of occurrence has gone up and it is taking unusually long time to heal.
    I have consulted oncologists and they have diagnosed these ulcers as benign.
    Assuming that my teeth are the cause of these ulcers, i have removed all but three teeth over the years.
    I can’t use denture due to frequent ulceration and as a result i have restricted diet.
    I have tried all known homeopathic medicines including the medicines listed but unfortunarely no permanent cure.
    If you have any medical advice for me, i shall be obliged.

  461. teena ajit says:

    dear doctor,
    iam suferring from recurrent ulcers in the tongue and thraot.i need your reply.
    teena ajit

  462. D/sir I m having tingling soensation in my left cheekline of oral cavity for last six monte. There is slight thickening of mucosa. I ve free jaw movement and regularly taking vitamins. I m on anti anxiety pill also can u recomend any medicine to get rid of heaviness and sensation. Regards , Pankaj

  463. G.shobhan babu says:

    Sir iam suffering continuos mouth alcers and for thepast 1year.iam regularly taking homeo but no use,even ihv visited Ent specialists.previously ulcer cured in aweek but now it is continuos for above 3weeks.pls suggest

  464. Jodie Stephens says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am a vet nurse & i also groom cats. I have a client who owns a 7yo domestic cat that has constant ulcers on top of the tongue.. It was having prednisolone weekly however as you are aware, these steroidial medications longterm arent desirable. I am going to advise getting bloods done for Kidney disease profile.. I believe it may be Eosinophilic Complex Disease.

    I suggested a combination of homeopathic/ natural treatments to help assist with immune building.. ie B Complex vitamins, Lysine.. Are there any other effective treatments you could suggest or recommend with this type of problem?



    • sarita jain says:

      Sir,I am suffering acute mouth ulcer since many years.White patches appears on thounge.Many times this disappears for few months.I take churne for consipitation.Kind ly advice.

  465. Shashi Kala says:

    My daughter is having ulcer for past 2 days
    And unable to apply bonjela in her mouth.
    Can you recommend any other remedy?she is 4 yrs there any powder form to dissolve the ulcer??
    She’s having hard time eating. Wat foods
    Should be eaten at this time?? Please Advice??await
    Urgent reply…

  466. W.mohumed Ashur says:

    Plz inform me about the cover that can be put on an oral major multiple and recurrent ulcer thst decrease pain and induces healing

  467. RAMCHARAN K says:

    Dear DOCTOR,

    Glad to consult you, am getting mouth ulcer frequently every 2 months atleast if i got pain still it lasts for a week or more than a week, it looks like white patch covered with reddish (o.5 mm )at the surface behind grinding teeth where it causes severe pain for more than 5 days. please suggest me some good ideas to eradicate my pain and permanent cure for mouth ulcer and do you find any good medication available in homeopathy than english medicine.please help me

  468. can merc sol be used for cats with mouth ulcers which are due to feline leukemia instead of the steroid treatments?

  469. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I get this feeling that I suffer from bad breath. I maintain good oral hygiene. I brush twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. I have consulted the dentist too who has told me that my teeth are in good condition and there does not seem to be any problem.

    Requesting you to help me ascertain the cause of this issue because it hampers social activities.

    Looking forward to your solution.

    Thanks and Regards..

  470. Arvind Kumar says:


    I have been suffering from mouth ulcers for long time nearly 4 to 5 years and have consulted many doctors, even from Lucknow PGI, but got no benifit other than for days.
    So please suggest me

  471. I am getting frequent mouth ulcers below and side portion of the tongue, lips, inside the cheeks and the pain is unbearable. It remains for almost 15 – 20 days and at a time i get two to three mouth ulcers in the mouth.
    Please suggest a suitable remedy

  472. suresh turakhia says:

    My wife has follicullar tonsilites as said by the doctor. I was advised to take mercsol 200(30 size prl). Kindly advise me the best possible remedy.

  473. I am suffering from mouth ulcers with white patches for long time. Long time back I am using Gutkha and beeda, that is the main reason i am unable to eat spicy food with chilly. In foood if chilly is lesser then there is no problem but even its a slight high, then i have experienced a burning sensation after completing the meals.

    Even a tour or business trip, food from outside hotel (chilly is high), immediately this will reoccur.

    Can i get cure from this or at least control from this..

    What should i follow and what i should not follow…

    Is there any remedy from your side kindly send me a mail.


  474. Having ulcer on side of tongue. please suggest medicine.

    It gives pain irritability and discomfort.

  475. abhiram nanda says:

    I’m in great pain and worry due to sub lingual ulceration for 1and1/2 years. your remedies can help me thank you.

  476. Dear sir, please suggest me as am getting mouth ulcers frequently from past some years please suggest me am getting 3 to 4 places at a time when it occurs.

  477. Whaw this is some piece of info about the toothpaste and mouthwash,thanx for the advice bless u

  478. Samananda thaoroijam says:

    I have frequent mouth ulcer on the inner lip and could not be healed even after giving treatment by a physician.ulcer sites are multiple.

    Sir if u help me, i will be very thankful to you.

  479. My son has oral lesions due to hand, foot, and mouth disease. I know this is different from canker sores, but would any of these treatments (i.e., borax) provide some relief? He’s in a lot of pain and we’re worried about giving him something that might make it worse.

  480. What Causes Cold Sores says:

    Great weblog right here! Also your web site rather a lot up very fast! What host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate hyperlink in your host? I desire my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  481. How To Cure Cold Sores says:

    Great work! This is the kind of information that are supposed to be shared across the net. Disgrace on the search engines for now not positioning this put up upper! Come on over and consult with my website . Thanks =)

  482. Thank you. I have been suffering from these recurrent mouth ulcers for 2 years now. A lot of money has gone on doctors and medicines but still no healing. Well cutting on coffee, SLS products, antibacterial, sugary hot drinks and the like has reduced the intensity of the ulcers but no healing. Mine are also accompanied by a lot of mucus in the mouth. I will try these homeopathic treatment. may be my freedom is now.

  483. Some doctors give injection called neraupain or something as a treatment for the mouth ulcer. Yes I helps to recover very soon but what I observed is that that medicine has bad effect that is it grows fats on waist only . Is it true ?

  484. Thank you very much for your site and the valuable info. Keep up the good work.

  485. i m 37 year old my problem is my diet is good but my waight loss since two year, reduce fat , energy loss i check my blood sugar , and thyiorid test is normal ,
    waht can i do
    and my 3year six month son sufffer from mouth ulser in side ant what treatment i do

  486. gull e rana says:

    end of tongue som bumps or funges all mouth have ulcers teeth pain surface of tongue white and uneven

    • Kumkum Bose says:

      From 2008 have reddish white color small dotted round ulcer present on the tip of the that time dentist suggested for scaling of the teeth &prescribe me vitamins , minerals&medicated toothpaste.But it is not cured totally.There is no massive change in sixe.But it is troublesome for suggest homeopathy medicine. I am a hypertensive patient with high triglycerides&high blood 2004 Lapcole was doneI have tendency of acidity &gas problems.

  487. joy pickering says:

    Trama..mouth sores slow in healing ..aggravatef by teeth touchimg..need gums aroumf to heal

  488. Suffering from acute acidity & mouth ulcers.Need medication.

  489. manish bhalla says:

    I have a problem of mouth ulcers and constipution since childhood. Now i am 31years. In the early stages they heals in a week but now it takes 20-25 days. And now they comes on toungs also. I have consults so many doctors in chandigarh but every time they have given me a vitamin and dietry food tablets. Now i want a permanent treatment for it. Please suggest me.

  490. Judith C. Burillo says:

    i have changing the toothpaste but the problem keeps coming back almost always it’s on the tongue, and sometimes on the lips right side. i used to treat it with Betadine- gargle, i usually used two (2) bottles to ease the pain.

    Your site is of great help. Thank you.

  491. Ashish Ranjan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’ve been suffering a problem of mouth ulcer. It is spread on tongue & lip also. This problem is continuously coming from at least 6-7 years. i’ve also taken homeopathy and allopathy, but no improvement.please suggest me.

    With Regards,
    Ashish Ranjan

  492. aaliya khan says:

    hello doctor
    i m 30year old and i m suffering from apthous ulcer from past 4months..i used so many mouth paints like orax..ketocort bt old spots gt vanshed bt new ones also come in front..i also had anti fungal tablets..i just want to knw what shud i do…

  493. A.S.UMASHANKAR says:

    I have mouth ulcer from last few months.Swallowing food becomes difficult sometimes.Burniong sensation will be there in nostrils,Ulscers are there below tongue and on tooth gums.Gums have become very smooth and has made brushing very difficult. Waiting for your suggestions.

  494. i used to get mouth ulcers 3 intervels in a year. just two months ago i got one red spot on the longe which is not that painful. that took 3 weeks to it cured an another spot took place on the tounge. Then that also cured within 3 weeks with out any medicine. in continuetion to that now i am getting sevier ulcer on my lips upper lips corner of lips. i used one mouth wash and my mouth got burned. now i am having terible pain under my lips and roof of my lips. now i am using mouth wash as sault water. now for the last two months i am continuesily suffering from mouth ulcer. i am a male of 40 years. please advice me

  495. I have been suffering from mouth ulcers since my age of about 16 years reccurently it takes place in mouth in front edge of tongue front lip chiks(inner) etc. Now i am about 38 years of age please suggest homeopathy remedy. I have tried with Acid nit, merc sol, but not getting any permanent cure of mouth ulcers.

  496. Dear sir
    sir i am also suffering from mouth occurs every corner of my spreads every part one by one part since last 5 years.pls suggest me to have is solution.

    my habit are,
    1. i am complete vegeterian.
    2. i am not smoker.
    3. i am not alocohol user.

    thanks sir
    hari khadka

  497. Sir,
    The almighty will bless you, For you are doing a service which is precious and invaluable!!!

  498. sudhir srivastava says:

    Good after non!

    please tell me the good medicine for mouth ulcer. my son (9 yera old) has sufferning from mouth ulcer like small doted point under the mouth since one month, and uses more mouth ulcer medicine but not cure. please give me advice and goood suggestion or medicine for this.

    thnking you

    Sudhir Srivastavata

  499. actually my mother is suffering from whitening of inner parts of mouth.
    including inner end of cheeks.
    doctor proscribed drugs, which showed no effect on this.
    he also mentioned that it is caused due over heat.
    so,please find a solution for this.

  500. sir….i hv been suffering frm mouth ulcers since last 5 years earlier it use to cum on one month intrval nw its cuming evry day…evn if one set of ulcers r not heald the other set appears…m really upset …cnt eat ant talk …life is hel here….just want to get rid of it or control it sum hw…hv tried lot many homeopaths …aurved …allopath…nthng wrking….i h constipation too….but whn i take sabgol….thts fibre…thn its kind of k…i want to get curd…plz help me…m fed of life bcz of this….

    • my son has canker soares in mouth, tongue, roof of mouth and sides of mouth, keep recurring has already twice in the year. HELP!!

  501. Dr.mithun Patil says:

    very good. thnks

  502. Saurav Somani says:

    I am suffering from mouth ulcers since 2 years. Despite taking various medicines, the problem has not been cured. I’ve even stop taking any unhealthy foods or drinks. I also drink a lot of water. PLEASE Advise

  503. Rahul Patil says:

    I get mouth ulcers on insude portion of my lips , sometimes on cheek and sometimes on the gums. I also suffer from constipation and have gases in my stomach. I don’t feel hungry and i have a feeling of tiredness all round the day . Also i don’t get sound sleep and I get dreams or i am occupied by thoughts. Whenever i get ulcers on the lips i feel more thirsty and my lips get dry .

    Kindly suggest me a homeopathic medicine and its dosage

  504. is tannicum acidum useful for curing mouth ulcers????

  505. Ravinder Negi says:

    My mom is suffering from Mouth Ulcer. She has mouth Watereing problem problem while speaking also. Can u prescribe some homopathic medicine fro the same.
    Thanking you .
    Ravinder Negi
    Assistent Director (Sports),
    BSNL, Chandigarh.
    M. 09463900111.

  506. I have tried Acid Nitric 200 and Acid Nitric 1M without any significant change of the recurrence of such painful aphthous ulcers… is there indeed any better medicine in homeopathy???

  507. Sir i am suffering from apthus ulcer on tounge. Plz write the homeo medicie and how eat it.

    • During sleep at night water (lar) comes out from my mouth after days or so l got sore in my tounge and mouth it repeat after approx every three month where as i am taking regularly multi vittamins and liv 52 ds

  508. My 13 year old daughter recently had braces put on and a CBJ appliance on the bottom of her teeth to correct her jaw. She has ulcers on the sides of her mouth and l am not happy about this. She never had any befor the braces.I give her cold lettuce leaves and cucmber slices to help keep it cool. What homeopthics do you reccomend. She has excellent oral hygiene.


    They occur on the inside of lips, the insides of cheeks and under the tongue. They appear as a painful white ulcer surrounded by a bright red area. On a normal course they start with burning sensation followed by a red spot which then progresses into an ulcer



  511. Saurabh Thakur says:

    In Dec 10, I developed ulcers in my mouth. Had acute/severe pain was not able to speak or eat., and was on liquid diet. With allopathic treatment it got cured bt not fully.
    Again in a span of few days I developed swollen red tonsils for it I had balledona with tonsilitis and regularly gargled with betadin and salt.. and Later developen ulcers .
    Today I am not able to swallow properly, have irritation in my mouth and it seems I am allergic to cheeze… I myself have noticed that when ever I have cheezy pizza I develop ulcers. Is it my myth or in reality I am allergic to cheeze..

    Please help me to cure the ulcers also suggest o homeopathic medicine for it. (I tried Selecia) but of minimal use. Some say Merc Sol is the best medicine…

    I am confused..Please guide me.

    • G.shobhan babu says:

      Sir iam suffering continuos mouth alcers and for thepast 1year.iam regularly taking homeo but no use,even ihv visited Ent specialists.previously ulcer cured in aweek but now it is continuos for above 3weeks.pls suggest

  512. B. Dhanalakshmi says:

    Dear Sir:

    I am lakshmi from chennai want to reduce my weight. Please suggest some homeopathic remedy for the same. i am 40.

  513. i am sufhering from mouth ulcers from last 4 years. I am adiabetic also from last 5 years. Ihave taken medicine for diabets for about three months as per the advise of the doctor ,thereafter it was stopped as the sugar level was within range. Iam getting sugar test done almost every month and the sugar level is within range . I also get Hba1c done where also it is under range. Ihave been taking fenugreek seeds powder 1spoon every morning from last 5 years beside 4-5 leavws of neem and tulsi. I also go for morning walk daily for 40 minutes. Some of my friends informed me that regular use of fenugreek seed sand neem and tulsi leaves are not advised and may be the cause of recurennce of mouth ulcers. I have taken allopathic treatment also which genrally comprises of vitamins and B complex. I dont have constipation problem. could u pl let me know if fenugreek seeds ,neem and tulsi leaves are the cause of mouth ulcers. Also please suggest the treatment and also what can be the cause of mouth ulcers. thanks

  514. bobby khokhar says:

    can u plz suggest any homeopthy medicin for ulcer which is white in colour locketed on inner chicks of my 3 years child. waitin for reply. Plz reply soon.

  515. I suffer from frequent mouth ulcers and this has started when i was a kid and till now i am 41yrs, sometimes it becomes so irriating and it makes me to cry. I tried many types of medicines and now i want to try homoeopath for permanent cure.

    The kenlog and oracoat gel helps to cure faster and this is not good because it contains triamcinolone acetonide a kind of steriod, now these gels are becoming little expensive, a small tube cost s $12.

    Can anyone advise me the best cure for mouth ulcers if you know.
    Dinesh, Perth

  516. girish deore says:

    Which homeo medicine can be used regularly fovercome mouth(tongue)ulcers since last 10-12years

  517. girish deore says:

    good article

  518. Dear sir,
    pls tell me about mouth ulcer how i can feel free from this deceases which is covered me past 12 years.

  519. Rajendren M says:

    What you have said is 100% true regarding me and my family members.
    I hope I will try the medicines suggested.
    Thanking you,
    With best complements,
    Rajendren M

  520. saroj kumar mukherjee says:

    respected doctor,
    i have tried out various homeopathic medicines as prescribed by local doctors for last 25 years but no permanent cure of recurrent mouth ulcers. recently i consulted an oncologist who diagnosed the ulcers as leukoplakia but did not prescribe any medicine.
    i tried out Merc Sol 200 recently but there was no improvement. unless what triggers the ulcers is ascertained, we have to go by hit and miss method.

  521. sheema biju says:

    Dear DOCTOR

    Which homeo medicine can be used regularly for a period to overcome mouth(tongue)ulcers and throat comfort

  522. i am suffering from recurring painful sores in mouth and also from stomach rumbling(borborygmi).can you suggest me some good homeo medicine to cure this problems.

    • anilseth says:

      every years in summer specially june july month I have been suffering mouth ulcers in my mouth and I have diabetic patients but under control . I am taking suffer homeopathic medicine but no relief .I am very much troubled . Please give me advice and I also want it due to deficiency of vitamines .so which one medicine is suitable for this.

      • D PASAYAT says:

        I am suffering from tongue problem. My tongue top is frequently getting blisters and cracks. At sleeping in night the tongue is getting dry. Saliva is coming out at night. Taking B-Complex vitamins,relief is there but again appear not with a time bound some time two months or 3/4 months some times more then one year.
        Pl advise me which medicine will I take ?

  523. G MURALI MOHANA RAO says:

    Dear DOCTOR

    Which homeo medicine can be used regularly for a period to overcome mouth(tongue)ulcers and throat comfort for the high load teaching faculty

    Thanking you
    43 umanagar
    new bowenpalli

  524. srujal parekh says:

    thanx a lot for the information. plz suggest a medicine for:
    a patient having apthous ulcer since last year. in usg abdomen NAD.

  525. debs morgan says:

    Please can you help me? I have a cat called Simbe he has mouth problems for three years now and gets red sore patches at the back of his throat so he can not eat and on his paw which he makes bleed.

    The vets have been very good and have given him steroid injections for this problem. But this February he became very ill and had to put him into the vets. Because of the steroid they have been giving him I now have to inject him twice a day as he is diabetes!! but the mouth problems have not gone away and the steroid does not seem to work so good. I have spend so much money on him (he is worth it he, is all I have got in my life) but credit card is up to the limit (im not insure) Please please could you help with your knowledge of any thing I might try, so stop his mouth being so sore with any homeopathic or any thing you could help it horrible to see him like this he is my baby.

    Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon

  526. Hetalkumar Patel says:

    I’ve been suffering of serious problem of mouth ulcer. It is spread on tongue & throat also. This occurs frequently and remain atleast around 2-4 weeks. generally i’ve eat ginger,garlic,pepper type items than it immediate occurs. i’ve also taken homeopathy,allopathy & ayurvedic but no improvement. somebody called it is due to “pitta prakop”,”immune system problem” etc..
    The other problems are:
    – Acidity
    – Constipation
    – Kidney stone
    – Spondylysis
    – Throat infection

    Pl. give suitable advise & treatment.


  527. Indeed a good site. I have been suffering from regular mouth ulcers and indeed got to know of a lot of details on the same. Tks…

  528. kaleemulla koti says:

    Dear sir, please suggest me as am getting mouth ulcers frequently from past some years please suggest me am getting 3 to 4 places at atime when it occurs

    wiating yor repply

    • Ram Charan Passi says:

      I have read about mouth ulcer, how much drop can be taken 2-3 times daily.please guide me .and merc sol 30C .what is c please write me.
      Thak you
      Ram Charan

    • Tasneem Pasha says:

      Dear sir, please suggest me as am getting mouth
      ulcers frequently from past some years please
      suggest me am getting 3 to 4 places at atime when
      it occurs

      wiating yor repply

      M .t. Pasha

  529. mayur dharamshi says:

    Please suggest Homeopathy for below problems in my 5 yr child

    1) He has hemoglobin level of 9.5.

    2) He is often prone to throat infections.

  530. Respected sir

    I was searching for a good homeopathic site on net , i got this site , this site is very informative and very usefull to very one , after reading some of the topics , i would like to switch over homeopathy, Sir can you suggest some homeopathic medicines on post typhoid, and undigested food in the stool.


    with regards

  531. JAQUELINE says:


  532. very good article thnx a lot

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