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Trying To Lose weight …Homeopathic Remedies can work Wonders

Infographic on Homeopathy for Weight Loss

Infographic on Homeopathy for Weight Loss

Obesity is one big health issue that is a reason for distress for people of all age groups. If the popularity of slimming centers and continued patronage of weight loss pills and diet plans is any indication, then obesity is a huge problem. There is no miracle treatment for obesity, though homeopathy has been successfully employed as a mode of treatment for many years now in Europe and South Asia. The homeopathic treatment for losing weight is constitutional. It requires a detailed case history of the patient and its evaluation for selecting a suitable constitutional remedy. The main causes of weight gain include hypothyroidism, depression, the slow activity of intestines, and a sedentary lifestyle. Women with polycystic ovarian disease and those around menopausal age are prone to weight gain. In this article, various  medicines to loose weight are mentioned, but again the selection depends solely upon the constitution of the patient. There are no such things as homeopathic supplements for weight loss, neither is there any homeopathic diet for weight loss.

Do I need to Exercise and Control My Diet while using Homeopathic Medicines for Weight Loss ?

Exercise is very essential for weight loss. Homeopathic medicines are no substitute for exercise. In Fact, exercise along with medicine can accentuate weight loss. controlling diet is a must for weight loss. Low Carb diet is suggested can be beneficial.  Please note that these medicines are not ” fat dissolving ” by nature. They work by stimulating your body’s metabolism to burn more fat.

Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines to Lose Weight

1. Calcarea Carbonica – It tops the list of homeopathic weight loss medicines. This medicine is mainly given when there is excess fat in the abdomen and the metabolism is working at a very low pace, resulting in obesity and weight gain. A patient requiring this medicine is fatty and flabby. In order to be eligible to use this medicine to lose weight, the constitutional symptoms shown by the patient are given utmost importance. For instance, the patients who require this medicine usually have a tendency to perspire profusely, especially on the head. These patients cannot tolerate cold air. Certain peculiar eating habits are also found in these patients. The eating habits include craving for boiled eggs, and strange things like chalk, clay, pencils, lime, etc. Due to a sluggish metabolic activity, the patients are almost always constipated. This medicine can also be considered if the excess weight gain is due to thyroid problems.

2. Natrum MurNatrum Mur is also a significant remedy that is employed to lose weight. This medicine is recommended when there is an excess of fat mainly in the thighs and buttocks as compared to other parts of the body. This medicine gives wonderful results if the person has gained excess weight due to long-continued stress or depression. The constitutional symptoms are always considered in the case of this medicine as well. The important constitutional symptoms include excessive heat in the patient’s body and intolerance towards the heat of the sun. The patients who require this medicine usually suffer from anemia. Another important symptom seen in patients suited to this medicine is the craving for extra salts in the diet. In essence, a person eligible for this medicine comes across as a person with weeping tendencies, especially when alone, worsens when someone consoles him/her and reserved nature.
3. Lycopodium: It is one of the most useful homeopathic remedies for fat loss . This is also used mainly when the thighs and buttock areas have excess fat, just like the above-mentioned medicine Natrum Mur. But again the constitutional symptoms that are unique to using Lycopodium differentiate between these two. The patients who require Lycopodium are chronic sufferers of gastric troubles like flatulence and constipation. They have a tendency to crave for sweet foods. They also indulge in hot drinks and hot food. They show a tendency to eat far beyond their capacity with resulting bloated abdomen and weight gain. Mentally, the person requiring this medicine is very irritable and easily roused to anger, especially on being contradicted.
4. Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica is recommended for persons who have gained excess weight due to sedentary habits. The first important symptom in persons requiring this medicine is that they are chronic sufferers of the most obstinate constipation. Such a person has a continuous urge to pass stool, but only a little stool is ejected at a time. The second symptom is intolerance to cold air. The third most important symptom is the eating habit – a person in need of Nux Vomica  for losing weight likes spicy food, fatty food, and stimulants like coffee or alcoholic drinks. Mentally, the person is extremely sensitive to external impressions and gets angry to an extreme degree too.
5. Antimonium Crudum: This is mainly a  prescribed for obese children in order to help them lose weight. A suitable candidate for this medicine is a child who possesses extreme irritability, very cross nature, and an aversion to being touched or be looked at. These children also have a marked aversion to cold bathing. The significant indicator of using this medicine to lose weight is craving for acidic things like pickles in the child. The child’s tongue in this case is usually thickly white-coated and the stomach is deranged with alternate diarrhea and constipation due to a habit of overeating.

 Ignatia and Natrum Mur – for losing weight when depression has lead to obesity and excess weight gain.

Ignatia works effectively to decrease the weight in an overweight person when depression is the cause of weight gain. The persons requiring Ignatia usually eat to a great extent due to sadness and consequently gain weight. They have a very fickle mood that changes from sadness to happiness and from laughter to tears. Natrum Mur is prescribed to those overweight patients who weep a lot in depression and have an increased appetite.

Calcarea Carb and Lycopodium for weight loss in persons who have gained excessive weight due hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism refers to a condition in which the thyroid gland of the body that controls the metabolism becomes under-active. As a result, various problems arise in the body owing to a sluggish metabolism; weight gain is a major health concern out of these problems. Weight loss in persons with hypothyroid through homeopathy depends on the basic constitution. The above-mentioned medicines can be of great help in reducing weight. The constitution of persons requiring Calcarea Carb is fatty and flabby. Such persons are sensitive to cold and have profuse sweating, especially on the head. The patients requiring Lycopodium, on the other hand, have weight problems along with gastric troubles. The gastric troubles may include constipation or excessive flatulence in the abdomen. Such patients may also show a strong craving for sweets and hot drinks.

 Alumina and Nux Vomica-   for Obesity  when Intestinal Functioning could be the Reason

In this case, all the medicines mentioned above efficiently aid weight loss but the selection of the proper medicine depends upon the individual symptoms presented by the patient. The persons requiring Alumina have constipation and they go many days without passing stool. In fact, they do not have an urge to pass stool for many days. This is because their intestines work at a slower pace. The second medicine Nux Vomica suits those overweight persons who are constipated but the urge to pass stool is very frequent. The stool passed out of the body is insufficient and unsatisfactory.

 Graphites and Sepia- for weight loss in women who have gained excess weight around menopause.

Menopause is a stage where the monthly cycles end in a woman; this period basically marks a cessation of reproductive ability in women. The Hormonal changes that take place at this stage are responsible for weight gain in menopausal women. The women experience bulkiness and heaviness in their bodies. Graphites and Sepia are both natural medicines that help menopausal women lose weight without any side effects. Graphites for weight loss -Graphites mainly suits women who remain sad, cannot tolerate cold air, and suffer from chronic constipation. Sepia suits women who are irritable and indifferent in behavior towards their family. These women may also complain of hot flushes. A prominent feature that serves as a clear indicator that Sepia is required for treatment is a bearing down sensations in pelvic organs of the woman.

 Calcarea Carb, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla and Sepia for weight loss in obese women who suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease mainly face problems such as suppression of the periods and weight gain. Calcarea carb, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla, and Sepia can all be used as medicines for weight loss in this case. The medicine is selected after proper evaluation of the case history provided by the patient.

 Natrum Mur and Lycopodium- Remedies for weight loss in overweight persons having excess fat in thigh and buttock area

Both Natrum Mur and Lycopodium are  for weight loss that help overweight persons with excess fat deposits in thigh and buttocks. The constitution of the patient suggests the selection of the medicine out of these two. Some important features that stand prominent to select Natrum Mur are excess heated sensation, craving for salted food, and reserved nature. For the selection of Lycopodium, the few guiding symptoms are excessive flatulence in the abdomen, craving for sweets and hot drinks, and irritable nature.

Ammonium Carb and Antimonium Crudum for weight loss in overweight persons having excess fat in the upper body as compared to legs that are usually thin.

Ammonium Carb works well for obese persons who are sluggish and always feel tired and weak. These people usually have a sedentary lifestyle. They also show marked sensitivity to cold air.  Antimonium Crudum suits people with a habit of eating far beyond their capacity. They usually suffer from gastric troubles. Alternate loose stool and constipated stool are often their commons complains. Thickly white coated tongue is a prominent symptom in persons requiring this medicine.

Antimonium Crudum, Baryta Carb and Calcarea Carb-  for weight loss in obese children

To select the suitable medicine out of above mentioned medicines for overweight children, the entire constitution of child is taken into consideration.  Antimonium Crudum suits those obese children who are very irritable and cross. Such children are in a habit of over eating and generally crave pickles in diet. The next medicine, Baryta Carb, suits those obese children who are timid and dull. They are mentally and physically dwarfish, and also have tendency to catch cold easily and suffer from recurrent throat infections. The last homeopathic medicine, Calcarea carb, is mainly given to fatty and flabby children. The constitutional symptoms indicating its use are sensitivity to cold environment and excessive perspiration on head. Another prominent guiding feature indicating the need of this medicine is a craving for boiled eggs and indigestible things like chalk and pencils.

Post pregnancy Weight Gain – Role of Calcarea Carb in reducing it.

Calcarea carb is very effective in reducing weight gain that has occurred  during pregnancy . Constitutional symptoms indicating the use of Calcarea Carb must be present in the patient for  Calcarea carb to be used. A typical patient of Calcarea Carb is constitutionally sensitive to cold ,  tends to be more obese around waist and is usually slow in movements . They can be emotionally very sensitive .

Can Calcarea Be used for Weight Gain due to Hypo-Fuctioning of Thyroid Gland ?

Yes, Calcarea Carb is also very effective in reducing weight gain that has occurred  due to hypothyroidism . It might also help in setting right the hypo-functioning of thyroid gland

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  1. Vibhavari Jadhav says:

    Hi.I have been going through a huge depression in the past 3-4 years and have gained a lot of weight.Can you please suggest a remedy for weight loss?Am 46 yrs female and also have more belly fat.

  2. Hello Doctor, i’m 5″ and weight 75 Kgs, most of the fat is around my belly and arms,
    I have symptoms of continued constipation and indigestion. I have burning sensation all through food pipe and also intestines’ and anus part.
    I have gained fat around my arms recently and around my belly is post pregnancy fat.
    can you help me in losing these stubborn fat around my belly and arms.


  3. Hi

  4. What would you recommend for menopause and weight gain? I’ve recently gained extra weight in my mid section and feel extreme bloat. I’m currently 5’7” and 184 lbs feeling discouraged

    • Good afternoon, I need your help, I’m 60 about to turn 61 in a couple of months, I dealing with 35 lbs of being overweight, I only 5’3 inches tall. My fat area is in my midsections (stomach). Been under high stress, and anxious , fluid retention is bad. I do not eat any red meats, mostly greens, fruit, and beans. eggs, cheese. I do have a big problem with constipation. Please recommend combinations that will work for me. I do walk every day get in about 5000 steps per day. Thanks, SM

  5. Husband died 18 months ago after 45 years together, both adult sons died three and eight years ago. I comfort eat sweet foods mainly …sometimes salty foods. I get a hot head, get hot when doing stuff, I love fresh air and feeling the cold morning air. I hate being too hot a d do t line humid weather. I walk a bit but not as much as should, I cycle sometimes. I’m almost always constipated. I don’t sleep much… some nights am awake the whole night. Can you help at all please. I need to sleep a d I need to lose three stone.

  6. Hi I’m 20 yrs old and student I’m 110 kg and height 5.3inch I want to lose weight fast and reach my goal of 60 r 70 kg

  7. I am 63 year and my weight is 72 I want to reduce the tummy rest of the thing is fine I am taking pregnancy diabetic medicine only I want to reduce the tummy

  8. I have gained weight due to minor pcod and minor thyroid problem. please suggest some medicine to loose weight.
    contact- 9654646422

  9. Hello, I will be 54 in December And I way 200lbs. I have had weight struggles all my live due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I used phentermine severals times over the years. List but always gained back. It works to curb my appetite but lost effectiveness over time. My weight loss now is urgent because I need a lung transplant. I still can’t do it. I have depression at times and take Prozac and Wellbutrin. Ofev for IPF. I’m the person that looks for the magic pill or gimmick. I feel hopeless. Can you help? It’s life or death for me.

  10. Lilian Sujely Aguilar Vargas says:

    Buenas tardes tengo problema de sobre peso, generalmente sufro de anciesad, por cosas dulces me sobre peso es e tanto en la parte superior como inferior, opte por lycopodium y graphiti

  11. Sherry Miller says:

    I am 55 and they are struggling to get my thyroid under control it goes from hypo to hyper. I am currently on 90mg of Amour Thyro, I refuse to take the synthetic. I have ways been tall & thin , but I have been gaining weight. I am 5’8, 145 lbs. I am tired all the time, hair brittle, skin dry, thought for sure I would be hypo at blood work, nope, hyper… So frustrated. I am suffering from anxiety & depression, taking a supplement for anxiety & multiple B vitamin. I work full time. I struggle every day to get out of bed. Would Calcarea carbonica 30c be good for me? Thank you. Sherry Miller

  12. Julie Whalen says:

    I don’t necessarily gain weight, however, I am currently taking Anastrozole (Armidex) for 100% based breast cancer that is clear two years after surgery. On this medication, it is hard if not impossible for me to lose weight, even with proper diet, exercise, etc. So, I deduce it’s hormone related because the medication is an aromatase inhibitor.

  13. Pame holt says:

    I am 72 yrs old single mother my daughter severely intellectual challenged & autistic. I was told I am a diabetic, thyroid the kind that keeps you from losing weight in my whole life I have never taken pharmaceutical medication but I listen to my son who is a DR. and started taking diabetic meds. most made me sick to my stomach and made me gain weight. at one time I weight 330 but I had starting losing weight and went down to 263 then I started those meds and gained not sure how much now I do not want to know but the last I was on the scale I was about 280?? the Dr. had me try 3 or four diff. also a shot once a day I did not take the shot and any pills at the same time except for Ozempic which was was to help me lose weight just made me gain more I stop that and take glimepiride 2mg once a day also atorvastatin 10 mg and levothyroxine 125 mcg. Not sure if any of these are cause for me wanting sugar and bread ( like one bread is not enough I want 3 one cookie is not enough may be 8 -10 ) these cravings are very abnormal and as hard as I try to stop It must be like what it is like to get off drugs I just can’t. Then in Jan of this yr. my oldest son was murdered, and it looks like my other son is going to have to move to another state and I will be alone. And we are dealing with this stay at home virus thing.
    If you have any info that might help me with getting metabolism going weight lose and I do not go to the bathroom B.M. but I have started taking prumelax to help me with that issue.

  14. Weight Loss Products says:

    An excellent post, thank you!

  15. my stomach is very large day by day … habit is less than before but still no success. my legs are killing while standing position due to access weight. which homeopathic you are recommended for me.


  16. Hello,I am 40 years old female . I have severe problem of water retention…swollen legs, ankles and feet.bloated tummy. Too much heavy thighs. Someone suggested me lycopodium and natrum mur. But I dont have idea about these nedcns n their 30…200 etc
    Kindly suggest me something really effective as I am suffering a lot.
    Thank you so much.

  17. Pragati Gupta says:

    Good afternoon mam. I am 22 yrs old female. I have gained a lot of wait in past 5 months ie; 63 kg. I have a lot of belly fat. I dont get time from my studies to do exercise and as I am a hostelite I cant control my diet. Please suggest me what should I do to get rid if my belly fat. I would be greatly thankful to you.

  18. Hello, I’m 34 year old female that is having trouble loosing weight, I’ve been eating mainly low carb diet and drink water as my main drink daily. I have 4 children ages 10, 9, 6, 4 . I was able to get down to 146 two years ago and now I’m 180 I am having major trouble with my body letting go of weight, and I notice it most in my stomach area and I’d say hips, thighs and butt. What do you recommend for me to try to help kick starting my weight loss, I am a runner and back in April I set a goal to run 50 miles in 14 days and accomplished it, but I actually gained weight and didn’t change my diet at all during that time, I stopped running for a month now I’m back to more strength training instead.
    I would appreciate any input.
    Thank you!

  19. ABHIJIT GHOSH says:

    My son aged 22 yrs is sufferring from obesity.He has no other problem as such. He has been over dieting and very often sufferrs from constipation. He also cannot withstand cold weather conditio .He is lathergic and often goes on sleep while stydy.
    Can he take Calcarea Carbinica 200. Please suggest. Regards.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hello doctor
    I want to loose weight and in my thigh also so what should i take and how should i take it

  21. Virinder says:

    Hello Dr. Before I start let me ask you is it free of cost discussion

  22. hi doctor, i age 34,unmarried single female, having gasteric and bloating issues from last 3 or more months. my stomach sometimes looks like few months pregnant bcz of this bloating. have constipation issue from years now. and i know this is bcz f my poor eating habbits. i have very bad sweet cravings bcz of which i have got extra fat weight majorly on my tights, hip and lower back, which am trying to lose through some exercises but seems nothing is helping. also most of the time i feel tired, fatigue and energy less. i get so tired after jus 15 minutes of walk. pls suggest some health tonic for overall wellness. also something whic can help me to control my hunger and help e to shed some pounds. height is 4’9 and weights 48. no other health issues except border line of pcom.

  23. I am age 47,i am in my menopause time…. I am a thyroid patient having thyronorm 50mg….write now I am also having lachesis 30………my weight is 72kg….more on the lower portion thighs. Stomach, hips. My height is 4.7…which medicine do u suggest me…. And would it be safe to have now… At this stage… Plz.reply

    • Sudha Baid says:

      Excess fat deposit in theigh and hip , likes sweet, oedema on feet, flatulence…….73 kg .Can I give Lycopodium 30 to my patient

  24. Blood work showed I am normal health, but menopausal. Weight gain buttocks, thighs, arms stomach, face. Tired more than usual. Knee joint aches. Eczema elbows. Hot flash, sweating at night. Always hungry. What is safe homeopathic medicine that will stop my constant hunger and help shed lbs?

  25. age 24 years height 5 feet 4 inches weight 120 kg short temper lethargic over eating prolong sleep mild depression superficial mania of company/gathering

  26. Sau Neeta Sumit Kalantri says:

    Sir,My daughter is gaining fats on her body.No thyroid..and ni other problem,so can she take lycopodium.

  27. Davinder kaur says:

    Can I take lycopodium and WL 45 together for weight loss and snoring?

  28. Vijay bothra says:

    how to contact you doctor, give your WhatsApp number

  29. Hello madam, my baby is 7mnth old since I have been cesored my lower abdomen have become big an I use calcarea carb tablets if then tell me how to use it

  30. Anupam kumar says:

    hi doctar my problam is weight my age 13 year and weight 60kg please give me soleson to lose weight thanke

  31. Hi sir, I am keerthi.I am suffering from pcod, and I had gain weight I didn’t have children for last 7years let me know best remedy for this .Thank you sir.

  32. मेरे को गैस्टिक प्रॉब्लम है तथा मेरा वजन लगातार बढ़ रहा है जिसमें पेट का चर्बी ज्यादा बढ़ रही है

  33. Hello sir
    My name is vedansh and my age is 17
    My weight is 83kg please suggest me medicine
    to lose my weight.

  34. Hey dr.sharma dis is AHANA….can u tell me an effective medicine which really work for lower body fat…I want to slim down my lower body so plzzz suggest me an effective medicine….thnxxx in advance

  35. Ihave a query with regards to weight loss. I have a 10 month old baby. I am a feeding mother, my baby is on solids, formula and mother’s milk.
    I have put on lot of weight after pregnancy. I exercise, workout at home with high intensity. But i don’t seem to shed the weight i gained. Weight is stagnant. I used to take homeo for increasing milk supply 5 months back. I don’t take Sugar, I consume Millets more than Rice, I don’t indulge in fried snacks or high calorie food.
    I read about Phytolacca berry Q by Dr. Willmar schwabe. Kindly suggest me what I can consume to lose weight. My thighs and hip and buttocks are problem areas. I am active and exercise atleast 5 times a week.

  36. how can i loose weight

  37. Hello doctor,
    I am obese and suffering from thyroid which is well under control but I have a weakness for sweets which is troubling me a lot.

  38. I am fat since I was 12 years old; tried all OTC fat loss Indian supplements but not helped. Can u help me? Thanks

  39. Arup Ghosh says:

    Fatty liver and weight loss

    • Severe hormonal issues with endometriosis and excessive bleeding, iron deficiency (11 and cannot tolerate the tablets), bowels go from one extreme to another, low thyroid, severe pain to back and joints, obese since puberty…. Need advice as nothing works

  40. I am trying to locate a safe way to loose about 40lbs. Your info about Alumina rings as truth to my need because I have those intestinal issues.
    Please…how do I get on the right path?
    Thank you.

  41. Hello Doc,
    My height is 5.5ft, and not weight was 62kg pist delivery, in 2008 I underwent a ACL surgery and were given some steriods and after that my journey of excess weight stated. O underwent a silent depression in 2010 to 2012 and didnit realise was putting on weight, by the time I was diagnosed my TSH was 280. Hythyroid had it on set of problems and have consumed lot of allopathy medicine including steriods.
    My access weight is in my middle and lower abdomen, muscles sorness, BMI is low, constipation and low flow of my periods

  42. Mrs Zaheer says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am 39 I have two kids. My height is5, weight is84 kg.i tried every home remedies but failed. My lower part like abdomen. bukket and thight are more fatty than other body .please guide me for using homeopathic medicine for weight lose
    Mrs. Zaheer

  43. Manjinder Singh says:

    Over weight age 42
    Mostly. Fat in abdomen and hips 184 height

  44. Hello Dr. Sharma.

    I’m a 32 year old female, 65 inches tall and I’m weighing in at 145lbs. (From what Ive read online, for my height and my small/medium frame, I should be between 114-132lbs)
    I’ve had two kiddos and I’m currently 2 years post-partum. I had a c section and I’m unable to lose the “c section pooch” and excess fat on my abdomen.
    Can I take the above medicine to help me lose weight?
    My normal/average pre-pregnancy weight is 130lbs.
    I am also implementing intermittent fasting (16:8) every day.
    I should also mention that I have a massive sweet tooth!! Lots of cravings for anything sweet.
    I have excess fat on my belly, bra/back fat bulge, cellulite and excess fat on my hips and thighs as well!

    • Mrs Zaheer says:

      Dr Sharma
      I am 39 I have two kids. My height is5, weight is84 kg.i tried every home remedies but failed. My lower part like abdomen. bukket and thight are more fatty than other body .please guide me for using homeopathic medicine for weight lose
      Mrs. Zaheer

  45. Hello Dr. Sharma.

    I’m a 32 year old female, 65 inches tall and I’m weighing in at 145lbs. (From what Ive read online, for my height and my small/medium frame, I should be between 114-132lbs)
    I’ve had two kiddos and I’m currently 2 years post-partum. I had a c section and I’m unable to lose the “c section pooch” and excess fat on my abdomen.
    Can I take the above medicine to help me lose weight?
    My normal/average pre-pregnancy weight is 130lbs.
    I am also implementing intermittent fasting (16:8) every day.

  46. Dr . Sharma

    I am 58 and overweight want to reduce by 50 kg can I take above medicine, I have high BP and blood sugar. ( 120-180)

  47. Khaleelulla Ahmed says:

    Please send your details.My what’s app number is 9652819719

  48. Saquib Anjum says:

    Hello Dr sharma,
    Greetings of day!

    I am 23 and my weight is about 76 KG. I have a muscular body but the main concern is my chest fat. I am very disappointed about my chest fat. I worked alot but failed to remove chest fat. Please suggest me good medicine. I dont want to do any sugery. I just need treatment from medicine.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Hi Dr Sharma,
      I am 33 years old and mother of 4 daughters, after my third birt I gained weght but regained my original weight after few months without any effort but after fourth birth when I gained weight and can not gone to the original weight and it is continuosly increasing even I am now 90 kg.
      please prescribe some medicine

  49. Hi Dr. Sharma
    I am 29 years old and a married woman since last 14 years having no kids. Had irregularity in monthly periods for last ten years but finally using Homeo medicine “Gossypium Hetbaceum” it became regular since last 4 months. Due to this irregularity in periods i gained excess fat on my belly area, thighs and buttocks and also increased my weight which is 92 kgs now.
    I feel hot and sweat a lot. I don’t like much to eat.
    Kindly suggest me a medicine looking through my physical conditions. I want to get rid of this excess fat around my belly, thighs and buttocks.

    Thanking you and God bless you and your entire team working to serve humanity.

  50. craig munson says:

    dear dr. sharma

    my 11 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic. please tell me which homeopathic medicines would help to control her high blood sugar. thank you. i read insulinum would help but is unavailale in usa
    thank very much.
    very respectfully

  51. Chhavi Agarwal says:

    I m overweight, my weight is 63 kg height 4’11 age 33. I do not have thyroid problem not any other medical problem. Most of the time i feel irritated. Plz suggest me a medicine for weight loss.

  52. Hello doctor. I am 57 yes with height 6.5 n weight 76
    I have put on around 20 kgs after childbirth 32 yrs back due to overeating. I have fat on my belly,buttocks n thighs. I am a happy go lucky person with no stress,no constipation
    I just love eating. But have learnt to control that now.can you please advice which medicine to take. I need to reduce10 kg

  53. Hello Dr Sharma ,my weight now 80 kg after c section how I treat my self by homeopathic remedies, already I consume NAT mur 200,1M,10M. Mix Vom 200,calceria carb 200,1M, thie and buttok area more fatty than others area ,my baby is one year plus but I still now leg oedema what can I do now pls help me . regards Dr muna .

  54. Bhaswati Mukherjee says:

    Am aged about 50 yrs.,Height 5’1″. Present Weight about 100 kgs. Small eater . Huge depression ,irregular diet due to profession. Pain in whole body. Legs and lumber spine have massive pain. Knees regret to take weight. Earlier erongly treated with per day 300 eltroxine. Pls recommend the medicine with proper doses. Need atlest 40kgs.reduction. Regards

  55. Hi Dr, I am 52 yrs with 5 feet and 70kg of weight. I had hysterectomy in 2006 and after two yrs with a strict diet and half an hr of brisk walk I could reduced 10 kgs. I have type2 diabetics but on the marginal level, not having any medication.I would like to reduce few more kgs like 5-7 kgs and have been trying different diets including 5:2 and 16:8 intermittent fasting but no result. Hope you could help me
    Thank you

  56. says:

    I have PCOS and NAFLD. I am severely overweight ( need to lose about 100lbs) mainly around the waist. What would you recommend?

  57. deepa sivadasan says:

    madam Iam really obese . I have acidity so can’t go on extreme diet. Have sinusitis , cervical spondilitis and back pain . so cant do exercises . I have a strong craving for food. what to do for reducing wieght. I have put on much weight after pregnancy. what medicine to take.

  58. Anup Prasad says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have developed excess fat in my abdominal area.
    I am 5 feet and 5 inches weighing 78 kgs.
    I would like to bring down to 55 kgs

    Secondly I have excess sum burn on my face neck and hands

    Thirdly I am getting bald

    Please help me with the right medication

  59. Md. Masrur Hossain Khan says:

    I’m a Bangladeshi, aged 57, weight 68 kg, enjoying retired life, suffering from Diabetics ( maximum time uncontrolled) since 2002, a little bi Asthma, semen leckageing, protiniure with enlarged prostate gland. Erectile dysfunction since last 10 years. Have any solution in Homeopathic medicine with low cost ?

  60. Saarthak Sharma says:

    I am 25 year old man . Having excessive belly and side tyres fat.
    Also chest and wings too but less .
    Also anexity issues and stress ..
    Feel down as my weight is more around 90. And quite low balance attraction , with opposite sex.
    Please suggest some mix
    I already taken phytoleca berry MT for 3 months

  61. Hello Doctor,

    This is Rashmi. I’m suffering from obesity and severely frustrated with weight. I tried many ways and diet plans to reduce but it does not seem to work for me. I have a 9 hour job in IT industry. Please suggest a medicine for me so that it can aid in my weight loss.


    • Clau. Fo. says:

      Can i take calcarea carbonica and lycopodium at the same time for
      Weight lose ???

    • Hello doctor. I am 57 yes with height 6.5 n weight 76
      I have put on around 20 kgs after childbirth 32 yrs back due to overeating. I have fat on my belly,buttocks n thighs. I am a happy go lucky person with no stress,no constipation
      I just love eating. But have learnt to control that now.can you please advice which medicine to take. I need to reduce10 kg
      Also have knee problems. Cartilage has worn out

  62. Sir I’m suffering from hypothyroidism and taking thyronorm 75.I have gained a lot of weight esp.around thighs and buts.and suffer from constipation and scanty periods feel weak and tired all the time and is prone to cold.Plz suggest me the right medicine. Thanks

  63. I am 29 year & weight 96 kg . Irregular periods,asthma, constipation and swell feet and 8 hour sitting work. Pls suggest

  64. RECHELLE says:




  65. dr i am menopausal.. and was gaining weight got liposuction done still inches not going down easily, which homeopathic medicine can i take? is graphites ok with matrum mur

  66. Kajal Paul says:

    Hi, I m 37 yrs old house wife, my name is Kajal Paul. My hight is 152cm and my weight is 85 kgs. I am thyroid patient. I take thyronorm 50 everyday.i want to lose my weight.what hpmeopathy medicine is suitable for me. Pls suggest me.

  67. Aditi Arora says:

    Dear doctor …
    I have already sent my query on 25th February at 1:32 pm …I sent detailed description and detailed query but till date there is no reply… waiting patiently for your reply but it’s disappointing for me…pls read it and send me the name of the medicine , dosage and other specifications, if any.
    Waiting for your reply
    Aditi Arora

  68. I had thyroid cancer 15 years ago, and have gained lbs. of every year and am almost 230 lbs! Ravenous appetite and craving for sweets. What could I try for appetite control and to lose some weight. I am on synthroid for the rest of my life as I have no thyroid. Would appreciate so much any advice you could give.



  69. Aditi Arora says:

    Dear doctor….
    Although graphites and sepia can be taken in my case as I have a weight gain due premanopause …I have weight gain specially in the belly which looks prominant in my body…..but the specific symptoms which are written for these two medicines are not there in my case.. I am facing premanopause from 11 months ….it is confirm almost that it is manoupause. But I am not facing hot flashes or cramps. Sometimes I get irritated and there is irritation in my skin. Initially I was upset and sad that why manoupause is happening early in my case but now I am settled and accepted it …but I feel bad beause of my belly fat which is visible very clearly and want to get rid of it… Pls suggest a safe and effective homeopathic medicine in my case. I am 44 years old..can I take sepia or graphites ..if yes then pls suggest the dosage and for how long I should take …What are the precautions to be taken. I have some extra fat in my thighs and arms also..but I tummy is the main problem..
    Thanks and Regards

  70. Abhijeet kumar says:

    Hello doctor i am a female patient of hypothyroidism since 10 year.and i am facing problem with weight gain in my tummy thigh buttocks and my arms.can you suggest me the dosage of calcarea carb for weight loss.

  71. Hello Dr. Sharma
    It appears that you know alot about the homeopathics. I am very new to this. I ordered some teas from a friend. Along with the tea, there is a product….Many of the ingredients in this product are on this website for weight loss. However…there is one particular product, I am concerned with “nux vomica” – A plant that has strychnine? Can you please elaborate on this plant if you have information, I would love to have it. Thank you, and I am more interested in learning about these natural remedies….I’m glad I found this website.

    Thank you again

  72. Hello Doctor
    I am currently going through menopause and have gained weight.I have a tendency to gain weight easily and about 5 years ago I lost 12 kg with the help of diet and homeopathic medicine.I gained back few kg after moving countries but was able to maintain.
    Now since my periods have stopped I have gained some weight that I am unable to reduce despite my efforts
    I like eating spicy salted food.My preferences are hot food and I love drinking tea.I am on BP medicine so its very important that I maintain my weight
    Kindly suggest the medicines

  73. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism, some depression, and stress and migraines mixed with tension headaches. I have gained much weight in the past few years, and am active but cannot seem to lose weight. What remedy would you recommend? I always crave sweets and tend to over indulge on foods. I have tried a lot out there, diet, exercise, supplements, etc.
    Any help you can give me I’d be grateful.
    Thank you

  74. Sheela Rajan says:

    I am 58 years.. I have hypothyroid and obesity.. Fatty liver… Acidity.. Of late having sciatica.. My lipid profile OK… Np… I do exercise.. Yoga. And I am vegetarian.. Strictly on diet.. Weight not reducing..

    I request you to suggest medicine for hypothyroid.. Obesity.. Acidity and sciatica

  75. hello sir i am 23 year old..i have about 80 kgs weight and i want to lost at least 30 kg so,can i use medicine for weight loss ?

  76. I am 55 year old postmenopausal, I have gained 40 lbs in 5 years. My hot flashes are not so bad now and the night sweats are hardly noticeable. I have depression and anxiety, I love the cold and can not stand the heat. When I was younger I could not stand the cold and loved the heat, funny how things change. I do have bouts of insomnia and have very low energy even if I do have a good night’s sleep. I feel as though I have lost all hope, and I do not enjoy the things I use to love. I was a energetic and positive person before Menopause, I am sure a lot of women feel this way. I just want my life back. Dr. Sharma, What do you recomend ?

  77. Meenu Puri says:

    l am 60 years l have gained weight around abdom .How can I reduce that. fast

  78. Shernaz Vania says:

    5yrs female. Both arms and thighs v heavy. Arms keep on increasing. . Recently stomach has increased too.
    . Craving for chocolates. Love non veg food. Exercise 5 times a week for an hour otherwise almost sedentary life style. V sensitive. Feel hurt. Suggest weight loss medicine pls

  79. maria verduzco says:

    Hello, I am 60 years old , I had a hysterectomy when I was 40, I am very heavy set I weigh 265 and am 5’5 my abdomen is very big and I have been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember. I need to lose weight because I know that will help my joints feel better I suffer from arthritis. can you please advice. Thank you

  80. What if you have multiple “symptoms” from more than one medicine listed?

  81. Hello, I have been experiencing weight gain over 1-2 years of 40 pounds. I am 19 years old and was diagnosed within a year with anxiety/ depression, PTSD, and Hashimoto’s disease. Last year I was on 100mg of sertraline (Zoloft), and on 25mcg of Synthroid (for Hashimoto’s). I got off of the Zoloft, but have to remain on Synthroid. As well as being on those two medications, I also started birth control (nexplanon). Since then, I have noticed a huge weight increase, and understand that part of it was because I had started so many medications, and was still undiagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Now I am dealing with a lot of water retention, and was wondering what the best homeopathic would be. I have read the page, and felt that Lycopodium would be the best, and wanted your opinion.

  82. which medicine i can use in homeopathy for menopause weight gain..please suggest me.. my age is 50 years

  83. Ms. Fowziyyah Ali says:

    Good Day,
    I am 69 years of age. My weight is 286. I need to lose weight to relieve pressure off my knees and low back.
    I am experiencing osteoarthritis and was born with scoliosis in my back. I have had left shoulder surgery in 2012 and left knee total knee replacement in 2014. I am experiencing edema in left leg with periodic bouts of cellulitis treated with antibiotics. Since 2006 I have gained 40 pounds. Between 2006 and 2013 I experienced four wintertime slip and fall accidents. Also in 2014 I went through radiation treatments for cancer in the right breast. I exercise every evening following Curtis Adams on YouTube. My work is very sedentary. I am diabetic and insulin dependent with injections twice per day. Are there any homeopathic remedies that can help me to lose weight?

  84. Uma Sahai says:

    What is the medicine if a lady gained weight after taking steroids for ivf. Treatment for conceving .


    Hi Dr sharma
    My daughter is 16 years old .her menses started when she was 11 yrs old andays since then she had had her regular menses with a cycle varying from 28 days to 30 days . But off recently she has gained weight feels tired breathless and is very irritable get angry at the drop of a hat.This month her menespecially have not started and have been delayed by 20 to 25 days. Pls do recommend some homeo medicine .
    Pls I do help as I am not very keen for allopathic treatment for my daughter as she has been taking homeopathy medicine since she was born and I too have total faith in it.
    Thanking you pallavi

  86. Samreen Bano says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma.

    I am 29 year old and mother of 9 year old. At the time of my C section my weight was 52 kg. I had couple of miscarriages in last 8 years, my galbladder is removed due to fat inside. I gradually gained weight initially due to birth control injection for 6 months and then i stopped it. But my weight gain process didn’t stop.
    I am 85 kg from last couple of years and have good control over my carb intake but my weight doesn’t seems to be reduced proportionally. my access weight is on my belly and side upper part of my buttocks. By nature i am very lethargic, calm, doesn’t get angry easily. I think the problem is my low metabolism.

    Can you please suggest some combination, i was thinking to start with Natrum mur 6X ( every 5 hours ) and Lycopodium 30 ( every 5 hours ).

    Is it good combination to begin with?

    Thanks for your help

  87. Paula Baron says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer 14 years ago. I am now 220 lbs. Terrible appetite, crave sweets, slow metabolism due to hypothyroid. Can you help me by telling me what homeopathc remedy would help me to lose weight and get my appetite under control? It’s near to impossible for me to lose weigh unless I starve myself.

    Also, I believe due to my weight gain I developed a meniscus tear in my right leg and have been in excrutiating pain for 4 weeks. Trying a chiropractor right now to help me.

    i ordered Calcarea carb for the meniscus tear, but are there any remedies that can help with the healing of this tear or the pain.

    Thank you so very much. Don’t want surgery, as that can lead to other complications down the road.


    Paula Baron

  88. I have 80 kg weight and 5 ft height. I use phytoloca berry since 3 months but no result find.
    I want to lose my weight on urgent basis.
    Please let me know which medicines will give me result.
    Mostly I face irregular periods

  89. Hi !
    I’m 37 years old and have two kids but after births of my kids I have two miscarriages……my weight has increased alot. I try to lose my weight but have gained now up to 90 kg……I feel depression now as recently my doc have diagnosed that I have Pcos. My periods are regular but after miss carriages my periods have decreased from 7days to 3days only. I do have costipation problem and do take stress and feel depression as I’m very sensitive. I don’t have thyroid prob yet
    Please help me cure my Pcos and lose about 20 kgs of weight.
    Thanks alot.

  90. Ravi Praksh says:

    I am 56 years old, with moderately active lifestyle. I do play badminton for about an hour in the morning thereafter my work requires long sitting. Am a vegetarian, non smoker and a teetotaler . Apart from flabby with low strength in muscles I have always been on the weaker side in libido with shriveled penis and urination stream being on the weaker side too. Am though having two sons and these I am quoting just as indicative symptoms to you. From the above selection I think Calc. Carb & Lyco are better suited than others. What potency should I use them in and for what duration? Also would adding Acid Phos give any better result ?

  91. Is there a remedy to help me with heat intolerance? I’m trapped inside all hot summer days. I’ve had 2 heat strokes, I’m afraid of summer

  92. Hi
    I am confused what will work for me . Can u pls help


  93. Lea Mats says:

    I am losing weight but how can homeopathy help me

  94. Hello, I am 33 and I have been diagnosed with pcos. My traditional doctor has me on metformin and spirotelactone. I am curious what doesage for the Calcarea Carb, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla and Sepia to help me loose weight with my condition.

  95. Hi,
    I do not seem to come under any of those particular symptoms though I am post menopausal .. Am 59 ( menopause happened at age 53) so do carry belly fat and fat on top of arms thighs and hips. I weigh 62.4kgs am 161 in height and would like to lose 5.4kgs geting me down to 57 kgs.. So wondered which homopathic drops I should take.. I swim and walk regularly and want to lose the weight for my daughter’s wedding 18 th August so ten weeks to go and want to feel good for my 60th in Jan next year, Many thanks, Nicola

  96. Hi Am looking to loose weight can i take these homeopathic remedies together , i suffer with cronic pain in my stomach and very bad consipaision , i have a very busy and stressed life , i was very thin for years but as ive got older i’ve put on weight , iam now 49 i have put on weight round my tummy hips thighs .

  97. Having weight gain

    • Hello, I am 33 and I have been diagnosed with pcos. My traditional doctor has me on metformin and spirotelactone. I am curious what doesage for the Calcarea Carb, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla and Sepia to help me loose weight with my condition.

  98. VBandari says:

    Hello Doc.
    My wife is 29 year old. She has higher levels of thyroid and for past 2 years she developed a sagging tummy. Belly fat. Rest of the body is decent enough but belly fat is dominant. She is so worried these days. She is easily irritable, furious at times, severe mood fluctuations. She has irregular menses. She is taking homeopath for thyroid. But for belly fat which cud be more efficient? Calcarea Carbonicum or Phytolacca ???
    Plzzz advise. Thanks in advance.

  99. thanks dr sharma sir

  100. I m 😕 confused which medicine suits me. I have clubbed symptoms of both natrum mur n lycopodium.

  101. Suparna Sil says:

    Dear Dr my name is suparna n my age us 47 years . My height is 5feet 2inches n I weight 70kg since last five years. I was 82kg,which I managed to lose after adopting a healthy lifestyle. I work out regularly n lead a moderate active life throughout the day at work. I eat mostly fruits n veggies n one chapati during lunch with sabji n dal n salad.i do not suffer from any chronic diseases like BP, thyroid or cholesterol.Although I do not put on much weight but I don’t lose it either. I avoid junkies, colas n parties except few times during the problem may be I sleep very late due to my work at home n college. Can you suggest some homeopathic medicines which can help me to reduce little weight. Thanks n regards- Suparna Sil

  102. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My nams is Isabel, from Portugal, I’m suffering with depression and undergoing treament. I had a sarcoma (in my right tigh) in 2015 and a relapse in 2016, in the same area. Of course I lost a lot of weigth by then. Now I have already gained a lot of weight, especially in my abdomen, legs and upper arms, which can not happen, because my leg cannot support excess weight. What would you advise me to take,

    thank you so much for your help.

  103. Vandana says:

    Hello Sir,

    My weight is stable at 82 past 5 years leaving my pregnancy period. I have acne and chin hair problems as well. i wish to loose weight. i don’t have any medical history but i have excess fat on my shoulders ,arms and thighs.

  104. Amarjitchopra says:

    Hello Dr sahib
    I am 71 years old and weight 77kgs. I am suffering from kidney problem. I like sweat(sugar).My height is 165cm. Kindly let me know which homeopathic medicine will be suitable for me and from where I can get the medicine

  105. Sandhya says:

    Hello Dr. I am 42 years old woman having two daughters. My height is 4.10 and weight 58 kg. I undergone mayomactomy for fibroid. Two cecerion. There is lots of fat around my belly, arms and on thighs. I am taking tuition at home. All the house chores done by me on every day. Now a days I m feeling very tired so quickly. Always feeling sad. Not feeling to do the work. Mood swing. Very heavy bleeding In periods. Total 8 days it flow. My hair thinning problem is there. Always under unknown stress. Mentally very depressed. Please advise me excellent homeopathic medicine. I will be thankful in my whole life.

  106. Sana Siddiqui says:

    My daughter is 17 yr and has symtoms of Natrum Mar.Lycopodium.Baryta Carb.Alumina.
    Few from each.She is fat especially at the hip and thigh area..She is very keen to lose weight and is also following a diet but does not exercise Which medicine could help her.

  107. Hello doctor,
    I am 50+ year old male having weight of 90+ kgs and height of 5.4″ . Love to eat sweet , some times overeat , suffering from central obesity, flautulence, acidity, constipation. kindly suggest some medicine.

    • Hello doctor,
      I am 50+ year old male having weight of 90+ kgs and height of 5.4″ . Love to eat sweet , some times overeat , suffering from central obesity, flautulence, acidity, constipation. kindly suggest some medicine.

  108. Hello doctor
    I am a 48 yr old female, having hypothyroidism for the last 17 yrs. I had to undergo hysterectomy in 2014 and was prescribed HRT for 2yrs. This resulted is rapid weight gain. My weight is around 76 kgs now height 5’2″. Having fibromyalgia since 2 yrs
    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine which will help me to lose weight , along with exercises and diet.

  109. Dear doctor

    I am a 62 year old lady who has over the years been very active in the gym and has since gained a lot of wait
    I currently weigh 65.5kg and would like to loose at 10kg.
    Suffer a lot from hot flushes- hysterectomy 18yrs ago
    Tendency to pass pebbles as stools or very little

  110. Hello sir
    I m over weight can u tell me about any homeo pathy medicine that reduce my bellyfat without any side effect

  111. Hello Doctor, I just found out I have hypothyroidism I’m
    I’m 51, 5’4”, 200 lbs, had a partial hysterectomy I also suffer from fibromyalgia, Depression, dengenerative disc disease lower back, and I also have constipation issues, and just cannot loose the weight. Which of these homeopathic Treatments would be the right choice for me please? I do also take prescription medications for
    The above conditions also.

    Thank you

  112. I am looking for NDC#: 69780-0005-1 “true” weight loss solutions drops. Specifically, their homeopathic fat loss activation complex. Where can I get “True” weight loss solutions drops?

  113. Vikas Aggarwal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 42 year old male from Delhi, my current weight is 87 kgs. i do regular exercise also despite that my weight is very high. i do not suffer from thyroid. I have got done my BMI where it was revealed that my metabolism rate is very slow around 1550 where as the range is from 1800 to 2300.

    can you suggest any medicine for the same.



  114. Gunvinder Singh says:

    I am a 44 yr old male. I have pot belly, mainly due to lack of exercise. I don’t have fat on my legs, arms, etc. Only my belly is getting bigger by the day. I walk for around 20 minutes. How can Homeopathy help me in this? I am 5ft9in and my weight is around 92 kg. Please help.

  115. Hello Dr Sharma
    I am 30 Years old female with slight symptoms of PCOS. I have gained a lot of weight in past 5 years. I am gastric issues like constipation, bloating very frequently. yes, this is also true that I am very bad with eating habits. I am lookingvfor advice in homoeopathy treatment. Kindly advice

  116. papri Basu says:

    Thank you so much.. At what dose and for how many days graphites and sepia should be taken?

  117. Mou Adhikari says:

    I am mou adhikari.madam/sir i have a big problem,my problem is i am getting too much fat,i am suffering thyroid since 2 can i weight loose in homeopathic medicine?please hel0 me.


    Dear Sir,
    I gain weight due to ant depression medic ens and alcole. Please prescribe me medicine for it. I gain weight
    at upper body ( STOMICAND ,chest and shoulders.
    Tawfiq Adnan

  119. Faizi Tabassum says:

    Sir, i have a hameorrhagic cyst my left ovary also

  120. Faizi Tabassum says:

    Hi, I’m 35yrs old female(homemaker) with 5′ hieght and 76kg weight. I have 2kids(cesarean delivery) but during my 1st pregnancy I’ve gain 17kgs more weight and also I’ve got umbilical hernia during pregnancy (operated).
    I have migraine pain. I can’t tolerate cold air or AC. I can’t take curd regular even 2-3days regular…my body pains.
    Plz suggest some medicine to reduce weight.

  121. Jingam Sora says:

    I am 28 years old and have gain weight. Mostly around my belly. I want to loss my weight. Iam stubborn, very irritable, easily gets cold (but I love the cold weather), cannot tolerate hot days, love to eat or drink cold things. My height is 5ft. n weight is 55kg. kindly help me out.

  122. VIJAY SINGH says:

    Sir, my gallbladder is operated so constipation problem remains…. My weight is almost 100 kg…More weight is in waist and in belly. Pain in both legs remains from one month … All check up made… No thayoride and suger deducted…. I want to reduce weight through homeopathy…. Please suggest most useful medicine.

  123. Tara sharma says:

    I am 21 yrs old female (5″4′)and weigh 70kgs. I have grown fat around my waist area and breasts. I feel water retention may be the cause of the body fat. I have an average digestive system. I need some advice on what homepathic medicine shall i stick to. I want this fat to be gone but with no side effects. Thats why i choose homeopathy over anything.

  124. Ellis Montet says:

    Trying to lose weight with exercise. Swimming, biking; elliptical machine and weight training. I’ve just finished a stressful period. My shoulder joints have tension like never before. Fat is in my abdomen , waist and upper back

  125. Hi,
    I would like to know for my mom who is 75 years old and is complaining with the symptoms of feeling that her feet can’t bear her body weight and she feels like feet themselves weigh too much. She is overweight. Please suggest some medication. Thanks

  126. I am looking at the top 5 remedies for weight loss and several of the factors listed for each remedy are pertinent to me. How many is it possible to take together, or at the same time please.

  127. Hi, I m 34years old(homemaker) 85kg and I have 2kids (normal delivery bt in pregnancy I got thyroid) .
    My upper body is heavy specially stomach and my buttocks or legs r normal. Which medicine is good for me. I do exercise daily.

  128. Hi, I m 31years old(homemaker) and I have 2kids (normal delivery bt in pregnancy I got thyroid) .
    My upper body is heavy specially stomach and my buttocks or legs r normal. Which medicine is good for me. I do exercise daily.

  129. I am 36year old solder in Indian Army. My weight is 98kg.i want to reduce my weight up to 75kg in a month. Is their any medicine in India. If yes tell me. Don’t worry about side effect. I only want to reduce my weight from 98kg to75kg in a month. Please help me

  130. I have gained fat on my good and thighs despite strict diet and excercise. I don’t eat outside food. My thyroid and sugar levels are normal. I skip lunch that keeps me slim. But off late I have started eating little for lunch and I notice an instant weight gain. Please advice my medicine for weight loss.

    • Mahmood Mirza says:

      I am 75 male , remain fatigued weak and walk with difficulty, diabetic and hypertension also neuropathy in feet’s and left hand fingers. My weight is 90 kegs with height of 5 feet and 8 inches. I can not not sit and stand for more than 3 minutes then my buttock and legs stats numbing with pain.

      Kindly suggest homeopathic medicines to improve my health position.

      Thank you.

      Mahmood Mirza

    • Need to loose about 15kgs mostly gained due to eating wrong food . I have no other issues in health. Just need an appetite suppressant. Can you suggest me any medicine in homeopathy for the same without any side effects

  131. Mrs Sangita Rawade says:

    I m 44 yrs old married woman I want to weight loss for my lower body area thigh and buttock and stomach area … my weight is 69 kg and hight it 144″inches and I want to lose 15 to 19 kg weight and i m normal i have no any medical problems
    Pls suggest me homeopathy medicine which is not costly for me coz I m not working women and not purchase costly medicine
    Waiting for reply

  132. Plz reply me
    I m very worried

  133. Hi
    I m 28 years old and unmarried. Becouse of my job my weight is 78 kg i want to loss my weight more then 20 kg. Plz help me and suggest me some homeopathic medicine. One thing more. I cannot afford costly medicines.
    Waiting for ur kindness
    And thanks

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