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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Muscle pain and Aches

Homeopathic Remedies for muscle pain


Homeopathic Remedies for muscle pain and aches

Homeopathic Remedies for muscle pain and aches

Applying an ointment or spraying a pain reliever is the general tendency of almost everyone suffering from muscle pain. But these provide just temporary relief and the real cause of muscle pain is not addressed. Here’s where Homeopathy can be of real help. The natural Homeopathic remedies for muscle pain not only provide relief, but also strike at the root of the problem and cure muscle pain effectively. They are also completely safe with no side effects.

The main reason behind muscle pain is overstretching, overuse, overstraining or injury to a muscle. The pain can involve any muscle of the body but the main muscles that ache are deltoid muscle(muscle covering shoulder and upper part of outer side of the upper arm), muscles of neck, muscles of lower back, calf muscles(muscles of back of leg) and thigh muscles.

 Top Homeopathic Treatment for deltoid muscle pain

Sanguinaria Canadensis is an excellent medicine for Homeopathic treatment of deltoid muscle pain when the right side deltoid is affected. This Homeopathic remedy is of great help for patients who complain of excessively sharp pain in the right shoulder, especially at night. Another marked feature for relying on Homeopathic medicine Sanguinaria Canadensis is when the patient of deltoid pain has excessive muscle soreness and stiffness in the right shoulder. The stitching pains make it difficult to even raise the arm. Homeopathic medicine Rhus Toxicodendron is also a very beneficialremedy for treating deltoid muscle pain and can be given to all those patients of deltoid pain where the pain is the result of overlifting, overstretching or overstraining of the affected upper limb. The patient also complains of pain in the shoulder and upper arm with excessive muscle stiffness. This muscle stiffness gets worse by taking rest and improveswiththe movement of upper limb of the affected side. The medicines that are of great help for the Homeopathic treatment of deltoid muscle pain of left side are Ferrum Metallicum and Nux Moschata. The deltoid pain of left side which is of drawing, tearing nature and gets worse when lying on the bed and by raising the arm can be treated with Ferrum Metallicum. For Homeopathic remedy Nux Moschata to be used for deltoid muscle pain, the symptoms are pain in left deltoid muscle which gets worse in cold air and is always better in warm sorroundings.

Homeopathic medicines for pain in neck muscles

Actaea Racemosa and Ranunculus Bulbosus are the best Homeopathic medicines for treating pain in neck muscles. Actaea Racemosa is of great help for patients who complain of excessive pain, muscular soreness and stiffness in the neck region, especially after using arms for typewriting, using the keyboard or playing the piano. Patients who complain of a stitching kind of pain along with a burning sensation in the neck after excessive typewriting or piano playing can benefit by the use of Homeopathic medicine Ranunculus Bulbosus. Gelsemium Sempervirens is another helpful Homeopathic medicine for neck muscle pain and can be given to those patients who complain of pain in neck muscles and excessive muscle soreness along with headache. These patients want to lie down perfectly still to get relief. Homeopathic medicine Lachnantes Tinctoria gives good results in patients of neck muscle pain who complain of worsening of pain at the slightest movement and whose neck is excessively stiffand drawn to one side.

Homeopathic Remedies for pain in muscles of lower back

The two Homeopathic medicines that are of great help in curing muscle pain of lower back are Rhus Toxicodendron and Bryonia Alba. Both these Homeopathic medicines can help in treating excessive pain and stiffness of lower back muscles, but one key difference between the two Homeopathic remedies should be kept in mind.While Rhus Toxicodendron is best suited as a Homeopathic cure for patients whose back muscle pain gets worse while resting and gets better by being in motion or walking, Bryonia Alba is idealfor patients whose back muscle pain gets better through resting and worsens when there is even the slightest motion. Rhus Toxicodendron is also without doubt the best Homeopathic medicine for treating muscle pain of back that has arisen after straining or stretching of back muscles by lifting heavy weights or injury to back muscles after a fall. Another Homeopathic medicine which is very beneficial in treating muscle ache of the back region is Arnica Montana. Homeopathic medicine Arnica Montana is a very effective medicine forpatientswhose back muscles started to hurt after an injury caused by blunt instruments. Arnica Montana is also of great help for patients complaining of excessive muscle soreness of back and bruised pain in back. The pain gets worse by touching and being in motion. Kali Carbonicum is another useful Homeopathic medicine that can be given to patients who complain of pain in muscles of lower back in which the prominent symptoms are stitching type of pains in back muscles with excessive weakness of back. It gets worse when resting and upon touching. The painin the lower back muscles, which extends in an upward or downward direction of the back or downwards to the thighs, can be treated with this Homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicines for pain in calf muscles of leg       

Causticum is a very useful Homeopathic medicine for treating pain in calf muscles, especially of the right side, and when the pain is of a tearing nature with muscle spasms and the calf muscle feels contracted with restlessness of legs at night. Causticum is helpful for Homeopathic treatment of patients who complain of pain in calf muscles which gets better by the heat of the bed. Calcarea Carbonica is another beneficial medicine for Homeopathic treatment of pain in calf muscles. The symptoms for the use of this Homeopathic remedy are tearing, cramping pains in calf muscles with coldness of feet. Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album is effective in treating pain in calf muscles which is spasmodic, burning and cramping, and when the patient gets relief from warm applications on the calf muscle.

Homeopathic remedies for muscle pain when thigh muscles are involved

Colocynthis is a very good Homeopathic medicine for treatment of pain in thigh muscles. Colocynthis is the ideal Homeopathic cure for patients who complain of pain in thigh muscles, especially of the right side, with a contracted feeling in thigh and worsening of pain by motion. Homeopathic medicine Ruta Graveolens is suitable when the thigh muscle pain gets worse with stretching and muscles of back of thigh feelshortened. Pulsatilla Nigricans is another good Homeopathic remedy for pain of thigh muscles when the pain is of a drawing nature and constantly shifts from one part to the other. Pulsatilla Nigricans is also recommended as an effective Homeopathic treatment when the pain in thighs is accompanied by restlessness, making the patient sleepless.

n in calf muscles which gets better by the heat of the bed. Calcarea Carbonica is another beneficial medicine for Homeopathic treatment of pain in calf muscles. The symptoms for the use of this Homeopathic remedy are tearing, cramping pains in calf muscles with coldness of feet. Homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album is effective in treating pain in calf muscles which is spasmodic, burning and cramping, and when the patient gets relief from warm applications on the calf muscle.

Homeopathic Remedies For Muscle Pain When Thigh Muscles Are Involved

Colocynthis is a very good Homeopathic medicine for treatment of pain in thigh muscles. Colocynthis is the ideal Homeopathic cure for patients who complain of pain in thigh muscles, especially of the right side, with a contracted feeling in thigh and worsening of pain by motion. Homeopathic medicine Ruta Graveolens is suitable when the thigh muscle pain gets worse with stretching and muscles of back of thigh feelshortened. Pulsatilla Nigricans is another good Homeopathic remedy for pain of thigh muscles when the pain is of a drawing nature and constantly shifts from one part to the other. Pulsatilla Nigricans is also recommended as an effective Homeopathic treatment when the pain in thighs is accompanied by restlessness, making the patient sleepless.

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  1. My mother still has muscle pain in hamstring area from damage of statin drugs she had to discontinue 3 years ago. It is worse after resting, gets better as she moves. She is 80 but very energetic.

  2. I have extreme pain in neck and left shoulder even can not slip in left ward, physio therapist diagnosed cervical spondylosis and given treatment by ultrasound, ift, traction and exercise but even in a month a little improvement. I am taking vitamin pills but not pain killer, my vitamins D and B level are at lowest

  3. I have neck muscles pain on right side with light head ache sometimes and backside of right shoulder also.

  4. Dr Sharma, what would you recommend for left chest muscle tightness for a female? She has had radiation there, post mastectomy and implant. Thanks

    • Hello.. I ve been having this muscles pain in the area between my shoulders for the last 10 years, and it s only getting worst and worst, I tried medication, physical therapy.. they ll work for short period and once stopped the pain is back again. Can you please recommend me any kind of homeopathy that can help me with this problem?

  5. Shashank gupta says:

    Hello dr I got severe pain in both calf muscle and legs and sometimes in back also plz suggest some good medicine Thxs

  6. Janardhan rao says:

    Hello Dr. I am janardhan and 50year old. I had a paralysis attack to left side of the body. I am unable to lift my left hand full st upwards. If I doni will get a pain in shoulder. There is no full sensation in my left part of body. Pls suggest me medicines.

  7. Rakesh Bhatnagar says:

    Dr…my wife.. 60yrs.feeling pain throughout her body …neck, shoulders, all body…hips legs Down to toes….for the last one week….n weakness…pl suggest….

  8. Hello,
    At the beginning of March my husband and I were walking, slipped on ice and fell. He landedon top of my right shoulder.
    No bone was broken, but there is persistent tightnessin the Pec Minor muscle, Anterior deltoid.
    I have used Arncia creme and pellets.
    Is there anything further you might suggest? I am unable to chope vegetables, paint, garden for longer than 10 minutes without pain, increased tension. I have been applying heat, massage as well.
    The musclesj ust feel hard….

    Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Arshad Kamal says:

      Hello doctor, im from KP, Pakistan, and really admire your deep understanding of homeopathy. Plz guide me regarding the method of online consultation with your good self. Regards

  9. Mohammad Zane Alam says:

    Thanks.Very essential prescribed for homeopathic physicians

  10. Dr, you really great. Because you have mentioned here alot of medicine for different purposes. Be happy always.

  11. Sudhir Kumar yadav says:

    Respected sir ,I have a pain in shoulder and muscle stiff nes in total back kindly suggest a best medicine.

  12. Good morning
    I have the most chronic neck and shoulder and back pain, i have tried physio, chiropractics without success the pain is so server that it affects my hands and i also have constant headaches all the time, in most times am not able to lift my hand up for more than 20/30 seconds without feeling weak and painful.

    your help will be highly appreciated
    kind regards

  13. pain in back side of left leg of my mother, pain increases while roaming here and there, her age is 60, kindly give your phone number and e mail id so that i can contact you

    • Jeanne AlJabi says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma

      I have many allergies to drugs so have used Homeopathy for years for different ailments. I am 88 years old, in good health except for minor ailments. I often have severe muscle cramps in calves, ankle, feet and thighs at night. I have used a combination from Luyties for years with good results but can no longer find it. It is called Muscle Aches and Cramps. Can you tell me a substitute for this remedy? Along with homeopathic Magnesium Phosphate it relieves my cramps in minutes. I have the cramps multiple times during the night at times. Thank you.


    A diabetic facing right side shoulder pain and muscle stiffness since 2 months. Remedy please.

  15. I’ve pain in my arms and legs, feels better with warmth and pressure and stretching, kindly suggest some homeopathic medicines with potency,

  16. Mrs Gillian Boardman says:

    Hi I sent you two of the same question about a homeopathic remedy for muscle tightness and sore muscle our son recovering from Guillian Barre would be very grateful for a reply as soon as you have the time.Thank kind Regards

  17. Poonam Kalra says:

    Hi Dr I am 60 years old women and have a bulging disc l5SI and some edema in SI joint. Have had burning pain in middle lower back and upper hips. More On left than right hip. Have trouble standing/walking for more than 5 mins
    Can you advise a remedy for me

  18. Gillian Boardman says:

    Hi our son is recovering five years and six months from Guillian Barre he is on a very healthy diet execises every day physio three days a week gets a lot of muscle tightness mostly in his left leg and muscle tear which holds him back from walking he has just changed to a vegatarian diet which has help his condition greatly. He feels a lot better doing stretching execises his back and neck sometimes aches as he has been on two crutches all theses years. His balance is improving not fully there yet. Dose nt take any drugs just lots of vitamins B12 magnesium St. John’s wort and others. Is there anything he could try to help him improve his condition.

  19. Gillian Boardman says:

    Hi our son is recovering five years and six months from Guillian Barre he is on a very healthy diet execises every day physio three days a week gets a lot of muscle tightness mostly in his left leg and muscle tear which holds him back from walking he has just changed to a vegatarian diet which has help his condition greatly. He feels a lot better doing stretching execises his back and neck sometimes aches as he has been on two crutches all theses years. His balance is improving not fully there yet. Dose nt take any drugs just lots of vitamins B12 magnesium St. John’s wort and others. Is there anything he could try to help him improve his condition.Hope there is something that could help him move forward to progress to one crutch.

  20. Respected Dear Doctor,
    My father is 80years old, suffering from thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidism) since 30 years. He takes neo mercazole 10mg everyday. Now a days he feels difficulty in walking, not able to lift his legs for movement.
    Kindly suggest me, I am in tears looking at him, unable to help him.
    Your Kindness, I humbly request you to help me

  21. Tapan Kumar Bhattacharya says:

    I am suffering from acute muscle pain of my left leg only during rest time specially at bed time since 35 years ago. Please give me a suggestion. Hi

  22. Eileen Mackay says:

    Hi I’m EileenMackay I am looking for a him apathetic remedy for fibromyalgia.

  23. Whenever i stretch my body or sit by folding legs i feel pain in my right sde of may be vein or muscle somewhere near right testis. I have taken ruta arnica thuja rhustox but not getting complete relief plss out of this.

  24. R Bhattacharjee says:

    While getting up from lying position my wife experienced a sudden pain at the centre of the chest near the diaphram.There was also a cracking sound . Thereafter , the muscle has swelled there causing difficult breathing and lingering pain .Pl suggest remedy .

  25. Narayan Giri says:

    Having muscle pain all over the body when I get up in morning
    What is the problem and what medicines are recommended

  26. R.Vasudevan says:

    I am 65 yrs old and I have pain in the left thigh muscles for the last 6 months.First I thought it is due to winter as muscles contract due to cold and may become alright in summer and left it as it is without doing padmasanas in the morning.Now If lift my right leg and put it over left thigh, The pain is sharp and Icannot hold it for not even one minute.Doctors say it is sciatica of left thighs.
    Pl. ggive me a suggestion how I can overcome this pain?

  27. pk basuray says:

    I have got more or less continuous pain in calf muscle followed by burning sensation in the feet for about 5 years. I get relief once the massage is done in the leg (knee below to feet).

  28. Spain stiffness due dis bulges in S1, L4 and L5

  29. Fawad Barry says:

    Hello, I am 48 years and play regular cricket . I had my thigh quad muscl pull 3 weeks back and still not yet recovered. Please advise homeowner medicine for a quick recovery.


  30. Peter Hickey says:

    What would you recommended.
    Have very stiff muscles in my hands and my knees.

  31. Asif Mehmood says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having muscular pain in bi-seps, tri-seps, back thigh, front thigh, calf and etc. but not in the body back muscles. And this happens only after I walk even for 5 mins. There is no pain if I keep sitting for hours. Fever is slightly less than 101 degree F. I feel too cold and got to wear quite warm clothes where others are not wearing. This is happening for the last three days. Im also taking heart medicines like statin, asprin, isomono nitrate Could you please suggest any homeo medicine for the similar symptoms. God bless you.


    Dr. Sharma,

    I am a stroke survivor for the past 18 months with right side hemiplegia. My motor functions are intact, but limited in function by stiffness, heaviness, numbness, low coordination, pain in r. shoulder/arm and dryness in palm. My symptoms got very much aggravated with 200C Opium. So, using it in LM potency, I found good results with paralytic walk and dryness of palm, but experienced severe shoulder disability and pain after LM 10 and stopped the treatment. The intensified shoulder discomfort has stayed.

    Are you experienced in healing Paralysis, particularly using Opium LM potency or will you please suggest me one? I would be greatly obliged.

    With regards,

    Sundaresh Shastry

  33. Ashok kumar Kureel says:

    My left leg is stretching and very painful

  34. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for your informative articles, they are always very helpful. I would like your advice for a problem my 24 year old son is experiencing: he had the typical neck shoulder syndrome with a specific point on the back between the shoulder blade and spine, on the right side. We tried many remedies including Cimicifuga, Ruta etc, after about two weeks this resolved, but now he has no power in the right arm, cannot lift a bottle of water, no pain. There is a point on the top of the shoulder which hurts when pressed. X-ray, MRT scan etc. have been done, but no one can say what the problem is. He also went to an osteopath but no relief. Could it be a permanent contraction of the arm muscle? Which remedies would you recommend? Please help, as he is finding it difficult to continue with his job as a driver.

  35. Leanne Doherty says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering very acute muscle pain in my neck especially, & shoulders.I can only describe it as nauseating pain, gets so bad I am physically sick & nauseas, I cannot eat or drink water otherwise I’m sick. Describing it v similar to a migraine in your forehead, but mine is all in my neck! Lasting up between 6/8 hours. I have tried everything, Chiropractor, Physio, magnesium tablets, nettle tea, all of which has not helped my symptoms. I am a hairdresser hence I would say there is a muscle weakness over the years from the way I stand. Do u recognise the name Prostaglandins? as my symptoms are at their worst once I start my Menstrual cycle lasting a day or two. I will be very grateful of your advice. Thanking you.

  36. Omoeegun Joshua Kolawole says:

    Dear Dr., I am 40years old man. I am having severe pains in my right thigh and I have tried several medicines but to no avail. I am a Nigerian in West Africa country, pls where can I buy this Colocynthis medicine here in Nigeria?.

  37. Omoeegun Joshua Kolawole says:

    Dear Dr., I am feeling severe pains in my right thigh and I have tried several medicines but to no avail. I am a Nigerian in West Africa country, pls where can I buy this Colocynthis medicine here in Nigeria?.

  38. Shiv sehgal says:

    Hi, I m shiv sehgal,71 male. I have severe pain in my left knee,
    And it shifts on my whole leg. My knee x-rays are fine. My physiotherapist says that the muscles of my legs are become weak
    And will be fully cured by physiotherepy. But alongwith I want
    Some medicines. Please suggest some good medicines.

  39. Vikas gour says:

    Pain in gladilus
    s bone in chest suddenly. First time

  40. Hi, dr. sharma.
    Is there any remedy in homoeopathy for tight pelvic floor muscle of men? please let me know.

  41. Falgun Keshav kuwar says:

    I started going to gym before 5/6 days
    One day I does l
    Very excessive workout
    But I result I suffering pain in my bicep trycep and upper limb
    I am not able to move my hand some time’s
    Please refer me some good medicine in. Homeopathy
    As early as possible

  42. O.P.Khanna says:

    Sir, I am 76, tall, lean and thin .When I lie down on the bed,the fan air directly impinges on my thigh muscles and they immediately become heavy ,tired and painful. Pain worsens when I drink cold water, take bath or walk.I always feel weak and tired. No NSAID works .Only rest gives some relief. What is the name of this disease and its treatment .Thanks . O.P.KHANNA

  43. Sadan Kumar says:

    Sir I am suffering from back pain,neck pain, and both legs line muscle pain.I also suffering with a disease quick fall during sex and white liquid out from Spanish during toilet.Iam also suffering with serum uric acid & pressure.please give me remedy.thank you.m my age is 50 years.

  44. sangeeta majumder says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering pain in arms, legs and waist since my childhood. As aged tells it is growth pain. But now I am 18+, my period is normal, and there is no such other ailments except cold , sneezing and allergy. This pain occurs sometime long standing , sometime sitting for a few hrs. , sometimes more walking or sometime I do not find any clue . Please help me the way of medicine requires to be taken and send me your suggestion.
    S. Majumder

  45. Hamara accident me left hand ke shoulder me muscles pain me Jyada Dard ho rha hai. Kaun si dawa Lena parega. Doctor Ka kehna hai Mera muscles crack ho gya hai.

  46. Md. Moyez Uddin says:

    Pain in Deltoid Muscle

  47. Arshad Kamal says:

    Dear sir, im living in Peshawar, KP Province, Pakistan. My wife is ill with having multiple physical and mental conditions, acutely affecting my family life. I would be greatful, if u would be kind enough to guide me to establish a way of easy and permanent contact with u.

  48. Jasmine Mary Thomas says:

    My mom is 55 years she have leg pain and breathing issue as well so please help

  49. My son is CP child he does not talk since last month he had pain in left thigh due to stifness and tightening of muscles kindly suggest any medicine by which his muscles becomes soft and pain is relieved thanks

  50. Fatimah Agha says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I think I’ve pulled some muscle or nerve on thr right side of my back. Between spine and thr right shoulder blade. Thr pain is going all along the spine all the way.

    What remedy shoild I take. Thanks
    Fatimah Agha

  51. Shyamala Aiyer says:

    Good Morning Madam,

    My Name is Shyamala Aiyer, aged 58 years residing in Nagpur. I am a diabetic patient and taking insulin and other Medication for Diabetes for past 20 years .

    I have a problem of muscle wastage according to an orthopedic specialist in both my arms just below the shoulder. Due to this I am having pain generating throughout my hand, which doesn’t allow me to lift weights or do normal day to day activities. Orthopedic specialist has asked me to do physiotherapy.
    I have ben taking physiotherapy &Medication since past two months.

    I am having severe pain during night

    I am working women with 10-6 working hours .

    Kindly advise on any homeopathy treatment for the same.


  52. लोकेश सोनी says:

    सर 70 की उम्र की मेरी सास है जिनका घुटने पे कमर के निचले पैर तक दर्द रहता है और चलने पे साँस फूलती है कोई उपचार बताए प्लीज

  53. ahmed sher says:

    my brother 22 years old walking during sleep what treatment.

  54. pravin patel says:

    what is best and appropriate remedy after total knee replacement. my wife age 65 had TKR 45 days ago and she on is PT but still hardly bend her knee up to 84 degree. the wound is healed but still little swelling and tenderness. pain is moderate and tolerable. knee area is warm and dry. can walk easily with walker. I read your articles and respect your kindness to guide suffering people . Dr P Patel

    Thanks for your precious time.

  55. Onuhfriday says:

    Dr Sharma, Pls Can Some one Get All These Ur Medicne?

    • Hello Dr,

      I am writing on behalf of my mother. She is of 63 years age. She has a problem of muscle wastage according to an orthopedic specialist in her left arm just below the shoulder. Due to this She has pain generating throughout her hand, which doesn’t allow her to lift weights or do normal day to day activities.

      Orthopedic specialist has asked her to do physiotherapy. Kindly advise on any homeopathy treatment for the same.

  56. Taria mehmood says:

    My left neck mscle,shoulder, left had wrist,thumb, upper back and lower back ,left leg muscle have pain in such a way that I can walk.and difficulty in standing(due to disbalance in when trying to stand and walk).further my left nostril remains block (doctor saying this due to allergic rhenitis and polyps formed in side).and cough is falling in side aso fagus and when eating something a pressur of gas in asofagus (alway felt ),while drinking water or sitting doing nothingbut feels a pressur of gas ontowards up side of asofegus.further I have a pain on leftside of penis,urine problem,.

  57. Debdulal Bandyopadhyay says:

    My left leg cramps at night during sleeping. What medicine should I use Doctor? I have also pain on my shoulder and arm when I rest and sleep. Pl advise.

  58. Dear Dr Sharmaji, Namaskar !
    I am Poonam from Hyderabad. Since many years, I am suffering from Calf Muscle Pain (Pulling Pain) in both my calves. Though I have tried for many therapies, but I was in vain. Kindly advice me some medication for the same. I shall be thankful.

  59. Puneet vaid says:

    hii . m suffering from back pain frm long time and that pain is going in my thies nd legs as well ..pls recommend me any medicine to get relief frm this pain so i could live my life same as before……

  60. varsha panchal says:

    I am a beautician , so my work is more like standing and sitting , so my left side body (joints) pain , jaw , neck ,shoulder, wrist, lowerback , knee only one side pains a lot ..
    And when I wake up in morning I feel a stiffness In my body. I have removed some reports 2 years back it have shown a mild slip disc . I regularly do yoga because I love doing yoga and exercise and visit physiotherapist but After doing all this I haven’t seen any effect ..
    I have visited many doctors but each and every doctor is giving me different reasons for the pain..

  61. Jitendra Nath says:

    I m a Parkinson’s patient for last 5 years. Please suggest some good medicines to control the tremors.Thank u



  63. samar dutta says:

    i was a sports man (volley ball) now my age is 64 years but very frequently my back muscle used to cramp and i could not move easily and its always filling very pain while sleeping or siting but on movement i fill better, hot compress is better filling. please suggest me the suitable homeopathic medicine and potency for relieving the pain.

    with regards
    samar dutta

  64. Hi dr Sharma
    I am 30 year old female and suffering from piriformis tendonitis in my left leg for 2 weeks. Pain get worse after I wake up in the morning. Kindl suggest me homeopathic medicine for this problem. I will be so thankful to you.

    • Puneet vaid says:

      hii . m suffering from back pain frm long time and that pain is going in my thies nd legs as well ..pls recommend me any medicine to get relief frm this pain so i could live my life same as before……

  65. Shyamal roy says:

    My mother . Bina roy. age .75 years.her lower back nerve pain. Pls help me to suggest medicine.

  66. Zuzana Schreiber says:

    Hello. I would ask you for a help with my muscles. I am older than 40 and I know I should strenghten muscles every second day because of their regeneration. I want something for quicker regeneration. I was thinking about arnica montana but I don’t know the potency or do you have any different idea? Thank you very much.

  67. Raghunath.K.S. says:

    Sir,IamSuffering from one and half a month for thigh and entire back leg mussel pain kindly give suggestions the Homeyo medicines.

  68. swapan kumar gupta says:

    Hello !
    After a long bus journey 300 kilometre & lifted 25 kg weight from bus taxi. Then I am feeling
    pain under knee of right leg. Unable to move right leg thumb freely. I am a computer operator.
    At the time of computer work I am feeling uneasy under the knee of right leg. Feeling pain in waist when try to move, sit or stand.
    Kindly best homoeopathy medicine.
    Swapan Kumar Gupta

  69. Rea Bagemehl says:

    Hello! I have had chronic back and neck pain since I was 15 years old, due to a severe car accident. I now have two spots in my back that are misaligned and my neck is also completely curved the wrong way. It also caused my muscles to tense up and go into knots that won’t seem to go away as well as sciatica. I have seen a chiropractor, but it became too expensive to continuously go and it did not relieve my muscle pain in any way. I am also diagnosed with graves disease, so my arms and legs are now aching all of the time as well. I feel like my pain is never going to go away and I am only 24. I hate waking up feeling like my whole body is fighting me. I do not want to be on pain killers either because they do not fix my ailments and they are addictive. Any advice?
    Thank you, Rea Bagemehl

  70. Sonia Sharma says:

    I have a severe pain in below the waist from the last 4 years but now a days I feel very difficult to walk for short distance. I have severe pain below knee, back, shoulder and excessive the area where legs and body attached. I.e near private part ( women) . I feel very relaxed when I stretch my legs. My knee also produce sound while walking.( Climbing the stairs ). Sometimes I am not able to understand whether I have joints pain or muscular pain . Pl suggest me some good homeopathic medicine.

  71. Left thigh & calf muscles stretched and painful for last 3 days. Nothing in right muscles. Taken Arnica 200 OD yesterday & day before yesterday, but no effect. Please suggest another remedy. Cannot sit on the floor with folded legs or bent left knee, due to stretching and pain.

  72. Priya Dhondiyal says:

    Dr I have a varicose veins problem , legs starts pain when I stand or sit for long time , hot compress or oil massage relieves pain , please suggest homeopathy medicine . Thanks

  73. Sunil Bilgi says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am a depression patient since Sept 6th 2010 and still on anti depressants to date. My both the thigh muscles pain a lot and I get very severe Cramps in my legs when I am asleep. Kindly suggest me Homeopathic medicines for both my problems.

    Pain in thigh muscles of both legs{front muscles}is continuous.

    Kindly reply.
    Sunil Bilgi,
    Belgaum, Karnataka.

  74. Uday Dighe says:

    Hello Sir,
    My wife age 59 years is suffering from back and leg muscle paining since last so many years.
    Now a days she even not able to walk due to severe paining in back and legs.
    We tried remedies except homeopathic medicines. But she did’nt get any relief.
    Kindly suggest a proper homeopathic remedy.
    Uday Dighe.

  75. ghulamrasool says:


    My left arm muscle has been pulled due to cervical kindly advise me homeo medicine with potency.


    • ghulamrasool says:


      My left arm muscle has been pulled due to cervical kindly advise me homeo medicine with potency.


  76. devi shanker bisariya says:

    Namaskar.My wife(72) has thyroiď.high B.P.diabetese2.U.Collitis.Recurrant UTI.Neuropathy Bipolar .She has developed pain in left arm between shoulder & elbow often very acute in night while lying oñ beď.No relief from physiotherapy done for 3 months light messaging from up to down relieves pain At one point muscle is stiff once in Mall the glass door while closing hit the point since then pain increased(muscle tear/ Neurolgia) Kindly advise which homeopathic is to be given.TKR in both legs done in2006 but not able to moov without stick.

  77. Nathan Phillips says:

    Hello. I am a keen sportsman who has exercised regularly throughout my life. I do general fitness work and work hard at conditioning my muscles. However no matter how much I increase or decrease my training of late I’m getting a lot of muscle tightness in my ITB and lower back. I don’t get tightness in my hamstrings and calves but neither will increase in flexibility despite religiously working at improving his area. I’m now getting really tight knees as a result. A excellent physio has checked out my back and knees and nothing is down to joint wear. Can you recommend and homeopathic remedies that I might try?

  78. Esther-Maria Sandberg says:

    I am an homeopath myself, do go to college, but cannot figure out my muscle pain. My lower back, is stiff and severe painful – extending to hips and down the thigh – sometimes also the ancles. I cannot rice my right arm – feel the same pain starting in my left arm, deltoid pain and shoulder pain – my upper back is stiff and painful – I love ti take a warmth bath, stretchin makes good, everything feels too short of muscles- sometimes it hurt lying in my both hip – changing places in hip and thigh, stiff in my thigh and pelvis/hips after short time stillness. Any idea?

    best regards

  79. Aloke Dutta says:

    My right thai musles get stiff while walking. Kindly suggest good medicine to get relief.

    I apply move and other muscle relxant cream which help temporarily.


    Aloke Dutta

  80. Dr Aks Thakur says:

    I have pain at a just below left shoulder in the muscle. No swelling, no redness, no stiffness. It pains on awkward angles, like putting on/off shirt.

    Already tried Brayonia, Arnica, Rita, Rhustox, Magphos, Ferrum Phos without significant relief. Now using Ledum which giving better relief.

    Kindly help.

  81. Faisal Shahzad says:

    I gave distonya
    My neck is stiff and not straight
    My left side body is affected
    My left foot is turn in to inside
    I can’t walk properly
    But I can run sometimes I started walking backwards

  82. Mazhar Saeed Kiyani says:

    My wife 28 years old and mother of two baby girls. She is suffering from bone and muscle pain at upper back below neck and arms. She is breast feeding to her second baby, born 4 months ago. My wife is getting weak day by day. Please advise Homeopathic medicine along herbal medicine and diet .

  83. sanatkrchakraborty says:

    I have leg muscles cramps last few weeks & cramps -pain becomes severe while i walk a lot,pls suggest medicines .Can i take causticum ,if yes ,what power & doses should i take? At present I am taking pressure tab stanplo5 ,nebicard 2.5 & for chlorestoral Turbo as 10.

  84. Vibhor Swaroop says:

    Sir, I have pain in the back of my right thigh near the knee portiion due to which I am unable to fold my leg. While trying to fold my leg, I get pain in the back of the right side of thigh muscle.

    Which medicine should I take and what exercises shall I do to rectify the pain. I am a Badminton player and I practice every day.

    • Asok Kumar Das says:

      My left thigh, the upper portion of my knee is in pain with trembling of my left leg and hand.I can’t move stepping upward or downward even on the flat floor.Which homeopathy medicine should I take a complete cure?I am 64 years.

  85. Sandipan Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma , I am a spondylosis patient science 1990 . It was started fro left neck via shoulder to left arm finger . Now its turn left to right neck via shoulder to rigft arm finger . For a few years ( 4 – 5 ) i have been suffering from heavy muscle pain like muscle spaspom and cramping anywhere of my body specially backside of bothside arm joint and also frontside of bothside chest and lower ribs frequently but when i lying down on the bed for a long time then i feel better . I request you to suggest the best homeao medicine and doses .I am waiting for your suggestion .

  86. Habe a pain in the middle of my. left thigh, it in crease only rising from sitting position nd bvice versa,no pain on walking or any othet movement

  87. Alok sharan says:

    I feel weakness in my lower leg and get calf muscle pain and also in the back of knee

  88. Dear sir
    I have muscular pain in left side of chest left side of shoulder blades and neck
    Pls suggest any medicine

  89. Radhika Sharma says:

    I have pain on my full left side. My shoulder hand fingers thigh knee and sides very bad feet and toes .They are stiff in mornings very difficult to bend ,If standing for long time ,If sitting for long time I feel that they have become like sticks my feet are practically numb . I am 69 yrs old. I take BPmed for hypertension

  90. Acute pain in buttock muscle joint cut ,coming down towards butt curve till ankle…

  91. I have severe muscle pain right shoulder
    Rotator-cuff left shoulder upper arm back
    Of legs thigh severe tightness painful to touch

    Aching in calves sometimes cramped
    So bad in morning need help out of bed
    Had this 6 weeks

    Take b 6 & 12 magnesium d& coq10
    Get lots of iron from vegetarian diet.

  92. ABDUL SALAM says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a male 76 years old quite active in my professional life.
    At most of the times nowadays, I encounter body aches with more concentration in legs. These pains do hamper and cause discomfort to my daily routines of life.
    Will you be kindly able to recommend some good homeopathy remedy for these body pains ?

  93. Gillian Bradley says:

    I have been diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction , where my muscles are tight and in spasm. Are there any remedies I could take which may help relax the pelvic floor, and help with the burning pain I’m experiencing?
    Many thanks.

  94. ALI QURESHI says:

    my age is 57 yrs,male weight 90-kgs/Height 170CM having diabetes Type-2,High Blood pressure since last 2/3yrs.
    I suffer from excruciating pain in my both thighs due to which i am unable to walk or carry out daily chores.
    At present my diabetes ,B.P are under control as I am taking Allopathic medicine for it.
    please advice some remedy for my Thigh pain.

    • Donna Thompson says:

      61 year old female, diagnoses scoliosis with sciatica.. Have had 2 epidurals which eased the back, hip and lower leg pain, but still have severe pain in both thighs upon getting out of bed in morning. Lasts for about 1-2 hours then slowly fades away.

  95. Santosh Kumar says:

    Respected sir,
    My son who is 11 yrs old is suffering from pain in upper back portion of his body since last 10 days. He is a regular sportsperson involved in a cricket. There is no sign of injury. I have noticed that his pain shift alternately from left to right side of upper middle back portion of his body. I am giving him RHUS-TOX from last 2-3 days. He has a some relief in pain but it is not fully cured, he still complains of pain. Kindly suggest some good medicine.
    Santosh Kumar

  96. Respected Dr,
    I am a75 Yr old man who in his young age was very active War veteran Playing all the games .Post retirement too I limited activity to Brisk walk & 2-3 Kms long& moderate Excercise.I am not Diabetic, But Hypertensive managed well with Drugs. Of late -Last 6 months or so I experience Pain in the Calf,Thighs ,with cramps and Hamstring & Tendons at the back of Thighs from Inwards of Thigh to Outwards.SomeDr suggested to use Mag phos 6 x for a few days & stop while receding.Some relief I had for a few days , but still I experience in SLEEP & turning from side to side.I get up ,apply some Pain relief Massage Oil & sleep.Relief _Temporary. Kindly prescribe a lasting Solution,as i wish to get better & pay avisit to my daughter at US.Also something for my Shortened SLEEP 4-4 1/2 hrs at Night & 1 Hr post lunch.
    I will remain Grateful & Thankful to you.

  97. Sir, I have pain and stiffness in left shoulder blade radiating some times to upper chest for the past 5 years I am 52 year old,I cannot do any exercise durables or long car driving,pl suggest some good medicine,I also have acidity some time.

  98. Carys KELLY says:

    I have been advised to take 5 drops of arnica montana C200 daily for slight lower back stiffness. Is this a good idea, & if so, where can I buy these drops? I’ve searched the Internet & can only find tablets.


  100. Vinod kapoor says:

    Full back pain,sorness worst when wait standing some time,better when walking or rest after some time lower limbs pain when bend toward feet age 58 years

  101. Seema Rasal says:

    Hi Dr
    Can u give homeopathy medicine to relieve planter faciatis pain in the feet.

    If yes pls let me know where are u available for consultion


  102. Sir , I am a coaching teacher . So i spend aprox 8 to 9 hr in classroom with writting and neck movement

    So i feel stiffness and mild pain in neck shoulders and upper back.

    Please prescribes me best and best homopathic medicines for getting relief imediately.

  103. Hello
    I have recently got done my appendix post operative pain is almost gone.but now I am having pain in my right leg beneath knee till is like sometimes I feel my foot is getting numb with feeling of ants crawling.same thing is with my right arm .pain is more from elbow to right hand .fingers sometimes get numb feeling .with ants crawling feeling .please guide me for the same.

  104. Duncan DeBond says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have had pain in my hamstring muscles of my right thigh. The pain can get worse on the top where the muscles attach and at other times will be worse in the peak of the main bicep. I have had this problem for 5 months. I did not hurt it, it just came on gradually.
    I have started using Mag Phos 30x when the pain gets real bad and have had some relief but which does not last long.
    After researching my pain I think it might be “Chronic High (Proximal) Hamstring Tendinopathy” but am not sure.
    Any suggestions on what I can use? Thank you in advance for your time.
    Duncan DeBond (I live in WA State)

  105. Terri French says:

    Where do I get Calcarea Carbonicaor Arsenicum Album for treating pain in calf mucles also pain in my hips and left shoulder when laying on them

  106. Sir I feel stress in back side of waist during sitting at one place but in motion and sleep position I does not feel stress. Also I can’t write long time after a little time my grips from pen slipped .so I request to you please suitable action

  107. Hi Doctor

    Could you please suggest few homeopathy medicine for muscle soreness after a gym workout.

  108. Dear Doctor,

    Sir, my granfather suffering severe backache and lower limb pain and cannot able to walk

  109. Dear DR,
    i have pain in my shoulder hand finger and legs and swelling in my right eye brow.
    every day pain in different area in my body.please send me medicine detail

  110. Teresa Fitzgerald says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    My mother who is 87 has recently started experiencing stabbing pains in her legs and hips. It happens at night when she is sleeping and wakes her up. When she sits up in bed it stops but it’s causing fatigue due to her sleep pattern being disturbed. Could you suggest a homeopathic remedy please.
    Many Thanks and Kind Regards
    Teresa Fitzgerald.

    • INDULATA GUPTA says:

      I am 80.Both knees had been replaced five years ago. For one year suffering from severe pain in leg from Hip to Knee in both legs. Pain in muscles radiates from thighs to calves ankles feet.
      Difficulty in walking. Please advice some medicine for the severe pain

  111. Brigadier Anil Kumar Soni says:

    I have leg feet muscle stiffness and the whole legs pain. Difficulty in walking. Right leg pains more than left.
    Pain in muscles radiates from thighs to calves ankles feet.
    Difficulty in walking.
    Early signs of PD.

  112. Mary Henderson says:

    My mum has nerve damage to her spine. She also now has osteoporosis. She suffers from drop foot. At the moment she is suffering badly from muscular pain in her left shoulder. Can you recommend something to give her relief?

  113. Sunil Thakur says:

    I have right shoulder pain,pls tell there is any treatment of right shoulder pain.

  114. satya kaushal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife is 76 years old, 5’1″ and weighs 170lbs. She is suffering from pain in her knees, thighs, buttocks and back. Can you suggest what should take.

    Thank you.


  115. Devendra Surana says:

    Hi have stiffness and pain in Achilles’ tendon. Pls advise

  116. Honey kumar says:

    Hi i have problem trapèze muscle problem

  117. I am suffering from back pain for the last one year. Pain starts after short period of standing in right hip and extends to right leg with slight numbness in lower portion. I also feel stiffness in the right portion of back. Pain relieve in sitting. No pain while sleeping at night and bending. Pain is only during standing and walking. I have tried alopathic, homeopathic and therapy but still no relief. In MRI disc bulging is diagnose. I have tried Bryonia, Colocyn, Gnaphalium, Ruta, Hypericum but still no relief

    Thanks & Regards

  118. Our lady relatives suffering from a acute pain in lower abdominal part. She can’t move with out heal. Several type allopathic treatment under a famous neurosurgeon was taken but not any significant relief observed. Pl. Guides us and give any good medicine’s

  119. Priti Gupta says:

    I have muscle stress and light pain back of knee. Tell treatment for this

  120. I am eighteen years male student. I am having severe pain in right arm since 4 days. I am taking pain killer since 2 days (acetofenac &paracetamol). I want permanent homeo treatment.
    Kindly suggest me.

  121. Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from unknown illness. I start feeling week 4 to 5 days before menses and my condition becomes worse during first two days of menses. My legs become week and I will other be having even energy to walk. My back area between the two scapula becomes stiff, even my neck and occipital becomes stiff. For me menses starts early 5-7 days early. As menses ends my health starts improving but again 4-5 before menses my health degrades. My energy gets exhausted as I walk and then I cannot walk more. Even if I walk little I get tired and feel hot and sweat covers my face. My BP falls down during menses and on exertion. My blood test and all other test reports are normal(mri, CT scan, urine, x ray). My left part of the body got affected. On little exertion my whole back becomes stiff and I get limbo sacral pain. I have visited many Homoeopathic doctors but it was of no use. Please suggest any medicine.

  122. Birendra Nath Halder says:

    I am a diabetic patient of 62 years age. I have got a muscle pain in left thigh. Arthopadic Doctor has given pain killer of high dose. I am doing exercise of leg to reduce the pain. Now the pain is bearable. I am using belt to keep the spinal code strait. This type of pain occurs sometime in every year. Without belt the pain increases and it is difficult to walk. Dotor says it is a cause of spinal cord problem. After Xray it is found that spinal cord has become curve and it s is one of the spondalysis . Kindly advise homepathy medicine for curing the above problem

  123. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My mother is 70 yr old. She is suffering with pain in upper back behind left shoulder for more than an year now. She can’t lift left hand up completely, undergone several medications by different doctors including physiotherapy and also recently took MRI scan. Spent lot of money but no relief. Pl. advice remedy.


  124. Michelle Barnes says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I suffer with lower back pain and have dehydrated disc L4 and L5 with a slight bulge. I have suffered for 25 years with back pain. This worsens when I stand for short periods of time as well as walking after 5 k quick walking quickly. I have been taking Amitriptyline to help relax me in the evening to sleep as well as taking pain killers daily as and when needed, Tramadol which to be honest do not work for the pain.

    Could you please suggest suitable homeo medicine that I can take to get me off sleeping aid as well as something which will work as a muscle relaxant?

    Kind regards

  125. Ranjit Chauhan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have pain in the Right Knee and muscles surrounding the Knee.
    I’ve been on Pain relievers ( Dyclophenac Sodium + Paracitamol – OD ) since the last 7 months
    I’m 72 yrs old male

    Could u suggest a suitable Homeo Medicine so i can get off the Dyclophenac Sodium Etc

  126. surendra singh chaudhary says:

    sir,i am suffering from leg & thigh pain special ly in back of is may be due to osteoarthritis,pl suggest some medicine.-sschaudhary

  127. Y.nageswar says:

    I have constant pain between shoulder blades.I request your good self to prescribe homeowners medicine.I am 68years old and vegetArian.No injury.I have bp under control.

    • Y.nageswar says:

      I have constant pain between shoulder blades.I request your good self to prescribe homeowners medicine.I am 68years old and vegetArian.No injury.I have bp under control.

  128. T Prasad says:

    Dear Dr.

    Five months back my wife got an accident and her left arm mussels was injured and since then she is suffering with continuous pain . Her age is 51 years.

    Please help her.

    T Prasad

  129. Badar uz zaman says:

    Respected Dr sharma,
    i am from pakistan. my son nearly 9 years old have pain left legs(pendli).Dr suggest test CPK .we get test CPK. the test is not normal.Dr sab have u any treatment homeopathic for CPK. thanks

  130. Dear Doctor,
    Please help me in following;

    MAle patient of 45 yrs, diagnosed with Rt. Hip bone Tuberculosis on AKT.
    Now Complaining of pain and tiredness with loss of sleep, irritability.

    Could you please help me in this?


  131. shalini thakur says:

    Hello sir,
    My mom is suffering from lower back pain (rt.side of tail bone).she is 45 yrs old.pain aggravate after motion and continue during or after rest .hypericum and rhustox give relief but not long time .pl suggest….thank you

  132. Ravinder pratap says:

    Good evening sir
    Sir my stomach mussels there are many knot some loose and some hard. Please suggest me

  133. Ashok pasi says:

    Sir I am suffering calf pain for both legs after standing more than 15 min last 8 years. Pl advise treatment. Regards. )

  134. K.S.Valli says:

    My wife aged 64 Old History :,liile diabetic (but so far no allopathic treatment given),scissorian twice,histerectomy done, varicose left leg30 years,red moles with warts, Present Complaint : legs feels as though weighty like wood and pain in left leg especially from thigh , knee, aggravated at night. Dr.sharma

  135. sunita sudhakar barve says:

    Dear Dr. Sharmaji,

    my wife had an left breast cancer and was operated in 2009, after following chemo(7times) therapy, she was given radiation treatment for 1 month.

    since then she has developed severe pain in left shoulder and surrounding. she is 78 yrs.of age her pain is becoming unbearable

    whence consulted hospital, the answer was ” it has loosened the muscles of left soulder and hence the pain.

  136. K.Vijaikrishna. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharmaji,
    I sustained bluish contusions over my both thighs and normal contusions above chest and experiencing pain below chest in a minor accident due to hit of my scooter with a car, which suddenly stopped ahead, while I was driving the scooter 4 days ago. I am still suffering from pain. Please suggest suitable medicines.
    K.Vijaikrishna, tanuku.

  137. Eveline Gracias says:

    DR. Sharma
    Dear Sir
    The left side of my calf, knee ,thigh, buttocks, hip and groin are painful. The pain can move from one area to another. When sitting, sleeping, taking a bath there is almost no pain but when walking the leg feels shorter from the groin area. My hip area gets very painful when I cook. Although I move about I have to rest quite a bit as my leg feels weak and painful. I can exercise with almost no pain on our home exercise bike. When getting up from a chair the pain is severe and gets less painful after moving for a bit.
    I am grateful if you could advice me which Homeopathic medicine I should take
    Yours faithfully Eveline Gracias

  138. Sir
    I work in Kerala.
    I have walking difficulty(Stiffness of Legs) and also I am having low back pain. In allopathy terms it is called Non Compressive Mylopathy.
    I have used allopathy medicine Synaptol 100 mq for a year no improvement.
    Used Ayurveda for 5 months now no change.

    Homeopathy has any cure for my problem. If so pls let me know.

  139. today just after sunrise the muscle of my left leg goes up. and i tried to displace them lower side. i came down from bed to floor to call others who wete in another room. but i couldn’t. may be, i became unconscious for 30/40 seconds. when i got conscious i saw it came at the right position. but i feel a little pain there ( left leg muscle under the knee). and that place becmes swollen seems the muscles become a littlemag high up. pls help me. I’m from bangladesh.

  140. Kamal Anand says:

    I have pain in upper back neck shoulders lower back thighs headache worse after getting from bed in morning not able to walk feeling of tiredness heaviness in whole body suggest some medicine.

  141. VISHAL SETHIYA says:


  142. Francis Mutara says:

    I am experiencing a sharp and continuous pain on my right handside between the ribs and.close to my chest. How best can I get the treatment. This has ben ongoing for thevpast two weeks. My name is Francis Mutara from Zimbabwe. agef 60 years

  143. Manzoor Ahmad says:

    Dr. Good evening. I am a male 82, from pakistan and by and large enjoy better health as per age. upper middle class. Fond of reading and writing for newspapers.
    I suffer from 3 kinds of artho-pains.
    1. Cervical pain in C4 and 5. it radiates upward and sometime causes pain in the forehead area . It also radiates both sides of shoulder. when i press my kneck against a pillow while lying straight on an orthopedic bed, I feel better..
    2. Lumber 4-5 pain. agravates while sleeping on right side.
    3. my knees though I still walk.
    General condition.
    Ocassional numbness in my extremities. sense of imbalance while walking. Can walk straight and without any oscillations on plain floor/road. Any rough road/path gives me sense of unbalance. Suffer from insomnia since last 30 years. Can sleep by aid of ATIVAN 5mg only for 5/6 hours.
    Can sleep at afternoon nap for an hour without sleeping pills. slight trambling in hands while holding a spoon or a pen. feel good appetite and enjoy all kind of foods. Suffer from chronic costipation and cannot pass stool without help of strong stool softenrs.
    I think, I have narrated my general condition and my problem.

  144. Jiya lal bhalla says:

    I am 63 yrs i have pain in left calf muscles

  145. Hi Dr Sharma , I have pain in both shoulders and arms up to hand
    when i go to bed have more sharp pain
    My friend suggested me to take homeopathic medicine
    Five Phos 6 X
    is any other medicine better than this you suggest

  146. Shashi Kalyan says:

    My husband has stiffness/tight ness under left rib cage. he is been suffering from 1.5 year. no other symptoms. please help.

  147. Pramod Kumar Lal says:

    Respected Dr saheb,
    Sustained injury on shoulder due to fall. No fracture.But spot appeared on bone. Severe pain on shoulder while making movement of arms. Age 55.
    Plz advise

  148. Monalisa Mukherjee says:

    I am Monalisa Mukherjee…I am 49 years old…In several days we are feeling knee pain in femur bones…please help me some treatment or medicine to relief this musvle pain…

  149. J C Logani says:

    Dear Sir,
    my wife who is a patient of Artherties, is not able to put weight on the right thigh muscle. while lying on the bed she can move her leg freely. Dr. says it is because of contraction of muscles. Can you suggest some remedy.

  150. Priti Dixit says:

    Dear sir

    I have stiffness and pain in left side of my body . Mostly in neck and wrist and below ankle area in leg , all on left side . It looks my nerves are in strain and could not close and open the wrist properly . I have claustrophobic conditions and feel better in open air . Restless by nature and always insecured for my loved ones . Pls help me .


    Priti Dixit

  151. Dr. I do have pain in my knees which lessen if i take rest, but gets worse when i get up. It is very painful when i try to straighten my legs again to walk after sitting even for a minute or two. Can u suggest some medicine? I am a lady of 45+ age.
    Thanks in anticipation

  152. Chander Shekhar says:

    Respected Dr. sahab. i am a 57 year old man . I am a diabetic and having prostate problem too . both these problems are in early stage and controlled . since last few weeks i am have pain in inner part of my thighs and shoulder muscle . Please recommend some homeopathy medicines. Thanks

  153. Respected Sir, I have pain in muscles of leg calf and arms with burning sensation . I have inflammation in rigt leg thumb. What medicine should I have?

  154. Shakilanawaz says:

    Respected sir I have pain in upper thigh muscles I walk difficulty doctor’s are saying it is due to muscle spasms other tests are clear please recommend me best homeopathic medicine I will b thankful to u.

  155. Siddharth Pal says:

    Plz say the medicne with potency for the recovery of Total leg pain due to cold

  156. Narendranath Pati says:

    Sir, Iam feeling my right side thigh muscle contracted for a some times while using latrine.

  157. Roma Bhalla, age 66 year, wt. 60 kg. says:

    Good afternoon, I have pain in my lower back, legs n calves more on my left side. My calf n feet muscles are very tight n I feel they will tear if I stretch my toes. Legs are very heavy n have difficulty in lifting them n walking. Soles of my feet burn a lot n some times they are absolutely cold. Had L4-L5 surgery 8 years back because of slip disc n tissues had started growing narrowing the canal. Please suggest some medicine for pain relief ,walking properly as I’ve very poor balance n have tendency to fall. Thanks. Regards. Roma


    I have pain in my left ankle which makes walking difficulty. I had suffered hair line fracture in the same ankle some30 yes back.Kindly suggest some effective medicine for complete relief

  159. Sandra Creighton says:

    What remedy might work for an arm bruised from giving blood. They said they may have hit the artery not the vein. A week later, it’s still bruised and achy.

  160. i am 33 yr old and my weight is 100 kgs and i have pain in my heels and knees. How could i will cure.

  161. I m frequently suffering from rt ankle joint muscle pain . Pain increases on walking. Now i m taking allopathy medicine. I want permanent and safe treatment. My rt ankle affected from polio age36 yrs pls guide me.

  162. Hello i dont know wt exactly to explain im having pain in my hamstring since 5 months
    If im stittinh for more than 5 min iam unable to strech my leg and stand properly
    Its my right leg plz help me wt to take and how the dosage and everything

  163. Abdullah Mohamed says:

    Good morning
    i have problems o f muscles pain special on the neck shoulders and back pain my age is 67

  164. I have a stiff right leg Have problem putting seight on it Walk by dragging my right leg this results in pain and fatigue in whole body

  165. I am getting sharp pains in my lower left hip and it travels from thigh to down while I stand or walk

  166. Pramod C. N says:

    My daughter is 18 years. She is having cramps in legs , she has got Acidity problem and dehyderaton problem also.. Please advice homeo medicines… She is 18 and weighing 67 kgs

  167. Digambar V. Shirodkar says:

    Dr. Sharma Saab,
    I am suffering from pain in my right thigh due to muscular dystrophy.This pain occurs continuously while walking and thereby I face great hardhips while walking. If I get relief from this pain, then I will be able to walk slightly better.
    Whether, I can take medicine colocynthis and what is the dose? Also for how long and diet restrictions?
    Please give me your valuable advice.

  168. I have skin problem for past six months. It is lupus paniculus. Is there any homeopathy remedy?




  169. lilian alvares says:

    pain in leg in shin area do suggest a good homepath remedy

  170. Satish Sharma says:

    Pranam Dr. Sharma,
    For the past one year I have been getting pain in the left shoulder – upper back and arms till the elbow. I have avoided taking allopathic pain killers as I don’t want my kidneys to suffer. I am a diabetic for the past 17 years and on allopathy medicines for the same. Though my sugar is under control, this pain seems to be bothering me for quite some time. By profession, I am a typist. I also practice meditation regularly. Have to sleep on my back at night and the moment I turn on the left side in the sleep the pain makes me get up. The pain is more in the cold season. Should be grateful if you can suggest some homeopathy medicines to help me relieve the pain. Grateful, Satish Sharma

  171. HelMylo Dr. Dharma, my Mother is suffering from severe Stiffness and Cramps most of the day and night, She is not able to even keep her feet on the ground, she cannot walk at all. She is Osteoporosis Patient, She is 71 years old. She was very active, now as she is not able to do her personal work, she is very depressed. Will my Mom be able to walk. Due to these cramps she is going through a lot of pain and Agony.

  172. Rahul Dhangar says:


    My all body a lot of pain daily. Please give me solutions sir. I am both are crisis. And my age running only 25 years. Please I request to you please guide me sir.

  173. My mother is about 55 years old and have constant pain in muscles between knee and thigh on right side and on shoulder and triceps area of right hand. Sometimes she is not able to lift her hand also. Daily she goes for a walk and have a healthy diet. Please suggest the solution.

  174. Jai Bharti kumar sinha says:

    My hamstring is going tight and pulled after standing sitting or walking . suggest me which homeopathic medicine is excellent for treatment of such disease.
    Jai Bharti

  175. Prof Usha Kiran Chopra says:

    My sister is about 71 years old and is suffering from knee arthritis. For the last one month she is having pain in the upper arms more on the right side. It is muscular pain and some times increases and some times it is less. Please suggest homeopathic medicine for the arm pain and also how it s to be taken.

  176. Seema Khan says:

    I have extreme pain in my calf and thighs of both legs. Am suffering from Osteoarthritis with total knee replacement. The doctor advised me to get injection Fermathron in both knees and hip joints as my lower back also hurts. He says legs in calf and thighs are taunt, inflammed have edema. Am scared. So far rely on Homeopathic. But lately nothing works. Please advise. I take
    Apis Metallica
    Rhos tox
    Calcaria carbonicum
    Lachesis as I get hot flushes whenever I wake up in the morning fully I feel hot and bothered.

    Diecard 10 drops to steer away symptoms of heart

    Please advice

  177. Rajend Rajend kumar says:

    Merit grant shoulder help me pain have. 15 sale see predicted is Olney let rhapsody huge. Name did this has chlorine neither start 50 year age esr100 hb7.neoro Orton alopecia ayurveda yunani hrs Ilam kina. Amp kraft site hosting to btao

  178. Dr Sharma.I am suffering from severe calf muscle in left leg since last 8_9 months I have taken all pain killers but the pain is same and severe

    • Lawrence Alvares says:

      Dear Doctor,
      My wife 65 year old,having stiffness and pain lower leg calf muscles, having pain in left side of neck on shoulder muscle from last 7-8 months. She is also having acidity and gastric problem and breathlessness problems from many years.She had taken different type of treatment. Please
      advise medicine for calf and neck shoulder pain.
      Thanking you
      yours faithfully
      Lawrence Alvares

  179. Anderson liete says:

    Hi sir. I feel pain in my lower leg (calf ) after having sex. i used many medicines but no result.

  180. hello dear sir my nam qadire my left leg 1 yera vericose vein i treatment homeopathic dr but my back is nothing normal help me sir

  181. Yogesh Badle says:

    Hello Dr.
    This is Yogesh from Mumbai.
    I have pain in both the muscles in legs.
    I can walk 2-3 km,but when try to climb a staircase muscles start to pain.
    If I make rush to go then I have to sit down even I could move up to first floor.
    This has began almost six month ago.
    All the X ray reports are normal.

  182. Mukesh kumar says:

    I have got back pain below the neck in a sound sleep. Please suggest me what to do?

  183. MARY STABLEY says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I have weak glut muscles (that what my PT says) because of this when I walk I have pain at the top of my thighs that radiates down the sartorious muscle. What homeopathy can I use, I only have pain when I walk on inclines. I can walk steps and flat ground with no problem.
    Thank you for your help

    • Rajend Rajend kumar says:

      Merit grant shoulder help me pain have. 15 sale see predicted is Olney let rhapsody huge. Name did this has chlorine neither start 50 year age esr100 hb7.neoro Orton alopecia ayurveda yunani hrs Ilam kina. Amp kraft site hosting to btao

  184. I am unable to bend legs at 90 degrees,pain at thighs & knee & also when i stretching legs while sleeping.weight76 kg,Pl.recommend me medicine.


  185. sunil WARADE says:

    I have back pain radiating to thighs and hips worsen with sitting and relived with walking. i have a sitting job. Not exercising.

    Weight is slightly overweight.

    generalized body ache.

    Recommend me medicine.


  186. Dear sir,

    While driving a long distance at night while come to come my right leg calf is suddenly caught and after two days it become very difficult to walk also. It is paining a lot please suggest


  187. i am a 70 year old male. when getting a massage and other times there are many sore spotS particularily in the inner thighs . pAIN is intense with greater pressure. sometimes cramping in the feet at night thanks Dr.

  188. Sona damania says:

    I have severe pain and swelling in the left trapezius muscle ..I have taken an mri but it doesn’t show anything relevant. The muscle is constantly in spasm and my shouder are always shrugged. The cause has been diagnosed as anxiety by doctors. Although I am taking meds for anxiety, the anxiety feels better but this pain does not. It causes dizziness and I feel.imbalanced while walking. Please let me know of any medicene that can help.

  189. Mrs.Rama Sinha says:

    I am having swelling and pain in left arm from elbow to backside,since 2 month not able to lift my hand properly. My age is 40 years. Please suggest some medicine to get relief from pain and selling.


    My son aged 23 years met with an accident on 4th Sep this year ,resulting in degloving injury in the right thigh.He was bed ridden till last week.Now the wound is cured but when he is walkin with support ,he is not able to bend the right knee and also he is getting pain in the shoulder as well as other parts of the body.Please suggest remedy.

  191. Doctor vishal sahai says:

    What causes leg cramps?As mentioned, the causes of leg cramps can vary greatly. Some of the most common causes are dehydration,staying in one position for a prolonged period of time, or muscle strain. Leg cramps can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as inadequate blood supply (which can becaused by atherosclerosis), nerve compression such as lumbar stenosis,and mineral depletion including a deficiency in potassium, magnesium, or calcium.Medications – such as diuretics, oral contraceptives, and steroids – can increase the risk of leg cramps, too.Some risk factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing leg cramps include older age, pregnancy, taking certain medications, and being dehydrated.

  192. hi dr…i m 35 yrs old and in winter season oftn has problem of cold..due to which i have sometime pain in ribs..back ache pain etc.when took brufen or panadol feel some relax…but in winter ths pain comes n off.even when i have pain i could feel pain when took long breath.kindly help inthis context. thanks

  193. Kanchan Rochlani says:

    I have swelling in calves n also continuous pain…feel somebody should hammer it continuously…the pain is always there…feels better with pressure on calves.
    Pl suggest some medicine..have gained weight also due to thyroid.

  194. I am 34 yrs female.I always get muscle cramps after running about 1-2 km in my calf muscle..i have to stop coz of severe pain..what medicine to take.

  195. Hello Dr
    My name is laxmisha & I reside in Bangalore. I am suffering from neck pain from last 2 years & I was diagnosed as straightining neck. I am on homeopathic medicines since then but with no improvement. Kindly advise me what to do in this regard. My pain will get server some times. Kindly advise me Dr.
    With regards

  196. What can I do for long standing trigger point or myofaxcial pain. I am 68 years old with serious pain. I can pick out some remedies but knowing dosage for uprooting the condition of 47 years is difficult.

  197. Sir. My name is durga. I am suffering neck and back mussels pain from long years.( I am also a asthma pasent. ) My neck and spinals both sides mussels are not much flexible. Due to that I am feeling smart. When I walk I feel that I am taking some kg of stone in back ..

    Kindly advice me for better result

  198. Slam Hello sir my name sadia .my father is suffering from bladder disease .when he pass the urine feel pain and urine frequency every 1 hour pass urine before but then he pass the every 15 minutes duration short please any medine tell me about for treat thank you .

  199. sir,
    i am suffering the pain of muscles in my body .some time feel sensation inside hand muscles with two fingers and sometimes back and hip .it feel sometime prick in my body .I went to doctor and thy have done many test and they found nothing serious .they advice some vitamin medicine which give me some relief .but i am trying through homeopathic medicine .kindly suggest some good medicine .

  200. sukhvinder kaur says:

    Hii meri cervical spondelysis ki problem hai I’m 48 year old mujhneck mai jaw side left side neck mai bhut pain hai bp bhi 160/100 ho jata hai left arm mai shoulder mai pain hai .
    Pehle numbness bhi thi legs hands mai gnaphalium 30 kii medicine se usmai thoda relief hai ..sath mai calcaria Flore 6x lea rahi hu
    But neck and back pain abhi nhi bhut hai pls help me

  201. NEELIM KUMAR PAN says:

    Last weak when travelling in train,when i went to to climb the upper birth,injury in mussel cramp on left side.not able to move sleep at night very high pain on lower rib to back portion.

  202. Dr. Sharma: I am having severe leg pain in both thecalf muscles of legs
    . especially in the night. I have severe pain right shoulder also .Pl. advise suitable homeopathic medicine for the relief. Thank you .

  203. DOMINIC OTELE says:


  204. kamlesh giri says:

    Dr sahab I am 45 year old and I’m a diabetic person,and I have pain in my hips some times on left hip and some on right hips and some time on both,tell me good me

  205. s.n.phanish says:

    hon!ble highly respected beloved doctor sharmaji i am suffering from blood clot pain on my left shoulder which i am unable to do my work,sleep sit etc kindly help me from this thanking you yours faithfully s.n.phanish

  206. kostas galanos says:

    Dear mr sharma, i am an athlete marathon runner and now 20 days before competition my legs are heavy and my cpk at blood test was 4500,.generally i feel great, what homeopathetic medicine to take to reduce muscle soreness.
    Best regards
    kostas galanos

  207. Shoa usmani says:

    Sir I am shoa Usmani. In July 2016 I got hurt on right upper hand. Since then I am not able to move the hand properly and also having worse pain in it especially in night. Can you suggest any medicine for this.
    I shall be grateful to you

  208. Prosun Paul says:

    Hi , I am Prosun Paul, 17 years old.I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis for 5 years… I am taking homeo medicine now but no result. now I am completely in bed and having lots of I am having sciatica also please help .my life is ruining. pls pls help..

  209. m bhaskar rao says:

    sir, my mrs. diagonised inflammatory miositis. she also developed eczema, she is on steriod defcort 9mg in morning and 3 mg in the evening. This condition can be treated in homeopathy or not. i am staying in mumbai. pl.give reply

    • Hi doc I am 43 years female,suffering from pain in full back including shoulder and thighs and it increases a lot one weak before my periods ,all time feel cranky and nervous..please help

  210. MD ALI IMAM says:

    I have left leg pain below Thai to

  211. Hi
    I have a lg dog that has fallen on his back several times and also had bout with Lyme disease. Has been treated with antibiotics for lyme. His lower lumbar region has been affected. He is losing some of his hind quarter abilities , it seems that he walks with odd gait, harder time doing steps or jumping in and out of car or couch,, etc. No broke or fractured bones. Suggested by Vet. To take to neurologist or osteo Dr. But cannot afford. I have used homeopathy for myself and other dogs with success but don’t know what to do for this dog. He is only 5 yrs. old and great dog . Can you suggest something for him ? I’m willing to pay
    For your time and remedies as long as it is not too expensive.
    Thank you for your anticipated help.

  212. Yogendra Singh says:

    Hello sir I have shyitica in right leg .I have taking medicine in homeopathy and my thighs masule of right leg high cramp and pain and in foot thumb and finger is not come upper side and numbness .so tell me right solution for me
    I m taking medicine……. R71,Ferrum metallicum 3x,Ganaphalium polycephalum 30 CH ,Hypericum perforatum 200 ,APIs mellifica 200 CH

  213. Pain in left vest which extend towards thigh &change locations

  214. Hi,my name is Bola I have muscle pains all o er my body,but mostly on my left side,which gives me a severe soreness at the back and also my shoulder on the left side,the muscle
    Problem now is making me to lose muscle on the affected side i.e the left side. Also is now affecting my nerves am having numbness , tingling,shooting , stabbing and sharp pains left side headache that starts from the back is there any of homeopathy remedies that can help me the pain and the wasting is given me a concern

  215. paromita saha says:

    Yrs back due to prolonged temp…my left side was affected. Now alright but hv get pain lower left leg n feet…sometimes upper left thigh

  216. Megha Sharam says:

    I have a severe lower leg pain sometimes on left leg n sometimes on right….it is severe when I continually stands for more than 1 hr

  217. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have very stiff and sore thighs near my knees. Have been feeling it for some time long but the past 20 days have been impossible for me. I don’t feel went im immobile. its killing when i try to stand up or sit down. Have stiff nodules type of formations just above the knee. And there is one very recent thing that is giving me trouble is i get cramps in my legs at night and i wake up due to the jabbing pain. Please advice me some good medicine soon. Also let me know if there are any home remedies and precautions I can take. Thank you. Waiting for your reply.

    Yours sincerely,


    • Dr. Sharmaji,

      SRINIVAS K.A. Age: 56, Height : 5.9, Well built,

      Details of Ailments : SPASTIC PARAPARESIS
      I am suffering from this problem since 2002. Nature of problem is as follows:-
      1. Whole body stiffness
      2. Difficulty in walking. More difficult to walk on sloppy terrain.
      3. Without support I can’t climb steps. Climbing down the steps is more difficult.
      4. No balance while walking. Slight push will make me fall.
      5. I cannot lift weight and walk. Cannot sit on floor.
      6. While I get up in the morning whole body becomes stiff. I have to wait till (1or 2 minutes) the stiffness and muscular pain comes down.

      7. No strength in my joints. Sometimes suddenly my legs will sink resulting in falling & hurting myself.
      Pain in Ankle Joint affects the Balance
      8. Since the Disease is progressive in nature, from last two years my speech has become slow.
      9. I have no control over my emotions. I laugh and cry more than necessary.
      10. Due to stiffness I experience pain from neck to hip region.
      11. I get pain in my ankles suddenly and loose balance.
      12. Often my right index finger trembles.
      13. Whenever I get panic problem (Stiffness) get aggravated. Same will happen when I feel somebody is watching my walking.

      With this entire problem sometimes I get depressed. Meditation is helping me in this regard.In the beginning I took Beclofan (Muscle relaxant) Tab for 1 month. I discontinued the same as it has not helped. I took homeopathy medicine for one year and Ayurvedic medicine for 3 months without any improvement.

      Diabetic from past 20 years Tab- Gemmer 2 Forte & Pioz mf 7.5
      For BP Telvas AM 40 Both are under control with Tablets

      PLEASE help me and Prescribe some homeopathic medicine for the same.
      Thanking you

      Srinivas , Mysore


      General Feeling : Good

      General Problem :

      1. Constipation
      2. Disturbed Sleep
      3. Worry about future health Problem4.

  218. simrun malhotra says:

    dear sir,

    my son is suffering from leg pain . he has a job of standing for hours together . in the evening when he sleeps he gets cramps a.
    when i try to apply some oil to massage his legs he shouts of pain .
    can u subscribe me some medicine


  219. Tapan Kanti Chakraborty says:

    Hello Doctor I am 67 yrs having sound health. I had to jump from 42 ft high of a research vessel to a fishing boat in 1989 in Indian ocean and LS4 and LS5 were depressed. I was able to move only because of Yoga. In 2011 Sugar level became high due to traumatic case. I was treated in hospital and sugar level came down to normal within six months. I was advised to take one Glycomet GP2 on regular basis. Sugar level now slightly higher than normal.Now I find and feel that numbness of my feet and pad like swelling on movement. FOOT FINGERS cramping is felt and get better on their movement. BP Normal 145/80. Recently I see scales coming out from the leg on scratching. Swelling of foot or ankle not there. All problems are noticed in the lower part of body. Pls send your invaluable advice so that I can take homoeopathic medicine to recover from such problems

  220. My wife (age – 61) is suffering of lower back pain. She feels better while resting and pain aggravates while changing in posture. I gave her Bryonia 200 once a day. But no result.
    Please advise.

  221. Hello Sir, I have been exercising for a month now but since 2weeks I have observed my arms have got bigger and hard, also some pain arises during the day in different parts of arm,I hink they are swollen because of overstressing.Also my right knee is giving trouble as i can feel there is some problem after exercisealthough i can completely walk normal. Recently i have started taking bryonia alba 30 . I hope my inflammation and soreness will get cured. Please guve your insights and also please tell if i should continue exercises or not as I am not prepared for intense movements at present. Should I opt for hot oil massages or ice packs. I can feel inflammation around my shoulder.

  222. Hi

    I saw ur page and contacting u as my son 10 years old has some problem. He is blinking his eyes in excess. We consult to eye specialist and he told it is called “BLEPHARITIS” eye lid problem and it is seasonal. He gave eye drop for a week and a tube for 3 days only. First day when we use drops we saw frequent change in him but after two weeks he does often when read books. He also has stomach issue when he gets tense and gets angry too. He is anemic too have black circles under her eyes from birth time. Please tell some medicine for her blinking eyes and strong nerves.


  223. Hello sir, my mother is 59 years old. She is having pain in leg bone. There is a swelling and we try to massage to reduce the pain. Kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine.



  224. says:

    Can the patients after surgery if develop muscles pain in the lower back, can they be treated with these homoeopathic medicines

  225. Hello
    Dr. Sharma

    I have pain in my legs, first it was only in heel and ankle after that behind knees and thai and hip.
    Please suggest me medicine.

  226. Vipul Rastogi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a male of 44 years. Last year i had a surgery of Right Inguinal horizontal lymph nodes (which in later stages diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 2A). The disease was treated with Radiation Therapy.

    Sir, right after that right groin surgery, i started feeling numbness in my right upper thigh which was removed after giving 3-4 tight jerks to my right leg.

    This was all happening for last 01 year and now for last 20 days i felt unbearable pain in my right inguinal area upto knee and in back from middle of hip to lower of back.

    I took it as sciatica nerve pain and accordingly started taking Vitamin B12 supplement and after these 20 days i felt a mild relief in pain. But i also realized that when i am in sitting posture or laid down on bed( on right side), there is no pain at all but on taking turn to left side the pain starts. And also in standing position, that pain starts after 5 minutes.

    Today just going through the thigh muscle anatomy i found a picture clearly showing the pain area, i am suffering and mentioned the pain category as “Adductor Tendinitis”.

    would you please suggest me a treatment plan so that i can get rid of this pain asap.

    Sincere Regards,

  227. Anil Manohar Navalkar says:

    I am 75 years old man and suffering from spinal Stenosis and MRI shows that L4 and L5 is having small gap on left side. I get total numbness on sitting more than 5minutes in my right leg .And it goes away if
    I lie down for few secconds. My Bp is constant 140 -85 . No diabetes. Non smoker and
    No Alchol.weight around 67kg.It was around 85 Kg two years back when I got this problem.
    Rest no back pain. Gets numbness on sitting as I mentioned. Numbness is on right leg inclusive of buttock and thigh and sometimes cramps.Please suggest any medicine in homeopathy. Regards,
    Anil Navalkar.

  228. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Good Morning Dr. Sharma, My Mother aged above 60 . There is stiffness and pain in her right arm muscle from last 1 month. When pain increase in arm then pain suffer to shoulder also. On laying bed If she raise the hand over the head then she feels some releif. I have given Rustox 200 & Hypericum 200 morining & evening respecively but there is no releif. Please advice.


  229. pratheep kumar says:

    dear doctor,my father was suffered by hand shivering ,loss of control,difficulty in walking&sitting.he has suffered from stiffness in both of his legs . he has treated with allopathy for last four years with sindopa&parkin, but no improvement in his problems. mentally he is worried&finding risk for everything.always need to sit alone&showing plastic face.blood pressure is always 110/70.kindly priscribe medicine & replay my letter.

  230. Manisha Gupta says:

    Dear doctor

    I am 30 years old female

    I have started pain in my lower back since start of my mensis cycle.

    I have pain muscle pain in all body, also Calf pain of both legs, knee pain of both legs, heel pain on both foot, lower back pain, neck pain

    Calf pain started after delivery of my baby.
    Knee pain also started after delivery of my baby but at the age of 25 years I was feeling some stress in knee in stepping stairs.

    I have tried all allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment.

    Please you suggest treatment for me

  231. dear doctor

    i am suffering from diabetic neuropathy with extreme numbness in my both feet, ankles, lower leg below knee, hands, fingers and toes. i am also suffering from stiffness in these regions also. i am also suffering from vertigo, sudden blindness of vision. i also feel my mind is going to numb also. when i arise in the morning i have whiteness before my vision and cannot seen clearly. i am also suffering from cervical and lumbar spondylosis with circumferential disc bulges at c4-c5 and l4-l5 and l5-z1 level with thecal sac indentation. i am allopathic MMBS doctor but i do have solution of my these problems in my allopathic system. i had a head trauma 4 years back then these symptoms stated. numbness, stiffness, feet hand fingers toes, vertigo, weakness, weight loss. before head trauma i was good and healthy. my sugar was undergo good control between 110 to 150 range but after that i was not controlled even with insulin and went up to 800. now sugar is under good now again now with the use of homo medicine argentum nit 1000 and again it is 150 range now but other symptoms are persistent. i had typhoid fever in 2013 and 2014 for one month duration and this fever has aggraveated my condition of numbness, stiffness and weakness, vertigo and other symptoms. please suggest medicine for me. i will remain thankful to you


  232. Christie savage says:

    Where and how can I find thsee items?

  233. Jogendra Saxena says:

    I have pain in left thigh in front side with stiffness since last few months pl suggest some medicine
    Jogendra Saxena

  234. Si I am having injury in my right shoulder. And having pain in movement and lifting things. U just advise some medicin please

  235. how are you

  236. sandeep singh says:

    hye sir myself sandeep from hyderabad ihave pain from shoulder to elbow please give suggestion for medicine and remedies

  237. Kishore Punjabi says:

    Thank you for sharing an informational blog.

  238. Qaiser Raza says:

    Pain in my left shoulder and gets more at night even in both the calfs please recommend what medicine is good for that those pain

  239. Colin Ball says:

    Dear Dr Sharma can you suggest A homeopathic product to strengthen my embouchure (mouth ) muscles e.g. the obicularis oris?I am a trombone player

  240. Y.nageswar says:

    I am 66years aged. Suffering with pain in between shoulder blades.I have neck problem also.kindly advice be homie medicine.the pain is intolerable.

  241. Dear dr I m a married person. I suffering severe impotency pl suggest any remedy. Age 56 yes.

  242. muhammad javaid says:

    l am 50years old and my calf muscles pain is about 30years in
    most months of the years

    • Ranjan Saha says:

      Dear. Doctor,
      I am 46 years old, I have trembling problem. in my hands special when do some work with my hands may be Parkinson I am having. a low BP (5-10 points)
      and. low hemoglobin ie 9 points. Please. suggest me

  243. Dharam pall says:

    Dear Dr. Sahib, I am 79 yrsold man and had my right shoulder cuff-roster muscle had ruptured / torn some three years back because of fall, and despite efforts of joining through arthroscopy surgery cold not bab repaired. Now my right shoulder has started paining and MRI reveals partial damage to cuff -shoulder muscle in this shoulder too. Since it partial damage and a recent one can you kindly suggest homeopathy treatment for its repair and mitigation of pain, though not severe so far. I shall be thankful and obliged I’d you kindly suggest the remedial treatment. With kind regards, Dharam

    • Dharam pall says:

      Dear Dr. Sahib, I am 79 yrsold man and had my right shoulder cuff-roster muscle had ruptured / torn some three years back because of fall, and despite efforts of joining through arthroscopy surgery cold not bab repaired. Now my right shoulder has started paining and MRI reveals partial damage to cuff -shoulder muscle in this shoulder too. Since it partial damage and a recent one can you kindly suggest homeopathy treatment for its repair and mitigation of pain, though not severe so far. I shall be thankful and obliged I’d you kindly suggest the remedial treatment. With kind regards, Dharam

  244. Dr.T Ghosh says:

    It’s good.

  245. Taimuvr Ali Khan says:

    Dr Sharks hi, my wife aged 58 gets pain in her upper right arm and not in her shoulder. This happened as she works a lot. Would Bryonia help? Please advice us. Thanks

  246. Shagufta says:

    When i used to do any kind of heavy task then my left arm, shoulder and neck burns and muscle pain start rather i donot have heart problem. If i take some rest then to some extent i feel better. But the burning and pain is severe. Due to this i can not do any heavy task like clothes washing etc. By applying some oil i feel better. What can i do so that my burning will relief completly?
    Also i have asthama and stomach problem. So suggest me some medicines which cannot affect the both.

  247. Anneke Dietvorst says:

    Hello, my girlfriend has chronic leg pain in her right leg. Currently her doctor has her on high levels of Viccodin and Morphine just to walk. The pain is mostly centered around her knee. However, sometimes it is her whole leg. All the doctors she has been to have been unable to diagnose the problem. I was hoping for a possible Homeopathic remedy, or even just something to help.

    Thank you for your time,
    Anneke Dietvorst

    • Sunil Gupta says:

      Sir,I am aged 60 year and suffering from pain in my right thigh I feel pain while I stand after sitting position.I am having this problem since last three months.Pleasr advise me medicin.

  248. S.S.Sharma says:

    Sir,My wife aged 65 is suffering immense pain inleft leg and back while standing orwalking after rest .shedoes not feel much pain while walkin or working. She is 5′ inheight and 63kg. weight.

  249. k.s.chandrashekar says:

    Sir, I am aged 62 and I am having some pain in left left and hand I can not say it is pain also it is some what like elastic. I willing sit in vajrasana,padamasana and doing yoga Mudra and Asanas and feeling better is there any homeo pathic medicine. I am free from sugar and B.P. Please adandvise some medicines.


  250. Purushottam Joshi says:

    I joshi suffering from cervical spondylitis .Due to this I feel giddiness while sleeping and getting up.I cann’t sleep flat.Now a days I am sleeping on easy chair.kindly advise me medicines.

  251. Sapna Chatterjee says:

    Hello Dr

    My mother aged 56 has been experiencing pain in her left leg thigh & calf muscles, sometimes stiffness in calf’s both exterior sides of legs from thigh to calf.
    She takes other medicine for BP & COPD allopathy.
    Please suggest something for this pain in leg.

  252. nisha vyas says:

    hello sir i m nisha 35 suffering frm swelling in hands legs i hhve taken homeopathic medicines spondy aidand b17 but no relax what can i do wchich mdcn i

  253. Ram Balak Singh says:

    I am an old patient of orthoartheities and since one month pain in upper part of right hip is very painful . I am taking macrotin 3 x but of no help Kindly advice

  254. sir I have my hamstring muscles of right leg tightened I am not able to put my right foot on floor fully and muscle is really weak

  255. Ravi Raj says:

    Sir, I have pain in my left left leg. It is from lower back to knee(location- left side of femur)
    Please suggest homoeopyth medicine.

    I am 40 years old
    My height is 5ft 10 inch & weight is 70kg
    Colour_ Sawala

  256. DEAR DOCTOR! My wife’s age is about 50 and facing the menopause stage her gape in period is 3 to 4 months now a days she is suffering toughness ,pain,and tenderness in vest , thighs and legs muscles . request for remedy please.with regard Shah Jehan Pakistan

  257. Trisanu Ray Chaudhuri says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I underwent a very violent and tragic past which resulted in a divorce and now I have sought psychiatric help for straightening me through the clinical dysthymia I have acquired.
    However after my remarriage I have discovered that my libido is almost non-existent, and having read over the net, found that the primary reason is for the medicine Solian (Amisulpride) I have been prescribed.
    Can homeopathy help me regain my sexual appetite, can you help me.

  258. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am 48 years old. I am suffering from headache and body pain for long 33 years. I am undergoing homeo treatment for 15 years. I am a Sulphur patient ( I am lean and thin, feel better in warm climate and I have symptom of Sulphur diarrhoea) . My doctor gave me Sulphur 10M and lastly Psorinum 1M. Presently I have body pain, headache and weakness, itching in the body which shifts from one place to another. I also feel hungry. I feel comfort while lying down and if close my eyes. I find my symptoms are close to Kali Phos and arsenicum album. Now as I am taking Psorinum 1M and conditions are not improving , if I want to change the medicine, which would be better Kali Phos or arsenicum album? Please suggest. Eagerly waiting for the reply. Thanks.


    • Shawkat,
      I can possibly help at least with your headaches! I had chronic day in, day out and a friend of mine found out about a trace mineral oil that you can either get in pills or get the oil and work up to 40 drops a day (start out with 10 drops the 1st week, 20 drops the next, and so on) for the rest of your life, it will be sooo worth it. I buy Concentrace Mineral Drops but any brand will do as long as it is trace minerals. Go to a health food store to buy or order online. I hope this helps you! allysonatcoloradospringshousesdotcom

  259. rsnmurty says:

    my pain is in the upper arm on the left

    will the same medicine work?

  260. Dr salman says:

    I have a pt with folwing complaints
    pain low back involve with thigh , kness nd calf muscles. I want to treat him with ur best sugestion.

  261. sahil punjwani says:

    hello sir , myself sahil one year i started gym and after 15 days i felt pain in left leg from top to bottom then by time pain in neck and back then pain is rotating in every part of back side body and have a huge awkardness and pain in left leg and hand it was like heavyness or stressed part after 7 months of gym i went to doctor they suggested MRI but nothing is found in it except a cervical lordosis and he said might be muscle spasm but i didnt get any relief from his medicines den went to some other dr he suggest some blood reports which was all ok nothing found then i went to homeopathy Dr ghai clinic he said might be it is muscle spasm or muscle strain i’m taking his medicine from last 20 days 30 % i felt releif but i want 100% please help me out sir

  262. A sohal says:

    Chronic compression of sciatic nerve causing pain and stiffness of muscles also weakness of muscle causing difficulty in walking. Please tell me medicine with dose. Thanks

  263. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am diabetic since 2008 however BSF is almost 130 to 140 and using single alopathic medicine nedepar 850 mg .However since one month i am feeling pain in mucle of my thighs during walking and back and neck pain during movement . i am unable to taka and wieght .
    more symption .
    low libdo and PME , headache , casual urin problem , high prolaction 51 . enlagged chest , stmoatic disoder etc .
    Would you suggest any compound homeopathic medicne to cure my problem

  264. For the past week suffering from severe pain in right elbow. Pl advise.

  265. Sanjeev Batra says:

    My father,86 yrs old, no diabetes, no hypertension, is unable to walk for last 3 days. Earlier was managing with walker.

    Right leg trembles & shakes when he stands up with support. Left leg able to take weight.

    Weight 65 kg, height 5’5″. Last 1 year his speech volume is low. Regular medication includes only multivitamins.

    Shall sincerely appreciate any guidance

  266. I am suffering from pain in right shoulder highly and left shoulder lightly with neck. It effects some times my eyes , arm and finger also. Please help me sir. I am 40 years old

  267. A.K.Prasaad says:

    Respected Doctor,


    I am suffering from back muscular pains. Left arm joint with back portion. just side of spinal-cord muscle past one month. Fever of 100-100.5 is always along-with it. using Muscular pain and fever tablets but after stoppage re occurring, with heavy stiffening in early morning with fever.

    I am a patient of 3 years old lumbar back pain L4-L5. presently knee swelling happened due to excessive company car driving for long journeys. Age 49 year old. A industrial marketing profession guy.

    For immediate cure the water from knee taken out, Glucosamine, calcium citrate suppliments other nuero tabs taking. knee is curing. Why the muscular in back suffering. Pl recommend correct drugs.
    No diabetis, BP- using Telma 20. Was doing regular Yoga- related to back pain . Sudarshna Criya often.



  268. shoket kiani (pakistan) says:

    Sir Good afternoon
    sir how r u . i am from pakistan.
    sir i m facing headach from last several years and i make lot of treatment for it but all vain it remain 24 hours some time in forhead, some time back side, some time left side and some time in right side and it was pinching type and it become out of bear for me.
    now i read about u so please help me and advice some medicine

  269. amit Kumar says:

    I am suffering from right side thigh muscle pain.

    I am doing physiotherapy as well.

    Please advise medicine


    I have fibromialgia and I have severe pain in my thighs and calves with stiffness and pain in arms with swellings in wrist, armpits, shoulder joints, love handles . Please suggest some remedy for me. I will be grateful to you if you relieve me of pain.

  271. Subbhaa reddy says:

    Dear sir,
    I have been suffering with buttock pain for one year… i am using homeoparhy as well as allopathy, but it was not cured. Pls suggest me the homeoparhy medicine….

  272. jean knight says:

    I have pronation of the right leg. My knees are very swollen so that I cannot stand with my feet together without great pain. My right foot has no strength and it tilts in towards the other leg.
    I can cycle.
    I can walk.
    I cannot stand for very long and tend to stand on my left leg.
    I have osteoarthritis of the right shoulder with a bony spur in the joint. A surgeon would like to do a complete shoulder replacement. That is the action of last resort for me.

  273. JLNarayan says:

    Stiffness of calf muscle left leg also pain in the right side part of knee of left leg.relieved by hot application and massage. Tall,lean,likes sweet, short tempered,

  274. Abdullah sajahan says:

    Dear sir.

    I have neck muscles and both hand pain can you please refer me which medicine should be taken for my body

    My age 46 I am working in Saudi Arabia but my native place India Tamilnadu

    Please refer me which medicine can be taken from India state of Tamilnadu

    Thanks and regards

    Abdullah sajahan

  275. Nileema Shirke says:

    I am Nileema suffering from mayesthenia and taking homeopathy and allopathic treatment but no relief of body pain

  276. narendra kumar jain says:

    i am suffering lot of pain in legs ,sprain and spams, tough muscles in neck and whole body as well as pain in my all bones and joints. pl advice

  277. kabir ahmad says:

    sir. mari age 52 sal hay ghutnoon maim joint say bahar pathon main dard hota hay aor akrao feel hota hay jisam k aor patthoon main ki yahi halt hay. mara weight 125 kg hay. hight 5.75 inch hay.

  278. Harpreet kaur says:

    Sir,I m having pain in my left side of the body which is worse when I lie down. And left side whole I mean from head to toe.I feel like I picked so many kilos from one side of the body.

  279. Chaga weerasinghe says:

    12 year old boy. pain in the right side sort of around the kidney area. acute headache on and off , both on movement – so he complaints. Low grade fever. a little constipated compared to his normal motion. Has had an ache in the right side arm also but not anymore. the pain around the kidney area has started after straining to see the dip between the collar bones, like holding his breath. This has happened about 3 weeks ago, he has got the pain then and there but no treatment was done. presently he has got the pain, headache and slight fever. please advise.

  280. Arvind Patel says:

    left shoulder pain since last few years, resulted in frozen shoulder in june 15, taken physiotherapy treatment, vitamin d3 and b12 deficiency, taken pills for both for two months as advised by doctor, sonography of left shoulder taken, no adverse remark. constipation, itches in anus, and in and outside nostrils, now i can lift up my both arms but remain pains during day and up to sleeping time, in around both side of shoulders and neck, some times feeling pain also in both upper arms up to elbow. pain increases after typing, & driving. like to eat hot food, tea, like sweets but avoid, not like salty sour food. not feeling hungry, takes foods four times in small quantity, low digesting power, immunity low, most of the problems on left side. pl advise the treatment for the above.
    age 66 yrs, single body, underweight 48 kg, height 5.10′, retired, writing on laptop .
    thanking you.
    arvind patel

  281. Anish Malhotra says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for publishing all the articles. These are really helpful to build a self-care kit for the joint / muscle pains.

    I have a lot of pain (in the glutes, adductors and abductors ) when I stretch my legs sideways and it travels down towards the thigh and knees. I have more pain on my right side in comparison to the left.
    Sideways stretch example – frog stretch (which is like impossible for me to do at this time).

    However, I am able to do front and back stretching (one leg in front) without any problems.

    The pain gets worse due to the sudden movement, sudden twist, changing sides on the bed.

    Advice Needed
    Can you please recommend a medicine that I should be taking to get rid of this problem. Also, how should be taking the medicine?

    Would really appreciate your advice.

    Thanks you!

  282. bijoy gogoi says:

    Sir advice me best Homeo medicine for cure of severe pain in L4/L5(para central protuted disc) spine that bulged and pain running up to left leg. MRI report -degenerative lumber spondylosis

  283. sir, i have faced calf pain in both legs for last 4 to 5 days.
    can you suggest me some medicine so yjay i can feel relief.

  284. P.RAVIKUMAR says:

    Respected Sir, Twenty years back I have used tendalgesic (liquid) for calf muscle pain, by the heat of
    blanket. Then I got relief very much. Now I am suffering from same pain since one year and I have
    enquired for the above said medicine(Made in Germany) and it is not available. I request you kindly
    advise me for further. Thanking you

    Ravikumar, Mobile.94 911 44 904

  285. chandrashekara says:

    My mother suffering from both mussel pain from Thigh to leg fingers, uniform pain all 24 hrs. Very less water consuming, no gas upwards / down words, short time sleeping in the night, hence dozing in day time. Pl. advice the homoeo Medicine. NOw she is treated with Nux-200 (3times a day)

    Thanks in Advance,

  286. manoj kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please suggest me an appropriate medicine for back thigh pain just above the knee caused due long sitting duration on chair at duty hour.

  287. Dinesh Kumar Pandeya says:

    muscle pain,joint pain,vain pain with hardness.

  288. BRAJA NATH says:


  289. Ravi Kumar Chaturvedi says:

    Please advice me i am suffering from muscle cramps in back and leg

  290. Sir,
    I am sonia gupta, my age is 25. I am suffering from osteoarthritis from past 7 or 8 months. Having severe pain in neck, shoulders, shoulders joint, hands and sometimes feeling numbness in hands and fingers.
    For pain I am taking pain killers.
    Kindly suggest some medicine to get rid of this problem.
    I would be waiting for your response.

    Sonia Gupta

  291. Dr I have uncomfortable pain on right side of pubic area on a spot probably on near sperm cord which is felt on Standing and goes away when I lie down
    When I urinate there is tension strained feeling while passing urine
    I am 70 years old and my prostrate trans utheral section has been done in 2003
    That spot hurt when I cough or sneeze and als when I put pressure when doing potty
    I have shown to the surgeon for hernia which he denied.
    Pl advise Homeo medicine

  292. prabhakar phatak says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have pains in the whole lengths of my legs. I keep feeling the pain 24 hours. I am slowly loosing control over my leg muscles and can’t walk confidently. It is my guess that the pain is due to bad blood circulation.

    My age is 79 yrs complete. I keep high blood sugar .Fasting 177 and pp 336, in spite of consuming 4 mg Glisen per day.

    Would you kindly suggest appropriate Homeopathic remedy.
    With regards

  293. my wife is 61 years old,she fell last fall around halloween and suffered numerous vertabral compression fractures in the curved area of the mid to upper back,she required kyphoplasty surgery because the pain and muscle spasms from the nerves being compressed from the collapsed vertabrea were unbearable , the pain after the surgery continued and the spasms would shift from the left side of her back to the front of her rib cage to the right side and around to the front,now it is mostly on the mid to upper left back around to the ribs below her breast area,i rub arnica gell and lavender essential oil on these areas but its only a temporary relief,to complicate the situation ,she has very high syrum ferritin levels at 770 ,150 is upper limit,this i have read could be caused , most commonly by inflamation or hemachromatosis ,a condition where people absorb too much iron ,this could be doing free radical damage to her bones and organs ,we have an appointment with a hematologist to see if her blood,not just her iron storages are high,if her blood iron levels test high too, is there a homeopathic remedy that lowers blood iron levels,if this is what she has? blood donation is usually required until iron levels are normal,i have tried ferrum met. 9c ,but it seems to make her worse and weepy? she stopped it because of these unpleasant symptoms,i felt maybe it was increasing her iron levels ,or it got worse before it got better,but not sure if remedies work like that,any suggestions on the back pain and muscle spasms would be appreciated,as far as iron in the blood i will get back to you to see if she really has dangerously high iron in her blood before i decide what she might need ,or what you might suggest,thanks for listening to this very complicated worrisome scenario. robin bloom

  294. Dear Dr.
    I m writing u the severe problem of my wife who is facing sharp pain in right leg with stifness. She is unable to fold her leg. History of the case is that she used to stand for along time since morning to night working in kitchen. She couldn’t find time for rest. Now she takes some pain killer for temporary relief.
    Plz suggest remedy.

  295. I am 45 years old. My left and right leg knee(bottom part ) is giving pain when I touch the leg to the ground. Allopathic treatment has helped temporarily. Doctor says muscle is grown excess which is to be operated but again it will grow. Hence I am not going to operate. He suggested me to take light food and reduce weight and use soft medicated chappals. My height is 5′ and weight is 60kgs.
    Please suggest remedyfor reducing leg bone problems.


  296. Naheed firdous says:

    Hi sever pain in my calf mussels neck and shoulders stiffness and I m also patient of headache and in these days I m sufring from bels palsy plz give me openion thanks

  297. vidya sathe says:

    Sir, since from last 5 years I m having pain in my calf.
    I have,done many of x-rays,colourdoplar and also such many of thing bt I wouldn’t got a relif I req u 2 help me
    My weight is 69 and my age is 32…

    Sir I m from india. Ulhasnagar. Dis-thane

    Thank u. your’s faithfully
    Vidya rani sathe

  298. Prakash Tripathy says:

    I am suferring with parkisons.plsuggest medicine for toe curling. freezing and left leg foot pain

  299. Jai Bharti kumar sinha says:

    Dear sir,
    whenever i stand at a certain time my foot to thigh become hard and stiff especially on upper back thigh or harmstring. during walking my soft tissue or cartillage will sound. please help me sir i m suffering from year 2011.

  300. Vibha munjal says:

    Sir i am suffering from straightning of lumbar spine my back aches badly can homeopathic medicines cure this if yes please suggest me medicines i am tired of doing exercises and going for physiotherapy.please help me

  301. Prakash hiremath says:

    Sir l am suffering from foot drop. my legs pain and I have burning sensation in feet. l am not a diabetic. recently I took treatment from nhimans hospital and colombiasia.back with negative approach. so sir can you get me out .

  302. Hello doctor
    I’m having upper back pain since augest 2015..I tryed everything but nothing working…its on my right upper near shoulder blades…could you help me?

  303. K.R.MISHRA says:

    Dear sir
    my right hand shoulder very pain full please advise and help me.

    • L K SHARMA says:

      DEAR SIR,

  304. Muhammad Junaid Khan says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have muscular spasm problem in my back bone, Please advice which homeopathic medicine provide me relief from this pain forever.

    Muhammad Junaid Khan

  305. muhammad akram says:

    weenaiss in legs and arms and hands and muscle

  306. Santosh kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    I have been suffering from muscle ache for two – three days. Sometime I suffer with ache in different place like ankle, toe. Sometime to walk easily is problem for me.
    Guide me for medication, Please!

  307. Hi doc sharma.
    I am from pakistan. Male 43 years old. Married.
    Three days back i sneeze and felt very sharp and unbearable pain in my left side last rib. I think some tissues are damaged. Now i feel the pain when i cough, sneeze or move my body towards right side. Kindly suggest a medicine.

  308. Muscle & tendon tightness in right leg between hip & around knee

  309. Rajwinder Singh says:

    Dear Dr Saab
    I feel cramps often in my left leg calf muscle. It happens after 4.00 AM in the morning. I am 45 years male and suffering from it for last 15 years. Often I consult a homeopath and after few weeks of medicine, it is corrected for a few years. Pl suggest a medicine.

  310. I grew up with hunched back and had bad posture when I was growing up. Now I daily do exercise and have no problem with posture. But my shoulder muscles do not want to cooperate and are very tight on the right. I am always very uncomfortable.

  311. Rallapalli Ramasubbarao says:

    I am 74. Burning foot. Disc prolapse. Calf pain. Used Phosporous on suggestion of a Homeo, which did not respond. Kindly suggest suitable Homeo Remedy.

  312. Dear Dr.

    I have pain in back side left leg for 2-3 years.
    It gets worse when i sit in cold.
    even i can not take a turn when i sleep. taken so
    many medicine but didn’t get any relief.
    would u pl help me prescribing some medicine


    makan singh 9211463109

  313. Asha Joneja says:

    Severe pain appeared just above the right side buttock while picking up a carpet from the ground about three months ago. She (66y) took allopathic pain killer, mussel relaxing medicine and anti-inflammatory medicines. She also took 15 sessions of physiotherapy spread over two months. There is considerable improvement as regards pain and bending posture but pain does persists at the original location. In addition, now the pain have also appeared on the right side, external portion of thigh with feeling of contraction and uncomfortable feeling and cramp in lower calf while stretching leg during sleeping as well as sitting. She feels better with pain killer, hot water bottle massage and also massage with a vibrator. kindly suggest the medicine, potency and frequency.

  314. Rajnish Manhas says:

    Dear Sir,!
    I am 33 year man and
    Last 5-6year I have a muscle pain especially in neck stiffnes,shoulder and due to which I have also severe headache
    Please recommended medicine which easily available in market

  315. I am a 66 yr old woman. This is a recent injury. In September I badly strained my psoas muscle helping a friend move a large desk. I have been seeing my chiropracter, going to daily aquatics classes and doing some specific exercises to heal and strengthen these muscles. I know the power of homeopathy for deep healing and would like your advice about remedies for this condition. My job involves sitting for long hours at a desk and working on a computer so I get up every hour or so and do gentle stretching to relieve the pain. I am currently taking 1400 mg of Ibuprofen with 800 in the AM and 600 after 3PM.

    Thanks so much for your help.

  316. Sudhakararao says:

    I am 63 years old male.I have been suffering from left hand shoulder and upper arm muscle pain for the last 6 months.Kindly suggest Homeopathy medicine
    Thanks and regards

  317. V S S Sundar says:

    I am suffering with Diabeties for 6 years. presently using “Glimy”. Morning 1 tablet and evening half tablet. plese suggest me good medicine in homeopathi.

    Thanks and regards,

  318. I am 55 year old. I am having recalling problem including names and places. What ever I read it is difficult to recall or remember. Please suggest me medicine for memory improvement, sound sleep and concentration.

  319. Khalil Hasan says:

    The text starting from ” n in calf muscles ………making the patient sleepless” seems to have been repeated.

  320. Sir , I am 23 and I have pain and weakness in my left ankle and left arm , in childhood a monkey bites in my left lower arm so veins is damage. pls suggest required homeopathic remedies , I am very thankful for your kindful answers

  321. N.k. Arora says:

    Sir; I m 79 & have pain in the lower portion of legs with the result i m not able to go even for morning walk. For other things also have become a burden on family. Pl suggest some remedy.
    N.K. Arora

  322. satyendra singh says:

    i get sever hurt from sliping bathroomping.i am getting sever pain. stools not coming.smomach gets pain also’ sugest medicines

  323. Manzoor Ahmed says:

    Hi, Morning Doctor
    Two years before a homeo Dr. advise to take Chestone Caps for removing of Allergy. i take these capsules for two years. they remove my allergy but my weight gain from 73 to 82 Kg there was swelling on my face, eyes and whole body. So i stop of their use. after stoppage i have serious pain in whole body and muscles. I am suffering from fever and some other problems . please advise me what i can do.

    • Manzoor Ahmed says:

      Hi, Morning Doctor
      Two years before a homeo Dr. advise to take Chestone Caps for removing of Allergy. i take these capsules for two years. they remove my allergy but my weight gain from 73 to 82 Kg there was swelling on my face, eyes and whole body. So i stop of their use. after stoppage i have serious pain in whole body and muscles. I am suffering from fever and some other problems . please advise me what i can do.

  324. Asraful Alam says:

    Sir I fell thigh muscle pain on right side for a long times(2 years).You recomanded colosynthesis.But I want to know the dose and how long I shall take this.Please sir help me.

  325. Fazal sattar says:

    Helo sir, i am pakistani. Now it depend on you give me answer or not.
    I do not know much english. Can i write in Roman Urdu. (I am so much tired) . If Yes please tell me i will write my problems.
    Thanks again. Fazal Sattar .Karachi. Pakistan

  326. kamrul Hasan says:

    I have feel pain in my back side musle. pain increase 20-30 minite seating on the chair. Pl. advice me .

  327. jagan mohan says:

    Dear Sir

    serious pain in the left back side ribs pain stuck in ribs (muscles) some times running to wards front left bellow the ribs and bellow left of belly particularly while bending. Also pin pain in mid and corner of chest.

    Apart above suffers sleepless some times sleepy but wakes mid night or very early morning around 3 Am

    Please suggest me remedy and symptoms if any


  328. A typical muscular pain all part of body gastric problem type stratcb muscle feel good comfort needs some one put pressure on pain muscle for some time 5min gas rele
    Ase and comfort Need homeopathy medicine

  329. arshad javaid says:

    I was met with an accident minor fracture later on bear with a electric shock . Now i m feeling muscle pain in various bone and muscle. kindly prescribed accordingly.
    thnkx and regards

  330. Severe lower back pain follows in right side please fetch me a good medicine

  331. Solomon Parmar says:

    I have been diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia and due to this problem Tension headaches. My both sides of neck, (going down right under my ears) is extremely painful, almost like charly horse pain. That causes severe spasms going up in the head, not only pain but burning sensation. It has also affected my both shoulders and upper back area. I can not look left or right. I am in 24/7 pain since September 2014, and when I have pain attack, i don’t have even words to express my pain level. I have done everything under the sun, but has no relief and getting worse each day as if there will be no end to my pain. Is there any cure for my chronic pain and tightness of my neck muscles? Thank you.

  332. Sir tomorrow I join gym and today I have so much pain in my hole body please give name of medicine for muscle pain please suggest me

  333. Hi morning Dr.
    I need ur help ,my friend she had pain in knee and thigh whenever she sit down or stand-up ,and when she sleep many time she feels cramping in knee and thigh.
    Can you suggest me some homeopathic medicine for this, I had read ur article about this and had found some medicine like colocynthis but I’m not sure weather it’s right medicine or not
    Thank you Dr.

  334. Gp Capt Indarjit Jairath (Retd) says:

    Hello Dr !
    I have started getting left calf muscle for the last 7 weeks. The pain developers when I put my foot down
    and it takes the load of the body. Sometimes the pain is excruciating. And sometimes the pain is not there
    while standing or walking. It is off and on. Rest on bed it gives relief. Please advise.

    Could I take Causticum/Arsenic/ Cal Carbonica ?


  335. Pain in knee ,back l 4 l 5 and musle pain in legs i cannot stand for even 10 minutes and cannot walk my weight is 87 and my age 54 pl tell me the effect treatment

  336. Amar Nath Jayswal says:

    My wife has a stiff pain in right leg thigh pain. The pain is continuous. Her right leg is tied with some clothes then pain subsides to a little extent. Sometimes the pain is too much and unbearable. This has started one month back. She is unable to move and always sleeping. She even cannot attend her routine natural work due to pain in thigh. Some Gel type ointment is used on the part where pain occurs but this does not work. Please give a suitable suggestion regarding this.

  337. Fazl muslun says:

    is there any remedy to release trigger points from muscles?

  338. Douglas C. Smith says:

    Dr. Sharma:
    I am suffering from pain in both knees. Is there a medicine that can relieve the pain.

  339. respected sir
    i want to know medicine lower leg mussels pain .my pain is stared at time in sleeping. my age 37 .pain started 3-4 year.

  340. MANOJ SHAH says:



  341. rangaraj says:

    My mother’s diagnosis since oct 2013 has been as thus:
    weakness in both legs, diagnosed border range diabetis, but kept losing strength in both legs,neurosurgeon suggested mri c6-c7 disc protrusion mildly indenting c7 exiting nerve roots cervical spondylitis. ct normal, Nerve conductivity test, vitamin B12 (376pg/ml), Serum free t4 -1.00 mg/dl, Serum TSH -1.35, diagnosed as peripheral neuropathy, even after medications condition worsened, losing balance inboth legs, fell down 4-5 times, lost weight from 93 to 80 kgs , complaining of sleeplessness , psychiatrist gave talopres, zyven O D plus, diapill, pregabid, dulotin, zapiz still condition got worse, saw neurologist conducted CPK(63 iu/l), ANA profile negative, suspected MND , now weakness in both legs/arms more in right hand, difficult to brush teeth, comb,unable to hold spoon, eat, slurring of speceh, unable to walk totally, severe pain in both legs, unable to sleep especially in thighs plz suggest some medicines … legs now swollen …..

  342. Suffer from GERD too. Pain in left back thigh muscle…seems stretched & stiff. Less pain in right side.

  343. Anju Sachdev says:

    Dr sharma
    Good afternoon
    My father age is 76
    And has parkison frm 6 years

    Pls suggest best remedy for him
    He has severe
    Legs stiffness cramps
    Trembling of right hand
    Constipation also

    I will wait for ur reply


  344. charudatta says:

    while travelling in the train i fell from berth in deep sleep. there was pain in right side of chest and adjoining areas. sice i suffer from creatinin in excess of desired proportion, i am taking ultracet for last ten days. i also suffer from hyperthyrodism, blood pressure(high) and depression. i am taking medicines for all the ailments. i earnestly suggest the homeopathic drug to reduce present problem that is chest pain on right side.charudatta

  345. ritu tomar says:

    i want to know:
    my mother is having pain in her right leg just near to ankle (one hand area up from ankle).
    she is otherwise perfectlly OK. no pains any where.
    actally her leg may be twisted once during steping down from train .
    but it was approx 2 year back .
    now the pain started more.
    we already taking( MEGPHOS 30) by that she feel much better.
    now she is feeling a liitle sence-lessness( as if soo many ants are moving in foot).
    kindly advice me
    for homeopathy medicine

  346. Rani, Age: 55yrs.
    I have severe pain in Right leg totally from 20days..
    Right leg odema.
    Used medicines:
    Bell200 still today..
    Pain not reduced.
    Please suggest medicine for cure of leg pain.

  347. sir , i have left chest muscles stiffness, neck,shoulder blades pain , for one month , i consulted allopathy docter he prescribed me vitamin tablets and also bp tablet as i had 140/100,pls help me.

  348. ihave muscle stiffness that gets worse after movement, as though the muscles get very inflamed even after very mild activity like shopping or housework. What can help?

  349. I am student of graduation I am feeling pain in my left leg and cnnot walk properly please comments me some medicine Thanks

  350. Iam a diabetic patient using 80mg glicadie and 500mg metaphormin hydrochloride ip(Zuker Mf-3 times a day).. Since past two weeks due to mental disturbance n mental thinking, the body has become weak. Now feeling very tired,weaknes,palpitation and feeling like always lying down in bed and unable to move any limb. For weaknes iam prefering ORSL n cocunut water. Weaknea is not reducing alternately its increasing. Kindly please state me the Diet and Medicine

  351. Rosy Abrol says:

    I have pain on right side of neck, shoulder, arm and hand. As per doctor it is a muscular pain. I am suffering from last three years. My job is on computer. Can you please prescribe the medicine?



  352. Rosy Abrol says:

    I have pain on right side of neck, shoulder, arm and hand. As per doctor it is a muscular pain. I am suffering from last three years. My job is on computer. Can you please prescribe the medicine?


  353. SHRADDHA says:

    dear sir,

  354. I have muscels prolems

  355. vinay pratap says:

    my sex time only20 sec. I want to increase sex time plz tell me which homeopathy medicine i use .

  356. I have severe pain in my legs specially lower feet which becomes severe when I lay down and it feels like it is going through all my legs ,knees back and neck …..

  357. Samira Pirzada says:

    Sir I wanted to consult regarding my father s condition. He is 71 yrs old and is suffering from Macular degeneration dry. He haseen taktaking multivitamins such as lutein n xanthin but his eyesight s been deteriorating constantly. He can now only read the bigger font with the help of a magnifying glass. It is very devastating for him and for us all. I would be extremely obliged if u could kindly suggest some medicine for him. He has frozen shoulder as well and is usually constipated. Thanks loads. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Mrs Laxmi says:

      Dear doctor,
      My mom (58 yrs) is having calf muscle pain in left side which is little relieved by massage. Kindly suggest medicine

  358. mukesh gautam says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I have pain from 4-5 years in my back (top).I have used many type of medicine in elopathic.But no relief.Please suggest the medicine.

  359. Pramod Kumar Tiwari says:

    I am feeling pain from shoulder and below. while lifting the right arm, i feel a nerve pain. Pain subsides while walking and doing some excercise and get worsended while lying on straight on the back. Please advise the medicine.

  360. nageshwar rao says:

    i am suffering HTN problem bp:150/90,why bcoz so much pain of left leg & left hand last few months.iam using of medicine tab.telmisartan 40mg,so plz best medicine give me in homeopathic.while that those problems are pain relief and HTN.

    thank q uuuuu

  361. pc prajapati says:

    Dear Sir
    I m having pain since last 2 months in my right thigh and lower back muscles under knee . I also tried some ayurvedic and alopathic treatment but didnt get any relief.
    Please advice some best homeopathic medicine.

    • My Age is 60.I am suffering Muscle pain on Right Leg thigh (front side) last 9 days,I have taken Myospaz tablet for 5 days but not recovered. Pl.give me Suggetion for remove from pain.Thank you Sir.

  362. bpeermohamed says:

    dear doctor it is very very use full details

  363. Respected doctor, I am suffering dribbling of urine after micturition past 4years and i took lots of homoepathic medicines like clematis, selenium, nux vomica etc. But didnt get relief so plz help me

  364. Happy New Year
    Dr. Sharma
    i get pain in lower part of my legs while walking even 100 steps and my digession is also not good .
    what to do ?
    my age is 54 years

  365. Dear sharma,

    My entire body muscle got stiff after having a rashberry wine. Now my sleep, digestion, sexual act has gone haywire. Pls suggest the cause and remedy. I have tried almost all type treatment both modern and traditional but none cured. Pls advise

  366. Sir
    i am suffering from legs muscle cram since 4 year.
    Please suggest me for best homeopathy medicine

  367. TARUN Sarkar says:

    Doctor, while walking for 3-4 minutes, severe pain starts behind my knees and after sometime it extends to calf muscles. I feel the calf muscles become very tight and as if these are going to burst. At times I feel pain behind my thighs also while walking. But, after around 8-10 minutes, the intensity of the pain starts reducing and at times it almost disappears and I walk for almost 45 minutes. The initial pain is so disturbing, I even think of abandoning my morning walk altogether. At home I don’t feel any pain. I am doing some stretching exercise for my calf and hamstring muscles. I am 65 years old. Please suggest me what homeopathy medicine I should take. Thanks.

  368. i have painful calf pain in the night sometimes. please advise. thank you

  369. Have lived w/fibromyalgia over 20 yrs., dx w/ Parkinson’s, lupus along w/the osteo arthritis throughout the body & numerous other ailments I have chosen not to own. Have stopped taking meds for depression w/my dr’s assistance and other meds that put me in a “cloudy” place. Although I take Arnica for arthritis and am helped greatly – what shall I add to assist the rest of the body w/other muscle aches and dizziness from vertigo??? Many thanks.

  370. Chandrashekhar says:

    Sir, while playing badminton my right hand got stretched and now it is giving severe pain. Doctor advised me to take Rhustox 10 M but still I have not got any relief.

    • Jasmeet batra says:

      Dear dr sharma
      While playing badminton my right hand got stretched and now it is very difficult for me to play
      Even u cant life a heavy items with my right hand
      Mri and xray all are normal
      Pls suggest me as i am suffering a pain from last 6 months
      Pls help me

  371. purushotham reddy says:

    For last two days i have pain of both thighs and feeling that nerves are stinging . In fact for last 4 days i have slight problem of stinging of nerve near groin area right side and have a feeling that nerve is stinging up to right testicle. I was identified 4 years before that I have grade1 prostrate . Please advise me ,

  372. hamstring

  373. farhanahmad says:

    i am study about muscles disease and i am very impressed your knowledge

    best of luck

  374. Pratibha Singh says:

    There is blood clot in brain as a result of head injury . So how can we treat and cure it and how long does that take to recover .

  375. sahar iqbal says:

    I am 16 yrs old girl iam left hander. about one week iam having pain in left arm shoulder and fingers also my ECG normal please suggest medicine .

  376. Dr Sharma Ji
    I am having a small patch on my right ankle for the last 10-12 years and at the patch area the skin is thickened and no irritation except once or twice a year seasonally for 4 to 5 days .
    The patch while getting irritation comes out with flakes and subsides even without taking any internal medicine.
    Now off late , I am having muscle pain on foot and calf on both legs .
    I also underwent for Sinus surgery 2 years back.and I am ok now.
    I am 46 years Male , vegetarian ,non smoker
    Pl suggest medicines for my condition.










  378. Susanta kumar bhole says:


  379. I have pain from last 4-5 months in my left side…arm shoulder n chest pain feel like muscle pain…
    Pls suggest me

    • Asim kumar paik says:

      I have fall down on the floor dated on 20.07.2015. I have feel pain in my back side musle.Pl. advice me what type of bio chemic medicine use above my parpous.

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