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Blocked Nose troubling you at Night? Simple Homeopathic remedies will bring relief

Blocked nose at night can be quite uncomfortable and disturb a good night’s sleep. It can be caused by different reasons like flu, cold, allergies, polyps, etc. It is not that these conditions do not block the nose during the day, but while we lie down on the bed at night, the blockage of nose can worsen due to some reasons. Firstly, on lying down blood flow to the head increases which can lead to swollen blood vessels in nostrils that worsens stuffy nose. Secondly, lying flat on the bed at night in a person already having a stuffy nose might worsen the complaint. In the day, when standing or sitting, the  mucus keeps draining out from natural gravity pull.

But when lying flat in bed the body has to work against gravity and it becomes difficult for the sinus fluids to drain from nose. As a result fluid builds up in the nose that increases stuffiness. Another reason for blocked nose can be dry air in the room at night. To combat the dryness, nostrils may produce extra mucus to moisten nostrils which further add to the blockage. Blocked nose can be attended with symptoms like sneezing, nasal discharge, nasal irritation, post nasal discharge (PND), snoring, headache, sleep apnea (a sleep disorder in which momentary pauses in breathing occurs several times during sleep) depending on the cause behind it.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can be of great help to relieve blocked nose at night. Homeopathic medicines are natural remedies that help in clearing stuffy nose by treating the root cause behind it. Once the root cause is targeted, long term relief in blocked nose follows. The most suitable medicine is selected after taking into consideration the individual symptoms and the cause behind the blockage.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Blocked Nose At Night

1. Ammonium Carb – Top Grade Medicine

It is one of the best medicines for managing nasal blockage at night. It is very suitable for those who have to breathe through the mouth due to blocked nose at night. They may wake up several times from sleep due to nasal stuffiness and difficult breathing. Other symptoms that they may exhibit include profuse watery discharge from nose and a constant urge to sneeze. A very characteristic feature that can occur is nasal bleeding when washing face and hands in the morning.

2. Lemna Minor – With Nasal Polyps Or Turbinate Hypertrophy

Turbinate Hypertrophy

Turbinate Hypertrophy

It is a highly recommended medicine for blocked nose from nasal polyps or turbinate hypertrophy. In cases needing it, nostrils feel stuffed causing difficulty in breathing through the nose. A foul smell from nose may emanate. There may also occur nasal discharge which is thick, yellow or white and sticky in nature.

3. Teucrium – From Nasal Polyps

This medicine is suitable to relieve blocked nose from polyps. In cases needing it, the side on which the sufferer lies down gets blocked means lying on right side causes blockage of right nostril and lying on left side results in blockage of left nostril. There may be loss of smell. Lastly, crawling sensation in the nostrils along with sneezing, nasal discharge and watering from eyes may be present.

4. Sambucus – Blocked Nose In Children

Sambucus is the top-listed medicine to help cases of blocked nose in children. It works well both in cases of blockage due to nasal dryness as well as blockage from nasal discharge. In case of discharge from nose, the secretions are mostly thick and sticky. Children needing it have trouble breathing through the nose. They wake up several times at night from a feeling of suffocation.

5. Calcarea carb – For Stuffed Nose With Yellow Discharge

This medicine is beneficial when nasal stuffiness occurs along with yellow nasal discharge. The person needing it can hardly breathe through the nose at night. Besides, there is an offensive smell in the nose. A tendency to suffer from frequent cold from exposure to cold air may be present in those needing it.

6. Hepar Sulph – Stuffy Nose In Case Of Cold

This medicine is very effective to relieve stuffy nose from cold. Those needing it have watery nasal discharge or sometimes yellow sticky matter discharge from nose. In some cases, the nasal discharge may be blood stained. There is a desire to blow the nose continuously. Itching is felt in the nostrils along with sneezing. The nostrils feel painful with marked pain at the root of the nose. Burning sensation is felt in the nose. The nose is also sensitive to touch and also cold air.

7. Natrum Mur – In Case Of Allergies

This medicine can be used in case of blocked nose linked with nasal allergies. In cases needing it, nasal blockage and fluent nasal discharge occur alternately. The discharge is of clear white fluid. There is excessive sneezing, besides soreness inside the nose along with burning sensation. There may be loss of smell and taste.

8. Kali Bichrome – In Sinusitis Cases

This medicine works well in case of nasal blockage linked to sinusitis. Persons needing it have a constant sensation as if the nose is blocked. There is thick, sticky, ropy yellow or greenish discharge from nose. Mucus plugs or hard crusts in the nostrils may get formed in the nose. When these crusts are blown out by force, blood is seen at the edges of crusts. Post nasal discharge also occurs prominently. A pressure or tightness is felt at the root of the nose. A fetid smell is present in the nose. Pain in forehead is quite marked along with above symptoms.

9. Sticta – With Nasal Dryness

Sticta is well indicated when there is marked nasal dryness with blocked nose. Persons needing it feels like blowing the nose constantly but no discharge flows. The stuffed nose causes sleeplessness. There is relief in nasal blockage in the morning and in open air. The nostrils are painful along with dryness. The nasal secretions dry up quickly and form scabs which are difficult to expel. There is excessive sneezing, and frontal headache along with stuffiness in the nose.

10. Agraphis Nutans – From Enlarged Adenoids

It is the most prominent medicine to help cases of nasal blockage due to enlarged adenoids. In cases needing it, there is difficulty in sleeping from blocked nose. Tonsils may get enlarged. There is a tendency to catch cold easily from exposure to cold winds.

11. Lycopodium – For Blocked Nose With Mouth Breathing

This medicine is valuable to manage cases in which nasal blockage is accompanied with mouth breathing. It is highly useful for nasal blockage in children. The child needing it wakes up suddenly from sleep rubbing the nose. There may occur nasal discharge, along with red, watery eyes. The nasal discharge is thick yellow along with frontal headache.

12. Nux Vomica – For Blocked Nose At Night And Nasal Discharge In Daytime

This medicine is suitable when the nose is blocked at night but in daytime, nasal discharge flows. There is blockage of the nose on alternate sides. A crawling sensation is felt in the nose, besides sneezing. There is oversensitivity to smell. Snoring along with nasal blockage is also there.

What Are The Causes Of Blocked Nose At Night?

1. Cold, flu: It is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, sinuses, larynx)

2. Nasal polyps:  These are soft non-cancerous growths arising from the mucous membrane of the nose or paranasal sinuses.

3. Turbinate hypertrophy: Swelling or enlargement of small sausage shaped structures (made up of bone and covered with soft tissue called mucosa) located within the nose.

4. Deviated nasal septum (DNS): Condition where thin wall separating right and left nasal passage is displaced to one side.

5. Enlarged adenoids: Enlargement of lymphoid tissue present at the back of nose (nasopharynx).

6. Sinusitis: Inflammation of any of the paranasal sinuses i.e. air-filled cavities in skull bone.

7. Nasal allergy/Allergic Rhinitis: It refers to an allergic reaction to allergens like dust, pollen resulting in nasal inflammation causing symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy/watery eyes.

8. Dryness of nose (rhinitis sicca)



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