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Treating Phobias With Homeopathy

will it be beyond belief if someone told you that he or she feared his or her own voice? More astonishing, if a homoeopath had a specific medicine for this symptom listed in his book! Along with 400 different fears with near specific remedies, you will find this symptom in the Complete Repertory. Unquestionably, the instance exemplifies homeopathy’s perception or understanding of the intricacies of the mind. More common fears are social phobia, agoraphobia (fear of open spaces or crowds), claustrophobia (fear of closed places) and acrophobias (fear of heights). Social phobia, also called social anxiety disorder, involves overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations.

People with social phobia have a persistent, intense and chronic fear of being watched and judged by others and being embarrassed or humiliated by their own actions. The fear may be so severe that it may interfere with work or school, and other ordinary activities. Many people with social phobia recognise that their phobia is an exaggeration. But they may be unable to overcome it. They often worry for days or weeks in advance about a dreaded situation. Argentum Nitricum, Lyssin and Gelsemium lead the homeopathic table in treating social and agorabhobias.

Claustrophobic individuals are fearful of closed and narrow spaces, making themselves unfit for travelling in tunnels and lifts and working in basements. Homoeopathic medicines, Lycopodium and Pulsatilla, are asked for treating this situation.

Life can be very distressing for people suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights). It can be seen in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Vertigo’. Poor Madeliene! For sure, a dose of Argentum Nitricum would have changed the course of the story – yes, perhaps!

Treating phobias requires a deep insight into the case; do consult your homoeopath before using any of these medicinesprofile pic

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  1. Is homeopathy cure claustrophobia ?

  2. singhajit singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am seeking homeopathic cure for a patient suffering from wiccaphobia, an educated lady of 76 years and the symptoms started manifesting about four years back and has become chronic. The symptoms include:-
    1.Suspecting any out of place object around the house as witchcraft,
    2. Anyone standing in front of the house and talking on the mobile an act of witch craft.
    3. Anyone happening to ride a bike along her way as stalking her.
    4.Has started covering her face with a cloth like the Marwari ladies to protect herself from evil eyes.
    4. Draws all the curtains or darken the room to evade evil eyes.
    Highly sensitive out the and offended if anyone tries to reason with her about it. Medicine will have to be administered without her knowledge e.g. using drinking waters the vehicle.
    Needless to mention the the case is highly confidential. Please let me know how you can. help
    Singhajit Singh

  3. I have sleep apnea and now have developed claustrophobia. I have gone to a sleep Dr. and sleep lab and am in the midst of treatment for apnea using C-PAP machine once again. I tried using C-PAP in the past and it did not work for me. Do you have a treatment that might be of help to me?
    Thank you,

  4. Most respict sir i have 18 ayer ago phobia

  5. Dear sir ,
    M from Bangladesh male 40 yrs age . as the dr say that I have issue mentally and now m under a physyosycratic dr . he prescribe me esitalopram 10 mg and clonazepam .05 mg daily at bed time . I have issue that I feel I got fall down all time . mainly when I walk I feel drunk and drowsiness . I also have vit d difecienct , sinus as chkup in MRI . I think the alopathy medicine make me feel drunk and I take it last 3 year . now I want to off the medicine . I already try to off it and I atop taking 1 year but then I got anxiety and from that I got phobia. Last 6 month I start again the medicines . sir pl help me . is it possible in Homeo to make me feel 100 percent OK . my what’s app num +8801817506000. Plz help me to make my life . I m stay hone all time have two kids .m really worry with all things now .

  6. My grandson is having fear of crackers and thunderstorms. He is 11 yrs old normal person likes to play out side, average student, fussy about eating, susceptible to cold and gets cold and cough often. Please help.

  7. My sister is suffering from phobia of loud crackers sound during Diwali festival. Is it possible to cure this phobia by Homeopathy?

  8. I have phobia of marriage and woman. Sagai ho to gai lekin dar lagta hai

  9. santosh kumar says:

    i was using khaini gutkha for long time . and i was in tensed job from my boss each and every day. but now it is not there . but i feel intense fear feel nourvouse to talk to other . previously a gastro dr. given me dozep 50 and then dozep 75 . worked for a year. in that period i was using gutkha khaini. and it relapse. i tried lot of thing but . my health gradually diminised. again i met psychitrist he studied my problem and prescribed dozep 50 and pexel ls and then dozep 75 and pexel cr 25. i am on this medicine my symptoms improved but sometime i feel that it is coming back
    is there any solution of this in homeopathy sir. please help i want not to continue this conventional medicine. if homeopathic medicine can help me

  10. Parsuram Barik. says:

    l am 52yrs old.Every night I have dreams of dead people n snake n beautiful place, water n so many things.80% of my sleep is dreams.l can’t tolerate injustice n illegal happening infront of me.pls advise me.

  11. Dear Dr. Sharma Garu,
    The patient is premature menopause lady ( immediate after her marriage).. No children. Doctors gave her Lechesis 50M step by step potencey that is from 200. Diagnosised as Schizophrenia. No imporovement. Further Psorinum 50M was given in the same manner. Do not take medicines and food. She claims, some super power is there in her stomach. That super power is not permitting medicines and food. Scolding that super powers. And, requesting to go to temple and say to the super power. Weeping with something is going on in her stomach. Please help me

  12. My mother, a retired Govt. officer at 76 was quite normal, active and doing all household chores until she fell down when a rash driven scooter passed, touching her body. She was bed ridden for 2 months with traction for ligament sprains in and near groin area. Though she recovered from the sprains fully, she developed a psychological disorder. As she was the main mentor of all social functions and being referred to for advice in problems faced by relatives, she started thinking deeply that what would happen if she was not lending her hand in everyday work or social functions. To be specific, during the period she was in bed, there was a case of delivery in our family and she started thinking how it would get past smoothly as no other lady was there in our home during that period, though sisters were there to come over to help at the time of need. She started telling the same thing “what will happen” repeatedly though assurance was being given by others to offer all out assistance. Now the same problem persists. She now fears whether any function viz. a pooja, a small bhoj, journey etc. would go smoothly. Though she has a good collection of sarees she think she not a good one to wear. She talks and talks the same thing. What type of fear it is, what is the medicine for this?

  13. Sir I have same problem as imran has mentioned below. Kindly give me suggestion to overcome it.

  14. Sir mujhhe logo se ankh mila kar baat nahi hoti sir kya logo ke shamne ane bahut darr lagta hai dimage me ultey sidhe bichar aatey hai kya sir meri problem solve ho sakti

  15. Sir i am afraid of crackers thunder or equivalent noises from my childhood,So what is the best medicine to cure this

  16. vatsala P Dodamani. says:

    Sir, i m vatsala of 32 year old .I have phobia with my chest pain,& also I m suffering from anxiety .Dr says I ve depression .& also I m suffering from nuero problem. also gastric & acidity .Since 4 years we r taking homoeopathy treatment but I didn’t find pls kindly suggest treatment for me.

  17. vatsala P Dodamani. says:

    Sir, i m vatsala of 32 year old .I have phobia with my chest pain,& also I m suffering from anxiety .Dr says I ve depression .& also I m suffering from nuero problem. Since 4 years we r taking homoeopathy treatment but I didn’t find pls kindly suggest treatment for me

  18. Md. Rashid,35 yrs says:

    Sir, apr 2015 me aye bhookamp k baad se mujhe aisa lagta hai ki uthte.- bhaithte, karvat letne pe kuchh hil raha hai.mujhe good treatment bataaye.

  19. Rattan singh says:

    My son is scared of crowd,confinef space and dreams. Pl advise medicine

  20. sir i have phobia about exercise pranayam i cant run. Due to fearful sensation in heart cardiologist says heart is normal its anxiety disorder along with phobia. Again phobia of medicines create. I cant do pranayam i have dns & Hyperacidity. I m much intetested to learn pranayam but i cant do due to fear. I consult yogguru & Did pranayam guided by them .but again i suffet same problem feels panic . When i do paranayam i feels just dying. Sir suggest this problem can be curable by homeopathy? How many days it requires to take medicine?

  21. Dear Doctor, I am suffering from claustrophobia for last one year. I am taking treatment for the same for one year, but the problem is still as it is. I have the fear of crowd, traffic jam, enclosed spaces and get panic in these situations. Kindly advise for permanent treatment of this.

  22. shahid Mahmoud khan says:

    Doctor I am afraid of hair cutting shaving mail cutting nd everything which a barber do and have untouchability problem too and from small rooms and bathroom or too lets with no windows can I help me and suggest me a medicine

  23. art of living says:

    I hv fear about any dieases …at wht type of fear is this

  24. art of living says:

    I m 32 year old …I hav some fear about diesases
    Means I feared hiv ..aids .blood cancer..breast cancer ..all words fear…can u help me at what type of fear is this…plss reply

  25. art of living says:

    I m 32 year old …I hav some fear about diesases
    Means I feared hiv ..aids .blood cancer..breast cancer ..all words fear…can u help me at what type of fear is this…

  26. arvind shahi says:

    Fear started with a trap in lift, in 2000 which was controlled well. By me but latter in 2014 a sudden stop in delhi metro triggered the fear and now its like fear of open space sometime closed area, lonelyness, insecurity about lifr, job, family, fllying aeroplane
    Plz plz help

  27. partha pramanik says:

    My son(6yrs) is alaways afraid to stay alone. He always requires min 2persons to change room or to go bathroom. It started after the quake happen. Previously he had fear from sharp sounds i.e. crackers thundering etc.

  28. neppolian says:

    I am 26 yrs ,feeling bloodphobea ,unable to see small cuts to my next of kin . feeling bad abt it . Can u pls suggest me some remedies for this ..

  29. abhilash sahu says:

    good after noonDr.sharma meri problem disease phobia as cancer dr.sahab aisa lagta hain ki jaisa cancer body mein fall RHA hain mujhe bahut darr lag RHA hain mujhe chalte baithte as every work mujhe aisa lagta hain ki cancer phail RHA hain jaise kidni kharab ho gai hain aisa hi mein dosro ke bare mein darr lagta hain please help me dr.sahab or aisa lagta hain ki blood me bhi fall rrha hai body kapti hain future mein illness ka dare rahta hain please help me sir ,……………..




  31. I developed ocd 7 yrs back. I clean my home & car too often . I have an aversion to homeless people since they are dirty. I clean sofas & chairs when guests leave. What is a homeopathic remedy for this disorder?

    • sir,i am 56,having gastritis,hypertension,anxiety and travelling as well as agoraphobia.i have been taking allopathic medicines for this.i want to take homeopathic medicines for this.would you pl.suggest best homeopathic remedy for this.

  32. Dr. Sharma,

    i am 28 years old and i m suffering from anxiety for the last 2 years. I often feel anxiety and fear having panic attacks when i go in public i mean when i meet people , in a super market where there is crowd or going for an interview. I often feel myself held back when it comes to go alone somewhere or staying alone at home also makes me feel very uneasy. i used allopathic medicine by the name Serly 0.25 mg for about 6 months as prescribed to me by my cousin who is running a pharmacy in Sydeny, Australia. It helped me in someway but i still have kind of fear inside me and i feel myself unable to deal with life like normal people does. I’ve become over sensitive to so many things like i feel kind of disappointment, criticism, loneliness ,defensive attitude, frequent sighing, and mood swings. Often suffer from Headaches that feel like a nail driven into the side of the head. I need your help can u pls suggest me some homeopathy medicine for my problem.

  33. Dr B.S.Sayal says:

    Dear Sumit,If you could talk to your nearest homoeopath,he will certainly guide you to a suitable remedy,we have rubric fear of physicians/doctors,which fall under Calcarea constitution,since your physical parameters are unknown,like BMI,colour of skin /eyes,type of nails/.if these can be shared your problem of HT/Phobia will end.betablockers are temporary antihypertenstive synthetic products,which you are taking fron 4 decades and has not solved your problem.

  34. Sumit Mutsuddi says:

    I am 65 yrs old. I have phobia of blood pressure being taken since age 26. Feel too much anxiety while visiting a doctor for bp measurement, pulse and BP shoots up. Feel very nervous and uncomfortable anticipating such a situation even before starting for Dr’s office. Even have anxiety while using home bp monitors. I am taking beta-blockers which improves the situation – but the underlying problem is still there. As a result my bp still can not be properly measured. Can you pls suggest some homeopathic remedy.

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