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Top 12 Homeopathic Remedies for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS

Most women dread the thought of menses or periods, but irregularities and unusual changes in the menstrual cycle can be a nightmare. Delayed or irregular menses, absent menses for various months, prolonged menses — all these are indications of an endocrine disorder known in medical terms as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The other symptoms of PCOS are excess hair growth on the face or other unusual parts of the body and acne. A few women also suffer from hairfall. Ultrasound studies show the presence of cysts (fluid-filled structure) in ovaries with the enlargement of ovaries. The tendency to gain weight and obesity are common with PCOS too. It is a syndrome that affects women in the reproductive age group and is one of the leading causes of female infertility. Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus are also associated with PCOS. Homeopathic remedies for polycystic ovarian syndrome are made of natural substances with zero side effects and has the cure for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.    Homeopathic Remedies for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is curable with the Homeopathic mode of treatment. Homeopathy for polycystic ovarian syndrome is very safe and free from any side effect. Which medicine is required to extract the disease from its roots varies from case to case. Both the physical and mental spheres of the patient are thoroughly investigated while prescribing the medicine. The complete cure of PCOS is a time-consuming process and it cannot be expected in a few days. It requires complete observation regarding the change of symptoms in the patient and frequent clinical follow-ups. Sepia, Pulsatilla, Calcarea Carb, Kali Carb, Natrum Mur are the top remedies for polycystic ovarian syndrome. 

1. Sepia: Top Remedy for PCOS

Sepia occupies the top position among the medicines for treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The menstrual symptom for Sepia is late and scanty menses. In most of the cases, this is accompanied by bearing down sensations in the pelvic region. The ovaries remain enlarged with fluid-filled cysts in them. Sepia acts very efficiently to regulate the menstrual cycle to appear at the proper expected time. Sepia can also be considered to treat infertility cases due to PCOS. Abnormal hair growth on the face, especially on upper lips, can also be well controlled with Sepia. Other general symptoms to look for before taking Sepia are sensitivity to cold air, mental irritability, and indifferent behavior towards loved ones.

2. For Extremely Suppressed Menses 

Pulsatilla is a natural medicine for treating PCOS. It is especially beneficial for treating PCOS cases in females who suffer from suppressed periods for a long duration. In women requiring Pulsatilla, the periods when they appear remain very scanty and extremely painful. Pulsatilla removes the obstacles that cause the periods to be suppressed and the periods start to flow normally. Pulsatilla increases the body’s power and directs its path towards removing the obstacle, thus re-establishing the menstrual flow.  Pulsatilla is of great help for young girls at puberty who suffer from PCOS with irregular periods. The physical general symptoms to consider for using Pulsatilla include the total absence of thirst and a desire for cool open air. Open air overall seems to provide relief to the patient. And in the mental sphere, the significant features to take note of are mild, sensitive nature with weeping tendencies. Such a woman weeps at the slightest instance and feels somewhat better when given consolation.

3. For Prolonged and Profuse Periods

Calcarea Carb, a natural medicine, is of great help in the treatment of PCOS and is particularly suited when a woman with PCOS suffers from profuse periods that are prolonged more than the usual duration. The women with PCOS facing the problem of weight gain and obesity are also the candidates requiring Calcarea Carb. Calcarea Carb helps such women in reducing the excessive weight gain very efficiently. There are a few physical general symptoms to look out for while choosing to take Calcarea Carb. The first is excessive sweating on the head. The second is extreme sensitivity to cold air. And the last is a peculiar craving in eating habits like a desire for boiled eggs and in a few cases, strange things like chalk and lime.

4. Natrum Mur: For PCOS with Irregular and Suppressed Menstrual Cycles 

Natrum Mur is a very beneficial medicine to treat women with PCOS who have irregular and suppressed menstrual cycles. Natrum Mur benefits most women by regularising their menstrual cycles. Natrum Mur should also be considered for women with difficulty in conception due to PCOS. The important symptoms to look out for while using Natrum Mur are an excessively hot sensation, aversion to the heat of sun and craving for extra salt in the diet. The mental picture that needs to be considered includes the reserved nature of the patient, weeping spells especially when alone and worsening of symptoms when sympathy is offered.

5. For Retarded Menstrual Flow

Thuja is a medicine that is considered of great help in PCOS treatment. Thuja is a very efficient medicine and its use is called for when a woman suffers from a retarded menstrual flow with multiple cysts in ovaries. Thuja has the innate ability to dissolve abnormal growth or accumulation anywhere in the body. Thus, it has the supreme power to dissolve cysts also. Most women requiring Thuja have cystic growths more pronounced in the left-side ovary. Thuja is also of great help in the treatment of extreme hair growth on unusual parts in women due to hormonal imbalance.

6. For Suppressed or Absent Menses

Pulsatilla, Kali Carb and Senecio work successfully in re-establishing the menses that have been absent. Pulsatilla is the top medicine for most cases of suppressed menses and proves successful in bringing back the menstrual period. Kali Carb is a very beneficial medicine when the menses are suppressed altogether for several months. Senecio is the ideal medicine when the menses are suppressed but the woman feels that menses are about to come. In such cases, the complaints related to menses are present like heaviness or pain in the pelvic region and nausea, but the menstrual flow is absent.

7. For Scanty and Short Duration of Periods in PCOS

The problem of scanty menses can be treated with medicines Pulsatilla, Sepia and Senecio. The short duration of periods may vary from a few hours to one or two days. Several natural medicines are present to tackle this condition. For menses remaining only for a few hours, Euphrasia, Coccus Cacti, and Psorinum are of great help. Sepia and Pulsatilla can help for periods of one-day duration.

8. For PCOS with Irregular Menstrual Cycle

The selection of medicines that are helpful in regularising the menstrual cycle is based on individual case presentation. Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla, and Sepia are the top polycystic ovarian syndrome medication in homeopathy. Women can benefit from the use of any of these medicines depending upon the constitution. Please remember, regularising the menstrual cycle is not an overnight issue. It takes a lot of patience and time to bring about a change.

9. For Reducing Excessive Hair Growth 

Homeopathy can be very useful to decrease abnormal hair growth (hirsutism) in women suffering from PCOS. Sepia is preferred if there is hair growth on upper lips. For hair growth on the chin, Oleum Jecoris Aselli is of great help. Thuja is a medicine of great help for excessive hair growth anywhere on the body,be it the face or arms and legs.

10. For Acne or Pimples in PCOS

Both Sulphur and Silicea are equally helpful medicines for treating acne in women with PCOS. Sulphur brings about excellent results in most cases of acne. The acne may be painful or may itch in persons requiring Sulphur. Silicea is to be considered when the acne contains pus and they are deep-rooted.

11. For Obesity in due to PCOS

The best medicines for treating obesity are Calcarea Carb, Graphites and Ammonium Carb. Which of these medicines to take is chosen as per the case demands.

12. For Ovarian Cysts in PCOS

The isolated presence of cysts in the ovaries in no way means that the woman is suffering from PCOS unless the other significant symptoms are experienced. The symptoms are mainly menstrual irregularities and abnormal hair growth, acne, obesity and difficulty in conceiving. The remedy is chosen not on the basis of cysts but rather on each patient’s symptoms, though the cysts may provide help in making the choice of medicine. To take an example, the presence of cysts predominantly in the right ovary suggests the use of Homeopathic medicines Lycopodium, Belladonna and Apis Mellifica. And if the cysts occupy the left ovary, Thuja Occidentalis and Lachesis are of great help.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What causes PCOS?

The exact cause of PCOS is not yet known. It is considered a disease of genetic origin. A woman with a positive family history of PCOS is at a higher risk of developing the same. Obesity and an inactive lifestyle are other factors responsible for PCOS. In addition, women with PCOS have persistently high levels of androgen and estrogen hormones.

2. How do I know I have PCOS?

If you have irregular periods, delayed periods, scanty menses along with acne and unwanted hair growth, there is a chance you may have PCOS. Hair thinning and weight gain are also signs of PCOS though they could be caused by other factors as well. In a few women, heavy menstrual flow may also be present.  Mood swings and irritability are also symptoms of PCOS. However, these symptoms will have to be supported by hormone tests and other medical investigation for proper diagnosis.

3. What does an investigation of PCOS involve?

Diagnosis of suspected PCOS involves USG pelvis that shows fluid-filled sacs in ovaries and hormone tests such as FSH, LH, androgens, prolactin, and progesterone.

4. Does PCOS always lead to scanty menses?

Yes, PCOS leads to scanty menses in a majority of the cases, but there are instances where heavy bleeding during periods has been noted in PCOS.

5. What are the complications associated with PCOS?

Various complications can arise in the case of PCOS. The major among these is infertility. Type2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and depression are other complications associated with PCOS.

6. I take oral contraceptive pills for my PCOS complaint. Can Homeopathy give me an alternative?

Yes, Homeopathy would be a better alternative for your PCOS complaint. These medicines are made from natural substances and are, therefore, free from any adverse side effects. They successfully treat PCOS taking a gentle, safe approach. The duration of treatment varies from case to case.

7. I have irregular menses and my ultrasound shows cysts in ovaries. Can Homeopathy dissolve these cysts?

Yes, Homeopathy can effectively dissolve the cysts in ovaries and treat the related menstrual irregularities. However, it must be noted here that the time taken to achieve the desired results varies from person to person.

8. Is it mandatory for cysts to appear in USG where PCOS symptoms exist?

No, it is not mandatory for cysts to appear in USG in case of PCOS. It is possible to have PCOS without having multiple cysts in the ovaries.

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  1. Priya Kumari says:

    Hi.. Doctor.. I m suffering from pcod since 3 yrs.. Can u help me?

  2. Khan Homeo Cinic says:

    this post is very much helpful for me. thanks to Dr. Sharma for writing this awesome topic.

  3. Debjani Roy says:

    My daughter is 11 years old and is already having heavy hair growth in armpits and I have a history of PCS so what medicine can I gift to my daughter so that she does not have excess of androgens in her blood

  4. anup pal chowdhury says:

    we have got married on 2014 and my wife got pregnant on 2015 january but eptopic pregnancy and operation done on right side Fallopian tubes and there is no Fallopian tubes on right side. But from HSG report it came to notice that the right side tube is ok. and after USG it came to notice that there is pcos problem…Plz help us as such we can be parent of a baby. plz plz help us.

  5. Hi.
    My name is Ayesha.i have pcos problem.
    My period cycle is not disturb.
    I have acne dark spots and dark patches on my face.
    Also have hairs fall issue.
    I am lossing my memory and can’t concentrate on my work and always feel sadness. Don’t like to meet people.
    Which medicine should I use please guide me.

  6. Manashi Saha says:

    My daughter 17 years has pcod since 5 years.she has scanty and prolonnged period.How to stop prolonged period.please suggest.She is under treatment of homeopathy

  7. Anna Sirota says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for all of this wonderful information. I am hopeful that there is a homeopathic solution to my problem.

    I was diagnosed with lean pscos several weeks ago. My only symptom is irregular, long cycles. I menstruate every 70-75 days. I eat a very healthy vegan diet, rich in fats and protein, low in carbs; gluten free, sugar free, no refined oils or processed foods, no starchy grains. I take vitamins D, B12, & Calcium daily and just started a pre/pro biotic. I also use CBD regularly. I workout rigorously 5-6 days per week and am of a healthy weight and build.

    My doctor suggested an oral contraceptive which I would like to avoid. She also said my case is not dangerous and because I am not planning on getting pregnant, not urgent. I would love some advice as to what I can do to treat this pscos homeopathically. Thank you for your time and guidance.

  8. Hi dr Sharma , I have a hot burning searing pain in my ovaries and only feels better after I lie on back and take CBD oil to rest / sleep . I wonder what homeopathic would help cool down and relive this searing burning sensation ?? I need relief !! I also have gained weight since foot injury but eat very pure diet and believe it’s hormonal . Thank you !!

  9. Hello,dr
    My age is 38 and been married for 8 yrs still not pregnant, coz of pcos ,I’m having pcos my symptoms are ,irregular period,weight gain,back pain ,mood swings,heavy voice, axne ,iam getting my period in gap of 2 months since November,

    pls suggest medicine for me

  10. Hello Dr
    Iam 16 years old girl suffering from Pcos. I suffer from excessive weight gain, pimples on my face, irregular periods, heavy bleeding for long time, hairfall, dry skin. Which is the best homeopathic medicine for me?please suggest.

  11. shamsulhaq says:

    Pcos ka masla ha jiski waja sy lifte said ran k jor k qareeb sozash hoti ha aur aksar time itni bar jati ha k pori tang Mae dard naqabil e bardash hota ha inj k bagheer khatam he nai hota ha jab k beatny ma b sakht takleef hoti ha

  12. Vasundhra Bhardwaj says:

    Can abroma augusta and ashoka janosia help in pcos ??

  13. Mam kya mai calcrea carb medicine lr skti hu kyunki pcos ki wajah se mera weight gain ho gya h stress rhta h or isi wajah se depression bhi. Plz give me reaponse

  14. Geetanjali says:

    Hi Doctor,
    Can I take Safi srcup along with these homeopathy medicine

    • Pradeep singhal says:

      I am 15yrs girl suffering from pocd in both the ovaries. Is my pocd condition can be cured permanently by taking homeopathic treatment.

      • Dr..lam also suffering from left ovary shows polycystic appearance..and am married and trying to get pregnanat …my period is once in 4 months …but after 1 month 1 get the next period ..ithink its becoz my right ovary is normal…pls help doctor..

  15. Pooja jaiswal says:

    Mujhe endometriosis hai, ovarian cyst 8.2 cm hai dr. Oprate karke dono overy nikalne ko bol rahe hai, Maine abhi ekbar bhi conceive nahi kiya hai. Child nahi hai. Mai bahut perashan hu, please help me

  16. Magandhree Chetty says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    My daughter Sivashnee 23 has pcos and so do l.She has missed periods for months at a timeand when she does get it,she has experienced severe pains.She was put on Yaz and metformin which she was taking for 2yrs but has since stopped it due to weight gain and irregular periods.She has elevated cholesterol at times.My concern is she’s still young and hasn’t had a child as yet.Can you assist in prescribing meds that regulate her periods and a homeopathic contraceptive as well should she need it..amy oldest daughter also has pcos but with vastly different symptoms.Keshnee is 28 and is about to get married.Shes always maintained a lovely figure until recently,(about 3 months)she’s gained weight.She also experiences very severe pains during menstruation but no missed cycles just short durations and hair growth on her upper lip and lower jawline nd chin.She also stopped the Yaz and is since decided on herbal contraceptives and methods of treatments for the pcos.Please advise further.Thank you in advance.
    Mrs Magandhree Chetty

  17. Hi there,

    I just came across your website when once again researching my daughters symptoms which I now believed are caused by PCOS.

    I’ve been trying to help my daughter for years and I think you may be the answer.

    Please can you help?

    Many thanks,


  18. Hi doctor,
    Iam 34 year old , iam having bilateral poly cystic ovaries, and also has little high prolactin level, I have little extra hair on upper lips and near umbilicus, my period cycle is 28-2/4 , it’s little irregular, it will occur 2/4 days before date, menstrual duration is 3-4 days, apart from this I have no other problem, I think this pcos is causing infertility also. Which homeopathy medicine I should take and what should be the dosage and for how long I should consume the medicine.
    Thanks and regards

  19. Piyasi koley says:

    I’m 34 years old….having pcos…don’t be get pregnant for 6 yrs….but I’d a miscarriage before 10 months ago…plz try to solve my problems

  20. Rakesh Sharma says:

    My wife aged 37 years wants to be pregnant
    But her menses are has stopped since 5 months. In ultrasound it is found that there are multiple cysts in her Overy and she has fatty lever
    . Another symptom is that she became of 76 kg.which medicine must be given to her so that she could be pregnant. Doctor advised her to take Abrome-Q and pulsetilla-30.

    • My daughter is 18 years. She has irregular menses. In the USG of abdomen it is identified as PCOD. She gains weight speedly. she is fair and fatty. she has acne all over the body with pain. swets large quantity. moody, irritable and unsatisfied nature, taking too much of salt with food. I gave nat.mur 200 2 doze. she feels very light and better. pl. advise.

    • Mam kya mai calcrea carb medicine lr skti hu kyunki pcos ki wajah se mera weight gain ho gya h stress rhta h or isi wajah se depression bhi. Plz give me reaponse. Mere periods bhut km aate h min 1 day only kafi logo ko painful periods hote h muje to ye nhi pta chlta kb aaye or kb gye m chahti hu k mere periods painful ho tbhi fat km hoga

  21. jyoti mali says:

    hi,i m 21 year old. my name is jyoti mali. i have been diagnosed with pcod last year. i have gained weight(10 kg), bloating, and absence of menses from last 4 months. my thyroid profile is normal. please prescribe a good and effective homoeopathic medicine for regular menses. thanks.

    • Madhumithra says:

      Hi I am madhu ,my age is 19, and I suffered from pcos last 3 years I took contraceptive pills for 3 months I get normal periods after taking the pills and I get some vitamin tablets and omega tablets ,again I get irregular periods,hairloss,weight gain.Recently I take ashoka q tonic for 7 days ,I don’t get any idea for permanent remedy pls help me to get rid of this problem.

  22. Meena Aneja says:

    My daughter 20 years old have been diagonosed with PCOS lat year. She has gained weight, having excess hair growth on chin & upper lips irrgegular periods , excessive hair fall etc. She was prescribed with birth control pills in allopathy. She is now suffering from haemmoroids also. Is there any permanent cure in haemopathy for these two conditions. Pl reply

    • Pls try sepia

    • iam 20 years old weight is 50 kg…i have Been diagnosed with pcos 6 months ago…every one is suggesting that i should not go for a modern treatment as it effects my fertility…so kindly suggest me some homeopathic medicine for irregular periods due to pcos..

  23. Hi Dr. Sharma I am 19 and over a year ago I got an ultrasound showing that I had pcos with cysts of size 5mm. Sometimes I miss a period (once in 4 months) but other then that I do get it but it is sometimes a little late. It usually lasts for a good 3 days and very less after the 3rd day. I also have smelly periods. My height is 5’5 and weight is 59kg. I just bought pulsatilla 200 but plz guide me on the dosage for pcos. I think I am calm in terms of nature (I kind of speak loud though), I keep to myself, I do get a little angry at times

  24. Kiranjeet Kaur says:

    My daughter suffering from pcod,age 25 unmarried, excessive weight.very few hair on head.

  25. Barbara root says:

    Dear doctor sharma;
    I need help for my 28 year old daughter, had her phelopea tube removed, as teen, large cyst.
    Has pcos, she is now at emergency room again, in Wilmington n.c. u.s.a., has suffered many other such episodes. What would six months treatment cost us , in u.s. currency?
    She has every stressful job, long commute and an infant to care for, no exercise past few years, abdominal over weight, this always. Concerns me ,a lot of diabetes in our family, strive to eat healthy, was a former athlete.
    Tendency, toward family indifference, sensitive, moody, I feel caused by p.c.os.
    Our country is very unaware of any real functional healing in this area, well most areas.
    Please help, going on too long, pray for help for her
    Thankyou sincerely,
    Barbara root
    570 647 5066

  26. drcare homeopathy says:

    Very good Article . thanks for sharing this Information people who are suffering from PCOD problems best option to take homeopathy treatment

  27. Hi I’m 29 year old recently got married suffering from pcod and thyroid got start after marriag. ( 10.3) Due to this reason facing irregular period , want to get treatment for twice baby is it possible. Can homeopathy treat me and can help to fulfil my husband dream of getting twice

  28. Hello Dr,
    I am 27 year old unmarried girl, I face the problem of PCOS and fatty liver from last 3 year. With these disease i face problem of irregular periods, put on weight and hair fall like baldness. Can homeopathy treatment will cure my problems…?

    • Hello Shruti, homeopathy offers an effective treatment for PCOS by moderating the hormonal levels and thereby resolving the associated symptoms like hair fall and irregular periods. Diet regulation and regular walk play a major role in managing problems like weight gain and fatty liver.

  29. samiksha moharana says:

    i am 27 yr old and suffering from pcod , my vidamin d level is very low . and high lh hormon level. i have acne and facial hair that create black patches on my chin and cheek area. i am using homeopathic medicine apis mal thuja and oleum jac but still i dont have my period and i have mood swings and scanty period on month of june in july i missed my peiod plz help me about this.

    • Hello Samiksha, PCOD and its associated complaints can be resolved effectively with homeopathic remedies. If the combination of the above medicines is not working for you, you may consult a homeopath for a reassessment of your case and try a constitutional remedy instead.

  30. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have PCOS. I suffer from excessive weight gain, diabetes, eczema, infertility, excess hair growth on chin, upper lips and have heavy bleeding during my period and my period lasts Upto 7 days however my period is on time.

    Which medication should I take?

    • Hello Seema, according to your symptoms, homeopathic remedies Sepia, Oleum Jac, Sabina, and Calcarea Carb may help treat your concerns of weight gain, excess hair growth, and heavy bleeding. However, only an assessment by a homeopath can help finalize a suitable prescription.

  31. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am obese with irritable mood, anger and mood swings- depression, need of isolation, feeling unworhy and hating myself and others, to being happy, cheergul, expressing love. Mostly abdominal fat. I crave for sweets, fast food and unhealthy snacks and drinks. I have PCOS.

    What combination of remedies should I take, please?

  32. Dr.Hina Sk says:

    Hi ,since my puberty the menses is I m 31 ,have 1 miscarriage of about 26 weeks (during pregnancy lots of mood swings, BP is 140/90 and always depressed) After miscarriage I having post partum depression like fear of death , happiness. I also have hypothyroidism.please suggest me the medicine for pcod and infertility
    I am also a BHMS doctor but I can’t understand which medicine suits me I am a healthy person weight is 76kg and lots of acne on my face .

  33. Sir,

    my daughter has PCOD problem and a cyst in right ovary measuring 24*21 mm. Please suggest me is it cured 100% in homeopathy and advice me what to do.

    • Hello Rashmi, PCOD comes under the treatable parameters in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines can help dissolve the cyst over a period of time. A consultation with a homeopathic physician is recommended.

  34. Farah Ibrahim says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma I’ve been suffering from hormone imbalance due to my PCOS since i was 14 years old. I am 23 years old now. I’ve always suffered from irregular periods,acne on my back and face and hyper pigmentation around my mouth, neck and underarms. please can you assist me thanks

  35. Ayesha Qureshi says:

    I suffer from Pcos. I was diagnosed last year. I am 26 years old. I have hormonal acne. I’ve noticed some hair around my chin and the hair on my head had thinned alot. I also gained 20 pounds. I was previously taking birth control but that made it extremely hard to lose weight. Now I am using metformin twice a day and controlling sugar in my diet. I want to know if there is a cure or way to balance the hormones and control pcos in homeopathy. Please let me know.

  36. Amandeep kaur says:

    Hlo, age 26 I have PCOD problem but I’m under weight.My right ovary volume 15cc with dominant follicle measuring 19mm and left ovary volume 12cc with multiple follicles at periphery .Coarse hair at my chin area and periods scanty for 2 days.
    Please guide me medicines.

  37. HI

    i AM Suffering from PCOD. Excessive weight gain, facial hair growth and periods only for one day.

    Plz suggest medicine.

  38. Hello sir my age 38y.i m suffering from overian cyst.
    Rt size 105×89×77mm
    Lt dize 38×33×30 mm & 19mm
    Suggest me medicine

  39. Naj Fatima says:


    My name is fatima. I am 27 years old unmarried girl. I have an issue in menstrual cycle for about 2 months… From 2 months menstrual cycle is not happened… I am worried because it was happen before when i was in school.please suggest me what should i do? My weight is also very light approx 40 kg and my height is 5 ft 2 inch. 2 years before i tested and fiagnose pcos …..really worried for my future.

  40. Hello Dr Sharma, I am 32 years old and i have bilateral PCOs. My periods are irregular (once in 2 or 3 months) and lasts for 4-5 days. I am also suffering from loss of hair. I have a son of age 3 and half year. i want to conceive again. I am taking metformin (cetapin xr 1500 mg ) per day. now I want to use homeopathy. please suggest me the best one for my case.

  41. Hello doctor my daughter whose age is 18 is suffering from pcos. She has cysts in ovary. Allopathic treatment was given 2 years ago but discontinued as she womitted as soon as medicine was given. Ayurvedic provided relief fo r some time but later failed. Now since 1year she did not have any period but symptoms appear every month like headache and nausea.she is also suffering from hairfall. Thyroid is normal but prolactin slightly up.she is also fat but only around her lower abdomen. Fond of eating ,sensitive,loving please suggest medicine for her.

  42. Hello Doctor,

    I have irregular menses which stops for a few days and restarts. I have developed acne on my face which are very painful, I am putting on weight and loosing hair from scalp

  43. I’m 26 and my husband and I have been trying for a few months now to get pregnant. A few visits to the doctor and blood work and I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have irregular periods every 2 months that last 5-7 days (sometimes if I haven’t had a period for an extended amount of time it can last up to a month). Irritable, hair growth on chin and lip, and hair loss on scalp. I also suffer anxiety and depression and rapid mood swings. I want to find something natural and holistic.

  44. My daughter is 21 and has had irregular, heavy and painful periods.

    She has seborrheic dermatitis and acne. The sd started when she was a teen ager and we keep it under control with apple cider vinegar, but the sd gets worse in the Fall months of the year, the acne became very strong when she turned 21.

    Last week she told me that she had 2 hairs on her chin. She has always had slight sideburns that I used to tell myself was due to her very dark hair on pale skin, but now I think that the sideburns are excess hair growth.

    She is sad and anxious all the time.

    She has started to gain weight.

    She has a very strong odor that started when she was 20. If she takes a bath in apple cider vinegar the odor goes away but it comes back.

  45. Mihaela Simion says:

    Good afternoon Dr Sharma,

    I found yor site by chance, looking for a homeopath remedy on PCOS my daughter fights with. She is 25 years old, married and they try to conceive( had an abortion few months ago). More than 4 years ago she went through of a stressful period and her menses stopped for a while and then she went for several investigation and the diagnostic was PCOS( not sure if both ovaries are affected). She has regular menses now but she is concerned about the cysts and risk of infertility. She is slim, eats healthy( not much exercise though), does not drink alcohol, does not smoke. Forgot
    to mention that she suffered of dust mites allergy as an infant and we followed various treatments until asthma crysis stopped. Can you please advise what can be done? She suffers of mood swing, irritability, painful memses.
    Thank you and looking forward for receiving your response!
    Mihaela Simion

  46. Anup Pal chowdhury says:

    My Wife is suffering with pcos. We have no baby want to take baby but her egg is not rapturing. She is 30 years of old. Period regular but small quantity. Plz help how her egg is healthy and rapturing fast

  47. Doc
    This Is for my daughter whose periods which are irregular. They appear once in 2months and each cycle lasts over 20 to 25 days. Low HB, weight gain, irritability, fatigue sets in. Heavy clotting. She is 16 yes now.
    All tests are normal including thalassemic tests.
    She went hormone treatment but again same problem persists.
    Pls advise.

  48. Sakuntala Dutta says:

    My daughter is suffering from PCOD. She is under Allopathy treatment for six months which ended in February 2018. But the same symptoms is repeating again. Allopathy treatment was done by administering Krimson 35 tablets on every month which is a contraceptive. Please advice whether PCOD is controllable /curable by Homeopathy.

  49. Amandeep kaur says:

    I’m 26year-old, I have scanty periods for only 2days , I have coarse hair at my chin area and also increasing the growth of hairs on body and face. I have headache problem on regular basis and I feel heaviness in my upper abdomen .My both ovaries show multiple peripheral follicle measuring upto 4.6 mm in diameter.Please please please help me

  50. concerned mother says:

    Dr . Sharma,
    My daughter is 13 years old and diagnosed with PCOS. In the last 8 months she had only 2 scanty menses. She is very unhappy about not being able to have a normal menstrual cycle.

  51. I have PCOS problem for many years now. I am 29 yrs old. I am 5.3 ft in height and 51 kg in weight. But now recently i put on weight on my stomach. Though i still weigh 51 kg. Allopathic Dr has given me Dian 35. But now i am getting married and want to see if homeopathy can help.
    I have prolonged gaps in periods. 3 to 4 months. I have facial hair on my upperlip and jawline. I also have hair on my stomach.
    My thyroid tests are normal. My sugar test is also normal. My testosterone levels are little high.

  52. Hi Dr Sharma,
    im suffering from infertility from last 10yrs, having PCOD with acne and hair fall at the time of starting of prriod. My AMH is also low and have poor quality of eggs. Kindly suggest medicine for PCOD and improving egg quality.

  53. hello doctor
    i am 21 yrs old . i was diagnosed with pcos 3 yrs back. i was prescribed diane 35 , glyciphage 500mg and aldactone 50mg. i took them for 2.5 yrs . i had symptomatic relief but then i switched to homeopathy from last 4 months. i stopped all the allopathic medicines. now i have a massive acne breakout and tremendous hairfall. plz help me out.

  54. komal teware says:

    Will theze medices permanantly cure pcos?? Or just only during medicine period the menses will be regular??

  55. Angelica Jaiswal says:

    Hello doc ,
    I am suffering from PCOS issue request you plz help me to over come this . With the best treatment.


  56. Akhil kumar jain says:

    My daughter suffering from pcod. What we should do.l am in delhi

  57. Sheetal shinde says:

    Ma’am I’m sheetal of age 37 I’m suffering from weight gain problem I want to cut down 10kgs of my weight I was having thyroid in 2014 n gut rid of it in 15 by naturopathy n my one ovary is removed in 2010due to oopramacy but my cycles r regular now n I have 2kids also n bleeding is also normal till I got thyroid I was thin with65kgs but now I’m 77 can u pos help me cutting down my weight in 1 month coz I have my brothers marriage in next month ending .
    thnx n regards

  58. Alina Benin says:

    I’m 38 years old female with 2 kids but I want to have another child
    Recently I was diagnosed with PCOS
    I’m looking for treatment
    Please let me know if you can help
    Thank you Alinabenin

  59. Sana Aleem says:

    Aoa ! Dr i want to discus my disease . I have a problem of delayed periods and excess facial hair. Periods are irregular from start. My age is 24 yrz and weight is 50 kg. Hairs on chin and on sides of. I got these excessive hair 3 years ago . cheeks I am married 2 months ago . I got tuberculosis disease 6 years ago. I want to conceive soon . Please suggest homeopathic medicine plz.

  60. Hello sir,
    Am shweta 23 year old, not married. I havee pcod problm. Irregular period, Growing un wanted hairs on face. . & incresing weigh also. Hight 5’1 nd weight 80 kg is there any best solution for hemeo pathic?
    How is the result of this sir. . . Pls inform me sir

  61. Hi Dr
    I have got married three yrs back so far I don’t have child. I have problem that poor ovaries.
    Kindly do the needful ssir

  62. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 40 year old woman. I have suffered from PCOS from very early. I was a skinny youngster. My weight problems started in puberty. I am now 35 pounds overweight, specifically around my belly. I am 185 pounds for a 5’6” height. I have terrible acne, facial hair and hair loss on my head and was diagnosed with cysts in my teens. Can you recommend anything?

  63. Harsha Shroutu says:

    My sixteen yr old daughter suffers from PCOS ,having prolonged miss periods and hair growth on upper lips,chin region and lower back , she is Five feet and her weight is 67 advise

  64. I am 25 and gettong acne in dis age ?.is dere any chance that i can cought pcod?
    What types of precautions do i need to take ?
    I am already taking treatment for acnes in homeopathy.pls answer



    • TO DR.Sharma

  66. Anil kumar pandey says:

    My daughter is suffering from PCOS since last 10 years
    She is overweight
    Please suggest whether it is curable and can she loose her weight?

  67. ashwini reddy says:

    Hai Dr. sharma garu i have facing chronic pcod pblm .will u give good medicine for pcod and migraine. i have used soooo many medicines in homeo ,allopathy and patanjali.i was vexed .

  68. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant for the second time. We used acupuncture the first time around and I got pregnant in 3 months. We are in month 2 of acupuncture and I’d love to also use homeopathy. Before the first baby I had high testosterone and low progesterone. I haven’t been able to have my levels checked this time around. But we are assuming they are similar with some high estrogen too. What are some remedies that would help?

    Thank you,
    Jill Hall

  69. Hi Dr..My name is Safia . I m 35 yrs of age married for 6 yrs and don’t have kids. suffering from endometriosis from 2 years.cyst size 70×80mm .My weight is 58kg and height 5.2. I have very irregular periods. From 3 months menses have not occurred..Plz suggest me the medicines in homeopathy.

  70. Hepburn Elias says:

    My daughter is 25 years old and suffers from pcos.
    most of the those symtoms occur with her illness.
    I would like to find something to help her deal with bladder pain, depression,and irregular menstration cycle. Maybe help her with fertility problems.

  71. Dr,
    My daughter 15 yrs old has pcod.i m very sad to hear can escape my daughter from this?pls help me

  72. Doctor I thought that I am suffering with pcos because I read some symptoms in an article..
    Excessive hair growth on chin and upper lips, Weight gain, Hairfall, Irregular menses like it cames early from my period date, Red acne on my face,
    I am also suffering with lack of sleep, hunger and thirst , Weakness..
    Pls suggest me some good medicines.
    My age is 45.

    • Hepburn Elias says:

      My daughter is 25 years old and suffers from pcos.
      most of the those symtoms occur with her illness.
      I would like to find something to help her deal with bladder pain, depression,and irregular menstration cycle. Maybe help her with fertility problems.

  73. Hello Dr. Sharma
    My medical history is as follows:
    1. Have a 9yrs old daughter in 2008
    2. Miscarriage in 2012
    3. Again conceived in 2015 March but my gynecologist made me deliver the child in july as she declared that the child is anencaphaly.
    4. Irregular and veey less quantity periods ..
    5. Detected gallstones in 2016 march and so got removed.
    6. Irregular and minute quantity periods since then till date.
    I have been taking alopathy medicines since almost 2yrs to regularize my periods but nothing is helping me out.
    I am 36 yrs now and wanting a second baby.
    So kindly guide me is there any medicine in homeopathy which can help me out..


  74. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have PCOD, resulting in irregular menses, weight gain. I was taking alopathic medicine but still problem of irregular menses is not solved. I feel exhausted and deprived sleep. Irritable mood.
    I have one child of five years. Now want to plan for second. But the ovulation is not fixed.
    Please help me out.

  75. Rubyr Rodrigues says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Seeing your web page by fluke is like an answer to a mother’s prayer….
    My daughter, 25 years, has been diagnosed with PCOS. Her symptoms are:
    A. Hair fall in plenty especially in the middle.
    B. Sudden weight gain since a year. She used to work as an Air hostess for an International Airline, but lost her job due to over weight.
    C. Irregular mensuration cycle.
    D. Pimples near nose and chin area during menstruation.
    E. Abnormal hair growth over the upper lip, chin and under the chin area.
    F. Pressure when taken comes normal.
    G. Check for Thyroid always shows normal, no diabetes.
    H. Trying to loose weight with healthy eating (mostly on veggies diet) but still gaining weight.
    I. Loves and has cravings for sweet foods but has to resist for fear of diabetes and weight gain.
    J. Very moody, especially mornings and has a bitter attitude that life has not treated her fairly.
    K. Where do we get the homeopathy medicines that you will recommend for her, in UK?
    L. She’s tried allopathy birth control pills and some other pills but it has side effects. Please advise.

    Thanking you in anticipation!
    Ruby Rodrigues.

    • Hi Rubyr,

      I also suffer from the same issues. I also feel life is meaningless for me.
      On top of this I have multiple other Problems as well.

      I have tried Homeopathy medicines and they really worked for me.
      I didnt continue the treatment though.

      I recommend you to start Homeopathy.
      It will atleast minimize the Problems.

  76. I’m suffering from pcos… with great problem of cyst acne and scanty periods… my date of period iss regular but mood swings are there… in very much worried about my skin…due to acne.. I’m married and hv one baby…

  77. I am recently being diagnosed with pcod.. my weight is 97 kg and 33 years old .i crave salt in my food..I hate winters.i am trying to conceive.please help

  78. My daughter is suffering from pcod.age 5.4,she has this problem since 7/8 years.unmarried.irreggular periods,baldness on front side of forehead.major problem of hair.please suggest some remedy, medicine.

  79. Cristal Hammond says:

    I was told when I was 14 I had pcod. I have always had acne on my face and back, and very rarely have a period. When I do, it’s only of small amount and lasts only a day or so. I have had implants for 7 years now but the last one I got in caused me a serious amount of pain and confusion. I would like to also get a fertility check as I am worried that mine could be seriously low or non exsistent.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  80. Nandini Sharma says:

    Hello Sir , my name is nandini sharma iam 25 year old unmarried girl, sir my major problms is
    scanty period, low flow,irregularity ,
    hair falling,
    weight gain,
    acne and pimples on face , breast and back,
    please sir suggest a homeopathic effective medicine.

  81. Reema Bansal says:

    Im 50 years old, I have hair on my chin nd face and my weight is 67 kg . My stomach also doesn’t get clear. My hair have also thinned and have fallen greatly. I’m gaining weight inspite of a healthy diet. I do not know what problem I am facing, but it is sure something to do with hormones. Pls suggest.. thanks

  82. Amandeep kaur says:

    Hello sir .i am suffer from pcod for two years.i concieve with ccq 50 mg in first month but miscarrage after two weeks. After i again concieve in first month with ccq but miscarrage aftet 3 month.regular periods but thyroid prob. no weight gain. How can i concieve

  83. My name is zara iam suffering from pcod my period late are late last date of my period is 4 nov but 4 dec period not come now today is 27 dec but period not come i have facial hair on my face pimples also and weight gain also so please tell me best medecine for me for weight lose pimples and pcod or facial hair on my face reply me as soon as possible. Thankyou

    • My name is zara iam suffering from pcod my period late are late last date of my period is 4 nov but 4 dec period not come now today is 27 dec but period not come i have facial hair on my face pimples also and weight gain also so please tell me best medecine for me for weight lose pimples and pcod or facial hair on my face reply me as soon as possible. Thankyou

  84. Sajanipriya g says:

    Sajanipriya g I’m having pcod problem for past 5yrs,im not having children, I’m having hair all over my face

  85. Saloni jaiswal says:

    Sir mere dono ovary me cycts k chote chote dane h nd mujhe uski wajah se obesity nd skin blacking ki v prblm ho rhe h .mjhe kun si dwa lene chahey aur kitne power ki nd ar ky ky precaution lene chahey.plz hlp

  86. Dear Dr.

    My wife is suffering from pcos. We are trying for baby for last 1 and half years. But no success even after alopathy treatment of it.

    Can you please help us?

    Sudip Kundu.

  87. Hello Dr.
    I m suffering from pcod.I have problems of acne, weight gain,scanty period ,skin rashes on my body.I m losing my facial Beauty due to acne.I m feeling depression due to above-mentioned reasons.
    So,dr please suggest me how to cure pcod by homeopath.I m eagerly waiting your reply.

  88. irregular periods and pcos ….
    not conceived with two years married
    suggest homeo medicine with usees detail plz

    • Hey Doc,
      I’m having pcos since quite some time (12 to 14yrs). I have been having hormones off and on with glucophage. And I have gained a lot of weight, which is difficult to shed. I can’t have periods naturally. Unwanted hair is another problem! Kindly guide me through, though I have started having sepia 30,but I believe it would work better in combination with some other homeopathic med.
      Waiting for your reply…..

      • I’m suffering from pcos… with great problem of cyst acne and scanty periods… my date of period iss regular but mood swings are there… in very much worried about my skin…due to acne.. I’m married and hv one baby…

  89. I was diagnosed with insulin resistant PCOS almost 2 years ago. I was wondering what would be best for me with these symptoms:
    Excessive body hair
    Weight gain
    I am currently taking:
    Metformin 1000mg per day
    Vitamin D
    Thank you!

  90. Good morning dr my wife suffered from pcod problem. Due to this reason her egg don’t mature at time pain more during period no conceiving baby after 5 year plz guide we

  91. Kimberly Estep says:

    I suffer with PCOS and I have the following issues:
    Weight Gain
    Thinning Hair
    Excessive Body Hair

    I am an active person. I coach 2 sports. I get about 6-7 hours of sleep per day. I drink about 1/2 gallon of water per day. I eat low fats and high fiber foods, consuming less than 15o0 calories per day.
    Here is the list of vitamins and supplements I am on.
    Fish Oil 1200g x4 (Cholesterol)
    Women’s Mulitvitamin
    Chromium 1000mg
    Glucosamine and Condroitin (joints)
    Melatonin 10 mg
    Inositol 500 mg
    Red Yeast Rice (Choloesterol) 600 mg

    Any suggestions in what I can do to boost my ability to alleviate my symptoms? I think my main goals is to be able to lose more weight as I know that can help me lessen my symptoms.

  92. Beulah Grace. says:

    Hello Sir.
    I’m suffering with PCOS. I’ve symptoms of irregular menses, severe pain in the region of abdomen & back during menses, unwanted hair growth and acne. Kindly suggest the best homeopathic remedies for my problem. Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  93. Hello. I had been taking Pulsatilla and Sulphur Q till about a month ago. I used to have regular painless periods which lasted for about three to five days. Since last month, my period is extending for more than 10 days. It has been more than 10 days this month and I haven’t stopped bleeding yet. I’m 18 and overweight. Kindly help asap.

  94. rajesh kumar says:

    My wife suffering from hyperprolectinemya as well as pcod problem from 2011. She is suffering continuous slow headache pain too. Already treated from RML hospital. I would like to know medicine for above said. Can possible any treatment in homeopathy?

  95. Sanjeevani says:

    I am a 32y old female suffering from PCOS for the last 5 years. All my hormone levels are normal, avg weight and height. USG normal but AmrH levels reveal several immature follicles. No maturation of follicles leads to anovulation and no period. Please help me ovulate.

  96. suRaj Jaiswal says:

    I feel guilty bcoz my friends mocking me it’s cause my height.My height is 5.1feets & it’s time too late because my age is 20 & some months .
    (My financial condition normally bad) I need ur help if u can I will never forget u

  97. Raksha Rai says:

    Hey , can i get your medicines onlune

  98. Fariha haque says:

    অামার বিয়ের ৭ বছর পার হলো।আমার বতর্মান বয়স ৩০ বছর।বিয়ের ১ বছর পর থেকে বাচ্চা নিতে চেষ্টা করছি কিন্তু হয় না। পরে অনেক এলোপ্যাথী চিকিৎসক দেখানোর পরে জানা যায় আমার pcos । ডাঃ ল্যাপরোসকপি করার পর বলেন বাম পাশে র ওভোরি ব্লক হয়ে আছে cyste. ডান পাশের টা ভালো আছে।মাসিক এর সময় খুব ব্যাথা হয়। আমি baby নিতে চাই কিন্তু ডাঃ বলেছেন টেস্ট টিউব নিতে। হোমিওপ্যাথীতে কি কোন চিকিৎসা আছে?

  99. Alpana Ghosh says:

    Hello doctor,
    I hadbeen married since march 2017. My husband went to abroad nd now i m alone. After that i came to kolkata from i dont have any period since sept.we always use protection. I dont know the place change is d reason or what…some times i became very depressed with my husband or family mood always changing.most of d time it negtv…my weight tummy incressing beause of fat..please help…i want my period…

  100. Hello Doctor I have skinny androgenic pcos, irregular periods, sometimes no periods for 6-8 months, but flow is good, hirustism(thick hair on chin and neck), alopecia(thinning hair, breaks easily), prediabetic, constipation, low appetite, i’m very skinny, light skin with dark hyperpigmentation on chin area, all back side, groin, bum, feet, and hands. Ultrasound shows no cysts. Please tell me what medicine to take.

  101. Lidia Teixeira says:

    Hello Doctor ,
    I have unilocular clear cyst in left ovary measuring 5.2 x 4.3 cm and I get pain in left ovary and also backside. Sometimes I get pain in my left thigh and foot area too. Am having this cyst for the past 6 years. I was not getting any pain that time. But this year since the size has increased am getting pain every month only on some days. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine to dissolve my cyst in left ovary.

  102. Srinivas rao says:

    Sir, do you have clinic in Chennai. Please provide address and also visiting hours timings.

  103. Shahidaansar says:

    Hello sir im allopathic doc want pcos treat ment for pcod .Name of homeopath medicine for pcos combination of sepia pulsiteela and natrum more for irregular scanty periods with obesity

  104. Hello sir .

    I need ur help . My wife’s age is 26 and her weight is 70 kg nd height 5.5 inch .she is suffering from pcos. She has facial hair and irregular mensus. We married from 2 years and we ttied for pregnancy since 6 months. But she is not conceived. Please help us out . Is sepia medisne works in this situation ?
    Seeking for your valuable reply.

  105. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have read this article with great interest and would just like to know if it makes sense to self-medicate these. I only suffer from acne and after trying so many things I believe it is the PCO which causes this.
    I would love to treat both- acne and the cysts- to get rid of them once and for all.
    I have used homeopathy for the last 10 years and would just like some advise as to whether I could get these remedies and start the treatment myself.
    Thank you

  106. Kailas Gharat says:

    Hi, I have consulted a homeopathic doctor for my wife , doctor has told us that she has pcod from physical observations, is there any test to confirm it
    Kailas Gharat

  107. Alina zulfiqar says:

    My sister has 4 to 5mm follicles in both the ovaries, married 4 yrs, can’t conciev, gaining weight, depression, low BP. Plzzzz suggest some help.

  108. My wife is having pcod and abnormal hair growth. Also having high bp and depression. Kindly advice treatment as soon as possible

  109. I am 32 years old and i have cysts is both ovaries with irregular period, heavy flow and long duration.Please suggest.

  110. RAJA RAVI VERMAN says:

    My wife is having pcos in how many days it can cured

  111. Im 26 year old un married girl, and I am suffering from pcos but with normal insulin levels…doctor says my ovaries are weak, work slowly and weak ovulation, I want to get rid of obesity, my weight is 99 kg, extra fat around belly and buttocks, I really want to loose my weight, please help… sometimes I have salt cravings, sensitivity from sun light and hot, dont like cold air, extremely mood swings, anger and weeping, sadness, different behaviour with my loved ones, slightly increased TSH level, absent periods for 3 to 4 months…but I take birth control pills to regulate my menstural cycle…please suggest me homeopathy medicines with dosage, and my doctor recommended glucophage and aldactone

  112. i have mild pcos till date my periods were regular from past few months its was only for 2-3days. its the first time its delayed by 15days. i dnt have the scanning report but i have blood test report for hormones like and the ratio of LH/FSH is high. symptoms- lot of hairs on face, chin, neck, chest, overweight, hairloss and hair thining, acne and feel fatigue often. I have heard alot about thuja 200c and sepia 200c bought these medicines but i am not sure about the doses . what is the recommend doses for thuja and sepia also if any other medicine is recommend then please write. i also want to loose my weight and maintain the hormonal balance

  113. Hi,

    I think that I am suffering from PCOS. I recently stopped my birth control after being on it for 17 years and I am experiencing significant weight gain. I have gained about 12 lbs in 40 days. I feel swollen and uncomfortable in my stomach.
    My mom and my sister both have PCOS so I am thinking that I have it. What can I do? I am so frustrated by this.

  114. Hi iam suffering from pcod and i knw homeopathy medicne can cure can i contact u.n want to knw ur adress

  115. Hi ,
    I suffer from pcod and and i have cysts in both thr ovaries . It’s been 3yrs of my marriage and i am trying to conceive now .. i have thick facial hair on chin almodt like beard and increased facial hair all over the face but thin as compared to chin .
    My height is 5’7″ and weight is 74kg
    My perios are irregular . When they come they won’t stop on thier own in timr or if leave without medicibe it may go for 15 20days ..
    Thry come with the gap of 2 months 3 months sometimes its not fixed
    Plz help
    As i want to conceive early and my facial hair is also a major concern
    I am already undergoing allopathic treatment

    • Dr.Ebad ur rehman tariq says:

      You should use homoepathic medicines pulsatilla200.every 4th say 5 drops in water onece a day. Sepia 30 thrice a day.calcaria carb30.and calcarea flur.6x.thrice daily. For 4 to 6 months.

  116. Manoj Kumar says:

    Hello doctor my daughter is 16 year old and detected PCOS (8-9 cyst in both ovary) since last three years. she is 5 feet tall and have 53 kg weight. She has delayed and painful menses. Kindly suggest medicine for cure.

  117. Hi!Doctor I really need something to cure my pcos and hypertension as I m just 21yrs old .Plz help me

  118. Palany Muniandy says:

    Dr. Sharma very good morning. I have a patient here due to cancer 4th stage of tumor in the ovary . In the hospital unable to remove due to all over body has speared. According to Doctor cannot removed at moment. Now under Chemotherapy completed 2nd time. What shall we give under homeopathy medicine? Kindly to be adviced.
    Thank you,

  119. Good morning Sir
    I am suffering from pcos from last 14 yrs. The size of cyst is 47mm×47mm in rt.ovary.No effect of Allopathic medicine.4 yrs complete of marriage. Wants to concieve.very irregular periods. Wt should i do?

  120. Where do you buy this in the United States?

  121. Sir I m having excessive hair growth all over body .
    And acne on face , dark black brown spots on cheeks . small breat flat loose, now hair growth became like male what to do ultrasound report there is pcod .what to do .

    • Hello doctor, I have been diagnosed with pcod. I have gone through various treatments. Currently I m on homeopathic medicine, however, I don’t have periods. I had my period in the month of April. I want to regularise periodic cycle and get rid of pcod. I want to conceive after marriage. Please help.

      • Hello doctor, I have been diagnosed with pcod. I have gone through various treatments. Currently I m on homeopathic medicine, however, I don’t have periods. I had my period in the month of April. I want to regularise periodic cycle and get rid of pcod. I want to conceive after marriage. I have extra hair growth on upper lip n chin. I gain weight easily. I m 34 years old, 5.4″, 61 kg. I had multiple cysts in ovary . I had ultra sound done 3 years back. I have oily, pimply face. I have large pores in face due to excessive acne in the age of 20-30. I want to get treated well. Please help.

  122. Mukta anand says:

    Hi I m mukta .I m 21.I was diagnosed with multiple cysts in ovaries varying from 5-7 mm.I have high bp .Serum cholesterol is 170 .Fasting sugar is 82.I m 5’7″ and 70 kgs .Endocrinologist has prescribed me tsart trio for high bp and metformin 1000 mg .Since last sixth months my cycle is regular without ocp’s .I have lost 15 kgs too.I really want to get rid of my high bp nd cysts .Can all dis be cured?I m very stressed.Regards

  123. Hello sir..
    I am 23 yr old girl… I have the problem of PCOS.. In that my periods are not regular… Means it doesn’t comes until i have external harmones like.. Divery.. Otherwise it doesn’t comes ever… And because of that… I am feeling tensed always..
    Please help me in telling me the name of the homeopathic medicines… So that i can go for that…

  124. hello sir,
    m 25 yr old unmarried gal.Dr. says dat i hv periods r irregular since it started.nw i m waitng 4 periods its nt occurng last for 3 mnts,my hair is fallng too mch, i hv acne prblm n exssessiv hairs on my bdy.i vry emotional prsn, eaisily get nervous,havng low cnfidnce,i get anxiety n stressful digestion is low most of d tym,my hands n legs get cold wenevr weathr turns cool, i m thin also.
    sir plz suggest me permanent solution of pcod.i want regular menses in tym n cnceive easily aftr getng married. hlp me…..

  125. Dear doctor….iam 41 years old…my period is very irregular from this year. I have bulky uterus and fibroid problems along with endometriosis. My hair fall is a lot and I gain a lot of weight. But my thyroid is ok as shown in the test. I feel dizzy a lot and sometimes I have cold feet. Plz help e with the right med. Thankyou.

  126. Hello Dr.
    I’m 25 year old unmarried girl. I have PCOS, my menses are irregular since the beginning, lasts for 2 days maximum with very low blood flow. I have extreme hairfall problem, due to which i have lost my confidence.My hair growth is very very slow. I gain wait very fast but no thyroid detection. My digestion system is very low. I have very dry skin and frizzy hair but face is oily. I feel extreme cold. My eyes, face and body get swollen in fast fan.
    Please suggest, what should i do?

  127. jannati akter says:

    Hello Doctor
    My menstruation problem from 2002
    My age is 34
    i have pcos and right tube block
    my menstruation is irregular it remain stopped for 2to 3 month when it started it is continuously bleeding and stopped by medicine I am trying to conceive for 7 years but failed i take allopathick medicine and Chinese medicine

  128. Joyce Abu jawde says:

    Hello doctor
    I have pcos
    My period very painful
    But regular between 24 to27 days each time
    My hair falling too much
    I gain weight very easy
    I have water retention always
    I have food malabsorption
    I have very low circulation
    I feel cold too much
    What is the best homeopathic treatment
    To be healed as soon as possible

  129. Hi Sir,
    I am 33 years and married. I have been this facing disorder for last 20 years. I never had a regular period. I took so many medicines but neither of them worked as a permanent solution. I do not have kids because I fail to conceive. I am suffering from hypertension, acne, facial and body hair. If you please help me with this. I am sick of the taking contraceptive pills to regulate the periods, excessive bleeding that may last for 30-40 days, and sometimes just spotting or no bleeding at all. 🙁

  130. Hello Dr.
    This is varsha, (unmarried) em 26 now & suffering from many diseases
    2013 me mujhe High Blood pressure ke reason se hospital me admitted karwaya gaya jaha reports se pata chala ki mujhe cronical kidney disease he reason doctor bata Nahi paye ki kyu ye problem hui he usi time ultrasound se pata chala ki mujhe polycrystic ovaries he. Uske bad se main daily BP ki amplopine 5mg ki medicine le rahi hu, aur 3- 5 months pcos ke ilaaz bad gyne ne bola ki ovaries ka yhi pattern h ye hamesha ke lie Thik nhi Ho sakti. Aur sare parhej Karne ke bawjood bhi mujhe 2014 me thyroid (hypothyroid) ho gaya,aur iski bhi medicine me tab se leri hu. Doctor mera weight control he ab but periods 4-5 months me aate he.
    Plz meri help kariye

  131. Akhtar Ali says:

    It is realy a good observation and advice regarding PCOS and its peculiarity

  132. Sayani chakraborty says:

    My husband and me trying to conceive from last Nov16-feb17 but when no result we went for a o/g doctor and she did usg and said I have pcod.aftr treamnt of pcod on feb17-march17 medicine stops and both of us separated for his transfer.march17-apr17 my periods ws norml in time but after that periods not come in a regular way..I went for anothr o/g doctr she gave me nortas Cr 15.and periods came on may17 aftr 42days..this time same factr.36days running but periods not yet to

  133. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am having PCOS from 1 year. I tired alopathy treatment but nothing much is happened.
    Now I am not getting my periods without medicines, I got unwanted hair on upper lips, excess hair growth on hands and legs. I Don’t have pimples but I get 1 or 2 pimples maximum easily whenever I go outside in pollution.
    I heard that homopathy can cure PCOS and excess hair growth with out any side effects so I want to know which homopathy medicine will suits me?, how do I take them? , is there any precautions while having homeopathy medicine?
    I Also started taking physiotherapy , I got to know by people around me that physiotherapy also helps in curing PCOS….
    PLEASE give me your precious advice.

    • Hello Dr Sharma, I m 26 yr old and have cyst in ovaries,doctor said that I have pcos .my mense is regular only 4-5 days delay or sometimes come earlier ,,but I have sever hair fall from 8 months and also some pimples basically blackheads on my face ,,,my weight is normal but bally is fatty ,I m taking homeopathy medicines but no effect found ,plz Dr suggest me any homeopathy medicine which can treat my severe hairfalll. I m waiting for your suggestions.

      • jannati akter says:

        Hello Doctor
        My menstruation problem from 2002
        My age is 34
        i have pcos and right tube block
        my menstruation is irregular it remain stopped for 2to 3 month when it started it is continuously bleeding and stopped by medicine I am trying to conceive for 7 years but failed i take allopathick medicine and Chinese medicine

  134. I am an unmarried girl,age 23,I am healthy.I have irregular menstral cycle.I have Polysystic ovarian issue.I want to have a homeopathic remedy for the issue.If you kindly suggest me something ,I will be thankful to you.

  135. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’m a 17 years old girl who has irregular menses since I got my first period. I was 14 years old when I got my first menstruation. Sometimes I don’t menstruate 2 or 3 months. They always come delayed. It’s very irregular. My shortest cycle is 33 days and my longest is 90 days. My average cycle is 46 days. When I menstruate my back and stomach just hurt a little bit. I don’t have painful menses and my blood colour is just normal red. I bleed normally, not too much blood loss and not too less. I’m slim and I’m quite tall. My weight is 49 kg and my height is 1.70 m

    Recently I went to the gynecologist because I am worried about my irregular menses. She told me about PCOS and told me the symptoms. She said that if I have 2 of the 3 following symptoms I MIGHT have PCOS:

    1. less than 8 menstruations per year.
    2. Acne OR excess of hair growth OR excess testosteron in blood
    3. presence of multiple cysts in ovaries

    I menstruate less than 8 times per year and have facial acne. So I basically have 2 of the 3 symptoms. But my acne isn’t really that bad. My pimples started a year ago. Some days it’s worse than other days. Like now I don’t really have many pimples on my face. I also did a blood test and the results were totally fine, no excess of testosteron in my blood or cholesterol or anything.

    The gynecologist did an EXternal ultrasound and she couldn’t see anything. She asked me to do an INternal ultrasound, but I didn’t wanted to do it. She said that it’s not necessary, maybe when I get older. But because I have 2 of the 3 symptoms I MIGHT have PCOS. But it’s not sure because she couldn’t see the excess of cysts in my ovaries when she did the EXternal ultrasound. She couldn’t see anything on that ultrasound… But because I have 2 of the 3 symptoms I probably have PCOS.

    What should I do? Please help me!!! Give me some advice on medication or actions to be taken. I’m worried.

    Thank you.

  136. sikha sarkar says:

    Hi I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009. I suffer from weight gain and excessive body hair growth. What natural remedies would you recommend.

  137. I am taking homeopathic medicine for pcos…. What types of food should I take? Shall I follow paleo diet while taking this medicine

  138. Saakshi Bhatia says:

    I am having a problem of scanty periods and acne for over a year now.. My acne are itchy and put filled. Suggest what medicine should I take n what power…

  139. Neha rai says:

    I get my periods after 45days .i have gained almost 12kgs in six years due to harmonal thyroid test are negative.please advice me medicine to regulate my periods n to get rid of obesity

  140. babal jeet says:

    Hlo i am 17 years old and was diagnosed with pcos and endometrosis hyperplasis and having painful menses

  141. Sumayyah AL-Baidhani says:

    Hi I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014. I suffer from weight gain and excessive body hair growth. What natural remedies would you recommend.

  142. Kiran Chawla says:

    Hello sir
    I’m suffering from pcod and diabetes due to which I am unable to conceive. I want to undergo treatment for the same. It’s been 3 years.

  143. sushmita says:

    i have PCOS… plz suggst me some effective homeopathy medicine

    • Manjinder kaur says:

      I am 30 year. I am suffering from pcod. Pls help me and suggest homopethy medicine.
      Thank you sir

  144. Subrata Paul says:

    My daughter is suffering from PCOS with excessive hair growth on leg,on upper lip,
    Menstruation 30-35 days gap,profuse.
    Body bulky,acne problem,severe hair loss.
    Eating habit repeatedly take something or other,love boiled egg.scalp too oily,with stubborn dandruff.Age- 19+
    Name-calling Tannita Paul

  145. Hi dr

    This is Jaya from.this side ,doctor i am.having polycystic ovarian disease .i want to know how it is curable and one thing in december i was pregnant but in feb i got misscarrage..and now my doc told to do U.S i did in that i got another disease pcod..please suggest m medicine i m.worried now how i will get pregnant .


  146. Hello dr
    Meri shadi ko 1yr 6 monts ho gye h. Shadi k 2 month s m pregnant ho gyi thi or4 weeks ki pregnancy kharab ho chuki h meri. Uss time meri DNC hui thi uske baad se mai conceive nhi kr pa rhi. Plz help me and suggest any medicine.

  147. dr.meera,s says:

    hai dr,sharma
    wonderful results in my clinical practice.

  148. Hello doctor

    Mujhe ultrasound karane per patalaga ki mujhe overeian syst hai . Doctors mujhe two year se medicine de rahe hai per medicine nahi lene per mujhe period three four month ke baad hota hai
    Kha aap mujhe koi medicine advice kare jo overeian syst ko banane hi na de aur mujhe very month period ho…….please help
    Mai abhi ek medicine le rahi hu jiska nama hai Intemacy plus 3 daily one tables…..

    I waiting u advise with medicine

  149. I m 38 years old married women. married for 4 years. didn’t conceive yet. diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. having scanty periods n weight is about 70 kg. swelling on abdominal area. blocked fallopian tubes from where they join uterus were also diagnosed. kindly suggest some Homeo madicine.

  150. i m 31 years married woman nd suffering from pcod 7 years…my weight is gaining continously…period are not come on time..can u suggest a best homeopathic medicine to cure pcod and control my weigbt gaining problen…

    i m from sangrur (punjab)

  151. Lelia Barrios says:

    Im in menopause and had a period with pcos.negative pain in sharp on the left,bloating,gas,pain down leg under chin.thin body.pain on sitting.

  152. pratima lokwani says:

    helo sir,
    m pratima.

    i m 21 years girl nd suffering from pcos since 4 years…my weight is gaining continously…period are not come on time..can u suggest a best homeopathic medicine to cure pcos and control my weigbt gaining problen…

    i m from bhopal(m.p.)

  153. Rajkishore Patel says:

    My daughter has pocs and having growth of hair in the chin. His cycle was irregular but after taking thuja and jacoris it is ok now. Pl suggest what edication will be better

  154. Hello!!!
    I am a 29 years old girl having a fiance. I have had number of Ipills to prevent unplanned pregnancy and had periods 2 times in 30 days. Now recently i am experiencing a sharp hitting type of periodic pain in my lower left waist side since past few days. Am really scared. Please help me with right course of Homeopathy medicines to help clean out the toxins and regenerate and make my ovaries and urethral system clean again.
    Looking forward to your kind assistance. Thank you.

    MISS X

  155. sarmistha bhattacharjee says:

    i m a pcod patient.i m 29yr old. what should i do for concieve? Lmp january 7th

  156. Monalisa says:

    my daughter is 14 yrs old . her mensrtuation starts every 2 to 3 months. its highly painful and lasts for about 5 to 6 days of heavy bleeding . in between the heavy mentrual cycle some of the menstrual cycles are scanty and begins with traces of blood and stops within a day. she gets nasty pimples all over her face specially around cheek and forehead her hairline is also receeding . she is gainin weight inspite of regular excercise. she is very sensitive and complains of stomach ache almost after every meal

  157. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 26 years old, I have been diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries with border line low volume. Right ovary is seen to slightly bigger ( volume 9mm) as compared to left ovary (8mm). I have regular periods and not over weight.
    However, i have thining scalp hair, which has drastically reduced over the years. I also have heavy hair on my body (Chest , Back, chin, face). I am currently on moral contraceptive which is not helping.

    Please suggest an effective Homeopathy medicine that i can start .


  158. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries with border line low volume. Right ovary is seen to slightly bigger ( volume 9mm) as compared to left ovary (8mm). Additionally i have thinking scalp hair, which has drastically reduced over the years. I also have hair on my body (Chest , Back, chin, face). I am currently on moral contraceptive which is not helping.

    Please suggest an effective Homeopathy medicine that i can start .


  159. rozy sharma says:

    good afternoon sir
    sir actually I am having PC OS
    all other tests are normal so I am having difficulty in getting pregnant
    my age is 26 and my weight is 74
    I was not too too much overweight in my childhood suddenly I got overweight so please help me and tell me what should I do sir to get pregnant

  160. Hi Doctor,
    I started my homeopathy medicines 2 months ago for pcod. After starting the medicines I have a lot of acne on my face which I did not have before the homeopathy medicines. Please let me know if this is expected and normal??

  161. Hi!! I am 21 years old and I am suffering from pics since 3 years..My periods are missing…By medicine I got periods nd all tym when I don’t get periods my breasts becomes heavy and it becomes painful so suggest me some medicine for permanent cure…

  162. tatu bearcroft says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am to soon write a paper for my studies looing at alternative therapeutics for PCOS Rx and I wondered if you can direct me to supporting scientific trials for Homeopathy so that I may substantiate my writings in the area.

    I would be very grateful for your assistance

    many thanks

    Tatu Bearcroft

  163. Hello Dr
    Myself ruchika I m unable to conceive pregnancy due to last 3 year my case is pcod due to several diagnosis multiple eggs occur and cycist problems my age is 35 my menses is abnormal so pls tell me best medcine to remove cycist and become pregnant my egg size is both 8 very small what I do sir for pregnancy

  164. Papiya Singh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    My name is Papiya Singh and Suffer from PCOS and all the symptoms from obesity, hair fall, facial hair growth, infertility and i am diabetic

    Please advise on which homeopathic medicine will help me im really desperate.

  165. Does homeopathic treatment for PCOD/PCOS include “contraceptive pills” also?

  166. Hina faisal says:

    Hye dr i m 33 and discovered after marriage that i have pcos and have miscarriage about a year a ago.. i feel depression all time and gaining weight facing facial growth .. its been 4 years i feel svere constipation and gas .. i cant travel in car or bus i feel headache and congestion and start weeping cannt sit without opening window… my hair have become thin and turning into white .. during periods i face a svere heavy periods and feel extreme weekness in my legs.. my skin is losing its glow and feel craving of eating sweet.. all the time i feel tired and emotional..pls suggesst a right medicine according to my symptoms… thanks

  167. Dr Asad Mustafa says: the left overy of my wife their is cyst and it is enlarged.periods are offenly one week ago.some times Period comes late. an other problem is headache from last 5 years.She is victim of neusa متلی every day.many times.heirs are select medicine.thanks.Asad pakistan

  168. KATHAKALI says:

    Hi, Doc I am suffering from PCOS near about 14 years. I am 5′ and weighted around 77.6 kg. I have tried to loose weight but with no results. I have tried alopathy medicine but tgse medicine have several side effects.
    MY PROBLEMS ARE-1) My hair became very thin and oily scalp.
    2) OILY SKIN
    3) ACNE
    However my period is normal. Please suggest me what to do?

  169. Hello Dr. Sharma my name sheetal, I am suffering by pcod since 3 year, my period irregular I can’t convince baby, I worry more about it,, please give me solution for it.

  170. I have pcod.I am just 36 but no periods without I get overcome from this disease.

  171. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    From the day 1 my sister got her periods, she is suffering from PCOS. She was treating with English medicine. They had 3 months course, 6 months course etc. We changed different doctors its more than 10years now, still she has not been cured with the problem. Hence for last 10years she was with English medicines. Last September 2016, she had got 3 kidney stones. Literally we all got frustrated and whole family became sad as she is facing continuously problem. Somehow we came to know about Homeopathy and in 2 months all 3 stones came out without any operation. Now the Homeopathy doctor has given medicines for PCOS as well. From December 2016, she has started off with the treatment. From December 2016 she has still not got her periods. So I felt little scared. But I have confidence with Homeo. Please tell me, if her periods problems will get solved soon? Can she conceive? And do we have to say all this problems to the guy whom she will be getting married?

    As her elder sister I’m sad on this part. Awaiting your response.

    Thank you.

  172. Dear sir
    Is PCOD curable.

    A PCOD patients are able to give birth or not.

  173. pooja kaillay says:

    Dear doctor sharma!i am 30yrs old and unmarried suffering from pcod.irregular and scanty mense.facial hair .my hight 5″1′ and weight 56kg.whats the best homeopathy treatment for parmanently cure this diease

  174. chithranjali nair says:

    dear Dr.sharma
    Am a PCOD patient and am just 22 year old. since 3 years am suffering from this condition and am very sad that my periords are not under homeopathy treatment and there has been better results.but i lost my last 2 months period and there has been a notable gain in my weight which i found in last weeks check up.. I have a craving towards junk food and swwets . pls help me to find a complete cure for this and help me to get my periods back!

    • chithranjali nair says:

      dear Dr.sharma
      Am a PCOD patient and am just 22 year old. since 3 years am suffering from this condition and am very sad that my periords are not under homeopathy treatment and there has been better results.but i lost my last 2 months period and there has been a notable gain in my weight which i found in last weeks check up.. I have a craving towards junk food and swwets . pls help me to find a complete cure for this and help me to get my periods back!

  175. HI Dr. I am suffering from pcos, my periods are irregular, plz suggest me correct homeo medicine

  176. surbhi Jain says:

    Hello Dr,

    I am 26 yrs old married. I am having polycystic ovary pbm since last September. I do not get my periods regular. Please suggest me what are the remedies for it?

  177. I had a lot of schysts.After homeopathy treatment I have only one functional schyst….But my hair growth on hand leg body is present now.Can u tell me sir plz how can I recover from this hair growth problem ????

  178. Jasjit manhas says:

    Dr. Meri age 52 years hai meri problem 2 years se hai ki mere period ek baar start ho jate hain to bina dava ke stop nahi hote kuch hi din main fir se start ho jate hain ilaj bahut karbaya hai test bhi sab ho Gaye hain dr. Bolti hain kuch darr Bali baat nahi hai thoda ovaries ka problem hai vo dava se thik ho jata hai aisa menopause ke karan bhi period irregular ho jate hain so Dr. Please reply dena ki aapke pass is problem Ka ilaj hai? Thanks

  179. Dr, im 23 years old. I have one son. Im suffering from pcod. My probem is that when i get my period, it doesnt stop within 7 days. Im bleeding for months. Please kindly get back to me and suggest me what medications i need to take.

  180. Nafiha kp says:

    Sir am 19 years old and and am suffering from pcos and unwanted hair growth in upperlips and irregular mensus and acne last of menarche was december 6th 2016…

    Can I know which are the medicines and how long it will take to cure this…..?

    • Dr, im 23 years old. I have one son. Im suffering from pcod. My problem is that when i get my period it doesnt stop within 7 days. Im bleeding fr months. Please kindly get back to me and suggest me what medication i need to take.

    • Dr, im 23 years old. I have one son. Im suffering from pcod. My problem is that when i get my period it doesnt stop within 7 days. Im bleeding fr months. Please kindly get back to me and suggest me what medication i need to take.

    • Barb Mele says:

      Hi Dr Sharma,
      My daughter (age 25) was diagnosed with PCOS when she was 14. She was put on Metformin
      at that time and lost weight and her periods were regular. She would like to take a holistic approach
      to her situation. What is the best natural suggestions you can give her.
      Thank you

  181. Nathan kp says:

    Sir am 19 years old and and am suffering from pcos and unwanted hair growth in upperlips and irregular mensus and acne last of menarche was december 6th 2016…

    Can I know which are the medicines and how long it will take to cure this…..?

    • Rudranshi says:

      Hello Dr sharma
      M 24 year old n m unmarried. Last year in may aftr check up n ultrasound Dr told me that m I hv few cysts in my both overy n m suffering from pcos. N she gave me birth control pills to regulate my irregular periods.
      Before this from 5-6 years I face the problem of irregular periods. From Last three years m facing problems of weight gain hair grouth on different parts of by body. Hair fall irregular periods and now main problem of stomach fat , its look lyk a pregnant lady have during pregnancy. I feel very bad. Whatever I do for weight loss , I loose fat from my all body parts but my stomach area bally fat never reduce. It makes me very upset n hopeless. Plzzz help me
      How can I cure from pcos. I took 3-4 tym birth controllpill course. Its not helpful to cure my problem.

  182. Dear doc .
    I am khan suman from Kashmir.i m suffering from pcos from many years .After having treatment I HV two kids.instead pcos has returned back to me.I did treatment again n again but all in vain.plz tell me what shud I effects my life very badly.havng acne ,Belly fat,mood fluctuations n hysteria also, tiredness..I usually go for a USG after completing my all phases of one month but nothing is working properly so that I can get rid of this disease.plz help me.if required I can Mai u my USG reports.

  183. dr suva chakraborty says:

    pcos, menses absent for 8 months

  184. Nasima Hajra says:

    Hi I have pcos don’t get periods
    Waht a baby

  185. Respected Dr. Sharma,

    According to my history, Thuja Occidentalis suits me but how it can be taken and how many times and mode and how many months to take to see the results. Kindly reply me on this.


  186. Avijit Ghosh says:

    My daughter(18 yrs) is suffering from PCOS as diagnosis by allopathic Doctor, accordingly taken medicines for nearly 2 1/2 yrs. But after stopping medicines on Dec 2016, No menstrual period occurs till date. I hereby seek advice for homeo medicine for remedy of irregular menses.
    Name of Medicines taken: 1 Sysron/fecostin 2/Martinor 5mg/Tonoferon SF/Diano 35/Febis/Normo 2/Chrominac A/Solte/ C pink/Harmoni F/
    Met PCO/Krimson 35.

  187. Kate Macrae says:

    Morena Dr Sharma

    My daughter is 16 years of age and for the past year has had irregular periods only getting them every two to three months. At the beginning of January (4th) she got her period after 3 months without it and we are now 10th February and she still has her period.

    Beginning of 2016 my daughter suffered a burst overian cyst, common in our family, my concern is she is still bleeding we have used homeopathy for 20 years now so what remedy would you reccomend best to help with regulating my daughters period.

    Kind Regards

    Kate Macrae
    Tairawhiti Age Concern
    Registered Social Worker
    New Zealand

  188. chiranjit bhaduri says:

    My wife if suffering blockage of both fallopian tube from last 5 years. How we will get rid from homeopathic medicine. Pls suggest.

  189. Poulamee Guha says:

    Iam suffering from PCOD since 2012 and taken alopathic medicine for regular period whenever necessary.Now it has become acute and associated with deep feeling of sorrowfulness and prone to weeping without any reason whenever alone. I am 27 years of age,married,no children.
    Suggest me the medicines from those among Sepia,Pulsetila and Natrum Mur I feel these three medicinal symptoms suit me.
    I had acne all over my face and hair on my legs.I am a student doing Ph.D.
    Please indicate the Power and dose for taking these medicines.
    May I take these homeo Medicines along with other alopathic medicines.Please help me to overcome all these problems.

  190. Anima Bauri says:

    i have a problm of pcos within 12 months.. i used birth control pill for 8 months. bt i did not get any result..
    now i want to permanent solution from homepathy treatment..

  191. Absent periods

  192. Saman Ahmed says:

    Dr, I am married (have one daughter) and suffering from pros due to which I don’t get periods without medicine. Also my weight is too much (my age is 34 and weight 76kg). I also want to have more kids. Kindly suggest me medicine.

  193. Nimmi Prince says:

    Doctor, I suffer from pcos and I am 34 years old . My problems are absent menses, menses duration is around 2-3 months. I have prominent facial hair growth. Below chin complete area, thick hair growth. Pl suggest suitable medicines. I have pcos and i have all symptoms like hair fall,2 much hair growth in my face,neck,leg ,and tommy Im really very worried abut this. If u reply me with my all answer it will be helpful for me and also can u tell me how can I collect the readymade medicine or how shold i make this. I want to know the correct combination of homeopathic medicines I should take.

  194. Savinder k lamba says:

    Hi Dr Sharma I m concerned for my daughter if u can Provide me your phone # I will appreciate so that I can expound her whole history she is diagnosed PCOS when she was puberty age now she is 35 years , she is insulin resistant Please provide me your phone & good time to tal u , not u r assistant . My phone# is 818 344 6912 my name is Savinder Kaur

  195. Anilkumari says:

    Dear mam.. Gud mrng.. I am having thyroid problem since 5 years.. But that doesn a matter.. I had my irregular periods from the starting.. But from last one year I had my periods more irrugular like 5 months 3 months.. Nd then I consulted the gynic doctor and then they said swelling in the neck goitre nd made a scan nd gve the treatment for one months and that was cured nd ten abdomen scan was done in that I had pcod.. After tis I had MRE irregular periods.. Nd now I am taking homeo treatment from 3 months but again my periods are irregular .. My last period was on november 9.. But till now no periods.. But recently my weight is being increased nd belly too nd breast pain feeling like enlarged.. What does it mean.. Pls give a solution for this

  196. sir
    i m 23, i have a prblm that periods come back within 21 days only for 3 days. The blood clots are also there. I have excess hairs on my face, chest, chin and legs too. n have constipation little bit in menses. N also feeling some tiredness. Plz cure this illness

  197. Sir,
    I am 24.I have been suffering from pcos for 8 years. my mother and her sister have pcos history.I am getting fatty,specially in the abdominal,thighs,and waist areas,I have prolonged periods and facial hair.I have been following homeopathic madicine for 3 months but no noticeable changes in symptoms, How long should I be under medication?Sir Please suggest diet or any natural remedy to cure pcos.Is there be any problem in getting married with pcos?I am totaly depressed with this.Please help.
    Thank You.

  198. Hair growth due to pcos can be removed permanent by homiopathy medicine????Upper lips,legs,hands…

  199. Samantha blair says:

    Hello I’m 24 I have pcos I’ve been suffering from pcos for 7 years now. And I’ve been to every obgyn in my area and I’ve got the same results from everyone oh i need to lose weight and oh let’s try this med and this and that can someone please tell me does homeopathy actually work

  200. Sit
    Am suffering from pcods since 6 months & my age is 20…am using homeopathy since 15 days….can it solve the problem… Irregular periods & a Lott of weight gain…

    • Sir
      Am suffering vth pcods pblm since 5 months irregular periods & my age is 20 & alot of weight gain… I had a minute cyst….can u tell natural methods to cure it & feeling hatred on myself
      Also using homeopathy since 15 days
      Plsss suggest natural methods????

  201. sir
    my age is 36 and i m having pcos i want to concieve but periods is not regular i have takec goodova 100 mg but it was not succsessfull please seggest me which medicine i should take to concieve

    • Dr chougle says:

      Hi Goldy I m Dr chougale infertility specialist I have treated pcos pt for conceiving n results r within 3 months my no contact 7020767675 for case taking n medicine will be parceled

  202. I am 36 never married ,suffering from Irregular periods and PCOD problem for past 10 years .Suggest good homeopathy doctor other than Batras in Chennai.

  203. I’m ishwarya 19yr old girl from tamil nadu. I’ve been suffering from PCOS for past 3 to 4 yrs and was under medication. Where I couldn’t follow properly. Recently I discovered one of my grandma is homeopathic doctor and described my situation she gave me globules and I continued taking them. I’ve got my periods now. How long should I be under medication and what was the medicine given. I’m a BDS students and would like to know

  204. suman yadav says:

    Sr I am 20 years old.i am suffering from pcod and high level or testosterone.and excess body hair growth on full body upper lips chin arms legs. ..chest…And the periods absent for many months..plzz tell me what homeopathic medicine should I take..plzzz

  205. Dr.Sharma,

    I suffer from pcos and I am 30 years old . My problems are absent menses but feeling that I might get it but not getting it, acne on the chin and facial hair. I am 5″6 and I weigh 68 kgs . I have multiple cysts in the ovary according to my usg scan. I want to know the correct combination of homeopathic medicines I should take. in the ovary according to my usg scan. I hv thyroid in normal range. I want to know the correct combination of homeopathic medicines I should take.

    • Hi
      I am suffering from pcos since my childhood..from my periods started it’s irregular..I am 24yrs old and have too much facial hair and gaining weight too..mood swings, depression also. So plzzz help me to take homeopathy medicines. .I have heard it’s definitely cures pcod..I want to get rid of this almost tired of dis..kindly suggest some medicines plzzzzzz..waiting for ur reply Sir 😦😵

  206. Pooja Mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I suffer from pcos and I am 30 years old . My problems are absent menses but feeling that I might get it but not getting it, acne on the chin and facial hair. I am not obese infact I am in the green zone , I am 5″6 and I weigh 58 kgs . But I want to lose 3 more kgs to reach the optimum weight . I practice yoga. I have multiple cysts in the ovary according to my usg scan. I also have high prolactin and my thyroid mostly remains in range but sometimes gets a little high. I want to know the correct combination of homeopathic medicines I should take. I live in Toronto, Canada. Thanks and regards ….Pooja Mukherjee.

  207. p.p.shrivastva says:

    is this medciine meent for parkinso,ns patient

  208. Dr. Sharma,
    My 18 year daughter has been suffering most of her life with extreme anxiety and around the age of 16 she began to gain weight regardless of the amount of exercise she did. She went from 122 pounds at age 16 to 160 pounds at age 18. During that time she cleaned up her diet to include mostly organic foods, lower sugar and carbs, and began exercising extensively… with no results. Her periods are always 5-7 days late and very scanty. She had some hair loss in the frontal area for a short period of time, but that has resolved. She also has dark hair on her arms, upper lip, and around her areolas although she is a blond. She is easily irritated and has an indifferent attitude most of the time toward loved ones. We just had her hormones tested and her testosterone is high. From the literature above, it seems as though Sepia may be the best place to start with treatment, but her biggest concern, as you can imagine for an 18 year old now in college, is the weight gain. Can you use both remedies at the same time or should they be alternated? Please help me to understand how we can treat all or most of her symptoms with weight gain and anxiety being the top priorities for her. I’m in fear that if she doesn’t get those results, she will want to resort to a more quick approach like the birth control pill. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer

    • Sir,
      My daughter is 16 years old She is not having periods from last 10 months .From the scan report we came to know she is suffering PCOD .Her wt also increased to 82kg.What medicine I want to give to her?kindly help me.
      Maya Nayak

  209. Hi Doctor ,
    I am suffering from PCOS. My weight is increasing day by day. Even though I am doing exercises , there is no significant weight loss. There is heavy hair fall too. Due to all these reasons , I am highly tensed. Sir , can you please sugggest food items that I should consume and which I should not inorder to loss my weight. How Homeopaty helps me in curing my disease.

  210. Dr.

    I have PCOS since last 2 years. I have irregular menses, sometimes after 2 months. Menses are short and scanty. And, I have prominent facial hair growth. Below chin complete area, thick hair growth. Pl suggest suitable medicines.

  211. Dr.

    I have PCOS since last 2 years. I have irregular menses, sometimes after 2 months. Menses are short and scanty. And, I have prominent facial hair growth. Below chin complete area, thick hair growth. Pl suggest suitable medicines.

  212. Kathleen harty says:

    I am interested to find out my pcos condition and how homeopathic can help it

  213. esha fatimah says:

    Hi doctor please kindly tell me is pulsatilla a birth control medicine?

  214. Harleen kaur says:

    HI Im 35 yrs old and i m not married , was diagnosed Pcos when i was teen . i have tried almost all pathies . nothing worked i have all the symptoms of pcos like absence of menstruation obesity etc

  215. Hi
    Im 23 years old and im merried .i have pcos and i have all symptoms like hair fall,2 much hair growth in my face,neck,leg ,and tommy im really very worried abut this and my gp did drealing for this it was 1 year ago but still same now they said its back again. I have irregular period aswell such as 6 and 7 months after but the main reason is alltime bit bleeding.
    If u reply me with my all answer it will be helpful for me and also can u tell me how can i collect the readymade medicine or how shold i make this.
    Thank u

  216. Preeti mittal says:

    Hi sir gu evening my daughter is 14 years old she has pcod problem since 1 year I have lots of treatment but no satisfaction so pls slove the problem through hemo medicine,she has hair fall,hair on face nd she is fatty tummy
    Thank u sir

  217. Sir I am 23 years old weight is 47 and my height is 5,3″ I have cyst in my both ovaries from last 3 years I tried allopathic medicine but it didn’t help.. i have my periods once in 3 month.. losing hair getting acne and facial hair are my symptoms… please suggest me some medicine to get rid of this problem…. please please please help sir
    Thank you

  218. Anwesha chakraborty says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have been suffering from PCOS last one years.I am 21 years old…my weight near about 70 kg and height 5’ periods are very irregular ..and my tummy becomes fatty ..
    kindly suggest me homeopathy remedy…

    • shalini sharma says:

      hlo Dr. i m 21years old..and from past few months i m gaining weight..i have periods evry month bt 10 15 days above..and have vry less amount of bleeding as compared to earlier..please suggest something about this

  219. khushali mehta says:

    Dear Doctor ,


  220. Hi dr.
    my self anu.i am suffering from pcod since one year .i have abnormal hair groth on chest and chins.also i have asthma problem since 7 months.asthma is not from the child can i get rid of this.i am using pothos it the right for me.

  221. Vaidehi Rane says:

    Hello doctor,
    Myself Dr. Rane , I am suffering from PCOD for 15 years. My age is 36. I have 7 year old daughter. After 6 months of delivery I got diabetes. Now I want to conceive. I’m on insulin. Pls prescribe me treatment to get conceived. Thank you

  222. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from PCOS for the last one year now.
    I have been gyming too.I have lost weight too. I was prescribed Pulsatilla Mother tincture by my doctor about a month back but my pimples are going from bad to worse. This is very unbearable for me. I am losing my confidence. Please help me.

  223. Hira Sattar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma !
    Hope you would be in good health. I am Hira, age 26, weight 61 kgs, height 5.2, married and trying to conceive for 1.8 months.
    I have PCOS and all its symptoms appeared including irregular periods, facial hair, acne, weight gain, infertility and head hair loss. Kindly suggest me any homeopathic remedy.


  224. Sanatan Halder says:

    Thanking for suggesting medicine which evaluate case studying.

    Dr. Sanatan Halder

  225. Mrs. Swapna Gupta says:

    Hi, I am Swapna Gupta. I have multiple cyst in both overies. I have a baby. I am 32 years Old. Now I have pain on abdomen area and my tummy is becoming very fatty. I have menstrual problem is also. If I don,t get medicines, I don’t have menses. Please advice me what are the medicines?

  226. shafaque aziz says:


    I have got my PCOS reports as stromal effect on right ovary with no increase in size. Also I was on Birth contraceptive pills for hormonal control taking Novelon. After stoppin medicine, I have not got periods for 2 months. Then, I visited homeopathy and has been given Pulstatilla to get periods and it came after 15 days. After that my periods are lot from 10 days , then I went again and i was given any medicine to stop it. But has been 7 more days n not stopped yet. I am eating sepia too. Also my hairs are falling excess and very excess. gaining weight near abdomen. Please suggest diet for me and also are these curable? Can my hair regrow? How much time will it take?

  227. Hi doc. My nme is zihara . I’ve been diagnosed for having pcod . Am trying to conceive . I got this problem 5 months ago. Is Utervin tonic really helps???
    Pls doc . Help me
    My husband really frustrated

  228. Caroline Tucker says:

    Hello Dr Sharma I have cyst on both of my ovaries, a few months ago I got pregnant for the firt time in my life and marriage (2 years of marriage we don’t use protection) but my pregnancy was ectopic, I’ve been trying again to get pregnant with no luck, my periods come every month, I have heavy periods of 6 to 7 days of duration, sometimes painful, no acne,minimum hair loss, not much body hair…which homeopathic medicine you recommend me…thanks in advance for your help.

  229. hi dr i want to increase my breast size bigger .my breast to small my age 30 im a marred women i have 2 childern .any tretement is there dr pls .any medicine in homeopthy tell me dr im suffering lot .

  230. Hii…
    I m 21yr old an I am also a homeopathic student and I was suffering from pcos .my periods delayed by 5-7month and I was suffering by this disease by last 2yrs and estrogen level ho high and unwanted growth of hair come on my face and other parts ..weight Gain
    So suggest me the medicine of homeopathic and hormone balance

  231. I m 26yrs married women I have lost my periods from 7months.i didn’t got my periods earlier without taking birth control pills.already I had taken birth control pills for 1 year but it doesn’t regulate my periods after stopping these pills.again I didn’t got my periods from 7 months and I wan to conceive wat should I do now ?
    Recommend me homeopathy medicine pls ?

  232. Mr& Mrs. Siri Srinivasa says:

    hello doctor
    We Mr & Mrs. Srinivasa from hyderabad married in 2008 My periods are irregular and iam not conceiving. my age is 43 and my husband’s age is 44. Ours is a late marriage. Hope u give an early reply to us in solving our problem.
    Thanking you
    Mr & Mrs. Srinivasa.

  233. brynn boyle says:

    hello dr. namaste
    I am Ms.Boyle. My friend Ms.Riola age 45 is suffering from 6 mm ovarian cyst on one of her ovaries and not comfortable going in for surgery and taking some ayurvedic simple herbs at the moment but interested in taking homoeopathy as she was told that there is a permanent cure for ovarian cysts. need your advise in this regard.


  234. SREELAKSHMI says:

    I’m 17 year old. I’m suffering from pcos since last 2 years. Also I have obesity problems and increased level of LH. I would like to take homeopathic medicene. Can u please suggest good diet and medicine for me.

  235. Hi!
    I m 28 unmarried. suffering from PCOS for the last 10 years having facial hair growth ,stopped periods and also obesity problem due to pcos .my doctor recommend Diane 35 and Glucophage for that .I have to take them regular otherwise I missed one can say my menstrual cycle depends upon diane 35.i stoped taking them for the last 7 months and I don’t have menstrual cycle for the last 7 months.i feel havy and pain in lower pelvic at my date but not starts.
    plz suggest me homeopathic medicine as i gain almost 10 kg in last 7 months instead of portion control and green take intake.

  236. Abiodun Taiwo says:

    I’ve been trying to conceive for 8 yrs now. I’ve tried so many different options through my gynaecologists but not working, I’m 37yrs now. Pls I need homeopathic treatment for my stein leventhal syndrome that is causing unruptured follicle for me.
    Mrs Taiwo from Nigeria

  237. Hi, i m getting sum hairs on my face, weight gain, irregular period. Plz advise me sum medicine as wel as the diet to be maintained. Plzz plzz plzz

  238. I m suffering from pcos i am 18 yrs old … n m having hairs also … my periods are irregular and weight is also increasing … which medicine should i take … plz suggest

  239. Hi i have pcos from last two years my age is 31 years .how can homeopathy help me in correcting the problem.l have pimples on my face irregular periods hair growth on face and gaining weight.

  240. Bishnupriya singh says:

    Sir , I am suffering from are growing on my face like a man and my period has stopped about 1year.which medicine should I take for this deasease

  241. I am 20 year old, wt. 83 kgs, ht 5ft, 3inches. I am suffering from PCOD for the last few months. My periods are delayed. Have’nt had them for the last two and a half months.I feel tired and sleepy all the time. I also have unwanted hair growth on my upper lip, chin , neck and chest. and pigmentation on my face. please suggest appropriate homeopathic remedy along with potency and dosage .

  242. Anju Parihar says:

    Hello Dr..
    I am suffering from pcod,,, i have acne,,n pimple ,,on my face,,and hiperpigmentation,, period duration is 2days only,,,my weight is 37 kgs only and could not gain weight anyhow,,,i am suffering from hyperthyroidism,,, my age is 35years and i am unmarried,,,
    plz sir suggest me any good medicine,,,i can not afford costly treatment,,,
    thankyou ….

  243. Hi Dr,
    I am Aamna,suffering in Pcos problem,since 2 years.weight gain day by day,hairs on face increasing,acne problems..
    I am taking thuja medicine & antibiotics also..
    Tell me now what can I do?plz help me
    I am unmarried

  244. Hi,

    My daughter is only 12 yrs old and she is diagnosed with PCOS and she has all the symptoms which are common in this disease.I live in usa the doctor suggested her Birth Pills to regulate her period . I am really worried about my daughter I jus want to know that the disease has cure in homeopathy or not.

  245. srishtu sahu says:

    i m depress plz help

  246. Hi Dr. Sharma

    I am 26yrs old and I have PCOS for last 5 years. I am taking homeopathy treatment since then. There has been a remarkable improvement. I would like to know if homeopathy will cure it or not? As of now I am taking Rub rum Met 30 (R/M 30) twice a day. Thats what my doctor has given me. Symptomatically I have improved a lot but the USG still shows cysts in my ovaries. Please give me your opinion.

    Thank you 🙂

  247. Sir,
    My wife is 25 years aged now, 6 months back she had diagnosed of pcod, so we started with allopathy for 3 months and the doctor recommended her some contraceptive pill during this period. I read on internet that it can be cured with homeopathy so we consulted with a homeopathy doctor but after taking medicines she had missed her periods for last 2 months where as she had not missed a single period in last 10 years since her first period. Also she had symptoms as acne, body and facial hair getting severe which was suppresed since 2 years while she was having treatment under a dermatologist. When we asked our doctor he said that all these symptoms were suppresed but not cured during allopathy treatment so the homeopathy medicines will oppress them before curing. Is it true so? Kindly help us my wife is very depressed with these symptoms are increasing more day by day

  248. SIR..can pcos be cured if yes in what time period…how many years..would it take.? If on medication would there be any side effects of thuja n other?

  249. Hi dr i m 30 year old and i have been suffering from pc0s dr i gain 30 kg weight in 7 year and my mensis is also very disturb plz recomend some medicion for me

  250. I have been suffering severe lower abdominal pain when in summer season but in winter I am fine .and also I do tension pain persist. My lh =15,TSH, FSH GTT insulin level are quite normal .my period is irregular and periodical circle 2 month . I tried homeopathy that name Jenosia ,cimicifuga ,grafite . in 2 months but did get period every month . my main problem is my severe pain in summer.

  251. Suman agarwal says:

    Hlw dr..i too am suffering from pcod..plse recommend me the medicine..

  252. Dear sir,
    i am taking homeopathic treatment for PCOD and obesity since 2 months.
    i have not lost even 1 gram weight despite diet and excercise.
    what should i do?

  253. Laura Melling says:

    Hello –
    I have a large cyst on my ovary now. I was diagnosed with pcos 10 years ago, but never had such a large and long-lasting cyst. For six months it has been on my left ovary making a lot of pressure in my abdomen. Also, I have been unable to get pregnant for 1 year and have never been pregnant. I am generally depressive, thin and prone to emotional outbreaks towards my partner. I sleep and eat well, have generally good energy in the day except when I am emotional, then I feel unable to concentrate. In the past I was told I should take Sepia all the time, even before I was diagnosed with PCOS, so maybe I will try that again. Thank you very much.

  254. Hello , I am 30 years old with pcos over a year.. I have been trying many different things but no luck. I have gained over 60 pounds and am struggling..

  255. Hii madam,I am jhansi,I have pcod problem.I am trying to convince..please suggest me..

  256. pcos,acne pigmentation ,weight gain

  257. SUBODH KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    My sister age about 27years is suffering from PCOS and taking alopathic medicines regularly from last 12 year and he also facing unwanted hair on face like a male and also her hair on head is falling.

    Please suggest the homeopathic medicine to cure PCOS as well as unwanted hair on face and growth of hair on Head.

    with regards

  258. Hello,
    I have issues since childhood with red cheeks (sometimes flushed and hot), hirsutism (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) with male hair growth on face, keratosis pilaris, bloating (Candida), fat around waist while slender elsewhere, dry brittle hair. Mentally easily irritable, very introvert, taciturn, tendency to depression. Have taken Sepia C200 once (got a severe second outbreak of genital herpes afterwards but no other effects). Have tried Calc Carb C200 with no effects. 5 weeks ago took Lac Humanum C200 which stopped my depression (got lots of pimples and increased vaginal discharge – detox?). No other effects so far. Shall I wait and see? I think Thuja would fit me, but also Sepia, but Lac HUmanum had the strongest effect so far on my mood and motivation. Can I try another remedy or is it possible that Lac HUmanum is still working in my body? Should I try a higher potency? Any suggestions?
    Kind regards, Caroline

  259. Dear sir ,
    am suffering from PCOD getting severe pain in lower back. Just wanted to know is it common in PCOD.waiting for ur reply

  260. Komal Sharma says:

    I am facing the problem of PCOD. In USG report its given that :
    ovaries: Both ovaries are enlarged in size .
    Cystic changes seen in Right ovary.
    Right ovary measures 48.7 *25.7 mm
    A cyst measuring 28.2 * 22.0 mm. is seen in left ovary.
    Left ovary measures 52.6 * 34.2 mm.

    P.O.D: clear
    Impression: USG of lower abdomen shows:-
    1>Cyst in left ovary.
    2> Cystic changes Right Ovary.

    Sir , this is my Ultra Sonagraphy Report.

    I have a excess hair on face and other parts of body. I also suffer weight gain due to this prblm. Suddenly my weight increases. I am facing imbalance of harmones problem.I am suffering from short and scanty period also.

    My 2nd problem which I told u is lipomas or soft tumour on right side of head .
    So, Calcarea Carb, Thuja , Baryta carb is mention here for lipomas.

    Calcarea carb , Thuja are common medicine I think for both prblm . Please suggest me the best medicine through which my problem will solve and also tell me how to take these medicines

  261. Maria Harmer says:


    I have had PCOS since I started periods in my late teens. first of all I had very irregular periods, say twice a yr, then I went on the pill to help with Acne, and after I came off that (after I got married) I didn’t have any periods at all for years. eventually I was given Clomid, after 6 very long cycles at 50mg I conceived and have a wonderful baby boy. 6 months after having him I had one period, but carried on losing for 2 1/2 months. now he is 10 months old and I would really love to have another baby in a few months, but it doesn’t look like I am going to start having periods again. What would be the best treatment to try and normalise ovulation and get periods back?

    Look forward to hearing from you


  262. raddhika malhotra says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is suffering from PCOS.
    she has hair growth on her chin and cheeks .
    we have been taking alopethic medicine since last one year and now want to go for homeopathy.
    nowadays she doesn’t feel like eating after a bite or so she feels her stomach is full.
    before a day to periods she gets angry and is very disturbed .

    pls suggest ….

  263. Vijay lakshmi Aggarwal says:

    Hello doc,
    I was diagnosed with minor pcos in December 2014 my gynecologist gave me a tab of myotol f for few months and after that metital in march 2016 i was diagnosed with usg not having any pcos gynecologist stopped every medicine regarding pcos and from then i dont have any problem with my menstrual periods are regular..i exercise regularly always keep a watch of what i eat my sleeping time etc but what am worried about is my hair fall..m losing them drastically and they are not improving getting shorter thinner ..m really concern for them…n not been able to understand though m having regular mensus still i have hair fall..i mean is it due to pcos or anything else…pls suggest what it could be …ur reply is really appreciating. Thanku

  264. Sir how we will take this medicine to remove PCOS permanently.

  265. Patel tinu age 21 I have severe pcod found in USG for amenorrhoea since 3 month & other complain is hirsuitism . so give me reply plz sir what to do

  266. Divyanshi Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This is Divyanshi Srivastava, age 21.
    I have been diagnosed with PCOD last month.
    I had prolonged menstruation during last two months and that led me to know that I have PCOD with the help of an ultrasound.
    I also have little hair growth on my jawline.
    I had consulted mt gynaecologist and she recommend me a medicine, Primolut rwo times a day for 20 days and a syrup Himalaya Evecare.
    I have been on medication since last 14 days and I observe an intermittent ache in my stomach and lower abdomen at times because of gas formation.
    I think Pulsatilla and Thuja may suit to me .
    Kindly advice .
    Thanks &Regards
    Divyanshi Srivastava.

  267. anjali solanki says:

    Hello dr sharma my name is anjali i have a problem to pcos and my bledding doesn’t stop for 1month 10days iwhat to do.. I m married and my marriage is going to complet 2 yrs in dec .

  268. Hello
    I’m a 29 old woman. I have PCOS. I suffere from prolonged menses and acne and hirsutism for more than 11 years. I have started homiopathic medicine(puls C30) from 3 month ago. But a new happened : I finded brown spotting from 7 days before starting major bleeding, so major bleeding continue for 7-8 days. Before, I had spotting after 10 days of major bleeding and spotting in midcycle. Also, I’m concern about infertility. I have had 3 breaked try to pregnancy.Can you inform me about my problem? Is this drug true for me? Excuse me about my bad writting in English. I know English so little.

    • anjali solanki says:

      Hello dr sharma my name is anjali i have a problem to pcos and my bledding doesn’t stop for 1month 10days and it is not heavy what to do.. I m married and my marriage is going to complet 2 yrs in dec .

  269. I am Jagdeep age 31years .menu PCOD Ki problem hai plz meri help kro .weight gain hoi ja reha.

  270. Raju Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I request you to try to understand my words, in proper, because I am not good enough in language. So to come to the point, I actually tried to consult you to ask you that is there any proper medicine that can help the needy to get to start the periods by the starting of the age of 14 because she is now running in 13. As I come to know about such concerns, I heard that the periods get probably start in this stage anytime after the age of 12, but for the reasons if the periods did not get started until then which medicine can cure it. Is it SEPIA or some other one, or should the needy to undergo any other treatments.
    I think it’s not hereditary concerns as her mother’s have also started in the age of 16.
    So, pls suggest.

  271. I have been suffering from ovarian cyst syndrome since 1993 and had taken contraceptive pills till off and on till 2007,though had no problem in concieving and having children,since 2007 was diagonised with high blood pressure and high triglycerides,on medication olmesar 10 since then and have started gaining weight and belly fat and turned insulin resistant taking metformin but weight gain is not reversed and periods last upto one day only,pl help

  272. My 12 year old was diagnosed with PCOS. They said she has an enlarged right ovary too. She had only had one period and it was the first one. That was the only one and it has been 9months ago. What wxactly can I give her.

  273. jumana haseen says:

    My name is jumana. Iam 22 years old, got married for last 4 years. Last month i take a pelvic scan it shows that i have pcos. My doctor prescribed bakshi’s 34(tumour drop). Is it cure with this medicine?

    • I am 42 and have pcos .the problem begins now is irregular periods which are absent from two prescribe me any medicine for this.

  274. My name is sanai n i hv pcos problem n since three yrs trying to concive but no result ..wen evr i get my menses i get lot of pain in my stomch .i need help to treat my pcod

  275. Devi Priya.A says:

    Hi im Priya , i have PCOD last 3 yrs . I also taking treatment in alopathy. , but no improvement every month i put 2 kgs weight . Can this be treated in Homeopathy? Plz suggest any good doctor here?

  276. Hi im Anu, i have PCOD since 5 yrs now and im trying to conceive since 5 yrs also. I also have very high insulin resistance. Can this be treated in Homeopathy? I live in there any good doctor here?

    • My name is sanai n i hv pcos problem n since three yrs trying to concive but no result ..wen evr i get my menses i get lot of pain in my stomch .i need help to treat my pcod

      • Hello Sir I am suffering from infertility due to polycystic right and left ovaries. I feel my weight increases and also have so much pimples on my face and some parts of periods came regularly but so much pain last time. I was married before 1 year. My age is 27. Height 5’6 and weight 80. Plz Sir help me and suggest me the homeopathic medicine for my problem. And one thing more may I use 2 or 3 homeopathic medicines at the same time? And what is the method to use the medicine whether use in water or anything else?

  277. piyali maiti says:

    I have pcos since last 10 years.i want to concive last 5 years but not sucessful. last year doctor operate overian drilling.after this doctor said that the response is not well.

  278. hi,
    Dr mujhe 4 saal se pcod ki bimari h mere ek baby bhi h 5 year ki ab mujhe duser baby me bhut prob aa rahi h ek bar mene IUI bhi karwaya liya pr koi fayda ni hua kya homeopathic me iska koi illaz h.

  279. Hello,
    I am 34yrs old, married for the last 10 months. I have been diagnosed with pcod since 3-4 years. After going though a few blood tests and ultrasound, my LH levels are very high resulting in low / no ovulation. My husband and are are planning a family so was wondering if you could please prescribe a homeopathic medicine. Please assist!!
    Some of my details are:

    1. Last period- May, 2016
    2. Currently on the 7th day of my cycle
    3. Hair loss
    4. Hieght- 5’2″
    5. Weight – 65kgs
    6. Acne on the face

  280. Hello
    M mains.m suffering from pcod last 3 years.I am not getting conceive.plz help me as soon as possible


  282. I m having pcos , and i m having meducation since 2 yaers but still i dont get any cure of this disorder.i m always struggling with acne on my face n also so much scars.

    Pls suggest what should i do.

  283. Symptoms says I have been suffering from pco
    Periods regular
    2-3 days period
    But facial growth
    Chin upper lips cheeks forehead
    And extreme thin hair and extreme hair loss
    Weakness in legs and bodies
    Pain in love handles how can I diagnose

  284. Ananya Das says:

    I have been suffeting pcod.period stay this month 17 days.plz help me.suggest me a homeopathy medicine

  285. period long days continue(17 days) .it problem to be stop .

  286. saswati ghosh says:

    I am saswati ghosh. I have been suffering from pcod on both overies since many years. I have an bulky overy. I have irregular period, no such intolarable pain, stay 3 days, cold alergy. I have a misscarriage one and half years before. Now trying to conceive but in vain. Please suggest me a homeopathy medicine.
    Thank u.

  287. ARUNKUMAR A Y says:

    hai Dr
    this is arunkumar from kerala , We have been undergone pcos treatment for the last 3 years, we had several IUI and one keyhole surgery, there is no result, is there any good medicine in homeo
    arun 8281982718

  288. taranjeet kaur says:

    sir i m suffering from pcos from last one year
    also suffering from periods irregularity
    i cant take allopathic medicines because it causes acid formation
    plz help me sir
    recommend me some benificial medicine
    i m married
    passed 8 months of married life
    plz help me sir
    my weigt is 57 kg
    no overgrowth of facial hair
    not confirmed about diabetes
    hlp me sir

  289. taranjeet kaur says:

    sir i m suffering from pcos from last one year
    also suffering from periods irregularity
    i cant take allopathic medicines because it causes acid formation
    plz help me sir
    recommend me some benificial medicine
    i m married
    passed 8 months of married life
    plz help me sir

    • sir i m suffering from POLY CYSTIC OVARIAN DISEASE last 7 years.i m now 30 years old.period irregular.slight hair grow on face. weight grain.i m married passed 2years cant pregnant. m also in allopathic laparoscopy report say my ovaries are became slight large and cystic. i also have the homeopathy medicine THUJA 10 M ,, MEDOHRINUM 1M ,,SEPIA 200,,PULSATILLA 200 ,, ASHOKA , bt no result..i dislike summer or too much cold season. i like egg sweet & spicy food(bt for my disease i don’t eat).i m fair 5ft 3 inch tall.weight 67kg. plz help ne sair plz….

  290. Sir I am having PCOS from last twelve years I am 36 yr old .

  291. How to take sepia,thuja and lechesis for polycystic ovarian syndrome doze and amount ?

  292. I have pco and my local doctor is not helping me at all. I am 23 and overweight plus facial hair is making my life hell. I really need help because I am even getting suicide thoughts but no one is helping me at alll

  293. Rachna mulchandani says:

    I have an irregular periods due to pcod plz help me to cure it completely.

  294. Annamma Kurian says:

    My daughter Merrin, aged 31 now got married six years back . She is a software engineer and not yet conceived. she was very thin previously and became very fat after marriage and her periods became irregular.
    she was taken to a gynecologist last year and after tests and scanning it is seen that she is suffering from Thyroid and PCOD. and cholesterol .she is taking medicines and slight improvements are seen.But not much.Can you help her

  295. Dr ..halo.dr m pcos ka problem h.m shaadi ko 12 saal ho gae h pahle hum bacha nahi chahte the or ab m pcos ho gaya .m weight 70 kg h boht koshis k baad 3 kg h loose kar par or dr kahte bina wajan lose kie conceiving nahi hogi iui karne ko kahte h.m face or thigh par boht Baal ho gae h or hair fall boht jyada h.m tension jaldi ho jaati h Or gussa b.m age 34 yrs h.m husband ki age 35 h unke sab test normal h or weight b .plz do some help dr.thank you

  296. Hiii Doctor

    from 15 yrs my menses are not regular. it comes once in year after taking tablets.
    but its not regular. from 8 months i am taking homeopathy treatement for PCOS. please help me how homeopathy works & how much time it will take to regular it.
    which homeopathy medicines u consult for this type of pcos problem.

    pls help me.

  297. Mean Joy says:

    I’m 23 years old, and was diagnosed with PCOS at 17. I have never had a regular menstrual cycle and do not ovulate on my own. I do not have the extra symptoms associated with PCOS. I’m not insulin resistant, I’m not diabetic, I’m not overweight, I do not have excess hair growth, horrible acne, nothing. I just simply don’t have a cycle and don’t ovulate. Which is a major problem when trying to start a family with my husband. I recently stumbled across a spearmint tea that is supposed to work wonders, and now I’ve come across your website and was curious if there’s anything in particular you could advise me to do/take/drink or whatever. I have been on metformin, doNE a couple rounds of Clomid, which metformin made me sick and I don’t want to be on any medicines to cover up the issue, I want to reverse the issue.

  298. Concerned Parent says:

    Hi Doc, my daughter is 32 married and has had 4 miscarriages in five yrs. She has recently been diagnosed with PCOS and desperately wants children. Please advise what homeopathic medication and dosage she should take to get rid of this desease permanently.

  299. Please suggest me some home remedies to get rid of pcos and to reduce my weight and also the breast size and make me very active in my life

    • Hi all. I have read mostly all the posts. I just want to tell u all is PCOS has become very common problem nowadays because of altered dietary habits,sleep pattern, use of preserved food and sedentary lifestyle. It is a syndrome in which ovulation does not tak place which leads to anovulatory infertility,increased hair on face,hairfall,weight gain..
      You need to treat it as a combination of all..
      Take healthy n fresh diet, avoid canned or preservative food. Do exercises,yoga,meditation in fresh air,sleep on time and take homoeopathic medicine from good registered and experienced doctor.
      Write me on for any further queries..

  300. N V PADMAJA says:

    Hello doctor. My daughter is 16 years old.she is suffering over bleeding , hormonal cysts are there.ustilago 200 used.not controlled from 2 months. Kindly guide.

  301. Ummobaid says:

    Hi doctor i am 36 years old.i am suffering from muliple ovarian cysts.and choclate cyst also.and having fibroids also . I want to cure it from homeopathy.can u help me .tell me can u give medicine to cure my problem.i am too much sick about this.plz reply me soon

  302. Hi Dr…

    I am 24 yr old and i am suffering from PCOS from last 5 years my periods are irregular no facial hairs my BMI is also normal but ya i am overweight with 5 kgs .. i have tried with allopathy treatment but what all m treated with oral contraceptive .. please suggest whether it can be cured permanently with homeopathy…

    • priya sen says:

      hi dr.
      i am suffering from pcos from last frist i treated with alapathy
      but i have found no result. when a take medicine,it’s continue but without medicine it has no response. last two years my period has stop. what can i do right now?

  303. rajeev pandey says:

    kindly suggest best homeopathic medicine in pcos with supressed menses

  304. Dear doctor,
    Now I’m 31years old. I am single . I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and it is found in my left overy 1 year ago. . I have also type2 diabetic. I have been suffering with irregular menstrual from my early age and facial hair from my 18 years old. I took laser treatment to remove my facial hair 4 years ago. That time my doctor prescribed me Giane 35 and I took it about 2 years. I took it every month for 21 days. That 2 years my menstrual was regular and my facial hair had almost gone. But when I stopped the medicine then it automatically go back the previous condition like my menstrual came out 4 months later or 5 months later. My height is 1.53 m and now my weight is about 55kg before that it was about 45kg and from 4 years it is increasing day by day. Also my facial problem is increasing day by day. I took glucophage 500 mg for 2 months but now I stopped it.So for your kind cooperation how can I get rid of my disease. Please suggest me.

  305. shahanaz parvin says:

    Dear doctor,
    Now I’m 33 years old. I got married in 2012. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and it is found in my left overy 1 year ago. My BMI is 28.7 . I have also type2 diabetic. I have been suffering with irregular menstrual from my early age and facial hair from my 18 years old. I took laser treatment to remove my facial hair 4 years ago. That time my doctor prescribed me Giane 35 and I took it about 2 years. I took it every month for 21 days. That 2 years my menstrual was regular and my facial hair had almost gone. But when I stopped the medicine to conceive then it automatically go back the previous condition like my menstrual came out 4 months later or 5 months later. My height is 1.53 m and now my weight is about 77 kg before that it was about 53 kg and from 4 years it is increasing day by day. Also my facial problem is increasing day by day. I also took medroxyprogestrone acetate tablet 5 mg every 3 months later for 2 years to conceive but it fails. I also took glucophage 500 mg for 2 months but now I stopped it.So for your kind cooperation how can I get rid of my disease. Please suggest me.

  306. Priya Asthana says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 26 years old and have PCOS, 5 feet 5 inches, I weigh 59 kgs…I have the following symptoms:
    I have irregular menses…they come in 2-3months
    flow is scanty
    I get irritated easily, mood swings
    I also have anxiety
    I have tendency to put on weight easily
    Please suggest which medicines i should take to get rid of these symptoms.
    Please reply…

  307. Ramandeep says:

    Hello dr. Sharma, i did not had my menstural periods for more than 5 months .i was planning to have another baby bt whenever i check result was negative. Then i went to my primary doctor so they send me to lady doctor…she did some blood tests and she told me that i m overweight, i hav high blood sugar level,high chelosterol level,high male harmones, excessive hair on face and body, acne on face and i hav pcos. That means there are some harmonal imbalance and some cysts on my ovaries. She prescribe me birth control pills .after taking 1 month i got my periods back .but all my friends and family told me to stop taking birth control pills ..bcoz this will not help my problem.. everybody suggests me to go for homeopathic medicine. I went to a doctor bt he charges alot on every visit…i only went twice…bt my husband said we cant afford that much every time….we can look for another doctor. Please help me in my problems…

  308. Bilateral cysts With added weight and doctor says i have blocked tube please help me With homepathic treatment please.

  309. I am 26 yrs old female. From past many years I am suffering from hair loss from my scalp and also I have hairs on my upper lip chin and below my ears.. Recently went to a dermatologist for curing hairfall problem. He prescribed me to use regaine and q sera simultaneously for 3 months keeping gap of 2 hrs in each use and to have tablets estimo and biorish. Bt during that 1 month I shredded lots of hair.. Dat anyone can see my scalp through the hairs… I don’t have thyroid problem bt yes I have cysts on my ovary. And also I want to mention that I was using Diane 35 for 6 months as prescribed by my gynecologist. Bt prior to that 6 months periods I started to lose hair.
    Is der any homeopathy medicine to cure hairloss and cysts problem permanently???

  310. Ayesha Rashid says:

    I am 28 and trying to conceive for 5 years with polycystic ovaries syndrome.i had these homeopathy medicines for only 3 months but left as my alopathy gonadotropins treatment was started.i had 3 cycles of clomid and 2 cycles of 15 gonadotropins injections of high potency. In the injections cycles i did ovulate but did not conceive. Now i have stopped that treatment totally. I want to go back to homeopathy periods are very very irregular. My BMI is in normal range. I have no concerns with regulating my periods i just want to get pregnant as soon as possible.
    Could you please tell me what medicines i have to use and how.i have many of these sepia,thuja,pulsatila etc. At home. Please suggest the medicines to conceive quickly as my gynecologist says my ovaries are very resistant.


  311. p.sunitha says:

    Dr… i hope u will give me right option…. my age is 22 i have pcos but i have periods every month but only little bit of bleeding comes and it stop…. i have bavk and become obuse…. dr plz help to cure it

  312. Y sobha rani says:

    Sir, my wife is suffering pcod sincce 5 years, taking homeo medicine last 2 years, there is no change, last 4 months back got perod, present weight also gaining. Age 33, height 150 cms, weight 75 kg. Kindly refer me medicine ,please.

  313. My daughter who is 25 and married. She doesnt have mensis for more than 6 month. Sheis under treatment and couldnot restore. In this regard please suggest me.We are very much worries. She has poly cyst in the ovary

    • I m suffering from pcod.. I have scanty periods last 6 months… I am taking some medicines… Like.. Amenocein…carbo vegetabilis…silicea…conium maclutum..and biochemic 30 ….. So my question is …these medicines works on pcod.. Or not????? Plzzz plzzz do reply… M waiting

  314. Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from PCOS and having excess of fat in my tummy. My weight is 62Kg and height is 5.5 inch. please help me and if possible suggest medicines for reducing belly weight. What should i do its diffcult for me to reduce fat from my belly.


  315. Hi doctor,

    I am divya.In Dec,2014 I got married.I am suffering from pcod problem.How it will be much time it will take to cure and is there any chances to become pregnant?? Can you please suggest me.


  316. Irene rozencvit says:

    Hello, my daughter is 16 and has the pcos. She has gotten her period once but it was forced with hormones. She has Von Willebrand . We are in the middle of testing to see if she can be on birth control pills to regulate her period. She isnt the typical pcos patient. She is very thin but she has broken out with acne. Please help! 917-650-5827 Irene rozencvit

  317. d.p.sarangi says:

    I am urmila jar,age 22,I was married in January 2016,from age of 15 me natural trouble suffer me,every month it delayed one month or two month ,me natural cycle does not occurred in timely,scanty menace for two or three days,painful menace,

  318. Adewale Atinuke says:

    Hello Dr,
    I have been battling with infertility for d past 8years.I was diagnosed of pcos and my husby low spèrm count.My menses have been irregular with anovulation. We have done 3cycles of IVF to no avail and we are drained financially.Kindly let me know what we can do.we are in Nigeria. Tanks

  319. Hai doctor , I got married 4years ago no child. im taking homeopathy medicine for the ladt 1 year with full hope . i have endometriosis cyst problem in both ovaries after taking medicines my right ovary cyst is cleared and in left ovary two small cyst are there. my question Is ,Is there any sideeffects ‘ll come if I take 1 year above course of homeopathy medicines . plz plz doctor Give me one solution I’m very confused .

    • Hi Sathya ,
      This is Gayathri from chennai, I too facing the same problem like you. I have endometriosis cyst I’m taking homeo medicine for the past 1year, now my right overy cyst is full cleared but in left side 2cyst are there. Is it safe if we take 1year above homeo medicines ?
      Please reply if u get any good result using homes medicines . I’m very frustrated.

  320. Im suffering from pcod .. Married and im not conceiving.. I hav cyst in both ovaries cosist 6 to 8mm.. Please help me to cure this and to be pregnant

  321. Rita Jaisinghani says:

    Respected Dr Sharma , I live in New York my daughter was diagonised with Pcos recently she is twenty five can you help thanks

  322. Hi,
    I’ve recently been told I have pcos, and am only 20. After lots of hair shedding and excessive hair growth on my face and body, I went to the doctor. She said it is androgenic alopecia. I also have acne and irregular periods. However there is no weight gain. What would be the best homeopathic to take? Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Dr iam tahira my age is 24 my problem is bilateral poc and left and right ovaries are abnormal periods lasts for 5 days and uterus is retroverted some time anteverted and my abdomen is large plz recommended homoeopathic medice

  323. Hafeeda says:

    Hi. Am suffering irregular periods. there is no periods occurs after one month. I have pcod since 6 months. I want to pregnant as soon. Please help me for having a baby.

  324. Amit Majumdar says:

    menstrual cycle of my daughter started in Nov-14 at the age of 12years(appx). after one year of regular cycle,since few months she is having irregular or specifically delayed cycles. her mother used to have such problem and has been diagnosed with PCOS. please help to find solution in regard to my daughter (13years appx) and oblige.

  325. Hi.Myself Anusha.I am suffering from painless prolonged menstruation since 3 mnths due to multiple polycystic ovaries.I am having a brown discharge.Please help me to 1st stom my mensed and then with absrnce of cyst.I am not married yet.But I will be getting married on july 2016.

    • sanchita says:

      Hi doctor

      i am suffering from PCOS from many years and got thick hair growth in my thighs and around nipples. since last two years my hairs are thinning and male pattern baldness have occured. i am getting depressed. please help

      • Dear sir ,
        am suffering from PCOD getting severe pain in lower back. Just wanted to know is it common in PCOD.waiting for ur reply

  326. Natassja Ross says:

    Hi, I’m 30 yrs old and I was just diagnosed with PCOS last month. I started making some changes and taking metformin prescribed by my doctor, but it ended up dropping my sugar levels to low. I really want to try the medicines described on your page to try and make my body get back to normal. My only fear is having an extremely low income and no healthcare to help me fight this disease. I got diagnosed with PCOS after the removal of my Mirena IUD. I have been with my boyfriend for 6 yrs and we want to start a family, but with this condition I feel like I can’t. I really need some direction. Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time.

  327. Shailja Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    This is in regards to my daughter aged 22years and currently studying medicine. She has been experiencing on and off irregular periods with a gap of 1-2 months. Periods are not sufficient and irregular. She has gained lot of weight. Time to time she is also getting swelling in her feet.
    Would you please suggest her any ,medication for regularizing her periods & other symptoms?
    Appreciate your help.

  328. ,jkGZKH

  329. radhe shyam gupta says:

    respected madam my wife is Suffering from the disease of PCOS, as we have been married for the last four years but up till now she had not got pregnant once we had done test from which I came to know that she is suffering from PCOD Disease that why I need yours guidance please mail me homoeopathy medicine name which can cure my wife disease and she get pregnant early please help me I am begging to you please help me

  330. Hi dr, I’m a 40 pounds over weight , and have unwanted mild facial hair , when I was thinner and worked out everyday , I didn’t have that bad of unwanted facial hair like I do now , also have heavy menses , and feel always bloated , i hear spearmint tea is good , what els also I do not take any hormones replacement

    • Valentina Hristova says:

      Dear Dr Sharma. I’am Valentina Hristova, from Bukgaria. On 32 years old.
      Don’t have menstruation from 11 january 2016.
      The doctors find small PCOS. The all doctors give me only hormones, I don’t want them and not use never, becouse I’m not agree. I have horible lose on my hair and 2-3 kg extra on my body. I eat many vegetables, fruits, coconut oil, clear meat, seed and nuts, avocado every dayq I stop sugar and coffe. In Bulgaria doctors not believe in homeopaty for pregnyl problems and give only hormones. I use and cream with wild yams.I have one child-boy on 5 years old.Before never have problem with my menstuation. I going and on dance, yoga and running 2 time in week. Thank you in advance for your assistance and help!

  331. HERMEET KAUR says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    iam 32 yrs old girl suffreing fromPCOS and excessive hair growth on my face and body.which homeopathy is best for me n how to take it.plz help me.


  332. Hello doctor.. my ovaries size become small with in one year …my periods come with medicine …after scan we came to know this …my age 41…unmarried… what is solutions in homeopathy medicine…is it menopause. I am very upset ..I don’t want this …after six months my marriage will take place..

  333. Hello doctor.. my ovaries size become small with in one year …my periods come with medicine …after scan we came to know this …my age 41…unmarried… what is solutions in homeopathy medicine…is it menopause. I am very upset ..I don’t want this …after six months my marriage will take place

  334. Hlo doc…
    Im suffering from pcod aftr 4 years…i hv no baby due to pcod ….plz suggest me how to cure pcod nd doc im really vry uspst bcoz i wnt baby…im broken inside plz hlp me…

  335. pooja thakur says:

    hello sir, i am suffering from PCOS, irregular periods and unwanted facial hair growth. i have gone through a long term treatment but of no use. kindly suggest me is there any cure for it in homeopathy and what should i do?

  336. vikash chandra sinha says:

    my wife is suffering from pcos. is there any treatment through homeopathy.

  337. sanyukta raviraj rajput says:

    having irregular periods and suffering from pcos and had 2 miscarriages difficulty in conceiving

  338. Noorin Sanobar says:

    Hi Mam,
    Warm regards.Hope you are doing well!

    I am 28 years old and suffering from irregular periods due to pcos since past 2years.Even i had 1abortion n 1 fetus was collapsed.Mam i dont discover period till 2-3 months n their is no bleeding some times .sometimes it will be for 15 days that too very low bleeding.Now adays i gained alot of weigth about 70 kgs and i just want to get rid of this problem and want to be pregnant can you please help me.
    please consider my mail and go through my problem and am waiting gor your positive response

  339. Nahid naj nin says:

    Iam suffering for Pcos over weight Ineed homio treatment.What is the procedureto get this.

  340. Shreya Sharma says:

    Just got diagnosed with PCOD. Need your help to cure it. My age is 18 years.

  341. Sheeba Parveen says:

    PCOD problem found by ultrasound, I have contacted you before still not get response please help to come out from the problem !!

  342. Hi,I’ve trying to conceive for many years,I’m 39 and desperate for a baby with my new partner,I have got 1 child who I caught with on the contreptive pill .i have pcos,I don’t ovulate on a regular basis periods all over the place. I had endemetrois which I had surgery for .my tubes have been checked and are not blocked ,please any advice would be most welcome .im currently taking pregnacare trying to concieve tablets one a day .i dont know what else todo .thank you

  343. Ashlesha jadhav says:

    Im 20 year old girl, i have been suffering from pcod for many years ..i took an allopathy treatment but it dint worked on me ..after 6 months of treatment my menstrual cycle again became irregular and i also have exceesive hairs on my body ,face,chin . my weight is just 42 kg im suffering with hair loss too n according to my age im not that healthy sexual organs are not well developed . Please help me

  344. srishti sahu says:

    mam m having pcos from last 3 years .. m 21 years old.. want to solve my problem plz help me

  345. Jessy Anil says:

    Dear Dr.
    My daughter aged 15 1/2 years starter her mensuration after 13 years of age. Initially she had regular periods- for a year. After that she has delayed periods. Now it is 53 days since she had her last period. Kindly advice.

  346. Excess hair growth on whole body and on face also with acne. I get regular periods but scanty. Pain in pelvic region.

  347. Hi i am married women 31 years i got married 10 month periods are coming very less from last 10 month but now from 2 months periods are not coming.plz suggest.

  348. I am suffering from PCOS since 5 years. Did not take medication on time and hence more suffering. I am taking homeopathy medicines. Till now since 2years, I was told to take medicnes like pulsatila 200, calceria carb 200, and licopodium 200. At times when menstrual cycles get delayed, the docter suggests to take tuberculamn 1m powderr once or twice.

    I haven’t seen any change in my weight.
    I am wanting to loose weight desperatly.
    My details are as under:
    Weight 72kgs
    Height 5.5″
    I get angry and irritated very fast. I perspire alot and my sweat also has a very bad odour. Have a sydentary lifestyle. I crave alot for sweet foods, icecreams, oily foods and junk food. I eat more thn required, cant stop eating. I stay stressed most of the time due to study pressure and family pressure. Was in a depressed state for 2 year from 2010 to 2012 n since 2010 I have pcos.

    I have most of the weight on my thighs, belly, buttocks and breast. Please help me reduce weight frm my thighs and belly first.

    Thank you.
    Will wait for guidance from your end.

  349. Dear doctor

    My name is ragavi( 22 yrs old). i am having mild hair hair growth and 2 big hairs. i menstructal cycle is getting delayed by 5, 10 days each month. i am getting acne only on right cheek alone, not even a single on left side, is homeopathy medicine help me out from this. pls reply me

  350. Amita Shah says:

    My 17 yrs daughter is suffering from PCOD from last 2 yrs. She is not having her periods in time always delayed some time for week or month or 2 months with too much heavy bleeding which is uncontrollable have to take medicine named Revici-E to control the bleeding. Taken Ayurvedic treatment of Baba Ramdev for more than 6 months but not got any relief and then gone through alapathic treatment from two different gynecologist but no relief as soon as leave medicine again same problem now she is taking only M-2 Tome Ayurvedic syrup but still suffering. Now I heard about that homeopathy treatment is there for PCOD which has positive result so I wanted to know if there is treatment in homeopathy which can complete cure of PCOD. please suggest me.

  351. aarti sinha says:

    dr sharma,
    i m 35 year old.last 2 year after 3 year of my baby cycle is starting of my problem period is continuos 2 monthafter,some alopathic treatment it changesed into late like 1 and 2 month late period problem occure.i have multiple small cyst in this i m 14 days late,i want second baby but always i m disappointed.please sugest me ,what can i do for?

  352. Sonali patil says:

    Good evening doctor
    Mujhe last 2/3 years se pcod problem hai periods toh mujhe jabse aahe hai tabse hi irregular hai par last 2/3 years che jyada problem ho raha hai aur last 2 months se mujhe continue bleeding ho raha hai medicine doc ne di hai bleeding rukh ne k liye par nahe ruka hai aur pcod k wajh se mera weight gain hote ja raha hai I gain 23 kg aur try b karu toh b nahe ho raha hai I did sonography full abdl ka liver kidney sab normal hai sir right kidney mein small stone hai aur meri 2 overies bulky hai please mujhe help kijiye weight control aur bulky overies aur hormones imbalance k liye mra hair fall b horaha hai middle mein mujhe abhi thda takla dikhne laga hai mere friends family bolte hai k hair jhad rahe hai tere kuch kar I am 32 years old height 4.9 and weight 70 kg thank you writing for you reply

  353. hi. dr. sharma
    ws diagonsed with pcos in 2014 . took allopathic treatment for about 3 months. have regular periods but der is regular hair loss and acne problem . please suggest a remedy. my age is 22. waiting for ur reply


  354. Hello Doctor
    I have pcos problem irregular periods and I want to get pregnant but my follicle size is not increasing. Can you please suggest me medicine or ways so that my mensis get regular and follicles get mature so that i can get pregnant easily. My all blood reports are also normal.
    Please help me.
    Thank you

  355. Pcos sufferer, tried sulphur, pulslita, Psorinum thuja
    No progress. Missing periods, abnormal weight gain, spotting all the time.
    Please help!

  356. rashmi singh says:

    hello, I am suffering from endometriosis and infertility and I have also problem of myoma and fibroid I even not conceive of 6 year of my marriage I am 32 year old, does homeopathy cure my problem

  357. Hi Dr. Sharma

    I was diagnosed with PCOD in 2012. Right now I am 21 years old and the problem persists. My menstrual cycles are regular but I have gained a lot of weight and suffer from higher risk of diabetes.
    There are multiple cysts on both the ovaries.

    I would be grateful if you could suggest some medicine for same.

  358. dear sir
    i think i m having pcos,so due to tht disease i am having acne on ma face n abnormal hair growth and irregular menstrual for tht i can i do.acne makes me so uncomfortable n ma confident level is also getting low .
    is tht homeopathy medicine help for tht.
    plz let me knw .wat charges u r taking also.

    thnkx u

  359. I have been given homepathy for PCOS (irregular menses with scanty periods, periods with long time span) but after taking first pill i got the rashes on hands, face and pimples like small bumps on face and chest area.
    also cysts are being formed in chin and cheeks are
    itching on hands and neck and back.
    is there any thing which doesnt go well with homepathy any food.
    I never had this issue.
    I never had pimples on face.
    What may be reason for this?
    Appreciate your response.

  360. Hi i am suffering from pcod since years i am not getting my periods until and unless I don’t take pills to get my periods pls help pls my weight is also getting increase pls help me pls

  361. Sir I m in pcos condition from 1 year…..I jave periods in evry month….but from 2 months no periods ….pregnancy report negative but I want to concieve plz help me in this condition….my age is 24 and I m married

    • Nivedita mandloi says:

      hello sir,
      I m suffering from PCOD since 3yrs , is it possible to regulate my periods by homeopaethy medicine ?
      please guide me Thank u

  362. sir,
    i am the mother of 1yr old baby. i am facing the problem of late and irregular mensturation takes 40 to 45 days to repeat the cycle. the flow of blood is also very little and reducing month by month.
    sir i am really worried about reducing interest..
    please help me with your suggession and presciption.

  363. Hailey Francis says:

    Hi, I am 20yrs old and I’ve suspected that I have PCOS for a couple of months now. Went for an ultrasound scan today and it was confirmed that I do indeed have bilateral PCOS. I have monthly periods(not particularly painful), however they are never at the same time each month. I also suffer from slight excess hair growth on my chin and upper neck. Also I recently noticed hair loss on the left side of the front part of my head(by the hairline). I am not overweight. I’d like to know which homeopathy medicine you’d recommend for myself. Also what does this mean for future conception?Thank you!

    • Preethika says:

      Dr.dharma….I am 20 yes old..i was diagnosed by pcod….i am having hair growth on my upper lip chin and abdomen…and also having a irregular period problem…can you pls suggest the good medication for me

  364. farida bano says:

    Hello sir I am suffrring from pcod from 8 years .I am 28 years old I have taken allopathy treatment for a long time due to this I put on my weight and I have so much hairs on my side lock and I always missed my period without taking hormone I don’t get my periods for 5 month pls tell me which medicine I should take for pcod for permanent solutions

  365. Sir I m a pt of pcos. I m 25 yes old . I was diagnosed 3 months back.I m on homeopathic med .but still I m very worried that will I b able to conceive naturally after I get married or not. Really its a nightmare for me

    • arpita rit says:

      I am ,23years old, I have a irregular period may 2015, I have pcod problem, I take homeopathic medicine 1 month, is pcod permanently cure by homeopathic medicine

  366. Hi I am 33 years old and suffering from PCOS.
    I got my laser treatment done last year, because I was suffering from hair on my chin area.
    But I want to treat the major reason PCOS which is causing this problem.
    I am also suffering from hair loss and getting grey hair.
    My hair loss is getting worse.
    My periods are regular I don’t have any problems with them and no weight problem.

    Please tell me which homeopathy medc suits my symptoms.

    Thank you

  367. varalakshmi says:

    have pcos please tell me whether it will cure by dr batras

  368. Suprajasreenivas says:

    I am suffering from pcos for the past 7 years … 1 year back I have started taking homeopathi medicine .. But there was no result… Again I switched over to another homoeo doctor… My main problem is hair fall … 2/3 of my hair almost gone…how can I get back my hair… Is there any special oil or special medicine for my hair… Right now am using homoeo medicine, biotin-5mg,adgain,orofer-xt and also doing cycling 5 days in a week for 45 mins… Please guide me how can I stop hair fall… If I put oil on my scalp hair fall is high… How can i control my hair fall

  369. Durriya ismail says:

    I am worried for my daughter she is 25 with PCO’s her belly is big even though she does lots of excersize.. These days she is bleeding for more then a month

  370. Hi!
    I am 32 yrs old and married for 5 yrs! I have been a patient of pcos and hyperthyroidism ! My periods have been irregular throughout 15 yrs andcafter i was daignozed with hyperthyroidism acyear back my periods have been absent for 4 mnths now is there a way i can start a proper mefication with u?please reply if u can help i live in pakistan.

  371. Hello,

    I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 yrs ago. I have had regular 30 day cycles until 4 yrs ago. Since then my cycles changed from 31 – 46 day cycles…..possibly due to stress and other circumstances. My husband and I were trying for a child for 2 yrs when I was diagnosed with PCOS and he with low sperm count. We were told IVF is our only option which we didn’t want to try so we have left it for now. My cycles are slightly better in the last year – averaging within 31-36 days although I don’t that I am ovulating each month.
    I am not significantly over weight – 10.5 st (5′ 4″). I have had very bad deep face & body acne in my teenage years and still have acne although it isn’t as bad. I don’t have excess body hair.
    Is there anything I can take to help me?
    Is there anything you could recommend for low sperm count and motility?
    Many thanks – Kara

  372. naina ravi shetty says:

    i am polystic ovaries syndrome and hormonal imbalance last 1.5 years, and my sugar cholesterol all is normal. i have irregular periods . spotting on the mid of the month. and bloating problems. please advice which homeopathic medicine i should take.

    thank u

  373. Arti srivastava says:

    My daughter age 27 years married 3 years ago is suffering from PROS weight 70 kg
    Having problems in conceiving what medicine she should takr

  374. i am suffering from pcos for about 2.5 years and i am 23 years old ummarried . i have irregular periods atmost 4 times in a year. my height is 5 ft and weight is 54k. please suggest me what should i do and what homeopathy treatment i should take . i am very much tensed with this problem. i am also having hair growth on my face near the chin.

    plzz suggest me i will be very thanqful to you.

    plzz sir

    • hello sir! i’m suffering from pcos from last 2 years and had used English medicine. But now i have converted to homeo from 1 month and taking the medicines. But my problem was excess hair growth on my stomach, hands and legs. I don’t know which medicine they are giving for me but my hair is growing very fastly. i’m very tensed about my hair growth. i’ not over weight also. How much time will it take to control or will the hair growth stop atleast after completing my treatment?? will the hair reduce when i complete my treatment??? please suggest mee. i’m will be very thankful to you.

  375. Naveen Zuberi says:

    Hi, dr. Sharma, I m a female, 27 years old, married and have 1 daughter of 4 years. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and hormonal imbalance 6 months ago and had allopathic treatment but hardly had any positive change.

    I suffer from missed periods since only 1 year, and i am having difficulty in concieving as well, i m having constant weight gain and have been trying to lose but in pcos seems to be impossible to lose weight.

    Please suggest me homeopathic medicine or treatment for regular periods, treatment for pcos and some medicine to lose weight & concieve easily.

    Thanks in advance!

  376. hello. I m suffering from pcod from last 2 Years . I took krimson -35 For 6 Months and my periods were normal. Then i switched over to homeopathic . During the initial 4-5 Months my periods were normal but after that it became irregular . Now its been 4 Months that i dint have my periods . Please mam suggest a way out of it.

  377. Hello Doctor, I am facing issue with prolonged delayed periods. Through blood test AMH value seen as 6.57 which is higher than the normal. Delayed periods occurred very frequently. Please advice homeopathic medicine combination. My age 30 and height 5.1inches, weight 54 kg.

  378. hi i have pcos both ovaries cyst 34year old cant cancive also have other pcos symptoms acne hiratism obesity and cant ovulotion give me medicen for concive

  379. sir
    i am sufferrig from cysts in right ovary since 1 year ,every thing itried but in vain kindly suggest effective homopathic medicine for removal of it

  380. Hello I have diagnosed pcos for 5 years.. Having irregular periods or less periods.. I m trying to conceive.. Kindly recommend me homeopathic medicine. I m very much frustrated. Kindly help

  381. I am suffering from multiple sclerosis last three years and have a history of endometreosis and cyst in my overy,for which I have undergone laproscopy almost 12 year back .I have put on huge amount of weight.Last few weaks again I am having persistent pain and heaviness in my lower abdomen.Plz suggest some medicine.

  382. Here i m devastated facing with pcod problm for last 7years …no medication working,,,tried allopathy, ayurvedic from renowed docters but no use….what this homopathy will work….no hope…no help….feel bad for all those women suffering like me…tc all..

  383. my freind suffering with pcos from past more than 7 yrs

    so many medications r used but no results and i suggested pustilla but when menstrul statrted the bleeding canot stopping untill allopathy use and also with in 5 days after allopathy use it bleeding agian and the she get severe anemia
    stomach is some high and wgt 80kgs
    mentally irritting for small thing
    age 28 yrs

    give me the medication for and for ovulation sir

    waiting for reply

  384. Furocyst is the best natural medicine for PCOS,which manage PCOS naturally,,a chemically proven and US patented medicine.

  385. hi sir i have pcod problem my menstrual cycle is irregural and doesnot stop even periods are over, i am overweight also i have been using many medicines but found no use can u please suggest some medication

  386. I have pco now i take homeo medicine can it is completely relife frm pco

  387. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have pcos and I am able to have my cycle every month and I believe I am also ovulating each month. I would like to know how can I get me follicles to grow to a mature size. Would taking Folliculinum help? What other treatment would help. I would also like to know what would help my insulin resistance and sugar cravings.
    Thank you

  388. Sir,
    My daughter sixteen years old had her menstrual period 2 years back. but beginning one year she didnt had periods so we went to doctor. sir told in the beginning its common. after that suddenly she used to have regular periods for some six months. then i think because of sslc exam stress again stopped for 6 more months. now we took medicines metformin prescribed by dr. and got her periods. till now twice she took metformin tablets and got regular periods for some months. one year back her investigations done revealed that she had PCOD. she has chin hair growth since a year. now growing speedly. Please advise me doctor for having regular menstrual periods, preventing hair growth on chin.

  389. papia sultana says:

    Sir, before 7 months i had faced in polycistic ovaries syndroms problem. I had seen two doctors they suggested me for test and all diagnosis report was same pocs problems and they suggested me for marry and take in baby.but now i am facing little bit pain down stomach in leftside . and i want to know at this time homeopathic treatments to be fruitfil. If its to be fruitfill then please send me thats medicine name.

  390. Sabana biswas says:

    I am suffering from pocs not conceive and I am also poor women please suggested me some homepathy medicine

  391. Aarti Mahajan says:

    hello sir.m 32years old suffering by GERD, IBS & PCOD. every month I ve periods before the time like 6-7 days before the time.cyst in right overy 20×20mm.m taking asafiteda for GERD, IBSwhat is ur suggestion for my problems. does carbo animalis 30 will act gud for pcod

  392. Hello Dr Shama

    I am 39yrs old and has PCOs since teenage, m y period used to be once a year but around 35 yrs old it becomes once in three months. However, after I gave birth three years ago,my weight keep growing no matter how little I eat, I gained 15kg since I gav e birth, hair lose, fear, panic and emotional very easily.
    Pls help to suggest what to do.

    Many thx

  393. Dear Dr
    I have been diagnosed with Polysistic ovaries six months ago when my weight has increased up to 4kgs in a couple of months i took silicea for three months now and went on strict dieting and exercising with absolutely no change in weight which is bothering, my homeapathic dr gave me natrum phos for a month and nothing changed then gave me phytolacca which i took for ten days made me drowsy and no weight change so I stopped it too and now am trying Calcarea carbonica 30 including my silicea do you think this will work or i should take something else i am just tired and depressed of the weight gain i have never reached this weight especially that i workout and eat very healthy am 36years old mother of 3 my initial weight is 54 am 58 now and my height is 156
    Kindly get back to me

  394. I have cyst in both overies , exessive hair growth on face and is facing difficulty in loosing weight on alopathic treatment since last 5 years . Can homeopathy help me

  395. Anjali Jichkar says:

    I have cysts in both overies and irregular periods

  396. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I would like to seek your help for homeopathic medicine for pcos which was diagnosed one year back when I was 20yrs old. I did allopathic treatment which didn’t seem to work for me and the results were positive for pcos again this year. After pcos I have gained 8kgs of weight which I find very difficult to reduce even after dieting and mild exercise. I did had facial hair but it reduced after the allopathic treatment. My menses are always delayed for about a month or so. My doctor has now told me to control weight but it seems impossible to control weight even after having good and healthy diet. I feel annoyed, irritated and depress for which reason I really don’t know. Please help me which homeopathy medicine should I use to control weight and for the menses to be regular and to be happy like before.

  397. hello
    My homeopath was able to establish a cycle after highly irregular periods and a diagnosis of PCOS at 18 years of age (currently i am 36). At puberty, and when menstruation did come, it would be heavy on the 2 and 3 day and be over by the 7th day. However, at this time, the menstruation starts on time every month, however, is very scanty and lasts between 12-14 days -very slow. I would like to get pregnant this summer. Which remedy would you advise to establish a 7 day period? Which potency should I use? How should I take it?
    Please advise,

  398. Asiya Shaikh says:

    Hello sir, iam 24 years old Iam having irregular menses. . My weight has increased drastically from 52 to 72 doc diagnosed me with polycystic disease ….iam not benefitted with her treatment. …kindly writ back to me ……
    Thanking you

  399. Sir,
    I have painless bleeding since 1 month. Only few drops of blood and also having a clot which is small. With bloating of abdomen and hair growth on face since 5 years.. Also having fear of infertility and cancer due to this complaint.. Im 22yr old.

  400. Swati senapati says:

    I m 20 years old iron level is extreamly low i.e 39.85.where the normal range is 60-180.i have a 12mm follicular cyst on right overy.before few months i hv suffered from irregular period.this month i got period with excessive clot blood and lower abdomen pain.feeling very body mas index is higher then normal.noteworthy problem is excessive hair fall(more than 100 daily) and upper lip hair growth

  401. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 33 year unmarried woman. I have problem of heavy menstrual bleeding for last 6 years. and also a heavy bleeding 8-10 days after complete of period, sometimes last for 7 days . little lower back pain only.
    I take Pulsatilla 200 two drops at morning for last 2 years with a interval of one month. now it reduces my bleeding. but bleeding between two period is not cure properly.
    weight 68 kg. fair, moody, depression, working as an accountant, mood change, craving for sometimes sweet sometimes salt (changing), open air , sensitive, weeping but for 10 minutes. problem with heat of sun.
    please suggest me.

  402. sivakumari says:

    I have pcos problem so I am not able to conceive which medicine shall I take mam

  403. Gulab Desale says:

    Please give me in details information about p c o d with sterility

  404. priya kumari says:

    Mai one month ki pregnant hu. MujheMujhe constipation Gass aur Jada bukhar me sath sath kamjori bhi rahti hai pls. Sahi margdarshan Karen aur uchit dawa batayen.

  405. beejal kamdar says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am 43 yrs old . I have been suffering from pcos since the age of 24 yrs . I always had irregular menstrual problem since I started my periods. But was diagnosed with pcos when I was 27 yrs after I had 1 miscarriage and constantly had my periods for 1 and half yrs. I was never properly treated for my pcos except had hesteroscopy and lycoscopy done twice given painkillers and cotraceptive pills to regulate my periods. Over the years I tried to conceive but was unsuccessful . I even tried Ivf and Icsi treatment for 7 times but would not hold enough to pass 3 months. Around the age i put on lots of weight and became diabetic with hypertension. Due to Ivf meds my periods became regular again and I managed to reduce some weight. Now since last 7 mths I have irregular or missed periods again and gained 20 kgs all of sudden i feel either too cold or depressed all times i feel suicidal and aloof from my family. DR’S who scanned me last 20 yrs ago had said because my pco was not big enough they had spotted multiple smaller cyst they could not remove it and instead suggested i should remove my overies to which I refused. Now they think I am going through menopause, but I don’t have any symptoms of that. My overies feel heavy every time my periods are going to start. I some time spot bleeding and it is there for 1-2 days with very heavy left abdominal pain and then after 4 days it stops. I do take pulsetilla 200 power and kali carb 30 and colosynth 200 for regulating just before my periods start but still don’t know why my i don’t have proper periods now and can’t reduce weight. Please can you advise. Thanks.

  406. Respected Sir,
    My left ovary contains cyst of size 6.5cm.. which i found in my Ultra sound…
    Im newly married and i want to concieve but im unable..
    Suggest me how can i cure cyst and able to conceive as earlier..
    Thank you

  407. Mylea Morgan says:

    I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago. I’m now 59. I have the hair lose, facial hair growth. Have the sugar lump in the upper part of my shoulder blades. Gained a lot of weight with this…. I can’t seem to get it off. I’m a boarder line diabetic. I take metaformin twice a day 500 mg each…… If there is something out there that can help, please let me… Thank you, Mylea

  408. BABITA SAHU says:

    Hi doctor,

    I have been suffering from PCOS since 5 years or more. My age is 28 and got married 5 years ago. I tried many allopathy medicines, but failed to conceive. I do have irregular periods frequently missing 2 to 3 months. I dont have thyroid and my weight is 64 and height is 5.4 inches. Recently I got operated for PCOD by allopathic doctor. But after taking many injections and medicines the follicules are not rising. Please advice me which medicine shouldbe taken and can i rely on homoeopathy medicine for conceive faster.

  409. Ruchita Agarwal says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am 32, unmarried. suffering pcos since 6-7 yrs now and it is only getting worse. Have not only gained weight but find it difficult to lose weight despite exercising. I have tried so many treatments for pcos but none of them seem to be working.. May be for a short while but the other symptoms such as acne and hair fall and extra hair growth on body- these all increase very much. Now my periods have been absent since 10 months and I dont know what to do.. It is also getting very difficult to fight the depression now..

    Please help.

  410. Vishal Anand says:

    3 yrs saadi ko hue My Wife is suffering from POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME. Mentural Cycle is For 3 to 4 days.. Age-31,,Weight-61,, Thyroid is 2.50… AMH janch karwaya 2 times pahle 10.50 tha but avi latest janch me 9.26 Aaya hai.Left Overy me light pain hota hai.. But period k time me dono side Overy me halka pain hota hai..
    Dr Saab please help…

    • Hi dr I m 30 yrs old….my ovary size right is 3.5×2.1×3.0 cm in vol nd left is 3.3×1.7×3.6 in cm …I m suffering from svere hairfall.nd have pain in left ovary….plz tell me sm homeopethic med for control pcos nd control hair fall….

  411. punam sharma says:

    my daughter is 13 year and 5 months old. her periods started 8 months ago.her diet is not much.but she is gaining weight and have facial hairs.her periods are not much regular. i am too much worried about it. please suggest me what to do. we are totaly vegetarian.and never take very oily food and fast food.but she like to eat noodles and maggi

  412. hy doc i m 22 year 5 feet 6 inch high 90 kg delayed. period facial hairs hair fall plz plz help me very depressed with my condition

  413. Anubha Singh says:

    Please suggest a homepathy medicine name for irregular periods . period time between 2 to 3 months which is happen only for 2 days.I am 25 yrs old irregular periods problem is from since start at the age of 14 . kindly suggest the name of medicine for regularisation .
    Thanks !
    Anubha Singh

  414. Hello doctor,
    I am suffering from absent period from five years. Now I am 26 year and unmarried. I have severe acne, hair on face, heavy weight, irregular periods and hair fall problem. I was using Diane 35 for six months but stopped this week. Now I want to take homeopathic treatment. Please suggest me which medicine I should go for.
    Please do reply me.

  415. dear sir
    i have pcod since last 10 yrs now i m 24yrs i want to get pregnant my all tests are normal harmons , bp, diabetes, blockage in fallopian tubes all are normal. my main problem is pcod plzz give me suggestion.
    my weight 87kg. plzzz help

  416. Hi doctor,

    I have been suffering from PCOS since 3 years. My age is 29 and got married 2 years ago. I tried many allopathy medicines, but failed to conceive. I do have irregular periods frequently missing 1 to 2 months. I dont have thyroid and my weight is 60 and height is 5.2 inches. Recently for 3 months I started using hemeopathy in which i observed amenorrhea for past 3 months. I informed my doctor regarding this, but she advised me to wait as the medicines work little slower. I am ready to wait, but the concern is amenorrhea and I am worried regarding that. Will you tell me clearly that does homeopathy works, can i rely on it completely or any suggestions which would help me to conceive faster.

  417. kojagori shing says:

    sir,i am a 22 years old girl and i am suffering from PCOD.i have used allopathic treatment for it.but just the time i stop the medicne the problem is the same.i want to cure it properly.pls help me out about how to use sepia and what are the doses??

  418. pooja gautam says:

    hello sir
    i m 25 years.meri skin me bhut sare brown spot h or mere bhut hi jayeda hair fall ho rha h sir please kuch suggest dijiye and mujhe pcod 1 year se h mai iska ilaj krwa rhi hu homeopathic doctor se kya ye spot pcod ki problem se h ya koi or reason h meri ultrasound report me aaya h – both overies are mildly bulky with thick stroma &multiple follicles arranged in periphery.
    sir jb se mai medicine khani start ki h tb se mera hair fall or bhi ho gya please sir apna koi opinion dijiye ye spot thik to ho jayenge .

  419. pooja gautam says:

    hello sir
    मेरा नाम पूजा है । मेरी मम्मी को चेहरे पर बहुत झाइयाँ हैं बहुत कुछ लगाया पर कुछ असर नही हुआ क्या आप इसका कोई इलाज बता सकते है कोई अच्छी दवा हो तो आपसे निवेदन है की हमे बताए

  420. pooja gautam says:

    hello sir
    i m pooja
    i m suffering from pcod in one year. many small brown spot in my over face and hair fall please suggest me in problem
    please recommended best medicine .

  421. pooja gautam says:

    hello sir
    mai pooja
    i m suffering from pcod in one year. many small brown spot in my over face and hair fall please suggest me in problem
    please recommended best medicine .

  422. hello doctor,

    I’m gayathri, I have pcod problem for past 6 months.I’m 25 married 3 yrs ago ,have 1 kid. I don’t have proper flow in my menses time. my weight have been increased.I’m really worried about this problem. can u suggest me a good way for this plss mam….

  423. hello doctor,

    I’m gayathri, I have did pcod problem for past 6 months.I’m 25 have 1 kid. I don’t have proper flow in my menses time. my weight have been increased.I’m really worried about this problem. can u suggest me a good way for this plss mam….

  424. vibha gupta says:

    Hello doctor,
    Sir, I am suffering from bilateral PCOS , my menses is late in time n I have hair growth on chin, I can’t conceive, cannot bear contradiction, get easily irritated, negative thought, lack of sexual desire n confidence,before menses I got very angry n as my flow begins I become jolly. Please recommend me medicine…….

  425. Dear DR.





  426. My daughter Age 17, diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and the report of USG of lower abdomen says:
    Both ovaries reveal multiple tily follicles in subcapsular region & hyperechoic central stroma.
    Right ovary measures 35 x 17 mm
    Left ovary measures 35 x 20 mm

    No free fluid or SOL is seen in pouch of Douglas.

    What should be the protocol of treatment. Kindly advise.

  427. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from PCOS. I get period only 3 times an year and recently I had my polyp removed and it was discovered that I also have complex hyperplasia Without Atypica. I see the correlation b/c I hardly get my period so I think that can lead to hyperplasia. My gyno told me to try provera for three months and get a D&C done. I was taking estrogen and clomid b/c I been married for 5 years and still trying to conceive. I even tried Intrauterine insemination a few times in these last years but no luck. I am tried of trying different fertility treatments. At this point, I just want a homeopathic medicine that can cure my hormones. I just want something that can regulate my period.
    I am 30 years old and petite.
    Thank you

  428. neelam devi says:

    I am neelam devi.working women age 29 suffering fm irregular periods fm long time.i am scared abt my future pls suggest homeopathy treatment abt it.

  429. Due to endometriosis I was not getting my periods regularly I took crimson 35 got regular periods for that time after I’m not getting my periods for six months I’ve lots of facial hair too is there any remedy for my problem please suggest

  430. Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have PCOS since age 11. My periods started at age 11 and were irregular occuring at 3 month interval. Slowly over the years my periods regularised and now they occur monthly with a delay of 1-2 days. But I am obese, weighing 70 kgs and suffering from hirsuitism. My hair is thinning, on the crown area. I have thick excess hair on my upper lips, chin, on the belly and chest. Please urgently help for these issues, most important being weight management and hirsuitism.

  431. Hello Dr.dharma….iam 25years old and marriefd 2 years back…I have pcod problem from my 10th class..initially I got period with the harmonal pills and then onwards I did get period normally,when ever I take medicine the period will be normal and the stops…so please tell me what should I do and what medicine should I take to get ride of this…..and how can I get conceive.

  432. I married 2013,i got Pcos last year. I am trying for baby how can i conceive,andwhat can I do for that.plz healp me Doc.

  433. Dear Dr Sharma, my daughter have PCOS with 22-24 irregular period , hair growth on legs , chin, the period is not heavy , but continue for 5-6 days. She has bloating and heavy constipation , weight gain, acne
    and irritable mood.

    Thank you very much

  434. hello, i have been getting my periods regularly im 24 years old , i had severe pain on the day of period i did abdominal pelvic scan and found bulky ovaries and polycyst features please answer my qearry

  435. Am married since 6 years no child yet ..I have a problem of delayed period which am facing since when I got my first period in the age of 13 since then no regular periods always comes so late like 2 ,4,5,6 months skip some time becomes regular took many tests and got to know when ever I late on period problem was always high prole tin. Pcos findings in scan ..put me on medicine ..periods become regular when course completed again same late periods issue .. am fed up kindly help me out ..I want a child all my brother sister have I feel very dipress

  436. ALINA SUHAIL says:

    Regards Dr Sharma,
    I am 21, unmarried, have pcos since i was 14. I also have insuline resistance. I have tried allopathy, nothing worked no menses. Have taken genette, yasmin, diane, krimson, dronis, etc.. When m on the pills then only i get my period otherwise i dont. Now the bleeding has become scanty. I recently met a homeopathic doctor, who precsribed me Apis mellificia, baryta iodata and cistus can. Are they effective? I have weight issues too. My height is 5’5 and i am 60 kg. I used to be 45kg. Please help me with this. Thanks

    • hello doctor sahab.
      plz aap Hume koi homeopathic medicine suggest kariye,I have cyst in my Lt ovary about 3.5cm and I have pain in my abdomen back pain i have also problem of leucorrhoea i have been used cistus ,kali and calceria flurica but koi fyda nahin hai or l also feel so thirsty sometimes hairfall problem

  437. Iam 23 years old girl.i have pcos which shows left ovary have multiple cysts with <12 number of cysts and right ovary has few periods are very irregular and it is ver lighter.iam so depressed.any treatments to cure this?.did it affect to get pregnant in future?..pls reply me..

  438. my wife is suffreing with irragular period ,we checkup doctor said you have pcos problem , there is no childs how is the homeocare treatment for pcos and how much time cure as possible ,any side efficts please send to me

  439. Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I am 29 years old unmarried. I have been facing menstrual problems from a very early age and one year ago I was diagnosed with bi-literal poly cystic ovaries. I was under diet and alloypathy medicine as well as homeopathy medicine for the last three months. I have stopped both a month ago and this month my period is just a few drops. I feel low- down and not interested in anything as well as I ve acne and pimples like around my neck which are at times painful. I feel helpless. Please help.

  440. Meri shadi ko 2 saal ho gaye h mai 30 year ki hu Mere period irregular h aur mai pregnant nhi ho pa rahi hu sari checkup kra liye report normal h ap medicine btaiye

  441. Amanda Salyer says:

    Was diagnosed with PCOS 14 years ago. I have one child after using 6 rounds of cloud and progesterone injections. I’d like to try for another child using more natural means. I currently take met forming and labelatol for high blood pressure. I also have IgA nephropathy but both kidneys function fully. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

  442. Dr I m 34 yrs old my having diagnosed for PCOS . If u can answer how many days & what potency I can take of Sepia thx

  443. darshana save says:

    I am 28 age married girl. I am suffering from pcod last two year. One tube lost.

  444. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I’m having PCOS problem since last 2 months. Although I suffered from it 13 years back as well but my homeopath Dr cured it. Eventually, my Dr is not in country these days. She migrated abroad. Now, I’m having this problem again after 13 years.

    My hairs are also falling and getting very thin. I’m also gaining weight. With ultrasound it has been diagnosed that I’m having my right ovary polycistic. Whereas, some folicles also seen in left one.

    I’m very much worried and depressed as my Menses are not ending for the last 2.5 months.

    Please kindly help me out and my sister too.

    She is also having the same problem.

    I will be looking forward towards your kind help.


  445. Hi,

    I have PCOS, however I am very tiny. I’m 105 pounds, 5ft. I eat very healthy. An organic diet, no dairy, and I impliment herbs, teas, etc.

    My cystic acne has been on a rampage lately and my hair on my face is becoming relentless. However, I’m a natural blonde and most of my hair is light colored. The majority is on my chin. My cycle is irregular, and usually very light. My cramps have gotten worse though. I have a 9 year old, so I’m not sure how that factors in either.

    Getting to the point where I’m contemplating going back on spiro meds. I just can’t handle the itchy painful lumps and scars on my face anymore.

    Please help 🙁
    Oh a big question I have in mind is can I take multiple medicine you suggest at once, or try one new thing at a time?


  446. Please give me information about p.c.o. d in relation to homoeopathi on my e.mail


  447. sir, i am 26 aged married girl. i m married for 4 years nd i dont have child i am suffering from pcos in two ovaries. my periods not regular. it take upto 2 or 3 th months time. now i take homeo medicine and pulsatila, medohrrinum, frxinus americana Q. it is helpful me?.can i recover from this pcos by using this medicine.i request you to kindly help me to recover from this problem only suggest me some medicine to completely cure pcos

    with regards
    jhumar roy

  448. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 34 yrs old and suffering from pcos and taking Lachesis 200 since a month but cant see much improvement.

    My menstrual cycle is normal(same day of every month) but i have other symptoms like acne and facial hair.
    As per usg, my both ovaries are mildly bulky and have 10-12 follicles measuring 4-6mm within.
    Right ovary measures 3.5×1.8x 2.5cm
    Left ovary measures 4.8×2.2×3.0cm
    Cyst with internal reticulations measuring 24.1mm is seen in left ovary.

    Please suggest.


  449. sir, i am 26 aged married girl. i am suffering from pcod in two tube is lost because of the tubal pregnancy during the alopathic periods not take upto 4 or 5 th months time. now i take homeo medicine sepia and is helpful me?.can i recover from this pcod by using this medicine.i request you to kindly help me to recover from this problem

    with regards

  450. My daughter aged at 22 years plus has not had her first mensuration till now. We have taken treatment both in homeopathic and Allopathy. We have also contacted Vedanta Hospital and they advised that on the basis of investigation reports they are hopeful in the matter, at present my daughter is under their treatment. Some other person advised that this is due harmonic problem and cureable. We request you to kindly help us to come out from the problem. I shall be highly obliged for your kind help.

    With regards,

    Raj Kumar

  451. Sir m 28 years old m suffering from pcos i m married for 2 years nd i dont have child.periods r nt regular they come wid taking medicine only suggest me some medicine to completely cure pcos

  452. subhashini says:

    Hello Dr.sharma .my name is subhashini. Recently. I consulted gynocologist for blood particles in urin and other problems are hair on my upper lip,chin and other parts. Also loss of hair.
    Doctor has confirmed it as pcod And said that it causes infertility. Please suggest homeopathy treatment.

  453. Hello dr. sharma

    i am 31 years old an suffering from pcod for last 4 years which caused infertility . i had already gone under laproscopy and histeroscopy treatment but no positive results hv been observed. irregular periods and hair fall are d major side effects of pcod which m facing……. dr. kindly suggest me wht shoud i do to conceive baby and get rid of these problems……

  454. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am Sukhmeet and suffering from PCOS since 2009. I am 36 years nad have 02 kids 9 years & 4 years.
    Symtoms of PCOS
    1) hair under chin
    2) irregular periods
    3) Weight gain
    I took Ashmita Birth Control pill for 1 & half years from Sept 2013 till April 2014 along with Metformin 500 mg thrice in a week . I stopped all medicines from May till Aug……….periords were fine then my last period was on 18 July and did not got periods. Then dr. recommended me to take Mephrate for 05 days, I got menses on 10th Sept and first time I have prolong period and is not stopping till date ie 30th Sept. Please tell me good medicine as I am working and due to blood loss feel tired …………..
    9899058567 ( Delhi, India)
    If you have clinic I can visit you.

  455. Dear doc,
    Im recently diagnosed to have pcos.i visited doc because my weight was increasing and periods reduced from five-six days to two-three days plus i had alot of hair fall problem.i dont have any abnormal growth of hair but am lossing my head hair too much and feel like becoming bald now.the other problem is weight gain.within a year i gained about 8kgs which is really too much.plzzzz help i want to get back to my original weight and solve prob of hair fall and have normal periods atleast for five days.

  456. Dr.J.kathiravan says:

    Thanks for your suggesion sir. i have PCOS case with normal menstrual history with infertility. on evaluation i found that my patient’s seems to immature on ovulation study.what will you suggest for that sir?

  457. i m try to conceive but not suceed from last three years. my periods are delayed from the last periods by 10 to 12 days. it has normal flow. three years before i get pregnant but i had miscarriage due to oligohydraminos. I had taken every allopathic treatment but it failed. all test are also normal like thyroid. I am 5 ft 1 inch and weight is 62 kg. i am obese also. i had allergy by sun rays and got rashes on skin if come in contact with sun rays.

    please help me sir….

  458. Dear Dr Sharma,

    Can you please help me i have polycystic ovaries and need remedy for ovulation

  459. Hello doc, my periods have always been delayed.. I am 31 now and I have aa 5 years old baby.and I’m willing to have my ultrasound done recently and it shows that I have lil pcod. My hormone reports are all normal. No Thyroid. But I have too much facial hair an body hair also. I am obese also. Please tell me how can I conceive soon. And will I be able to conceive or no..thanks !

  460. 1 am 25 yrs old. i have been gaining weight for past 2 years.started having painfull menses 1.5 yrs back. periods reduced to 4 days cycle but were regular.

    for past six months—-
    missed my periods,,,after 15 days spotting started,,,contined for 15 days,,,,took deviry 10mg for 6 days,,,then had periods,,,periods came again after 2.5 monhts onseptember 9,2015.

    visited a gynecologist,,,had blood tests and sonography,,

    amh-5.3, ,tsh-2.3,,, ,prolactin–8.8, ,hb–12.3,, hba1c–5.8,,, esinophils–elevated,,sonography normal.

    diagnosis–impression of pcos,,, insulin resistance diabetes.

    advised–bigomet sr 500 (metformin) twice daily.

    this medicine makes me drowsy and it is difficutt to do office work.

    kindly advise.

  461. Sir.,I my period is weight gain. Testosterone report is normal. ultrasound says multiple follicles in both ovaries.but un wanted hair on it pco. ? What can I do. ? I wrote u before. Plz help.

  462. Sir,I am from Bangladesh. 30 years old.unmarried.i have pco since 2 month. More than 10 cyst in both ovaries. My period is normal till now.but unwanted hair .specially chin,uperlip, increase. My marriage will be next month. Sir plz help me. Suggest me something to reduce my unwanted hair.

    • Mona Dhanagare says:

      My daughter is 24 years old and has irregular periods. Her weight is also on a higher side. But she does not have problem of excessive facial hair. Last month her period lasted for almost a month. Could it be PCOS? How can it be treated?

  463. Hello sir,
    I am shivani 21 years old. I am not sure whether i suffered from pcos or not. But i have acne with pus since last 2 years , hair grown on over body, facial hair growth , scanty in periods , hairfall.
    I tried all kind of ayurvedic treatment doesn’t give me any benefits. Kindly suggest me some best medicine as soon as possible. I’ll be really grateful to you.

  464. Sir,
    Sir ma children have pcod problem. So she was using homeopathic treatment.since last 1 day she was use main dose than that same day she was ate some spicy chicken. Is there any problem?please tell me sir…help me sir.

  465. 37yrs old,16yrs married life, no child due to pcod,mood swings, irregular periods, acne,obese,help plz

    • Dr my name is Alpana.I think I am suffering pocd problem.iam 36 years old and trying to conceive but no positive result periods are irregular and gaining wait .much much hair on face specifically on upper lips and chin.kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine to conceive and excessive hair facial growth.

  466. sir
    I am really very thankful to you for this exhaustive informative article..sir i am 29 years old i m suffering from irregular menses and acnes..Though in ultrasound no cysts has been found..Sir please help me

  467. Pcos heirsutham can cour homeopathy and how

  468. Hello doc .im 42 yrs.I have pcos migraine obese .red cheeks . infertility. Insomnia.i exercise but upper body heavy n bloated.fingers swell.what medicine should I have

  469. I have pcos and take no medicine fr it. I have regular cycle n have kids also. Just lot of weight gain on abdominal also developed hernia in middle of abdominal. Plz help

  470. my daughter has PCI and I want to know that can homeopathy completely cute PCO and she has got male pattern hair fall and has put on weight ant two kilos or so.Only one ovary show pco.i want her hair fall to stop and weight to come down so please help.thank you

  471. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Aditi Muley, age 24
    I am having all the symptoms of PCOS like acne, unwanted facial hair, thin scalp, thin hair and most importantly irregular and one day periods causing excessive pain and irritability.
    Please suggest me the medicines for the cure of the same at the earliest along with the dosage.
    My weight is also increasing and i am nable to control it even after doing regular exercises.
    I am also going through the hairfall which is leading to the Baldness

  472. Jasmeet taneja says:

    Hi, my age is 27 and suffering pcod. I have prolonged periods this month. It’s been 28 days my period started. Please need suggestion which medicine should I take to stop them and get my period regular every month.

  473. Sir I am diabetic type 1 with polystic ovary.My age is 27 .Since the first time of my menses I have been facing irregular cycles and from last 6 months menses duration is of just two days now n remain absent for two months. I ve been facing acute hair fall resulted baldness . I m also facing acne and facial hair growth on chin n cheeks.
    With regards

  474. ruchika sethi says:

    Dear madam
    I have pcod case . my body produce multiple eggs in my overy but due to pcod I m unable to pregnant pls suggest me homeopathic med

  475. Hello doctor, I desperately need your help. I am 21 years old and I suffer from unclean, oily skin, clogged pores and scalp since I am 13. Especially my t-zone is oily and I have to wash my hair daily. It seems that I am losing too much hair and I was diagnosed with PCOS this summer because my cycle is very irregular and I suffer from absent menses at the moment. This condition has been like this for the past two years. I suffer fro lmow self-esteem and I feel ugly all the time due to my oily skin. I am very vulnerable when it comes to how I look. I also have thin, sensitive skin and dark shadows under my eyes due to this thin skin. I am not overweight but rather slim. I have too high androgen levels but no cysts were found in my ovaries. I also often suffer from cystitis during winter. I often have moderate or strong white vaginal discharge.

    I would be most grateful if you prescriped me an appropriate remedy to rebalance my hormones and get rid of my oily skin.
    Thank you a lot for your help 🙂

  476. My age is 31 & suffering from PCOS with fallopian tube closed.So I am unable to conceive. Please help me out

  477. Jaya Jayaraman says:

    Dead Dr.Sharma,
    Good evening to you? Am having irregular period after 2nd baby miscarriage about in 15 days. Checked with Dr. And he said, its clean. After a yr, my period still not regular and when and check back, he said having pcos. He prescribed metformin. I gain weight frequently from 72kg to 93.5kg. I controlled my food and try to execise moderately, its slightly went down but increase back. After 1 yr, i get spotted and now prolong peroid. Checked again, and did pep smear test…dr. Told me am ok….negative result…and its caz of excess of estrogen. He asked me to anyhow reduce weight to overcome this prob. I gets tired of this non-stop period. My period are very clear and looks bright. Please advise me how homecare can help me on this. Due to i would like to conceive 2nd baby after the prob cure. Please do help me on this how to go for treatment?

  478. I have PCOS and I really suffer with my weight, I also have lost most of my hair.
    I don’t mind if I no longer have anymore children ,because I have 4 healthy children already. I was wondering which medicines would be best for me as I’m really feeling low about my situation now.My facial hair is also very annoying as I can’t really afford to frequently get waxed.

    Thank you

  479. hello.I am 29yrs old.I was on aldactone from quite a long time. I have pcos with no cyst in ovaries.I just have skin acne,thinning of hair,darkening of skin n hair geoth on upperlip.what medicine would you suggest me as i want to concieve.

  480. my daughter has thick hair on the face. she is 23 years old. can you please suggest some homeopathy medicine for that

  481. Jaya singh says:

    Me 30sal ki hu period time par hota par blod thik se nhi girta do din hi hota h kaun sa dawa lu

  482. I am a patient of pcos. it make my life very painful. I’m not so fat, my hight is 5 ft & waight 42 kg. I want to conceive… pls give me suggestion 4 this.

  483. Dear Madam,
    I am in huge mental stress due to PCOS. I am suffering from this problem from the time of puberty.Now my age is 27. But i came to know about this PCOS only at the age of 23. So in these five years, 4 years i followed Allopathy medicine,but in that also it was not completely cured.I will get periods only if take medicines. If i stop it then i wont get my periods. And after that i went for ayurveda, I was in great trouble to take those medicines,due to various food restrictions. Now I stopped everything.After that i got my periods regular for 2 months and now i didnt get my mense for the past two months.My problems severe hair fall,acne.. Please suggest me a solution to get rid of these problems.

  484. Sir plz help.
    Diagnosed with pcod in 2013. got diabetic in 2015 at the age of 25. both parents are diabetic and diagnosed before the age of 30 years in both. Got married before one year. Not yet pregnant. have a fibroid in the uterus too. Need to get pregnant. on insulin. plz HELP me

  485. Sana naseer says:

    I have been suffering from pros from more than 4 years , I am trying to conceive but I do not ovulate even with Clomids , I have cysts on both the ovaries and I am 62 kegs with 5 feet height . Kindly advice me with medication to get pregnant

  486. hello.,
    I married from last six years and after two and half year miscarriage with ruptured one right tube still don’t have any other baby pls help me ,my left tube is opened as checked by hsg test.dr said ur overies make pcos after treatment by Glucophage tab pcos removed ,pls give me homeopath medicines name for this and baby conceiving.
    pls I m waiting ur prompt and sincere advice goodby

  487. I am è

  488. bushra gulnaz says:

    Helo dr… i m bushra of 23 age..i m v.much woried abt thz pcos as i xperince al execisve hair growth undr my chin..nd irregular periods i dnt hv acnes..gradually hair becmng so tinner nd hair fall is mre..i m thnkng to tke homeopathy Treatment…wt chnges shuld i chnge in my food diet so tht i cn get regular mensus nd hv less hair growth ina unwantd u kindly sugest me in homeopathy whch treatmnt is suitable based on my pcos symptoms..

  489. Benu Khanna says:

    I am a 32yr old female. I have large breasts. Please suggest some medicine to reduce them.

  490. dr I am not having my periods regularly for about two years.i am diagnosed with pcos and taking medicine for last 10 months but still there is no improvement. I have hair on my chin, sideburns growing and also hv hair on abdomen region.

  491. good eveng sir,I am suffering from pcod from past 10 years and i have taken medicines for hormonal imbalance , could not find any use . I m loosing hair and unwanted hairs are growing on upperlip and chin and becoming thick . Kindly suggest me the homeo medicine which could help me to solve my problem.

  492. Helo dr i hae pcos and i undergoing fertility treatment for conception.. Can u pls tell me if i can use homeo drugs along with allopathy drugs.. Thnx in adv

  493. Sujata saha says:

    Good aftetnoon …
    I am a 24yrs girl. . Suffering from PCOD.. Since last 1 and half years.. I am talking alopathy medicines..
    Bt i want to go for homeopathy as i am not satisfied with my previous treatment… Please suggest me the best.

  494. santoshi says:

    i had pcos in right ovary but it was treated by drilling in2010 but the same symptoms i have i.e acne,hirsutism,anxiety,depression .36 days periods .since i am getting married in last 45 days ,so im geeting pain during intercourse and bleeding also

  495. Mita methwani says:

    hello sir.
    i am suffering from problem of pcos since 1year.problems like unwanted hair on face ,chin , n other body parts n irregular period cycle weight gain n hairloss. kindly guide me how to cure this problem soon.. Regards

  496. Hi.. I have PCOS and I’ve just started treatment with homeopathy Friday. They gave me Sabina and cauliphyllum for 1 month.
    Do you think it will help me and il be able to get pregnant by January 2015?

  497. Dear doctor i am from india aged 25 and i am having symptoms af pcos and there are cysts in my overies.i have been taking homeopathic medicines for the past two months and there is no change in symptoms.should i continue with homeo or try any other treatments?

  498. Sultana johura says:

    I am sultana 34years old form Bangladesh. I have been suffering PSo from 8 years, I want to concive but unseccessful. My symptoms are 1.some facial hair, and acne. Wait 65kg hight 4.8 .pamper. mood swing too much specially in ovolution day. Alose tension. Sir I want treatment please answer me with medicine name with doses.

  499. i have cyst in both overies around 15 cc can u plz let me know it can cure with homopahtheic medicine… changes in my mood .strt remaing irritate most of the tym in a day.

  500. devastra dandona says:

    Hi my daughter is 13 years old . She had her first period when she was 11 .she never had one after that. S.she had extra hair growth on her body. How can i get any help or talk to u . I live in Australia. Will be very grateful . If i get any help . Thank s alote

  501. mayura Tanaji Kambire says:

    I am pcod patient and have irregular period also I gain some wt. I am 23 year old plz tell me what I do

  502. Sir’
    I am 17 years old ,
    am suffering from irregular periods, and during periods bleeding continues for 20 to 30 days.
    This problem since 3 years
    Tried allopathic, did scanning, Doctor told I have PCOD problem,
    Please suggest Homeo treatment.

  503. Simi Dutta says:

    Hi doctor,
    I have been suffering with PCOS with irregular periods, acne and over weight. Recently i have been diagnosed with increased level of insulin serum in my body.
    Kindly let me know the name of the homeopathic medicine which i can take to cure the disease permanently.
    I m 27 years old, unmarried girl.
    Please help me getting cured.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Simi Dutta.

  504. Hi
    I m reema

    Age 24..married…..mujhe perioud nhi aate bina dawaiyo ke …..
    Mene bhut dawaiya krwai haa pr theek nhi hoti ……..ager me 6mnth dawai na khau to perioud nhi honge bhut problem me hu kya kru ..pls rply fst………..tnx….

  505. priya bhalla says:

    I m suffering from pcos from last 7 years. earlier I was having Diane 35 and now I have started taking homeopathy from last 2 months but still I m not getting mensus on time. kindly suggest the remidy to cure the problem..

  506. Ambreen Niazi says:

    Dear Dr,

    I have been diagnosed with PCOD around 6 years ago. The main symptoms that I have is weight gain and facial hair. My cycle is quite regular though.

    Can you please prescribe something for weight preferably something which is from William Schawbe or something which is readily available.

    I would really appreciate your support.

    Looking forward,


  507. Priyanka Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I am priyanka srivastav lived in Delhi last 6 year . Dear Mr. Doctor i am suffering from Multiple Folical Cyst in my Ovearys. Currently my treatment started in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Doctor Name Dr. M. Kochhar and he asked for laparoscopy but i am not going with That surgery. My all Tests are normal. Please suggest to me that if i am going with Homeopathic Treatment then how long time taken and what beneficiary for future(not repeat).


  508. My daughter, 21 is diagnosed with PCOS. Hair thinning, weight gain, especially in the abdomen area, dark underarms, irregular and scarce period, etc.
    Does homeopathy have a cure for PCOS? How can I attach her reports to you if I want to? Please help…

  509. suchitra says:

    My daughter is 19 yrs and has following problems
    1. Delayed and heavy periods. Delay is sometimes more than 2 weeks.
    2. Acne
    3.abnormally big size of thighs
    4. Craving for chocolates at times
    5. Lot of digestion and acidity problem.
    She does regular exercise .

  510. l. jACOB says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have the following illnes:-

    1. Diabetic for 15 years
    2. Ostoartherities
    3.Bronchetic Asthamatic

    Problem is my left foot is paining and the nerve comes up when I have severe pain and difficulty in walking. I work full time mostly sitting ,then my legs get stiff and pain. And some time I get the pain from Left side lower back through down total side.
    Please suggest .


  511. Hi Dr,

    I am 35 and have been married since 7 yrs and still not able to conceive. I got prgnant 3 yrs ago but miscarriaged.
    I have problem like PCOD and tubual blockage. Before pregnancy my left tube was blocked but after miscarriage and DNC it was diagnosed that my right tube is blocked. Please suggest homeopathic medicine for PCOD and tubual blockage

  512. swati vaish says:


    I am suffering from seviour pain in left pelvis during mesturation, so that when i go through some test then doc found dillutable polycystic fluid in left pellvis. I allready try allopathy medicines like contraceptive pills reccomended by dr. but it didn’t effect or reduce my my pain. Now from last tow month i start taking (glandular) homopathy medicine but it is also not make any changes in my pain.

    Please help me out fron this problem i cant bear it any more because this pain is unbearable.

    marital status: single

  513. Shamma Shahid says:

    Hello Dr. Vikas Sharma,

    My name is Shamma Shahid. I am 36 years old. I have PCOS since 12 years now. I have bee using several kinds of medications but none of them gave me a permanent solution. They online help as long as i keep taking them and when i stop, the problem arises again. Currently problems that i am facing include irregular periods , excessive facial hair growth especially upper lips and chin, obesity , hair loss on scalp and body swelling.

    Medicines that i have been using include : Diane 35 , Deprogen , Glucophage, Reductil.

    Doctor kindly advise me homeopathic medicine as i have tried Alopathy for more than 10 years and found no permenant solution. Currently as a result of obesity I weigh 85 kg (height: 5′ 4″). I have tried my methods for reducing weight including diet plans and medication but nothing is working. Please advice me medication for both of the above mentioned problems.

    Shamma Shahid

  514. shalu gupta says:

    i m suffering from pcod my period not come in time my weight is also increasing and hair grow in upper lips

  515. Archita Roy says:

    Sir , I am 17years old.And I have pcos..Now I am treats under Homeopathy…by DR. PARIMAL BANERJI…but my question is what is the right age to get this problem..if early marriage cure my problem.?? Can I conceive in future..???

  516. My period stop from 7yrsbecause of high prolactin and puiturity adenoma

  517. 40year old wth bad acne need help

  518. Rajiv Sardana says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Appreciate your well written article on PCOS and thanks for the same.

    I am seeking correct medicene for my daughter who is now 22 years of age. Being very well of all the PCOS symptoms, we are taking all the required precautions with regards to diet / exercise etc. She is taking Diane 35, and her acne comes down drastically. However, I am seeking a permanent solution to this problem.

    She fits into Sulphur case but I wish to understand if Sulphur will also take care of high testosterne levels due to which she is getting Chronic acne.

    Request you to keep information Confidential.

    Please advise.



  519. navneet kaur says:

    Sir i had metformin for almost a yr. Now taking ayurvedic medicine kanchar guggal and trifla from last two months. I hv almost 15-20cyst in my overies. And gaining too much weight m 72 kgs. My height is 5.5 inch. And also i hv access hair on my chin and breast. Pl guide me somthng

  520. shpra rani Dam says:

    Lower Abdomen
    Uterus: Anterverted bulky uterus, with lobulated margins (L: 12.46cm, T: 7.15cm, AP: 5.28cm).Homogeneous Myometrium; Multiple small periendometrial cysts in necklace fashion, cencircling endometrial cavity at lower segment. Averarage diameter of cyst 0.85cm. Endometrial thickness 1.12cm.Collapsed endometrial cavity. Mass effect absent.
    Adnexae: vol. of Rt. & Lt ovaries are respectively 5.09ml & 3.64ml. Both contain multiple immature follicles. Small cyst (D: 1.76 cm) in Rt. ovary.
    U- bladder: Contour normal; Intrinsic mass or calculus adsent.
    RUV: Insignificant.
    Impression: possible Adenomyosis of Uterus.
    Small Rt. ovarian cyst

  521. srivalli Rangaraj says:

    My daughter born June 8th 1994, she is 21. Recently her periods are not regular. She is gaining weight too much. She is getting hails under chine, and upper lips and abnormal places .

    My father passed away few months back he use to treat us with homeo pathetic medines. I have many medicines
    My husband regular doctor he is suspecting PCOS.
    I request you to suggest for her some medines and how to take.

    Thank you,


  522. Hello Dr.,
    My wife is suffering from pcod with cysts in left as well as right ovaries cysts of left ovaries bigger by 2mm than right please suggest some thing. Periods are regular and pain on the first day of periods hair on the face, chest, abdonial area. Please suggest medicine. And how to use it.
    Thank you.

  523. sapana uttam pathare says:

    i have 8months of detecting pcos..i treated in allopathi medicin.but when i stop the meducine my periods are stop.what i do?

  524. Sugandha says:


    I am having pcos problem from 2 years. I am married and my age is 33 years and has 2 sons. I am having irregular periods and at present i am take progesterone once in twice a month on the advice of doctor but my weight is not reduced and i am also facing a problem of heavy hair fall and I have gained weight and there is unwanted hair on my chin, upper lip and on face. Can I take Apis Mellicfica 200c ? Can this medicine will reduce my weight and lessens the unwanted hair. Please reply for the following ….

  525. Hello doctor I’m suffering from mild pcod from past two years and lot of acne is developed on my cheek especially left there ny medicine for periods are on dot

  526. nisha singh says:

    Dr I have pcod problem since five years. I tried all homeopathic, ayurvedic, allopathy. But not relief.i am 36yrs old and want second child.but not succeed. My weight is 60 kg and hieght is 5feet.plz help me..

  527. I m suffering from pcod..last 8 years….so please advice me homeopathic or alopathic which is the best treatment for pcod….please reply me fast…i m in tension

  528. hi sir

    Im suffering from PCOD from past 2 years and diagnosed a year ago and took allopathy for 9 months(krimson 35). after 9months treatment stopped medication after one month i started gaining weight of 5kgs in 1 and half month,then i went for checkup regarding PCOD and doc said that had mild PCOD and remaining hormonal profile is can you please suggest me rite homeopathic medicine for my problem. (note: my skin complexion has totally changed, i cant bear sun, gets tanned very fast)

    thank you

  529. fahmida islam lisa says:

    weight gain,hair loss,pain in bone,fibroad,3 months bleeding,again stop,again start,sweiilig body,bloatig,irretable bowsl

  530. Neha Saxena says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from PCOD from past 10 years. I have problem of irregular periods and excessive heavy bleeding. sometimes bleeding continues for more than a month. I have cysts in uterus and feel no pain during menses.
    I tried allopathic for 9 years and recently switched to homeopathic but still m bleeding from 19 may and cycle is not getting stopped. Even my doctor is trying his best to cure this.
    please suggest me with something as i m very stressed and almost feel to suicide.

  531. rownaq jahan says:

    Sir i am 45 years old i have symptom of facial hair and also over weight but my period are regular till now can u suggest me how to cure this problem permanently.

  532. BHAVYA K says:

    in how many days it will take to cure pcod

  533. APSGaharwar says:

    My daughter 22yr F having delayed menarche at15 &2nd cycle after 1yr. Initially After estrgen+progesteron &now after progesteron she use to havd cycle but no cycle without dfug.all hormones level normal but USG shows multiple cyst in both unusual hairs .no obesity.but hair fall yes.please advice treatment

  534. Sir, mai PCOS se pichle 4salo she pareshan hu bahut se Dr. ko dikhaya par koi fark nahi hua.
    Meri sugar bhi lo hai mera weight mere body ke hisab se sahi hai. And unwanted hair bahut hai.
    Pls mujhe homopathic medicine ke bare me Jan kari do ki konsi medicine lu or kese lo. Thanks.

  535. Priyanka says:

    Hi doctor
    I had problem of irregular menses from the beginning of puberty, but after my marriage my mensturation stopped for 5-6 months .
    I used to take pulstilla 200 in my puberty days as prescribed by my father (as he is a homeopathic dr), the periods never stopped for that long time , only used to be irregular , so this time pulstilla didn’t work , I went to my GP and she did my blood tests and ultrasound showing similar to PCOS and got vit-d deficiency plus vit b12 took meds and injections and mensturation started every 2 months, the dr told me to take Diane 35ED for regularity but looking at it’s side effects I m more cautious , can I continuo pulstilla please tell me dose and how many times a day and every day or alternate days.

  536. S. mukherjee says:

    I’m 18 diagnosed with pcos , multiple cysts on ovaries,
    I don’t have the typical acne like red or inflamed but deep pores on my nose which are clogged and very visible, started to get more noticeable clogged pores elsewhere such as chin and between eyebrows and forehead.
    Periods have never been on the dot. Only had a few periods which have been followed with another period a month after. Usually 2-3 months apart maybe 4.

    Doctors finally prescribed some hormonal therapy

    Please could you give me a list of how much and what to take which will cure all aliments please could I have your advice .

  537. christal joy says:

    Am 24 , suffering from irregular menstrual cycle. Am getting periods once in three months but as long cycle even it continues more than one month unless i take tablets to stop it. Scan reports says that normal sized uterus with Pcod. Doctor suggested me to take Duoloton L tablet till my marriage. Am taking this medicine for more than one year but of no improvement. Only if i have taken tablet alone, periods are coming regularly else it continues as before i said. Please provide me a suggestion to overcome this problem

  538. Flower Queen Jackson says:

    Hello Dr
    I am suffering from Pcos and irregular periods. And iam mentaly depressed because i got married before 4years and i have no children. Please help me and guide me to take medicine and diet.

  539. hello doctor, i have pcos from past 2 years. is there a permanent cure for pcos in homeopathy. and please suggest some homeopathy medicines

  540. saba hafeez says:

    Hi I m Saba and I am married for 6 yes my age is 27 and I m unable to conceive due to pcod hormones imbalance and Left tube block.did ivf but failed.tried homeo medicines but did not periods are usually absent.there is symptoms like hair growth on face or chin.plz give me some medication for pcod and tube block.

  541. minal charade says:

    my already 2 miscarriage happened near to 3months baby in both cases. now 1yr. gone but right now there is problem in conceive child my ovary show follicular cyst instead of ovulation. size not increase it up to 7:5mm. mc period is regular.

  542. Jyoti parajiea says:

    My daughters periods have not come for the past four month what homeopathy remedy do you suggest I try. She is also putting on a lot of weight and seems very moody

  543. Hello i m heena i have pcos i had married since 4 years my problem is that i have irregular periods and my ovary was small i want to be a pregnant plz give me suggestion and medicine i m so worried

  544. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have been experiencing irregular periods for the past 5 months. They are delayed, followed by a month of spotting and then normal periods of 5 days.
    Ultrasound report: both ovaries are swollen
    I have the hormonal reports but couldn’t understand it.
    Symptoms: irregular periods, facial hair, hair on chin, acne breakout with pus for the past one year, subsequent weight gain.

    Please suggest which combination of homeopathic meds should I use

  545. kazi nissar says:

    Hi Dr
    My wife is suffering from PCOS and having delayed periods like 60 days

    her age is 29 yrs
    also she is having acidity ,and not getting motions regularly
    plz advice

    kazi nissar


  547. Hi Dr
    I am 36yrsold,suffering from pcos for the past seven yrs.I have two children after my second child,pc os symptoms r more like weight went to 81kgs,hair growth in chin underlips,legs, is very thick and coarse.irregular periods with minimal bleeding,lethargy,desire eating more.baldness develops in the fall ,numbness in foot,acne .Pls advise me the treatment and the medicines in homeopathy.

  548. shoumita says:

    I am 33yrs of age and having problem of irrigular period i.e spotting occurs almost 10to 15days before the start of flow…doctor prescribed me Doulute L,which i continued for 3yrs…recently i have done usg of lower abdomen and the result was polycystic in both the overies…after this doctor prescribed me Diane35. But after taking this for 21days from the last day of taking the medicine spotting started which lasted for 7days and then flow started. I am even having retrovert overy. Should i be able to concive a normal baby. My husband’s age is 43. Plz help

  549. sir my age is 27 years, i have pcos and facing itch in vigaina during sleep. me got marriage since 3 years and didn’t conceive yet. feeling weakness and pain during intercourse, not enjoying sex.kindly suggest me treatment.

  550. Ayman Munshi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have been diagnosed PCOD since 7 years ago, I am suffering from heavy bleeding (clotting) and the period term extends 2 to 3 months. I have severe abdomen and breast pain during bleeding. Also I have thick hairs on abdomen, noticeable facial hairs, developing side burns and acne.

    heavy hairfall and dandruff on scalp, also I am suffering from psoriasis, noticeable patches on fingers, knee, ankle and toes .

    Gynec suggested me Ginette tablets, I did 6 cycles of 21 days but no improvement and the condition is even more worst.

    Please suggest me a good treatment that will help me to cure from PCOD completely.

  551. Mrs Jayayashree G.Dhobale says:

    My daughter’s age is 22 yrs . Last year she was detected with PCOS. She underwent allopathy treatment in which duoluton and ashotone tablets were prescribed. The problem stopped but now after completing treatment she is facing the same problem. All her reports like blood sugar, HB are normal. Her weight is increasing and there is also some growth of facial hair.Please advise on what treatment should be given.

  552. shri kalekar says:

    My daughter is 14 yr old and she is suffering from irregular period cycle after checking result pcod..her height 155cm ..weight 53 there any medicine for this in homeopathy..

  553. Nasreen Zaidi says:

    My nam is Nasreen Zaidi

    My daughter age 23 has a condition of PCOS and unwanted hair growth on the face and body.H.
    Her height is 5′-4″ and her weight is 210 lbs.
    please recommend a treatment for her.

  554. Hi Doctor,
    I am 26 yrs old married women. I have a problem of irregular periods, facial hair,too much hair all over the body like abdomen, lower back. I have been diagnosed PCOS. I am taking homeo treatment from last 8 months, but no results. I am really worried and depressed about whether i would be able to concieve or not. My weight is growing too fast. Please guide me.

  555. Mrs.Sharma says:

    I am PCOS suffering from irregular periods,weight gain,hair fall and trying to conceive from last 3yrs.Iam 33.pls help

  556. Hi Dr.
    Thank you for the article. Is the first time I read something in which I felt very identified with the symptoms (weeps, cold air, thirst absence and mood swings). I’m 29 yrs old with PCOS, ADD, PreDiabetes and Obesity. I do feel pain each month but menstruation never came. On the contrary of other ladies, I loose hair very often, and the psoriasis on the scalp does not help either. In the past I loose about 25 pounds and my menstruation became normal for about a yr, but is very difficult to sustain the weight. I don’t want to have kids, but I would really like to treat my condition due to cancer hx on my family, diabetes and my terrible ADD which puts me in very difficult times.
    I appreciate any feedback of how overcoming this. Thank you.

  557. sakshi sharma says:

    I am a 19 yr old girl suffrng from pcos since 2 nd half yrs. I dont have any weight problem but have facial hair and irregular periods . I took allopathy nd ayurvdic treatment but it was of no use , at present i am not taking any treatment. I want to know if there is permanent treatment for pcos in homeopathy nd also can homeopathy medicines permanently stop hair growth .

  558. Hi im a female married I have been living with pcos for 11 years and I have irregular periods my period harly arrives I have execessive hair growth on my chin uper lips ..I have hair lost on the sides of my head ..and im over weiht , my doctor put me on metformine ,prenatal , & and I was on birth control on the nuva ring and other birth control that did not work 2012 I had a laporascopy done and the doctor did not find no endometriosis …I have cysts on my ovaries and the said that my ovaries are a little big but nothing to worry about. .and the Doctor said that my uterus is very low , and I had some tissues stuck together to my ribs but he took that off..and that he didnt see why I couldn’t get pregnant if im not diagnosed with life threatening infertility. ,that I can get pregnant. he decide to try clomid but it didn’t work out for me ….now im trying to concive because my husbad and I want a baby I am currently taking vitex , omega-3 , and prenatal, and nothing seems to work …can you please help my husband and I to concive please …I will be waiting for your response …

  559. nidhi thakur says:

    Hello Dr. I am suffering from pcos and hirsutism. I am 26 years old .my periods are also irregular. please give me advice.

  560. Ashwathy kiran says:

    Dear Sir,
    My self Ashwathy kiran age 25, weight 83, married 2yrs and I am suffering from PCOS. My doctor suggest me to reduce weight and I am trying on it. Please suggest me a Homeopathic medicine that help me to conceive.

  561. husnulmab says:

    Sallam ,
    Plz sent the address and phone number

  562. tanya kansal says:

    Since lasts three years I am having pcod due totheo which my weight has been incresed 15kg.. and there is hair growth on my face and very much acne problem my skin is gtng very rough and dry day by day. I always feel lazy and sleepy..

  563. sir I m 43 years old and suffering pcos I ve irregularity of menses there are a lot of hairs on my face nd I ve to gaind 20 kg weight in one year sir,plz,suggest some medicine for pcos nd I want to lose my weight thnx sir

  564. sir I m suffering pcos I ve irregularity of menses there are a lot of hairs on my face nd I ve to gaind 20 kg weight in one year sir,plz,suggest some medicine for pcos nd I want to lose my weight thnx sir

  565. sir I m 43 years old nd ve 5 childs.from last year I m suffering pcos my face is full of hairs for day I m using apetar gaing wait of 20 kg in one year I hve done 40 minuts walk daily plz suggest me any medician for pcos nd I want to loose my weight thnx

  566. Hi there
    My wife is suffering from PCOS.Dr. says both ovaries are polycystic.We were having allopathic treatment but it did not do any good to her.So we chose to have homeopathic treatment.Dr. for first 2 month prescribed her senecio aureus 1m and then Lycopodium clavatum 1m

  567. shaistaatif says:

    hello dr my left ploycystic ovray periods absent hormone imbalance plzz help suggested medicine

  568. Snehal patil says:

    Mam, i am a 23 years of age. now i am studing. But sill i cant my perods normally without taking a allopaty

    medicine of meprate. i am very worried about it. i am taken a homeo medicine also, but can not use.

    my all tests are normal. can you suggest me any medicine on my problem that my periods will came normally.

  569. I m 30 yr old suffered from pcos frm last few years had done lots of treatment including homeopathic n ayuvedic
    but no result only allopathy help me but gaining wt wat to do?

  570. Bubai Paul says:

    My wife was diagnosed with endometriosis five years ago.Then a open laparotomy was done and she was on lupron for 6months.Then again endo came back and on lupron.Then using fertility drugs she got pregnant but missed abort at 3rd month.her left tube was blocked.So laparoscopy done with no success due to extensive adhesion.She is fatty,with water retention,hair loss,short period for 2-3days(but regular on 28-30th day),burning sensation after urination.Now doctor says IVF is the last option.Can you help me by finding any homeopathic medicine for this case.It will be very helpful to us.
    Thanking you.
    Bubai Paul

  571. Aleena Moroney says:

    Hi i have pcos and only have my period if i take progestrone tablets otherwise i dont get a period at all. please help with what remedy i can take to naturally recieve my periods thankyou

  572. Archita Roy says:

    now I am 17 , I have pcos,and now I take homeopathy medicine.what can I do?

  573. Body swelling.weught increase.irregular dates.smeeling menses.pain in pelvic region.both ovary with cyst cells
    pl advice

  574. ns bhadoriya says:

    Hello Dr I’m 29 yr old I’m suffering from pcod for 2 yr ,I have no baby I want concieve bt I can’t because pcos so please treat me from homeopathic please Dr
    Symptom PMS,irritable ,anxious indifferent, weeping tendency dark circle around eye, lean and thin

  575. ns bhadoriya says:

    Which remedy should be use in case of pcod

  576. Suggest my daughter 23 years unmarried PCOS with hair growth and pimples.


  578. Hello Dr. I m a Pcos patient n my periods r absent from last one year. I m gaining weight too n diagnose with thyroid also. My Dr. Had suggested Mettemorfim to me but periods r not coming. I m trying too hard for losing also but not getting desirable results n weight is on increasing. Please suggest me some medicine. I wanna have second issue. I have a baby girl of 5years.

  579. hi sir…. I am diagnosed with pcos in Jan 2015 I am taking homeo medicines. how much time it will be cured… will it be permanently cured

  580. Iam 27 yrs old married since last 4 yrs. suffered for a year from uti, doctors treated it along with regular dose of clomiphene. Later on , doctors told ive become resistant due to over use. Shifted to homeo since5 months. Cycles got regular,upto date which were otherwise getting too prolonged upto 2months.
    Only problem is my growing belly, n shivering due to sudden pangs of hunger.
    I wanted to ask, if am regularly ovulating now, also having regular intercourse, why im not conceiving?
    When cycles got regular, now what is the problem?

  581. Renee Exelbert says:

    Chemotherapy induced menopausal symptoms (not certain if it is permanent). I am 45, with early stage breast cancer. Had tumor removed, 5 wks radiation, 8 treatments of CMF Chemotherapy. Experiencing noght sweats and hot flashes

  582. BIJETA DUTTA says:

    hello sir, i am 20 years old and have pcos. I suffer from irregular periods which are PROLONGED(6 days) and PROFUSE (on 1st and 2nd day). I am OBESE and have extreme sensitivity to WARM and COLD air. I have deep pores on my nose, also to mention my palms and feet are very DRY . I have overall DRY skin but my palms and feet are the worst. the most important problem is i am LOSING HAIR like nuts. my hair has thinned and my scalp is starting to get visible. and i have severe DANDRUFF and ITCHING OF SCALP . i get CRAMPS during my periods with a lot of CLOT formation in the first 2 DAYS. please help me by listing the meds. eagerly waitin for your reply.

  583. I have irregularity in my periods and once when i went for scanning for this reason i got to know that i have polycistic ovaries. They prescribed me to take some contraceptive pills but before taking them i got my periods regularly for almost one year but now am facing the same irregular menses. Is it possible to cure this pcod completely by homeopathy and does all Cysts in the ovaries disappear ?
    Waiting for your reply sir.

  584. Dr,
    I am25, having PCO problem. Taken medicine but there was no use.kindly give me a sollution for me.

  585. Ishrat jahan says:

    I have two daughters 24 and 18 and both are suffering from pcos. They experience irregular periods and have started to gain weight. Can you please recommend something for my daughters . Thank you very much


    My daughter aged 15yrs.having PCOS.She is very much sentimental and not so fat.Her weight also matches with age and height as per her attending doctor (ht-5’3″wt.52kg).She is having irregular periods but when starts continues for more days.She is cold sesitive.She likes chocolate very much.Pl.advice with proper medicine.

  587. nosheen zafar says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    i am a 22 year old female, my BMI is around 31, which is overweight, i have been diagnosed with PCOS, but the ultrasounds only show small follicles, not actually cycts, i have pcos because of insulin resistance, i have been trying to concieve for last one year but have been unsuccessful and am keep on gaining weight.i am having difficulties maintaining the weight.
    Can you please suggest any medication which will improve these symptoms.
    Thank you


  588. Ranjan sarmah says:

    dr. sharma,
    my wife has pcos with casual pain on the left ovary and also migraine problem. she has been prescribed with thuja, spigella, mag phos and kal phos. shall I give her sepia ,pulsitilla or lachesis? if yes then what will be the dose?

  589. Hello Sir,

    My daughter is suffering from PCOD problem. As you have suggested that Pulsatilla can regulate the cycles, how should it be taken nd number of times during the day it should be taken.


  590. Nayan Karale says:

    I am 25 years old and suffering from pcod from last 9 years.I am having lower abdomen pain sometimes and facial hair growth.My weight is 62 kg and my height is 5 feet and 2 inchs.Doctors suggested me to reduce weight.

  591. r k gupta says:

    my daughter has pcod problem whether you have its treatment if yes how we can get

  592. michele fisher says:

    I am a sufferer of PCOS since my early twenties. I am currently 47. I suffer from many of the symptoms, but most bothersome are excess hair on neck and face, inability to lose weight and recently had an A1C test come back at 5.8 with prediabetes. I am concerned my 15 year old also has pcos. She has a very hairy face and back and she gains weight in her middle section very easily. She is craving carbohydrates recently too. What can you recommend?

  593. i m 22 year old face delayed periods problem…gaining weight i m overweight n obese .excessive hair growth on chin plz recoomand me medicine in severe depression

  594. My daughter is suffering from pocd, what is medicine useful. she is 29 years.

  595. I am 35 i want to get pregnant i have periods for only 2-3 days very very painful at the lower since i am trying .I have 2 kids without any problem i dont feel like standing during periods

  596. Rabiya nargis says: age is 28 im unmarried yet.I was diagnosed having PCoS syndrome 6 years ago..took a lot of aliphatic treatment but if no use. I have almost all symptoms facial loss from scalp..obscity supreesed menses .homeo remedy sepia seem accurate according to my symptoms. I need your kind advice. How can i use it., of what potency and in what dose..

  597. Rabiya nargis says: age is 28 im unmarried yet.I was diagnosed having PCoS syndrome 6 years ago..took a lot of aliphatic treatment but if no use.home remedy sepiavseem accurate according to my symptoms. I need your kind advice. How can i use it., of what potency and in what dose..

  598. Sir my sister has got rightside ovary cysts Clear cysts 16″ inch and peroids normal please suggest medician sir to cure.

  599. Hi, Dr Sharma, I’ve been having PCOS since the 10th grade and I’m already getting sick of it, since back then, my period’s been relatively regular, but I bleed every 16-7 days, the blood is darker, brownish and the quantity is smaller than it should be. It lasts for 7-8 days. That means I bleed almost 1/3 of every month which is very annoying. I recently had my hormones tested and they all seemed to be OK, except for testosterone, which was a little higher than normal, but the doctors said it wasn’t a problem. I now take FOLLICULINUM 9CH from day1 to day 15 of my period, then LUTEINUM 5CH from 15 until I bleed again. A doctor prescribed me these, but I am not quite sure there’s some effect. I’ve been taking them for 2-3 months. Could you, please, tell me your opinion about my case and maybe give me some additional homeopathic treatment or make any changes to mine if necessary? Thank you in advance.

  600. Hi,

    I was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 19, I am currently 25 years old and have been married now for 7 years while trying to conceive the whole time we have been married. I have all the symptoms of PCOS, Overweight, facial hair, absent periods for as long as 8 months to a year, insulin resistance, infertility etc. I really want to become a mother and i have almost everything form medications, shots and have done several IUIs with no luck. our next option is IVF but i wanted to try Homeopathic remedies before going any further.

    Please help!

    Would love to hear back!!

    Thank you for your time!

  601. bhanu verma says:

    hello dr. i am suffering of thyroid and PCOS since last four years but till now no effective treatment i could found please suggest me what to do

    give me address of your consultant clinic

  602. KIRTI MEHTA says:

    I am 41 yrs old female suffering from pcos n I have tried many medicines but couldn’t fight obesity n other problems such as acne, hair follicles hair fall,psoriasis n so I wish to go in for homeo pathic treatment which is safe n have no side kindly advise me

  603. mahwish waqar says:

    I ve beem suffring from pcos and finding difficulty getting pregnant.can u suggest me homeopathic remedy for pcos.

  604. I’ve been taking treatment frm a very reputed homeopathy doc fr my pcos since October…maybe it’s working but I’m actually gaining weight..I gained 7kgs in n around the abdominal area n my hips n it’s been causing ME depression!! Whereas I suffer less hair fall..n initially I felt I was getting better but my weight is causing me problem since I can’t control it anymore. Is it the meds doing it?

  605. saloni sinha says:

    Iam pcos with Infertility. …please. Help

  606. I have pcos irregular periods some time spotting between periods long periods loos and small breast with darkening of skin unfertility problem .only have one son of age 13 .im over weight my hight is 5.6 and weight is 85. Plz guid for infertility nd gud breast size with regular periods .and I can have normal overies rather than polycystic overies.

  607. Charu Ghai says:

    I am having scanty periods and facial hair growth.i am detected with pcos. I am already taking medicine for hypothyroidism. Can homeopathy help me

  608. Hi m 22 yrs old and having pcos problem
    I am undergoing homeopathy treatment
    I had my last period on 21,dec
    I started homeopathy treatment gem 11,Feb and today is 11 March
    Till now I haven’t got my periods..:(
    Can u please tell dat how long will it take???

    And can we take safi blood purifier during homeopathy treatment???

  609. Hi m 22 yrs old and having Ovid problem
    I am undergoing homeopathy treatment
    I had my last period on 21,dec
    I started homeopathy treatment gem 11,Feb and today is 11 March
    Till now I haven’t got my periods..:(
    Can u please tell dat how long will it take???

    And can we take safi blood purifier during homeopathy treatment???

  610. Abirami Manohar says:

    I am suffering from PCOS since 5 years, getting regular periods, flow less for one day. Not conceived yet. I am suffering from Sinustis since 6 years, got operated. Eventhough the problem not yet solved

  611. Somen Kumar Parui says:

    My wife (20 years) is having problems with PCOD. We have consulted a numbers of Doctors, in Kolkata. But no improvement. Day by day she is gaining weight. Sometimes having excruciating pain in the Abdomen that can’t be tolerated. Is there any hope?
    Kindly show me the right path.

  612. supriya karmakar says:

    i am suffering with age is 23 periods becomes stop for 4 months.unwanted hair is grown in my face.i am gaining weight so fast.please help me with good treatment.

  613. sana khan says:


    HI I am diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS the thing is that i was normal weighted suddenly at the end of my consuming dots for tb i started gaining weight and then PCOD showed up in my ultrasound. I have cystic acne as well all over my face. i want this disease to becured completely is it possible with homeopathy meds?

  614. s.kumari says:

    I have poleysystic ovary.I have few preads in a year.
    Suggests me medicines in hemopathy.

  615. Tara Mathew says:

    Hi, I happened to come across your blog today. Do you treat people with PCOS. Mine is a severe case. Absent menses for nearly 14 years. Only get it with medication. I tried many routes to improve my health unsuccessfully. Where are you located?

  616. Geysy Marquez says:

    Hi doctor Sharma! How are you? Please advice me if what remedie I should take for my pcos… I gain weight very easily and was obese in my teen years (265lbs) … I am 32 now 5.6 and still struggling with irregular periods and weight gain…
    Please help
    Geysy Marquez

  617. I am suffering from PCOS & Thyroid since 2008. (With some ayurvedic medicines my thyroidtouchwood has off late got balanced till today). I was on HRT earlier but get on & off it but the moment I leave it I get acne all over my face and specially unwanted hair becomes noticeable.
    Please let me know how long will it(homeopathy) take approx to cure the diseases if I do take the medicines & what all medicines do I need to take. Also, if there is surety if I can recover as I have almost lost all hope.

  618. Hello
    I am having multiple cysts in both the ovaries. Three months ago I consulted my doctor and she prescribed me a three month course of twenty one tablets. My periods got regular. I finished my course in January. Now again my periods are delayed. Also now I am suffering from continuous pain in calves,


    ,oily skin,


    ,increased weight specifically around waist area,

    heaviness and clumsiness in the body

    . Kindly suggest me what medicine should I take.

  619. shuchi Nischal says:

    I am 33 years old and my weight is95 kg which is obes. I am suffering from unwanted hair growth on my face and other body parts and head hairfall due to pcos problem . I resently have histroscopy mayomectomy for fybroid in utrus. Kindly suggest the medecines for me to cure my problem related with pcos overies and stop growing fybroid in future and also suggest treatment how to reduce my weight control my hairfall and exessive hair growth on my face. Please. Thanks.

  620. Sir I’m a 30yrs old female, having irregular periods and prolonged mensuration since 5yrs. My recently detected TSH, is 19miq. I am over weight too. I’m planning pregnancy since 1yr. Need ur advice and treatment.

  621. Dr.Sharma,Hello!
    My daughter is suffering from PCOS since her onset of periods at the age of 11 1/2 years.
    I want to treat my child to come out of this disease for ever.
    Minu Mittal

  622. Sir, iam suffering from pcos and not mensurated since 5 months. Iam 36 yrs old and want to take homeo treatment. How much time it will to get mensuration when treatment starts. Plz reply with correct treatment sir

  623. anitta abin says:

    Multiple polycystic ovary both ovaries are bulky. Now days irregular periods caming . But now am so tired all very tired

  624. hello sir,
    i have iregular period problem.iam 31 yrs old and my weight is about 68 kg .ihave married since 6 yrs i want to conciev.plz suggest effective medicien in homeopathy to cure my problem assoon as possible.

  625. Amrita Bastia says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have been suffering from PCOS and its been 4 years of marriage unable to conceive. I have also taken homoeopathy for 7 months from Manoj homoeopathy but did not get any response, I had taken allopathic for 4 months. Ultrasound report says PCOS.

    please suggest .

  626. Hi,
    I just got diagnosed with PCOS this month and my doctor is suggesting Ovarian Drilling and partial gastrectomy to control weight. My labs have decreased LH/FSH ratio since the last 7 months and instead of 3:1 now theyre both closer together. I exercise everyday and eat a low carb hi protein diet. I have excess facial and body hair and am worried about conceiving. The doctor said my eggs are immature and cysts are blocking them. My insulin is 18 and LH:FSH is 4.1: 6.7
    Please advice if homeopathic is possible to reduce the cysts and how long would the treatment be.

  627. rafia shahid says:


    I have pcos and have been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 years nothing has worked I am now otrying to lose weight so i can go on waiting list for ivf. I am overweight and am finding it difficult to lose. I have regular periods each month however sometimes they last as long as 2 weeks . Please help. My Weight is currently at 94kg

  628. Hello,

    I have irregular periods from long time.

    I am not very sure, whether its pcos or not.

    After ultrsound scan its known that I have 5cm cyst (without any fluid) in my ovary.

    I am married and want to conceive. 24 years old.

    What can I do ?? Please help me

  629. Mrs hepsiba says:

    My daughter 17 years old sufring from pcos and shes having ovarial cyst please suggest a medicine

  630. Dear doctor
    i m pcos patient, having left ovarian cyst. I facing a many pblms like hair growth over chin and infertility, i m not able to conceive normally. Please help me. Suggest me best medicine for infertility

  631. kavita reddy says:

    sir i am 18 yr old girl my doctor found that i have pcod and i have also gaine 10 kilos of weight in 3 months and there is also lot of upper lips hair on my face please help me to reduce weight in just 2 months

  632. I m diagnosed by pcos last year i gain weight sever acne face allergy and insulin resistance and less periods bleeding.can homopathy help me.and what r medicines.

  633. Hello doctor,

    I am 23 years old , I have PCOD since 2 years.
    My periods are regular but I get severe acne and scars are left behind for months together and I have severe hairfall as well.
    I exercise almost everyday and reduced d intake of sugar as well.
    kindly let me know permanent solution for my problem.
    thank you.

  634. nahid sayed says:

    Hello dr l m 33 yrs old l suffering with pcos n obesity hair growth on face depression sir please suggest me the medicmedicines.

  635. Dr. Sharma,
    I am 30years old and unmarried with PCO for the last one and a half years. I miss periods for 3 months usually and have excess hair on upper lips, back, legs and hands. Please suggest me if it can be cured and if yes, then what medicine/s should I take?

  636. Rubina Gulati says:

    Hi mam my name is rubina n I am suffering from hypothyroidism n pcos . I would like to know if pcos can be fully cured with homeopathic medicine or not n if yes how much time will it take to cure the pcos ? The vol of my right ovary is 10.1 n left is 11.1 . Pls guide me .

  637. sir iam 24 yrs old and i have pcod and aim under homeopathy treatment..currently i am taking medicines as apis mel 200, silicea 200, ovary 200, pulsatilla (taking all these above four tablets for 2 days once).. arum mur nat 3x, calc carb, colocynthis, viburnum, borax (taking all these five tablets daily).. thuja & lycopodium weekly once…my question is iam trying to get conceive is there chance of me getting BMI is correct not all these medicine is enough are should i take another medicine in addition..plz suggest me what should i do. i use to get my period from 32 to 36 days but last month i got my period only after 50th day that to after taking mensil n to get rid of this problem and get pregnant fast.

  638. R. Seethalakshmi says:

    Dear Doctor
    My 19 years old daughter is suffering from Polycystic ovarian syndrome since 2012 January. First I took her to Homeopathy Doctor. She was getting her period regularly for one year with medicine. From last year February homeopathy medicine doesn’t work her. Then I switched over to Allopathy medicine for 5 months. I was afraid of side effect of English Medicine, I consulted a Homeopathy Doctor again and started giving her homeopathy medicine now 3 and half months over she doesn’t get her period. Doctor is telling she will get after 6 months or 1 year or even it will take 2 to 3 years also, it depends up on the body. Because of this she is putting weight on her hip and thigh. Her hair fall and dandruff has reduced to some extent because of the homeopathy treatment. But I want my daughter to see like earlier. Her body tendency is cold always compare to others.

    She started her monthly periods at the age of 11 years. She was getting her periods regularly up to 2011 December. After she started having problem.

    Kindly suggest me the best medicine and remedy for her. She is studying now. She is not able to study continuously. With difficulty she sits up to 10 P.M. Normally she wakes up at 6 A.M.

  639. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 34 and am working. I am mom to a 2 year old daughter,
    during my teenage I had no acne or pimple &I had a very clear skin. in my 20s I started having few dark hair here and there but I dint take it seriously as my mother had the same and as it was not very excessive the Drs didn’t react on it.
    when I was 25 I had faced some acne on my jawline and after visiting Drs they put me on spironolactone. this helped a lot and it cured.

    2 years ago I became pregnant with no problem,and within my pregnancy my skin was more than clear and was perfect like my teenage time. but 4 months after I gave birth to my daughter, I started very bad acne on my chin,jawline. first it was on left side of my face and after 6-7 months it moved to right side.
    I had my blood and hormone tested when I stopped breast feeding 9 months ago and the result was showing no problem, I also have no issue with periods ,they occur ontime.

    But the acne is still there how ever I started sprionolactone again which helps but not cured or controlled 100%.
    I would like to get rid of this acne, and I imagine it could be a PCOS.although I ma not facing the symptom of PCO exept the acne.
    can you please advice me?
    my send question is , is homeopathy medicine safe in pregnancy, meaning that if start on medication and get pregnant , is there any risk for baby? or should we stop before planning.

    thanks alot&
    Best regards

  640. vibha gupta says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 28 yrs. Old. married female. My menstrual cycle is irregular, late in time, scanty flow, only for 2-3 days…..dark in color. USG shows multiple tiny cysts in my both ovaries. My irritation increases before menses, as flow begins I feel good. I have abnormal hair growth.

  641. Hi, I have pcos and I trying to conceive, I have pulsatilla but I am not sure how to take it please advice me..thanks

  642. d.prabhudas says:

    my wife is suffering pcod problem last 30 months my marriage date is 27.05.2011,we are consult the doctor but the problem is not solved and laproscopic and histoscope also done and also my sperm count is 30m,mort 40%.pls sugest sutiable medicine.

  643. Haleema Anwar says:

    Hi, I am suffering from pcos I’m only 28. I don’t suffer from weight gain just excessive hair and irregular periods I don’t know how to help it so what would you recommend also where are you based? If I was to come see you. Thank you

  644. Wonderful suggestion. Shall I inform u after achieved the desired result. May lord bless u. Thank u.

  645. mrs Mateen says:

    I want to concieve from 5 years. Doctor diagnose me pcos and now low ovarian reserve.. had fail iui and ivf.
    My husband sperm count is 16million and low motility.

  646. Rosell Tuba-on Philippines says:

    I am married for almost 6 years already but I have no child yet, I’m 33 years old. My medical examinations and ultrasound showed that I have PCOS. Since my teenage years I already suffered irregular menses. I would like to try homeopathic treatment for PCOS if there is any. Please advice. Thanks!

  647. Sir m suffering from polycystic ovaries disease from last 4 year, m a student and 21 yr old
    I hv tried many medicines and taken help of various doctor bt there is no effect . Then I heard one of my friend who was also suffering from this disease she told that there is a medicine in homeopathy with tje help of it ur problem will be solve within 6 month. Can u plzz help me tellimg abt tje medicine
    I jv been sutffering from hairloss and hormonal problems too.

  648. Hina Jabin says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am 25 years old, 3 months back I got married.
    So far I have not availed pregnancy.
    I heard about PCOS somewhere and felt some of its symptoms in me there fore I am writing to you.
    My menstrual cycle has never been regular, menses never came on a particular date or time, period duration always varied from 30 to 45 days, during periods I suffered a lot of pain in belly, back and legs.
    Every time 10 days before menses I used to suffer from back ac, head ac, general fatigue and pelvic pains.
    I have a height of 4.6 feet , where as my weight is about 70 K.Gs.
    I also have got abnormal hair on my chin and upper lip.
    I also have acne pimples on my face.
    Please refer me some useful homeopathic medicines to get rid of these issues and to the medicines which can help me to achieve pregnancy.

  649. priya panday says:

    My daughter is 21 she has missed her period for six myths she was on medication for acne oratane n Dianne now the doctor says she is insulin resistant she does not want to take glucophage please help

  650. reeaa marwah says:

    Hi doctor

    I am suffering from PCOD since 9 to 10 years now. Did not even know that I had PCOD… A couple of years back I got to know bout it. . And that it’s a problem. .. I have all the symptoms of it.. obesity, hirsutism, mood swings.. hair fall. . Hair thinning… patchy baldness.. acne… skIn has gone real bad with pigmentation. .. weight is not coming down… pain in lower abdomen on the left hand side. ..

    I did take ayurveda and allopathy treatments for a couple of years. .. but they don’t seem to help…

    I just want to know about what medicines I can take in homeopathy and how long would it take to cure it…

  651. hello good evening doc is pcod is curable by homeopathic treatment

  652. I have hypothyroidism sir.and have cysts in both the ovaries.i usef myotol f for nearly a year but it is of no use.still irregular periods.from dec I started taking homeopzthic medicine from positive much time does it take to cure and I am married on feb 2013.and I am planning to have a much time does it take take to conceive using homeopathy or shall I go for laproscopy.please do rly sir amd suggest me a best age is 26 years sir

  653. Sir i m 26 yrs old married since feb 2013…,i want to get pregnant …i had PCOS problem …..plz help me

  654. I have a pcos and I started treatment from gynecologist but it was effective only if I continued it . Otherwise no effect . can u please suggest me which homeopathic medicine I have to take?

  655. Sir,
    I have suffered from pcos along with insulin resistance. I have excess facial hair, on upper lip,chin and side ban. I have also hair in lower abdomen. Please prescribe some homepathy medication.

  656. aprajita goel says:

    hello dr. , I am 34 yrs old … I have acne on my faface. I think I am suffering with pcos.
    plz help

  657. jyotsna sharma says:

    I am a 31 years old tall and thin female. Have pcos from last 15 years. Menses not regular. Have hair fall problem. should I use thuja medicine for pcos. Plz reply

  658. hello dr.
    i m 27 years old female suffering from pcod problem, hair gain on face, gain wait … i have my 2.5 years old first baby from allopathic medicines n now i m planning for another.
    pls give me your delhi address so that i can contect u or suggest me some homeopathic medicine help me regulate my irregular periods.
    my peroid cycle becomes 3 month .

  659. My daughter,15yrs old, is hvng pcos with extended periods. Initially she was fine but fr the last one and a half year she dvlped pcos. Hve been gvng meperate 10mg twice a day for 5 days to get d periods. She sweats on palms n foot during summer n has got d prblm of chillblains in winter. Can u suggest sm homeo medicine for her.
    Yrs faithfully

  660. jyotsna sharma says:

    Hello sir. My age is 31. I have pcos problem for last 15 years. But now I am facing the problem of hair fall, abnormal menses, excessive hai growth on body. I have a girl child and she is 7 years old. What should I do.

  661. Hello Dr.
    I am 26 years old with pcos . I am suffering from many problems acne , obesity, hirsutism,irregular periods and abdominal pain . please suggest me homeopathy medicine

  662. sir/madam
    iam romy,30yrs old.i have pcos problem.iam taking treatment from Dr.Narayan Savant guruji homeopathy,hari om trust.previously i used to miss periods but now its regular for every 30days and cycle flow is just for 2days.i have thick hair under chin but its not controlled day by day its increasing.iam worried about it and iam getting lethargy day-day,obese.previously got miscarriage in 3 months,now,still i didnt fall in scalp is increasing.kindly help.

  663. Sweta Srivastava says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am diagnosed with PCOS n very much worried due to this.. pls help me out.
    I am unmarried and planning to get marry within 2 yrs.
    I am suffering with acne, weight gain n excessive growth on my face.
    pls tell me whether I can get rid of it completely.

  664. sir,
    can i kindly know if there are any homeopathic medicines to lower high prolactin level in blood.the prolactin level is above 60.awaiting your reply.thanking you.

  665. Hello Dr.
    My self Meera I am 40years old and my problem is tthat i have irregularities in my monthly period since 4months ago so i want ur advice to regularities in my .monthly period give me best prescription regaring this and also i want homeopathy treatment only.

  666. Hello sir..
    i m age is 26 and m not married..i m a pcod patient…and having thyroid problem is that my periods is continuous since from one month……before the starting of my periods i went through a very serious pain in lower abdomen which was very i take spasmonil tablet to get rid of it…and then from the next day my period has been started but it was not coming in a proper way one or two drops were coming out…this was happened around 10 days and after 10 or 12 day my periods started coming out in a flow…and till date it is coming out…m also going through a hair fall problem..i feel very restless and i m also loosing my eye sight…i m very tensed…plss
    kindly suggest me the right medicines..i will be grateful to u…

  667. I am anitha pcod problem my scan report for bilateral polycysti overies. Normal uterus (E.t- normal, 8 mm send me good homeopathy medicine thank you

  668. Hello..i am 31..and i have multiple cysts on my both ovaries…but my period cycle is delays..i am afraid of transformation that leads to cancer condition….please help and advice

  669. Mam/Sir
    I have unwanted hairs on face, breast and stomach and from last month I am facing problem of acne.But my menstruation is normal of 28 days.
    Once a doctor gave me oleum jac 9x but I couldn’t ate it properly and left unfortunately.
    What should I do ?
    Please guide me and any prescription if any or should again start with oleum jac 9x
    Thanks and Regards

  670. I have had pcos for at least 30 years but properly diagnosed approx 15 years ago through lab tests and ulta sound.I have always had extremely heavy periods,I have high blood pressure,pre-diabetic, obesity and facial hair.please help 🙁

  671. I m suffering from pcos from past 1yr my age is 25n symptoms are pain in rt.iliac region excessive hair growth on chin n other body parts,hair fall ,bleeding from gums n irregular menstrual cycle too

  672. Hello dr
    I am 30 yrs old female with pcos as on usg.
    I am suffering from obesity ,pain in breast ,water retention,rough scalp hair,hair growth on face,lethargy,overeating and depression .
    Kindly suggest me the medicines

  673. Rashmi jain says:

    I am suffering from:
    1. Scanty bleeding during periods
    2. Remains for 1 day.
    3. Lower abdomen scanning shows
    a.) Uterus : Normal appearing uterus with heterogeneous echotexture /seedling fibroids. Multiple tiny intramural fibroids noted largest measuring 3.3x3cm in fundal region.
    b.)Left Ovary : Bilateral ovaries are mildly bulky with multiple small peripheral follicles and central stromal hypertrophy.
    Rest all were ok.
    4. Feel heaviness, pain, tenderness in breasts 7-10 days before periods.

    Kindly advise suitable treatment.

  674. Abeera Amin Khan says:

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS since I was 16 years.
    I have been constantly loosing weight since then but gaining weight is quite fast for me
    All other typical PCOS symptoms like abnormal hair growth and long duration in periods.
    I got married in 2007 and lost weight a lot as I know I wont conceive with weight but things did not work out for me as my husband has also some problems.
    I have gone through every possible treatment for conception
    IUI, Ovary drilling, and even one time IVF but no results
    due to such intense treatment I have gain more weight and mentally I have lost I want to turn to homeopathy. I know it may take long but I have hope.
    I am 30 now please help me

  675. DR.JYOTHIRMAYI says:

    sir iam a govt homoeo dr, now a days most of the female patients having PCOD problams.What is the main cause of PCOD?

  676. Mary Gandhi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My homeo dr. has cured me of my PCOS and I’m having regular periods after 20 years. PCOS affected mainly my hair and lead to androgenetic alopecia. Now that my cycles and thyroid condition are normal, there is no hair growth visible and my scalp on my left side looks very empty. I have chin hair growth also. The last homeo medicine I consumed was Jug C 50M.
    Please advise if I can restore my hair so I can avoid embarrassment.

    Appreciate if you will be able to advise me.
    Thank you
    Mary Gandhi

  677. jyoti meena says:

    sir i am pcod patient my age is 21…i prefered allopathy treatment to cure it but it doesn’t seems to be beneficial as treatment is going on for more than one year but no good signs are observed..will it take more time to cure or i should switch to homeopathy for the results…please give suitable sugestions…thank you!

  678. Sir, I have comlaint of pcos from last two years and I have taken allopathic treatment, but I got no relief. I have diabetes also from last six months, diabetes mallitus & my age is 21 years. So can homoeopthy help me in permanent cure? And how?

  679. Sir
    I read your article and am impressed the way you have described each and evry medicine its effect and how it works on varios conditions of pcod
    I am thankful that in todays kalyug when the god has even fear from the bad intentions of mankind you and docs like you are still in existence anyhow sir i request to please also describe in which potency are these medicines ,pulsatilla,natrium mur,and thuja to be taken please write back i am an educated woman aged 38 want to concieve desperately i am diagnosed with pcod as i got a follicle monitering done
    My problem is anovulatory cycles.ple3eeeeeeeeeeeereeeee help and tell me in which potency should i take these three medicines today is my 2nd day of menstural cycle
    Hoping for help
    Thank you
    Anuradha patkar

  680. Sir,
    I have polycycist ovary and fibroid I am 40 years of age .please guide what medications should I take sir.

  681. Hello sir,
    I am married since 5yrs and no children. I am diagnosed as pcods. and have taken treatment for that,I had undergone laproscopy also. after that i had consulted a homeopathic doctor in my home town and she prescribed Fraxinus am 10 drops two times in a day. still my periods are irregular ie 35-40 days. and blood flow for only 2days and flow is less also. what should I do?

  682. Helene Cierzo says:

    Hi! I am looking for help. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago. I have high testosterone levels and prolactin levels. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I recently gained more weight because my cortisol levels were high due to stress plus the PCOS. I was put on metformin which didn’t do anything for me and I felt extremely tired from it. I am now looking for homeopathic remedies for helping with weight loss. I just started taking D chiro insotol, I also have insulin resistance. Will the Ammonia Carb help me? Or the Calcarea Carb? Or Graphites Carb? Do you sell these products?
    Thank you!

  683. i am 30 years old, 2 yr of marriage, my 1st pregnancy in jan. 2014 was ectopic in right tube, after which my right tube becomes blocked, now i have only left tube which is open , now we are again trying to conceive since 3 months but this month i got menstrual cramps 2 weeks before my due date ,and starts spotted 1 week before the due date , my Dr. said i have poly cystic ovaries.
    Can u please help me ,i want to conceive and due to these things i really very disturb

    • Bhavini kasana says:

      my daughter 17 year old not having periods regularly
      Taking homeopahty medicine from last two years there is no significant result .we don’t know the name of medicine she is taking .we are very confuse what to do

    Mob. 9454151882

  685. hlo doctor,
    i”m having peroids problem i started homeopathy medicine for past 2-1/2 months but now i am not get peroids what i need to do for that?

  686. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I have been suffering from pcos from 5 year. I want to concieve but doctors said the only option is to go for ivf.. But mi first iui anf ivf attempt was also unsuccessful.
    My symptoms are
    * facial hair growth.very hard on chin
    * wait gain.(68 kg,5ft 4″ height)
    * pms
    *tension as i want kids too much.
    *mood swings too much, especially in ovolution days
    Plz give me some advice. Or medicine.

  687. Dreamygurlz says:

    Dear Dr,

    I have irregular period. The dr has diagnosed me with PCOS. I have put on weight tremendously and blood pressure quite high than normal reading. Please adviceme on homeopathy medication.

    Thank you

  688. Victoria Channing-Turner says:

    Hi there,
    I suffer from pcos, I have extreme hair growth, weight gain and acne however my menses are regular and can get pregnant easily. Unfortunately I misscarry at 5 weeks recurrently, I have to have an operation as my body doesn’t recognise ive had a miscarriage.
    I’ve been reading a lot and found that pcos makes you 3 times more likely to miscarry, however I’m working with medical professionals who don’t support this and I live in a small community with limited resources.
    Is there anything you can suggest to help with the possible hormoane imbalances that are more pregnancy related?
    Thanks in advance

  689. Respected Dr sharma
    I am living presently in Bahrain. I am diagnosed with polycyst since 1 year. I have cyst on both the ovaries. I have been taking allopathy medicines. I feel depressed sometimes. I sometimes get prolonged menses and recently even though I have been taking allopathy I bleed twice a month. During my menses I have clots .I am thinking to go for homeopathy. Can u advice me.

  690. sowmyashree says:

    I have a regular periods with less amount of flow and a intolerable pain in my left side of the obdomen which can be said as the twisting pain also have urge to frequent urination ,bloated stomach and nausea and vomiting in the first day of periods.Urge to eat sweets from second day as I feel my mouth to be botter tasted.iam a married women of 29 years of age trying to concieve but seeing failure due to no reasons.

    All my scan reports and thyroid tests are normally stated but the pain follows me in every periods.

    I want to get rid of this as soon as possible.
    Iam talking homeo medication with a doctor for two months now but not finding any changes in the condition.

  691. My detials are as below ;

    Age : 32 height 5,4 weight 67kg color Fair body type Broad
    status : Unmarried
    Working lady and have to sit for all day in front of system .Have pcos problem from almost 10 Years.Last time undergone herbal treatment and periods on regular for 8 Months.have missed periods from last 3 months and before this have scanty brown spotting etc on last 02 periods.

    currently use vitex powder and aloe vera pupl.

    My attitude is aggressive ,now turn to normal .trouble in desion making .foot always cold .feel coldness in winter too much.

    I have face hair problem too and now white hairs in my eye brows too.

    Please suggest me treatment and its time .

  692. rajni singh says:

    sir i have poly cyst in ovarian and uterus also. i have take medo 1m 3 dozes and after that lech 30 4 times in a day for 2 months………. it makes my period regular but after 2 months periods comes after 15-15 days then i stopped lech 30 after stopped periods again 2 months complete with out medicine and periods pls suggest me some medicine
    thank you very much

  693. Maira Suleman says:

    Hi Dr. I m suffering from PCOs since last 2/1\2 years and i m taking glucophege. I m weight is also gaining. I m very worried i want to concieve as well.In My right side ovary the cyst is more than left ovary i dont know what to do . Plz suggest me the best useful idea.
    Br, Maira Suleman

  694. Arindam Datta says:

    My wife has been suffering from PCOS and is unable to conceive for the last three years. Please confirm whether Sepia 30 will be the proper medicine for her.

  695. Sir,

    Iam having PCOD for the last 2 yrs. iam 26 yrs old married. my periords are regular but the problem iam suferring from severe Acne both on face and back. Doctor suggested me for Birth control pills. can i get a cure for ance apart from using the piils.

  696. My daughter is diagnosed PCOS when she was 14 yrs of age . now she is 33 yrs old. she s very stressful . she wants to marry but she is more scared now because of her problem . she gets stressful very e

  697. Sir i have polycystic ovaries. I am 35 and have irregular cycle and hair on face chin and abdomen. I have dark underarms and inner thighs.I also have hyper tension, head ache and feeling of sadness and dejection. should i use nat mur or sepia

    • Astha Srivastava says:

      i am 25 years old and suffering from pcod for the past eight months i was under allopathic treatment
      taking metformin and other weight reducing drugs but no signs of improvement can be seen i have 98 kg weight and i have tried out various gyms and aurvedic treatments but no reduction in weight. can you advise me whether it is curable or not any suggest some medication .i have problem of hair loss and even suffering depression.

  698. Priyanjalee Sengupta says:

    I am a 25year old girl with pcos, extremely obese, I’m 130kgs, I have excessive facial hair, specially the chin also have pigmentation on neck around chin and knuckles, and am sweating a lot… Please help

  699. mrs. manzoor says:

    i am suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome problem.dr .advised operation due to heavy bleeding .and pain full menses.i want touse homeu medicine .please advise me homeumedicine for above disease…thx

  700. Anshu Gupta says:

    Hello Doctor, I am 35 yrs old unmarried female. I have a cyst in left ovary of approx. 3.5 cm in size. I have severe acne on face and extensive hairfall since past 4 months. I am also Vitamin B12 deficient since last one year. I have started taking metformin for last 10 days now and after thst I have started feeling tired all the time and my legs pain and I feel numbness in feet and palm. please help. The side effects of medicene is killing me.

  701. Hi,
    This is Ankita… Belonging to mumbai.

    I have extremely pain full and highly scanty periods..
    Cysts have been detected on both the ovarie
    Major on left ovary
    Abnormal hair growth on chin .
    Excessive weight gain. Approx 80
    Less stamina.
    Acnes in face …. Hairs loss.

    Kindly suggest me

  702. Sadaf mansoor says:

    Sir I have a history of PCOS .. With following issues,. My cycle is of 35 days usually but since 2 months they r usually 2-3 weeks delayed.. In which I get pregnancy symptoms but it’s not.. I recently gained considerable weight around tummy area..My average insulin level used to be above twenty .. For which I have taken metformin for quite a while.. It doesn’t suit me now.. I am 29 years married for 6 years , have a 5 year old which I conceived while I was on glucophage.. I am trying for another since 3 years now..

  703. I found polysystic overy syndrome in ultrasound. the sign is acne. I already have sciatica from last 6months. How i manage 2 disease. Please tell me

  704. Greetings ,

    I have irregular Periods problem ever since i strated growing, which results in hair fall
    I am under gowing treatment for hair fal , irregular periods and harmonal imbalance in Batras clinic
    still the problem exisxt
    pleass advice
    ..Kindest regards

  705. Dr Sharma,
    I have pcos and have been taking Homeo treatment for last one year but its getting worse. I live in gurgaon. Is it possible to get treatment from u. Or can u pls suggest me a good Homeo doctor in gurgaon or Delhi for this . Pls help!

  706. kalpsna bhattacharya says:

    I have chocolatecyst measuring 48×24 mm . So csn I get relief to do thr Homropsthy treatment. Thsnks.

  707. i am 34 yrs old, having PCOD, Primary infertility,under gone lapro before 10 mnths back, one of my friend suggest homeopathy is its work

  708. sir i have a micropenise and my age ie 25 what can i do for enlarg my penis to normal human being penise size
    and give ur address in chandigarh with contact detail and what is the timing of ur check up

    • Hello dr
      I am 30 yrs old female with pcos as on usg.
      I am suffering from obesity ,pain in breast ,water retention,rough scalp hair,hair growth on face,lethargy,overeating and depression .
      Kindly suggest me the medicines

      • Please help.
        I’m 18 diagnosed with pcos , multiple cysts on ovaries, excess hair on upper lip and growing in rest of face slowly but surely, side burns developing. Thick hair on abdomen starting to spread out towards edge of stomach – getting darker and thicker gradually. Also noticeable darker hair on my back (worse at bottom). Bottom covered in hair that is gradually darkening. Legs course hair especially on shin/calves/knees.. Hair continuous to grow all the way up to bikini line which is very course. Hair growing on chest/breats also getting noticeably darker and thicker. Hair on arms is dark and getting longer and gradually courser.. Runs into hands. Also fingers,toes and feet.. Especially course on toes and feet.
        I don’t have the typical acne like red or inflamed but deep pores on my nose which are clogged and very visible, started to get more noticeable clogged pores elsewhere such as chin and between eyebrows and forehead. Sometimes my neck looks ‘dirty’ or dark with some darker rings even just after shower and scrubbing.
        Periods have never been on the dot. Only had a few periods which have been followed with another period a month after. Usually 2-3 months apart maybe 4.

        Doctors finally prescribed some hormonal therapy after changing doctors as blood test did show higher androgen levels. I have been given dinaette which so after about 2 months I haven’t seen any improvement. Breasts are very sore and grown slightly.

        I want to be completely free of artificial hormones if possible. I try to eat well , few carbs as poss cutting out dairy as much as poss as well as wheat/gluten. Try do eat paleo style as much as possible. And lots of spring water.

        Please could you give me a list of how much and what to take which will cure all my excess hair and prevent new growth?

        I do know a homepath that my mum has used for Athsma and other issues but please could I have your advice .


        • I have pcos irregular periods some time spotting between periods long periods loos and small breast with darkening of skin unfertility problem .only have one son of age 13 .im over weight my hight is 5.6 and weight is 85. Plz guid for infertility nd gud breast size with regular periods .and I can have normal overies rather than polycystic overies.

          • Ashwathy kiran says:

            Dear Sir,
            My self Ashwathy kiran age 25, weight 83, married 2yrs and I am suffering from PCOS. My doctor suggest me to reduce weight and I am trying on it. Please suggest me a Homeopathic medicine that help me to conceive.

        • Doctor,
          I have been diagnosed as a pcos patient 3yrs ago and since then am under homeo treatment. But there is no results so far. The hairs have become very coarse and dark and unsightly. Please give me some advice in this matter.

        • shoumita says:

          I am 33yrs of age and having problem of irrigular period i.e spotting occurs almost 10to 15days before the start of flow…doctor prescribed me Doulute L,which i continued for 3yrs…recently i have done usg of lower abdomen and the result was polycystic in both the overies…after this doctor prescribed me Diane35. But after taking this for 21days from the last day of taking the medicine spotting started which lasted for 7days and then flow started. I am even having retrovert overy. Should i be able to concive a normal baby. My husband’s age is 43. Plz help

        • Sir, my daughter has been suffering from acne for the last 5years ever since she went to the hostel. She is now 21yrs of age. She is not overweight The acne has now begun to leave marks on her face. Her menstrual cycle is sometime irregular. Otherwise all is well. She has unwanted facial and body hair. I shall be grateful if you could help her with her problem. I shall be grateful.

          Thank you.

      • i am 23 year old..i have found pcos in ultrasound..i have symptom of extra facial hair..can u suggest me how to treat in proper way…pls give a proper food chart which help to reduce pcos

      • Nasreen Zaidi says:

        My nam is Nasreen Zaidi

        My daughter age 23 has a condition of PCOS and unwanted hair growth on the face and body.
        Her height is 5′-4″ and her weight is 210 lbs.

        Her attitude is very aggressive and irritated towards us.
        please recommend a treatment for her.
        thank you.

    • Respected Sharma..

      I am 23 years old. I have irregular periods problem which results hair growth over chin and other parts of body. Duration between periods exceeds from 2 months almost.. I am to worried as i am going to get marry just after few months. Please please sir suggest me proper medicine and treatment… I cant visit u in india cz of insufficient resources. Please sir i am too much worried and depressed . Help me and guide me.
      I’ll be highly thankful to you…

      • I Suffering from PCOS. I hate it so much very uncomfortable. Belly cramps, acne, alot of hair on my body. I need help fast.

    • I want to ask u that i was martied three years ago and concievrd gor the first time after six months of marriage but had a DNC due to no growth of baby in second month then was told by obgyn that i am not making eggs and she wrote pcos on my report and then i concieved with fertab but my baby died in eighth month due to preeclampsia pls i want to concieve pls guide me

    • SIR,My daughter is suffering frm PCOS she is 23 yrs old she is facing a problem of acne,excess hair growth on chin and neck,and sometimes irregular periods plz suggest me homeopathic medicine for her.

      • Amita Shah says:

        My 17 yrs daughter is suffering from PCOD from last 2 yrs. She is not having her periods in time always delayed some time for week or month or 2 months with too much heavy bleeding which is uncontrollable have to take medicine named Revici-E to control the bleeding. Taken Ayurvedic treatment of Baba Ramdev for more than 6 months but not got any relief and then gone through alapathic treatment from two different gynecologist but no relief as soon as leave medicine again same problem now she is taking only M-2 Tome Ayurvedic syrup but still suffering. Now I heard about that homeopathy treatment is there for PCOD which has positive result so I wanted to know if there is treatment in homeopathy which can complete cure of PCOD. please suggest me.

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