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Top 8 Homeopathic medicines for relieving Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps refers to sudden, painful tightening of muscles from involuntary muscle contractions. It can affect one or multiple muscles and remain in a tight state from a few seconds to several minutes at a time. These commonly occur after excessive physical exertion or exercise. Though it can affect any muscle of the body but the most commonly affected are the muscles in back of leg (calf muscle) and thigh (both back and front) muscles. Besides these cramps can occur in the abdomen, feet, toes, hands, fingers and the arms. A person with cramps may feel a slight twitch or intense pain in the affected muscle. The affected muscle may feel hard to touch or as if knotted (like a lump). A twitch may be seen under the skin. The affected muscle may look distorted in some of the cases.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy offers an effective solution for cases of muscle cramps. By working on the root cause of the problem, homeopathic medicines give promising results in treating muscle cramps. These are helpful in muscle cramps occurring in any body part. Initially these help in overcoming acute cramps in the affected muscle. Afterwards, use of these medicines for a recommended time period helps in overcoming the chronic tendency to have recurrent muscle cramps. These medicines focus on treating the underlying cause to bring excellent results. With their use, the frequency of cramps keeps decreasing gradually. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances, hence are very safe to use. Though there are numerous medicines for treating muscle cramps in homeopathy but none is specific, so in every case the most suitable medicine is recommended after a detailed case analysis of individual symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicines For Treating Muscle Cramps

There are a huge number of homeopathic medicines to manage complaint of muscle cramps. Among these, the top three recommended medicines are Magnesia Phos, Cuprum Met and Colocynth.

1. Magnesia Phos – Top Remedy

Magnesia Phos is a top recommended medicine to manage cases of muscle cramps. It is firstly very effective in managing cramps in the muscles of legs and feet. It is best suited for muscle cramps that occur after exertion and excessive walking and also at night. Secondly it is very beneficial for cramps in the abdomen. In cases needing it, there is relief in cramps by bending double or pressure. It also gets better with warm application over the abdomen. Magnesia Phos works best in case of menstrual cramps in women. Magnesia Phos also works magnificently in cases of writer’s cramp (It refers to involuntary contraction of muscles of fingers or hands when writing or when doing other activities with hand like playing a musical instrument, sewing,etc. This medicine is also helpful when loose stool occurs along with vomiting and cramps in the calf muscles of legs. Lastly, this medicine is well indicated when the cramps change rapidly from one muscle to another.

2. Cuprum Met – For Cramps In Legs, Soles, Palms, Fingers And Toes

Cuprum Met is the next prominent medicine to manage muscle cramps. It is suitable to manage cramps in the legs, soles, palms, fingers and toes. The cramps may be severe that even make the sufferer cry from pain. The affected area may be very sensitive to touch and may feel warm. The affected muscles feel as if knotted (lump formation). The pain may get better by stretching the limb. The limbs may feel weak as well. Drawing or digging pain in the calf muscle can be felt. There may be coldness in the feet. A characteristic feature to use this medicine is cramping beginning in the fingers and toes and thereafter going to muscles of the other parts. This medicine is very useful for cases of cholera when along with loose stool, there occurs cramps in the abdomen and calf muscles.

3. Colocynth – For Leg And Abdomen Cramps

The third important medicine in the list to manage muscle cramps is Colocynth. It is firstly one of the best medicines for managing stomach cramps. In cases needing it the cramps get worse at night. There may occur relief by bending double or from burping. This medicine is also prominently indicated for managing abdomen cramps in women occurring during menses. The pain gets worse from eating or drinking anything. It gets better by bending double, applying pressure and drinking warm drinks. Colocynth can be used for cramps in the legs and feet. The calf muscles feel as if asleep. It can also be given for cramps in the middle of thighs.

4. Calcarea Carb – For Cramps From Stretching Limbs

Use of this medicine is considered when there appear cramps from stretching the limb. There may occur cramps in the calf muscle of legs, soles and in the bend of the knee. The cramps may also occur in the hands. The cramps of calves and hands get worse at night. In case of calf cramps, lumps are felt in the muscles. In case of cramps of the toes and fingers, they give a crooked appearance.

5. Rhus Tox – For Leg And Feet Cramps Better By Walking

This medicine is indicated for leg and feet cramps that get better by walking. In cases needing it, cramps are felt when lying on bed or on sitting after walking. The cramps mostly get worse after midnight. The cramps get better by walking.

 6. Anacardium Orientale – For Leg Cramps Better By Lying

This medicine is very useful when leg cramps get better by lying down. The cramps occur while walking and when rising from the seat. A pressure/ tensive feeling or a drawing pain is felt in the calf muscles.

7. Ferrum Met – For Calf Cramps Worse From Rest Especially At Night

This medicine is suitable for cramps in calves that get worse mainly at night. Drawing sensation and pain is felt in the calves. It is also beneficial for cramps in soles and toes. There is marked pain in toes.

8. Causticum – For Cramps In Calves In Morning

This medicine can be used when a person experiences cramps in the calf muscles in the morning in bed. It is also indicated for cramps occurring in feet, toes and soles. Lastly, this medicine is indicated when cramps are wandering type means these occur now at one place and after some time, in another place.

Causes and risk factors

1. Overstraining or overuse of a muscle is the most common cause. This tends to happen after excessive exercise.

2. Excessive loss of body fluid via sweating and dehydration may also cause cramps

3. Decreased blood flow to legs and feet may cause cramps when a person walks or does exercise. Low blood flow may arise from narrowing of arteries supplying the legs.

4. A drop in levels of certain minerals can trigger muscle cramps. These include potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

5. Compression of nerves in spine may cause cramps that mostly get worse while standing or walking.

6. Sitting for long time periods, stress, ageing increase risk

7. People who are overweight, athletes and pregnant women are at risk

8. Diabetes, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), excessive alcohol intake and kidney failure are rest of risk factors

9. In many cases, no cause is known behind muscle cramps such cases are called idiopathic cases.



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    I am 69 years old female living in Canada . I have been diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS for 8 years now. I have no there medical issues. My main problem is with walking . Tightness in leg muscles and spasms.
    I was wondering what homeopathy medicine would be best for this and where can I get it in Canada.

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