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5 Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy refers to facial paralysis (loss of muscle function) affecting one side of the face and the onset is sudden. The cause in most such cases is not found. The cause is presumed to be inflammation of the facial nerve or reactivation of a previously acquired viral infection. The viral infection behind the cause is herpes simplex viral infection. The triggers which reactivate the latent viral infection include environmental changes like cold air exposure, trauma, and emotional factors. Homeopathic remedies for Bell’s Palsy are made of natural substances and with no side effects, provide a very effective treatment against the disease.

Homeopathic Treatment For Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy can be effectively treated with natural homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic treatment for Bell’s Palsy can help in complete recovery without any side effects. The results, however, vary from person to person depending on how chronic the problem is, and the degree of facial damage.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies For Bell’s Palsy

The top recommended homeopathic medicines to treat Bell’s palsy are Causticum, Belladonna, Aconite, and Hypericum.

1. Causticum

Causticum is the top recommended medicine to treat cases of Bell’s Palsy. This medicine is usually the first choice to treat cases of Bell’s Palsy. Though it can be used for paralysis of any side, it is more prominently indicated for facial paralysis of the right side. Those who need it have loose muscle function of the face on the side from forehead to chin. Pain in the jaws may also be present. The pain can be tense or drawing in nature. It is accompanied by difficulty in opening one’s mouth.


This is another natural medicine of great help in Bell’s palsy cases. Its use is suggested when the muscle of the face fails to function on one side. There may be numbness on the face. Additionally, twitching of facial muscles can be present. In most cases, the face goes red, flushes, and may as well witness a burning sensation. Besides, increased sensitivity to noises may be present.

3. Aconite

Aconite is used when there is a complaint of numbness or tingling sensation on the face on the affected side. The face also feels cold on the affected side. Apart from this, drawing pain in jaws can be felt. It is used in acute conditions in the very beginning when facial paralysis follows from sudden cold air exposure.

4. Hypericum

To deal with facial paralysis because of an injury to a nerve, the best homeopathic medicine is Hypericum. It can be of great help in the complete recovery of the patient with facial paralysis following injury. Tingling, numbness, or burning sensation on the affected side of the face may be experienced in addition to other symptoms of bell’s palsy. Hypericum is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for nerve injuries, and it always proves its worth by bringing positive results.

5. Ignatia

Ignatia is a very frequently used natural Homeopathic medicine for a variety of conditions arising out of grief. It is a very beneficial medicine in cases of Bell’s Palsy particularly triggered by grief too. Those who need this medicine carry symptoms of Bell’s Palsy and may also complain of frequent tooth bites while talking or swallowing. He or she may also have a mouth filled with excessive saliva. Other symptoms of grief like weeping, brooding and sadness are also present.

6. Agaricus

Agaricus is helpful when there is a dropping in the mouth corner due to facial paralysis. It is accompanied by drooling of the saliva. Twitching of the facial muscles may also be present. Tearing pain in the jaw may assist these symptoms.

7. Cadmium Sulph

It is administered when the patient has a distorted face. The swallowing of food becomes difficult. He or she also has difficulty speaking properly. And there is also an inability to close the eye on the affected side.

8. Homeopathic Medicines As Per The Side Of The Face Affected By Bell’s Palsy

The naturally efficient homeopathic medicines for Bell’s Palsy on the right side of the face are Belladonna, Causticum, and Kali Phos. For treating Bell’s Palsy on the left side, the efficient natural homeopathic medicines are Alumina, Cadmium Sulph, and Sulphur. To select the suitable medicines out of these, a proper case investigation needs to be carried out. Homeopathic remedies cannot be selected solely as per the side of the face affected by facial paralysis. The side of the face involved only forms a part of the totality of other symptoms narrated by the patient. So, the side of the face involved should be considered among other symptoms but not the only pointer to select this homeopathic remedy.

Symptoms Of Bell’s Palsy

In the majority of cases, the paralysis is unilateral. It means the disease occurs on one side of the face. In just one per cent of cases, it can involve both sides of the face. The onset of Bell’s Palsy is always sudden. The symptom intensity varies from case to case — from the slight weakness of the facial muscles to the entire paralysis (loss of muscle function). The signs and symptoms include:

1. Weakness or numbness of the face on one side

2. Drooping of face to one side

3. Drooling of saliva or drying of the mouth

4. Lachrymation (watering from eyes) or dryness of eyes due to inability to close eye on the affected side

5. Loss of facial expressions like frowning, and smiling

6. Pain about the jaw and behind the ear, sensitive hearing, inability to have a taste for food

7. Other symptoms include difficulty in eating and speech, headache, eye irritation on the affected side, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), tingling in the face, and twitching of facial muscles

 What Is The Recovery Time In Bell’s Palsy Cases?

The symptoms of Bell’s Palsy in most cases begin to get better within a few weeks (approx. 3 weeks). In the majority of the cases (about 80 per cent) of them, full recovery with complete resolution of the symptoms takes place in three months to 9 months time period. Though, in minor cases, complete recovery may take somewhat longer. In rare cases, the symptoms may be permanent. There are very few chances of recurrent Bell’s Palsy.

Causes Behind Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy results from compression, swelling/inflammation of the facial nerve (the seventh cranial nerve). This nerve goes through a narrow passage within the skull. Its swelling leads to its compression by the nearby hard surface in the skull and affects the nerve functioning as well.

When this nerve gets inflamed, the nerve cells get deprived of blood and oxygen resulting in the weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles. The reason behind the nerve damage has not been determined yet, it is widely believed that a viral infection sets off this damage.

There are various infections (viral and bacterial) associated with Bell’s Palsy. It mainly includes herpes simplex virus 1 which causes cold sores. Other viruses include Epstein – Barr virus, herpes zoster virus, HIV, cytomegalovirus, mumps virus, rubella virus, influenza B virus, coxsackie virus, and Lyme disease. Some factors linked with the reactivation of latent viral infection in the body and which may provoke Bell’s Palsy include stress, physical trauma, loss of sleep, some recent illnesses, and auto-immune health disease.

Risk Factors

Though anyone can suffer from Bell’s Palsy, those with the following symptoms are in a bigger risk zone:

1. Having diabetes or high blood pressure

2. Obesity

3. URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) like cold, flu

4. Pregnancy mainly in the third trimester (last three months of pregnancy), and the first week after giving birth to the child.

5. Family history of Bell’s Palsy (especially when there may occur recurrent episodes of Bell’s Palsy)

6. Have an autoimmune disease (in such diseases the infection-fighting cells start to damage the body’s own healthy tissues out of a misdirected response)

7. Cold sores


Mild cases of Bell’s Palsy are self-resolvable. In severe cases, complications may arise:

1.Permanent facial nerve damage that controls muscles of the face

2. Ulcers in the eye even blindness due to the drying of the cornea. Also, scratching the eye in the affected area. Blindness can be partial or complete.

3. Synkinesis – a condition in which one part of the face can be moved willingly, and there occurs simultaneous involuntary movement of another part of the face like the closing of the eye especially when one smiles. Synkinesis occurs when during the healing process/regrowth of nerve fibers, controlling the muscles of one part of the face also regrow on another part of the face.


There is no lab test to diagnose Bell’s Palsy. It is diagnosed based on the physical examination of the face, and observing the muscle movement of the face when the eye is closed, or when one is asked to frown, or asked to show teeth or any form of a grimace. There are some medical conditions that can cause weakness or paralysis of facial muscles like stroke, tumours, lyme disease. If the cause is not clear, then the physician may advise some tests. These include

1. MRI and CT scan to rule out causes like skull fracture, and tumour

2. Electromyography: This test is to rule out the severity of nerve damage


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  1. Michael Anthony says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have had Bells Palsy close to two years.
    1: Drooping right side of face
    2: Tingling of nerves, sometimes painful.
    3: Numbness
    4: Tearing of right eye along with loss of taste and tingling on inside of mouth.
    5: Loss of hearing in right ear accompanied with Tetanus. This started 1.4 years after Bells diagnosis.
    I work with batteries and fluorescent bulbs in a recycling center. I do wear gloves.

  2. Mujhe face ke left side me bells palsy ke symptoms h muscle bahot week h bolne me kafi takleef hoti h mujhe 4 saal se taklif h mujhe aakh me Koi problem nahi h left gaal se bolne me bahot dheema pan h me cadmium sulf ki dose kaise le sakti hu?

  3. M Roshitha says:

    I need to contact you please respond

  4. Jamshed Khan says:

    Hi I m senior specialist physician Dr Jamshed khan from allahabad please contact me for treatment homiopath paralysis and face tongue paralysis problem all type of paralysis

  5. Hi, I have what the doctor thinks is Bell’s palsy, it came on after an operation, I have tried arnica for the shock, I have trouble speaking and eating properly but do not have the dropped eye, cheek and mouth, hypericum looks the closest, how often and what c should I take and for how long please.

    • Hi, I have what the doctor thinks is Bell’s palsy, it came on after an operation, I have tried arnica for the shock, I have trouble speaking and eating properly but do not have the dropped eye, cheek and mouth, hypericum looks the closest, how often and what c should I take and for how long please.

  6. Dear Dr SHARMA Ji
    I am 35 year pregnant (1st pregnancy with IVF) in 30 weeks. Suddenly exhausted in heatwave (often rested in air conditioning). Suddenly got feverish, Covid-19 tested POSITIVE in 2 days, started with localized pain behind left ear eventually developed signs of left sided Bell’s palsy) x 14 days ago. Pain behind left ear spread to involve left temple, left cheek bone & left TM joint & adjoining lower jaw. Looks like Bell’s palsy virus spread over to involve trigeminal area.
    Now I am Pregnant
    I suffered from Covid-19
    Trigeminal pain constant
    Bell’s palsy bothersome.
    Fever gone.
    Trial with aconitum, bell & arnica: no benefit.
    I am sensitive natured, find it difficult to handle my emotions especially anger that often strain my relations with husband.
    Should I try spigelia or something else.

    Please enlighten me with your expert advice.

  7. Best homeo medicine for bells palsy

  8. Hi Dr. Sharma. This is my second bout with Bells Palsy. This time it’s not as severe but it started with right sided tongue numbness and progressed to mostly right sided facial paralysis. I’m also having some low grade pain on the affected side behind my ear. My eye is drying out since I cannot blink properly and am having a difficult time eating and drinking. What supplements should I take ?

  9. Anwar Khan says:

    my right side face muscles are getting weaker .water come from right eye when I go out side and if cold air is blowing .I have a feeling for hot air as well . when I smile the right side is not as equal as left side.Some times a little pain on the head at right side,Can you suggest any medicine

  10. Madhurima mishra says:

    One side face cheek and eye blinking?? Please tell me homeopathy medicien

  11. Jenny Reece says:

    Hello, my brother had Ramsay Hunt syndrome and has right side paralysis. What can he do?? Blisters are healing but face is still paralyzed. Thank you.

    • Right side forhead eye mouth and inside tonge and also difficulty in speech. Please tell homepathic medicine and pain in neck and right ear.

  12. jyoti ranjan mishra says:

    Hi Dr.
    I am suffering form Bells Palsy from 30th May 2019.Its being 5 months things are not changing after the treatment and physiotherapy.Will you please recommend me the medicine by which it will be cured.

    • Gwendolyn Belton says:

      My face is weak on one side of face what you suggest

    • I have been having facial palsy since February 2019 and have been doing physiotherapy and electric nerve simulation. But my face is not back to normal. I’m 51 years old. Would appreciate any suggestions on this. Thanks

    • Mrs . Vanaja James says:

      I have been having facial palsy since Sept 2020 and have been doing physiotherapy and electric nerve simulation. But my face is not back to normal. I’m 6O years old. Would appreciate any suggestions on this. Thanks

  13. Nikita panjwani says:

    Patient aged 30yrs diagnosed to have Ramsay Hunt syndrome right side palsy, earache on day 1 and with right ear erruptions on outer ring on day 6/7 steroid started from day 1 and valacyclovir from day 9 after seeing eruptions n physiotherapy is the prognosis?? As after 7 days of physio 2 sessions a day eyebrow movement is back..any homoeopathic remedy for it ? Pt had h/o chicken pox in childhood

  14. Serguei Asnes says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I need your advice what homeopathic meds to use in a 23 y/o man w/traumatic Bells Palsy, R side.
    I am in Kiev, Ukraine and we need your kind advice.
    Thank you very much.
    Yours very truly,

    Serguei Asnes, M.D.,
    NCCAOM 16069,
    Kiev, Ukraine

    • Patient aged 30yrs diagnosed to have Ramsay Hunt syndrome right side palsy, earache on day 1 and with right ear erruptions on outer ring on day 6/7 steroid started from day 1 and valacyclovir from day 9 after seeing eruptions n physiotherapy is the prognosis?? As after 7 days of physio 2 sessions a day eyebrow movement is back..any homoeopathic remedy for it ? Pt had h/o chicken pox in childhood

  15. Hello doctor ,
    My father is suffering from motor neuron disease (MND/ALS) , all are saying there is no medicine for this disease.
    Please suggest some thing .
    Thanks and regards ,

  16. Amrick Kharay says:

    Hi Dr Sharma.
    I have Bells Palsy paralysis on the left side of the face. Watering eye which does not close fully, left side of tounge is also affected and results in lack of taste. The face has dropped on the left side due to muscle problems.
    This came on suddenly on 8th of February starting with the tounge becoming very sensitive in the evening. Next morning the face has dropped. I have had the normal steroids and 4 weeks later was given antiviral drugs. 4 months on things have not improve. Can you advise on what may be beneficial for this

    • Robert Rifkin says:

      I woke up on 4/5/2015 with it. I have numbness on the right side still with all of the symptoms. What triggered it is can be several different things. Stress, grief, anxiety. I got treated and diagnosed at Saint Johns hospital. Given anti inflammatories. Took several acupuncture treatments and massages. I don’t have a solution to my problem. Was thinking brushing and massaging. Could it be in the Lymph node’s

  17. Ramasamy Narayanan says:


    I am a siddha doctor, I am having bells palsy for the past 10 years I am unable to come out of the trouble
    kindly advice me with perfect homeopathy medicine.

    Thanks and regards,

    Ramasamy Naryanan.

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