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Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines for Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a type of arthritis that may occur in people already suffering from psoriasis. Here ‘psoriatic’ refers to psoriasis which is an autoimmune skin disease where red spots form on the skin capped with silvery white scales/flakes and arthritis means inflammation of joints. It has been estimated that 30 per cent of people suffering from psoriasis have a tendency to get psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis develops out of an autoimmune activity characterized by damage to the joints by immune cells (defense cells that help fight any infection in the body) by mistake, along with excessive production of skin cells. As per recent research, high level of TNF (tumour necrosis factor) is noted in the joints and the skin area involved. Genetic and environmental (some viral or bacterial infection) factors contribute to an autoimmune response of the body which results in psoriatic arthritis. Those having psoriasis, or a family history of psoriatic arthritis or psoriasis, are at high risk to suffer from psoriatic arthritis. People between 35- 55 age group are at risk though any group may get affected.

In most cases, psoriasis begins first followed after many years by joint inflammation while in some people, the opposite happens which means arthritis psoriasis occurs before a person gets affected by psoriasis.

Psoriatic arthritis leads to symptoms including painful, swollen joints along with redness, heat and tenderness (pain on touch). Stiffness (worse in the morning or after periods of inactivity / rest) also occurs in the joints. There is limited movement of joints. Joint inflammation can be sudden or gradual and one or multiple joints may get affected varying from case to case. The joint involvement can be unilateral (one-sided) or bilateral (both-sided). The joints usually affected are of the hands, feet, neck, wrist, ankle, lower back, knees and the sacroiliac joint (it is a joint between iliac crest of hip bone and sacrum which is a triangular bone at the bottom of spine). The fingers and toes can get swollen, this condition is called sausage digit or dactylitis. If left untreated, joints may get damaged permanently. Nails and eyes can also get infected in some cases. Pits may form on the nails along with crumbling of nails and their separation from the nail bed. Eye inflammation in the form of uveitis can occur. The symptoms may vanish for a brief time period. Several complications can arise that include permanent joint damage especially of hands and fingers, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart complaints.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines offer a very natural, safe and effective treatment of psoriatic arthritis. Homeopathic medicines halt further progression of joint inflammation and relieve the symptoms. The homeopathic approach involves moderating the immune system and preventing further joint inflammation and damage. Homeopathic medicines effectively manage symptoms including pain, swelling and stiffness of joints. Homeopathic medicines for psoriatic arthritis are prescribed as per the presenting symptoms in every individual case. It is recommended that any case of psoriatic arthritis be evaluated by a homeopathic physician, self-medication be avoided.

Homeopathic Medicines For Psoriatic Arthritis

1. Rhus Tox – Top Remedy

Rhus Tox is a top-recommended medicine to manage cases of psoriatic arthritis. With its action on joints, it helps to reduce joint pain and stiffness. It is indicated when the complaint increases at rest and when movement is initiated in the affected part. Relief sets in after continued motion and also from warm application over the affected joint. Along with above symptoms, heat and swelling are well-marked in joints. Rhus Tox is also highly recommended to manage cases of lower back pain.

2. Bryonia – For Pain In Joints, Neck And Lower Back

Bryonia is effective medicine for managing joint pain, neck pain or lower back pain. It is used when joint pain gets worse upon slight movement. It can be administered for any of the joints involved. Pain gets better after rest. Those who suffer from this pain have reddened joints, which are also swollen the area feels hot. Bryonia is equally effective for neck pain and lower back pain which gets worse upon movement and gets better with rest. In such cases, back pain gets worse due to standing, stooping and turning in bed besides other movements and walking. Along with pain stiffness in neck and lower back is also felt.

3. Actaea Spicata – For Small Joint Inflammation

This medicine is best suited for treating joint inflammation in small joints. It gives magnificent results if there is pain in small joints like in the hand, wrist, fingers, ankle and toes. The joints too are swollen. There is worsening of pain from movement and touch.

4. Guaiacum – For Neck Pain & Stiffness

This medicine works well in cases where neck joints are involved. There is marked pain in the neck. Pain may extend from the neck to the back of the head and shoulders. Also, stiffness is also felt in the neck especially on one side and may go down the back on that side.

5. Caulophyllum – For Shifting Small Joint Pains

This medicine is well indicated when there is shifting type of pains in small joints. For those who need it, there is involvement of joints of hands, feet, fingers, toes, ankles and wrist. The pain keeps shifting from one joint to another. It may sometimes shift from one joint to another every few minutes. The affected joints also become stiff. Along with pain, restlessness is felt at night.

6. Apis Mellifica – For Swollen, Painful Knee Joint

Apis Mellifica is beneficial when there is pain and swelling in the knee joint. Shooting and stinging pain is mostly felt in the knee. Burning sensation is also felt in the knee. The knee becomes sensitive and tender to touch.

7. Kali Carb – For Lower Back Pain

Besides Rhus Tox and Bryonia, it is another helpful medicine when lower back pain is present. It proves to be effective when pain gets worse due to standing or walking. It is also useful when pain gets worse in the early morning hours around 3 am. The pain from lower back may radiate down the hips. It feels as if the back is broken. Weakness in lower back and legs is also felt.

8. Aesculus – For Arthritis Affecting Sacroiliac Joint

Use of Aesculus is considered when there is hip pain and lower back pain from the inflamed sacroiliac joint. Stiffness is also felt. Walking and stooping increase the pain. The pain from hip can radiate down the thighs. There is a feeling as if the lower back would break along with a weak feeling in the back.

9. Arnica – For Sore, Tender (Pain On Touch) Joints

Arnica is a prominent medicine for cases where joints are sore and tender ( painful to touch). There can be pain in any joint of the body and also the back. Its use is also highly applicable when pain begins in the joints of the lower limbs followed by upper limbs joint pain.

10. Causticum – For Managing Cases With Joint Deformity

Causticum is indicated to manage advanced cases where joint deformity has occurred. Though, it cannot reverse the deformity, it can help in preventing further progression of complaint and providing relief from the symptoms. It is helpful in managing the pain and stiffness in the deformed joints. Those who need it usually have tearing type of joint pains that get better from warm applications.



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  2. S k pathak says:

    I am suffering from psoriasis but totally finger deformity please suggest me medicine and it’s how much pawer I am suffering 28 years.

  3. Stephanie oduola says:

    I appreciate your vast knowledge and sharing thereof. If you would be so kind, what would you recommend when all large joints are affected at the same time?

  4. I am suffering from lower back pain and pain in groin. Pain aggravates when I move. Doctor have diagnosed as Psoratic Artharitis. Please advise.

  5. Joe Blakemore says:

    Hello, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis 5/6 years ago.for which English doctors prescribed very strong drugs which I refused to take. Instead I tried different eating habits and various supplements. Over the years my pains mostly disappeared but now at the age of 80 years I am still suffering with some swollen joints on hands, tiredness, peripheral neuropathy which affects my feet and balance somewhat, psoriasis on my scalp and face plus hair bad condition. I still work hard on my house so very active.
    Can homeopathy help with my psoriatic Arthritis?
    The arthritis came first, except that is, I had a few small postules on my penis which were diagnosed as psoriasis when I was 55 years! Nothing else until around 2 years ago.
    I do not eat junk or processed foods.

    • Madan Pal says:

      For psoriatic arthritis suffering for last 25 years taking homeopathy treatment from baksons wants change in medication

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