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allergy treatment by homeopathy

Treat your autumn allergy with homeopathy

 allergy                                              Do you find yourself having a runny itchy nose, watery eyes and severe sneezing episodes at this time of the year? If so, you may be suffering from allergic rhinitis and also you are among the estimated 25 per cent of the Indians affected by one or the other form of allergies. Come September and October, many suffer from these dreadful seasonal ?autumn allergy? attacks also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Pollens seem to be the main cause. The other main causative factor in this region is the paddy threshing dust. In rural areas this is a very common trigger during these months.


Commonly called ?hay fever?, pollen allergies are among the most common chronic conditions. The most common producers of allergenic pollen include weeds, grasses and trees. These dry pollens are disseminated by the wind and trigger allergy symptoms. Common symptoms include sneezing, congestion, a runny nose, and itchiness in the nose, roof of the mouth, throat, eyes and ears

Allergic rhinitis has another type too. The perennial type occurs all throughout the year and is not affected by the time of the year. Dust mites, animal dander and mold spores are usually the main causes. Early morning sneezing attacks are quite typical of dust mite allergies.

An allergy refers to an abnormal reaction to certain substances called allergens.. Just as the country?s defence forces are trained to identify the enemy and attack it, our immune system identifies the body?s enemies like bacteria, viruses, etc and eliminates them. The country?s forces never attack our civilians; similarly, our immune system ignores useful substances like food and drugs and useless or harmless substances like pollengrains, dust and animal dander. However, if the immune system goes awry and reacts to such useful or harmless substances, then the person is said to have developed an allergy. Such substances, called allergens, may be inhaled, swallowed or may come into contact with the skin.


Homoeopathic treatment of allergic rhinitis offers a better promise. Many such allergies can be treated permanently, though it may take one or two seasons before it is completely wiped out. Allium Cepa leads the homoeopathic table in treating this acute phase of allergic rhinitis. It is highly recommended for autumn allergy conditions with the following symptoms. Frequent sneezing, constant dripping of watery discharge; which may burn like fire, and excoriate the upper lip and wings of the nose, all symptoms are worse indoors; better in open air. It is also very effective in treating morning attacks of sneezing that come during the months of autumn. If symptoms match, one dose of Allium Cepa 30c daily can be used to treat the condition, which occurs during this period of the year. Further constitutional treatment should be followed under the guidance of a professional homoeopath

Useful tips

  1. * During the peak allergic weather use facemask while moving outdoors.
  2. * Keep windows closed to prevent pollens and molds from drifting into your home. Air-conditioning can also help reduce your pollen exposure.
  3. * Minimise your early morning activity (between 5 and 10 a.m.) when pollen counts are higher.
  4. * Keep your home?s relative humidity level at or below 50 per cent by using airconditioners. This will discourage dust mite and mold growth.
  5. * Carpet and flooring: allergens are easily removed from carpet and floors by regular vacuuming.
  6. * Kitchen and bathroom: The wet, warm conditions of these rooms provide the perfect condition for mold and mildew to thrive. Repairing leaks and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms every week with a disinfectant designed to kill mold and mildew is the best way to combat them


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  1. Alka Arora says:

    I m 56 old women .I m having allergy problem frm last 30year. Taking anti allergy of and on. Shown to so many ENT drs. I hv noudels in my throat frm last 10years .cough is always in my upper chest stay and I hv to clear frequently it s cough clots .now frm last 15 days my right ears block feel as such ther is air filled in it. While sleeping irration in throat n khansi. Than I hv to take cough syrup . Show to ENT dr no wax problem he just given anti allergy tab Nadella I want to take homeopathy Medicne because I tired of taking allopathy medicine.plz suggest me good treatment n Medicne fr this. Thanks

  2. Krishan kumar Aggarwal says:

    Sir my airways narrows down and breathing problem occurs. Allopathic medicine monticope and derriphyllin gives relief for 48 hours. While breathing a whistling sound and shortness of breath and chest tightness . Kindly suggest homeopathic remedy. I am 56 years old. Thanks

    • Krishan kumar aggarwal says:

      Sir I didn’t get any reply to my problem.
      Sir my airways narrows down and breathing problem occurs. Allopathic medicine monticope and derriphyllin gives relief for 48 hours. While breathing a whistling sound and shortness of breath and chest tightness . Kindly suggest homeopathic remedy. Thanks

  3. Krishan kumar Aggarwal says:

    Sir my airways narrows down and breathing problem occurs. Allopathic medicine monticope and derriphyllin gives relief for 48 hours. While breathing a whistling sound and shortness of breath and chest tightness . Kindly suggest homeopathic remedy. Thanks

  4. Hanumanthrao. V says:

    I am suffering from severe allergy of dust ,cold continuous sneezing itching of eyes and throat for the last 10years.i have used romantic medicines but in vain.
    Please advise me a medicine which gives permanent relief

  5. I am fatau.27y old.suffered last by redness, sneezing, to solve permanently.please tell soon as possible.

  6. सूरज यादव says:

    नमस्कार ,
    मुझे बचपन से हमेशा सर्दी रहती है । नाक बहना ,जाम हो जाना ये रोज़ की बात है। पर 2014 में मैंने ent से इलाज कराया और ठीक हो गया । और तीन साल तक ठीक था लेकिन इस नवरात्र से दोबारा वही तकलीफ़ शुरू हो गया है । इस समय मेरी उम्र 35 साल है । इसमें सिर्फ 3 साल मैन सुकून की सांस ली है । सारी जिंदगी नाक से दुखी हूं। कृपया मेरा मार्ग दर्शन कीजिए । मैं बहोत दुखी हुँ ।

    धन्यवाद ।

  7. sushil jaiswal says:

    mujhe allergy problem hai naak behta hai cheeke bahut aati hai gale or kaan me eatching hot hai pani jaisa cough beta hai

  8. Hi sir, this is Soniya from pune. I am 31years old. I had suffered from alergic rhinitis before two years. Again i have same problem of alergic rhinitis like running nose, sneezing, itching ofeyes, dryness of throat.Actually i have been taken homeopathic treatment since 20days. With that treatment my itching eyes, dryness of throat problens are solved. But running nose and sneezing problem are still there. Would you please tell, how many days are required to stop these problems with homeopathic treatment?

  9. shalini sharma says:

    I’ve been suffering from allergy rhinitis for many years . sneezing,, coughing sore throat itching inearpassage, water y eyes. running nose. please suggest the line of treatment

  10. SUDIP MONDAL says:

    I have frequently sneezing, watery eyes in twice a month. If have promblem with cold season.

    • Adnan patanwala says:

      Hi sir l am adnan patanwala mujhe teen saal se eyes allergy ki problem hai etching watering hota hai Homeopath treatment chal raha hai one year se but relief nahi hota please kya karu

  11. Babar mubarak says:

    Hii sir i have been suffering from chest tightness since last year after i suddenly started running after dinner and then i went to many doctors and they gave me many test and everything was normal so they told me to refer psycatrist so i started the treatment forn anxiety disorder but i got a bit relief and now my nose gets too much dry when i am exposed to dust mites i have recenly diagnosed as allergic rhintitus from chest specialist and give asthamic spray so please tell me doctor what to do i am very much worried that will i ever heal.

  12. Hello sir my name is uday 5 year ago i used mass gainer supplement to gain weight and it will give me hypothyrodism and chronic urticaria too after getting homeopathic treatment my urticaria will cure and hypothyrodism is almost better sm tym my tsh raised up so i again try whey protein supplement which is organic but after getting so much trial its give me itching and diarrhea its make my digestive system weak nw i am suffering from ibs sm time mucus in stool facial and nose itching after taking preservative containing substance and when i take curd the itching starts again and i lose my hair too badly no genetic problem of hair nutrition deficiencies take place i am not taking chicken egg anything coz i cant digest that nw the mucus in stool comes occasionaly kindly tell me the medicine to cure my problem sir plz

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