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Obsessive Thoughts Troubling you ? Homeopathy has an Effective Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder in which a person has persistent unwanted thoughts. This obsession with unwanted thoughts in the mind leads to distress and certain repeated behaviour or actions, with the compulsion to control that distress. This disorder is genetic or runs in families. Natural Homeopathic medicines, with zero side effects, can of great help in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Made of natural substances, Homeopathic remedies strike at the root of the problem and work towards complete treatment. Homeopathic remedies for obsessive-compulsive disorder are completely safe and can only help, never harm.

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder The symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD can be the persistent thought of hands getting contaminated or dirty on touching objects with frequent washing of hands; doubts whether the door is closed or not with checking the door again and again; persistent religious thoughts with excessive praying; presence of impulsive and aggressive thoughts; obsession to have things in a proper order at all times; and counting or repeating words silently.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

1. Arsenicum Album: For Persistent Thoughts of Death

Arsenicum Album is the top natural medicine for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with persistent thoughts of approaching death. Arsenicum Album is of great help for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have persistent thoughts of death and thus take no medicine, as they think that their death is very near and at this stage taking any medicine is of no use. Such patients need people around them and cannot remain alone because they feel worse when alone. The thoughts of death accompanied by extreme restlessness, where the patient jumps out of bed and moves here and there with anxiety, can also be treated with natural Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album.

2. Argentum Nitricum: For Impulsive Thoughts

Argentum Nitricum is the best natural medicine for treating patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have persistent impulsive thoughts. These impulsive thoughts can have different symptom presentations like while travelling in a train the persistent impulsive thought is to jump out of the window; while crossing a bridge over a river, the constant thought is to jump into the river or when standing on high buildings, there is the horrific thought of jumping down. Another marked feature for recommending natural Homeopathy remedy Argentum Nitricum for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is that the impulsive thoughts make the patient very anxious and restless. This results in extreme and constant walking to get rid of such impulsive thoughts and the person walks till all strength of body is lost.

3. Where there is a Tendency to Put Everything in Order

The three best remedies for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that provide natural treatment to patients who have compulsiveness to put everything in order are Nux Vomica, Arsenicum Album and Carcinosinum. The patients who need natural medicine Nux Vomica are oversensitive and of a careful and angry nature who demand all the things done as they want and easily get angry if the order is not followed. Arsenicum Album is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great benefit for those patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are very conscious about the order of things and cannot rest if the things are not in their proper place. This compulsion can go to such an extent that even if a painting hanging on the wall is slightly tilted, the mind does not rest till it is properly placed and the patient leaves every other work for this. Such patients also demand neatness in clothing. Carcinosinum is the natural Homeopathic remedy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patients who are very concerned about cleanliness and want a specific pattern to be followed not only in placing things, but also in their dressing style. For instance, they always like color matching while dressing up and also when decorating the room. They demand perfection in every work done to such an extent that it does not seem or look normal.

4. Natrum Muriaticum – For Compulsion to Check Locked Doors Repeatedly

Natrum Muriaticum is the best natural remedy for those patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are obsessed with the idea that thieves may strike and repeatedly check the locks of doors. The obsession is so persistent that the patient even has dreams of thieves in the house and wakes up to check the doors again and again.

5. Syphilinum and Medorrhinum – Where there is Compulsion to Washing Hands

Syphilinum and Medorrhinum are very good natural medicines for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who feel the compulsion to wash their hands again and again due to the persistent thought of getting their hands contaminated or dirty by touching any object. Such patients feel that germs are present on each and every object and get into the habit of washing hands at very short intervals, without giving any consideration to other important work in their lives.

6. Silicea – Where there are Thoughts of Pins

Silicea is the ideal natural treatment for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who have the persistent thought of pins and fearing pins, look for, collect and even count pins again and again.

7. Calcarea Carbonica – For Persistent thought of Going Mad or Insane

Calcarea Carbonica is a natural medicine of great help for patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who are mentally exhausted and constantly think of going mad or insane. This thought of going mad prevails in the patient’s mind day and night and he or she is unable to put it aside even during sleep. This fear of going mad leads to great distress and to overcome it, the patient leaves all pending work aside and keeps himself or herself busy in breaking sticks or bending pins.

8. With Persistent Religious Thoughts

Natural medicines Stramonium and Pulsatilla are equally good in tackling the persistent religious thoughts in patients of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where the patient constantly thinks about religion reads holy books all the time and is almost always praying.

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  1. Maral Varsam says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. My husband and I are concerned about our 17-year-old son displaying many of these anxieties. He was diagnosed with ADHD in fourth grade and has been on anywhere from 10 to 15 mg of Adderall on and off since then.

    Recently his anxieties have let him to be very compulsive with thoughts and behavior. He does well in school, he does not get into any trouble, and he does not run around with the wrong crowd And most importantly, he doesn’t seem to physically harm him himself or anyone else.

    We are looking for some homeopathic way to help his conditions get better as we do not want him medicated for the rest of his life. Please can you please tell us where we can find the medication options that you’ve listed in this article.

  2. Hello doctor
    I have persistent thought of how my body and mind works and then repeating or saying things in mind. Like if I am inhaling oxygen, it’s a compulsion to say in my mind that I am taking a deep breath, so on…


    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter has OCD especially who always worried about uncleanness and doesn’t touch things or sit on a chair except her own, and wash her hands again and again after touching anything.

    As I am from Bangladesh, please send me a detailed treatment of it.

    With thanks,

    Shishir Sarker

  4. ,Amal Bastin says:

    An 18-year-old boy has suffered from ocd for four years. He constantly washes his hands and feet and takes a long time. All
    Aversion to activities and social life, unwillingness to go to college. Lost faith in God

  5. Keisha Wallace says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She also brakes out in hives at times when she is overwhlemed. She has impulsive thoughts and she is overly concerned about making sure the doors are locked and secure. Her mind projects fears of being unsafe. What homeopathy can help with treating these ailments?

    • Ko Paandu says:

      There may be fear of thieves. If she also wants things to arranged well tr Ars alb 30 just 4 pills only once an watch.

    • Mohammed Riazuddin says:

      I am having trouble of repetitive thoughts all over the day when I stay at home. I am 76 years old and this problem I am experiencing since very long time more than 6 years.
      Due to this problem my health is badly effected mostly shortness of breath and bodily pains and fear of loosing my life. Please suggest homeo medicine sir.

      Mohammed Riazuddin

  6. you can learn sudershan kriya beathing technic from art of living.this is 100% solution for your problem

  7. Sandeep Sharma says:

    Intrusive thoughts. Could not tolerate allopathic medicine.

  8. Is the fear of losing control and hurting people and having intrusive thoughts and images of blood and gore and fear of me hurting people the same as the fear of going insane ? Would that be the same treatment?

  9. Please help me help someone else Increasingly telling Sister to do things a particular way. Examples are the cup will dry faster if you put it to dry with the mouth part facing up or don’t put the cap on empty recyclables since they need to be crushed before being put in canister. (I volunteer and follow through with many of these tasks), so if I am doing something incorrectly, I end up fixing it when I have more time. It sounds like unnecessary nagging but concerned it is something else. She can control this because she does not do this to our friends. It also feels like a bit of control. I don’t give her a hard time about it because I feel like there is another reason for her doing this. But it is starting to take a bit of a toll
    Please help,
    Long time homeopthic users.
    Thank you!

  10. Moulshree tripathi says:

    Hello sir,
    Meri maa ko OCD hai or wo humesha hath dhoti rahti hai. Kya homyopath me iska satik or kargar ilaj hai. Plz mujhe btaye

  11. Hello Dr. Sharma, I have unwanted thoughts of past mistakes in my life I keep re-living in my mind I wish i could change. They pop up out of nowhere and ruin my day. Also, for the last 35 years I have had sleep problems. I cannot stay asleep and only get 4-6 hours of sleep unless I’ve taken pm meds. Natural pm meds have not seemed to work for me.

    The conditions I’ve had my entire adult life are: Depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue. Acid reflux for the last 15 yrs. Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

    • Dr. Sahab namaskar 3-4 saal se muzhe depression aur ocd ki samasya hai, Mai bahut -2 preshan hu. Mai demag mai male masturbation ke thoughts bahut rahte hai.

  12. Hello I m a patient with ocd and keep on having negative thoughts and always have fear of things and hear bad noises special while praying so I pray more thinking thse voices or thoughts will go away, also wash my hands several times thinking of germs,I also have sinus and thyroud problem so always feel tired especially waking up in morning is difficult and have low energy , pls suggest.

  13. Muhammad Kashif says:

    Thaughts against God and holy book..

  14. What about compulsions like touching things constantly? Having to touch people’s hair and clothes and sensory seeking?

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