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Obsessive Thoughts Troubling you ? Homeopathy has an Effective Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder in which a person has persistent unwanted thoughts. This obsession with unwanted thoughts in the mind leads to distress and certain repeated behaviour or actions, with the compulsion to control that distress. This disorder is genetic or runs in families. Natural Homeopathic medicines, with zero side effects, can of great help in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Made of natural substances, Homeopathic remedies strike at the root of the problem and work towards complete treatment. Homeopathic remedies for obsessive-compulsive disorder are completely safe and can only help, never harm.

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder The symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD can be the persistent thought of hands getting contaminated or dirty on touching objects with frequent washing of hands; doubts whether the door is closed or not with checking the door again and again; persistent religious thoughts with excessive praying; presence of impulsive and aggressive thoughts; obsession to have things in a proper order at all times; and counting or repeating words silently.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

1. Arsenicum Album: For Persistent Thoughts of Death

Arsenicum Album is the top natural medicine for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with persistent thoughts of approaching death. Arsenicum Album is of great help for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have persistent thoughts of death and thus take no medicine, as they think that their death is very near and at this stage taking any medicine is of no use. Such patients need people around them and cannot remain alone because they feel worse when alone. The thoughts of death accompanied by extreme restlessness, where the patient jumps out of bed and moves here and there with anxiety, can also be treated with natural Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album.

2. Argentum Nitricum: For Impulsive Thoughts

Argentum Nitricum is the best natural medicine for treating patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have persistent impulsive thoughts. These impulsive thoughts can have different symptom presentations like while travelling in a train the persistent impulsive thought is to jump out of the window; while crossing a bridge over a river, the constant thought is to jump into the river or when standing on high buildings, there is the horrific thought of jumping down. Another marked feature for recommending natural Homeopathy remedy Argentum Nitricum for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is that the impulsive thoughts make the patient very anxious and restless. This results in extreme and constant walking to get rid of such impulsive thoughts and the person walks till all strength of body is lost.

3. Where there is a Tendency to Put Everything in Order

The three best remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that provide natural treatment to patients who have compulsiveness to put everything in order are Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album and Carcinosinum. The patients who need natural medicine Nux Vomica are oversensitive and of a careful and angry nature who demand all the things done as they want and easily get angry if the order is not followed. Arsenicum Album is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great benefit for those patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are very conscious about the order of things and cannot rest if the things are not in their proper place. This compulsion can go to such an extent that even if a painting hanging on the wall is slightly tilted, the mind does not rest till it is properly placed and the patient leaves every other work for this. Such patients also demand neatness in clothing. Carcinosinum is the natural Homeopathic remedy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patients who are very concerned about cleanliness and want a specific pattern to be followed not only in placing things, but also in their dressing style. For instance, they always like color matching while dressing up and also when decorating the room. They demand perfection in every work done to such an extent that it does not seem or look normal.

4. Natrum Muriaticum – For Compulsion to Check Locked Doors Repeatedly

Natrum Muriaticum is the best natural remedy for those patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are obsessed with the idea that thieves may strike and repeatedly check the locks of doors. The obsession is so persistent that the patient even has dreams of thieves in the house and wakes up to check the doors again and again.

5. Syphilinum and Medorrhinum – Where there is Compulsion to Washing Hands

Syphilinum and Medorrhinum are very good natural medicines for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who feel the compulsion to wash their hands again and again due to the persistent thought of getting their hands contaminated or dirty by touching any object. Such patients feel that germs are present on each and every object and get into the habit of washing hands at very short intervals, without giving any consideration to other important work in their lives.

6. Silicea – Where there are Thoughts of Pins

Silicea is the ideal natural treatment for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have the persistent thought of pins and fearing pins, look for, collect and even count pins again and again.

7. Calcarea Carbonica – For Persistent thought of Going Mad or Insane

Calcarea Carbonica is a natural medicine of great help for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are mentally exhausted and constantly think of going mad or insane. This thought of going mad prevails in the patient’s mind day and night and he or she is unable to put it aside even during sleep. This fear of going mad leads to great distress and to overcome it, the patient leaves all pending work aside and keeps himself or herself busy in breaking sticks or bending pins.

8. With Persistent Religious Thoughts

Natural medicines Stramonium and Pulsatilla are equally good in tackling the persistent religious thoughts in patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where the patient constantly thinks about religion reads holy books all the time and is almost always praying.

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  1. Ajay Kumar Sinha says:

    I am suffering from anxiety depression and insomnia and many many thoughts

  2. Dear sir,
    My wife is 58yrs suffering from hypothyroidism & on medication.
    Recently she started to get Intrusive thoughts as if the neighbour lady is dictating her mind all the time without even talking to her. At night sits up in bed with fear due to Intrusive thoughts.
    Please suggest some good medicine.

  3. Grace Singh says:

    I’m suffering from ocd , what should I do?

  4. Andi Sonntag says:

    I’m looking for a remedy to address OCD where there is a constant fear of death. I’m a survivor of childhood trauma and my mind creates false feelings of lumps in my body that come and disappear. They make me panic as if something is wrong and I can’t find it and I will die. Looking for that remedy to assist in healing this.

  5. intrusive thoughts and negative thoughts

  6. B V GOPINATH says:

    Good morning doctor sir I am b v gopinath I am suffering from religious ocd my age was 43 years please suggest best medicine for ocd cure

  7. Zulqarnain baloch says:

    Hi dr Im patient of OCD Depression Social anxity pleaz recomend medicine fear of death Gussa ata ha dil karta ha socite kru

  8. Parvathy Sekaran says:

    I am 25 , female , my eye sight was good enough i removed my spectacle 2 years back (wearing it from 11 th std to 3 rd year college ) , now its worsened and sometime when i cross a dirt i see twice or repeadtedly and get irritated who the hell put this here ex unclean toilet , unflushed toilet , toilets in railway station , feaces , flies , etc….
    Please suggest me a homeo remedy please .

  9. sambhaji zade says:

    मला ocd problem aahe. sexual chintan jast hote. devpuja krtana sex vichar yetat chintan kru shakt nahii. konntihi stri baghitli ki sex vichar. javalache natevaik aasel tri.
    upay sucval hi vinanti. 8208448994 whats app no

  10. Forid Ahmed Choudury says:

    Dear madam my problems is official matter some My colic and politicians time to time trusting my weak point.

  11. Sadanandan Padinjarapat says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I putting this for my daughter Devi an IT engineer by profession but not working since last 3 years.
    She is almost 32 years of age, not yet married
    The proposals went upto engagement but she found some issues and we stoped it.then again another two proposals also dropped just before engagement because she found issues.
    After her resignation from job things gone worst and for the last 1 1/2 years she is suffering from OCD mainly frequent washing of hands .
    Now seeking for job but could not sit and concentrate.
    This is the condition.
    Expecting your valuable suggestions .
    Warm regards

  12. Ram krishna says:

    My brother is suffering from OCD. He is 33 year old.How can I contact you.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma

      I regularly visit your page for the guidance in homeo remedies. I need your expert advice in my daughter’s case. She is 12 yrs old. Right now she has 3 main problems. She started OCD right after her first periods. She had eczema on her hands and forearms for which she was given homeopathic medicine. After that she had her first periods along with OCD. She keeps washing her hands time and again, she thinks her clothes and hands get dirty if she touches anything. The second problem is that her menstrual bleeding is not stopping. Ultrasound is ok. She is very thin and pale. Right now I’m giving her erigeran can Q to stop bleeding. And ferrum phos 6x. Itching on hands is still there but intensity is very low.
      OCD is genetic as I also suffered from OCD at the time of puberty. Plz guide me, what should I give her.
      She has extensive allopathic medication in early childhood due to high fever with sour throat or diarrhea at different timings due to which she was hospitalized many times. She had high level of jaundice when she was 9 days old.

      Please please reply me. I really need your advice.
      Thank you

  13. Amanda Boyles says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am looking for help with my 4 year old. She is very high energy, has anxiety, and started obsessively going to the bathroom to wipe after initially going. The frequency is back to back and our routine changed a week ago when her sister and her have had to stay home for 2 weeks due to their classroom shutting down for a positive COVID-19 case. I’m looking for homeopathy options to help with her anxiety, high energy, OCD of going to the bathroom to wipe over and over, and inability/restlessness to sleep at night. Thanks in advance.

  14. Christina B says:

    My daughter is 9 and has been diagnosed with anxiety and ocd. She has had this for three years and is seeing a counselor as well. She touches walls and picks up random things around this house. She has to carry something in her hands at all times since her mind tells her that someone will die if she doesn’t. She has a huge craving for sweets and has also been diagnosed with Candida. I’ve been using homeopathy for the last year how and see a huge difference. What do you recommend as we are all at our wits end? Thank you

  15. Deepali shrivastav says:

    OCD ki saf safai wali bimari Kya Homeopathic Medicine se Shi ho skti Hai?

    • Vijay maid says:

      Hi..I am vijay, my daughter anushka is suffering OCD . She is 11years old last 5 mouths she is suffering can u help me..she washes her hands, baths longer time she felt dirty everywhere and disturb family members also. Pls help me

  16. A patient with 3 months pregnancy with h/0 taken treatment if depression for cleanliness now complaining for bodyache.what will b the madicine

  17. maqbool khaliq says:

    I have ocd from the last saven years i recover but when i quit medician it reacure what kind medician i should use negative thoughts are coming in my mind things refect in my mind

  18. Age 55. felt first time OCD in 16 th Age. Not diagnosed then. Vanished after three years. Again OCD appeared in 35 th age. Not Diagnosed. Vanished after 2 years. NOW AM 55. Feeling OCD since 5 years. Last week a counselor diagnosed it. NEED TREATMENT NOW.

  19. Hello Dr what can help with my soon to be 3 yr old toddler Who has night terrors almost every single night and I cannot comfort him and he does not want to go back to sleep.

  20. I am suffering from bipolar disorders and stress

  21. My daughter is 16 yrs old. She suffers from obsessive thoughts of guilt and over thinking.
    She becomes very restless and can’t sleep at night

    • My 39 yrs old, unmarried son has OCD and Asperges syndrome for over 20 years. He has severe intrusive thoughts, especially suicidal thoughts, fear of hurting others, fear of sharp objects and pins, sexual thoughts and excessive hand washing and checking. He has trouble sleeping. Please help.

  22. My daughter is 16 yrs old. She suffers from obsessive thoughts of guilt and over thinking.
    She becomes very restless and can’t sleep at night

  23. Nisar nisarNisar chudhary says:

    Dear dr. By profession I m a lawyer.i m patient of severe ocd.myocd.i want to disscus my desires plz give ur what app number and ur fee account so that I can elaborate my illness and than u select good medicine for me.thans ur sincearl nisar




    My son is getting unnecessary thoughts and earworms which leads to increase heart beat and fear.


    Sir I am debranjan ghosh my problem is phobia of disis and washing clods .house. bedsheets and hand washing brathing 1hours and 6 month go out of the house. Please solve the problem and pascribe the madicin.thanks.

  27. Susan Cole says:

    My 20 year old son, has OCD of germs presently he is afraid of feet germs and follows the path back of myself per eg. If I touch my feet then touch a bottle he wants to drink from, he would have to clean it with antibacterial wipes. Washing of hands etc.
    And so it goes on! He has had most remedies syhpilinum being one. Presently he has just had a spilt dose of Arsenicum 1m, it seems to have caused an aggravation he’s tearing strips of tissues in order to hold cutlery to eat with.
    I have been thinking of trying TMST Brain stimulation to see if this will cut it? I’m at my wits end with this now it’s been presenting from 13 years old 7 years but possibly he has had it since childhood but not identified as such. Can you suggest anything. Kind regards Susan

  28. I have OCD as confirmed by Clinical Psychologist years ago.
    In that, I cannot focus on any productive work for more than a minute.
    However can watch TV for hours or day dream for hours.
    Please suggest any medicine.

  29. Abtab alam says:

    My problem ocd I’m searching homeopathy good medicine name I’m tak Alhopathic medicine but no results Alhapathic medicine this medicine very Sideffect pls
    Homeopathy good medicine name

  30. Dear Dr
    My sister is 25 suffering from ocd for the last 9 years.symptoms are washing hands.Anxiety.and asking again and again suppose she will ask any question repeatedly to satisfy herself. Depression.low mood.she becomes angry too much. felling of loneliness.
    has been taking aloe pathic medicine for many years. kindly suggest medicine.

  31. I.C.Chauhan says:

    Hi this is I .C.chauan. I’m getting allopathic treatment from year 2004 For my I have no problem with my OCD.but I’m getting treatment regularly.Allopathic medicine have many side effects so I wants to go with homoeopathic treatment . Kindly suggest me a good treatment.
    My symptoms was-
    1-Negative thoughts come every time in my mind.
    2-Checking of lock everytime
    3 Fear of death

  32. Khalid mahmood says:

    My wife is 45years old she wash hand again and again,if anyone touches her she feel dirty, sir please send some homeopathic medicine. Thankyou

  33. Pooja Srivastava says:

    Hello doctor,
    My mother is suffering by OCD for 7 years. She is 48years old. Please prescribe remedies for her.

  34. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Sir I have ocd unwanted sexuall thoughts about my baby daughter and depression, anxiety now I totally mad. Please sir suggest a good homeo medicine

    • I.C.Chauhan says:

      Hi this is I .C.chauan. I’m getting allopathic treatment from year 2004 For my I have no problem with my OCD.but I’m getting treatment regularly.Allopathic medicine have many side effects so I wants to go with homoeopathic treatment . Kindly suggest me a good treatment.
      My symptoms was-
      1-Negative thoughts come every time in my mind.
      2-Checking of lock everytime
      3 Fear of death

  35. Hello sir .
    I am yelopathic doctor by family we have OCD I am too I feel every thing dirty germs wash hanf and everything reapetly
    With this also have Depression.Bioplet.Anxity plz sir help me send Homeo medicine for these all problems.

    • mriganka mohan jana says:

      my son 20yrs age , to get assurance he do same work repeatedly. check answer , hyper activty like ADHD. PLESE PRESCRIBE.

  36. Manish Sharma says:

    Respected sir,I am 43 years old male , suffering from chronic rumination ocd from last 15 years,took lots of allopathic medicine , which harmed me a lot,then I stopped all allopathic medicine as these were very harmful.After,that I consulted an homeopathic doctor,who tried medorrhinum, ignatia,arsenic alb, argenticum nitricum,helleborus Niger,Kali phos,brahmiQ,passiflora,but these medications couldn’t help me,some medicine aggravated my ocd thoughts,I am living an horrible life,can you help me

  37. Atul Dajiram Gholap says:

    मी ocd या आजाराने खूप ग्रस्त आहे. मला रात्रीची झोप खूप कमी येते.. आणि मला पिंपल्स चा पण त्रास आहे. खूप भीती वाटते. हाताला पायाला खूप मोठ्या प्रमाणात घाम येतो….. काम करण्याची भीती वाटते. Confusion खूप होत..निर्णय घेता येत नाही… नैराश्य खूप आहे. कोण काय बोलले तर राग आणि वारंवार विचार येतात… contact no -9082923087

  38. R.Ramkumar says:

    I have repeated thoughts of any thing in the body like concentrating my body’s parts repeatedly and concentrating always on it. Iam taking allopathy medicines but I can’t control it. Examples are concentrating on my eyes and laughing like sensation unnessasarily and I want to relieve from it, please help me . My age is 40

  39. Dr Ms Rana says:

    What is Madison about Sir Sexual Idea?

  40. Is there a remedy for obsessively checking electrical appliances trying to prevent a fire which could cause someone’s harm? The energy is that of doubting and not trusting what I see and feel, and the risk of not assessing correctly that electrical things are off, is that someone will die. Might you kindly suggest a remedy that might lessen or alleviate this? Thank you.

  41. What remedy for obsessing about food?

  42. Dear Sir
    My son 12 years old who is suffering from OCD . He repeats everything and assumes every act as mistake and he does ask every time that , is my word hurt you or you mind the sentence I spoke to you.
    Every time he feels that something may hurt to others. Sometimes angry too much to control.
    Kindly suggest any medicines

  43. hello, there is nervous tension, grinding teeth to the point of pain, throat clearing and clicking. also needing things in order and general anger because I cant control. constant fidgeting, tightness in body. i dont know what to take for it can you help?

  44. I have fear of contamination and wash my hands repeatedly esp after using toilet or cleaning, even during cooking, i wash hands repeatedly. Also, ven i go out, i check gas, windows and doors multiple times.i had an incident where i developed a phobia for dogs esp wrt hygiene.

    What would you recommend to take for these.

  45. Nicholas A. Devine says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I stumbled upon this one day just trying to figure out what is causing me to deteriorate physically and psychologically for the majority of my life.
    My brain just refuses to stop haunting me. Thanks to you having this website, so easy to find, I now have hope.
    My mother and late father both have suffered from this. In turn passed it on to myself and possibly both my brothers.
    I have mentioned it to my mother in the past but her education as a nurse leads her to believe that she does not have problems with this as her need for constant order and cleanliness is par for the job. In turn she does not see me having a problem either and it has harmed our mother/son relationship exponentially as we cannot get along due to her constant meddling in my affairs.
    Unfortunately she cannot let got of trying to keep my life in order and has taxed me just as much as I have taxed myself.
    I forwarded the URL to her e-mail “only pointing the finger at myself of course” hoping she sees a bit of herself here as well.

    I love what you are doing and thanks again from the bottom of my heart

  46. Muhammad Nawaz says:

    During this year I faced a critical situation of anxiety relate to divorce. So after this I devolved the symptoms of such as
    Religious thought like where is God

  47. Vicki Gebben says:

    My son has persistent worry about time going to fast . He obsesses about time . He has autism . Any recommendations.

  48. How to use this



    • Rose Dahmen says:

      Dr Sharma I constantly fear rejection because I am unworthy and not enough. Insignificant.

      Can you recommend a remedy for me?

  50. I do not get sound sleep. Through out the night, a continuous screen keeps on moving showing all negative thoughts.

  51. Mangala Joshi says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I guess my son is having OCD as he behaves in a peculiar way.
    Wants that everything should be done in a way he wants otherwise gets angry and shouts etc etc

  52. Dianna m Gray says:

    my grandson age 23 has ocd hours of rituals since his pet dog captin died in april stays up all nite what remedy can help with this will not go to consoling

  53. Francis Fischer says:

    At evening – thoughts of hurting my dog (who I love more than life) – its crazy ocd thought. Can you help? Live far from any town. Can I order treatment on line?

  54. Hello DR Sharma,
    I have recurring thoughts about occurrences and decisions past , which i handled well, but i keep revisiting them and always doubtful of everything i did. What remedy might be helpful.

  55. Parwati devi says:

    Bar bar nahana .not sex demand .age 47y women

  56. Ahmad Latif says:

    Hello Dr
    I have been suffering from OCD for the last five years.
    My OCD symptoms include checking again and again .
    Checking list may change from one thing to another thing,eg checking my arms frequently,some times checking different things. One particular change stay almost for one month . Please advise.

    • Hello Dr
      I have been suffering from OCD for the last five years.
      My OCD symptoms include checking again and again .
      Checking list may change from one thing to another thing,eg checking my arms frequently,some times checking different things. One particular change stay almost for one month . Please advise.

  57. Dear dr
    Suffering problems like
    Fear to go into toilet
    Fear to comb hair, brushing teeth, taking bath

    Is it curable by homeo
    Please advise the best homeo medicine.

  58. Please tell me the remedy about persist thoughts about sex.

  59. Dear Dr
    Good work. You have narrated all the points of each and every remedy so perfectly and upto the point in each and every disease which would really helps to specifically new homeopaths . Thanks for your great job.
    I would like to request please publish a therapeutic books of your own experiences with clinically tested contents for all diseases which would be really beneficial for all homeopaths . Hats up to you. Great work.. God bless

  60. S. K. Batra says:

    I have pure o obsessive thoughts for no of years. I am a senior citizen. For last about 3-4 years some compulsions have started. It troubles me a lot. Few numbers like 3, 8, 9, 13, 17 like few more numbers are not ok. This leads to compulsion. Otherwise I am well qualified Pension taking allopathic medicines for some time. Can homeopathy help me. Can you suggest few medicines with their potency and frequency of dose?

  61. What can I do for someone who dislikes change and hangs on to thoughts of lost loved ones? Lost a son to suicide and can’t sell home she and he bought but knows she must. Feels she has nowhere to go. And can’t afford new home despite having money son left her. Doesn’t want to spend it. Says it’s not hers. Driving her mad. Lost father too and constantly thinking of him and his past life. Have tried Ignacio 1m. Works somewhat for a while

  62. khalid Qureshi says:

    My OCD type is that while locking or closing door I need to repeat checking door. Finishing any work reading or talawat Quran my mind fix on last words and repeat again and again inspite i do not want. not so acute OCD but mild problem is there. Pl. advise Homeo Remedy . Thanks. For God sake help. Age 70 years.

  63. Mohit katariya says:

    M facing problem of frequent irrational thoughts and i try to do settle all the things in my mind that makes me badly anixious and headache, i feel short of breath and stress on my face . I can’t control this thought cycle in my minde that convert in a battle in my mind . I when I listen a song that rewinds in my mind and I can’t stop it .
    Pl help me

  64. Joydip dasgupta says:

    The patient injured by an accident on right side of head and blood cloted inside of head. After a long treatment she got better than previous but now she is talking linkless word and most of that she repeted Ono word continuously and cry without any clause. Now with aleopathic medicine Anacardium_30 is being applying once a day. Please advice me what Homeo medicine is need for her.

  65. Ajay Shahi says:

    My Wife is suffering from OCD, I am very much upset about her behaviour, she spent a lot of time to wash her hand repeatedly, she takes a lot of time in wash room, normally she takes 1 – 2 hrs to take bath, during the Menstrual period she takes 3-4 hrs in bathing. We have two childrens but she doesn’t give enough time to them.

  66. I have a son who is going to be 19 in July. He stopped going to school in March 2016, doesn’t go out, doesn’t really speak to anyone
    He takes a shower every day for 1 hour, constantly changes his clothes, washes hands, and cuts his hair
    He refuses to get help
    I’m not a doctor, but I feel he suffers anxiety, social phobia and ocd

    Are there any homeopathic remedies you can suggest

  67. Siresh rai says:

    I am suffering from treatment resistant ocd for long time, took lots of psychiatric medications but no relief only harm,I have rumination ocd, which homeopathic remedy can help me,please reply,sursesh Roy,assam

  68. Leolinda Ahuja says:

    hi, 11 y.o. Male, autism, keeps closing all doors, shuts all blinds, sensitive to noise and sensitive to small cuts or scrapes. please advise on a remedy. I have 30 cc , 1m, 10M mostly at hand. Thank you, Linda

    • Dr, my mother who is 90 years of age,is suffering from ocd for more than 50 years but sadly been undetected and untreated
      Her symptoms match with
      Nux vomica,arsenic album and carsinosicum
      Would like to know the dosage and potency

  69. hi Pooja you can start thinking this way ,

    my hands and objects are dirty after touching each other and if wash them they will become dirty again better leave them in same state and wash the hands only at night sleeping time and next day follow same let hands and objects become dirty for full day and wash the hands only at night sleeping time , this will reduce your frequent washing activity and after some months the OCD will disappear.

  70. I have thoughts of abuse to god for last 5 year which medicine is best and I can take both aleophathic and homeopathy in a day

    • Dear Sharma Sir,

      My age: 46 years
      Suffering from OCD: 19 years

      I am suffering from OCD tremendously. Could you please suggest which medicine is the best for my symptoms and the dosage please?

      Persistent religious thoughts (Hindu) and tendency to remain shudh and do most religion-related activities in the shudh state. Afraid to do religious related activities if am sitting on the coat of sofa in my or others house or touching others even if I am in sudh condition. I think these make my sudha condition to ashudha. So I do a bath and put washed sudh clothes and going to temple or other religious activities. I think If I am not a shudh condition , the temple may be ashudha in reason of mine and God may punish me or my family. For this I will go to my house and bathing again and put another washed cloth and try to do praying previously. I think any ashudh effected movable items will spread this ashudha to me. I will bath before entering to my house, if I am going to outside especially touching with others or social activities.

      I afraid some of my acts, thinkings, words, lookings will make me and my family sins and troubles so I will try to repeat byGOOD thinking,/works/ looking/acts again on the same spot where these actions done in previously. I afraid to do any thinking,/works/ looking/acts that may be lead me or my family a God’s punishment.

      Negative thoughts in connection with Gods/Godess coming to my mind in the time of praying in Temple or any where. I thinks the God will punish me/family. I tried to think positive by repeating but again negative thoughts come into my mind this will make a deepened depression. Afraid to go to temple for these troubles.

      Please suggest me the best homoepathic medicine for me.

      Thanking you,
      Yours faithfully,


  71. Mohit Verma says:

    mera naam Mohit Verma h….. m. Baraut se hu….. kai saalo se OCD se presaan hu….ek baat ko baar baar sochna…. kisi cheej ko baar chuna udaas sa rhna har waqt sochte rhne I….. etc etc… plzzzz help me

  72. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    First of all, thanks so much for posting such valuable information on the site for free. I am suffering from OCD tremendously. I have overlapping symptoms from two categories. Could you please suggest which medicine is the best for my symptoms and the dosage please?

    So this is what I have from above-described information:

    Persistent religious thoughts (Hindu) and tendency to remain shudh and do most religion-related activities in the shudh state and mostly drinking the morning tea quite late so I could finish those activities in the shudh state, not using even washroom until I am finished. For last few years, I have gone very deep in that and now I am fearful that if i leave all that, Gods and Goddesses may punish me. I tried in between and had some bad things happening one day after another for few days and then I got back to doing what I had been doing. I think this was tried last year.

    Due to above, I keep washing hands and wrists over and over again with soap and have redness now on the wrists due to dryness, though I oil them when I can but not enough.

    I have mostly become non-earning now and the home is so messy. I just clean to the best the areas relevant to performing religious tasks. My life has been extremely affected since I had this for last few years now.

    Other than that, I fall asleep very late after going to bed and keep waking up with dry throat as it seems I have adenoids and my mouth remains open and so becomes dry. Keep tossing and turning to be able to sleep.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could suggest me which medicine I should take, dosage and how often:
    Stramonium, Pulsatilla, Syphilinum or Medorrhinum.

    Thanks so much!

  73. Ganesh Kumar Roy says:

    Hello sir,
    My wife is suffering from ocd. She. Keep on putting the things in right order and in systematic manner . she some time do.the rituals for more than. 15 minutes .. Which affect her daily. Chores also.
    Be becomes aggressive and often scold our only child who is 11 yrs old.
    She complains that she is having sleepless night.
    Kindly suggest some medicines….
    We will be ever grateful to you.

  74. Dear Dr sir, I am 37yrs old suffering from Psoriasis since 7yrs and OCD from 5yrs onwards. I have been suggested to take tribulus Terr..
    Does tribulus – gokshura works for OCD and Psoriasis.
    Or If any could you please give your valuable reply.
    Thanking you

  75. ABHIJIT SINHA says:

    My son Arijit 25 is having OCD of checking now and then things here and there, on floor, dustbin etc, He fels he is loosing ghis valable things here and there. While coing out of of the house, he checks the fllors , door latch, and even while getting into vehicla car, he checks, that nothing valuable is left behind on floor or road. Thse rituals take often 10-15 mins. He takes bath irregularly, bathing time almost 1 hr sometimes, he does not like brushing teeth. While coming out of car, he takes 5 mins

    He is an engg. graduate with Electronics & communication.

    He had taken allopathinc medicines , with temporay relief. We shift to Homeopathy with local doctor, but no right medicine yet for relief. Pls. suggest suitable medicine

    • I have ocd since 1970.I am scared of God and goddesses from my childhood. in few year developed habbit of counting. I developed a feeling if I dont prey i or my family may suffer. IF I start a work after seeing number 19 me or even God may suffer for a long time.
      Fear of sex thought developed in last 4 years as if I am thinking bad about God or Goddes.
      For last 46 years I am passing a tough life.
      Date of birth 1951.M TECH IIT DELHI. Profession R&D.

  76. Jaibir Singh says:

    Sir can you help me about compulsive staring problem

  77. Dr Sharma,

    Hello, im a 47 year old man who has been on medication for OCD since i was 17. My symptoms if i remember were, being sure things were to be done in a certain order, if not , then extreme worry and expecting the exact date or circumstances to occur again to complete the “ritual”

    Sometimes i would worry constantly about loaned out items, which resulted in my stopping loaning out things altogether. Musical tunes in my head would bother me more then the average person. When walking i would stop to read signboards again and again, fearing some danger it i didn’t.

    These are the most strongest symptoms i remember.

    i lived with the side effects for so long, i wish a natural and more permanent cure rather then taking meds forever.

  78. Dr. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor Sir
    My respects to you .
    Last 3-4 days My son has displayed Hyper awareness with respect to breathing so much sothat he has difficulty in inhalation and often gasps for breath for hours mostly whole day and evening….There is no problem at all when asleep or when he forgets his breathing awareness.
    We usually give carbo veg 4-5 times a day when this problem occurs after over eating…
    All medical parameters are well as per blood test report except that he often shows lron levels on lower side of the reference range
    Pl suggest what medicine i should give him to safeguard him at the the time of such episodes of laboured breathing.

  79. rani singh says:

    Hello, i am 41year married andi suffering from ocd last 11year i wash every thighs which is touched and i take bath every time coming from puplic place or touched by other ect
    Please help me to recomended some homeopathy medicine
    I know it is not right but i can not stop this type behaviour

  80. My daughter is 12 years old and she is suffering with OCD
    she get the episode of fear troubling her everyday
    she continuously get the fearful thoughts mainly she is not able to focus on the studies
    She is having Scrupulosity ,where religious thoughts keep troubling her
    Do we have good cure for this in Homeopathy ??
    My wife and myself are struggling to manage her anxiety
    What will be the best medicine for this?

  81. I need treatment for ocd breathing sir

  82. Sir i have been suffering from ocd for 2 years so i m taking allopathic madication but these madication have so mamy side effects so i want to leave them but i is going difficult to get rids of madicines so tell me what to do .can homeopathy has complete cure to ocd plssss tell me i m very sad .even i m not able to concieve baby with these madicines now my age is 28 years old

    • Priya Sharma says:

      Is there any cure of OCD without medicines like with the help of yoga meditation or any particular activity??

  83. Sreoshi Sinha says:

    Sir, I am having obsessive thoughts as why human exist and why should we talk woth people and why can’t we have sex with everyone in the world .These thoughts are intruding my daily activities. I do not want to take allopathy medicines. Can you please suggest me with a homeopathy medicine which can get rid of these thoughts? Plz help thank you

  84. Hi,i am anupama from new delhi,suffering ftom depression,anxiety disorder and ocd.can you help me to find the treatment of this desease in homeopathy.

  85. Wendy Postma says:

    This is not a question personal to myself, or a condition, but rather a question to form a deeper understanding of homeopathy. The question is ‘how long does a treatment stay in your system.’ I imagine the answer is different for every remedy. In posing this question on random google, the responses are directing themselves to ‘how long a remedy takes to work’ or ‘shelf life of remedy’ While these are good to know, they are are not addressing the question of how long does a treatment stay in your system. For example, if one takes Sepia30 and in no way compromises the remedy with coffee or other antidotes would Sepia stay in your system 1wk..20days?? Perhaps I am not presenting the question clearly, or could phrase it in a better way. If the question is clear, is it possible for you to direct me to a site that would allow reference. Thank you for your time. Wendy

  86. Mandeep kaur says:

    Sir my brother is suffering from this disease.he is doubting sister brother that they are mixing something in his food .He doesn’t believe his colleagues.Even he is suspended now from job.He is fond of eating green vegetables.He hides most things in his room like father’s 2-3 mobile.Whenever he goes outside Even washroom he locks his room n carries key with him. Though he cleans his room n washes clothes in washing machine,he is not peculiar about changing his bedsheets n clothes.He is even unmarried telling that first elder brother should get married.He even keeps bank copies with him doesn’t go to bank telling that he doesn’t need money .we r very worried.plz suggest some medicine.

  87. Kay Murthi says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I’ve had OCD for several years and it has gotten worse since moving-in with my parents and losing my job.
    I have a tendency to check door locks and stove several times. I have to repeat prayers several times believing I’m not saying them right. I used to love to read but now I can’t read paragraph without repeating thinking I’ve missed something. Please suggest a natural remedy for me. I’d be very grateful. I’ve not taken prescription meds but I am on St. John’s wort which is not helping.

  88. Sir, My 17 year old son has following habits :- Frequent washing of hands and feet, trouble in maintaining sleep cycle (sleeps late in night by 0200 Hrs and gets up late in morning at 1200hrs), unable to motivate himself for studies, sudden aggressive response, over concern for hygiene, poor social skills, likes to keeps things in order, does not like to mix with person with lower economic strata, does not like to be touched by other person, changing of cloths after visiting common or public places etc.

  89. Sir I am facing a lot of problem due to OCD for washing hands….sir pls help me my relations are also ruining due to this

  90. Hi,
    Wanted to know if there’s a remedy for a 10 1//2 young boy ; my son who is on the Autism Spectrum )who has a need for over a year now to throw himself on the floor face down to rub his penis. He likes to have his face on the hard surface of the floor to receive pressure on his chin. At times he’s been found face down with his forehead against the bottom of a piece of furniture, such as the bottom of dresser ir armoire; again seeking head pressure. He as of late dropping on the floor to touch himself at his special needs school and at his speech therapy. At home he likes to take all his clothes off and walk around naked and go from room to room like regular but periodically dropping to the floor to rub his penis against his fisted hand. He doesn’t actually hold it. He also has a water compulsion. He’s inundated our home’sbsthroom many times. We fiannly had to turn off the water at its source and put chairs in front of the bathroom doors etc . He likes to see the water Ives’s he splashes it or kicks it or puts in his mouth to watch it as he spits it or now blows on it to see how it moves, and gets overly excited. Any feed back would be great! Thank you! Gisel, Pablos mom

  91. James Del Gatto says:

    How are you Dr. Sharma

    For the last several years I seem to think too often about blinking or notice blinking too often. I’m wondering if there’s a homeopathy treatment for this?

  92. Dr bahubali khane says:

    Sir my son23 year have ocd since4 years he take irregular medicine help me or sajes treatment

  93. I’ve ocd since birth.can homeopathy cure many months it take generally to see a change.

  94. Amanda Johnson says:

    Hello Dr

    My 7 year old will only wear one pair of pants and has melt downs and says she hates herself off she can’t wear them eve if dirty. Can you help please

    Ananda johnson

  95. Sir, presently my age is 40 with 100kg weight. At the age of 21 I tended to have inordinate sexual feelings. I tried to supress them vehemently as I decided not to masturbate at any cost. Resultantly suddenly one day I had unwanted sexual thoughts for every girl going nearby and some more nasty thoughts as well. Things went worse when such involuntary thoughts involved even my sister .This situation brought me under stress ,depression & anxiety .I was living under the terror of my thoughts . Fortunately I got treated by a classical homeopath doctor who cured me nearly 100% but meanwhile he shifted to abroad. After this I consulted many homeophathic doctor but if no use. Now i have pain and heavyness in my brain after rich food as if i have swelling in the veins of brain , very rarely i feel to have unwanted sexual thougts as well. Kindly help me. Lucknow

  96. Chaitanya Rameshwar Khadsan says:

    I have repeated thought s in my brain which lead to depression and suffering from OCD which medicine is suitable for me

  97. R. A. Kumar says:

    What is the homeo medicine for patients who suffer from persistent sexual thoughts always ?

  98. AMIT K VYAS says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am a 50 year old male who is married with 2 kids. I am working at a senjor position with a leading company . I have been suffering from severe depression and OCD ( only insane thoughts and anxiety of behaving like an insane person) . I have been under Physciatrist treatment since 1998 and am currently under SSRI and Anafranil for controlling the same. I was doing well with the said medicines till Jan 2017 when things started getting worse and continue to be worse till date. I have difficulty in focusing or grasping anything and am almost blank in terms of memory. With great difficulty I am managing my professional life ( though I am very Happy in personal life) . I am a non smoker and teatoaller and also a vegetarian. I don’t have any other habits too.

    One of my frinds has advised :- (1) Calcarea carb 200 ( once in one month) and (ii) White chest nut and (3) Cherry Plum ( both daily) for repeated thoughts and fear of acting insane.

    I am not sure whether the above would help . PL GUIDE ME.

    Amit K Vyas

  99. Adnan ali says:

    I have repeated thought s in my brain which lead to depression which medicine is suitable for me

  100. Jacqueline says:

    Hi dr Sharma

    I’ma 38 year old women with problem with my ears I need to have an operation as my ears have become very blockecked and when I speak it’s always echos which has given me a fear of being in public I think about this constantly like repetitive thoughts I have also in the past suffered with anxiety and depression have tried a range of medications for the past 5 years with no relief my sleep and eating pattern are not regular I’m interested in hompathy medications as they have no side effects which meds I’ve taken in the past have made me put on a lot of weight and I’m very bloated your option would be greatly appreciated as it’s very hard to move on with daily life
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  101. G m doctor i am a 28 year married women and i take allopathy medicine for ocd last 3 year but now i want baby and my gynocologist say this ocd medicine couses any birth defect or brain defect to baby .
    So i want to know can i take hemeopathy medicine for ocd and how much time it take for control ocd and can i continou this medicine for full 9 month or it couses any defect to baby? Hemeopathy medicine can control the ocd? Beacouse without medicine i can’t control my ocd! Please dr. reaply me.

  102. Mydavolu says:

    Dr. Shares ji Namasthe. I have been suffering from OBS since last 7 years. I’m 60. I’m not hypertensive or diabetic. Physically good. I’m a writer and poet. My symptoms:

    Anxiety, involuntary stools, insomnia. Sometimes I get a good sleep after lunch but not at night. I’m a smoker about 10 to 15 per day. No alcohol. I’m very emotional. Easily turn to tears, be good or bad. Can’t see someone suffering.

    Sometimes I used to become breathless with emotion or anger. When go to doctor he says my lungs are normal and no hyperacidity. Now that problem is under some control after taking some English medicine. (Nexito forte). But not an angry man as such. Rarely I burst out.

  103. I am severe ocd .on fluoxetine 40mg .i want cure .please help me

  104. Hi Cauley ,

    I have the exact same thing . I have been prescribed Britalex antidepressant and i will also start homeopathy.

    Have you seen any difference in your symptoms?

    Dr. Sharma , is there a problem combing the antidepressant with homeopathy?

  105. hi my name is Bhaskar iam suffering from OCD diseases since 15 years.iam feeling like suicide. in homeopathy has complete curable please suggest me doctor kindly help

  106. Hi

  107. Hi sir

    I am having thoughts of how this world made,why we are running for money and materialistic things, what is the purpose of doing all the things, who is god, how our body works, sir kindly suggest some good remedy for this issue, I am an artist and I am not able to do anything, not able to feel myself. I am fed up of this unwanted thoughts.

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