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Homeopathy has been found to be very effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis mainly because it is an autoimmnue disorder – which basically means that the body’s own defences start eating up the joint tissue.

Homeopathy works by optimising the functions of our defence system. A well-directed treatment can slow down or even stop the progression of this disease. Homeopathic medicines can be of great help when these are supported by conventional treatment.

RA or rheumatoid arthritis (rue-ma-TOYD arth-write-tis) involves inflammation in the lining of the joints and/or other internal organs. It affects many different joints. It is chronic in nature and can be a disease of flare-ups. RA is a systemic disease that affects the entire body and is one of the most common forms of arthritis. Inflammatory cells release enzymes that may digest bone and cartilage. The involved joint can lose it shape and alignment, resulting in pain and loss of movement.

Another feature of rheumatoid arthritis is that it varies a lot from person to person. For some people, it lasts only a few months or a year or two and goes away without causing any noticeable damage. Other people have mild or moderate disease, with periods of worsening symptoms and periods in which they feel better. Still others have severe disease that is active most of the time, lasts many years, and leads to serious joint damage and disability.

The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is not known. However, it is known that RA is an autoimmune disease. The body’s immune system does not operate as it should, resulting in the immune system attacking healthy joint tissue and causing inflammation and subsequent joint damage. Researchers suspect that agent-like viruses may trigger RA in some people who have an inherited tendency for the disease. Many people with RA have a certain genetic marker called HLA-DR4. Researchers know that there are other genes that influence the development of RA.

Finding the right homeopathic remedy is often a challenging job in chronic disorders. Among the most common homeopathic preparations for RA are Arnica, Rhus toxicodenron (from poison ivy), Bryonia (wild hops), Apis (from bee venom) and Ledum (from marsh tea).

Avoid self-medication is such diseases. Homeopathy is an individualised therapy, and a practitioner needs to take a detailed history of your health, lifestyle, preferences and symptoms to categorise your “constitutional type” and match this information to a vast data bank of remedies before a prescription can be made.

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  1. Hi sir my mother is suffering from arthritis till 4 years and still effected. She is 45 years old. the pain start from neck down side after that she has difficulty in moving neck than pain starts moving in shoulder joint, elbow joints, wrist joints, finger joints, knee joint and in toe joints. Joints of fingers are swelling and feets are also swelling the pain is more worse during monthly periods. During night worse pain but in day time she feel less pain kindly tell some homeowners medication.

  2. ABHISEK GUPTA says:

    Sir, I am 24 years old. There was acute synovitis in both of my knees 8 month ago. So I have to go for surgery to release that infected fluid. Dr said it may be normal inflammation in joint. And my RA and anti ccp both r negative. But till now I feel same pain and swelling in most of my sinovial joints. The symtoms r most likely as RA. But I m confused that is it RA or not because my RA is negative. Now I am taking some homeopathic medicine like rux tox, bryonia, arnika . So sir plz tell me should I continue this medicine ?? And give ur suggestions.

  3. In my blood reports RA Factor is -ve and ASO TITRE is +ve . but Dr. said you have arthritis. is it possible to have arthritis. Is there permanent cure for arthritis.

  4. I am on homeopathy for three months now
    Pain is unbearable
    Stiffness pain and swelling

    How long will it take to recover
    RA >>>>200

  5. Devinder Rai says:

    My wife aged 66 yrs has problem with severe hip joint pains running hoti thigh(Rt.Side) unable to walk and and to take side. Severe, sever on touching thigh etc.
    Was on Homeopathy medicines like hypericum 30, Ruta 6 along with Dr.Reckweg drops 73,11, 42 for a quite long time.
    We shall be much obliged if you may kindly suggest your experiences medicines for her cure🙏🙏.

  6. priyanka Bhagat says:

    Sir i am 26 year old woman and m am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from last 10 months. According to my blood test report my ESR is 40, Anti ccp is <7, RA factor is negative. Currently i am taking allopathy medicines and the name of medicine is Sazo 1000 & Me-D3. But after taking this medicines i can't sit with support of my leg & also i can't use Indian toilet. Sir please suggest me what should i do to cure arthritis permanently.

  7. Respected sir I am prema from India.I had rheumatoid arthritis do the last 3 is possible to cure RA.

  8. Subhanjalee Nigam says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Writing this to you with a lot of hope to get a positive reply.
    My mother, the most precious person in my life is now becoming almost totally handicapped because of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The disease attacked her around 1994 after my younger brother was born.Since then, the disease has grown gradually and now the situation is really bad.
    The disease has attacked in most of her joints like knees,ankles,wrist,shoulder and finger joints.
    Can you please let me know if you can cure her or suggest what should we do?

  9. Hello sir namaste… my sister suffering rheumatoid arthritis for last 2 years please tell me permanent solution in Homeopathy

    • Amisha bhatt says: I am suffring from rehumotide arthrits increstd in last winter most now started homeopathy I want to ask that when can homeopathy give me the result caz I started frm 3 months and can’t see any change .

  10. Liaqat ali says:

    Pt femal age 46 oesteoarthirtis symptom pain left thumb swelling burning wors movement

  11. Ramya Subramanian says:

    I’m suffering from RA for last 2 years after baby birth in 2015.. I’m taking medicines for last 1.6 yrs… But disease not cured .. Will it be cured .. ? I’m losing hope .. I’m facing lot of stress became tempered crying .. I don’t know what I’m doing actually al these days .. Mentally I’m done with this disease …pls doc kindly tell some suggestion

  12. Iam suffering from RHUMETOIED ARTRITIS from almost 6 years,homepathy cures Ra in blood how long it take iam using homepathy medicine from 2 months.

  13. Dr. I am suffering Arthritis past 10 years from Dr. Chandrashekar. Immulogist but I am afraid of hallopthy medicine which effects body organs. So I want to take suggestion if I go for homeopath any problem will occur. Pl. Guide me.

  14. Pls tel me can petmanenet cure are there for rumatoid artithiritis

  15. CURED

    I was diagnosed of Parkinson disease in January 2015,then my mom was diagnosed of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and my father was diagnosed of ALS me and my family was so frustrated till one day my father came across a forum where so people was writing about Dr George (Good health herbs home), who sells herbs supplements to cure different kinds of deadly diseases,so me and my family decided to give it a try . We contacted Dr George (Good health herbs home) immediately and purchased herbal supplements for Parkinson Diseases,ALS and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). He sent the herbal supplements to me through courier service and i received it within 2days. i used it as instructed and me and my family was totally cured of Parkinson Diseases,ALS and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) within 5 weeks of usage, all thanks to Dr George (Good health herbs home) God bless.
    please contact him with the following details below;

  16. Rang bahadur singh says:

    i am 30 yrs old boy. I suffer from RA aurthoritis previous 6 month. Present time I take alopathic medicine but doctor suggested me for parmanant cure take homeopathic medicine. Present time I take 1.Sazz 500mg 2.HCQS 200 mg. And folic acid 5 mg.
    Sir, suggest me Homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis for parmanant cure.

    • Nunna.Kamalhasan says:

      Hello sir N.kamalhasan nenu gatha 5years nundi RA tho badhapaduthunnanu.But homeocare treatment ella vuntundhi 100% solution undhi ani nammavacha plz ancher thelupagalaru.

  17. Abdul Jaleel HC says:

    My wife who is in her 50 s is showing symptoms of RA, as my daughter is pursuing BHMS have been treated with homeo from her professors but we couldn’t find a remarkable relax till now, could you help us as I can put my daughter for your assistance as we are in Bangalore, we shall also consult you in person if you are availble in India.


  18. Hello Dr. Sharma, I have a serious RA, and I have just started an homeopathic tratment.
    I´d like to know how long, approximately, it can take to notice any improvement, less pain, more movility, and so on.
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  19. poonamdeep kaur says:

    sir my wife is suffering from R.A. factor last seven years.please tell us permanent treatment for this

  20. Dear Dr.
    Hope fine ! One of my cousin 51 yrs old female has been suffering from rheumatic arthritis since 2014. For last 1 year the pain is severe specifically in the morning she can’t move because of joint stiffness and severe pain. She is taking pain killer. For last 1 month she have been taking homeopathy medicine LYCOPODIUM CM & ARS (ALB) 1M one dose in every third day.
    Her past medical records : She had Brain tumor surgery ( pituitary macro adenoma) in Dec 2007. After that radio therapy (SRT) was taken at CMCH, Vellore. For this issue she is not facing any problem. Regularly checked up.

    Nowadays she has kidney stone ( CT scan impressions : Staghorn calculi in the left kidney with hydronephrosis ) The size is big. She is preparing for the surgery ( PCNL ).
    Sir do you have homeopathy treatment for rheumatic arthritis ?
    Awaiting for your response .
    Best regards

    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  21. Darshan Singh Dhatt says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma Namskar ji. My Grandson 19+ year old cannot walk as his left leg joint with hip bone has been damaged By RA and blood test showed. CRP that there is high inflammation in the body.I am very much worried. He is confined to bed now. Can he be cured.& can he be able to walk again.



  23. BALWINDER KAUR says:


  24. Poonam Gulati says:

    Respected Sir lam 44years old lady suffering from RA from the last 4 years.l was suffering from thyroid as I took homeopathic treatment for the same, my test report is normal.Ihad my gall bladder surgery 17 years there any link of absence of gall bladder to my thyroid and subsequently leading to RA. I will send u my test reports of RA.Is any permanent cure available in homeopathy. If yes please let me know .

  25. I’m writing on behalf of my friend who was recently diagnosed with RA. She had an emotional trigger to her symptoms that appeared simultaneously with her episode. The swelling is in the feet and hands but the pain travels throught the body with no seeming pattern or reason. She is hesitant to begin the medication prescribed by the specialist but has yet to truly consider alternatives. She’s 32 and a mother of 2 boys, a former gymnast/dancer. Do you have any suggestions on what she may try in order to control or resist the disease? Thank you for any information you can contribute.

  26. Mudassar mustafa says:

    Helo dr sharma my mother is suffering from rehmatoid arthritis since 2013. We have taken allopathic medicine but it gives relief for the time and medicine need to be taken regularly which is affecting her digestive system we want to try homeopathy medicine for her .plz can u suffest us the medicine because I belong to saudi arabia .plz tell me what should we do .

  27. my mother(55 age) suffering with RA for last one year. she regularly using English medicine from beginning of RA starting but results are not fruitful. every 2 to 3 months inter well she is going for RA Factor test, CBP test etc. test results found gradually improving, now it is normal but still problem of swallowing of legs, tightening of leg nerves etc exists. so i would like to alter the treatment method. please suggest me homeopathic treatment will give 100 % success rate to cure the RA, if yes how many months we have to use this medicine. pls suggest me.

  28. my mother suffering with RA for last one year. she regularly using English medicine from beginning of RA starting but results are not fruitful. every 2 to 3 months inter well she is going for RA Factor test, CBP test etc. test results found gradually improving, now it is normal but still problem of swallowing of legs, tightening of leg nerves etc exists. so i would like to alter the treatment method. please suggest me homeopathic treatment will give 100 % success rate to cure the RA, if yes how many months we have to use this medicine. pls suggest me.

    • Dear Sir,

      I am 49 years old and 4 months back pain started in hands & Shoulders. After RA & Anti CCP test found positive. I had started alopathic medicine. These medicine are very hard. Can you tell me that Is there any permanent cure in homeopathic for rheumatoid arthritis. My RA level is 21 and Anti CCP was 250, Uric Acid nearly 9. Please tell me posiibility so that i could meet you

  29. Sir,
    I am 60 year plus male. I have RA symptoms a month or so. I have slight pain in my fingers tips on both hands and left hand ring finger gets bend quite frequently and I have to straighten it with my right hand.
    I shall appreciate your advice in homeopathic Remedy.

  30. sujit biswas says:

    My mother is 67 years of age. For the last 2 years she is suffering from RA. At first she had pain in her right wrist. That has gone . But recently she has pain in knees and ankle. I am very worried about her. Can homeopathic treatment give her a healthy life stye to live.

  31. Mohamed Ali.Pharmacist says:

    Respected sir
    I have joint pain from ten years now
    Now I am 50 years old male
    Now a days my shoulders and knees back hips are too painful also something burning inside shoulders pls guide me treatment

  32. pankaj kumar says:

    Hello sir,I am 21 year old.I have arthritis from 2007.I have treatment to Apollo HOSPITAL .after 3month medicine taken BT doctor says arthritis treatment not possible in suggest me.

  33. Rajesh Jhaveri says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My wife is 49 years old Indian with Arthritis, she has a lot of joint pain. pls advise how you can help her.


    Rajesh Jhaveri

  34. Dear Dr.
    I am 57 years old and since 3 months I have been suffering from severe frozen shoulder of the right hand. It’s getting worse day by day. Allopathic drugs only gives me pain relief. I just cannot use my right hand. Please help

  35. Hello sir I am saritha age 30 suffering
    from seropositive RA. I am using allopathic medication. Can I use both homeopathy and allopathy medication at a time please reply sir

  36. Dhiren Karvat says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 72 years of age. I am a Diabetic, but the blood sugar level is in control with allopathic medicine.

    Since last one week, I have severe pain in the heels of both the feet. The pain is so severe that I am unable to walk or stand for a long time. I also have pain below the toes & fingers of my feet, but the pain is bearable. The Doctor who is treating me said this is a kind of Nerve pain, because of Diabetes 7 has given me some Vitamin Capsules. I don’t find much relief with these capsules, which I have been taking for along time.

    Can Homeopathic treatment help me in this ? What will be duration of the teatment & cost involved for the same ?

    I am based at Vadodara & a retirred person.

  37. Anshu Rastogi says:

    Pain started at different places like wrist, pelvis, forehand about a month ago. On investigation RA factor was 44. May kindly advise whether homoepathy treatment can help in curing the desease.

  38. KAUSHIK BARUA says:

    I want to know that what will be effective treatemnt for RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (Poly ARTHRITIS ). I have been suffering for last 2 years and taking HCQS 200 twice in daily.
    Is it curable and which type of medication will be effective like Homeopathy , Alopathy or aurvedic?

  39. RAJ KUMAR SAHA says:

    Respected Sir,

    Since childhood,I am suffering from R.A. I took my allopathy treatment but not cured. It is my chonic disease and I would like get rid of this disease and also I would like to go for homeapathy treatment. Kindly advise me in which medicines I should take for this disease.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raj Kumar Saha

  40. shweta s swadia says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from RA since 2012, and having allopaty treatment since then. My condition has improved very well but my physiotherapist suggested me to go for homeopathy treatment as allopathy have lots of side effects. My doubt is whether homeopaty and allopathy can be taken togather at same time? KIndly advise me whether i can have both the medicines togather?

  41. AMAR DAS GUPTA says:


    I am 61 all on a sudden for the last one month i am suffering from joint pain, in the begining there was a urinary infection and treatment has already been done but joint pain still persisting blood report shows ANTI -CCP IS *33.90 , C-REACTIVE PROTINE 0.11 mg/dl, serum uric acide 5.0 mg/100ml.

    awaiting your valuable advice

    with regards.
    amar das gupta

  42. Mrs. Darshana Kishor Madavi says:

    I am suffering from systemic sclerosis since 4-5 yrs. symptoms are 1. skin tightness, muscle tightness, fingers of both hands are tight, no flexibility , severe pain in joints of fingers , inflammation in joints etc. At present taking allopathy medicine . pl tell us is it advisable to take these allopathic medicine along with homeopathy. not able to do any exercise because of tightness of joints.

  43. Susheel Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir,I felt this Rheumatoid Arthritis pain since last 4 years when my right hand upper started sever pain and redness with swelling.I got cured automaticaaly after 5 days.Then after 6 months again it started in leg stomach joint in nerves not in any bone but sever.After again 4-5 months it started in differnt body parts life right hand fingure/thumb.Sifted to heft hand after 4-5days.Stopped and again shifted to jaws.etc. ConP suled a Doctor Ra factor found ok Then did Anti CCP TEST and results found .300.The doctor is giving Streiods.It gets ok after 3-4 days and again starts after 4-5 month. Please suggest me a suitable Homeopathic medines for permanent cure. Thanks and regard. My age is 64 .years and blood sugar also remains between 150-160 and taking GPM-SR2 tablets regularly.
    sk sharma cell. 9855609751.

  44. Father Gerard V.B says:

    Dear Doctor

    Greetings in the name of God Almighty. I am a Catholic Priest running a FREE SCHOOL and an ORPHANAGE for the poorest children of quarries, slums and villages in Bangalore.

    I am suffering from RA. I beg your guidance and help. As of now I am taking HCQS and CALCEDOL.

    Please let me know if I should take Home and the cost. I will send the full blood report. I desire to serve these poorest children with good health all the days of my life. Please help me know the side effects of allopathy and homeo medicine for RA.

    I beg your guidance and help. Please call me on 7204411280.

    Sincerely yours
    Father Gerard V.B

  45. Tingu Lama says:

    Sir, my wife 33 year old is suffering from joint pain and swelling in body from last one year .Lab reports as positive streptolysin o and 5.5 level of uric acid.Now, I prefer to use homeopathic medicine for her treatment having no side effect.So may I know the exact name of medicine that she might use urgently.

  46. rishu mittal says:

    i am suffering from monoarticular rhuematid arthiritis . a year ago. tell me medicine

  47. haresh soni says:

    hello my age 29 . 7 years old soyrasis and athriyti my all body pain i have pain killer pls new treatment my problem sol pls
    my 917778861095

  48. babita sharma says:

    i am 29year old and i m suffring from this desease . l have use ayurvedic treatment but there is no relieff so please tell me the effectiveness of homeopathy for getting parmanent relief

  49. prabhjot says:

    I hv been suffering from RA for 2years. M taking homeopathic medicines but my problem is getting more worse. I m 26 years unmarried girl. M very tensive about my joint pain as it is increasing day by day. Please help me so that i can get rid of this disease asap. I do exercise and walk evryday. Plzz sir help me. I want to get well.

  50. Shoorvir singh Rana says:

    I am 59 years old holding an official job I am suffering with RA positiv for two years. Can homeopathy solve my problem ?

  51. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am Sanjay, male, 47 years old. I am having severe pain in joint at arm & shoulder and get increased during cold climate. Can you please advise medicines to recover from RA?

    Sanjay Kumar

  52. jkumar kakar says:

    my wife is a suffering from this disease.

  53. manjushree patil says:

    I am 37 yrs old female. My RA factor is positive it is 206. Doctor told me it is very high. I was taking allopathy medicine from 1 months, now i have stopped it and started homeopathy from 1 week. Please let me know what all precautions i should take & what all should i avoid in my diet to control arthritis.

  54. Nabeela Ikram says:

    I am nabeela, 35 yrs old. Had 2 c section with 12 yrs girl and 7 yr girl. After the second delivery I got weaker and lost weight. Over time now my muscles hurt a lot poor digestion acid reflux neck shoulder pain back pain even my fingers hurt short of breath and I have nausea sometimes . The doctors tested for everything from last 6 yrs but only reply is rumotoid factor in blood test. My hands and feet finger and toes turn purple even in summer now. I live in a cold climate in pittsburgh pa . We’ll summer feels good a little on my muscles. Thanks for future help 412-628-9841

  55. I have RA+ve from 7 months.I take allopathic medicines for one month .After that I take ayurvedic treatment till date.It is very helpful to me but since One month my condition is worse and its intolerable.please recommend me what I do.

  56. Samarjeet Singh says:

    Sir I am suffering from right site so joint pain(back pain) and left side knee pain with swelling and left side tm joint(mouth jaw) pain . I was suffering with severe pain since last one month before that nothing was there. My RA, CRP FACTORS are negative where as HLA-B27 test is positive. Sir please suggest some homeopathy madicin

  57. chomal shila says:

    hello dr ,i have a 46 yrs old female patient with rheumatoid arthritis since last 7 yrs.she has pain in all joints with stiffness.which is aggravet in winter and tempory relieve by hot water.sometimes fever occur when pain is severe.she has extremely desire for sweet.sometimes she has also cramps in hands and swelling in joints. she has not any node in her joints. sir pls suggest me medicine.

  58. sangita pradhan says:

    I am a 40 year lady suffering from RA. I got severe pain in the finger joints and knee joints with swelling. I take Rhus tox and comomelia . At the out set it worked but not it does not work. plz. suggest me what to do to get rid of RA pain

  59. kalpanaprabhakar says:

    i am 45 having severe joint pain, stiffness, feeling very tired, lazy. i am not able to do a small work in time & the speed of my work is going down because of that i am getting irritated. i am taking siddha medicines but even then i am feeling better. i am suffering from this pain for nearly 4 years.

  60. Hi deepa.I am suffering from arthritis from past one and half year
    I am 37 years old.I am taking allopaty medicinelike Hcqs tab along with pain killer.I don’t have any pains.but from few weeks I have severe pain leg ie ankle and wrist pain.which medicine should I take.suggest me

  61. sofiyabai says:

    I am 33 years old. I am suffering from rheumatoid arthrits for back 12 years. my left shoulder, both elbows and wrists became totally damaged. I undergone treatments like homeopathy, ayurveda and alopathy. now i am taking alopathy medicines , I dont know which treatment is best. now a days i m suffering pain in all my joints. Kindly give me a reply

  62. I was attacked with TB 40 years. Left lung collapsed. Right lung is normal Suffer from breathlessness. For this I am taking allopathy inhalers.
    Recently diabetic detected and rhumatoid arhtritis found positive. Tryglicerides 187 and LDL 187 and HDL 41. Suggest me the homoeopathy meddicines Tulsidas

  63. Antony Arnold Abrao says:

    Hi,Doctor.I am 37 year old male working. I just wanted to know what test should I take to know what type of arthritis Im having.Since Iam suffering from joint pains for the last 9 years.I took various type of blood test but could not find what type of arthritis it is.I took medicines too,but still suffering from swelling and pain.

    • babita sharma says:

      i am 29year old and i m suffring from this desease . l have use ayurvedic treatment but there is no relieff so please tell me the effectiveness of homeopathy for getting parmanent relief

  64. I am 49 years. suffering from rheumatoid arthrities since 4 months after having chicungunia in Dec.10. having allopathy treatment since Dec.10. but not satisfied. Having lots of pain in joints, hands and knee. every day should have pain killer alongwith RA tablets. please guide me

  65. hi suji
    my mother is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis too for the past 11 years……
    she has tries allopathy,ayurvedi and even homopathy too…….
    can u recomend any particular doctor in homepathy for treatment…….

  66. Hi Raksha

    If u have no relief with sidha & ayurveda medicines, plz try to seek treatment with homeopathy under the guidance of a good homeo doctor. U know I always had no trust in homeo medicines since i thought that they will not give immediate relief to diseases. But when i started using homeo medications i could feel the difference, it cured my migraine and irritable bowel syndrome completely that allopathy medicines could not give me…My mom is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past 8 years. She tried allopathy, ayurveda etc, but she never tried to seek treatment under homeopathy, but after seeing the changes in my life, she decided to try homeopathy and she is now under the treatment with homeopathy, improving much better..

    So plz try homeopathy….it really works…good luck…

  67. i am 24 years female working i am having RA positive ESRlevei 38 for past 2 years iam suferring from shoulder , neck pains &back side headach iam taking sidha&ayurvedha medicines but there is no use plese suggest me what can

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