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7 Homeopathic Remedies For Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful, chronic condition which affects the trigeminal nerve and causes facial pain. It causes severe pain along the course of the trigeminal nerve (usually due to irritation or damage to the nerve). The pain is typically abrupt and intense. Homeopathic treatment for trigeminal neuralgia helps reduce the severity and recurrence of sudden pains. The top homeopathic remedies for trigeminal neuralgia include medicines like Spigelia, Magnesia Phosphorica, and Verbascum.    homeopathic remedies for trigeminal neuralgia

The intensity of the pain may cause a person to contort his/her face in a twisted expression. A sudden, stabbing pain associated with this disease is known as tic douloureux.
Though the condition is not life-threatening, it can hinder one’s quality of life and can lead to chronic pain syndrome which usually affects the activities of daily life and can lead to depression in some individuals.

Homeopathic Remedies for Trigeminal Neuralgia

In the conventional system of medicine, anticonvulsants and antispasmodic agents are prescribed to the patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. The results of these drugs are usually short-term and can lead to the progression of the disease. They may cause unpleasant side effects like confusion, nausea, and drowsiness.
Botox injections are administered as a last resort. In cases of severe, recurrent episodes, surgery or radiation therapy may be required.

In the homeopathic mode of treatment, the treatment begins once a complete case history is taken, including the location, sensation, time and modalities of the pain. Particular attention is paid to the factors that trigger the complaint. Homeopathic treatment for trigeminal neuralgia works by acting internally to treat the underlying cause of the problem. Caught in the early stages (with the initial symptoms), homeopathic medicines can help reverse the condition with minimal chances of recurrence.

Homeopathic medicines work by managing the acute symptoms that are most troublesome and difficult to bear. They further help manage the condition by minimizing the intensity of pain. These medications are entirely natural, safe and free from any side effects. Homeopathic medications can give long-term relief in cases of trigeminal neuralgia and can enable an individual to have a good quality of life.

1. Spigelia: For Neuralgia on the Left Side

Spigelia is derived from the plant Pinkroot. The natural order of this plant is Loganiaceae. Spigelia is an excellent medicine for left-sided trigeminal neuralgia. Facial pain located on the left side of the face that comes and goes suddenly are the primary features that indicate the need for this medicine. The eye, cheek, teeth, and temple on the left side of the face are particularly painful. The nature of pains varies from stabbing, violent, burning like hot needles or wires, jerking, tearing, to stitching type. The affected area is highly sensitive to touch. In a few cases, pains worsen from morning to sunset. The attacks of trigeminal neuralgia arising in cold, rainy weather are also strong indicators to use Spigelia.

Key indications for using Spigelia for Trigeminal Neuralgia:

  • Pain on the left side of the face.
  • The occurrence of sudden pain on the affected part.
  • The affected area becomes highly sensitive to touch.

2. Magnesia Phosphorica: For Neuralgia on the Right Side

Magnesia Phosphorica is medicine for cases of right-sided trigeminal neuralgia. Pain usually starts from the right eye and extends to the whole right side of the face. The pain of stabbing, stitching, shooting, cutting character is present. Pain may return every two to three hours. Pains on the right side of the face may alternate with a toothache or frequently change location, rushing about like a bolt of lightning.

The pain may get worse from slightest touch, cold application, motion, a draft of air, cold washing, eating. The patient may get relief by warmth application and pressure. Facial neuralgia beginning on opening the mouth to eat or drink is also indicative of using this medicine.

Key indications for using Magnesia Phosphorica for Trigeminal Neuralgia:

  • Pain on the right side of the face.
  • Pain in the affected area gets worse from touch.
  • Pain on opening the mouth.

3. Verbascum: For Neuralgia with Marked Periodicity

Verbascum (also known as Mullein Oil) is a medicine for trigeminal neuralgia that is prepared from the plant Verbascum Thapsus. The medicine is derived from the plant when flowering begins. The plant belongs to the natural order Scrophulariaceae.
This medicine has a pronounced action on the third branch of the trigeminal nerve. Periodical facial pain of tearing, stitching, cramping, crushing nature appears periodically. Pain seems to occur in flashes, happening at the same hour in the morning and afternoon every day. The smallest movement triggers facial pain. Neuralgia of the left side of face occurs more commonly in cheeks and temporo-maxillary joint. A pressure in the entire left side of the head and face may be present. Pains get triggered by sneezing, talking and change of weather. Another indication is a benumbing, sticking and piercing type of pain deep in the right temple while eating, which extends to upper teeth of the same side after a few hours. Severe pressing, pinching pain on the side of the lower jaw also indicates the need for this medicine.

Key indications for using Verbascum for Trigeminal Neuralgia:

  • Pain in flashes on the affected part of the face.
  • Pain on face triggered by the smallest movement.
  • Pain in the right temple while eating.

Other Important Remedies

4. Hecla Lava: For Neuralgia from Dental Complaints

Hecla lava is an important remedy in cases of facial neuralgia when dental problems like tooth decay cause pains. Neuralgic pains in the face after extraction of the tooth or decayed tooth are the characteristic features. There is a swelling and violent pain in the jaw, which is highly painful to touch.

5. Colocynth: For Neuralgia with Shooting, Stitching Pains

Colocynth works efficiently in cases of trigeminal neuralgia where facial pains are violent, shooting, and stitching in character. Numbness may follow neuralgic pains and get better by pressure. This medicine has a long-lasting action on large nerves, especially the trigeminal nerve. There are tearing pains in the cheeks, stitches in upper jaw which reoccur frequently. The left side of the face, temple, ear, eye and sometimes the side of the neck may get affected (commonly resulting in the condition known as tic douloureux). Facial neuralgia and toothache remain confined to one side. The pains are periodical and very severe, occurring three to four times a day.

6. Plantago: For Neuralgia with Pains in Lower Jaws

Plantago has a marked action upon the inferior maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve. It is an excellent remedy where neuralgia is located around the lower jaw. The pain is shooting, tearing in nature. Pain starting from the lower jaw may extend to the ears. Sometimes there is drawing pain in the cheeks.

7. Hypericum: For Neuralgia after Nerve Injury

Hypericum is a highly beneficial medicine in cases where the trigeminal neuralgia starts after a nerve injury. Pains in the face are sharp, shooting, tearing or violent. There is marked tingling, burning, numbness in the affected area of the face. Facial neuralgia and toothache are present. Tension and tearing in the cheek may also be present.

Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia

The most commonly affected areas of the face in trigeminal neuralgia include the lower jaw and face, area around the nose, lips, eyes, and ears.

Area of pain: The pain can be focused on one spot (depending upon the branch that is affected) or can advance to a widespread area. Commonly affected areas include eyes, cheeks, lips, jaws, and teeth.

Type of pain: Pains can be excruciating, searing, shooting, jabbing, or feel like electric shocks. Trigeminal neuropathic pains that produce tingling and numbness (usually due to oral surgery or dentistry) may also occur. There may be a tingling or numbness in the face before the development of pain.

The side of the face affected: Usually, the pain is unilateral (one-sided), but in some cases, it can be bilateral (affecting both sides of the face).

The intensity of pain: Pain is usually intense and paroxysmal (sudden and intense) in nature. Episodes of pain can range from mild to moderate or even severely distressing.

Duration of pain: Intermittent isolated episodes of sudden pain can occur every few seconds, minutes or hours. Sometimes, even months or years can pass after one attack.

The frequency of attacks: The attacks of pain can become frequent and intense over time if not treated. Mild attacks may be experienced initially, but if progression takes place, long and frequent bouts of pains can occur.

Time of occurrence: It can occur once the patient is exposed to any triggering factors (and sometimes even without them). It never happens while a person is asleep.

The Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Some of the most common causes of trigeminal neuralgia include:

Pressure: Pressure on the trigeminal nerve from the surrounding blood vessels can lead to neuralgic pain.

Trauma: Physical damage to the nerve can occur as a result of facial injury, dental injury or a surgical procedure that can lead to pain.

Loss of Myelin Sheath: Myelin sheath protects the nerves. Loss of myelin sheath (which can occur as result of aging or condition like multiple sclerosis) can lead to trigeminal neuralgia.

Inflammatory: Inflammatory disorders like Lyme disease and sarcoidosis (autoimmune disorder causing collection of inflammatory cells) can also lead to the development of trigeminal neuralgia.

Collagen Vascular Diseases: Diseases like scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus can trigger trigeminal neuralgia. In such diseases, the immune system causes inflammation in the collagen and surrounding joints.

However, it should be noted that in many cases, there is no specific cause for trigeminal neuralgia.

Factors that Contribute to the Development of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Family History: Trigeminal neuralgia may run in families as it is related to malformation of blood vessels in the brain due to inheritance.

Age: People who are 60 years of age or above usually get affected by this condition.

High Blood Pressure: People with high blood pressure issues are more likely to suffer from trigeminal neuralgia than those with normal blood pressure.

What Triggers Neuralgic Pain?

A person who has trigeminal neuralgia usually has a triggering factor that can result in the onset of an episode of trigeminal neuralgia. Some of the most common triggering factors include washing the face, brushing teeth, talking, touching the face, shaving, putting on makeup, and exposure to drafts of air.

Types of Trigeminal Neuralgia

There are two main types of trigeminal neuralgia. A person may be affected by both the types at the same time.

Typical Trigeminal Neuralgia

Typical trigeminal neuralgia usually results in episodes of severe, sudden, shock-like pains generally affecting one side of the face. Pains may last from few seconds to minutes. Groups of these episodes can occur over a few hours. A touch usually triggers episodic pain in the face. It is a very painful condition.

Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia

Atypical trigeminal neuralgia is also known as type 2 trigeminal neuralgia. The person experiences constant aching, burning and stabbing pain of low intensity (compared to Type 1). This type of pain is difficult to diagnose. It is a rare condition, and the symptoms overlap with several other disorders. It can occur in addition to a migraine headache or can be mistaken for a migraine alone, dental issues, temporomandibular joint disorders or musculoskeletal issues.

The Trigeminal Nerve and its Function

The trigeminal nerve is the fifth cranial nerve (out of12 total nerves) and is the largest of all the cranial nerves. There is one trigeminal nerve on either side of the face. The trigeminal nerve divides itself further into three branches (hence the name trigeminal). The three branches are named as Ophthalmic nerve (V1), Maxillary nerve (V2), Mandibular nerve (V3). The trigeminal nerve as a mixed cranial nerve responsible for both sensory functions (which include facial sensations such as pressure, thermoception (temperature), nociception (pain)) and motor functions as it supplies the muscles of mastication (chewing and biting) but not the facial expressions.

When Trigeminal neuralgia occurs, one, two or all branches of the nerve may get affected. Most commonly the middle branch (maxillary nerve) and lower branch (mandibular nerve) are affected. The areas of face supplied by the three branches of the trigeminal nerve are:

V1 (The Ophthalmic branch): This branch is responsible for sensation in the scalp, forehead, eye, upper eyelid and tip of the nose.

V2 (The Maxillary branch): This branch is responsible for sensation in the lower eyelid, side of the nose, cheeks, nostrils, upper lip, upper teeth and upper gums.

V3 (The Mandibular branch): This branch is responsible for sensation in lower teeth, lower gums, lower lip, chin, jaw, and part of the ear. Mandibular branch also supplies the muscles involved in mastication (chewing and biting).

Diagnosing Trigeminal Neuralgia

A clinical diagnosis is made after evaluating the description of type, location, frequency and triggering factors of pain. It is essential to rule out the possible causes of occurrence of trigeminal neuralgia. Physical or neurological examination to know the exact location of pain can be performed. These symptoms are enough for clinical diagnosis, and sometimes no tests are required. In some cases, an MRI may be advised to rule out any inflammation or compression.

Complications Associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia

Recurrence is one of the main complications of trigeminal neuralgia. Once the pain sets in, the affected person may not want to brush the teeth or maintain hygiene for fear of triggering the pain. This can lead to severe anxiety and distress in patients who suffer from it.

Managing the Pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia can be managed well if one is aware of the particular triggering factors. Avoiding these triggers can help control the occurrence of the debilitating pains and can ultimately improve one’s quality of life. One must avoid:

· Vigorous brushing of teeth

· Eating very hard solid foods

· Exposure to drafts of air

Trigeminal Neuralgia is not life-threatening but can alter one’s quality if not treated well within time.

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  1. I have a neuralgia in my right ear, it comes only at night before to go to bed and last all night. It comes in intermitente shooting pain that last for several hours. What homeopathic medicine should I take? Thanks

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  4. Karen Jagelle says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma…. I’ve had trigeminal neuralgia for 15years. To make a long story short, I eventually found enough relief via pharmaceuticals and gamma knife to be able to function. In 2019 I went through a series of stressful events & life changes which worsened the neuralgia. I haven’t found any relief. The pain is getting worse now I have gingivitis. I’ve symptoms of both typical and atypical TN…. I also have severe tmj pain from clenching jaw at night.

    What homeopathic remedies do you think would help?

    Thank you! 💖💕✨

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    Hello doctor
    Im 45 years old. Recently I’ve been to doctor due to severe teeth pain. Doctor told me that its mandibular nerve v3 defect and gave me some medicines. But they didnt work. I didnt feel relief. Are there any chances that homeopathy treatment can help me get better?

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    dear dr. i have pain 1. leftside of face ie.temple region, cheek , around left eye, nose.lowerjaw,around ear, leftbackside head and neck. pain increases in the early morning( sleeping in a/c)or when exposed to cold weather. 2 noise in the right ear without pain. 3 feel heaviness in the head. 4 spinning of head when wakeup from bed(ENT DOCTOR SAYS ; VERTIGO- TAKE VERTIN).CAN YOU GUIDE ME IN THIS REGARD PLEASE. aged 72. undergone CBGS IN FEB-2004

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    I am Jincy from India .I have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for the last 6 mths .It was only minor symptoms I was having these 5 months after that there was no pain for 2 weeks.Then again started since 1 week it’s been so severe even with a slightest stimulation the pain gets unbearable I didn’t start any medication yet I would like to start with homeopathy medicine Could you please suggest
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    My son underwent a brain surgery in India at Fortis in May this year (drainage of a subdural acute hematoma), and subsequently had some blood on his brain. After 2 months, it was noted that the blood was being absorbed slowly, although at times he still feels the pressure under his skull on the top of his head. The brain injury was due to a road accident in Rwanda in December 2018. He developed acute eye and some ear sensitivity in the months following the accident, which was the reason for the surgery. Presently he has developed acute ear sensitivity (his eye sensitivity has been taken care of with drops and spectacles) that trigger acute facial pain that is becoming worse by the day. He is on neurogil 75 mg twice a day and an anti depressant. Please tell me whether there is something that can be done

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    • Do you have specific recommendations to relieve the near constant burning pain of type 2 Trigeminal neurolgia? I am on Gralise and nortriptyline. However it only seems to stop the pain for a few hours in the morning. By mid day the pain is back. I have a demanding job but fortunately work from home. I am desperate for pain relief.



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    I have atypical trigeminal neuralgia for over 20 yrs. My medications are failing me at this point. My pain is on the left side , burning in nature and radiates on the upper palate of mouth, around gums and teeth, and along side of tongue. My pain is 24/7 worse from early morning and during day. Nothing really triggers it. One minute I can eat or drink something with no pain and the next time, boom, there is pain. I’m also noticing more pain after brushing my teeth.My pain is so intense at times ,it radiates through my whole body. I cry all of the time because of it. I’m on anti convulsants, antidepressant, and pain medication and now trying medical cannabis. Nothing is helping. I am 69 years old, small woman 103 lbs. and usually very active. I am now doing nothing at all; staying in the house all of the time. Can you tell me what to do?Thank you.
    Louise Ferrazzano

  25. Jim Grisham says:

    My condition is glossopharengial neuralgia. Severe shocking pain on the left side when eating, swallowing or talking. Have had two surgeries on the 9th cranial nerve to no avail. Only thing that has helped for around 8 years is trileptal, a drug used for treating epilepsy. The condition comes and goes but never to the point that I don’t need at least a partial dose of the trileptal. Acupuncture sometimes helps but not always. I am completely open to the holistic approach. Thank you for any help you can give.

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    Your article is quite informative and gives hope to lot of trig neuralgia patients like me.

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    Looking forward for your suggestion.


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      I am having pain on the right side jaw. I am told that I am having trigeminal neurolgia. I have this problem since last 6 years. I feel pain while brushing teeth, eating, drinking, talking, reading. I have been taking Tegritol for the remedy. It gave relief until last week. Now the medicine is not working. I was taking 100 mg Tegritol initially, But gradually as the pain grows, the dose of medicines also increases. Now I am taking Tegritol 2oo mg twice in a day which is also not working. From yesterday, I am now taking homeopathy medicince i.e. Mag Phos Liquid and Magnesia Phospherica 12x. But the pain has not yet reduced. Please advise.

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  32. lori metz says:

    Hi, I have had TN in the past on the right side lower jaw. I was treated with gamma knife and it worked. Lately I have been getting the same pains on my right side. It started out as small electrical shocks and then I got a cold. Now it is getting really bad. What should I do to take? Thanks in advance.

  33. shelley kain says:

    i started having trigeminal nueralgia 4 years ago . it was tmd first from a dentist then last year they said nerve damage. i am being treated with pain meds at this time not completely helping. also had gamma knife done no success at all. it is on my left side. i seem to have most all of the symptoms. my pain level is a ten nearly all the time. what would you recommend. ? thank you shelley kain

  34. Phil Ormerod says:

    Hi Dr,
    I was treated for Trigeminal neuralja in 1991 with carbamazepine and Rhus Tox and gelsemium.
    The tn has come back over the last three weeks and I am back on carbamazepine and have taken Rhus Tox , gelsemium and I am now on Spigelia. I am taking spigelia every 2 hours from a bottle of water with 1/10 replaced by alcohol and 3 modules of 30c . I have refilled the bottle 3 times up to now . The pains slowed down until today when at the regular 3pm came back .
    I would be really grateful for anyadvice you could give me

  35. Hello Doctor,

    My father has lancinating pain in the right side of the face when he eat, brush or face wash. we took MRI and the observations are below

    A prominent vessel – possibly the superior cerebellar artery noted in the right side abutting the right trigeminal nerve at the root entry zone with indentation of the nerve s/o possible grade II neuro-vascular conflict.

    We consulted allopathy doctor and the medicine given is creating lot of drowsiness and conditions are not improving. the medicine he takes is Zeptol CR 200 mg.

    This issue raised 18 months back and allopathy doctor says only surgery is the permanent treatment. since my father age is 75 he is not willing to go for any surgery.

    Can you please guide us in homeopathic remedies for this issue. We are living in Chennai and ready to consult homeopathy doctor here.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    • Dianne Bonner Whittington says:

      I am waiting for the gamma knife radiation therapy, but while I have been waiting I have been to the doctor, the hospital, last time they even gave me morphine, hardly touched the pain at all. the next night I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand it…I tried looking up home remedies, it mentioned peppermints looked everywhere in the house for peppermint tea, whatever had a nice smell. the only thing I could even think of, trying to get something with an odour , well dont laugh remember I was out of my mind with pain, I tried my bottle of Vicks vapour rub, I put under my nose, up my nose and round the nostril area, touching ever here, guess what from an excruciating main to nothing, it has now been 2 days, …..of curse I do the rub thing twice a day just in case. I hope this helps your dad, or anyone else reading this.

  36. Rajinderparsad says:

    Hello dr.sharma
    I am tmj pation befor 5 year i remov all teath upper and lower pain in my lfet side ear nose eye and head
    I am 70year i make new dentire but defficuti hard cjhapati i eat daliya khichdi and miilak juice pleas e
    Suggest me homeo medican
    I take english medican togritol 150 two time daily
    No relif medican
    Thank you.
    Mo no 9989344805


    Dear sir,
    I am a patient of RT TN since 20 yr back. Allopathic treatment undertaken. No result ultimate yet. Feel pain when speaking,eating,brushing,washing,shaving, right side just like shock. Presently having treatment from CMC Vellore.medicine Lyrica 150 twice daily.but in vain. Pain found when heavy hot,cold

  38. Rajesh Patnaik says:

    I am suffering from TN ĺower lips & right face since 2011. I have used many allopathic medicine, but don’t get relief. Request to suggest.

  39. Rajendra Singh Banaphar says:

    Good Morning Doctor,
    I am a patient of T.N on left side since 1988. From Aug,1988 I am under Homepathy and it sontinued
    Some where in 2003 switched over to alloapthy but back to normal homeopathy. As the pain increased
    I under went cyber knife surgery in 2013 and feeling better. Though there was recurrence in mild from
    and continued with treatment under my Homeopathy doctor.Mr.K.M Abar sha. who is treating me fro
    the last thiry years. As advised by him I stopped medicines since 2017 Jan. Now for the last few days there is pain in the jaw and while munching and brushing in morning only in the morning. Pl advise medicine or should I approach my doctor.

  40. hello doctor, my mother is suffering from T N from last 7 to 8 years there are so many medical treatments she take but no pain releif. please tell me homeopathy treatment is avialble for TN and can homeopathy medicine relief in pain?

  41. Magenthiran says:

    Doctor i am suffering from right side facial TN since june 2016 seeing neurology since than had a radiofrequency on 10 march 2018. My lower jaw feel ok but pain at upper nose still remain does it mean op was done on v3 and not both on v2 v3. Now i started treatement with homeopathy doctor hope i am in good hand now will i get cure pls give me your blessing thank you.
    Magenthira age 65

  42. Sanjay Kumar keshri says:

    Dr doctor I am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia Left side pain in my face on my jaw I am suffering since 5years please suggest me some homeopathic medicine for this problem I live in jharkhand state ,In gumla district
    So please help me to get well soon

  43. Reena Mathew says:

    I have left side pain .on tegretol now but has side effects coming.wanted to start homeopathic is it possible

  44. क्या होमियोपैथ में ट्रायजेम्यल न्यूरलगिया स्थायी इलाज

    • Rajinderparsad says:

      Hello dr.sharma
      I am tmj pation befor 5 year i remov all teath upper and lower pain in my lfet side ear nose eye and head
      I am 70year i make new dentire but defficuti hard cjhapati i eat daliya khichdi and miilak juice pleas e
      Suggest me homeo medican
      I take english medican togritol 150 two time daily
      No relif medican
      Thank you.
      Mo no 9988344805

  45. I have trigeminal neuralgia. Right side. I have it come on at intervals. These may last a month. The interval between attacks might be 2 weeks, 2 months and once only about 8 months. Each attack is different . Usually the area around the lip and nose and affects the teeth. It can be stabbing pains,, on and off all through most of the day, or electric pains lasting seconds, but seems it might never stop, although it does. and then comes back again. Have had 6 interventions, including mvd which did not work. It came on about 60 years at that time excruciating . Now 76 and with age has become as above. often like a needle in side of face, where I cannot eat or talk, which would last a few days. On these days I sit quiet and pain subsides. Have read a little about homeopathic tried odd remedy not sure what I am doing, can only think of having tried magnesium.

  46. Dr Sharma, My wife had suffered by herpes before 2years but still she is having pain to right side od the face, can u suggest medicine to subside fully. thanks

  47. m suffering from right Face and lower jaw shooting pain since the last 5-6year’s Doctor called disease name TN. I’m also taking some medicine as magetol, gavapin etc. But now the medicine not control the pain. Pain is out of control. Pl suggest me cheap and best surgery as injection or other. You can do than time and charges

  48. My son 11 years old has Vagal schwanoma in right neck. Currently he has no symptons at all. It is 3.5 cm ( sphere). Doctors at UFM and Mayo clinic dr suggest we wait and do another dynamic MRI in 6 months.

    Are there any homeopathic suggestions while we wait that can help shrink ? Or any suggestions regarding the diet or food or exercise that would help ?

    Thank you.

  49. Nancy Gaffud says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Good day!
    My name is nancy, presently suffering trigemneal neurolgia, on of of actually. 2010 I was diagnosed acoustic swhanoma and same time TN felt till now, for 2017 no much trigerred pain but early 2018 im suffering till at present. A little bit lessen the pain. Can u advise me for a herbal treatment.
    Looking forward for your kind advise.
    Thank you and God bless.

  50. m suffering from Face shooting pain since the last 5-6year’s Doctor called disease name TN. I’m also taking some medicine as magetol, gavapin etc. But now the medicine not control the pain. Pain is out of control. Pl suggest me cheap and best surgery as injection or other. You can do than time and charges

  51. doctor , where to get homeopathy medicine for trigeminal neuralagia left side of my face ie tongue to ear
    thanks srkumar jhabua madhyapradezh 9425618020

  52. Dr i have had tn for the past 3yrs any guide or help on in severe pain

  53. Dr i have had tn for the past 3yrs any guide or help on homeopathic

    • Dipak Kumar Chaudhuri says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am a patient of RT TN from one yr.I have taken allopathic medicine Tegrital 200 mg.BD for three months.I was OK for six months.but now i again feel pain in lower RT 4th tooth.Dentist diagnosis due toTrigeminal neuralgia this pain occurred.
      I feel pain suddenly when speaking, brushing, eating, right side just like shock at mandible to ear.
      Please advise me what medicine I will take.

  54. Dr Sharma,
    I have right-sided Trigeminal Neuralgia with electric volt pain in my third mandibular branch. The pain causes my jaw drop down if I am talking and my mouth is open when it strikes. My triggers are (high) heat and humidity, eating, brushing my teeth, or touching the right side of my lips or chin.

    I am currently on medications, but still experience breakthrough pain. I think my body has gotten used to my medicines, and efficacy is happening. My neurologist is suggesting titration to increasing my dosage of 1 medicine with raking it at mid-day.

    I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and homeopathic recommendations. Also any risks, or side effects as well.

    Thank you,

    • Julie robles says:

      I’ve had to deal with this condition for 25 years. I had Micro decompression surgery and it was effective for 10 years but now I’m in pain again. I take tegretal every 8 hrs. 6cc of marijuana tea, 3 capsules of magnesium and 3 vitamin b complex, so far my pain was reduced to 95 %.

  55. Abdul halik says:

    Is trigeminal neuralgia permanent curable in homeopaths?

  56. My case was determined as Trigeminal Neuralgia but my face is fine. My problem started with severe pain and electric shocks at the end of the left eyebrow, extended for the whole eyebrow, then to my left forehead and the front quarter of my head. It was like a sewing machine at first, then like knife stabbing, with my left eye burning like hell, and I felt like it is going to jump out of my face. Nothing helped, no medicines, no acupuncture, but this local way (HUJAMA) helped my headaches, but the main problem remains. The electricity is still in my eyebrows, can’t touch it, as well as my eyelid, forehead and front quarter of the left head. The forehead becomes swollen and very soft, cant brush my hair, can’t wash my hair (it is like hell), what can be done.

  57. Ravindra kalayya says:

    sir, iam experiencing trigeminal neuralgia problem on my left face. please can you suggest homeopathic medicine. From three years i am in problem.
    thank you.

  58. Cris Russell says:

    Dr Sharna,
    I am a 52 yo female and have had left sided TN for the past 5 years. I had MVD surgery 4 years ago, but still continue to suffer with pain at the present time.
    My medication history: Tegretol and Trileptal until they became toxic to my body and started to deplete my sodium to extremely dangerous levels this past January (caused brain swelling and heart near heart failure). Now on Tegretol with good results MOST of the time – but would like to know more about Spigelia Anthelma for managing my TN and the proper dosage/how to use it please. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you.

  59. Vijaylaxmi Dhagga says:

    My pain in right facial after root canal on my upper tooth 7,6,5 then extract 5,6 later 7 was again &again root canal but still pain was continued then again found a small part of small root canal part remains in my root again small surgery and removed all my three tooth i.e 5,6,7 is extracted.but pain is the same. Then went to neu doc they said it is trignal suggest me correct medicine for no doc diagnosed properly from the first .

  60. Muhammad Anees says:

    Respected Sir,
    My wife is suffering from sever pain last few months in left arm left leg and oftenly left face and left head , I am fourth year student of DHMS , I have given Lachesis 200 but it gave some time relax and pain again start and also gave her spigelia30 , 200 and but zero result , time to time I gave rhus tox, at last I gave her mag phos , it gave her some relax not complete, but she suffered from loose motion and uper teeth gums painful, important thing, I found her tongue yellowish and maps between the yellowish through out illness. please give advice, Thanks in anticipation

  61. Muhammad Anees says:

    Respected Sir,
    My wife is suffering last few months in left arm left leg and oftenly left face and left head , I am fourth year student of DHMS , I have given Lachesis 200 but it gave some time relax and pain again start and also gave her spigelia30 , 200 and but zero result , time to time I gave rhus tox, at last I gave her mag phos , it gave her some relax not complete, but she suffered from loose motion and uper teeth gums painful, important thing, I found her tongue yellowish and maps between the yellowish through out illness. please give advice, Thanks in anticipation

  62. sir,
    i babu suffering from tn last more than ten years on my left side of the face.i took medicine from alopathy long time ,i heard that there is best medicine in homeopathy,and i started the treatment from homeopathy.In homeopathy how the medicine is act to cure the tn.The disease started idiopathic only.My character may cause for tn,like tension,tress,angry ect..

  63. Fakir subudhi says:

    I am getting severe neuralgic pain over front lowered part of left ear and over left side of head.pain comes in Avery 5 to 6 hours.please advise

  64. Dear Doctor
    I have been suffering with Trigeminal Neuralgia since 2005 Allopathy docctors prescribed carbomapezine group of drugs like tegretol. I had been taking tegrittol for nearly 8 years when I was consuming tegrittol I was free from facial shock but I hesite to continue tegrittol as I come accorss the side effects via social media I stopped it and I turned to Homeopathy care.Now I am taking Hoeopathy medicines for the past 4 years It is good but when I stop it relapse and now again I started taking homeo medicine the homeo doctor whom I am consulting he will send it by courier. Now I find slow impovement. So doctor can you please suggest me some good medicine better than what I am taking now (I dont know the name of homeo medicine) because I got some powder from the homeo Doctor which bears no name. So if you suggest some names I could get it in Homeo pharmacy in my hometown and I could realise something better. I had no injury or any sort of neurological disorder in my childhood or in aduldhood now I am 60 years old. I am getting severe shock during I taste something food and brushing teeth I am able to feel that my tigeminal MAILLARY BRANCH OF NERVE gets severely trigerred. Please render some possible help to me. I am in Tamilnadu state. THANKS.

    • sir,
      i babu suffering from tn last more than ten years on my left side of the face.i took medicine from alopathy long time ,i heard that there is best medicine in homeopathy,and i started the treatment from homeopathy.In homeopathy how the medicine is act to cure the tn.The disease started idiopathic only.My character may cause for tn,like tension,tress,angry ect..

  65. Hello Dr Sharma,
    There was space diagnosed between my two right sided teeth. The doctor kept open my mouyh for almost half an hour and then pain in my jaw erupted. This was two years back and I took homoeopathic medicine as prescribed by a homoeopath. Now I was just yawning and it started off again. Starting from right ear, going down to chin and neck. Its a very throbbing pain. Pls guide and help.

  66. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 59 year old man and suffering TN for last 4 years on the RIGHT SIDE of the face. Frequently the acute pain is persistent continuously and changing pain location, such as below the ears, bottom teeth, below the nose etc etc and some times very painful to eat and even speak. I am regularly taking Mazetol SR 200 four times a day but not much relief. I shall be very thankful if advise some treatment.
    Best Regards,
    TC Sharma

  67. ANAND SINGH says:

    Sir, I have trigeminal neuralgia since last two months. In MRI the blood vessel forming loop on the trigeminal. Is their any chance of recovery from this painful condition through homeopathy.

  68. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’m a 5 time cancer survivor and now I’m in terrible pain. I’ve had chemo 3 times and radiation 1 time. I finished up my last chemo last September. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia/Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia.

    My mouth is a salty burning mess with pain. My ENT cancer doctor doesn’t know how to help me. I’ve seen an Urgent Care doctor who prescribed Nystatin for my thrush. I’ve seen my oncology dentist. He cannot help me. I’ve been seeing a neurologist for a six weeks. She prescribed Duloxtine – this didn’t work. Then I tried Cymbalta, Lyrica, Gabapentin, and Horizant. None of these medicines have worked. I have to numb my mouth inside with Magic Mouthwash (a combination of Nystatin, Lidocaine, Mylanta and something else) to eat. My mouth is also numb around the teeth.

    I am at my wits end as to what to do. Can you help me? I am in so much pain and have been this way for 4 months.

    Thank you.

  69. once I went to the dental doctor due to pain in right side upper teeth, he removed one right teeth still I had pain so again I went to the dental doctor ,he said it will be due to nerve problem you go to neorology doctor so I went to neorology doctor He has given me tegrital 200 mg ,maxgalip AT and gabintin forte 300 mg write side of the face pain while eating,talking in morning time touching even down lip gives pain what is your suggestion

  70. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have a 5 year old diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She always has had difficulty teething and is frequently in oral motor teething pain even though now all her baby teeth are out but her adult molars are budding. She chews on hard objects. Cries in pain. It effects her sleep. Fish oil aggravates these conditions. Brushing is painful. Scalp is sensitive and it hurts her to brush her hair also. I have had MRI, EEG , genetic tests, dental X-rays done and all
    Are normal.
    On a daily basis we deal with this debilitating pain in her mouth with Tylenol ibuprofen chamomile lavender oils and over the counter homeopathy tinctures and teething oils.

    But this problem is refusing to go away. She is a happy girl otherwise no behavior issues responding positively and improving in all areas other than expressive speech.

    TMJ was ruled out by a specialist also and for a lack of diagnosis I am beginning to suspect she may have TN.

    Is there anything I can try to see if it would help her. The pain is effecting her day to day life and I am desperate to help her. Please.

  71. Ana Maria says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,My name is Ana Maria,age 49,female.I have been suffering from trigeminal neurologia for last 2 years.I have pain right side of the face,behind the eyes,ears.unbearable pain during attack of pain.pain comes every single hours & last for 15 to 20 minutes. Since then I m taking pain killers.but recently seems like pain killers also not responding. TN ruins my life.Dr plz suggest me any medicine.eagerly waiting for reply. Thank u

  72. Hi Dr Sharma, my name is Diane I had full face lift eyes, brow and face life , it’s been 2 and a half months and last week I started getting shouting , stabbing electrifying pain on my right hand side of face, comes on mostly at night time, what do you recommend , my dr mentioned gabspentin. Not sure what to do please give me option thanks Diane

  73. Hi Dr Sharma, my name is Diane I had full face lift eyes, brow and face life , it’s been 2 and a half months and last week I started getting shouting , stabbing electrifying pain on my right hand side of face, comes on mostly at night time, what do you recommend , my dr mentioned gabspentin. Not sure what to do please give me option thanks Diane

  74. JOHN PAAPA ADDEY says:


  75. Penny L Choice says:

    March 9th 2017 I’m looking for homeopathic salvation and Redemption for cranial nerve damage…my column is more than 50%. Damaged I am now experiencing organ failure and muscle weakness the hospital dont know what to do. They say I am mental I live in south florida…broward county no invasive if I have a choice
    I am a walking cadaver. everyday muscle weakness processing compatibility is inclining I’m slowly going into a coma and health care is not helping me to live

  76. Naminder says:

    My mom is suffering from burning and pain on tip of tongue,lips,throat.pain is very severe. She is suffering from this disease for five months. Doctors prescribed gabapentin;no results.after that lyrica .no result. I will be very thankful to you for your advice.

  77. ravinder aneja says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having trigimenal neuralgia in Left side for alomot 2years now and i m 40 years old.
    pls help.
    Ravinder aneja

  78. Sachin Bangar says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My mother is suffering from a deseas atypical trigeminal nuralgia.. she is not getting releaf with medicins like tegratal and Lyrica . She has undergone with rediofrequency and MVD surgery also. But still she is suffering with same pain at left side face. Can you please help us on this condition? Thanks in advanced and waiting for your help.

  79. sir I m suffering from intradural nerve sheath tumor in spinal since last two year I m unable to move my both the legs is not working and I m doing homoeopathic treatment due which blood is started flowing in my legs but yet I m unable to walk

  80. rakesh jhanjee says:

    Pl advice how to treat left side facial trigeminal neuralgia starts from tooth exrtaction for my wife age 58

  81. Ahmed Nawaz says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am still awaiting your reply regarding my following description. Thank you in advance.

  82. Ahmed Nawaz says:

    Dear Dr. Hello ,I m from pakistan and there is a problem to my wife who is about 58 years of age .For the last 15 days she has severe pain which starts from throat goes to head rather top of skull through the ear on left side.some times it becomes unbearable.A local homeopath was consulted but there is no change in condition.I don’t know what medicines he has tried so far but the condition is still the same.kindly suggest medicines for quick relief. Also let me know the medicine to remove the after effects of radiotharapy.

    • Ahmed Nawaz says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma. kindly reply me of my post dated weed April,2017.Thank in advance for reply.

  83. Anjum Akmal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’m 60 years old female and since last year I’m having pain on the right side of my ear around the ear. There is more pain in the nape of my neck. Now I’m having pain in my cheek bones and temples. My shoulders are very painful and stiff. I remember I fell on my right side of head and face against a wall about 2 years back. I don’t know whether it’s due to that fall.
    Please suggest some remedy.
    I will be extremely grateful.
    Mrs. Anjum

  84. Dr Achla Prasad says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am 58 year old female. I am having trigeminal nuralgia (right side) for past 10 years. It radiates from base of jaw to ear and causes tinnitus and headache.The right side of tongue is irritable and I am unable to eat. Now there is tingling sensation of pain in front teeth of lower jaw which is very disturbing.Pl advise me a homoeopathic remedy for it.
    Dr. Achla

  85. Baburu sirigiri says:

    Sir my name is sirigiri baburu and I am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia since 3 years I live in hyderabad suggest me the best treatment to solve my problem

    • Hello Sir/ Friend,

      Same thing happened with my mom, She was having from the past three days, have visited sun shine hospitals in paradise and consulted Dr. Gopal. He is a good doctor and neurologist, he gave medicines and now she is getting shock but the pain is quiet less, need to continue medicines for one month he told. Very good doctor.


  87. Cathy Moothoo says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am 49 years old and lost my husband nearly 2 years now since then I have trigeminal neuralgia on my right side which vibrates & hits the edge of my lower gum and sometimes my upper jaw painful. TN is troubling me lot it is unbearably pain. I am taking 3 doses of Tegretol 200mg daily it does help the pain still persist. There is pain when I brush my teeth when I wash my face and when I eat and sharp bouts of pain every hour.
    What treatment you recommend?

  88. Craig Robert Haley says:

    I have TN. I get electric shocks as well as a near constant hot boring pain in my left ear. I also occasionally get these pains on my right side. I am a 62 yr old male in relatively good physical condition except for TN and a bit of pristate issues. I take opiates and tegratol for the pain. It provides some relief but not complete. I am open to your therapy. Please advise and thank you.

  89. Marie Jacqueline Clemet says:

    i have trigeminal neuralgia on my left side which vibrates & hits the edge of my upper gum or travels up alongside my head going upwards & painful. My life is in shambles.
    What treatment you recommend?

  90. Hi Dr sharama I am suffering from Bels pulsy for one year left side my face. Suggest some advice for me. How ll help homeopathic treatment this bels pulsy. How can I get medicine? Thanks.

  91. I was diagnosed with glossopharyngeal neuralgia a few months ago. I’m not pleased with the treatment options. Nothing! I’ve been disabled since 2004 with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis after spending a week as an outpatient at the Mayo Clinic. I know that I’m not getting good health treatment due to being disabled. health insurance options are deplorable for us. I had the best health insurance for 36 years and can no longer afford a good plan. I would like homeopathic advice for chronic pain for my conditions. Thank you

  92. KALYANRAMA K says:

    My daughter of 21 years is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia for the past 3 months. of late the frequency of occurence has increased , almost on alternate days. The pain is on the left side of the face. She experiences a burning sensation in the back of her eyes. kindly suggest suitable remedies.

  93. For 20 years I have suffered neuralgia, electric shock type pain, shooting down the side of Head ( not face) sometimes behind the ear, can happen either side, I suffered a fractured orbital bone 6 months before it all started. It can happen up to 10 times a year and lasts any where from 3 days to 7 days. What would best suit this type? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  94. N.C .Mandal says:

    I am feeling very pain in left side from Waist to hip to cupmusels. Mainly in the morning l cannot walk easyly.Doing some exercise l can do something. Suggest me some homeo medicin

  95. Dr Sharma

    I have being diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia with severe pain on the left side of my face. I had braces on my teeth for a long time and I had to remove them because I developed this severe pain. The pain is nerve recking and there is pain when I brush my teeth when I wash my face and when I eat and sharp bouts of pain nearly every minute and I need your help to get the relief I desperately need.

    Please give me the daily dosage for your remedies.

    My neurologist has prescribed. Gabapentin 3oo mg three times a day but I am still in pain.

    I need your help please!!!!!!

  96. Dr Sharma
    My wife has hyperthyroid. She has a bit of vision problem. She says there seems to be a film in her eyes affecting her vision. Have you encounter this condition before and is there a homeopathic remedy..
    Much thanks.

  97. Hello doc

    I am suffering from trigeminal nuerogia on my right side after a fall…there r episodes of pain ..ordinary pain killer are nt helpful ..pain comes mostly due to cold wind .. Please suggest medicine n their potency

    • Ahamed Khan says:

      Dear Doctor,
      I am aged82 . I am getting itching on my body including head two or 3 bols also seen on the scalp. Due to age my skin started getting wr ingles and alsodryness. Please suggest me some homeopathy medicines to get relief from this problem.

  98. Vikram Chandna says:

    Hello Doctor ,please suggest how to take these above Medicicines….

  99. Anna Onazi says:

    Hi doc for 2 years I experience pain when I chew from my mouth (right side only) bhwhich radiates all to the eyes.. Plz assist

  100. sharon chiodo says:

    Hi doc,
    How much hekla lava,should I take for my type of TN?

    • sharon chiodo says:

      Dr. Sharma,
      I originally got trigeminal neuralgia on my lower right teeth from dental work. The doctors pulled three teeth on that side not knowing what it was. Now I am left with constant jaw and teeth ache and burning. I take tregratol and neurontin but it does not help. I read that another patient has the same problems and you suggested hekla lava. Can you please help me…..sharon

  101. ratna chhabaria says:

    I am suffering from TN last 4 months
    I have taking medicine tab. Gabapentin 75mg and gabapentin 300mg at night and trigritol bd 100mg and have been taken Physiotherapy after taking all this there is a little improvement but i still feel pain for around 50 percent please suggest some homeopethic medicine for me and if wish to call fot your medicines given above how should i contact you My age is 53

  102. Julie-Anne Ninness says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I think that I have Had Trigeminal Neuralgia having daily and nightly episodes of pain in the right side of my face for the past four years. I am always so tired from disturbed sleep, that it is sometimes extremely hard to get through the day. I must tell you that I was diagnosed with MS eight years ago.

    I have had numerous MRI’s, ultrasounds done on my face, dental x-Rays etc etc etc, but nothing has shown up that is causing the pain. My Neurologist suggested Trigeminal Neuralgia because of my MS. He tried me on Tegretol but no improvement at all. So I just take pain tablets or my natural Tumeric tablets or both as soon as I feel it coming on.

    Is there anything you can suggest that I can do to fix this problem ? I am hoping that the sheath around the Trigeminal nerve has not been damaged from the MS.

    I don’t know what else I can do but I feel desperate to stop getting this pain as each episode lasts over an hour. I get the pain mostly after I eat after every meal, breeze on my face or from talking.

    Please can you help me, I will do or try anything at this stage, please help if you can.

  103. lal kamlendra verma says:


    I suffering from trigeminal neuralgia last 10 years.( in left side). I have taken amitryin, tryptomer, etc.
    I am taking oleptol od 150mg. in current time. but is more side effect.plz suggested homeopathic therapy.

  104. Myrtle Anderson says:

    I am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia pain on the left side and is usually fired from my lower teeth. Eating, brushing my teeth wind and applying make up triggers it. What is you advice for me. I am desperate. The pain is so severe. Please help.

  105. Md.Sikander says:

    I am suffering fromTN for 4 yrs.I feel pain rt side of the face even when eat,talk and chew.Now I taking allapothy.Pls prescribe me homoèopathy medi

  106. dear doc. PENIS NUMBNESS,LBA,FRONT OF RT. THIGH BURNING, TAIL BONE PAIN and from last three week foot numbness and burning …. MRI,NCS, BLOOD TESTS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL…ALWAYS… its been for two and half years… bryonia,hypericum,ignatia,gnaphalium etc. not working well… problem could be neurological? thanks 7674959313

  107. surajit kumar guha says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My wife aged 71 years, 4 ft.9 inch height weight 60 kg,
    she has the following problem: knee jt.,lower back,heep jt.pain,and also genetic neoro patient for last 4 years.she could not walk more than100 feet or so at a stretch,pl.suggest remedy or treatment.
    Thanking you.

  108. Dear Doctor Sharma

    My Aunt who is 82 years of age is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia. She is in unbearable pain most of the time. Series of injections were taken but the pain keep occurring. She has had this pain for the past 4 years
    Please advise how she could get a relief through Homeopathy treatment.

    Thank you very much

  109. Ashraf Iqbal says:

    dear dr sharma
    I am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia of left side. The pain gets worse while eating, brushing,
    and even talking. I am taking spigelia mag phos but they are not very effective please
    prescribe more medicines
    thanking you
    ashraf iqbal

  110. Dear sir last 8 yes iam having trigemia problem before this I have extracted right side big teeth bottom side after removing this problem started my sugar is160 also b4 two yrs no problem after completed homeo pathy course but now again started pls suggest homeopathy medicine thanks

  111. Hi my dog was diagnosed with trigeminal nerve sheath tumor on her right side, she is constantly trying to itch the right side of her face. I do not want to treat her with radiation, have studied homeopathy and use it on myself and family, would love to hear some suggestions thank you very much. My dod is a canine companion dog for my son with autism. she is 10 1/2 my son is 26 thanks

    • Iam suffering with trigminal neuralgia left side. Horrible paining from teeth -ear-eye-&above.first I used English medicine I.e..Oxetol-450 mg & pragalin-500. I got relief in 2months. But I don’t want to use it for a long time. So please I need ur advice sir.

  112. Dr. Sharma,

    I occasionally have a tingling in my face, with pain in my face and jaw. This seems to be worst in the morning. Could anything be going on when I sleep? When this happens I also have congestion with a crunching sensation in my ears. Associated with this, I sometimes feel out of sorts – I don’t process well mentally and am a little unstable on my feet.

    Might you have any suggestions for treatment?


  113. Karen Ramirez says:

    I have had trigeminal neuralgia for almost 2 years. It can be painful some days more than others but what bothers me more is my eye. I have lost some of the sight on that side of my face. My friend told me to take sun flower drops. Will that help with the neuralgia?

  114. Panju Mochahary says:

    sir respond and reply please.i have a chronic pain in right mandibular tooth jaw.The problem is very serious and worse after tooth extraction and cyst surgery.It was misdiagnosed by one lack of experienced dentist.So sir kindly provide me among these two hypericum perforatum and magnesium phosphoricum which is right for my disease.Please

    • Neeraj kalyan says:

      My husband is diagnosed with trigiminal neuralgia one month back,he has moving pain on his right side of upper and lower jaw.he has taken the allopathic medicine to start with but got allergic reaction and had to stop he take the pain killer on sos basis.pls suggest the homeopathic treatment for this disease?is it curable ?pls advise?

  115. Panju Mochahary says:

    Sir please please please please please for God’s sake provide me the brand name of medicine.Like magnesium phosphoricum, Hypericum etc.You seem very venevolent person.Sir m caused by a chronic pain since 5-6 yrs. M jst a student and m living a worst life.My career, my learning stage everythng being spoiled.i was misdiagdosed by a dentist as dental problem and by this i had wisdom teeth extraction and some unnecessary surgeries by which now iam experiencing more complications and worst condition. Pain is constant with changing intensity.Acompanied symtoms are like burning, irritation, sharp and piercing.Sometime iys vry dificult to copy the exact symtoms.Some activities i usualy apply to reliev some pain are poking hardly with aforefinger aplying presure. Sir please provide homeo med name.i jst need aparticular medicine name

  116. Panju Mochahary says:

    Sir and m using homeo hekla lava with my own choice.i had nt consulted any homeo Doc.Which meds wil match to treat my pain.Its difficult to diagnose whether trigeminal pain or other.

  117. Panju Mochahary says:

    Sir m undergoing a chronic pain in the right mandibular tooth and jaw gum since 4 – 5 yrs.Pain is constant with changing intensity starts from mild to increasing.Sir my problem has turned into more complications something like burning, irritation and thick pain around the teeth gum and jaw bone after wisdom teeth extraction with unnecessary surgeries.It is often misdiagnosed confusing with toothpain.Pain circulates more in the extracted region and often make me to tounge the attacked region repeatedly. Sir i kindly request you please tell me any effective and useful homeo meds name that i can stick on for longer time. It will be so venevolent to u.Please jst provide me medicine name so i can buy it here. THANKS
    Mr. Panju Mochahary, Assam

  118. I had surgery for trigeminal neuralgia December 9th 2009.It was very successful no more heavy drugs needed. I am starting to experience pain again about 2 months ago each day is a little more
    frequent, not very severe , but I know it will get there. I mentioned to my doctor internal medicine but I also told her I’m going to wait to see about not having to have surgery again Please advice thank you

  119. Yogesh Mistry says:

    Sir, please find attached my MRI report and suggest me Homeopathy medicine.

  120. Arun kapoor says:

    Sir my father has a trigeminal nerulagia. Kindly suggest us a homeopathy medicine ?for him. Thanks with regards. Kapoor Arun.

  121. Olaleye Adediran says:

    Tnx for your explanation’ but All thé medicine you mention is not understanding. Plz help me translate it To Yoruba language’ please !

  122. Sudha Rani Ch. says:

    I am Sudharani Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh I have been suffering from Tregeminal Neuralgia prove by MRI Scan Report from Tirumla Hospital Vizianagaram on left face from 2014 .I am facing so many problems in upper lip and upper left 7th,8th nerve complex 5th and 6th nerves because of Electric Shock type pain start from them by which I am facing difficulty at the time of brushing chewing eating and talking . I am also feeling electric shock and left side of the face . I am using Ziptol Cr-300 daily 2 time since one and half year and also homeo medicine neurlagia B-68 drops and Tumarin drops and small sixe tables for last six months but still problem as itis. Pls help me and suggest the good homeo medicine.

    Thanking You

  123. ganasan kurchan says:

    Dear Dr, my wife has a condition called glosopharyngeal neuralgia.It is something to do with the 9th cranial nerve.

    please advise if any remedy is possible. MRI has been done it is all clear.

    ganasan kurchan

  124. v.b.joshi says:

    Hellow Dr. I am 65 years old and have been suffering from trigiminal neurolgia since 1996. I was treated for RFTC by Dr. U.S.Vengsarkar in 1996. Upto 2006 there was no problem. Thereafter the paining started but by applying Mazetol 100, it stopped after 2 to 3 months. The same thing was repeated in 2010 and 2013. But from February, 2016 again the paining started and I am using Mazetol 200. Since Dr. Vengsarkar has topped consulting due to age factor I approached Dr.Ramani who has given me following treatment –
    Tab. Losar 50 in morning after breakfast
    Tab.Echospin 75 after lonch and
    Tab. epitoon 100 after dinner alongwith use doze of Mezetol 100 in morning and 200 in night.
    I am suffering from hypertention having high BP hence the above treatment was given.

    Please advise me homeopathy treatment if the disease is to be completely cured. At present I have mild paining which is stopped by taking Mazetol. But for future in my old age, I want a complete relief. Please advise.

  125. Jitendra says:

    Hello dr. Me maa ko pichle tenyear’ se trigeminal neuralgia naamak bimari hai ab to pickle six month se dard hi band nahi ho raha hai plz advise me

  126. Dear Dr,
    I’m having little numbness in my right eye, after sleep, (feeling normal after 5-10 mints.) feeling uncomfortable while reading on screen and in the sunlight… pls, advice…

  127. Hello doctor,

    My mother 60 yrs old.she is been suffering from MS and Trigeminal Neurologia past 8 yrs lot of medicines she is taking. Now she is unable to chew because of the pain inside the mouth as well as outside. Doctor has proscribed tegrital cr and lyrical. Bcos of the medicine is unable to walk due to weakness and feeling dizzy. Kindly advice.

  128. Mary Jo Britner says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My 84 year old mother has a brain tumor located behind her left ear. These are the symptoms she experiences in the left side of her face:
    Needle like sensation, burning sensation, ear ache, mandibular tooth pain even though she has no lower posterior teeth, muscle spasms under mandible and is unable to open mouth when this happens. Left side of tongue in numb, starting to experience numbness in throat when swallowing. The left cranial nerve is palsied, double vision and the eye points inward to her nose. She has surgery scheduled for August. They have not given her any traditional meds for TN, such as Lyrica, Tegretol or Neurontin. She is in constant daily agony. It is so hard to watch her suffer. What homeopathic products do you suggest that can help alleviate her pain and suffering? Thank you.

  129. Gautam Roy says:

    My brother has been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for about 5-6 years on his left side of the face. He has been taking alopathy medication such as tregetrol along with other tablets prescribed by cmc velore. It has been almost a year since he attended cmc velore. Now for few days he is having an unbearable pain. Now we are thinking for alternative treatment which has less side effects & also effective for the pain management. Would you think that the homeopathic treatment will help him in managing this kind of severe pain? If so, could pls let me advice on this matter? Thank you. Gautam roy.

  130. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    Could you please suggest homeopathy treatment for right side TN – continuous stabbing pain, unable to talk and chew most probably TN1? Suffering this for the last 9 years, all allopathic medicines giving no relief.

  131. Audrey Fernandes says:

    Heaviness in head can’t go out of house feel spaced out and eye temples become heavy. Going on for 3months. Don’t know this mysterious sickness. All reports normal ct scan and Mri. I’m scan I might have MS or sickness which doctors don’t know about.

  132. julia Odling says:

    Hi, I started to suffer from tribalism neuralgia after a root filling. Not sure if that was to blame or just coincidence. Anyway I have been taking Belafonte and gadolinium under guidance of a homeopathic for over a year. It seemed to do the job but never fully 100%. Still had intermittent ache and cold wind would worsen it. Please note right sided. My pain has come back with a vengeance, awfull spasmodic electric shock type pain lasting 5 min or so. Cannot eat, wash, clean teeth properly. Excruciating ! Had to go to the doctor who has given me gabapentin. I am afraid to take this . Can you advise please ?

  133. Sherry Gerszberg says:

    Can you help me? Autoimmune Cranial Neuritis caused by Big Pharma Antibiotics…. Please help me!!

    I beg with tears for help please help

    I cannot feel my entire mouth throat or neck and burn on fire non stop causing paralysis! Please help me! Here is my story!!

    I have an autoimmune disease set off by Keflex 29 years ago and biaxin for a tooth infection in February 2015 that threw me under the bus!

    My body is attacking my trigememinal and glossopharngeal nerves (cranial nerves) vagus too, neck into my spine in neck down back! My entire mouth throat palate tongue sinuses cheeks occipital (I can feel the swelling of all the nerves in brain and brainstem! I have atrophy in my face from the nerves inside my mouth and swelling near my ears and atrophy with my ears as well! Please help me stop the autoantibodies from attacking my central nervous system (cranial nerves and spine)!
    Looking for natural treatment only! Big Pharma ruined my life!!

    I need a miracle now please!

    Sherry Gerszberg
    New Jersey

  134. rajeev kumar jain says:

    sir i am suffering from left side trigeminal neuralgia pain is very severe even i cant speak and eat please help me

  135. ANIL KUMAR JAIN says:

    I am suffering fron trigerminal nerulejia in right side of face from 2011. I have taken treatment of alopatthy upto one year.and also I have taken phsiyo threapy up to six month.then I quite well. but I am again suffering fron three month. In thease days i am taking homeopathy treatment. but i am not getting relief. in starting in 2011 i was suffred due to eat 8 ice cream continue at a time. I feel just like a electric sock strat and go in upper side from my teeth to ear . please suggest me what i should take medicine. can i take pshiotherapy again.

  136. chandana chakraborty says:

    i am suffering from acute pain from last4 years. last 7 months i am treated many medicines.
    It is Fibromyalgia & nerve pain told by doctors. Left side of my body is affected much than right side. My left leg being thinner 2.5 cm than right. From head to toe every inch of my body under pain. hip joint, knee joint , neck mostly affected. I m now fed up with Pregaballin, Tramadol, Tryptomer etc… I am suuffering from bloating, odema, dry mouth, blur vision, lack of concentration like a dumb…. i am 47 years female. I got herpes 2 on 2009-10. on 2006 Dengue.
    Pls help me.

  137. Purshotam Bansal says:

    i am suffering from pain from the last 20 years, the pain occurs on the right side of the nose where nose and eye joins.
    Very recently I have stated allopathic medicines. The pain remains almost every day.

  138. I am suffering from TN on right face since 2007, I had 50% alcohol injection on right face which helped for few months. I was managing with Mazetol and Pregabalin for 7 years. But recently pain has become worse with higher intensity (shooting pain) and more frequency. Even cannot sleep. Managing now with Mazetol 200 mg BD and Prelogic 75 mg BD. What best homoepathy remedy can help me to cure. Pain is in all branches of right face nerves – V1, V2 & V3 James (Bangalore)

  139. M VIVEKANANDAN says:

    Sir, whether TGN is curable or lifelong on medication.

  140. Michele Stone-Logan says:

    Hello, My mother has been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and it is right sided. She was prescribed a medication normally used to treat seizures and it worked for a few months but now it barely works again. What would the dosage be for her if she took the magnesium phosphoricum?

  141. Candy Perkins says:

    Hi, I am one of the lucky ones that have it on both sides. Nothing happened to me I just woke. up and it. was there. I shouldn’t say nothing. I had. hotrod shot into. my eye because it twitched. I would. like some help. It’s been ten years. I had accupuncture and that seemed to help. Candy

  142. manish mapara says:

    my daughter is 21 years old studing in 4th year bds
    she is suffering from biletral neuralia and mvd done last year
    after surgery she still has pain on right side of face and pain in teeths
    she has to take medicines at times
    kindly guide if homepathy has cure for this pain

  143. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia affecting the right side of my face. There is an additional factor complicating my case: I have herpes appearing also on my right upper jaw, and according to diagnosis it has infiltrated the facial nerves on the right side. Since I wear dentures, it causes me severe and constant discomfort, making it often difficult to sleep. I would be very grateful to you if you can recommend one (or more) homeopathic remedies for my ailments.

    Thank you.

    Ivan Pesic

  144. kamal Preet Singh says:

    Dr. I had got Harpies last started with severe face pain and later some wounds in my body. I had treated it with Allopathic as well as Homeopathic medecines . Now I am having the same kind of pain in my left side of face and teeth. I had consulted with my doctor, he said that it is the after effect of Harpies . Kindly recommend me the homeopathic medicine for that. Thanks& Regards

  145. Norrice Carrian says:

    What came I Do for the pain or what can my Dr give me I take 75mg of lyrica it was helping but now the pain is wores .my nose got broke in December and had surgery now pain is wires please tell me what to .I work and don’t want to lose my job cause of the pain when it’s hit my head I can’t do anything cause of the please help me Norricecarrian my Phone is 3253334701

  146. I am 50 yr old lady who’s been suffering from acute pain in the right cheek extending to the corner of the right eye and the right nostril since last four days. After reading it seems it’s trigeminal neuralgia. Some eruptions hv also come up on that part and in the upper palette inside the mouth.
    In dire need of your help.
    Your anxious patient

  147. Madan Mohan Dora says:

    My wife aged 58 is suffering from right upper side gum pain continuously since long.The Dentists have examined her teeth and gums.They are telling that the teeth and gum are in sound condition and it is a psychological pain.
    But she complains the pain and going to depression because of pain.
    One of the Homeopatist gave her Heckalava(-2),MgP,Belladona,Champmilla.
    But the pain persists.There is slight swelling inside the gum and irritation.
    May I know the right medicine for this disease.she had tonsilite operation in child hood.

  148. Masthan Khan says:

    I am 40 years old.. i am a patient of
    trigeminal neuralgia pain on right side eye brow up, still last two years.

    I need ur help for this.
    I’m waiting for ur kind reply…

    Masthan Khan
    Andhra Pradesh
    Cell: 9885324899.

  149. Masthan Khan says:

    i have trigeminal neuralgia pain on right side eye brow up, still last two years.

    I need ur help for this.

    Masthan Khan
    Andhra Pradesh
    PH: 9885324899

  150. Masthan Khan says:

    I’m suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, eye brow up right side, my age 40yrs.
    Homeopathic Medicine name plz send me sir…

    Masthan Khan
    Nandyal, 518501
    Kurnool (Dist)
    Andhra Pradesh

  151. Masthan Khan says:

    I’m suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, eye brow up right side, my age 40yrs.
    Homeopathic Medicine name plz send me sir…

    Masthan Khan
    Nandyal, 518501
    Kurnool (Dist)
    Andhra Pradesh

  152. Waqas Ahmad says:

    Dear doctor; I have sensations of numbness on left cheek. Sometimes it appears near the lips and sometimes near the eye tip. This sensation is since the last one year. I have taken the complete course of English medicine but still these sensation exists. It is not so regular or continuous but it happened never predict able when it would appear. I am 42 years old and also taking blood pressure medicine in 5 mg dosage. Kindly recommend some homeopathic medicine. I would be grateful. Regards: Waqas

  153. I am suffering since 2010.
    I am staying Dubai.
    how we can get the medicines and how many months will take this medicines.

  154. Good evening, doctor.

    This problem started 1 to 1-1/2 months after an accident I had (car brakes failed and it went and hit a pillar), but no direct impact to the right side of my face anywhere. I am suffering now for the past 1-1/2 months. I did not get any MRI done, but was ruled out by dentist, ENT, and general medicine. All 3 came to the conclusion of TN. Talking mainly triggers this. If I get upset or talk even one word, triggers this. It is like current shock being given to my right lower teeth.
    Can you help me? Where are you based? Can I be free of this problem permanently? I believe 100% in alternative medicine than allopathy.
    By the way, right now I am taking Maxgalin one full tablet morning and evening.
    Please reply to me, doctor, I am really desperate…

    Susy Rao

  155. p.Ravindra Sarma says:

    sir,i am patient of trigeminal neurolgia since 20.4.2004.with pain in 3 divisions(ophthalmic,auxiliary and mandibular divisions).I am on tegrital-200mg . 1 tab morn and 1 tab night.with that my pain comes unbearable to bearable.with less pain I am eating,brushing,shaving talking times iget swelling if pain becomes on high side.however I am feeling uneasy.Kindly sugest suitable medicine to getrid of the pain pain is on right side.

  156. K A Nagamani says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma

    I have pain near 3rd molar, when the ENT specialist examined me with my complaint of swelling in the palate just behind the tooth, and he put Nueralgia? and so I believe that he has not confirmed the same; when I get swelling and painful condition in my palate from centre to tooth, generally after eating some food that touches the roof, and behind the tooth as detected 3rd molar with no cause suddenly, if i press my right nostril, I get a clicking sound and the pain is relieved as well.

    I had tooth infection in the molar tooth and my problem commenced much later after RCT; kindly advise the right medicine for me considering that I am diabetic as well and hypo thyroid patient; I take ultroxin-50 and for diabetes I take herbal medicine.

    K A Nagamani

  157. chiomastella says:

    Pls sir my 65years old mum has been having severe burning sensation on the right hand side of her entire body from head to toe for about 6months now, what could be wrong with her and what do we do

  158. doctor dharma sir I want ask you about anxiety bcz I am suffering from burning sensation all over body with hotness plz tel me homiopathy medicine

  159. My wife has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia a week now. She has been given Tegretol CR200mg four tablets a day. 2 in the morning and 2 at night. It is not doing her any good. She could hardly eat or talk. Our family life has turned upside down and we have two young daughters to take care of. I cannot get much help out of the GP. They say there is no cure and just think of controlling with drugs with serious side effects. My late father was a homeopath and we were brought up on Homeopathy. could you please tell me if there is some thing in Homeopathy she can take.

    the pain is on here right side and could go as far as the temple of the left ear. I am dreading surgery or higher dose of other drugs.


  160. Lata N gulhane says:

    Hiiii …sir mom have too much pain of trigiminal nerve plz suggest me ..

  161. RAMYATAN YADAV says:


  162. mary fitzmaurice says:

    Dear Doctor, I have recently been experiencing left sided burning facial pain mainly around my cheek bone and tracking towards my eye and would say that I have slight decrease in sensation on that side. It feels worse after touching and definitely has worsened over the past couple of weeks. I work and need to try and ease the symptoms so if you could recommend something for me I would be very grateful. I will be seeing my GP in a few days but would prefer if possible not to take medicine unless its necessary.

    Many thanks

  163. vinod kumar maheshwari says:

    tn on my lefst side face from july 2007

    • vinod kumar maheshwari says:


  164. Sir , please suggest me the potency of Spigelia for treatment suggested in above coloumns for Trigeminal neuralgia facial electric shock like pain on touching the left side of face and exposure to rush of air.If any other medicine is to be used also may pl. be suggested.

  165. Sir , please suggest me the potency of Spigelia for treatment suggested in above coloumns for Trigeminal neuralgia facial electric shock like pain on touching the left side of face and exposure to rush of air.If any other medicine is to be used also may pl. be suggested.

  166. Manjula Vani Vankadaru says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am Manjula Vani from Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh). I am suffering from severe pain in the left cheek since 1997 and concluded it as Trigeminal Neuralgia after the diagnosis. It felt like a electric shock and stabbing pain and got relieved after the medication in Homoeopathy. After several years, I am again suffering from the severe strokes of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Now, I am unable to eat, drink or even speak. Please help me and kindly suggest what can be done.

    • Sir , please suggest me the potency of Spigelia for treatment suggested in above coloumns for Trigeminal neuralgia facial electric shock like pain on touching the left side of face and exposure to rush of air.If any other medicine is to be used also may pl. be suggested.

  167. Nausheen Jasnaik says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I reside in India. My mother had severe pain in her left cheek last year which resulted in the condition called Trigeminal neuralgia. She was advised for a Gamma Knife Sergery by a neurosurgeon which was a success. After a year now, from last 2 months she has been feeling numbness and mild twitching on her right cheek. She is unable to feel any touch on that side. She has no pain. Currently she is takign Maxalin MR tablets. Could you advise what should be done.

    • Dear Dr Sharma,
      On the 27th of September 2015 I had very severe neck pain and then very bad throat infection on the Right side. I was already in an Ayurvedic Clinic In Kerala and had massages and Shirodharas, for a week along with tretament assuming it ws sinusitis.

      I live overseas and on my return since 5 days I have been having sharp stabbing pains in the RIGHT Trigeminal area. Once a day about 7/8 pm for 2 minutes or so. It leaves me tired.
      I took some Sanguinaria 200 and some Spigelia.200
      On the first day the episode drastically reduced in intensity and length.
      Are these this the remedies to continue?

      Or as its right sided Spigelia can be stopped?

      Also Mag Phos can it help? If so should I take potency or tissue salts./
      Is kali Phos indicated?

      It is Right sided.
      What test do you think I should take to eliminate any serious cause within?
      I would appreciate a reply soon as possible.
      Yours sincerely

  168. Dear sir, I m suffering from facial paralisis almost last 3 years effected on right side of face mostly from right side eye to lips not normal like left side. phy. therapy done.made taken like ayurvedik,homiopatik,english but yet not cure plz advise me

  169. Manjunatha.k says:

    Dear sir, I m suffering from glassophyrageal nuralgia, also I under wenth acoustic neuroma microsurgery surgery 4years before, now from 2 months I m suffering from electric shock like pain on my tongue,and my creatinine level is 3.5, now I m using oxetol 150 twice a day but so many side effects please tell in homoeopathy thir is cure r good pain controler.

  170. i am 40 years old.. i am a patient of TN left side. i feel a pain like electronic shock whenever i brush i eat or whenever i walk nd whenever i touch my nose too… doctors recommend me to take mazetol 200mg … i am taking it 1600mg a day .. bt there is no result of such a hi dosage too.. now doctors suggested me for one injection in my blocked nerve… kindly suggest me should i inject that injection or not..i will be very thankful to u

  171. Pawan sharma says:

    After tooth extraction i am having swelling cheeks both the sides. Dentist did not found any disorder. Already taken allopathy medicine for last 5 month but no result. My cheeks start swelling when i get up in morning everyday. Im 65 years old male. Please suggest which homeopathy medine i should take to get releif in pain

  172. My 13 year old daughter suffers from paraplegia and syrinx in cord. there a remedy in homeopathy which relieves the syrinx especially after surgical corrections have been done

  173. Im looking for a homeopathic remedy for a horse with exercise induced trigeminal nerve pain. Since I cant ask the horse for details to be specific for the remedies, can you recommend something for the exercise induced symptoms?

  174. evelyn hollomon says:

    I have pain on the left side of my face. My teeth and gums are effected. It is hard to eat or drink without pain. Can you help me with a remedy?

  175. Sir.I am 65 years old,.suffering from Trigeminalgia [ T N ]right side of face last 3 years but i was taking the treatment by a dentist .if u can help me ,Pls tell me the description ,I can’t sleep in the fan air,cool air ..i feel as electric shocked.

  176. I have a personal history of piercing pain with lacerating pain on the left side of my face radiating to my eyes nose lips and head. Electic spark like sensasion experienced in eyes and lips .at times unable to eat and speak punctuated by prolonged period of remission for last 15 yrs

  177. I have been suffering for the better part of 3 years now. I have been on almost every medication none to man to try and treat my trigeminal. The only medication that I have responded to well was Tegratol. But the side effects I get from it make it hard to take. I lose my vision and get extremely dizzy and nauseas. I also had the percutaneous balloon compression surgery done. This was the best thing that has happened since I’ve been diagnosed the surgery STOPPED the pain for about a year. Unfortunately it has come back and I am now in the stages of re booking surgery again. I just want to know if there is any other form of medication or treatment I can take or use instead of the tegrotal I truly despise taking it. Also the pain is on the right side of my face and just about anything bringss on a attack, which have been lasting almost up to 20 minutes 🙁 PLEASE HELP ME im only 27 and dont want to continue living my life this way.

  178. I suffer from pain inthe left side of my face. Very severe. What can i use?

  179. Respected Sir,

    My wife is suffering from aches on left face from last two months. After reading this i am going to ask you about the treatment of Neuralgia.

    She has aches in teeth, face, under eye and near and behind of the left ear.

    Please suggest us the proper homoeopathy medicine to cure the same.

  180. I have suffering from left sided nuralgic pain in my teeth, aggravated from hot and cold both. After eating. Persisted for few minutes. Again after few times it comes. Relieved by hard pointed pressure from outside. Pain in left gum. Pain along with left foreheaded pain, left tonsil pain, left ear pain.
    Please suggest one Homoeopathy medicine immediately.

  181. Ranjit Kumar says:

    Namasthey Sir,

    My name is Ranjit Kumar and I am from Hyderabad (INDIA).My father is suffering from a rare disease called Trigemnal is a suicidal pain.The pain comes in the left jaw and stays for 5 min. after that it stops for some time.During the pain he felt like electric shock.
    If possible please help on this.If you ask us to come to visit you we definitely come to you.

    Please help on this sir.

    Ranjit Kumar

    • Anne Adonis says:

      Dear Dr Dharma.. I have TND for the past 5 years. I am using Tegratol to relieve the pain however it does not seem to help any longer. Please suggest a homeopathic medicine.


    I have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia(provedby MRI report from Apollo) in my left face side. The pain is like a hundred times of an electric shock.and confused what to do. Iam not economically bold. please suggest and help me!

  183. ashish jain says:

    I have a trigeminacal neulogigy patient from last two years.lower jaw t3 problem.english medicience taken but last year failed to stop 10may 2014 i have to done nurve block by alcohal.but from few 4,5days again pain i started again tegrital 100mg and gabapan .pl suggest what to do

  184. Prabodh kothari says:

    We have great faith in Homopathy. I am from udaipur (rajasthan). I am 63 yrs. I shall be really greatful to you if you can suggest best ready made homopathy medicines for few problems having no side effects. Hw the medicines are to be taken.
    1. Pain in jaw both left and right . Also pain in teeth while eating.
    pl.suggest medicine to get rid of jaw and toothache

    2. For fatty liver I am taking liv 52 tab.and liver t of SBL.

    3. Joint pain due to arthritis. At present taking bakson Rhuem Aid tablet.

    4. I am BP patient from last 20 yrs. At present I am taking Nebula 5 mg 1 tab along with tonact 75 mg.

    Doctor I will br grateful if you can suggest medicines best having no side effects.
    pl.also hw much to be taken for duration.

  185. I have suspected atypical trigeminal neuralgia. Any tips on natural remedies would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks

  186. Last week I became over zealous with a Q-tip cleaning my right ear. I immediately had pain that caused a neuralgia on the right side of my head, down to my ear, neck and into my throat. When ever I swallowed I had pain. I noticed that when I took 2 Advils the pain ceased completely. I had my ear doctor check my ear to make sure the ear drum was ok. It was and so was everything else. I sort of diagnosed this neuralgia myself. Tell me what should I do to make the neuralgia subside completely, I don’t want to stay on Advil forever, I have hypertension and I know these Ansaids are dangerous.
    Please advise…
    Thank you,

  187. Kishore P says:

    my mom 52 year old suffers from Trigeminal neuralgia.
    left chin left cheek left eye are severe pain.

    Pls suggest pain releif medicines.

    Kishore P

  188. Bagga A S says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from T N last 4 years on right side of the face upper jaw .please suggest me in cure treatment in homeo.

  189. Carole Mac Innes says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 69 year old retired teacher with RA for the last 8 years. Last year I experienced the electric-like
    surges of painful energy on the right side of my face…between ear and mouth….lasting about 30 seconds. I did not know what to
    do. A neurologist ordered an MRI…..which revealed nothing. A Chinese acupuncturist gave me weeks of needle treatments. ..(3 times a week) Nothing…Then I also spent $1000 for a device from Israel called a Pain Shield, by Nanovibronix That seemed
    to work for a year. Now I am back with the same level of Trigeminal pain. I still have and use the
    ultrasound device. (It is better than nothing) but let me know if you can help me.

    This year, when the pain comes, I tell my mind to go with it. Usually it is gone in about 30 seconds
    until the next “zap” or attack. I have learned to live with it…….even when meditating……but if you
    think you know an alternative……….medicine, or a device, or whatever is in the medical world,
    please let me know what you advise. Yes………I can be strong, being a Kriya Yogi…..but I’d be happier
    if I could do something to make the pain (often 3 times in an hour…….just go away. Please let
    me know if you have and alternative to what I have been doing!

    Carole L. MacInnes

  190. ankit kumar says:

    Dr. sir
    I had done right side eye orbital surgery 3 year ago . after sometimes pain start right cheek near nose but surgery success . Doctor advice we went dental clinic and done surgery 6 no teeth but no relief pain than 7th no teeth surgery but no relief now pain out of control and right side head ,teeth ,cheek all side pain continue
    plz plz advise me

  191. Sir my right side face is Trimble. When I talk laugh please tell me best solution for this

  192. my mother is 75 years old and has right sided facial pain for 2 years.. and is taking neurontin but is not getting any relief from it she cries almost everyday every night .. please help us..

    thank you

  193. anil kumar dubey says:

    I m suffering from trigeminal nerualgia having effect in left side of the face.although I have responded well to oxetol 150 mg.but it has started showing side effects like increase in weight and itching. I would like to switch to homeopathic me.

  194. DK SINHA says:

    My Mrs is suffering from TN subsequent to series of tooth extraction and root canal. Now severity is more and frequent. Can you suggest home pathy medicine for the same .The Pain is in left side age of the patient 55yrs with chronic diabetic/hypertension under control by medicine .Overwight also90KG.

    Please suggest

  195. DK SINHA says:

    The Trigeminal neuralgia is a an after affect of tooth extractions and root canal.It is a left side pain. Can it be cured with Hekla lava

  196. Manoj Kumar Satpathy says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering from Trigiminal Neurolgia -V1 (Pain in left ophthalmic and Head region) since last 3 years . I am taking Allopathic medicine i.e. Oxytol 3oo mg BiD dose from last 3 years and taking Homeopathic medicine i.e. 1. Spigelia 2. Hydrocotyle Asiatica since last six months.

    After taking homeopathy medicine there is remarkable improvement noticed. But Pain is recurring again due to exertion and excessive work/STRESS.

    Kindly help/advice me for getting relief.

    Waiting for your favorable reply.

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Manoj Satpathy
    Male: 47 YEARS(Married)

  197. Helen Allensworth says:

    My husband has TN on left side of his face. He has gamma knife last Thursday and the pain is now so severe he can not eat or drink. Help

  198. Plz gv d best advise i hv been suffering from this from d last 7 years.. In summer months it s terrible.. I think it started after i got my wisdom tooth extractd.

  199. M N Prajapati says:


    I am 59 years old and diabetic from last 5 years.

    Kindly advise me such a medicine which suit me most and hemp me to get rid of this.

  200. Manoj kalekar says:

    good morning relatives has a major paing of right trigeminal nerve from last two days.we also admitted in hospital but they do not get please suggest strong painkillers for relief or suggest anyone doctor or specialist at pune maharashtra….I m waiting your reply. ..I will be happy if you help me very soon….thank you

  201. Gulab Bansi says:

    Had herpes infection on the right side of the face in mid March, 2015. While herpes eruptions were gone in about 10 days time, post herpetic neuralgia pain, at times severe enough to disturb my sleep at night, continues even after nearly 2 months. Allopathic drug pregabalin which I have been taking for about 6 to 7 weeks, has helped to some extent but not cured me completely. Can you recommend any homeopathic drug for my PHN?

  202. Francisco Ortiz says:

    I have trigeminal neuralgia on the left side of my face and it gives me electric shocks which are horrible. It has been already diagnosed as TN with two MRI and I am been treated with medicines. I was taking Tegretol 200mg twice a day which worked for about 7 months. My doctor raised my prescription to 400mg 3 times a day which is the maximum daily dose. It didn’t worked. I also tried 600mg 2 times a day and it didn’t work either. It stopped working and my neurologist switched me to Trileptal 600mg twice a day but it didn’t worked. He then raised my dose to 1200mg twice a day, which is the maximum dose for a day (2400) and is working. If I do not use that dose, the electric shocks come back. This condition is horrible. Last month I had an attack that lasted 15 minutes because I didn’t know what to do. Now I apply heated pads to alleviate the pain. Now it is under control and I am looking at everything I can do to help me.

    My acupuncture doctor told me to look for Homeopathic medicine. That’s why I am writing, because I am willing to try anything and everything AND I know our body has the ability to cure itself. I want to be prepared for the moment that my current prescription stops working or the moment I get something else to help me. I don’t want to go to Cyber Knife. I am not afraid of it. I just don’t want to do it. Not now.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Kind regards,

  203. Nazrin dean says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I had a cerebral venous stent placed in my left side in dec 2014 to fix pulsatile tinnitus . Past 2 months i have excruciating pain on my left temporal region ,ear root of nose n eyes etc. my neurologist said i have symptoms of TRigeminal neurolgia.i am not very keen on taking the strong dose of medications precscribed as i have read reviews n it comes with multiple side effects. What options do i have as in natural or homepathy remedy. My pain is quite extreme and at the moment my life has come down to this headache and it has started to have great impact on my daily life. Please guide me if you can.

    Has anyone had similar experience and how or what helped them get relief.
    Thanks kindly.nazrin

  204. rajerv sharma says:

    I have trigeminal neurology pain in left side start in teeth

  205. Veronika Sibanda says:

    Good afternoon, I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia last year and I am desperate for help, please. I work FT an I am mum of 2. I am on 4600mg of Ganapentin a day and my pain keeps coming back. I have like electric pins pain in my top left jaw/teeth and then it moves to the right. Bit mostly it’s the left side. I can’t think straight anymore and feel very emotional at all times. Please, help. Veronika

  206. Mahadeviah.K.R. says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am aged 78 years and blessed with excellent health.However recently i developed ear pain (left).and the ENT Specialist has put me on Antibiotics for 7 days (still 2 days to go)
    In the meanwhile I started getting headache on the leftside (left half of the scalp).the pain is more on the temple at left and center and back near the neck.Some times it is severe. One Dr.called it as neuralgia and suggested tegreetol + cipzol and another Dr. suggested immediate check up of Scan, & MRI to rule out all possibilities? I have not taken any of the suggestions sofar.
    Kindly advice as to what is the problem and any Homoeopathic medicine
    Thanking you
    with regards.

  207. Louise Ferrazzano says:

    Dr. Sharma I suffer from atypical trigeminal neuralgia on the left side of my face for over 20 yrs. For the past 8 mos. the pain has been worse and I don’t know what else to do. Currently I am on 600mg. of neurontin 2x daily , .5mg klonopin, 7.5mg of remeron at bed and I just started prozac 20 mg. at bed .I also have tylenol #3 for breakthrough pain.
    Someone mentioned spigelia for left-sided face pain, and I would like to know your thoughts on that for me .Any comments would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  208. aura holland says:

    is kava kava good for trigeminal neuralgia? according to webmd is not safe at all..

  209. Ajit bhandari says:

    There was a deep cavity in my left lower tooth for which filling was done 8 months back.The nerve had been exposed.Since 2 days I am having severe neuralgic pain on left side radiating to the temple. My dentist says that this is due to a hairline crack in the tooth,Probably while chewing something hard must have disturbed the filling. I am having temporary relief by applying Plantago Major.
    I will be very grateful for your advice.

  210. Dr Amitoj Singh says:

    hello doc
    I m a dentist doing private practise ,every second day I come across neuralgia patients, many of them are already taking carbmexipine , but after long duration it becomes in effective, can you suggest some of your treatment modalities for helping these patients.

  211. rajender bansal says:

    My father have this problem since three yrs. he used to take tegritol tablet 200mg. thrice a day.but even when a single time he not take that the pain make him cry.what is the source to give him relief.

  212. Maria Jammal says:

    I would like to know the name and where I can found the best homeopathic treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia on my left side. Thank you for your help and your advice. M.J

  213. Dear sir my mother is patient of chronic left side paralysis since last 20 years. now 1 week ago she feels sever pain on left side face as indicated trigeminal neuralgia. by using carbamzepine she feel little better but drowsiness and and body ataxia as she already having difficulty in locomotion because of paralysis. I want to know best treatment as homeopathic for trigeminal neuralgia. Please sir guide me.

  214. Maureen Du Toit says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I had a sinus infection which resulted into a sore throat and congestion within 4 days I experience a excruciating pain on the right side of my face when I wiped my nose and now it has progressed to waking me up in the night when I turn over in my sleep from lef to right side, also when I tried to eat on right side I was unable to do so because the pain was too great. I am now experiencing a numb feeling all over the right side of my face.

  215. Mrs Shirley Gosnay says:

    Dear sir
    please could you advice me,I am a lady aged 72 years,over the past months I have been under quite a lot of stress, due to family illness . About a month ago I started with a burning and prickeling sensation on the right side of my face, this increased to periods mosly at night time, to more severe, with the burning pain effecting not only my face, but my mouth, and throat, I saw my Gp, and he gave me a gargle and antibiotics, which had no effect at all, neither had ordinary pain medication, like Paracetamol, or iburofen. my throat was examined and no soreness of inflammation could be seen, but these attacks have now continued to come at random through out the day, some times with a numb feeling in my jaw, which extends to my neck, the attacks last ftom a few hours, to a short time, My GP diagnosed Trigeminal Neuralgia, and put on one of the drugs used for people who suffer fits, because I have suffered from an Hiatus hernia, and reflux disease for many years, so these medications really make my stomach problem much worse, so I can not take them,I am a great believer in Homeeopathy, and have used this for various problems in the past. please could you advice a good first remedy to try, I have made an appointment with a medical dr, who also does Homeeopathic medicine, but he has a long waiting list, so I shall not see him until the 18th of march 2015….I wondered what I could perhaps try until I get my full consultation with him. do hope you can advice,yours Sincerely …Mrs Shirley Gosnay

  216. Jean-Pierre Brand says:

    Nerve paint started with intestinal problems that lasted for about 10days. Jean-Pierre conditions got better after taking pro-biotic but the facial nerve pain stayed. JP had eye surgery, lens implants last Aug., pain is on the left side of face, upper jaw, behind the mastoid process, left eye, temple region, pain manifests more with some facial expressions, (has no molars upper jaw) but that is where he is experiencing pain as well, almost like a tooth ache.
    Thank you for you feedback,

  217. chhabi nath singh says:

    my father chhabi math singh — age 75 suffering fro trigeminal neuralgia in left side of face…since 2009…

    till date using alopathic medicine.. but no relief …kindly suggest if have any medicine in homeopathic…

    contact no…9307519465

  218. I have sensitivity on the right side of my face, stretching from my right ear to my right jaw. Over the past three days it has been particularly painful, reducing me to tears fortunately outside a dental office that would not otherwise have seen me at the time. I was advised, after the examination, that it was not my teeth (i.e. no holes etc), not my gums but more likely to be the neural pathway from the lower ear to the mouth and jaw that has made my gums feel like a thousand little knives were stabbing away at the gums, and that made my teeth feel like they had a thousand holes in them – all now on my right side. I find eating and drinking particularly troublesome and drinking can exacerbate a pain attack.
    I have just started neurofen for pain, but would rather solve the problem using herbs.
    Thank you if you could help

  219. Doctor I’ve been suffering with this pain ever since I gave birth to my daughter it feels as if my whole teeth are paining

  220. Sir
    My mother (48 yrs ) is suffering from TN from past 5 yrs .She has been taking TEGRITOL CR 300.But it is uneffective .pls guide me towards hameopathec medication
    Have mercy pls

  221. Ramakrishna says:

    Sir my father has been suffering from trigeminal nuralgia for last two years i want to go for homiopathic treatment please help me. And trigeminal nuralgia patients ,please share your ideas to treat TN
    Ph 9908670476

  222. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having trigimenal neuralgia for alomot 6 years now and i m 40 years old.
    Is there any way to cure it?

  223. syam sundar sarma says:

    doctor sir,

    My mother aged 84 years, she is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (Left side cheek and shoulder) till 2 months onwards. we consult Neurologist and taking medicines, But no result, she preferred always homeo medicines,

    Now her condition sleeplessness, burning pain, itching,
    her another help problems are astma , Gallblodder stones and also BP.

    Please advise what information do you need before you start the treatment? I would really appreciate a quick response. Thank you.

  224. Nadeema Muslun says:

    Hi Dr,my name is Nadeema Muslun,37 years of age.I suffer from a pain ( 2 cm above my canine right side).i started having this after using the baby stroller in heavy snow in Canada.on the onset I started having facial pain on the right side.On this side of the face I have done a sinus surgery 10 years ago it was the Caldwell maxillary surgery the Dr perforated the gum then cleans the sinus area .It was ok then after pushing the stroller I feel pain in the area where the sinus surgery was done in 2004.Now in winter it aches though the temperature are 15 degree it aches ,if the temperature is 0 degree the intensity of the pain is the same it aches a lot.with my menses the pain increases.If u can prescribe me a homeopathic remedy .thank you very much

  225. Christine chang says:

    I am writing to you to seek help for my mother who is 86 years old and has trigeminal neuralgia on the right side of her face. She is taking lyrica 150 mg three times a day and applies neuron tin cream 15 perent ..She is still in. Considerable pain making eating and talking brushing teeth very difficult. Her doctors don’t want to give her additional medications. Is there any topical applications you might suggest for her? Please help me . I don’t know how to help her. Thank you for your time.

  226. neeta sainani says:

    hello my mom is taking medicines since last 25 years ie mazetol nd neugaba can u suggest any homeopathic medicine which can be given along with this for severe pain nd current type feeling on the right side of the face..

  227. udhya surya prabha says:

    very severe pain on right cheek. unable to take little amount of food or even water, becoming very weak etc

  228. Dear Dr. Sharma:
    I just got diagosed with TN. I am taking neurotin and that seems to take the edge off of the pain. I tried to take tegretol and that did not work for me. I could not tolerate it. Is there a homeopathic method to treat my TN? I have a mild case. But if I could do homeopathy I would rather do this instead of taking drugs. The neurotin makes me a little dizzy and I feel unsteady. Please advise. Thank you.

  229. Debdulal Bandyopadhyay says:

    I am diabetic for the last 10 yrs. I feel numbing on my toe in the left leg and sensation on the middle of my right leg if I continue to stand for some time. My current level of BS PP 180,HbA1C 6.7. I seek Homeo Medicine to treat my Blood Sugar and related complications pl. Thanking you.

  230. Jeffrey M Cornhill says:

    Dear Sir, My wife seems to be suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. She has been to the Maxillo Facial departmentof our local hospital, nothing seems to work for more than a short while. She has had an MRI scan and a CT scan , nothing was seen in these scans that show any particular problems. She has had two visits to an acuputurist and the first treatment gave eight hours relief the second slightly longer.
    Could Homeopathy help her ? I would be grateful for your advice. Kind regards Jeffrey Cornhill

  231. Deardoctor,
    My sister is having severe right side facial pain which is shooting and very painful .It starts whenever doing any activitylike takimg some hot drink oreating some solid things. It starts suddenlyand sheisunabletosleepin the night She is taking hypericum 4times daily.

    Please tell me aremedy.

  232. Subramaniam Ayapah says:

    Sir,i have been suffering from TN for the past 5 years.First i was treated with tegetrol.I was TN free for6 months and it comes and goes like the stock market.
    What is your advice Sir?

  233. sunil srivastava says:

    My wife is suffering from trizeminal neuralzia right side since last 2 years. Medicine suggested by Aiims doctor zenretard 200mg and b-complex tab. After one year pain started again since last 4 months. Then i given her homeo medicine magnisium phosphoricum but not relief in pain. So pl.suggest any medicine for permanent cure. Thanks

  234. Carrol engelbrecht says:

    Dear Dr, I am writing on behalf of a friend her name is Bets. She has neuralgia on the right side of her face, she suffers terribly and is not able to afford treatment as she has no medical aid. Also no computer so I would like some advice on how I could help her with a natural treatment. I believe it is caused from emotional issues and not taking proper care of herself. It would be much apreciated if you could advise me on how to help her.
    Many thanks

  235. marian brennan says:

    I was diagnosed with Trig nerve neuralgia in the bottom left hand jaw. Can you sujest homeopathic remedies for me

  236. hi Doc

    My mom has diagnosed with TN,started with minor pains but simultaneosly she got RCT the pain is horrendous. she s loosing health plus difficulty in vision. please help

  237. Dianne Shaw says:

    I have experienced right sided facial tingling, numbness, descreased feeling on right side of nose, chin, inside cheek and gums. I have lived with this for the past 23 years. I just woke up one morning (I was pregnant at the time) and it was there. It sometimes gets worse with sharp jabbing pain and sometimes aches throughout the entire right side of my face. Nothing seems to help. I usually sleep on my left side but when I end up sleeping on the right side of my face, it is always much worse in the morning. Pain doesn’t start and stop. It is constant as I described. Any thoughts on what remedy might be suitable?

  238. Sanjay K S says:

    I am having trigiminal neurolgia in left side of my face since 10years. It comes between four years of gap. I am 50 years of age. How to cure it?

  239. manish kumar says:

    hii… doctor my right side cheek is so weak than left side so plz adive me to correct this condition

  240. pls help, i am suffering from TN , how can i approach you.

  241. Hi, I would like to know if there is a homeopathic treatment for Trigeminal neuropathy. My pain sarted on the left side of my face. First I thought it was a molar tooth (#19) that needed a root canal. my dentist said that there was no decay or any need for root canal. filling was replaced with no positive result. The pain is trigerd by a light touch or using an electric shaver or tooth brush. sensitivity to cold and heat is very random. Thank you for any suggestions.

  242. sir i have suffering from trigeminal neuralgia (doctor diagnosis) since 5years.
    pain like electric shock on left cheeck including nose.
    unbearable pain occurs recurrently…
    physically very weak cant walk during pain..
    what i do ?
    please sir advise me somthing
    what the medicine (homoeopathic) ?

  243. Hans Raj Ahuja says:

    Dr Sahib, Iam suffering from trigeminal neuralgia since last 2 years. I am taking tegritol 200mg BD, Gabapin 300 BD, Liofen 10mg OD. But still suffering severe pain after a relief of one last month.
    Kindly advice to avoid surgury.

  244. M.SRILAKSHMI says:

    I am SRILAKSHMI from vishakapatnam. I am surrfing from trigeminal neurology since 2010 August,in begining I had only one side, after one year it strated on the other side also.Now a days I am getting the pain round the clock. We consulted DR SATISH RAJU he suggested to use TEGRITAL 100 six times a day. In 2013 I counslted homeopathy DR SEETHAL MADAN she suggested to use R16 and R70. The pain starts from upper lip to nose and countinues to eyes, cheek, and mainly Noiler teeth.

  245. I am 32 yr. Old. sir, I had extracted my jaw before 3 month, since then I am facing trigeminal neurolgia of right side and I am taking allopathic treatment but no results. Sir plz. suggest me homeopathic medicine along with dose how to take and how long. Thanks……..

  246. I have trigeminal neuralgia on the right side of my face. The pain goes into the upper back molars, second from back, sometimes to the next one towards the front. It comes and goes. I was told by an acupuncturist that is is from the liver gall bladder meridian. what do you think?

  247. I have trigeminal neuralgia which is affecting right side of the face.

  248. rajnish bansal says:

    Dear Sir,
    i m suffering from trigiminal neurologia (right sided facial pain) from last 8 years and had 3 times alcohal (glysrol) injection . presently again i m suffring from last 6 months. my MRI report says “m r imaging of brain with special emphasis on bilateral internal auditory canals and inner ear does nor reveal any obvious abnormality
    bilateral trigiminal nerves are normal in course and calibre. a vascular void is seen crossing the cisternal segment of the right sided trigiminal nerve” and now doctors prescribed me for micro vascular decompression or gamma knife surgery .
    can you help me about to deside that what i have to do now and is it curable in your homeopathy also?
    i m suffring from severe pain so try to reply me early
    Rajneesh Bansal

  249. Hello Dr. Sharma

    My Father aged 58 yrs ,is Facing severe pain on left side of his forehead & left eyes. Every time he washes his face or even touches his face or eyes leads to a severe pain. From Last 4 days, there has been continues pain on his face, even he is not able to chew anything.., even with the air blow he faces pain.
    Please suggest me what to do??
    Amit MALik

  250. pravash das says:

    Sir I am 40 yrs old. Suffering for TG sinc last 3 yrs. I am feeling like 440 volt current in my left side of toung (lower and upper) when i started chewing food. Now i am continuing Zenoxa 600 ( 2 times) with maxgain er 100(1 time) but not geting relif from the pain.

    Pls advice me hemeopathic for this deases. The pain is unbearable

  251. pravash das says:

    Sir My age is 42. I am suffering from TG since last 2 yrs. Now my left side toung is triggering when i starting to chew the foods. its like passing of 440 volt current in my leftside toung.

    Now I am talking Zenoxa 600 mg two times with maxagalin er 100 at night.

    Sir its paing severly kindly help me out so that it cures lifetime.

    Pl advice hemopathic medicen

  252. kalaivane.p says:

    I am having trigiminal neuralgia since 2009. It is at the right side pain. Done MRI no abnormality found and nerve test shows weekness of nerve on the right side by specialist hospital in Malaysia. Age 31, if pregnant no pain at all . after delivery pain starts after 3 month . happen for my 1st n second baby ……same case. How can you help me ?

  253. Divya Mahida says:

    Im also d student of final year B.H.M.S…I having a c/o facial psin on left side..I know dat its trigeminal neuralgia suffering by dis complaints since 3 to 5 months. ..I don’t feel my face normal. .when I seeing in mirror left side is puffy n right side like it shrinks. .nd dan mentally im becoming upset…nd im fair skin n lean thin constitution bt from week my skin becoming dull..nd also having a deviated nasal septum. ..

  254. Zamil Akhtar says:

    My father is having trigeminal neuralgia on the left side. He has been treated at AIIMS thrice. Twice through injecting of glycerol and once through RFA. When treated for the first time with glycerl injection its effect lasted fire a period of 10 years and the problem reoccured. But in last few months both glycerol injection and RFA has been tried without any significant relief. Looking for an urgent alternate treatment. Please suggest.

    Zamil Akhtar

  255. Adoracion C. Das says:

    I have been suffering from TN at my right side for last 10 years. Dr. has prescribed for me Tegretol for ever 8 hrs and dosages of frequencies could be more if pain increased. I have got treated by one homeopathy Dr. twice but no result. I never get any relief of pain even he has chanced my medicine. Went through website and by insisting of my husband still I am looking for permanent cure from this TN. Really, I want to inquire if there is any permanent solution for my problem ? If so please do advice me for further information.

  256. Sir, I am suffering from facials-plasma nearly 12 years . My left side facial part sinks-up and closes my left eye whenever speaks, open my mouth to eat , when I am in anger, less sleep in night . sir I am using ZIGMA CR* 800mg And Alprox -2.5 mg at night . By using this Medicine for years together I wsa side effected slite loss of memory and unabble to stick the answer immediately. Please priscrebe me a good homeomedecine. thanking you sir.

  257. dr rakesh says:

    Thanks to improve the therapeutic knowledge.

  258. Cindy Milz RN says:

    4 yrs ago I had a R temporal partial lobectomy for treatment of seizures. I have had sensitivity to cold since the surgery. I had a post surgery infection which caused me to loose my bone flap. I always thought it was due to that. Recently my Dentist dx me with trigeminal neuralgia. My Neurologist would like to treat it homeopathically. What are your suggestions. Cindy Milz Thank you for your time. I also get outer ear canal pain.

  259. hi,
    I m suffering from neuralgia since a tooth extractin 4yrs ago.
    The pain gets worse when temp chnges and also when i get hit on the left sid of my face.
    Recently i am suffering from a tooth decay and i am too scared to go to dentist
    Kindly suggest wht should i do

  260. sachin tatte says:

    can homeopathy medicine totaly cure the trigeminal neuralgia?
    how long treatment is?

  261. R.k.rathor says:

    Sufering from TN on right side of my face since 12 years.

  262. ankita sood says:

    Dear doctor,

    I am looking for treatment of TN for my mother. She has been suffering with the pain from past 4 years and the pain has become excessive in past one and half years.

    Please help with this.


  263. Rajendra Guru says:

    Sir please help me
    I am suffering from trigem8nal neuragia and taking homoepathy treatment for last 2 years.. but still problem is as it is….
    Please help me

  264. chittibabu allada says:

    my wife is having problem on right side trigeminal nerve complaint , sudden pain if touch, at lip , and eyeand nose, fore head,pl recommend medicine

  265. Sir,
    I am 26 yrs old (female)&suffering from trigiminal neuralgia(right side) pain on face.
    It seems that the region of pain is emotion or mental pressure.
    Please give me better advice, I am in big trouble.


  266. Dr.Sharma,

    My 82 year old mother is currently in the hospital due to shingles which have effected her trigeminal nerve to the point that even morphine is not working to abate the symptoms. The pain is on the right side if her face. In addition she is fighting cancer and has a UTI. Western medicine is not working and they are considering a procedure called a cyber knife. After doing research I am considering giving her Hekla Lava or Mezereum. Not being a homeopath I can only go by what I have research. I’m willing to try anything to relieve her pain which is excruciating

  267. AJAY KUMAR SHARMA says:

    The age of my father is approx 79 and the operation is not suggestible in this age and carbatol is main drug which is being taken at present the frequency of pain is 4-5 times daily and while washing face and during brushing and during some times normal walking. I would like to know whether there is any good medicine which is safe and without side affects I observed that in some of the homoeopathy medicines causes acute pain and the quantam of pain is already very heay in TGA there fore I would like to know safe medecine which can be taken along with elopathic medicines pl.


      Respected Sir,

      I am suffering from TN from last January 2014. It is on the right side. I am now 49 yrs. I would earnestly request you to kindly inform me the names of the homoeo medicines which will help me to cure.


      Sibnath Ghoshal 13.11.2014

  268. ali haider says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    am suffering from right side trigeminal nuralgia 4month before pain start from the lower jaws i consult dental surgeon after xray and check up he referred me to neuro physician he diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed tegretol and gabapentin i used for one months but feel no relief and then i stop these medicine,my age is 57 years and i am diabetic and using insulin 80 iu daily,i feeling pain through out the day and feel no relief on hot or cool effects,during the sleep do not feel any type of pain.
    we would be grateful to prescribed me some suitable homeopathic remedy
    Ali Haider
    Hayatabad Peshawar Pakistan

  269. Latiffa Osman says:

    I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in 2011 and was operated upon in 2012. Pain is on right side. Unfortunately, the pain recur 8 months after the operation. The pain can be from minor to “major”…very painful which also involves twitching, burning and piercing. Currently being prescribed with trileptal and tegritol to “ease” the pain, most of the time it doesn’t work

    Seek your expertise and advice. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    Latiffa Osman, age 41

  270. I am a homeopathy practitioner .
    Since two years I am suffering from sternum pain. I had consulted several orthopedic Drs.
    But there is no effective result.
    Detail of disease is as follows:
    1.Uric Acid in blood ranges 6.2-8.4
    2.cervical Spondaylysis suffering since ten years. But it is under control.
    3.three years ago I had suffered from cocxydynia. But now it completely cured.
    please suggest me the homeopathy remedy for the beterment of my strnum pain.

  271. Ashok Bhagwat says:

    Dear,Dr Sharma , I am suffering from trigiminal neurolgia ( right side of the face ).I first noticed it in 2007 at that time i was getting a feeling of electric shok at the time of brushing teeth, while shaving, Soon after extracting tooth I observed this hence I consulted my Dentist he told me that this is trigiminal neurolgia,therefore you have to consult neurologist. Hence I consulted DR. Umesh Vengasarkar ( neuro Surgeon ) at shivaji park.He did a small operation. Which is known as
    AFTER THIS I WAS NOT HAVING ANY PROBLEM for 6 years, But now again i am geting pain in right jaw.,chik.geting episodes of pain while eating
    At present I am taking the same medicines as Dr. Vengasarkar asked me to take
    that is 1] TRioptol 300 2] Gabapin 300 three times a day.But not getting relief. Please suggest me some medicine.
    2]–At present I am taking neuralgia drops ( R-70 ) From DR.Reckewg.
    please suggest some best medicine for this problem
    A.L. Bhagwat

    • Mrs.Pritha Bhattacharya says:

      Thanks for your editorial. I am 40 years old with no other ailment. I am a Trigeminal Neuralgia patient in Delhi for the last 3 years, taking Tegritol 400 thrice a day when the pain is on the maximum. I had been instructed this dose by a neurologist in AIIMS. After few days taking the medicine, the pain subsides and again appears nearly 8 months- 1 year. When the pain subsided a little he advised me of reducing the drug as it had side effects of drowsiness.Now I am having the severe pain again inspite of using the 1200/1400 mg dose a day, should I go for the alcohol or botox injection?

      Kindly advise me of some homeopathic drugs to get relieve of this pain.

  272. Sir,
    My mom is sufering from tn and she is in severe pain .i am from orissa and my mom is a working lady she is a teacher but after this hrctic pain she is now unable to eat and even wash het face. Plz give me a suggestion. She is aged 54 plz sir its a request plz give me some valuable suggestion.
    Roshan singh

  273. Dear Dr.
    I am 38years old man. Past 4years I am suffering from trigeminal nerolgia in right side bottom tooth area. First year I taken trigitol 100mg per day with in 6/7 month it gose to 400mg x 3 times per day .after that I stoped trigritol and I went to alternate medicine like aacupuntc. Homeopathy. In homeopathy I took spigilia 1M and mag phos 6x. Initially its ok but now pain trigering every 2min. me suttable remedy for me . I tried heat pad but no use. Waiting for your favorable reply from your side dr.

  274. Dear sir
    Am frm mumbai and suffering shooting pain on the right jaw suddenly since last 6 months.
    It spreads from upper right molar tooth to the whole right face. Am a hypothyroid patient.pls. cud u suggest the medicine and oblige.

  275. Mahbub Patwary says:

    I getting pain on my right saide face. Pain start on my right side upper teeth middle to right no 5 teeth most time spread to left & right. 1 st time i use gabarol but got relif for few days n next comtinuasly . after 2 year i took tegritol cr for more than 1 year . but that was not dugfocient fo me . ginaly l went to a homeopath dr n took arnicamont but that not cure my pain . nw taking ruta 10 m cause in x re got 1 of my right side bone increase. Now pain started fro bottom jaw also . can you helpme to get suggestion from u . best regards

  276. Iv swamy says:

    Namasthe Sir. My father was suffering from “trigeminal neuralgia” since 30 yrs. We use somuch medicine like meztol, but could not get relif. Nw i see the homeopathy medicine for relif. So sir plz hw to use that medicine, or how to get the suggestion from doctor.

  277. Bijoy Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I take this opportunity to tell you about my facial neuralgic pain. I had Herpes Zoster at the end of November 2003 first, then followed with right face Bell’s Palsy. I underwent medications along with electro-physiological therapy. Now I have shooting pain just under the right lower lip and the part of the right lower lip. The burning sensation so severe at times that it is unbearable. Of late, a doctor from NIMHANS who diagnosed my case as an aberration of 5th and 7th nerve and prescribed me Tegrital 200 which I could not tolerate and thus discontinued. Presently, I am on with alprozolam 0.25 mg at bedtime that keeps me going.
    I would be very grateful if kindly help me.
    Thank you.
    Bijoy Singh

  278. I have had trigeminal neuralgia for over 20 years (and didn’t know what I had). It started after a healthy baby tooth was pulled (no permanent tooth) and a bridge was placed. The bridge caused an infection in one the teeth it was attached to. My dentist ignored my pain for six years. I went to another dentist. He discovered an infection Root canal was done. The infection was in my entire right, lower jaw. I lost the tooth and my bridge and gained a chronic case of trigeminal neuralgia. Acupuncture has given me some relief. Last year, a tooth that my original dentist performed a root-canal on when I was only 14 became infected and spread to an adjacent tooth. I had an endodontist re-treat my original root canal. He informed me that four nerves were still there. Four months later he treated the adjacent tooth. He told me that he won’t do any more root canals on me since I have TN. Since these root-canals, I have had chronic TN in the right side of my face. I feel it in my right molars, upper and lower jaw into my right eye and nose. I had a filling put in my left molar and feel TN in it as well. My right ear also hurts. I have trouble wearing my partial denture – it seems to flare up the TN. I have been using cold, laser therapy and acupuncture to help. It does help. The TN seems to be getting better, but is always there, especially when I lay on my back at night. Way I lay down, I feel vibrations in all my teeth sometimes with pain. My right nostril has inflammation about 80% of the time. Please advise me what homeopathic remedies I should order from you.

  279. Grace Stringer says:

    Ten years ago I had a root canal done and have suffered ever since.
    I went through the whole hospital, pain remedies and etc. nothing worked ……it was awful.
    A lady, in that area, at that time gave me some homeopathic stuff and it worked. I am now living thousands of miles away
    and have lost track ,but the pain continues on at times worse than others.
    I ordered homeopathic remedies on line over the years but they didn’t seem to help so much, I believe it will help though
    if I could get the right combination .Right now the pain is excruciating again.
    I am 87 years old, widowed this past year but take no meds,but lots of vitamins. I feel good apart from this horrible pain.
    I am 5 ft.2 in. tall and weigh 130 pounds.
    It only affects the right side of my face. The tooth has been extracted many years ago now.
    Sweets will set it off, also hot and cold and sour stuff. I feel so sorry for anyone suffering this.

    • k.gopinath Rao. says:

      Doctor ,

      For the last two years I am suffering from TN on the right side of the face.Initially I was

      given 200 mgm of Tegritol and it became alright,After 6 months it reocurred and I had given

      800 mgms.It became alight but side ractions like womitting sensation and tasting sour in the mouth occurred. Slowly dosage reduced to 400mgm CR grade and I was o.k.But last again
      Ihad experienced while eating etc.I increased Dosage to 600 mgms.Now Iam feeling O.K.But Iam appehensive.Please suggest Homoepathic medicine which can taken alongwith Tegretol.Iam 75 years old.Thank U. K.Gopinath Rao.

  280. fernando r. flores says:

    have been this kind of illness TN for more than 20 years and used average of 4 tabs of carba a day to relief the pain. The TN is on left side of my face. Do you have any other treatment for this.

  281. Muhammad Tariq Mehmood says:

    Dr. I have right side fascial trigiminal neuralegia. it satarts from lower jaw of the right side and go to the ear. i cannot speak, eat and drink anything easily due to pain.

  282. sophia ijeoma okorita says:

    Pls Doc Sharma

    i would love to have a medication for Trigeminal Neuralgia. it worries me alot especially from my jaw up to my skull on the left side of my face . Do u sell these medications u listed up there … If yes please inform me on how to get it . tnx

  283. Dineshkumar says:

    Trigeminal neuralgia -my left cheek is suffered from this disease need help for treatment,my cheek is hard spot,it travel from nose,eyebrowes,upperjaw,I have get treatment of alopathy but not get relife.

  284. Ruby kumra says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. I am currently experiencing nerve pain on both sides of my face. It started out in one tooth and then spread to all my teeth causing me headaches and hearaches. I’ve been to 4 dentists and there is nothing wrong with my teeth. I even had a tooth extracted and the pain was still there. I’ve had two MRIs done and they both came back normal. I am currently taking lyrica which helps a lot but has a lot side effects. Someone gave me spigelia 30 to try which hasn’t really helped much. Is there anything else that I can try?

  285. Rubina Panday says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. I am currently experiencing nerve pain on both sides of my face. It started out in one tooth and then spread to all my teeth causing me headaches and hearaches. I’ve been to 4 dentists and there is nothing wrong with my teeth. I even had a tooth extracted and the pain was still there. I’ve had two MRIs done and they both came back normal. I am currently taking lyrica which helps a lot but has a lot side effects. Someone gave me spigelia 30 to try which hasn’t really helped much. Is there anything else that I can try?

  286. shashidhar reddy says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma,
    I am having Trigeminal neuralgia pain on the LEFT SIDE affecting my teeth pain and can’t eat or brush properly. The pain started after my teeth decay and root canal.
    Please suggest the better homeopathy medicine. Currently I am using Tegritol to kill the pain.

  287. sipioghulam.nabi says:

    Hello DR;; sharma,
    i am suffering from facialpain left side.treatment required from ur authority.

  288. ajay mishra says:

    I am about 70 years old and suffering from trigeminal neurolagia .left side of face .please direct me that which medicine I should take

  289. hitesh goyal says:


  290. suresh singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having trigimenal neuralgia in Left side for alomot 6years now and i m 40 years old.
    pls help.
    suresh saini

    • Sir, I am suffering from facials-plasma nearly 12 years . My left side facial part sinks-up and closes my left eye whenever speaks, open my mouth to eat , when I am in anger, less sleep in night . sir I am using ZIGMA CR* 800mg And Alprox -2.5 mg at night . By using this Medicine for years together I wsa side effected slite loss of memory and unabble to stick the answer immediately. Please priscrebe me a good homeomedecine. thanking you sir.

  291. sipioghulam.nabi says:

    left side pain .owingto trgiminal neurlgia.required advice

  292. surjit singh says:

    Sir,I am suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia(Pain on the right side of face and head) and right now I am taking Sangurnaria 30.Should I continue with it or advise me for permanent treatment.I am 68 years old male.

  293. enso osne says:

    Dear Sir,

    Three years ago I suffered from piercing pain in upper left teeth after a very dangerous fearsome road journey in the himalaya region of india. With acupressure the pain gradually subsided and stopped within one week.

    Now it has returned but much less intense. Please advise which homeopathic medicine could help me to fully recover. My age is 75 years old.

    Thank you for your kindness. enso.

  294. samina nayak says:

    i’ve had severe eye spasm at nights only on outer corner of right eye since past 10 years. nights are very disturbed because i cannot open my right eye, i have to massage and manually spread the eye and the pain lasts for 15 minutes or so. Eye doctors have ruled out any eye problem, ENT specialist said sinusitis may be a cause I have chronic sinutisis and nose block at night and post nasal drip not infectious/ also sometimes right side jaw pain , i cannot chew hard food without pain and my right ear pops every now and then and putting a finger in the right ear always causes pain. I have been referred to maxilo-facial dept for investigation. I have chronic numbness of hands, electric conduction tests are normal. I also get muscle spasms all over body very often. I have had several head injuries due to falls. I was wondering if homeopathy could help. I have been under homeo for past 20 years bu they have not been able to solve this problem.. I would appreciate some suggestions from you,
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,
    Samin Nayak

  295. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My sister has been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia last week. I have not seen her in pain as we live in different countries but she describes it as extremely painful. It was diagnosed by a cardiologist we know very well who has given her given her some medicines but there is no relief. She has an appointment with neurologist. After reading about this disease (we had never heard of it before) we want to go for the homeopathic option. She doesnt know the cause but she had been complaining of nerve pain behind her head for the past one year. She also had a tooth extraction and the doctor says her ear canal is narrowing. Now she also complains of pain in the ear. The pain comes at night and lingers for hours. She is unable to lie down. So far these are the only things we know.

    Please advise what information do you need before you start the treatment? I would really appreciate a quick response. Thank you.

  296. Sir,
    My mom has been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia on right side, lower jaw for last 5 -6 years. The pain starts as soon as she uses her denture. The pain is extreme at night. I have been treating her with ZEN-RETARD,200.
    Relief is for few hrs but attacks back.

    • Dileep Kumar says:

      Dr. sahab meri wife ko july14 me achanak ek dimagi jhatka(emotional shock )laga uske bad B.P High ho gayi medicine chal rahi hai isi bich left jaw me teeth pain hone laga,dentist se chek up karane per cavity bataya aur safayee kar diya sath me pain killar +antibiotic diya but relief nahi mili,uske bad E&T Surgon ko consult kiya he also give paim killer&anti gastro but relief nahi mila after 5 days felt wifetric electric shok in left jaw below ear up tomid of lip.we again went to E&T ,He told wife is suffering from trigiminal neurologiya on 10/08/2014.he advioced NU VOLT G & MEZTOL 200mg. b.d.its went for 2 days an other dr. redused dose & advised 1/2 teb mezetol bd & 1 teb neurokind g od but frequeancy of shock encreased now.DR. PI. TELL ME REMIDIES & PREACAUTION OF THIS PROBLEM ,we shall be obelised of you sir.

      • sir i am suffering by trigeminal neuralgia since last 2 year i prescribedmedicine befor 24 momth ago and i took medicine for 6 month i got relief but it come back before 1 week and i conticontinue my prescriction on suggestion of my doctor now i am feeling relief .i am taking flaxseed poweder and becasules with medicine . i want to know homeopathy option for it.

      • Kis tarah ka dimaagi jhatka ? Dukh ya bezatti ya gussa…dukh se takleef aai ho to ignatia amara 0/1 zaroor kaam karegi.

  297. MR. YUDI YOPIMESA says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having trigimenal neuralgia for alomot 4 years now and i m 48 years old.
    Is there any way to cure it?

  298. NEETU SINGHAL says:


    I am 40 years old & suffering from fingers nail infection. I had consulted skin specilist also , it gives me relief for some times but again happens.

    Yellowish between nails & nail bed, leaving the nail bed also from front.

    Please advise me medicine.


  299. rg kushwah says:

    I am a homeopathic practitioner since 15 days suffering from tingling and numbness in left hand,s fingers and thumb with dull pain .
    The pain slightly arrised continuously about 24 hrs as a dull pain . heavy pain arrised at night after 10.00 in left hand side .
    I taken IBERIS AMARA Q 10 Drop TDS but I have no found any relief .
    please advice me .-
    Is it the indication of ARTERIOSCLEROSIS




    • Sir,myself Chetana I am suffering joint pain on right side (TMJ).is there Any soloutin in this problem is severe

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