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Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis

Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis

Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis

Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis

If you feel the need to urinate very often and pain accompanies frequent urination, you may be suffering from Prostatitis. It’s a medical term that refers to inflammation of the prostate gland. The reasons could be two-fold: bacterial infection or non-bacterial origin that can be acute and chronic. The symptoms in both acute and chronic Prostatitis are similar, but are less severe in chronic cases. Acute Prostatitis is a medical emergency. The main symptoms are frequent urination that gets worse in night hours, the urgent desire to pass urine, difficulty in urinating, pain in pelvic region or genitalia or in back and burning urination. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fever and chills. Homeopathic medicines offer a very effective treatment for various Prostatic troubles, including enlargement and Prostatitis.Homeopathic treatment for prostatitis can greatly help in Acute conditions and can also provide cure for chronic prostatitis.The Homeopathic remedies for prostatitis are made of natural substances and are completely safe, without any side effect.

Homeopathic Treatment for Prostatitis

The Homeopathic mode of treatment offers a very effective cure for various prostatic affections, including enlargement and Prostatitis. There are a wide range of natural Homeopathic medicines that can help in treating Prostatitis, but the medicine selection for every patient depends on the particular symptoms. The first aim of Homeopathic medicines for Prostatitis patients isto provide relief from acute symptoms, and then the natural Homeopathic remedies work to root out the chronic problem.


Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis

Apis Mellifica: Best Homeopathic remedy for frequent and burning urination

Apis Mellifica is one of the top natural Homeopathic remedies for Acute Prostatits. It is suitable for patients of Prostatitis who have a frequent desire to pass urine, but the process leads to burning pain. There is difficulty in retaining urine even for a few seconds. A few patients also describe the pain as burning and stinging in nature. The urine passed is usually scanty. Some patients needing Homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica may also describe the pain as burning and smarting while passing the last drops of urine. The colour of urine is dark. Apis Mellifica is also a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for providing relief from the burning sensation and the quantity of urine increases from its scanty nature. Thirst most of the times decreases in persons requiring Apis Mellifica.

Cantharis: Homeopathic medicine for urine with burning sensation and drop by drop passage

Cantharis is a natural Homeopathic medicine that is of great help in treating cases of Prostatitis where the urine is passed with a burning sensation and in drops. The burning sensation is felt before, during and even after passing urine. Extreme scalding is felt in all three stages: before, during and after the act of micturition or passing urine. The desire to pass urine is almost constant but it passes drop by drop. Blood may also pass in urine. So, burning, smarting, scalding micturition with urine coming out in drops is a clear guide to use Cantharis.

Nitric Acid: Homeopathic remedy for burning and offensive urine in Prostatitis

Natural Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid proves to be best cures for prostatitis , where the urine emits a highly offensive odour along with burning in urethra during its passage. The urine passed is scanty with a strong and highly offensive smell. The urge to empty the bladder is frequent but urine is scanty in quantity. The stream of urine is also thin. The urine feels cold on passing. Pus discharges from urethra may be noted in a few patients.

Thuja: one of the top Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis ,when there is urge to pass urine quickly

Thuja is the appropriate natural Homeopathic remedy for patients of Prostatits who are unable to control urine with a sudden desire to empty the bladder quickly. The patient has to hasten and rush to pass urine. The urine may also be passed involuntarily at night. The patient needing Thuja may have a history of gonorrhoea and syphilis affection that is maltreated or suppressed. Foamy-cloudy urine or mucus in urine may be present in high levels.

Chimaphila: Homeopathic Remedies for Prostatitis with retention of urine

For Acute Prostatitis cases where urine is retained, Chimaphila is the ideal natural Homeopathic remedy. The person has difficulty and severe pain while passing urine. A peculiar position of standing with feet wide apart and stooping in forward direction may help to pass a little urine with much straining. Burning and scalding during urine may be noticed. And whatever urine is passed contains ropy mucus and blood.

Natural Homeopathic remedies for Prostatitis with Burning

A huge number of natural Homeopathic medicines prove to be useful to control burning urination in Prostatitis cases. The best Homeopathic medicines among them are Cantharis, Sarsaparilla, Apis Mellifica and Staphysagria. The ideal Homeopathic medicines out of these are recommended depending upon the point when the burning is felt the most during the process of passing urine. The point refers to before, during or after urination. Cantharis is the appropriate Homeopathic remedy when the burning is felt before, during and after urination. Sarsaparilla is recommended when the burning is felt at the conclusion of urination. Apis is used when only the last few drops are scalding in nature. And Staphysagria is the effective Homeopathic cure for the peculiar symptom of burning sensations when not passing urine the spare time between urinating.

Homeopathic remedies for Prostatitis with Frequent Urination

Homeopathic remedies for prostatitis are very effective in controlling the frequency of passing urine in Prostatitis cases, the natural Homeopathic medicines that are helpful are Sabal Serrulata, Lycopodium and Pulsatilla. Sabal Serrulata is one of the very popular Homeopathic remedies for prostatic troubles, including enlarged prostate and inflamed prostate. Sabal Serrulata is the best Homeopathic medicine for dealing with the problem of frequent urination at night in patients with Prostatitis. Difficulty in passing urine is also noted in such patients. Lycopodium is a Homeopathic remedy that is very beneficial when frequent and difficult urination is accompanied by backache. The backache may get some relief after passing urine. Much straining is needed to pass urine. Here also the frequency may be felt mostly during night hours.Homeopathic remedy Pulsatila is considered as one of the best herbal remedies for prostatitis.Pulsatilla is of great help when the urge to pass urine frequently is felt on lying down. Pain and burning while urinating are also present.

Homeopathic remedies for Prostatitis with scanty and incomplete passage of urine 

Natural Homeopathic remedies for prostatitis that are helpful remedies for scanty and incomplete urination are Cantharis, Nitric Acid and Solidago. Cantharis is mainly selected as a Homeopathic remedy for scanty urine being passed along with extreme burning sensations. Scanty urine with blood also marks an important guiding feature for using Cantharis. Nitric Acid is a Homeopathic medicine that is very beneficial when urine is scanty and dark with high offensiveness. Solidago is another very significant Homeopathic medicine that can even replace the use of catheter in patients who have incomplete passage of urine with retention. But the peculiar characteristic symptom that guides its use is clear and offensive urine whenever it is passed. Pain in passing urine is also marked for use of Homeopathic medicine Solidago.



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  1. y v siva reddy says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from prostatitis since 2015.The following are the symptoms
    1.pain in the thighs extended to knee and back(all on right side)
    2.sometimes pain around the anal region
    3.slow urination and urine dribbling at the end
    4.less sleep during nights

  2. Vinod kumar says:

    Frequently urination during day time, after 1 hour, feeling pain during urination and after. Taking sabal 30 for the last one year. Please advise.

  3. sent my details on your whatsapp number

  4. Suffering with burning and pain after urination. Pain and burning sensation standing long after urination. Facing this problem from 4 months. Used allopathic medicine some relief only. Plz suggest

  5. Plz. Anyone suggest me medicine for chronic bacterial prostatitis suffering from last 1yr. Bacteria is sensitive for antibiotic and taken a prolong course of antibiotics. But in vain. Still facing trouble like pain in panis. Pain when urinate. Sometime pain in lower part. Age 35 mo.7976537982

  6. Sir I m suffering from frequent urination in night and some pelvic and anus pain

    In ultrasound hypoechoic parenchyma shown but no major growth

    Kindly suggest

  7. Greetings Respected Sir
    This is abc from Hisar Haryana, I am badly suffering from chronic Prostatitis and cystitis as diagnosed by the urologist after the systoscopic investigation.

    Kindly suggest me best homeophic Medine for the above said i.e. burning sensation of prostate gland, poor stream of urine, congested prostate and cystitis.

    Looking for your helpful response at the earliest, please.

    My age is 39
    Height 5-6″
    Sitting Job

  8. dr. sharma,
    suffering frm chronic prostate infections. I feel recurring UTI with burning sensation after urination. ED sometimes nd pre mature ejaculation.. Dr. gave Thuja oc 1 m but with no results.. plz help

  9. Bharat sharma says:

    Doctor sahab
    Mujhe urine ki to thori dikkat hai . Lekin esa mahsus hota hai jese kisi ball par betha raha hu . Pelvic pain thoda thoda bana rahta hai . Mera prostate bhi 35 cc hai .
    Aap homeopathy medicine batane ki kripa kare .

  10. SHAFIQ MIAN says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    First time in june 2018. I spontaneously saw blood in my urine, a series of tests including urine, ct scan and cystoscopy travel no infection, urologist still put me to antibiotics than for two months I remained normal, than I again saw blood in urine and after that for the first time I had burning after urination.
    Now it’s over 2 months that I am taking antibiotics and analgesics but no relief to burning after urination. The burning is consistent , Urologist is of the opinion that I have chronic prostatitis without infection and it is only inflammation of prostatitis and no infection. I am sick of taking antibiotics for extended period of times, please advise.

  11. I have severe pain in the area between the scrotum and anus .
    I have serve pain after ejaculation around my penis and my perineum which last for 5 days .
    l have waist pain and pain in my inner thigh severe one.
    I am asexually weak and I was having discharge but now due the use of antibiotics the discharge has stopped .
    my doctor said he is treating me for UTI l have use the antibiotics for one month but still the pain is increasing gradually .. pls can any doctor help me?

    • @Ernest

      hope you are keeping well, i have dealt with prostatitis and other problems related to reproductive system. Spent 8 crazy months in pain and worry, used several antibiotics and visited 7 to 8 urologists but no relief. until Almighty directed me to a homeopathic practitioner, even after one month of homeopathic treatment i started coming back to life. So stop worrying yourself and find some homeopathic practitioner in your area. Good Luck

      • Suffering with burning and pain after urination. Pain and burning sensation standing long after urination. Facing this problem from 4 months. Used allopathic medicine some relief only. Plz suggest

      • Shuvro Nath says:

        Can you shareYOUR experience dear?

    • Rawal kumar says:

      I m suffering frm pain between scrotum n anus,during erection penis and pelvis area. I also feel the urge to urinate frequently.Urologists diagnosed me with prostatitis.Blood tests are normal.RGU test shows urethra normal.PSA was also vidin prescribed limit.Many intravinous n oral antibiotics were executed bt to no affect.ultra sound shows no abnorality.Prostate is 38 cc.Plz help me.I hav e lost quality of life.
      3 yrs back tumour was detected in my urine bladder which was removed.ultrasound shows no extra growth in urinal bladder nw.

  12. Arvind kunwar says:

    I have uti from last 4 years it’s klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria, I feel wired in inflammation at the tract area ( at root of scrotum to prostate ) but not in prostate area..
    in beginning it was in prostate but not now please help..

    • @arvind kunwar

      hope you are keeping well, i have dealt with prostatitis and other problems related to reproductive system. Spent 8 crazy months in pain and worry, used several antibiotics and visited 7 to 8 urologists but no relief. until Almighty directed me to a homeopathic practitioner, even after one month of homeopathic treatment i started coming back to life. So stop worrying yourself and find some homeopathic practitioner in your area. Good Luck

  13. P. Sadagopan says:

    Dear Dr, I have elevated PSA of 13.48. Latest urine culture shows no growth . whereas ultrasound shows Grade I faty lever, Prostatomegaly grade III with prostatic calcification prominent blader wall thickness measuring 3.2 mm non distended prostate appears enlarged in size 31 cc significant residual urine voluem of 73 cc after antibiotic treatment and urmax my urine flow is now normal but night time passage of urine 4 times . I am 74 years old senior citizens, What kind of homepathic medicines amongst the above may kindly be chosen and advised for which I shall be grateful to you sir.

    • chandrashekhar says:

      i am 72 years of age i am having prostate problem from 2011 my psa level is 15.8 and size 84 gm i have gone thru prostate biopsy in 2015 which was negative again recently igot CONTARST MRI DONE this was also negative in june 2019.
      i am taking Flotrol 10 mg once and Prostonium drops 3 to 4 times a day the flow has improved .i have to get up once or twice in the night for urinating very rarely i get burning sensation during passing the urine. i have observed some delay in starting the urine.AIIMSdoctors have diagonised it as prostaitis and does not recommend operation but to continue with Flotrol 10 mg .
      can you pl suggest some other homeopathic medicine for my problem.,

  14. ENAM Quadery says:

    With due respect,Dr sharma,I Enam Quadery convey my gratitute towards your sincere presentation about homeopathy remedies and cure.Actually my age is 62 male,and I am suffering from low pressure in urination ,with frequent urination.PSA is 3.5,slightly enlarge prostate ,and now I am taking Sabal Serulata 10 drops with water,two times after meal.Now how long I have to take this, is there any harm inside me.I am taking antihypertensive medicine also.Pl suggest is there any another option of homeopathy.with regards.

  15. Gurdayal Sharan says:

    I m suffering from burning after urination.prostate is 28 mg. It is abt 2 months, sometimes there is no burning but sometimes it burn. At nught I go once or twice to urinate but ni burnung felt.two minths back I had very very spicy food for 3 days and during that time doc also changed my medicine for bp to telma H. the byrning start ftom those 3 days.I dont hv any pain anywr in the body,flow if urine is smell urine routine sex for 1 year.panis cheked by skin spl found it fine. Burning is not severe but sometimes in the day it is there. I m drinking lot of water and urinating frequently and out of 10 times 5 times Ifeel like suggest

  16. Sir if I no do sex between 15 days than be come pain once the pain come than I feel do urine and toilet after that many pain what kind of problem this and what remedies I can sir please let me know sir thanks

  17. Namaskar dr Sharma I have Pai on testicular and frequent urination problem since 1 year it started all of a sudden tried all kind of medicine but no big relief kindly advice

  18. I have taken a lot of antibiotic, it relieves my symptoms in short time, but when I stop the medication, the symptom came back. I was wondering if I should recommend Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill from what I’ve been reading for a while is that it’s a top supplement and helps 75% of men suffering with chronic prostatitis. Maybe give it a go and see if it helps. I’ve been seeing people recommend Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, if you can find them in China. I just got 3 bottles of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and will start them next month and see what happens.

    • what is the result of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for prostatitis?
      i am also a prostatitis patient for 2-3 years

  19. I know a home remedy named diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, it’s herbal medicine. Since antibiotics didn’t keep working on my symptoms, I searched new naturally herbal remedy, until now, it works well on me, since my prostatitis has been really a long time, it’s suggested to treat for a longer time. share to help each other who has prostatitis, which is really painful disease.

  20. respected sir
    sir doc boltae hai mere ko chronic prostatitis ki problem hai
    sir meri age =27 hai 2 years sae problem face kr rha hu
    aaj tk 10 to 12 doc change kr chuka hu
    allopathy medi khai h par koi b solution nhi mila
    ik month prostate ki massage b kri
    bs sir ismae urine symtoms change hote rhtae hai
    plsz sir koi solution btyooo
    mere thodi thodi dar baad urine aata h or urine ka flow b km ho gya hua hai

  21. What is the correct dosage for homeopathic for prostate please thankyou

  22. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have pain in my prostate which increase after urination. Sometimes I feel some stiff thing at the area of prostate. I am 43 years of age. I have sex desire and observe erectile dysfunction at the time of intercourse.

    Thanks and Regards,


  23. Balbir Singh says:

    I am suffering from prostate is 30 mm and grade -1.i feel pressure at one urine in ps.a. is 1.72. when I go for urination I feel pressure of toilet and pass gas first then urine come.please send me name of medicine. I am taking R 25 of recwerg

  24. Balbir Singh says:

    I am suffering from prostate is 30 mm and grade -1.i feel pressure at one urine in pass is 1.72. when I go for urination I feel pressure of toiletand pass gas first then urine come.

  25. Manoranjan das says:

    As per my doctor I have chronic prostatitis past 4 yrs no English medicine is working can you suggest me the best homeowners medicine

  26. Dear sir,
    Kindly advise me about treatment of chronic e coli bectirial prostate. Suffering from last 3 year. It is come back again and again after allopathy treatment.
    With symptoms of prostatitis and gastric, acidity, conripation of stomach problems.


  27. Dear Sir
    My brother have prostitis problem aged 31 . burning while urinate, painful ejaculation, lower back pain, mussels stiffness. Please suggest.

  28. Greeting Mr.Sharma ill be fast about my problem i have for long time now diagnosed with e-coli bacteria in semen which is causing me some prostatitis symptoms.Until now nothing seems to help ,from homeopathy i have tried only pulsatilla.Can you please suggest how i can get rid of these bacteri ain prostate?

  29. Supantha Mandal says:

    I have infection in my prostate..resistant bacterial infection in my semen..chronic bacterial prostatis..pain in testicles..burning prostate and pain for 5 yrs..please advise

    • Manoj kumar says:

      I have got becteria e coli positive in semen i injected amikacin for 10 days after that i have pus cells in semen again please suggest me medicine in homeopathic to treat that infection

  30. as per dr my problem. Chronic bacterial prostitis and pelvic I had discomfort burning sensation in pelvis area under festival and burning sensation goes to penis time of urination &seven after also four left side leg back of knee to feet.

  31. Akash Jain says:

    I am feeling pain while urine passes and having pain in penis
    The pain is severe at last stage of urinating
    Suggest me measures to get relief

  32. RANJAN DATTA says:

    Dear Dr. sharma,

    I am a man of 49 years and suffering from Moderate Prostritis problem, Having a burning sensation in my urine and urge to pass urine frequently. You have mentioned many medicines above. Which one is specific can be used.

  33. Dear Dr. Sharma
    Have had prostatitis for 7yrs. Severe pain in rectum and base of spine, feels like a red hot golf ball stuck up my rectum, much worse when sitting, would appreciate any advice on homeopathic remedy that would help me. Thank you.

  34. K. SARIYA says:

    Good afternoon sir,. my problems are :
    1.small burning sensation in end of penis while urinating.
    2.unable to control urine and have to hasten and rush to pass urine at some times and there is a drop of leakage with burning sensation at urethra but not it is a regular problem it happens occasionally.
    3. Burning sensation and itching in anus for some times in a day
    4. Abdominal pain some times in a day
    5. there is some time erection problems and early discharge
    6. All the above problems are not constantly at one place, if I have problem No.2 then I will not be having other problem No. 3 or 4 but any one of the above problems is exists continuously in a day . .. I have a history of infection of gonorrhoea or syphilis affection that is maltreated or suppressed but exactly not known which infection affected in 20 years back. Kindly advise please

  35. Sir,
    For the last 20 years I am suffering from Prostate problem. In 2007 surgery (TURP)was performed, when it was diagonised as Granulamotus Prostatitis. Despite surgery much relief was not there. I continued with constant pain and burning feeling on the left side of pelvic reason. I again started having discomfort and pain in passing urine. It comes out in split stream. Again surgery was performed in June 2017. But much relief is not there. Can you suggest me some homeopathy medicine for chronic infection of prostate and related symptoms.

    • Dr Sharma,
      I am suffering from prostate as passing of urine needs lot of extra pressure even bladder is not fully empty. Flow of urine is very slow at times it is not upto urine pot. Every time feel like passing urine.
      Please suggest prescribe treatments.
      Is there any tablet or capsule type dose in this pathy or only liquid is available, pls advise.

  36. Purshottam Das Sharma says:

    Dear sir, I have semenal veseculitis+prostatitis from last 6 yrs. I have taken lot of treatment but problem is still there. Request to advised me best homoeopathic medicine for above problem. Thanks

  37. Sandeep Das Gupta says:

    I have a burning sensation in penis and lower abdomen uneasiness. Urine is not fully cleared and there is frequent urge. 2 months back I was detected two kidney stones of 4 MM each but a recent CT Scan says no stone in kidney now. PSA tests are normal, Dr suspects it as Prostatitis and given two medicines Silodal 4 MG and Levofloxacin 500 MG but these are not helping, kindly suggest some homeopathic treatment for this problem.

  38. HI Doctor,
    I am 45 years old from last 7-8 months i feeling the same issue of torble in urinating and in night the frequenct was 2 times in night , i showed to uroligist and confirmed infection and prostate issue,he suggested me tamsulosin 0.4 mg urimax/dynapress for 2 months. when i stoped taking this medicien again the urinating problem occured.I wanted to switch to homeopathy and some one suggested me to go for Sabbal Serr and Solidago ,pls suggest which potency i should take .Also pls suggest is the both medicine comination will work for me.

  39. Namaskar

    i m suffering from prostatitis, as i get urine flow test done and my doctor found that the flow is week.

    now i am also suffering from erection deficiency due to this.

    can u plz recomn some remedy.

    • Ismail shah says:

      There is no bacteria in my urine. I have done PSA which is normal but my prostate gland is inflamed and 50 gram and feeling too much pain in belly botton, bladder, back bone, scrotum, Anus. Ultrasound study shows only enlarged prostate. With some diet like as egg, peanuts pulses, dates the symptoms worsen most. Discomfort, depression are on high stage. I have used anti biotic for several times alpha blockers and also used too many times homeo medicines also but nothing.

  40. syed talib hussain mashadi says:

    enlarged prostate size 58cm weight 70 gram latest postion after 3 months remove caditer
    regular medicines
    dudart alopathic
    during urination buring and pain
    please recomend futher meciines of homepathic ramedies

  41. I have problem Sir. Although I do not urinate frequently whenever if there is an urge to urinate I have to rush to the toilet and a drop or two will cone out before I start to urinate . Sir, please suggest suitable medicines. THANKS A LOT.

  42. ajay kumar gupta says:

    with due respect I , Ajay Kumar suffering from gram negative bacilli in prostate. Please suggest appropriate homeopathic medicine to kill all these infections in prostate.
    I will be obliged You forever.

  43. Iam having problem urge to frequent urination.while urination pressure on the rectum and needs to go to motion.age 51 years. Kindly suggest me the remidy.

  44. Dear Dr, can u please suggest an effective homeo medicine for acute burning sensation during urination and thereafter continuously, all my blood reports are normal including PSA value. Also prostate biopsy result is also normal. Prostate size is only 7cc now after various allopathy medicines during the last 3yrs and also two cystoscopy/ TURP.

  45. sarfraz khan says:

    hi, sir i m sarfraz khan 30 yrs old. i m suffering from chronic prostatis used before English medicine antibiotis and alpha blocker and pain clear but still have problem can suggest me which medicine should i take in homeopath and how long

    • Gurdayal Sharan says:

      My prostate size is 30 age 60
      Suffering from burning after 5 minutes of urination.urine routine and culture are absolutely normal.urine flow is good and I woke up once or twice in night to urinate.
      During day rarely I feel urgency to urinate I take abt 3 ltr of water everyday

  46. Hello sir I have problems urinary per day and in night also making lots of times urine as well as pain also in prostate getting tired very soon also bcoz i have hypo thyroid can u pls suggest me homeopathy medicine pls so that I can start my treatment

  47. Abhishek suri says:

    Sir i am suffering from last 4 month chronic prostotitis
    Sir i already have antibiotic and alpha blocker .
    Sir i am unmarried age 29
    .sir pls guide shoul i go for marriage ahead or should not ditch anyone.
    Sir is it curable or jus hit and trial approach in alopathy .is it curable or it can lead to cancer?
    Sir pls guide me …..
    Sir surgery is the treatment ?? Shoul i go for it ..for removal gland…


    • Dilip Murdeshwar says:

      Dr. SHARMAJI, I am diagnosed with prostrate. I had fever, difficulty in urinating. It was difficult to urinate despite the bladder being full. I also have pain in the lower back near the tail of the spine, for the last six months and neither ayurvedic nor allopathic remedies cured the pain. I had fever on Monday the 17th Oct with chillness and difficulty in urinating. It is scanty and burns. Consulted a urologist who advised for blood tests and two Sonography. One abdonominal and the other intra rectal sonography which is very painful. The diagnosis is there is calcule in prostrate and weight 55gms with size 5.32 x 5.2 x 5.2 x 3.8. I am prescribed ALFOO O-O-1 for 30days and Front 200 for ten days 1-0-1 and catalogs 2tsp thrice a day. Kindly prescribe homeopathic Medicine. Regards

  48. Pravash Lama says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 50 years of age and before around two years ago too I had prostrate problem. I have a lower right back pain and pelvic pain and frequent urination problem. I have some stomach upset problem too and It is surely a prostrate problem. Could you please suggest me best Homeopathy medication for this acute or chronic prostrate probelm.

    • vikas chauhan says:

      Helllo sir.
      From quite sometime i am suffering from frequent urination after intercourse.i have consltued doctor he said its prostatitis dear sir please help me to cure this problem…

  49. vivek kr. bharti says:

    sir,i have been suffering from prostatitis nd piles. whenevr i go to toilet for urinating i feel dat some type of sticking substances is releasing with my urine and sometimes i go to bathrum at a regular interval of 5 minutes for urinating and it happens after releasing my stool(potty). because as i have described above that m also suffering from piles so there is always pain in my rectum and hard constipation. gas also forms in my stomach. in morning, i don’t feel any pressure of releasing my stool. dats why i always feel wakness in my body. so please give me an appropriate hameopathy medicine regards my diseases.

  50. Gopal Krishna Chaturvedi says:


    My Father Shri Gopal Krishna Chaturvedi is suffering from Prostate enlargment by 70 gms please advice for treatment on my e-mail id

    R.K. chaturvedi

  51. Rajesh Batra says:

    Dear sir I M suffering from chronic prostatitis for last 5-6 yrs. Hv tried lot of treatment but all in vain nd for last 10 days M in Grt difficulty.. plz help

  52. Parth sarthi says:

    I am suffering burning sansation last 16 years.Dr.diagonises that prostatitis.Lot of hemopathy
    Like chemphilla,likopodium,sarasparria e.t.c. taken
    Still burning is there.During ,Before&after burning there.

  53. Hi I m suffering from burning micturition from last one month.taken lots of antibiotic but no releif .burning in groin area present all day also burning at the tip of penis .kindly suggest some remedy to control burning.

  54. M.das 9962296301 says:

    Respected Dr I have been suffering prostate past 2.5 yers I been to so many urologist keep on the symptoms is coming backto me please help me for your treatment. My total PSA .46 and free PSA is .182 symptoms is 1.rectum burning 2.back pain 3.blood in urine 4.frequent urination after taking water 5.after urination ejaculation burning and irretating.6 feeling more discomfort with siting with AC my age 41

  55. Las Moen says:

    I am an 64 year old man. I started having UTI after my wife had it. My symptoms worsened and I went to a clinic where I was put on an antibiotic for ten days. My symptoms continued and my regular doctor put me on a different antibiotic for five days. No relief. Now a urologist has me on Cipro for thirty days. After three days no relief felt. Bladder feels very full. There is great discomfort sitting or lying down. Constant need to urinate with dull pain in the groin area. I have to rush to the bathroom frequently with just a trickle and burning while urinating. No odor, pus or blood. Hope you can help.

  56. My father is 81 years old and has been disgonised with prostatic enlargement around 3 years back. He is 81 years old now. He is suffering from difficult urination (takes around 5 minutes) with burning. He also has fever(99.2 to 99.8 degree Farenheit) with chill intermittantly for nearly a month. Can you suggest a suitable medication for him.
    Thanking you
    With regards

  57. Vaikunth t naik says:

    Dr I’m 46 year old and am facing problem with protritis since last 3 months. My problem is tht am having klebsiella bacteria wit volume 1×10 5 cfu/ml.when my last urine culture was done as on 21 /5/16. Then I was treated by one of urologist by oral treatment. Followed by injection were given to me for 5 days with admission in hospital. But so far am not getting any relief.

    There is burning sensation before and after urine passes. So also when I sit on office chair it get started with burning and can’t sit for half an hour on my sit. It irritating me and can’t do my work wit peace. Am really scared abt my symptoms.

    I have already register wit your clinic at mapusa goa center. By depositing rs.14000/ for one year treatment for hair fall. Can I get treatment at your clinic under my registration wit you for protritis please advise me. Is protritis can be cured?

  58. atmaranjan mohapatra says:

    what medicine to be taken when 250 ml urine is retained as per ultrasound report .

  59. Chief Snasi says:

    Dear Dr.
    Whenever I get sexually stimulated a colour stick liquid like substance comes from my pens. I search and found out that it’s known as precut (semen) . I went to a homeopathic clinic last 2 weeks and they said it’s caused by an infection of my prostrate. Is there diagnosis correct and can homeopathy cure the problem completely?

  60. gaurav jain says:

    burning in ejeculation & feels burning when sit for a long time
    semen is like noodle
    passed blood once about 6 months ago after urination.
    all urine report negative for infection, semen report is normal, psa level is under limit, CT findings are normal, ultrasound findings are normal in recent ultrasound.

    • Raj Kumar .jain says:

      I am suffering with prostatic is last 2 years . I m on Alford 10 mg. heat symptoms near the anus and irritation in urination. Pl guide me.

  61. Ashish Gupta says:

    frequent desire to pass urine, but the process leads to burning pain. There is difficulty in retaining urine even for a few seconds. A few patients also describe the pain as burning and stinging in nature. The thin liner urine passed is usually scanty.

  62. Amrik Singh says:

    Dear Dr,
    Urine comes out while waiting a lot. Then I have to push. Urine comes and again stops. I push and then it comes. After a number of pushes the urine starts.
    When the pressure is more, the flow is good.
    While sitting, pain in anus. The area around anus, around testicles and testicles gets burning sensation.
    Also pain in testicles.
    Sitting while travelling long air journey, car journey aggravates the said problem.
    now pain in the lower back.
    while i stand the pain lessens a lot. The burning sensation also reduces.
    Started recently Saw Palmetto capsules. Wants to buy homeopathic pulsatila 200.
    Using Thruja but no relief.
    please advice.

  63. Suresh Rai says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering for last four months due to prostatist problems. My prostate size is 45 gm and feel burning in urinary track though while urination there is no burning but after urination I feel somewhat relaxed. I am taking Alfoo 10 mg one daily and Dute 0.5 mg once in a week for last three months but steel I feel burning in UT while sitting long time in office. Kindly suggest appropriate medicine to continue side by side. I also have painful sensational piles without blood and feel uncomfort to work in office.

    Thanking you

    Suresh Rai

    • Suresh Rai says:

      Dear Sir,

      I am suffering for last four months due to prostatist problems. My prostate size is 45 gm and feel burning in urinary track though while urination there is no burning but after urination I feel somewhat relaxed. I am taking Alfoo 10 mg one daily and Dute 0.5 mg once in a week for last three months but steel I feel burning in UT while sitting long time in office. Kindly suggest appropriate medicine to continue side by side. I also have painful sensational piles without blood and feel uncomfort to work in office.

      Thanking you

      Suresh Rai

  64. Dear sir i have prostatities with burnig sensation in urethra and pelvis pain erectyle dysfunction kindly suggest medicine iam diabetic

  65. Dr Sharma, I am 50y old and having elevated PSA since examined first time in2011 and at that time it was 14ng/ml. Now as on today it is 58ng/ml. I have undergo biopsy three times and always there is benign prostate & no malignancy observed. Problems are urgency of urination and mild pain during urination & less urine flow.

  66. i have prostatitis best home remedies for it

  67. doctor ,
    during urinate/ latrine some qty of mukas is released.4 months before i use sabal serulata mother .i worked.
    but again this problem is occuring.
    please help.

  68. staphylococcus saprophyticus urinary tract infection I have had this for three years I have been to numerous doctors and have tried medicine 8 times with no success Do you or anyone you know specialize in this ?At this stage I believe it is like chronic bacterial prostatitis look forward to hearing from you.


  69. So after some research online iv come up with I may have “non bacterial Epididymitis”. About a month ago I noticed slight pain in one testicle..pain went away and I assumed it was from a 6 hr drive in a small sport car..pain is now back but in the other testicle (&slightly in the original)…so Thuja occid. 6x Good to take for this possible Epididymitis condition??

  70. Sir, I suffering from prostate infection from last 4 months, i was 37 yrs aged and I madicated from alopathi by bactrim ds for 2 weaks and ciplox for 60 days , but still i suffering while urinate. can you give suggession for treatment in homeopathi.

    Thanking you sir…

  71. Toni Maalouf says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have prostatis and i I have a combination of all symptoms listed above . The curcutine + alpha cblocker helped a lot but i still have some problem . Do you have any advice that could help me to solve the problem .
    Thanks in advance .

    Best regards

  72. 8-10 hpf pus cell in semen anylisis.problem of frequent urination and when urinate same color of urine sticky liquid came also after urination few drop sperm came also deformities in veins of right testicle vein stick at the bottom of right testicle
    I loose my weight and feel sleepy every time

  73. Best cure for staphylococcus saprophyticus (SS) urinary tract infection?I have had this for over 2 and a half years now and it is resistant to traditional antibiotic dosages.

    I have been treating it like chlamydia because the symptoms are similar and have tested negative for all types of VD. I have tested positive for SS from the secretion from my penis. I recently visited a homeopath and he gave me Nitric Acid.

  74. suresh batra says:


  75. There is burning in urinary passage all the time.A turp was done 4years back the Psa is .4 I am diabetic and no residue urine is nill.

  76. charanjit singh lamba says:

    from 2008 to 2010 i suffered from acute prostatitis,symptoms heaviness in pelvic region and frequent urge to 2010 i was operated turp,heaviness reduced by 50%,subsequently for two years upto 2013 i took tyrptomer 10 mg od and my condition improved and heaviness reduced by 90%,but off late i am again feeling heaviness in my pelvic region,though it is not very severe but lot off discomfort while standing or sitting only relief while lying down though urge to urinate is not that much as compared to my earlier problem .please suggest good homeopathic medicine for prostatitis.i am 53 year OLD

  77. M. S. AKHTAR says:

    Dr Sharma, I am suffered from BPH for about 2 years but became normal after using several homeo drugs including Sabal, Costicum, Lycopodium, Pulsitella, etc and some English drugs for many months with the consultation of respective physicians. Now after about 2 years I am feeling pain, pressure and complete urination after several efforts. But even after that I feel that I have yet to urinate. There some burning sometime but not always. Urine is yellow or even clear white. I have to get up for urination several times in the NIGHT and regularly after every 2 hrs several times during the DAY. Faeces is not passed completely. What would you prescribe to me to get complete cure. Thanks in anticipation.

  78. p.c. sharma says:

    Dr. shama , It is good to read your article in details. I am 48 and have been having dribbling problem after urination. this been happening since 1-2 year but I felt this problem bit increasedd in last 2-3 month- from 1 or 2 drop to 2-3 drops or sometimes 3-4. uriflometery test result 195ml/ 10mxm void/8averge. urine routine and culture report normal . urologist assumed prostitis and prescribed antibiotics 100 ng with solidosin 8 mg. Although I feel flow of urine improved a lot in 4-5 days time but test yet to be done , dribbling also seems to be less qauite some time with a drop or 2 . doctor prescribing medicine to take for 1 month. But now I have a retrogate ejcltn which is quite disturbing and perhaps a result of taking these medicine. please advice what could you suggest about disease and ongoing treatment , also advice if homeopath treatment can cure this.

  79. Mohammad Ali says:

    Hi Sir
    I am suffring from dhaat and there is no errection in my penis. I keep on feeling weakness and sleepiness in my body every time . I keep on feeling chill my private part every time.
    Please help me

  80. Rabindra Kumar Dash says:

    Suffering from prostatities calcination.

  81. S.K.BHARDWAJ says:

    I am impressed by your well researched Article. I have been diagnosed with Prostate having difficulty in passing urine, which comes in thin, broken stream. I cant retain urine for long time. The pressure appears to be great but urine passed is scanty. There is burning before, during and after the passing of urine.

    There is a node on prostate. The PSA level is 1.64 but because of node, doctors have advised me to get the biopsy done. Can any medicine help in dissolving / removing / curing the Node?

    I took Conium in 200/1000 dilution. This has helped to make urine transparent and flow a little better but after some time resulted in more burning. What should I do ?

  82. zaki ansari says:

    i am suffring from prostatitis in last two years.urine secretion is very slow and drop after.i feel pain in lower adbomen.l am facing sex problem in erection and tired and weakness also…

  83. I have suffering from
    burning sensation during n after urination and aslo after ejaculation.
    erectile dysfunction.
    from two months
    give some advice or medicine

    • Gautam Kumar says:

      Sir,I am suffering from burning pain in pennis during and after urination and also after ejaculation for more than two years.Thete is pain in right testicle too.All reports such as urine culture,blood reports,ultrasound are normal..Please advise for a cure..

  84. I have suffering from
    burning sensation during n after urination and aslo after ejaculation.
    erectile dysfunction.

  85. I have suffering from uti symptoms with prostate enlargement
    in urine test e coli was found
    Dr gave antiobitic i got realif
    But sometime i suffer from lower abdomain pain leftside
    Pls reply

    • Suffering from chronic cystitis and enlarged prostate gone through cystoscopy but still bloodish urine with burning persist. I am Dibetic also. If any cure kindly guide. I am 57 years Male living in Delhi


  86. Sir,
    I have been suffering from the problem of passing URINE since last 3 years. I have consulted allopathic treatment by Dr. Pawan(MS Urology) at Balaji Hospital, New Delhi. He told me that I suffer from CRONIC PROSTATIES n prescribed antibiotc course. But the problem persists.
    Symptoms: (1)feel like urinating frequently especially at night so it also disturbs my sleep as well. (2) mostly urine comes out in drops n flow is not strong. (3) after urinating feels like urine is left and not satisfied.(4) some time pain in lower abdomen.
    Some time back, 4 years back I met with motor cycle accident n the petrol tank hit my right testicle hard n it hurt me bad with immense pain. Dr. said need not worry with time it will be alright.

    I also have the habit of not wearin under pants at night. Could this be one of the reason for the urine problem.
    I hope you will guide me well.

    Thanking you
    New Delhi

  87. Sir m suffering from d symptoms since last two years n taking homeopathy medicine since from July month n also m suffering from kidney stones problem will I b alright doctor n get rid of dis pls guide me in this matter and I am of age31 cell no 9663379196

  88. Dear Doctor,
    I am 66 years old been a professional Airline pilot for 46 years.
    My prostrate was enlarged 5 times and I had the symptoms all such patients have.
    But I have been on Western medicine for 3 years now and the prostrate has shrunk by 4 times.

    One type of medicine is to Shrink and that has done the job so far.
    The other medicine is to relax the bladder.

    If I stop both those medicine for 1 day I find the difficulty to urine and the same symptoms which belong to our group come up.

    Could you please be kind how I could stop taking this western medicine and can the homeopathy cure my case? I would be truly grateful.
    Many thanks.

  89. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Respected Dr. Saheb, I am suffering from prostatitis for 24 years difficulty in retaining urine and urge to pass out immediate, frequent urination during night has developed from two months. Initially gone through many medication of allopath. However, didn`t get relief ultimately i am taking sabal serulata Q ten drops twice, at each alternative week causticum 30 and canthris 30. The desired result is not shown. Sometimes i feel very impassioned. Kindly guide me what are the appropriate remedy to get final relief from this cronic problem of prostatitis.
    With regards,
    Mukesh Kumar.


    Dr Sharma I am suffering from chronic prostatitis in semen culture e-coli bacteria diagnosed doctor given me some antibiotics thats give me some relax please suggest homeopathy medicine for me.

  91. shyamkumar says:

    dear Dr.

    I am on homeo treatment for chronic prostatitis for last 3 months and of course I am getting some relief also.I just want to know that during this medication can have sex or not.Is sexual relation will worsen the case? Please give me an answer doctor



      Dr Sharma I am suffering from chronic prostatitis in semen culture e-coli bacteria diagnosed doctor given me some antibiotics thats give me some relax please suggest homeopathy medicine for me.

    • Sir I daigonosed prostatis from last four months burning in penis continues give me any suggestions

  92. Sunil Wakwella says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I was diagnosed with Prostatitis about three years back. I was treated with Ciprofloxacin and was ok for some time only. now I have burning sensation before and after urinating and also frequent urge to urinate. I dont have burning sensation when I am in the act of urinating. Please let me know the best Homeo medicine to use depending on my condition.

    Thank you,

    Sunil Wakwella

  93. salam odrago says:

    dear doc.
    i am 25 yrs n i have been xperiencing white discharges when emptying bowels.can u help pls. thank you

  94. sir,kareeb 4 saal pehle meri right testes me dard hota tha aur penis itching hoti thi.mene kuch antibiotic li.jab mene doppler karaya to right testes me ek epididymal cyst ayi or orchitis aya or urinary tract infection.ab 4 sal bad mere right side back me dard hota hai or testes se hota hua rignt leg me burning sensation feel hota hai edi tak.mene jab dr. Ko dikhaya to unhone prostatis bataya but ye ni pata kaunse type ka hai or chalte samay right side bhari pan mehsus hota hai..plj mujhe suggest kare konsi medicine use kru..2 sal pehle mujhe typhoid hua tha jab se ye problem bad gyi hai..meri age 20 yrs. Hai.





  97. syed sarfraz says:


  98. p.s.nambiar says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I amsuffering from dysuria and pain during urination and persistently for the last two years. My bloodreports and scan reports are normal eventhough my prostrate size was 32cc in Jan 2013 which reduced to 17cc after sixmonths medication. I had to undergo two cystoscpy and TURP in Aug 13 qnd Feb15. My urine flow is absolutely normal after correction of a small stricture in recent surgery. But my problem of dysuria remain unsolved .I request you to advise me the reasons of my problem and whether effective treatment is available in Homeopathy.

  99. chandrashekhar says:

    sir I have chronic prostatitis problem since 8 month and continue antibiotics some time feeling well but sometime burning and pain also urgency. my Dr.said that the sex is the very good option for recover but sir whenever burning in urin I feel in trouble in traveling. sir please tell me how I can recover as early as possible. please reply

  100. I am suffering from Prostate problem. As per the latest report it is now 4.23 . Will you please suggest some good medicine. Particularly in the evening the problem of urination is more within one hour. In day it is within 3 to 4 hrs.

  101. venkatarambabu.s age : 33yrs says:


  102. Hi Dr.
    I found your website on the internet and found it very interesting.Maybe you can advise me.
    I’m a 64 year old male and have had prostate problems since and early age. IE: prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, enlarged prostate, now I have piles and my sex life “0”.. I’ve taken prescription drugs but the results were only temporary. I’m not a big believer in contemporary medicine or prescription drugs…I assume the “piles” are somehow associated with the enlarged prostate..I could always tell when my prostate was beginning to swell because it would cause constipation..Now as I am older it seems as though i’m always constipated, maybe because of the “piles”. A note to this:. When I do sit on the toilet and have a bowel movement and strain any at all, a pile will pop out on one side of my anus but goes back in after I stand up and go about my business..A lot of burning associated with that also…Two more notes: When I have a bowel movement I notice it milks my prostate..Ejaculate seeps from my penis. When I’m able to masterbate, very little semen comes out.
    That sums up my problem or problems…lol..I’m praying that someone can help..I’d love to get back to normal…Thank you for any advice…Pete

  103. I have a joint pain from 3 years and their is a gap between in my knees how It can be cure without operation please know me and also I have pain on my hip my age is 30 please tell me

  104. Hi Dr Sharma
    I do not know what to say..
    1) when I was 28 I had prostatitis I my Dr at that time 1987 or so treated well with antibiotic after doing culture to the seamen and urine , it was cleared but still symptoms which pelvic pain and burning…then later I went to another Dr who prescribed sulfa type of medicine that worked so well , no symptoms for years , I got married 1998 and children…
    in 2004 for something happen and I felt the symptoms back, I went to family dr… , done culture on urine and it was clear. THIS DAYS NO Dr do prostate fluid extraction to run a culture test. i do feel the burning , frequency and pain. so 12/25/14 I have done surgical procedures( microwaving like heat) to shrink the prostate because the Dr said I will feel better because it will kill micro-organism if any inside the gland and it will open up the urethra to have better flow . The healing process may 12 weeks.
    how can you help me to feel better and prevent future enlargement, prevent prostatitis symptoms ?
    609 780 4441

  105. muhammad naeem akhtar says:

    Dr. Sahib I have read u on net that made me curious to get useful info regarding prostate. I am sixty two and is down due to this problem. Have read homeopathic remedies of this disease but could not find the potency. From ur described remedies I shall be able to select a suitable one according to my symptoms. Would u be kind enough to describe potency of each. Can a compound of two or more these medicines be used.

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