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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Pain in Hands and Fingers

Homeopathic remedies for pain in fingers and hands are very effective in treating all conditions that lead to pain in these parts of the body. Homeopathic remedies are natural medicines and use bod’s own innate restorative powers to cure the disorders causing pain in fingers, hands, and thumb. Homeopathic remedies for pain are very safe and cause no side effects.

This pain in fingers and hands can be caused by these  conditions 

Homeopathic Remedies for Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis as an autoimmune inflammatory disease affecting joints leading to pain, swelling, stiffness in joints of hands. In long standing cases of rheumatoid arthritis the affected joints of hands and fingers are damaged leading to varying degrees of deformity.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that results from pressure on the median nerve of wrist. The resulting symptoms include pain in wrist, palm, thumb and fingers (index finger, middle finger and sometimes ring finger) and the pain is usually worse at night than day time. The pain from wrist can sometimes travel up to the arms and in some cases even up to shoulders. Other symptoms of Carpel tunnel syndrome include weakness, numbness and tingling in hands and fingers. The weakness  of hands lead to difficulty in gripping objects leading to dropping of things out of hand .

De Quervain’s Tendinitis/Tenosynovitis: De Quervain’s tendinitis is a condition that arises due to swelling in tendons of thumb side of wrist leading to pain in wrist. Repetitive activities and overuse of hands are responsible for the onset of this condition. The pain in wrist is worse on making fist, grasping/holding objects, turning wrist like in wringing the clothes. Sometimes the wrist pain can extend to thumb and forearm.

Writer’s cramp: Writer’s cramp refers to sudden, involuntary contraction of muscle of hands or fingers leading to severe pain in hands/fingers. Jerking and trembling of hands while writing may also be present. This condition arises due to over use of hands and fingers in writing or typing.

Ganglion cyst: Ganglion cyst is a small fluid filled cavity/lump that form near a joint or tendons mainly on the wrist on back of hand. This can cause  pain in hand if a nerve gets pressed under this cyst.

Injury to hand and fingers: Pain in hand and fingers can occur due to Injury to hand because of varied reasons like a fall on hand, due to a blow, due to hand getting blocked in between window of a car or a door of house etc leading to sprains, fractures etc.

Homeopathic Remedies For pain in Hands and Finger

1. For Pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Antimonium crudum is an excellent medicine for pain in fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms that guide towards using this medicine in pain of fingers in rheumatoid arthritis are that the pain in fingers is aggravated in cold weather and washing hands in cold water and better by hot applications on fingers. Another very prominent symptom that guides towards usage of this medicine is that the arthritic pains alternate with stomach complaints and the tongue of affected patient is thick white coated. The arthritic pains of fingers that are worse from taking wine can also be relieved by using this medicine.

Actea Spicata is a wonderful homeopathic medicine used in treatment of pain in wrist and fingers of a patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Tearing and tingling type of pains in fingers and wrist that are worse from touch and motion can be tackled by this medicine usage. This medicine also gives good results for excessive swelling and redness in wrist and fingers that come from slight exertion/fatigue. The next Natural medicine that comes into play for treating pains and stiffness of wrist and fingers in rheumatoid arthritis is Caulophyllum. This homeopathic remedy Caulophyllum can give good results where the pain in wrist and fingers constantly shifts from one part to another with much stiffness. Viola odorata is yet another homeopathic medicine to be utilized in patients in cases of pain in hand and wrist where the right hand is more predominantly involved.

2. For Pain in Fingers due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hypericum perforatum is an excellent remedy for pain in fingers and hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome where pains are of tingling and burning in character. The numbness and crawling in hands along with pain is another useful symptom for application of this medicine. Another great homeopathic medicine Causticum is equally effective medicine for tearing type of pains in hand and fingers with numbness. Causticum can be given in those cases where pain is worse in cold air and better from warm applications on hand. Next medicine Plumbum metallicum is used in homeopathic treatment of pain in hand and finger when along with numbness and tingling there is weakness in the hand , making it impossible for the hand to lift or grasp anything medicine Ruta graveolans is excellent for treating pain in hand and wrist due to carpal tunnel syndrome where the condition arises due to swelling of tendons in the wrist leading to pressure on median nerve . This causes symptoms of pain and numbness in hands and fingers .

3. For pain due to De Quervain’s Tendinitis

The medicines that are used in treatment of pain in hands and fingers due to De Quervain’s tendinitis are Ruta graveolans, Phytolacca decandra, Bryonia alba and Rhus toxicodendron. Ruta graveolans is a medicine for pain in hand, thumb and wrist due to De Quervain’s tendinitis and can be utilized with great results where the pain is worse by cold and condition has raised due to overstraining/overexertion of hands. The second medicine Phytolacca decandra is used in pain of wrist due to inflammed tendons where the character of pain is electric or shooting type and shifts rapidly from one point to another. Next two mentioned medicines Bryonia alba and Rhus toxicodendron are also used in the pains of thumb, wrist and hand due to tendinitis but the main differentiating feature that is to be taken into account while using them is that the for patients requiring Bryoinia alba complains of pain in wrist are worse by motion and  relief in pain is by rest ; while the patient requiring Rhus toxicodendron complain of pain that is worse during rest and is much better by movement of affected hand.

4. For Pain in due to Writer’s Cramp

Magnesium phosphoricum is a wonderful medicine for pain in hands and fingers caused by writer’s cramp.  Cramps and pains in hands in fingers due to excessive use in writing which are better by hot application and pressure can be treated very effectively by this medicine. For patient’s who complain of pain numbness and weakness along with involuntary shaking of affected hand can be given this medicine. Stanum metallicum is yet another well indicated medicine that is of immense use in the treatment of pain in hands and fingers due to writer’s cramp.  For this medicine to be used the main indications are pain and cramp in fingers with weakness of hands  , causing  the pen or  the held objects to fall down . Conium maculatum can be given to those patients who get cramps with numbness of fingers. Another marked feature where this medicine can be given is excessive perspiration and trembling of hands with pain in hands . Gelsemium sempervirens is an excellent choice when along with pains and cramps in hands there is excessive trembling and weakness .

5. For Pain due to Ganglion Cyst

Calcarea fluorica is an excellent  medicine for pain in hand and fingers which occur due to ganglion cyst, especially when the ganglion is formed on back of wrist. It is very effective when the ganglion is causing a nerve compression. It can ease out the pain . For dissolving ganglion homeopathic medicine Ruta is an excellent choice .

6. For Pain due to Injury

Arnica montana is an excellent medicine for pain in hands and fingers when the injury is the cause. If the pain in hands and fingers occurs due to injury by sharp pointed objects, two medicines Hypericum perforatum and Ledum Palustre can be used. Homeopathic medicines Ruta graveolens and Rhus toxicodendron  are equally marvellous medicines for homeopathic treatment of pain in hands and fingers when muscles and tendons are injured.

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  1. Ronnie Simon-westreich says:

    Hi dr sharma
    I am 69 years old, 5’ tall, 110lb, and have been having swelling and some pain in the joints (nearest the fingernail)of some of my fingers. It started with the ring finger of my left hand and seems to be moving on to other fingers. I have had this for about 6 months. I am otherwise in pretty good health, take no medications and exercise daily. I am starting to take a glucosamine/ chondroitin supplement. The condition improves with warmth. It acts up after I work in my garden raking and/or digging.
    What do you suggest?

  2. Manjunath P R says:

    I have one grandson. Since 30 months I am lifting frequently daily many times. Now for the last one year I am experiencing severe pain in mommy’s thumb. X ray clear and doctor advised 10 to 15 days physio and according took. But pain still there. Left hand more painful and right hand little. Even my wife also has got same problem. Our Homeopathic senior doctor is giving medicine since more than 9 months but no results. Please suggest medicine dosage no of days and no of times to be taken.

  3. my name is Jeevan and my right leg fingers stiffness I am suffering from for pst 3 months iam not taking any medicine

  4. Shakti kumar kashyap says:

    I feel pain in thumbsof both hands and it increases in the night.At times Pain is also in the wrist.I started feeling pain in thumbs only a month back.I am 75 suggest treatment.

  5. Ychandrakala says:

    From e days suffering pain and numbness left hand it’s spreading to back,and front ,passing gas giving relief I am female ,yu years old,having BP from 20years,throid from10 years,trygliseroids from 15 years,joint pains from 5 years

  6. seshavatharam says:

    i am depressed but not moody. an insult in 2000 gave me diabetics. with homeopathy it went up to 200pp . then i went to ayurveda it became 240 now i am under western medicine where it is 341.
    ignitia amara natrum mur gymnima syzilinam were used in various potencies. now i am disinterested in life. come what may happen . miser and spend thrift will you be able to guide me? i am 67 male and ed has started from 2000year

  7. Hello Dr. – two months ago I jammed my toe. At the time it was very painful. I went to see a podiatrist and he took an x-ray. It is not broken. But it isn’t getting any better. It’s still painful to squeeze and I can’t use shoes that press my toes together. What can I do? Thanks for your help. Eileen

  8. Naveen Badhwar says:

    I have been getting pain in my palm & 2nd finger for over 2 months. As I am a golfer, it started with the trauma caused by hitting golf balls.I took pyhsiotherapy for 1 month – ultrasound,pysical manipulation,ball exercise etc. but it has not helped.Neither have the pain killers worked.
    What homeopthic medicine should i have to relieve the pain ?


  9. colin ball says:

    I have pain and some swelling in my wrists since using an electric hedge trimmer. I have been taking comb. Rhus/arnica/ruta do yoy think that is the right remedy (30c)

  10. Dear Sir
    My mom is 84 yrs old and she gets pain in fingers and in hands in the night actually her fingers on tips I mean where her nails are the bone are very little left that is why she gets too much pain in fingers and in whole hand . She is taking Ruta 200 daily 3 times aday but she doesn’t get relief ,She is taking this medicine for 2 months but than also she feels too much pain she cries with pain .
    Please suggest some more or another medicine for her I will be very grateful.
    Shehnaz Rangoonwala

  11. J K Mukherjee says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma, I am suffering from pain on my right forearm and some times it comes down to fingers for last three months or so. Grateful if you suggest some medicines. I am male with 69 years old.
    Please reply as I have not received reply of my last request

  12. VIZOY JOSHI says:

    all of sudden feeling sharp pain in leg fingers excluding toe since last week, pain activated sharply in night. feeling pain in the bones of leg fingers

  13. sir pain may wife in hands fingers please advised best medic ion

  14. I am a patient of Hanson’s.There is swelling in my right hand fingers for 2 months.Took Arnica mont30+Hypericum30. No benefit.
    Kindly suggest.

  15. A Jeevan Jaya says:

    There seems to be no response to my ailment.Perhaps there might not be any cure in Homeopathy in this regards.

  16. A Jeevan Jaya says:

    I am having tearing pain in my left palm resulting me in to loss of sleep even during night time.The pain first started from the left arm joint near to the neck.I am using Ruta G 200 but there is no effect.Kindly advise me in this regards. ajeevanjaya

  17. Dr Denish-PD patient says:

    Thank youand good mrning
    am a PD atient taking your treatment–Lolium 30c
    since one week–could not get 3c
    am sure willhelp cure my PD
    cannot typpe
    no alopathy med
    handtremor-taking gelsenium/agarious 200
    good recovery sign

  18. milind barve says:

    hello doctor , my left hand thumb tip pains when i touch even a drop of water or put my hand under a tap.
    i am taking homeopathic medicine so far results are not encouraging.

    all my blood test reports are okey. my b vitamin was 168 , hence i took reguneuron injections. slight improvement by that but the problem continues.

    request pl guide me .


  19. Abhishek kumar says:

    I have pain in my right hand of all part like finger ,thumb ,right sholder and wrist and few month ago i took homeophaty medicine but not cure and this problem is 3 years my hand was injured long time than this problem was create slowly slowly I am 25 year old
    please sir
    Advise me medicine

  20. My left leg thumb finger was cut at the age of 12 years. It was not completely cured. I used to feel pain when I touch or press or it touch to anywhere from tthat day.
    Now it pain more even I feel discomfort on my left leg.
    Please suggest

  21. perminder suri says:

    Injury in right arm acute pain in thumb upon slight movement effecting inner wrist movement.plwase advise correct remedy..

  22. Wanda Larosiliere says:

    Just started a new job as an assembly worker. Use my hands quite a bit for intricate work. Noted swelling in terms for a finger inside hand that I use for pressing things into place. A little bit of discomfort heading down towards the wrist and fore arm on the palm side. Any recommendations? Thank you for your time and attention

  23. Shamsing Rajput says:

    I have got pain in bottom of thumb of right hand. I am male & age 58 years.

  24. Y R Babu says:

    I am getting pain and numbness in my left hand. It more specially night during sleep. Based on symptoms I took Rhustox 200. Got some relief. But still it is troubling me. Pl advice which remedy I have to take next for permanent relief.

    • Arun kr.Chopra says:

      I m 62 yrs old and is suffering from both knee joints pain from the last 5yrs and now having severe pain in fingers and wrist joints from the last six months.I also feel pain in shoulder joints me the treatment to get guick relief from this problem.

  25. N.SIVAKUMAR says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have pain in the root of the neck, right shoulder, right elbow and right wrist below the thumb. Please suggest suitable homeo medicine.


  26. I developed trigger finger in my right hand middle finger since 12 months. Please suggest homeopathic remedy for this.

  27. Siddhartha Sankar Bandyopadhyay says:

    I have been suffering from right-hand pain for two months . The pain originates from just beneath the deltoid region . Sometimes the pain feels in the region from wrist to elbow . The acute pain feels at the time of jerking or twisting of hand . Which homeopath medicine releve me from the said pain ? Please give me the right suggestions in this context.

  28. Dilip Kumar Bhowmik says:

    I have writing disorder, pain while writing, wrist pain after scooter driving, a little spondylisis and knee pain. Whether it is curable?

  29. Chandra sekhar nayak says:

    Dear sir my mother hands leg finger ring are trembling and curving. from weist to leg pain neurology dr. prescribe to take zaptra 12.5 but if medicine stop deases increase .

  30. Jyotsnamayeebehera says:

    Mywifeaged39yearsfeelvetypainonwristpalm. Sheisveryweekandbreathimgproblem

  31. I underwent surgery and a rod was placed 3 months back for breakage of radius bone. most of the swellings etc. have gone, but my fingers joints starting from knuckles are swollen and painful. I am doing exercises but has not helped. what should i take.

  32. Qyamuddin says:

    Meri maa 40 yr ki hai or pichle 1 yr se unke
    Pure dahine hath me jhanjhnahat, dard, hota hai or us hath se koi bhi kam karne me kabu nahi milta hai or sote samey jyada dard karta hai
    Please Iske liye koi Acha sa upay bataye please
    Or unko suger bhi hai

  33. BRIG P C Roy Retd says:

    I am old case of RA recently for last 3 months having swelling and severe pain in wrist .please advise what homeo medicine I should take thanks

  34. Vinay kumar says:

    I suffered chikenguniya 18 months back. All joints of my body we’re paining. Now only my fingers joints pain. Please suggest an effective homeopathic medicine please.

  35. nagarjuna says:

    I am suffring the Joint pain indexfinger spelling right side Please telme the medicine

  36. Sharon Priest-Nagata says:

    I have injured my ring finger by wearing a ring a little too tight. Finger swelled and I had to cut the ring off. top of finger looks bruised (dark colour) and finger is still swollen the next day. I have taken a dose of arnica. Is there another remedy I should follow with?

  37. Andrea Brito Babapulle says:

    Find your pages Dr. Sharma very useful and interesting. More so, curative. Thank you and God bless you. Dad(dead) and a brother(overseas) are homeopaths. Since dealing with locals, refer to your pages because riddled with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and I seem to be potency sensitive. I appear to have carpal tunnel and ganglion cyst. Left leg patella needs an orthotic. Swollen feet rule. If when rich, I will visit your clinic. Until then, will take ruta 30. Symposium 30 was a disaster prescribed by a doctor here.

  38. Gauri Shankar Mishra says:

    Sir meri wife 46 yrs old jiska dahina hath ka Anguth se koi Kam nahi ho pata hai. Kuchh pakar nahi pati hai na hi mutthi bandh pati hai. Jabki dard nahi hai. Plz Advice. Thanks.

  39. Sir. My wife she 30 yrs down on standing bike at the time of stopped little bumpma on head left bottom side swelling after use ice cubes swelling cure but touch that place internal pain time sir any suggestions.

  40. Musthafa Haroon says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My right hand is not properly functional due to stroke.
    Also the leg (right side). Could you please suggest any remedy for make my right hand functional by removing spasm to fingers, gaining strength to muscles and wrist. My right hand can be moved up and down with little strain. Hand is drooping from rust hence the hand is not functioning. I had the stroke in Nov. 2005. My mind says I will get the recovery. I feel homeopathic medicine can do wonders if right medicine could be prescribed. Please suggest medicines.

    • Musthafa Haroon says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      My right hand is not properly functional due to stroke.
      Also the leg (right side). Could you please suggest any remedy for make my right hand functional by removing spasm to fingers, gaining strength to muscles and wrist. My right hand can be moved up and down with little strain. Hand is drooping from rust hence the hand is not functioning. I had the stroke in Nov. 2005. My mind says I will get the recovery. I feel homeopathic medicine can do wonders if right medicine could be prescribed. Please suggest medicines.

  41. Dear Dr
    My general Dr has diagnosed spondylitis.
    Pain has subside after my physio.
    Tinkling comes from all fingers n shoot s up till elbow.
    It is my left hand .
    It happens quite often.
    PL let me know the medicine n how to take it.

  42. Sir I am suffering from painless tumour cyst on my right arms very slow growth about two inch dia in about more than 17 years. I took various homeopathy remedies from popular homeothy doctors but since 17 I feel no improvement at all. Several small lumps are developing around this.After taking medicine for long period I found no improvement and I found near left hand wrist on inner side two more small lumps growing which are hard . I fear it could be medicine side effect that I took for so long period.Please suggest me how to cure it. Thank you

  43. Dear Sir I am having tumour on my right hand about two inch size moveable painless slow growth over 17 years. suggest homeopathy medicine. Thank you

  44. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I would like to inform you that due to continuously do writing work my figure & thumb are totally damage tell me doctor sahib what medicine I use to treat my hand.

    Rahim Ali

  45. naira kamirembe says:

    24years my mum is hurting doctors don’t see any pain in her finger
    She did many chek up still she has no any disease.Please what advise do you give us.every medicine she is given does not work.
    I feel hurt seeing mother crying.

  46. Esther Cooper says:

    My fingers are swollen in the joints and have hard spots on the joints that hurt. Is there help for me without surgery?

    • Diane Jacowsky says:

      There are two problems that I need help with. One my 20 year old daughter still has trouble with acne and nothing works. Pain and stiffness in my fingers that is not rheumatoid arthritis. Doesn’t matter warm or cold some days better than others. Thank you so much, Diane Jacowsky

  47. Sir,
    I am suffering from weakness and numbness in left hand & fingers. Which medicine shall be useful, please advise.

  48. Feroz Banedar says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma, I am Feroz Banedar from Pune I just need and advise .
    My wife and she is 45 suddenly she is facing frozeness in her right thump for last 24 hours continually so please can you advise how to treatment should be done.

    Awaiting reply
    Feroz Banedar

  49. Please suggest medicine for hand and leg finger swelling in cold /winter seasons.

  50. Sabira Tejani says:

    Pain inupper risht hand and shoulde and pain like injection needle point broken and left inside hurting back bone and neck pain some times

  51. Deborah Turner says:

    I was stuck by a hawthorn 3 years ago. I woke up 3 weeks later with my face and hands numb tingling. I was diagnosed with neuropathy by a neurologist. They have offered no treatment to help my condition. I just recently went to the hospital sick with the flu and they gave me 2 bags of fluid and potassium. Now my hands are so swollen and painful i can hardly use them. I’m unable to write can hardly dress myself and do everyday activities. I did try ledum but it didn’t take the numbness away. Is there another homeopathic remedy you would suggest?

  52. SACHIN GULHANE says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma my finger & hand is slowly slowly pain is growing in last 3 months but last 2 weeks is pain up-down (SACHIN GULHANE) BHILAI CG. Thanks

  53. Selvakumar says:

    I had a fall 3 months back and my left got injured underwent a open rotator cuff sugary. Now movement of shoulder is 50% and muscle tightness in the forearm painful while lifting . Prescribe me the dosage and medicine for the relief of pain and muscle tightness

  54. Sandra Junkma says:

    Dr Sharma
    I had Cancer in 2015. Every since I went through Chemo and Radiatoin My fingers hurt when I bend them. The joint in my thumbs get stiff and pops when I try to bend. Do you know of something natural to help with this.
    Thanks. Sandy

  55. I am 73 yes male. Suffering from tingling in both hands while sleeping. It is happening around 3 AM every night almost same time otherwise I don’t feel anything. This condition is for the last two months continuously . I had this problem last winter also and allopathy treatment cured this problem but now this medicine is not working though I am taking the medicines for the last two months

    • Manju Gupta says:

      I am 50 years female. Suffering from tingling in both hands while sleeping. It is happening around 3 AM every night almost same time otherwise I don’t feel anything. This condition is for every year in Winter session continuously . I this problem last winter also.
      I take the medicine but not too effective.

  56. Numness in left hand index finger tip

  57. Dear Dr. Sharma, every winter I experience extreme pain in the tips of my fingers when exposed to cold weather, even when wearing gloves. I may have been exposed to frost bite as a child. I don’t remember having been diagnosed, but I do remember the pain being there most of my life.
    Are there any remedies you can suggest I look into?
    Thank you for your time.

  58. Syed Salahuddin says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have stiffing index finger in my right hand and have much stiff when I getup after sleep.

    I am from Karachi Pakistan, Sir can you plz advise me what can I do to get rid of it.
    I am a software engineer in a software house.


  59. AMRENDRA KUMAR says:

    My mother had a thumb swelling and pain problem in right hand at the thum palm joint .please suggest a treatment.

  60. AMRENDRA KUMAR says:

    I have hair graying and baldness problem on forehead at an age of 32. Please suggest a result oriented treatment.

  61. sandeep chandna says:

    Good evening Dr. Sharma,

    Pls suggest medicine.

    I have (1) ache in shoulder blades, majorly right side, the feeling being that the sholders are stiff. moving arms in circular motion temporarily provides relief.
    (2) aches in fingers, majorly right hand. clicking of fingers temporarily relieves the pain.
    (3) severe acidity which increases as the day progresses.

    I am 46 years of age, a non-smoker, vegetarian.

    Thanks and regards.

  62. Which medicine use for rack(aithan,bagha lagna) finger and stomach

  63. Hello, I got wounded at the side of my middle finger with a broom stick, its almost a year, the wound is healed but i have something like lump there and i feel pains when i press that finger.

  64. Homeopathic medicines for pain in hands and fingers due to cold weather

  65. Respected sir….my brother n mom.suffered from viral fever n after overcoming with that …from last 2 months suffering from severe joint pain ….swelling in wrist n fingers n foot……plzzz suggest the best ever medicine.

  66. Dear Sir, I am 34 yrs man.I was fell down form motorcycle before 1 month form today.I did xry of left wrist carpal, but there have no fracture. otherewise I have no pain to movement of wrist but pain when I pressure it like arising form sitting. what is the medicine for me?

  67. Dahyabhai Patel says:

    Since last few days I have severe itching in the back of palm and in between fingers and fingers. I tried coconut oil which help me. Skin drys fast. Appreciate your help.

  68. piyush Kumar Agarwal says:

    Sir I have unbearable pain in my right hand because of extra ordinary working at keyboard pain is from shoulder to fingers I can’t stop or minimize my work please suggest me medicine from which I feel better soon thanks

  69. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have extreme pain in my right middle finger it is not arthritis and X-ray shows a small fracture from at least 10 years ago. I had a steroid shot a few months ago that worked like magic but suddenly the pain is back. I would be grateful if you could suggest a safe (and less painful) alternative. I look forward to hearing from you.



  70. Venkatesan says:

    This is with my previous comment. I am 54 years and my brain shrinkage is much more than 60 years old. Will it cause any neurological problem? Cervical Spondylosis also there in C$&C5. Kindly advice medicines for all these.

  71. Venkatesan says:

    Sir, I am a CSVD patient with Ulnar Neuropathy, left hand & leg swelling. Not able to walk, difficult to get stairs. Taking Alopathy medicines like blood thinners and little progress. But due to my brain shrinkage I am not able to work properly. Recently my behaviour and personality has changed. After that now I am taking Homeopathy treatement. Sleeping disorders, speaking during sleep, willing to speak to others during night etc. Kindly advice for cure for neurological disorders right from brain to bottom.

  72. James Malakar says:

    My wife, Juthica Malakar (61) has been suffering from pain in her right hand’s index finger over the year past. Symptoms include moderate swelling above the mid knuckle, pain, irritation, skins take off, flaw is seen inner part of the knuckle.

  73. I was doing clapping exercise in the morning. But after that there is a pain in my right hand. I am feeling tightness in my hands muscles. There was also a pain in my wrist which has now been diminished. But muscular pain in my finger which is next to thumb. Kindly suggest me good homeopathic medicine for this pain in my right hand.

  74. mahaveer agarwal says:

    Sir I have too much pain in shulder and hand from last two months. ECG Anderson test are O.K.
    problems due NUS KA DABNA.

  75. Jaya Maitra says:

    I am a multiple sclerosis patient having lesions in C3-C4 of spinal cord. I am having too much spacticity(tightness) in my upper limbs ,arms, hands and fingers which is hampering my daily life. My disease was diagnosed on June 2013 after that three years I was on Avonex.Last year again I got excerbations and my upper limbs got affected and I was on betaseron.Now I am not taking any interferons.Earlier I was having tremendous spasticity in my lower limbs and now I am Having spacticity in my upper limbs. Doctor please help me so that I can get out of this horrible disease.

  76. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava says:

    How to Use Calcarea Flourica 10 M for the treatment of Ganglion ( Right hand – Wrist back)

  77. Arvind Prasad Sinha says:

    Put in water to undo the lock

  78. Arvind Prasad Sinha says:

    Just 20 days when I wake up in the morning,I felt apaim in my write thumb and restrictions in its movement.Now it has become and remains in one position,there is a pain when I try to change its position.This is severe in the morning.I have to put put my thumb to undo the locked position.Please help

  79. Abrar Hussain says:

    Dear Dr.Dharma.I am feeling my hand going day by day less sensitive and I read the web site .please advise Medicin with all necessary information.I will be highly obliged.thanks

  80. Bipin Shah says:

    1 Oct 17
    I am Bipin Shah from Bangalore. Male/71 age. My left hand dorsal palm side has mild -intermittant-pain since few days. I can do heavy work, of twisting a clothe for juicing the vegetable pulp, but pain gives uncomfort.
    I have no other medical history so far. No diabates-no BP etc.
    Can you suggest a homeopathic medication and schedule of taking it?


    lift hand pohch & finger pain & swelling last two month please advise sutable h. medicin as condition blow
    include pain in wrist, palm, thumb and fingers (index finger, middle finger and sometimes ring finger) and the pain is usually worse at night than day time. The pain from wrist can sometimes travel up to the arms and in some cases even up to shoulders. Other symptoms of Carpel tunnel syndrome include weakness, numbness and tingling in hands and fingers. The weakness of hands lead to difficulty in gripping objects leading to dropping of things out of hand .

  82. hi sir,my name is pinky,i m suffering from severe hand pain since 10 years.i have been medicated by steroid injection many times and i have undergone pyhsitheraphy,many a times still i m in sever pain…from the shouders calf there is a tearing sensation..and one vein is paining in middle of hand,and i cannot lift my hands up to 90 degree,,properly,i feel lot of stress and pain while lifting and tingling sensation till my elbow.doctors said i have tenditlities..i have never tried homeopathy,please suggest me to overcome from this since i cant concentrate as i m in pain 24 hours.i cant give objects and i cannot lift objects from my right hand..only right hand is paining..i have 3rd fourth disk compression in neck

  83. I have severe pain in hands only while sleeping. hands become stiff, reddish and difficult to open stretch fingers. please advice.

  84. J.P.Khirwadkar says:

    Due to ensure by twisting right hand damage occurred and complete tear of supraspinatous and infraspinatous tendons with retraction of fibres and fatty atrophy of muscles.Please let me know the homeopathic treatment. Thanking you

  85. Priyajit das says:

    Thorns of the fruit get pricked in my head almost 3-4 years back for this I take hameopathic medicine after that I don’t have any problems but last 2-3 I m observing that
    Sometimes it swells up some times it is not there can you tell me what to do?
    It can be cured or not?

  86. Hello sir
    My both hands and shoulders are so stiff and I can’t up my hand so much could you please tell it become normal

  87. Hello sir
    My both hands are so stiff and I can’t up my hand so much could you please tell it become normal

  88. Arvind Prasad Sinha says:

    A few days when I wake up in the morning I realised that my right thumbhad become stiff and shifted from postion to another discretely with a light sound.Now that same situation prevails everyday.In the morning when I get the feel is most.A sligt swelling is there.
    Please help.

    • Najmus Saqib says:

      Hello Dr Sharma;
      From last couple of weeks I feel pain and stiffness in middle two fingers of right hand, in the beginning it was only in morning but now it is permanent and now there is numbness in these two finger plus fingers of right foot too.


  89. Amalendu Maiti says:

    3 yrs back my little left finger got twesting injury due to sudden pull of the belt holding my pet dog. Though I felt no pain at that night but in morning it got swallen & stiff with pain.It is not yet ormalized. Become painful at rest & at night during sleep.Using Declofenac for a last one year to reduce uneasiness.Icing, hot compress,rubbing with finger makes better feeling. Please suggest a remady.

  90. Nihit Raj says:

    I am 18 years old student of kota. I am suffering from severe right arm pain since 2 days. pinching pain

  91. AMITABHA SHEE says:

    Suffering from tennis elbow.Taken allopathy medicine but no effect,I am 58 years and taking regular medicines for thyroid,high BP and hear block.Please suggest some homeo medicine for quick recovery.Suffering for more than 3 months

  92. Rahul Gupta says:

    Mere hath se likha nahi jata hai mujhe likhane me problem hoti hai or mujhe chid chidapan hota hath me dard bhi hota hai or hath se likhne par mold ho jata Plz meri problem kya hai bataye or yah Kaise Thik hogi

    • Pitamber soni says:

      Hi Dr.Sharma hands fingers are very soft.I am unable to write in straight way.I feel very difficult to pick up the confidence is also going very lower due to this disease.I m facing this problem last eight years.wht should I do get my confident back and make my hand and fingers more that I can write clearly.

  93. Shameen Ahmed says:

    Hi Dr sharma I’m having trouble with my hands my veins go blue in some places and they are agony
    I feel as though my fingers are very weak I can just feel every bone in my hand and struggling to do any work and pick up things can you please help in what I can take as I’ve only one kidney
    Many thanks

  94. om Prakash soni says:

    Dr Sharma
    sir please suggest me Homeopathic medicines for pain in hands and fingers


  95. Hello Dr Sharma ,

    My daughter is having severe pain in her right hands …wrist , fingers since 3days .She is a software developee .I have given her Ruta twice .n then Rhus tox 30 , Sengunaria 30 n Mag phos30… these medicine right

    • P B MOHAN says:

      Dear Sir
      Since last one month I am suffering from tingling sensation in my left hand.
      The main symptoms I have noticed are-
      1-It aggravates when I sit my legs crossed.
      2-It lasts for few minutes.
      3-Twice in last week I suffered from sinking of brain activity while standing,which the Doctor said to be due to LOW BLOOD SUGAR & IRREGULAR FOOD HABIT.
      4-I am a man of 60 years old,with strong physical body ,but short in height(160 cm)

  96. Ulhas Madhav Gandhi, 9619371149 says:

    Dear Sir ,

    Pls tell me general homeopathic medicine on middle finger pain of right hand

  97. R.K.Mahajan says:

    Some more information. I am non- diabetic. I did not have any injury I my feet.

  98. Michelle Luddy says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma –

    I hurt my middle and ring finger when I held on to a dog leash which wrapped my hand and was weight and pressure a month ago and now I have some swelling left right around the knuckle and a node right above the knuckle on the side of my fingers with stiffness. I’ve also had nodes on the inside of my hand on the palm just below the joints. I used some kind of calcarea (can’t remember which remedy) to dissolve those nodes. I’ve been using Arnica montana and just started Ruta graveolens and Rhus tox which really diminished the stiffness and pain, though it is there again in the morning, it does seem to be getting better and the swelling lessoned. Thank you for your help. I love your site. Its full of great ideas!

  99. Hi I have a ganglion cyst on my right hand 2 finger, down by my hand I saw that Ruta can dissolove them is this right? Thank you

  100. ashok b Pardeshi says:

    sir .
    meri umra 60 yers hai. muze do mahinose right hand me taklif hai , jab mai nhata hun,ya shurt ke button lagata hun tab right hand bahot pain karta hai. ilaj batye

  101. Debasish Mallick says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, my wife is suffering from de quervain’s disease. She is having pain in her left wrist. Alopath doctors suggest operation. Could you please suggest any homoeopathic medicine that can releive her pain? Her pain increases on movement, she feels comfortable with alternate hot and cold compress. Please help. Thank you. Debasish Mallick


    Dear Dr.Sharma,now I am 52 years of age.i have hypothyroidism since last 19 yrs.and migrain(chronic).in 2015 -middle .one day Ihad to carry 2 bucket full of machine dried cloth from gr.fl. to 3rd the stairs .Ifelt pain on my back,left side of the spine-upper middle point.It was bearable,and Ihad to do the same job afew times and the pain Jan”16 one fine morning I felt severe pain in my entire left hand ,but not so much pain on the back though there was pain at a particular point on the back (very inside)I took Alpthy trmt.for 3 months and the hand pain was cured but my left index finger&middle finger became numb after that.They are not swollen but most of the times i feel pressure inside them as if they are swollen after an insect bite.It is almost 1 yr. and now for last 2-3 months I am feeling joint pain in my left palm and right palm also & stiffness.Ihave hyperaciditi and constipation.I am gaining fat.I have just reached

  103. Respected sr dr sharma ji….meri hatheli me pichle 2 sal se problm h.koi surgry ya chot nhi.m teachr hu.bahut likhta tha chalk se .fr meri hatheli or wrist m dard rahne kiya.but pen se likh nhi pa raha.pen pakdte hi.midle fingr pen se door ht jati h.khrab wrtttng ho gyii.2 line likhte hi tez dard hota h.pen slip ho jata.poori hatheli m dard hone lgta h.veins me.spoon se khana khane m ya hath se rice khane me preshani.hoti h.vrna koi dard nhi hota .m likh nhi pa rha hu.kese bhi pen pakdu bt nhi likh pata.grip chhut jati h .pen slip.hatheli m bahut dard ho jata h.wrist m dard nhi hota ab..plsssss koi medicine ya solusion btaye.koi vitamn minral ya exercise. .plsssss

  104. hello, I have a bone spur or bony growth sticking out on my left wrist on the thumb side. The pain is very intense and recurring.

  105. Dr.Sharma Sir,My name is Mario T. and i have pains in my hand-wrist and fingers-i am in my late 60s and looking for natural remedies.Your suggestions above,every remedy is described in latin,it would be simpler if explained in plain english.Thank you very much.Mario

  106. Mr. Barun Mondal says:

    Respected Sir,
    An ear problem (Right Ear) of hearing. The sound of running vehicles gives uneasy feeling. The ear is almost dumb for 7-8 years. Please suggest medicine.

  107. Virwati says:

    Which medicine is preferable for pain in the basement of right hand thumb?

  108. Yesterday I fall from cycle n my right hand get injured .My wrist has swelling n it pains a lot .I’m not able to move my hand properly .plzzzz suggest some remedy to cure

  109. AMALENDU MAITI says:

    Dear Dr,
    My left hand little finger got injury one night, 3years back, due to sudden pulling by my pet dog, of the belt held in that hsmd. Though I felt not such severe pain then but it became stiff & swelled at next morning. Till date it is not normslised. Swelling is still petsists to some extentents with acheing irritation.
    Please help me with remedial suggestion.
    Thanking You.
    Amalendu Maiti

  110. Bahram khan says:

    I have been in pain in my left hands Tumb & 2 following fingers over the past 6 weeks.
    Kindly let me know what medication would help to cure the pain?


  111. Dear Sir

    I have pain and itching sensation in left hand finger and palm & chest Nearly two months .

    I have no diabetes.

  112. Swapan Kumar Sarkar says:

    Sir, good afternoon. I am suffering from elbow pain for a few days. I don’t do anything with my right hand.I am not in position to carry any wait with my right hand .I can not straight my right hand. I’m 62 yr old now. At the age of 25/26 an operation (gastric ulcer) held. That time I received nidle injury due to continue pushing salain water and blood in same place. Maybe it’s a cause. Please suggest the medicine

  113. Nosheen Syed says:

    I am an active 71 year old woman and have been suffering from Dquervains syndrome on and off for the last few years which was relieved by cortisone injections which were given twice . Now I have been advised surgery — however I want to avoid it .

    Can you please advise me re homeopathic treatment for this condition

  114. Tendonitis of shoulders. Pain on sleeping on sides.

  115. Dear Dr Sharma,
    My friend has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after right shoulder surgery. She had severe swelling to the point of shiny tightness in the right hand and wrist with purple striations across the palmar surface of the hand joints, wrist and elbow. Her hand was very warm with pins and needles sensation and allodynia.
    Your opinion would be much appreciated.
    Susan Kowalsky, ND

  116. Dr.Mukta jhunjhunwala says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    In my left hand little finger starting pain,stiffness and swelling about 15 day and l taken med. Cal. Flour-30 but not relief ,please adv. Some med.

  117. Baljit nandra says:

    Respected sir there is numbness in the fingures of my both hands from last 5 years,I took several medicines like evion 400 and ayurvedic also, during taking the medicine no numbness but after few months numbness again starts, I want the proper solution of this disease from you in homeopathy,please help me dr.sahib

  118. Gulab saini says:

    Sr my mother is suffering from arthritis so which homeopathic medicine should she take

  119. Bibek sathua says:

    Left side tingling pain in hand .my father have diabetes insipidis .sir pleade talk what medicine we wuld take? Age 56.

  120. Divya shalini says:

    Hello sir , my age is 14 and l am suffering from hand ache since more than one year . pain arises in my left hand and it’ s unbearable and then l get urged to take painkillers . l have taken treatment from many doctors but no relief availed . the pain normally occurs once a day and after taking painkiller it disappears for that day or sometime more . Please suggest me some naturopathical treatment having no side effect.

  121. Dr. Sharmaji Good morning. my name is Raman. I am 63 years old. my right fingers got sprained while getting injury in a minor scooter accident 5 months back. Consumed Allopathy Doctors. x – ray takes. physiotherapy done. still pain is there in Fore Finger and middle finger. pain aggravated in the morning and ameliorated by dipping the fingers in hot water. Heavy weight cannot be lifted. Kindly prescribe medicine please.

    • Hi Doctor Sharma, I have autonomic nervous system dysfunction and both of my hands are bright red (especially backs of hands, from wrist to fingertips) and become very painful with electric shooting pains when I hold my cell phone. I am also sensitive to electromagnetic fields in general and to noises and chemical smells, which cause neurological spasms, then rumbling and diarrhea in my large intestines. I have a long history (since in the womb) of chemical toxicities, and auto immune diseases, including Chrons and Celiac and hashimoto and vitiligo.. I am now 70 and still dealing with all of it. I have studied homeopathy for decades and seen homeopaths in the past, but never cured. Low potency gelsemium helps sometimes with the autonomic and sometimes oleander.
      Tarantula also helps. Over the years, have tried wet dose LM medhorrinum for miasms and carsinosin.

  122. Ramnesh Dutta shula says:

    Dr shaheb good evening I am 56 year old Our thumb and index finger while writing or eating food not joining and gripping together and writes bending towards lower down with fingers and In between writtes and elbow feel tension and some pain since two year past. Many medicin used as advice doctors but gets no relief. suggest me please. Thank you.

  123. Lalit Malhotra says:

    Dr.Saheb Good Evening

    I have suffering from hand arthritis last 1.5 years.My fingers is stiffness & joint pain for full day.I am feeling my hand griping is less for open the cap of the bottle.

    Kindly let us what is the best medicine for this illness.

    My age 42 years old.

  124. I am 36 yr old having pain and slight swelling in my backside of the arm and wrist due to holding my hand for 50 days so now I do physiotherapy it gives pain and tightness.
    I have taken blood test adviced by allopathy Dr. in result shows C- reactive Protein level is above normal value
    I have type 2 diabetes FBS level is 140

  125. I am 48 years old having swelling in knees and pain in left knee and back of knee. Thigh pain in right leg. Ortho doctor told me that my muscles are weak. I always feel that I am not having enough strength in my legs. The doctor gave me glucosamine 1500 mg once a day after breakfast and one more medicine is acasia catechu on empty stomach (I dont remember its particular name). Please suggest best homeopathic medicine

  126. Hello sir my 8years old daughter suffering from fingers joint pain. What should I do.

  127. mrinal kanti das says:

    got a fracture in thumb root and had a plaster for about 28 days & on removing it is seen the whole plam is swelled with a moderate pain. now application of Arnica Mont mother & Rhus Tox 200 twice daily will do?

  128. Hi, I fractured my wrist, had surgery Jan. 13 and a plate put in. I am in rehab (PT, OT) twice a week and do constant exercises,, but my fingers and hand are painfully stiff. That, along with skin sensitivity, wake me up every 2-3 hours every night! I have tried massage with warm sesame oil, Calms and Tylenol, but notbing relaxes my hand. Do you have any suggestions? I had been using Arnica (30, 6c, 6x, 200) for swelling and Symphytum which I stopped and recently started Histiminium for skin sensitivity,

  129. Babita naik says:

    I have pain and itching sensation in left hand finger and palm

  130. ms b of london says:

    I hurt a nerve in my hand during water aerobics exercise as a result of not warming up enough and since that time I have suffered shooting pains from my wrist to just below my shoulder to the inside of my arm and back meaning it is hard to lift things with a constant pain that eases with no use but soon returns. I would welcome any suggestions

  131. Alayna Blackburn says:

    My dear Aunt Zoe worked very hard with her hands her whole life. She’s had carpal tunnel surgery on both. The past year her hands have stiffened and locked with her fingers and thumb straight and cannot open her hands. What can we do for her?

  132. about 2012 i acident with vehicle and ingury my head i treat with alopethic doctor and cure about 3 month ,but i fill sudenly that my right hand and wrist are not work and cramping and pain than i visit doctor i eat priscribed medicin but i not fill good ,pain and cramping are increased day by day please help with your homiopethic medicine because my life is not break . so please help me.

  133. Sir I feel so many weakness in my right hand,writings weakness ,my fingers are not getting strength ,some pain in back side of my (piith)

  134. Kathy Miller says:

    My name is Kathy. I have knots on my index finger and pain in all my fingers. Left side foot my toes are also painful. Arthritus runs in my family. Is there any foods or supplements that I can take to help relieve the pain ? Is there anything I should avoid. I am in my sixties and it is hard to close my hands.

    Yours truly,

  135. Good Day Doctor
    . I fell down got hurt on my right hand thumb Applied externally Arnica mother tincture I am feeling numbness. Please snuggest a good remedy.

  136. Abigail Nuertey says:

    Good morning Dr I have chronic hand ✋ pain and wrist borne pain for three months now been to hospital but to no avail it doesn’t swell but still have pain I need remedy

    • Maureen Lipman CBE says:

      Dear dr Sharma,
      An elderly lady with severe rheumatoid pain in her hands is a friend of mine. I consulted Neal’s Yard pharmacy who recommended LEDUM and Arnica and Rhus tox.
      Doreen’s pain excascerbated after a flu injection on the same day as her regular gold injection- (so old fashioned of her doctor)
      I am not trained in medicine- I am an actress- but I suggested she should Not have another injection andperhaps give up wheat for a while. She is hugely improved in spirits and has less arm pains but her hands are bad and she had to take the pain killers.
      I am just concerned that she is doing the right thing.
      Thank you for your time, MAUREEN Lipman

  137. Jayashree Vasudevan says:

    I am having ostroporasis. Though knee painis not there I have heaviness in the thigh. I have already scanned my whole body and MRI has taken in both the thigh, all because of ageing and bone degeneration. asked to take calcium and neugaba, still while claiming stairs, it is producing pain. I am not diabetic, but still it is in border line, i am taking glycipage. Now I am getting burning sensation in my foot especially in the night. What is the treatment from homeopathy angle.

  138. Hi – I’ve been experiencing symptoms of carpel tunnel for a couple of months now, it’s getting increasingly worse unfortunately. Numbness, tingling and pain. It occurred to me I should try Hypericum (I used to be very familiar with homeopathic remedies and use them reliably). I took Hypericum 200ch (4 pellets) for three nights in a row (in the night) and then things started to really improve, but then yesterday it began to worsen again.

    Can you tell me if I should continue dosage?

    Thanks, Anna

  139. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am female, 67, physically active; yard work, building projects, etc. and eat minimal amounts of sugar and inflammatory foods. Last summer while building a small shed with my 90 year old father I began to notice shooting pain that would show up in the last joint near the nail and radiate up the side of the finger to the next joint. First it was the thumb, then the index finger on my right hand. Now, months later it is showing up on my left hand middle finger and I am not doing much work. The pain is extreme and shooting. I use essential oil of Birch for the pain and it helps but does not alleviate it. I am rather a “type A” personality and need to be industrious and busy most of the time. Do you have a suggestion of what homeopathic remedy would help or what foods I can avoid to help with this. I have used homeopathy in the past with success but cannot figure out what to use for this strange condition. It does not seem to fit any of your definitions or remedies. Thank you for any help.

  140. Beatrice McHugh says:

    Can you advice remedy for arthritic pain in hands wake at night with pain would taking Arnica help.

  141. i am having pain in my fingers . in night it increases and sometimes its difficult to even take blanket because hands donot work. i am taking casticum 30 and hecla lava 30 but no relief.

  142. Saroj Kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    Mere jijaji 65 years ke hain . unki dono haathon ki ungliyan kaam nahin kar rahi hain . 2-3 saal pahle se problem start hua aur ab to haath se khaana bhi nahin kha paate hain . Vellore me Doctors ne kaha ki gardan ki nus dab gai hai . Blood circulation nahin ho raha hai. Operation ke baad bhi koi guarentee nahin hai . Kya aapke yahaan ilaaj ho sakta hai ?

  143. vamsipriya VS says:

    Respected sir,

    My son Name is Teja sai age 1 year old.Right hand finger burn from hot water last year sep-16,
    In middle for three finfers lightly atteched so what is medicine or tretment tell me sir.
    eagerly waiting for ur valuable advice.

  144. My hands gets swelled in hot weather .There is excessive pain and stiffness in hot weather.I get relief in very cold weather and also swelling is gon e.But when the weather is hot the swelling and burning in hands in the palm side starts.I have been suffering from this disease since2015.

  145. Komal agarwal says:

    Hello Dr
    Meri wife Komal hands Ki fingers me swelling ho jati hai or pure hath me unbearable pain hota hai 6 month pahle uterus out always kafi bleeding hot i thi uske baad hi fingers me pain and swelling jayada ho rahi hai please suggest medicine

  146. Nancy Hardman says:

    My mother hands & fingers hurt all the time. She keep them soaking in hot water & epsom salt. Nothing seem to help, she has arthritis all over also. The hands never stop. Is there something you can suggest?

  147. ritesh ranjan mishra says:

    Repected sir.
    My wife is suffring from pain which is started from knee and now shifted at hand and fingers.i gave her rhus tox- 200 .now she relax from pain .she is 27 years old and good health.
    Plz write me that which medicine is good for her for relax from pain for long time

  148. ritesh ranjan mishra says:

    Repected sir.
    My wife is suffring from pain which is started from knee and now shifted at hand and fingers.i gave her rhus tox- 200 .
    Plz write me that which medicine is good for her for relax from pain

  149. sir i am diabetic patient for the past 16 years i am 49 age female my sugar level is normal
    some it will raise i take medician 30/70 mixtraied insulin before food 22 and half tabletglycomet fort.03
    afternoon janiva 100mg again nigt same insulin and glycomet fort .03 some time my left handand right hand
    pain and swelling i dont know what test i wnt to take

  150. Dear Dr. Sharma, I have excruciating pain in my fingers, hands and forearms throughout the night,increasing towards morning. During the day I usually have numbness and tingling. This has been intermittent for years, but now is more acute.
    Do you have any recommendations? Thank you, Jean

  151. Marsha Rhein says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    After an SVT episode, I got symptoms of achy arms and weak hands. As, my left forearm hurts alot.
    What do you suggest?
    Thank you very much.
    Marsha Rhein

  152. Jyoti Mishra says:

    Hello Dr. My name is jyoti mishra, and i suffer from immense pain, numbness and swelling in both palms, fingers upto wrist. This happens every night when i fall asleep. That is when I’m in deep sleep. The pain is unbearable. Earlier i had hyperthyroidism, for 6 years now I’ve hypothyroidism. But this used to happen even before i was diagnosed with thyroid. Please do suggest how to cure this pain, it has become unbearable and i can’t sleep at night. Thank you

  153. Joseph Schraufnagel says:

    Sometimes the fingers get a sharp burning sensations when streched.also 2 middle finger tips r numb always

  154. Dr, Where do we get the above referred medicines, are they available in any pharmacy stores?

  155. prabakaran.vt says:

    Good morning Dr my name is prabakaran I’m living india,tamilnadu 4years back I got a big bike accident injury to right hand and very serious coma stage I’m treatment for psg hospital,coimbatore. I’m normally but right hand not wrote nervous pain yours rply must u got new advice pls help me sir

  156. Sir,iam 33year old and I am suffering with auto immune disorder after delivery .due to steroids intake for swelling and pain in my right eye I had complicated cataract and loss of vision.operation is done but pain continued. I had constant pain in thumb fingers and lower part and also right little finger of right leg please help me to make my eye normal without pain thanking you.

  157. Clarice Andrews says:

    My fingers are in so much pain,especially @ nite.right now!!and I am not a Diabetic ..

  158. Deshpande R says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am facing a problem of numbness in my hand when i bend forward. this started one month back when i felt stiffness in my neck and right arm pain. With some medication the pain is now almost gone. But now i feel tingling or numbness sensation when i bend forward for anything. Once i stand or sit straight it goes immediately.

    Please suggest me a homeopathy medicine

  159. N .K. Mohapatra says:

    Dear Sir, I was having pain at the base of left thumb.Gradually the pai extended to palm. After some days I experienced pain in right elbow and then in right wrist. Then I took Bryonia 30 twice daily for about a month and the pain disappeared in the reverse order leaving the weakness in fingers while making a fist. Then I took Bry 200 once daily for a couple of days and as there was no improvement I discontinued the remedy. The mild weakness of fingers while making a fist still continues for both the hands. Please advise. N K Mohapatra

    • Aaron taylor says:

      Did you ever find any remedy for this pain or find any kind of relife for this condition this sounds alot like my condition in my right hand mine the pain starts in the bottom of my thumb on palm side of hand then it is even more excruciating in my palm reigion right half of palm below thumb to middle finger but lower about a half inch from wrist pain follows down to middle of wrist where it turns into more like a discomfort compared to palm reigon this area has muliple weird flellings that intails over the course of the day like now after work its a dull pain but numb but not all the way like its alseep but numb then it also has like electical feels like it is running current upward to the palm where it just amiplfies like a crampping charley horse like feeling that makes you crenge in agony the palm area has subsancal swelling here sicking up like over a 8th inch and being a half inch square side and running a inch long acrosd the bottom when u run fingers across it theres a schocking felling this is so imensely weird feilling that it makess me almost feel like some had rand there nails acrossed the chalk board i use my hands alot at my job the pain then is bearable to a extent that i can work thru it but when stoping its even worse and wores each time i stop thu the day when i get off work sleep is hard to recive due to cramping and shooting various pains that you never can tell when the contractions may start and vary in lengths and concistence in pain levels but at all times the pain in palm area where swelled is the worst when i do sleep my hand is numb with pins and needles all over palm worst closing it making a fist or gripping something is darn near impossible this presists for about a hour to a hour and a half have noitced when riding in car when using arm reas when placing my elbow on there for a period of time it seems to activate my hand to become numb like i just woke up type pain any help from anyone would be greatly apeciated any info please

  160. Obi C Nkemere says:

    How can I get viola odorata for my mother and is it good for a hypertensive patient?

  161. bhawana thakuri says:

    Dear sir, i want to share you about a pain in nerve of my ring finger of right hand. Actually leaving my tumb and little finger my index finger and middle are stiff to be straight. The pain in my ring finger is of numness resulting in numness in all the nerve relating to my ring finger. The only finger which can be used properly and painless is tumb n little finger. My hand cannot be kept straight due to these affected fingers as mentioned. Sir In the year 2000i had met with severe sccident and sudtained injury on my left head. i Had to undero surgery. After it i had memory problem for couples of weeks n then slowly recovered. But After onr year i had problem in writing n since then i refered to all treatment but Was not furtful till now i have the problem as mentioned above… sir Please help me..

  162. sahaasranshu pattanayak says:

    sir namaskar .
    my name sahasranshu pattanayak . i am living from bhubaneswar . sir i am suffering hand problem . my laft hand finger give the pain 5 days . it will not cure . i am take the medicine crocin 650 . but it will not stop the pain . i am so worried . ple help me how to stop the pain .

  163. Hi,
    I fell nearly a year ago. The finger next to my baby finger on my right hand was not fractured but did not heal properly. I should of put a splint on it right after my fall. Fast forward to nearly a year…the finger can bend down but not up. It is does not hurt that much but it feels like their is scar tissue inside around the knuckle, which explains why it cannot bend up. Do you have a suggestion?
    Thank you.

  164. Hello I am currently experiencing pain, shaking and tension in my hands, wrist and fingers. I also noticed it slightly swelling. I got my blood checked and my Uric Acid is 6.50. What do you suggest I should do? I haven’t went to my doctor yet because I thought I could make my uric acid lower through diet and exercise. It’s almost 2 weeks and the feeling comes and goes. Please Help. Thank you.

  165. A. Banerjee says:

    Suddenly I felt pain in nerve on bottom portion of thumb. But it not appear always sometimes it happen. Please let me know the medicine.

  166. My left hand thumb and finger tip is paining and also itiching from inside from last one month, and sometime it became hard, i have not get hurt on either on these two, so i have no clue how it happened, kindly suggest me.

  167. Mrs S Tapera says:

    l have got a pain on my right arm after doing my washing and ironing. how can l avoid the pain could you please assist

  168. Pramod pandey says:

    Due to brain stroke last year I am suffering from pain and tingling on my palm inspite of regular exercise.l am feeling unable to write frequently and feel my hand there any remedy in homeopathy to get relief from tingling in my fingers and palm.

  169. Hello doctor,a person aged 29yrs,has recurrent pain and swelling in the right hand ring finger .thers no pain or swelling in any other fingers.the same finger is affected increases mostly due to exertion.xray done shows normal.pls help with ur diagnosis and homoepathic remedy.thanks

  170. Sankaranarayananan says:

    Dear Doctor
    My wife aged 52 is suffering from pain only in right hand. Currently, she is getting physiotheraby treatment from a hospital. She got the pain due to some mild stroke on 17 Feb. 2016. Would you suggest a medicine for it.

  171. Hello
    i am suffering from numbness in my whole hand and lots of pain , more often in night.
    sometimes in daytime
    please help me

  172. Satyajit roychoudhury says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Synovial pain is increased after applying rhustox 30 in right knee.
    What can I do?

  173. Hello Doctor,

    I had a viral fever 3 moths back and have been suffering from post viral arthrity since then. I am 39 years old and never had any such problem.
    I have pain in my feet (which have now reduced) and my fingers and wrists are swollen and painful. Some nerve outside my wrists is swollen. I have still left shoulder.
    When I eat pain killers I am normal. But I don’t want to continue them.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathy treatment

  174. dominic.fernandes says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    This is to inform you that I had fever for 3 days and and after which i recovered by taking medicines prescribed by the doctor but after a fews days I started feeling weak and I started getting pain in my legs and hands and all of a sudden i started feeling numbness in my fingers I checked with my doctor and he said that it is a viral type of illness and will take at least a month to recovery and now it is more than a month and all of a sudden I feel pain in my joints and leg and my fingers become numb and I am unable to do any thing, kindly advice the best and fast remedy for the same.

  175. Mere hand ar foot me swelling ar pain h medicine bateye

  176. ujjal sain says:

    Sir, I have been suffer from Pain of left hand from elbow to shoudler during motion changes of hand or turning the hand which started six months ago.
    What is the remedy of this dieses.
    what is the name of homeo medicine and power of medicine and taken time.
    Thanking you.
    Ujjal sain

  177. Sir, I am 71 years age with Trigger Finger problem which started six months ago suddenly around early morning. It cleared after I went to pass stool. In fact I am already getting alopathic treatment for Colitis Grade II.
    The problem started aggravating and from 1-2 hours of finger ( RING FINGER) locking, it is more than 8-10 or more hours of finger locking.
    I am a chronic constipation pationt & am taking several precautionary treatment for that.
    KIndly advise.

  178. Sir namaste my little and ring finger are stiff during sleep some time nubness. When i wake up condition become better gradually. What should i do


    I have stiffness in my hands, pain in fingers, thumb,my both arms are aching causing problem to move or lift them. I was in fever a few days back. Before fever there was problem in lifting my right arm but after fever, the same problem arises in left arm also and stiffness in hands, pain in fingers started. My age is 51. I have to work on computers constantly and also on mobile. Can it be the reason of stiffness in hands, shoulder/neck pain also? Pl. tell some useful remedy or simple exercise to recover.


  180. Shoeb Ahmad says:

    Dear Doctor

    I am feeling pain in my both hands bellow albow and also numbness in fingures, Beside I also feels numbness and tingling in my both feet

    all the above occur during sleep or during long time sitting

    the important think I would like to tell you that I am a patient of Cervical Spondylosis from last 7 years, but this time Cervical Spoldylosis is not the main problem.

    I am taking some homeopathy medicine by the consultation of my doctor from 3 months, these medicines are

    Avena Sativa
    Acidicum Phosphoricum
    Rush Tox
    Kali. Phos.

    But I am not fully satisfied with the treatment, because my problem is under control but not in progressive way

    please suggest me what should I do now ?

  181. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I got pains along the top palm under the middle finger to the index finger on my right hand recently. Those fingers are so stiff in the morning and night & during a day and so I’ve to message them. My left index finger sometime was out of the normal shape & I’d to bend it back I was so fear & concern if I didn’t bend it back then I can’t do the daily activities at all. I work a lot on the yard work at home & use computer every day at work. I’ve no idea what have happened to my hands and fingers. Are there any medicine can cure the stiffness and sore on my fingers and the hand palm? Please advise. Thanks for your help.

  182. Dear sir
    I am Prem Sharma 30yrs old guy .sir I got a critical accident before 2and half month. I lost movement in my right hand
    Now my hand is working but I have pain in my hand it’s start from ring finger and goes to upper part of neck.
    I took physiotherapy treatment but did not get positive Result yet.plz suggest me

    • RAMESG G PAL says:

      ar sir
      I am Ramesh Pal 37yrs old guy .sir I got a Hand 9 month. I am movement in my right hand & Left Hand Now my hand is working but I have pain in my hand it’s start from ring finger and goes to upper part of neck.
      please need full in this matter please convinance

  183. mrs s chadha says:

    I have uneasy sore throat since more than a year and painless lumps on arms belly etc,Please help

  184. My mother back neck ,spandilites and right hand in cutting and pains .he use rhs,cust, vale,calcarv,mag.pH, kalmia,me do,hype,colocesnthis,lochnanthis,Allen soon,bakson11,Rita this medicine.

  185. Shuchi misra says:

    Sir.. I am thirty three, female and have de q tenosynovitis is my left wrist. This is due to excessive car driving and I have also been ignoring the pain in my thumb for the last three months. Although I am wearing a slint for a week and have been going for physiotherapy, the pain is still there. The pain subsides wen I rest my wrist, but it comes back again. Pl help. Regards.. Shuchi..

  186. carrie murray says:

    I fell and broke my wrist badly had surgery May 31 a metal plate and four pins put in and it still hurts badly,finger’s nume and can’t use hand at all doctor won’t see me bc I don’t have a primary doctor. Pain gets so bad I cry.

  187. Susan Shapiro says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Hope you are well. What remedy would you recommend for osteoarthritis of the right thumb joint and also carpal tunnel in both hand? Thank you!

  188. masood ansari says:

    hello dr. sharma. I am diabetic patient for a period of 27 yrs. In the month of june2016 I got pain in my right hand middle finger and left handring finger. previously I had inching in both palms very severely. I used to rub wiht the pocky wooden dumble. Now that these both fingers have become stiff and pains me lot. It also pains me below the finger on the soft bone on the palm. It also

    pains me while streching palm. Cant hold things. weakness while lifting. please prescribe homeopathy mediucine for the same. thanking u and oblige

  189. Hi Doctor, I am 42 and my job involves mechanical & structural activities. For a month, I am having problems with numbness in hand, especially when I quench my fists or while driving. I can feel this numbness around my forearm as well. It is with both hands. It began with a shooting pain on my right shoulder joint.

    It will be helpful if you could advice me.



    on before 9 am on weekdays and after 9pm

  191. I am a 68 year old senior male who had fall on a concrete pavement walk. I landed on my hands to protect my face. Afterwards, my hands became sore and swollen. I have been treating this injury with icing my hands, using aspirin and rest. The swelling and pain have lessen a bit ,but it still persists. Dr. Sharma, is there any simple home remedies you can recommend to me? Easy and readily available would be appreciated.Thank you , hope to hear from you.

    • T.K. Chakroborty says:

      Sir, I am of 55 yrs of age ,male, having numbness, pain & tingling sensation in both hands fingers, most of the time, at time it become serious. Pain relieving ointment, exercise, do help but only for time-being.
      Sir, do pl help advice me medicines

  192. mywifeaged61issuffringfrompaininbothhandwristandfingerjointswithinflamationinthesaidjointsfromlast2monthsuricaacid6.12rheumatoidfactornegativecrp<5.0pleasegivemehomeopathicmedcineforthissymptomsiamahomeopathicdoctoratbokarosteelcity

  193. Maninderjeet kaur says:

    I am having pain in finger next to thumb of left foot.
    I am female 62 yrs old .overweight. suggest medicine.

  194. Saa oyawoye says:

    Pain in my wrist fingers upto my sholder pls help

  195. Suresh Bhargava says:

    Pain suddenly started in little finger of my left hand. Pain gradually increasing and slight swelling has developed.
    Age 74 years.Allopathic medicines for High BP and Insulin plus Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetese.
    Creatinine 4.7, Urea high 84.
    What homoeo medicine shoud I take for finger pain and urea

  196. Roumita Das says:

    Hello sir,

    Iam suffering from RA for the last 4 years, now iam having chronic pain in wrist and arms. Also my wrist bone at the back flared up due to chronic pain, even i could not straight my palm. Could you tell me how to overcome this pain with the help of homeopathic medicine.

    Eager to hear from you.

    Roumita das

  197. afternoon Dr.Sharma.
    Am a part-time student, an accountant by profession. i have spent 29yrs of long hours using the computer.
    my pain started 2 weeks ago from the nape of my neck to my lower back but very severe pain on my shoulders and making my right hand go number towards morning. please help.

  198. krishna nath says:

    Dr Sharma Sir, my mother fallen down and that’s why broken distal radius 28 th march and now after plaster cast off she is unble to bend her fingers as well as unble to make a fist. She is 65 years old and taking regular calcium and vitamin D capsuls.and physiotheray going on.Now she getting some strength but completely unable to make a fist .Sir I need your help.

  199. rukmini panditanavar says:

    my mother’s fingers cut in machine. .but 9t very pain please tell me any natural medition. …i already saw to doctor but this time very pain please give any pain went. ..

  200. Rella Jordan says:

    Dr. Sharma: I am a diabetic, have had carpal tunnel for several years, but it never interferred with my activities, tennis, golf, opening a bottle, etc. Within the last 3 months, I have swollen knuckles on the middle finger of right hand, sharp pains in the palms, both hands, and more weakness. I still play tennis and golf, and use alcohol on hands when I get off court. I assumed it was arthritis, but my Naprapath said it was nerve damage.. Some times swelling more than others.

    I use a hand ball for exercise and massage my fingers daily.
    I would like a homeopathic remedy for this condition as I need to continue my activities. Thank you.

  201. Denise Gilmour says:

    I am a chef and am finding it very painful now to use the ‘ chopping’ position of my hands. Both hands but right hand if very painful from index finger hand joint at the base of the finger being the worst, then through the finger itself. The more I use it the worse the pain, which obviously does not help my job. In the morning both hands are stiff but the right is worse. I also have Chron’s disease but this has been in remission for a long time now.
    About 10 years ago I did have carpel tunnel operations on both hands, however this pain is very different, definitely in the joint of my hand below the index finger.
    If you can advise a homeopathic remedy I would be very grateful
    Kind regards

  202. Sylvia Stewart says:

    After a trip to South America 4 mos ago, I returned with severe swelling in hands and wrists as well as knee joints, ankles, cracking in joints particularly shoulders. The pain in my right hand is like electric impulse and pin point as well as the skin on the top surface feeling the same. I am right-handed, and use it more, but the swelling on my left hand is now, after 4 mos. only in fingers 1 and 2, counting from the thumb. It is worst in the morning, but remains throughout the day. The pain in my right hand radiates up toward my shoulder joint, but in the inside of my arm next to my torso. I have had blood tests and test for Zika and Chikungunya viruses which are prevalent in S.A., but the tests were negative.

    I am at a loss as to where to turn.

    Thank you for any information you might be able to give.

    Sylvia Stewart

  203. Shuchi sharma says:

    Hello Dr ,plz suggest me if there is any treatment in homeopathy that can treat bigger knuckles to get them back in shape mt knuckles were not so but after cracking fingers alot my fingers got deformed.especially ring and middle finger of both my hand.plz tell me.

  204. Paramjit Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma Greetings, Dr approximately 6 months back middle finger of my right hand from where finger starts its paining and little swelling. For relieaf I am only applying some creams like Moove. From last 15 days pain started in left hand middle finger middle joint. Please advise what should I take and what is this illness. Many thanks.

  205. I am 30 years old suffering left hand left leg pain in sleeping hours heavily have been taken rhustacs, butnot relived pain , please rectify my problem

  206. Sir I have very pain in my finger joint and wrist I can’t bear it because pain is so much pain full sir plz tell me which medicine is useful for me plz sir reply me

  207. Sir I have not any problem like rheumatoid arthritis but my hand finger and leg and foot pain. Where the joint like hand fingers joint and leg joint and leg finger. It’s pain and swelling

  208. Ravindra Joshi says:

    I have surgery of philos plate fixing for broken shoulder. I am doing physical therapy. But fingers have become very stiff and painful. Pl guide me.

  209. Anil H parekh says:

    I have pain in first finger (Near to thumb) on my right hand and it is more on joint of the finger.,Some times it gets inflamation.My finger seems to have been bend from joint.
    I am dibetic since last 20 years.
    I have tried pain killer and anti inflamatory drugs and also medicine like gabapentin(as per Dr!s advise but no results.
    Sir, looking to my condition pl. advise homeopathic medicine for the same.

    • Piroja Kalantari says:


      I have pain in first finger (Near to thumb) on my left hand and it is more on joint of the finger. Some times it gets inflamation and I have difficulty bending my finger. I am dibetic since last 10 years.
      I have tried pain killer as per doctor’s advise but no results.
      Sir, looking to my condition please advise homeopathic medicine for the same.

      Thank you.

      • Piroja kalantari says:


        I have pain in first finger (Near to thumb) on my left hand and it is more on joint of the finger. Some times it gets inflamation and I have difficulty bending my finger. I am dibetic since last 10 years.
        I have tried pain killer as per doctor’s advise but no results.
        Sir, looking to my condition please advise homeopathic medicine for the same.

        Thank you.

        2nd post please advise


  210. Anil Satish Kevalram says:

    Hello Sir ,
    I have also same problem mentioned above. I cant write properly by right hand as my writing finger have not a normal grip to handle pen also , while writing on black board also my hand veins gets contracts and hand pains a lot , give me suggestion please….

  211. nur mohammad says:

    pain from neck to fingere.speacially elbow pain.nurve pain .right hand

  212. nur mohammad says:

    pain from neck to fingere.speacially elbow pain.nurve pain

  213. Abdul hameed says:

    Sir my daughter age 13 year which is pain in hand and feet specially at evening time. I am suffering from the past please i am need some guidance and treatment.
    Please prescribea suitable homeopathic medicine

  214. Saikat Roy says:

    For a few days I am suffering from tingling on right hand fingertips. When it starts it lasts of 5 to 10 seconds and then reduces. After one or two minutes it starts again. It occurs anytime in a day. I am diabetic patient and taking GP-2 everyday. Please prescribe a suitable homeopathic medicine for me.

  215. I have had carpal tunnel surgery in the right hand. Left hand has same problem, but no surgery yet. Surgery was 9 months ago. Both hands have weakness, shooting pains, and soreness. Can not completely close either hand due to stiffness in hands. Please recommend homeopathic remedy, and source for same.

  216. Hii.
    how r u
    i hv pain in right hand fingers befor mansis.
    this pain is start before 2 mnth after miscarge

  217. Geet Mukherjee says:

    Thank you for the post. It was very helpful.

  218. ADEEL SHAH says:

    Sir i am having pain in my thumb n finger. Since last 10 ddays i have eaten alopathy tab since 8 days but not get a result. N yeasturaday i have started homeopathy for this . dr. Says for urik acid test. Kindly reply.

  219. GOPAL KRISHNA says:

    I am Tabla Player aged 58 years.. From September 2014 onwards, my right hand Index finger showed signs of weakness gradually, making playing Tabla extremely difficult. No pain or numbness is felt in the finger but the only problem is inability to apply the index finger with appropriate pressure on the instrument. The base of index finger and middle finger joints is slightly bigger than the rest of the fingers. But no pain or difficulty is felt for other actions like writing, typing, folding etc. I am pure vegetarian and stick to balanced diets. I had “Apabhahu” (Froen Shoulder) on right shoulder on 2 occasions in 2007 and 2012 which was cured by Ayurvedic medicines. I would like to have your expert advise on the problem.

  220. subramanyam m says:

    Sir my daughter age is 9 years old, removed radial head left elbow because of fracture 7 months before. Now she is not able to fold her hand because of stiffness but able to straighten 90 percent. We are going for physio therapy regularly, because of stiffness she is not able to fold left hand. Please suggest any further surgery is required or medicine is helpful or how many more days physio therapy required.

  221. Akshat Sinha says:

    Dear Sir
    My father aged 60 years is facing a problem these days. The third finger from thumb of his right hand gets folded while he Is sleeping and the gets stuck and it’s painful to get it back to normal position. Kindly help!
    He is a diabetic.

  222. Hamisi piston says:

    Dear dr,my mum has a wound on is right hand finger abt a year now.i need medicine am in africa,kenya.

  223. Ajit sharma says:

    Dear Dr. saab,


    I am aged 47. Having pain in small joints & fingers of hands & feet, especially in the morning. with even minor cold or sneezing, all body joints and muscles start to pain terribly including the head skull. Never wake up fresh in the morning. get fatigue even after minor work. feel like just lying down on the bed all the time. stomach bloats even with water intake, therefore I take very little quantity of meal. never feel thirsty, although I still keep consuming water. Have sinus problem as well.
    Have ED, desire lost and Sp. count problem. Hard of hearing, weak eye sight, very sensitive to physical touch and noise. Gets terribly irritated and angry by being asked anything repeatedly, or ordered. scared of heights and enclosed spaces.

    Have taken homeopathy medicine from number of Doctors but none of them could give me any relief.

    Kindly help if you can


  224. Ashok Kumar Mukherjee says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    I am having inflammation, stiffness, pain in my small finger of left hand for about a month.
    Sometimes while bending one of the joints get locked also.
    Kindly advise necessary treatment/exercise etc.
    With Regards.

  225. Yashwant Singh says:

    The problems arises of my wife who is ( 53 1/2 years old) in her right hand fingers for the last six months back.She has also treated in Ayurvedic Hospital as well as in Allopathic hospital but no relief at present .While she used to take Zandhu balm & Move rubbing in her right hand fingers resulted to some relief .When she used working of same hand in cold water and some other forcible works from the same hand resulting the pain increases and fingers remains inactive or lifeless. Please suggest the cure for treatment for her fingers & right hand . Waiting for your reply please.

  226. rakesh kumar says:

    I want treatment finger and palm pain

  227. subbarao says:


    i am subbarao age 35 working in software,

    iam suffering wiht Rheumatoid arthritis i have pain in joints and swelling can you kindly suggest the good medication for this

  228. SALMA Muzzamil says:

    Dr Sharma your comments about ailments and their homeopathic remdies for treatment are excellent. Please keep it up.

  229. P Bhattacharyya says:

    I have a ganglion cyst on my left hand. Pl. tell how to dissolve this . I am a body builder and this is causing hindrance in my wrist movement.

  230. I am 17 year old boy..i have a problem.4 month ago the date thorn are inter my left hand middle finger at middle joint and the finger sometimes swallon and gives this happened .after two month ago i am consulted with doctor.the doctor say’s that first do ultrasound and then the thorn is shown on finger..and the surgery in middle finger .he put out the thorn from my finger but the swallon and pain in middle joint are present
    I also took medicine and tetvate injection but the result is negative what shoud i do and what happen in middle finger at middle joint

  231. Hamisi piston says:

    My mum left hand fingers have wound started by frst finger to da fithr me wit da best medicine

  232. Penelope McCormick says:

    in 2012 a car smashed into the back of me at high speed – apart from whiplash – knee joints – both my hands and a number of finger joints have swelled , nobbled and painful as well as wrists. All except first finger and thumb on right hand. X rays show oesteoarthritis . I have been super strong and muscular before this happened!

    I was very strong before this accident and now due to lack of ability my arms and body are generally feeling weaker. I have also had money concerns since this – although I have learnt to manage and am not so anxious now.

    I believe the crystals can be dissolved again please help me. Thank you

  233. Trying homeopathic medicines for treating RA for the past 25 days but can’t see any improvement…

    rather swelling n stiffness spread to other fingers too….it’s little bit relieved in the evening but mornings are very difficult…pls advise

    Thank you

  234. Surindra says:

    Hi sir
    Sir my problem is erectile dysfunction. Please help



  235. zubair bin mahmood says:

    Hi sir
    How r u ? Sir my problem is to increase sex power and health of sex organ to have baby. So help me

    thanks. Regards

  236. my write hand rist and all fingers swelling and pen problems

  237. Ravi Sharma says:

    my age is 26 ,weight is 57 and height is 5.6″ i have fit and muscular body .
    I feel pain and tiredness in the joints and muscles in the morning

    • Rosamma Baby says:

      Sir, Namasthe,

      I am aged 53 (female) from Cochin. I had a GBS attack during March-16. Had taken Immunoglobulin injection for 5 days (total 125 gms). Still, even after three months of leaving the hospital, I am suffering from numbnes of hand and feet, difficulty in walking etc.

      Sir, is there any remedy in homeopathy for cure of numbness, empowering of muscles etc.

      I would be thankful if you could help me.


  238. Hi I have chronic Rheumatoid arthritis I take methotrexate, not happy about that. Even though, my fingers are so stiff can’t make a fist the 2nd joint on almost every finger is swelled on the palm side. Also swelling and pain in ankles but hands are worse.Can you recomend anything for me?

  239. Sir
    I am a student..for about 4 years I feel some irritations and little pain in my right hand small finger.
    Then I can’t write or do anything… Now that pain (don’t know to exprs the actual feel..) Spread to both hand fingers.. Typing or writing is very difficult.. Is this a severe problem..?? Any treatment?? Am scared.

    • Sir
      I am a student..for about 4 years I feel some irritations and little pain in my right hand small finger.
      Then I can’t write or do anything… Now that pain (don’t know to exprs the actual feel..) Spread to both hand fingers.. Typing or writing is very difficult.. Is this a severe problem..?? Any treatment?? Am scared.

    • Rinu john says:

      I am a college student..for about 4 years I feel some irritations and little pain in my right hand small finger.
      Then I can’t write or do anything… Now that pain (don’t know to exprs the actual feel..) Spread to both hand fingers.. Typing or writing is very difficult.. Is this a severe problem..?? Any treatment?? Am scared.

  240. c a kadam says:

    My left hand little finger tilt in bike accident x-ray saw normally tilt & 2 fingers pack for bandage this treatment is right ? And normally pain in finger.

  241. Nilam Savani says:

    Hello sir,

    I am web developer and working in an IT Company. I have too much pain my all 10 fingers and my right hand I have done xrays and NCV report but reports are normal. can you please suggest me any solution

  242. Dear Dr.Sahib, my age is 56 years and suffering from ist stage parkinson disease as per statement of Drs. my question is whether it is curable or not. whether both alopathic and homeopathic medicines can be used.

    • Thank u sir for your reply. I m also DHMS degree holder n homeopathy and being a govt. employee i have no time to practice fully. Presently i have 60 medicines and providing health services in acute diseases to my family members, friends and others free of cost voluntarily. My disease details are: 4 years back i suffered from right hand frozen shoulder. I used homeo: medicines and alopathic also for 3-4 months separately. Physiotherapy was also carried out. 90% long range movement were cured. short movements of hand and fingers are not ok, stiffness, tiredness of right hand fore arm and fingers is still exist. some time slight tremors feel when i raise my hand. i also feel heaviness n my right foot. i used arm.met, causticum, gelsemium, kali.phos, medorrenium, rhus.tox, some symptoms are: :become immediate angry, do not like noise, feel heat greater than others,like open air, like cold weather, eating food with out appetite for the last 5 years, no thirst,no hunger, B.P always 138/92 some time jump to 140/95. no sugar or other disease. now neuro physician says it is first stage Parkinson disease and now i m using alopathic medicines which is for life time bkaus Dr. says it is not a curable disease. what homeopathy says, is it curable or not. whether some medicines u can recommend me, whether i can use both alopathic and homeopathic medicines, Sir through net i have find u very experienced homeopath because i have listen some of your patients interviews. I am very much hopeful being a professional colleague you will guide me. Thanks.
      Inayat khalil, Peshawar, Pakistan

  243. vikas sharma says:

    सर कुछ समय पहले मेरे फादर को पैरालाइसिस हो गया था लेकिन अब वह ठीक है लेकिन हाथ की अंगुलियां क** नहीं करती लेकिन जब वह सोकर उठते हैं तो उनकी अंगुलियां एकदम सीधी हो जाती है प्लीज हेल्प मी

  244. dear doctor, a patient is having thrombosis in left hand . the hand got red and fingers are blue/black. the doctors suggest its amputation. plz suggest homoeopathic medicine. Hb is 5.5

  245. Mymoona Farooq says:

    Basically I am not in this profession and don’t know nothing about this field I consulted so many …………… but nothing found positive if I consults ur cilinic send me proper address

  246. P B Mahapatra says:

    I am around 70. About 3 months back I fell down and there was a cut, about 35 mm long starting from the base of the index finger and middle finger extending to the middle of the palm. There were 6 stiches. I had to take three courses of antibiotics and stiches were removed after 15 days. Dressing of the wound continued for another 15 days. There was inflamation and finger joints were stiff and slightest strain was painful. I took homeopathic medicines Causticum three doses on one day, ledum the next day,arnica next day and hypericum next day and repeated the cycle. There was improvement but after about 20 – 26 days improvement stopped. Inflamation was still there. I went for physuotherapy and had ultrasound massage for about 25 days.Inflamation reduced further.But still some inflamation is there and I cannot bend the fingers fully. Therr is pain if I apply pressure on the fingers. Pl advise if homeopathy can help me at this stage.


    My age is 46 now. For the last ten years I have been suffering from numbness of both my hands which causes severe pain to my fingers, palms and wrist.This problem is severe particularly in winter and also in nights even in summer. To avoid these pains I hide my both the hands in blankets during nights. I need fan to my whole body to be free from sweating except to my hands.I underwent treatment in alopathy , homeopathy,Ayurvedic from different doctors specialized in neuro, ortho and general medicine. But nobody could give correct medicine as they could not diagnose the problem proprly. please give me correct suggestion.

  248. NAUSHAD SULEMAN says:

    God evening Dr. Sb.
    I am facing pain in my right hand joints from last 10-20 days.My observation is that due to operation of mouse from working it is worse from little finger.Generally I work on computer daily approx. 5-6 hrs during office hr.Please suggest the medicine or how to contact you. due to this problem my arms and shoulder also pain.


    Naushad Suleman

  249. vineeta Bhansali says:

    Its wonderful idea to take Homeopathic medicines,but how to get ? can I order on line?

  250. Idalmy Chuy says:

    Dr. Dharma
    I need an urgent help. I work as dental hygienist. I am an a terrible pain and both hands. Tingling, numbness and now a lot stiffness in the morning. I am afraid that soon I won’t be able to work. I had hands therapy, cortisone shots on the elbow and wrist of my left hand. 4MRI one in my neck to check disk of C4,5,6,7. One in my brain and bilateral in the area of chest. 3 EMG to make sure my nerve conduction is fine and don’t have carpal tunnel. Everything is normal. I need your help.

  251. Jennifer Stevens says:

    I get a tingling sensation like cramps when i write with my right hand when i hold the bus pole i get numbness

    also my little finger right palm top part hurts when i touch it it does not bend the first joint

    also my left hand elbow hurts when i lift something

  252. A. Demakos says:

    Several months ago I began experiencing electrocution like energy in my left arm. I can’t call it tingling because it feels as though it is connected to electricity and is very painful at times. I had no injury that I am aware of so I have no idea what caused this condition.

    A day ago I started using the Radium Bromatum 30c that I had on hand and it seems to be making a slight difference. This condition also includes itching on my left side as well and it drives me crazy at times, but the remedy has diminished some of these symptoms…thank goodness. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor at my office and am not sure if it is helping. I had an MRI that showed the areas that need adjustment and hopefully, over time, this condition will disappear. Thank you for allowing us to contact you. I look forward to your reply.

  253. capt v p sharma says:

    Sir have pain in both knees right hip joint left wrist and fingers

  254. ARUN KUMAR says:

    My wife she is 30 years old, have been suffering left hand and with chest pain suffering from more than 3 years. Already take cardiac revolution in this suffering but not clarify in reports but not cure this still. Hence I request give suggestions above mention problem

  255. Kalpanamayee Devi says:

    To Dr.Sharma,
    Dear sir,
    I am 54 years old. and unmarried.
    My uterus was removed 12 years back due to fibroid and heavy bleeding.
    Since last 4 years have a lipoma, a soft tumor at the backside thigh of my right leg.I see floaters through my eyes.
    since last 1/2 months i have noticed that i am not able to wash dish. bending of fingers backward is painful with burning sensation. i feel sleepy and tired always. i never felt sleepy before. i was energetic also.
    another problem is hearing problem (ringing sound in the ear).left side is more affected.
    i have also skin problem. eczema at my back below the hair line since last 20 years. recently a ring like itching has been developed.

  256. Bhanu Pratap arya says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from ganglion cyst neae my wrist since 1 year. I am 28 years old, married. I consulted homeopathy but no significant improvement is observed.
    Kindly prescribe treatment.



  257. Hello sir
    My father is dementia patient.(binswenger syndrome)
    Sir can homoeopathy help anyhow.
    Plz reply

  258. subir kumar sarkar says:


    Pain in my right hand middle finger and I could not fold my right hand properly last six months. I could not press when I washing garments. If when I fold my finger then I can not open the finger (middle finger) and that time is very painful for me.

    please advice.


    Subir Sarkar

  259. Hello sir, my mother has right knee bend and stiffness and right palm also bended. She has chronic meningitis in 2014 August and after that she is not walking.

  260. A CHAKRABARTI says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I use computers for work. I hve Mommy’s thumb. I am fat & overweight. I had a heart operation recently and am 49 years old. Please advice medicines.

  261. om prakash yadav says:



  262. Pain in the upper part of the palm. I don’t remember having any injury. Cure for it, home remedies,?

  263. Dear Dr.Sharmaji,
    Namaste. I am 57 years of age. Recently, I slipped and fell on the road. Only after few days, there was a swelling on the back of left hand and fingers became stiff and tight. The right hand has symptoms of frozen shoulder as I feel pain while stretching and doing normal routine work. I shall be thankful if your goodself could suggest some remedy. I may add here that I am a diabetic. I am taking Metsmall 500 twice a day and sugar level is under control.
    Best Regards

  264. I have been suffering from left wrist pain and I cannot hold slightly weighty things for which I had also Ruta G 1 M and Rhus Tox 200 for one time and I was relieved for 5 days but again recurs. Please advise which medicine should I take and I will be grateful to you.

    • I am 63 years male. Since last 3/4 days I am feeling pain in lower palm of my right hand on particularly touching the area which is near to the right wrist. Please advise me the Homeopathic Medicine to cure the pain.

  265. Sir
    I am suffering from following deseases. I am 65 years old.
    Artheritis( lower and upper limbs)
    Total impotency
    Prostrate enlarged
    Nose remains blocked due to allergy
    weak eye sight
    Servical spindolitous

    i dont know how i m surviving ?
    please advise me what to do ?
    so that i could survive a little more healthily


    • Sir
      I am suffering from following deseases. I am 65 years old.
      Artheritis( lower and upper limbs)
      Total impotency
      Prostrate enlarged
      Nose remains blocked due to allergy
      weak eye sight
      Servical spindolitous

      i dont know how i m surviving ?
      please advise me what to do ?
      so that i could survive a little more healthily


    • Kalpanamayee Devi says:

      To Dr.Sharma,
      Dear sir,
      I am 54 years old. and unmarried.
      My uterus was removed 12 years back due to fibroid and heavy bleeding.
      Since last 4 years have a lipoma, a soft tumor at the backside thigh of my right leg.I see floaters through my eyes.
      since last 1/2 months i have noticed that i am not able to wash dish. bending of fingers backward is painful with burning sensation. i feel sleepy and tired always. i never felt sleepy before. i was energetic also.
      another problem is hearing problem (ringing sound in the ear).left side is more affected.
      i have also skin problem. eczema at my back below the hair line since last 20 years. recently a ring like itching has been developed.

  266. sir..since i had been suffering from thumb pan since 3 months..many doc i have reffered bt of no use..all tests i hve done like uric acid etc..nd all r negative…don’t know the reasons bhind this..pls help me out

  267. I have pain in my first finger of left hand(Middle joint) and in right hand finger joints. I take synthyroid 25 mcg. I have low iron apart from that there is no issue. My doctor did blood test but arthritis is not detected for now but i still feel stiffness and pain. can you suggest some medicine.


  268. Hi sir,

    My elder brother 34 years old , his hands and wrists is swelling from one year , he took English medicine but not resolved as they said its Vitamin D issue, so after went for ayurvada, till date swelling an d pain didn’t increased but still remain same.
    We are trying to go for homeopathy
    Please suggest

  269. V.Swarnalatha says:

    Severe elbow pain, wrist pain, cannot hold weight in hands. Even holding cell phone in hand brings pain in elbow. Though I am taking homeo medicine, I am experiencing more flare ups. Unable to bare I read on internet and took Arnica 30 pills one day and was surprised by immediate relief. Can you tell me how often it can be taken? and how safe it is to use? I wish to see the remedy in my mail I do not prefer phone call please

  270. V.Swarnalatha says:

    Severe elbow pain, wrist pain, cannot hold weight in hands. Even holding cell phone in hand brings pain in elbow. Though I am taking homeo medicine, I am experiencing more flare ups. Unable to bare I read on internet and took Arnica 30 pills one day and was surprised by immediate relief. Can you tell me how often it can be taken? and how safe it is to use?

  271. kumarktniranan says:

    tingling in fingers hands, legs, neck pain ,…pl inform the medicene

  272. Greetings, Dr. Sharma,
    Do you have a recommendation for nerve pains of a buzzing variety (similar to funny bone pains) in arms, hands, feet and legs, from mild to severe. The only thing that calms them down is the drug gabapanten, so far. Hypericum, magnesium phosphoricum and lots of nutrients (B12 and minerals in particular) have been tried, along with acupuncture, FSM, etc.
    Thank you for your kind attention,

  273. bhaskar sanyal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Good evening….I am 49 years old, body weight 86, height 5’10”.
    Actually I have a moderate pain in right wrist joint with thumb. Recently that pain is becoming little unbearable. I am having this pain with right delta for pretty long time may using computer mouse. I workout at gym regularly but recently feeling difficult to take weight.
    I am having lumber & Cervical Spondelosys for last 10 years almost.
    In my right pain may be an association broken of ring finger metacarpal.
    I have height BP and take ‘Cilakar T’ & ‘Attain 25’. And take ‘Stalopham plus’ for sleeping issues.
    It will a great help if you suggest a good medicin for my wrist probably it would be a kind of arthritis.

    Thanks & best regards,
    Bhaskar Sanyal
    93392 69440

  274. Dr. ramaraju sita rama anjaenyulu says:

    after operation right leg, the load took place on rights leg, due to some point bone is touching each other i.e. up and down knee job.
    foot swelling if I walk more than 100 yads .
    So suggest to me good medicine to me.

  275. Debasish Bhattacharyya says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Am having pain near shoulder.
    There is an acute unease in moving hand.
    Could you please suggest homoeopathic medicine.
    Warm regards,
    Debasish Bhattacharyya

  276. prabha gupta says:

    I do a lot of gardening and cooking. I am right handed and because of this overuse of thunb the cartilage has degenerated. Now there is swelling and pain all the time. It is not rheumatoid arthritis. It is only because of the overuse. Can you pleas suggest any medication for this as I am not able to do my daily activities with ease. I believe in homeopathy and hope that there should be a medication for to treat this. I am vegetarian and take healthy diet.

  277. Hello sir,
    I have worse condition hands , deformities with both hands, I already had allopathic treatment but I want treatment in homeopathic medicine, nux vomica 200c how is working in hands or all system in my body? I have missed periods too, and my baby was die in still birth, so one Dr said , I can use nux vomica , drops , kindly help me,
    Thanks regards .

  278. esther coughlan says:

    i elbow pain in both elbows in morning my hands are stiff and hot palms hot sensation I feel my hands and veins get fatter over night and wake up with cramps hands I have to shake them to loosen them out .

  279. Akash Darekar says:

    My mom is 40 years old and her finger bone normal crack. Sir l am this problem see the doctor and on hand plaster as per doctors instructions and now plaster remove after 1 month but this crack not fulfill.. So Plz give me natural home remedies

  280. My father is diabetic type 2 hes 83 years old recently his right hand his fingers has been hurting like a burning sensation it comes and goes after it starts itching what can it be.

  281. Tanveer amjid says:

    Finger swelling can not close hands I have dibates

  282. Anand Chandra says:

    About 3-4 yrs back when I use drive, in my right hand tingling (jhanjhanahat) used to start and by changing the position it used to stop. Then the doctor told me for a minor operation in the wrist, which cured the problem. Now the problem again started. When I work on computer mouse and and then I leave it and make it straight, tingling starts from shoulder to arm. Some times in some other position also the same type of tingling starts.
    I also want to get rid of cracking of knuckles.

  283. Vishal Jain says:

    Hi Dr my dad’s middle finger of both the hands pains when he tries to bend the finger. He is having this problem from 1.5 yrs. There is no swelling or pain in other fingers or in the hand. He has shown to many doctors but there is no improvement. Kindly advice us.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully

  284. My wife(57)has swollen left hand and finger since a year. Her nail had fungus and disfigured nail too.

  285. Hi Dr, I have this problem from last 2 month’s where in I have pain in my index middle and thumb of right hand while working I don’t feel that much pain but while sitting I feel numbness most of the time please advise

  286. Ms. Nita Patnaik says:

    I am age of 46 years. i have severe problem with my left wrist and thumb. i have already taken two steroid injections in the wrist but no effect. Drs ask me to go for surgery but I want to avoid. Please suggest if it can be cured by Homeopathy

  287. Momin Imran says:

    My hand and fingers not working and cramps hand.last 5yaers plese best treatment and re solutions. plese advice me.

  288. Momin Imran says:

    My hand and fingers not working and cramps hand.

  289. Cervical spondylitis nd numbness in feet nd hands

  290. IA Siddique says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 55 Yr old, Some time I get pain in viens specially in right upper arm vertically, it keep shifting from top to knee, it happens mostly when gas passing from bottom stop, lot of cold I feel in finger, wrist and leg fingers in winter, in summer I get frequent liver swelling/hardness and light pain, some time jaundice for which I take Kalamrgh Q, Please advice me.

  291. Having Numbness or highly sensitive in hand and two fingers and Thumb of Right hand for last 20 days. Also pain in muscle of Right hand for equally same time as in fingers. What Medicine you recommend.

  292. Dr. Aftab Alam Ansari says:

    Jb. Dr. Sb. Namaskar sir. I am49 years old i suffering from spondolysisarthritic since 2006, my both knee became sweell especelly lf.knee and does not fold, also when i weakup in the morning all my hand fingers, kneejoints,thy, fellies became stif, at that time i can not move fastly without some excersies please help me your valuable segesion and recumend medecin am alredy try like bryo.30. R.t 30-200-1M,colchic.200, lachsis 200, Ganaphylium Q, colocyenth 6-200 Meg.phose 6x. Cal.flor.6x ect

  293. Hi my name is Isabel, my husband cut 6 of his finger off at work..and nothing works he’s in constant pain. Do you know or have any Information to help my husband with his pain? He struggles to keep them warm, always feels like an electric shock..pins and needles poking his fingers ect. Thank you

  294. shobha iyer says:

    I had fractured my arm last month but in the process a nerve of my fnger got damaged. Ihad to under go a surgery for my fracture. Its alright now but fingers nerves are giving me problem specially thumb kindly help



  295. Alex Simons says:

    Dear sir,
    I was using cold water,to wash my face,cold climate is not much in Mumbai,all of a sudden my left hand thumb became cracking noice and whole finger is paining,I took Borax 200just for 3 times a day,but no relief,I took Antim crude 1 m ,1 time a day,now I start that medicine,Dr thanks for that,now I,m 82 years old,

  296. Suddenly I have a painful left wrist after shutting the middle finger in a refrigerator door…nail was pressed briefly.. Wrist has a bulge on left joint and is painful upon flexing. Swelling and pain less this morning after sesame oil rubbed on the area.

  297. Dr.Jos J.Thalaith says:

    I suffered from psoriasis and I have arthritic pain of the fingers with swelling it is more severe in right hand .Your valuable advice is solicited. Most of the homoeopathic causes aggravation of my Psoriasis problem.

  298. hi dr
    my son he is 9 y old and his small hand finger is not band

  299. sir, i am 40 year old lest 6 month i suffering form stomach/instentine pain i go to gasto doctor all check are ok ie. ct scan/left side sweeling/encdosocpy lower/ is o.k but still i have no relief in my instentine now a days i got an another problem that my one left side hand in moring is pain after a few minute of excersie it get o.k /one my major problem is during sleep i got jatka in my left side hand .
    sir i am poor fellow kindy help
    with regards
    s k sharma

  300. narrenndar says:

    Good morning sir
    Iam suffering from one side hand and leg pain little finger and little finger leg tingling nerve pain.while exercising a pulling sensation in stomach last 5years ago.used many medicines but still suffering kindly advice me for some medicine sir

  301. shobha iyerll says:

    My hand was operated 14 days ago for fracture my hand is ok but I am not able to keep my fingers straight kindly help

    • Utpal dutta says:

      Sir, index finger & upper arm of my wife is becoming senseless. After getting hot shake it is working means she felling sense on that parts. Want to know the possible reasons and treatment. Thank you.

  302. Ime Nkantion says:

    please Dr,I need some natural remedies to help treat my dad of pain in his hand which has made it difficult for him to fold ,move or even dress up using that hand.

  303. SITA RAM RAUT says:

    I am 42 years old my hands and feet gives inflammation from 12 years old. kindly suggest and write homeopathic medicine angst this desises. thanks you

  304. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My father is a heart patient. He underwent the bypass surgery 5 months ago. He had three blocks in his chest. His limbs was getting numb since before he underwent the surgery. Few days before the surgery he took an xray due to this numbness and the x ray revealed that his veins which comes from the neck get tightned to the bone in his neck. This numbness sometimes exist in his arm and chest parts. Sometimes a pain too follows this across his arm, neck and certain places in his chest. This situation too results in breath shortage and some inconvenient when breathing.
    PLease specify a remedy on this

  305. Vimal Kumar semwal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 32 year old male. Earlier I was suffering form pain and swelling in my right knee for around 6 months after lot of diagnostic tests performed the problem detected was tubercular knee for which I ma receiving anti TV medicines for last 6 months. Few day back I felt pain in finger joints of hands and legs Dr. suggested to test uric acid levels in blood which was around 12 mgDl at the higher side Dr. gave medicines to reduce it and it was normal. My problem is pain remains in my finger joints and knee joints when I fold them completely for sitting I am able to sit for longer duration like 10 min maximum. Knee pain is not in walking or even jogging but it comes in sitting and light finger joint pain remains. I discussed it with a homeopathic Dr. and got treatment as Rus Toxicodendron 1M and Acid Benz 200 two doses daily for 7 days but the pain still remains.
    it will be a great help if you could suggest some treatment for my problems.

  306. sir my mother aged 50yrs suffering from right n left hand fingers tingling n numbness affects for d last 6 months.
    went to nuero splst n undergone all scans n tests but all d reports were normal. undergoing mrdication for each 15 days for rs 1000.00 each 15 days.
    frankly saying these medicns r not that much affecting. i believe in homeopathic. we belongs to warangal dist telangana. gv me a good suggetion

  307. AMIT PRANAV says:

    I have pain in right hand ring finger due to minor injury. similar;y i have pain in both legs finger. This type of pain i am feeling for last 1-2 years. In jan-14 i consulted Orthopedic, and in tests there was deficiency of calcium. I have taken Ruta-200, symphytum-200 and arnica-200. Pl advise me for the above problem.
    With thnx,
    Amit Pranav

  308. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you SO MUCH for this service!
    I’m 47 yr. old female and I use my arms and hands constantly!
    I have developed a condition especially in my right arm; elbow and down to my pinky finger but also wrist and thumb and even up arm to shoulder and neck. Hand a little stiff on left also, but I’m right handed, so I suspect that’s why it’s worse on that side : )
    It’s very stiff – and much weaker! I have really strong hands typically – in the morning and improves once I get moving it. I’ve tried arnica and magnesium with no luck.
    I’m considering rhus tox but really not sure.
    can you suggest what i need on the basis of this information?
    You are so kind.
    Thank you

  309. jamaluddin khan says:

    pain in hands and fingers caused by writer’s cramp. Cramps and pains in hands in fingers due to excessive use in writing

  310. Santosh Agrawal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have a problem in my Right Thumb. The tendons on the inside are swollen and I feel tightness on the outside of thumb also. My thumb is straight and I can not bend the upper part in. Its very painful when I try to bend it on its own but I can bend it using my other hand. Whenever I try to grip something using my thumb like when writing its very painful. When I use the mouse on the computer my whole hand starts aching.

    I hope you can guide me what to do.

  311. kirandeep kaur says:

    Sir,i have pain in right side of my body.before 4years my heel was hit forcibly on a table during judo time that heal pain travels from heal to whole right from 2years I have pain in my right arm ,neck and right side of head.from three months my left pain also starts said its plantar fasciatis. I took lot of medicines,undergo many.physiotherapy cycles,but all in vain.In my MRI reports there are disc buldges in my C5,C6,C7 vertebraes.pls help me

  312. rekhà dhandge says:

    dear sir am 42 y lady last one month sufferings heavy pain at left hand shoulder, elbows and thumb. pain raise in night , sugar level 120 fasting .pl help me with your golden suggestion. regards rekha

  313. Sreenivasulu says:

    Sir,I am suffering from writers cramp from almost 5 years.i am a faculty by profession.I also get shoulder pain while writing on the black board.Pls figure out my problem.Is this related to brain or shoulder movement.This is so annoying,please help me out of this problem.

  314. R R Aggarwal says:

    Dear Sir,

    One day hammer fall on my toe joint of my left leg.Due to that I am feeling uncomfortable in waling & feeling pain.
    please advise.

    R R Aggarwal

  315. Dr Irshad Ali Pakistan says:

    Thanks Dr Sb
    For more than one month the hands of my wife has sever pain staring fourth index finger to upward right side with numbness and pressure to outward she feels that my hand may be burst and became sit especially late night ,i had a used number of remedies

    please intimate me medicines and thanks

  316. Thomas Wuthrich says:

    I’ve developed trigger thumb over the past few weeks. It’s not painful as much as it is annoying. If in the course of daily activities (such as typing on the computer keyboard), when my slightly bent thumb reaches a certin point, it wants to snap straight. Can you suggest a proper homeopathic remedy? Thank you.

  317. A eight year child have small white postules below the right eye, (2-4 in number) how it can be cured

  318. I hv pain in my right hand bone starting from thumb. Dr said it is de quervain tendon. I hv to hold my 5 yr son who cannot sit. This pain is not coming in control. Please suggest whether this can be cured without leaving daily activities.

  319. Hello Dr Sharma
    I have mild finger pain in my all four fingers of both hands. I have done my blood test and it shows RF factor less than 10; AnA 1:160; ESR normal and tsh 4.07 with t3 and t4 normal. But my fingers hurt constantly while doing any work.

    Kindly suggest which medicine I should take.


  320. pallab chakraborty says:

    It is bring to your kind notice that in January 2014, suddenly I felt pain and numbness in my wrist and thumb of my right hand and the pain increasing day after day. I went to Safdarjung Hospital first and then so many other treatments like acua puncture, Baba Ramdeb, Keralite treatment etc. But did not get cured. Finally I went to Max Hospital and they suggested for a surgery. Even after Surgery the pain wasn’t cured and one year later in mid 2015 I start feeling pain and numbness in my left hand fingers as well…I went to Ganga ram Hospital and did some carpel tunnel tests, report was okay and there are no symptom found again I went to AIIMS Hospital and did the same carpel tunnel test. Here also reports are okay. They didnot found any problem in my left hand. But I am feeling the pain get worsened day after day and recently I am feeling pain in my leg fingers specially Thumb and Index finger of both the legs.
    Please suggest me medicines to cure from that as I am married and father of a son and I am the bread earner of my family. Regards

  321. rajendra gupta says:


  322. Amanda Bowen says:

    Hi i am writing to you because i am havking problems with my right hand wrist and fingers well at night while sleeping my arm wrist and hand hurts severely well i have pain and numbness in my hand and wrist and stiffness in fingers my fingers will be crunched and stuck that way takes foreverv for to go away it was one finger and now its 3 fingers and hurts so bad and pain starts to go up my arm i wake up crying it hurts that bad im wondering what this would be cause i have pain in my legs as well but thats been going on but right hand just started 5 days ago and is getting worse i am 30 years old and i need your feedback on what this might be. Thank You

  323. Aalekh Awasthy says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am 22 year old male and am writing to you because I have been suffering severe pain since one week shile I try to move my wrist backwards(opening my palm and pressing it slightly on the ground). The pain is not subsiding even after the use of pain relief sprays and I am unable to consult a physician at present. Please suggest a remedy.

    A few months ago I had fell down on the floor pressing my hands against the ground and had pain for a few minutes but it went away with time. Recently the hand has started to pain when I tend to move my wrist back even slowly with use of my other hand.

    Please help

    Aalekh Awasthy

  324. mom is suffering from galblader stone .she has been taking medicine like beberis bulgaris.thuja .lycopodiym she is taking only berberis bulgaris Q since then her right arms index finger getting swelled .is it the side effect or the offect of medicine

  325. hrishikesh mishra says:

    sir my wife was having a ganglion on the back of her right wrist. an allopathic doctor gave some medicine to dissolve it but after two months now she is having pain in her hand and she is having difficulty while work with that hand.

    sir plz prescribe some medicine so that it can be cured.

    thank you

  326. shailendra parmar says:

    sir can you treatment my mother for arthritis in hands which is painful and swellings in hands.
    sir if you have any treatment plz give me a appointment.

  327. Dr, I am ritu from punjab.. i am suffering from burning sensation in my left hand two finger’s , can u please help me what to do, is im in ome big trouble?? Please advice me.. Thanks

  328. anil jeet jhala says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    at the out set I must admit that I do not excessively use my hands ,still on and off I experience spasm or cramps where two thre fingers of either hand experience cramps,and while sleeping in middle of the night in the PINDLIS or calves.

    last few days all of a sudden one fine morning my right hand thumb had a pain, lost all the power or strength only in the thumb when I try to pinch or similar action.
    the smooth action of bending the thumb on both sides some time is painful , what could be cause could be a solutions, i tried some excercises suggested by yoga teacher to little effect
    ajs jhala


  329. For several months my mom(62 yr old) have been getting this weird sensation that my skin is crawling. This happens just behind my right shoulder blade in exactly the same place every time. It generally happens for no reason that she can fathom. It is a sort of itching sensation and then a sensation that there is something crawling under her skin. When She rub it with my fingers it disappears for a while but inevitably it returns within a few minutes. There is no pain involved.
    Would be interested to find out if there is a medical explanation for this!
    Thank you.

  330. Grace Perkins says:

    I am a 57 year old woman with pain in my right hand which causes me pain when I try to open a door or twist a top of a jar. I have developed a cysts on the front of my wrist two inches below the bottom of my thumb. It does not hurt at night at all, but apon rising and I start to use that hand it becomes uncomfortable. I used to tend bar when I was in my twenties and thirties , possibly that is where the over use of my hand came from. Please suggest a Homeo solution as I will need to take care of this ASAP when I start my new job, tending bar again!

  331. Parveen Dahiya says:

    I am 28 years old male. I have nerve injured right hand shoulder in bike accident. one year ago. my hand work not properly shoulder to elbow. weakness in shoulder .upper side of hand no sensation .my fingers are all do work. sir tell me . neurologist say do psychotherapy. my nerves are compressed .any kind of treatment
    Homeopathic .

  332. Pratibha Asthana says:

    The middle finger of my right hand is injured. It was on 14th of August 2015. I was cleaning bathroom…n I stuck my knuckle on a sharp corner of a tile. There was lot of bleeding and pain. Lot of swelling on the whole hand a day after.I took Arnica 200..still taking..there is lot of improvement but finger is slightly bent and slightly swollen at the knuckle…I can bend it but it feels stiff..I m a female …42 years. .what else do I need to take??

  333. My age is 36 I am feeling pains in hand finger joints and elbow joint I am not understanding whether it is rhemotoid arthritis or weak bones.pls suggest me best remedy.


  335. Possible reflex sympathetic dystrophy…very stiff three fingers and thumb, all swollen, cannot straighten third finger, loss of appx 50%+ feeling. Wrist fracture 6/16/15. Wrist also stiff. What potencies of homeopathics?

  336. Rafi Rizvi says:

    I am about 83 yrs. old. No diabetis and no hyper tension. Generally fairly good health. Work on computer at least for 5 hrs every day being a writer. Lately my right hand fingers while waking up become stiff on joints which slowly become normal as day progresses. Index finger of the left also sometimes gets affected.
    I have been using Homeopathic medicines for many years as a my own hobby. Often my back pain gets relief on using Kali Bi Chrome 200. I am not any Allopathic medicines.

    Pleas advise.
    Rafi Rizvi

  337. Suraj yadav says:

    Sir my middile finger is broken by lathi danda so finge swelling n pain sevral bad feeling . Pls advice good medicine whose my finger is re. joint. thanks

  338. Suraj yadav says:

    Sir my midile finger is broken by danda so swell pain fell mostly ,pls advice me good medicine

  339. Kamran kaleem says:

    I have tingling in right thumb and shoulder pain arises on sports and if I do more activity from right hand. Also I feel muscles twitches and compression in upper hand near deltoid muscle.

    In left hand ring finger when I woke up most of the time I had to force finger to get it straight from bent position otherwise it does not straighten up itself.

    I am working 8 hours on computers and I have started using left hand mouse rather than my right hand to reduce pain on right hand side.

  340. Rosario M DCosta says:

    Iam 61 years of age & since last 4 years y get tremors & trembling in my left side of my hands, fingers, pain in my left finger knuckles, forearm & shoulder. I have been diagnosed of having Parkinson decease. Please advise a good homeopathic medicine.


  341. Basabi dutta says:

    Sir two weak back I hit my hand on wall any my middle finger got crack and my wrist is badly effected ( as per the xray report) I did plaster in my hand BT could nt continue it due to tremendous itching problem BT removed it after 3 days … What should i do because it is painig very badly

  342. Jagtar singh says:

    Sir, I have gone through the above text and found it very useful . the comparison of symptoms of medicines. is very niece to enable a person to differentiate Or select the most appropriate medicine for a invidual suffering from rehumatoid arthritis of hands wrist and fingers. I feel many people will get benefits from this information, regards.

  343. Simran sharma says:

    Now i m feel vry fine after reading this ,thnkful to u dr.sharma

  344. Mousumi Sanyal says:

    My right hand from elbow got twisted backwards and the radial head of the bone got cracked . But more severe was ligament tear . Doctor said , there were huge amount of ligament tear was there. It happened on June 5th . Plaster got removed on 22nd June and again another xray was done on 29th where it was clear that the crack was healed . I’m under physiotherapy now . But physiotherapist said , your tendons from biceps on the elbow joint got stiff and also just the opposite side of the elbow too . My hand is not straightening fully nor folding fully . And I’m having pain in performing exercises too .

    Is there any medicine available which can relax my ligaments or tendons , so that it get easy for me to straighten and folding my hand ?

    I’ll be obliged , if I can get an advice from you .

    Thanks and regards
    Mousumi Sanyal

  345. p jandou says:

    my daughter who is 27 years old has generalized seizure since 2005, and she use medicine to controlling it , now she feels numbness ,needles , and shake her hand , and fingers, is there any natural treatment for her condition.

    thanks in advance.

  346. Dilip Barai says:

    Sir..I want to know how to select the right potency in above choice of remedy? Or if you can detailed about the potency selection for above remedy.

  347. Hey Dr, i have been suffering from joints problem since 2009, stiff and painfull joints from frm head to toe,and they jst suspect arthritis, am going through alot of pain Dr. Please help me overcome this i dont know what is killing me slowly because i hav visited many hospitals here in Kenya but nothing comes out positiv..

  348. Nirjhar Roy says:

    Age 64 years. No sugar problem. Moderate BP 90/130 with metaprorol. Professon teaching. seats with laptop around 6 hours daily. weight 76 kgs. Height 5 ft 6 inches.

    Tingling in left hand fingures. pain sometimes in upper arm radiating to lower arm. sometimes in the elbow joints. Some weaks back felt cramp in the leg muscles: now this symptom does not occur.

    How to reduce the symptom.

  349. Kalyani Weerasinghe says:

    I have severe pain in my wrist and a slight swelling. Western medicine helped the swelling to subside much but not the horrible pain.They want to give an injection failing a small surgery for both my answer is NO. I am frightened. Right now I’m taking native medicine which is applying a special oil. It relieves the pain temporarily. I need this to be cured fully. I use my fingers on the computer ,tab etc and for writing.Please help

  350. J Fernandes says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My father is 88 years old and suffers from diabetes which is controlled through oral medication. For the last 10 days he has been being experiencing some pain in his right palm and fingers and feels a tingling sensation like pin pricks when he touches his fingers. Please let me know the homeopathic remedy for this ailment.

    Thanks you

  351. MARTIN KETTLE says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have fallen on my thumb and damaged the ligaments. I have taken ibruprofen 3x per day and applied ice twice a day over the past week as suggested by my GP. It is no better after 3 weeks. Any recommendations please?
    Many thanks,

  352. sanjeev goswami says:

    I have a mild pain in my finger joints, which is limited to the last/tip joints of the both the hands. The pain is felt only when i press my fingers or clinch my hands. its been happening for the last four to five months. its just felt when I press or feel the finger joints. I never sufferred this type of disease before because I’ve been exercising a lot but due to some over busyness i did’t exercise for the last six months. I am sufferring from Hypothyroidism (5.49 ulU/ml) and my recent clinical results show only increase in SGPT(72.3 u/l) and uric acid (7.4 mg/dL) Kindly recommend homeopathic medicine.

  353. Sanjay Kumar Mishra says:


    I had broken my bone of right palm almost 3 and half months back. It was treated by normal plaster but after one month of injury when I visited a doctor he told me to remove the plaster and suggested me to start exercise giving contrast bath but after one more month the fingers are still stiff and the recent x-ray report shows that the fracture is still there and in addition to that osteoporosis in the bones is also evident. The plaster was done in unaligned manner and it is still in the same position. Please suggest me a homeopathy remedy for my this problem.

  354. Sanjay Kumar Dey says:

    the famous books in Bengali about details of homeo medicine(Materia Medica) are ‘oussadh porichoy’ by Dr. Narendra Nath Bandyopadhay, ‘Modern Comparative Materia Medica’ (written in Bengali) by Dr. J. M. Mitra, Bengali Translations of Materia Medica originally written by Dr. William Boricke, etc. You can refer to these book for necessary reference.

  355. amresh jha says:

    I has a pain in my thumb from last 2 month please give me any homeopathy treatment to realese from this badly paim.

  356. Had stroke 2007. Tingling numbness in both hands while driving, sleeping but no pain

  357. Denise Almeida says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I’m a brazilian woman, sorry about my english mistakes.
    I need your help. My homeopathy doctor are trying to help me
    but the medicine is not working. I’m a very anxiety person.
    When I’m sleeping I press my hands intensively, so that
    my left hand is injuried. My tendon is not well and I can’t
    close my hands because of my finger(the third one) hearts.
    I also push one teeth because of anxiety.
    My left side is not good but the right side is ok.
    What kind of medicine should I take?
    Thank you so much.

  358. RAM KR. THAKUR says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m suffering pain in left ven is stressing near about thumb.Pls. suggest me Medicine Urgently

  359. SUDIP MANDAL says:

    I have been suffering typhoid for last one month. After widal test today the result is negative, but extreme hand pain is going on after remove of typhoid, I don’t have any fever.

    Please suggest the medicine for releasing the extreme hand pain, the pain is started from arm to finger.

    Sudip Mandal

  360. says:

    i am fellingdequervein

  361. i am feeling pain in my thum base and wrest

  362. Geetha Das says:

    I am 46 years old. From the last 6 month my ring finger started bending inwards. I consulted a homeopathic doctor, n m on medicines…but no relief no even other finger have started bending. i find it difficult to do many works. Kindly help. I don’t know the name of the medicine the doctor is giving me.


  363. Narendranath Pati says:

    I find my right hand ring finger stiff in morning. The finger stiffness reduces as the day progresses.

  364. rajeev kumar says:

    In few days i have pain in my left shoulder ,hand and fore fingers,my x-ray report show minimal sclerosis along superoleteral aspect of humeral head,due to periarthritis ,please suggest homeopathy medicine

  365. shivraj singh says:

    I am mr shivraj singh 30y old my c/o finger pain since 2year.

  366. P. Giridhar says:

    Dear Dr.

    My DAD is 76 years old and Non diabetic, though he had BP for the past 4 decades but very well under control. For the past one month he is getting pain in left hand shoulder and a little deep inside of shoulder back. One of his friend suggested Bellis Perrrinnis. Is this right medicine or not> kindly suggest the right medicine, potency and dosage.
    one year back he underwent prostrate removal surgery and symptoms of malignancy was noticed hence testis were removed 4 months ago and he is on medication of Calutide daily.

    Looking forward for your suggestion

  367. Dear Dr,
    slight numbeness was noticed in my right hand a few years back. but since six months there is severe or may be too severe numbeness, tingling,with cramps extending upto my neck. night i wake up due to this.
    my age is 44 yrs. kindly give me the remedy.

    my brother aged 42 suffers from kidney stone 4mm and gall bladder fat, kindly give remedies.

    thank you Dr.


  368. Annie Lakra says:

    Doctor for the past 3-4 weeks I have been suffering from pain in my upper right arm which gradually travels down to the wrist after which there is tingling and numbness in my fingers and I’m not able to even hold a pen.I am 35 years of age.Kindly advise treatment for recovery.

  369. dr rashmi agarwal says:

    I have been diagnosed with peroneal tendonitis of right leg 4 months ago.past 3 months I have been taking physiotherapy and rest for this. I also started bryonia Cm, arnica mont Cm and cuprum .my pain swelling symptoms are nil but due to the internal injury which was picked up on MRI im still having leg stiffness after standing or little walking..i am alright so long as I rest but my leg feels weak and I cannot stand more than 5-10 mins putting my full weight on the right leg.stiffness and tightness and weakness is mainly in ankle upwards to calf, knee, and thigh…then I have to rest and take hot fomenting for relv ….i am still on physio trtmt ..but I would like your recomendation for homeopathy remedy for above chronic symptoms of peroneal tendenosis ….

  370. Rola Rajeh says:

    I am a 51 year old house wife ,I started menopause period I had a fall and took balance by my right hand .but since winter and cold came I started having severe pain in my hand and especially the right thumb with heat and swollen with crack sound in middle knot .I can not write or even open a cap of a bottle with it.I went Dr. He recommended a tendon liberation operation .what do u recommend ? Since then I am also suffering from pain rest fingers.

  371. Rola Rajeh says:


  372. hi dr sharma, im using ruta 30c to disolve aganglion cyst on my finger, how long wil it take many thanks bernie.

  373. Sir
    I am suffering from pain in my toes(small 4 fingers of each foot )too much that I cannot sleep at night and feel uncomfortable d whole day…
    sometimes I clip them wd clipe used for hanging clothes for drying…
    kindly help..

  374. S.B.Aggarwal says:

    I am 60 years old and suffering from early OA(KneePain) since last 15 years and also having pain in hands and fingers for the last two-three years. Pl advise me suitable medicine

  375. girma gezahegn says:

    Excellency Dr. Sharma. Thank you for your help. My middle and pointing figures are in problem. I took medicine but unable to get improvement due the case that I start taking ever life medicine of HIV I always sense a burning symptom and disturbed and some times i cry because of the pain of my figures. Theaters told me your problem is nerve so that to cure it takes a long time they said. Dr Sharma how can i treat my self to improve my working hand to continue on my job and what food better and medicine to improve my health. thankyou very much.

  376. Is there any homeopathy medicine for freckles on face pl suggest me
    Thank you

  377. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have stiffness in my fingers due to ostearthritis. Is there any homeopathic remedy for that.


  378. I broke my finger in a fall almost 2 months ago. It was a clean fracture and was set with a custom splint. Three weeks ago the splint was removed and now I have considerable swelling in my mended finger, swollen joints, immobile joints and joint pain, as well as the fingers that were “buddy taped” to the fractured finger. The tendons are tight and the joints are really swollen. I was prescribed an NSAID 800mg which I did not take. I have been compression wrapping the fingers in the evening which helps. My concern is the that as long as there is swelling, there will be more chances for irreparable damage.

    Is there anything I can take to promote elasticity and decrease swelling.

    I am also doing PT for my hand.

  379. Manoranjan Das says:

    respected sir,

    lots of thanks for your remedies as we are getting benefit from it , hope to get more benifit

  380. yolanda reyes magno says:

    my palm and fingers both right and left is really pain,and swollen..what is the best medicine?pls let me know..

  381. Samir Karmakar says:

    Sir, Our finger pain in right hand and pain commeing form at night . massage our no relief But hand sit down and hanging something relief. Nerve Doctor I meet he told Nerve Problem and he prescribe allopathy medicine one month , and one month relief and next cumming pain start. So I request Sir Kindly Prescribe Homeopathy medicine.

  382. nitin sharma says:

    dear sir, thera are numbness in my hands and finger only in night when I sleep.and low vibration and shivering in my finger.i have thease problems from 2 months.please tell me best medicine.

  383. riaz ansari says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am 57 yrs old man from Toronto, since last 2 weeks i am feeling pain in my left hand’s 2 fingers.(pinkie and ring finger), it’s moderate pain. I am diabetic patient and also taking blood pressure and cholesterol medicine too. so please suggest me some homeopathy medicine.
    I will appreciate your help
    thanking you

    riaz ansari

  384. anwar basha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, Greetings to you

    Since a month I am feeling pain in my right hand middle of the pointing finger. sometimes in the thump.

    I am 6 years male. I do weekly twice walking.

    Kindly advice me

    With kind Regards
    Anwar Basha

  385. sareer imam says:

    dear sir my mother is a patient of blood sugar now his sugar is normal but in his hand pain started and in leg. please me. i am also a patient of blood clot in my hip joint.i have done operation. In hip bone doctor done drill holes. And now i feel pain in my leg

  386. Dr. Radhika.R says:

    I am suffering from dequervains disease for 6 months.suggest remedy for that. I am 56 years old.
    other diseases prevailing-s asthma – using in hailers
    allergic to certain foods, certain antibiotics.cold ,dust etc.

  387. My treating doctor says that I have myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease(Last 1&1/2 years). I have been advised to take Myestin 60 mg (4 tablets/day), Wysolone 5 mg (2 tablet/day) and PAN 40 mg (one tab/day) and Cell Cept 500 mg (2 tablet/day). My fingers don’t erect completely. I had speaking problems, liquid used to come from nose, pain in legs and nowadays a lot of pain in the back. Most of it seems to have subsided with Myestin. My test report for acetylcholine receptor (AChR) antibodies is due. The problem increases with exertion.another problems is taken the medication now affected to Sugar(180). Please advice me…

  388. Rajani Ganesan says:

    Sir, One of my twin daughter aged 15 years complaints about numbness in her left leg & toes. Please sujest suitable homeo medicine

  389. my husband is 50 yrs he is having feeling of tingling in his last two fingers of left hand and also headache that time he is taking medicine of high blood pressure what is the reason and remedy any homeopathy medicine all his tests are fine only heamoglobin on lower marginside,please reply

  390. rahul suryavanshi says:

    frm the pst few yrs m nt able to write proprly acompained with stifnes in the palm forearm n shoulder.
    also the hnd becmes numb while driving.
    doing small tasks with my right hand becomes a painful exprince just after 2-3 mins of continuous work.
    need help!

  391. emelia o. dalonoy says:

    dear doctor sharma.
    my daughter mercury april d. montalba has this pain inhands and finger . due to excessive using of computers and text mesaging. she was just delivered a baby last sept 5,2014. right after she has a swelling legs. but was okey now. her problems is her wrist and fingers it cramps associated with pain. what homeophatic medicine can you prescribe and how i will purchase.

    thank you so much.

  392. emelia o. dalonoy says:

    dera doctor sharma.
    my daughter mercury april d. montalba has this pain inhands and finger . due to excessive using of computers and text mesaging. she was just delivered a baby last sept 5,2014. right after she has a swelling legs. but was okey now. her problems is her wrist and fingers it cramps associated with pain. what homeophatic medicine can you prescribe and how i will purchase.

    thank you so much.

  393. Wife is 45 years old facing with acute pain swelling in some fingers joints. Awaiting for your reply and advice so that she can enjoy her life with full joy.


    hi, i am 30 years old . i had one big cyst on my hand which is now surgically removed .but then after again i found cyst in my elbow which slowly increase the size but painless. and also two cysts in my both upper arms which are painful . sir, please suggest the medicine for my problem so that it won’t appear again

  395. asif mehmood says:

    Dear Doctor
    i have got trigger finger pain . earlier it was in both thumbs and i got operation. my age is 55 and i am insulin dependent. i am using ruta 200 (10 drops ) rustox (10 drops ) ledum (10 drops ) hypercium ( 10 drops ) daily. the pain has become less but stiffness and pain is there when i bent finger. i am using weekly plumbum 1M ( 20 drops )
    can you kindly suggestme somethin else to get rid of this pain please.I am using above medicines forthe last one week

  396. Deepak Malik says:

    I had a chronic problem of stomach acid then i have shown to homeopathy Doctor he has given be medicine but numbness and tingling started in my hands and finger whats the reason and what is it cure
    Deepak Malik

  397. vijayender sharma says:

    Sir i have pain in both forefingers; i feel pain when i press around the middle joint of both fingers…..when i wake up in morning i feel stiffness in both. There is no swelling. My age is 45yrs. and i am quite fit. Please suggest. Thanks..

  398. My left thumb is 2 months. I can’t move the thumb.Can you suggest a medicine?

  399. gurminder singh says:

    I have joint inflamation in knee ankle fingers and toes
    Uric acid is 8.3…….please help

    Regards gurminder singh
    Age 35

  400. gurminder singh says:

    I have joint inflamation in knee ankle fingers and toes
    Uric acid is 8.3…….please help

    Regards gurminder singh

  401. Dear Doctor Sharma,
    My mother age 63, she is suffering from the hand /Finger pain as her latest health issue, her mid finger was swollen in upper nuckle one side, and later had some infection like acne type in the same place and then applying fucicort for 2 weeks it disappeared and the wound had gone, I expected it as Herberden node and took her to Ortho and ortho forwarded her to Dermatologist and the finger was infected , however it was done then,but her finger keeps paining and gets swollen (feels softness when press), reading your article I feel it is due to OsteoArthritis, as she has this issue as well from last few years .
    – Due to Osteo problem and inflammation in her knees she is unable to bend her knees and keeps complaining severe knee pain at middle of night and unable to walk for long- For her knees , she got injections but injection had increased her pain and then finally Dr. said to replace the knee, dont know what to do?
    – Her back pain is also a major issue and Orthopedic Surgeon gave her aclasta infusion 5mg dose
    – She is a diabetic patient Type II, insulin resistant, sugar level fluctuate some time other wise remain under 200
    – She is High BP patient but taking medicine and her BP remains in control

    She is under medication for BP (Exforge VOlsartin/Amoldipine), for Blood Sugar (taking insulin Humalog two times, 14 and 10 units) for osteo – Osteocare calcium, for diabetic neuropathy pain and numbness in feet -Neogab-gabapentin, and tergral and Aspirin /Aspimed 75 mg , Omega 3 suppliments once a day

    With all above mentioned medicine, do you recommend your medicine to solve her health problems other than BP and Diabetes, because it is so painful to see her in pain at nights and day time as well as she cannot bend her knees sitting down and standing up is so difficult for her , and she refuse to go out with us as she cannot walk for long, she does not even go to market for grocery etc…

    We have homeopathic doctors here in UAE but they are not allowed to prepare medicines due to restriction of law, and some medicines are not available in UAE we get it from India or Pakistan.

    Could you please help us out on the above mentioned problem with guaranteed treatment.
    As we have tried many homeo medicine for her issues mentioned above but all in vain

  402. moorthy applanaidu says:

    Dear Dr, I have burning sensation pain at my elbow and wrist area with weakness in fingers. At times the pain is also at my fingers. I m also loosing muscle more near thumb area. Any treatment you con provide. Pl reply dr. Thank you

  403. I am 68 years old lady , with cramps more severe in my right middle finger. It closes & difficult to open my fingers due to cramps & tendinitis. I am on Warferin for PE, &!DVT from 2005. I am also on Hyperthyroidism,- thyroxin tab/ day . Crestor – cholesterol, Dogoxine 62.5 mg / day. Metropolol 100 mg / day . Rheumatoid Arthritis , having Salazopyrine , 500 mg tabs , 4 tabs/ day. Endep 25 mg / night , Colonezapam 0.5 mg for sleep.
    My fingers are paining the most. I thought of Conium maculatum, Do take Arnica drops. Will Caulophyllym help. Or Ruta or
    Phytolacca help.
    Please advise.

  404. Roxana Sherif says:

    I have carpanal syndrome for the last 7 years. Recently it has become worse. my wrist & palm

    aches & my fingers feels numb also. I am 45 years old and a forceps delivery patient.

  405. SMT KAROBI SINHA says:

    MR DR.





  406. atul arora says:

    i am a patient of depression , anxiety , and panic attack aprox one year and now i am facing agoraphobia due to fear of panic attack and their is also a problem of high bp aprox 145/95 and pain in tail bone while sitting for long time and in night pain in fingres some time . I am over weight 108 kg aprox. And in morning my anxiety get worse and unable to leave the bed for aprox 1 hour feal both my arms upper portion paralized and sensation in upper arms.

  407. sonu mandal says:

    dear Dr Sharma my mother is 34 years old his hand is swelling and always pain

  408. Aayesha khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been diagnosed tenosynovitis in both my wrists , ulnar nerve us effected.
    I am suffering from last 1 year …. Pls help
    I am having mobic, putting temporary pain relief plasters…


  409. Mrs. Madhu Gangal says:

    My wife, Mrs. Madhu Gangal, age 54 yrs, has been suffering from neuralgic pain of both the wrists accompanied by acute numbness for last 15 yrs. As per the description given in your website, it seems to be the case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Dr. Dinesh Sharma, a reputed neurophysician working at Jaipur Hospital, Jaipur has advised to get it operated as soon as possible. You are requested kindly to suggest the appropriate treatment of the same.
    With warm regards,

    Mob. No. 0=8233809053

  410. manisha shah says:

    dr,i have seviour constipation with gastric problem.and i have pain in my left wrist.when i twist my my left hand in side ,the pain is increases and and i can not carry weight also.please suggest me medicines for my problem.thank you.

  411. harpreet singh says:

    sir, in the morning my hands and feets are very stiff with little pain .and full day my wrist ,hands and feets are stiff but with pain. kindly guide me some homapathic medicine.

  412. br.pallabi saikia das says:

    dr.sharma…. m newly pass plz give me some idia hw to improve myself properly..i hope u reply me…

  413. I want to stop milk for my 2 years daugther.I tried LacCan30 and Cal Carb200 but no use.Can you suggest any other remedy.

    Thanks .

  414. R K SAXENA says:


    I am 77 years old. I have Parkinson symptoms with LVF 25/30 byepass was done in 1999. weight is 32 kg. When I lye down and put my hand beneath the head alot of fast very fast fluttering movemennts of nerves is fellt. Diabetic is under control. I take Arg Nit 30 and in addition started Zinc Met 30 for the former 1 month and latter a week,
    No allopathich medicine for Parkinson; sideeffects might create oe enhance heart problem.
    Kindly suggest some medicines.

    Kind regards

    • Roxana Sherif says:

      I have carpanal syndrome for the last 7 years. Recently it has become worse. my wrist & palm

      aches & my fingers feels numb also. I am 45 years old and a forceps delivery patient.

  415. RG KUSHWAH says:

    dear Dr Sharma ,
    happy new year 2014.

    • Good day, Could you advise on the severe pain & numbness in my thumb and next 2 fingers which travels up my arm mainly in the middle of the night which results in getting out of bed trying to arrest the pain with not much luck.If I rest on my elbow and fore arm in the day time I feel unrest.I would thank you for your view.
      J Wills

    • P K MANDAL says:

      My wife is suffering with both hands middle and ring finger joint and tingling pain for the last about 2 years .Allopatthic and Aurvededic treatment did only temporary relief .My wife is 59 years of age and also sugar patient under control with medicines. Cn you please give Homeo medicine for the problem.Also myself is 62 years of age and having left knee joint pain problem for the last 3 months .Kindly suggest some medicines,
      P K MANDAL
      MO. NO. 9350547708

  416. Zurar MOHD Dhar says:

    i am diabetic from last 10 years. not completely controlled. i am taking insulin as well as oral medicine. From last two months i am suffering from numbness and pain in my feet particularly at fingers .kindly help
    Thanks and Regards


      numbness and tightness in little fingers and toes

    • My treating doctor says that I have myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease(Last 1&1/2 years). I have been advised to take Myestin 60 mg (4 tablets/day), Wysolone 5 mg (2 tablet/day) and PAN 40 mg (one tab/day) and Cell Cept 500 mg (2 tablet/day). My fingers don’t erect completely. I had speaking problems, liquid used to come from nose, pain in legs and nowadays a lot of pain in the back. Most of it seems to have subsided with Myestin. My test report for acetylcholine receptor (AChR) antibodies is due. The problem increases with exertion.another problems is taken the medication now affected to Sugar(180). Please advice me…

      • Utpal Kanti Ray says:

        While squeezing the towel after bath, there is a sprain in my left hand ring finger and I am unable to fold the ring finger. can you please advise me the medicine for getting relieve from pain and can fold the finger.

        With regards
        Utpal Kanti Ray

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