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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Post Nasal Drip

Post-nasal drip may sound to be a trivial problem but it can be a source of immense irritation. An annoying affliction that can impede a person’s day-to-day functioning, it is a condition that sees the person constantly struggling with the secretions in the throat. The patient is consumed by a constant urge to clear the throat as the flow of the fluid in the throat is irritating. Another offshoot of the affliction is that the irritating substances present in the secretions could initiate a cough reflex. Homeopathic medicines for Post Nasal Drip help treat the problem effectively.  homeopathic medicines for post nasal drip

Homeopathic Medicines for Post-nasal Drip

Homeopathy offers cures for post-nasal drip that are safe, successful and shorn of side-effects. Since homeopathy uses the body’s own defenses to combat infection, this line of treatment is comparatively non-intrusive. Another advantage these remedies enjoy over other cures is that they are toxin-free as they are drawn from natural substances.

1. Hydrastis for Post-Nasal Drip with Thick Ropy Secretion

I can vouch for the fact that homeopathy assures excellent treatment for post-nasal drip. One of the top treatments in homeopathy for this condition is Hydrastis. It is ideal for situations where the secretions are very thick, ropy and sticky in form. The secretions fall from the posterior nares into the throat. The patient complains of irritation due to a continuous feeling of mucus in the throat.  There is a lot of hawking in an attempt to expel the mucus. Usually, thick, yellow mucus is expectorated. Both the nares become raw and the person has a constant urge to blow the nose. In case of post-nasal drip in children, the kid is usually suddenly aroused from the sleep due to thick, sticky droppings. The throat feels raw and there is a lot of burning sensation.

2. Kali Bichrome for Post Nasal Drip with Sinusitis

It is another reliable remedy for post-nasal drip. It is especially suited in cases when the secretions are thick and ropy in nature. They are usually green in color. The patient hawks a lot to clear the throat. The root of the nose and the frontal sinus are inflamed, causing a lot of pain and distress to the patient.

3. Corallium Rubrum for PND with Cough

Corallium is a wonderful remedy that covers the post-nasal catarrh well. Corallium works well in cases where a lot of mucus is secreted through the posterior nares. This is a great indication for selecting the remedy in most cases. There is nasal catarrh with abundant secretions. This makes the inspired air feel very cold. The patient hawks up a lot of mucus.  Along with this, some patients may experience ca ough that is dry and spasmodic.

Symptoms of Post-nasal Drip

Post nasal drip is characterized by excessive mucus production by the nasal mucosa. This mucus then collects in the back of the nose or the throat, giving rise to a sensation of mucus falling from the back of the nose. It is also commonly termed as the upper airway cough syndrome. In many cases, post nasal drip is characterized by a sore throat and chronic cough.

The causes for the posterior droppings could be rhinitis, sinusitis, or a swallowing disorder. In case of swallowing disorders, the root cause lies not in excess production of mucus but rather in inadequate clearance of the throat. In children, some type of obstruction in the nose could initiate the posterior droppings.

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  1. Hello. I’ve been suffering from post nasal drip and constantly clearing mucus with coughing. What is a good treatment for it.

  2. I have this continuous urge to clean my throat most of the time of the year, specially during season change. This situation has been since past several years. I am 42 now. The doctor said it is PND. In the latest occurance, I started having PND about a month and a half back and it is still going on. I also started wheezing and have been wheezing and coughing since last one month. I took mucinex but it did not help. Even taking steam and using sinugator did not help. Doctor has asked me to take montelukast for next 1 month and has also prescribed me albuterol inhaler to use on need basis. It has been a week but I don’t see much improvement in PND. Please advise if any homeopathic medicine can help me. Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi there thank you- any suggestions for post nasal drip (and nasal dripping off clear sections. This is really aggravating my lungs. Only clear mucus. For almost a year now been especially bad, but sometimes lifts for a day. Worse in wet weather and spring/summer. Feel like suffocating and anxious. Thank you!!

  4. Dr. Barkat Ali Shah says:

    Dear Sir. Dr. Ali Shah here from karachi Pakistan. I have severe PND due to sinusitis. Kindly recommend me any good homeo medicine which could be available here at karachi also easily.

  5. MS T KLAAS says:

    I’ve been struggling with the throat irritation which result in coughing continuously at night. I’ve been taking over the counter medications which seems not to be working at all. It’s been three months now.

    I would appreciate your assistance.

  6. Vetrivel K says:

    Respected Sir, My Wife (Age:36)(Weight:43)Suffered due to excess mucus during winter season , soar throat, sneezing , after taking hair bath feeling chillness , sometimes symptoms of vomiting. Please advice to take homeopathy medicines

  7. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have this continuous urge to clean my throat most of the time of the year, specially during season change. This situation has been since past several years. I am 42 now. The doctor said it is PND. In the latest occurance, I started having PND about a month and a half back and it is still going on. I also started wheezing and have been wheezing and coughing since last one month. I took mucinex but it did not help. Even taking steam and using sinugator did not help. Doctor has asked me to take montelukast for next 1 month and has also prescribed me albuterol inhaler to use on need basis. It has been a week but I don’t see much improvement in PND. Please advise if any homeopathic medicine can help me. Thank you in advance!

  8. Md Abdul Matin says:

    I think you got post nasal drip. You can take antihistamine. If it does not work take montilukast daily 10mg 1 tablet. If it does not work may be u got acid reflux, take omeprazole. Do not rely on homeo remedy, it is not helpful.

  9. Pramod Tiwari says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I m 34 yrs old , last 2 year suffering from AR , PND, wheezing, breathlessness in night occasionally. Took allopathic, ayurvedic,homeopathic treatments, but not permanent cure.
    Now only focussing on treating through naturally diet, exercise, homeopathic treatments.pls suggest.

  10. Barbra Hana Austin says:

    Dear DR. Sharma,
    Please inform me what can be done for constant rhinitis and excess production of mucus. I have had this for many years, now as a senior, it has gotten worse. There are times I sneeze for hours and have to get out of bed to clear the mucous. I have tried many allergy meds and do not want to use them as the relief is temp and the side effects are many.

    Can you help? If so what is the cost as I am a writer with only SS?
    thank you for any help.

  11. Nitin Gupte says:

    Hello doctor,

    I am continuously feeling cough in back of my throat. Consulted many doctors who said it it PND and gave me allegra m . Symptons reduced but not completely. Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for my lingering cough

  12. I have post nasal drip and after that I start coughing. All this repeated few times in the year.
    I have hydrastis and corallium rubrum in potention of 30c. How many times daily can I take this remedies to make my condition better?

  13. I am suffering from post nasal drip for last 6 months. My breathing passages seem clear as I am able to breathe. No phlegms come out of nose but constant irritation due to post nasal drip behind.

  14. Mostaque Zebal says:

    I have been suffering from throat allergy for last 28 years. I got severe irritation in my throat which results continuous forceful cough. I do have deviation in my right nose and it is closed most of the time . I also have severe gastric problem and my stomach mostly get bloated even if I take little amount of food. I have been to many doctors over the years. Some says acid reflux and some says nasal drive responsible for this allergy. I have tried all types of medicines, it is whether allergy medicine or gastric. No results but sometimes it goes automatically and comes back again after a short while. I do have mucus produced in my throat which is salty. The mucus produced from my nose is also salty. Please help.

  15. Michael Koval says:

    After a year of constant PND (clear, thick, and slimy) which at night drains into lungs causing me to be awakened by cough which brings up 1/2-1 teaspoon of light yellow mucus, and having to sleep in a recliner sitting up to get any rest; my ENT said i needed sinus surgery because the passages were too small and almost closed off. He said the surgery would “fix the PND problem” It did not. I use a saline rinse 2-3 times a day. the only nasal spray that has any effect at all is Atrovent/Ipratropium. A new ENT told me to quit using it and take mucinex expectorant to thin out the mucus and that because of the surgery cutting away so much tissue in the sinus, there is nothing for the mucus to stick to so my body makes too much.
    Mucinex did not slow or stop the PND. I need some help and was thinking of trying Natrum Muriaticum and Corallium Rubrum. Anything you can advise that will stop this PND?

    • Md Abdul Matin says:

      I think you got post nasal drip. You can take antihistamine. If it does not work take montilukast daily 10mg 1 tablet. If it does not work may be u got acid reflux, take omeprazole. Do not rely on homeo remedy, it is not helpful.

  16. Dr.Parkash Hans says:

    Hello sir, I’m 57yrs old allopathic doctor and have been suffering from chronic post nasal drip since years. It’s very terrible and there is always feeling sensation of mucus in throat and keep me coughing To get rid of mucus . I have no DNS. Sinusitis or polyp. It has been worst. I’ll be great full if you send me treatment.
    Dr. Parkash Hans

  17. Which remedy will work for PND in Chronic allergic rhinitis with fluent discharge easily hawked up without cough.

  18. Dear Doctor,

    I need to give you a brief history of my experiences with Post Nasal Drip or PND so that you can advise me correctly how to proceed.

    I am a 62 year old man who had retired a few years back after a full tenure in the forces I had been in pretty good health all along and I have no lifestyle diseases or ailments.

    In May 2016, when I was in Chennai, I had my first experience with PND. It was a long rainy spell at that time. It took all kinds of allopathic medication to treat it at that time. I suspected sinusitis but it seemed it was only a Deviated Nasal Septum which is supposedly very common. The severe period of PND lasted for about 10 days though it took about a few weeks for it to subside completely. Curiously, there was no relapse of PND even during the cyclonic storms in 2017 when it rained heavily for many days in Chennai.

    I moved to Hyderabad in 2018 and there have been a few monsoon seasons here too but I did not have PND so far. However I seem to have got PND again as a result of Pharyngitis in the last three days since 20 August 2020 during the rains here in the last 10 days. It has been raining continuously here in Hyderabad with the sun coming out only once for a few hours. With heavy allopathic medication, the PND seems to be under control but I had some severe throat pain, and even a bit of a traumatic throat blockage. Not much of phlegm as such and even that was not very yellow actually, but the PND itself was quite uncomfortable. There was great difficulty in swallowing the phlegm too and pushing it down. I would like to add that there was no temperature or cold or headache or loss of smell or appetite etc, so there was no fear of COVID.

    What is worrying me is that as my age advances, the throat muscles will get weaker and if I have Pharyngitis and PND again any time in the future, it will definitely be very painful and extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, I want to seek your advice on the following.

    1. Permanent cure for PND so that I don’t get this at all in future.

    2. Medication to strengthen my throat muscles so I don’t have a swallowing problem.

    3. Preventive medication to avoid pharyngitis in future, since it appears that I am susceptible to pharyngitis in rainy seasons even though I don’t get a cold or fever or headache etc.

    I shall be grateful for your detailed advice.


  19. Hi
    I have a problem with basal obstruction for two days and the third day I feel pnd it’s been three months. have got done septoplasty and chochoplasty 17 days before. but no relief. Please help me out. And the mucus is sticky and rubbery and keeps dripping inside mouth with pressure and its white or transparent.
    Please help me out with this. According to surgeon everything is fine. But I am having constant problem

  20. Dr Sharama. I have Post nasal drip for almost 2 months. been to several Drs included An ENT . Tried several prescriptions, steroid
    Sprays Nasal Saline sprays. Etc. . It’s not infection . All these Meds just made me more dry, Please , any help would be so Appreciated. Thank You. Rich

    • Gary glennie says:

      Hi hope you can help ive been to so many doctors hospitals and everyone is telling me different
      .someone mentioned post natal drip to me last week and my symptoms are similar in every way ..had this problem over two years now .can only think from the time the urbanization was getting reharled and maybe picked up an infection then ..1 doctor suggested laser surgery to open nasal passage goes into my chest quite a lot resulting in me havin palpatations .seems to build in throat more than the ear or nose

    • Lynne McDougall says:

      I have a continual post nasal drip since 2015 which is worse in the change of seasons and when I lie flat on my back, it is often accompanied by a headache. As a child I had several ear infections resulting in multi doses of antibiotics.
      in 2018 I saw a three ENT consultants and had both a gastroscopy and chest X rays in an attempt to discover when clearing my throat I found blood in the expelled mucus.
      All investigations came back clear.
      I avoid dairy and alcohol and only drink one cup of coffee a day. I have tried so many home remedies including steam inhalation netti pot aromatherapy oils.
      Any suggestions would be gratefully received
      Many thanks

  21. M C Gauba says:

    I have a problem of PND. I am on homoepathic medicine from a Doctor. My worry is more on throat as I have lot of irritation and burning sensation. I do gorgilling with salt water twice a day. Lot of transparent mucus comes out. Sometimes I feel problem is over but next day again dryness and irritation starts. The problem is persistent since last two months.

  22. james McKenzie says:

    I live in Sydney Australia and I am an issue of excess post nasal drip. This condition is worse in the morning following eating breakfast. In which a cough follows in an attempt to remove an excess of mucus from my throat. The cough becomes hawking in nature and not a pleasant feeling. The mucus is clear to beige in colour.



    • Soma Swarnakar says:

      From five years coughing problem..feeling always mucus is coming from nose to throat which causes excessive cough..after bus traveling to my job it happens

  23. NITIN JAVALKAR says:

    Dr, I’m having the problem of PND since past 3 months. I have tried with allopathy medicines but no results. Let me explain my condition.
    1. I have pain in my eyelid and eye balls
    2. No nose block nor running nose
    3. Always have a sensation of some thing in throat
    4. Sticky feeling in throat and on tongue. Feel like forcefully remove the mucus from throat but when I try it does not come.
    5. I Have BP and some times have Margarine problem.

    presently I’m using homepathic Hydrastis, Kali Bich and corallium Rub from past 5 days but no improvement is shown. Pls Dr, help me to get rid of this PND

  24. SRINIVAS says:

    Thanks for your support

  25. Hello Dr,

    I am having pollen allergy and my recent allergy testing confirmed that i am having allergy to most of the weeds and specificaally oak tree. My Doctor said that i am having post nasal drip and cough. When i was doing research, i came though your site and like to know what is the best medicine for this.

    Please get back to me.

  26. Harvinder Kahlon says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I am 52 years old and live in Calgary, Canada. I get allergies almost all year. These days I suffer from post nasal dripping and cough. I feel urge to keep clearing my throat. I have problems sleeping at night due to this.
    I am allergic to dust
    Any recommendations?

  27. Saif Ur Rehman says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    (A) I am 59 now. I have a problem of focusing and concentrating on reading my books and learning new soft wares which require hard work, persistence, patience and practice. In other words i am lethargic and slow moving person. Can you kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine. I shall appreciate.

    (B) My son has just passed his MBBS exam. I want him to learn Homeopathy as well but he doesn’t believe in it. Could you please advise any book through which he can start believing in Homeopathy as a natural curative system.
    Thank you so much

  28. I have a nasal drip which causes tickling and coughing to clear throat. At times the mucus has blood in it. Can you advise what homeopathic medicine to take to cure this. It happens at night more than the day.

  29. Sona Kalia says:

    Difficulty in swallowing. No fever.No phlegm.
    Better when lying down.

  30. Hi, Thanks for the help

    I have dust allergy problem. Upon exposure to dust, old clothes, newspapers, ice creams cool drinks etc. First running nose, then burning of throat followed by thickening of phlegm. Then it turns yellow and finally greyish green.. Flowed by headache and sinusitis.. Mucus runs down at the back of the throat at night and causes blockage of trachea, causing caugh till the phlegm is cleared. This whole cycle takes 10 to 15 days. An antibiotic like Augmentin 625 for one week.. Then the cycle starts again

  31. Hello! Thank you for your help.
    I have had trouble with allergies, post nasal drip and nausea for most of my life. I am 58 year old female, white, slender, athletic and a moderately severe asthmatic. When i have nasal allergies, I get a lot of mucous that runs down my throat causing nausea and sometimes abdominal cramping. I tend to be sympathetic, prone to holding onto anger, a hard worker but I get tired after working too much and need much rest.
    I have used Pulsatilla 200c for nausea from bad smells, Nat. Mur 200c for nausea with post nasal drip, and was prescribed Carcinosinum 1M for asthma 10 years ago.
    Take care and stay well!

  32. Rakesh Bhardwaj says:

    Sir, i am a 62 years male, with thin built, having all natrum muir symptoms, have post nasal drip for the last many years. Of late major problem is that when lying on bed, i have to make efforts to suck the sticky mucus to swallow. One it causes dry mouth for continuous suction. Because these special efforts, i loose my sleep and mostly unable to sleep in time. Have sinusitis. Got more then 10 times allopathic consultation during last 25 years. They got all allergens tested numbering over 100 twice but found nothing except of dust, which is common to all. Kindly advise. My mobile number 8708357979 for call and whatsapp. Regards

  33. Souvik Datta says:

    Hi doctor my 4 years daufher always coughs at bedtime while she catches cold and a tickling sound with a roar type sound come out plz help

  34. Muhammad Asif Sherazi says:

    Following medicines may help for PND:

    Mercurius corrosivus 1M onece a week.

    Following all 3 times a day:

    Kali Bichromicum 30
    Corallium Rumbrum 30
    Hydrastis 30
    Antimonium Crud 30

    Note: One dose: 2 drops direct at tongue or 5 drops in one teaspoon of water.
    My Allah give good health to all. aameen.

  35. Hi,
    I am trying to move away from using Claritin when my son gets sick. He has viral induced asthma and it gets triggered when mucus from his nose drips into his lungs. The Claritin dries up the mucus and prevents a need for using his asthma medication (in addition to nose rinses and slightly elevating the top of the bed). I am interested in using the Corallium Rubrum for him as it fits his symptoms when he is sick. Do you have any recommendations of potency and frequency?

  36. Is there permanent cure for post nasal drip.
    Or you have to keep taking five pills on a daily basis for life.
    Please advise.

  37. hi there

    I am in Australia and suffer terribly with PND – even with reflux this seems to set off terrible PND and although I wash my nostrils several times a day with warm water salt and bi carb soda it does not help

    my coughing fits are so bad I feel light headed and feel like I want to vomit but nothing comes up.

    My secretions are not thick or ropey but my “adams apple ” feels tight – it feels like I have swallowed glue. I have read about hydrastis canadensis …will this help

    • Hi Doctor

      I am a 70 year old female. Slender build. Have had sinus problems from a young age.
      Now I suffer with post nasal drip and phlegm in my throat . Constantly swallowing and coughing and clearing my throat. My voice is croaky. My specialist says i have to live with it. No permanent treatment. I have a constant ball in my throat and I think the muscles go into a spasm from coughing etc.

      What homeopathic treatment will best suit my condition.

      Thank you

  38. kusum patel says:

    goodday Dr sharma
    I am suffering with a postnasal drip and dry coughing can you please assist me

  39. Tahira Akhtar Sarwar says:

    Hi. DR sharma.
    How are u. Remember me.

  40. Paresh panwala says:

    Right side nasal block & not sleeping

  41. FANNY AJAYI says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from post nasal drip for the past 15 years which leaves mucus at the back of my throat. I always clear my throat all the time and I always cough green and yellow thick mucus out of my throat. I do not have a runny nose but just clearing and coughing a lot of phlegm all the day long. Because of that I am also suffering from halitosis. Can you please help me.

    • Syed Najmul Hassan says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma,
      I am suffering in same problem of post nasal drip since a month. Usually this problem starts when I spend a lot of time in AC. I used antibiotics but symptoms come back. I am having bodyache with light fever very sour throat , runny nose, sometimes very stuffy sticky mucus from nose.

  42. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have a lot of sinus pain, postnasal drip and a cough that feels like I can’t breathe. Sometimes the sinus pain is so bad that I get a migraine. I do have a lot of mucus, but it is clear. What would be the best homeopathic treatment?

  43. Vijay K Bhimani says:

    I have severe post nasal drip allergy and thick cough stuck to my throat during the whole year, one Dr prescribed me 4 homeopathy medicines, it worked the best, I think they are
    Hydrastis, Kali Bichrome, Corallium Rubrum for PND with cough and one more don’t know name? Very severe thick mucus gets stuck in throat, coughing may clear in 5-8 hours sometimes, please help.

  44. Pat Rocco says:

    Do you have any remedies for womans hair loss. Center area above forehead.

  45. Hi doctor my baby is 16 months of he always suffer from post natal drip..Today itself we went to pediatrician so she said the same because of the excess mucus…would like to ask any homeo medicines work?? She also suggested homeo…

  46. Priyanka Sontale says:

    I’m Priyanka from Ahmednagar Maharashtra, I’m suffering from Post Nasal drip from past three months, I did my PNS CT scan of nose but no sinus problem, but the middle turbinates are enlarged with deviated septum. I’m having mildly Clogged ears and whenever i swallow their is a crackling sound in my ears, I’m tired of this sickness, I tried many antibiotics many medicines like antihistamines but no use. Plzz help me out.

  47. Kris Mcmahon says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have a chronic case of post nasal drip & bronchitis. My phlegm is thick but white. My left nasal passage is always dripping. The symptoms get worse when it’s too cold. I am also an asthmatic. It is worse when I am laying down & trying to get sleep.
    What do you think I should try to take as far as homeopathy remedies?

  48. Linda Martinez says:

    Greetings Dr. Sharma,

    Reading your information on post-nasal drip, I didn’t think pertained to my runny nose problem. A lot of times when I eat, I get a runny nose with a clear mucus and I have to always have a handkerchief or tissue to blow my nose. Now I do eat a lot of chile, but even when I don’t I get a runny nose. Any helpful remedies?

    Linda Martinez

    • Surjeet sud says:

      Dear Dr Sharma
      I am seventy six year old for the first time I am suffering from cold nasal dripping for the last two and a half month. I have all the test done like chest X Ray , allergy test, breath test for lungs they are normal . Finally I had brain scan done they found mild sinus for which I took Amoxolin 500 mg 3 times a day for 10 days it helped
      But still I have nasal drippings going on wonder you can suggest any homeopathic medicine
      Surjeet sud

  49. Lisa i Scott says:

    I have had post nasal drip ever since i had a sinus infection and was treated for it 39 years ago

  50. Mansur Tavakoli says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I have read this article with interest to learn how to treat post nasal drip one and for all. I have been suffering due to this problem for five years and have tried ant possible medications, sprays, and supplements and still have the problem which flares up one a day or once every other day that I need to cough off the mucus out of my throat. I am writing you this note to learn which effective you recommend for people who have sinus problem as I have. Thank you

    • Wendy Jones says:

      Dr Sharma I have post nasal drip and am constantly coughing and bringing up mucus from my throat and is particularly worse in the mornings, when it takes about an hour and a half to clear my throat of mucus I have had this condition for two years and my whole body aches. i would be grateful if you could reccomend something I could take. Thank you.

  51. Good morning and thank you in advance–I am a 66 year old woman who has been plagued with excessive post nasal drip for years. My secretions are white, foamy, sticky and stringy. I cough quite often, and my condition makes me cough often violently to the point of gagging. Any time I start to eat anything, even a bite, , it is like someone turned the ‘faucets’ of my post nasal drip on full, and I gag and choke on my mucus for a while. It is a nightly effort to sleep as my condition is worse upon rising and going to bed. Recently, it has caused my extreme anxiety to the point of non stop panic attacks, and trying to overcome anxiety and get enough sleep is ruining my life. I drink copious amounts of water daily (and nightly) as I have severe dry mouth (as well as my eyes are dry and skin) but I do not have Sjogrens as I already was tested for this.
    I have a part time job which involves me on the phone, and talking seems to make me cough, even if post nasal drip is not present. I work and cough constantly, and cough a lot anyway. I recently started a vegan diet, have stayed away from sweets, meat, fish, etc and have started to lose weight(I am obese). I sincerely hope that you can help me as I am at my wits end. Thank you very much.

    • Dr.Sharma,I am suffering from PND for past 2 years,it started just after Diwali 2017,I went for a Morning walk and all of sudden felt my throat chocked..and then my life has become worst.March 2018 I started my Treatment with Bakson now better not still not fully recovered. My age is 48.

  52. Vivek Kumar Tiwari says:

    Sir I am having ethomoid sinusitis ,there is thick mucosa discharge,post nasal drip, I had this problem due to tooth extraction ,I had sinus perforation and after 2 months I had this chronic sinusitis, ,CT scan also done ,no headache , but sometimes eyes pain, please advise

  53. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from POST NASAL DRIP which leaves mucus at the back of my throat that is very irritating with high intensity of discomfort all day coupled with SINUSITIS.
    I have used SINUSWARS 1,2, 8 and 14.
    Please I need your help to cure this MONSTER disease which is making my life very sad and unenjoyable.

  54. Pradipto Bhattacharjee says:

    I have post nasal drip problem due to a deviated septum resulting in throat congestion. I don’t have throat pain but whats worse is that I always have a heavy head feeling due to all this. My thyroid, sugar and BP are all normal but this heaviness in head everyday (worse in morning) is making my life miserable. It is a fever like uneasiness that i experience. Please advice

  55. Ihsan ullah says:

    Dear Sir,
    My 15 years daughter deviated septum/tilted nose naturally, would you suggest any medicine please?

  56. Pain on the right side above the eye brows pain feels only on touching no mucus or running nose face colour change on my face to black age 56 male

  57. I hope you can help me. I have post nasal drip. My main problem is coughing during the day and evening. The only time I stop is when I am sleeping. I have had the cough for over a year.
    It’s not on my chest. I am always trying to cough up muscas. But without much success.
    I feel a lump in my throat and i have to blow my nose a lot. Now and again my cough turns into a hacking cough. Can you please help me.

  58. Bill Casaga says:

    Wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose and cough up a lot of mucous ,takes a good hour until
    i am all clear, i am 87 an had this for over 60 years,please help me,thank you Bill

  59. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I sometimes (rarely and randomly) wake up sometime in the night with phlegm a little at the back of my throat which I keep trying to swallow but sometimes it won’t go. I feel sure this is post nasal drip. But I am so tired I fall asleep again and there is never any problem when I wake up later! It never troubles me in the day and I am not aware of digestion issues (reflux) or sinus issues.
    I have found that it might be connected with eating eggs….but am unsure. I like eggs and they are nutritious. But I buy packs of six at a time. It’s always a few days in when I eat the last 2 eggs that this is likely to happen. Never with the first two.
    This might be a food intolerance? I really can’t be sure yet. I could eat them all my life and never get this. It seems to be happening the last year.
    Is there a homoeopathic remedy which might help? Or give up eggs?

    • manoj choudhary says:

      hai dr Sharma i have suffering form last 3 year post nasal drip i cheked many drs but no any positive result found regular mucus create in throt kindly sugested

  60. rozina naz says:

    My three years son is suffering in chest congetion and cronic cough sine 4 months.. no doctors had diagnose what problem with him. Two days before I have consult a homeopathic medicins 1. Baladonna 2. Hepar suff 3. Ant Tart 4. Rumex 5 Lemna Minor… but now I get to know he has PND with cough. So can I add this Medicine Corallium Rubrum for PND with Cough. Plz tell me im so depress due to my son.

  61. Sherrie Ammirato says:

    I have been suffering with post nasal drip for many, many years. I have the thick, ropy, sticky mucous constantly draining down the back of my throat. I also have a runny nose that is controlled by a prescription nasal spray Ipratropium Bromide (which I would rather not have to use). I use it once in the morning and it usually lasts the whole day. In addition, the chronic cough associated with the irritating drip. It’s just a dry cough that can cause a “coughing spell” that goes on for several minutes.
    I have tried many OTC treatments and acupuncture…nothing has stopped the mucous.
    I do not have any pain from my sinuses. My doctors have suggested antihistamines but they are ineffective.
    In reading your descriptions of the different types of PNS, it seems like maybe the Corallium Rubrum might help?
    I hope you can help.
    Thank you.

  62. Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have been having post nasal drip for about 2 years now and I need your help. After reading your article I believe that I can heal it with homeopathic remedies but I’m not sure which one to use. I have been to many doctors (conventional) and all they say is that it’s probably allergies and they tell me to use a steroid nose spray (which I do not want to take because it is not recommended for women who breastfeed).

    The secretions in my throat are thick, ropy and sticky in form. I would say that they are most of the time white in color. I have constant irritation in the throat due to a continuous feeling of mucus in the throat. I am hawking almost constantly through the whole day, trying to expel the mucus (sometimes I succeed but then it never lasts long, and I will be doing it again).

    On the other hand my nose is not congested and I have no urge to blow the nose. I can breath through it fine. I do get pain in the face, I’m not sure how to describe this but it is like I have pain in the cheekbones and also my forehead just where my eyebrows start (I am assume that’s the sinus area if I’m not mistaken). I will often massage those areas to get some relief of the pain.

    I would like to add that here are the things that I have tried:
    – Warm compress to the sinus area.
    – I tried 3 months of the steroid nose spray.
    – Eucalyptus essential oil put in boiling hot water and I lay my had above with a towel over me.
    – 2 months of a vegan diet, gluten free, no processed sugar (I eat plenty of fruit) and no processed. I’m continuing on this diet for at least 4 more months.
    – I take probiotics once a week.
    – I drink 3 cups of nettle tea a day.

    Hope you can help me out.
    All the best,

    • Shaikh Saadi says:

      Sir do you feel that something ( I don’t know but most probably mucus) is stucked in throat and it remains there not coming out of the mouth and not going through the throat just stucks there,and do you feel hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm Just to expel it or gulp it…plz reply

  63. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I had fever and a cold around Xmas and took antibiotics and felt better. Then again around 4th Jan, I started a cough and my nose was totally blocked. Did a lot of home remedies. Cough was really bad so saw a doctor and am now on antibiotics again and Montair. While coughing has reduced, I still cough when I start to laugh or talk loudly and it comes from the chest with a hacking sound. And the phlegm is continuously being is white but always there and I am blowing my nose all the time. My voice is now nasal. For about 4 years I also feel that there is blockage when I swallow. I have mild apnea which also started all of a sudden. Can all this be related? And what do I do now?

  64. Maria chavez says:

    I have post nasal drip for many year some times cough especially when lide dow I feel all head is inflación and when I get cold nascent comes out evething stay inside my head thank you so much

  65. Hi… i am very worried and unhappy … cannot get rid of a nasty cough I have had for a lengthy time .. worse in early morning and right about 9pm… been like this since March of 2017… back in 1987 I had a bought with pneumonia and it was in both lungs.. I recovered after 4 weeks in hospital.. I was .. fine for many years then 2014 I got a really bad cold and I was in the hospital 5 Days .. blood oxygen at 54 .. coughing was non stop horrible exhausting wore me out lost so much weight.. my doctor gave me emergency inhaler said I have asthma… but I didn’t start to feel that till around March and started using inhaler making easier to breathe but coughing all the I cough all the time.. I stopped inhaler.. struggle with bouts of asthma feel.. help.

  66. I have constant post nasal drip for about three years now seems to be getting worst. I tried sinus 2 for a week doesn’t seem to be working i stort all the time so in Embarrassing. What can I do ? Have tried everything

  67. Eric Speroni says:

    Hello, I have suffered with post nasal drip for about six years, I can sometimes go a few hours without coughing and then as my airways get cloaked in a sticky mucus which is yellowish in colour I am forced to cough producing lumps of sticky mucus which effects my breathing, so as I reduce the mucus in my airways by coughing my breathing improves. Over the past six years I have had numerous visits to doctors and hospitals with various treatments. What do you suggest. Eric Speroni

  68. Jacqueline Davidson says:

    Hello I have post nasal drip and I have a tickle cough which which is debilitating my nose doesn’t run and I don’t have any pain in my nose just in my sinuses what remedy could I take to help stop the cough and controls the drip

  69. Hi there… my husband suffers from post nasal drip, which irritates his throat and he ends up coughing. It sounds like a dry, irritable, rasping in the throat… no chest pain. He feels that it might end up on his chest as bronchitis because it has happened before. He is quite an irritable person himself and is impatient with others and himself. any assistance would be appreciated. kind regards, elizabeth

    • Hi Sir

      I live in Delhi. I am 50 year old health male. Since last many years, at the onset of winter, I develop sore throat. It lasts for 5-7 days. After sore throat is cured, I face throats issues with symptoms of Post Nasal Drip. I have clear starch like white mucous Saltish in taste. this I need to clear frequently by coughing and spitting all day. The problem is most severe in the morning as soon as I leave the bed. It seems that mucous gets accumulated in the night and and a longish bout of coughing is needed before throat is cleared. Then. During the entire time I am taking bath. There is lots and lots of coughing with white foam like mucous. Whenever there is sudden change in temperature, same thing happens. Whole days, I feel as if something in stuck deep in throat and I keep coughing to clear the throat. Lastly, when I go to bed in night same thing repeats. Although night sleep is very peaceful with no trouble. This problem remains during entire winter and gets cured around HOLI. During entire summer, I face absolutely no problem but next winter, same things repeat.

      I take TeleactD every day before breakfast for BP. Other than this, I am not taking any medicine as I have tried all allopathic medicines in the past with no benefits but sometimes making matter worse by drying up mucous.

      Kindly help me

      • Pawan sureka says:

        All above are almost same symptoms like I have clear starch like white mucous Saltish in taste. this I need to clear frequently by coughing and spitting all day. The problem is most severe in the morning as soon as I leave the bed. It seems that mucous gets accumulated in the night and and a longish bout of coughing is needed before throat is cleared. Then. During the entire time I am taking bath. There is lots and lots of coughing with white foam like mucous. I am taking asthma medicine 1. Singulair 10 mg. 1 tab every night. Seretiide accuingaler 1 pouf 2 times. Tiova rotocap 1 everyday. Suggest what to do for relief

  70. Deepshikha parashar says:

    I had taken otrivin after 5 mins of taking homeopathic medicine

  71. Hello Dr Sharma, I am suffering from post nasal drip past 8 months !! Is there any medicine to cure it 🙁 I am tired !! Of it . I have been tested for allergies !!! It came out negative !!

  72. Dr. Sharma,
    Is there a remedy for (a) Weight Loss and (b) Bloating and gas ? (c) Diabetes

  73. Arnie Gentile says:

    Greetings, Dr. Sharma,
    I have suffered with a thick, postnasal drip for the past 27 years! In addition, about 8 years ago, I developed a chronic tickle in my throat that triggered an occasional hard cough throughout the day and which I controlled to some degree with throat lozenges or commercial daytime remedies. I am also constantly trying to clear my throat to relieve both the drip and the tickle. There is a constant sensation of a blob of mucus in the area of my right nose/throat in a position such that I cannot swallow it nor blow it out or expectorate it. It interferes with comfortable breathing at night. When I am able to produce a small expectoration, its color is clear. Mostly, it just sits there as I endure it until it slides down my throat, at which time I choke on it until it goes down, and then quickly replaces itself in the same position of my throat.
    I have tried all kinds of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, and extended elimination diets and cleanses to no avail. I have been tested and treated for allergies and asthma with no success. I even tried nasal turbinate reduction surgery, for which I only received a doctor bill.
    Currently, I obtain some relief at night by taking a dose of extra strength Nyquil boosted occasionally as needed with an Afrin type spray that opens the airway at least enough to enable me to sleep. Of course, the Afrin spray backfires with a boomerang effect after using it a couple of days.
    My wife recently picked up an over-the-counter homeopathic Daytime Cough & Bronchial Syrup produced by Boericke & Tafel. It seemed to relieve both a significant portion of the nasal drainage and the constant tickle in my throat for a short period of time (about 90 minutes) before I had to take another dose. However, there seemed to be a boomerang effect here to, where after the good effect wore off, the cough came back stronger. Nonetheless, it was a clue that led me to your website. The ingredients of this medication are as follows:

    Aconitum napellus 3X
    Bronia alba 3X
    Hepar sulphuris 6X
    Spongia tosta 3X
    Stannum metallicum 6C

    We have purchased the nighttime version of this over the Internet but have not yet received it, hoping it might be helpful when I sleep. I am asking your opinion about this medication, but more importantly, asking you if you can help me follow this lead to a more permanent solution. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    Arnie Gentile (; (847-921-0901)


    Dr. Sharma:
    Prednisone is the only medicine that brings me back to normal breathing, sleeping and suppressing the cough that develops as a reflex of my post-nasal dripping.
    Sometimes I need an antibiotic along when conditions worsen.
    I don’t ignore the pernicious secondary effects of Prednisone.
    I want to exit the vicious circle.
    What is your recommendation? — Thanks!

    • Brig Pankaj Sinha,SM,VSM says:

      Dear Doctor Sharma,

      1. I am suffering from throat irritation and cough for quite a few years.
      2. The cause was diagnosed as Post Nasal Backdrops and Acid Reflux by Allopathic Medical Practitioners. Whenever I take Allopathic medicine for that it gets controlled and reoccurs once the medicine is stopped.
      3. I am 60 Years of age, lean body, 175 Cm Height and 70 Kg of body weight.
      4. May I seek your advise on homeopathic cure for this.

      Thanks and regards.
      Brig Pankaj Sinha,SM,VSM

  75. Jagir Singh dhamaan says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Sat shri akal.
    I have the problem of post nasal discharge. In the morning I have to draw and throw it out two or three times. It is yellowish greenish or rarely white. It is sticky. Throat clearing tendency remains throughout the day. Sometimes I have to clear the sticky secretion immediately after sipping tea or taking meals. It looks odd to clear the throat repeatedly. No cough.
    No Any other problem.
    Please prescribe the remedy that is available in my city Moga Punjab. Thank you.

  76. Jagir Singh says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Sat shri akal.
    I have the problem of post nasal discharge. In the morning I have to draw and throw it out two or three times. It is yellowish greenish or rarely white. It is sticky. Throat clearing tendency remains throughout the day. Sometimes I have to clear the sticky secretion immediately after sipping tea or taking meals. It looks odd to clear the throat repeatedly. No cough.
    No Any other problem.
    Please prescribe the remedy that is available in my city Moga Punjab. Thank you.

  77. My son has 5years and suffering from running nose. No fever, no cough. But wheezing at night. Can u please suggest me the reason and medicine

    • Dr. sharma My son who is 4 suffers from cronic post nasal drip. He constantly clears his throat. He was put on Singular for 6 months and a puffer of steroids for inflamation. In the winter he develops a dry whooping cough and he always ends up having dexamethasone injections, we have been trying homeopathy for the last 3 months but he is still clearing his throat contantly. We have tried Thuja and Pulsatilla 30 c. What would you recomend for his case?

  78. Dr S P Sachdeva says:

    Dr Sharma I am retired vety surgeon aged 65 . I m suffering from allergic post nasal drip with thick white mucous always dripping from back nares to my throat. I take mucolytic medicines mucinac 600 to thin the mucous. along with many ayurvedic med Bresol. Also tried varios decongestant but no result. I have tried hydrastis also. Will u suggest some suitable medicine

  79. M. S. Verma says:

    I have clear starch like white mucous Satish in taste. Drops from posterior mares or drawn from mouth. Must clear frequently.

  80. My name is Suraj and have had this problem for the last 10 years .I had two operation of nasal pollyps in the year 2008 and 2010 bit the problem reoccur again and again…….Now may be to my understanding I can evaluate the problem is perhaps post nasal drip. Please suggest what to do to eradicate this problem from root.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Ian Calloway says:

      Hi have suffered from”post nasal drip” for 3 years. Constant swallowing of phlegm and clearing throat I have no nose blockage and phlegm is clear and non viscous.Am scheduled for surgery sopposedly to straighten deviated septum which I assume I have had from birth have tried all manner in f prescribed and over the counter drugs as well as natural remedies can you adviseI have allways had nasal problems snore horribly and have sleep apnea am at a loss what to do as per pending surgery
      Kind regards Ian allows

  81. Dinesh Arya says:

    I have chronic cough combined with sinus congestion. Iam 35 with otherwise reasonable health. I have taken ayurvedic herbal treatment mainly ginger with honey and some steaming
    1- coughing in the mornings
    2- Also during temperature change.
    3- Catch cold on taking cold drinks.
    Do you think Kali Bicarb will help? What potency and frequency? Or any other recommendations.

    • I hv lost my sense of smell almost 20 years ago. There is constant cough in my throat which I need to clean regularly. I also use baking soda,salt nd warm water to clean my nose. Please suggest mr d best medicine

  82. hi doctor, M 33 years old female. From last 5 months i m feeling mucus in between my nose and throat. I had bad flu with fever and cough in august 2016. Since then my throat and nose symptoms doesn’t go away. Before it was too much throat clearing.i have used so many medicines along with homeo med kali bichrom and hydrastis for 1 week. My throat problem is not bad like before but i m still having issues like cough at night ,, feeling mucus all th time at the back of throat, nasal congestion…throat tightness.

    What should i do?
    Should i have to take again kali bichrom or any thing also
    Also we want to plan for baby, is it safe to take

    Please reply

  83. Gagan kaur says:

    hi doctor, my name is Gagan kaur. M 32 years old. From last 5 months i m feeling mucus in between my nose and throat. I had bad flu with fever and cough in august 2016. Since then my throat and nose symptoms doesn’t go away. Before it was too much throat clearing.i have used so many medicines along with homeo med kali bichrom and hydrastis for 1 week. My throat problem is not bad like before but i m still having issues like cough at night ,, feeling mucus all th time at the back of throat, nasal congestion…throat tightness.

    What should i do?
    Should i have to take again kali bichrom or any thing also
    Also we want to plan for baby, is it safe to take

    Please reply

  84. June Hyman says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma,

    About a 2 weeks ago I had a bad dose of flu with a chesty cough and runny nose and have not been able to get rid of it. I cannot take anything that contains pseudoeopehedrine because I take medication for high blood pressure. I am going overseas in the beginning of May and I would like to get rid of this runny nose, post nasal drip and cough as soon as possible.

    Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

  85. Bal Sharma says:

    Good day Dr. sharma,
    Any suggestion for elderly dementia? My 87 years old mother develop dementia about 2 years ago.


  86. Narendra Thakur says:

    Dr. Sharma, please help and advise. I have severe cough, constantly clear my throat due to irritation. Have done lot of nasal spray and antibiotics. Relief till I wss on medication. Now again suffering same cough and throat irritation. Xray reveals I have Sinusitis. Please help and advise any homeopathic medication. Have tried Rumex 30, Heparsulf200, Teucrium 1M, Kali Bichrome. Still no relief. I am very hopeful that homeopathy surely has a remedy for me. Please advise. Thank you.

  87. Chris Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am a relatively healthy 62 year old. I have suffered with skin rashes face, arms and body ever since a bout of Ross River fever 25 years ago. It seems that whenever I get a bout of Ross River Fever or Glandular fever it comes out through my skin in the form of a red rash that turns dry and itchy after several days. The challenge I am having is that the rash seems to persist now and my skin cycles continuously from red to dry, itchy and scaly to red to dry, itchy and scaly, especially on my arms, wrists, left side of the face and body. I have to continually keep the skin moist with organic chemical free skin lotions but nothing seems to break the cycle. I addition to this and I am not sure if related, I have a very mucousy throat which I cannot expel and continuous throat clearing especially after I sneeze!

    • I am also suffering from same issue and would have loved to read a response but alas, the doctor does not appear to respond to any of these posts (at least not publicly) 🙁

  88. Pamela Thompson says:

    Dr sharma
    I’ve suffered with post nasal drip but in the form of thin mucas running down the back of my throat especially at night in bed.
    I’ve had a a few colds since October and now loss off taste and smell, is there a remedy I can buy over the counter?
    Thank you

  89. Hamida hudani says:

    Dr Sharma
    I have had post nasal drip fir the last 3 years. First doctors thought it’s qacid reflux then bo medicine which I have changed 5 times. I am in dubai for another few days. I am on sinuswars homeopathic which I think was working but am worse now. Can you help advice.

  90. Candace van Reede says:

    Hi there, my 4 year old son suffers from terrible post nasal drip. He cannot have a steroid as he developed tics from Singulair and nasonex. What would you suggest I do?

  91. Dr S P Sachdeva. Vet says:

    I had asthma allergic from oct to feb for which I took allopathic medicine Montelukast A ,azithromycin & citrizine etc as recomended by Asthma specialist. Now asthma is cured but post nasal drip has started continously still taking antihistaminic drugs but no relief. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine


  93. Vincent Davidson says:

    Post Nasal Dripping.
    1..When I get up from sleep there is a lot of PND, usually blobs, it continues for about and hour or more.
    2..If I get up at night due to PND then it is difficult for me to go back to sleep for more than an hour.
    3..When I swallow a morsel, I can feel it travel down my throat.
    4.. Lot of perspiration while having meals ( lunch or dinner)

  94. Debi Ybarra says:

    I just read your page on post nasal drip cough. Is Hydrastis Canadensis the same as Hydrastis as your recommended and is Kali Bichromicum the same as Kali Bichrom as you also recommended? Thank you

  95. Sir,
    white semi thick nazala comes in mouth and irritates . once Dr told me that i have sinus problem . this thick Nazala comes in mouth in the night hours and i have to spit which disturbes my sleep. Pl advice any medicine

  96. Abdul Ghafoor says:

    I have too much mucous production with post nasal drip.When mucous accumulates in sinus then I feel sinus pressure behind my eyes and forehead mucous starts just after eating something especially at lunch and dinner I also feel dizziness when mucous accumulates.When mucous expell out through cough then I feel much easy. THE mucous is generally white. I have no fever and no sneezing.My age is 50 and weight is 78.PLEASE prescribe a medicine for this.

  97. Dear Dr Sharma
    I suspect I have post nasal drip though my symptoms are not the above. I have a feeling of cotton wool – sort of mucous covering my throat, though sometimes my throat feels hard and dry. From time to time I do have a cough although it depends if I drink lots of fluids to wash the mucous away. In the morning I blow my nose and there is a discharge which is white (ish) and sticky. I am trying to find a practitioner in Inverness or do you do phone consultations? I have consulted my GP who suggests nasal sprays and I have an 8 month waiting list for an ENT appointment.
    Kind regards

  98. Hello Dr. Sharma i m suffering from post nasal dripping into my throat it creats irritation and i dont feel relaxed at all. I have consulted so many ENT specialist and physicians they are suggesting Allergic rhinitis and uts medication but no relief ….can homeopathy help me out to get rid off this issue

  99. Hi I am 56yrs old woman.I am having a dry cough just from the throat n feel mucus in my throat all the time.I cannot get rid of any of the mucus but am clearing my throat the whole day.No symptoms at bedtime or during the is only during the day just a cough n clearing the throat the whole day.And a blocked nose during the mornings.oh I have already been on 3 sets of antibiotics for the last 3mnths.
    Pls. advise.
    Take care

  100. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I recently had cough/throat pain/nasal discharge for which I took antibiotics. Most of the symptoms have gone but what has remained is PND with cough and mild asthma like feeling after I cough or laugh. From your article above it seems like I should take Corallium Rubrum. What strength should I take – 6, 30, 200 or 5C?

    I live in USA. Where is the medicine available online?
    Thanks, Manisha.

  101. Hello,
    my daughter is home from college and is starting with a cough that begins witha tickle. She says it feels like something is there that won’t come out. She is not wheezing. She also has a thin, clear drippy nose. She does not feel bad otherwise. Looking for bes remedy for early symptoms. She has exams coming!

  102. My child is 6 weeks has cold and cough since 1 week.having post nasal drip. Mucus not coming out.pls suggest homoeopathic medicine

  103. Deepak Matai says:

    Dear sir
    Suffer from mucous in throat with constant urge to clear. Worsens in lying position .Sometimes having associated eyeballs pain.

    This symptom is 3 years. I am 53.

    During young days I have been taking Allegra.Now prescribed montair.

    Esoniphilis is 7.

    Pl hlp.

  104. Barbara chetty says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am a 56 yr old woman

    I often suffer with nasal congestion,sneezing ,facial pain .cough and a post nasal drip especially during a change in seasons. More often I suffer with a post nasal drip with fscial pain ..
    I use nasal sprays.decongestants etc but they are only temporary..plse advise on a long term homeopathic remedy
    Is sinuwars 2 good.

  105. Vijaya d nar says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am vijaya from mumbai, age 40. I have the problem of post nasal drip. Due to this i am sufferin from bad breath.

    Kindly suggest the remedy.

  106. R P BHAT says:

    Sir my age is 60 years. I am having nose block problem from last 8 months. I have tried Ayurveda medicines but solution. I have to use Otrivin nasal spray for clearing the nasal block. Mucus has white in color and no bad smell. I want homoeopathic medicines for the above problem. Please kindly suggest the homeopathy medicines with potency. Thanking you Sir.

  107. Sarie Naudé says:

    Sometimes I struggle a lot with hay fever which then switch sinus. I’ve never struggled with this as much as this winter – it is now two months. I coughed and it was mostly a dry cough. There are so much mucus. I am now 70 years old and do not want this problem to continue and possibly later on might cause breathing problems. It’s getting better because I have twice been to the doctor, but it hasn’t cleared completely. I still cough, although not as much, but I also still have mucus going down my throat. Please I rather want to use something natural to cure this problem rather than using other medicines.

  108. Vineet mohan says:

    I am 57 yrs old.i have been having post nasal drip for last 8months.the drip is watery drip which irritates the throat during day . Leading to dry stomach is also upset.corallium rubrum seems most suited.please advice the right dose..

  109. Bharat Arora says:

    I breathe with mouth while sleeping . It causes unpleasant feelings if I breath with mouth. I am 65 yrs. till now I didnot feelmuch. Pl tel me what is the reason for mouth breathing & how it can be controlled. Thanks

  110. sachin todkar says:

    Sir. Postnasal dirp problems with early mornning cough…

  111. Suffering from throat Mucus problem from past couple of months.Mucus is generally milky White in color.Causes irritation in the throat and coughing.Have nasal discharge as well sometimes in the morning and blockage of one side of nose.

    Please suggest the medicine that needs to be taken.

  112. sandeep kaur says:

    postnasal drip cause irritating throat,pain please can you advice me treatment

  113. john charbonnier says:

    nasil problems

  114. Agnes nick says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I feel a lump in my throat and because of it I need to clear my throat consistently.
    No mucous coming out.My throat irritated .I have this condition more when i am under stress or sad as
    well.Now i had bronchitis and I think that acraveted my condition.Do i have post nasal drip?
    I try to drink o lot of fluid, use teaming and gargle.
    I would like to solve this condition with homeopathic medicine for good.

    Dear Doctor Sharma please advice me the right homeopathic med.
    Thank you so much for your help , I do appreciate it
    Agnes Nick

  115. irshad ahmed says:

    dear sir…
    am 46yrs ..i have recently about 2 months back started getting mucus like discharge from behind da throat… its really irritating allopathy medcine did not work well.. i tried homeopathy medcine its about 1 month i have got v little relief … i wanted to know is there any really good medication in homeopathy for post nasal dripping plz suggest

  116. Santosh agrawal says:

    Dear sir, i am suffering from recurrent allergic sinusitis for last 20 years. Suddenlly it starts with sneezing and nasal discharge and nose become chocked after some times. Generally i take antiallergy pills. My age 39.

  117. N.SUNDARARAMAN says:

    Dr. I am suffering from post nasal drip for the past one month. I am presently taking Mondeslor tablet (one tab at night) for the past one week. I do not find any relief. Further because of this , my sleep gets disturbed. I also feel tired. Please suggest me some homeo medicine. Thank you in advance.

  118. Please Tell me different symptoms in sinus so that I understand my symptoms and tell my doctor

  119. mandrese ayaz says:

    Sir my age is 42 and i have post nasil drip problem for 18 years symptoms are white mucus from nose to throat the whole year but cold agravates the problem thanks

  120. Abdul Karim says:

    I have post nasal drip.madam please advise me medicine.

  121. Hi Dr Sharma I have had post nasal drip and polyps for a long time almost 15 years which is the best medicine for both problems I have used sinus wars 2 for post nasal drip and sinus wars 13 for nasal polyps was effective to some extent but haven’t been a complete cure. Please recommend something more effective

  122. Gene Dittmer says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve been told by my doctor, who is not homeopathic, that a chronic cough I’ve had for years is caused by postnasal drip. I bought some Hydrastis canadensis 30C and took one pill each half hour. Within 8 hours the cough was much much better. However, the remedy seems to give me a headache. Is 30C too strong? Or perhaps Corallium would be better? If so, what is the right strength?

    Thank you so much

  123. Fahad Sarwar says:

    Kindly tell doasge


  125. I have had pnd for approximately 20+/- years. I do have seasonal allergies, I am also allergic to dust, mold, etc. I went through a 5 year program with my allergist, shots every month, I finished this treatment about 3 years ago. My allergist wanted me to continue on but after 5 years and with no success whatsoever I decided not to go that route. I am on 10 mg Montelukast Sod; 5mg Levocetirizne Dihydro; and 10 mg otc loratadine. I can go for about 2 months and be fine and then the pdn starts, the coughing is to the point where I vomit at times. I do take a codeine cough syrup during these episodes that last anywhere for 2-3 weeks. I wouldn’t mind dropping all of these drugs and using something homeopathic that would work for me. Thank you.

  126. Kiesha wilkins says:

    I’ve been suffering from allergies all my life. I’ve been coughing since September and went to three doctors, one in which was my allergist and I’ve been taking antibiotics, nasal sprays, cough medicine and they even gave me steroids and a inhaler and nothing is working. I’m coughing up clear white slimmy mucus for Two and a half months since September and I don’t smoke. I can’t sleep at night because of this mucus even finding itself in my left lung from the ex ray’s the hospital took. I cough all day and night at work for two and the half months. Can somebody PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!! ????

    • kiran ratan says:

      Dr Sharma,My mother is 90 yrs old .She has a feeling of stickiness in throat.When I give her tossex cough syryp she gets drowsy and silent till the effect of codiene is there then after that Tossex has to be repeated.Kindly suggest me some homeopathic medicine so that I can take her off Tossex.

  127. Rahul Sawhny says:

    Hi! Doctor
    I feel constant mucus in my throat and the urge to constantly clear the throat which in spite of trying again and again, I still feel the mucus there and want to again and again clear the throat. When mucus is released it is not very thick and whitish, thank you

  128. Hi Dr. Sharma

    I am really appreciated and thanks you for the information which you provided on your website. Sir I have question regarding the ” Post nasal Drip ” and I found the following remedies. please provide the information which remedy is a good place to start from the following remedies.

    1. Phosphorus
    2. Arsenicum Album
    3. Antimonium Tart
    4. Kali Bichromicum
    5. Capsicum
    6. Phytolacca
    7. Natrum muriaticum


    • Dear doctor

      I am 67 yrs old male. Whenever i have norml
      Sneezing and nose watering i surely develop the symptom of throat burning throat irritation and hawking with burning throat. The throat problem starts immediately after stopping of sneezing and watering nose and sometimes aggravates to develop mild fever. There is no cough in chest and doctors term this as allergy. I generally use Phytolacka and Sponjia. Will u pl advise suitable remedy for permanent cure.

  129. Sudarshan Kochar says:

    Excess throat mucus with feeling of lump in throat. Not able to clear throat. Can homeopathic med help?

  130. I have been having post nasal drip for years with all these nasal spray l don’t know what to do

  131. I developed eczema since a year, it leaves marks on the skin after the rashes disappear.What is the best way to get rid of the marks?
    I am suffering from postnasal drip for the last 28 years.I was sent to specialists and nobody could help me.I was always on the naturopathic treatment,some helped me,but this time for the last 5 months iam going through severe itch in my throat,phlegm & chronic cough.I got frustrated withmyself & checked the Internet, found the medication you have suggested.kalium bichromicum and the the other one which I was not able to get.But the kalium has helped a lot in 2 days.I feel atleast I can breathe.what do recommend further?


  132. Olga Mcmillin says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am writing for a friend that has continuing PND along with a strangling cough. She said years ago
    she took a pill that melted in her mouth that lessened this drama. It was purchased from a natural food store.
    Her not know the name of it doesn’t help in my search.

    My friend is confined to a wheelchair and has had s stroke on her left side. If I could zero in on a
    suggested Brand or specific name it would be much appreciated.

  133. Nitin Gulati says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am suffering from PND from last 3 Years. I have done nose surgery in April and also seen to immunologist. but there is no help. I feel mucus drain to back of my throat and feel coughing in morning and evening. Blood test and skin test shows minor allergic to mold. you have any homeopathy medicine to recover from this problem.

  134. shashi (male) says:

    Thick sticky slightly grey in color mucous keep on dropping day and night at the back of the throat which is coughed out every 10 minutes.There is no other problem except post nasal discharge. I can feel the mucus dropping in the throat. It is since 4 years.Please help

  135. Greg Rivera says:

    I’ve done almost everything I’m taking stinging nettle pills making teas of ginger taking Claritin Allegra honey lemon nasal rinse ionizer in my room humidifier went to a ENT Dr cause I got a lesion on a vocal cord of all my throw clearing steam showers massgeing my feet for the part of my throat if you have a solution let me know please. I live n Deep South tx very hot dog y wheather

    • sylvia ramon says:

      I’ve had postnasal drip for several years, and have seen about 10 ENT’s !! I suffer from this illness and it has had a toll on my health and has affected the quality of my life. I’ve used several medications and including a BallonSinuplasty and to no avail. I cannot sleep without a sleeping aid, constant clearing throat and severe pain on top of eyes and bumps on my scalp. Mucus is thick and sticky white. I’m in need from a Dr. who really cares about the health of a human being. The drainage is 24/7. Thanking you in advance for your attention concerning my illness.

  136. Deo P Tripathi says:

    Dr Sharma….I have PND problem.
    Mucus is thick,sticky and white.It falls in back of throat and causes whizzing.It increases when humidity is high,cold,dust and stress.
    What you would like to recommend me.

  137. Ismail vawda says:

    Hi. My 5yr old son coughs continuously and has a block nose. He sometimes wheezes. He blows his nose often but it never gives relief keeps getting block. Plz help.

  138. hi doc
    I saw 3 homeopathy medicine for post nasal dripping
    My my use is no color and watery sticky
    It drips and gives me asthama
    As I cannot pump it gives me irritation I take singular but still dripping does not stop
    Also I hv to do short steroid courses every now and than
    Which homeopathy can also help my asthma with post nasal dripping

  139. I too am dealing with a lot of post nasal drip for years and of course even worse when I’m getting over a cold. I am constantly clearing my throat, which ends up being sore most of the time. It’s super annoying to me. The mucous is more clear most of the time. I use the neti pot once a day but I find it only helps for a little while.

  140. keisa miller says:

    Hi my name is Keisa miller I have postnasal drip for 5 weeks I took some zzz quill so I can sleep they cause me to have a dry mouth and throat my mucus was thick its like I keep swallowing hawking up mucus all the time iits really getting the best of me and I also have mucus in my ears please could you help me get rid of this feeling please respond back thank you

  141. Diane Watson says:

    I have been suffering with a chonic cough, honking mucus and many sleepless nights for about 6 months.
    I have used nasal sprays, cough medicines, alergy specialists and I may get relief for a few days and it starts again. I avoid going out due to the embarassment of the cough and constant honking and spitting.
    I know that I have severe alergy’s to dust and dust mites but as I get older, (57) my symptoms are unbearable. PLEASE HELP!!!

  142. Tulsi prasad joshi says:

    Dear sir
    I have been suffering from postnasaldripping problem for almost twenty years. It results in accute shore throat and chest pain. There is too much secretion of cough. Endoscopy of throat shows keratotic legion.The doctors say there is no significant problem in my throat. I am also suffering from DNS. So would you suggest me any medicine?

  143. I m suffering from PND from last 4 years. I have got treatment frm ENT doctors allergy specilists and also got operated of my nose but no effect. The color of mucus i s watery. Please advise some medician. I m frm pakistan

  144. Post nasal drip
    Wat medicines to take and how

  145. Elsie Jones says:

    Had condition for years I have been to specialist , to no avail Constant coughing up clear mucous, no foul odor, abundance of mucous in my nose, they go hand in hand! Please help if you can. Thank you.

  146. Sameer Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I’m having Post Nasal Drip since last 3 years, and i’m suffering very badly its very pain full. Please Doctor help me i have lost my all hopes to get well, please help me to get out with this problem…
    Cell No. 8121743701

    Waiting for your reply…

    Thank You…

  147. SIR. as per ENT Dr. i have problem of post nasal drip (last 3 years) as i am always felling some thing in the through, sticky mucus is generating continuously , intentionally coughing for clear the through.In the every morning felling bitter test in my mouth.

    please guide me.

  148. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My son was vaginally born and at the time they put me on IV for antibiotics because I was GBS positive. I was a first time mom and did not breastfeed well on top of him being tongue tied. We gave him formula and eventually he had a tone of eczema due to the allergy to milk. By one year old, we had a skin prick test and he was allergic to milk, egg, poultry, tree nuts. He is close to 5 years old now. Is there anything you can recommend to help him with his allergies. He was put on candida diet since 4 months ago and had some accupunture treatments to hopefully rid him of some of his sensitivity/allergies to nuts.

    Right now, he seems to have symptoms of post nasal drip too. Anything you can recommend for us?

    Thanks so much,

  149. Tausif Jawed says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have suffering from Cold allergy,Sinusitis for the last 2 year.Due to cold ,internal part of the nose(Mucous) got swollen & resulting uneasy to breath.I got my nose operated but didn’t get any result.

    Please suggest what to do….

    Tausif Jawed

  150. Subhash Gaba says:

    Sir, I have a complaint of frequently having to clear my throat from whitish,yellowish in morning , evening some time full day for last 1 and half year. Treated with allopathic , homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines I am feeling mostly mucus in my throat. In March 2013 an ENT doctor advised me to undergo for surgery in my nose. But as per my knowledge nothing is in my nose and have no feeling to clear my nose. If u have any suggestion/homeo medicine please advice.

  151. hello doc,

    from the past 1 18 to 20 months in i suffering from severe post nasal dripping problem,i been through lots of doctorc and medicines but none of them showed any positive results.i have to cough all the time to clear my throat that feels very bad,a transparent crystal clear and very sticky mucus comes out all the time,but sometimes it sticks on the respiratory track and its very the morning everyday after takink breakfast my chest feels like there is something stuck in it and i have to cough and cough reaaly very baddy to take out the mucus after continuous coughing a greenish whitish mucus comes out after that i feel a little relaxed,but as u know there is a lot of pollution in my environment as i go to work again the dripping starts and i have to clear the throat all day long it feels very bad and my day to day life is becoming worse,please help me get rid of this disease

  152. Purshottam Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from post nasal drip for last around 26 years. It gives me very annoying feeling and discomfort. I keep on clearing my post nasal accumulation of mucous continually. I have taken all kinds of treatment, Allopathic and Homoeopathic but all in vain. Most interesting, one of the ENT Specialist declared my case as a psycho case instead of treating me.

    Ultimately, stopped going to doctors and left it to God.

    Can you please help me in this regards

    Thanking you


  153. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have very old problem of pnd. i used lot of medicine of aliphatic , hekmat, as well as homeo.but my problem is still exist. now i am very sad,and tense due every time.24 hr pnd have maked my life very very bed.please advise me in this regard.


    • I have post nasal dropping , have to clear the throat as there is sensation of sticking of thick white mucus. This is more in the morning and remains for 2 hrs or so. There is sensation of plug in throat (due to sticking of mucus(. Further there is stuffed up feeling in the nose. has to clear it but little or nothing comes out.
      I am extra careful , anxiously cautious, anxiety if i have to travel or do something which depends on others, to some extent choosy in spending not exactly miserly, apprehensive. Problem of irriable bowel syndrome . gripping in the stomach after the a/n meals.
      Taken Kali Bichrom, 200 4/5 doses, argentum nitricum 200 and hydrastis candensis 200 6/7 doses in past 1 month, I am 65 and height 5 feet 8 inch body weight around 79 kg , mostly around belly .
      Pl suggest medicine.

  154. jaspreet singh says:

    dear sir,
    I am suffered from extreme cold for last 6 years. I have tried almost every type of remedies ranging from allopathy , ayurvedic to homeopathy but nothing worked for me. All type of medicines are providing just temporary relief for few hours and often leave their effect after a week or few days. A surgery was also done in 2008 but again providing no relief. Due to this problem I am losing my breathing power because secretion occurs at night in throat while sleeping causing sleeplessness and breathing problems. It has also weakened my memory and sex power leading to in-activeness & powerlessness. There is no relief in any season either it is winter or summer.The problem starts soon after i get up in the morning with excessive sneezing and watery secretion. Recently doctors have done a PNS CT-SCAN which shows nasal polyps. The doctors are recommending immediate surgery but there is no guarantee of relief.Now I have been taking homeopathic medicine for about two years which have cured nasal polyps to some extent but secretion is still exist. One last thing I would like to tell you is that I have allergies too from some antibiotics & especially from dust. Please tell me If there is any remedy for me. I hope you would not let me down.
    “looking forward to hearing from you soon”.

  155. Anjoo Mehta says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Could you please advise some homeopathic remedies for post nasal drip. My son is 19.He has sinus problems and had a septoplasty recently. But he always has post nasal drip and halitosis due to that.He also does nasal rinse at least twice a day butthat doesn’t help much.

    I am looking for a permanent cure.your response will be appreciated.

  156. I have had bad vertigo, lost of post nasel drip and a lot of mucus in my throat. Everything dries my nose out giving me a bad headache but not clearing the post nasel and throat mucus causing bad vertigo. I have allergies and tmj. Just my one ear hurts and fills full a lot. Please help ! Thank Tou Connie

  157. Navaid Khan says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    Dear doctor this is Navaid Khan from Pakistan, I hope you will help me, I have problem of Post Nasal Dripping, i feel much secretion and Sticky mucus in my throat, and than i feel short breathing and much discomfort and at that time i feel congested to my nostrils, and short briting, my chest is always clear, i feel too much thick and sometimes thin mucus in my throat and Swallow it, because i am unable to relies it from my mouth because it’s very thick.
    these symptoms comes and ago by their own, but now since last month i feel my symptoms goes only for 1 or 2 days and come back again, i am sleeping at air condition room 1st time in this summer season, is it the problem or what?

    please help me and proscribe any best homeopathic medicine for me i am too much worry and feeling much discomfort please help me i will pray for you plz.

    waiting to your reply,
    Navaid Khan.

  158. Yunus Baxamusa says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    After reading about Post Nasal Drip problems I am sure that homeopathic medicine can cure this problem. I have been experiencing irritation in throat on and off for large part of the year and as I live in Toronto the weather conditions also aggravate the situation. I experience a lot of coughing which is caused by dripping from the nasal passage into the throat and also have stuffy nose and which causes problems in sleep also. The cough problem makes it very embarrassing in public and in office where I know that it is because of pnd but people may come to other conclusions also. I need help in the above matter.

  159. parveen says:

    i am dr.parveen ,an ophthalmologist practising in chennai.
    iam having post nasal drip where i clear my throat and then unable to breath fully which causes chest discomfort ,relieved either by yawning or belching,.

    i have been to ENT,PHYSICIAN ,as well as PULMONOLOGIST,WHO PRESCRIBED ANTI ALLERGICS AND STEROID INHALERS,.still symptoms persist .pl advise.

  160. I have been having severe pain in the front part of my forehead and temples for the past two months. .An irritating post nasal drip which has me clearing my throat and sometimes my voice changes.
    Early morning on getting up I throw up a lot of sticky white foamy phlegm and also have a dry cough which gets worse after 5pm.
    Been on antihistamines and decongestants nothing is giving me a long term relief. I am confused about choosing a remedy is it for sinus or rhinitis? Please advice.

  161. kushal patel says:

    hello sir.
    my name is kushal
    i have problem of post nasal discharge and constant feeling of sticky cough in throat.
    this problem worsens and dripping increases when i am sitting directly under full speed fan and while i drive bike at high speed. so it increases by wind draft exposure….

    what is the treatment for this? and how long is the duration of treatment?

  162. Gurpreet babra says:

    My 5 year old daughter suffers fro post natal drip quite regularly.
    She has been on homeopathy on & off.
    At present ,she has been suffering from PND SINCE LAST 3 weeks, has developed fever for which I am giving her paracetamol.
    Her breath smells and there is continuos discharge in throat.she also suffers from localised eczema on arms.
    What medication do you suggest?

  163. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering from a post nasal drip coughing. I feel sever irritation or something has stuck on my throat and i start coughing. it is worst usually at night. i really want to get rid of it. So please help me . with modern medicine it get temporarily relieved.

    Thanks and regards.


    • Mubbashar says:

      I am suffering from PND cough since last 4 months. Continuous dripping of white secretion irrates my throat again and again resulting in severe cough. Mostly cough starts on exposing to cool wind. In morning yellowish or some times greenish secretion excretes from chest or throat. Have tried a number of allopathic medicines but in vain and thus requests for your help.

  164. Suffering from post nasal drip since last 3 years, tried everything in allopathy. No relief. Situation is getting worsen as I am tired with mucus dropping at the back of my throat, fatigue, pain in legs and arms, and ear blocked with mucus, mucus movement sensation in ear.

    Please suggest if there is any treatment for the same to get cure or relief from my illness.


    • Hello.
      This winter I got bad cold and cough. And know I am suffering from post nasal drip for quite some time. I feel mucus dripping at the back of my throat.I feel irritation at times in my throat and feel the urge to clean throat. At times with great difficulty little cough comes out. I feel like spitting also at times. Please suggest.

    • Nagendra Nandivada says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma.

      Iam suffering for a long time with Post nasal drip condition. I always feel like clearing my Throat and i cough to clear my throat. very uneasy feeling. as sugeted by you “CORA LLIUM RUBRAUM” IS THE ANSWER FOR ME. if so waht dose i need to take. Please advise me.

      With Regards,


  165. aditya sharma says:

    please medicine name

  166. Sheila raza says:

    Constant sore throa with watery eyes and a bad cough whenever my throat tickles. Often keeps me up at night. No relief from cough medication

  167. i have problem of post nasal drip since last 6 years(1. secretions like green,yellow,and thick water base lying throughout the day in mouth with smel,some mucus lying in my chest i have vissle in my chest and i devlop asthma due to post nasal drip please sugeest treatment

  168. Dear Dr. Sharma, I have a complaint of frequently having to clear my throat from whitish,yellowish in morning and at times greenish(in winter) nasal drip. Had sinusitis about 10 years ago, treated with allopathic and homeopathic medicines. One ENT specialist had made a small hole in the middle nose partition to clear deposits around eyes & forehead then. Now have to clear nose a few times especially in the morning and frequent hard sneezes when concentrating on job on computer or books. 2. while start my meals, the first bite gets stuck in the throat/food pipe, have to take few sips of water to push it down. 3. Occasional swelling and socks bite/marks around ankles. I am otherwise ok, healthy and work normally. my age is 64 years. I take one tablet a day of Olmezest 40 mg for BP since 2-3 years. Please advise. Thank you.

    • AHMED SYED says:

      I have been having postnasal drip for about last 2 months and I need your help. After reading your article I believe that I can heal it with homoeopathic remedies but I’m not sure which one to use. I have been to the doctor (conventional) and all they say is that it’s probably allergies and they tell me to use a steroid nose spray

      The secretions in my throat are sticky in form. I would say that they are most of the time white in colour. I have a dry cough due to a continuous feeling of mucus in the throat. I have a hawking cough during the day and night occasionally trying to expel the mucus (sometimes I succeed but then it never lasts long, and I will be doing it again).

      On the other hand, my nose is not congested and I have no urge to blow the nose. I can breathe through it fine. I have got no pain in my sinus area in the face, I

      I would like to add that here are the things that I have tried:

      – I am using the steroid nasal spray for last one week

      I hope you can help me out I am looking forward to hearing you soon please do reply me at my email which is given as under I will be grateful to you Thanking you in anticipation and highly obliged of you.
      Yours sincerely,
      Ahmed Syed

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