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Obsessive Thoughts Troubling you ? Homeopathy has an Effective Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Homeopathic Remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Homeopathic Remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder in which a person has persistent unwanted thoughts. This obsession with unwanted thoughts in the mind leads to distress and certain repeated behaviour or actions, with the compulsion to control that distress. This disorder is genetic or runs in families. Natural Homeopathic medicines, with zero side effects, can of great help in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Made of natural substances, Homeopathic remedies strike at the root of the problem and work towards complete treatment. Homeopathic treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder is completely safe and can only help, never harm.

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder The symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD can be the persistent thought of hands getting contaminated or dirty on touching objects with frequent washing of hands; doubts whether the door is closed or not with checking the door again and again; persistent religious thoughts with excessive praying; presence of impulsive and aggressive thoughts; obsession to have things in a proper order at all times; and counting or repeating words silently.

Top Natural Homeopathic remedies for obsessive compulsive disorder

Arsenicum Album: Top natural Homoepathic remedy for persistent thoughts of death

Arsenicum Album is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with persistent thoughts of approaching death. Arsenicum Album is of great help for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have persistent thoughts of death and thus takeno medicine, as they think that their death is very near and at this stage taking any medicine is of no use. Such patients need people around them and cannot remain alone because they feel worse when alone. The thoughts of death accompanied by extreme restlessness, where the patient jumps out of bed and moves here and there with anxiety, can also be treated with natural Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album.

Argentum Nitricum: Natural Homeopathic medicine  for impulsive thoughts in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Argentum Nitricum is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for treating patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have persistent impulsive thoughts. These impulsive thoughts can have different symptom presentations like while travelling in a train the persistent impulsive thought is to jump out of the window; while crossing a bridge over a river, the constant thought is to jump into the river or when standing on high buildings, there is the horrific thought of jumping down. Another marked feature for recommending natural Homeopathy remedy Argentum Nitricum for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is that the impulsive thoughts make the patient very anxious and restless. This results in extreme and constant walking to get rid of such impulsive thoughts and the person walks till all strength of body is lost.

Natural Homeopathic remedies for Obsessive compulsory disorder with tendency to put everything in order

The three Best Homeopathic remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that provide natural treatment to patients who have compulsiveness to put everything in order are Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album and Carcinosinum. The patients who need natural Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica are oversensitive and of a careful and angersome nature who demand all the things done as they want and easily get angry if the order is not followed.Arsenicum Album is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great benefit for those patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are very conscious about the order of things and cannot rest if the things are not in their proper place. This compulsion can go to such an extent that even if a painting hanging on the wall is slightly tilted,the mind does not rest till it is properly placed and the patient leaves every other work for this. Such patients also demand neatness in clothing. Carcinosinum is the natural Homeopathic remedy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patients who are very concerned about cleanliness and want a specific pattern to be followed not only in placing things, but also in their dressing style. For instance, they always like colour matching while dressing up and also when decorating the room. They demand perfection in every work done to such an extent that it does not seem or look normal.

Natrum Muriaticum – Natural Homeopathic medicine for compulsion to check locked doors repeatedly

Natrum Muriaticum is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for those patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are obsessed with the idea that thieves may strike and repeatedly check the locks of doors. The obsession is so persistent that the patient even has dreams of thieves in the house and wakes up to check the doors again and again.

Syphilinum and Medorrhinum – Natural Homeopathic remedies for obsessive compulsive disorder with compulsion of washing hands

Syphilinum and Medorrhinum are very good natural Homeopathic medicines for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who feel the compulsion to wash their hands again and again due to the persistent thought of getting their hands contaminated or dirty by touching any object. Such patients feel that germs are present on each and every object and gt into the habit of washing hands at very short intervals, without giving any consideration to other important work in their lives.

Silicea – Natural Homeopathic medicine for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with thoughts of pins

Silicea is the ideal natural Homeopathic treatment for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have the persistent thought of pins and fearing pins, look for,collect and even count pins again and again.

Calcarea Carbonica – Natural Homeopathic medicine for persistent thought of going mad or insane

Calcarea Carbonica is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for pateints of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are mentally exhausted and constantly think of going mad or insane. This thought of going mad prevails in the patient’s mind day and night and he or she is unable to put it aside even during sleep. This fear of going mad leads to great distress and to overcome it, the patient leaves all pending work aside and keeps himself or herself busy in breaking sticks or bending pins.

Natural Homeopathic medicines for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with persistent religious thoughts

Natural Homeopathic medicines Stramonium and Pulsatilla  are equally good in tackling the persistent religious thoughts in patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where the patient constantly thinks about religion, reads holy books all the time and is almost always praying.

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  1. I have thoughts of abuse to god for last 5 year which medicine is best and I can take both aleophathic and homeopathy in a day

    • Dear Sharma Sir,

      My age: 46 years
      Suffering from OCD: 19 years

      I am suffering from OCD tremendously. Could you please suggest which medicine is the best for my symptoms and the dosage please?

      Persistent religious thoughts (Hindu) and tendency to remain shudh and do most religion-related activities in the shudh state. Afraid to do religious related activities if am sitting on the coat of sofa in my or others house or touching others even if I am in sudh condition. I think these make my sudha condition to ashudha. So I do a bath and put washed sudh clothes and going to temple or other religious activities. I think If I am not a shudh condition , the temple may be ashudha in reason of mine and God may punish me or my family. For this I will go to my house and bathing again and put another washed cloth and try to do praying previously. I think any ashudh effected movable items will spread this ashudha to me. I will bath before entering to my house, if I am going to outside especially touching with others or social activities.

      I afraid some of my acts, thinkings, words, lookings will make me and my family sins and troubles so I will try to repeat byGOOD thinking,/works/ looking/acts again on the same spot where these actions done in previously. I afraid to do any thinking,/works/ looking/acts that may be lead me or my family a God’s punishment.

      Negative thoughts in connection with Gods/Godess coming to my mind in the time of praying in Temple or any where. I thinks the God will punish me/family. I tried to think positive by repeating but again negative thoughts come into my mind this will make a deepened depression. Afraid to go to temple for these troubles.

      Please suggest me the best homoepathic medicine for me.

      Thanking you,
      Yours faithfully,


  2. Mohit Verma says:

    mera naam Mohit Verma h….. m. Baraut se hu….. kai saalo se OCD se presaan hu….ek baat ko baar baar sochna…. kisi cheej ko baar chuna udaas sa rhna har waqt sochte rhne I….. etc etc… plzzzz help me

  3. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    First of all, thanks so much for posting such valuable information on the site for free. I am suffering from OCD tremendously. I have overlapping symptoms from two categories. Could you please suggest which medicine is the best for my symptoms and the dosage please?

    So this is what I have from above-described information:

    Persistent religious thoughts (Hindu) and tendency to remain shudh and do most religion-related activities in the shudh state and mostly drinking the morning tea quite late so I could finish those activities in the shudh state, not using even washroom until I am finished. For last few years, I have gone very deep in that and now I am fearful that if i leave all that, Gods and Goddesses may punish me. I tried in between and had some bad things happening one day after another for few days and then I got back to doing what I had been doing. I think this was tried last year.

    Due to above, I keep washing hands and wrists over and over again with soap and have redness now on the wrists due to dryness, though I oil them when I can but not enough.

    I have mostly become non-earning now and the home is so messy. I just clean to the best the areas relevant to performing religious tasks. My life has been extremely affected since I had this for last few years now.

    Other than that, I fall asleep very late after going to bed and keep waking up with dry throat as it seems I have adenoids and my mouth remains open and so becomes dry. Keep tossing and turning to be able to sleep.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could suggest me which medicine I should take, dosage and how often:
    Stramonium, Pulsatilla, Syphilinum or Medorrhinum.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Ganesh Kumar Roy says:

    Hello sir,
    My wife is suffering from ocd. She. Keep on putting the things in right order and in systematic manner . she some time do.the rituals for more than. 15 minutes .. Which affect her daily. Chores also.
    Be becomes aggressive and often scold our only child who is 11 yrs old.
    She complains that she is having sleepless night.
    Kindly suggest some medicines….
    We will be ever grateful to you.

  5. Dear Dr sir, I am 37yrs old suffering from Psoriasis since 7yrs and OCD from 5yrs onwards. I have been suggested to take tribulus Terr..
    Does tribulus – gokshura works for OCD and Psoriasis.
    Or If any could you please give your valuable reply.
    Thanking you

  6. ABHIJIT SINHA says:

    My son Arijit 25 is having OCD of checking now and then things here and there, on floor, dustbin etc, He fels he is loosing ghis valable things here and there. While coing out of of the house, he checks the fllors , door latch, and even while getting into vehicla car, he checks, that nothing valuable is left behind on floor or road. Thse rituals take often 10-15 mins. He takes bath irregularly, bathing time almost 1 hr sometimes, he does not like brushing teeth. While coming out of car, he takes 5 mins

    He is an engg. graduate with Electronics & communication.

    He had taken allopathinc medicines , with temporay relief. We shift to Homeopathy with local doctor, but no right medicine yet for relief. Pls. suggest suitable medicine

    • I have ocd since 1970.I am scared of God and goddesses from my childhood. in few year developed habbit of counting. I developed a feeling if I dont prey i or my family may suffer. IF I start a work after seeing number 19 me or even God may suffer for a long time.
      Fear of sex thought developed in last 4 years as if I am thinking bad about God or Goddes.
      For last 46 years I am passing a tough life.
      Date of birth 1951.M TECH IIT DELHI. Profession R&D.

  7. Jaibir Singh says:

    Sir can you help me about compulsive staring problem

  8. Dr Sharma,

    Hello, im a 47 year old man who has been on medication for OCD since i was 17. My symptoms if i remember were, being sure things were to be done in a certain order, if not , then extreme worry and expecting the exact date or circumstances to occur again to complete the “ritual”

    Sometimes i would worry constantly about loaned out items, which resulted in my stopping loaning out things altogether. Musical tunes in my head would bother me more then the average person. When walking i would stop to read signboards again and again, fearing some danger it i didn’t.

    These are the most strongest symptoms i remember.

    i lived with the side effects for so long, i wish a natural and more permanent cure rather then taking meds forever.

  9. Dr. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor Sir
    My respects to you .
    Last 3-4 days My son has displayed Hyper awareness with respect to breathing so much sothat he has difficulty in inhalation and often gasps for breath for hours mostly whole day and evening….There is no problem at all when asleep or when he forgets his breathing awareness.
    We usually give carbo veg 4-5 times a day when this problem occurs after over eating…
    All medical parameters are well as per blood test report except that he often shows lron levels on lower side of the reference range
    Pl suggest what medicine i should give him to safeguard him at the the time of such episodes of laboured breathing.

  10. rani singh says:

    Hello, i am 41year married andi suffering from ocd last 11year i wash every thighs which is touched and i take bath every time coming from puplic place or touched by other ect
    Please help me to recomended some homeopathy medicine
    I know it is not right but i can not stop this type behaviour

  11. My daughter is 12 years old and she is suffering with OCD
    she get the episode of fear troubling her everyday
    she continuously get the fearful thoughts mainly she is not able to focus on the studies
    She is having Scrupulosity ,where religious thoughts keep troubling her
    Do we have good cure for this in Homeopathy ??
    My wife and myself are struggling to manage her anxiety
    What will be the best medicine for this?

  12. I need treatment for ocd breathing sir

  13. Sir i have been suffering from ocd for 2 years so i m taking allopathic madication but these madication have so mamy side effects so i want to leave them but i is going difficult to get rids of madicines so tell me what to do .can homeopathy has complete cure to ocd plssss tell me i m very sad .even i m not able to concieve baby with these madicines now my age is 28 years old

    • Priya Sharma says:

      Is there any cure of OCD without medicines like with the help of yoga meditation or any particular activity??

    • Adnan nawaz says:

      My name Is adnan nawaz I was suffering from ocd I had obsessions with mirror for past 6 years I thought I will never be able to enjoy my life completely ..again ..but dr batras homeopathy cured me from ocd completely .. I also tried allopathic medicine but it came with severe side effects… just go for dr aasif ali in bhopal mp magar clinic ..and he will cute you completely…this is my guarantee me on 7033565278

  14. Sreoshi Sinha says:

    Sir, I am having obsessive thoughts as why human exist and why should we talk woth people and why can’t we have sex with everyone in the world .These thoughts are intruding my daily activities. I do not want to take allopathy medicines. Can you please suggest me with a homeopathy medicine which can get rid of these thoughts? Plz help thank you

  15. Hi,i am anupama from new delhi,suffering ftom depression,anxiety disorder and ocd.can you help me to find the treatment of this desease in homeopathy.

  16. Satish Kumar Singh says:

    Sir, I have Lock check problem, negative think, depression,fear etc .so please tell me homeopathic medicine

  17. Wendy Postma says:

    This is not a question personal to myself, or a condition, but rather a question to form a deeper understanding of homeopathy. The question is ‘how long does a treatment stay in your system.’ I imagine the answer is different for every remedy. In posing this question on random google, the responses are directing themselves to ‘how long a remedy takes to work’ or ‘shelf life of remedy’ While these are good to know, they are are not addressing the question of how long does a treatment stay in your system. For example, if one takes Sepia30 and in no way compromises the remedy with coffee or other antidotes would Sepia stay in your system 1wk..20days?? Perhaps I am not presenting the question clearly, or could phrase it in a better way. If the question is clear, is it possible for you to direct me to a site that would allow reference. Thank you for your time. Wendy

    • Satish Kumar Singh says:

      Sir, I have Lock check problem many time, negative think, depression,fear etc .so please tell me homeopathic medicine,. This problem from 2 year

  18. sanjeev mishra says:

    I have been use englich medice name clonil 50 mg. 02 time and other antideppresean english medice since 15 year and i want to leave clonil 50 mg. so please suggest homeopathic medicine for o cd problem

    • sanjeev mishra says:

      I have been use englich medice name clonil 50 mg. 02 time and other antideppresean english medice since 15 year and i want to leave clonil 50 mg. so please suggest homeopathic medicine for o cd problem

  19. Mandeep kaur says:

    Sir my brother is suffering from this disease.he is doubting sister brother that they are mixing something in his food .He doesn’t believe his colleagues.Even he is suspended now from job.He is fond of eating green vegetables.He hides most things in his room like father’s 2-3 mobile.Whenever he goes outside Even washroom he locks his room n carries key with him. Though he cleans his room n washes clothes in washing machine,he is not peculiar about changing his bedsheets n clothes.He is even unmarried telling that first elder brother should get married.He even keeps bank copies with him doesn’t go to bank telling that he doesn’t need money .we r very worried.plz suggest some medicine.

  20. Kay Murthi says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I’ve had OCD for several years and it has gotten worse since moving-in with my parents and losing my job.
    I have a tendency to check door locks and stove several times. I have to repeat prayers several times believing I’m not saying them right. I used to love to read but now I can’t read paragraph without repeating thinking I’ve missed something. Please suggest a natural remedy for me. I’d be very grateful. I’ve not taken prescription meds but I am on St. John’s wort which is not helping.

  21. Sir, My 17 year old son has following habits :- Frequent washing of hands and feet, trouble in maintaining sleep cycle (sleeps late in night by 0200 Hrs and gets up late in morning at 1200hrs), unable to motivate himself for studies, sudden aggressive response, over concern for hygiene, poor social skills, likes to keeps things in order, does not like to mix with person with lower economic strata, does not like to be touched by other person, changing of cloths after visiting common or public places etc.

  22. Hi,
    Wanted to know if there’s a remedy for a 10 1//2 young boy ; my son who is on the Autism Spectrum )who has a need for over a year now to throw himself on the floor face down to rub his penis. He likes to have his face on the hard surface of the floor to receive pressure on his chin. At times he’s been found face down with his forehead against the bottom of a piece of furniture, such as the bottom of dresser ir armoire; again seeking head pressure. He as of late dropping on the floor to touch himself at his special needs school and at his speech therapy. At home he likes to take all his clothes off and walk around naked and go from room to room like regular but periodically dropping to the floor to rub his penis against his fisted hand. He doesn’t actually hold it. He also has a water compulsion. He’s inundated our home’sbsthroom many times. We fiannly had to turn off the water at its source and put chairs in front of the bathroom doors etc . He likes to see the water Ives’s he splashes it or kicks it or puts in his mouth to watch it as he spits it or now blows on it to see how it moves, and gets overly excited. Any feed back would be great! Thank you! Gisel, Pablos mom

  23. Salaam! I’m from Pakistan n I’m suffering from ocd from last ten years I went to psychiatrist n he suggest me 2 medicines fluoxetine 20 mg capsules 2 capsules at a time in 2 times a day n resperidone 1 mg only in night but half ….after the 2 weeks of using these medicines I got my self back means really normal n happy but after continuously using means after 3 months I felt like that these medicines has stopped working but I decided to continue these medicns on doctor’s suggestion n now it has been 2 years taking these medicines but nothing any change. ….the change I felt after 3 weeks of use was fabulous but now still in same condition with a heavy headache n now l’ve stopped using these medicines plzzz plzzz suggest me homeopathic medicine coz I’m enough conciouss about cleanliness n ordering the things. ..

  24. James Del Gatto says:

    How are you Dr. Sharma

    For the last several years I seem to think too often about blinking or notice blinking too often. I’m wondering if there’s a homeopathy treatment for this?

  25. Dr bahubali khane says:

    Sir my son23 year have ocd since4 years he take irregular medicine help me or sajes treatment

  26. I’ve ocd since birth.can homeopathy cure many months it take generally to see a change.

  27. Amanda Johnson says:

    Hello Dr

    My 7 year old will only wear one pair of pants and has melt downs and says she hates herself off she can’t wear them eve if dirty. Can you help please

    Ananda johnson

  28. Sir, presently my age is 40 with 100kg weight. At the age of 21 I tended to have inordinate sexual feelings. I tried to supress them vehemently as I decided not to masturbate at any cost. Resultantly suddenly one day I had unwanted sexual thoughts for every girl going nearby and some more nasty thoughts as well. Things went worse when such involuntary thoughts involved even my sister .This situation brought me under stress ,depression & anxiety .I was living under the terror of my thoughts . Fortunately I got treated by a classical homeopath doctor who cured me nearly 100% but meanwhile he shifted to abroad. After this I consulted many homeophathic doctor but if no use. Now i have pain and heavyness in my brain after rich food as if i have swelling in the veins of brain , very rarely i feel to have unwanted sexual thougts as well. Kindly help me. Lucknow

  29. Chaitanya Rameshwar Khadsan says:

    I have repeated thought s in my brain which lead to depression and suffering from OCD which medicine is suitable for me

  30. R. A. Kumar says:

    What is the homeo medicine for patients who suffer from persistent sexual thoughts always ?

  31. AMIT K VYAS says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am a 50 year old male who is married with 2 kids. I am working at a senjor position with a leading company . I have been suffering from severe depression and OCD ( only insane thoughts and anxiety of behaving like an insane person) . I have been under Physciatrist treatment since 1998 and am currently under SSRI and Anafranil for controlling the same. I was doing well with the said medicines till Jan 2017 when things started getting worse and continue to be worse till date. I have difficulty in focusing or grasping anything and am almost blank in terms of memory. With great difficulty I am managing my professional life ( though I am very Happy in personal life) . I am a non smoker and teatoaller and also a vegetarian. I don’t have any other habits too.

    One of my frinds has advised :- (1) Calcarea carb 200 ( once in one month) and (ii) White chest nut and (3) Cherry Plum ( both daily) for repeated thoughts and fear of acting insane.

    I am not sure whether the above would help . PL GUIDE ME.

    Amit K Vyas

  32. Adnan ali says:

    I have repeated thought s in my brain which lead to depression which medicine is suitable for me

  33. Jacqueline says:

    Hi dr Sharma

    I’ma 38 year old women with problem with my ears I need to have an operation as my ears have become very blockecked and when I speak it’s always echos which has given me a fear of being in public I think about this constantly like repetitive thoughts I have also in the past suffered with anxiety and depression have tried a range of medications for the past 5 years with no relief my sleep and eating pattern are not regular I’m interested in hompathy medications as they have no side effects which meds I’ve taken in the past have made me put on a lot of weight and I’m very bloated your option would be greatly appreciated as it’s very hard to move on with daily life
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  34. G m doctor i am a 28 year married women and i take allopathy medicine for ocd last 3 year but now i want baby and my gynocologist say this ocd medicine couses any birth defect or brain defect to baby .
    So i want to know can i take hemeopathy medicine for ocd and how much time it take for control ocd and can i continou this medicine for full 9 month or it couses any defect to baby? Hemeopathy medicine can control the ocd? Beacouse without medicine i can’t control my ocd! Please dr. reaply me.

  35. Mydavolu says:

    Dr. Shares ji Namasthe. I have been suffering from OBS since last 7 years. I’m 60. I’m not hypertensive or diabetic. Physically good. I’m a writer and poet. My symptoms:

    Anxiety, involuntary stools, insomnia. Sometimes I get a good sleep after lunch but not at night. I’m a smoker about 10 to 15 per day. No alcohol. I’m very emotional. Easily turn to tears, be good or bad. Can’t see someone suffering.

    Sometimes I used to become breathless with emotion or anger. When go to doctor he says my lungs are normal and no hyperacidity. Now that problem is under some control after taking some English medicine. (Nexito forte). But not an angry man as such. Rarely I burst out.

  36. I am severe ocd .on fluoxetine 40mg .i want cure .please help me

  37. hi my name is Bhaskar iam suffering from OCD diseases since 15 years.iam feeling like suicide. in homeopathy has complete curable please suggest me doctor kindly help

  38. Hi

  39. Hi sir

    I am having thoughts of how this world made,why we are running for money and materialistic things, what is the purpose of doing all the things, who is god, how our body works, sir kindly suggest some good remedy for this issue, I am an artist and I am not able to do anything, not able to feel myself. I am fed up of this unwanted thoughts.

  40. Hi,
    My son 17 years aged boy worrying with ocd disease. He is doing certain repeated actions like on/off switches, take more time for bath, washing, repeated writing, repeated reading, touching etc. He is also violent nature with angry and harms to parents and thinking to gone out from house to anywhere or suicide. This symptoms are seen from 9 years and take medicine alopathy and now homeo. Any good changes to his life.

  41. Hi sir,i m affected from constantly thinking disorder.i always continue thinking on any issue when i sit occurs more during sleep after 2 am to i get up.after getup i continue to thinking (unwanted) on day to day related issue.when i mediate, very soon i get into dream and feeling sleepy.i heve feeling of insect crawling senstation on my testicles,face espically lips.


    Dear Dr

    I am 45yrs male suffering from ocd since 25yrs and on medication since 15 yrs. But my symptoms are getting bad. I have a persistent thought that some light or rays are coming on my head and piercing it and irritating me and disturbing my concentration And I am not even able to do my routine work. Kindly
    guide me. my 📱 no –9568980836

  43. Shukria Qasim Khan says:

    I am a Clinical Psychologist , I have one client with diagnosed OCD , I referred her to a Psychiatrist,, she is on allopathic medicine since three years however her condition is getting worsen day by day . Initially she was having OCD related to sexual activities (Hyoscyamus)but now exceeded to religious ritual repetition, repeatedly taking bath, charity giving doubts.
    Sir kindly help me to assist her come out of this terrifying life as she is inacondition to commit suiccide. I need immediate advise for medication to help her out.

  44. Sir 1 am Suffaring from unwanted Sexuall thoughts and anxiety Depression please suggest a good medicine

  45. I’m suffered from ocd almost 4yr but now I am all right. Anyone want need help call me 9664185431

  46. My wife is obsessed with the idea of becoming dirty having touches anything…. She is used to washing clothes and hands…..plz help me with potent homeopathy medicine

    • Sir I am facing a lot of problem due to OCD for washing hands….sir pls help me my relations are also ruining due to this

  47. B.N.saxena says:

    I have problem of OCD and depression since 22 years.I am taking xet cr 37.5 in night, xet cr 12.5 at noon.this problem related to sexual thinking feel incompetent and some nervous about sexual performance. Pls.tell me how to recover with this problem through homeopathy. Can it be completely cured

  48. Hello ma’am
    M suffering from severe OCD prob from more than 10 yrs n now it’s not manageable for me .i hvng OCD of washing hand n everything which I thought is dirty.plz help me I feel like to commit suicide

    • hi Pooja you can start thinking this way ,

      my hands and objects are dirty after touching each other and if wash them they will become dirty again better leave them in same state and wash the hands only at night sleeping time and next day follow same let hands and objects become dirty for full day and wash the hands only at night sleeping time , this will reduce your frequent washing activity and after some months the OCD will disappear.

  49. Mrs. V Goenka says:

    Your access system is faulty.

  50. Mrs. V Goenka says:

    Dear Dr.
    Pls give me your complete contact address and phone nos.

    New Delhi

  51. Mrs. V Goenka says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Pls give me your complete contact address and phone nos.
    I want to get my 40 yrs old son treated for OCD, thru’ homeopathy.

    Mrs. Goenka,
    New Delhi

  52. Respected Sir I am 40 years old, i have ocd with a cast after an event for 5 years before it other type ocd was …I very avoid to face that cast’s person & if I have to shake hand that cast’s person any time ,just i wash my hand .I always keep my dear one far from that cast also. Alopethic medicines doesn’t effect proper, after taking Alopethic medicine i lose my appetite so please please write me any effective special medicine so that I progress myself.

  53. Hello doctor
    I want u to recommend me a perfect medicine for curing the habbit of checking things again and again , if i have to give any paper to someone or to put it in bag ,i will check it again and again for sometimes before putting it whether that paper is blank…and when to stand from ur place to move i stop again check further again then move step forward..
    plzz suggest me some effective homoeo treatment for it..

  54. Arpana Gurung says:

    I am a 57 y/o male and was diagnosed with OCD and am taking allopathic medicine since 1995. It controls the OCD tendency but my dose has increased to 225 mg and has a lot of side effects. I want to rely on homeopathic medicine from now. Please suggest.

  55. dear sir. I have been suffering from ocd since my i’m 40, even now dr kept me on fluaxitine 20mg regularly.kindly recommend homeopathic medicine to root out/cure my diseasce. Thanking yours. Raju.

  56. Dear dr.sharma,
    I am 18 years old and I have been experiencing very deadly and intrusive thoughts,
    It won’t even let me sleep sometimes,
    I will list some thoughts right here :
    1. thinking that my life has lost it’s connection with this world
    2. IAM seeing a dream and not present in a real life
    3.became insane.
    4.sometimes my brain forces me to think that I’m niether a male or female……this thought is my distruction …..
    5.even if I am very good at studies, I won’t be able to attain good marks in exams.

    Doctor please guide me through as these thoughts are continuously ripping me apart…..
    Thank you!

  57. Sir.l hv 12 yrs age is 30 yrs.l treated allopathic medicines bt no symptoms are washing hands and clothes again and again.fear is that some posion is attach on my will go my mouth and I die.fear of death,social phobia and social withdraw.chronic depression,severe Tension,Negtive thoughts.Fear from people.Plz suggest suitable medicine

  58. sir’
    i’ve ocd from my child hood itself.negative thoughts are coming.repeatly checks doors were locked,gas cylynder were put off.can homeopathy cure ocd is there any serious side effects for homeopathy medicines

  59. Pabitra Kumar Sarkar says:

    My wife is suffering OCD, She has been washed her hands again and again due to the persistent thought of getting her hands contaminated or dirty by touching any object. Always feel that germs are present on each and every object and get into the habit of washing hands at very short intervals, without giving any consideration to other important work in her lives. Please sir give me guide line for this treatment.

  60. This is Krishna (28)from Andhra prdsh I’m a bachelor I’m having some psychic illnesses.please suggest me homeo medicines for my problems.

    1. From 2015 I’m suffering from OCD, i went to Dr, he gave nexito 10mg along with b complx, used for 4 months under Dr’s advice.I maximum got out of it.. Now when ever I get that urge, I again use those for a week like that.

    (That over cleanness of hands (OCD), was not100% solved .)

    2. Next when ever I get some doubt on a thing & it was resolvd also, again & again I gets doubts .That doubting nature is not getting saturated it was not on people , it was on things & thoughts .

    3. From teens I feel I’m a bloody womaniser where my mind & nerves are filled with women thoughts, I’m addicted seeing intimate scenes on TV & on internet till now also.I know iam not a teen now but I am addicted with hell. My brain became a hell with them. Now from some months, I’m trying to talk nasty with my lady frnds , I’m behaving like perverted.I know it was wrong, but its uncontrollable.

    4. My brain is provoking me to do nasty things.
    One more thing is I’m not concentrating not having any interest on any work I’m getting mad.
    I never got any suicidal thoughtsnor attempted any act. I m getting frustated with my mind my life that’s it.

    Basically I’m from a middle class fmly, my mother use to have hysteria in my childhood now she has high b.p. vth sugar,& very sensitive woman& illeterate.

    Sir please suggest me homeo medications with correct potencies & dosages, which get me out from these hells , so that I can buy them from near by homeo store in my town ,please.
    Thank you,

  61. Yatinder kumar says:

    I m suffering from ocd since 20 years and taking allopathec treatment since 5 years but no improvement ..please guide me.

  62. Kamal sharma says:

    Sir I m suffering from off disorder plz prescribe homeopathy medicine

  63. Dear doctor,
    My daughter had OCD(?) symptoms,
    ie i) afraid of germs and avoiding public/others/ hotel toilet and other utilities.
    ii) afraid of underground/tunnel travel and congested area and using lift (recently noticed)
    iii) suddenly mind getting diverted and says NO. she says she has got ocd.
    iv) very concerned about the cleanliness in the food items. But not concerned about the general house keeping and no systematic approach in keeping things.
    v)afraid of germs and toilet issue since 5 years. Now it is getting increased.
    vi)Well qualified and very competent in her field. Always topper in the colleges. Very confident and focussed.
    vii) concerned/afraid of safety of parents/ self. medicine will take only after proper verification of side effects.
    Allopathy doctor has prescribed certain medicine now.
    Can we take homeo along with allopathy .
    Kindly advise

  64. Sir,

    I am a married person. Mine was a love marriage. The so called relation existed more than 8 till marriage and still continuing with the 13th year. But from the point she accepted my love, just after 1 month she said we should end the relation. I was so much addicted to her and i couldnt let her go. So I pleaded.. and my life was just went only by pleading and pleading.. I knew that she never had that attraction, affection and love towards me and i still wanted to marry her. After so much of efforts we got married… but the relation is so cold and I am not able to bear the pain of this cold relation. I dont want to go for another person and i realize i am so addicted to her. I usually cry everyday complaining about this cold attitude of her. I know I cant change a person.. But I cannot escape the pain… I dont get sleep. I get anxiety attacks about death.. and I sometime realize life is just maya and I can reach that thought very clearly which gives me more pain when i realize my parents my wife, my brothers and myself.. all will perish one day. The most painful thing is that my wife is of cold nature and I plant love in her heart towards me.. I need to remove this thought to be in settled life.. please help me

  65. Sir,
    my problem is that although after doing things and sayings properly i believe they are not improperly. Especially with religious sentences and words, i feel that something has gone wrong, and i should correct it and when i start correcting, i get hinged and fixed in that only for hours. My mind gets out of control and i continuously repeat words till i satisfy myself. Also,at the time i say religious words, i get so many negative thoughts. i really feel ashamed of that and even though i feel that it’s not intentional, still i correct them and gain get trapped in repetition. I am very disturbed in my normal life, plz help me doctor…..

  66. Ruo Xing Antoinette Loh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have difficulty in relaxing and am always very tense and worse still I am very stressed and suffer OCD and cannot stop washing my hands and bathe in a ritualistic way that can take me 2 hours. I am anxious about being contaminated with germs, dirt and worm eggs. Worm eggs can be found almost everywhere and whenver I touch something I think dirty, I think of worm eggs and will have to clean or wash. Please help me to get rid of all my fears, anxieties and OCD.

    Thank You

    Loh Ruo Xing

  67. Sir my problem is that whenever I try to forget about masturbation or excessive hand practice I can’t stop myself from doing it again and again. Every day I make promises to myself every moment that I won’t do it again but still compulsively do it bcoz at that time the urge is so strong that I can never have control on my emotions at that moment and also bcoz of this I have got dark circles and each night before sleeping I read articles on how to stop this. Please suggest me a homeopathic remedy for this as soon as possible……

  68. Samar khan says:

    Sir I have ocd and my problems is I have negative thoughts the bad thought come in my thoughts who pain me, and I fight himself to avoid and stop those thoughts, but type of thought again and again, and washing hand many more time.
    so sir please help me.

  69. I think of failure in everything and cannot focus on positve aspect of life and i also always waiting for a disaster i want order neatness and perfection in others work i am never appreciative and always fear failure in future not success and i recheck things to make sure i did it right.
    I cannot focus on what is happening now because i am too worried about what might go wrong
    What medicine can i take to fix these problems?
    How can i be like a normal person.

  70. Michelle MacRae says:

    My son who has asperger’s is in fear of his own bodily fluids.
    He is experiencing allergies causing his nose to be bothersome and then he fears that the airborne particles can harm him and get him sick. He then resorts to excessive hand washing which I only allow no chemical handwash soap and he also puts water all over his clothes. I know this whole cycle is bothering him and at times making him feel like he can’t escape it. He doesn’t want attention drawn to him. He is 16 and no longer wants an autism diagnosis. Can you help please. Thanks.

  71. I have ocd depresdion and sleep problems whuch homepathic remedy suitable for me

  72. Sir I have a problem that every thing should done on my way if not done then I m so sad .do not work or talk to others because thought that they would that I m wrong or not good.I always thinking about my health.
    Help me sir

  73. dr mahin abafghi says:

    thanks it was very helpful dr sharma

    • Satyajit Dash says:

      My spouse is suffering from OCD last 10 years. She has tendency to wash everythings again and again many times with soap and more about contamination of other people’s energies than anything. she gets overwhelmed and drained by people, and cannot even stand being around them. she feels my home and my aura totally contaminated by others so she cannot stand visitors, or visiting others and hesitate to touch anything that others touch.
      Sir, Kindly help to recover from the above disease.

  74. I think i have psycholgical problens.the symtomps are mind forces me to recall any previous thing which is related to present. mind fights with itself to remember that person,place,scene,etc.

    3.if I succeed to recall then it is good but if I am unable to remember,then my mind exerts more pressure resulting in depression,memory loss,less ineraction,no study etc.

    4.this process is continuous and occurs continuously with every time a new topic.

    5.I dream very much at night…and in the morning my mind asks me to remember what I have dreamed tonight…plz help

  75. Ram Kishun Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,
    My spouse is suffering from OCD last 15 years. She has tendency to wash everythings again and again many times with soap. i have visit many alopathic docters but no any cure.
    kindly suggest me any medicin for her. she is 42 years. having 4 Children. out of home she behave normal .

  76. jupinder singh says:

    i am suffering from O.C.D- Starring disorder. can not talk to people with eye contact. Whenever i talk to man or woman my eyes goes straight to their private parts. i have taken allopathy medicene for three months that does works for me so i left. Suicide thought comes in my mind. i used to remain in aggression if somebody gets in debate with me. i can not go out in the public due this fear of starring. i am married and having 16 year old child.

    Plz suggest medicene for me.

    • I have same OCD problem. I cannot control my eyes when I talk to Ladies. It may go to their body parts. which I don’t want to. Evethough I cannot control the same. Because of these problems I am trying to escape the situation. Please help me recover from this

  77. Nuruljannah says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I met a therapist recently in June. According to my therapist, I show signs of mild OCD. I get intrusive thoughts of turning homosexual and avoided to meet people with the the same sex. I’m also constantly checking my surrounding because I don’t feel “safe”. Recently, I feel into a state of depressions for about a few weeks with thoughts that my OCD will worsen. I just managed to get out of it. I do get thoughts of having schizophrenia and will experience intense fear. At times, the anxiety and intense fear is so overwhelming that I can’t eat or sleep. I get very bad migraines and palpitations. Can homeopathy aid in me getting better? I understand that OCD can’t be cured.

  78. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering a mental disorder from1 year. When I intend to perform prayer, as I am muslim So need to wash my hand nose face head and leg, but problem is there, I notice that during this oju (washing my body part) I am very confused and perform it again again. It is very embarrassing in mosque washing place, then also prayer time I can’t concentrated my mind in prayer.
    This happen only when I want to perform prayer,
    I am 45 years old Male, weight 78 kgs , height 5′-6″, engaged in business.
    I need your help to get rid of this mental disorder.

  79. Amlan KBHattacharjee says:

    Sir I am a resident of Guwahati .The age of my wife is 38 years . We were married in 2004. In the year 2007(first part) my mother suddenly asked us to move to the backside of the house once occupied by the tenants.That portion though attached to the former one is not so beautiful and well decorated. As we moved in then our relationship also deteriorated over this issue my wife was shocked and talks between her and mother virtually came to an end. Thereafter she gave birth to our first daughter in 2007 december. After her birth 2 years passed, one day she revealed that she strangely enough is visualizing the sanitary pan and fecal matter most of the times in front of her eyes . We visited a homeopathic doctor did some thyroid test everything was ok and then we decided to renovate the washroom by fitting tiles and all. Thereafter she didn’t speak about that vision coming in front of her anymore.Time passed then she started having pimples in her cheek and used to remain absent minded and sometimes used to become angry over small issues.Then in 2013 there came another small girl child. Then she revealed that all those years the vision has not gone away and she has been visualizing the vision mentioned above throughout the time she came to this portion of the house.We started consulting psychiatrist she started feeling depressed her head used to burn she became very thin and also very much conscious that she is losing her beauty day by day which she attributed to the vision. In october 2016 she took some medicines from a psychiatrist and then there was a period from October 2016 to August 9 2017 where I thought that the vision has completely gone away but it came back heavily bringing alongwith it depression unmindfulness murmuring . I am giving her ignatia 200 . Yesterday after taking bath she was shaking I asked why she that she is afraid ,afraid of what she didnt reveal I patted on her back and asked her to write that everything is imaginary and then gave her aconite 200 one dose and then it went away . I am at a fix as to what should be done .

  80. i have none of the above, my ocd is not like anyone elses. I feel peoples energies, and the energies of places;I am highly sensitive to all things. People drain me so much, I feel my aura is contaminated by their negative energies.. nice people dont drain me.
    If I dont carry out tics or rituals its like im being tasered, electrocuted. The longer I avoid it the more intense the electricity is… until it becomes too unbearable. I have never feared anything ‘bad’ might happen, it just hurts like hell. Is there a remedy for me? 😦 Please d

  81. i have none of the above, my ocd is not like anyone elses. I feel peoples energies, and the energies of places;I am highly sensitive to all things. People drain me so much, I feel my aura is contaminated by their negative energies.. nice people dont drain me.
    If I dont carry oit tics or rituals its lime im being tasered, electrocuted. The longer ai avoid it the more intense the electricity is… until it becomes too unbearable. I have never feared anything ‘bad’ might happen, it just hurts like hell. Is there a remedy foe me? 😦

  82. GÜLSÜM AKDAĞ says:

    ı have an uncle who fears death.he always tried to clean his throat and belives that he will be drowned.he has a sensation that he cannot breath deeply,holds his throat inorder to take breath .He is 80 years old.Also has memory weakness.Can homeopathy help him?

  83. I have problem of checking doors, my wallet, imp switches like geyser, AC, heater, gas etc. I am basically underconfident and insecure. Will arsenic album solve my problem. plz tell fpr how long i hv to takr the med.

  84. Nitin SHUKLA says:

    Hi DOC,

    I was diagnosed Impulse control disorder and was on allopathic treatment for a month but i left it midway as i felt it is destroying my liver. Today i had a bout of anger and shouted at my wife i realized my mistake but i had done the deed of making her angry , i have been trying to control my impulses but ,many times i burst out . I KEEP checking doors , wake up at night and have these thought as if an an earthquake is coming and wake up in bed .Please advise a homeo treatment i have all the above medications at home but dont know the dosage . KINDLY HELP I DONT WANT TO END MY MARRIAGE over my Impulse control disorder , My AGE is 46 , Height is 6 feet and weight is 118 kgs . i was treated for cancer non hodgkins lymphoma and had a major accident in 2014 , where i broke both my arms , now recuperated and fine.

  85. I am a patient of stomach disorders living on restricted diet. Frequent loose motions have resulted in weak rectum muscles and whenever I walk or stand for longer duration I get pain in lower abdomen with urge to pass stool. If there is delay, watery discharge from rectum takes place and this causes high degree of frustration and oversensitivity to cleanliness. Ultimately I have become a patient of depression and OCD and in morning I keep washing my undergarments for long time even if no visible mark of discharge. I take allopathic medicines UVOX and clonotril which I cannot stop because then I cannot work. Can you help?

  86. rachnarathor says:

    I have problem sir pls help

  87. pinki (nick name) says:

    hi I am 27 years old woman suffering from ocd (scrupulosity) and I am currentlyon sertraline 200mg prescribed from my doctor but no improvement now I can’t control my blasphemous thoughts about god plz help can I overcome from scrupulosity… .is there any good homeopathy medicine for cure my ocd(scruplosity).

  88. Hi ,I am 18 year old male suffering with OCD and my dad was talking about how his dad used homeopathic medicine and I am currently on sertraline 50mg prescribed from my doctor but has warranted only little success(Possibly placebo )
    My OCD attaches to my intimate relationship with my fiancé and i get intrusive thoughts and I am very obsessive about checking feelings towards her and a lot of “what ifs?”

    Is there any available medicine you can recommend for this?

    Any help appreciated

    • Hi Cauley ,

      I have the exact same thing . I have been prescribed Britalex antidepressant and i will also start homeopathy.

      Have you seen any difference in your symptoms?

      Dr. Sharma , is there a problem combing the antidepressant with homeopathy?

  89. Amit dhali says:

    Is ocd curable in homeopathy

  90. Hello dr, i fear numbers so much. I have been on antidepressants for long but with no improvement.advice

  91. Mohamed yasin mulla says:

    Hi dr. Sharma, i hope you are doing well. I have been suffering from ocd since many years. I gues even in childhood i was suffering but never noticed. I suffer from religious ocd where i keep geeting thought’s for my loved ones now espicially for my wife. For e.g i get a thought that she will become ill then at the same point automatically prayers comes. My intention of prayer is she shdnt become ill but my mind tells me that she will become ill bz i have prayed for her to become ill. This is one example likewise i have many other thoughts for her. This activiy goes on and on and its repetitive. I have stopped offer namaz also.

    • Sir my brother has OCD problem he can not escape from the thoughts of that he is sick he fills like he is having cancer or some other disease.he became alcoholic to escape from those thoughts and now suffering from both OCD and alcoholism please help

  92. For years I have been drinking unbelievable amounts of fluid. Water or juice. I can’t stop. All day all night. I drink so fast and only takes minutes before the unbelievable thirst return. I was check for diabetes and diabetes Insipidus.
    I finally figured that this is OCD. I have some other symptoms too that would be considered OCD. A long time ago I was treated for headaches with sepia. I noticed that the symptoms went away. I just put together all of this. My question is now that I no longer live near the homeopathic Doctor, how much sepia should I take ? I want to start taking it again.
    Please help.

  93. Mr.Yuen Tuck Meng, says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and impotence. I am Mr.Yuen Tuck Meng. I am 62 years old, living in Singapore. Are there any medicines that can heal and cure my ageing health problems?

  94. Jason Cook says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma…I’m a shaman in Canada and have been treating my 13 year old client with OCD – fear of contamination and washing hands etc…what would be the proper dosage for Syphilinum and Medorrhinum as I think it would truly benefit him.

    Deep blessings

  95. Madhu gohl says:

    Sir my husband is 67years old and suffers from repetition of single thought all time without other symptoms of OCD please help and suggest some medicine

  96. Dear doctor,
    My 4 year child have ocd (mild symptoms)confirmed by local physciatry consulatant

    Am at abrod please give support us

    Shijo kurian

  97. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My sister having OCD problem since 1 year earlier she had problem like checking the gas, door lock again and again but now that increased more like she fears to buy something from shop. She also fears from talking to person as she has to remember what she took from them.
    Could you please guide what to do the next step/


  98. Arvind Pande says:

    My son aged 17 yrs. is very reserve. He has nagging thoughts of penis penetrating his stomach. Sometime he feels that a knife is pointed towards his neck and and he is getting killed. He is not constant in his studies. Sometimes he reads for hours together and sometime he doesn’t study at all. He does not take bath regularly. He reads books on religion often. He has a menia for maths. He reads books on maths of very high standard other than those prescribed for his class. He is most unsystematic. Recently he qualified NDA written exam but did not go for SSB for fear of getting rejected. He is having treatment for OCD at PGI Chandigarh but he resists taking medicine for fear of having side effects. Pl. advice suitable treatments. Thanks.

  99. Dr Aparna Rout says:

    Hello Dr
    I’m Dr Aparna Rout,sir I want to know best medicine for OCD which help to permanent cure bcoz my sister in law suffering from this disease .I want to treat her pls recommend medicine for her….
    SYMPTOMS— behaviour issues
    2– when she gone to outside or relative’s home after came to home washes many times till she feels she is clean now….. When she washes her hand at that time she clean the basin n tap also everytime.3 Her daughter gone to outside with her after came to home late night she washes her body, don’t think about time n her kid…Her daughter is 6 yr old…
    Pls Dr Help me …I’m waiting Ur suggestions….


  100. Sir I’m from India, I’m writing this in regard of my wife, suffering from Ocd ,don’t know what to do? Fed up with allopathy treatment. She discontinued her studies, gained weight, as time passes it’s getting severe

  101. Soubia Ilyas says:

    My child is ten years old. He is strongly averse of fruits, if any fruit is in the room he goes away from there or tell her or him to get out of there. He don’t allow anyone to touch his things as they have touched the fruits. He also not allow to keep things on his tables .he says wash your hand.
    Please tell me the remedy

  102. Sir,
    I am suffering with my Husband,s unwanted relations sir pls recomend any medicines for that

  103. Sir brother always washing hand minimum 15 minute and afraid touch hand
    Pls suggest me

    • Maheswar Mohanty says:

      Sir for last 40 years my wife is suffering from OCD, i.e. she washes her hands for several hour and several times a day. While bathing, she feels, her body, or anus is not completely washed, she washes many times till she feels that it is now clean. then she comes out of bath room. It takes hours. I have given her treatment under allopathic doctors but of no avail. I request you kindly to guide me.

  104. Sneha Gupta says:

    I need homeopathy treatment but my ocd symptoms are many.

  105. Sir, I m suffering from ocd i wash hand many time ifeel fair of death and accident



  107. Sharanappa b.honaguntikar says:

    Respected sir

    sir iam sharanappa b.h so i have taken already allopathic medicine for 8 month then not relieve my big problem not come to sleep

  108. Dear sir,i m dr wahid 36 yrs old boy has suffered from ocd for 15yrs.i have taken allopathic treatment. But it can’t cure the disease. Still now i take this how i can get rid of this disease?

  109. Vishwanath Sista says:

    My grandson,Age 5 Years has this habit of putting things like crayons, eraser,thermocol bits in his nose… 3 times we have had to get it out from an ENT Specialist… Any homeopathic remedy for such compulsive behavior?

  110. Amit d ralkar says:

    Dear sir
    I feel bored of working in office about which I was passionate about some time ago. Always negative thought come in my mind. Please advice

  111. ranjit singh says:

    I have compulsive starring disorder. From last 1 year. I am married. Have one children.I am male age 37. I do have habbit of looking at the women and mens private parts.can’t control. My eyes. When I am talking to man or woman and whatever. Age he or she. Has. I don’t have. Curiosity for Sex with that temptation is with woman only. Ihad. To leave. My job. Due. This problem. Can’t. Talk. With anybody.sometimes. Suicidal. Thoughts comes. To my mindthinking I can’t. Talk. With. My parents. Also. I used to watch. Lot. Of porn. Videos. Before. Thistrouble begins

  112. Hi doctor. I am 17 yeats old.and i am in doubt that i am suffering from ocd. As I repeat some certain words in my mind whole day and i am very worried. What should i do

  113. Sir my brother obsessive compulsive disorder problem he always hand wash after touch anything and when he come out toilet or potty he hand wash minimum 15 minute pls suggest medicine

    • SATYENDRA Suman says:

      Hello sir. Mere wife ko ocd ke problem he me kota Rajasthan she hu mere wife ke age 32 year he or 5 sal se ocd ke karan bar bar badsheet &kapde dhoti he pocha Lagahti he children or muzse bar bar hand wash karwti he choti choti NATO par gussa large he plz sir help me

  114. this is related to my son , he was school topper till last year , now he is very dippressed and showing anxiety
    he has litile OCD , around one year we tried psyciatry treatinet manly taking cepralex tablets. but no improvement. we are verry much worried about his condition as he is not able to study now. he is trying to study but he is not able to study so he is crying every time . he is 16 year old and now we are in Dubai.
    is there any homeo medicine to solve his problem

  115. namaste dr
    i am 25 year old and i am a college professor suffering from ocd when i was in my 7th standard earlier i’d wash my hand rapidly when that intrusive thought strike on my mind. later i control over it but later other compulsion takes place that is the arrangement putting things in their place and in specific order sometime i place the things in my bad where i sleep . basically that thought comes in form of image of death of my close one’s sometimes father’s death some time mother’s and due to overcome this fear i am compulsively do all act. In simple if i am doing any work and that thought come then either i repeat the action for 3-4 times when some other person image not come
    to get rid of this i daily practices yoga and meditation
    please suggest me some homeopathy medicines when i feel that that i have problem i told to my mom and tell them please visit psychiatrist dr gave us medicine but nothing works

  116. mood swing — plz advise remedy. mood swings abruptly, become impulsive at a time like start shouting over wife and tends to hit but not hitting.

  117. Dinesh Anand says:

    My father has the problem of repeated hand wash, he also used to wear very few clothes while going to toilet, during washing hands he has the habit of washing soap also, tell me the best cure

  118. Hi my 13 yo girl has autism and is easily upset if things are not routinely structured. She loves loud noises, specifically loves dancing to the vacuum cleaner or white noise to calm herself.
    Have had some success with nix and ars alb though ars son seems to heighten her ibs soon with cutting and trimming all her toys to the pint that she destroys them as they are never quite right!
    Was thinking perhaps Nux again or perhaps arg. nit? What do you think

  119. Hello doctor…
    Do u have any clinic in Delhi where we can see you for homeopathic treatment of ocd and depression?

  120. hiv fovia our dr say it is ocd hiv hone ka bahem

  121. sir i am ocd (hiv fovia) hiv hone ka bahem by touch wound ,blood ,barber .15year

  122. Hi I won’t take action though it us urgent think you that I do.

  123. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My 8 year old son has recently developed the need to do specific rituals before bedtime in the bathroom. He says goodnight to everything in the bathroom, pats and taps the door and toilet, and the lights. Then he arranges his toys very neatly in his room. He has waken up in the time with the need to put a toy in order. Bedtime is very stressful for us in general. His father and I just divorced a year ago. My son stays with me, but does hang out with his father who has no job, and no place to stay. As a single mom, I am stressed out. I have tried to make bedtime less stressful recently with chamomile tea, lavender oils, magnesium drink, Bach flower essences, and also B vitamins. What homepathic remedy do you recommend for obsessive thoughts and ritualizing? My son is aware of his thoughts and will tell me about them. Thank you.

  124. Rose Dahmen says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I feel I am somewhat rigid in my approach to life. I do pray all of the time, chant, ready holy books, which this may be fine, but I feel myself clinging to this out of a fear that I am innately bad, incapable of succeeding in life (even though I am) and fear being found out (shame) and exposed as being shamefully inadequate. So I hide, try to please and am a bit phony because I feel better and not so alone and scared if others like me, include me and approve of me. I fear I would not be loved or accepted if I were to just be authentically myself, speaking my opinions. I was raised by a strict Catholic mother who used religion as a “crutch”. I think that I am bad and often think I need to do some austerity like give up caffeine or do some type of penance to be made worthy of God. I think some of my spiritual leanings are to find purification and from a place of needing God because I alone am so powerless yet I think it’s bad to have power. I am very productive, live a normal life, married and participate in an advanced spiritual program which I benefit from but these are underlying patterns that I think I am ready to have some healing. Can you recommend a remedy?

    Thank you.
    Rose Dahmen

  125. Namastai sir. Mai software engg hu. Ocd kai wajah sai mai itna parisan hu ki mai bayan nhi kar sakta. Mai hyderabad ka medicine chalaya period mai kuch faida hua tha lakin mai bahut parisan mai apna life ka 13 years spoil kar diya hu plx help

  126. Following behaviour of OCD is beign followed by the patient:
    1. Following all actions in a pattern for e.g. doing everything three / four / twenty five etc. times
    2. while walking onward, takes few steps backward and stay for some time and they walk forward
    3. Count up to certain numbers and then start doing any action such as putting on or putting off cloths etc
    4 When somebody disturb in counting and say do your work you are getting late, in such case again started counting from zero to the desired number and then do the work ( number changing from day to day basis )
    5.Repeatedly going to toilet
    6 when stopped for doing any ocd related behaviour got so much excited that start beating / shouting on the person disturbing him

  127. Persistant religous thoughts
    Persistant thoughts of germs,dust,smoke
    Lack of memory and remembering
    Persistant thougts of having sex the problem of not straight penis & concentrated on sex feeling
    Joy of sex is low
    Physical hardness in the lower back head
    Taking paroxitene 20mg but not have considerable satisfaction
    When the drug stopped my symtoms are increasing
    What should be my decease ,homeopathic medicine and dosage

  128. Govind atwal says:

    When i leave some word or charachter while reading .i feel very anxious and my inner self want me to correct it…my mind thinks that i had done something wrong with a word or character.these type of persistent thoughts trouble me.. Can you please tell me what is this. And how can i treat this

  129. have a grandson, age 12, who twists/twirls his hair on side of head and causes breakage of hair.

  130. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Hi my brother is suffering from OCD for last 10yrears…. I have tried all medication but no result….. Kindly help

  131. Pawan Singh says:

    Dear sir, my daughter who is 21 year old with dowsyndrome, have the symptoms of putting the things order always and gets angry if some one disturb order or see feels that he/she is disturbing the order so on. Though she had this type of behaviour from the 14-15 year old but with less intensity. But now she is showing more intensity and she used to go to school but now has stopped going to school. we consulted with one Allopathic doctor but yield no tangible results, now she has strted taking treatment from homeopath ( for > 7 days) we don’t see any change in her way of doing things. Can you suggest some remedy , kindly advice us for that . Thanking you

    Pawan Singh, NDRI, Karnal

  132. Hello sir….
    This is bhavesh rathod from mumbai. I m suffering from ocd from last 15 yrs. Please send me ur clinic address

  133. sir i am suffering from ocd from 13 years. i m taking phychiatric treatment and i m addicted of sleeping pilss. in the beginning when i was in 10 class before exam an obssesive thought of being failed in exam and this thought persistently ran in my mind then i mettwith phychiatric doctor and taking treatment since today

  134. subodh kumar says:

    i have been suffering from ocd disease for last 25 years. i want to know its treatment in homeopathy.

  135. nitintaneja says:

    hi am facing ocd from 11 years it would do great if you provide remedy .hope soonest reply.
    thanks dr

  136. My sister is having some symptoms of OCD can you please look over this issue sir?

  137. Suffering from ocd and it’s been more than 10yrs .getting worse day by day .i wash my hand so frequently.m fed up of this .is this curable if so then how ?recently got marry n it’s effecting my married life.feeling going in depression

  138. Suffering from ocd and it’s been more than 10yrs .getting worse day by day .m fed up of this .is this curable if so then how ?recently got marry n it’s effecting my married life.feeling going in depression

  139. Babita kalra says:

    mujhe bar bar God ke vichar aate hai.path bahut karti hun.Bhagwan ko ye bhog lagoun,ye path karo, ye fruit charayou .Kahin kisi mandir mein jana ho to phele hi sochti hun ki itne paise prashad charaun.agar purs na kar payun to bahut dimag prashan hots hai.Mandir bhi roj jati hun .na jaon to man pareshan hota hai . mein sara din yahi kuch sochati rehti hun.please medicine sugget karen.Thanks.

  140. Yogesh Raghav says:

    sir iam also having OCD which includes compulsions like listening a hard word or repeating a hard word to a person 4 to 8 times in a pattern.if i dont do it in a pattern i feel depressed and anxiety. i have stammering problem..earlier i had problem of calling wrong no for 8 to 16 times but latter it got resolved but suddenly after two-three months it again started and now its getting worst and worst and iam feeling like suiciding…plz help me sir….iam fed up of this….if some one speaks some word which i feel is hard for me to repeat i want him/her to repeat that word for4-8 times in a pattern and same occurs when a hard word comes to my mind which is difficult to pronounce i want it to repeat 4-8 times ina pattern..if this pattern get breaks,i feel like dying and become uncomfortable and anxieted.

    my colleagues and other person got irritated from me so plz help me befor i lose my job and relations

  141. please sir indicate me that i feel whose diseases of mind?,, my brain give me order to crush my head on a wall or vehicle, or give me order to hit a hemmor or strong thing on my head, or gives me order that to jump onto the buliding, please sir inform me a medison farmula to reduse ocd and pshycosis.

  142. Good evening sir ,
    I am Suresh _23 years old . I always get a feeling of what one some one think about me while doing any work such as while walking on the road , or standing at any place i feel nervous innerly and doubt Ness . And i feel doubt in doing any task and i feel that Something will happen surely and get panicked of it and think about it .And some time mind gets stressed for such useless thoughts. And i think everything in negative manner. Such useless thoughts are killing my mind day by day.

    Sir please provide me the solution to how to get rid of such thoughts and build my career . please provide what medicine should i take on order to cure my disease.

  143. LALIT KUMAR VERMA says:


  144. respected sharma sir, what is good himopathy indian or german .?, i m suffring since 8 year from ocd pl reply , sir tnx

  145. Dr i feel like taking bath&cleaning place again&again
    Pl help me

  146. Respected Dr Sharma – My wife has diagnosed with MND/ALS and undergoing with homeopathic treatment. One of the symptom, I have observed that she has OCD of counting eg – no of bulbs on ceiling, no of designs on the bed sheet or carpet, no of strips on the shirt of person sitting across etc.. She also ensure to close the doors for fear of thief.

  147. Sir my son is suffering from OCD..He is very intelligent n was preparing for his medical exam but now he says that there r always thoughts troubling him how to n wht to study n he is just not able to come out of this n his heart start beating fast nhe bcomes breathless n has pain in head sides n leaves studying n now he’s scared to study n has not touch his books for s month.plz help him out. .though he’s seeing a psychiatric n cscyhologist n taking allopatheic medicine but his condition is detoriating each day n he’s like going in depression n lying down mostly thinking how to study etc..plz help him

  148. S.n.pandey says:

    My son aged 34 yrs frequently washes hand & face & never use Towel for soaking water of body.
    He is also very much disgust to stool.
    He never go to sleep with his wife in that room where Sain Baba is placed in glass stand.
    We were not known this habit because he lived for study and service in Ghaziabad & Delhi. This came to our knowledge only when he was married and his wife told us.
    He also is not ready to visit doctor & becomes aggressive over us when we talk him to consult .
    Please advice some medicines for its cure.

  149. pankaj kumar says:

    sir,meri age 34 year hai.mere dimaag mai vichaare hamesha chalati rahati hai. mai lakh kosis karu magar ye rukti nahi hai.vichaar kisi bhi kshetra ka ho.aur soch itni gahari hoti hai ki saans ruk so jaati hai.isle wajah se mai kabhi koi phaishle par nirbhar nahi rah pata.aap khud meri samasya ko samajhiye .mai aaz Tak koi kaam pura nahi kar paya.kyu ki vichaaro ke bhatkaw se mere phaishale kab badal jaate hai mujhe pata bhi nahi samasya made saath bachpan se hi hai.

  150. sir
    my son is in class XII. he had to filled up his extra optional choice and he has also done that one year back in class XI.But till now one year after that he is in doubt about what he has filled up.Though we all have been trying to convince him,he is getting convinced but the doubt again re appears.
    He again and again asks that if every thing is ok or not.after getting solace he is convinced but the doubt again comes.
    1. Indigetion
    2.mild chest pain when the doubt comes.
    This problem is with him since nov 2015.
    sir please help in this regard.

  151. shivam baranwal says:

    Can ocd be cured permanently..

  152. anubhav bang says:

    How to cure Mind health and gain confidence, i have just started taking medicine saretenin 50M.
    What to take to boost mind and gain confidence?

  153. Dear Dr Sharma

    I am 62 years male and have suffering from OCD in the sense that I get sexual thoughts and then I get lubricating discharge after urine. Then I wash, change clothes and clean everything which i have touched. This is going on for last 2 years. Please help with homeopathy medicine.

  154. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is 13 now and major issue is that she tries to prick her two other sister me( mother) and her father all the time in one way or another. The background is that she is overweight and she cannot wear all the clothes of different fashion.Secondly ,she is not good is studies like her other sisters. Thirdly, she constantly tell all of us to put hands on nose while sneezing and if anybody does not do that ,she runs to beat that person. Kindly guide me under such conditions shall I give her some medication ? If, yes then which one?

  155. aamir pasha says:

    सर मेरी बहन (23 साल ) को ये ओसीडी की प्रोबलम पिछले एक साल से है समझ नही आ रहा क्या करें। एलोपेथिक लिए थे पर उसका साइड इफैक्ट होने लगा। please help me.

  156. T P V SUBRAMANIAN says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My son is suffering from OCD ( Cleanliness)> He is able to control cleaning and washing to great extent, but insist other follow the cleaning rituals even to his wife ( Married a month back)./ Due to this she left for her home and insists that my son should take treatment from Physiatrist. We know allopathic medicines prescribed by Physiatrist

    Have severe side effect which will destroy the person completely. I want to save the marriage.Please let me know whether there is treatment and complete cure for OCD without any side effects from the homeopathy medicines.


  157. Doctor,
    my daughter (14) is patient with serious OCD, she wants to touch our (parents) nose everytime and we want to sneeze, for that she put something in our nose. she take huge time for bathing, burshing, dressing etc. She likes to get everything by us. She wants to arrange the footware by us before wearing the same. When we gave anything to her we want to press (in force) to her hand with the object. When we are reluctant to do such things, she became angry and try to harm us. Doctor please help me to treat her.

  158. Rajesh Saxena says:

    Dear Dr , Thanks for this wonderful article, though I was diagnosed by a Dr long back about having OCD , But I havent been able to cure this so far. The anxiety disorder kills the happiness of life.

    With major symptoms of Generalized anxiety about anything going wrong , or presentation , or any other event happening may it be speaking in classroom or new work at office . Palpatation starts and sudden blankness in mind occurs causing inability to work on problems.

    Apart from this too much worry , too much reanalysis of past decisions, to much cribbing cursing about the past mistakes & past dissatisfying decisions ,re validation ,reassurance ,recheck happens. Inability to recall past discussion ,perfection if not received in work or result causes complete dis interest out of the things,dealing with failures is difficult.Triggers (external events or objects) causing anxiety are out of control and triggers the re-asurance re-verification of decision taken to justify the stands again and causes severe physical anxiety ,unable to focus and disturb mental peace. Continuous uncontrolled arguments rationals but mind doesn’t get satisfied with argument and after sometime re analysis again starts on same subject.
    The problem is the anxiety medince taken disturbs my stomach badly many medicine taken aggrevates Irritable Bowel syndorme to get triggered and causes too much acidity and gases again triggering the re-analysis of OCD . Hope you wud understand that if the someone has gases ,acidity then how wud his mind wud remain calm.
    Kindly suggest and provide direction with medicine to try.

  159. Dear sir,

    I am Nagaraj
    I am having severe OCD and antipsycotic problems
    please i need treatment
    my contact no : 9538653224

  160. Dr madhushukla says:

    Sir one of my patient is obcessed with feeding to dogs (ocn).i have given allopathic drug to him.can i give homeopathy along with it.what homeopathic drug do you suggest

  161. Is ocd 100% curable with homeopathy

  162. Janice Block says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma:

    What remedy or remedies would you recommend for a woman with severe post partum anxiety with obsessive thoughts about mental illness; especially, an obsessive concern that her state of mental health will never improve? Also sleeplessness and inability to focus enough to do daily chores. Calcarea? Are there any other post-partum specific ones you would recommend? Thanks.

  163. Ayush Ranjan says:

    sir i am from patna india. i have severe ocd in which any song i remember begins to come again and again in my mind especially fast songs. i cant completly get rid of it, although i am on allopathic medication SSRI. I feel i am only 50% cured but i want to be 100% healthy. is there any complete cure of my illness in homeopathy…… please help me sir. i will be much greatful to you.

  164. kajal kumar ray says:

    compulsion to do something and then fear of any serious future danger for doing so.

  165. Harshvardhan says:

    Dear sir my self harshvardhan from uttrakhand ,my age is 22 years,underweight,thin,muscular and bone growth is not proper,i usually do masturbation regurally when i used to porn type photoes or even hot scenes of films. This activity is doing from last 12 to 13 years now i have addicted. I got tensed with this activity.please prescribe me appropiate homeopathic remedy as soon as possible. Also homeopathy medicine for stronging nervous system. Thank you

  166. Leslie Samuel says:

    my daughter is 38yrs. married, has 2 daughters suffering from ocd for last 5 yrs. has sucidal tendency, does not want to be touched by anyone,will wash hands many times, bathing for 2 to 4 hrs. using soap over &over again. thinks that she is getting contaminated by dirt & germs. anything isdropped or touched will discard it wants new one. at times gets hysterical. she would not allow her own kids to come near her.marks a border not to cross this line. she will spray her bed & surroundings. will have her food naked. please suggest some medicines. a worried father.

  167. hi My OCD/tics of forty odd years now, is more about contamination of other people’s energies than anything. I get overwhelmed and drained by people, and cannot even stand being around them. I feel my home and my aura totally contaminated by others so I cannot stand visitors, or visiting others. I also have severe psoriasis and suffering with anxiety. My ocd is wide ranging, I have intrusive thoughts and music stuck in a loop all the time in my head. But not hand washing.
    It is beyond exhausting. I have no life.
    My homeopath has tried me with Cal.Carb, but it hasnt worked so far, it has been over two wand a half weeks. He gave me flower essences (mulla mulla and spinifex) which has also not worked. I feel he should have given me white yarrow, to protect my aura. But do not know which remedy could help this type of OCD. There seems to be no mention of this type.
    Do you have any ideas? Thanks

    • Oh… and I dont fear going mad, which is cal carb. It is all about energies and my inability to block them, and my high sensitivity to them. If I got that under control I’d be able to control the rest.

  168. Jayshree says:

    Hi my OCD only happens at night. I have fear of fire while I am sleeping. Daytime I don’t care.
    So at night I keep checking stoves, shut all the switches, disconnect all the appliances. Hair dryers, irons
    Oven, dryers. I have to have certain way of checking again and again. When I climb to go to bed. I start feeling that I forgot to check in of the appliances. So again I have to climb down and keep checking few times till I am assured that it is shut. It is so time consuming plus I don’t have enough sleep.
    Daytime comes and don’t care to check anything. So my main problem is that while sleeping I won’t be able to control if fire happens. This has caused the OCD.

  169. Hi, my son has been diagnosed with pandas/pans disease, he has this for approximately 5 years, his behavior changed overnight, he used to be a very happy outgoing child but that has changed all he does from the time he wakes until we make him go to bed is study he goes to school but will constantly study before school and after without ever taking a break, he does not want to go do anything with friends or take part in sports(things he always did) he also prays in excess before eating anything and at night before bed, he whisper a lot when responding to any questions we ask him, do you think you can help him, we have tried everything. Thank you

  170. Raajarshi dey says:

    Dear dr.i am an Ocd patient last 3 years. I have taken

    Allopathy treatment Last this year ,but my sufferings could

    NOT OVER .Now i want remedy frOm yOu. KIndLY heLP me.

  171. Sridhar B says:


    Suffering from anxiety and OCD since from past 15 years.Using English medicine for this ailment not completely cured. When i stop the ocd is recurring again.Hoping that get a cure for this problem from homeopathy side.

  172. i see no replies to all these cries for help. im guessing you just want phone consultations and customers… well we cant all affird to be ringing India!

  173. T.AISHWARYA says:

    Respected sir,
    I am suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder before two weeks I was prescribed fluoxetine by the doctor and suddenly I was changed to homeopathy medicine.Now I am taking homeopathy medicine.what’s my question is whether to continue homeopathy medicine for obseesive compulsive disorder or to use English medicine such as fluoxetine.I am totally confused sir.please help me

    • trust me prozac is not the answer. i was on it. after a while it loses its effect and you need higher doses. over 25 years i went from 20 to 80 mg. i ended up with tinnitus. i couldnt cry or climax in all those years. stick with the homeopathy… be patient. im there too. Hugs

      • m m Deodhar says:

        My wife is suffering from ocd for last 8 years. Allopathic medicines serta and risdone, pictane and uvax have shown about 50 percent improvement. But she still continues to spend about 3 hours everyday for bath and washing her clothes. She does not listen to any advice. We are continuing her on allopathic medicine. Her age is 64 and doctors have said that at this age CBT may not be effective.

        Please advise and oblige.


  174. I have been on sertraline for almost 20 years. It seems to not work like it used to.

    I am weaning off 25 mg and am at about 5 mg, about every other day. Depression is worse.

    Moreover, I suffer from persistent and debilitating insomnia for 1.5 years. Nothing helps.
    My GERD symptoms have also worsened, though improved when I added apple cider vinegar with meals.

    Right After taking sertraline, and before the menstrual cycle, when I experience premenstrual dysphoric disorder, I have homicidal and suicidal thoughts. I can’t bear it anymore. The dose I reduced from 25mg, for the very reason. the doctor wants to increase it. I disagree.
    I believe I could have potential psychotic symptoms from PMDD. I may ask my doctor to give me a mood stabilizer of symptoms don’t subside.
    A homeopath has recommended Argentum nitric, 200c. is this correct?

    Thank you.

  175. Tahmid Yasir Khan says:

    Dear Sir ,
    i am tahmid yasir khan , Age 13years 8 months suffering from OCD . I am in medication allpathy but improvement is there any chances to cure from the homeopathy.

  176. shashikant Aatishabaj says:

    i’m in deep troubule about ocd from 12year tell me any solution to be recover early

    • Hello Sir I am 32 year old and suffering from OCD from last 16 years i take alopethic medicines but get recovery only half percentage i want to know that is any homeopathic treatment is available for OCD if yes so how many percentage of recovery is possible and can i use Homeopathic medicines to stop 16 year long alopethic treatment.
      Please help me if i fully recovered with Homeopathic medicines.

  177. Sanjay ranga says:

    My wife is suffering from ocd from 15 years simtoms
    she used to wash her hands again and again . I need canseltation from you please help

    • Kulwant Singh says:

      My nephew aged 30 suffering from ocd for the last 15 years and is under allopathic treatment and psycotherapy. can he be cured with homoeopathic treatment.

  178. prasanta ghosh says:

    Many thoughts come in my mind and those thoughts disturbing me to my study, also in my daily life .For that I becoming solw to my work . I requesting to you, to tell me what medicine should be perfect for me .

  179. Ujjwal kumar says:

    Sir/maim,i am a student of 21 years old having ocd from past 5 years,my problem is related with every time anxiety,continuous negative thought like sex,image of female vaginal part again and again,due to which i am unable to concentrate on my study,basically during night time when going to bed it becomes more severe,to suppress this thought i repeat holy words in my mind standing again and again on bed to suppress it,after a lot of practise i become able to sleep,plz advice me which medicine will work best.

  180. Ujjwal kumar says:

    Sir/maim,i am a student of 21 years old having ocd from past 5 years,my problem is related with every time anxiety,continuous negative thought like sex,image of female vaginal part again and again,due to which i am unable to concentrate on my study,basically during night time when going to bed it becomes more severe,to suppress this thought i repeat holy words in my mind standing again and again on bed to suppress it,after a lot of practise i become able to sleep,plz advice me which medicine will work best

  181. Sanjay sharma says:

    My wife is suffering from ocd she feels that her office in which she works is not holy after the death of her junior who died 12 year before.Now when she comes back from the office she takes bath for around 3 to 5 hrs.she have taken alopathic treatment that worked in curing her but it was having side effects like monopause so she stopped that medicine.
    Now we are looking for some homeopathic treatment.
    With regards

    • I have ocd for 20 years. Of late i am pregnant and the thoughts have got worse. i have severe compulsion, doubts. CAn homeopathy treatment cure my OCD.

  182. Surendra singh says:

    Dear Dr sharma
    My wife is suffering from ocd problem, she is highly concerned about the cleanliness and checking the locks. Now she is taking fluvoxin and clonotril medicines. Please tell me how she can be cured in homeopathy

  183. Tohfique hawaldar says:

    Dear sir ,

    I am suffering from OCD .Continuously washing hands,body while taking bath,extendedly repeating prayers,dua.Always negative thoughts while praying ,always thinking of suicide,if any pain comes thinks like its mine last time I am going to die .Unable to concentrate on work and family .No proper sleep .
    Kindly suggest Sir whether I can come out of this Sir since I have started homeopathy medicine Ginkgo plus and other solution .plzzz Sir waiting for your response

  184. I have ocd past 27 year’s I have taken medicine for 8 month’s after that I discontinue by reducing dose due to side effects. I have read all books I have depth knowledge about it.still I have irrational thoughts .want to take homeopathic medicine. How can I get same medicine

  185. My wife is OCD who is frequently washing hands again and again without giving any consideration to other important work in her life. Taking too much time during washing hands. Her age is 44 yrs & this habit she carrying since her childhood.
    Pls advice any homeopathy medicine which is effective.

  186. I was suffered past 15 yes of OCD disorder . how can I overcome

  187. mohd afjal says:

    Sir, regular unnecessary thoughts come in my mind. they are not in my control. all day, I remain a little sad and anxiety remains whole day. I am taking allopathic medicine for three years, but regular unnecessary thought did not end. Now I want homeopathic treatment. please help me

  188. Anantha kumar says:

    sir ,i have ocd & anxiety iam taking olmeguard 10mg for BP ,bizfer xt ,omega 3 fattyacids,B12…kindly advice me for ocd & anxiety problem.thanks sir

  189. Sir,I am a patient of ocd.I have unwanted thought come in mind again and again,always remembering past,always have fear of losing something and thus checking things repeatedly,always something going on in my mind automatically…..
    Please help me sir.

  190. Washing hands

  191. Can I take both the homeopathy and alopathy medicine at the same time for ocd

    • Shaloo Agarwal says:

      Hello.Dr. my problem is when i watch tv. I see fan also as it comes in that vision.lf there is no fan then only tv is seen.Second problem is in complete silince my concentration is on the sound of fan .(sound of air ) that every one hears but not concetrate on it. What type of disorder is this.

  192. B. S. Panesar says:

    I have an OCD problem of continuously swallowing the saliwa. It is very much distressing. So much at times that I have sucidal thoughts. Kindly help.

  193. I am have ocd

  194. Anil Kumar Tiwari says:

    My wife age 50 years suffering from OCD since from 15 years and using English medicine and requesting you to show me the better way of treatment from homeopathy

  195. I am suffering from OCD since from 15 years and using English medicine and requesting you to show me the better way of treatment from homeopathy

  196. hello sir,i m a OCD patient.In the beginning of the disorder only religious and some other varying thoughts troubled me but after some years it started disturbing in my study.when i read i feel difficulty and my mind repeat the sentences illogically.Due to this it seems me that my mind is blocked and brain sometimes didn’t produce meaning image of the word or sentences.i consulted a psychiatrist and get treated and felt relief but not complete.i also took homoeopathy treatment but found no significant positive change and quitted the treatment.sir please advice me what should i do? May i take above mentioned medicines which applies on my case ?please advise me sir.

    • My wife is OCD who is frequently washing hands again and again without giving any consideration to other important work in her life. Taking too much time during washing hands. Her age is 44 yrs & this habit she carrying since her childhood.
      Pls advice any homeopathy medicine which is effective.

  197. abhishek verma says:

    sir i have anxiety with ocd .sir i have been taking medicine alopathic pexep cr 25 and revotril 0.5 for 10 years . my age is now 36. now i feel good . but side effect is many . i want to leave medicine. i want to take homeo aurved or any medicine without side affect. please help me or tell the name of medicine.please sir.

  198. Dear Dr Sharma
    My wife is suffering from OCD for about more than ten years. Although, we have made several attempt for the treatments with many psychiatrists including some homeopaths, but the treatments could not reflect any remarkable improvements. Which led to the discontinuation of the treatment owing to some or the other problems caused by the medicines . Even she washes her feet whenever she gets out of the house for a few minutes. The symptoms are noticeable by her behavior of washing hands most frequently, bathing for hours, washing utensils for a long time, shouting over the kids and anxiety.
    Kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine, which can be taken regularly and without any side effect.


  199. Following her first and only psychotic break, (she currently is in remission with no delusions), my daughter now has obsessive thoughts about her past, constantly berating herself with many regrets and feelings of failure (last few months). What homeopathic remedy would you recommend?

  200. Hello,
    I have repeated unwanted thoughts, but they are about going over and over conversations I’ve had, or imagining conversations how I would like them to go etc. often I rehearse these conversations aloud, and have been embarrassed a couple of times when I have been caught out! I have always talked to myself and learned to verbalise/rehearse conversations aloud when training to be a writer, but it has now become obsessive. Often I’ll rehearse the same conversation several times in a row, and I am exhausted. What would you recommend?

  201. S N Jagannath says:

    My daughter is suffering from OCD for the last twelve years. Inspite of treatment at many hopitals and with many psychiatrists there is no improvement.
    I am interested in Homeopathi treatment.
    Kindly let me know about it and if any services are available at Bangalore

  202. Dejar Dr.,
    My homeopathic practitioner has a kentian approach when prescribing potencies and in fact he is sure about my simillimum.what I wanted to ask is what potency of arsenic um. suits best for a mental case for a man in his 40s with severe ocd.

    Regards from Argentina


  203. Dear Dr.

    Kindly do not publish. Kindly reply to my mail

    What would you prescribe for compulsive disorder to improve confidence & self esteem, lack of decisiveness, natural maturity in a 40 year old married lady – also has epilepsy since age of 21

    • Dear Dr Sir,

      I had ocd in 2008 and put on to seraterali reuptake inhibhitor till was no more and i myself discontinued the medicine. but from 2015 i has slowly aggrevated once again iam on same medicine. this started due to marraige not happened on accord to my needs.because my expectation was high .

      Kindly help me.

      Regards & Thanks

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