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Pigmentation  The True Cure with Homeopathy

pigmentation also called as melasma or chloasma, facial pigmentation is characterized by brownish blotchy discoloration on the face that usually develops over a period of time. The pigmentation is due to the overproduction of the melanin (pigment that gives color to our skin) by the pigment cells called as melanocytes. Although melasma is a simple disorder and does not have any severe medical implication on the body but it can cause a severe cosmetic concern.

This at times leads to a psychological stress for the patient. Homeopathy medicines provide an effective and a safe alternative to get rid of this unwanted discoloration.

Pigmentation affects the forehead ,cheeks, upper lips and across the bridge of the nose and is characterized by dark skin-colored discoloration. This discolorations can occur in small patches called as macules (they look like freckles) or may occur in large dark brown colored patches. Occasionally it can extend to neck and upper arms. The incident of melasma is much more in women than men. Only one in twenty affected, is a male. Pigmentation usually starts between the ages of late twenties and forty. People with light brown skin complexion and who are living in conditions where the sun exposure is high, have a high susceptibility to develop it.

pigmentation (Melasma) is usually of two types the epidermal or the dermal melasma. Epidermal melasma is a result of pigmentation in superficial layers of the skin- has a well defined border, is darker in color and responds very fast to homeopathic treatment. The dermal melasma which is a result of pigmentation in the deeper layers of the skin- has ill defined borders, is light in color and responds slow even to homeopathic treatments.

Pigmentation or Melasma occurs due to excess of pigments produced by melanocytes (pigment producing cells).This overproduction is stimulated by the female hormones when the skin is exposed to the sun. Genetic factors play a very strong role in the development of melasma. More than 30% of patients have a family history of melasma. Development of melasma during and after pregnancy is a very common feature; people with thyroid problems tend to develop melasma. Females on contraceptive pills and also during menopause are at a high risk of developing a melasma. Melasma can also be triggered by stress and by allergic reactions to certain cosmetics and medications.

Chronic or strong exposure to sun may precipitate discoloration and also worsen it. This is usually very difficult for the patient to realize, as the development of the melasma is a very slow process.

Homeopathy has a strong edge over the conventional methods used to treat melasma; the treatment of melasma with homeopathy is from inside of the body and is directed at removing the trigger factor which is stimulating the overproduction of pigment in the skin. Homeopathic medicine Sepia stands at the top of the table for treating melasma that is influenced by hormonal disturbances. Sepia acts very fast to treat the epidermal melasma caused by pregnancy. Homeopathic medicine Kali Carb also works wonders in treating post partum melasma. Thuja works for melasma that is induced by overexposure to sun. Dermal melasma’s are also treatable with homeopathy and but usually require a prolonged treatment before any sustainable and appreciable result is achieved.

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  1. Jaspreet says:

    Hello … i m 33 yrs female … i got pigmentation on my cheeks and nose. I have this problem from last 3 years may be it is due to my harmonal imbalance.could you plz guide me how you can help me ….thanx

  2. Dear DrHomeo I’ve got promble of my face pigmentation on my chicks ,forehead

  3. Dear sir,
    iam shiva, 33 years old.
    I have melasma due to both reasons, sun exposure and pimples , hormonal imbalance, and I have it since last 10 years. Especially on nose forehead & left check.
    i tried Glycolic acid chemical peelings , so many facials, so many creams. its reduces slightly and again increses.
    My melasma patches are stubborn, and blakish/grayish-dark brownish I wanna know what are the reasons of dermal melasma? SO I can avoid the causes.
    If homeopathy not works for my pigmentation . my next option is laser treatment which is painful.

  4. Jay Patel says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma I have two dark patches on my face on both sides, they started off small and then got slightly bigger in size. I have had them for around two years now maybe due to menopause I think its abit of sun damage too, not sure, its to do with hormones I think. What is the best and effective treatment to help cure my problem please. I also use a very high sun protection cream all year round.

  5. ayesha humayun says:

    hello sir I am 24 year old girl I have a pigment patches on both side of my face by which my face looks vry dull and uneven tone and I am going to get married within 6 months…Maine bahut doctors ko dikhaya mje kovijit plus kovijit ultra unifair aciderm creams die lagane k lie but kuch asar nhi hua mera patches itna stubborn hai k ja nhi raha hai plz sir mje kuch Aisa cream ka naam bata dijea jisse mera real skin colour wapas ajae I look very dull plz sir …Mera ye malesma almost 2 saal se zyada ho gya but it’s not going

  6. I have melasma due to both reasons, sun exposure and hormonal imbalance, and I have it since last 12 years.

    1-Can you please tell me in homeopathy, how long can dermal melasma’s treatment take to , at least show , that it is working or it has started to make a difference? A month? 3 months? 6 months? And I know indidual differences are there but still average how much time dermal melasma takes to heal? So I can wait patiently and won’t disappoint soon that it’s not working.
    (I have reently started to take homeopathic treatment for the first time in my entire life and 12 years of melasma and it’s been more than a month I did not see any difference in my patches (face+backside of neck+back+arms) , just my over bleeding+painful periods are much better now

    2- Are Melasma and Hormonal Imabalance PCOS curable PERMANENTLY in Homeopathy? (as Alopathy says it can’t be treated permanently)

    3- My melasma patches are stubborn, and blakish/grayish-dark brownish (I’m not sure but symptoms say it’s dermal) I wanna know what are the reasons of dermal melasma? SO I can avoid the causes in future. Does it mean I have dermal melasma due to melanin in dermal layer or does it mean, not treating melasma for a longer period of time make it (from epidermal to) dermal melasma?

    I’ll be highly grateful if you respond positively, I’m worried. My all beauty is gone, I have become ugly from a most pretty girl among my fellows. And it’s been too long since I’m battling thsi situation and my depression and intense disappointment.

  7. sir , pragnancy k vbad mere face pe brown spots ho gye hn upper cheeks pe especially nose pe boht prominent hy , upper lis pe or forhead pe b small brown patches hen. ma inki waja se boht upset rehti hon, mera confidence level b low ho gya hy, boht complexity feel krti hon, or logon ko face krne se ghabrati hon. plz plz mri help krenor mje effective homeopathic medicine suggest kren. thank you

  8. Hello Sir,
    I am 36 year old and have developed pigmentation on my forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lips n arms after pregnancy. It’s been four years now but it’s not fading. I already used to have acne which got better during first and second trimester but got worst in the third trimester of pregnancy. Also I wasn’t aware that I need to use sunscreen which made it worse further. I didn’t used any medicine during breastfeeding and thought they will fade away with time but they are not fading. All my symptoms are that of thyroid but my diabetes and thyroid reports are normal. Please help me as this is very stressful.

  9. diksha meshram says:

    Hello sir,

    I have pimples around may chine area and pigmentation around my mouth area it’s very dark..
    I have tried everything I have showed many doctors but no results
    Lots of creme and medicine they give me…I am really pisd off.. My skin is not glowing it’sgetting vary itchy..I told my dr but he giving me the same medicine..please suggest a good medicine

  10. Prescribed medicine for pigmentation and dandruff is

    Bacillinum 200 .

    Ustilago and heprsul

  11. Sunita patel says:

    Dear sir
    I am age 26 years old.i am taken homeopathic treatment 1 month for my pigmentation, but I am not getting effect.plz sir giade treatment.

  12. jyoti bora says:

    Hello sir,
    . I am 28 years old from last 3 years,I have pigmentation on my cheeks skin tone wheatish,plz suggest me a good medicine which remove the pigmentation, now this spreading also.

  13. hllo dr.
    i m 25yrs old , once(two yrs back) i have taken miscarrage pill in my one month pregnency , after that i have pigmentation spots on my cheeks , so plzz suggest some homeopathy medicine

  14. I have melasma on my cheeks much quantity of sepia I should take daily???

  15. I am male ,aged 36 years,from the past 7-8 years I have developed pigmentation and uneven colour tone on my face,I was wheatish complexioned,now I have become dark,currently I am using Charak evenshade cream twice a day,pls recommend good cream for pigmentation

    • I have hyper pigmentation on my chin ,I tried many remedies ,but nothing is worked for me… Please suggest me a cream or gel for pigmentation , which really works fast…and suggest me remedies for pimple, please

  16. Uday Kumar says:

    Hello Dr,
    I am a 43 yrs old male, and I suffer from hyper pigmentation around my cheeks, and my forehead. Basically neck upwards, the skin is darker and neck below I have a much fairer complexion. I suffered from chicken pox exactly one year back hence suffer from small craters too. But I am more worried with the pigmention as it’s very embarrassing. I try and avoid the direct sunlight and wear a cap to cover my face too whenever i step out during day. I sense that even after my chicken pox illness, my stomach feels always upset. Could my liver be a reason too? Kindly help.

  17. I’m 29 years old women, i have a dark patches on the bridge of the noise,, after i suffer late period and cramping in lower abdomen,, i was to worry i have tried some cosmetic but it can’t get away,,, can you hlep me plz,,

  18. Hi
    I am at menopausal age having melasma spots on my cheeks. Pls suggest any homeopathic medicine to get rid of it.
    Thanks & Regards

  19. shahid abedin sohel says:

    sir,I’m from Bangladesh,age 27, have been suffering by pigmentation on my cheek for 4years.Dermatologist said,it can’t be removed permanently.sir plz,suggest me what can I do?I want to get homeopathy treatment.but in my city there isn’t enough well educated homeopathy doctor.

  20. Dear sir am 53 years of age n menopause is oven i have pigmentation on cheeks from last 7 years n o have dull skin pls suggest some remedy

  21. Ratan Patra says:

    Dear sir ,
    I am having hyperpigmentation since 2011. I am planning to take homeopathy medicine. Can you prescribe some medicine for me, sir?

  22. Meenu Virdi says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,


    I have pigmentation on my cheeks and nose for last month,I want to get rid pigmentation .Please Help.


  23. I am from pakistan , i have melasma after my third pragnancy , i am very faired complextion and taking extensive dermotologist treatment but its not healing. Can u plz help

  24. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have pigmentation on my cheeks for 6 years, got it during my first pregnancy. I want to get rid of it and tried couple of things but nothing worked. I want to know how homeopathy can help in getting rid of it.

    Thanks and Regards

    • radhamani says:

      Dear sir,

      I had hyperpigmentaton on my face cheeks upper lips two hands with dark spots upper foot toes
      now iam taking sepia 200(before food and PL after food does it cure permanently

  25. Hi Dr. Sharm – I have pigmentation since I was 27 years old and now j am 42 and it has covered nose and cheeks and is flaring up to forehead slowly. Please help. Thanks!

  26. Hi doctor I have pigmentation since last 4 years after my pregnancy I did not get during pregnancy I get after pregnancy I got on my nose and it’s starting to cheeks and I have this hereditary my Mom also having this melasma problem. So plz tell whether its there any complete cure for this or it’s Just fades away

  27. Hardeep singh says:

    I have had this pigmentation mark on the side of my face just side by my left eye since 2014, I was told it’s lichnoid kerotsis , is there any cream you can recommend to lighten this 3cm round mark. At the moment I only put a hydrocortisne cream on to stop the itching.

  28. I m suffering frm hyperpigmentation from few years as I did the acne treatment …I have used many steroids to treat it bt aftr leaving the treatment they appear again
    cn ua good self suggest me somethng that vl help me to eliminate wholly n solly from my face

  29. santosh says:

    Dear sir,
    I am santosh kumari, 30 year old and i am having this dark coloured skin in cheek or forehead and eyes dark circle for 15 year. please suggest me which cream is best for this solution .
    Have a nice day sir,

    looking forward
    Thank you sir

  30. kmen k mujai says:

    Dr,i am 23 years old female and i got this dark skin colored in my face its already 3years..can u please tell me which cream i have to apply..i am so worried about this im so young why its coming so early,first off all i got i my cheeks after few weeks/month/years its spread in my nose,upper lips and whole face and even my skin also it was so think maybe bacause of of vetnovate i use to apply in previous years…

  31. I am 42 years old female and I have developed melasma on my cheek area, I am very much worried about it, whether it will grow more as age pass. as off now I ma having my periods regularly.
    At present under consultation with the doctor I am using sbi-glow cream at night on the affected area and durign the day I use Golite on the full face.

  32. Mampho Tjabane says:

    Dr I have had this melsma for 9 years now and its been worsening with time. I have been using north control pills since 1990 to 2008. They are on my cheecks, upper mouth and forehead I am now 47 and not using any contraceptives cut my tubes.

  33. Smita Sherigar says:

    Which would be the most effective homeopathy cream to treat melasma..i want to stop using hydroquoi.

  34. Arti dhall says:

    My daughter 15yrs , has developed STRETCH MARKS on body ,
    Small nail SCARS on face , discolouration of skin ,
    PIGMENTATION on body, tanning , all these problems – is it curable in homeopathy ??? Or else please suggest some doctor regarding these problems
    I’m really very much worried
    Arti dhall

  35. shreyash k says:


    I am 48yrs male with very high pigmentation on both the eyes areas in shape of butterfly

    it is there some treatment; pl suggests

  36. Miss Aktar says:


    I would like to have a telephone skin consultation with you – I am happy to pay for this consultation.

  37. Stanley Kinzek says:

    Dr Sharma I’m very much unhappy with these spot on my forehead this been on me for three years it don’t ithch at all jus keep spreading every year sir van I get a solution to my problem

  38. Vishawajeet kumar nirala says:

    I have brownish spots on both legs and no itching. Please suggest some medicines.

  39. Hii sir I’m eashu I hve dark spots on my cheeks nd it’s spreeding to nose nd forehead Pls suggest me Wat to do I cnt go out bcoz of tis I tried many treatment bt I couldn’t get rid of it so Pls help me to get rid of the marks thankg u

  40. Anupama Singh says:

    I have brown spots on cheeks & between my eyebrows. Complexion is also getting dark & uneven. Please suggest homeopathic treatment. I am 41 years old female.

    • Usha chawda says:

      Hello Dr Sharma,
      I’m 56 years old, I started with pigmentation
      On my cheeks about 7 years ago. This was about time I started with my menopause, the pigments have spread to the bridge of my nose too. I excersie and have a healthy diet. I feel very conscious about these marks on my face. Can you please help? I feel these pigments are due to hormonal imbalances.

      • Sabiha Tripathi says:

        Respected sir,
        I am 47 years old ,and I have been suffering from pigmentation on my cheeks ,forehead and upper lip for last 7-8 years ! I feel very conscious about these marks and I feel harmonal disbalance maybe the reason and I am on my menopause stage . please suggest medicines!! Thank you

  41. Gajendra Singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is Gajendra Singh 31 year old, I have problem of melasma at my forehead, cheeks and nose. It looks very dirty. I want to completely remove it so that it will not reappear. Please suggest me the right homeopathic medice for it. I have consulted with a homeopathy DR and taking homeopathy medicines since 2015, But melasma problem still not solve. Can you please guide me the perfect medicine for melasma.

    Gajendra Singh

  42. Hi, I am a female of age 41 yrs…in previous history had one miscarriage around 8 yrs back…having a stressed work schedule…past years has started developing some dark patches on cheeks which now has spread throughout the face and started moving to forehead…since I have a fair complexion..I have started feeling awkward moving out in a day time…I would be glad if you kindly suggest me some homeopathic treatment with prompt effect…

  43. Anika sahay says:

    I have this problem of melasma since 2015. I consulted a dermatologist who recommended application of hydro quin on cream daily at night. I was very satisfied with the results, but then during pregnancy, it worsens now, it has spread all over forehead and both the chiks. It looks very dirty. I want to completely remove it so that it will not reappear. Please suggest me the right homeopathic medice for it. Doses and duration.

  44. sheetal pradhan says:

    Dear Sir,.
    I have dark black spots on my face due to hot oil burn So many Medicines i have tried but no effect since last 8 to 9 months back
    pls suggest any cream for removal for dark spots for my skin

  45. Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from severe pigmentation on my hands and neck, tried home remedies but doesn’t work. the black spots are still present.

    Does Homeopathy treatment work on it,please let me know what needs to be done in order to get rid of pigmentation.


  46. Manohari Rathi says:

    hello Dr
    I am manohari from moradabad U.P. I am 35 and have hyperthyroidism. from last 4-5years I am facing hyperpigmentation on my face especially under eyes and nose in butterfly Shap. I have tried many creams but after some time it appear again. please help me it out if there is any permanent treatment in homeopathy.

  47. Seems from the above that I am suffering from epidermal or the dermal melasma.
    Few but clear black spots on both the cheek bones. It has started 5-6 months back. Not spreading, localised.

    Please advise me.


  48. Karuna pandey says:

    frm one month i got pigmentation problem on my cheeks area due to extreme stress n genetic too..but its appear suddenly wen i was stress nw its luks bad ciz i hav fair complexation… i start taking homeopath medicine … want to knw how much time its takes to fade away or to go completly
    does homeopath is really gud for pigmentation or not … coz frm one month i got frustated frm seeing this spot in my checks area?

    • D. Sabeena sugandhini says:

      Hello sir, Seems from the above that I am suffering pigmentation problem on my face, forehead, both cheeks.It has started 1 year much time it takes to permanent cure for homeopathy

      Please advise me Sir.

  49. Hello doctor.My husband had using dye for the last few years,moreover he is also using dye in his moustache and beard.Now his both lips has some black patches and his neck also has some black patches.Whats the reason?????
    If any medical solution for this problem pls inform me….

  50. I think I have dermal melasma … but just on the right side of my back..The dermatologist initially diagnosed it as Reticular..pigmentosa…put me on Minocycline.. side fx were too many so stopped it…Is there any treatment for this.. I may be estrogen dominant not sure if it is related

  51. Hello Dr. Sharma, I am Priya from Jaipur.I am 24 years in old. My problem is that I hv pigmentation on face and I sure is in is my chicks and nose and day by day it is growing that’s way I m losing my confidence….. Plz Dr suggest me what should I do I would be great thankful to you

  52. Manish kapoor says:

    I am having a dark black spot earlier on my for head and now its spreads in butterfly shape towards my .cheeks. im 42yrs men having weight of 105kg.of my body.and 5-5is my height. It comes from last 2 year. .in my skin. I don’t have any medical issues. Till now and no family back round of these types.

  53. Subhashini says:

    Kindly help me to solve my pigment patches on my temple area.

  54. I hv pigmentation arount my mouth since age of 12 I guess or even earlier .now I am 20 years old.. it is netthier decreses nor increases since then. Plastic suggest me some homeopathic medicines name . I am loosing my confidence .I wanted to get better. Please HELP ME.

  55. hlo doctor..
    I m Anjum from saharanpur up
    I m 23 year old
    I m regular reader of ur great articles..
    my problem is that I hv melasma on face nd i sure it is s my chicks and nose and day by day it is growing thats why i m losing my confidence…plz doctr suggest me what shoould I do.I would be great thankful to u

  56. Vijay agrwal says:

    Hlw dr. I m mehtaab. Dr. Mre lips k upar nd chin p ,face k baki hisso k tulna m kafi jyada kalapan h. Ese lgta h k mre mouth p kalarang k ek ring bni huyi h jisse mre chere ka rang 2 tarah ka lgta h .mne kafi kosis k ise kam krn k bt hota ni h creams use k nd home remedie b use k bt koi fayda ni y problm mri janam s ni h bt childhud m ho gyi ti plz ap kuch suggest kre

  57. Hlo I m garima my age is 17yrs old I have a darken skin around my mouth since 6 months I m using k burn cool homeopathic cream doctor suggested me to use it for 2 mnths bt I m using this cream since 1 mnth bt I dnt think it is improving my skin plz suggest me wt should I do

  58. ritika swami says:

    Hi doctor i hv melasma on my face after aliphatic treatment ts got worse plzz suggest me

  59. Hlo sir,
    Sir manu skin problems a g , sir problems a blackheats,pimples ,ance,pigmentation aa g , I m take for many medicine but there is no result sir . Sir plz help me plz plz

  60. black spots and pligmetion….in pregnancy time run…

  61. bhavna doshi says:


    I would like to know how can this be cured the pigmentation issues, I have noticed one spot and would like to know which medicine can be helpful

  62. sir mjhe melasma ki problem hy men sepia berberes aquofolium use kr rahi hu 3 mah se pehly fark hua lakin halka sa ab lag raha hy k faida nhe ho raha meri help kren

  63. Hello Dr.Sharma,

    I am 41 yr old male having Melasma since last 5 years. I have consulted many Allopathy and Ayurvedic doctors but all in vain. I have a family history for this issue…everyone in my family having Melasma.

    Do you recommend any Homeopathy medicine for Melasma!!



    • hii doctor my name is kowsalya i m sufering with pigmentation since 1year . my age is 23years.kindly suggest me the best medicine in homeo i m really stressed this problem plz help me. i would be greatly thankful to you.

  64. Lennie T. says:

    Hi there,

    Like the rest here, I too have Melasma and it all started to show after I had my second child in my early thirties. I’ve always had acne-prone skin and scars show easily since I’m tan/olive skin (much like the picture above). I experienced bad cystic acne after breastfeeding after my second child and to add to my stress about 2 years after my Melasma appeared.

    It’s now on my cheeks and upper lip and it seems to be spotty on my forehead too. I hate this so much! Because I’m dark skinned I’ve been told lasers don’t work and hydroquinone isn’t recommended at all because it can have adverse effects on my skin. I’ve changed my diet and use organic products on my skin, use SPF all the time, but, nothing takes it away. I actually think I have nice skin, but, the melasma makes it look patchy and uneven. Help!

  65. Vijeta masih says:

    Hello sir
    I m 35 years old female . I am sufering from melasma about 10 years when I was 25 years old. I took many treatment but still I have melasma on my whole face. I am total frustrated. Please help me to cure this problem . thank you

  66. Hello!
    I just saw your article and decided to write to you, hoping you will help… I’m desperate.
    I have same melisma on my face, rather discrete, one should say, but it’s getting worse!
    I put sunscreen 50+ every day, but the spots get darker!
    It stated last year, with only one spot, disappeared in winter, but came back this spring, even if it wasn’t sunny at all… Now I have it on both sides and upper lips. I do not go to the sun, but even if I walk for a while with my children, with spf, it gets worse!!!
    I have 2 children, 3 and 5 years old. I live in north France.
    I have white skin, but usually get tanned very fast and never burn. Never had skin problems, no melisma during pregnancies, it started almost 3 years later!
    Have some thyroid disorder (Hashimoto), taking Levothyroxin, but decided to reduce doses along with a more natural and homeopathic treatment.
    Have had a progesterone IUD for almost 3 years, just got it off.
    Got hydroquinone cream, but it is aggressive for my skin and now I have red reactions too…
    Please, Doctor, what should I take?
    Sepia, Thuya, Sulfur… What posology?
    Should I notice improvement and how much time can it take?
    Oh, please, I don’t know what to do! Doctors in France do not believe in homeopathy for this problem, and me, I want to believe!
    Please, help me!
    Thank you so much.

  67. Syeda Jahanara Rahman says:

    Hello..sir…i am 44 years women..i have pigmantatin marks in my face..please help me..

  68. BRISTI DAS says:


  69. Nagendran says:

    Hai sharama. We (family) are believing homeopathy medicine. But today I went to homeopathy doctor for my elder brother’s son with melanin pigment deviation. With out explaining as like u mention above (sepia,kali carb or thuja). He has given medicine of cost rs 4500. I do not know whether homeo medicine will cost that much? He is also using alopathy medicine like IV. Whether homeo permits IV?

  70. Dear Dr. I am facing skin pigmentation from more than a year on my cheeks and upperlips areas. I m really stressed by this problem and suffer from lack of confidence. plz help me. I would b greatly thankful to you.

  71. ashish Sharma says:

    Hi doc my name is Ashish Sharma. My age is 22 .. My forehead is vry dark as compared toy skin .. N my skin is very oily.. Doctor. Says that it is called high pigmentation of heavy dose of medical treatment of acne.. So pls suggest me any good face wash n cream that remove it permanently.. Rply as soon as possible.

  72. Sir, I am 41 years and my problem is that i have dark brown spots on my face which are increasing with time. From last 5 years they spread on my nose and cheeks . kindly suggest me the best medicine for this problem?
    looking fwd to your reply.

  73. Stephanie Phillips says:

    I believe I have dermal melasma, what would treatment entail?

  74. I have deep hollow looking eyes dr says that it’s form by weight loss of mine does homeopathy can help me please tell me thanks

  75. anurag kumar says:

    When i was 12 years old there was a wound (in my language the wound is called dihthori.) in my eye .i blast that .as a result my nose bone came nose become big ,therefore my face look ugly .what can i do?

  76. priya garg says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have thyroid,age is 43.
    Of late i have deloped 4 small spots of darkened skin on cheeks,upper lip and nose.All of diameter less than 0.5cm.
    Should i take Sepia

  77. swati kumari says:

    Hi Doctor,

    Does homeopath has the treatment for macular amloidysis(on arms and legs + back) and dark circle with black pigmentation on nose bridge?

  78. Mahadeb Saha says:

    Sir I am 39. In my lower portion of legs there are black pigmentation plz. Suggest medicine I have no abnormal activities

  79. Sir I m 60 years female .i have melasma on forehead nose nd cheeks .some one suggested to take sepia 30 in liquid .is it ok to have plz reply

  80. arshad chahal says:

    Sir i’m a regular reader of ur great articles. U r doing a great job for human beings. God bless u. My skin is suffering from discolouration around the neck and under is not acute it was from years, now i m 55 years old . But now I feel it is spreading more.would u kndly suggest me the homeo remedy for treatment. Thanks
    Arshad Chahal Scripts Editor Ptv Pakistan

  81. adnan sheikh says:

    Hello, actually my mother is suffering from melasma form the last 15 years, she had consulted to many top doctor in city but it did’nt work, she is really very upset so please help her regarding this.

  82. My four years old daughter have dark. Circles that are genetic because I also have dark circles so sir tell me these dark circles can remove permanently

  83. I have patches that occured over night it seems like. I did go out in the sunlight that day before and got a sun burn. But now it looks like I have dirt patches over my face. But some say it sounds like I may have a thyroid problem as well. I also thought I maybe going thru early menopause at the age of 37yrs. I need answers cause this is so embarrassing please can u help me. I rather die then look like I do not bathe

  84. KVS Ratha says:

    please tell us medicine to cure this problem

  85. sir I got Melasma when I was 7 months pregnant, now my child is 2yr but Melasma has not cured.. Plz let me know if this can be cured and how.. Thanks

  86. Christian Balmores says:

    Dear Doc Sharma,

    I have dark brown pigmentation in my right shoulder. It begin when I was 9yrs old. To be honest, I often played it through sucking my shoulder, when I’m bored.

  87. If a patient wanted to try sepia or thujaor kali carb for melasma, what dose would you start with and how long does it take? thanks

    • nageshwar rao says:

      iam suffering with pigmantation problem,so that my body colour is white but my hands and face is not match,so please suggest me homeopathi medicine doctor sir,

  88. Audrey Sweeting says:

    Dr Sharma, I have this discoloration of my face and neck I am a 74 year old black female brown skin the discoloration is black very ugly on the side of face chin and neck is very distrubing to me i have tried several thing nothing changed. Please Dr. Sharma I need help treating this condition looking forward to hearing from you. thank you sincerely.

  89. smriti kashyap says:

    Hello Dr. I have dark patches on my cheek bone area and in eyes area also.. I m Indian. please suggest me any cream or medicine which cures my dark patches.. please help me.. I also done laser treatment but there is no result. plz suggest me which found in India also.. plz help me plz

    • Pricilla says:

      I wonder why is this facility available, for people to ask questions hoping to get a response from dr sharma he does not bother to respond to all these questions, why it is so, is it for unusual ways of advertising? will dr sharma remove this facility if he is not going to answer, you give the person inquiring false information as though you are going to respond, this is not good,

  90. Karin Kersout says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have a problem with melasma. It begun with 3 cm melasma spots on my cheeks. The doctor advised me to get laser treatments. So I did. But this went wrong and my spots became very big an very dark, all over my face, my nose, etc. ! I tried almost everything. Infact I have now a melasma- and damage problem from laser treatments. I am half Indian and here in the Netherlands they have no experience with dark skin. What treatment would you advise me?

    Thank you!

    Karin from Holland.

  91. Margaret Cross says:

    If a patient wanted to try sepia or thuja for melasma, what dose would you start with and how long does it take? Just wondering what your recommendations for dosing and treatment would be. Thanks.

  92. Priya Singh says:

    Hello in pregnancy I have hypothyroid and over my body I have brown spot. So what I do

  93. I have fair skin,recently pigmentation on face appeared due to a cold tablet,it worsen after pregnancy.home remedy is tried but no positive result.I am helpless,need some help from you.

    • Dear Dr. I am 24 years old andfacing skin pigmentation from more than a year on my cheeks and upperlips areas. I m really stressed by this problem and suffer from lack of confidence. plz help me. I would b greatly thankful to you.

  94. shahabjade khan says:

    sir i have also pigmentation prblm nyr about 7 year plzzz tell me solution

  95. Sir, I have facial pigmentation which starts 10 yrs back after my daughters birth, n worsen with each stressful phase of my life. Now my both cheeks are pigmented pls provide homeopath remedy for the same.

  96. roma shetty says:

    hey i am 23 years old and i getting annoyed with my dark circles and dark pigmentation around my lips also dark lips , i have tried various different methods recently i got a spot on my right cheek it has been two weeks and looks bad , i apply bio oil very night but see no difference . i have never tried homeopathy but a friend recomemded do suggest me please asap . thank you

  97. Hi please contact me, regarding a 59 year old diabetic patient developing freckles

  98. hello sir,
    i am 20 years old having pigmentation near eyes covering my cheeks and near chin area, i am applying thuza 200 and taking droup of thuza 200 and causticum 200 from last 15 days., but i am not getting any positive result. Is it right or
    should i consult a dermatologist.

  99. Richard rao says:

    Dear doctor I am a male facing pigmentation problem on face I visited many doctors for same but still same has not solved I want to clear from inside as per my doctor this is due to hormone changes pls suggest

  100. karamjeet kour says:

    i have pigmentation from last 5years…now its getting more darker with day by day …i used lots off medicines like melanorm,Hqn plus ,botanica,clearway,melaglow,triglow,kriptonite,kojivit and othrs but no benifit. .i used homeyopathic treatment also but its no benifit …pls tell me the right way what can i do

  101. My mother has dark circles under and above her eyes. The pigmentation has started spreading to her upper cheeks. Her forearms and back also have the same dark skin patchy pigmentation. Please advice. I want to help her.

  102. I am 52 yrs. I went thro hysterectomy two years back. My face has small dark pathces .

    • Rosani shrestha says:

      I am 50 years. I had used pills at the ending period of menstruation as the doctor advised. Since then,I have black and brown patches above eye bows , upper lips and cheek for4 years.I used many medicines creams on face, it disappears for sometime but again it comes. Please give me suggestion to cure completely from my face

  103. I hve melasma since from pass 4 years after taking contraceptive pill . please suggest me homeopthy medince to cure completely from my face.

  104. arti sharma says:

    Having dark patch on forehead since 3 years spreading out .could it be cured with homeopathy please help me out

  105. sneha nagarkoti says:

    I have brown spots on my face can u tell me how can I get rid pigmentations?

  106. dipika saha says:

    I have dark brown skin on my fourhead, it extend to neck and upper arms. I have thyroid. and i also take thyroid medicine. I am not take any contraceptive pill, I have no childiren also. please give me a proper medicine sugession for this type of skin disease.

  107. Shakira khan says:

    Since 4yr I got dark brown skin on my cheeks, fourhead. I used lot of creams. No use. I heard there is medicine in homeopath for pigmentation. Pls I need ur help to get rid of this problem. Thanks u.

  108. Arvind prajapati says:

    I m 21 year old and I have some black patches on my body and doctor said it is tinea corporis what should I do to remove this

  109. Archana Patwardhan says:

    Hello Dr sharma , my age is 44 years and I have dark brown hyperpigmentation marks on my lower part of legs , hands and little spots on my face for last 7-8 years . Even I m suffering from dark circles . I have tried some homeopathic formula by one of the homeopathic doctor for few months but it didn’t work even 1% on my pigmentation marks so I stopped the treatment . Kindly suggest me the name of the homeopathic medicine which are easily available in the pharmacy so that i can get rid of these markings permananrly and simultaneously it should stop spreading further . It’s very eembarrassing . Kindly help with result oriented medicine.

  110. Ruchika Kathuria says:

    Hello sir
    I suddenly started getting hyperpigmentation on my face which the doctor calls LPP…i m applying ointments,thankfully no steroids.i m type 1 diabetic for 35 yrs now, now i m 40, married with no kids,living in Chennai. Pl advise if homeopathy can cure or atleast control LPP n can i just take it,me being diabetic?

  111. Hello doctor,

    I am married,female, 35 years old and have 3 kids.

    I have very small brown colour spots all over my face. due to this reason my complexion looks dark.

    These small colour dots are increasing towards my
    neck area.

    I request you to please advise me any homeopathic medicine for these brown spots.

  112. Ravina rawat says:

    Rspected sir,
    I am 21years old from India,suffering from small brown spot on my face over the cheeck and chin for last 1years..kindly suggest some homoeopathic treatment..

  113. Dear sir. I have hyperpigmentation over my both The cheeks. I have tried all the treatments ranging from photofacial, chemical peel to application of topical creams. But till now it does not show any effect at all. My main pigmentation started when I went to my native place whic is at a higher attitude and very cold and dusty. Since then it has started almost 3 yrs back and its not going away at all. Plz suggest me on how to remove it.

  114. shashwat paneri says:

    I popped pimples and the area has become black what to do? Can it be cured?

  115. babli ray says:

    i have face pimentation/brown spots after delivary. now i am 54 years women. i am so dipress for my face pigmentation. resently i have taking sepia200 tree times a day. is it correct? please help me Sir. thanks

  116. v.satish says:

    hello dr.,
    kindly guide me to what medication to be given for my grand daughter aged 2 1/2 yrs. we had a road travel and was exposed to sun (in the month of may 2015). after that we shifted to a carpeted flat. from then on she was scratching her face, mainly her temples and nose. after about a week we found a white patch , to the size of a coin on her left temple, on her left outer palm and a small white discoloration on her left eyelids.
    I gave her a dose of sulphur 200 / once in five days. after the second dose her scratching stopped. no new discoloration. now my query is, how to bring back the skin to normal colour.
    her appetite is good, but typical 2 yr old behaviour of food fussy. her bowels are at times very normal but sometimes she passes little stool at frequent intervals.
    apart from that she is a normal active happy child, but adamant
    kindly guide me
    with high regards

  117. Abhay raj says:

    Sir,I m suffering from black discolouration of my skin,from knee to thigh in both legs n also on my ankle since 2-3 yrs.there is no itching and no sweating in that region.I m from Lucknow 30yrs old.pls suggest me.

  118. Hansika agarwal says:

    Respected sir,
    I m 24 yrs from India, suffering from hiperpigmentation on ma face n neck from last 2 yrs especially darken ma forehead n neck…
    Sir pls tell me can it be cured…
    What medicine should I prefer…
    Need ur help desperately..
    Thank u..

  119. Hello doctor….I am from Inda I’m 29years old female and i have hyperpigmentation for 6-7 years on my neck and below my shoulders too… i have some light patches on my forehead and cheeks also…. so i want to know is there any permanent treatment available for this problem or not… around 5-6months back i was taking allopathic treatment but it is of no use…. can you please help me get rid of these problem

  120. Rashmi Nagpal says:

    Suggest medication

  121. Taj salam says:

    Does homeopathy work on genatic desease like NF 1 pegmention

  122. I m suffering from melasma since 4yrs after taking birth control pill.1of the homeopath suggest me berberis aqui to cure my this medicine right for cure my melasma

    • y.shareef says:

      I am 48years of age and I have deep pigmentation spots on my nose and cheeks.I have used many lighting creams glyco cream kojic but of no use. Please suggest some treatmwnt.

  123. Hlo sir……I’m 23 yrs old. I have the problem of pigmentation from last 3 yrs. BT 10 months before I consulted the dermatologist and taken a treatment of 6 months BT still my problem is there …..plz sir give me some advice I’m too much worrying about my face …..I applied many things on my face BT I got no positive results.

  124. Ruchika Kathuria says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I started noticing light pigmentation spots on my face in Nov 2014 n I contacted skin specialists..the ointments that I am applying now are ban-a-tan n tacriloz along with photobloc sunscreen…i m following some home remedies also…the spots at places seem to have lightened but visible enough to be noticed by others…I am juvenile diabetic for the last 35 yrs n now I am 40 .Is there any safe cure in homeopathy for hyperpigmentation that can restore my old fair skin?

  125. sardar ali says:

    i want more cheeks

  126. latha kannan says:

    i have a problem that my forehead and upperlips look so dark it looks so ugly to see my face pls give me some home remedies to make my face clean

  127. jahanara azmiri says:

    i am 37 year old married women. i have two child.
    my face was pigmented for last four years …is there any…treament…

  128. I am 45 years of age and I have deep pigmentation spots on my face forehead and neck I have used many lighting creams glyco cream kojic but of no use. Please suggest some treatmwnt

  129. Jennifer says:

    Good day, I spent a lot of time in the sun while living in the Caribbean. Always at the beach. When I got be 52, I started seeing these dark marks, all over my cheeks and brows. They only got darker. Nothing helps. I’m so embarrassed. My doctor prescribed something that does not help. He says it’s Melasma. Can I use Alum to lighten and if so, how is it used.

  130. Respected sir, I am 24 yrs/girl from punjab.I am suffering from hyperpegmentation(on upper lip) from last many years.I use koji acid and medicians to treat this,but i get tempeory relief.please suggest some homeopathy treatment

  131. SADHNA KUSHWAH says:


  132. Christy says:


    I am 55 years old, I had a complete hysterectomy at 50 and thats when i noticed the small dark streaks and patches begin to appear, now its a big patch of discolored skin on my checks. I have tried several remedies and nothing has worked, I had a total hysterectomy so no ovaries, I just started to take vagifem in the last year. Please help!

  133. hello Sir! I would like to discuss my problem with you.My skin is tannish medium and I guess i have this super hyper pigmentation on my neck and inside of my thighs… Imnot sure whether its hyperpigmentation or something else.And I’m a 17 year old vegetarian girl please give me any remedy for my situation. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards-anjali

  134. Paramjit Bakshi says:

    Is there a cure or any remidie to help vertiligo spread further, and what can help from prevent it further

  135. I am 50 plus and since last 10 years I have un-even dark patches and hyperpigmentation on my both cheeks. I have consulted many doctors and used many topical creams and also had some laser sittings but to no avail. Now I want to try homeopathic medicine. Please advise me which one to take and how to take.

  136. sangeeta rana says:

    Dear sir/mam,
    I have black spots on my face.
    i am 10 hour working in office. So there is no dun effect on my face.
    And in family no one have this problem.
    So why is on my face.
    kindly tell me any medicine and home remedy for this.

  137. Surbhi says:

    My six year old daughter is developing darkening of skin all over her body.(it’s not patches). I have been observing this for over one to two years. We live in a cold country, and there is not much exposure to sunlight. Is this dermal melasma ? And what could be appropriate homeopathy for this.
    Kind regards and Thanking you.

  138. zubaida zaffar says:

    Hyperpigmentation on nose and upper lips due even after 8 months of delivery. Plz help me to get rid of this

  139. Hi im 26 yrs old .. how to get Rid from around mouth pigmentation ..
    i tried many creams & home remedies too
    but no effect
    im fed up of dis
    as i m very much concerned about my skin
    plz show d way to my problem
    give a solution

  140. Hi
    Having hyperpigmentation for the last 10 years. I think it started with stress . It improved a little for a while but has again aggravated dud to stress again its on my face i.e on cheeks forehead & chin . Now it has appeared on arms also. I’m very worried , wud be very grateful if u can help, thank you

  141. my face is getting covered with plz

  142. kahkashan shaikh says:

    Hi,i hv melasma on my cheeks from last 10 yrs .pl suggest some medicine.

  143. ruchi agarwal says:

    I have twp dark spots on either side of my cheeks. It is in the upper area of my cheeks. I am not pregnant and have not taken any contraceptive pills. My mother had these. It is been there for more than a few months now. Please help

  144. iram shazadi says:

    sir i hve pigmented brown spots on my face especially on cheeks and nose…and my face looks soo ugly due to this..plz help me in curing this

  145. Need information on what treatment will work to get rid of melisma, any information or guidance will help.

  146. pritika negi says:

    hello sir….i have uneven skin tone my forehead and upperlips are darker than my cheeks and it looks ugly i have black moles on my face also and one more thing my skin is dry my age is 20 years please suggest me medicine for this so i can get rid of it as homeopathic medicine is suitable for me….thank you….

  147. Dear Sir,
    I have a lot of search about homeopathic dosage on net but could not get much information.
    I am taking sulphur for 10 days to cure acne, irritation on skin, acne on scalp and dandruff.
    In fist 3 days, I feel better improvement but now i am taking the increased dose from 2 to 5 drops daily. please help me for the dose and continuation of medicine.

  148. Sandhya Jayakumar says:

    I am 39 years old Female. I am having small discoloured patches on my cheek bone and on the nose (centre of the eyes). I am taking homeo treatment from August 2014 : Sepia 30 and now Sepia 1 M and found some changes. Now continuing the tab, Dr.suggested to put Berberis Aquifolium cream also. Kindly suggest, if my treatment is going in the correct direction and how long period I have to take these medicines to get rid of these patches.

  149. rameshweri sharma says:

    Good evening sir im 23 year old i have pigment on my nose last 7 months can give me some suggesion on it which medicin i should apply

  150. aneeta sarkar says:

    within a period of last 4yrs…the whole of cheek n nose has become layered with brown patches, called pigmentation.i never had a single pimples ever…the skin was fair n glowing.i am in pre-menopausal stage…(.still continuing periods) exposure to sun makes the patches even more darker.i have seasonal allergy, for which i need to depend on inhalers.( prob during spring.) allergetic to pollens/flowers/ question_ is melasma curable? how long it takes to go back to the previous appearance through homeopathy?pls help regrds.

  151. Arunima v c says:

    Sir,plz tell me d treatment about facial discoloration

  152. simi mathew says:

    Respected Sir,
    As i m 20yrs girl from pune bhosari, i m having a darkness on upper side of my eye lid, when i was small i was dark but as i grown up my darkness changed and now my skin is of medium color but only my eye lid is dark but it doesn’t mean its a dark circle. so how to lighten my eye color to my normal face color.
    is their any homeopathy treatment or a cream which will suits me. and i have a dry skin.
    plz suggest your answer
    thanking you

  153. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Sir my problem is pigmentation on my cheeks please help me sir i am 27 years old

  154. asim chakrabarti says:

    A few minutes ago I sent details of dark colour of face of my son arup chakrabarti. kindly also note of his inability to bear with sound.

  155. asim chakrabarti says:

    My son, Arup Chakrabarti, 42 years, robust health, fair skin, height nearer to 6 ft has caught dark colour on his entire face, which I suspect to be the reaction of the hair dye used by him although he uses the most costly brands. May I look for your helping hand. With best of respect.

  156. Iam 22 year old boy suffering from melasma from last 3 years. Can i remove melasma premently from my face and nose. I feel stressfull life after that. My life has completly changed due to melasma. plz help me if possible. I use hydroquionine cream but after when i leave this it comes again.

  157. P.Tirumalarao says:


    i have black spots on my face at cheeks and fore head, can get a right treatment for the cure

  158. I hv melasma since 5 years. Tried allopathy but in vain. Is there treatment in homeopathy, pls let me know.

  159. Hello Sir,
    I was delivered 3 years ago, during my pregnancy i got pigmentation as i gained 38 kgs. After two years my weight is back to normal. But pigmentation still persist along with acne. I have vitamin D deficiency usung medicines for the same. Tried allopathy treatment but not working. Request you to advise some medicines. Along with pigmentation since the time i delivered have heavy hair fall too. Please help me

    Thank you,

  160. ntombi moloi says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma I am a 54 years woman with so much pigmentation on my face I’ve tried everything but in vain

  161. Gigyasa Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I m gigyasa, 25 yrs . I am suffering from discoloration of skin and lips. Kindly suggest for the same

  162. o p sharma says:

    my suffers from linchen planus pigmontosus for a little over year. this has been diagnosed by taking skin biobsy . she has LPP on face, ear lobes, kneck. allopathic treatment taken as vitamin a and E coupled withsu screen, creame with kojic and autrin but with little effect.shall be grateful to you for suggesting me remedy by prescribing some homeopathic medicine. i believe omeopathy has an effective treatment for this. pl help me

    • sunita kakad says:

      my brother is 25yrs old.he is having hyperpigmentation patch over both cheecks since 3yrs taken allopathic treatment.but he gets only temperory improvement after reappears after few days.he also apllied betnovate cream bt it also gives temperoy relief.he also get itching over affected area.kindly sugggest some homoeopathic treatment.

  163. sahil kumar says:

    Sir,I am 27 and my face scar is nearly seven years old caused due to alum rubbing on my pimples and then using retiderm hydroquinone and other creams which worsen the face more and now it became deeply dark hyperpigmented on right side side of cheek only,please suggest me the fast removal for this very kind enough to u

  164. Sir
    I’m 38 years old housewife. Developed pigmentation 3-4 years back . My elder sister is also facing the same condition . We stay inside . It started from cheek bone and spreading all towards forehead . Please suggest a medicine . We are slipping into depression . We both have fair complexion .

  165. Hello doctor
    . I live in India.I have brown pigmentation on my cheeks,ridge of nose and upper lip both sides.It is dark,visible in photographs ,some days it appears light and some days dark.I am not very happy about it and want to get rid of them.It has developed over a period of one age is 30years,married with no children .i have tried a lot of allopathic and home remedies but to no use.
    Kindly guide me what should I do.

  166. Corinne A. says:

    I was diagnoised with dermal melsama. It is light brown and splotchy on my cheeks it kinda looks scaly over some old acne scarring. I especially have it on my lower cheek near my lips but not above the lip. I also have it splotchy on my forehead. Which remedy do you recommend?

  167. Mrs Elizabeth sebastian says:

    Please suggest. Me a homeopathic medicine available in Dubai for pigmentation on both cheeks for the last three years.
    I am over 5o years. Old.
    Thank you

  168. Arafat Sheriff says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Am 44 years old male, have diabetes since last 2 years and only take glycomet 250 mg twice daily.

    Have this darkening of the skin in the lower ear lobes and slowly spreading . The lower lobes have become very dark and there is difference in sensation as well between the darkened areas and unaffected areas.

    There is a slight darkening also in my face , the area between the temples and cheeks but not as bad as my earlobes.

    Kindly advise

    Regards / Sheriff

  169. Raman todi says:

    Dear sir
    I have black pigmentation on my left forhead for many years. I had given sulfer by homeo doctor. But it is not cured. Can you guide me to get rid from this?

  170. ashiq hussain says:

    I am 29 years male & i have pigmentation on my cheeks & nose from last 2 years..please give some tips or some medicine to remove it permanantly..

  171. Kamaldeep kaur says:

    Sir,i have brown discoloration on both the sides of my face,on nose and forehead.i also have pimples on upper chest and shoulders.i am taking homeopathy medicine from around 6 months but no results are found.disclouration increasing day by day.please help me sir,my confidence level reached to an end.

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  173. RICHARD RUBAN says:

    Dear sir,
    I am richard ruban from bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) and my age is 25. I am suffering from pigmentation from past few years and i showed my skin to dermatologist also but then to now recovery at all and when ever i go in sun my skin becomes very dark even though i cover my face from scarf, but now from last month i started an homepathic medicine and doctor told me to continue the medicine for 1year will it be success because the medicine very small in size for a pigmentation, please rply as soon as possible sir.

  174. dinesh dwivedi says:

    resp sir i m suffering from lycen planus since one year and i undergone allopathic treatment but due to use of steroids i left allopahtic medicine and now i m taking homeopathic medicine , i hv problem in my hands and on forehead, earlier i was also suffering from the same disease during the year 1987 and after homeopathic treatment by renowed homeopathic doctor late shri S.S.SHRIVASTAVA i cured this disease but again it is activated since last one year , my forehead patches has been lighten due to the homeopathic treatment but in my upper side of palm brown patches are regularly being increased and some time i found itching too , from last week my homeo doctor change the medicine as ANTIM CRUDE 30 THRICE IN A DAY but after that medicine i dont find any releif . can u please tell me whethr antim cruede 30 is also usefull in lycen planus .. thanking you in anticipation.

  175. Respected Sir,
    Iam 29 years old i got black pigmentation after pregnancy what can i do? i haven’t taken treatment yet.

  176. Renu Jain says:

    I have a wheatish to fair complexion but my arms are very dark in color .. They seem to be in ontrast to the rest of my complexion and look very odd. I am 46 years of age and probably this is a genetic problem as my mother and grandmother also had it.. Please suggest some medicine which can lighten my arms in a fastest way.

    Thanks / Renu

  177. Dr,

    I am 33 yrs old female suffering from hyper pigmentation past five years, these light color patches spreading entire my face very fastly. I am not exposing sun now a days then also its spreading like anything.I have tried almost all home remedies. but no use. can it treat doctor? how long I have to take medicine? please reply me

  178. Sir I have pigmentation around my mouth..Day by day its becoming very dark and my whole face is becoming body is white nd my neck and face is plz help me regarding there any treatment with u…ive tried many creams but there is no use…plz help me out

  179. Naveen Kumar M says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I have Pigmentation on my cheeks from last 2 years.
    As i read the above there solution in homeopathy for this.
    Please let know how long it will take cure and get back my original skin.
    And what is solution in Homeopathy.
    Thank you,

  180. Mukesh meena says:

    I am suffering from sunburn pigmentation from last 3 year.
    My age is 28th.i have oilly skin is getting darker duw to it
    Pls give me some solutio. For permanent treatment of this problem

  181. Teresa Giovetty-Foster says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am a 59 years old mix-race lady with a history of severe pigmentation. I’ve tried different creams, consulting the best dermatologists in London and Cape Town, and nothing seems to help. Because of so many creams tried, I developed a very sensitive skin, more on my cheeks. I had to have a patch text and I am allergic to creams made with Methylisothiazolimone, Methilchcorisothiazolimone, Phenylenediamine, Quaternicem am Imidazolidinyl. Now I have to use creams on my face that are as much as possivel natural.
    I would love to try Homeopathy as my last resort!!!
    Thank you very much,
    Teresa Foster

  182. K.S. Murty says:

    I have lichen planus pigmentation on my face, beck and chest for the last 3 years. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicines for the pigmentation.

  183. i have some sun born spot on my back and during my pregnancy i got some dark paches on my nack, forehead and arms. i have some gastic problem also. my age is 40 years.

  184. Niranjan singh says:

    sunburn shadow on my nose and cheeks
    and.also my brothers
    please give me information about this
    and medicine

  185. Nikhil Thakur says:

    I have pigmentation problem on the bridge of nose.
    also having dark patches under eye.
    I have tried lemon , aloe Vera but it doesn’t affect so much.
    please suggest me some good home remedies so that I can get rid from this problem easily.

    • i hv pgmntation on my cheeks,nose n upr lips.could i get rid of it using homeopathy trtmnt like aquifolium cream plz hlp

  186. annie pal says:

    respected sir
    i45 years old my name is annie for last three years ihave pigmentation on both side of my cheeks it has grown big in both sides so iam very worried please let me know how can iget rid of this problem
    ilive in sewagram

  187. indira sharma says:

    I’m 33, I have freckles type pigments all over my face and its spreading over my neck and arms . . I developed this problem gradually but not immediately after pregnancy . I was taking contraceptive pills that time but now dark patches are visible on my cheeks I’m worried

  188. abhijeet says:

    Hello Dr,

    My mother is also suffering from such pigmentation problem, we are living in pune, pls suggest the medicine

  189. gurpreet says:

    I have melasma from pregnancy… Do it get better?

  190. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I had IPL treatment for pigmentation at the cheeks on 13.12.13. It made my cheeks look worse., with pigmentation.

    Im from Adelaide. I always use sun block.
    Im 55 years. Please advice.


  191. Dimple Sandhu says:

    I have had pigmentation on my cheeks for the last ten years – i know it was caused by the sun because I never wore sun screen..I had two round patches on the sides of my nose.. over time I had some laser treatment done on these areas which broke the pigmentation up and has now caused a scattering of pigmentation on my face. I have tried so many treatments and creams and have heard that homeopathy may be the answer. I am 48 years old.

  192. Dr Sharma

    Can you please help me find a solution for my Melasma. I am 37 yrs old and after my 3 pregnancy
    I begin to have Melasma on my cheeks. Now after my 4 pregnancy it has gotten darker.I wear sunscreen everyday and barely get sun. This is making my life miserable! I don’t know what else to do. I have tried taking grape seed extract and 15,000 mg of MSM as I was reading that this was very helpful for melanoma. I have not seen any improvements, if anything, the Melasma seems darker. any helpful advise will help.

    Thank you

    Yuny Hernandez

  193. umar asghar says:

    hello sir,
    my wife used some cosmetics on her face in 2008 and after that brownish spots appeared in a period of a month. now she has such spots on her cheeks,nose, above eye brows.
    your guidance in the matter is requested

  194. sampada says:

    Hi sir i am 28 yrs from bhopal,suffering from pigmentation on my cheekbones both the sides from 1 yr so help me out how can homeopathy can help in removing pigmentation and it should be stopped.


  195. Hi my age is 25 . I have dark brown color disorder on my forehead may be called as pigmentation . It happened to me when i was 21. I guess it has happened because of lot of exposure to sun during my school days. Kindly help me to know what should i do to get rid from this.

  196. Hello sir,
    My name is rittu m frm MP got dark sprot on my both the sides of cheeks and black line on nose dr. Say its allergy or coz of sun I think its melasma m talking homoeopathy treatment dr. Proscribed me OMEO DIGESTION & SARSAPARILLA but not getting specified result m very dipress on 27th feb m getting marry pls suggest me something pls help me pls sir

  197. i am 55yeaes of age am suffering from hyperpigmentation on my face have dark spot on both side of my cheeks for last 10years and alo darken my skin in the saving area.I am very disappointed.Please suggest me appropriate and effective treatment in homeopathy.

  198. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I’m suffering from hyperpigmentation on my face for almost a year and I observe it’ s increasing up to my neck now. Please give me advise what should I do or any treatment.

  199. I have got dark spots on my both cheeks. It starts around 2 years ago. I had acne problem for some time and i went saw a doctor (GP), they put me on antibiotics (doxycycline)for three months and during that time I have got pigmentation. Then, I got referred to Skin Specialist and they put me on hydroquinone 4% cream and I applied that for around 3 months. It was some improvement but after some it turns the same. So, long story short, please advice me the best possible treatment (excepts laser treatment) on this.

    Haping to hear from you soon.

  200. Dear Doctor,

    I have small size white spots which have been identified at vitiligo by local doctors. Though I have taken lot of medicines, applied ointments and taken UVA/UVB/Laser treatment, white spots are temporarily shading, but once light treatment is stopped, coming back to normalcy and becoming white. Pl suggest reason and medicine to get rid of the same.

    Thanks and Regards,

  201. Hi

    Doctor Im 28 years female and have an 8 months old baby (by C section). My skin is very sensitive and complexion is not even. I have lots of light brown and red patches on my skin and brown sopts as well. There is discoloration at my upper lips and sides of lips and chin. I have very apparent dark circles and sunken eyes. The area below my eyes is getting very red and pigmentation is apprearing very fastly. All of my face has turned brown within some days. I am unable to understand the reason. I dont want to try any thing other than homeopathy coz I think its risk free. Please teel me some fast and good remedy for this and some medicine to whiten the skin complexion. There is a wedding in my family in a month so I want to recover before it and also improve my skin tone and whiten my complexion too.

    I would be very very thankful to you for this

  202. sharanjeet kaur says:

    I am 24 yrs female.My skin color is totally fair but from 1 month i have met with a problem of skin color upto eyes and below the nose is dark and cheeks are fair.I tried many things but all are useless.i have applied :-
    1. furstly i rub lemon on my face followed by wark wash then i apply mixture of tomato juice , curd and honey followed by warm wash.
    2.Then before sleeping again i rub lemon juice followed by warm wash then again i apply mixture of tomato ,turmeric and honey.afterward before going to bed i apply coconut oil and leave it for whole night.In the morning i wash my facewith himalaya babysoap.
    but my these efforts gives me a very little results my pathes upto vry little extent becomes light.plz suggest me something..

  203. Luloungam kamei says:

    I am 24 years old boy with fair skin colour n now my face is full of dark patches with pigment so please help me to get well from this problem

  204. chhaya tiwari says:

    I am suffering from pigmintation since last 15 year after my pregnency . i have dark brown patches on my nose ,fore head and my cheeks .what should i do . Please tell me the HOMEOPATHIC medicine and how to use it .plEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEase.

  205. Dear Sir, I having a black patch sort of pigmentation on my face, located on right cheek bone and looks like its spreading, can you please assist, I am from Australia and I have tried everything I can, I had similar issue in my teenage years but with homeopathy medicine it disappeared and has re appeared in the last 5 years and has come strong, have checked with skin doctors but have no creams seem to work. Can you please advise what I can do, I am happy to send you some pictures for you to check and if you can prescribe some medicine for me.

    Appreciate your assistance.

    • Brent carlson says:

      Send me some pics. See if it is the same as what mine look like. Maybe figure it out together

  206. Can I know what is to be done for warts. I have tiny warts all over my face and especially near the eye area where it is difficult to apply anything. Kindly advice.

  207. Hi Dr…

    I had pigmentation which appeared when I was pregnant with my twins, but it wasn’t that bad until I went to homeopathologist who have me drops and sepia which after I took it as instructed but the marks appeared all over my face and they became more dark…am very frustrated please advise I really look horrible Dr help please help.

  208. Dear sir,

    I am now 45 years old. I got Pimples on my face when i was at 19 years old. i applied Alopathic cream(CLEAR TONE) on my face due to this where ever i appliede this cream my skin on my face has become Black in color

    Kindly Suggest me some Homeo pathic medicine Which can remove this black color on my face


  209. I suddenly got melasma due to hormonal imbalance triggered by menopausal symptoms I tried laser and ipl but not effective
    It affects my confidence and causes much stress

  210. I want my face pigmentation remove.

  211. Pls how do I cure my hyper pigmentation its worry some

  212. I am 44 years of age, height 5.8 and weight is 89 kgs. I am having three childrens . Since 12 years I am suffering from pigmentation problems on my face. My mother had also same problem. Since 15 years I am taking homeo medicine for other illness such as cold fever, cough and sinus whenever need arise. Kindly reply me immediately. I am from Mangalore. If I go hot sun then I have more darkness in my face. I fair in colour .

  213. AS i am 45 yrs /F from Pune suffering from hyperpigmentation on my face from last 9 yrs what can I use for pigmentation please guide me.

  214. Dear dr. Sharma,
    My son is now 8years old ,he has out of sudden developed a scare pigmentation on his check not sure why , that has started when he was 6 years old and it has been growing since then .

    Not sure if I should be worried I took him to darmotologist and they say its like a birth mark but just now it showed out
    Please advise if I should be worried from a growing mark

    Noora from Oman



  216. Hello, i am currently suffering from melasma. I did not get it during my first pregnancy 10 years ago bt i started to get it at 7 months with this pregnancy. I am currently 8wks postpartum and it is getting worse instead of better. I am so embarrassed because its mostly above my ljp and looks like a mustache. Its very depressing because makeup only seems to make it worse. What can i do to fix this problem. Please help me

  217. waheeda akram baig says:

    Respected Sir.
    I am 40 yrs old and I am based at Nagpur I am suffering from hyperpigmentaion from last 10 yrs. last yrs. I saw it spreading very fastly so I went a local dermotologist and He treated me with peeling treatment but no result, so I want to know how much time to take in homeopathy to cure this ugly pigmentation because now days its covered my whole face and it looks like very dirty and ugly so please help me sir and guide me ise badne se kaise roke pahle kam tha ab kafi bad raha hai please——————.

  218. Hi my name is Awit. I have this black spot on both of my cheecks since 7 years. I have tried almost of everything some of the products I used it removed temporary but if I stopped my skin gets worst than it was. Now I stop everything just used Coco butter but nothing changes. My age is 31 though if it can help. I have also tried the lime, honey, cucumbers and so on. I read your article and very interesting. If you can help me to get rid of this ugly discoloration I think it is called pigmentation I will be more than happy that will be the be new chapter in my life. Thank you.

    • sir m 38 yer old from karnataka..
      m saffaring from pigmenstation on my cheek bons from 10 years….pls help me sir…… pls

  219. Barnali Chakraborty says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering by pigmentation on my cheek last 4 years.Spoted area is 2 cm.dark.I am 40 years old have thyroid.Please give me permanent solution.

    Barnali Chakraborty

  220. Vandana Kachru says:

    Hi ! Dr. Sharma,

    I have been having melasma for the past 13 yrs now. I first noticed these marks after my first child birth. the marks were more pronounced near the eye brows and the cheeks. after my second child birth I now have them all over my forehead and cheeks. Since I am fair these marks stand out . they get more prominent when I get stressed out or it is peak summers.

    Could you pl suggest me some medicine.

    Thanks and regards.

  221. Hi,on my face brown dost are showing from the last will spread I m afraid and black till also on my cheek.please tell me what I should do and prevent it spreading.
    Reply me please.

  222. Alamgeer says:

    Hi.respectable dr i m male with a age of 28 i m suffering pigmentation on my checks since 5 year after acne.i have visited many skin specialist but could not find any remedy from any expert. i m it remain with me for the whole life. Plz suggest suitable remedy thankyou sir

  223. Shantama John says:

    ihave pigmentation for thelast 4-5 years.Have taken all types of treatment (allopathic)including peels and facials. things have only gotten worse.It has become worse sfter my menopause in 2010. I am 55 years old. Kly help.

  224. I good white face but in summer my face gets dark and I have brown patches on my skin pigmentation

  225. Hi doctor, this is manjot . My skin concern is dark area around my upperlip and dark chin area . These parts of my skin are very dark sometimes and sometimes they are less dark but they look very weird as if I got moustache . My complexion is medium brown but coz of this prob my face looks very uneven and dull. I am 27 now but have been exposed to this problem for very long time as if its by birth . Same like upperlip my eyelids are very dark as well . Does homeopathy has any cure for this ? Thanks

  226. harpreet kaur says:

    I have pigmentation on face and neck my complexion now becomes dark .Doctor said that it is a problem of lichen planus pigmentation.Being a working I am very depressed because doctor said there is no permanent treatment of this problem Is there any treatment of this disease in homeopathy.

  227. gazala khan says:

    How to get rid of pigmentation of face permanently

  228. anusha says:

    sir,i hav been suffering with pigmentation since 11 years,but its not cured even though,i met several drs,it is a like dark patch on my nose,plz help me out

  229. Dear Sharma ji,

    i have gone for laser treament also many other treatment but no result this pigmentation comes again…. iam tried now…. how to get rid off with this….

    Is your treatment is too expensive…..

    is there is 100% garantee that pigmentation will not come again


  230. bhavani singh raghav says:

    respected Sir,
    i m 30 year old man from delhi india
    and suffering from hyperpigmentation on face since last 3-4 year
    plz advise me homeopathy medicine
    can i take homeopathy along with aayurdevic medicine
    thanks and regards
    bhavani singh raghav

  231. Sarah Dutts says:

    I have brown spot on my both cheeks and on foreheads. It’s spreading rapidly. I use sunscreen regular. I use chandon wood powder, aloe Vera, honey, tumaric but nothing works. I used peel therapy as well. Can homepathy has a cure for pigmentation please, thank you.

  232. i am 32 yrs old…i have two kids… its been around ten years since i started having pigmentation on both the temple of my face…it was not that visible back then…but now it has become more prominent and begin to spread it bigger than before… i once consulted a dermatologist wherein she told me my pigmentation is deep i refused to apply any medication thereafter since i have seen people who have deep pigmentation that after apply medicines or after taking the treatment for pigmentation like glygolic peels or microdermabrasion…their pigmentations tends to become more prominent than ever …… so how to treat once it gets prominent and particularly for deep pigmentation ?

  233. My childhood friend has had facial pigmentation and dark circles since she was only 10 years old. The doc tor feels this could be genetic pigmentation. Now she is around 40. She is not very hopeful but i wanted to find out if homeopathy can cure genetic pigmentation. If it can it will help her a lot
    Thank you

  234. Resham Maaya says:

    hello madam i m 25 years old or mere forehead corner or chin pe darkening a gayi hai or mera complexion fair hai or mere face pe pimples k spots b hai.
    plzzz kuch bataiye jisse ye thik ho jaye.

  235. Rosemary C Asiegbu says:

    I am a 49yr old woman. I started developing white small round pigmentation all over my body except my back. If I use some cream or soap it itches with a burning sensation that makes it to multiply. What do Ini do? It is embarrassing.


  236. cfa level 1 exam nots says:

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  237. pregnancy information says:

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  238. helo sir, i am 31 yrs old and i have pigmentation on my face which i want to get rid of. kindly suggest me an effective treatment to get rid of this pigmentation

  239. I have dark patch on my back and just below my neck up on the looks like dirt patch.but doesnt go away.

  240. Savita Saini says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    please my help
    meri age 32 hai mere face per 2-3 years se pigmentation hai . kafi treatment kiya koi phayada nhi. please mujhe guides kar.

  241. bhagyashree says:

    hii i m 24 yrs old and suffering from pigmentation on my nose over 3 years.i have tried a lot of medicines but none seems to work.i just want to get rid of this,plz suggest me some homeo medicines

  242. hi im 29 years old and have been suffering from pigmentation for over 7 years now, it statred when in was 22 years old and got worse with my first pregnancy, and now with my second. i have tried lot of creams and non seems to work, i have been to a dermatology but that also doesnt seem to help. it looks like it gets worse everyday, please assist, i have it on my forehead,nose, below the nose and both my cheeks

  243. sandhya rani says:

    i,m 29 years old and having pigmentation on my cheeks . some one said its a symtoms of difficiency of iron. so should i need to take iron tablet. sometimes i feel allergy upon it darker when i m in sunlight. so please suggest wat to do.

  244. HELLO MY NAME IS DIANA i been having this pigmentation on my face like ten years already tried all the creams they suggest me to use and none work i get so stressed out with this problem in my face cant get rid of it im tired of having this on my face i get dressesd and my face dont help me i get embarresed already of this pigmentation problem can u please help me get rid of these patches on my face.

  245. Since last 4-5 years my breast size is shrinking. I had normal size.
    My mother has similar problem, she also suffered from atrophy.
    If possible, Kindly suggest me homeopathy remedy for this or give me guide line.
    Hyper pigmentation is also another problem with me. I had very fair complexion, when I was pregnant first something slight over pigmentation shown on my face, specially on forehead and cheeks & chin but afterbirth of my children it is dark, similarly shown as in your website.
    Kindly help me.
    Best regards.

  246. Lila Upton says:

    Dear Dr Sharm
    My name is Lila, Iam 5o year old and I suffer from pigmitation on both side of my cheek bone which is so dark, size of a 20c coins. and its starting fo spread every where. Iam so depressed, and I need help. I did try a cream my skin spec.. recommended, but didn’t work Please help!

  247. Hello sir,i am fm j nd comple. is fair, age 23yrs nd i have pigmentation on my entire face like 3 spots by the side of my right eye on my cheeks,side of my lips.tried lot of medicine bt no results..wat to do

  248. i have dark marks on my upper lip & neck.
    I am 45 years old & worried about it spreading
    i had a hysterectomy 10 mnths ago. I stil have my ovaries please help

  249. nisha........ says:

    hey…m 20 yrs havin hyper pigmentation…m dusky color now i just want 2 get rid of dis………….wid out any side effect………..plz help m

  250. hi I’m m/23 I have hyper pigmentation since 6 – 7 yrs on ma left shoulder. now it’s stretching across my neck and hands. it’s so hyper that the hair’s growth is way higher that the right shoulder. please help me. I don’t know what to do. I’m really stressed and depressed. looking forward for your reply.

  251. savitaasegal says:

    for the past 4 years iam suffering from pigmentation on face neck forearms.after getting biopsy done it was digonosed due to LPP.from the net i came to know lppis controllable not present am taking depsone,applying ointments prescribed by dermatologist.i am also taking med from dr batra homeopath.but not of much use.i am extremely depressed as my skin used to be an example.i am 57.please please help and must reply.Thanks and regards

  252. ranu halder says:

    i have deep pigmentation like lichen planus in face and two armes and iam very suffring from this .my age is 35.please tell me some homeopathy remedy

  253. Renu Garg says:

    i am suffering from pigmentation since last 11 years after my pregnancy. i have dark brown patches on my nose and forehead, back and both arms. what should i do. please suggest me appropriate and effective treatment for pigmentation in homeopathy.

    • Dr. R. k. Agrawal says:

      Do as I advise.
      Take antim crude 200 one dose daily at night for three months. You will get the results u want.

  254. How much to treat the pigmentation, I have it when I pregnant the second child for 7 years now. I already see many doctors and do the many treatments and spent a lot of money, now I quit because my face look darker and my husband mad with me.

  255. Qaadirah says:

    Hi I’m 40 & suffers with pigmentation & agree that mine cld stem from exposure to the sun as I live in a landlocked province & our temperatures are very hot during summer.My concern though is that mine cld also be due to hormonal changes & the effects of a fibriod growth in the womb.Pls advise if my problem is dermal or what.Need help desperately & urgent.Thanks

  256. can i use thuja for pigmentation?and how to use it?

    • what can I use for my pigmentation on my cheekbone.

    • I read about homeopathy, i want to know if there is an cure for discoloration on my both cheeks. they are dark brown spots on both cheeks. they are very obious , can be seen even in photos. I am very disappointed as there is not any solution found so far. Please tell me if you can cure it by Thuja.
      I live in Canada. I started to notice from 2 years, first it was only on one cheek,but now it starting on second side also. Please let me know, and where can i find this treatment to cure this.
      Thank you.

      • sunita kakad says:

        my brother is 25yrs old.he is having hyperpigmentation patch over both cheecks since 3yrs taken allopathic treatment.but he gets only temperory improvement after reappears after few days.he also apllied betnovate cream bt it also gives temperoy relief.he also get itching over affected area.kindly sugggest some homoeopathic treatment.

    • i have some sun born spot on my back and during my pregnancy i got some dark paches on my nack, forehead and arms. i have some gastic problem also. my age is 40 years.

    • priyanka kushwaha says:

      helo, i am 27 yr old having fair complex i got pigmentation on my with in 4 to 5 month. and it it goes on dark. i used many cosmetics like bitnovet C, and oriflame day night cream of pigmentation. but i observed that befor appling those cosmetics spot was very light but now it become too darker. plz help me i want to get ride as soon as possible.

    • sitaramaiah says:

      Hi sir,
      have deep pigmentation like lichen planus in face and hands and iam verymuch suffring from this .my age is 52.please tell me some homeopathy remedy

  257. Respected Sir
    As i m 27yrs/M from Nepal, suffering from hyperpigmentation on my face for last 6-7 yrs.n i just want to visit yr clinic.can i register my name by a phone so that it would be easier for me when i be their.desperately need help

    • I am 19 years old. I suffer from pcod. My skin is very sensitive. It gets break outs oftenly and it cannot stand any products(not even any moisturisers any oils no sunscreen nothing).I have tried a lot of things. All water based non oily lyk almost everything. I also tried allopathy. Many creams like retino, triben b lotion,clindomycin and many more.. But nothing worked only added. Now the problem is that i don’t know what to use as nothing works and gradually has sidefdecyts . There is like formation of puss in almost like every pore of my skin mainly around checkbones and that has added discolouration kind of pigmentation around that area.. Many blemishes also from previous breakouts are still there from a long time and seem to be permanent by now. Can homeopathy help me AQ

      • R/sir, I have a dark pigmention ( melasma) in my face since last 4-5 yrs. Many treatment I have taken but no improvement. pl. suggest what I can do. or any home treatment or any homeopathy doctor. pl. advice.

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