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Treat Your Nasal Polyps with Homeopathic Medicines

Nasal polyps are soft growths arising from the mucous membrane of the nose or paranasal sinuses. These growths are painless, freely movable and non-cancerous. Homeopathic medicines for nasal polyps help treat the polyps for the long term and can help avoid surgery.

Homeopathic Medicines for Nasal Polyps

Yes, Homeopathy can treat nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are considered a case for surgery under the conventional mode of medicine. However, Homeopathy offers an alternative by treating nasal polyps internally, without invasive procedures. Homeopathy treats the symptoms of nasal polyps as well as help shrink the nasal polyps. These medicines, which are both natural and safe, attack the disease at the root and set off the body’s own restorative processes for complete treatment. Some top-rated medicines for treating nasal polyps are Teucrium Marum, Lemna Minor, Sanguinaria Nitricum, Allium Cepa, Kali Bichromicum, and Calcarea Carb.

1. Lemna Minor – Top Remedy for Nasal Polyps

Lemna Minor is one of the top grade medicines for nasal polyps. Lemna Minor works well where there is obstruction of nose and loss of smell from nasal polyps. A putrid smell in the nose may also be felt in some cases. Thick, yellow-white discharge from the nose is another attending feature. In some cases, mucopurulent nasal discharge is observed. In cases where nasal polyps worsen in wet weather too, Lemna Minor is the medicine to prescribe. It also treats swollen nasal turbinates very well.

2. Teucrium Marum – For Polyps with Nasal Blockage

Teucrium Marum is a most wonderful medicine for nasal polyps with marked nasal blockage. A unique symptom is obstruction of the side of the nose on which the person lies down. Loss of smell is also noted. Crawling sensation in the nose may arise. Teucrium Marum is also one of the best medicines for ozaena. Ozaena is chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa resulting in its atrophy.

3. Sanguinaria Nitricum and Kali Nitricum – For Right-sided Polyps

Sanguinaria Nitricum and Kali Nitricum are excellent medicines for right-sided nasal polyps. A person who needs a prescription of Sanguinaria Nitricum shows watery, nasal discharge or burning nature. Other features are pressure over the root of the nose, plugged sensation in nostrils, enlarged nasal turbinates, sneezing and yellow, bloody mucus discharge from the nose. The symptoms guiding the use of Kali Nitricum in addition to right-sided nasal polyps are coryza with nasal obstruction, sneezing, loss of smell and digging pain in nostrils.

4. Calcarea Carb – For Left-sided Nasal Polyps

Calcarea Carb is an extremely suitable medicine for left-sided nasal polyps. This prescription is given to persons who complain of a blocked nose on the left side. Other attending features are fetid smell and yellow discharge from the nose. In the morning, dryness in the nose may be felt. Sneezing, markedly in the morning time, may also attend. Persons given Calcarea Carb tend to catch a cold easily, with the slightest change in weather.

5. Allium Cepa – For Constant Sneezing in Nasal Polyps

In the case of nasal polyps with constant sneezing, Allium Cepa offers the perfect treatment. An attending feature is the watery discharge of burning, acrid nature from the nose. The nasal discharge corrodes the upper lips. Headache may also persist along with fluent coryza. Some feel there’s a lump at the root of the nose. Nose stoppage may also be observed.

6. Kali Bichromicum – For Post Nasal Discharge in Nasal Polyps Cases

For postnasal discharge in nasal polyps cases,  Kali Bichromicum is selected. The post nasal discharge is thick, lumpy, ropy in nature. It is attended with much hawking. Marked pressure at the root of the nose is complained of. A fetid smell from the nose is another concern. Violent sneezing in the morning time may accompany the above features. Kali Bichromicum is also a prominent medicine for treating nasal polyps from chronic sinusitis.

7. Phosphorus – For Bleeding Nasal Polyps

Phosphorus is a very effective medicine for nasal polyps that bleed easily. Apart from the bleeding, the condition is accompanied by coryza with dull headache and sneezing which worsens with strong odors. Blocked nose early in the morning is a sure sign that Phosphorus will work. Also, in cases where coryza and dryness of the nose alternate, Phosphorus is the best medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you get nasal polyps; are there any risk factors that predispose one to this condition?

The exact cause of nasal polyps is not yet clear. However, risk factors like chronic nasal infection or inflammation, sinusitis, and nasal allergies play an important role in making one prone to nasal polyps. It needs mention here that not everyone with the above risk factors will develop nasal polyps even though they would be likely to develop the condition. Various other diseases that are associated with nasal polyps are asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic rhinosinusitis, allergic fungal sinusitis, and aspirin sensitivity.

2. How do I know I have nasal polyps?

There are several symptoms unique to nasal polyps, the most prominent among these being a stuffy nose. Other signs accompanying the nasal blockage include breathing through the mouth, loss or decrease of the sense of smell, snoring, post nasal drip, sneezing, runny nose, headache, feeling of pressure in the forehead. Polyps that are small in size show no symptoms at all.

3. What medical investigations do doctors propose for nasal polyps?

Investigations for nasal polyps include nasal endoscopy, CT scan or MRI. In addition to this, skin prick tests to detect allergic factor are also done.

4. What are the various types of nasal polyps?

There are two types of nasal polyps. These are antrochoanal polyps and ethmoidal polyps. The antrochoanal polyp arises from maxillary sinus and is single and unilateral (one-sided). The ethmoidal polyps are usually multiple, bilateral and arise from ethmoidal sinus, the middle turbinate lateral wall of the nose, mainly from the middle meatus.

5. Can sinusitis cause nasal polyps?

Yes, sinusitis i.e. inflamed mucous membrane of paranasal sinus can lead to nasal polyps. Sinusitis is one of the major risk factors behind nasal polyps. However, all cases of sinusitis do not lead to nasal polyps. Why only a few having sinusitis develop nasal polyps is still a matter of study.

6. Are nasal polyps related to allergies?

Yes, they are related to allergies. Recurrent nasal allergies cause inflammation of the mucous lining of the nose i.e. rhinitis or of the paranasal sinuses i.e. sinusitis. Both rhinitis and sinusitis put the person at a high risk of nasal polyps.

7. Is turbinate hypertrophy another name for nasal polyps?

No, nasal polyps and turbinate hypertrophy are not the same thing. Turbinates are the normal structures i.e. curled bones located bilaterally inside the nose. They play an important role in heating and filtering the inhaled air. While nasal polyps are soft, painless growths arising from the mucous lining of the mucous membrane of the nose or paranasal sinus. However, the major risk factors for both turbinate hypertrophy and nasal polyps are recurrent nasal infections and nasal allergies.

8. Can nasal polyps be cancerous?

No, nasal polyps are not cancerous. They are benign growths.

9. Do nasal polyps bleed?

Yes, nasal polyps can bleed, but not in every case.

10. I snore at night, could it be from nasal polyps?

Snoring is a symptom of nasal polyps. But, snoring in isolation can be attributed to other causes as well. Few other causes of snoring include enlarged adenoids, deviated nasal septum, obesity leading to bulky throat tissue and elongated uvula. A CT scan or MRI will confirm whether the nasal polyps are causing snoring or other factors are in play.

11. Can nasal polyps affect my ability to smell?

Yes, nasal polyps do reduce a person’s ability to smell.

12. Can nasal polyps give me ear infection or affect my hearing?

Yes, there are chances of ear infection if a person has nasal polyps and hearing may be affected.

13. Can nasal sprays treat nasal polyps?

Nasal sprays only provide temporary relief in nasal symptoms from nasal polyps. However, complete treatment can only be obtained by treating the root cause with proper medicines.

14. My doctor has advised surgery for nasal polyps, is it safe to put it on hold and go for natural medicines?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to do so as nasal polyps are benign growths. Homeopathy acts at the root and in due course dissolve nasal polyps without having to go through any invasive procedures or surgery. Homeopathy initially controls the symptoms of nasal polyps. In time, the nasal polyps start to shrink in size and dissolve.

15. Can nasal polyps recur post surgery?

Yes, there are good chances of nasal polyps coming back after surgery. Surgery removes the nasal polyps not the root cause behind their origin. The nasal infections and allergies that cause nasal polyps are not addressed, so they tend to regrow. Homeopathy, on the other hand, will work on eradicating the root cause of nasal polyps and eventually dissolve them so they do not re-appear after surgery.

Managing Nasal Polyps

As much as finding the allergens that cause nasal polyps, avoiding these allergens that one is susceptible to are important. Staying away from irritants like dust, strong odors, cigarette smoking, and pollution will also help.

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  1. Jayapriya says:

    Hellow Doctor….Im 45 yrs , female.. have antrochoanal polyp arises from maxillary sinus and is single and unilateral (one-sided) for more than 10 years. How to cure this?

  2. Lakshmanan SUBRAMANIAN says:

    Sir, I have nasal polyps. How to contact you . please send your phone number sir.

  3. Md.Zia Ahmed Tarafdet says:


  4. Hello Doctor,
    My wife is having nasal polyps in left side of her nose, since last 10 years, now it had grown upto 80% which blocks her nose ventilation. I’ve got LIMNA MINOR 200, THUJA OCCODENTALIS 200 & CALCARIA CARB for her after watching some videos of 4-5 homeopathy doctors on YouTube. So, can I give this medicine to her for treatment?

    Can you help me with How & When and How much, to give the doses of these medicines?

  5. Joginder pal says:

    Hello doctor, I am Joginder pal aged 73 years and resident of hoshiarpur. I have some kind of allergy and few days back my left nostril was blocked antihistamine medicines medicines proved useless. Then I consulted an ENT specialist and was diagonosed as polyps in my left nose. The doctor treated me with steroid nasal spray alongwith seasonal allergy tablets. Now there is no blockage in the nose but my sense of smell and taste has drastically reduced. Kindly suggest me some medicine to get my sense of taste and smell improved . Thanks

    • Can you please guide me about the dose and mode of administration of lemna minor .is it taken orally or topically and for how long ?I am asking about nasal polyps .thankyouuuu so much.

  6. Sumiran bastola says:

    Doctor plz can you tell me the medicine for nasal deviated septum.

  7. Rajesh Jain says:


    • Syed rizvi says:

      I have bilateral nasal polyps for the last 35 years and conducted surgery by different Doctors, However, it reoccurs within 3 Months. I am constant taking 5 mg steroids to reduces the blockage in the nose.
      Please prescribe me homeopathic medicine to control polyps.

  8. Sir my question is cn i take these medicines simultaneously Sabadilla,natrum muriaticum,allium cepa, aconitum napellus,lemna minor, n how much.please reply i will b really greatful to u

  9. Hi Dr Sharma,
    Can I take Lemna Minor [30C] and Calcarea Carb [30C] together [5 Pellets each].
    I have Nasal Polyps for the last 20 years and have done two surgeries. After searching and watching your YouTube video I have ordered Calcarea Carb [30C] Boiron Pallets and taking it for almost 2-weeks with no noticeable results. My sense of smell has totally lost and get my left side usually congested more than the right nostril although I have polyps in both sides.
    Kindly please advise if I can take both medications together or should I discontinue Calcarea and start with lemna Minor.

  10. Are any of these remedies safe for dogs?

  11. T BACHASPATHI says:


    My grand daughter is having nose polyps and slightly excess bone growth on her nose. kindly advise

    homeopathy medicine.

    Best Regards


    M.NO. 9704137157

  12. Hello Dr

    I have polyps in my right nostril. I snore and sneezing occurs regularly. This has been going on for a long time. Please help me

  13. Tariq iqbal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I suffer from chronic nasal congestion and loss of smell. Difficulty in getting good night sleep. I can only sleep on one side. If I turn, nasal congestion’s slowly sets in and have difficulty breathing. I also get lot of sneezes during the day. I have ordered Lemna minor and Teucrium. They sell the medications in different potencies. What potency should or order both these medications?

  14. Shankar Golak Das says:

    Hello Dr., I am suffering from nasal polyps on the left nose since 1 & half years. I have full blockage on the left side and partial (when sleeping on the right). I had lost smelling sensation from left side. I now smell a rotten smelling effect from my mucus . My mucus is bloody red colour. And also i am having a Slight pain on the left side of forehead and eyes and teeth.
    I had been taking a treatment fron an ENT specialist and he had advice for surgery. I don’t want to go for surgery. Whether i can be cure by homeopathy without surgery?

    Please suggest.

  15. Narhari Prasad Panday says:

    Since last 6 months I am suffering from mucus/phelm in my throat . I visited ENT specialist for treatment and he injected me steroid and prescribed me Montelukast based tablet for 1 month . For a period of 1 month it was ok. Again the symptom emerged . Please advise me Homeopathy treatment to get rid off the phelm problem.


    • Dr. I am suffering from nasal polyps from last 3 years, I have used lemna minar and some homeopathy medicine but no any benefit


    What is the best allergies medicine we take in nose polyps.?

  17. Ashwini Tiwari says:

    Age 45, weight 75, male, sneezing and blockage of nose regularly

    • What potency of the tincture do you take? Can you make a combination remedy of equal amounts of each tincture and take 20 drops twice a day? Or how many drops of each remedy and how many times a day?

  18. Mshesh Singh says:

    Post nasal dripping (discharge),21year se allergic rhinitis ke Karan

  19. Vinod Kumar Sharma says:

    Good evening Doctor,

    I am suffering from nasal polyp and fungal infection since last 2 months. I attacked by cold 1 or 2 times every year and controlled by alopathy but this time cold was not controlled since more then 2 months. Please advise.

  20. Bitul chowrok says:

    Nasal surgery RS.45000 Sr no paysa

  21. Hello Doctor

    I snore a lot ,some body advised me to take Lemna minor 200
    But I want to be sure , kindly advise how to take this medicine .

    • Hello Doctor,

      I’m having a growth inside my nose since 7 days now and I don’t really know what to do about this.

      Please advise.

  22. Hello, I have full blockage on the left side and partial (when sleeping on the right). Clear post nasal drip constantly on the left side. Had surgery twice. I am a cycling instructor and that had it cleared and had significant clear discharge after teaching but I could breathe with ease and sleep well Since the pandemic I am not teaching and that’s when I got really bad. Don’t want to have surgery again. Need my sleep!
    Seeking possible solutions.
    Thank you

    • Dear sir
      I am nasal polyp patient
      I also surgery before 3 years again Dr said your condition is next surgery can you advise me what can I do

  23. Cheryl Lamsin says:

    Hello, have a great day. Im Cheryl Lamsin from Philippines i am here to seek help for my nephew he is only 8yrs old and was diagnosed that he has a nasal polyp. Can you help me if there is other remedies aside from surgery.
    I really need your advice.
    Thank you so much and God Bless.

  24. Hello , I have a nasal polyp on the right side of my nose , I am vocalist by profession sometimes the obstruction in nose is causing difficulty in breathing while singing . Also sometimes I get a bluesy mucus or yellow mucus after sneezing . Please suggest what should I do .

  25. How long will it take to cure nasal polyps in homeopathy, my ent specialist said there is a growth in left nose and is nasal polyps, please tell how long should I take medicine and will cure permenenarky

  26. AWADHESH KUMAR PANDIT. Patna says:

    Lemna Minor and Teucrium Marum can be taken together. I am using lemna minor Q since more than four months for nasal polyps but feeling minor improvement and my smell is not returning.

  27. Muhammad Faraz says:

    I have a chronic sinusitis, my one nostril always remain blocked, sometime right and sometimes left. I can see the blocked one with a piece of flesh inside nostril that keep on shifting, sometime it appears in left nostril and sometimes it appears on right nostril. Is it nasal polyps? My nose discharges too much white water and also sneezing occurs specially early morning, at night; my nose remains blocked but when I get up so it opens up. Apart from that I have a post nasal discharge problem as well that is not yellow but white most of the time. I am allergic from dust and cold water. I feel too much itching on my throat when PND occurs. Please suggest an effective medicine. Thanks

  28. Ramesh sharma says:

    My 18 yr old son has antrochoanal polyp, he has gone through surgery once. he doesn’t any symptoms other than a blockage in left side nose. Have you treated any patient with success?

  29. देवी दयाल वर्मा says:

    मुझे पिछले दस वर्षों से साइनस के साथ नेज़ल पोलिप्स हैं। मैं पी जी आई चण्डीगढ से इलाज करवा रहा हूं लेकिन अभी तक आराम नहीं आया। नाक बंद रहता है लगे में 24घंटे नजला गले में गिरता रह्ता है। डाक्टर ने ऑप्रेशन के लिए कहा है लेकिन इ एन टी, ओ पी डी में के कारण अभी ऑप्रेशन नहीं कर रहे। आप इस तकलीफ में मेरी मदद् करें मेरी उम्र 78+ है।

  30. Bijumon Chacko says:

    My son,17 years old did 3rd surgery for nasal polyps and sinus recently. He is suffering from fungal allergic rhinitis. The first surgery was at the age of 9 year, second surgery at the age of 16 years and third at the age of 17 years. Is there cure for this condition in homeopathy

  31. Hi doctor
    I am nawin Lal 75 year male from Faridabad
    I had severe nose blockage since last 10 days and was taking Otrivin spray
    When I did not got relief I showed to a ENT specialist and he changed the spray which has improved my condition
    He asked me to get CT scan also
    Now in CT can it shows that I have Polypuf in my nose
    Kindly advice thx

  32. Andjelina Coleman says:

    PLEASE HELP I have had sinus infections and bad headaches coming from my left sinus up into my head for years Recently it has been worse. I have been on antibiotics twice in 3 months for several weeks each time. I have pressure and pain in my left cheek all the way down into some of my teeth. I want to take a plant therapy rather than have a CT scan with radioactivity . I had radiation therapy for a breast cancer in 2009 and do not wish any more harmful rays. I need to start taking something but do not know which homeopathic item to take. I thought I had found one but it has blood root in it which can cause stomach upset and vomiting-I cannot do that and I have a small peptic ulcer. PLEASE WHAT SHOULD I TAKE?

    • Hi, I have nasal polyps, I have had them surgically removed 3 times now, they have grown back again, my last surgery was 1 1/2yrs ago. I am aspirin intolerant so sensitive to salicylate in foods. Samter’s triad is what I seem to have. My nose is very blocked. I have frequent long sneezing episodes, runny congested nose, nasal drip, my nose is often blocked solid, wheezing and coughing. I get no rest at night because of mouth breathing. I have not had any sense of smell for about 15+ years. I take antihistamine and asthma inhaler. I would like to reduce the polyps naturally…no remedies seem to help though. I feel so upset with this never ending blocked nose. Any advice gratefully received.

  33. Vilas Datekar says:

    Namaskar Dr
    Me VILAS Y DATEKAR muje nasel polyps hai 2no nasel conjunction hai last 4 to 5 yr ho gaye hai yaha local Dr se local chal rah hai abhi tak result nhi mila hai smell sence bhi nhi ho raha hai yaha ke local homeopathic dr se ilaj chal raha hai lekin result abhi tak nhi mil raha hai pls mai apse nivedan karta hu muje jald se jald rahat Mike aise dava bataye jise polyp hamesha me liye clear ho

  34. Gourav Mishra says:

    Good evening Dr.My son is suffering from nasal polyp since 3yrs.last year operation was done by ENT surgeon but again it relapse and problem continues pl suugest.

    • Iam having nasal polyps. In allopathy they are asking me to do surgery. But i don’t want to do that please suggest me some medicines and whether i have to do surgery or not? Can homeopathy treat severe nasal polyps?

  35. Respected sir,
    How can we get nasal polyps medicine from your end


    Dear doctor Sharma,
    I got a surgery done for DNS and accompanied Polyp in both nostrils on 19 th. Oct 20. Ever since I noticed swellings (lumpish) just at the opening in the soft region under the Septal bone. It results in a nagging pain like being hit with a blunt object at the tip of the nose. All medicines post surgery have been consumed while the pain continues. I have also partly lost the sense of smell and taste. Could you please treat me from this stage to ensure the problem is treated from its root, and secondly confirm if this pain is any indication of a carcinoma? I shall be ever grateful for your kind help and kindly send me your bank details to remit your consultation fees.

  37. Jean Hollinger says:

    How many pellets of 30C Teucrium Marum should I take daily to treat nasal polyps with significant nasal blockage? Thank you.



    • When in take cold thing or when i am in AC or when weather gets cold then i have sever headace and pressure at the end of the nose ,sore throat ,watery eyes,mucus passes through throat.

    • AWADHESH KUMAR PANDIT. Patna says:

      Lemna Minor and Teucrium Marum can be taken together. I am using lemna minor Q since more than four months for nasal polyps but feeling minor improvement and my smell is not returning.



  40. farah shamshad says:

    i have single grapelike nasal polyp in each nostril with loss of smell n problem in hearing i am allergic to cold air my head is heavy with blurred vision
    mental alertness is very bad n theres perspiration on forehead
    i am 57 years old on getting up in d morning i feel lethargic i like warm drinks n prefer warm weather i cant withstand cold im obese flabby n fair please suggest homeopathic medicine with dosage pl give german medicine

  41. Priyanka Sankurushetti says:

    Dear Sharma, I’ve been diagnosed as Maxillary Sinus on 1st week of October.
    1. From spetember 1st week I was suffering with severe left eye pain later it extended to nose and cheeks in 1st week of October.
    2. After consulting doctor they communicated sever polps in nose and sinusitis which require surgery. I hesitated surgery then asked for medication. I’ve started taking medicine from 10th October for a week. then pain reduced.
    3. Again consulted doctor for check up on 28th October. They communicated same. Mghiugh pain reduced now it would reappear after few days and swelling might occur.
    3. From 30th more swelling and slight pain has stared. On the left side of face.

    Please suggest me with homeopathy as I don’t want to undergo surgery.

  42. Prabhat Chaturvedi says:

    Sir i saw your videos on you tube
    I have chronic cold from 15 years and few days back some white yellowish particles ejected from my nose in the evening
    And today also
    But still i have cold and running nose
    The symptoms matches to me for lemna minor
    Calcarea carb
    Kali bichrome
    I want to know about its dosage how to take these medicines.
    I want to know about dosage of these medicines
    How to take these medicines

  43. sohrab ali says:

    I have been suffering from nasal polyps for a long time

  44. Biplob K. Saha says:

    My wife is suffering uterus (জরায়ু) polyps from March 2020. Her age is near about 40 yrs. Pls let me know the Homeopathic Medicines in this regards and its dosage.

  45. Shelley Bhatia says:

    HelloDr Sharma ,

    I suffer from nasal polyps and have had an operation to remove them approx 10 years ago. Recently they came back with all the above symptoms and the doctor has put me on a prescription for Doxycycline. I feel it has helped quite a bit although my right side is still a bit blocked and at times post nasal drip also. I would like to try a homeopathic remedy rather than go through surgery again . Please can you recommend what I should take and where I can obtain it. I am in the U.K

  46. My problem is nosal block. Left sided nose is to be closed always. I don’t breath from this left nose. Sometimes is to be more bleeding the nose and also to be pain upon nose to head. Plz, help me, so thanks

  47. Smriti agarwal says:

    Smriti agarwal suffering from nasal polyps for 6 months plz guide me

  48. I have antrochonal polyp in my left nose since Sepn2018. I had allopathy treatment in the initial stage fir 6 months and it was I stopped it. Again from dec 2019 it got increased and because of lockdown I was not able to go to doctor. So i thought i can go to siddha on july 2020and had medicine. After starting that medicine itself there was blood coming along with my mucus every time. It lasted for 2 months. Now changed to homeo and the doctor gave lena minor and other medicine and another drops which needs to mix with water before food. Now I’m getting a weight loss of around 10 kgs in past 8 months. Is this weight reduction is due to the polyps. I’m really afraid of my weight loss

  49. Ashima Mathur says:

    Dr Sharma, l wanted to ask you whether I can take Sabadilla alongwith Himalaya Septillin which I have been taking for sore throat and general immunity for the last few months? Pl advise.

  50. I am suffering from nasal chronic cynus problem since 5 years. My nose two holes are blocked, sneezing and cold cynus. Nasal polyps are created to my two holes of the nose. Please give the permanent solution.

  51. Bijumon Chacko says:

    My son, aged 17 years already undergone three surgeries for sinus infection and nasal polyps. He is diagnosed for Allergic Fungal Nasal polyps.
    Is there permanent cure for this condition in Homeopathy.
    Can recurrence prevent and normal life possible

  52. My 5 year old son is suffering from nasal polyps and adenoids. He always breathes from mouth and has disturbed sleep. Please suggest medication for him.

    • Gaurav Bansal says:

      Sir I have polyps on both sides. I have using otrivin for this for last so many years now. Tried homeopathy earlier also but it didn’t work(May be it was not the right medicine for me). Want to try again. Whenever i lie down the problem agrevates. Due to gravity it is on the side towards the bed. But generally it starts from the left side but the problem is on both sides. There is definitely loss of smell. But the discharge is not there in my case due to Otrivin.
      Can I use both lemna minor and Teucrium Marum in one day. Please guide as I really want to get rid of this problem. If any other medicine is needed please tell.

      • Sir my brother 21 years old has polyps .He has stuffy nose all the time nd now breathing problem has started.Feels difficult in breathing through nose can he be given Lemna Minor nd Teucrium marum .
        Or any other treatment should be there

  53. My ENT suggests surgery or a steroid rinse.. he also suggested surgery at this point . I’m scared of surgery . Is it worrisome as it’s near the brain and vision of eye? I’m miserable and this worsened when I started Testosterone treatment for another medical reason . What can I ask my Dr to prescribe that’s homeopathic?

  54. Siddalinga Swamy says:

    Hi sir , my father all of a sudden he gets running nose and it’s full watery , he sneezes continuously a lot , especially during night there will nose blockages …he uses sprays which are temporary and not so effective he was taking billargic tablet as well have not seen much improvement ….nose blockage is major concern effecting his sleep , he is diabetic taking insulin as well please advise us sir if u can guide us with good medicine it would be really helpful my father age is 64 from past more than one year he has this issue

  55. john varghese says:

    my brother is suffering from nasal bleeding since the past 2 months. First the ent doc thought that it was due to High BP and sent him to a physician,who sent him to a cardiologist and he to a haemotologist who said everthing was fine but took a nose ct which shown polyposis in the left nostril. Today his BP was 150 but he bled for about 2 hrs.

    The ent doctor says he needs to be operated. Does polyposis cause bleeding for such a long time.

  56. Hello Sir,
    I am 26 year old man and have nasal polyps last 20 days and my doctor prescribed nasal spray.
    I want to know, can I take homeopathy medicine during nasal spray.

  57. Ajay kumar sharma says:


    I am suffering from nosal polyps since past 5 to 7 years my both nosal ways got blocked
    I have from mouth what shall I do to cure.

    Please let me know

  58. Dear Doctor,

    My wife is 34 yrs old, she is suffering from frequent sneezing, running nose and allergies due to nasal polyp in her both nostril for past 3 yrs, now it getting worse, it affects her day today life. Looking forward for an online consultation to guide us to a permanent solution.


  59. Shama jahagirdar says:

    Sir..i have nasal polyps in my right nostril.. from past 15 year’s I’m suffering from cold cough.. feverish like.. body pain.. headache..nose congestion.. sometimes bleeding nose..n I’m on antibiotics from 15 year’s.. please suggest me some medicines which I can get easily has become horrible for me living with this..i have tried homeopathic.. ayurvedic also.. but of no use..

  60. Abinaya Sundar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My daughter is 6 yrs old, she is suffering from frequent sneezing, running nose and allergies due to nasal polyp in her Right nostril for past 3 yrs, now it getting worse, it affects her day today life. Looking forward for an online consultation to guide us to a permanent solution.


    • Hi
      I’m having Blocked nose since December this affects my ears filled with mucus in both my ears, this nasal mucus is dropping continuously in my ears due to nasal block, mostly feel blocked when im lying on the bed
      Pmease suggest something

    • Hello sir , my son is 6 year old. Two months before he had cough and running nose, with and nose blocked because of which he had fast breathing. Doctor gave him astringents and budecort, after starting this polyps developed in rt nostril. Pls treat him to get out of it. Even I underwent surgery bze of polyps, mother.

  61. M. L. Chaudhary says:

    I have some problem in my nose, with the result, I always get infection with a short time repeatedly, like 2or 3 days, having sneezing frequently n releasing water from nose (jukam). Once, Dr. said that there is increased bone in side the nose. They given me a drop to take with a half of cup water. I forgotten the name.

  62. Hello Doctor,

    This is Raguwaran from Tamilnadu,Coimbatore. My 7 yrs old son have nasal polyps from last 2 years and used nasal spray from last 1 month only. I would like to remove permanent and not come back again.

    Please advise, what is the best treatment and your guidelines further proceed?
    I wanted to consult with you. How can I have online consult with you?


  63. Dr Sharma I am Dr Baloch consultant radiologist
    I have nasal polyps bilateral with nasal blockade
    Nasal discharge yellowish like jelly
    I have pollen sust and allergies I have undergone operation twice also suffer from chronic sinusitis with fore head pain I have to take anti allergic medicines but they are also not working can you plz help

  64. shankar D khepar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I had a swelling on the left side of nose on the Cheick and slight plain. The ENT doctor told me that I am suffering from sinus with chronic polyps. I have been put on heavy dose of steroids. I have bee taking steroids for last three weeks. I am a strong believer of homeopathy. But I am in USA. I am having a number of homeopathy medicines with me. Out of these I think only Calcarea carb. may help. Kindly let me know what should I do. I can call you if I get your number.

    I retired as Dean from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.
    Thanking you,
    Sincerely, Dr. S.D.Khepar

  65. Biswa Dutta says:

    I am suffering from polyps since last 3 yrs. I wanted to consult with you. How can I have online consult with you?

  66. I am using teucrium nasal drops from 3 months. I have an allergy of swelling of my nose bone, blockage & flue. I want to know , access use of this like more than 3 to 4 months may have any side effect ?? Or may cause any danger to my nose ?

  67. I want medicine nasal polyps in Nepal. How is it possible

  68. Parmod midha says:

    my right side nosal always block due to polyps. I have taken homeopathic medicine but still not solve my blockage problem. now a days I have faced ear blockage due to nosal polyps Problem. I want to kind ur notice I am taking Teucrium Mar.ver & R 49 after 15 minutes thrice a day. Is it beneficial for my nosal blockage & ear blockage. Is it right medicine I amtaking. Plz must reply for act of kindness.

  69. Vijaye Kumar Beeharry says:

    Am Vijaye from Mauritius.Listened to your video.I have polyp in both nostrils at stage 4.What will you prescribe and how to use the medication.We have a homeopathic pharmacy in Mauritius. Pl. help me.

  70. Vikas Gadpayle says:

    Sir Good Aftermoon
    I have nasal polyp problem since long however it is aggreivated due to smell of sanitisers now a days and some times it lead to breathing problem. It is aggreivated during rainy season, humidity weeather
    I have nasal polyp on both the side of nose.
    I am also having problem sever allergy ie. Nuts, curd ,sour and change in weather etc.since many years. In the morning every day while cleaning teeth , huge cough comes out.
    I have also gastrities problem since last one year and it aggrievated during nasal polyp problem

    • Vikas Gadpayle says:

      Sir Good Aftermoon
      I have nasal polyp problem since long however it is aggreivated due to smell of sanitisers now a days and some times it lead to breathing problem. It is aggreivated during rainy season, humidity weeather
      I have nasal polyp on both the side of nose.
      I am also having problem sever allergy ie. Nuts, curd ,sour and change in weather etc.since many years. In the morning every day while cleaning teeth , huge cough comes out.
      I have also gastrities problem since last one year and it aggrievated during nasal polyp problem
      Doctor may please suggest suitable medicine for the aforesaid problem

  71. Dear dr
    I got my surgery of polyp on right side 10 years ago since last year there is blockage with hard stuff in the nose I have blow out with lots of hard blowing it comes out thick hard stuff but now when it comes out the bleeding starts with it
    Please advise which medicine is suitable

    • Good evening. I am kumaar here from Malaysia. My wife having nasal polyps problem. Medical doctor propose for surgery…fyi she hv done surgery 10 yes back and now it comes back. Now nose stuffed badly (right nose)and having difficulty in breathing normally at night. Dr can suggest any medicine to cure/shrink it without surgery.thanks slot in advance.

  72. Luis Alvarez says:

    Good afternoon Dr. Sharma, I would like to know what homeopathic medicine and in what concentration can help me to treat swollen turbinates with deviated septum, especially the left side that blocks my breathing seriously. I was diagnosed with this condition. I have no pain at all on the head. I get clear nasal discharge when I rinse my nose with salty warm water.
    Thanks a lot for all the help you can give me.

  73. Bracha Frankel says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I was diagnosed by ear nose throat specialist that I have one large polyp in my left nostril and a small one in my right nostril. I definitely do not want to take antibiotics or cortisone to take care of this problem.I am 82 and bodily pretty active, babysitting to greatgrandkids and going to lectures, cooking my healthy meals, doing my laundry, and all the shopping. Housekeeping is harder so once a week I have a bit of help. I am very interested in treating these polyps naturally. I also have halicobacter in my stomach and did not take antibiotics, only various natural treatments. So this polyp is new. A couple of months ago I had a colonoscopy and the specialist found also polyps there and took them out. They were not cancerous Thank G-d. I do hope you can advise me about the nostril polyp. All the best, Bracha

  74. BIKASH SINGH says:

    I’m 42yrs & I had nasal polyps with deviated septum.Went for surgery in2015 after visiting homeopathy and ayurved for a year.had relief since then.But the polyps and symptoms have come back.Sneezing,mucus discharge to cold&flu like,one or both side nose remains blocked most of the time,cold weather agravates nose blockage and cold&flu like symptoms,cant remain under ceiling fan…
    I read your article and wanted to know if you can help me get rid if my issues.
    Thank You.
    Bikash Singh.

  75. Kumar Dhadwad says:

    Namste Doctor , My daughter is 7 and she is having nasal polyps in her right nostril.she complains of difficulty in breathing occasionally. I have seen your VDO briefing about Nasal Polyps .I would appreciate if you could suggest exact dosages for my daughter and where can I find authentic homeopathy medicines in Mumbai. I don’t want to go for antibiotics and surgery.
    Thanks in anticipation

  76. Dharampal Singh says:

    Hi Dr. I am Dharampal from Malaysia and I am 42 years old I am having this nasal polyps problem since almost 16 years and have gone for surgery 5 times and now it’s again all block again and need another surgery. I have blockage on my left nasal the polyps grow there just one side. Can you advice me what to do can I get the medicine in Malaysia if can I would like to avoid the surgery

  77. Dear Sir, to am surfing from nasal polyps swelling and low sensitivity nose last 30-40days, I used medicine like montair LC nasal spray but not cured my problems. Please help SIR…..

  78. Kinjal shah says:

    Hello sir
    My mother is 60years old.she does not have nasal polyps but in CT PNS her internal nose skin is increasing and she is suffering from nasal blockage,feeling cough like sensation in throat whole day and also have very heavy inflammation in her nose from last few years.she had done her medication steroid course,but after medication course symptoms come back.plz suggest homeopathy medicine would work in this condition.thank you for your reply.

  79. Aanchal Jain says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma, I am suffering from Sinusitus from last 2 yrs now, i am taking Allium Cepa…plz suggest what potency and how many times i can take it in a day..i am 33 yrs old..
    How long i should continue it.

  80. Priyanka says:

    Dear sir , I am 40 years old and suffering from severe pain on right side of my face especially around right eye , there is a continuous flow of water from my eye. I find very difficult in executing my regular corse of work . I feel pressure on my eyes and iching around my nose . Kindlly guide me which of the homoeopathic medicine would work , as during this pandemic am unable to reach the doctor. Thanku waiting for for reply.

    • Kinjal shah says:

      Hello sir
      My mother is 60years old.she does not have nasal polyps but in CT PNS her internal nose skin is increasing and she is suffering from nasal blockage,feeling cough like sensation in throat whole day and also have very heavy inflammation in her nose from last few years.she had done her medication steroid course,but after medication course symptoms come back.plz suggest homeopathy medicine would work in this condition.thank you for your reply.

  81. Gokul Basnet says:

    Good Noon Doctor, I am from nepal,& suffering from nasal obstruction past 2 years, i tried many natural remedies, but they are not giving any permanent solution, sometimes pain. I have difficulty in breathing.There is also a thick discharge and a constant feeling of a stuffy nose . It is causing obstruction irrespective of left or right postures.,ie.,if lies on left, left nostril blocks and right is free for breathing,and the same with right side.Only one nostril blocks and one is free,pl. Suggest me suitable homio medicine.

  82. BRAJKISHOR says:

    Good Evening Dr. Sharma
    Sir I have polyps in my right nose. I have difficulty in breathing. My symptoms meet as mentioned in para 3 of this article. Please guide me for the best suitable treatment in homeopathy.

  83. Padmini Sharma says:

    Dr Sharma I have been diagnosed with polyps on the left side sinus cavity. There is also a thick discharge and a constant feeling of a stuffy nose . Can I take lemna minor and Kali biochrome. What potency and how many times a day

  84. Sir I am diagnosed nasal polyps and severe sinusitis also suffering from asthma pls help me

  85. Khalid Shaikh says:

    Sir pichhle 2 mahine se mujhe naak me sujan aur chockup ki problem ho rahi hai mai ne medicine li us se sujan 80% kam hui aur mai ab 70% saans naak se le pa raha hoon magar abhi bhi mujhe naak me chockup hai . To sir mujhe aap konsi medicine lene ki salah denge

  86. Ramachandran says:

    Hello….I am Ramachandran.My problem is that my nose are block since 10years.I was using duonase nasal spray and otrivin nasal drop which brought a little relief.But now the problem has become worse.I have just this problem but no sneezing,No headache only blockage in my nose and mucus production from nose is not there but if I use any remedy or oil(ayurveda) mucus production starts from my mouth and chest.i am not able to sleep too.please suggest any medicine or remedy

  87. Amalendu Das Purkayastha says:

    Dear Doctor, please help me to get relief from nasal polyps as diagnosed by my Doctor

  88. Uma juneja says:

    ReSpected Dr Sharma this is regarding my son 40 yrs of age is suffering from polyps on the left nostril for the past three and a half years weare ajoint family parents three sons two married 3grandchildren pt. Had twin boys 6 yrs three years back family went thru heavy mental stress all well now that’s when this problem started
    But he from childhood gas been prone to colds cough easily nosebleed every summer season for many yrs. Maybe till the age if 25
    Physically tall broad hefty fair does not get angry easily but when gets angry is furious intelligent living. Caring introvert to a certain extent
    Has been on homeopathy since childhood has hardly takes allopathy
    Need your guidance and advice please do get back if I can call you up shall be grateful
    This is purely confedential shall be expecting your reply Thank you if you need anymore information please tell me thank uou 🙏🙏

  89. P.Rameswara Prasad says:

    Dear sir,namaste.since two years I am suffering fro nasal polyps.It is causing problems to my breathing particularly during nights.Day time no problem.It is causing obstruction irrespective of left or right postures.,ie.,if lies on left, left nostril blocks and right is free for breathing,and the same with right side.Only one nostril blocks and one is free,pl. Suggest me suitable medicine.dlight bleeding is also there.

  90. Ramesh malik says:

    My son has blocked nose with cough. I hope it is polyps.
    Old advice me the medicine.
    Cough came in night more

  91. I had 3 surgeries and my nose is still blocked.. can’t breath through my nose at all.. serious congestion and pressure of sinuses.. mucus that you can’t even imagine how much.. maybe more than 1litre a day.. I’m almost dead from this condition and no doctor understand what’s happening..and they’re keeping prescribing me surgeries and prednisone steroids again and again

    • Sir

      I have this problem since i was a child , i am breathing through my mouth. My nose is blocked and its so hard breathe through nose. I have tried many medicine but its no use. Please tell me if there is any way to cure this nasal polyp without any surgery.


  92. Sankar Ghosh says:

    Please let me know the doses of tmv mother tincture and how long it can be used in nasal polyp?

  93. Neeraj Rawat says:

    I have Nasal polyps and already operated once last year.

    They have come back & Now I don’t want to go for operation.

    My left nose is blocked, mucus is coming every your, running nose, loss of smells.

    Request your help. I am from Medical line based out of Jaipur. My contact no is 7727861446.

  94. Dear Doc,
    I am a 45 year old widow. I have chronic rhino sinusitis after my tonsils were removed at the age of 16. I was also diagnosed with PCOD. I have been treating both with allopathy initially but found more relief in herbal and homeopathic treatments.

    I stopped all treatment after my marriage for few years as the herbal treatment of tulsi water I used have long term relief. But after my miscarriage due to ectopic pregnancy I noticed loss of smell and recurring sinusitis issue . I also gradually noticed an ingrown nail on my right middle finger which has gradually increased with time and sense of smell is totally gone now. Occasionally I do get the smell if it’s quite a strong perfume or foul smell.

    Since 2 years my Gynae has started thyronorm. I take 150 mcg daily. Homeopathy has helped me manage my PCOD as well.

    Please help me find the best remedy to get back my sense of smell and stop this ingrown nail.

    I was born n brought up in Banglaore, India. I relocated to Lahore, Pakistan immediately after marriage. Extreme climatic change n marital stress has also affected my health drastically. My husband was a CKD n transplant patient. I lost him in Nov 2019.

    Thanks in advance

    • Harikrishnan.S says:

      Dear Dr,
      I am having nasal polyps for the last 3 yrs and done almost all treatment like nasal sprays and other medicines.Of course when i take predmet 4 mg tablets it completely removes my problem and the smell comes back.
      As soon as it is stopped again this problems starts and wont able to get smell. I am really fed up what to do. I am of 65 yrs .kindly advice

  95. sir

    I have nasal polyps for last 5 years in both nostrils i am 52 yeas old male

    i have bph (prostate)also for last 5 years

  96. Shamik Datta says:

    My son, Shamik Datta of 29 years old visited ENT Specialist recently due to his problems like breathing, pain, sneezing, uneasiness etc in the nose and pain below two eyes and ears also. After examine his nose, Polyp was found both the noses and he has been advised for operation after doing CT Scan and blood tests.
    He is diagonized as DND to Lt and HIT.
    Understand that Polyp may recur after operation if the causes of Polyp are not eliminated.
    Request your advice and valuable suggestions for the treatment of my son.

    With best regards,
    Tapan Datta
    Father of Shamik Datta

  97. I breath from mouth and sorn at night can I have nose polyps on right side doctor has advised me to go for surgery. Can I use any of you mentioned medicine by you.please help

  98. Gurpeet singh says:

    Dear sir, I have a problem with nasal polyps,I have had it operated twice.Now this has been happening again from 2 years

  99. Rajni kant says:

    D ear doctor
    All symptom discussed for lemna minor exist to my wife whose age is 38 yrs
    Lemna minor has any power

  100. Hello doctor i am Sabina from India Goa. I m 43 years old. I have been operated for nasal polyps 20 years back. For the last two years my problems triggered again n i did an endoscopy n found multiple polyps inside like grapes. I have read on internet that sanginaria nitrucum is an excellent medicine for my kind of problem. Can i use it n what will be the dose?
    Please help.

  101. Freina Gama says:

    My 15 year old daughter has nasal polyps. Her doctor advised to take bromium 200. She has not been taking the medication properly. She tries to put things in her nose and sneeze. Pls advise

  102. I’m giving tecrium but still I can’t get result.. than I stop it n now again it’s suddenly increase.. please give me any suggestions for this

  103. Good evening sir
    My name is Mohan and i am suffering from nasal polyps in both nostrils from last 3 years.
    polyps are large in size and i am taking breath from mouth 24 hours.
    Doctors gives stroids to reduce them.
    I have taking homeopathy medicine from last two years but not result.
    sir pls suggest what should i do?
    Pls suggest some medicine also.

  104. Vyomkesh Sharma says:

    Sir I want to treat my nasal polyps. How can I visit your clinic.

  105. Thanks
    Very good information about disease and it’s treatment

  106. kishan singh says:

    i had pollyps sugery 1910 i have problem at night my both nose blocked what homeopathic medicne is best for.


  107. Dear Sir – Am having this cold allergy problems since long time. I had taken so many allergy medicines but it did not turned around any good result. My symptoms are like sneezing, alternative one sided nasal blocking and sometimes both the sides which causing the irritation and sometimes headache problem.
    Could you please suggest any good medicines which would cure this allergy permanently.


  108. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Melissa. I’m 35. I have a sever case of nasal polyps. The biggest polyp is on the right side and has pushed my septum over and cut of the left nasal passage.
    I had a FESS surgery in 2016. My polyps and symptoms were back within 2 months.

    My nasal/sinus conditions, congestion and nasal drip started in 2015, and developed into accidents sinusitis and asthma that I am still battling.

    I came across your article and am very excited to try these herbs.

    Can you tell me how I would take these? Would I follow the daily dose recommended on each bottle?

    Also, I have read of a product called blood root, or Sanguinaria (which you have listen in the above list of remedies) in which you “sniff” a powdered version up your nostril so that it comes in contact with the polyps. Can you please share your thoughts on that?

    I also saw a product that has a few of the herbs you mentioned— called “sinuswars 13”. I’ve read good and bad reviews on this. I feel like buying the herbs in this article in individual bottles and taking the combination each day would work just as effective.

    Thank you for your attention to this email.

  109. Sir lemna minor 30 potency my best work krti hy ya mother tincher??

  110. kalapana rathore says:

    hi i am kalapana my daughter is 4years old she is having nasal polyps. she takes braths from mouth nd snores a lot. doctor said for surgery please suggest what should i do…. doctor said not to delay for surgery.

  111. Glaiza Lumibao says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.

    I am Glaiza from Philippines.
    I have also nasal polyps in my left nostril.
    Im suffering this for many years and i dont know what to do to remove this without an operation.
    Can you help me and can you give me suggestion and remedy for my problem?
    I really dont want any operation.
    Thank you Dr. Sharma.
    Godbless you!

    • sukanto Biswas says:

      My name is Sukanto. I live in Bangladesh. I’m 25 years old. I’ve had my nose off for a long time. Going to India, the nose doctor shows, the doctor gives a few tests. The testicles catch the nose and the bone is pressed to the right pass and the left pass has a poly pass. By treating the nose bone is straightened. 6 months no problem Now in the cold of winter the left nose is swollen all the time, the nose is closed. Goes to India to see a doctor again. The doctor saw that the poli had gone to the operation. I had a test at that time, so I did not have any operation. Giving good quality medicine will be grateful.
      mobile: +8801917671742

  112. Qaseem Siddiqui says:

    Nasal Polyp – surely be treated with homoeopathic medicine *CP 30X* dropes or tablets should be taken 8 hourly on regularly.
    My mother is 80 now alhamdoliilah,she got cured from acute nasal Polyp.Trust me & start it now and avoid surgery for good.

  113. Sanjeev Parvatikar says:

    Dr I am Sanjeev Parvatikar staying in Karnataka State Belagavi. I am suffering from continuous sneezing for the last more than ten years. I am running 55. Aurvedic Dr says my immune system is weak. Has given some powder but I am not getting good results. I have also gone through the nose endoscopy & noticed that my right nostril is open only 30% open for breathing. I am afraid of getting operated. Some times I also feel exhausted due to sneezing. Kindly suggest me the proper treatment. 🙏

  114. I just want to thank you for the help you are giving, and promoting homoeopathy.

    • Qaseem Siddiqui says:

      Nasal Polyp – surely be treated with homoeopathic medicine *CP 30X* dropes or tablets should be taken 8 hourly on regularly.
      My mother is 80 now alhamdoliilah,she got cured from acute nasal Polyp.Trust me & start it now and avoid surgery for good.

  115. Pagidimarri Sreenivasulu says:

    Shall we use the homeopathy medicine such as kali bich , tmv, lemna minor Q for sinusitis for a long time I.e. 3 months or 6 months, can it be cured polyps

    • Qaseem Siddiqui says:

      Nasal Polyp – surely be treated with homoeopathic medicine *CP 30X* dropes or tablets should be taken 8 hourly on regularly.
      My mother is 80 now alhamdoliilah,she got cured from acute nasal Polyp.Trust me & start it now and avoid surgery for good.

  116. Subash Durua says:

    I am subash Durga
    Sir, I am facing same types of disease so give me best suggestion…..

  117. Hello Dr. Sharma

    I have a nasal polyp in my left nostril that is blocking it completely and there is an almost continuous discharge from the same nostril as well. Pls. help me with a remedy.

  118. docto shab thish is same my problem and trestle and solve please

  119. Hello doctor i am suffering from Nazal polyp from the last 1year…i took some allopathy medicines but didn’t get results…iam from Delhi and my age is 40..kindly suggests me some medicine which I can buy from homeopathy chemist…can I take thuja 200?

  120. W tym sklepie można kupić nasiona konopi z dostawą do Polski.
    Znajdziesz autopwitnące odmiany konopi na każdy gust!

  121. Polypoidal mucosal thickening with central hyper density filling bilateral parental sinuses,favor sinonasal polyps with chronic sinusitis.

  122. Dr. Ram naresh sharma says:

    3साल से सास लेने मे तकलिफ होतीहै CT scan करवाया रेपोर्ट मे nassal hypertrophy है

  123. Neelam Rajpal says:

    I have problem nasal 3years now vmuch problem face is sweelling 6month idid want operat can you give suggest for medicine homepathic .now sweeing face and nose pain .i have medicine this nasal sinus problem Dr say bone problem one side and second sinsus xray report and sinus problem pain head i do MR coming sius8 plz suggest medicine

  124. I have Nasal Polyps for the first time.They have swollen my nose towards the bridge on the nose.I am allergic to dust.It started from continuous sneezing.Kindly advise if Lemina Miner will help.

  125. Atul Sengar says:

    I was having the nasal polyps problem it was so severe that I can’t even breathe I gone through surgery in march after that told me to do ampules every day but there are side effects of it. It made my face swelled so I stopped taking it but after some time again I have the same problem but not at that level a little amount of dust makes me sneezing and because of it I get cold till now I am having medicines doctor told you to have to take ampules whole life is there any permanent treatment for his

  126. Imran Inamdar says:

    Hello, my niece is 13 years old suffering from recursive nasal polyps. We have already done 3 surgeries to remove polyps,but still with 3-4 months polyps block her nose. So i want to ask is homeopathy helpful to stop production of polyps.??

  127. Hi, i have polyps on both sides, i m using lemna in 3x and teucrium 30, since a month or so, it looks as these are not showing quick response

  128. Sir, I sneeze and watery nose discharge continue early in the morning after I get up from bed and also when I get exposed to cold whether, strong smell, onion, and some cold vegetables. There is a visible right polyp in the right nose which enlarged. Please suggest me the right medication.

  129. Shuvashis Chowdhury says:

    Hi there, how I can get all those medicines in Canada ??

  130. My baby girl age is seven years old and her nose is blocked from both sides and also water from nose in morning time please advise medicine

  131. Alok Srivastava says:

    Which potency of lena minor I must take to cure nasal polyps in both sides

    • Hi, i have polyps on both sides, i m using lemna in 3x and teucrium 30, since a month or so, it looks as these are not showing quick response

  132. Prabhakar Mudhol says:

    नमस्कार सर, मेरी बचपन से ही नाक में हड्डी बढी हुई है, 12सालका था तब ऑपरेशन किया था, लेकिन फिर बढ गया, ओर मुझे सर्दी की एलर्जी है शिंके बहोत आती है, दमा भी है। 29 साल का हू। प्लीज मेरी मदत कीजिए ओर मुझे सही ईलाज बताये

  133. sanjay dey says:

    I am suffring from right side polipas past 6yers please advise how to relive

  134. Naveen Chander says:

    Good Noon Doctor, am suffering from right side nasal polys for the past 5 years, i tried many natural remedies, but they are not giving any solution, my voice tone is changed, many of my friends and family members pushing me to go for an operation, heavy snoring, running nose and sometimes swelling and pain none of my family members willing to sleep near to me, every one is far away from me when am ready for sleep. Can u please prescribe any medicine and dosage for me to get away from this hell

    Thanking you

    • md nazmussadat says:

      good day .. I have been suffering last three years nasal polip ..
      my name is md Nazmus Sadat , age-56 years weight 80-kg hight 5’7” x
      staying in Dhaka, Bangladesh x
      please sir advise me details and how I mange your medicine soonx

    • Prabhakar Mudhol says:

      नमस्कार सर, मेरी बचपन से ही नाक में हड्डी बढी हुई है, 12सालका था तब ऑपरेशन किया था, लेकिन फिर बढ गया, ओर मुझे सर्दी की एलर्जी है शिंके बहोत आती है, दमा भी है। 29 साल का हू। प्लीज मेरी मदत कीजिए ओर मुझे सही ईलाज बताये

  135. Sunil kumar sharma says:

    I am a strong believer of homeopathy. For last few days I hv bn feeling fuel burning smell in my nose with varied external swelling from middle of nose right side extending towards cheek below the eye upto facial line especially on waking up in the morning with redness sometimes. It subsides during day sometimes come up again in the afternoon or evening. Swelled portion feels little hot too. Is it due to nasal polyp? Shall be grateful for advice.

  136. Madiha jabeen says:

    I m suffering all the problems u said and I felt my nose bone is also moved a bit up. My problem is Polyps. Running and block nose. Sneezing badly. Breathing with mouth. Discharge is so much while sneezing. Sometimes I have itching eyes ears and my throat that seems is worst. Because of sneezing n block I m not sleeping whole night and now a days I can’t feel sleepy because of everyday allergies.
    If any Dr. Give me allopathic medicine after few months it stops working for me than another tablets I have changed many tablets because not working for me. Now a days I am taking allopathic Cetralon and xylo-COMOD®
    Please help me about treatment I m very upset. People calls me sick they don’t want to sit with me.😣. That hurt me really.

    • Archana singh says:

      Sir mujhe or meri do betiyo ke naak me nasal polyps
      Hai or allergy ke karan aasthma or sinus hai. Sir meri
      Age 38, meri bari beti ki umr 17,or meri choti beti 5 saal ki hai. Sir mujhe or meri bari beti ko thairoid bhi hai. Sir hum lower middle class se belong karte hai. Sir allopathi Dawa ka kharch bahut hai.
      Sir plz homiopathic ki Dawa bata de. Taki hum aapani bachii ke saath sawasth rahe. Sir hum thak gaye hai. Plz help me sir

  137. my condition is head pine,i pine

  138. sir ,I am suffering nasal polyp on both the side which is causing me trouble to breath properly. Left Side Nose Comparatively More Serious & it’s completely blocked. In right side nose some time going block & some time getting release for little breathing. I already taken some homeopathy medicine for 1 week but not getting any result. Is it possible to get release from polyps by homeopathy medicine really. If possible then how? pls advise.

  139. Shahnaz Parveen says:

    Sir ,I am suffering from sinusitis n now i can see nasal polyp on both the side Which is causing me trouble to breath properly …but i don’t have runny nose,a mild headache is there,n feeling of heaviness in my head ..n the mucous that comes ..m not able to spit it out …it goes inside.. all this is happening since 5-6 months ….I don’t want to go for surgery

    • Deepak Kumar nath says:

      Sir, I have got stuffy nose and when I get up in the morning I sneeze and discharge continue watery fluid. There is partial blockage with polyps in right and left side of nostrils. This irritated me much. Kindly suggest me the proper medication.
      With thanks,

  140. Good day dr..My 7 yr old girl has right nasal polyp I discovered it a week ago due to her complaining of pain…she sleeps at night with open mouth too..and .for the pasr 3 weeks voice has turned nasal and polyp is sometimes painful..she has recurrent cold..had tonsilitis 2months ago..I have bought lamna minor 30 what do you suggest plz?And how will I know if its polyp or something else..I avoid ct and mri and dont want surgery.

  141. Nabeel Anwar says:

    Sir I am suffering with nasal polyps with fungal infection get surgery 3 times also took antifungal and lot of antibiotics but did not get any parmanat solution please suggest some effective homeopathic medicine

  142. KUSI BARNIE says:

    Hello DR. Sharma,

    I recently had a polyps surgery (4 months ago) but I am still experiencing the symptoms what can I do?

    • Nabeel Anwar says:

      Sir I am suffering with nasal polyps with fungal infection get surgery 3 times also took antifungal and lot of antibiotics but did not get any parmanat solution please suggest some effective homeopathic medicine

      • Sara Straub says:

        Chronic left side polyps infected worse morning after waking yellow green mucus anosmia. Have taken thuja, teucrium, carcinosin, etc Sara Straub

  143. Sir,
    I am suffering from left sided Nasal polyps. ENT Dr. suggested me for surgery. Is it cureable with out surgery by taking medicine only.

  144. SAMAR SINGH says:

    I am suffering from Left-sided Nasal Polyps last 2-3 yr.
    Can you suggest me 2-3 best homeo medicines to completely solve this problem. And how many times it will take to relief completely. Thanku.
    Samar Singh

  145. Sanjay wankhede says:

    Dear sir my wife age is near about 40 she is having nasal polyps and headache blockages and ear pain lasy few years aiopathy docters suggest surgery so kindly guide me what to do she is high bp patient

  146. Partha Sarathi Bhowmick says:

    Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from Nasal Polyp[ Both Nose — Right Side Nose Comparatively More Serious]since 2000. Initially I had medicines from ENT Specialist — Steroid both Tabs and Nasal spray. Allergy test was done – – found I am Allergic to dust, smoke, Tobacos and others.
    As I was not getting Cure, I saw a famous Homoeopath Doctor of Kolkata and I was under his treatment for 2 yrs. Unfortunately, there was no improvement and I used to take Steroid tabs and Nasal Spray at regular interval to get temporary relieve.
    Finally, I was gone under operation in March, 2009. But within a year, the polyp reoccurred slowly. Finally, I had to take Steroid for temporary relief.
    Again I saw another homoeopathic doctor who said after 2 visit that My Polyp will not be cured,
    Finally I saw one KOBIRAJI DOCTOR of Dabur who assured tt he would cure me within 6 mths. He also failed and at last I started having Steroid at regular interval. At present the condition i very serious [ Right Nose Completely Blocked & left nose 80% Blocked].
    Kindly advise.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Partha Sarathi Bhowmick
    26G, Sabjibagan Lane,
    Kolkata-700 027
    Ph-9038095438[WhatsApp] & 7003731462[pM]

  147. sumit sharma says:

    I am suffering from polyps quite some long time and it develops with change in weather. also suffering from cold as well. Earlier use to take allopathic medicine as & one required. use to get temporary relief but polyps again develop. recently I started taking sanguinarine nitrica 30CH. parallel I am also taking R84 for allergy. Seek your advise on continuity of medicine or you advise some thing else.

    • Shahnaz Parveen says:

      Sir ,I am suffering from sinusitis n now i can see nasal polyp on both the side Which is causing me trouble to breath properly …but i don’t have runny nose,a mild headache is there,n feeling of heaviness in my head ..n the mucous that comes ..m not able to spit it out …it goes inside.. all this is happening since 5-6 months ….I don’t want to go for surgery.Sir plzz prescribe me some medicine n nasal drop ….I took homeopathic medicine long time ago …n it was cured ..but it recurred after 5 years

  148. Vimala Nahal says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am Mrs Nahal, from Mauritius and I am suffering from nasal polyps in both nose since very long ago, I have already done one surgery in 2008 but it has come back again and I don’t want to go for a surgery again, could you please advise what can I do to remove these polyps without doing a surgery? The first time when I did the surgery I lost my right vision that’s why I don’t want to for another one. Right now my both nose are completely blocked, the polyps are very big, they are nearly out of my nose and I don’t want to take ”cortisone tablets anymore as I have been taking too many of these tablets which I think is not good at all. Please help me to get relief from these polyps..

  149. H
    Dear Dr Sharma
    Any nasal drops for Pre Nasal Drain

  150. Pragati rastogi says:

    Sir mujhe asthamatic allergy h or ab polyps
    bhi ho gya h left right dono sides me lekin
    bahar ki side h dekhne me esa lagta h
    Jaise nose pr swelling ho please mujhe
    medicine suggest kreye

  151. RAKESH MISHRA says:

    I have polyps in my both nostrils since last 8 years . I can’t senses & breath, both side is blocked, right have 1 inch polyps & left side 0.8 inch. Please suggest me best homeopathy treatment. Have used Lemina minor, Calcarea Carb, Phsophorus, Teucrium Marum varum of 30ch [in mother/alcohol] all but not effective. may reduce little then another day same size. cleaning every day while bathing with water.

    if u have any effective medicine in homeopathy then suggest.

    will going to try chilli spray.. may recd 4-5 days.

    • Sharmila Das says:

      Hi Doctor,

      I am Sharmila Das, 27 years old. I have nasal polyp in both nose. I am suffering since 13 years due to have polyp. I get cough and cold easily due to weather change and start sneezing continuously.Sometimes I start shivering because of getting tiredness after continuously sneezing.It is making my life hell. I just want to know which lemna minor should I take.. Like there are lemna minor 1000 CH, lemna minor 1X and etc. I do not have any idea about that.. Could you please tell me which one should I buy

      • Ranjeet Kumar says:

        Sir. Mujhe 4 sal se nasal polyps h. Maine bahut sari davyai khayi koi phayada nahi huya. Naak ke andar mass jayad hai naak se pani bahut nikalta hai. Chhika bahut aati hai. Mai bahut paresan hau sir please koi upay batye.

  152. Hi Dr Sharma.I am Aditi,mother of 14 year old son.He has been suffering from nasal polyps for more than 8 months.He takes sinomet drops regularly without which he can’t beathe.I have been taking him to a homoeopathic doctor bit there has been no change in his condition.He gives 3 liquids and sugar coated tablets .He has been taking these medicines for about 2 months but to no avail.Could you please suggest or should we patiently wait.

  153. Fakhrul Islam Monjo says:

    Sir Assalamualaikum, I am Fakhrul Islam Monjo, from Dhaka, I saw your YouTube video about nasal polyp , I am a patient of nasal polyp patient both side of nose 👃i m suffering for a long time, I also doing surgery two times for these, I m 31 year’s of age, please give me prescription and help me.

    • Anand kumar says:

      Hello doctor,
      I am Anandkumar from Imphal. I have been diagnosed with nasal polyps on both sides of my nose. Snoring at night, nose block, allergy, mucus discharge are my symptoms.. pls provide me the prescription .. i am so frustated. I work as a scientist in Ministry of agriculture.. i deal with lots of soil samples.. i am unable to do my analysis properly because i feel my nose gets block so easily when i work . And my nadal polyps are growing..pls .pls.

  154. Pawandeep says:

    Sir, firstly thanks for sharing good knowledge.
    I have been suffering from nasal polyps but after used medicine Lemna minor, my polyps disappeared almost. But sometimes i am suffering from sneezing problem and skin allergy. Please suggest me

  155. Janette McGuffie says:

    I have long standing hx of nasal polyps arising from the ethmoid sinus. Also asthma. I have had 13 operations last few using FEZ. I use monetazone nightly. Also have a deviated septum. Don’t want further surgery but unable to breathe through rgt nostril. Unable to blow nose. Are hijab able to advise a suitable homeopathic remedy?

  156. Dear sir, my son is 12 year old , has nasal polyps , runny nose, mouth breather and smell when he is near. No bleeding from the nose. No headache nor any other symptoms . Medically fit. History of skin allergy due to dry skin.
    I am highly concerned about his nasal polyps. Kindly suggest me treatment for his nasal polyps. I shall remain grateful to u.
    Regards …..Dr Aref.

  157. I’m pregnant can I take this medicine for nasal polyp

  158. I'd sohel says:


    I have nasal polyps. I have seen your youtube video.
    I am interested to talk to you. I am afraid surgery. How do I get advice and medicine from you? can I contract with you?please pass your number.

  159. I have nasal polyps since last two years, doctor has suggested surgery to remove the ployps. I am taking 3 homeopathic drops for last 4 weeks; 1- lemna minor 30 (three times a day), 2- Marum verum 30 (TDS), 3- Marum verum 30 (TDS)

    I am feeling better. polyps start shrinking..
    I want to ask the duration to use these three medicine? Whether i need to continue these three medicine after complete polyps removal or must stop ?

    Please reply

  160. Smriti Rupam says:

    My son is 4.5 years old. He is sensitive to cold. He immediately develops cold and cough after drinking even normal temp. water when sweating after a game. X- ray reports enlarged adenoids in the nose and he has been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis.
    During sleeping at night he snores and breathes forcefully through his mouth as his nostrils are blocked due to swollen inner muscular nasal sides. Forceful breathing is also seen by the stomach movements. Due to forcefull breathing , he sweats a lot during sleep. He weighs 21 kg. Please suggest appropriate medicines for my son.
    Thanks and regards

  161. Hania shahiryar says:

    I had a cold in February which got cured with a week but after that my nose gets blocked whenever i lie down to sleep.There is no nasal discharge but i feel sputum going down my throat at times.There is no sneezing,allergy or crusts in my nose.No bleeding.Kindly prescribe some medicine.Thank u.

  162. Jill Smith says:

    Do polyps in the right maxillary sinus of 6mm cause my right eyelid and corner of eye to swell? It happens monthly or so and Benadryl doesn’t take away the swelling

    • Tony makau says:

      I have nasal polyps that get worse in june and july when it’s cold ,i lost my sense of smell and my rars block at times,when one nose is blocked i breath through the other,its very distressing and i lose alot of sleep.which makes it worse.recommend best treatment please DR?SHARMA.I AM FROM NAIROBI !KENYA.

  163. I have nasal septum I did surgery 3years back but which tablet should I take sbl5 or sbl10 hmeopathy

  164. Dear sir ,
    My left nose is blocked for past few weeks, doctor has suggested surgery to remove the ployps.
    What should I do ?
    Appreciate your help and time on this.


  165. Sir my self hira i am suffring for nasal sinus polyps and elergy left side nose pl.advise a medicen thanks regd.hira

  166. Hi for nasal polypys what dosage/frequency of lemna minor should I take?

  167. Rajesh Nair says:

    I have nasal polyps , Its been i surgery condition , of the opinion of ENT surgeon. I need advice and medicine for the same

  168. I was diagnosed of having nasal polyps in 2017.
    Iam having breathing difficulty while sleeping , most of the time I have to breath through mouth.
    Not much problem for breathing while sitting and walking.
    I feel more block in the right nostril.
    I took allopathy medicines in 2017 and I had relief from the breathing problem , but after 6 months it again started.
    Again in2018 I took allopathy medicines and got the relief for 6 months., again it is disturbing me.
    I request your advise to take homeopathy treatment.

  169. Hii sir
    I suffring. From blocked nose from last 5month
    Or sinus last2-3 year plz help. For this problem

  170. Sir polyp drops should be taken with water or directly in the nose sir pls tell me sir

  171. Is lemna minor safe? Does it has side effect? What is the duration and dosage?

  172. nadeem javed says:

    Dear Sir
    i have nasal polys since last 5 years
    i used alopathic medicines and nasal sprays. i have problem 4 to 5 months in a year and 5 to 6 months are ok.
    my nose is severly blocked that i am unable to breath from nose
    i have lost my sense of smell and taste
    please send me the best combination of homeo medicines for its treatment

  173. Iam chronic polyps patient in two sides of the nose. Suffering with breath problem
    ..sneezing…continuous yellow sticky discharge from nostrils…please suggest good medicenes

  174. yashpal mehra says:

    I am aged 62 yrs since last one year taking homeopathic treatment not much improvement. My condition is as under:

    1. Both nostrils have polyps can be seen by named eye, pink/creamy in color discharge is water colorless, slight pain in face/head, swelling in nostrils, loss of smell, snoring, there is no bleeding. suggest remedy.

  175. Nasal polyps . blocked right nose.bleeding continuous with discharge.but no headache and very less sneezing.what to do.homeopathy treatment continued.but bleeding not stop.sometimes bleeding is very fast.age 46 yrs
    mo 7677452157.

  176. Meri beti ki mask left side band Hain aur right side polyps Hain isle liye medicine batayein

  177. sanjay Jain says:

    Hello Sir, My self sanjay Jain Suffering from Nasal polyps both sides from last 25 years. Done Surgery in 2016 but re-occurrence of Polyps. Nose totally blocked. Breathing from mouth every time. sometimes difficult to eat. so please suggest homeopathy medicine to get rid from Nasal Polyps.
    waiting for your prompt reply

  178. Harpreet kaur says:

    Hidoc, I have nazal polyp and my nose bone has taken a S shape. This has converted into acute sinius. I have lost my smelling sense and tasting sense. I have been experiencing this problem from the last 20 yrs. It also creates bad breath. Bad smell comes from nose also. plz suggest the right medicine

  179. Syed Rizwan Hussain Rizvi says:

    Dr. Sharma
    My name is Syed Rizwan Hussain Rizvi and I’m 41 years old, i have Nasal Polyps with severe dust allergy and the old cough and flu, which comes severe from last 2 months.
    please suggest me some effective medicines with their potency and dosage.

    I”l be very thankful to you

    • Manas Arora says:

      I have nasal poyps blocked nostrils and post nasal drip which leads to constant spitting and heaviness in the nose root or can say maxillary sinus wat medicine would u suggest?
      And how long this treatment should be taken?
      Awaiting response

  180. I have nasal polyps both side along with sinus problem.. Which medicine I should be taken and how long it will take get some results.

  181. Naveen Singh says:

    My daughter 6 yrs old suffering from nasal polyps I get treated with one of the homeopathy doctor He gives lemna minor and kali bichronicum regularly. Sir I want to know how long it will cure is ayurveda is better option than homeopathy. But I have faith in homeopathy

  182. Mere ko 3-4 saal se problem hai, nayar, MGM hospital me bhi dikhaya,dust me ya thoda daudata hoo to , ya kuch thoda bhari vajan uthata hoo to saans lene me me taklip hoti hai, 5-6 dr . Huye pan unki davayiya leta hoo to thik lagta hai, kuch acchi dava batao, problem jad se mitrane ke liye

  183. S.L.Atmapoojya says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from nasal polyp since 10yrs. This is a genetic disease. Nose is blocked in winter .and nose se Pani aana. Sans Lene me pareshani due cold we can say allergy from cold .this happen in winter season. you are requested to suggest homopathic medicine.

  184. Biswajit Mondal says:

    Sir My sons age 4 years and 3 months. He has asthama problem and takes inhalation. After a short time gap he is suffering same problem.

    But Now few days ago we observed that he is snoring and feel difficulty to take breath from write nose. And found that one nasal polyps showing his write noes like a year drop or grapes .

    He has also allergens symptoms. ..

    Please suggest me what medicine can give him for polyps. that he can releaf from polyps.

    Biswajit Mondal

  185. Hell doctor
    My brother is suffering from nose polyp. in both nose.from last 3-5 years. He is taking treatment form MS doctor but no complete relief he has to take daily medicine. Also we consult to other 2-3 ENT doctor but all doctor say there is no solution for nose polyp. Doctor suggesting to take steam, do yoga, avoid dust and cold. by brother following all suggestion but still he cant get relief. by taking allopathy his nose open quite. but we try to shift from allopathy to homeopathy. he takes hopathy 15 days. his throat pain was lower but nose blockage increased again he started alopathy .please suggest can we take both treatment simultaneously.and is it safe.

    please revert

  186. Deepankar Deka says:

    I have been suffering from polyp(bigger size) in the left nostril for many years.I am 47 years me for complete removal

  187. o.p.agarwal says:

    my age is right nose is having polyps since 10 years with history of sinus. i want to use some oil to srink polyps.any further query can be answered.

  188. Jethmal Bajaj says:

    I have chronic nasal polyps since 20 years .Right nose always blocks, specifically in night. If I sleep left side then left nose also blocks.I have Asthma also and Renal calculus.And frequent urination problem.Every one hour I have to go for urine.

  189. Mufeez Ur Rehman says:

    Dear Sir, I am patient of Polyps and cynocitus for last two years.My nose was totally block specially left side. Thick secretion came our every time. In night and morning it’s very speedy. Morning secretion are pale and daytime it’s white. I am from Pakistan. Please suggest medicine for me.

  190. I am interested to buy Lemna minor 200(liquid) also wanted to buy Teucrim marum 30.I would like to know the cost inclusive every liaility for each medicie.If I ncrease the quantity of each will it make a difference in price.At the end I want both medicine in liquid only. Thanks

  191. P P BAJPAI says:

    No smell feels from last 2-3 yrs either good like during Pooja or while sitting in room and adjoining kitchen milk is boiling no small. Suggest some Homoeo medicines to get it back.

  192. Muhammad Adnan Bashir says:

    Dr Sharma Sir
    i have polyps major on right side of nose,less on left side
    following are the symptoms
    there is loss of smell
    The nose seems stopped.
    There is at times discharge of liquid yellowish in color.
    very sensitive to cold air and cold weather.
    cold drinks , prolonged sitting in Air conditioned environment completely block my nose
    Nose remains obstructed, more on the side that one lies on

    kindly suggest the medicine with full name

  193. Ronnie Johnson says:

    I have history of nasal polyps, allergies , sinus problems & asthma.I have polyps up high in my sinuses that block the sinuses from draining and trap a sinus infection.I get headaches in my forehead and cheeks. Anytime there is a barometric weather pressure front I get terrible sinus pressure headache’s in my face head and neck. I also at times have dizziness and vertigo. I have lost all sense of smell for several years. I have had sinus surgery twice in the past to remove polyps and they have came back. I have had systemic candida and parasite problems also that seem to be hard to get rid of. I don’t get much drainage and I do have sinus congestion and sinus pressure. I think the polyps trap all of the mucus in the sinuses and so it can’t drain and gets infected.

    • Qaisra Shahid says:

      I have nasal polyps since long and my nose remains blocked and I feel difficulty in breathing. Also I feel thick mucus in my throat . I am also suffering from asthma and sinus problems. I feel wheezing in my chest. I often sneeze particularly in the morning. Kindly prescribe me a medicine that can help me out .


  194. Patricia A Grieshaber says:

    A friend of mine is studying for a certificate in Homeopathy. I have nasal polyps. She is giving me pulsatilla once a month. Should I also take something to shrink polyps? Pat

  195. Soumyadip Bhunia says:

    Sir I am a 20 years college student, last 2 year I suffered many problems for nasal polyps. I am taking many medicines but I didn’t relief this problem. Now I am taking homeopathy medicine Lemna Minor 3X. Please sir told me which medicine I use and the dose of the medicine

  196. Hello dear sir I just gone through nasal polyps surgery and now want to use homeopathic medicine to remove the root cause and how how much period will it take to get rid of nasal polyps by using homeopathy

    • Devendra says:

      Sir.. I am suffering from nasal polyps for last three months.. I visited the homeopathic doctor and he suggested lemna minor.. The left nasal congestion is treated but sometimes I there is a little bit of post nasal drip bleeding ..I have been taking this treatment for 20 days. How long will it take to stop post nasal drip.. Is occasional bleeding okay? How long will I have to take medicine to cure the condition..

  197. Dear Dr. Sharma
    My needs seem to be 3 of the remedies, should I take all 3 or just 1 at a time for a certain length of time?

  198. Ravneet Sodhi says:

    Hello Doctor, I have nasal polyps mostly on the right side.
    My doctor has advised surgery, but I want to avoid as they can come back. Please tell me what medicine in homeopathy can help me in Permanent cure. And what changes in lifestyle/fooddo I need to make.

    Thank you.

  199. RITWIK PANDEY says:


  200. Pooja Malakar says:

    My 6 year old son has nasal polyp
    What is the duration of treatment in which homeopathy can cure it
    The polyps are in right nose

  201. Rajeevkumar says:


    What potency of these medicine we have to use to cure nasal Polyps.



  202. Aman jain says:

    Sir I have sufffering from nasal polyps and one. Side blockage nose (left ) . Some time i have breathing problem so sir pls help me best medicine for me .. 9754111149 my contact no.

  203. Firdous khan says:

    i am firdous khan
    Thankfull for this human help with homeopathic medicene.My sister 38 yrs old is a patient with bleeding from nose right the doctors suggested operation after MRI report in next month.Or it safe.Further requested for suggestion of homoeo medicine in this regard.

  204. Firdous khan says:

    i am firdous khan
    Thankfull for this human help with homeopathic medicene.My sister is a patient with bleeding from nose right the doctors suggested operation after MRI report in next month.Or it safe.

  205. Mary Eke says:


  206. Anup Kumar says:

    Iam suffering from nasal polyps in both side of the nose. Mainly heavy growth like jelly on my left nose.White colour discharge stops me to breath. Frequently my nose is blocked and 18-20 hrs Iam breathing from my mouth only. I got fed up from this. I have taken ayurvedic medicine but all in vain. Iam a serving person person and not able to manage in the office due to my block nose. Pls suggest me best treatment. expecting early reply.

  207. Muhammad farooq sadiq says:

    Very nice and informativ information

  208. DR.MD.ABDUL LATIF says:


  209. DR.MD.ABDUL LATIF says:

    More and More information.

  210. Sir i want to go in indian army but i m suffering from nasal polyps from 3 to 4 years i have to cure it within 6
    Months sir plzzz help me i want to go in indian army in any circumstances its my dream ! Help me sir

  211. Umme Hani Ramzan says:

    Can graphite also cure nasal polyps

  212. Sunil dhir says:

    Suffering wid white sticky phlegm and whisling in night age 48

  213. Dear sir..since last 5 year i am facing the problem of nazal polyps doctor recommanded for operation. I have sardi regularly and throat paining and balgam assembling in throat

  214. Dear sir..since last 5 year i am facing the problem of nazal polyps doctor recommanded for operation. I have sardi regularly

  215. Dear sir, my son will turn 5 in this July. He has nasal polyp.
    I live in Hong Kong. Here weather is quite humid. He regularly has this problem here and on off he has cold and cough also. is difficult for him to breathe at night.
    Please suggest him some medicine.
    He also has chalazion in his eye. Which is since long.

  216. Dharmender kumar VERMA says:

    Respected sir I have 4 Pollyps in gall bladder. Size of the polyps are 2mm,4 mm, 5mm. And 6mm.
    Can I take Thuja medicine or not. If there is anyone medicine pl…. Tell me I am very helpless .
    Age 35
    Weight 84 kg
    Height 167cm
    More problem obesity

  217. Ava Janczewska says:

    I have a problem with left side of the nose, must of the time is blocked completely. Also, I have a problem with the left eyes, is tearing most of the time. If I take Calcarea Carb will it help with my tearing eye? How long I have to take that drops?
    Please advise.

  218. Kailash Setia says:

    Running nose, sneezing from last 30 yrs. Now polyps developed in left side nostrils. Suggest Medicine pl. polyps is visible now. And on touching from outside it disappear and come again.

  219. I have left side nasal polyps. Fir how ling shiuld u take calcarea carb. I have sneeIng issue alao which ddoesn’t stop and i had take levo cetrazine in end this stops sneezing but heavyness remains in nose.i have taken homeopathy treatment for 2years. Its ok until i take medicines but continues the moment it stops.
    Please help

  220. How to order this medicine plse tell I want kown address

  221. How to order this medicine plse tell

  222. Raghuram reddy says:

    Hi sir I am suffering from left nose blockage more and and very less in right nose ,when she good digestion I will little relax, when ever I am upset I feel very angry any uncontrolable emotion .not free motion

  223. Rajiv Malhotra says:

    I have sunning nose and sneezing and feeling that nose fluid will falloff. These seem aggravated during dust and spring season.

    What should I take. Somebody suggested ADEL 23 [15 drops in 1/2 cup water 3 times a day]. I have tried that but it seems to aggravate it [I have been taking it for 2.5 days only as yet].

    Somebody else suggested Kali Bichrom 200 or 30? – not clear?

  224. I have a chronic siniusitis and used a lot of homeopathic medicine main problem losing of smell and taste sense needs to know power of lemna minor and Teucrium Marum please tell the best hmeopathic medicine is being used in world to restore both sense smell and taste

  225. Manny Bedi says:

    Hi Dr Sharma I did my PNS ct scan it’s shows polypoid mucosal thickening of the left maxillary sinuses showing 3 ployps measuring 7-22 mm. right side maxillary sinuses are clear . Note small maxillary polyps . Please suggest me Homoeopathy medicine to cure polyps

  226. Hello Dr,
    I am mrs humaira i m 26 yr old. From last year i got cough cold and soar throat frequently. After medication i feel better but it happens again and again. But from last few days i have cold and i i felt something is blocking not comomg out completely from nose. Today i was cleaning my nose i saw something is stuffing in my left nostril i drag it out it was mass teardrop shape around 1 cm it was somewhere connected in my nose… I have gone to dr he said that i need surgery he said it big… But test surgery will b done after my delivery… I want to can it b cure by medication and can i take during pregnancy i m 7 month pregnant..

  227. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    Hi Dr,

    On febuary 12th 2018, I had a viral infection with very high fever. I took antibiotic with antiallergic so my cold flu and fever left me. But After that till now im suffering from LOSS OF SMELL. I went to ENT specialist he said to me that, take antibiotic and antiallergic again. for 10 days. but still the issue is not resolved. I cant smell thats really annoying. also my mind seems me very lazy and eyes feels heavyness. Please help me with a good homeopathic remedy.

  228. I have polyps in my left nose can it cure without operation

  229. I’m suffering from nasal polyps both sides. I have been operate right side tiwise plz advice me homeopathic medicine.
    Thank you

  230. respected sir

    my left nose side blocked and i feel hard to breathe . ent doctor says to me my nose bonn are increases. and no medicine for nose bonn . in is only operation. i want to do operation. i start
    homeopathy medicine .is it safe. or not and sure that without operation i will be right.

  231. V K Ahluwalia says:

    Respected Sir, I have deviated septem in right nostrils and nasal polyps on both sides for the last 30 years. I used Otrivin and nasivion to unblock the nose for the last 20 years which gives temporary relief. You are requested to kindly advise for best homeopathic medicine for this problem as I am not able to sleep without using nasal drop.You are requested to kindly advise for best homeopathic treatment to cure this problem permanently.

  232. Asha sharma says:

    Respected sir, my sister suffers from nasal polyps along to loss of smell n severe blockage posterior discharge in both nostrils..It started bleeding few days back but it sttopped after taking Rutoheal tab…V plan to go for surgery becoz of this problem as she is not comfortable sleeping also but would like to try homeopathic medicine be surgery…Would b very kind of u if u can suggest some medicine along with dosages

  233. chandra shekhar satwant says:

    Dr.Sharma i have been undergoing treatment of my 5 year kid for nasal polyps in both his nose from Dr. Batra. Almost 80% blockage because of polyps. He is a pre term baby had taken care but never knew he will have this trouble. Morning coughing around 4 am along with blocked nose troubles. It pains me to see my kid this way. help me doctor for a permanent cure as surgery n steriods as mentioned by you are not permanent solution. Based out of Lucknow n really wanted to be connected with you for your guidance n support.

  234. Dr., I was diagnosed with nasal polyps in 2011. Then in 2012 surgery was done to remove polyps.. but after 1 year the polyps recurred.. now my doc says that it’s all because of deviated nasal septum.. so again suggesting surgery.. but want to get completely cured with homeopathy.. am having deviated nasal septum, polyps on both sides, no sense of smell and nowadays developing ear blockage.. please do reply about where can I get treatment.. am in Thanjavur!! Thank you!!

  235. OK so where do I get the treatments listed in this article? I had surgery 15 years ago and now the polyps are back full force.

  236. Sir, I am suffering from nasal obstruction for last 5 month’s. I could’t get sleep any time breathing through nasal. so tongue used to get dry. please suggest my suitable and effective homeopathic medicine .

  237. Hi
    I m Ranjita from West Bengal India suffering from nasal polyps which makes me difficult to breathe at night. I m 9 the month pregnant so from two three days I m facing breathing problem. I don’t understand what to do. Is it safe to take homeopathy medicine for polyps during pregnancy??

  238. My husband have nasal polyps in left nose doctor have recommended for surgery I would like to cure without surgery were can I take this homeopathy treatment we reside at COIMBATORE

  239. Sir may The Almighty Lord bless you

  240. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I had a sinus infection 2 months ago. Short after I noticed a small swelling on the outside of my left upper nose. The upper cheek is slightly swollen too. My breathing is slightly obstructed on the left side. But I can still breathe through it. I had a look inside today and noticed that the opening inside my left nostril is smaller than my right one. What could this be? Is it perhaps Polyps? Is there a remedy to cure this?
    Thank you so much,

  241. Sandeep Thakre says:

    Hello Doctor, I found DrHomeo one of the best website for Homeopathic Medicines. Doctor, My name is Sandeep Thakre. I have undergone surgery for nasal polyps and deviated nasal septum (right side) in 2010. But after three years I am facing the same problem of sinus infection, sneezing, nasal blockage (both sides) and severe headache on right side especially behind the right eye. You are requested to kindly advise for best homeopathic medicine for this problem. Thanks in anticipation…

    • Hello Sir hope you fine, I have a major problem, sir all the time a thick mucus present in my throat and I continuously try to clear my throat, please suggest for me any medicine, Thanks Sir.

  242. Muhammad Saleem says:

    My name is Muhammad Saleem. i have about 3 or 4 polyps in my nose. i have also 3 times operated but all in vain and suffering the disease since long 1990. now a day i have loss my smelling sense and get bad smell from my nose who is sit my near. i never want another operation. please help me the best treatment in homeopathic or alopathic which is easily available in Pakistan

  243. Krishna Raj Giri says:

    I am suffering from nasel blockeg and I can not take properly breathing I am suffering from 2010 till now please advise me which Homeo medicine I take

    • Subhas Datta says:

      My mother aged 76 years, body weight 93kg, having nasal polyps in both nose and the middle portion of the nose paining and she is breathing through her mouth and she is suffering for last 15 days.please advise medicines with power as early as possible.

  244. Gaurav Kapoor says:

    time and snores during sleep. My smelling sense is also getting weak. In the past in year 2005 I had operated these polyps but now same has been reoccured and feeling uneasy with these blockage of my nasal.
    Please suggest my suitable and effective homeopathic medicine.

  245. Gaurav Kapoor says:

    I am having polyps and my nose remains block most of the time and snores during sleep. My smelling sense is also getting weak. In the past in year 2005 I had operated these polyps but now same has been reoccured and feeling uneasy with these blockage of my nasal.
    Please suggest my suitable and effective homeopathic medicine.

  246. Qamar Khan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I’ve anosmia. I can smell some fragrances but no bed smells. I don’t know whether I’ve nasal polyps, I had two operations one for DNS left in 1982 ( at that time I had 100% sense of smell) and one for polyps in 2008. This procedure was due to polyps. I went to my surgeon with the complaint that i had no sense of smell. After, the procedure, my sense of smell couldn’t revive.
    Is anosmia curable? Did you ever successfully cured this type of patient? Or this is glittering theory that homeopathy can cure it.

  247. Ms. Charlett says:

    I have two right seed nasal polyps in the turbinate sinus and in the nose. two centimeters each in size. it obstructs my breathing. I have severe emphysema too. They don’t bleed. But I am often congested in the morning and clogged up, stuffed up – sneezing etc; I use saline rinse and
    use Flonase. Is there a homeopathic remedy I can take to shrink them please ? I also have a deviated septum closing off the left nasal passage to a degree. I take apple cider vinegar, eat a lot of vegetables, garlic, etc. What would you recommend for me ?

  248. Sir
    I am from Trivandrum. On may 19th 2017 I had a angio and two stunts were in my heart. Now after
    Two months I am suffering from nasal block. When ct scan was taken mass1.89 mm in my left nose. Dr advd for surgery. But my heart doctor advised after one year. I want to take homeopath treatment for nasal block. Kindly advise whether I will take treatment while I am taking medicines for my heat ailment. Tks. Arthanari

  249. Tarun acharya says:

    I have chronic nasal polyps and also there is certain effects of it on my brain (I think) can you tell me the best suitable homeopathic medicine for it.
    This can be happened from last 6 to 7 years.

  250. Ashwary tyagi says:

    Hello sir

    Sir my child is of 5 years old and suffering from nasal polyps from last one year and he is also allergic …he is taking synonorm from 10 months continuosly….but not relief well…kindly suggest me good medicine for him ….in day he is fine but in night when he starts sleeping he in snoring and breaths with the help of mouth….
    I think his immune system also not so good….

    So kindly suggest me a good branded homeopathy medicine for his immune system and for nasal polyps…

    Thanks and regards

    Ashwary tyagi
    Sahranpur u.p

  251. My nose block at night

  252. Hello- this is very helpful information! I am unsure which remedy is best for me. I wake every morning with a clogged nose on at least one side and discharge in my throat. We recently got a kitten and allergies seem to have gotten worse although she is never allowed in bedroom. I have tinnitus that only in recent months has gotten worse (with pain in left ear sometimes, there is also slight damage in that ear as well). I would like to feel healthy again! My otolaryngologist detected nasal polops (and the left ear damage)… put me on useless nasal sprays and suggested possibly surgery for them.

  253. Gaurav Kapoor says:

    I am having polyp in both sides of nasals and have blockage due to which I snores during sleeping and most of the time there exist cold. So what medicine should I take to get relief please suggest.

  254. Good morning Dr Sharma. Thank you so much for this wonderful information on your site! I have been searching for an exceptionally good teaching site and I believe I have found one!
    Lin Ford

  255. MIHIR DESAI says:

    Dr. Sharma..
    I have ethmoidal polyps. I take lemina minor, teucrium marum verun, Thuja 200 tell me how I take this medicine. Thanks

    • MIHIR DESAI says:

      Dr. Sharma..
      I have ethmoidal polyps. I take lemina minor, teucrium marum verun, Thuja 200 tell me how I take this medicine. Thanks

    • Suresh Sharma says:

      I am 62 years old person and I am diagnosed with nasal polyps around 80-90% and my doctor advised me for nasal rinse with pulmicort initially twice a day and the symptoms improved about 20% but as the winter starts symptoms aggravates again and right now my right side is blocked and my left side is better but thick yellow mucous come out when I do nasal rinse every morning. I have difficulty sleeping, my taste bud is affected and I have to breath from the mouth and there is dryness in the mouth. Please advise me some homeopathy medicines with potency and duration. Thanks and regards.

  256. Shubham Pathak says:

    Hi sir i am 27 year old suffering from nose 90% blockage from 1 year the polyps is in right side also sneezing & allegy is very severe due to this not able to breath easily night sleep is obstructed a lot due to this. Please suggest me the medicine with doses for parmanent solution. Taking homeopathic medicin but not working at all , please help .

  257. Rasik patel says:

    C. T. Scan. Impression. Mild mucosal thickening in both maxillary sinuses. Hypertrophied nasal reanimates. Deviated nasal septum to left I am from India Nagpur what is the remedy with potent. My age 49

  258. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am 56 years old. I am having nasal polyps problem in both nasals. Right side it is more than left.

    It troubles in winter specifically.

    Last year winter i had taken treatment from doctor and she gave some antibiotic/nasal spray and steroid tablets for 2 weeks.
    sneezing and nose running also happens frequently.

    Please advise me the Homeopathic medicine name with power ( with pharmacy name)

  259. Hi dear Dr Sharma
    My mother age 58 years.
    She has a nasal polyps both sides with high cough and leackage of mucus heavily whole day and night.
    Dr suggest surgery. I have also perform CT Scan in which the report tells the extensive polyps rooting to brain side. So what to do. she dont want to surgery. Is there best way of cure in homeopathic for nasal polyps because she is so much Disturbed due to this. she is not bleeding and nor smell. But her polyps comes down in the nose and breathing is so though.
    please guide me best cure remedy.She keeps a cloth ever in hand for mucus leackage.

  260. i am 41 almost a month left in 42.i am suffering from nasal polyp, conventional medicine doctor has suggested surgery.kindly advice me the homeopathy medicine with details ..

  261. Sir,
    I am 60 year of age. I have been using the homoeopathic medicines for most of my common health problems. Running nose, sneezing, nasal block, dust allergy had been my common problems. But at present I suffer due to loss of smell, snoring and rattling in the chest. I found that upon physical examining, my right side inner nose is little bulky but no pain or blockage.
    I am also suffering due to burning sensation on both soles when at rest. When walking no burning sensation. Pain on the top of the inner side of the left heel is there. Please advise me on the course of medicines for my above problems.

    • Dr Sarvesh Kaul says:

      Take Homoeopathic medicine Natrum Mur 1 M, two doses (one dose is either four globules to be sucked dry under the tongue or 1 drop of the medicine in 5 ml plain water to be held in the mouth and slowly swallowed) at 8 am and 8 pm on a single day. Wait for a week. If the problem of excessive watering or sneezing persists after a week, you can take Homoeopathic medicine Arsenicum Iod 30 15 minutes after lunch infrequently, i.e., once or twice a week. Report to me for further treatment.
      Dr Sarvesh Kaul

      • Shubham Pathak says:

        Hi sir i am 27 year old suffering from nose 90% blockage from 1 year the polyps is in right side also sneezing & allegy is very severe due to this not able to breath easily night sleep is obstructed a lot due to this. Please suggest me the medicine with doses for parmanent solution. Taking homeopathic medicin but not working at all , please help .

        • Shubham Pathak says:

          Right side is having big & left is of small polyps comparatively, always sticky discharge from nose post nasal dripping & breathing through only left side happening.

  262. Nasir raza says:

    Sir i have a polyps both sides up to 90 percent blocked and i dont want surgery. . Know these days it is very difficult to breath properly. Wholeday liquid discharge like water from the nose. I use xynosine nasal spray 2 times a day to open nose.. kindly suggest me what to do

  263. Nitin yadav says:

    Sir i have a polyps both sides up to 90 percent blocked and i dont want surgery. . Know these days it is very difficult to breath properly. Wholeday liquid discharge like water from the nose. I use otrivin nasal spray 2 times a day to open nose.. kindly suggest me what to do

    • Dr Sarvesh Kaul says:

      Take Homoeopathic medicine Phytolacca Decandra Mother Tincture 15 drops in 10 ml water 20 minutes before meals, thrice a day. Continue for four weeks.

      Also take Homoeopathic medicine Lemna Minor 30 two doses, morning and evening, for a week. (One dose is four globules to be sucked dry under the tongue or 1 drop of medicine in 5 ml plain water to be held in the mouth and slowly swallowed.).

      Give at least an hour’s gap between Phytolacca and Lemna.

      When breathing is obstructed take Ammonium Carb 30 1 dose. Repeat after 10 to 15 minutes if breathing is not eased.

      Report to me for further treatment.

      Dr Sarvesh Kaul

  264. Sir i had operation in 2003 for polyps but after some years it came back but now a days there is problem in breathing and smell sense , now how to take what to take and their dosage either to dilute or to take directly through mouth or by nose

  265. I have Atral Polyps (Left ) which Homeopathic medicine should I take and wanted to know about side effect of this type of homeopathy medecine? can i get this type of homeopathy medecine from Bangladesh

  266. Sir iam suffering with nasal polyps problem. The polyp is left side of my nose. I can’t feel any type of smell. I can’t take proper breathing. Sir please give me suggestions for homeopathy medicine. Pawan gurdaspur

    • Dr Sarvesh Kaul says:

      Take Homoeopathic Medicine Phosphorus 1 M two doses (one dose is either 4 globules to be sucked dry under the tongue or 1 drop of the medicine in 5 ml plain water to be held in the mouth and slowly swallowed) at 5 am and 5 pm on a single day. Wait for a week. Report to me for further treatment.
      Dr Sarvesh Kaul

  267. Dangela Vujanovic says:

    I’m suffering from the left side nasal polips and it’s starting at the right side to.I’m totally blocked on the left side and allmost blocked on the right,runhinged nose,sometimes sneezing, no headaches.I’m 45 tried with corticosteroids but no results 😕
    Please tell me what to do ☺
    Thank you ,Regards from Macedonia
    Daniela Vujanovic-physical terapist

    • Dr Sarvesh Kaul says:

      Take Homoeopathic Medicine Lac Caninum 200
      two doses (one dose is either 4 globules dry to be sucked under the tongue OR 1 drop in 5 ml ordinary water to be held in the mouth and slowly swallowed) six hours apart on a single day. Wait for a week, and report to me.
      Dr Sarvesh Kaul

  268. I have chronic rhinitis with nasal polyps. I have nasal polyps with constant thick yellow white excessive discharge from nose. Also want to cough out the phlegm in the throat all the time . No smell at all and no sense of taste. Too much mucous fills the nose and have to blow constantly to remove. Sometimes thick ropy and sticky .
    I do neti jal twice a day and pranayama and yoga and walk everyday. Still suffering. Please advise homeopathic medicine and dosage.

  269. Pradeep Puranik says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering with severe condition of nasal polyps.Most of the time both sides get blocked and have to breath from mouth. worse during night. I have been operated for nasal polyps about 2.5 years before. Now they are suggesting to operate once again. Even steam is not helping.
    Request you to suggest any cure available in homeopathy.
    Pradeep Puranik

  270. hello sir,
    My name is Madhavi and i am suffering from polyps in both nose. 3 times i did the surgery but after 2 years it came again. sir pls tell me the permanent solution of this …..

  271. May nasal polyps be the cause of nasal cancer??

  272. Ganeshlal lashkare says:

    Dear Dr, hello, i am a chronic sufferer of blocked nose. When I sleep on left side left nostri gets blocked and after sleeping on right side back left gets open. In day time both nostrils get blocked. Mostly dry coryza, some times white thichk tenacious discharge. Fade up completely with the condition. I m 59.kindly help and relieve me of this distressing disorder. The trouble is prominent in winter. No smell no test. Keep coming and going( both) cant cover legs at night, gets uneasy. The trouble is about 15-20 years old. Head feels heavy. Sneezing infrequently. Likess spicy snd sour. Likes moderate temp.

    • Dr Sarvesh Kaul says:

      Take Homoeopathic medicine Sulphur 1 M two doses at 5 am and 5 pm on a single day, wait for a week, and report to me for further treatment. (One dose is either 4 globules to be sucked dry under the tongue, or 1 drop of the medicine in 5 ml water to be held in the mouth and slowly swallowed). Do not eat or drink anything one hour before and after the medicine. Even brushing the teeth is not allowed.

      Dr Sarvesh Kaul

  273. Dipanjan Das says:

    I have polyp in my nose.So what I have to do to recover it?please inform me ..7431986578

  274. Chandan kumar vishwakarma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am suffering from large nasal inferior turbinate since 3 years.white discharge from Left nostril and not swelling properly.sir what can I take homeopathy medicine.

  275. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have a condition called cherg Strauss and as a result I now have very large nasal polyps that sometimes bleed. They completely block my nose making it difficult to swallow and eat because I can only mouth breath. Plus a scan has shown that my sinuses are full of them and my ears are too. I also have perforations in both ear drums and the polyps are coming through. I have been told I need surgery as soon as possible, but this has been put on hold due to a month of illness. Is there a homeopathic remedy that might help?

    Many thanks and regards

    (I have had this condition in varying degrees for the past 23 years, but it has now got worse)

  276. Surendra Sharma says:

    Dear Dr
    I am 73 years old male. Suffering from sinus for last ten years and one Polyps in left nostril has been developed since last seven years. Sometime it is punctured and again it develops.
    Can you suggest some effective medicine to cure or get some relief.

  277. PRADEEP TONGIA says:




    • PRADEEP TONGIA says:

      sir, my age is 61 and suffering from polyps in both nose, when i have to many person they told to me that surgery is not permanent solution , can you help me for taking medicins pf homeopathy medicines, bexause of antibiotics are having several side effect.

      i will be very greatful to you if you solve my problem


      Lemna minor and kali bich. Is best i personally use it’s effective.
      And best is that before sleep use NASAL SPRAY FOR RELIEF. (MOMETASONE)

  278. My daughter age 13 years she has nasal polyps on left side and now that is seen out side the nose ENT specialist advised us surgery now some time it’s bleed and painful
    Should we go for surgery or treat with homeopathic medicine please advise
    And what is period of treatment

  279. Consult me the medicine for head pain in nosal polyps

  280. Lakshmanan says:

    I am suffering from sinesites and nasal polyp several years due to nasal allergy.I am taking homeo medicine several years.But both the problems not cured so for. My doctor has given Calcari Carb Kalibich and nux.Every change of climate and allergy arise nasal polyp develop and giving all problem..Please priscrib apt medicine. My age is 68.

  281. paramjeet mallhi says:

    I m 3o year old and suffering from cronic nasal polyps from last 3 yrar of left side and some time blood comes and yellow colors discharge every time comes out from nose . I m already taking homopathy medicine from last 6 month but no relief from this.which is b 22 ,hydristis, lena minor. Bell 200. Rt 150
    Plz advice me plz send ur no. My no. Is 9467271313

  282. SACHIN AGARWAL says:

    I have a right nasal polyp since last 2 years. I have stuffy nose and difficulty in breathing while lying down. I snore heavily and my mouth opens during sleep. I have tried allopathic medicine and homoepathy medicine like Teucrium, Kali bich and Sanguinaria nitrica but still no relief. I am 41 years old and have irritable Bowel syndrome. Please help

  283. Thank Dr.Sharma for Valuable details on Medicines for Polyps.

  284. Madu Philomena Ifeoma says:

    I have polyps in my right nostril, how can I get homeopathic remedies?


  286. Subhash Mehra says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,. I have recurring chronic nasal polyps .I have had 4 surgeries for removal in last 15 years and my last CAT scan showed mass of polyps.My age is 63 years and the ENT advised me to avoid further surgery.My nasal passages are blocked 24/7 and I am asthmatic since few years.I don’t recall a full good night’s sleep since many years.I have all most all of the symptoms described in the write up on nasal polyps.Which medicine s should I take and the dosage to help clear the nasal polyps.Your advise is awaited.Thanking you,Subhash Mehra

  287. Gagan Sharma says:

    माननीय डॉक्टर साहब,
    मेरी उम्र 69 साल की है। पिछले तीन साल से मेरे नाक के बाएं नथुने में तकलीफ है। जिसे पोलिप निदान किया गया और ऑप्रेशन ही एकमात्र हल बताया गया है। कभी-कभी यह फूल कर नाक के किनारे भी आ जाता है। पहले नाक का वही हिस्सा बंद रहता था अब रात को कभी-कभी नाक पूरी तरह बंद हो जाती है और मुंह से ही सांस लेनी पड़ती है। सुबह नाक बंद रहने के कारण ब्रश इत्यादि करने में भी दिक्कत आती है।
    इसी बीच मैं डॉक्टर की सलाह पर दो साल पहले “Kali Bichromicum” और एक और दवा, जिसका नाम याद नहीं आ रहा, ले चुका हूँ पर कोई ख़ास फायदा नहीं हुआ। फिर एलोपैथी की एंटी बायटिक लीं, जिनसे करीब साल भर आराम रहा पर फिर अब तकलीफ शुरू हो गयी है। सो कृपया मेरा मार्गदर्शन करें जिससे इस तकलीफ से स्थाई छुटकारा मिल सके। आपका आभारी होऊंगा।
    गगन शर्मा
    जनकपुरी, नई दिल्ली

  288. I am suffering from problem of. High Sneezing and watery nose since last 50 years. Then it causes throat infection, cough . Problem increases in Winter, by exposure to cold air. Earlier this problem was in summer too. I have to take bath by hot water even 8n summer. Please advise suitable homeopathic medicine with potency. Regds. Vijay. 9695945888.

  289. Deepti subba says:

    My two twin 4years old daughters have polyps and one have problems on breathing while sleeping and they are under weight to.i m sorry worried please suggest me sir.

  290. Ferdz S. Gajes says:

    Im 57 years of age my sense of smell is on and off due to
    Polyps on my right nose and at night i experience waking up often due to nasal drip, can i take two or three
    Medicine at the same time or what are the
    Homeo meds to take. Take you!

  291. My 13 year old boy is suffering with polyp in his left nostril since he was 4 years. His polyp is enlarged and is red. He has a runny nose and itchy throat all round the year. Please suggest any homeo medication or natural way to get rid of the polyp.
    Thank you.

  292. Huzaifa Raja says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have being suffering from nasal polys for two years now, doctor prescribed me steroids sprays I used it but it didn’t help, I have also taken oral steroids medicine and it really helped me a lot but it was only temporary as soon as I stopped taking it symptom were back. I can’t smell and taste at all. Nowadays I am using tea tree oil but it also seems not to be working. I am also following nasal polys miracle treatment eBook there there it says to use 1. Pulsatilla 30; take 5 pills twice a day for 10 days 2. Sanguinaria 30; take 5 pills twice a day for 10 days. I haven’t started it yet can you please advice me what should I do ?

  293. Manisha Chopra says:

    Hello Dr , I have nasal polypus on left side and a slight one on right … I have taken Kali bichromium 30 after reading your article … How many days do I need to take it … I took a split dose , once a day for three days . Please let me know … How long does the effect of Kali bichromium last .. Thank you

  294. Arjita Saxena says:

    Hi sir my child is 6 years old is suffering from blocked nose and it’s worse during sleep time or lying on bed. Harsh sounds comes from chest while breathing with watering from nose as well.
    Please suggest the right medicine for him. Thanks

  295. Shiv Pd Bhatta says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am Shiv Prasad Bhatta from Kathmandu Nepal. I had been suffering from DNS and bilateral ethmoidal polyps. I tried both Ayurbedic and Homeopathic medicine (I donot know what they gave me). But nothing helped. Finally I underwent septoplasty and polypectomy at a hospital. But it recurred after few months. Can you please suggest me some homeopathic medicine?
    Shiv Pd Bhatta

  296. Ruma Sarkar says:

    I am suffering in right side nasal polyps since long period . I operation my nasal polyp in the year 2012 after my operation further increase my polyp and I used homeo medicine which is given by local homeo doctor but some time decrease my polyp and after some days same is increase. Please suggest best medicine for polyp remidy.

  297. Sir,
    Can nose polyps cause deposit of cough inside the nasal cavity

  298. Mohammad.Riyaz says:

    Sir my name is Riyaz about 24yrs old Ht.5.5 wt.58 having breathing problem for that I went for the govt homeopathy since 3months there I got nose bleeding severe headache after that I approached to govt.ENT hospital after 1week of treatment they performed X-RAY in it report shows B/L Maxillary sinus opacification (TT ZLT), and later performed DNE showing report is mucoid discharge in left nasal cavity ,right middle turbinate hypertrophy,after this they advised for CT PNS the report shows 1.DNS to left 2.Bulbens Rt comes bullosa 3.polypoidal lesions in B/L Maxillary to 2-3cms and sphenoid Rt sinus 24mm (AP)*15mm(T)*13mm(cc) 4.small polyp like lesions in B/L nasal cavity (10mm) 5.polyp in Rt.choana size 23mm(Ap)*12mm(T)*14mm(cc) blocking Rt choana 6.mucosal thickening in B/L ethmoid sinus s/o sinusitis.The doctor advised for operation please suggest me a good option soon thank you.

  299. Dear Sir.

    My brother suffering from nasal polyps.
    he undergone for one operation before 5 years back. but slight improvement.
    Dr. suggest again for second operation.
    please advice,
    I have one more doubt. can nasal poly convert to asthma and what stage ?

  300. Keleshwari bisen says:

    Hello sir i am suffering from bilateral nasal polyp since last 3 year with some time bleed blockage of nostril and headach. Pls sugest medicine for my problem.

  301. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from ethanoidal polyps on both sides of my nose. I had undergone a surgery in april 2016 but the polyps has grown again after just 1 year of surgery. I have lost my ssmell and taste. Adding to that i have bleeding nose most of the time with yellow colored mucous coming out through nose.
    I donot want to take anymore steroids for this purpose. Can you please suggest me which homeopathic medicine should i take. Should it be the nasal spray only or do i need to take some other oral medicines,and plz suggest for how long do i have to take the medicine to permanently get rid of thr poply.
    Looking forward for you quick reply.
    Thanks and Regards

  302. Kartik Arora says:

    Dr Sharma
    i have a nasal polyp in my left nose nd my right noise is blocked because of hypertrophy so i want to know in how much time homeopathic medicine shrinks polp?


  304. Manideepa Roychoudhury says:

    Good morning doctor,
    I have a little different questions or request which might sound very funny to others.I have a pet dog which is a Golden Retriever. He is suffering a lot from nasal polyp. It bleeds very frequently.. It bleeds profusely.starts with left then after sometimes from both sides. Vet surgeon said it cannot be operated as the process is very complicated. Please suggest me the remedy for this problem. Thanks

    • Manideepa Roy Choudhury says:

      My homeopath has told meto use Ferrum Phos 12x which I have been using for last 3 and a half months approximately. It did not bleed . Now from last week it started bleedind. It bleeded twice . On 09.09. and today also. Today I gave him Phosphorus 200 4 globules. After giving that it bleeded more. for sometime. and then stopped. When the bleeding started I have him all the alopathic medicines ( oral and nasal drops) and ice compress. It bleeded on and off. then I gave him phosphorus and the result I already explained to you . Now please suggest me what should I do.

  305. Ramesh khemka says:

    I have nasal polyp on both side since a long time At present i am taking lemina minor 2 drops three times, tmv 2 drops 2 times thuja 200 once in night and also taking R 84 10 drops 2 time is this medicine work in curing my polyp please advise

  306. tony marino says:

    I am 65 yrs old have had a nasal polyp surgerys taken steroids also sprays and they keep coming back is there any thing I can take that will make these go away I am also on heart medications and stomach pills zantac and some anxiety meds please ket me know thanks tony m

  307. T. Hossain says:

    I have lost my sense of smell, breathing mouth, blockage, and headache for 30 years, which is the best remedy for me. I am 54 yrs old.

  308. Hi Dr. Sharma!
    I just read your article on the Homeo medicines that help nasal polyps. My husband has had them for year and even after surgery they’ve just grown back. He has severe a blocked nose, loss of smell, brain fog, headaches, running nose and sneezes a lot. I’ve just ordered Lemna Minor and Teurcrium Marum and I’m just wondering what dosage you would suggest?

    Thank you,

  309. Sir i m suffering from both sided nasal polyps…my nose gets blocked and cannot be easily opened without nasal drops… can u please suggest some medicine along with its power..

  310. Don’t use these medicines. I lost my sleep due to these.

  311. Sangita Bhattacharya. says:

    I have polyps on both sides of my nose.l sneeze almost all the time.even there is a itching inside of my nose.have a liquid flow from my nose all the time.l also have alerges, skin alerge. Polyps irritate been 4 year. I do treatment from homeopathy but no rescue at all . please tell me about a effective homeopathy medicine sir.

  312. chandra mouli says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I have nasal polyps from more than 1 year, blocking both my nose completely. Though i’m getting treatment from local homeopath clinic, it is showing very less results and no improvement. I want to take online treatment from you. Please tell what is the maximum period to get ride of it completely. Will you give medicine also.

  313. Ahmad Farhan says:

    I was suffered nasal polypus 15yrs ago and successfully treated by selected Homoeoedicine .but my nose bridge has been damaged and deshaped Have any medicine for rebuild the growth of cartilage. Thanks and regards.

    • Sir i m suffering from both sided nasal polyps…my nose gets blocked and cannot be easily opened without nasal drops… can u please suggest some medicine along with its power..

  314. R.T. PANNEERSELVAM. says:

    Dear Sir, Pl accept my thanks for giving details of polyps treatment .My nasal polyps on right large & left side small.two sides blocks. take alobathi medicine some time releef.but again breathing also diminished sense of smell.come headche&running nose.mbbs Dr told suddenly do the operatio.I dont like operation.problem 3years old. kindly suggest medicine with potency ,quantity and frequncy .normally how much time it takes to reduce polyps.
    Thanks and regards

  315. Col R Johri says:

    Dear Sir, Pl accept my thanks for giving details of polyps treatment .My nasal polyps on right side.with deviated septum blocks my breathing also diminished sense of headche no coryza.problem 6 months old .kindly suggest medicine with potency ,quantity and frequncy .normally how much time it takes to reduce polyps.
    Thanks and regards

  316. Dear sir I have nasal polyps in right side and I had done 2 times surgery but again it reapears again and again 3-4 year of interval. A long polyps is seen hanging from nose on throat …..severe headache ,breathing problem and so on …what can I do for curing this nasal polyps …please give me suggestion …i am from nepal age 20 .

  317. Kvsnraju says:

    Thank you very much for nice information.I am suffering with Sivear headache .The MRI report every thing is normal except Mucosal thickening noted and involving bilateral maxillary, ethmoid and sphrenoid sinuses with Polypmucus retention cystic noted and LEFT MAXILLARY SINUS.
    T2 Hyperintensites noted and left mastoid air cells.
    SYMTOMS : Nose Left side blocking every day at midnight night Or between 3 to 4AM.
    Day time Headache Eye pain Neck Pain,while I am INHALING Sivear headacheobserved.
    So please give me your valuable HondaeopathI medicine.
    Once again Thanking U.✌
    Kvsnraju. Vizag.

  318. Kvsnraju says:

    Thank you very much for nice information.I am suffering with Sivear headache .The MRI report every thing is normal except Mucosal thickening noted and involving bilateral maxillary, ethmoid and sphrenoid sinuses with Polypmucus retention cystic noted and LEFT MAXILLARY SINUS.
    T2 Hyperintensites noted and left mastoid air cells.
    SYMTOMS : Nose Left side blocking every day at midnight night Or between 3 to 4AM.
    Day time Headache Eye pain Neck Pain,while I halting Sivear headache.
    So please give me your valuable HondaeopathI medicine.
    Once again Thanking U.✌
    Kvsnraju. Vizag.

  319. AIJAZ AHMED says:

    I have large polyps in right side my nose plz help homopathey

  320. Ijaz Ahmed says:

    I am suffering from left side nasal polyp, and using lemina and tucrium in mother tinctures, plz suggest me dosage and tenure for using medicine. Thanks

  321. Bhardwaj pandey says:

    Rightside tongue tumor.leftside cut and whitesh patch and ghauv also.test is kahta always like pus

  322. John Decurzio says:

    Hi dr. I was recommended a book in the book it said 30 grams of pulsatilla 5 pills 2 times a day for 10 days then wait a week see what happens then take sad Goodyear area 30 grams deadweight 20 days to see changes 5 pills 2 times a day 10 days as well however as you know grams are not a measurement with the homeopathic medicine I heard of the e c and m do you have any idea what this person could have meant ?the name of the book is by manuel Richards called nasal polyps treatment miracle

  323. Marlena Aurich says:

    My daughter, 7, seems to have a nasal polyp. She suffers allergies, so what I read could make sense. It looks like a long white strand. I have tried Thuja and Silicea homeopathic remedies, today to aid curing it. Are these any good? I could give her Phosphorous but she has no nose bleed. I also encouraged her to snort a little Himalayan salt diluted in water – is that a good idea? Please advise. Many thanks.

  324. Krishna singh says:

    My son 13 year old which
    CT Scan Paranasal sinuses report

    Left sided concha bullosa.
    Inferior turbinates are hypertrophied. Nasal choana is obliterated by hypertrophied turbinates.

    which Homeo medicines and his potency can will give

    • Krishna singh says:

      My son 13 year old which
      CT Scan Paranasal sinuses report

      Left sided concha bullosa.
      Inferior turbinates are hypertrophied. Nasal choana is obliterated by hypertrophied turbinates.

      yellow mucous and nasal / throat cough.
      Pl. tell Homeo medicines and his potency can I will give to boy

  325. TGK SARMA says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma Ji

    Appreciate and thank your open suggestions and help online.

    I am TGK SARMA, aged 54 years, asthamatic for 30 years now, suffering nasal polyps for last 6 to 7 years.

    On doctors’ advise, used Fluticosone nasal spray for about 3 years and got good relief. Later stopped. Nostrils were clear even after stopping using sprays. Now again getting nasal blockage in both nostrils, means polyps are growing again.

    Please suggest medicine along with potency.

    Grateful to you

  326. Hemant Roy says:

    Sir I have a right nasal polyp since last 1 year my nose Gates obstructed alternately there is no any nasal discharge neither there is any sneezing my smelling power is good I don’t have any other complications due to this right sided nasal polyp. My right sided nostrils mucous membrane is just inflamed appearing like round large nodule even the polyp colours is like that of mucous membrane. please help

  327. i have nose polyp and doctor adviced me for surgery but now in pregnancy they canonot operate so what o should do

  328. I had nasal polyps in my nose both side my nose is blocked i breath from mouth and i wanted to know which medicine i take and how many times and how much day i take and if there are several medicines then give me which one is to take first time and next one and how much time to take. Thank u

  329. Nameste
    MY CT scan reveal polypoid soft tissue masses in both nasal cavitiees and all para sasal sinuses. No evidence of sinus wall erosion, sclerosis or air fluid level seen. Maxillary sinus ostia appear enlarged.

    Please help

  330. Catia Cruz says:

    Good afternoon,
    My son, 7 years old, developed nasal polyps over a year and a half ago. After various medications, no major results were obtained. He struggled to breathe at night and had surgery in June of 2016 to clean out his maxilary sinuses. After less than a year, he needed surgery again as the polyps returned. He had surgery on June 9th 2017. Is there any homeopathic remedy for drying out the root of the polyp, as his doctor was unable to remove it entirely?? What would be the best solution now that his sinuses and nasal passages are cleaned out but the root of the problem is still there?

  331. please i need help on how my 2year old boy with nasal polyps can recover quickly.

  332. Linda Weinberg says:

    I just starting taking the remedy kali, was wondering how long should I take it if it is helping? If this remedy doesn’t work, should I wait a few days before trying another one? My history is I’ve had 2 sinus surgeries in the last 10 years. I do a steroid nasal rinse usually daily to try the control the condition, but it still has been getting out of control. I do get asthma symptoms also at times.

  333. NOSHIR KATRAK says:

    It was indeed a very good insight on how Homeopathic medicine relieves nasal polyps. The article & questions have cleared many unanswered questions in my mind.

    My daughter went thru a operation of nasal polyps. Would like to know which Homeopathic medicine will be suitable for her i.e. Post operation. Want to close the option of polyps reappearing. Please suggest.
    Thanking You

  334. Sheetal JAIN says:

    my left side nose is blocked due to nasal polyps. i take treatment of allopathy medicine for it but when the time of taken medicine nasal polyps is shink and blockage is open and i take breathe easily. when the change of weather again block.
    last 10 years i am suffering from this disease.
    guide me which medicine recover it?

  335. Jane Summers says:

    I suffered for 12 years from nasal polyps and nothing I tried worked.
    Drugs, nutrition, all types of doctors…you name it–the suffering never really went away.
    Fortunately, I found out about a natural way that finally got rid of my nasal polyps for good.

  336. Doctor I have recurring vaginal polyps. Underwent operation for removal but recurring after six months painful and irritating.

  337. Hi Dr Sharma
    My 10 yo daughter has a nasal polyps that extends to both sides (left is worse) but right is also mostly blocked. Her polyps has caused the LHS of her nose to appear a bit swollen as well. She is unable to breath e through her nose. She is constantly got a bad cold and nasal drip. Her drip is clear-white in colour. She is unable to sleep properly due to this and couple of months back also got pneumonia (March 2017) and was hospitalised. Since pneumonia she also appears to have got Asthma in the last 3 weeks (April 2017).
    Which of the above medicines would be best for her?

  338. Mehrun Mujawar says:

    Muzey left side nose may polyeps hua hai green and black jaisa Nazar Ata hai ,5saal operation Ko ho Gaye

  339. A. Rasheed mughal says:

    i have read the article and found good and quite imformative.

  340. I want to say about this article that it is a good read. I’d like to add that in my treatment of nasal polyps, I was doing jalneti regularly. I guess that it’s best to reduce that practice to minimum use because some water is left in the cavities and I don’t know I’m not a doctor, but it may get back into lungs. I’ve had difficulty breathing probably because of that. However, I have decided to stop with jalneti if possible. Already I’ve taken one dose of teucrium 200x. It didn’t help my anterior polyps but it increased my body pain andI also needed causticum 200 x sniff of bottle for body pains and chest full of cough. And Sino care by kr indo German and Formica rufa 3x since 1x was not available.

    I’m not a doctor but I decided that self treatment is better since majority of the doctors I consulted were incompetent, prescribing bakson’s tablet after tablet, which is against organon. And I have two sided polyp so I chose teucrium but even sulphur and thuja helped somewhat but later it looks the same again. And it is an old case of 6 years which I developed when cockroaches crawled over me in a train and my allergy report said that I’m allergic to cockroaches..

    In conclusion, I guess my main medicine which I will continue are Formica rufa and sinus care. I don’t know what else to do, because thuja, caust, sulphur reduced the size for a few days…. But off course there’s is a question that how many doses can you repeat!

  341. I have a severe cold problem with contineous running nose and sneezing. Is there any remedy to get rid of it.

  342. gurinder jeet says:

    Can i give my 8 years old Sanguinaria Nitricum or Kali Nitricum for right sided nasal polyps, if yes in which dosage amounts? he is suffering from right sided Nasal Polyps for more that a year, on and of.

  343. Yvonne Parish says:

    My husband been suffering for quit some time I need help

  344. Dr. Sharma,
    Please help!! I have been bothered with nasal polyps for 30 years. Both sides of my nose are blocked, left is worse but both are bad. Have not been able to taste or smell for years. I’m a constant mouth breather, just miserable all the time. Have taken all kinds of meds anti histamine, steroid nasal sprays, oral steroids you name it I’ve tried it. I really don’t want to have surgery but over the years it has gotten much worse. Recently orders BMI a tincture over the internet. Also sinus wars medication. Have had no relief. What do you recommend? Thank you!!

  345. Hello Dr. Sharma, I just had a cat scan that detected severely blocked nasal glands. My ENT want to do surgery and I have decided against it. No permanent results are guaranteed.
    I have a polyp inside my left side on nostril and is blocked most o the time. This had been going on for 6 years and I’m jsut finding the Dr who knew what to look for!
    Anyway, I have very faint smell, usually none most of the time. Taste buds are no as strong as they used to be. Breathing is difficult most of the time and I seem to be out of breath most of the time. I am a very healthy 58 yer old woman who has teken very good care of myself over the years. Mostly a plant-based diet. I did take the Intolerance Test and found I was allergic to my most favorite foods. Fresh Ginger, Basil, Pineapple.
    I look forward to your response., thank you, Kathryn

  346. Khalil Aslam says:

    Hi doctor, having chronic sinus since childhood ,sneezing ,running nose whole yr . Due to this nasal polyp in right nasal .sleep only on right side .please help me to cure my disease.

  347. Hi doctor, having chronic sinus from last 7 yrs ,sneezing ,running nose whole yr . Due to this nasal polyp in right nasal .sleep only on right side .please help me to cure my disease.

  348. Khalil Aslam says:

    Please recommend Homeopathic medicine for Nasal Polyps available in Pakistan. I will be greatful.

  349. Shubham Jain says:

    How long will it take to cure this permanently with homeopathic medicine ?

  350. vikas kumar says:

    Dr i have nasal polyps problem since ten years hi had surgery ten years back but not works i this time less sleeps taken sleeping pills and nasal stroird spray not works please is any medicine in homeopatic fast relif my problem yours thankful

  351. Babar Bashir says:

    Sir I have problem of nasal polyps my nose is full blocked and smell sense is also lost please suggest best medicine for my problem. Thanks

  352. My left nose is always congested and has scabinginside wen i try to remove it my nose bleeds.I also have constant post nasal drip and i feel pressure between my nose and throat i feel i have nasal polyps cause i vough and cant seem to clear the mucus its just stuck between my nose and i really need some type of medication that will shrink the polyps

  353. sir,my son 4.6 year old is having epistaxis from left nose mostly at evening since 1.5 Suggest medicine

  354. Thanks

  355. Amandeep gill says:

    Sir my son is suffering from both nasal polyp.he has a too much problem to take breath .he is suffering from 1and half year.please be advise me about proper treatment.i m so worried

  356. Mr. S R Biswas, Kolkata says:

    Sir, My daughter is suffering from left nasal polyp around one year and sometimes dischargeing blood. Please advise me about proper medicine and suggestions.

  357. chandan vishwakarma says:

    Res.Dr.Sharma Sir….
    dull headace and blocked nose between morning 6 o’clock to 11 pm night, after seeping no headace i.e. sleeping well all night. C.T.Scan report is left nasal maxillary polyp / cyst…. this problam is 40 days long…pls help me

    • Which place you feel headache.forhead scalp top or back.i have also bilateral maxilliary polyps.your symtoms of headache.

  358. Dear Sir,

    I’m Zahid, suffering from nasla polyps both nasal from last 8-10yrs.
    both nasal is blocked. smell less. always sweating.breathing problem. wake up from sleep at night. taking breath by always mouth opens. sneezing heavily always. voice not clear, say/speak hard but voice comes out slow some of not hearing-even i records my voice while listen comes unclear with breathing up-down.

    can you pls advise

    also advise power of your each above medicine like Teucrium Marum200 etc

  359. Nasal polypse, sinus and asthma I have these three problems which medicine is best for three problems

  360. Is it safe to take homeopathic if your taking prescribed medication

  361. Laxmi Kanta Nayak says:

    Mere Nose pe pimples Ho Kar meet Badh Jata He Jitne vi Medicine Use Kiya To sirf Pimples kaam Jata he Lekin us jaga Par meet Badh Jata he wo kamta nehi he to Kese Kis medicine use karne Se wo meet melt Ho Jaye ga use medicine ka name Kya he boliye Dr sahab

  362. में पिछले २ सालों से सर्दी से बहुत परेशान हु हालाँकि सर्दी हमेशा राजतिलक पर अब दो वर्षों से अक्सर left nose block होता है डॉक्टर polyep बता कर surgery की बात कहते है Homeo ले रहा हु आराम नहि गई please advice

  363. Daljit singh barmi says:

    My left side nasal chock in side balloon treatment

  364. Jaiprakash Bhagat says:

    I am suffering from left side nasal polyp for last 2.5years even though treatment of homeopathy for same period no smelling sensation,smelling through mouth n thick mucous flowing from rt nostril what should I tell my homeopathic doctor for fast removal of polyp.i am mumbai resident .
    Thank you

  365. Gaurav Bordia says:

    Dear sir,
    This is Gaurav from rajasthan,I have the serious problem of allergy specially during the weather changes from winter to summer.During this period I continuously sneeze,continuous running nose as well as severe headache and also my nose is obstructed throughout the year.
    I went to several homeopathic doctors,they told me that I have nasal polyps.I have tried the prescribed medicines for several months but no improvement is visible.Kindly help me and please advice the best medicine for this problem.

    Thanks & REGARDS

  366. Gaurav Bordia says:

    Dear sir,
    This is Gaurav from rajasthan,I have the serious problem of allergy specially during the weather changes from winter to summer.During this period I continuously sneeze,continuous running nose as well as severe headache.I went to several homeopathic doctors,they told me that I have nasal polyps.I have tried the prescribed medicines for several months but no improvement is visible.Kindly help me and please advice the best medicine for this problem.

    Thanks & REGARDS

  367. I got surgery for nasal polyp in 2019. Now again polyp has reoccurred. I do not want surgery this time.Pl suggest me homeopathic medicine for the same. How long will it take to cure.

  368. RAJENDRA JOSHI says:

    Dear sir,

    I am 55 years old and detected right side nasal polyps (multiple) . smelling was lost. Doctor observed small polyps in left nasal as well.
    I have just consulted doctor and antibiotic/steroid started and having reasonable relief. BUT I WANT PERMANENT SOLUTION WITH HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE.

    Allergic sneezing/runny nose are happening. Change of season also irritates.

    can you suggest suitable solution?



  369. Anjaneyulu koosampoodi says:

    Sir, I am 62 year old and presently suffering from post nasal drip for the last 8months.I also got nasal polyps on both sides for about 15 years.Allopathic doctors advised me to go for surgery of polyps but homeopathic doctors in. Rajahmundry told polyps can be dissolved by using homeopathic medicines like Silvia and I have been using homeopathic medicines for the last 10 years but the polyps were not dissolved and recently suffering from post nasal drip causing sleep obstruction.What I have to do? and how to get rid off this please advise me sir.

  370. Can my nose become small again

  371. Jaganandhu says:

    I am 40 years old.I am suffering from left nosal polyps.I am sneezing at night & morning,drop water frequently & block the nose this time.plz suggest me & can be curred.Thanks Jaganabdhu

  372. AJAY KUMAR PANDEY says:

    I am 48 yrs old man.I have nasal polyps in left nose.I have snoring problem also.Allways complain of white water discharge and blocked nose of left side.crawling sensastion arises.Do not bleeding.i feel 24HRS nose blockage .sometimes sneezing arises.Headache and irritation also persist. pl.give me good sugges. &best homeo.treatment.

  373. bimal kumar mahato says:

    मैरी बायीं नाक कि हड्डी बढ़ी हुई है।
    मेरा नाक से ब्लीडिंग होता है।ठंडाके मौसम में।
    2009 में पहली बार
    2015 में दूसरी बार
    2016 में तीसरी बार खून निकल
    सभी दिसंबर से जनुअरी के बिच में।
    डॉक्टर कहते है ऑपरेशन करना होगा
    सर्दी में मौसम ज्यादा ड्राई रहता है इसी लिए
    वो सुख के क्रैक हो जाता है।
    Aआप कुछ उपाय बताये।

    • sri naba thakuria says:

      dear sir,
      same problem also have mine. my nose everyday rainy and at night it is blockd. cough also avilable .when i sleep sond is so large .and small tangu sometime affected.

  374. Al Masud Md. Samsuddoha says:

    Dear Sir

    I am from Bangoadesh and its my pleasure to be able to contact with you. My nasal polyps have been diagnosed few months back when I went to Care Hospital, Hyderabad.

    Since last year I was facing difficulty while sleeping at night. I noticed serious breathing problem when I fall asleep and most of the night I awake up from the sleep and at day time I remain quite sleepy. The doctors said that I have got severe sleep apnea after sleep testing in Hyderabad.

    After several diagnosis the doctors found that I have got 2 health problems:

    1. Nasal Polyps

    2. The root of my tongue has become thicker

    And because of this problem I need surgery. I am 18kg overweight based on my height, the doctors added. But I am both scared and unwilling to undergo surgery.

    Please give me some hope showing an alternative option to surgery for my health problem and also let me know that how can I reach to you for complete treatment?

    I shall be very grateful for your kindly advice at your earliest convenience.


    Al Masud Md. Samsuddoha
    Mobile: 01768 537 523

  375. I am 28 years female sir i have sinusitis from last 15 years but now headache is the main problem from me diziness blood from nose and some time throat sore throat and itching in the eyes are the symptoms i have gone through a ct scan and the report came that i have blocked frontal sinus and mild mucosal thickning i have been treated by a homeopathic dr for past 2 months but not so much releived what to do plz help


  377. sarowar iqbal says:

    I am 33, male, weight 70 height 5’10
    i have obstacle in breathing when i sleep facing up. I have dust allergy. prescribe me with dose and power of the medicine

  378. Seshagiri Rao says:

    Sir nosal polypis thaggadam ki medicine please

  379. Mukti Pada Chatterjee says:

    Suffering from bi lateral polyp since 1984. Operated for bilateral endoscopic sinus surgery with endoscopic septoplasty on2.11.2011 for diagonised of deviatef nasal septum with bilateral chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyposis. But polyp re occur after 8 months. Now, I am frustrated with left sided nasal polyp. Left side nasal passage is very narrow. In the morning sneeze and dry nose , sleepless nights and bronchial asthmatic problem making me frustrated. Prescribe homeo medicine and dose so that I can sleep at night

  380. koushik dutta says:

    due to nasal polyps and sinus I lost my sense of smell.
    I was given Teucrium 200 by a homepathic doctor. For some days my sense of smell returned but within 4-5 days I am unable to sense.

    Please suggest some medicine for loss of smell / polyp. (my noes not block )

  381. Akash Ramani says:

    Respected sir,
    My self Akash Ramani, from Rajkot Gujarat. I have a left sided one sided headache. I was already done 3 times FESS, but problem remains same. And last time I was performed draft 3 FESS procedure at Amdavad Civil hospital. After one and half months I have suffering same headache problem. So I have requested to give me your opinion. It’s a hearty requested please.

  382. Naoman khan says:

    hi Dr. sharma i am suffring post nasal drip and i have polyps can i use this medicine Kali Bichromicum??

  383. suresh kumar says:

    Respected Dr sharma..I am suffering from DNS right side and turbinated hypernate left.and also have allergetic Ent Dr says you should undergo surgery.I have lot of snoring and sleep apnea.I underwent surgery for DNS 8 yr back again same is recurring.can you suggest good homeopathy medicine for permanent solution for turbinate,DNS , snoring , allergy rhinitis sir.

  384. DR. MAJHARUL ISLAM says:


  385. Sapna Adepwar says:

    My sister is 7 mth pregnant. She is suffering from nasal polyp. She was conceived after diagnostic laproscopy. She has losted her Lt fallopian tube because she had tumour (leuomyoma) at Cornual to aviod ectopic pregnancy in future that decision was taken by expert gynaecologist. Since last 3mth she has headache RTsided earache sometime Lt also.and pain in RT side eye. She went to many entry Dr’s also to mdo Dr they diagnose migraine Chr rhinitis pharyngitis Christmas sinusitis as per concern. Lastly one md ayurvedic Dr diagnosed nasal polyp.which was correct but he said he can’t help her until late delivery. Plz Dr. Sharma help her.she become disappointed irritable weeping sleepless and doesnot want to eat .do anything.become quarrelsome on minor things (oversenitive)

  386. Greetings Dr Sharma , I have a sinus problem & I am looking forward to get this treated with homeopathy medicine s.
    Do let me know how much time does it take to get this cured.

  387. nak ki hadi barh gai hai or andar se gosht bhi sir k beck m dard rehta hai or sans lene m boht masla hai nak har waqt band rehti hai. koi nasal spray advice kr dien plz

  388. Dear sir, I have two nasal polips. Some times air weay is block, this problems is sow three years. I want to o
    peration by Homeopathe .

    Please, give me polipus operation medicin. I want to best homeo medicin.

  389. Vimal Thakur says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having acute sinusitis problem from long time.It aggravates with change in temperature/air.Mr right side nostril is blocked most of the time.
    kindly suggest the permanent cure for this problem.
    Vimal Thakur

  390. muhammad abdullah says:

    one side is block
    sense of smell is last
    sensitive to cold weather
    more sweating condition

  391. Respected sir,

    I have suffer to nasal polyps ,sinus problems.
    I every day morning breathing problems and blocked nose.i consult doctor so saying me I have sinus problems and nose polyps problems.i ct scan pns report is “1. minimal mucosal thickening in the right frontal sinus 2. Nasal septum mildly diviaded to the right side.
    So cure my problem permanently sir.plz help he and medicine name sir.

  392. Jagtar Singh says:

    Dr sahib my left side of the nose is blocked
    It partially opens for a while and then gets blocked
    Mucous discharge remains most of the time and drips in the throat and then difficulty in respiration
    At night have to respire through mouth
    Please suggest what should I take to get rid of this problem

  393. Mubashir Hassan says:

    Dear Dr,

    I had a problem of running nose some 8 years back, later on I lost complete sense of smell. I went to a doctor and he advised me to have vaccine shot for allergies. I got little relief but again I lost my sense of smell. A month ago I went again for medical check up there I diagnosed with nasal polyps. But both are small, doctor advised me to get operate but I refuse as one of my friend homeopath advised me to take Nisylen drops. I used them for a month and got relief from allergies. Now still mucous fell back of the throat and feeling is same as stuff nose. Please advise should i continue the same medicine as my friend told me. Or I have to get some other medicine. Thanking you and best regards.

  394. talat khan says:

    My husband has a sinus problem.Neither he can smell anything nor any food taste is coming.Blocking nose is common for him.
    Please suggest me the best treatment for him.Is homeopathy can cure his problem.

  395. Yogesh Patil says:

    Dear sir,
    i have nose bone increase and septum is bend and one side nose left side nose and ear have block,cold season so many problem in morning please recommend the homeopathy medicine name and detail treatment.



  396. Hi
    I have cold senstivity and i had sinus problem, therefore i got a surgery done, and there is some relief however in cold temperatures the problems re occurs.

  397. I am 25 year old and I first developed nasal polyps in 2015 which disappeared quickly after using sprays.I have however developed swollen turbinates this year and used all types of antihistamines and nasal sprays but I continuously have a blocked nose,nose bleeds,severe headaches,brain fog and acidity issues.

    I am now considering surgery as I have done two allergy tests,ct scans all were clear.

    What can you suggest for alternative medicine

  398. I am a 45 year old man.Have been having this nasal polyp problem for the past one year. mainly obstructing my left nasal section. Taking Lemna Minor 30 since last one two months and get the temporary relief. I have lost the sense of smell for the last almost 3 years now.Can you prove to be a magical one so that I am off this lingering problem and restore back my sense of smell?????

  399. I am a 55 year old man.Have been having this nasal polyp problem for the past fifteen years. mainly obstructing my right nasal section during the erruption of winter.have used many steroidal sprays to shrink the same and get the temporary relief.Have consulted the ENT splts mainly and every one has advised the surgery-but I want to avoid the surgery.I have lost the sense of smell for the last almost ten years now.Can you prove to be a magical one so that I am off this lingering problem and restore back my sense of smell?????

    • Hello Doctor my 9year old son is suffering from nasal polyp from around 2 month. Left side is compltely block. please let me know which medicine I have to give him. Doctor please help me please

  400. hai dr.sharma my daghter has eyes problem it started wen she was 2 and nw shes 4year wen she was 2 her eyes started changing colour frm white into pinkish i tot maybe she irritated frm her dirty hands nw they became brown red and the inside corner has brown large mambrane looks dity like chocolate colour and she also compains of the early morning wind makes her eyes brings water she says she feels like closing her eyes wen shes walking in the wind,and spot sinus infection. this time i notice wen ever she plays tomuch in the sun and dusty days her eyes become worse and i cant afford doctors they too xpensive i hav tried to take to 1 of the specialist and i cldnt affort t plzzz help,and my daughter use to have pure white beautifull eyes wen she cldnt walk dt wen she was born and 1year

  401. Akarshit raj says:

    Sir. i am 14 yrs old boy and everyone make fuuny by seeing my face because my face looks like a ghost and for this reason any students does not want to talk with me and my nose bone is also depressed near nasio lobia folds on both side. These are two problem that giving bad look on my face . So please suggest me medicinie for problem.
    1. Nose bone depressed near nasio lobia folds on both side
    2. Muscles of nasal septum is puff .
    3. Face dullness

  402. Sir I have allergies by dust so I watery nose and tear come in eye please tell treatment of for it

  403. Mrs tiwari says:

    Sir mein pregnent hu mera baby 36 weeks 5 days ka hai usse ventrical 28 mm hai with thinning of overlying brain parenchyma ( bilaterL temporoparietal region). Sir ye mera 4 th baby hai mujhe baby healthy chaheye do ectopic pregnancy hue hai ek ivf fale hua hai sir give me a solution.

  404. NAND KUMAR VIJAYA says:


Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.

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