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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Pain in Hands and Fingers

Homeopathic remedies for pain in fingers and hands are very effective in treating all conditions that lead to pain in these parts of the body. Homeopathic remedies are natural medicines and use bod’s own innate restorative powers to cure the disorders causing pain in fingers, hands, and thumb. Homeopathic remedies for pain are very safe and cause no side effects.

This pain in fingers and hands can be caused by these  conditions 

Homeopathic Remedies for Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis as an autoimmune inflammatory disease affecting joints leading to pain, swelling, stiffness in joints of hands. In long standing cases of rheumatoid arthritis the affected joints of hands and fingers are damaged leading to varying degrees of deformity.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that results from pressure on the median nerve of wrist. The resulting symptoms include pain in wrist, palm, thumb and fingers (index finger, middle finger and sometimes ring finger) and the pain is usually worse at night than day time. The pain from wrist can sometimes travel up to the arms and in some cases even up to shoulders. Other symptoms of Carpel tunnel syndrome include weakness, numbness and tingling in hands and fingers. The weakness  of hands lead to difficulty in gripping objects leading to dropping of things out of hand .

De Quervain’s Tendinitis/Tenosynovitis: De Quervain’s tendinitis is a condition that arises due to swelling in tendons of thumb side of wrist leading to pain in wrist. Repetitive activities and overuse of hands are responsible for the onset of this condition. The pain in wrist is worse on making fist, grasping/holding objects, turning wrist like in wringing the clothes. Sometimes the wrist pain can extend to thumb and forearm.

Writer’s cramp: Writer’s cramp refers to sudden, involuntary contraction of muscle of hands or fingers leading to severe pain in hands/fingers. Jerking and trembling of hands while writing may also be present. This condition arises due to over use of hands and fingers in writing or typing.

Ganglion cyst: Ganglion cyst is a small fluid filled cavity/lump that form near a joint or tendons mainly on the wrist on back of hand. This can cause  pain in hand if a nerve gets pressed under this cyst.

Injury to hand and fingers: Pain in hand and fingers can occur due to Injury to hand because of varied reasons like a fall on hand, due to a blow, due to hand getting blocked in between window of a car or a door of house etc leading to sprains, fractures etc.

Homeopathic Remedies For pain in Hands and Finger

1. For Pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Antimonium crudum is an excellent medicine for pain in fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms that guide towards using this medicine in pain of fingers in rheumatoid arthritis are that the pain in fingers is aggravated in cold weather and washing hands in cold water and better by hot applications on fingers. Another very prominent symptom that guides towards usage of this medicine is that the arthritic pains alternate with stomach complaints and the tongue of affected patient is thick white coated. The arthritic pains of fingers that are worse from taking wine can also be relieved by using this medicine.

Actea Spicata is a wonderful homeopathic medicine used in treatment of pain in wrist and fingers of a patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Tearing and tingling type of pains in fingers and wrist that are worse from touch and motion can be tackled by this medicine usage. This medicine also gives good results for excessive swelling and redness in wrist and fingers that come from slight exertion/fatigue. The next Natural medicine that comes into play for treating pains and stiffness of wrist and fingers in rheumatoid arthritis is Caulophyllum. This homeopathic remedy Caulophyllum can give good results where the pain in wrist and fingers constantly shifts from one part to another with much stiffness. Viola odorata is yet another homeopathic medicine to be utilized in patients in cases of pain in hand and wrist where the right hand is more predominantly involved.

2. For Pain in Fingers due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hypericum perforatum is an excellent remedy for pain in fingers and hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome where pains are of tingling and burning in character. The numbness and crawling in hands along with pain is another useful symptom for application of this medicine. Another great homeopathic medicine Causticum is equally effective medicine for tearing type of pains in hand and fingers with numbness. Causticum can be given in those cases where pain is worse in cold air and better from warm applications on hand. Next medicine Plumbum metallicum is used in homeopathic treatment of pain in hand and finger when along with numbness and tingling there is weakness in the hand , making it impossible for the hand to lift or grasp anything medicine Ruta graveolans is excellent for treating pain in hand and wrist due to carpal tunnel syndrome where the condition arises due to swelling of tendons in the wrist leading to pressure on median nerve . This causes symptoms of pain and numbness in hands and fingers .

3. For pain due to De Quervain’s Tendinitis

The medicines that are used in treatment of pain in hands and fingers due to De Quervain’s tendinitis are Ruta graveolans, Phytolacca decandra, Bryonia alba and Rhus toxicodendron. Ruta graveolans is a medicine for pain in hand, thumb and wrist due to De Quervain’s tendinitis and can be utilized with great results where the pain is worse by cold and condition has raised due to overstraining/overexertion of hands. The second medicine Phytolacca decandra is used in pain of wrist due to inflammed tendons where the character of pain is electric or shooting type and shifts rapidly from one point to another. Next two mentioned medicines Bryonia alba and Rhus toxicodendron are also used in the pains of thumb, wrist and hand due to tendinitis but the main differentiating feature that is to be taken into account while using them is that the for patients requiring Bryoinia alba complains of pain in wrist are worse by motion and  relief in pain is by rest ; while the patient requiring Rhus toxicodendron complain of pain that is worse during rest and is much better by movement of affected hand.

4. For Pain in due to Writer’s Cramp

Magnesium phosphoricum is a wonderful medicine for pain in hands and fingers caused by writer’s cramp.  Cramps and pains in hands in fingers due to excessive use in writing which are better by hot application and pressure can be treated very effectively by this medicine. For patient’s who complain of pain numbness and weakness along with involuntary shaking of affected hand can be given this medicine. Stanum metallicum is yet another well indicated medicine that is of immense use in the treatment of pain in hands and fingers due to writer’s cramp.  For this medicine to be used the main indications are pain and cramp in fingers with weakness of hands  , causing  the pen or  the held objects to fall down . Conium maculatum can be given to those patients who get cramps with numbness of fingers. Another marked feature where this medicine can be given is excessive perspiration and trembling of hands with pain in hands . Gelsemium sempervirens is an excellent choice when along with pains and cramps in hands there is excessive trembling and weakness .

5. For Pain due to Ganglion Cyst

Calcarea fluorica is an excellent  medicine for pain in hand and fingers which occur due to ganglion cyst, especially when the ganglion is formed on back of wrist. It is very effective when the ganglion is causing a nerve compression. It can ease out the pain . For dissolving ganglion homeopathic medicine Ruta is an excellent choice .

6. For Pain due to Injury

Arnica montana is an excellent medicine for pain in hands and fingers when the injury is the cause. If the pain in hands and fingers occurs due to injury by sharp pointed objects, two medicines Hypericum perforatum and Ledum Palustre can be used. Homeopathic medicines Ruta graveolens and Rhus toxicodendron  are equally marvellous medicines for homeopathic treatment of pain in hands and fingers when muscles and tendons are injured.

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  1. MANGALA Pissay says:

    I am 70 years female I am having pain in the base of my right thumb I am not able to do my house daily work done we take homely food for that I need to prepare chapatis and it’s difficult for me to roll the pin some times I am not able to lift things kindly help with medication


    Dear Sir,
    Patient is my wife. I want to get appointment of my wife for consultation regarding her issues.

  3. राजवीर सिंह says:

    दोनों हाथों की ऊगलियां अंदर की ओर मुड़ रही है सेकिंड जोड से ओर मुठ्ठी बांधने में तेज दर्द होता है, ठीक करने हेतु श्रेष्ठ दवा बताएं

  4. Dear Dr.Sharma ,
    I frequently feel pain for a short period in my forearm (elbow to forearm )
    Thank you for your complimentary advice .

  5. Mandeep Kuar says:

    Hello dr
    I am suffering from sciatica pain in left leg. And severe pain in fingers of hands
    Please Suggest some treatment.

  6. Pradip Adhikari says:

    I have been suffering from finger pain for 3 years due to motor bike accident. I have taken many types of medicines but no result. Would you help me ?

    Pradip Adhikari

  7. Caulophyllum which potency to be given

  8. Colette Albright says:

    Hi. I had a sudden swelling of my first pinky knuckle on my right hand. It looks like it’s about to explode! Also, my third knuckle, or the one on the top of my ring finger on same hand is starting to turn in towards my middle finger. I was hoping there was a homepathic treatment/cure that you can recommend?

    Thank you for your time,

    Colette Albright

  9. Adee Bee says:

    Hello dr Sharma,

    My name is Adee, i suffer by lyme arthritis, where my hands and all the rest of the joints are affected.
    My fingers are stiff , swollen and purple red plus my ankles are purple because of the bartonelle, borelia afzelii , ehrlichia and co infections as ebv,mycoplasma and cytomegalovirus.
    Can you please telk me what remedy can help to get rid of this illness please?
    Thank you!


  10. Shikha Mukhopadhyay says:

    I suffer from an unique condition – sometimes my two adjacent fingers in hand get overlapped and identical condition occurred in foot also. This condition is very painful. After sometimes I get relief. My both legs thump fingers are inclined inside-this condition was in my father legs too.

  11. Michelle Johnson says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. My husband is dealing with a bad flare of his rheumatoid arthritis, after the loss of his mom, uncle and friends and our cabin in the mountains collapsed. Too much loss! Original flare was after a bad sunburn many years ago. It’s been somewhat manageable for him, but it is very very bad now in his hands (can’t grip, swollen, shiny looking skin). His neck and upper back are also bad. Working with diet, avoiding starchy/sugary, many green leafy veggies, and protein. That’s about all he eats. Has lost 35 lbs in the last 6 months after trying for over a year. Mostly avoids inflammatory oils. Using CBD, LDN, Hydroxycholorquine, takes seaminerals plus extra potassium at night (just started the extra potassium). His gut has always been his weak link.
    Anything else you can offer would be appreciated.

  12. Yashoda agrawal says:

    मेरी wife ki hatheli में सामने तरफ और ऊंगली के जोड़ो और ऊंगली उसके साथ पूरे हाथ में भी बहुत दर्द है टीस उठती है दोनो हाथों में।

    • Yashoda agrawal says:

      मेरी wife ki hatheli में सामने तरफ और ऊंगली के जोड़ो और ऊंगली उसके साथ पूरे हाथ में भी बहुत दर्द है टीस उठती है दोनो हाथों में।

  13. Dear dr shama i Ann suffering from two propylem Firest thumb frection suffering pain when to hold or move other problem calsfication prostate please if you have axellent treatment and good result I will give you a prize regard y ku

  14. After surgery of gallstones injection has been given on right hand for fluid inserting. After that pain n swelling is too much on fingers as well as wrist .radishes. uric acid little bit high but Dr.said it’s OK. What kind of homeopathy medicine could be used. Pl.let me know.

  15. Naval Kishor says:

    Hanth Ke Kelsi and ungliyon me died hora ha I this this and carne jaisa durd

  16. CA. Sanjay Agarwal says:

    I have a stiff ring finger on right hand for last 2 months.
    Stiffness is on the second joint or first joint from palm side.
    It developed practically overnight.
    I can ben the finger about 60 percent after that there is pain and stiffness.
    I am taking Himalaya Rumalaya firte and have tried berberis and rustox1000.
    I also do ice compress and ball squeezing exercise.
    The swelling and pain has reduced about 30 percent.
    All other fingers are perfectly normal.
    I used to carry lot of weight on the right hand and especially the ring finger.
    I think it is a case of Tendon injury.
    I am otherwise in perfect health.
    Kindly advice me what homeopathy medicines can I take to improve my condition

  17. Jasbir Singh says:

    My wife’s hand fingers upto wrist & shoulder joints have pain during night sleep. During daytime the pain is very less only stiffness in joints.All her test reports are ok .She is having allopathic treatment and vitamins suppliments as advised by doctor but no improvement. Pl advise/ guide. Her age is 62 years and otherwise she is fit and good health

  18. Now i am injured right hand thumb finger treger,pls sugest medicine

  19. Archana Choubey says:

    Sir ji mujhe 10,12 saal se Romearthoritis ki problems hai.. Pairo me thi but abhi 3 mahino se hatho me aa gai.. Garden, kandho aur hatho me bahut hi jyada pain hai, hath upar nhi uthte hai.. Daily work nhi kr pa rahi hu.. Kya aap help karege aur medisin bataiye jisse mujhe hatho me dard aur bimari thik ho jaye..
    Plesae help Sir ji 🙏🏻

  20. Tom Waldemer says:

    Hi Doctor, I’ve had osteoarthritis in both wrists. 2 small surgery 5 months ago removed 2 small bones in left wrist and two large bones were fused. Resulted in weak burning and painful pointer & middle fingers and thumb. I cannot grasp with these fingers. So this month I had carpal tunnel surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve going to these fingers as well.
    WHAT ARE THE BEST REMEDY(ies) for me?
    And how do I purchase? I am a builder and need to work.
    Thank you! Tom

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