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5 Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Bell’s Palsy

Homeopathic Remedies for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy refers to facial paralysis affecting one side of the face and is sudden in onset. The cause in most cases is not found. The cause is presumed to be inflammation of facial nerve or reactivation of a previously acquired viral infection. The viral infection mainly behind the cause is herpes viral infection. The triggers which reactivate the latent viral infection include environment changes like cold air exposure, trauma and emotional factors. Homeopathic remedies for Bell’s Palsy are made of natural substances and with no side effects, provide a very effective treatment for Bell’s Palsy.

Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy

In majority of cases, the paralysis is unilateral or occurs on one side of the face. In just 1% cases, it can be bilateral involving both sides of the face. The onset of Bell’s Palsy is always sudden. The symptoms include weakness or numbness of face on one side, drooping of face to one side, drooling of saliva, Lachrymation(watering from eyes) or dryness of eyes due  to inability to close eye on affected side, pain about the jaw and behind ear, sensitive hearing, inability to have a taste of food, and loss of facial expressions like frowning and smiling. Other symptoms include difficulty in eating and speech.

Homeopathic Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy can be effectively treated with natural Homeopathic medicines.Homeopathic treatment for Bell’s Palsy can help in complete recovery without any side effects. The results, however, vary from person to person depending upon the chronicity and the degree of facial damage.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Bell’s Palsy

Best Homeopathic remedies for bell’s palsy due to cold air exposure

Both Aconite and Causticum are the top natural Homeopathic medicines for treating Bell’s Palsy occurring due to exposure to cold air. Aconite is used in acute conditions in the very beginning when facial paralysis follows from a sudden cold air exposure. Causticum, on the other hand, is an ideal Homeopathic remedy for longstanding chronic cases of facial paralysis where the person has a history of cold air exposure complications prior to the paralytic symptoms. The person needing Aconite may also complain of numbness or tingling in face on the affected side. The face also feels cold on the affected side in persons needing Aconite.

Hypericum: Homeopathic treatment for Bell’s Palsy due to injury to nerve

To deal with facial paralysis because of injury to nerve, the best Homeopathic medicine is Hypericum. It can be of great help in complete recovery of the patient with facial paralysis following injury. Tingling, numbness or burning sensation on the affected side of the face may be experienced in addition to other symptoms of Bell’s Palsy. Hypericum is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for nerve injuries and it always proves its worth by bringing positive results.

Ignatia: Homeopathic medicine for Bell’s Palsy due to grief

Ignatia is a very frequently used natural Homeopathic medicine for a variety of conditions arising out of grief. It is very beneficial  in Bell’s Palsy cases triggered by grief too. The person needing Ignatia has symptoms of Bell’s Palsy and may also complain of frequent biting inside of cheeks while talking or swallowing. He or she may also have the mouth filled with excess of saliva. Other symptoms of grief like weeping, brooding and sadness are also present.

Cadmium Sulph: Natural Homeopathic medicine for Bell’s Palsy due to Apoplexy

Apoplexy means paralysis arising from a sudden haemorrhagic condition. Cadmium Sulph is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for treating facial paralysis arising out of Apoplexy. The patient needing Cadmium Sulph will have a distorted face. The swallowing of food is also difficult for such persons. He or she also has difficulty in speaking properly. And there is also an inability to close the eye on the affected side.

Bacillinum and Causticum: Homeopathic remedies for facial paralysis due to suppressed eruptions of face

For treating cases of Bell’s Palsy due to suppressed facial eruptions, natural Homeopathic medicines Bacillinum and Causticum are of great help. Any one of them may serve the purpose of recovery from Bell’s Palsy where a history of suppression of eruptions of face by any means is found. It is a very significant and known fact in Homeopathy that any eruption that is not allowed to show complete skin expressions and suppressed with outer applications, like medicated creams, lotions and ointments, is bound to result in affection of inner body and that is more severe than the skin affections. Here, in such conditions of suppressed skin eruptions followed by paralysis of face, Causticum and Bacillinum are Homeopathic medicines of great help. The medicine selection can be made only by a qualified Homeopathic practitioner after proper case taking.

Homeopathic medicines as per side of face affected in Bell’s Palsy

The efficient natural Homeopathic medicines for right-sided Bell’s Palsy are Belladona, Causticum and Kali Phos. For treating left-sided Bell’s Palsy, the efficient natural Homeopathic medicines are Alumina, Cadmium Sulph and Sulphur. To select the suitable medicines out of these, a proper case investigation needs to be done. The Homeopathic remedies cannot be selected solely as per the side of face affected in facial paralysis. The side of face involved only forms a part of totality of other symptoms narrated by the patient. So, side of the face involved should be considered among other symptoms but not be made the only pointer to select the natural Homeopathic remedy.


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  1. Madhurima mishra says:

    One side face cheek and eye blinking?? Please tell me homeopathy medicien

  2. Hello, my brother had Ramsay Hunt syndrome and has right side paralysis. What can he do?? Blisters are healing but face is still paralyzed. Thank you.

    • Right side forhead eye mouth and inside tonge and also difficulty in speech. Please tell homepathic medicine and pain in neck and right ear.

  3. jyoti ranjan mishra says:

    Hi Dr.
    I am suffering form Bells Palsy from 30th May 2019.Its being 5 months things are not changing after the treatment and physiotherapy.Will you please recommend me the medicine by which it will be cured.

    • Gwendolyn Belton says:

      My face is weak on one side of face what you suggest

    • I have been having facial palsy since February 2019 and have been doing physiotherapy and electric nerve simulation. But my face is not back to normal. I’m 51 years old. Would appreciate any suggestions on this. Thanks

    • Mrs . Vanaja James says:

      I have been having facial palsy since Sept 2020 and have been doing physiotherapy and electric nerve simulation. But my face is not back to normal. I’m 6O years old. Would appreciate any suggestions on this. Thanks

  4. Nikita panjwani says:

    Patient aged 30yrs diagnosed to have Ramsay Hunt syndrome right side palsy, earache on day 1 and with right ear erruptions on outer ring on day 6/7 steroid started from day 1 and valacyclovir from day 9 after seeing eruptions n physiotherapy is the prognosis?? As after 7 days of physio 2 sessions a day eyebrow movement is back..any homoeopathic remedy for it ? Pt had h/o chicken pox in childhood

  5. Serguei Asnes says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I need your advice what homeopathic meds to use in a 23 y/o man w/traumatic Bells Palsy, R side.
    I am in Kiev, Ukraine and we need your kind advice.
    Thank you very much.
    Yours very truly,

    Serguei Asnes, M.D.,
    NCCAOM 16069,
    Kiev, Ukraine

    • Patient aged 30yrs diagnosed to have Ramsay Hunt syndrome right side palsy, earache on day 1 and with right ear erruptions on outer ring on day 6/7 steroid started from day 1 and valacyclovir from day 9 after seeing eruptions n physiotherapy is the prognosis?? As after 7 days of physio 2 sessions a day eyebrow movement is back..any homoeopathic remedy for it ? Pt had h/o chicken pox in childhood

  6. Hello doctor ,
    My father is suffering from motor neuron disease (MND/ALS) , all are saying there is no medicine for this disease.
    Please suggest some thing .
    Thanks and regards ,

  7. Amrick Kharay says:

    Hi Dr Sharma.
    I have Bells Palsy paralysis on the left side of the face. Watering eye which does not close fully, left side of tounge is also affected and results in lack of taste. The face has dropped on the left side due to muscle problems.
    This came on suddenly on 8th of February starting with the tounge becoming very sensitive in the evening. Next morning the face has dropped. I have had the normal steroids and 4 weeks later was given antiviral drugs. 4 months on things have not improve. Can you advise on what may be beneficial for this

    • Robert Rifkin says:

      I woke up on 4/5/2015 with it. I have numbness on the right side still with all of the symptoms. What triggered it is can be several different things. Stress, grief, anxiety. I got treated and diagnosed at Saint Johns hospital. Given anti inflammatories. Took several acupuncture treatments and massages. I don’t have a solution to my problem. Was thinking brushing and massaging. Could it be in the Lymph node’s

  8. Ramasamy Narayanan says:


    I am a siddha doctor, I am having bells palsy for the past 10 years I am unable to come out of the trouble
    kindly advice me with perfect homeopathy medicine.

    Thanks and regards,

    Ramasamy Naryanan.

  9. Rajwant brar says:

    Hi…Dr.sharma my kid female 6 year have a facial paralysis last one week.she is a lightly feel this …as like smile time and when she cried face move one side I gave medicine…wysoline…calcium at can I do now exesige also ..she doing

  10. Shannon Marshall says:

    Hi dr sharma.
    I was first diagnosed with bells palsy on the left side at 38week pregnant.
    My daughter is now 13 months old and i am only 20 % recovered. Please tell me the best way to try for a better percentage.

  11. Ekta jalan says:

    I was taking antiviral drugs based on neurologist suggestion. Can I leave those and start homeopathy? It’s been 6 days

  12. Dr Ji,

    My son was born with congenital sixth nerve palsy. His left eye can move up, down and right, however he cannot move it to the left.

    He is now 8 months. If no improvement by 2 years old the doctor suggests that we operate his eye, which I really don’t want to do.

    Can you please suggest a remedy?

    Please help Dr Ji 🙏🏻

  13. Sir, I got Bell’s Palsy for 7-1/2 weeks right side of face with no signs of facial movement. I am tapering the prednisone for the next 2 weeks. I have high blood pressure, all my bloodwork and MRI are normal, except they still see swelling of nerves on my ears at right side. Please help on what dosages of Causticum or Hypericum that I could try. Thank you

  14. Sir, my mother is suffering from left side HFS from last 3.5 years.She don’t have any pain .we used notice but the results are only for 3 months. Left cheek and eye twitching are there. Can you please tell me which medicines to be selected?

  15. My first bout with Bell’s Palsy was on the right side in 1968 when I was 15 and I slept with the window open and it got cold. I got Bell’s Palsy on the right side in 1980 after having an absessed tooth from a bad root canal job. The doctor left a file in one of the roots and it absessed a few years later. My 30 yr old son got Bell’s Palsy two years ago on the left side after having an absessed tooth, also.

    • Namaste sir mere facial paralysis four year pahle huaa allopathic, aayurvadic medicine li but halka abhi bhi sir kya homeopathy medicine se thik ho sakta h .please help me .Thank you

  16. Hemlata Shirke says:

    Hello Dr,
    I am 38 years old and from suffering bells palsy on left side of face from almost 2 months. started allopathy medicines the same day, physiotherapy and exercises given by him started. but only 25% is recovered till date. What should be done to recover quickly. As people watch me in very odd way it hurts.
    Kindly advice

  17. Respected doctor,
    I m 42 yrs female suffering from left hemi facial spam problem since last 7 yrs. I am undergoing allopathic treatment and have taken 1 setting of botox injection. Which didn’t helped me out. Now I want to do treatment under homeopathic. Therefore I request you to kindly advice me homeopathic medicine.
    Thanking you
    Your’s sincerely.

  18. Feroz Jamal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am 53 years old. I am suffering from Double Vision since last 3 years. This problem started just after my cataract surgery. In the beginning i feel it when i see towards my right. Now even I see straight. Doctor diagnosis it Sixth Nerve Palsy. Kindly suggest it treatment in Homoeopathy, if any. I shall be grateful to you all my life.

  19. Shahid manzoor says:

    11 yrss old child with left sided weakness of his face since his birth…mouth deviated to rt side..
    Has allergic bronchitis as well..
    For yur kind opinion..

  20. Aline Harvey says:

    Hello Dr,
    I am suffering from bells palsy, right side, for more than 4 years. My doctors say it’s an infection in nerve 7. My right eye is really paralysed, half open, and the right side of my mouth is also paralysed but with a lesser degree. I will be grateful to you if you can suggest me a proper medicine that solve my problem.
    Thank you and kind regards

  21. Ranjit Das says:

    I am suffering in bell’s palsy last six days. Doctor prescribed Causticam 0/3 for 7days two time. Next 7days 1 time. Already five days gone but not improved.
    Kindly suggest its can cure in 14 days. By homeopathy

  22. Vishwanath says:

    Dear Sir

    My wife has been diagnosed with Bells Palsey on one side of face. It has started 4 days ago.

    Please suggest homeo treatment for her



    • Ranjit Das says:

      I am suffering in bell’s palsy last six days. Doctor prescribed Causticam 0/3 for 7days two time. Next 7days 1 time. Already five days gone but not improved.
      Kindly suggest its can cure in 14 days. By homeopathy

  23. ch anji babu says:

    i effct bell palcy 4days back give me best medicine sir

  24. RM Narayanan says:

    Sir, I am suffering from bells palsy left side for more than 15 years I will be great full to you if you can suggest me a proper medicine for my problem.

    Thanks and regards

    Ramasamy Narayanan

  25. Hi my son is suffering from left side facial palsy..before 1 mnth… Gate fell on him n he got injured n skull factured.. Which homeopathic medicine can i give him. Plz help

  26. A.chandra kumari says:

    I am A.chandra kumari,age 50 suffering from hemi facial spasm left side since 2010. I have undergone English treatment but there’s no positive result. I want to know the treatment details for homeopathy and an appointment to consult.

  27. From last 2 months suffering from left side facial Palsy due to head injury. Problem in movement of eye, lips, cheek. Doctors finding from HRCT scan is as under:
    – Longitudinal fracture in tympanomastold portion of left temporal bone, extends superiority into squamous portion till occipitotemporal suture.
    – Extension into anterior as well as posterior wall of external and middle ear cavity tegmental tympani
    – Discontinuty in ossicular chain at incudomalleal joint
    – Extension into petrous part of temporal bone with involvement of 1st genu and anterior portion of horizontal facial canal
    Please suggest suitable remedy. I am 30 yrs old.

  28. Sharda laroyia says:

    Hi. I had a benign brain tumour removed and sadly it caused facial nerve damage to the left side of my face. Slight movement has returned after 11 months but what else Can I do so that I can encourage the healing as much as possible ?

  29. Tejeshwar Singla says:

    Sir, I suffered from Ramsay hunt syndrome 2 years back. Most of face has recovered back but right eye brow, upper right lip and right cheek muscle move very little. Please advise medicine.

  30. Ananda Joti warake says:

    I am suffering from bells pallcy last 15 years.firest left , now right side of face.No fan ,cold water,air,AC, any habits.suggest medicine,please.

  31. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I had bilateral total joint replacement surgery of my TMJ. I now have Bells Palsy on the right side of my face for 7 weeks now with no improvements. Is there anything that can help me?

  32. I have been diagnosed with Bells Palsy on the left side of my face. I did one week of steriods and one week of anti-viral meds. I am now doing acupuncture and taking some chinese herbs.

    My bells came after an illness – cold/sinus infection. I had a full right ear and raw throat. Then an eye infection in the right eye that moved to the left eye. I then developed a very very sore throat (starting on the right side and moving towards the left). I was starting to feel better when the bells attack occurred.

    I have the cold sore virus. I only get a cold sore about once every four years but always on the left side of my face.

    My sister uses homeopathy and is recommending Causticum. But this is not in line with your literature that indicates that is for the right side of the face.. Can you make a recommendation please.

  33. Vidya Phansekar says:

    Hello Dr,
    I had facial paralysis when I was in my TY Bcom. in the year 1996. I had taken allopathy Medicine and also physiotherapy for treating it. But still there are some symptoms. My left side face was paralyzed, now when I blink my eyes the left side of my mouth moves to the left side. Pl suggest some treatment.

  34. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, my daughter developed Bell’s Palsy on the right side of the face a week before giving birth.
    It started with a constant ear ache which spread to the the right side of the head. No treatment could be given, I.e., steroids because she was ready to give birth any time.
    The right side facial distortion was quite pronounced for last 3 days of the pregnancy and the steroid treatment started immediately after delivery.
    Steroid treatment lasted 4 days. Slight improvement and she is now undergoing physiotherapy.
    Which homeopathy medicine is most suitable for her and what dosage ?

  35. Hi Dr Sharma
    I had Bell’s palsy about 12 years right side of face. It was bad Due to major stress, 102 fever from flu, surgery etc. on and off depression and grind my teeth and herpes zoster cold sores and they come on sometimes from eating to much soda/shellfish/tree nuts all at once over a period of days. Anyway the bells had lingered and effects my eye. I had physical therapy which helped, I feel the inflammation on that side of my face and mouth. Some days are better than others. Also 2x cancer survivor due to living 3 houses from a chemical plant. What do you recommend

  36. Sumon Sarkar says:

    Respected sir, I am 35 years old guy.I am suffering from bells palsy of my right side of my face for last 22 years. Last year doctor prescribed me to take causticam and I took. But I did not get any satisfactory result. Can I get treatment from you ?

  37. DIVENDER says:

    Sir/Madam, my wife namely Margreat age 31 years is suffered from belly palsy (left side of the face)from 24th June, 2017 and she is taking medical treatment at Apollo hospital, Chennai from 26th June, 2017 and now, she is taking electrical stimulation therapy but no improvent is seen till date. So please help and suggest the homeopathic treatment for this disease so that we will get online treatment from your reputed hospital.. Please help me..

  38. Himadri Bhusan kar says:

    Halo sir my name is Himadri Bhusan Kar sir I suffered in bells palsy my right side face is getting bend at the time of talking, right side eye looking bigger then left and not able to close properly pls suggest me the homeopathy medicine so I can cure it

  39. Leny Ramos says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’m suffering BP for more than 10 years. Sometimes not bothering me and sometimes it does blinking a lot especially if I eat something with sugar and oils on the food that I cannot be avoided. Please help me ?what is the best homeopathic remedy I can take. I will try if this can help me. I went to all the Dr already and the only way is the surgery which I don’t want to do it. Please help me
    Thank you

  40. Z.N. Begum says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Since 27 May 2017, I am suffering from Facial Nerve Palsy, the left side of the face having got affected. I am diabetic for the last fifteen years and and taking insulin for the last five years. Also, my blood pressure is slightly high for which I am taking medicine.

    Also, I usually have a feeling of cold sensation and can not bear it for a long time.

    Apart from this, I had a feeling of irritation in my ears.

    For Facial Nerve Palsy I am under treatment of a Neurologist right from the beginning and now feel very slight improvement.

    Kindly suggest me a suitable Homeopathic Medicine for the same.

    • Mohd Ayoub Kuchay says:

      I got facial paralysis of right side of my face 15 days before, my BP and sugar is totally normal .l feel some problem while I eat and my eyes irritated especially right eye.plz suggest me some homeopathic medicine so that I will recover fastly

  41. Hello there,
    I am writing on behalf of my father who developed bell’s palsy two and a half day sago. At first, it was just a nuisance, but now he is extremely uncomfortable. It has affected the right side of his face only and today his right eye is more droopy than it was yesterday ( the lower lid ). I have been researching homeopathic remedies and went out and bought him hypericum. He has taken one dose today. He is ready to go to the pharmacy and pick up prednisone that his doctor will be prescribing.
    He is definitely grumpy, sensitive to light, and says that it is uncomfortable, and feels like he is coming out of novicaine. Please let me know what might be the best remedy for him to take. Thank you!

  42. Phurba Tshering Sherpa says:

    Facial Nerve Disorder means Bell’s Palsy disease occurred in my right side face symptoms happened like difficulties in eating and drinking, slurred speech, altered taste, hypersensitivity in hearing ear, loss of blinking etc. How can I treatment this by applying Homeopathic medicine or by Alopathic ?

  43. Karen Cleighton says:

    Hi there! I was diagnosed this am with BP. I was looking for homeopathic treatments. I am currently on steroids and anti biotics.

  44. I had a sudden attack on my left side of face,due to sugar and bp.also one day before I traveled by scooty through jungle way(60kms) in the evening in cold.
    My bp level was 150_98 and sugar 280. Now my treatment is going on as follows
    It was affected 14 days ago .now my bp(120_80) and sugar 100-120)are normal but left side not working ,eye not blinking proper,,eye brow not lifting and mouth bending right when eating laughing or talking .
    Please help me

  45. Dr Sharma,
    I have a bellspalsy on left side due to Ramseyhunt syndrome(virus in ear). It’s been 7months now. I have most of the recovery but still my upper lip don’t have any or much power , smile is crooked and face still have only 40% strength at present. Please advise which medication to use.


    • Raj kishor says:

      I had left bell’s palsy since 8 months. Today 80% ok but still feel twitching in left face.left eye doesn’t close easily; difficulties in speaking P or Pavarg letter in hindi. I took allopathic and homeopathic eg caustic ,cad sulph. I feel lethargy; always desire rest, fears; loss of confidence; cowardice etc.

  46. Arun Singh says:

    I have hemi facial spasm in left side for almost 10 years now, please suggest medicine.

  47. Sir, my wife suffered bell’s palsy on right side of face due to severe pain in right ear nerve on july 16,2016 and she is taking alopathic treatment for 2/3 weaks only nw she is taking 1000 mcg one tab of methylcobalt per day. Bt still her right eye is not closed properly. And right cheek is also loose than left one. I request u to guide me for homeo med in this case

    • Mahendra Gupta says:

      I have hemi facial spasm in left side for almost 2 years now, please suggest medicine.

      • Ananda Joti warake says:

        I am suffering from bells pallcy last 15 years.firest left ,now right side of fan ,cold water,air,AC, any habits.suggest medicine,please.

  48. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from drooping of left eyelid for two weeks now resulting in dryness of eye. Besides, having difficulty to swallow, difficulty in speaking some words as if experienced while putting ice cube on tongue, lips unable to hold water tightly inside mouth. Feeling no pain. CT Scan is clear. Kindly advise treatment as soon as possible.
    Thanks and regards.

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