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Obesity in Children, its Causes and Homeopathic Cure

Obesity in children refers to higher than standard weight that is considered normal as per the height and age of the child. BMI (body mass index) is a tool to find out whether a child is healthy, underweight, overweight or obese. BMI is calculated by taking into consideration the height and weight of the child. A child having BMI at 95th percentile or higher when compared to children of the same age and gender, is considered obese. Obesity in childhood has chances of being carried into adulthood. Obesity in children can lead to poor self-esteem, depression and anxiety. Childhood obesity also predisposes a child towards early onset of puberty. It also puts them at an increased risk of certain health problems in the long run with the passage of time. For example, obesity increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, snoring, sleep apnea (momentary pauses in breathing during sleep), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), joint pains and certain forms of cancer.

Causes of Obesity in Children

Eating more food than what is required for normal growth of child, combined with very little physical activity, leads less burning of calories. The extra unburnt calories get stored and with time obesity may result if above behaviour of eating excessive amount and doing little exercise continues for long. In today’s times, outdoor activities are being replaced by electronic gadgets, like using smart phones, tablets, television. To make it worse, snacking while using these gadgets piles up more calories in the body. More calorie intake than required, accompanied by less physical activity, is the major culprit behind childhood obesity.

Other than this, multiple factors play a role in childhood obesity. Having a family history of obesity increases risk of obesity in a child. Secondly, poor food choices contribute to obesity. Poor food choice means food high in sugar and fat content and lacking in nutrients, like fast food, chips, pizza, burger, candies, chocolates, frozen and canned food, baked food items, cookies and soft drinks.

Besides, some medical conditions might also lead to obesity in children. For example, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland in which thyroid gland is unable to produce enough amount of thyroid hormones required in the body for proper functioning) and Cushing’s syndrome (a disorder occurring from too much cortisol hormone in the body). Psychological issues like stress, depressed feeling may lead to excessive eating and may result in obesity. Lastly, use of certain medicines (like steroids) can also contribute to childhood obesity.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines, along with change in eating habits (means switching to healthy eating habits) and an increase in physical activity, can prove very effective in managing obesity in children. Homeopathic medicines work in these cases by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. There is no specific medicine in homeopathy for managing childhood obesity that can be given in each and every case. Rather homeopathic medicine for obesity are selected from various available medicines in homeopathy as per each individual case. For selecting a homeopathic medicine, constitution of a child is studied in detail. Constitution includes the totality of physical and mental make-up of a person. Medicines are prescribed after a detailed analysis. The best part of these medicines is that they are safe to use as they are 100% natural with zero side effects. It is advised to take any of the homeopathic medicines after consulting a physician. In no case, self-medication should be done.

Homeopathic Medicines For Obesity In Children

1. Calcarea Carb – Top Most Medicine

Calcarea Carb is the most frequently used medicine in homeopathy to manage obesity in children as well as adults. It suits children who are fat and chubby. Though they grow fat and heavy, but look pale and are not strong. They look dull, lack energy and lack the desire to play. They feel weak while walking or climbing stairs. They usually have a tendency to feel chilly. Excessive sweating may be felt. Sweating is most marked in the head and chest during sleep. They also have a tendency of sour smell from body discharges like from sweat and stool. They have an increased appetite, especially for eggs, sweets and ice creams. They have a dislike for milk. They may have a craving to eat indigestible things like chalk, dirt, pencils etc. Children needing this medicine may be sad, unhappy, self-willed, and obstinate. Besides, Calcarea Carb is a well-known medicine to manage hypothyroid-related problems.

2. Antimonium Crudum

Antimonium Crudum is the next best medicine to manage childhood obesity. This medicine is indicated for children who show excessive irritability. They have increased appetite and eat beyond the digestive capacity of the body. However, they do not get enough strength from the food eaten. They specifically have a craving for sour food, pickles, etc. They may complain of bloating after eating and experience frequent burping.  A very characteristic feature is that the tongue is coated thick white in cases needing this medicine. Skin may be rough, scaly along with horny patches on the body.

3. Capsicum

Capsicum is another medicine for managing obesity in children. This medicine is prominently indicated for children who are fat, weak and lazy. They have a dislike for physical activity or exertion. They have sensitivity to cold and damp weather. They do not like a draft of air or open air. They have an irritable nature and get angry and offended easily.

4. Ferrum Met

This medicine is indicated when children though they look strong, are very weak. They frequently suffer anaemia. They have weakness, have aversion to walking and desire to lie down. They look pale. They have a desire to eat a lot of food and can have a craving for sweets in particular, bread and butter frequently.

5. Baryta Carb

Baryta Carb can be considered in children who are obese and have short height. They are very lazy. They do not wish to play, just want to sit down all the time. Their abdomen may be large, hard and tense. They have weakness of body as well as mind. They may have a very shy nature. They may have weak memory, are slow in mentally grasping an idea in studies or otherwise, and have difficulty in concentration. They feel chilly and have a tendency to catch cold easily. They may also suffer frequent sore throat and tonsillitis. A tendency of excessive sweating on the foot can be there. The desire for eating sweets may be present in children needing this medicine.

6. Kali Bichrome

Kali Bichrome is indicated for fat, chubby, short-necked children who have lack of energy and are quite inactive. They may have tendency to suffer cold frequently. Here a characteristic feature is thick, yellow or green, stringy, ropy discharge from nose or dripping of such discharge from the back of the nose into the throat called PND i.e. post nasal discharge. There may also be a tendency of swollen tonsils.

7. Belladonna

Belladonna is a great medicine for managing number of health concerns in children. Its use is also recommended to manage obesity in children. Children needing it usually have cravings for sour food and sweets. They have desire for cold water. They have a tendency to suffer sore throat and tonsillitis frequently. They also might have a tendency to have red, swollen glands in different body parts.



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