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Homeopathic Remedies for Stuffy and Blocked Nose

Homeopathic Remedies For Blocked Nose

Breathing is a continuous second-by-second process and it’s no wonder then that a blocked nose is as irritating as a medical condition can get. A blocked nose can be attributed to various reasons such as nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, sinusitis, common cold, adenoid hypertrophynasal allergies, hypertrophic turbinates, and exostosis. The nose can be partially or completely blocked and it can be blocked in one side or both the sides. The nose can also be blocked in isolation or in conjunction or alteration with nasal discharges. The instant reaction when a person has a blocked nose is to pop in over-the-counter pills or take a tonic or nasal spray, but the relief if any is just temporary. There can be a relapse even after you think you are out of the blocked nose phase. However, the natural Homeopathic remedies for blocked nose not only ensures relief from symptoms but also roots out the cause of the blocked nose.

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Blocked Nose

The Homeopathy treatment for a blocked nose is very effective in removing the nasal blockage. The Homeopathy medicines, which are made of natural substances and are completely safe with no side effects, are very capable and competent in the treatment of a blocked nose. The medicines are decidedly more effective than nasal sprays and decongestants. The most suitable Homeopathy remedies are chosen after looking at and analyzing the symptoms in each individual. The symptoms that are taken note of are the side of nose blockage, the time at which the blockage is at its peak, peculiar worsening and relieving factors, any alteration of blockage with nasal discharges, the character of nasal discharge and sneezing. Associated symptoms taken into consideration before deciding on the best Homeopathy remedy are a headache or any effect on ears of a patient with a blocked nose. Lemna Minor, Nux Vomica, Sambucus, Arsenic Album, Gelsemium and Sinapis Nigra are the top remedies.

1. Lemna Minor: For Blocked Nose due to Polyp

Lemna Minor is the top natural remedy for removal of nasal blockage due to polyps. The symptoms guiding its use are nasal stuffiness and loss of smell with difficulty in breathing. Posterior nasal dripping also accompanies nasal blockage. A few persons experience nasal discharges, while in others, the nasal cavity remains dry. Another symptom is an offensive odour in the blocked nose. Lemna Minor is also the most effective remedy for the polyp that worsens in wet weather. In polyp cases, Lemna Minor reduces the nasal blockage, providing relief from respiration trouble, and the smelling power is regained.

2. Nux Vomica: For Nasal Blockage at Night

Nux Vomica is a natural remedy of great help in providing relief when the nasal obstruction is at its peak in night hours. Nux Vomica is very beneficial in providing comfort to the patients with an extremely stuffy nose in night hours. The patients needing this remedy have acute nasal stuffiness at night time. The person may also describe that during the day time, the nose is discharging while at night, it is blocked. Others may complain of nasal obstruction on one side and free discharge on the other. Going in the open air also worsens the nasal blockage.

3. Sambucus: For Nasal Blockage with Excessive Dryness of Nasal Cavity

Sambucus is the best natural medicine for nose blockage with extremely dry nasal cavities. There is utmost difficulty in breathing due to blockage and it forces the person to sit up. Mostly at night, the person has to sit up from sleep due to suffocation and difficulty in breathing. Sambucus is also very beneficial when given to infants for nasal blockage. The blockage leads to suffocation and mouth breathing and the infant faces the worst situation while taking the mother’s feed. In such cases, Sambucus gives promising results in reducing nasal blockage in infants.

4. For Blocked Nose due to Nasal Allergies

In nasal allergies, nasal blockage does not occur in isolation; rather, it forms a part of symptom picture that includes sneezing, nasal discharges and watering from eyes. The best natural remedies are Arsenic Album, Gelsemium and Sinapis Nigra. Arsenic Album is mainly prescribed when burning watery nasal discharges are present along with nose blockage. Gelsemium is the ideal remedy for a dull headache along with stopped feeling in nose, and a fluent nose discharge. Sinapis Nigra is a natural medicine that can help when alternate nostrils are blocked due to an allergic reaction. There is also discharge from nose and eyes.

5. For Blocked Nose due to Polyp

Nasal polyp is a growth in the nose arising out of its mucous lining. The foremost result of polyp is nasal blockage along with other symptoms like post-nasal discharge or discharge from nose and sneezing. Lemna Minor is the top natural medicine for treating nose blockage due to the polyp. The other useful remedies are Calcarea Carb, Sanguinaria Nitricum and Teucrium. Calcarea Carb proves to be most useful when nose blockage due to polyp is accompanied by a yellowish thick discharge from the nose. Sanguinaria Nitricum, on the other hand, is an efficient medicine when the nose is blocked along with watery nasal discharges. The discharges are extremely burning in nature and the person experiences sneezing as well. Teucrium is ideal when offensive crusty discharges are expelled from the nose during nose blockage. The mouth may also emit a bad odour. Watering from eyes and sneezing also accompany the blocked nose.

6. For Blocked Nose in Sinusitis

Kali Bichrome, Kali Lod, Pulsatilla and Silicea are top natural remedies for blocked nose due to sinus inflammation. Kali Bichrome is selected when the main symptoms are nose blockage with posterior nasal discharges. Difficulty in breathing and loss of smell are also present. Extreme nose stuffiness is felt at the root of the nose. Kali Lod is a medicine of great help when the nose is blocked with free discharge of a burning character. For using remedy Pulsatilla, a specific greenish nose discharge with a blocked nose is the main indication. Silicea, meanwhile, is the best remedy when the nose is blocked with dry, hard crusts in the nose. There is bleeding on trying to remove the crusts.

7. For Blocked Nose in Common Cold

The best remedies to relieve nose blockage in common cold are Arsenic Album and Nux Vomica. Arsenic Album is best suited when free watery nasal discharges are present along with nose blockage. Sneezing also occurs. Nux Vomica is the ideal medicine when nose obstruction has been acquired from an exposure to cold. The characteristic symptom for using Nux Vomica is nose discharges in the day and nasal blockage at night time.

8. For Nasal Blockage due to Adenoids

The best natural medicines for nose obstruction due to adenoids’ enlargement are Agraphis Nutans, Baryta Lod and Calcarea Lod. These medicines are not selected and prescribed as per only one symptom of nose blockage, but rather a complete case is needed to be taken to select the medicine to eradicate the condition.

9. For Blocked Nose due to Exostosis of Nasal Bones

The enlargement of nasal bones (exostosis is bone enlargement) is a rare cause of nose blockage, but it can be corrected with natural remedies Phosphorus, Merc Sol and Aurum Met. A thorough case inquiry of the patient is made to choose the most suitable remedy out of these three.

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  1. ram murat vishwakarma says:

    Hello Sir

    My name is RM Vishwakarma and i am suffering from one side nose blocked and one side nose doing pain and dry.
    Please prescribe me some medicine.

  2. Poornimagopal says:

    Dr Sharma, for the past one year i cant breathe properly through both nostrils. Sometimes one gets blocked and other is Normal and in some time it changes in reverse. Im straining myself to breathe so often im getting Head ache and eye pain. If i concentrate in my breathing im disturbed. I can’t even dress well. Is it curable by homeo

  3. HAMEEDULLAH says:


    • Meri nose band ho jati hai mai nasal drop(oximetazoline hydrochloride) use kar rhi hu lagbhag 17 years se mai bahut pareshan ho gyi hu maine homeopathic treatment kuch waqt tak liya meri cheek kam ho gyi thi but nose block ho jati hai ab bhi maine operation bhi karavaya but koi aaram nhi mila agar mai kuch thandi cheej kha lu to saas fool ne lagti please aap meri help kariye mujhe effective medicine bataiye nose block ki problem k liye meri eyes me bhi dard rehta us wajah se jukham bhi bana rehta hai please please dr help 😢

  4. My 11 year old daughter can’t breath through her nose. she is always congested, I went to an ENT years ago and he suggested nasal spray which she refuses to take
    any advice would be appreciated
    Thank you

  5. namita shrivastava says:

    Hello , Dr. I am Namita. I m 40 years when I m sleeping all is ok , when I wakeup my nose is very irritating, itching, szeening, running nose. Please help me.

    • Hello.
      Permanently blocked nose, no sense of taste or smell , with white discharge. No allergies came up in tests.

  6. Vishal vaid says:

    Full day either i have wheezing sound while inhale or exhale or i have sneezing with nasal discharge and in night sonetimes i get one nose blocked with nasal discharge with itching sensation in throat and sometimes all of this is together.
    When i take montair lc,everything completely goes off for 1-2 days.
    Please help

  7. Paul Dawson says:

    I have two nasal problems, night time blockage for which I am taking nix vomica with some success, secondly I have lost my sense of smell by about 90% plus. This I think came about by overuse of sinex to clear congestion sinus some 30 years ago ( during the day ) as a result of going on up to 8 planes a week.
    Have you any suggestions please.

    Paul Dawson

  8. M R Pandey says:

    Sir, I had chest infection in year 2020 in the month of March, and I went to allopathy doctor, the doctor treated me, and I got recovered in 5-7 days but since then I had the breathing trouble several times and still having and every time I visited doctor , either of my lungs had infection, and my nose remained block since then every night, morning and afternoon too. For nose blockage I used a nasal spray since then (namely ‘otrivin adult’). I got temporary relief after using otrivin but again my nose becomes same, I had tried vaporiser treatment too, but ain’t got relief, the nose block sequence remained the same, infact not if has increased so much that I have to use otrivin again and again at every 6-7 hour.

  9. Andrew Busby says:

    Hello Dr.Shama,
    I read earlier that it’s good to know exactly what you’re treating and that it’s important to isolate the nostril where the blockage started and where it is most intense and for me, that is my left nostril(your right as you look at me) I hope this will narrow some of the possible reasons for my blocked sinuses
    Thank you
    Warm regards Andrew Busby

  10. Prescribe good homoeopathic medicines for dry nasal block due to allergies. I am now using Nasivion to clear the block

  11. Juanita Mejia says:

    Dear sir
    I have chronic sinus and l think polys what is good natural
    Don’t want to take any medication with side effects. I do the Neti pot take vit c what else is good l would appreciate your help.
    Thank you

  12. Hello doctor

    I am suffering with nasal block problem during changes weather, , having sinus and DRS problems. Both nasal block day and night.

    Please advise


  13. Prakash Chandra Rai says:

    My grandson is suffering from blocked nose at night may be due to cold as winter is setting in and some watering from nose at day plz suggest homeo medicine age of baby 8 months

    • Dr. I am 53 year old male, I am suffering with nose blockage at night time in between both sides. Pl. Suggest me the best homeopathic medicine for this problem. Thanks.

  14. Dev Karn Mishra says:

    Good Morning Sir,
    My left nose passage gets blocked without any cold or discharging. During Bhastrika pranayam I do not feel comfort due to this obstruction. And when I lift the nostril by hand breaths pass swiftly. Main problem lies here. I don’t know why lifting nostril makes breath pass easily.

  15. Krishan Dua says:



    Good Morning

    Kindly advise Nux-30 or Nux-200 for Running Nose Please

  16. My son is 7 years old and frequently caught with cold. He was treated for adenoids enlarged and feel better. Now due to weather change again he is facing with cold with following symptoms.

    Blockage nose at night and breath through mouth
    Sneezing more in morning
    Gum swelling and throat irritation
    Adenoids looks enlarged

    Please guide the suitable medicine in combination and dosage

  17. B.S Dhiman says:

    I am 71 year old. I am having left side nose blockage. I feel mostly in early hrs. and in between morning time. Pl. tell me right effective homeopathic medicine. My email id:-


    B.S. Dhiman

  18. B.R.N.Sharma says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 76 years old.I am having left side nose blockage. I feel mostly in between 4.A.M. It disturbs my sleep. 50 % it reduces when I sleep back facing up. Even doing Jal Neti right side nose water delivers less. Pls.tell me right h.medicine.My :
    Thank you.

  19. Abdul Qadir says:

    Respected Dr Sharma
    I am abdul qadir Saudia Arabia Meri Nak ki haddi terdi bataty han or nose blockage ha choronic Jab sneezing ati han to comfort feel Hota ha please guide Recomended medicine

  20. Doctor ,
    I have also same problem of dry blocked nose and chest congestion , when i taking breath normally i felt difficulty in breathing and feel weak and pressure in chest. I recovered from fever and headache recently but this nosal blockage and chest congestion was not cured. I have doubt Is this a symptom of covid19?
    please reply me

    • B.S Dhiman says:

      B.S.Dhiman. I am suffering with nose blockage at night time in between both sides. Pl. Suggest me the best homeopathic medicine for this problem. Thanks.

  21. Since 6 month, I have nose block at the root of both side of nose . No cough. Heavy breathing whole day long and night. Due to that feel heaviness in stomach. Please suggest good medicine as I don’t want any operation in my nose
    Get relief only after putting noseal drop. No relief even after taking steam regularly

    • Hi , I have severe nasal blockage at root of nose with no congestion. Also chest tightness. I have swelling inside my nose.

  22. Dr.
    I am sathish suffering from severe blockage of nose at night. Blockage is cleared only on applying nasal drops daily at night. Please advise the homeopathy medicines for a permanent solution.

  23. Hi dr my age is 29yrs iam suffering nose blockage
    Dry nose on right side difficulty breathing l have already started treatment in homeopathy quebracho,lobelia and berbvws

  24. Hi Dr Sharma, my daughter is 8 years old. she has problem with nose blockages (alternate), sneezing, watery eyes, some times burgum, & also poly in nose. Kindly suggest medicine for that.

  25. R.Shankar, mob 9840879578 says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I suffer from nasal block mainly on the left side of my nose.I have necessarily to use nasal drops in the night.I am having this chronic problem for the last 2 years.I am 69 and based in Chennai and with type 2 diabetes. Otherwise my health condition is generally okay.Kindly suggest suitable homeo medicines for this condition.

    • Jatinder Kapoor says:

      I am having problem of dry nasal passage and whenever I go for sleep it gets blocked within 10 minutes, mucus formation is not much and whatever the mucus is of white color and watery, I have to use nasal spray on regular basis otherwise I can’t sleep, since I am using nasal drops on regular basis so in the morning I have feeling of chest congestion

      • Doctor ,
        I have also same problem of dry blocked nose and chest congestion , when i taking breath normally i felt difficulty in breathing and feel weak and pressure in chest. I recovered from fever and headache recently but this nosal blockage and chest congestion was not cured. I have doubt Is this a symptom of covid19?
        please reply me

  26. Dear Doctor,
    My daughter is 3 yrs old. She suffers from recurrent Nose Block during sleep only(normally she does not have any such issue). Its recurrent mainly in rainy, winter seasons. What drops will be the best?

  27. Neelam major says:

    Dryness in nostril. Left side of nostril block and difficulty in breathing

  28. Sharvan kumar arora says:

    I am a chronic patient of nasal problems say blocked nose last two months I consulted ent surgeon and teste for lgE test of alergy result was high alergy and after minor examine of my nose dr.told there is problem of dryness and advice me some medicine which I am taking last few days but could not get any relief so far while I am chronic patient of such proble sometimes it cure with in a week but it is still on I so many times use otrivin nasal drops with medicine get relief. Now please suggest me for further . I have neither diabetic nor b.p and 68 years old belongs to bareilly and living Mumbai.

  29. Abhishek Singh says:

    My each nostril gets blocked one at a time and I could feel some swollen soft lump when the left nostril is blocked and it shrinks to normal when other nostril gets blocked. In the right nostril the blockage occurs without any soft lump. My both the nostrils are always dry and this is through out the day.

  30. Manas C Dash says:

    My daughter – 16 has often her throat congested which results in stuffy nose. Occasionally she has headache too.

  31. My nose seems blocked at root and extremely dry. Right nostril more blocked than left. I cannot breath freely . Seems as though I forget to breath . lungs feel full

    • My left side pain at waist ,shoulder and neck is there with My left nose mostly blocked at night .it causes heaviness in head and anxiety ,with sleepless nights.

  32. jitendra Sasane says:

    Sir my both nose blocked and slightly difficulty in breathing and driness of nose all time and slightly comon cold always
    Sir treat my disease by homoeopathic medicine

  33. Rekha Sachdeva says:

    I am looking for a medicine for my mother. She is 80+ and has her left nose blocked. Her left eye is always filled with water and her throat on the left side feels affected in the sense that exess salt or sugar or even water makes her cough that is irritates her. Can you suggest some medicine ?

  34. Respected Dr. Sharma
    I have blocked nose mainly on right side with deviated nasal septum and swollen turbinates. No nasal discharge is present dryness of nasal passage. Difficult to sleep at night. Feeling like blockage near maxillary sinuses. Acidity and itching of skin is also present.

    • Neleesh soni says:

      Hello doc I have mild dns in left nose towards right due to shi h I cannot breathe properly even when I do steam inhalation then air. Not pass through left nose

      Plese tell me which medicine I have ti take for permanent cure with dns and how much time I have to take

  35. Muhammad Hafeez says:

    Doctor sahib I am capt Hafeez from Karachi. I am experiencing complete nasal blockade probably due to bone enlargement and polys. I have to per force use nasal spray for opening the nasal cavity. Kindly let me know if this excessive problem can be handled by homeo medicines which give me instant relief. I do not want to get operated. Regards I will be extremely grateful if an early reply is sent.

  36. Abdul Patel says:

    Hello doctor. My problem is that during night time my nasal pessage gets blocked due to mucus and I have to get up from bed than open window slightly for fresh air and start working. After some time the nasal pessage open up and I start breathing normally. Due to this problem I get very less sleep. Day time I feel mucus at the back of my nose but breathing is norma My name is Abdul Patel from. Chicago. E mail is I do take homeopathic medicine by reading books. I will appreciate your guidance. Thanks

  37. Maninder singh says:

    My nose is bend so that I m suffer sometimes breathing problem , uncomfortable ,headache,heavy feel on chest,sometimes uncomfotable to walk,such any homeopathic medicine that change the bend position to straight of nose ,I don’t want operation of nose ,help me

    • D.S.Sharma says:

      I am suffering from :-
      (1) Nose blocked ( sometimes left or right ), it’s measure at night time.
      (2) comes tear at driving.
      (3) cough.
      (4) sneezing many times.

      • Arsenicum Album 30
        3pills 3times a day
        Continue for 5days
        Dr. M.H

        • Manish Verma says:

          My 10 year old has one of the sides of his nose blocked most of the time. It aggravates during the night and at times both nostrils are significantly blocked and I can see him having breathing difficulty and discomfort. Winds, cloudy and cold weather seem to affect him the most. B jain Omeo Allergy medicine works for him best. Unfortunately, it is not easily available where we live. Based on this medicine ingredients, do you have suggestions on what individual medicines in combination would work for his nose blockage that are easily available online?

          Thanks in advance.

  38. Girish Kumar says:

    Phalgam from brain to direct through nasals comes in mouth offently irritates since from last 8 years. Nose remains blocked due to polyps.

    Pl suggest hom med


    Please tell me name of homeo medicine for
    1. One side nose block
    2. Running nose , always liquid in that side of nose

    • D p Ghosh says:

      Hello Doctor sir
      One side of my nose is blocked during night while sleeping, sometimes left / right. In morning sneezing with discharge for one hour with chik.
      Kindly suggest me homio medicin.
      D p Ghosh

  40. Good Day Doctor,

    My Nose gets blocked. i.e One at a time ,and if one gets blocked another one opens up , they keep on interchanging .This happens day and Night .Its now 3 years since I started experiencing that.what could be the problem ?. Thank you

  41. imranullah says:

    I have chronic dyspepsia (chronic inflammation in stomach)
    Since 1 year
    all symptoms are positive of gastric system
    In homeopathy
    What is remedy ???

  42. Swati mohta says:

    My son has nose block..snores at night..coughs seldom but badly like a dog…headache on one side…feels irritated…constipation too…sits in lavatory for 30 mins…too much bloating…cold is since 3days…and bloating since ayear


    Sir my my name is ( submit chartered) I am from Hyderabad my daughter age 5 years her nose is block and at night time when she is sleeping she unable to take breath from her nose she is breathing from her mouth with full sound pl suggest me what to do

  44. Surie wilfred says:

    Pls suggest remedy fr nose block n wheezing especially in night.i using forecourt 209 and xylomist nasal drops.i am 62 Male.

  45. Hi dear sir
    I am Hassan form pk
    Sir my nose is block at night time but open in day time.
    My nose is dry no waste out even if we cold please help me or suggestions better medicine for it thanks you sir

  46. My problems is blocked ear. It feels like the plane is landing and sometimes it unblocks but then it blocks again. No pain though. ( left ear) no study nose either.
    Any advice

  47. thirunagalingam says:

    i am having cronic allergic problem (20 yrs). I having severe nasal block particularly severe in night time. I am taking different homeopathic medicine . but no use. I am having sticky mucus. ( no polyps). i am having fear ( not using) to use lift and closed door in car. kindly help me.

  48. Jaswinder Kaur says:

    Nose blocKed
    Nasal DNS
    Nasal polypus
    Age 26 female

    • Pramod Singh says:

      Hello good evening mam my name pramod Singh mam mera nose blocked rehta hai naak ki hadi teedi hai

    • Neleesh soni says:

      Hello doc I have mild dns in left nose towards right due to shi h I cannot breathe properly even when I do steam inhalation then air. Not pass through left nose

      Plese tell me which medicine I have ti take for permanent cure with dns and how much time I have to take

  49. No kali Lod (LOL)
    It’s kali Iod (kalium iodatum)

  50. Want a remedy for a stuffy nose.
    No nose discharges ever, exposure to cold after a bloody nose and bump on forehead from a fall.

  51. zia medical center says:

    With the goal of providing our patients with choices for alternative, we are pleased to introduce our department of best homeopathy in dubai for consultations and medications along with diet & lifestyle counseling.
    Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 1 Dubai-UAE

  52. Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I am having Nose block in one nose in day time and while sleeping one nose is partially blocked and other nose is completely blocked. As a result of this, I am not able to breath with Nose and forced to breath thru mouth and I am facing dryness in mouth.

    Kindly advise Homeo Medicines for this illness.

    • I have concha bullosa on the left side and a slight deviated nasal septum too. Would like to take homeopathy for this.

  53. Rajiv singh Parihar says:

    Dear sir
    I had surgery of Pilonidul sinus in 2001 now pain and swelling again on this area.
    there is no pus discharge but a smell when touched it
    I listen homeopathy has permanent cure of it
    plss help

  54. My son has a nose blockeg mostly at night and its so worse during cold days or rainy season but looks ok during dry seasons or sanny days have tryed probeta drops but no big change just slightly change

  55. Hi,

    i have nasel blockage in root, when weather change or drinking cold water my nose block from root. when i sleep right side right side nose blcok meanwhile left got open when i change side my other side will block it change when i change side. i started use, Lemna minor 200ch, calcera carb 200ch , tecurum merum 200ch in 3time a day 5drops each time. but still i have this issue. speacially in night when wheather get change and cold. should i use Kali bichromium or any other

  56. Hello. My child( 1y3m) is having trouble with teething. Up, on both side. At night left cheek is red. Inside mouth, on swollon gums, are red stripes over swollon gums- both side. On right side one teeth is little peeking. No fever. Looks like in pain, didint let touch( i tryed to look inside mouth). Cant breath trough nose! At night time is very difficult, because she dont want to breath through mouth….. Dont want to eat or drink. She try to have breast milk. Most time want to be with me, mom. 20% of daytime she is not in good mood but other time she is okey. At night she shouts some moments, trough dreams( i think its painful). What remedy can unlock her nose breathing…it looks like it is so swallen. Its second night she is having very hard breathing but teething is 1.5 weeks already. Have tryed camomilla 200 and teeth-fever-pain remedies, didint help on nose but helped with pain, little. Can i help her more somehow.. we tryed inhalator, nosalspray – no help…

  57. Syeda Zahra says:

    My newborn is 19 weeks old. He was fine for the first six weeks and then he got a cold with nasal congestion. That nasal congestion is still lasting. His nostrils seem clear, only when I give him steam then some mucous comes out but even that doesn’t help him either. It seems mucous at the back keeps on increasing and decreasing. I have noticed whenever I take him out even fully covered his condition worsens. I live in London. He is exclusively breastfed and he struggles with feed. He has quite a lot of difficulty in sleeping. He wakes up and cries and I could hear snuffles from his nose.Warm mist Humidifier helps sometimes. A week back he had lots of liquid mucous trapped at the back and I gave him antimonium tart 30c and it cleared that particular mucous. But then now there is more and another nasal congestion. His father suffers from moderate hayfever. Kindly advise what to use thanks.

  58. Hi Dr.I have both the nostril blocked during night and cant breath easily usually we switch on the fan I had sinus symptoms doctor gave me medicine for nose and allergy still block is there

  59. Woman 50years cough cold nose block from today please advice medicin

  60. Chronic alternating swollen turbinates during nasal cycle. Allergy testing negative. Tried nasal sprays oral decongestants etc. Nothing hleps.

  61. I have concha bullosa on the left side and a slight deviated nasal septum too. Would like to take homeopathy for this.

  62. Bed Prakash says:

    Respected sir,
    I have been suffering from nasal blockage for more than a year and tension in right eye and right ear when I consulted to ent specialist he after doing x-ray of my head told me I have DNS problem and it should be treated with surgery.
    Please guide me
    Thank you

  63. Which homeopathy treatment can I use to reduce enlarged turbinates in the nose. Both my husband and son suffers from it. My son is nearly 4 and had problems breathing through his nose since birth. When he has a cold it makes it nearly impossible for him to sleep, he stops breathing in his sleep when he is sick. My husband suffer from extreme migraines when his turbinates are swollen. Both of them has seasonal asthma as well. Thank you Carina

  64. My left nostril is blocked mostly

    • my nose is getting blocked particularly the left nostril and that too during nights at 12 or 1’o discharges from nose.left nostril blockade is too such unable to sleep during help me with yor kind advices of suitable medicine.

  65. Have severe blockage on both sides of nose. Turbinates are enlarged and can be seen from outside. Nasal passages are swollen (obstructing the nasal passage) and red.
    Kindly advice any homeopathic madicine.

  66. Fatema Zaidi says:

    My nose is completely blocked with extreme dryness making it difficult to breathe

  67. Mehul Joshi says:

    Respected Doctor, Happy Greetings. I am 49 year old male with DNS problem. Earlier, i have found through X-Ray that mine left nostril has develop with DNS and is the root cause of congestion, stuffy nose by night, sleepless night and frequent cold during change of climate/season. Moreover, i found with the self study that movement i sleep on my right side to night within deep sleep, in few minutes its blocks the right nostril with the stuffy nose and there by its difficult to breathe.

    More of , i try to sleep on mine left side only which allows me to breathe completely through mine right nostril – which is found good in shape for the air flow but that really put me in stress and strain following day. With this the half respiration process, whether its day or night could it be any further medically problematic for me in the future to come ?

    Kindly advise me suitable homeopathic medication at this point of time such that it helps me to get rid of said problem.

    Thanking you well in advance and awaiting your valued affirmation.

    With best regards
    Mehul Joshi

  68. Ajoy Jha says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am feeling Nasal Congestion in my left nostril, while breathing internal nasal valve collapse. I have consulted AIIMS, Bhopal where after CT Scan they advised some nasal spray and said everything is alright. In the CT Scan report there is mentioned about slight deviation in septum. Is it the cause?

    When i lay down, after some time the breathing becomes totally normal, no congestion felt. During sleep also i feel better. While doing meditation or under concentration on some task I do not realize any congestion. The air flow remains normal with no constriction of nasal valve.

    Kindly advise me suitable homeopathic medication.

    Thanks and regards,

  69. Vinod Kumar sehgal says:

    At night my one side nasle becomes blocked
    Ifeel suffocation and anxiety on that time and cannot sleep even 2 hrs.
    Pls suggest medicine for curing from that

  70. marilin walker says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, where are you located ? I am in alot of pain please help

  71. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Respected Sharma Ji!

    I am suffering from nasal blockage at night and not getting sound sleep. My nose get blocked left or right depending which Sudevi am sleeping. I contacted ENT doctor and after examining he said in left nostril bone has enlarged and it is the main cause. If it is so then why right side get blocked when I sleep by that side. I want homeopathic treatment and need your help. Please suggest medicine.

  72. I have dns towards right with bony fur and left side sinusitis with concha ballusa as in cctscan can it be cured by homeopathy

  73. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I got prostate removal surgery 14 months back and have been regularly doing Kegel exercised as advised by the surgeon, but even now there is urine dripping and I have to wear diapers all the time.
    Id there any homeopathic medicine which could help? I an 84 years old.
    C K Malhan

  74. monimoy ghosh says:

    Dear sir,
    my daughter , who is 11 years old has deviated septum and chronic cough problem. she suffers from blocked nose and ear throughout the day. nasal drops give temporary relief from blockage. after sometime it relapses. please suggest a permanent remedy so that it is uprooted forever.

    Thanks & Regards,

  75. Dear Doctor,
    Recently i visited a homeopathy Doctor with my 3 year old son who is suffering form recurrent cold and cough.Doctor prescribed a medicine called DNS 30 which was available at his counter.
    Could you please tell me what is DNS 30?

  76. E. Sethumadhavan says:

    I have a problem with nasal blockage particularly left nostril since last more than 4 months. That nostril is dry and respiration not possible through it. Has already tried with three homeo doctors but no effect with any of their medicines. All of them have diagnosed it as polyp. Sometimes I do not get sleep at night and need to sit to morning. Please prescribe some medicines.

  77. MOHAMMED ABDUL says:

    Dear, DR, SHARMA , my name is mohammed abdul, from Florida ,USA , GOD bless you, thanks, you are great peoples, you are saving peoples life with your web site Details repertory about homeopathic medicine selection , So, keep your web site active all the time , i pray for you to live well because peoples are curing by your web site repertory system, thanks again-

  78. Fever. hadac .nasal.body pain alternatives 15deys 20days

  79. Hi my 10 year old daughter has an enlarged turbanite on one side which is interfering with her breathing. No discharge is present. An ENT diagnosed this. It’s been 6 weeks. Please advise what homeopathic treatment she should have. Thank you.

  80. Resmi Devi says:


    I had severe headache only right side( pain down through the arms and then to legs). I never had cold from 2 to 3 years plse suggest a remedy forthis At night it becomes so severe i think whether somebody will hit the back (right side) of the forehead with a stick

  81. Anis Ur Rehman says:

    Dear sir,

    Please let me nose septum reducible remedy in homoeopathy

    Thanks alot

  82. Prabhat Kumar Gupta says:

    My son has grossly DNS and frequently catches cold due to nose infection and has throat infection too what to do please suggest?

  83. sachin sehgal says:

    I am 35 years old ,I have pain in forehead sometimes. I am suffering from cold cough for almost 20 years, it Seems to get better during the day but at nights and early mornings its almost blocked (Nasal clear or otrivin or steam helps ). Not a lot running cold and Mucus is thick and hard to clear. Blowing nose constantly puts pressure on throat and ears.

    I have tried many Homeopathic medicines in past but nothing works permanently though, I went to Ent specialist he said I have deviated septum and wants me to get a surgery done. I do not want to go for a surgery but I am suffering a lot.

    Kindly help, Thanks in anticipation.

  84. Paramjit Singh says:

    I have throat problem since 1990. My age is 60 yrs. Pain in throat, swelling, cough . I m taking homeo med. almost regularly from 1995.Pl.suggest me. Thanks

  85. Dr. I’m a 37 year old male with chronic nasal obstruction due to turbinate hypertrophy only when lying down. My nose is completely blocked on the side I am sleeping along with facial pressure on the blocked side. I have had 3 surgeries with no improvements. Allergies are under control

  86. Dr. My 6 year old son has a blocked nose problem during the October heat in Mumbai. He is fine during the whole day but at night his nose blocks and so badly that have to put pediatric nasal drops. He breaths from his mouth but at times wakes up in his sleep. In the morning after he wakes up he sneezes atlwast 8-9 times and takes out a colourless watery phlegm from the nose. Looks like allergy’s to be ur don’t know for sure. Could u please suggest a medicine?

  87. Inder Mehta says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma,

    I live in Australia and due to pollen allergy/hay fever, there is a swelling in my nose lining as per my GP. I can breathe perfectly fine in day time, but my nose is blocked at night time (mainly left side). Its blockage only, nothing comes out if I try to blow. What would be the best homeopathic medicine for this? My GP has asked me to take 1 cetrizine every day and referred me to a specialist.

  88. Ajay Sachdeva says:

    Dr, I have a deviated nasal septum.
    Frequent attacks of cold and allergies (allergic rhinitis) specially when season changes. Watery eyes, sneezing, sore throat, post nasal drip, headache, run down feeling are other symptoms. Fever is around 99 deg Fahrenheit – usually in the evening. This is a chronic problem. Steroid nasal sprays hardly help and nose remains blocked.
    How can homeopathy help?

  89. Birendra Jha says:

    I have been suffering from dry coryza with blockage of left nostril, sometimes intolerable itching in eyelids,ENT specialist diagnosed deviated nasal septum in left nostril, feeling stuffy head noises in ear,stitching in ear
    Taken so many homeowners medicine but get temporary relief sometimes
    Can u please help me to get rid of

  90. Nitin Bhatnagar says:


    I have an inferior turbinate problem due to which my left nose is always running, even in day times. It is happening like this for the last 3 years and I couldn’t sleep at night properly. Nasonex and Allegra-M tablet helps me to breathe properly but then they have some side effects on my health, like restless breathe etc. I want to know that whether there is a good medicine to heal my inflamed inferior turbinate in the left nose or not? For the last 6 months, I have been taking lemna minor, teucrium, calcarea carb, rhus tox, merc sol, but none of them proved to be beneficial. So, I am doubtful whether there is a good permanent treatment of my allergic rhinitis or not. I also get frequent nasal blockages in the cool air like that of AC, but open air relieves me.

    • try 2 drops of pure desi ghee in each nostril (better if A2), warmed and taken in the morning after your routines. Do this for 1 week and let know. I have tried homeopathy for the same symptoms but without much results (tried 3-4 docs for a period of 8-10 years). But you never know, if you are lucky, you could get help here.

  91. chandan babu says:

    Hello Dr Sharma ,
    I would be much thankful if u advice me ,my right nose turbinates become much dry and block the nostril and difficult to breathe .that is the only problem ,no cold no sneezing. pls tell me the medicine in homeopathy.

  92. Hi.. iam a very concerned mother of a 6 yr old boy.. he seems to have severe nasal allergies, although his allergy blood test were clear when he was 4..he has also had an adeno-tomsillectomy in t2 months ago..also he has a slightly deviated septum.. to add, he was also diagnosed with mild asthma( which is under control now)..i have been trying to manage his nasal allergies through homeopathic medicines.. in particular R-183 and Omeo’s Allergy meds. But in the past 3-4 days, he has been sneezing alot and has a blocked nose at times.. pls help.. i dont know what to do

  93. Chandrabhan raghuwanshi says:

    Balretrial inferior turbinate hypertrophiy treatment
    Aage 36

  94. Rizwan Haque says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My left naustle mostly remain closed. Due
    to it I feel my left side ear is also blocked and
    difficult to hear.
    What homeopathic medicine will suit.
    I have Ménière disease and I can not hear
    from my right ear at all. Due to Vertigo I
    am using R 29. Please advise for my left ear. Thanks.

  95. Elora Shukla says:

    My 3.2yr old kid in suffering from nasal congestion running nose and sneezing from last one day. In India I prefer to give him homeopathic treatment. Now a days we are staying at Nairobi (Kenya) here the weather is very cold no sun at all. So please can you suggest appropriate medicine for my son. I would be thankful to you

  96. Dr I am from Trivandrum. In April i had a n operation to remov polyp in left nose. After few days my nsasls were blocked . Consuted dr and he said it is because of allergy and prescribed medicines and spray. But till date no cure. Is there any medicines sir. Pl also advise whether the climatic conditions is also a reason for this sir. Tks

  97. Dr Ostwal says:

    difficulyt in breathing only in sleep

  98. Dipak Pattanayak says:

    Dear sir,
    I am facing severe nasal blockage from 2012 in right side nostrils due to nasal trauma deviated to left side.i undergone septoplasty surgery,many homeopathy medicine such silicea,Kali bi,aresenic album,natrum muriaticum,lyco,seper,sticta etc but no results.plz guide me sir.

  99. Ondrea Martin says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I have been sick for 5 months. I had the flu in Dec and took muccinex and thera flu once. They irritated my ulcerative colitis and I discontinued use. I was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection. A couple months later I had sinus pain/pressure in my nose and head. I was put on antibiotics and steroids. I didn’t want to take them but was desperate to feel better. My headaches continued and turned into migraines. I had a CT and showed fine. I refused to believe I suddenly developed migraines at 37. I went to my nutrional dr and he said I had a blockage in my liver. After a month of taking livaplex by standard process my migraines improved. The nasal swelling on my left side of nose did not improve. I went to sn ENT and he diagnosed me with hypertrophy of nasal turbinates and a nasal polyp. After not tolerating two different nasal dprays he opted for radio frequency ablation to reduce swelling in my nose. I was also allergy tested and only showed allergic to dust mites. Not a candidate for allergy shots. After my nose procedure I’m still feeling congested, headache above my eyebrows, cracking/popping in my ears upon swallowing. The symptoms are worse when lying down at night. The ENT mentioned I may have sleep apnea. I think the glands in my nexk were swollen too. I do not tolerate any OTC allergy or decongestant meds well. This is why I’m turning to homeopathic meds. This entire ordeal has cause depression & anxiety as I feel hopeless. Can you please please help? Thank you.


    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I need your help . i have difficulty in breathing plus i also have DNS i dont know what causes difficulyt in breathing Can you te ll me whether Homepathy help to cure my problem?

  101. Sir am suffering synonyms noise blocks how to release treat plz give homeo medicine

  102. My nose is blocked and stuff, b coz of this my face swells… n then it changes to mumps… what remedies should be used???

  103. Ranjit Mukherji says:

    Last year I had cold with blockage of ear which was very irritating ,presently although I am not having cold, I am having blockage of my left nostril, I am not getting good sleep, in the morning the head is heavy and loss of energy is there. However after waking and moving about for 10-20 minutes the blockage clears up.I felt a sharp sensation few days back when I blew my nose, there after this happened I suppose. Please suggest some remedy,last year I got cured by homeopath only.

  104. Muhammad Asim Abbasi says:

    Dear Sir
    I hope you will be fine I have nostril problem one side is complete block since one year. I have used medicine but no effects. I am very disturbed
    Kindly help me in giving proper diagnosis
    I shall be obliged

  105. Aman Sharma says:

    I have been suffering loose motions and undigested food in stool, yellow tounge, white discharge in penis and mild rectal itching, excessive belching, oily stools,bad smelling stool
    Feeling full just after 1-2 chapaati
    Feel like food is sitting in stomach.
    Belching immediately after eating and drinking.
    I am hopeless and Don’t want to talk , i have restlessness,
    This all started with wrongly prescribed antacids and antibiotics now this condition is not going
    Can homeopathy cure me from root

  106. Mrinal chakraborty says:

    Sir I suffer percial nose blockeges with sneezing. My nose Turbinates are enlarged. I am 35yer old. I donot want surgery. If there is any homeopathy medicine for me.

    • Good evening, Dr. Sharma,

      My Turbinates are enlarge, can you please tell me which medecine to take to reduce the size.

      Thank you

    • SIMI SRINIVAS says:

      Dr. Sharma my nasal turbinates are enlarged due to allergies. No help so far in three years from steroidal sprays and medicines. pls suggest homoe as I don’t want surgery. feel exhausted can’t breathe very tired

  107. Staci Kessler says:

    I am also wondering if your recommendations are safe for my dog. I have a 13-year-old dachshund and her nose is clear and runny during the day. In the evening her nose is stuffy and she snores. Any recommendations?

  108. Kaushal Goel says:

    Dear doctor
    I am Kaushal Goel, aged 65 years , I got a DNS surgery about 25 years back , it worked for approx 15 years and my problem started when I used otrivin when in problem. Now for one year approx I have to use otrivin more frequently. Now for the last 15-20 days problem aggravated. I consulted ENT physician. He said due to ageing nose muscles are weak and and nose has come down obstructing it. Given a Nasoclear Mist spray , it is not very effective, please advice.

  109. Peter Bokma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Greetings to you. I live in The Philippines (am a dutch national), and it appears am suffering from nasal congestion recently. I have my own sulis remedy maker, since I bought it as per advise from a homeopath in Qatar, where I lived for some years.

    I made Lemna Minor 1 M and do this 3-4 times a day, however, I do not see any releave of my sympthoms. the symptoms are nose blocked both side most of the time, and nasal drip… constant need to blow the nose… etc.. of course it affects my lungs too… and am taking ipecac 1 M 3-4 times a day… slight improvement lungs…less wheezing…

    kindly advise how to solve tghis issue… thank you

  110. Namaskar Dr. I have great problem of close nose and breathing problem in lungs with weezing. Please suggest me good medicine I will be highly thankful to u.

    • Namaskar Dr. I have great problem of close nose and breathing problem in lungs with weezing. Please suggest me good medicine I will be highly thankful to u.

  111. Ajay anand says:

    Good eveng doctor ji,
    I am ajay anand Age- 28 problem is related to nose from 3 years. Doctor Suggested to operation because DNS (c- shape) problem. Plz doctor Ji tell me homeopathy medicine cure my DNS problem.

  112. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I constantly suffer from issues that stem from my sinuses. My major concerns are the post nasal drip, the nose blockage that alternates between the right and left nostrils and the constant bad breath. I’m told I need to do a tutbinste reduction procedure but I’m not sold that this preocedure will alleviate these issues.

    Any advice you can offer would be highly appreciated.


  113. Nidia Endter says:

    Hi, kindly answer if possible. My two year old grandchild has been having symptoms of cold or allergy about every four weeks since last June. She begins sneezing wich increses and about the third day her nose is very stuffy, congested. Sometimes when she snezzes a thick clear discharge comes out. The las four months accompanied by mild fever and horse throat from the second day. It will last about a week. We only give her tylenol tablets for fever. Her nose congestion seems to bother her a lot while trying to sleep. She will snore loudly when going throug this. The doctor claims it’ s viruses.

  114. sir my left nose will get blocked due cold , dust ,cold air etc
    my both noses will become stuffy and casually i feel headache.
    early morning i will get lot of sneezings .
    i used to take levo cetrizene from many years . But it gives only
    two or three day relief. i am using homeo from last one year
    from honarry homeo practioner . these are sil 200, sls, sanguaria N 200 etc.
    But they are not giving me full relief . Now he is not available due
    his retirement . Pl suggest me any ready made homeoe medcine
    which i can purchase from any homeo stores.

  115. I have a deviated septum. Sinus blocked worse at night and switches sides. Pressure in forehead. Seems to get better during he day but can be stuffy even during daytime. Interferes with my sleeping. Not a lot of drainage. Musics is thick and hard to eliminate. Blowing nose constantly.
    Neti Pot and saline spray helps. Worse in winter. Gets really bad around strong smells like chemicals, cigarette smoke, car fumes, and perfumes. Year round but sometimes it gets better on its own. What would help?
    Thank you for your advice!

  116. Dr. My right side nose gets blocked when I sit or sleep. Please help

  117. RUPESH DHRUW says:

    One side of my nose is always closed and the hole in the curtain is in the center of the city, there is pain in the head.

  118. Sir, my nose get blocked when I go to bed. Both sides get blocked in sleep and I have to get sited. After using nasal spray (allopathic), I get relief. No discharge from nose generally.
    Pl suggest remedy.

    • Mangesh Nadkarni says:

      Sir, my nose get blocked when I go to bed. Both sides get blocked in sleep and I have to get sited. After using nasal spray (allopathic), I get relief. No discharge from nose generally.
      Pl suggest remedy.

    • Pardeep Kumar says:

      Nuxvomica 200 daily two times for a week one dose in morning fasting and one in night when going to sleep

  119. please help me Sar..always blood come to nose.. fast time me use to Thuja. need your help

  120. can we use nux vomica in during pregnency ?

  121. Nyanzi Tony says:

    My new born baby was diagnosed with bilateral nosal blockage. The blockage is because of the bones occupying the air way gap and she’s facing difficult in breathing. His breathing is too noisy. My question is how often can my new born baby be safe for operation

  122. Dilip Prasad says:

    Respect sir, my nose is frequently blocking and running sometimes coughing also during night nose getting block and taking breath through mouth what to please guide me .

  123. nagendra giri says:

    I m suffering from nasal blockage.a homeopathic doctor diagnosed nasal allergy.and told me that 2-3 more diseases I m suffering from are just becauseof this allergy.hypertension, increased yah, increased uric acid , cervical pain I m suffering from all these.could you plz help me out.i m taking the homeopathic medicine from a doctor.wat medicine he never tells.

    • Kuldip Batra says:

      I have recently started having an allergic reaction to Ac ,cold wind ,water etc and start having chest constriction heaviness in breathing, phlegm in the throat and coughing This happen mostlyin the middle of the night More so after a heavy meal as I as I have a bloating problem too.can you suggest a cure by homeopathy and any home remedies What is the reasons for having this problem as I have recently developed this problem Last time when I got this attack my Bp fluctuated from high to low and I felt weak for several days

  124. I am having asthma and nasal turbinate hypertrophy. It worsens during winter with wheezing sound. Now i am having similar symptoms with lots of mucus and wheezing. Please advise

  125. Hi,, how are u?
    My son is 4 months today ( january. 5 2018)
    Its been 3 days now he has a real bad dry cough and. Congestion… I tried using the vaporizer and it dont seem to help….
    pleases can u tell me what i need to do or should i take my baby to his doctor?
    I hope to get a response back from u
    .thank u

  126. Hello Sir , I am suffering from nasal blockage and in result I am facing the snoring sound in night,breathing problems during day time


    Dear Doctor,
    I have been suffering from cough for the last 7 months and taking Homeo medicines with local doctor with no respite.Iam having slight left forehead headache and I have to deliberately cough very frequently.I have sinusitis and nasal septum deviation.The cough increases by evening.The x-ray reports say no lungs problem.Can I have any respite?

  128. I have problem of running , blocked along with watery eyes. Sneezing. In winter nose remained blocked. Some time complete or alternatively. Plz suggest me remedy

  129. Dr. Sharma

    Thank you very much for the list of medicine listed above. I am suffering from cold and blocked nose all the time. I am taking homeopathic treatment since two months but no desirable result .Kindly suggest medicine.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mrs. Shetye

  130. Mrs. Adriza Halder says:

    I started waking every morning and starting to sneeze, have a blocked/ drippy nose. I have Pharyngitis problems. I have tested eosinophils , has 560.

    please suggest homeopathic medicine.
    thanks and regards

    Mrs. Adriza halder
    Malda , West Bengal

  131. Hello sir I have been suffering from nasal blockage for 6 yrs kindly suggest me how to cure that problem.

  132. Hello, I started waking every morning and starting to sneeze, have a blocked/ drippy nose and burning eyes- 2 years ago. It’s every single day and I’m not sure if it’s adult onset allergies or inflammation. Often it will clear for some of the day, but it’s worse when I lay down and my throat will be sore regularly too. Sometimes cold things or strong smells bring it on. I’ve recently been told that it’s related to my immune system being compromised. I’ve tried many things- any ideas!!!?? Thank you

  133. Tejpal singh says:

    I have nauasl allergy last ten years can I use Arsenic Album

  134. Kelly Moore says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My question is related to Vertigo. I myself have had nasal blockages all my life which i now understand is allergy related also. I suspect my bouts of vertigo I have experienced throughout my life was influenced by my nose and allergies. Can you please advise a homeopathic remedy as i live in fear of being bed-ridden again due to vertigo, with no one to care for me if I become ill.

    Kind regards,


  135. Vikas Virmani says:

    Namaste,I am suffering from nose blockage and breathing difficulty for last so many years.While laying down the left nostril blocks and have to sit back for breathing as well as to get relief from stuffy nose.Even during day time sometimes have to breathe from

    • Md.shabbir Alam says:

      I am suffering from the mixed (obstructive+central) sleep apnea disorder.
      Sleeping time start loud snoring.chowking etc.please suggest me medicine.

  136. Prakash Phatak says:

    One fine evening, it. started with running nose. After couple of days started nasal discharge from left nostril. Next six days home remedy, homeo rickweig R49, with intention of containing common cold and sinus. After 7 days on alopathic doctor,’s advice medicine for cold and antibiotic for 5 days. Nasal discharge reduced became less, receding colour to light yellow. Presently nasal as well as drip in throat exists. Discharge is foul smelling but frequency is less. Age 71,BP 160/80with Aten50.No other known condition. Developing cataract for last one year. Get cold feet at night.
    One suggest a medicine.
    PS. As a child, I was healed for a severe cough condition with Silica 3x if I correctly remember. Age15

  137. Cough after cold due to eating ripe plantains

  138. Hi Sir,
    My name is Vipin and I am suffering from sneezing and blocked nose. When i wake in the
    morning usually i start sneezing for 10 to 15 times and it turns the eyes watery and red in colour.
    After that a thin liquid discharge from nose that continue to last for half an hour and then stops.
    Sometimes when it is quite often either of the nose gets blocked. It increases when i sit in front
    of AC vent or when i apply water on my hair. However i get some relief after taking bath. It is
    problem i am suffering from last few years. Please suggest me a medicine so that i can get off
    from this problem.
    Age – 50

  139. suresh kumar says:

    I am suffering from cold and flue for the last one month. Taken antibiotics…and cured…but at the same time my nose rightside got injured just a half inch length wound by a small tree branch fallen to my nose causing skin and a little flesh opened .Now the wound is cured and the same cold and flue came back.Now I am taking homeo medicine from a Dr. and Dr. told me that ur right nose is 75 percent blocked with a polyp. Dr. given me some drops to take orally. What to do for clearing this nose polyp…please give me ur valuable opinion.
    With regards,
    Suresh kumar

    • Àge 50, I am suffering from nasal block in right nose from last 1 year. Doctor suggested surgery. One of my friend suggested homeo care. Is this curable in homeo. Please suggest.

  140. a clinical wonders u are a doctor par excellence simply superb as i am also asmall practitioner of homoeopathy

  141. NUR JAMAL LASKAR says:

    My nose is getting blocked due to polyp.most of the time rt nose remains blocked. Sometimes both. Pl suggest me effective medicine.

  142. Hi doc, my 3.10 yrs old girl suffering from nose block, congestion with phlegm sound, without any discharge plz recommend effective homeopathy medicine

  143. Plz suggest strength of Kali biochrome

  144. Gaurav Udgata says:

    My nose gets blocked around 4-5 PM evening and it doesn’t gets clear until I put Otrivin drops in my nose.It worsens at night.This happens only during Winters.Kindly suggest me an medicine.
    I am a great follower of all your medicines since last 2-3 years.

  145. Swati kashyap says:

    Good morning Doctor,
    My son is 12yrs old and suffering with concomitant cough and nasal blockage since his early childhood. After nasal endoscopy the allopathic doctor suggested that he has allergic sinusitis which translates into cough and sometimes causes secondary infections too.
    He suggested medicines including montair FX alongwith antibiotics and nasal sprays etc.
    Montair FX didn’t suit him and caused bowel problems including moving pain and loose motion.
    We consulted a homeopath who prescribed lemma minor, calcaria flour and belladonna mixture and wheezal. This combination except calcaria-belladonna worked well initially but with the increased cold and air pollution he is suffering with severe nasal blockage, specifically while sleeping. Another symptom is that he has cold feet and palm.

    Can you please suggest any specific medicine for him?

  146. My daughter has been suffering from persistent nasal mucous that doesn’t come out but make nose crusty on drying up..I have to wash her nose many times with water to clear the crusty material on her nasal lines


    Good morning Dr.Sharma, I have been suffering from blocked nose all days long and feel clear time to time alternately and take breathing by mouth. 2nd problem left need joint & uncle joint during get up from bed at morning.after some walking get easy also same problem after long sittingon chair. From one Dr.taking R.TOX ABOUT OVER 15 DAYS BUT find no result.age 60 yrs. Please reply.

  148. how hypertrophied turbinates can be treated

  149. Àge 18, I am suffering from nasal polyp in left nose from last 10 years.Got operated in 2016.Now my right nostrils blocked and I have to use nasal drops twice daily.Please advice which homeopathic medicine to use and how to eliminate this problem forever. I suffer from atopic nasal problem is also due to some allergy.Aspergillus allergy was detected in blood test.

  150. Sir,
    I am aged about 47 years old, 5.5 inch height and 78 kg weight suffering from acquit cold and nasal blockage both the side since 6 to 7 year. I visit the ENT Dr. but he after all the examination like x-ray he advice to me for operation and prescribed Otrivin nasal spray since then I used Otrivin nasal spray 4 to 5 times per day, when I can not use this spray my both the nose will be blocked and I fill saphocated and in night time I breathed in mouth for which my through t will be dry and snoring loudly when I came back from outside my both the nose totally blocked and I sneezing for which Dr. said you have dust infection prescribed me one medicine namely Montech LC which is for anti allergies I take daily but after take this medicine I felling drausyness . So please help me Sir if possible. Thanks.

  151. Dear Sir,

    i’m suffering from nasal polyps raise from cold allergies or sinusitis. both nasal is blocked. breath by open mouth. sneezing. pour watering

    taking below medicine:
    Lemna Minor 200
    Teucrium Marum Verum30

    with hv borax30 for mouth aptha, thuja oxy200.

    Still suffer a lot and continue problem. I’m in so difficult problem. Pls advise best what will do.

  152. My son has blocked nose at night .. color is greenish white .

  153. Prateek Bhanot says:

    Hi Sir,

    My name is Prateek and I am suffering from sneezing and blocked nose. When i wake in the morning usually i start sneezing for 10 to 15 times and it turns the eyes watery and red in colour. After that a thin liquid discharge from nose that continue to last for half an hour and then stops. Sometimes when it is quite often either of the nose gets blocked. It increases when i sit in front of AC vent or when i apply water on my hair. However i get some relief after taking bath. It is problem i am suffering from last few years. Please suggest me a medicine so that i can get off from this problem.

    Age – 29

  154. Hello Doctor my name is Hedi a male of 66 years old. since 2008 after having vacuna) and travelled immediateley the following week to Mecca) I am suffering of rinitis continued all year around with lot of discharge sommetimes sticky and white sometimes yellowish and often blocked nose making me breath by. mouth and rarely with traces of blood.i have a background of allergiies to sardines i hade twice a discharge of histamine the last one in 2001.I feel like the conchas are inlammed last summer the rinitis went down to my throat to finally affects my bronchios and i had asma which obliged me to use corticoides for nose breating for one month after a calm period of 2 months here i am again with this alergic rinitis again.I tried many homeopatic remeedies but maybe not correctly taken
    Thanks Doctor for any help

  155. Roberta Purves says:

    Hello my name is Roberta, July of 2014 I came dementia with a bronchitis after a week of that I came down with the cold in my nose for a few days I did nothing but blow my nose blow my nose so much fluid was coming out never seen anything like it. It cleared on its own. I felt fine after about about 4 months this chronic stuffiness started. Nose is not running. I’ve had it ever since. I kept hoping it would clear up on its own there’s no pain. I’ve had an MRI and it shows that my sinuses are 70% blocked in my nose. Doctor wants to put me on a spray that has all kinds of side effects. I would like to do something more natural. Thus stuffiness has affected my sense of smell and I would like something natural could you help me?

    • Hello Doctor my name is Hedi a male of 66 years old. since 2008 after having vacuna) and travelled immediateley the following week to Mecca) I am suffering of rinitis continued all year around with lot of discharge sommetimes sticky and white sometimes yellowish and often blocked nose making me breath by. mouth and rarely with traces of blood.i have a background of allergiies to sardines i hade twice a discharge of histamine the last one in 2001.I feel like the conchas are inlammed last summer the rinitis went down to my throat to finally affects my bronchios and i had asma which obliged me to use corticoides for nose breating for one month after a calm period of 2 months here i am again with this alergic rinitis again.I tried many homeopatic remeedies but maybe not correctly taken
      Thanks Doctor for any help

  156. Dear Dr.
    My son is.having blocked nose specially at night times, he doesn’t breath by nose but from mouth and all the night he is restless . He is 4 years.old . Please.suggest some.medicine

  157. Pradnya Chalka says:

    I am 43yrs old female. My problem is I have enlarged bone in the right nostril. As i wake up i start sneezing for few seconds,also because of this I am allergic to dust,wheat flour and many other type of flour. I always prepare chapatis with scarf on my nose. .Also my nose is very sensitive if someone touches it, I start sneezing. I regu;arly do Yoasanas and Pranayam. In Pranayam there is Fast breathing exercise which i hardly do because after doing that I start sneezing. Please let me know a permanent medicine for this

    Warm Regards,
    Pradnya Chalka

    • Aditya Aggarwal says:

      My grand daughter has stuffy nose all the time, worse at night. She also has to blow her nose often.

      There are no Polyphemus or any structural problem with the nose. Her parents have allergy problems as well.

      I am a strong believer in homeopathy, especially for children. Can you suggest some remedy for her?

  158. Dearest Dr. Sharma

    I am 30+ male suffering with congenital glaucoma in my both eyes, but my left eye has got more severe in recording IOP. It is +35 in left and 25 to 28 in right always although I am taking azopt and Combigan twice a day in the left eye and Xalatan in both eyes in the night. Every morning I am seeing my left eye blurred and foggy till afternoon until the pressure is going normally.

    I have noticed that my pressure is usually getting more frequently developed in autumn and winter and I have sinus issues and I felt always that my left nose is clogged inside the skin and my head is heavy. I am obese and cannot reduce weight due to many factors and whenever I lie on the bed straight my head is heavy and I feel my eyes heavy.

    please let me know any good medicine for
    Sinus or clogged nerves in the nose and head area
    Glaucoma which is by birth but started 7 years ago

  159. Ranjan Kumar Behera says:

    I take lemon & honey in warm water and milk with turmeric. I also do pranayam & play badminton regularly. I also do neti. But I still suffer chest congestion due to blocked nose in evening & night please advise.
    My age – 44.

  160. Natish Brijmohan says:

    Good sir,

    My name is Natish Brijmohan from South Africa Durban.
    I had an incident walking into a clear glass door at my residence about 3months ago.
    The above incident led to a deviated nasal septum.
    The blockage is on my left nostril.
    The incident is also affecting my ears to a certain extent.
    I have to pinch both my nostrils and then breath through the nostrils to relieve my ears,this ensures that i hear better.
    I don’t prefer the surgical procedure.

    Would you be able to advise me accordingly what alternative treatments are available.

    Warm regards,
    Natish Brijmohan

  161. respected sir;
    I am 14 yes old.I have my sneezing regularly specially in the morning when I get up in the morning as weĺl as in the day and night. some times my nose has been close . Now these days (from 1 month) I have headache also between 3-5 pm .
    Thanx sir

  162. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from blocked nose. But it is different.
    1. One of my noses always remains closed. Sometimes the left one, sometimes the right one.
    2. As soon as I fall asleep and I woke up due to breathing problem especially when i sleep on my back facing the roof. (it happens very often nowadays).

    Please for HELP ME. I want to sleep peacefully.
    May God Bless You

  163. Doctor sharma mujhe 3 saal se nazla zukam ha or nose bhi bund rehta ha or saans lene ma b mushkil peda hoti ha nose ki 1 side bund hoti ha to 2sri open ho jati ha or jab 2sri bund hoti ha tab pehle wali side bund ho jati ha or jo side bund hoti ha usi side pe head ma,face ma,eyes ma or teeth ma pain hota ha.please Dr.Sharma muje is bemari ka ilaaj btaen

  164. when rain and winter season start facing cold and nose two holes are blocked sir pls give me any suggetion

  165. SAMIR GHOSE ( KOLKATA) says:

    Respected Dr.,
    My age is over 81 male. I suffer specially at night in right nose blockage. According a doctor there the bone inside my right which is slightly in bending position. Due to that I breath from mouth and my nose and throat become dry disturbing my sleep. I take regularly blood thinner medicine for last 12 yrs after Arotic valve was replaced. I also take sleeping pill daily. I have a pacemaker too since 2012. I am not sure if I was able to explain the problem to you.
    I shall be much obliged if you suhhest any homeo medicine for me to sleep well.
    Thanking you,
    Sincerely your,

  166. Rahul Digwasiya says:

    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for the last 30 years. I got surgery done on my nose for Septoplasty and Sinusitis but in vain. There is constant blockage in my nose and congestion in throat. There is pain in upper part of the nose. There is sneezing and nasal discharge.

  167. Hi Dr Sharma, Hope u’r fine. I’m 17th years old. I have been suffering for nasal blockage. My nose already operation before 4 month ago but not clear my nose.Please let me know what can i do now and send me good advise for me.

    Thanking U

  168. RAMA CHANDRA JENA says:

    I have suffering Nosal allergies problem. sneezing, nasal discharges and watering from eyes and pain the upper part of nose. So, kindly give me suggestion for relief this problem.

  169. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am Sarah, 26years old, I have been suffering from blocked nose for many years. When I am stand, it’s totally normal, but once I lie down, my nose gonna be blocked soon in 5mins, I don’t know what kind of medicine can I use to relieve such problem. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you !

    Best regards,

  170. Hi Sir,

    I am padmalatha aged 26 living in Bangalore. I am having severe nose block and sneezing from past 1.5 years. I have used Arsenic Iodatum for 4 months and it gave good results for 8 months. Again I am having the same problem now and even that medicine is not working. Request you to please help on this. many thanks in advance.

  171. D V V S S S Varma says:

    Sir, I am D.V.S.Varma, AGE 36 years, suffering from cold since 2004. I have gone through so many doctors but it could not solved my problem. Some of the doctors told that bone in the nasal is slightly bigger than normal, some of them told that it is due to allergy. While using of the medicines with in 4-5 days problem resolved. After some days again it raised. Sometimes I used to take Okacet (citrizine tablets 1 or 2 per day) to find some easiness in the breathing. At present condition my problem is blockages of both nasals especially in the nights. If I exposed to out side with force air also that will affect my nasals. During summer seasons also I am facing this problem. Some times running nose, sometimes fully blockage of nasals, continuous sneezing (10-12 sneezes once it starts in the morning), some times hitching both in nasals and even in eyes also. At present I am living in Parbhani district of Maharashtra which is near to Aurangabad (160kms). Please advice.

  172. subir kr. podder says:

    Sir my son age 9years he was suffring from morning sneezing after that water come from the nose till half an please give medicine

  173. Akhtar amani says:

    Dear sir.
    My son is 7 year old.from last 4 years he has has been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (perennial) .he has food allergy with milk wheat egg white banana.he is having asthamatic cough like situation all year .every day he coughs several times.his nose blocked all the watery discharge from eye or red rashes in skin ever.nose having sticky liquid inside .in the night take breath from mouth .bad breath all time.drs always say he is having post nasal drip.1 yr back we already have comparison night time have more blocked constipation.always wheesing in chest.whenever there is change of weather his coughing n blocked nose cold windy weather or cloudy weather also his coughing n blockage in nose regular intervals of 20 days we have to give hime montelucast plus antihistamine.we tried several homeopathic medicines for his acute conditons.
    We want to take medicines which can remove his food allergy and related cough with stuffy nose condition permanently.please assist .
    With regards

  174. bikramjeet singh says:

    i am bikramjeet singh from mumbai. my nose bone has increased i had tried lot of things i don’t want to go for surgery kindly suggest me best medicine my conctct details 9699340001

  175. Marta Espinal says:

    Had a mei on my head due to swelling under right eye severe pain under cheek that spreads to my right side jaw after examination and MRI review they gave me Antibotics to clear hard crust that completely has filled my entire maxillary right sinus took med and 10 day still having pain swelling lost sense of smell they want to do surgery to remove it please help me I don’t want surgery what can I do thank you Marta ?

  176. suryanarayana says:

    Sir, good evening.
    I have been suffering from nose blockage particularly during night that too after 2.00 AM. Unable to breath. But not a runny nose. It is only dry nose. nothing emits from the nose. some times sneeze during early hours. taking nasaline nose drops for the last two months. please suggest medicine.

    • JOHN PATRICK says:

      , good evening.
      I have been suffering from nose blockage particularly during night that too after 2.00 AM. Unable to breath. But not a runny nose. It is only dry nose. nothing emits from the nose. some times sneeze during early hours. taking nasaline nose drops for the last two months. please suggest medicine. My name is john patrick from new delhi. Mob.No.-9013324764

  177. Hello Dr. I am 37yrs old. In my childhood I was told to operate my nose due to blockage. I had breathing problem. Since then I have had regular colds allergies infections of ear etc. But no opration was done. now the problem has increased. Cannot breathe. Some times I feel I will die without oxygen. I get headaches and sinus very often. Now dr says surgery required because of deviation of the bone in nose. Kindly help

  178. Hari Sadhan Saha, 70 yrs, from Pune. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 70 yrs suffering from nose blockage while in sleep(in bed), specially at night, in any one nose (either or), but either one remains free. This creates breathing problem but only one nasal drop clears the blockage at night. * No watering nasal discharge. * No sneezing. *No problem in smelling. *No headache.

    It will be a great relief for me if you kindly advise and prescribe medicine for me in treating my ilness. I do Pranayam and take morning walk every day for half an hour.

    with regards,

  179. Respected Dr,
    I m suffering 15to18 years from nasal allergy is worse day by PNS Xray report is here.
    Bilaterally maxillary sinuses are hazy (right more then
    Left)with thickening noted onthe left side bilateral maxillary sinusitis.
    In view rest of the sinuses are clear and devoid of any air fluid level.
    Bilateral turbinate hypertrophy is noted.
    Due to this condition l m 24 hrs in chesty cough,chest tightness,visalting and breath just like asthama patient.
    Please rply

  180. Respected Doctor,

    My daughter Name is Smilee, now she is 10 years old. She is suffering from breathing problem. During school time getting good breat7, but when she came back from school, she feels bad and unhappy with her problem. So please kindly consider my request and give appropriate medicine and guide me in this aspect.


  181. Sweta maroti says:

    Hello doctor my name is Sweta my age is 38 I suffer from sevear pain and pressure in my left ear….and the area above and beind the left ear even the left nose feels bit uncomfortable…..pls recommend me proper medicine …..

    • Sweta maroti says:

      Hello doctor my name is Sweta my age is 38 I suffer from sevear pain and pressure in my left ear….and the area above and beind the left ear even the left nose feels bit uncomfortable…..pls recommend me proper medicine …..

  182. Venkatesa karthikeyan says:


  183. My one side nose is blocked because one muscle like coming and covered my nose I can’t breath from one side nose . Wat is the treatment please tell me ??

  184. RAjesh sAnkaranarayanan says:

    Deàr Dr
    My wife has been suffering from Nasal vestibular. Is there any homeo medicine?

  185. Rebecca shirshima says:

    l have been having a serious nasal congestion which troubles me both day & night .l do breath with my mouth.what drug will l use to help me.

  186. My son seven years old get crusty nose n end up with nose bleed pl recommend something homeopathic Thanku

  187. MUSAHID AHMAD says:

    Sir most of the time my both the nose are blocked.No any type of discharge from the nose,my nose is just blocked and extremely dry and I feel some breathing problem also sir give me best suggestion and tell me best medicines.

  188. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I have been suffering from blocked nose very frequently and gets worse during winter,have to use Otrivin everyday night to get good sleep. I also have a deviated septum which makes it worse during winter,and also have runny nose.
    So please suggest me the best treatment for my problem sir
    Would really appreciate it.

    • MUSAHID AHMAD says:

      Sir i am 32 year old ,most of the time my both the nose are blocked.No any type of discharge from the nose,my nose is just blocked and extremely dry and I feel some breathing problem also sir give me best suggestion and tell me best medicines.

  189. Dr Sharma, thankyou for your attention. I have blocked left nose in the morning . Lately I also have bouts of sneezing and whistling sounds on lying down just on left side with pressure at base of lungs. Occasional cough.


  190. duhkhakar says:

    Sir nasal congestion in extremely hot and cold season

  191. Swapan kumar das says:

    Respected Dr Dharma

    My son is 6 years old. He is suffering from cold and nasal blockage , sneezing also occure but no watery nasal discharge . It seems there is something.
    Please tell me the remedies.. Thank you..

  192. Sharmila says:

    Dr Sharma
    My daughter is 19 and has a deviated septum and has cold all the time with continuous sneezing. Please suggest a medicine.

  193. Allergy jukam

  194. Hi , dr. Sharma
    I’m 40 years old , I was diagnosed with asthma & allergies about 23 years ago. I had wheezing and allergy from hay fever. 7 years ago I got my polypls surgery done by a Ent specialist, and for the past year my polyps are back and drainage and stuffiness, sense of smell and taste is all gone. plz advice which medication I should take to reduce polypls


  195. Vaibhav shukla says:

    Dear sir,

    I have alternate one side nose blockage issue since 1 year and many medicine have taken as montair 10 and aller aid homeopathic which was prescribed by doctor.

    But still issue is same so please tell me how I can get rid of this disease.
    It irritates so much at night and all day one side nose is completely block in alternate basis.

  196. Dear doctor .
    My father is 85+ and as summer comes he gets too much dryness in nose throat and respiratory tract.
    He could not sleep because or difficulty in breathing.
    His gets heavy head.
    Which medicine will best suits to him.
    He is a heart patient and taking Aloe medicines for blood pressure also.
    Plz guide me I am very worried for him.
    Thanks and regards.

  197. abuonji esther says:

    dear Dr. kenyan suffering frm severe sneezing as a result of dust,cold,dumpness. My nose blocks as a result.what is the remedy for this? pls help.

  198. Sandeep says:

    Respected sir
    My son 11 years he is suffering from nosil polyp Doctor recommend to operate in his x-ray there is too much his breathing pipe is blocked he takes breath through his mouth plz suggest me medicine

    • Haresh.l.dhanwani says:

      Respected dr.i àm suffering from nose chokeup very heavily i use 3 times a day otrivin nasal drops.n not getting smell .there is no discharge of mucus.dry nose chokeup is there only.i am also getting wake up from sleep due to exhation .pl suggest homeopathic treatment.
      Thanks n regards

      • Dear doctor .
        My father is 85+ and as summer comes he gets too much dryness in nose throat and respiratory tract.
        He could not sleep because or difficulty in breathing.
        His gets heavy head.
        Which medicine will best suits to him.
        He is a heart patient and taking Aloe medicines for blood pressure also.
        Plz guide me I am very worried for him.
        Thanks and regards.

  199. Shilpika says:

    DNS allergy nose blocking at night..age 13 years boy..please tell the suitable medicine

  200. Vijay Kumar sahu says:

    I have nose problem in my right there is always some blockage as well as water running in my mouth .I don’t understand what is the problem behind this .Is this a case of increasing of nosal bone.Or some thing else please guide me.Give some remedy which. I can do at home.

  201. Wendy Cambage says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    My son has had a permanent blocked nostril for it seems a couple of years now. He has never made a big deal of it but increasingly it is concerning me and must be incredibly irritating to him. A few years ago we had some basic allergy tests done but nothing really conclusive. The testing was not very extensive and I am not too into allopathic medicine which simply addresses the symptoms and not the cause. He suffers itchy eyes too periodically which also indicate hayfever allergies. This does vary in its severity and onset. He is now 13 years old and I really want to get to the bottom of it. It is almost always his right nostril, very occasionally changing to his left. It is constant, i.e. no relief. He probably exacerbates the problem by constantly blowing his nose to try and clear the problem which I guess increases the inflammation. HE doesn’t have any runny nose accompanying it nor does he sneeze excessively. I am really keen to find an alternative therapy which will address the cause of the problem and get rid of it. Could you please advise me on homeopathic treatment or the best form of attack? We live in a rural area with very clean air in the tropics. Many thanks. Kind regards, Wendy

  202. Hello sir ..DNS nasal allergy 13 yrs boy…which medicine is suitable for him

  203. Brajendra. Kumar Singh says:

    One night I fallen in standing position due to syncope. I got blunt injury head and nose with bleeding nose .After that I am getting difficulty in breathing due to DNS due to trauma specially during sleep. Sir can you help me. Blockage is of rt side.

  204. V. Nagarajan says:

    I am 62 years, underwent angioplasty 12 years ago and a diabetic (on insulin) too. For the past 7-8 months, off and on I have had sinusitis. Only about a month and half ago, the blockage of nose was more than usual, often lasting during night or day. Contact with dust or smoke triggers sneezing and colds. The CT scan taken recently reads: left frontal, ethmoidal and maxillary sinusitis with blocked fronto-ethmoid recess and maxillary ostea; deviated nasal septum to the left side with bony nasal spur; left middle and inferior turbinate hypertrophy.

    The ENT specialist has advised surgery which I would like to avoid. I have been trying Kali Bichrome, Teucrium and Hepar Sulph though not very regularly as the doctor has in the meantime prescribed Allegra M and Nasonex spray.

    Often the nose block gets released when I go upstairs in my house or travel outside my house, leaving only a feeling of having colds in the left nose. However, soon when I stay put in a place, the block slowly gets back.

    Would you advise me on the best homeopathic remedy in this case.

    Thanks in advance.

    V. Nagarajan

  205. Shirley Hutchins says:

    I have sjogrens..extremely dry eyes, nose which swells and is sensitive to all chemical smells. My face is in pain all of the time. It can feel like someone has smashed glass and pounded it into my eyes and up my nose.I am so sensitive to light because of dryness and three eye surgeries. I have lots of anxiety and am depressed at how my life has had to change because of my problems.I continually search for alternative ways to hep myself… if you can give me any suggestions my heart would be filled with gratitude.

  206. Sujit Lahiri says:

    My son,7 yrs. Lean& thin, blocked nose ( max. Right), flotting cough. Himoglobin is less,less of apitide. Teeth are bad condition. Taken cal. Fos 12x, 4tab x 2 & feram fos 6x x1, iron tonic. 1 time. Use nesal drop. Homo cough drops some times.
    I wait for. Your suggestions.
    Thanking you.
    Suit Lahiri

  207. Mohammed sayeed kazi says:

    One another problem is thay about my son when he pass urine it has a strong smell so pl suggest medicine fro him also he is12 years old

  208. Mohammed sayeed kazi says:

    Since from last 15 days i m suffering from cold and my nose also block one side left hand side and it is dry as i tke nasal spray it get relief for some hours but after that it as usual. From left nostril it get block and its start discharging and it is very difficult to breath in the night so pls suggest the medicine for my problem
    Thanking you
    Sayeed kazi

  209. sir
    i am 42 years old.i have gone twice through nasal surgery due to D N S and sinositus.i am also 2nd year student of homeopathy in gujranwala pakistan. nowadays i am facing stuffy nose problem along with sneezing and mucous discharge especially at morning..kindly recommend me medicine. I am using allopathic anti allergic medicine. i am in need of permanent solution…..thanking u in anticipation.

  210. Hello,
    My husband suffers from asthma, emphyzema/ COPD and sarcoidosis. Currently due to the medicine he is taking he experiences severe nose congestion and can’t sleep normally. I would truly appreciate if you advise which homeopathy remedies we need to get in order to diminish these uncomfortable symptoms.

    Thank you very much.

  211. Dr, My wife had obstructive breath disorder and used seroflo250 english medicine.The problem was solved but she is unable to breath through nose properly esp at night after closing front doors.She has family history of TB for mother, lung disease for her father and small father.I have tried kali bk lemna minor tuecriom nux etc as per repertery.I have given tuberculinum 200 1m after intervells bacilinum 200. I have also given antisnoring homeo drops als o.What may be the miasm blocking the cure pl advise me

  212. Omgiri Gosavi says:

    I am working in pratap college ,Amalner non Teching Staff I am problems in on Nose Blocked daily Night and day. I am this problemes three years ago .Please Proper Treatment suggest me Thank you

  213. Good evening sir
    Sir morning me bht sneezing hoti h or eyes or sar me bht pain hota h . Uske baad itching bhi hoti h nose or blocked bhi rehti h nostrals or dry cough bhi h

  214. sangeetha says:

    My Dad has chronic issue of blocked nose(mostly on the left side) and he is taking otrivin to get the nasal relief. It usually gets worse when he is sitting under the fan/AC and during sleep.
    Also, when he exposed to dust or smell, he gets immedietly runny nose with lot of sneezing and this nasal block appears after that.
    One doctor mentioned he has eosinophilia and other one mentioned he has bone inside the nose curved.
    Please suggest a homeopathic remedy for his condition and to get the relief.

  215. Scarlett Whitt says:

    Please let me know what remedy to take for a chronic black mold infection in the left sinus, along with Lyme disease. Sinus is wet and irritated all the time.

  216. Hi Docotor , I’ve got bad nasel polyps and I can’t seem to find a cure I have true so many things .

  217. Mary Huffnagle says:

    Dear dr. Sharma,
    I was wondering if there’s a homeopathic remedy to help ringing of the ears and also motion sickness.
    My adult son lives in Washington DC where he rides the underground for transportation. When he visits outside the city and rides in a car he experiences nausea and motion sickness. He also has problem with hearing his heartbeat and ringing in his ears from time to time. It seems that stress that’s off the ringing of the ears. His regular doctor seems to see nothing wrong and then tells him he has a normal ear canals.
    Is there anything that could be done about that? Sincerely Mary

  218. Vijaymoorthy says:

    I have very bad stuffy nose specially at the left side. When I sleep it shift to one to another.
    I am not happy with the western medicine! any advise much appreciated.
    Kind Regards

  219. S.K.SINGH says:

    1.blocking of nose with dryness ,
    2.breathing through mouth, when sleeping at night.
    3.sound while breathing.

  220. Stuffy nose while lying down only with severe breathing problems and taking gulps of air otherwise nose is dry and breathing is normal in sitting or standing.Most likely sinusitis. While lying down slight discharge of mucus from throat watery.

  221. Hi,
    This is Asim, based in Lahore. I am 44yrs and have a blocked nose due to swollen turbinates and this has gotten worse recently causing great difficulty in breathing. Operation has been also suggested by one or more ENT docters. Is there a option in Homeopathy for this? Any promising treatment plan?

  222. Rahul Dadarao Sonwane says:

    Hallo sir I am having yearly blockage of posterior nares in the month of February to may with sneezing,itching & watering of eyes,watery discharge from nose after sneezing also itching in the ears & roof of mouth.symptoms mostly aggravated in the morning & at night after 12am.sir please suggest me valuable homoeopathic similimum.

  223. Mrs. Selvakumar says:

    Hello sir

    l am having crusting turbinate and septum deviation. l feel like go for removing the inferior turbinate and surgery for septum deviation, after l viewed your information on line, l would like to know is there any way l can make every thing straight with out surgery by taking your Homeopathic Remedies. Please help me

  224. Murtaza Patanwala says:

    Hello Dr.
    From more than a month there’s a renovation going in my office. Since the day it has started i am experiencing stuffy nose, difficulty in breathing and headache. On weekends when I have an off and at home I don’t experience this except for stuffy nose but not too much.

    Would request a remedy for this.


  225. christina montuori says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I wonder if you can help me to solve my constant headache, “prickly” or burning skin (mostly on the shoulders and arms, but sometimes all the way to my feet!), and a stuffed up nose (I don’t have anosmia, but probably hyposmia!). The symtoms are worse in rainy, cloudy weather and weather change. The ache usually starts either in the back of my head, and moves to the top.The ache “favors” the right side. Sometimes my head is “beating” like hammers, mostely when I lay down, when fog or rain is approaching. My history is an “impacted” right sphenoid sinus, which was surgically cleared but left “thickening” bone. The bone is probably 10 times as thick as the left sphenoid bone (according to the MRI). A physical therapist/ acupuncturist suspects it is the right sphenoid, but my “regular” doctor have no idea. He thinks I’ve have “aquared” a migraine which can maybe be helped by Botox injections, and if Botox doesn’t work, a low estrogen (?) patch. What do you recommend?
    Hopeful for an answer!
    PS In the past, I’ve been “sensitive” to weather changes, and mostley cloudy weather with thunder and rain.

  226. I have been breathing from one nostril last 1 month.
    Right nostril is blocked.
    Both Eyes are watery and Itchy
    Skin is itchy specially head scalp and behind ears
    After reading your article I think I should take Sinapis Nigra 30. Please help

  227. Hello doc, my son 4 and half yrs old is suffering from dry cough as well as nasal congestion which is making him unable to sleep. He breathes from his mouth while sleeping which sounds like snoring. Also while speaking his voice sounds nosy. Plz suggest a remedy for this since he suffers from cough and nasal congestion very often.

  228. Hello Doc
    I was on metformin for blood sugar control…told my dr I was having nasal congestion…he said it was not from metformin and increased dosage…within 15 days had complete nasal congestion and blockage…cannot breathe (then did some research and saw that nasal congestion is a side effect of metformin)…please help…cannot breathe day/night. dr prescribed a steroid and antibiotics…causes nasal passage to dry out completely but still have trouble breathing
    please help diagnose my problem and give me a remedy…this is causing severe headache, tiredness, problems with my ears from blowing my nose constantly and other problems
    should I see an ENT..have a nasal Cat Scan …is there a homeopathic remedy/ies ?

  229. Ravi Kumar says:

    hi doctor
    when i get up in the morning my nose is blocked with polyp’s unable to breath and my weight is 90 kg’s and age 49
    can you suggest treatment please
    thank you

  230. My daughter is 4yrs old now. She is suffering from nose and throat allergies since birth. Once in two months she get cough and stuffy nose which lead to breathe through mouth and even get worse in night with heavy snoring. Also I feel hard mucus get deposited in her throat and Nasal passage which doesn’t come out,also she is suffering from sleep apnea…Doctors here are just giving medicine to control the problem but I want a cure for this..they say that she is allergic to dust and it will get better by time but how can I leave my daughter on time when she is not able to even sleep peacefully at night

  231. Ariska bano says:

    Sir my daughter is 11yearold age this is problem is nose blocked at night in sleeping time

  232. Chandni Mehrotra says:

    My daughter will be 4 years old in March, for last 1 and a half years she is suffering from cold uticaria.. very allergic to cold wind, specially Air conditioner. She gets red patches on her face, hand and legs if they are not covered properly.
    A year back I treated her with homeopathy medicine at my hometown but I feel that the medicine dose was not complete so still she is having the same problem.

  233. sonu raghav says:

    sir pleaze help me in nose treatment I am very disappointed

  234. mumtaz amir says:

    along with nose blockade of only right side.the discharge drops in throat.causing throat irritation and cough like problem

  235. Hi sir,
    I’m Sunita aged 32 yrs. I’m suffering from mild DNS as well as sinus. The blood reports shows that allergy levels are high.
    I’m not able to breathe due to nasal block and frequently using otrivin drops to get relief. If I’m in a flat position, problem is severe.
    Please suggest me a permanent solution for this…

  236. Dipankar Choudhury says:

    Hello sir, I am from Agartala, facing nasal problem since last 5years. My left nasal passage blockage almost of the time, it rotationaly work. In winter time it’s bloke both of nasal passage. I found sinapis nigra for the symptom & also taken 200 power. It’s work very good but after one week it does not working. Please sir, give me the right suggestion. I am 34-year-old.
    Thanking you.

  237. NARENDRA KUMAR says:

    Hello doctor
    My daughter is 7 yrs old at the time of sleeping she snore too much she breathe through mouth whole night some time she sits.plz tell me what x ray required I want to know what is problem like exostosis or adenoid

  238. Yelena Yasinova says:

    Hello Dr . Sharma,

    My 6 yo son is having nasal congestions a specially at night.
    It started out as a common cold with a mild fever.
    For the past couple of days he sneezed a lot and had runny nose with white discharge.
    He was in a good spirit for most of the time, sometime demanding and then bursting into tears. I’d say its his regular daily behavior…
    Today is a 3rd day as he got sick and he’s very congested.

    Could you recommend any remedies please?

    Thank you,

  239. Ved Prakash says:

    Hello Dr. Vikas,

    My name is Ved Prakash, age 52 years. I think I have been suffering from this nasal blockage since childhood but now, as I am aging, it is becoming more prominent and worse. Right now my right nasal passage is blocked almost 100% most of the time and the doctors have advised surgery because they say there is a swelling/deviation. My left nasal passage is not that bad (80 % open) most of the time. In normal situations I am able to manage as long as my left nasal is open although I do have some breathing difficulties in situations like workout etc.
    The problem is when there is a change in season or there are allergens in the air. For example right now its rainy season and my both the nostrils are blocked almost 100% most of the time more so during night and I am unable to sleep. I try to breath thru my mouth but it makes my mouth and throat do dry within minutes that I cant sleep. I do not have running nose, no sneezing etc. I do feel like clearing my throat all the time.
    To help myself I am doing following but nothing seems to be working at this point of time –
    – Frequent gargles with saline water
    – Breath hot steam vapor
    – Nasal spray (Flonase)
    – Claritin
    – Lots of rest
    – Mostly staying in a room with air filter

    BTW I am in USA. So air quality is not a problem except for the pollens etc.

    Any advice with be helpful. Are there any homeopathic treatment centers in California? Where do I get the medicines from.

    Ved Prakash.

  240. Dear dr i am suffering from lt side nasal blocked for the last 11yrs.there is nosneezing or cold occure for 11 yrs. Due to this ther is tightness in chest &heaviness on lt side of head.done yoga allopathic aurvedic medicine but no relief. All test done are normal
    Due this iget irritated easily &have to sleep for 6 to 8 hrs after this blockage pl tell what to take thanks inder

  241. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I read your article about nasal blockage and found informative.
    I have problem related to nasal blockage which is persistent for many years, I even tried various treat ment including homoeopathy but problem remain same after slight relief.
    Symptoms are normally one side of nostrils remain blocked fully and one side remains open and it keeps changing and cough is also produced and sometimes my throat gaves me pain due to excessive feeling of pricking and tears from both eyes if immediately not taken water or coughing.
    So I want to know what’s the problem and is their any cure in homoeopathy?if yes then what is it ?
    Waiting for your response.
    Age is 27

    Thanking you

  242. Hello doctor, I am 58 year old male. I suffer from night time nasal congestion and dry mouth when i sleep. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea ,but can not tolerate cpap machine. Any advise you have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  243. P.SUBRAMANYAM says:

    namaste doctor. i have frequent problem of blocking of nose particularly right side nose and it is at peak level during night times and thus unable to sleep as breathing problem occurs. I gets up from sleep suddenly due to breathing problem. From right side nose water comes out leading to more sneezing and blockage of nose breathlessness in sleeping. It continues for three or four days and stops but again occurs irrespective of seasons. I have never gone to any ENT specialist. I takes some ayurvedic medicine for cold frequently.
    I request you to suggest best medicine without going to any ENT doctor or for any surgery. I am 51 years old
    thanking you Doctor

  244. Shirish Vishwanath Tongaonkar says:

    Namaste Dr. Sharma, I am 63 year old. I like to do the exercise regularly. But since childhood I am facing problem of nose blockage and sneezing. Any weather change will affect me immediately. Sneezing and nasal discharge will start immediately. Tonsils operation was done somewhere in 1970. Allergen test was done and it was found that I am allergic to house dust. Vaccination of house dust was done somewhere in 1990 since then I improved a lot. I never faced any problem during my 7 visits to U.S.A. Even my voice will be very clear when I am in U.S.A. After reaching India again same thing. My digestion system is good but any irregularity in the daily routine will affect me. Also I would like to know whether I should go to Gym and do the exercise even if nose is slightly blocked and nasal discharge is taking place. Please suggest a remedy. Thanks


    hi doctor,
    my 9 year old son has DNS with almost left side nostril blocked. Many doctors advised not to do surgery before 17. Now at night during sleep, he finds difficult in breathing and often breaths by mouth. I want to know what complications occur if he continue breathing by mouth and secondly is there any remedy to overcome these complications till 17th yr in homeo.
    thanks & regards

  246. Renu Sharma says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My son is having blocked nose since a month. Nose is very stuffy, when he blows his nose nothing comes out. He can’t breath thru his nose. The phlem in the nose is not melting.
    We gave him Kali bich.
    Could you please advice what to give.
    It’s a winter weather here.

  247. Suffering from infected sinusitis. It causes blockade of alternate nose, mild headache is also accompanied. Blockade is felt at the root of nose. Dryness of nose is also there. I do neti routinely and manage it somehow.

  248. amandeep kaur says:

    At the root of my nose blocked feeling n pain in nose n water coming from nose n eyes n sneezing when irritation in the root of nose. Itching in eyes.,,,polyp on right side of nose ,,, n having asthma problem also n cough also.,, But many medicine I have taken then also I have resha … how it can be cured please help me.. some doctors asy asthma some say allergy….plz do tell me

  249. Sir please send your address

  250. Ramesh sahu says:

    सर मुझे करीब तीन साल से एलर्जी है जिससे मेरा नाक बंद होना नाक बहना एवं सर्दी बना रहता है

  251. Namaskar Dr. Sahab sir main 3 saal sa laze blockage ka patient hu mujha har 30 40 din baad cold ho jata hai main homeopathy ka hi treatment la raha hu but problem cure nahi ho rahi hai aap advice da

  252. Hi Doctor,

    I’m struggling with my nose blockage from past one year. Even i get check up done in apollo and ayurvedic. ayurvedic helped me in reducing it but didnt remove it completely..I still face cough cold and nose blockage very often due to weather change or dust or cold environment. sometimes in day time or mostly in night , my right side nose gets blocked and creates problem while sleeping. I went through your this post but didnt get which medicine should I use since i have very less knowledge in that. please suggest and help me in getting rid of this problem.Thanks!!


    • kamendra kumar says:

      Mujhe bronchitis hai gala batha rehta hai or yaddast week ho chuki hai Ser bhari rehta hai
      Nak band rhti hai
      Dave batain

  253. abhinav sharma says:

    I have been experiencing this issue of alternate nasal blockage plus irritation in throat from a long time more than 5-6 years. The nasal blockage remains throughout day and night in nostrils alternately whereas there is a constant irritation in the throat. There is no watery discharge from the nose but only the solid discharge comes out on cleaning the nose. Please suggest a remedy for this.
    Thanking you for your help in advance.

  254. I am suffering from nasal blockages and severe level of congestion in my nose. I am not able to breathe without nasal sprays like Otrivin and it is working only for 3 hours after that i have to use again. I have been struggling from past 3 months along with sneezing, left side headache in my head and water in the eyes while blocking. But when the nasal spray is working during that 3 to 4 hours period i am feeling completely fine. Please suggest some effective treatment for this blockages and now i am little bit worried about this disease, is that any serious issue with me ? Should i consult with some specialist or try some solution first at home.
    Please reply me as soon as possible..
    Thank you so much
    Mrs. Taruna Mishra.
    (27 years old).
    From UP.

  255. I am suffering from bad breath for so many years and I have tried many medication but all became futile. I am very allergic and could believe that the allergy which is causing the whole problem.
    My one nose blocks and other opens at times occasionally all become blocked. Its feels very hard for me to pull out the mucus from either my throat or nose. I believe strongly that I am allergic patient. I will adhere to your prescription of drug that can eradicate my condition but affordable and well known medicine. Am from Ghana.

  256. Shah saima samreen says:

    Sir,i have nose problem that my right side muscle increased as well as my nose blocked and ach pls guide me in trouble my age is 19

  257. Namaste Dr. Sharma
    I am P H Reddy, 71yrs, Male. I used to have severe nasal blocks in the nights during 1968-1972, at Baroda Gujarat. One of my friends who was learning Homeo treated me for about six months. My problem disappeared. But after staying in Bangalore for about 2 decades the problem resurfaced this year.
    Can you help me? Thank you.

  258. Usha Pradeep says:

    My son is 11 yrs old, having enlarged adenoids but the passage is there, but he suffer from continuos nose block, & more susceptible to get cold n cough. What medicine should I give him? Plz suggest

  259. We need your urgent guidance. We are a nonprofit animal rescue and are having problems with a little dog called Stella. She came to us in 2014 off the streets and had trouble breathing. She didn’t have any nasal discharge but was making these snorting sounds when breathing. At night she snores. It was talked away by vets as her short nosed behavior. Meanwhile she has on the LEFT side muchus drooling out that is either clear or lightly yellow. She is not eating by herself due to acid reflux that has turned into an ulcer. She is being homeopathically treated for that. We need to address the mucus that seems to run out of her nose into her mouth. What would be the proper remedy to drain it out and unblock her nose?

  260. Rushikesh Satish Patil says:

    Sir,i have nose problem that my left side bone increased and right side muscle increased as well as my nose is little curved I have operated before 3 yrs but now again I am facing this problem.pls guide me in in trouble my age is 20

  261. My condition is that I have dry nose on the right side mainly at night and (through the day sometime), when I come in open air, the dryness is clear and the block opens up. I reside at Mumbai and these conditions are noticed mostly during summer and the onset of winter season for the last couple of years. Also have frequent air blockage in the middle of the ear due to which I feel suffocation, inconvenience in breathing. Also have Eustachian tube dysfunction causing air pressure on the outer side more and creating sometimes buzzing and humming sound in the ear. The ENT surgeon suggested DNS but I want to avoid it. Can you prescribe some homeopathy medicine which will give me relief from the above complications.

  262. sohail Muhammad says:

    my 6 year old son has night time nasal congestion. He can not sleep well senors and restless.
    is any homeopathic medicine can relief this problem.

  263. sulochana k a says:

    Dear Dr, I have taken these medicines for nose block but of not much relief ie.,Aselecpse tubelosa, kalibich and aifanc, what is the alertive for this?t

  264. Mahboob Ali Khan says:

    Hi Sir,

    My name is mahboob Ali khan. I had high viral fever before 3 months till then one side of my nose is blocked …left is blocked generally. I also getting sense of high palpation in the body along with day time sleep apnoea due to obstruction and I had taken antibiotics and nasal spray but no sense .

    Also there is a post nasal drip and feel nausea.

    As of now I am using cinbaris pentagran, arsenic album, thuja

    Please advise for best medicine and possible cure and how much time it will take to cure.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mahboob Ali Khan

  265. Gillian lewis says:

    Thirty years ago I had a severe head cold, blocked sinuses and hearing loss. Ever since, my left sinus feels clogged and restricts breathing in that left side. In the morning I awake to a mouthful of thick yellowish phlegm that takes an age to clear with nose blowing and squeezing the soft palate. It forms a little through the day as well.

  266. Joan Hickey says:

    I am 70 yrs. old, & never had allergies. Over a yr. ago, I started getting nose blockage, no drip or watery eyes, no sore throats, or swollen glands, but day & night it’s hard to breathe through nose, & so dry hard lumps forms & then I blow & it bleeds
    . It’s bothersome because I don’t have discharge while blowing & headaches around eyes & nose. I would appreciate it if you can fill me non this

  267. Hello sir, from the past 1 year….I hv prblm with my nose,whenever I go to any dusty area or I feel cold my nose get blocked(right side major) due to which I fell congestion in my head…if I forcely inhale or exhale air from nose I don’t fell any congestion….I hv tried many allopathic medicine, which reduces the bacterial infection, but it only help me for 1-2 months , as I stop take medicine…the problems occur again….

  268. Saraswathi Nataraj says:

    Doctor sir,
    I am 58 years and have both allergy and nasal blockage. Some twenty years ago I took Homeo medicine through a good doctor and my problem came to halt. But again from few years I am feeling stuffed nose or blockage or running in intervals . But the main problem which is troubling me a lot is my snoring due to this I avoid going to places where I have to stay. Even if I get sleep at 11 or 11.30 I wake up around 1 or 2 o’clock with my dried water thirsting for water and this repeats 7-8 times till morning, please suggest some Homeo remedy for me.
    Saraswathi nataraj

  269. N V RAGHAVENDRA RAO says:

    sir you have not specified the potency for blocked nose due to common cold

  270. Ravi Dondapati says:

    I have been suffering with allergic rhinitis and nasàl conjestion. I am 34 years old. Athlett body.. Main thing is dust allergy. Kindlg suggest me suitable drugs.

  271. Jasbir Sngh Dhillon says:


    my left nose after every 2 days starts discharging liquid mucus. it is very irritating. Mucus comes out . I keep sneezing it.

    It take allergy medicine , then it becomes ok for few days and again it happens.

    can u suggest me any homoepathy Medicine

    My age is 48 Male. 6ft Height. weight 95 ksgs

  272. Rajesh jhunjhunwala says:

    My daughter is 3 year old and she is suffering from Continuous nose blockage while sleeping, and discharges from nose while awaken and continues coughing

  273. hello., have been having nasal problems with my nose since childhood and the two noses are not functing together. .one have to take it when the other is weak thats how it works daily and it gives me headache and mostly at night. , I couldn’t sleept cuz I do snor..pls I drugs that I ll take or way out. thanks

  274. I am suffering from nasal blockage for some times usually at night and early morning. Snoring is also a m ajor problem for me. I find relief on applying hot compress over forehead and nose. I have taken Lemna Minor but condition has not improved.Prescribe some alternative medicine.

  275. Viraf Laskari says:

    I have a sinus problem with my fore head, my nose and the area around my nose and cheaks is paining through out the day. Thereis a heaviness in the head too. My right nose generally seems blocked. Please advice what is the remedy for the sinus problem that I have.

  276. Sir , for the last 20/25 days my lt. nose remain blocked from around 07.30 to 2o.30 hrs . It get releived only when I force out some greenish-yellow mucus from both the nostrills at an interval of half an hr to 1 hr . Also I have swelling in outer side of the rectum (alternately left or rt. side) for last 3/4 months though I have almost no constipation . Pl. advice .

    • balasubramanian.M says:

      Hi Doctor,for the past one month iam suffering swelling tissues in my left nostril.Consulted with ENT specialist they have given medicines reason being allergic and swelling tissues with my left nose.Sleeping for me just 2 hours .Plz advise.

      • balasubramanian.M says:

        Hi Doctor,for the past one month iam suffering swelling tissues in my left nostril.Consulted with ENT specialist they have given medicines reason being allergic and swelling tissues with my left nose.Sleeping for me just 2 hours .Plz advise.

  277. Tejinder singh Bhatti says:

    Doctor every morning when I wake up my nose is blocked. And also get sneezing along with it. If room temperature is okay then this thi k does not happens. Or if my head is covered entire night and at the time of waking up. Kindly help me with this.

  278. Manish Simlote says:

    I have DNS and it is c shaped blocking my left nostril.Colorless watery discharge during morning and evening.Allergic to dust,fragrance,smoke and fungus.I fell either too hot or too cold.Sometimes pain in facial bones.watery eyes .No smell at all.noal blockage and mouth breathing.

  279. Shannon Wright says:

    Hello, I am familiar with, and have used Homeopathic remedies for my 10yr old son, with reference to a Homeopath when I can, or from my learning gained this past decade. Recently, my son has presented with a blocked then runny nose which lasts up to 3 weeks. Starts clear, changes to milky, then milky green, back to just milky. More runny during the day, becomes stuffy in afternoon but able to sleep with mouth closed. I use non-medicated, saline nasal spray, salt water gargle.

  280. turbinate mucosal hyperthropy… remedy suggest…..

  281. hello doctor,
    I have nose blockage from many years even if I don’t running nose, cold, fever etc.The blockage keeps altering.Sometime left side is blocked and other someting right.Sir please say what is the problem and plz mention solution also

  282. Hi , Dr Sb . four years ago l got nasal congestion and lost the smell power. After six month , I got cough with mucous and later breathing problem. DOCTORS gave inhaler and broch o dilator. Sometime I use and sometimes avoid them ..l suggest the treatment. Awaiting with lot of thanks. M Tariq

  283. Irfan Gulzar says:

    Hello Dr
    My age is 25yrs.I am facing the nasal blockage problem from past 6years mainly in my left nostril .Few years ago I had also been operated as Doctors told me that i have DNS.After the opertion I didnt find that much improvement i was expecting.The problems which i m right now facing regarding my nose is as follows
    1) Sneezing (mostly dominant during exposure to sunlight)
    2)Left side nose blockage
    3)Lack Of intersest in work when i have my nose blocked
    4)Irritational behaviour
    5)Head also remains block like it have been locked.(Heaviness)
    Plz Suggest me the best way to treat and minimize the symptoms related to this blockage.I will be very thankful to you.Waiting for ur fruitful reply
    yours sincerely
    Irfan Gulzar

  284. Hello, I appreciate a Lot your writings on homeopathy, i have a problem boring me from long time, i am agoraphobic , i start to think i will have a panic attack when i am far from home and then become ansious all the time While travelling and prefare not to travel, which remedy is Best for this condition? THANK YOU

  285. History – I have allergy since past 5 yrs but it was kind of ok before 1 yr.
    recently since the past month i have continuous blocked nose, then breathing prblm, then cough. all these all at a time regularly since the past one month.
    Hello sir. I have just started using otrivin a week back. but before this I had blocked nose almost throughout the day accompanied by cough and breathing roblem (even in a clean house, avoiding all dust), and that was the reason to use otrivin. it worked as magic in 1st 2 days. still I have terrible cough, breathing problem and blocked nose. How do I breathe. At sleeping time I have to use otrivin to atleast sleep peacefully. doctors had been giving me antibiotics like augmentin and lizoforce(when augmentin didnt work), asthalin, flomist and all. But they are not being effective anymore. So please suggest me what to do? And how can I refrain from using otrivin too often. Right now I somehow bear this dicomfort the whole day but I use otrivin only when I sleep. Please suggest me some solution.

    • Dear doc u live in dubai and my bsby 3 year baby has block nose since last six month bed time dry nose block i daily use nisonex nasal spray bt no use pls tel help my baby is in psin

  286. swati dahariya says:

    hello dr. ,
    i am swati from last few year suffering from cold . last year i passed by nasal septum operation it helped little but again facing same problem . due to cold i lost my hearing in right ear, i consultated many dr.s but they didnot gave me any helpful terms. still am having hope my hearing power will come back so with great hope now came under you please help me . i waiting for your reply.

    thank you

  287. Hello Dr.Sharma;

    I am a 60 years old male. Diabetic,hypertensive and had by pass heart surgery 4 years ago. I have good weight and have blood sugar controled. ENT has explained that I have bilateral concha bullosa and hyperthrofic inferior turbinates. ENT recomends Concha bullosa resection and Turbinate bone outfracture and RF turbnate reduction. I would prefer natural solution since surgery concerns me. Can you recommend natural solution. I would be very greatful.


  288. Anish Srivastava says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I would like to draw your attention to the nose blockage issue that i am facing for past 2 years. Either side of my nose is blocked. I am a sports person and during my practice or workouts..there is no issue in breathing and both the nasals are fine but at night, i can breathe only through one nasal. N the cavity is absolutely dry. Please suggest a solution.
    Response awaited.

    Anish Srivastava

  289. Madhu Toshniwal says:

    Nasal blockage, running nose and nasal discharge watering eyes, excessive sneezing, nasal irritation, difficulty in breathing

    Pls let me know why is it so and also the solution to it


  290. sir, i suffering from nasal blockage &nasal discharge severly for about one month….nasal drop swemeta gives me immediate relief.but it is not safe to use in long term……in night my blockage get very worst even i cant day time after some physical work its remain clear or some time mild blockage remains in day its managable…….but in night its very horrible for sir please help from sagar (m.p)

  291. Dear Dr, My daughter 25 years always complains that if she gets exposed to dust she gets nose block and pain on pressing on forehead under eyestrain both sides of nose etc. She gets headache also. Sinus, that’s what she says. Some times she has throat dryness and throat ache. She gets infection and we give antibiotics to cure. I can you suggest home remedy?

  292. frank takyi says:

    hi Dr. i am much grateful for your effort in helping us solve our problems. please i usually experiences nasal irritations, discharges excessive sneezing and light itchy fluids in my both eyes and sometimes slight headache and general body discomfort after sleep at night. pls i want u to help me because it’s becoming chronic. thank you.

  293. I am having nose congestion due to cold. When I use Otrivin it helps at night. But I have been using otrivin for quite some time and I understand it is not good. At night it is worse and I have running nose in the morning. Pl advise for short and long term

    • Sridhar Saxena says:

      Hello Sir

      My problem is blocked nose (unilateral) in night…day time it is alright….nasal decongestant has to be poured intra-nasally to ensure proper sleep…kindly advise


      Sridhar Saxena

  294. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am having severe .nose congcongestion due to prolonged use of Otrivin spray for more than 4 years. I cannot sleep without TakiTaking few puffs of otrivin in
    Need your advice.

  295. Lawrence Dass says:

    Hi Doctor. I am a 45 year old male and have chronic nasal blockage. Specially during change of season. My left nasal passage is mostly blocked since childhood. Its very disturbing to have this most of the time. During this period sore throat also occurs. I suffer the most in summers. Winters are OK. Please suggest a remedy for me as now my son has also started experiencing the same. He is 10 years old

  296. sir
    i got exostosis of nasal bones, and i am suffering with it since very long and its getting worse by time.
    the middle bone is very much curved , now its curved somuch that its blocking both nostrils at times(while sleeping)some times i wake up as i unable to breath, every morning i keep sneezing for very long time,
    its very very tough time i am going through.
    as i consulted ENT he suggested me to go for surgery.
    but i met people who still suffer even after surgery.
    i came to know that there is a proper treatment in homiopathy.
    kindly suggest me

    • Deepti Pandey says:

      Pneumonia in infancy, polyp in right nostril, alergy from cold, temp change,AC, get shocks at left side of body, blood circulation obstructed, breast fibroids both side, hair greying at right side..on medication from 2013..plz suggest

  297. D K Tiwari says:

    Excessive sneezing in morning.breathing problem.running nose.iching in throat.eye itching.body pain.
    Age 55
    Allergic dust,cold,smoke,sun in summar

    • Mohammad Rafiq says:

      I am 58 years old and this has started two years back. I have a blocked and runny (drips like a leaking tap), irritation inside the nose and sneezing. Mostly occurs in the morning after I wake up and goes on for at least an hour and a half. Sometimes the whole day. I never had this condition before two years. I am male and basically fit and healthy and no other health issues. Mohammad Rafiq

  298. vusumuzi mabhena says:

    I have a big nasal polyp in one nose and is completly blocked and now is rotten at the back my mucos and my breath has a bad smell My teeth is swollen

  299. kevin mbugua says:

    dear Dr sharma

    i have been struggling with a blocked nose for the last 20 or so years it has been soo much that i even got used to breathing with my mouth. i keep on blowing my nose everother minute and its really embarrasing sometime i blow my nose then my ears block.i also have a headache whenever i blow my nose too hard, also i have alot of muccus in my system beacause it comes out even when caughing pls i would really appreciate breathing with my nose again

    thank you

  300. Dear Dr: sharma

    I’m 37 years old men, so i’m extremely suffering by nose block almost a decade now, I couldn’t smell anything, sometimes is watering, or very drying, accompanied by yellowish thick discharge and my mouth is emit a bad odour, i’m working at Atlantic one ocean, at sea. Please help me, I’m suffering indeed.

  301. Dc my son is 6-years his got a problem breathing at night I thought was sinus but as I read the prescriptions of your remedy I found that is a combination at night blocking nose when he catch a cold he sneeze and his eyes will have teasrs

  302. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from nose blocking due to extra muscle and enarge the bones.Kindly let me know the best medicien in Homeopathi.
    Thanks & Regards
    Nagesh, Bangalore.

  303. I am having breathing problem due to the bone increase right side,I was operated in 2008 and now again the bone increases after 8 years,please tell me the accurate homeopathy medicine for this increased bone,tell me how this bone will decrease.

  304. Dear Doctor,
    I have nose problems for ten month now block nose ,dry nose one side block and no fluid at all ,even my eye also feel itching ,bloodsport on white part of eyes seem not clean and also weak

    • Dear Dr. ,

      My daughter s seven nd half years old, she s having problem of nasal blockage due to adenoids. The other doctors are suggesting for surgery but we r against of the same.

      Would be obliged if u kindly give a solution of the above nd help my child to cum out of it.

      Thanx nd regards,

  305. daksiyos bekele says:

    Hi how r u I have blocked nose most of the time I am using otrivin and makes me breathe normal for not long can u please give me advise on how to heal my nose by using natural methods I am afraid of the medecin thank you so much.

  306. Dear Dr.Sharma
    Good day
    My 4 years old daughter has problem tonsil,adenoid
    Because of these mostly times runny nose & nose closed, brithing by mouth specially while sleeping
    Doctors suggesting operation,
    Please suggest what should I do? Is there any medicine in homeopathy which can cure?
    Waiting for prompt reply

  307. Dear doctor, on 15-9-16, while i am traveling to my home the bus was held in traffic for more than 2 hours at 10.30pm, due to continuous travel i had biscuit which was made in the month of june at 12 night. I reached home at 2.45 am, as usual i switched my AC but i felt irritation in the nose and stopped the Ac , from the next day morning i had running nose and and blockage of nostril at night hours and whenever i walk in the road.please suggest , i am following homeo medicines only.

  308. shilpee singh says:

    Running nose starts from the month of September lasts till Feb.
    Nose get block at night

  309. Rakesh Bazarani says:

    I am suffering from blocked nose like my one side of nose is completely blocked. And i think with blocked nose i am suffering from sore throat too. I have tried many things but it effects only for a short period of time. Please help me , i am stuck with this for almost past 3 months and i cant breath properly with stuffy blockes nose.

  310. sir,

    I feel difficulties in taking and leaving breath during anulom vilom pranayam. I am unable to take and leave breath completely. kindly help me so that I may breath completly

  311. Shantanu Kumar says:

    Good Morning Dr. Sharma,

    I have a Blocked Nose and the problem worsens when I lie-down to sleep, I cant breath from nose.
    Otrovine Nasal sprey Is what I have been using for the past 2 years to sleep.
    Nose normally is try. What should i take in Homeopathy to get better sleep and get rid of this problem.

    Regards Shantanu

  312. Sukumar sengupta says:

    Respected Doctor,
    My wife uses Nasal Drop everyday for nasal congestion.Recently she had dry nose and severe blockage.Ever now and then she goes to toilet to discharge mucus but in vain.In this case can I give PULSA TILLA or CALCAREACARB for remeady?Please help.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Sukumar sengupta (BANGALORE)

  313. deepika arora says:

    actually I am suffering from nose blockage from last 9 months due to this I can’t sleep in the night due to this my mouth is wide open in the night and my whole month become sticky I am taking homeopathic treatment from last 9 months but no cure firstly tell what is the treatment and somebody told me about nose wash from ent surgeon procedure of hardly 15 mint is there is any treatment pls help in in this problem

    • deepika arora says:

      actually I am suffering from nose blockage from last 9 months due to this I can’t sleep in the night due to this my mouth is wide open in the night and my whole month become sticky I am taking homeopathic treatment from last 9 months but no cure firstly tell what is the treatment and somebody told me about nose wash from ent surgeon procedure of hardly 15 mint is there is any treatment pls help in in this problem

      • umesh kumar says:

        you must do jal neti,sutra neti kriya along with some some asans and pranayams and at night you must put your feet in light hot water tu,recommended yoga:surya bhedi pranayam ,kapalbhati ,sarvangasan,halasana and many more yogic kriya. but firstly you must consult to ayoga expert and to a good ayurvedic doctor

    • Homoeopathic Dr.M.Nadeem Butt says:

      You Should must use BM-8
      10-15 Drops 3-4 time daily half an hour before Meal

  314. Babulal kumar says:

    good morning Sir, I am suffering from blocking of the nostrils by contacting the mutual muscle. so please suggest me what can I do

  315. Sir i hAd a sinus especially nose block ,suffocation at night .it frequently happen at night time, so please give me good direction to relief my disease

  316. hitesh chauhan says:

    Hello doctor I am suffering from nose blockage since 1 nose not totally blocked sometimes one side is blocked and sometimes other side is blocked it means my nose is not open fully.please help me what should I do.

    • Abhishek Kumar says:

      Hello doctor I am suffering from nose blockage since childhood. my nose not totally blocked sometimes one side is blocked and sometimes other side. I also get frequent cold @ every 2 to 3 months.
      please help me what should I do.

  317. Pearl Josephs says:

    Good day doctor. What is lemna minor? and where can I get it in Nigeria? I think I have got polyps. Is it normal to feel feverish with it? and how can I get relief? I only just treated malaria

  318. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Hope you are doing fine. I live in U.S.A from past 12 years. When I moved here after 2 years I had bad allergies. Non stop sneezing and
    nasal drip. I went to the specialist and he said I have allergies from dust mites which are everywhere. Then advised me to take shots of some kind of medication every week. Which I declined to take. I spoke to a homeopathic doctor in India and took allium cepa for almost a year. It got little better but not fully. I started having sinus infections. I went to Ent specialist he said I have deviated septum and wants me to get a surgery done. I do not want to go for a surgery but I am suffering a lot. I sneez about 100 to 200 times in a day and my nasal discharge do not stop. It is clear. Sometimes my throat hurts and my head hurts with watery eyes. Please help me I can’t function like this. I feel drained out by the end of the day because of sneezing and this nasal drip. Any help with be greatly appreciated.


  319. Please sir I will be happy if you can help me with this, mostly at night when sleeping I always have blocked nose and when my nose get blocked to some extent water drops slowly out of my nose which at that moment I breath through my mouth and wake me up all night.

  320. Knvprasadarao says:

    Sir, I can’t breath through my lest nose. My allopathy doctor advised for a surgery . My problem was concha bullosa on the left nose. Please give your valuable advise as I am 60 years old.

  321. nose blockage, not complete breath from nose, respiration occurs from mouth everyday. pls help me.

  322. Sir,
    I can’t breath through one side of my nose. I’m experiencing this problem since last March onwards .
    And Sometimes I can breath in normal way

  323. Dear doctor my nose always stuffy closed

  324. muhammad saad akmal says:

    Respected sir/mam,
    sir i have nose blockage problem due to bone extend from right side,so i am not feel good.please suggest me right medicine.

  325. Abhishek Mishra says:

    Hello sir.
    I want to tell you that my left nostril always remains jammed on the other hand my right nostril works fine.
    Whenever I try to do anulom vilom I fail miserably due to blockage of my left nostril .pls provide me a solution to this problem .

  326. Ritesh Garg says:

    Sir my husband is suffering with bilateral concha bullosa,dr is advising for laser endoscopic operation,is there an effective treatment in homeopathy without surgery? Plz guide us.thank you

  327. Mohan Rao says:

    Dear Doctor

    I have a problem when i breathe via my left nostril, by closing my right nostril. when i take a deep breathe through the left nostril i get irritation in my nose during inspiration and a hacking cough is induced. this is a common problem while i do parnayama.
    i also get hacking cough while walking and on mild excersice

    any suggestions


  328. Gunasheela says:

    Hello, I had a hurt on my left nose 2 years back in 2014. I did not feel anything immediately. After few days I felt a kind of fluid was passing through the place I got hurt and nothing was coming out. Few weeks later my nose started to block even for light breeze. In 2014 July I moved to London and I felt very difficult to even breathe during most of the time. I came back in Jan 2015 and showed to a doctor and he mentioned it is due to dust. But I don’t think it is dust. Even now at night suddenly my nose blocks and I get thin colourless mucus. This is spooling my night and day but I want to treat this with some natural remedy. Kindly help.

  329. I am suffering from blocked nose due to polyp; in sinusitis.
    nose blockage due to polyp is accompanied by a yellowish thick discharge from the nose; the nose is blocked along with watery nasal discharges; There is also discharge from nose and eyes.
    nose blockage with posterior nasal discharges. Difficulty in breathing and loss of smell are also present. Extreme nose stuffiness is felt at the root of the nose.greenish nose discharge with a blocked nose andthick crusts.

    please advice suitable remedy; medicine; period and doseage of medicine to use.

    • Umair raza says:

      Sir I am live in Quetta plz need your help since 4 year last my nose both side blocked. I check up doctor and his advice me operation my about me some Homepathic medicins

  330. Dear doc.
    My node is blocked from right side only from a couple of days and I’ve been having shooting pain over my right eye and the pain increases when blood passes through veins above my eyes and when I bow down my right eye feels some kinda pressure and pain increases much more

  331. Waseem abbas says:

    Respected Dr sharma sb.
    I am suffrring breathtaking problems for 5 years. DNS X-ray reported of blockage due to fluid n ENT doc said nose bone is enlarged.
    Symptoms which I am facing are as.
    1- Can’t breath via nose.
    2-Shortage n breakage of breathes.
    3-Bulky n heaviness at chest.
    4 – difficulty while breathing.
    5-Feel like as lungs don’t expands properly while inhaling.
    Pl suggest the medicine.

  332. Kishwar sultana says:

    Hello doctor. My daughter is 4 yrs old. She suffers from recurrent nasal blockage followed by dry irritating cough which worsens while sleeping esp at night. At times the dry cough then becomes moist n her paediatrician says there is slight wheezing due to which she needs to take levolin or asthalin pump. But even that also does not help much. Her cold cough tendency along with frequent tonsillitis at times associated with fever is troubling her a lot. She has suffered from pneumonia at the age of 1.5 yrs. After this her chest seems to have become weak or rather her immunity is weak. Please advise what to do. Thank you . kishwar sultana.

  333. Premanand T. Halarnkar says:

    Dr. I suffer from nose blockage, alternate nostrils, during day time and it is more severe during sleep at night every day for may years. when the condition worsens I feel drowsy and also fill the pain in the skull, specially the top centre of the head. The drowsiness is such that I cannot keep my eyes open. This happens in the afternoon as well as at night but does not happen every day. I have to breath in forcefully to get rid of the mucus lumps internally. When I was small 12-13 years my upper lateral cartilage had bent towards left from the end of nasal bone due to collusion while playing. Please advise about the homeopathic medicine that can help me get rid of this nose blockage. Thank you.

  334. Sir,My age is 21 years. I have cold allergy. This allergy has started 2 months before, earlier i was all fine but don’t know what happened now that all the time i start sneezing ,mainly when i wake up and any time in day whenever sneezing starts it ends up to 10-20 continuously. So please suggest and help out to fully remove this allergy.

  335. How can I get relief from my blocked nose I have tried nasal sprays Ok for a short time only Thank you

  336. Fatema Abbas says:

    Doc I am a BHMS student myself. I am in my first year. I have an affinity towards cold. Anytime I have something cold or the weather gets rainy or moist I get a running nose n sneezing in early morning .This lasts up to three days mostly without me taking any medication. I usually don’t prefer meds for cold. But this time I have some sort of puffiness on my right cheek. I don’t feel any sort of pain or anything but my right cheek feels chubbier than my left cheek It’s been a week since I have been feeling this difference initially I thought it was due to my cold n would go away with it but it’s still there. Please recommend some remedy

  337. sir
    nasal mucas like water discharge when food eating.i take some medicine-lemna minnor,silecia but not effect.

  338. Rakesh Mishra says:

    I am suffering from blocked nose from last 4 years I have to use homeopathic medicine but no relief. I have been also suffering from thick discharge from childhood. Sometimes found polyps in both nose. All times nose is filled with thick whitish discharge. Please suggest me a best medicine for nose block ,polyps and thick discharge.

    Rakesh Mishra

  339. Narendra naik says:

    Dear sir
    Since last six month I am getting problem in symptoms is like this way
    No disharge from nose
    Left side blocked.
    Lightly in day time.
    In airconditionig room it become dry and very difficult to breathe.
    In the morning hour in the night it blocked.
    Please let me know the solution

    Narendra naik

    • Pravin D.Kankrej says:

      Respected Sir,my both nostrils are blocked since last one year.I am using Otrivion or Nosivion Nosal Drop.I completted Ayurvedic,Alopathic & homiopathy treatment but no relief.At night problem is so far incrseses.Both nostrils are very dry.Alopathy doctor carried procidure of laser tratment on both nostrils.But no results please guide me.Thanx

  340. Pallavi Rao says:

    Respected Sir , My son aged 7 years has one nostril blocking in the night ,he needs to blow continuous but has no relief. Please suggest me what should I do. Thanking you in anticipation yours truly Pallavi Rao

  341. Subramaniam r says:

    Sir, I can breathe in only one nose for past few years, the breathing will shift from one nose to other.

    Can provide me a remedy.

  342. chandrashekara says:

    My father aged 85 years suffering from nose blockage in the night time and snoring, observed bad oder from mouth, Dr. has suggested under go a surgery to correct the problem. pl provide the solution.

  343. t kalyan kumar says:


    I am suffering from Nasal Blockage especially at night and during the all the day the nose is running with water.

    When approached for doctor he suggested the sinisitus is blocked.

    Request you to please help me


  344. Ahsaan Shakar says:

    Hello: Dr. Sharma
    I am Ahsaan Shakar and my age is 26 Years, my nose’s bone is
    Crooked by punch of someone, and my nose bleeding’s reason is dryness in my nose passages of any type (Cold Or Hot dryness). Please suggest me good homeopathic medicine.

  345. zafrullah khan says:

    my nose’s bone is
    Crooked. please let me know some good homiopathic age is 20.

    • Hi doctor,
      My nose is so blocked all year round.there are times its ok if its not too cold.but most of the time its blocked.
      Please help as i am really irritated

  346. Davinder kaur says:

    Respected sir , hello m Davinder kaur age 34 .
    Sir I m suffering from breathlessness due to nasal blockage due to increased skin in nose (polyp). My ENT Dr. Arya has shown me the
    narrow passage in my left nostril on screen.
    Sir I feel highly suffocated sometime and at that time I breath through my mouth forcibly.
    sir , TEest of my lungs , Heart even Thioroid are normal.I lost 8 kg weight because of less eating. As I feel breathlessness while eating.
    But during sleep I do not feel any problem. Please suggest me best medicine to get out this worse situation.I will definitely visit to you also. Please sir help me .

  347. karan prashar says:

    Hii sir my Age is 52 m facing this problem from last 1 year in between i ger relief for 2-3 months bt again the problem get started When consulted a doctor he advised me to take FLOMIST NASEL SPRAY which give me relief for a few time nd again i face the same problem.The nose gets blocked nd m nt able to breathe properly its very difficult to sleep So sir please advice me some tips that can hlp me to recover from this problem
    thank you

  348. Hi
    I have problems almost every night my noes goes block then I am laying down on my bed and morning in the shower time. So please suggest me best and safe medicines for me. I’m 47 years old. I’m not on any medicines. Looking forward to to your best answer

  349. Madhavi Irani says:

    HI DR Sharma,

    I have suffered from a chronic blockage in my nose for years. The left side is more blocked than the right. It feels dry and while the ENT says there is no blockage, it feels stuffy and as if I cant breathe at all. This makes me feel suffocated. I also suffer the most during seasonal changes. If there is discharge it is clear. I also have asthma and get very panicky and uncomfortable when I can’t breathe from my nose. The left nostril feels heavy all the time. I have to sleep on the right side always to unblock my nose. Decongestants help only marginally.

    I had surgery to remove polyps many years ago, and the latest scan doesnt show any growths obstructing breathing yet I always feel there is something in my left nostril.

  350. Both nose are closed because of which there is slight headace too. This hasbeen started from a year ago and still it has not been to normal. She has taken many home remedies and has put drops on her noes but still its not effective. What to do to get relief from it?

  351. Dear doctor ,I’m writing from Uganda
    My baby has a blocked nose with some discharge and foul smell from the nose and mouth
    Plse help.Thank you.
    God bless you

  352. Shahed Alam says:

    Dear doctor, i’m from Bangladesh. I’ve some coldness problem like nose blockage, cough. When i work outside i feel better and when i stay at home i face such problem, please can u suggest me any homeopathy medicine?

  353. Satyendra Kumar 66yr says:

    My right nose gets blocked with watery discharge after sneezing with pressure. Problem is more both nose gets blocked in night during sleep.earlier sings aria nitricum 30 was helpful but it is not fruitful. Kindly prescribe suitable medicine

  354. Subhash Ch. Ghosh. says:

    I have been suffering from nasal blockage along with frequent watery discharge at day time and stuffiness at night since two years. Now and then yellow discharge also occurs with blood stain. This causes my mood swing. How can I get relief from this problem?

  355. My 3 year old suffers from block or congested nose ,there is no mucus in the nostrils at all not during the day or night,I think its even swollen deep up the nasal cavity he has a sort of snoring as bad as the nose gets blocked. I have herbal medicine I got from the doctor aswell as a saline spray ,but still there is no improvement and it’s scarring me,I make him sleep in a sit up position as to be able to breath what can be done as I think my doctor don’t understand my concern. I have tried and still doing all home remedies. really desperate

  356. omkar gupta says:

    My nose born increase

  357. deviated nasal septum

  358. Chronic blocked nose aged 52

  359. Ashok Kumar Singh says:

    My son 13 year old ,his nose blocking breath due to small nose hole one side where we are breathing from .this is alopathic doctor say that.

  360. I m taking Bio 23,cfex and lemna minor 3 times daily but my nose remains dry and ihave 2 use otrivan paedratic nasal drops and my nose bleeded by blowing nose hard 4 times in 2months how 2 stop nose bleeds and dry nose ghee does not work I m 70yrs with 4 stents in heart since 16 years has bp,sugar,chlostrol take allopathic medicine prescribed by Dr slleping talet and urimax for prostrate gland all prescribed by Dr i dont want to take antibiotics and get operation i am slim and walk10 km daily run 1/2 km and do 22 exercises in park bars and self i suffer constipatio also and take laxatives.

  361. Shariful Islam says:

    My x ray report says that I have both inferior hypertrophy turbinate .I had this disease from 14 months .My nose bone is curve a little bit. Now my main problem is I feel heaviness when fan’s air ,Ac air ,something like cold things within a moment and inferior hypertrophy turbinate .I was met many doctors but didn’t get solved. Please help me to give advice and want to homeopathy treatment.Thanks

  362. Abhishek Maheshwari says:

    My nose running continuosly from last 15 days and also i have sinus problem and on night time my both side nose blocked . i am taking citrizine and inhaler continuosly nowadays . on whether changing this problem happened to me but never in hot weather . Please tell me any remedy

  363. Md Alib Maris says:

    Hi, Dr Sharmas.
    I have been taking homeopathic remedy for many years for many health problem such as fever,headache and many more and I should say Homeopathy really works.
    I wish to know if a person is taking homeopathic medicine and also taking herbal suppliments to but taking it at separate time. I wish to know will the homeopathy works .

    Thank you.

  364. Msh shawon says:

    Dear doctor sharma
    I am suffering vestibular neuritis from last 2 years. Is it possible to get cure completely by homeopathy??

  365. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    i am 38 years old and 70 kg. I try to keep my diet simple, but of and on i suffer with sticky, dry nose and sore throat. I have also some signs of allergic from traffic dust/smoke pollution. please tell me some remedies of my problem.


  366. Ashok khanna says:

    I am 68 years suffering from night block nose also running nose during morning it’s worse during night both nostrils are blocked badly . Also my right side is badly effected by polyp tight nostril is always blocked

  367. JS Likhari says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I am 70 years old.
    For the last many years, my right nostril remains blocked, all the time – day and night. There is no discharge. Steam inhalation does help a little [ and for a short time only ] but main problem remains. If I block my left nostril, breathing in from the right nostril is very laboured causing strain – exhaling is even more difficult. Kindly advise and recommend appropriate medicine to be taken.
    Question: does this cause less intake of oxygen to the brain and is it the cause of slightly unsteady gait which I have since last two years or unsteady gait is not connected with the blocked right nostril ?
    Appreciate your help – thanks
    JS Likhari

  368. Pls mydaughter is 8yr old she having a smelling thick runing nose nasal congestion.and bresthing wit mouth whivh as coursed her mouth other too pls sm in.nigeris wat drugs can i get f her

  369. Surendra sinha says:

    Ent Dr.says that my nosal bone has deviated and flesh thereon has can be cured only through operation,but I don’t want to be operated.can it be cured by homoeopath ?

  370. rita pandey says:

    Hello, Dr. I am 28 years old and suffering from sinusitis for last 6 years, i have very enlarged polyps problem, and had 2 surgeries. but problem become more complex post surgery, At day time i used to have one nostril open and other blocke along with watery discharge from blocked nose, and if i blow it hard yellow mucus discharges, at night time i use to have both the nosrtrils blocked, please suggest some effective hoeopathy medicine to treat this.


  371. Sir

    I am 52 years ages,I am working in pvt company. In childhood I had running nose (yellow color) one side nose every time I sneezing . at age 28 years ,I went one of Homeopathic Doctor, He gave one medicine, the medicine was working up to now . Last Jan-16 against running nose start , it is very difficult work in office every time sneezing, changing handkercheif every day , It very un easy to me . kindly give good Homeo medicine . thanking you

    siva kumar

  372. prince kumar says:

    Nose blocking and watering in eye eye redness and iching eye

  373. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am a 53 year old married Caucasian… I have been suffering from rhinitis and my left ear feels blocked. This all happened since I had a flu last Spring.

    I’ve been to the emergency several times, numerous medical doctors, environmental specialist, ENT specialist and a homeopathic Doctor.

    I have tried spigelia, pulsatilla, calc sulf ?.. And a few others I don’t remember.

    I refrain from taking prescription drugs because of the rebound effect.

    I had a saliva test done to find out I have adrenal exhaustion.

    I have allergies to gluten and dairy. We eat mostly organic food and drink distilled water. We also have an air filtration system in our house… And have no carpets.

    I don’t know what the cause is… Would you have any suggestions?

    Regards Carol

  374. My father aged 83 years suffering from nose block in the night time only. He is not suffering from cold or cough. Pl. suggest right homoeo medicine and biochemic medicine to cure.

  375. My son is 3 and every night he has stuffy nose ans mouth breathes…so far about several months like this…only when sleeping and in morning blow his nose and he is better. Very irritable at times and also is very demanding now and defiant. Thanks

  376. hamid, saad says:

    dear Dr Sharma,
    hope u are well, my son 1 and a half years old, has since birth difficulty in breathing freely from his nose.
    his mouth remains open almost all the time, has a snoring sound during sleep. he is other wise active.
    at the moment he has nasal discharge, thick greenish from his nose.
    he is under weight.

  377. Niketan S S says:

    Any one nostril always closed whole day.
    When sleep on right side, left nostril will open and right one will close, similar when sleep on left side, right will open.
    At morning, nose and throat sense as chocked inside.
    At any time one nostril drain like water tap, and other nostril completely dry.
    Saliva always get dry.
    At the time of eating, throat feel like dry and feel like vomiting.
    As i vomit, bunch of dry couphs get spell out.
    Two times operation done on my nose but no relief.

  378. Anita Mathew says:

    Hello doctor ,
    My son is 5 and has got enlarged adenoids..he suffers from blocked nose throughout..with watery discharge..he also keeps sneezing..his skin is dry..he breathes through mouth…even in summer the problem persists..please help.

  379. Dr. Jai Upadhyay says:

    My son is 3.5 years old frequently suffers from cough & cold.
    This time it was severe given homoeopathy several times but the complaints are relapsing …… Given Aconite, Bryonia, nux, and biochemic Ferrum phos and Nat sulph 6X too now the stage is ….continued greenish discharge from nose from 10-15 days, sleeps open mouth a night always , very irritable, stubborn, intelligent, active, and reacts to every one in the same manner as the person reacts to him, desires chocolates and namkeen and chips , very demanding, weight 13 kg, …….drinks less water ,

  380. PRADEEP sharma says:

    Am suffering from blocked nose from last 4 years I have to use otrovin for breathing .the ent doc suggested for surgery plzzz help

    • Pankaj Mazumdar says:

      Hi doctor, hope you are keeping well
      .Well I have a problem & request a homoeopathic solution from you
      I am 63yrs.old &suffered a nose bleed through my left nostril on Jan3,15 after my morning walk.I visited an ENT specialist at Ranchi and even after medications of more than two months,there has not been much significant improvement as there is frequent mucus discharge fr
      om left nostril, though bleeding has stopped.Congestion in left nostril is causing unpleasantness &sleep at night.Have been using Nasivion nasal drops, but it gives temporary relief only.Wish to switch to homeopathy therapy.Kindly suggest.Regards


  381. arvind kumar says:

    My 4 year boy is suffering from nose blockeg last 3 months. I chk up my baby to ENT but i don’t get full relax for his diagnose. He gave antibiotics and anti allergy to my baby. But late night my baby nose is blocked from last 2 months. Now i started diagnose from homeopathy doctor in chandigarh. Plz tell me how much time after my baby feel relief by the use of homeopathy med.

    • arvind kumar says:

      My 4 year boy is suffering from nose blockeg last 3 months. I chk up my baby to ENT but i don’t get full relax for his diagnose. He gave antibiotics and anti allergy to my baby. But late night my baby nose is blocked from last 2 months. Now i started diagnose from homeopathy doctor in chandigarh. Plz tell me how much time after my baby feel relief by the use of homeopathy med.

  382. Hi doctor, i read your all paragraphs which are similiar to my problem. Actually i had nose blockage , maxillary sinusitis, dizziness, tinnitus due to daviated septum from last 2 year. So that i had a septoplasty on january this year. But still i have present all the problems. So i am thinking to take homeopathy treatment. Please suggest me

  383. Having nose blocked on left nasal cavity badly

  384. Chandan mondal says:

    My son having acute sinusitis nasal blockage and headache .so what can i do for cure ?

  385. havya dey says:

    My husband having nasal septum and mucosal thickening is seen with partial obliteration of bilateral upper nasal cavity.superior,middle and inferior turbinate appear normal on either side. So what we do for cure?

  386. PETER RODRIGUES says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, please help my wife who sufers acutely from discharge of sinus into the throat while she goes to sleep at night which disturbs her very much and preventing her from sleeping. Please help me to get a quick and urgent remedy for the same as soon as possible. I would be very much of your tremendous help which would help her from curing the discharge dropping into the throat at night time only.

  387. sandeep khanna says:

    my nose always remain blocked due to cough(mucas) in all weather season.plz tell the right treatment of it.

  388. Blocked nose worst at night.
    End up when asleep breathing through mouth and wake up in the night with dry mouth and dry throat.
    I think the pain when I swallow wakes me up.

  389. sayed Tariq says:

    Hi Sir,

    wish you fine and in good health !

    I have problem with my nose at night always blocked. Due to nose blockage my right ear effected and I am always hearing sound of a motor like . I went to ear specialist he told me the my ear problem is the effect of nose blockage. He Prescription me nasal spray and anti biotic tablets which were not useful even can not keep my nose open during the . I was using a nose drop before which was good but the specialist told me on regular base using the nose drop is not good.
    I need you advice,

    Thanks a lot

    Sayed Tariq,

  390. yoginder pal says:

    dear sir, i am 61 yr my nasal blocked last ten yrs appx.but now a days nasal blocked at night which is most uncomfortable to me after endiography report :S shaped deviated nasal septum Right concha bullosa seen B / I muciod discharge seen? polypoid mass seen in the region of sphenoethmoidal recess and near posteroir attachment of middle turbinate nasopharynx full of hypertrophied adenoid tissue doctor ask for operation pl. advise thanks.

  391. Suresh Babu.M says:

    Respected sir,
    From Suresh 39yrs old, Iam having high Blood Pressure past 5yrs taking the tablet Omasartan-40, now Iam facing problem that right and side headace, rightside nose block (no running nose, no sneezing) only for inhealing the air is in maximum left and side, and little pain right and side ear, back pain was there, sir kindly give me your valuable guidance please

  392. my nose has been blocked for a couple of days no. I’m not sure what causes it to be stuffed and clogged. Yesterday i was beginning to get a sinus headache so i decided to try a nasal decongestant
    I bought otrivin and sprayed 2 times in each nostril. Sinuses were clear until today. They’re clogged again and i have a headache. What is causing this..could it be my diet, should i eliminate wheat and or sugar. Please help…i’m all stuffed up.



  393. Dr. UMRao (Ph.D) says:

    Sir, since many years I am suffering from cold… common cold is quite common to me. out of 365 days almost 360 days I am suffering from cold… I am facing stuffy nose….right side is more regular. nights times common.. disturbance in sleep at night between 2 to 3. Sleeplessness effects badly on office work, used many more tablets and nasal sprays ..but no use….plz provide advise
    thank you

  394. Thirupathi says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am having problem due to right side nose blocking.
    From morning the nose getting blocked slowly and I creates headache on the same side only.
    I kindly request your good self to provide me a solution sir.

    Thank you.

  395. Diksha agarwal says:

    Sir,my elder son is 5.5 yr old,and he is suffering from a block nose always because his turbinate and adenoids are large in size,many spray and medicine used but no more effective results.I already used homeopathic medicine like pullsattilla,bryonia alba and mercurious solub….., more cough after he is play back.please give more suggestions.

  396. I have blocked nose mostly at night and recently only in my right nose and sharp pain on my right side( lungs). I can not sleep long on my right side since the stabbing pain will wake me up on my right nose so tight at night.
    Please what can I take or do to stop this.

  397. Respected Sir, I gautam dey from siliguri west bengal, my wife sufferinf of sinus nose block, she takes amoxicollin 500mg daily one tablet and nasal speyed, but not cure. Before 15 years one homeopathy doctor given medicine and after two days she gradualy improve and last 12 was she perfect, that doctor is no more. So please guide me what to do? I think due to dryness nose is blocked.

  398. Shashi Madan says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I have been going with pulmonary issues off and on for last one year. Dr has put me on singular one tablet and symicort spray. Of course it’s maintained now but have been getting stuffy noose with lot of mucus . What can I take in homeopathy as every two months have been getting sick.please respond.

  399. Md. Aamir Khan says:

    I have been suffering from blocked nose since 2 – 3 years & lower back pain also 2 – 3 years please suggest me the homeopath remedy.

  400. Girishkumar G says:

    I have been suffering from since 3 years of nose blockage.
    And hence I’ve been using nasal spray to relief from.
    Recently Dec 15th of 2015 I had surgery for Deviated Nasal Septum. Even though now I’m suffering the same day and night nose blockage it’s very severe due to this I’m also suffered from anxiety and nervousness.

    Please suggest me
    Thanking you

  401. Suzanne mathers says:

    Hello , I have been suffering over the past few months with waking up sneezing and producing mucous, the symptoms lessen through the day mostly , but some days I am sneezing all day wherever I’m at work or home or outside!
    I have been going through a stressful time and I wonder if the stress is causing my symptoms ?
    Thankyou for your attention . Suzanne

  402. I have been suffering prominently right side nasal block and using nasal spray. Gives temporary relief. continuous slight right side headache When I les down in the bed my nose gets blocked. Is there a permanent solution this problem. Suggest some remedial measures

  403. Rajendra Kumar Padhy says:

    My daughter has 9+ years she has always diffuculty in breathing and the problem at the time of sleeping. She used Nasal Spray (Adult) Otrivin from last one month continuously & take antibiotic but no solution. What to do Doctor Sir please suggest.

  404. Shailaja Vyas says:

    Due to excessive use of nasivion nasal drops I have developed nasal blockage. Inside the tubular thing is swollen, resulting in difficulty in breathing. Night time it becomes worse.
    Have consulted doctors who suggests operation. Now on homeopath medicine from almost two months, but it has not caused muchof difference in the condition.
    Can you please suggest some remedy?

  405. S.Karuppasamy says:

    Even after FESS surgery in 2005I suffer very much from nasal block and coul no breath freely.

  406. Gh Mohiudin says:

    dryness of throat during sleeping and blockage of mind

  407. Ahmadfarooq says:

    My 18 months baby has blocked nose

  408. Amit mehra says:

    Sir, i am experiencing severe nose blockage for past 2 months & it feels something is stuck in nose. When i put nasal drops, it gets perfectly fine but for 1 or 2 hours only. No other symptoms of cold or cough. I have been allergic to weather changes for many years. I also took Teucrium & thuja drops for a month, thinking that i have developed polyps.I got some relief earlier but now its the same problem.

  409. amit singh bisht says:

    Dr. I have mild dns in left side having some breathing problem last one month so pls suggest me this problem can be sort out homeopathy treatment or will go throgh surgery.Pls help me…..

  410. Richard Opoku says:

    Dr. please I have a 5 year son whose nose always swells and it smells bad. It has happened for more than a year now. please which medicine can you recommend for me to buy for him?

  411. DNS Right and swollen turbinates

  412. sanefa mesquita says:

    I cant bear cold weather. Gets cold sneezing like a volcano .non stop.nose blocked .some round structure in both nostrils as if sealed with wax. And also asthma. And I get hives on the legs .now slowly hands also and waist. Now off late throughout the year allergy type rhinitis and asthma.

  413. my nose bone is unstraight due to which i have allegy,headache,brain heavyness,muscles weakness……………..kindly suggest best heomophatic medicines for these illnesses…..

  414. Bishnu prasad gupta says:

    Sir namaskar mera nose me polys hai nose pura block hai do baar operation bhi karaliya lekin thik nahi hai please sir medicine bataye pani girta hai and block hai

  415. shvprasad keshkar says:

    Hv stufy nose all time, feeling breathing problem in night, too much sneezing in morning immediately after wake-up.. It intensify when it’s cold weather. Hv taken treatment but never worked as permanent solution. Let me know the treatment process with ur address. Is it possible for permanent solution. I’m 46yr old.
    Awaiting for your kind words response


  416. Hugo A Cardona says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I jus had an operation for Turbinated reduction and Septum correction. I was hooked in Afrin and the doctor said I should stay away from it however I am very blocked due to the swollen membranes etc. I need something keep the nose open and unblocked. I am taking arnica for now and has helped me to heal very well. Look forward to your response,

    Kindest Regards


  417. rk agrawal says:

    Dr. Sharmaji
    I am 64 born. I have a problem to breath as my right nostal is oftenly blocked. dr. suggested for septoplasy for correction. I have also hearing loss but no history in family. No sugar, No Bp. otherwise quite healthy. In my childdays, my one of the ear was puntured but repaired. pus was discharged in childhood but cured. about 10 years back i have suffered running nose and heavy allergy which was cured with alopathic medicine. Now most of the time i am suffering with allergy and blockage of right nostal. change of posture in sleeping gives relief in some time. MRI also detected some amount of sinus.
    Kindly let me know whether i should go for septoplasty operation for nasal congetiion or homeopathy medicine may cure. Also suggest whether my loss of hearing can be recovered with homeopathic medicine if so let me know the name of medicine and its precription please.
    rk agrawal

  418. Basheer Ahmed h says:

    sir my problem before 3 years due to sinus’ allergy’ and evene sneezing in moriing and evening

  419. surinder sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sir,
    I want to know best medicine as when i sleep left side in night, i am not getting proper breathing and feel my left nosal blocked. Than take breath from mouth or sleep for easy by right side.
    Pls suggest me the medicine so that sleep by left side.

  420. My 6 months baby suffers from blocked nose since oct n she refused to take milk n cry what to do plz help me , saline water works some time n some day i have to use before every feeding, Nebulize with saline water also some times not work, plz do help me

  421. Sanjay Kumar says:


    meri nossy ka mass nak ke ander ki or badh rha h dr. Opretion ki bol rhe h koi heomopetjhik dawa batao…

    meri age 28 year h

    mirch medium khata hu..

    Ph. 8057713372

  422. One side blocked nose during sneezing says:
  423. sandeepkumar says:

    sir….i m from karnataka…i have nosal problem…that block at night specially while sleeping and sneezing at morning….plz tel the remedy

  424. aditya singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I am suffering from completely blocked nose. Both nostrils occure block much hardly. When do i go to sleep….my nose strongly blocked and i can’t breath minute properly .Due to which i have heavy head 24 hours, since blocked nose is started. I have this problem from 2 years. I have irritated from it. Sometimes i think about suicide because i can’t stay focus on my study due to this nasal congestion. I have headache everyminute,every time. I have taken Homeopathic medicines for about 2 months….but there is no any relief in it.

    Sir, please suggest me to do something about it. I have lost my time so much from it.

    Please sir,give me some remedy…….

  425. Virendra Singh says:

    did noy yeald any I am 70 yrs. In the fist week of this month I got cold and infection. Infectin was cured but common cold continued. For last one week I am facing problem of nose block, which remains all the day and aggravates at 0330 every night. After steam inhalation white water discharge takes place but nose is not cleared. After nasal drops or its own yellow thick discharge comes out. It seems it is coming out some where from in between nose and throat, Some times it is is in the form of yellow clots. Because of this my hearing is also affected. Right nose is mostly blocked and also I have hearing loss in right ear more. The hearing loss has progressively increased from last ten yers and it is associated with tinitus. When tinitos increases I get vertigo. At present there is no complains of vertigo. Earlier I took R12 & R29 in 2012. Mid of this year agian I got vertigo but R12 &29 but it did not yield any result so I took alopethic treatment. Request , kindly advise.

    • Nayana praveen kumur says:

      Hi sir I am staying in bangalore actually I m suffering from bloked nose I took all allopathic medicine but no use.

  426. sunny singh says:

    Dr, i live in pune right now. I have cough and sputum . when ever i have khasi the sputum blocked my throat and i have difficult in brething. And i have nose block also, and i have allergy also for more than 10 years. Sometimes i have blood in my sputum. Please help me to cure it permanently. Please help me.

  427. P R Izardar says:

    My right side Nose is always closed. Hardly it opens . Left side is alright in day time but in night it also find blocked. Breathing through mouth causes serious dryness, woke up at night and passed several hours and could not sleep afterwards. Nasal blockage due to polyp. Gone through polyp operation two years ago. That time I also have the same condition. Deep yellow discharge found in the morning through left nose, not much. Rest it remains dry. Some time found left side nose blocked in day time with right side fully blocked, breathing through mouth.

    • Shambhu nath Singh. says:

      Sir my right side nose always bloked and eaching sansation in right ear.At night nose are ulternately bloke with sleeping side ( Matlab jis karwat sota hoo us side ka nak band ho jata hai ) A thin discharge Ocationaly From nose Right nose and right Ear Seek Eaching inside.

  428. Aditya Pralhad Dhongde says:

    18 years young boy,fair coloured,medium height, introvert nature, speaks very less, mostly gives answers like ‘yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Ok’,uneasy to speak with new people, slow in action(but writes speedily),lefty, feels better in open and fresh air,like to put off shirt/T-shirt to enjoy fresh air,having problem of nasal blokage/congection and cold with less secretion from nose. Pl. suggest remedy for nasal blokage.

  429. sudesh kumar says:

    sir my problem before 3 years due to sinus’ allergy’ and D.N.S .any solution pl. nesseary action.

  430. Rajni Sahijpal says:

    Hi Doctor

    My nose get blocked during the night. And also in the day while breathing I can feel wheezing sound. Sometimes Ihave a yellow mucous coming out in the morning only during day it’s fine. Please recommend some remedy. This is been happening for last two years. Seems like I have nasal polp.


  431. padmavathi k says:

    hai sir,
    my son 4 years son is suffering from breathing problem only while sleeeping. he is not having running nose or nose congestion. He is breathing with his mouth . iam feeling so sad because he is not at all comfortable with his sleep. we are staying in banglore. so, can u please help me to know my son’s problem.

    padma k

  432. Dear Sir
    Which is the best homeopathic medicine for interstitial cystitis.

  433. Hello doctor,
    I am from bhutan. My daughter is 4.7 yrs old and she is gaving difficulties in sleeping especially at night. Since she is very young, its not safe to undergo surgery thats what my opnion. Her nose is completely blocked.
    Therefore, if doctor could help me i would be very much grateful, please.

  434. Sir, in winter season, I severely suffer from blocked nose due to cold. To get rid of it, I used to take vapour and use muffler. After going to bed at night this probllem increase. Please tellme, how homeopathy can help me to ged rid of this problem.

  435. every year in december i face nose block,head & eye pain. Mostly in air contact. It remains for 2 months.
    Normaly I take Kali Bicro 1 day and for 15 days ferrum phosphoricum 6x, natrum sulphuricum 6x & kali muriaticum 6x.

    Its helps but not 100% refleif. Can you suggest any thing.

  436. Bajrang gupta says:

    My daughter 3 months old have a problem of nose stuffing and sound is coming from chest pl suggest any med Dr

  437. anil kumar lamba says:

    hello sir
    i have problem of blocked nose from last 6-7 years. alopathy docters declare it is an allergic problem. so no solution. because it generally caused during eating of cold/khata . and also in changing weather conditions from cold to summer and summmer to cold. please tell whter any solution is there.

  438. Yogendra verma says:

    Sir, my nose block with pain in nostrils plus ear feel blocked plus pain in head in early morning hours at the time of wake up in winters. As winters come the matters come up and as winters go they are gone. Can you guide.
    Also phlegm comes up in the throat.

  439. Hello!
    My daughter is 5 years old and she has frequently been catching cold for the past few years.

    Furthermore she is having difficulty in breething as well from nose, and she feels very irritated sometimes for that. Although she always sleeps with mouth open and snorks. I want to avoid operation for her. She also schratches her teeths while sleeping.
    I have been giving my daughter, as prescribed by someone for her polyps/adenoid (Lemna minor, Tecreum, Agraphis, (6 about thrice a day) about three months now, but not on regular times and sometimes not managed to give her it three times a day. It has had slight effect that she doesnt get apnoea while sleeping, but still she has difficulty because she needs to have her mouth open to breeth when she is asleep. Her right tonsil has also a bigger size than normal. Should i continue to give her these medicine or should I give her something else now? PLEASE help me.
    Thank you!
    Very grateful/Her mother

  440. When I sleep my nose block ed after food mucus come out my mouth my body making so much mucus please suggest me homeopathic medicine when my nose block I got dreams mostly negative that’s why I not feel good .

  441. M. Millington says:

    Dear Sir,

    Nasal blockage because of sinus, watering eyes, sneezing, headache an dizziness. Most of all the snoring in the night is terrible.. pls help!

  442. Mir Sajjad Hossain says:

    Dear sir
    I’m suffering from armpit sweating with nervousness. My prostate is slightly enlarged.My nose is often remain blocked in one side alternatively.back pain in lower portion.i’m forty years old.could u please give me some advice

  443. Dear Sir,
    My right nose is in blocked condition for more than 5 years. I tried different methods but nothing happened. If I gave pressure to the right side of my nose then there won’t be any problem.I won’t be able breath through nose because of this. Is there any solution for this doctor? Kindly advice.

  444. Mayank Baranwal says:

    I am facing nose blockage due to polyp.
    What should I do to get rid of it.

  445. Bishal Gautam says:

    my one side of nose is block over 2 years …
    I had been to homeopathic and cured 50% of blockage nose and I left to go there because medicines are very expensive …
    now I want to cure my sinus because I want to be a singer and my voice is changed …
    so help me to cure it … 🙂

  446. biswajit bakshi says:

    My child is 10 years old & for the last few days he is suffering from nasal blockage especially at night during bed time. Even we can feel the heavy snoring sound perhaps due to difficulty in breathing, even he prefer to take air through mouth. What could be the best medicine. Can we administer nux vom 30 & if yes in what interval? Kindly suggest

  447. Rajendra Kumar Panigrahi says:

    My left nose remains blocked mostly. It is very difficult to take breathe all the times through left nose. Left side breathing is possible if right nose kept closed. Resultantly my mind becoming squeezed time by time. As a result my health also becoming thin. I feel mucous blockage at the top left side of mind.
    So please suggest me the proper homoeopathic medicine to cure the blockage. After which my mind and health will grow.

  448. My Fri. Is24year old she suffering for DNS problem I left nostril some Dr. Adviced that treatment are only septoplasty. Kya aap is problem Ka homeopathy salutiton de sakte hai because usse surgery nahi karwana hai septoplasty me bahut she side effect hote hai abhi used nasal block one time nose bleed or abhi 4days se nose tip swelling aa gai hai please koi solution dijiye

  449. I had gone through a surgery by which every nasal air passage get opened and even nasal septum is removed . Now problem is only some inflamation which cause problem in natural flow of mucus , and to get through i have to do nasal saline wash everyday , kindly suggest me some medicine for inflamation and natural mucus flow

    • Ajay Wadnap says:

      I’ve a blocked nose when I sleep mostly right side and consistent cough. If I take allergic cough tablet like Alegra M it stops for a day or two. But starts again. I’m suffering with this for last more than two months.

  450. Aloha, white mucus with mostly left nasal blockage…thanks for the help Namaste’

    • Parth gupta says:

      Hello sir,
      I m suffering from maxillary sinus my right side nose is blocked most of the time this problem is from last 2years, mucus also can’t drain out from my nose and bcz of dis I m also suffering from chest congestion, but my mucus Is mostly watery and white in colour..please help
      . regards
      parth gupta


    I am 59 years old male vegetarian married. I get frequently sore throat , nose block ear pain etc
    once in a month. Unless I take antibiotics Amboxin 500 mg for 15 days , i do not get relief.
    This type of frequent cold how to prevent by Homepathy.

    Mulund (E), Mumbai 400 081

  452. prabhakar d pingale says:

    hello sir
    last 2year I have suffering from runny nosy ,block nose. Dr told me its allergy .
    Dust sneezing after runny nose last block nose
    this cycle run every day .
    Pr I took homepatehic treatment but don’t cover 100% effect show 40to50%.

  453. Ayushmaan Mishra says:

    My father is a cancer patent he is in very serious condition after the surgery his left nose is permanently blocked but now his right nose is also blocked .we give sabucus nigra ,nux,formica rusc in homeopathy but his nose is not open.

  454. Pranav kumar says:

    My nose ranging at morning time and blocked since 2years

  455. My blocked nose is horrendous.
    I usually get it after a cold. My cold goes but I have a blocked nose for weeks and weeks after the cold.
    St the moment I have had a blocked nose for eight weeks.
    I have had antibiotics in the past that have helped however I got antibiotics last Monday and they have not helped so I stopped taking them.
    I have had allergies for many years to dust animals etc etc and take clarityn for the allergies.

  456. Hello dr.sharma i need your help ,my 9 years old son has blocked nose problem from last three years.he is asthematic from birth and when the month of october starts its problem of asthama appeares .he has passed worst time with asthama but now from 3 yrs he is facing .ock nose problem specialy oct to march.he feels pain in his head and in joints.dr always give hom antibiotics but i am fedup plz help me and suggest any homeopatic medicine for him which i can buy from pakistan.thank you.

  457. Ayman Aadil says:

    My problem is nose blocked and cold plz give name of medicine will go away and my son is two months old

  458. ANDREWS.C.D says:

    I am suffering Smellessness since last many years. I cannot feel even cooking gas smell. Tried alopathy .no results. Now I am suffering nose blocking also.(I have no sneezing) Because of this I cannot sleep well due to mouth dryness. Kindly suggest any remedy .
    Thanking you,
    Andrews.C.D. 9446581515

  459. ANDREWS.C.D says:

    I am suffering Smellessness since last many years. I cannot feel even cooking gas smell. Tried alopathy .no results. Now I am suffering nose blocking also. Because of this
    I cannot sleep well due to mouth dryness. Kindly suggest any remedy .
    Thanking you,
    Andrews.C.D. 9446581515

  460. SAYEED AKHTAR says:

    Sir ,
    I am 53 years old. I have blocked nose in night since more than two weeks.AT that time I am unable to take breath from nose and take breath from mouth only. I feel this type of severe problem mostly during seasonal change.I feel extreme difficulty in breathing as soon as I wake up and start sneezing continuously ( more than 20 times) and also start fingering in both ears as well as start cleaning my throat. With great force I starts to release mucus from nose with force.I try to discharge mucus from nose with force but due to blockage of nose mucus comes out with very difficult. After 2-3 hours nose will start clear but not fully.The water which comes from eyes during sneezing is very bitter. You are requested please advise me the medicine for this.

    Sayeed Akhtar

    • SAYEED AKHTAR says:

      Sir ,
      I am 53 years old. I have blocked nose in night since more than two weeks.AT that time I am unable to take breath from nose and take breath from mouth only. I feel this type of severe problem mostly during seasonal change.I feel extreme difficulty in breathing as soon as I wake up and start sneezing continuously ( more than 20 times) and also start fingering in both ears as well as start cleaning my throat. With great force I starts to release mucus from nose with force.I try to discharge mucus from nose with force but due to blockage of nose mucus comes out with very difficult. After 2-3 hours nose will start clear but not fully.The water which comes from eyes during sneezing is very bitter. You are requested please advise me the medicine for this.

      Sayeed Akhtar

  461. Noma Idrissa says:

    I have been with for some years(5) now. if i use otrivin it will clear from some time just to come back. i can’t sleep well. in night i have to breath with mouth. Asprin reduce it before but it no longer working. and it goes up whenever i clean dust, or clean spider on my roof or use fan or ac in excess. i also notice that my son too have started to get blocked nose
    What can i do to rid of this?

  462. Swollen turbinates

  463. Tilak Surya says:

    i am suffering from nasal blockage since 2 year my right side nose block its very effective at night i take 3 month medicine in homeopathy clinic Dr. Ajit Mishra at bilaspur chhatisgarh but my problem not solve please i want to some advice. thanks.

  464. Ramesh mangla says:

    Dear Dr Sharma ji,Namesty
    My age is 70 and I am suffering from cold from last many years.My nasal discharge come in to my mouth,be I am eating,drinking,it is worst when I sleep and frequently wake up to clean my throat and many times I couldn’t sleep again due to discharge.I have taken many homeopathy medicine s and alopathy.but all waste people says homeopathy is best my faith now going.but still I am taking the following 3 timesEuphrasia30,Kali Bi200(4global)Can you suggest?

  465. I Have major problems with blocked nose. Was operated i year ago when I had polyps. I have continuasly block nose. Can you please suggest an alternative remedy to normal medecine.

    I’m 60 years young!
    Thank you in advance

    • Dalbir Singh Balyan says:

      my wife is 45 years old & suffering from nose blockage..due to enlargement of her nasal nose. she face much problem in winters..her throat is also infected due to this…its very pathetic condition as she even cant sleep most of the time in winters as manytime she cant breath..please help..

  466. shabran kweyu says:

    I am 20 year old ,I sufring from
    nose blockage since i was 13yrs and runny
    nose, sneezing from my teen age .
    doctor advised me for operation for nose blockege.i went to the hospital to see the doctor given drugs bt am not fine am not relif for
    blockage and sneezing . if I running or
    body warm up then both nasal keep
    open completely then rest time both
    open alternately. ple advise me for
    treatment , I am feeling helpless.

  467. k.santosh kumar says:

    dear sir , i am having nose allergy and also nose blocked very strongly please tell me the solution of nose blocked.

  468. Teresa Congdon says:

    Good morning. I came here today to seek help from a new issue i have just recently started suffering the last 2 years. I am a 43 year old mother of 5. Already 4 times this year I have woke up in terrifying panic unable to breath freely, I am incredibly clauosterphobic as well so waking up with my nasal airways being blocked by thick mucus making it impossible to breath and it sends me into full blown panic attakcs.

    I have recently learned with the last attack and the one I’m having right now that- the same symptom seems to be evident each time. There’s a clog in the back of my throat. I try to cough it up, but it just sits back there feeling like it’s blocking my throat. When I finally.cough it up after dozens of tries to cougb, I finally get it up and it immediately relieves my labored breathing. So what I’m trying to say is, I believe my sinuses are draining thick mucus in my.sleep, then it rests deep in my throat right where my.nasal passage would normally take in oxygen waking me up to the feeling of suffocating, sending me into clauosterphobia therefore causing intense panic with the feeling of doom & overwhelming fear of death. It’s a domino affect for sure. .. this thick mucus I truly feel is the root to the problem. It’s no fun for someone with the fear of suffocating (claustrophobia) to wake up feeling like they need to cough to clear their airway, but can’t get it up, and it’s just sitting blocking your nose completely and as you breath through your mouth the thick mucus drains blocking your throat as well.. making it nearly impossible to breath or clear it away. I start trying to chug lots of fluids hoping to grab the mucus and carry it to my stomach or away in general. Well.. I’m desperate for a remedy. At this point I’d consider a pharmaceutical because it just causes the most intense fear, panic & dread. That’s not comfortable at all.

    Please send your suggestions & oponions. So I can prepare and feel safe that when this happens again, I can find relief. I’m so afraid the mucus will one day collect so thick I won’t be able to.move it at all and it will block both air intake (throat and nose) ways &I’ll suffocate (which is one of my biggest fears &I think it may be my only fear next to God & spiders)

    I am open to all & any suggestions . Thank you all in advance.

    T. DEE

  469. This is the ct scan report
    Deviated nasal septum
    Hypertrophied nasal turbinates
    Soft tissue density is seen filling obliterating the right maxillary sinus extending through the widened osteomeatal complex into the right side of the nasal cavity
    Mild mucosal thickening os frontal sinuses hypo plastic frontal sinuses

  470. Shah manushi says:

    My kid is 6 years old he has the problem of severe nasal congestion due to allergy and adenoids .. He is suffering frm hemophilia too… So due to severe congeation bleeding persist so what r the urgent remedies to overxome these

  471. husaini kapadvanjwala says:

    I have nasal congestion nose starts dripping with sneezing 6 to 10 at a time at night nose gets blocked using nasal drops to remove blockage

  472. Sir, I am 74 sinus i havig fever and running nose. Some timed 97at that sever pains will you sugest homeo mrdivine

  473. Dinesh kumar says:

    I am 30 year old ,I sufring from alternate nasal blockage and runny nose, sneezing from my teen age . doctor advised me for operation for nasal bone then I operated one time but operation give me some relif for blockage and sneezing . if I running or body warm up then both nasal keep open completely then rest time both open alternately. ple advise me for treatment , I am feeling helpless.

  474. My son is suffering from nose blockage , done ct scan b4 few days, past 3 to 4 yrs he is suffering frm enlarged tonsils, he has to breath through his mouth, ENT spexialist suggested adenoidectomy n tonsillectomy.pls advice if homeopathy can help for permanent solution, bxos his condition is creating obstacles for his future life n career, he is 18 now

  475. My son is suffering from nose blockage , done ct scan b4 few days, past 3 to 4 yrs he is suffering frm enlarged tonsils, he has to breath through his nose, ENT spexialist suggested adenoidectomy n tonsillectomy.pls advice if homeopathy can help for permanent solution, bxos his condition is creating obstacles for his future life n career, he is 18 now

  476. i have an problem with my nose skin . it have an black marked , so pls help me

  477. please give me nice suggestion

  478. please give me nice suggestion

  479. Kendall Miller says:

    I have had a blocked nose for the last 5 months at night only. I have not had a cold during that time and continued my work during the day although I felt tired some the time. I put this problem down to spring pollen in the air but the is almost gone, I have never smoked or drunk liquor in large quantities.

    I am 75 years old, fit. although I did have a full hip replaecment in June 2015.from which I made an excellent recovery

    I have tried a number odd patent medic but ti no avail.

  480. Hi,

    My age is 38 years old. Last night I caught cold. Only one side of Nasal was open. Had difficulty in breathing, in the Morning mucuos has also started. There is a slight body pain as well. Now also only one nasal is open. Difficulty in releasing the mucuous. Please recommend some medicine for quick relief. Thank you Sheetal

  481. saifullah sandhu says:


  482. Navull Girri says:

    I am using Otrivin Adult to clear my stuffy nose
    which started as a result of first sneezing
    which developed into a runny nose along with
    watery eyes and then a heavy head and then a
    a blocked nose. Would like a homeopathic
    alternative to Otrivin to be rid of its side effects
    heavy heart beats.

  483. Which fomulation of Lemna minor and frequency
    Of its intake for enlarged Turbinates I should take. I am an adult of 40 years age. Any other medicine to be taken alongwith Lemna minor or instead?

  484. My left nostril is blocked most of the time. When I use Otrivin it opens up with a slight colourless discharge. Relief is temporary. Which medicine should I use?

  485. Lakendra bighems says:

    My 13month old has nasal blockage in his left nostril it’s been going on for the past 4 maybe 5 days , it’s hard yellowish like crust blocking his nd nasal , he has a hard time breathing, when I remove the crust it bleeds and looks really red and irritated the skin on the outter part of his nostril is sensitive, after cleaning the crust I put neosporin on it to help it heal but as the day progresses the crust reappears and we have to start the painful process all over again, please help

  486. Pandutang B Naik says:

    I have the problem with my Right nostril. Bone in right side is slightly tilted and has blocked my nose. It got blocked 24 hours. Irrespective of day or night. I m facing problem in breathing from right side nose. Common cold is always what i carries with me. Small amount of smoke leads to sneezing, which coninues for 10-15 minutes. While sleeping i have to compulsorily sleep on my left side only. Sleeping on right side or even on my back causes me nose blocked.

    Plz advice me.

    • my age is almost 40 year i can not sleep right side due to nose blockage with enlargement of nasal bone and i feel difficulty in breathing and often i suffer from throat problem and sputem enter my trachea plz give me some sutable hoemeopathic medicins

  487. my sister is 17years old & suffering from nose blockage..due to enlargement of her nasal nose. she face much problem in winters..her throat is also infected due to this…its very pathetic condition as she even cant sleep most of the time in winters as manytime we give her inhailer when she cant breath..please help..

  488. Parvathi Venkatraman says:

    I have blocked nose which alternates between the nostrils. Iam 60, and well over my menopause which was at 52 years. My condition is worse after eating and when I sit down straight. I have no discharge, but I have bouts of sneezing after which my nose gets sreally stuffy and congested.I have to sit and work as I work on my computer and I am an editor with an epublishing firm.
    Please suggest some remedy. I am allergic to raw besan flor, and my ayurvedic doctor said I have a pitta dominated system. I am also allergic to dust. I dont have asthma but prone to skin allergies.
    Parvathi Venkatraman

  489. After wake up in midnight during sleep left nose is blocked can’t able to breathe and paining in left side head and can’t able to sleep further.


    Dear sir ,
    i have problem blocked noise and shanking total body plese tell me medines name . i am poor man

  491. Dear Doctor Sharma, my daughter has been suffering from a nasal problem, going on 5 years.
    I have had no luck through my local Gp infact he thinks I am mad I think as I have taken her down to seek help at his surgery a great ammount .
    The last straw was when she was in a state that warranted me to take her down to see him recently and he bascially said what are you doing here!I cannot help you any more.
    And so it continues my Daughter syptoms loads of sneezing, then a blocked nose a headache an itchy rash aroung her tummyand over her back which hurts to the touch and her eyes start to run, and yesterday she complained that she couldnt eat her tea as her nose was really hurting her.
    she wakes me up in the night sneezing and then the sneeze can start as early as 6 am. I know she cant help it all but I feel tired and defeated! can you help us or suggest anything I can do to help us both.
    Thankyou for your time.

    Jo Lees (Mother)

  492. Fred Spronk says:

    I’m male,60 years,48 years of exploiting the body,karmic illnesses since age 4 lymphadenitis,severe mononucl.age7-9,psychoses,eating disorders,addictions.From 1987-2008 relatively good years though diagnosed withM.E./C.F.S.Then porn addiction 5 years,resulting ojas depletion(or jing as the Chinese would say),M.E./ be chronic Lyme.stopped porn in 2013,stopped smoking my 8 cig.also summer 2013,but energy kept going downhill.I’m a kind of Lycopodium type,low libido,cowardice,likes people to be in next room but don’t crowd me.Had Lyc.often in high potencies up to LX K.

    I’m going palliative now.Since mid July:complete nasal and sinus blockage left side,WITHOUT ANY DISCHARGE,opens up sometimes lying on right side,or when applying pressure on left nose bridge(sphenoid sinus= liver/gall related in Chin.medicine).If i die,i’d like to at least breathe normally,you see. Had nose and sinus trouble since first attack of candida in 2001,was much better last year,but this seems more auto-immune kind of thing. thank you very much

  493. sir ,
    I have blocked nose since more than six weeks.
    Intially nose was blocked from one side but now maximum times both nose are blocked.
    I feel extreme diffculty in breathing. I have taken antibiotics also as per doctor advice but these
    medicines are also not helpful. Is there any cure of this situation in homeopathic.

  494. shaheer ahmed khan says:

    Hi, it’s mrs.khan. my son is 2 and a half, he had been on anti- biotic for long as his nose is always blocked day n night, he breates ver heavily. V took him to ent , he said he need to b operated as his tonsals n adnoriod r so big that it’s blocking the air passage. After using the anti- biotic n nasal drops still he is breating very heavily n is very restless while sleeping. Plz suggest which homeopatic medicine i can use for him .thanks

  495. Sohail Rizvi says:

    I’m already practicing elopathy as a doctor.. But I’m suffering from running nose, sneezing withnose blockage.. Please suggest me best treatment.
    Thank you
    Best Regard
    Sohail Rizvi
    Mob. 09850041512

  496. Krishnamiddela says:

    Mine is perennial problems.most of the time my left nostril is blocked.i am badly suffering with allergies since twenty years.allopathic medicines are also seized to work.i am sixty six years old lot head ache left side also gum itching.please recommend homeo medicine.

  497. N.K. Arora says:

    Nose remains blocked throughout the day. Totally dry on both the side. If i put Otrivin then only i can sleep at night. i m 79 & fed up by this disease. Kindly suggest some wayout. Shall be grateful.
    Thanks & Regards.
    N.K. Arora

  498. hi dr sharma, am facing problems for the last 20 years. am 45 years old. right side of the nose is choked. DNS. White sticky mucous always in my throat which makes the throat swell and pain with hi fever and many times i have to take antibiotics which has destroyed my stomach as well. GERD problem is also with me. Nothing came out from my nose for the last 15 years. Always feel cold and pain in the body.

    Please suggest what should be done.


  499. wonderfully excellent work with concomitants and modalities and causes says:

    an excelentlly marvolous work pls give more and more

  500. Rana Ahmed says:

    Namaste Dr. Sharma:

    My name is Rana Ahmed and I’m from Pakistan, There is extra glands in my nose due to which i can’t even smell the perfume and many time i don’t feel rotten smells too. It’s cause difficulty for me to breath and in winter and night time i feels that i can’t breath some time. Dr. suggest me to operate. Please tell me and advise me some treatment from homeopathy.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.

  501. Rana Ahmed says:

    Namaste Dr. Sharma:

    My name is Rana Ahmed and I’m from Pakistan, There is extra glands in my nose due to which i can’t even smell the perfume and many time i don’t feel rotten smells too. It’s cause difficulty for me to breath and in winter and night time i feels that i can’t breath some time. Dr. suggest me to operate. Please tell me and advise me some treatment from homeopathy.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.

  502. Rana Ahmed says:

    Namaste Dr. Sharma:

    My name is Rana Ahmed and I’m from Wisconsin USA, There is extra glands in my nose due to which i can’t even smell the perfume and many time i don’t feel rotten smells too. It’s cause difficulty for me to breath and in winter and night time i feels that i can’t breath some time. Dr. suggest me to operate. Please tell me and advise me some treatment from homeopathy.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.

  503. i have allergy my nose blocked in the night

  504. Thank you so much Dr sharma.i am suffering from blocked nose for last so many years .only last year the doctor said I have a crooked nose.he meant was that the dividing bone is not straight. He tried at least five different sprays but they did not suit me .then I shifted to homeopathy .the Dr gave me ammonia carb30.spongia 30.sanguinaria 30.
    One doze each every day.i have been taking this at least for last six months but no result
    The whole day the nose is blocked.i feel suffocated and ( Dil ghabrata hai as if I will be suffocated.)
    I feel like going out in open iN fresh air
    I am scared at night as I feel worse bec we live in Canada and can not go out in open at night.
    I am seventy five and have full faith in homeopathy as my father was a homeopathic doctor.
    Thank you so much.hope to hear soon from you.

  505. my cat has blocked/conjugated nose/head.
    We took home to vat, all blood work and X-ray are normal.
    He has cold from one week.
    According to Vat all conjusted area is in his sinuses.
    When he sneezes discharge is clear yellowish. Not too much discharge.
    What can I give him from homeopathy remedy?

  506. SAURAV ARORA says:


  507. Mitalben says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’m 21 year old girl and I am having problem in my nose mostly at night time my nose get stuff some time one side and some time both and facing problem with breathing and runny nose every night please advice me on this . As this is first winter for me I came here last year December I haven’t had any problems with my nose before please advice me .



  508. jaikamal says:

    sir i m suffering from sinus with blocked nose for the past two years .past one years im taking allopathic tablets everyday till i m having this same suggest me some good way asap thanking u sir

  509. Sir my left nostril most of the time closed if I lay down on my right side it does not open not any watery discharge only clogged and both day and night most of the time it only open by nosivion pl suggest permanent solution regards

  510. satbir kaur says:

    I am suffering from prosoious said byskin specialists from last five years I didn’t new about it before now I have come knowledge that it is prosoious which my mother is suffering from last 1o to 15 years now she is nearly 80years her full body is full of red patch es is in great trouble now when came to know that I am also suffering from same problem I,want to take proper medical treatment which my mother delay ed in her life and is in bad condition please help me I am 57 years old now I am just apply two cream’s 1in morning and other at night please help me for my problem thanks .

  511. satbir kaur says:

    I am suffering from prosoious said byskin specialists from last five years I didn’t new about it before now I have come knowledge that it is prosoious which my mother is suffering from last 1o to 15 years now she is nearly 80years her full body is full of red patch es is in great trouble now when came to know that I am also suffering from same problem I,want to take proper medical treatment which my mother delay ed in her life and is in bad condition please help me I am 57 years old now I am just apply two cream’s 1in morning and other at night please help me for my problem

  512. for Nasal blockage what is best medicine & its power to get cleared soon

  513. arockianathan says:

    My right side path way of nose is slightly bend and the hole in this side to get air is narrow and my left side path way of nose is fully filled with cold and i am very difficult to get air and i am mostly receive air by my mouth to live.Please kindly prescribe medicine.I am male,aged 59 years and insulin dependent patient

  514. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from sinus infection from past 1 month.
    My symptoms are greenish bad smelling discharge from left nose which is frequent in day time and dries up by night
    Redness in left side of nose, post nasal drip again greenish
    Diagnosed with frontal sinusitis, Nose remains blocked mostly in the evening and clears up while sleeping and during day time
    Forehead just above eye on left side is tender and hurts when touched
    Loss of smell and taste

  515. Nancy Nelson says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I have had a history of severe nasal stuffiness when exposed to large amounts of dust. Last fall I experienced severe congestion along with sinus pain that lasted several months with varying degrees of improvement. I was placed on antibiotics, steroid nasal prays, and oral steroids initially. I have sparingly take sudaphed as needed and only occassionally done the steroid stays since they were initially prescribed due to not wanting to be dependent on sprays and pills to breath through my nose. This problem has varying degrees of severity but is still persisting. I experience much anxiety when I can’t breath adequately through my nose, sometimes to the point of panic. In the last few days I have started to try Sulphur and Silica for this congestion with great results, except for nasal dryness. Do you have any recommendations on how I should be taking this or any other suggestions that would help alleviate and take care of this problem for me. I would also appreciate dosing informational I have very little experience taking homeopathic medicines and we do not have any homeopathic physicians in the area that I live. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  516. Praveen kumar says:

    my nose bone is too long so i can’t take breathe properly

  517. Rajeev Garg says:

    My nose is blocked due to swelling inside. I am addicted to take nasal spray after every 7to8 hours for relief of swelling and breath easy. I am already taking tellurium marum, sillicia, pullsetilla and other mixture of medicine which I don’t know. I am taking these medicines from last 5 months but improvement is only I feel is 10% only. Please help me because I don’t want to go for operation in any way.
    Thanks to you sir.

  518. manoj kumar gupta says:

    my medical condition
    – partially blocked nose,dry nose,diffculty in breathing through nose.
    -problem is severe during morning,change of temperature,in summer
    -dry nose in night,disturbance in sleep
    -joint stiffness in right thigh joint and right shoulder joint.
    -have sugar
    -chlolestol under 200
    -heavyness,congestion in left chest 3-4 years
    -fungul infection in private groin area.

  519. Hi doctor,
    I had breathing issue not very sever in mid of March. I am now 39 week pregnant. My gynocalogist gave me chloropheremine. I didn’t, had any running nose or sneeze nothing. Then she gave alerid . My nose went on drying and drying and no improvement in blockage . I showed to ENT doc he gave me saline spray and mucolite. Still my right nostril is completely dry even ear wax look like reduced. I am putting cow ghee in nostril inside and doing jal neti everyday. Please suggest me what to do . I will be really great full to you

  520. Vipin sharma says:

    My nose countinue blockage and more sneezing . English,homeo madicine is used (cold problem from child hood. ) now heavy problem .please how to control.

  521. Ajay narang says:

    Dr sharmaJi I am suffer from block the left side nose last three year dr tell me the enlargement of bone
    I can’t sit under the fan and Ac also dr please help me
    Thank you
    Ajay Narang

  522. Eye lids twitching,hemifacial twitching and sometimes flashes in eyes

  523. Maganbhai Patel says:

    I am 80 now.I am taking snuff for 60 years.Ihave surgeries two times.I cannot give that habit.Ihave trouble of dry stuffy nose & dry throat & as if I am not sleeping for whole night.When I getup in the morning thick liquid type comes out from throat when I try hard.Is there any cheap way to get rid of this situation.

  524. Abhit Kumar Mandal says:

    dear, I am having problem of breathing due to cold and cough and blockage of nose and some times it gets watering. I took medicine it gives relief for some time not solved permanently. some says its cold allergic. so please help and suggest me best homeopathy medicine that could cure and solve my problem for permanently.

    I will be thankful to you.


  525. Kamal Mohan says:

    During the autumn season when flowers start to bloom and in dust I faces the condition of sneezing, nasal discharges and watering from eyes with irritatation. The condition worsens during the night the nose got chocked and disturbance in sleeping.
    Please prescribe homeopathy medicines and how can I take it by post or courier.
    Contact No: 9906036394
    Manager Civil,Pakal Dul HE Project.
    CVPPP Ltd,DSB Colony(NHPC)
    Chenab Nagar,Sector-II
    Kishtwar-182206 (J&K)

  526. Abhit Kumar Mandal says:

    dear, I am having problem of breathing due to cold and cough and blockage of nose and some times it gets watering. I took medicine it gives relief for some time not solved permanently. some says its cold allergic. so please help and suggest me best homeopathy medicine that could cure and solve my problem for permanently. I will be thankful to you.


  527. Vineet K Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am 45 years old male with a allergic asthma for last 15 years. I use to manage asthma with Broncodilators mainly Aerocort Inhaler. Occasionally I have to take antibiotics also.
    I had complains of severe nose blockage and consulted a ENT surgeon who advised me to undergo surgery for nasal polyps. However a nasal spray Fluticasone was prescribed which gave me some comfort.
    Now again for last 3 months I am suffering from nose blockages and am unable to breath through nose. There is also a thick nasal discharge yellow in colour and sometimes with blood.
    Kindly advise some Homoeopathic remedy if possible. I do not want to undergo surgery.

    Warm Regards
    VK Sharma, Ojhar, Nasik




  529. Bex Benson says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My daughter is 4 years old in August (2015) and she has a constantly blocked up nose. She finds it hard to breathe at the best of times due to a blocked nose but she has the most enormous green”boggies” that are mostly dry until I pull them out and her nose smells like there is congestion.

    Please advise me what I can use (homeopathic) if possible.

    Thank you

  530. manoj saraswat says:

    Dr. Sharma.

    I suffer from frequent nose blockage which continues for weeks and finally i have to take allopathic treatment i.e antibioics.
    It starts with change of weather and in dusty environment. Nose is generally dry with no discharge, I feel suffocating .
    My father is also suffering from this disease since long.
    The discharge is transparent, not so thick and only when forced outward

  531. DrSharma

    My daughter is 16 and has been suffering from blocked nose for the past three years. Allergy test showed she is allergic to pet hair. We have two dogs who are mostly outside the house. So engines she has swelling in the passage and she is given nasal spray and anti histamine for quick relief. She has blocked passage when she sleeps and she sneezes atleast 5 times first thing when she wakes up, sometimes 15-20 times. We have tried breathing exercises, Ayurvedic medicines as well. Nothing seems to be working….

  532. N.S.PARMAR says:


  533. hi, doctor! my nose is blocked since 4 months, I m taking an Ayurvedic medicine but still its not working, its so much suffocating. please suggest me a medicine that would help me.

  534. adesh nishad says:

    Very good write up

  535. Prafulla K Acharya says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 73+ years of age. I do not feel old yet.
    I suffer from cold and nasal blockage more in night while sleeping for many many years I do not remember. I have to change my sleeping posture fro right to left and left to right fpr opening the nostrils.
    What medicine I should take and time and potency of the medicines may be advised to me.

  536. iju james says:

    i have allergy (sneezing and block nose),i thought because of the cold weather . now its warm weather , still my nose block mornings .i used to take cetrizine . now i am taking everyday .
    any remedy, please

  537. Abhinav Srivastava says:

    Sir, I. have some kind if allergy problem as I have been suffering from common cold and nasal blockage for past 10 years. After treatment by Allopathy , it cures but just for few days. Help me by suggesting some good homeopatic medicines.
    The symptoms are….
    1. Maximum time right nasal blockage.
    2. Sometimes piain in throat .
    3. Cold
    4. Sneezing.
    5. Nasal discharge.
    6. Morning starts with sneezing & excess mucus secration.

  538. Mamta Garg says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I stay in bangalore since last 4 years. Since last 2 years I have severe problem of cough and cold. Every few weeks, I am getting throat infection. with help of anti allergy medicine, it remains fine but after that it comes again. Severe Throat pain is there and my nose also remains blocked mostly at nights.
    I am 33 years old. Last year I had to take inhalers as well to treat my breathing problem.

    please suggest any good solution and less side effects.


  539. Christine belair says:

    3 yr okd grandson. Mouth breathing and some sleep apnea. Not sure if its enlarged adnoids or sinus problems? What should we try first? Teeth are turning brown from mout breathing.

  540. Dear sir,

    both sides my nose has been blocked and there is an enlargement in my inside of the nose both sides my nose looks like bigger and due to nose enlargement my nose become bigger,pls suggest some solution for me sir.thank u.

  541. navjot singh says:

    I had septoplasty 3months ago but now my nose blocked i feel bad how to relief my x ray report is no dns seen.

  542. Dear Dr.
    I m suffering from blocked nose since october 2014. it blocks at any time throughout the day & also in night…mostly I woke up with blocked or soothing nose…from some time I have pain in forhead veins above & near the eyes….so please suggest me medicine to cure this problem.
    thanking u…..

  543. richa paliwal says:

    my son is suffering frm nasal blockage..stuffy nose while sleeping nd running nose smtimes..frm last one mth…whn I examined his nose…I can see some pinkish reddish protrution frm lateral side….which smtimes increases in size nd smtime reduces..I hav given allppathic med as well as homoeo med ars alb bt no relieve…steam inhalation gives sm relieve…plz suggest sm gud med…also his hb is 9.2….nd eosinophils 8….

  544. Sanjit Mahato says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I am facing problem with my nose . alternatly my both the nose are geting block. I also feel itching inside my nose due to that i have to sneeze severl times ( 8-10 ). After that my nose and throat starts burning inside and its alsp start breathing problem.
    Please suggest me the medicine for this . I Can’t hold it for long .


    plz reply to my mail .

  545. SIR,

  546. Rafia Munawwar says:

    My son is 16 years old.Always get sinus headache….And also says his head hurts…Sometimes he gets tinitus as well…We stopped taking him to swimming pool…Though he likes it…Can you suggest what homeopath is good for him…He always breath in mouth…Its hard for him to take deep breath when he is fine..When he sleeps ,he breath in his mouth..

  547. k.rajamohanreddy says:

    i am suffering with adinoids and also breathing please kindly inform nasal drops in homeopathi

  548. Ghanshyam Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from nasal allergy for the last 10-12 years. For the last 2 months, my nose gets blocked completely at night and I am feeling problem in breathing. At the day time also, one nostril remains blocked and the other one is not opened fully.

    You are requested to suggest me the homeopathic medicine for the same along with the quantity and frequency of dose.

    Thanks and regards,

    Ghanshyam Singh
    Bilaspur (C.G)

  549. Dr, Sharma,
    I am suffering premature ejaculation. my age is 45 yrs kindly advise me homoeopathy remedy .
    Thanks Sir

  550. Hi there,

    My name is shammi, my son is 18 years old , he has some nasal allergies problem so i would like to know about homeopathic treatment . Please let me know about this,.


  551. mousam jyoti saikia says:

    I have faced a serious problem that my cold didn’t happened since long years for which i m facing major headaches . please give me remedies.

  552. shabih mirza says:

    Helo,dr. I’m 29years old female suffering from sinus1year .my both nazal are blocked i have breathing problem very much day n night and loss of of smell. I cant sleep in the night n day . Plz,dr. Suggest me some medicines.

    • lovely varghese says:

      respected Dr..I am having….dns and sinusitis may b cz of dat im snoring a lot…im gng to marry…nxt mnth…wat treatment I can take….im 27 yrs female

  553. I have fairly continual, but slight, clear drainage from my nose. It often forms crusts that when dislodged may or may not bleed. I notice that silicea is recommended for this. What strength would you recommend and how often should the remedy be taken? This has been going on for a couple of years. I have a history of nasal allergies.

  554. Hi sir, I m a 23 old woman.
    Finger and toys in swelling are very pain full plz tell me treatment………

  555. my nose us blocked from many days. I am also wheezing during deep breath. When my nose is blocked,it is diffucult for me to breathe. Pls let me know which medicine can be used.

  556. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have had consistent sinus ? hayfever ? not sure which, I would say sinus I think with a cough for nearly 2 years now. Doctors and lung specialist have prescribed antibiotics, nasal sprays, asthma sprays which have made no difference. Do you have any advice?
    Thank you

  557. MAN MOHAN DAS says:

    I am 65yrs old. For several years I am suffering from sinusitis- which keeps varying in intensity. Some weeks not so bad. Some weeks very stuffy and lot of thick mucus white to yellow. During this time also get bouts of sneezing.

    During day time, I am quite okay. But I lie in bed, breathing becomes difficult.

    Along with Sinusitis, I have another problem
    My eosinophil count goes up to 12-15, which gives me wheezing especially when I lie down.
    Also when the eosinophil is high – running or fast walking gives me little hard breathing.

    Deworming has been done. Stool tests show no worms or eggs.

    I take a course of Hetrazan 200 b.i.d, the eosinophil counts comes down to around 6 – and I feel much better. but within 4-6 months the count again goes up.

    I hate allolpathic. Even though lungs get quite wheezy with white slimy phelm coming out after heavy cough especially in the night.

    Is there a homeopathic remedy which could help especially the cough and phlem.

    Kindly do give me some treatment advise.

  558. Bonnie Normand says:

    I developed a aURI 1 week ago, a few days after being on a plane. It started with multiple sneezes so I took arsenicum. And boosted my immune system with Exhinaseal. & VIT C. 3 days ago I started zinc 50 mg which is helping to dry up my sisuses but I still have lots of mucous, now. Greenish.
    Any suggestions?/B

  559. I enjoyed reading your article.
    I am keeping you all in my thoughts.


  560. Jazmin Bravo says:

    I’m 28 female I’m suffering from anxiety attacks , fear of everything even on eating food. Fear of driving , I get panic in large crowds. I have fear on taking my vitamins I’m not in no medication or any prescription drugs I been suffering for years and this past month it got really bad I could use some help 831-240-1093 jazmin bravo

  561. Khorshed Daruwalla says:

    Dr. I hv a grandson who is constantly having a running nose and whenever he falls he gets hurt on his head. Pls help

  562. Hi, Very Happy New Year.
    Sir, I am male 70 years, suffering with Black Flotters in both eyes,Pls suggest some Homeo treatment, i do not Drink or smoke, takes tea. With regards,
    B B Gupta

  563. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 68 year old male with a chronic skin infection condition since the last 40 years. I always presumed it was eczema and till the previous year was just applying Elocom ointment (Mometasone Furoate) when symptoms arose and they disappear only to reappear at a later date.

    In October 2013, someone suggested a charitable homeo clinic with a particular doctor attending only on Saturdays. I have been undergoing treatment from this clinic since then (he said my condition was Psoriasis and not eczema). I also used to get blisters over my inner palms and also polyps in my left nostril. These conditions have been since alleviated. But unfortunately my skin condition has flared up and I am suffering with severe itching and burning pain. The affected areas are both upper limbs and above the elbows of both the hands.

    • Jazmin Bravo says:

      I’m 28 female I’m suffering from anxiety attacks , fear of everything even on eating food. Fear of driving , I get panic in large crowds. I have fear on taking my vitamins I’m not in no medication or any prescription drugs I been suffering for years and this past month it got really bad I could use some help 831-240-1093 jazmin bravo

  564. my left side nose blocked at night
    there is somechest conjesion
    nose blocked is there for a long 10years
    pl suggest medicine

  565. Wonderful thank you!! xx

  566. Mary garland says:

    Hi Dr Sharia I am a 57 old woman and I snore very loudly, I also notice that my sense of smell is nit good. Can you help me.

    Thank you

  567. Throt irritation and cough

    • Sarabjit Kaur says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma my daughter age 15 yrs suffering from nose block her nose bone grow and acc to ct scan her both side fill eith infection. She feel headace, weakness in her body. Doctor told me for operation but near &dear known person told to me that it will be increase after some time/year again. So pls, tell me the right way to end of this desease, wheather it is possible to cure with much time it will take?

      With regard
      Patient mother

      • Dear dr. I seen many peoples have problem with blocked nose i am also one of those i kindly request you to find a proper solution for us…specially people with blocked nose get cold very fast and it wont stop early…even i am suffering from cold from 12/13 days its not stopping i do many home plz dr. Give a solution for us…

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