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Homeopathic Medicines for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Homeopathy shows remarkable results in mild to moderate cases of rheumatoid arthritis. However, in severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis with advanced deformities, Homeopathy helps manage the symptoms. Homeopathic medicines for rheumatoid arthritis help manage pain and stiffness in joints, but the deformities cannot be reversed.

Homeopathic Medicines for Rheumatoid Arthritis

What Is Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder causing joint inflammation with pain, swelling and stiffness of joints. These symptoms usually begin from small joints of hands or feet and can later affect other large joints too. It tends to involve multiple joints at a time and in a symmetrical way. It is an autoimmune disorder which means that the body’s own  defence cells start to destroy own healthy tissues. In rheumatoid arthritis the immune cells cause inflammation leading to destruction of the joints. It primarily affects joints but can also affect other organs like eyes, skin, lungs, heart etc. If not treated well in time then it progresses and can cause joint deformity and lead to disability. This disease has a strong genetic basis and tends to run in families.


What are its symptoms?

Joint symptoms – The main symptoms are pain in joints, swelling in joints, stiffness of joints which mostly appear in morning and after periods of inactivity. In this ,multiple joints are involved in a symmetrical manner i.e.  involving the same joints on both sides of the body.

The symptoms initially start from small joints of hands or feet and may  progress to other joints like wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle .

The Affected joint is also red, warm and tender to touch in flare up phase. Loss of joint function , mobility and deformity appear in later stages if not treated well in time. Few general signs and symptoms that may attend joint involvement include weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, muscle aches, depression and anaemia.

Diagnostic criteria:

The diagnostic criteria for rheumatoid arthritis is as follows:

Any four among the following must be present to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis:

1.Arthritis of multiple joint (3 – 4 different joints or more than that) for a period of more than 6 weeks

2.Morning stiffness that last longer than 30 minutes

3.Symmetrical involvement of the same joints on both sides of the body

4.Arthritis of wrists, hands or finger joints

5.Development of rheumatoid nodules under the skin

6.Positive serum rheumatoid factor

7.Radiographic changes suggesting joint erosion


Joint deformities

The main joint deformities that can develop in rheumatoid arthritis are as follows:

1.Swan neck deformity: in this deformity the joint in finger closest to fingertip gets bent towards the palm (flexion of distal inter-phalangeal joint) and the joint in finger nearest to palm bends away from it (hyperextension of proximal inter-phalangeal joint).

2.Boutonniere deformity : in this deformity the joint in finger nearest to palm gets bent towards the palm (flexion of proximal inter-phalangeal joint) and the joint nearest to finger tip bends back (hyperextension of distal inter-phalangeal joint).

3.Ulnar deviation: In this swelling in the metacarpo-phalangeal joints (joint that connect bone in palm to the bone in finger ). It leads to leaning of the fingers away from thumb towards little fingers. This deformity is also known as ulnar drift.


Manifestations in body parts other than joints.

Eyes: Here it can lead to cataract (clouding of clear lens), dry eyes and scleritis (inflammation / redness in the white part of eye)

Lungs: Inflammation, scar tissue, fibrosis can arise in lungs

Skin: Rheumatoid nodules can form here. These refer to hard bumps under the skin. They are not painful and move easily on being touched. They mostly form especially on the elbows. They can also form in lungs and heart in later stages.

Kidneys: Here it may lead to amyloidosis (disease arising from build up of an abnormal protein called amyloid in any tissue or organ).

Heart: it can lead to inflammation of lining of heart (pericarditis), inflammation of heart muscle (myocarditis) and increase risk of cardiovascular disease (narrowing or blockage of blood vessels supplying heart that can lead to a chest

– Nerve tissue: here it can cause peripheral neuropathy (damage to the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord that causes weakness, numbness and pain, mainly in hands and feet) and carpal tunnel syndrome (pain, numbness, tingling in fingers from compression of the median nerve).

– Blood vessels: these may get inflamed and there may be formation of atheromatous plaques (accumulation of hard material in inner layer of artery wall) which includes lipids and calcium. It tends to narrow artery and hinders in blood flow

Blood: It may lead to anaemia here

liver:  is very rarely affected

– it can weakens immune system and make a person prone to infections

– on muscles it can lead to muscle weakness

– it can affect mucous membrane and lead to Sjogren’s Syndrome (syndrome mainly characterised by dry eyes and dry mouth).

What Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis and what are the risk factors

The exact cause behind rheumatoid arthritis is not clearly understood. However it is thought to be an autoimmune disease.

What  triggers the autoimmune process for RA is not exactly known. But there are certain factors that increase the risk of the disease. First among them is genetic factor . Certain genes ( human leucocyte antigen HLA – DR1 and HLA – DR4) make a person more prone to develop this disease. Females are more at risk as compared to males. Persons of middle age group are more affected. Other factors that put a person at risk of this include a family history of this disease, smoking, obesity, environmental exposures like exposures to asbestos or silica, stress, history of viral infections like Epstein – Barr virus (EBV) and certain dietary factors.


Investigations for Rheumatoid Arthritis

The blood test done in cases suspected of rheumatoid arthritis are rheumatoid factor, Anti – cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti – CCP), ESR and c – reactive protein (CRP). Other tests include X-Ray and MRI of affected joints which are done to rule out the severity of the disease.

What are its types?

Seropositive: In this type persons with rheumatoid arthritis have their blood tests positive for rheumatoid factor or anti – CCPs.

Seronegative: A person may develop Rheumatoid arthritis even in the absence of rheumatoid factor or anti – CCPs. This is termed as seronegative type rheumatoid arthritis. In this type the blood tests are negative for RF and anti – CCPs. In such cases diagnosis is done on the basis of clinical symptoms and X- rays. This type is usually  milder than the seropositve type.

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is when rheumatoid  arthritis affects children younger than 17 yrs of age.  It is also known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).

Palindromic rheumatism-: In this recurrent attacks of pain, swelling appears in one or more joints all of sudden. It last for few hours or few days. In between the flare up attacks the pain and swelling subsides completely. It is not a type of rheumatoid arthritis but people having palindromic rheumatism have chance to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

Pathophysiology of Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is an autoimmune disease. Interplay between genetic susceptibility (people having certain genes human leucocyte antigen HLA – DR1 and HLA – DR4 are susceptible to this disease) and environmental factors (such as smoking) are thought to trigger the autoimmune process here.

In rheumatoid arthritis , the immune cells attacks the synovial lining of the synovial membranes surrounding the joints and cause its inflammation and thickening. It may further lead to destruction of cartilage and bone .

Homeopathic treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can be treated naturally with homeopathic medicines. These medicines helps to reduce inflammation of the joints by moderating the immune system. They also help to slow down further progression of the disease. The pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints are also relieved wonderfully with them. The joint damage and joint deformity though can’t be cured but can be symptomatically managed with homeopathic medicines. These medicines are of natural origin thus are safe to use among people of all age groups.

Commonly used medicines to treat it

Rhus Tox – To relieve stiffness and pain in joints

Rhus Tox helps to relieve joint pains and stiffness by reducing the joint inflammation. Persons needing it mainly have joint stiffness worse in the morning and also after a period of inactivity. Warm applications and motion of affected joint helps to relieve their symptoms. Massaging the joint also offer relief in them.

Apis Mellifica – For reducing swelling in joints

Apis Mellifica is a well indicated medicine for cases where joint is highly swollen. Along with this the joint is red, and inflamed. Joint pains which are mainly burning, stinging type are also well treated with Apis. Joint is also sensitive to touch.

Bryonia – For red, hot , swollen joints

Bryonia is helpful for cases where joints are  red, hot and swollen. With this there is pain in joints. The pains are sharp, stitching type. The pain gets worse by motion and better with rest. Warmth may relieve the pains.  It is Indicated when  mostly knee and elbow joints are involved.

Antimonium Crudum – To reduce pain in finger joints

It is very beneficial to treat pain in finger joints and reduce its inflammation. Persons needing it mainly have worsening of pain from cold. They find relief by warm applications. Drawing sensation in the fingers may also be felt.

Actaea Spicata – For wrist pain and swelling

Actaea Spicata is mainly given for cases where wrist pain and swelling are present. Wrist is also red with heat. The pain is worse from motion. It is also indicated to treat pain and swelling in other small joints of fingers, toes and ankle.

Caulophyllum – For small joints

Caulophyllum is also used for treating arthritis that affect small joints. The small joints are painful and stiff in cases needing it. The joints of fingers, toes, ankle and wrist are affected in such cases. The pains keeps on shifting in minutes from one joint to other . In some case nodes are present on finger joints.

Arnica – For markedly tender joints

Arnica is majorly used when the joints are extremely tender. Person has great fear of touching the affceted joint due to pain and tenderness. The knee also has sore, bruised pain along with intense swelling.

Stellaria Media – for pains in almost all the joints

Stellaria Media is indicated for cases where for pains is felt in almost all the joints. The joints are sore to touch. Stiffness is also there in the joints. Sometimes the pain shifts from one joint to another.

Ledum Pal – For painful, swollen ankles

Ledum Pal offers great help in reducing pain and swelling in the ankles.

Persons needing it have worsening of ankle pain from movement. They find relief in it by cold applications. They may have ascending rheumatism where pain start from feet joints and then ascend to joints above it in the leg.

Calcarea Carb For pain and swelling in knee joint

It is an Important medicine to manage pain and swelling in the knee joint. The pains are drawing, tearing in nature . The knee is swollen mostly at night time. It is also hot and tenderness to touch.

Colchicum – For pain that worsens from touch

Persons having joint pain that worsens from touch are highly benefited with this medicine. Along with this they have heat and stiffness in the joints. The joints mainly involved where it is indicated are wrist, ankle, finger sand toes. Most times the pain are worse at night time in them. It is also used in management of cases where finger joints are highly damaged and distorted.

Sanguinaria Can – for shoulder joint pain

Sanguinaria Can works well to treat shoulder joint pain. It also helps to reduce attending stiffness in it. Shoulder pain gets worse by raising the arm in cases needing it. Worsening if pain at night is also noted in such cases.

Pulsatilla – For shifting pain

Pulsatilla is highly recommended medicine to treat shifting pains in joints. . The pain keeps on shifting. The affected joints are swollen and red. It is also indicated for joint pain in wet weather.

Causticum and Guaiacum – for managing cases with joint deformity

Causticum and Guaiacum both are excellent medicines to manage advanced cases having joint deformity. Though these medicines can’t reverse the joint damage and deformity. But they can help to reduce pain and stiffness in joints. They also help to manage swelling in the affected joints.

Some other rare medicines to treat cases of rheumatoid arthritis

Apart from above commonly used medicine some other rare medicines to treat cases of rheumatoid arthritis include Lithium Carb, Ruta, Salicylic Acid, Calcarea Phos, Ferrum Met, Lactic acid and Natrum Sulph. The key symptoms to use these medicines are as follows.


Lithium Carb : Pain, swelling and tenderness in small joints. Relief in joint pain from hot applications. Node formation of joints.


Ruta: Stiffness and pain in feet and hand joints. Node formation on wrist joint.


Salicylic Acid: joint pain worsen from touch and motion. Shifting pains in joints.


Calcarea Phos: For joint pain worsening in cold weather


Ferrum Met: to treat anaemia with joint inflammation


Lactic acid: joint pains with excessive weakness


Natrum Sulph: Joint pain in damp, cold weather








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    anita sinha

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    Dear sir
    I have back pain from 9 years and is have MRI report also that is severally dessicated intervertebral disc noted at L5-S 1level with central disc protrusion with annular tear causing moderate indentation over thecal sac mild sparing of CSF column and significant sparing of bilateral lateral recess & neural foramina: there is mild central narrowing (8mm)
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    I have pains in my finger joints, hand joints , wrist joint , hip joints, knee joints and ankle/feet joints particularly when I wake up in the morning and take some rest in the evening after coming from work. Please suggest some good medicine keeping in view that I am a heart patient and had also gone through angioplasty with stents.

    Warm regards

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    I am suffering pain and swelling in left knee from last 1.5 years. First orthopedist asked to take X ray and gave medicine but in vain.
    Then Doctor had taken out synovial fluid about 180 ml from knee in last year twice ( in December and February). And injected steroid injection. There was relief for a month or so but again it got swollen and pain (getting heavy while walking if some pressure is put)
    Then Doctor asked for MRI. Then he said there is some small foreign body is seen in the joint and synovectomy partial lateral laparoscopic surgery is needed.
    In August laparoscopic surgery was done but again there is swelling knee in October.
    Then I was asked to go to Ruhmatologist. He diagnosed that there is seronegative Arthritis and chronic synovitis. From last 15 days I am on medicine (1 tablet daily – delacort 6 mg) There is very little relief in pain but swelling is still there.
    Will you suggest and guide me.

  8. Princess Anuka says:


    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) 20 years ago. I have experienced whatever side effects I was warned about. The only treatment that has been successful has been the taking of worldherbsclinic RA HERBAL FORMULA, maintenance dosage of 2 in the MORNING with breakfast. I normally take 2 as usual with breakfast and one at night with dinner and have been pain-free period for more than 2 months now. I have regular blood tests and do not experience any of the side effects from taking it. Thank God this works for me. I feel great! checkout www worldherbsclinic com for more details about Rheumatoid arthritis herbal formula

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      Please suggests RA /CRP cure specially.

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    It is interesting to read this valuable guidelines. My CRP is 14 for few years and now 8.4. but my anti CCP test is negative 5.0 . My body fat is also high for which no amount of exercise and diet works. hard constipation loud sound gas expulsion frequently . recently i had traumatic injury 5 months ago under going physiotherapy

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    Thank you Dr. For your valuable information as it can help them to realize that this disease is curable.

  65. Neelam lilaramani says:

    I’m a patient of theumatoid also I HV done bypass HV bp diabetes thyroid. I’m takin 25mg folitrax injection esr is 92 I am on severe medication. Every day one or more than one joint s are affecting. Please help

  66. Peter Robert says:

    Hi Dear Sir,
    My younger sister, age 28 is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since almost 10 years. But couldn’t find a proper treatment. Even the doctors have failed to control the symptoms either.
    Can you please suggest a proper treatment for my sister?
    I will be thankful for you this act of kindness through out my life.
    Waiting for your kind reply.

    Peter Robert,

  67. Jeevan das says:

    I am suffering from diebetis & I am under treatment of alopath medicine. Age 62, weight 77 working on retail shop

  68. vvss prasad says:

    I have been diagnosed with sacroilities with inflammatory sponelortheries. Presently Pain killers are being used. RA factor Negative. ESR is 25. Pain is rt hip and around. Specially rt lower back.
    Please suggest me right Homeo medicin with potential
    My age 33
    Wight 84
    Warm regards

  69. sunil kumar says:

    I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis

  70. Mahadeb Mandal says:

    Sir I am 43 years old and I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis patent I face frequently joint pain problem.
    If you give me a guideline for the problem along with homeopathic medicine and other necessary things for remove the problem then I can lead peaceful life.

    Thanking you
    Your regards’
    Mahadeb Mandal

  71. Susan Robards says:


    My dog has osteoarthritis. What do you recommend?

    Thanks so much.

  72. Anita Bose 60 yrs old, womwn wt 65kg, says:

    I am having pain on knee joint . Some time place soweling unbearable pain.

  73. Sheela jain says:

    Doctor I have Ben recently diagnosed of thematic arthritis. To start I had inflammation in hands ds. Now the inflammation is on my knee too. Morning stifffness too I have on my fingers . I have knee joint pain also sometimes. Basically I am very active throughout the day . My D3 levels are very low. Anti ccp test done. Positive for thematic arthritis . Can you suggest homeopathy medicine for me. How can we contact you for physical examination

  74. Mahendra Pratap Pal says:

    Sir my name is MAHENDRA PRATAP PAL and my right knee is painfull near abuot 6month. My age is now 30.
    My knee is speaking khat khat.

  75. Subrahmanya sai says:

    I feel two problems. One l4 s5 left side nerve compression reacting in calf stiffness and foot numbness . Recently right knee jointpain and stiffness . More in morning and difficult in knee flexibility. Type 2 diabetes and hypertension using medicines in allopathy .

  76. Jill States says:

    My husband’s joint in his fingers, arms, back and knee’s. He has been diagnosed with RA but we want to go the natural way. A prescription was wrote with terrible side effects. He does manual heavy work and has missed a lot of time because of this. What would you recommend

    Thank you so much

    • G D Awasthi says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      My wife has rheumatoid arthritis where both upper limbs and lower extremities get affected. She gets pain which forces to take pain killer “Ace Proxivon” for relief. Her pains keep on shifting from one place to other. Shoulder blades have extreme pain. Legs seem to be disproportionate to the body and do not fully support. If you can recommend some homeopathic medicines I shall be highly obliged.

  77. Rukhiben Patel says:

    Dear Sir
    My mother is 73 years old She has both knees of legs pain & stiffness so don’t keep legs straight & life depends on others

  78. Lalit Purty says:

    I have been suffering from RA for last 4 years.It started from my left leg sole. I felt
    like burnt my sole . It slowly moved upward and my leg from knee to ankle skin was very sensitive to touch.My left leg is now affected.Left leg toes and fingers are paining and also feel stiffness. Under skin muscles of my left leg from my waist to kneeand then to ankle
    are painful. Please advise medication.

  79. Sandeep jajodia says:

    Hello Dr sharma
    I am 52 years old man suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since last 5 years. Currently I am taking hcqs 200 for treatment. I would like to know a suitable medicine in homeopathic treatment.
    Sandeep jajodia

  80. Dr. Sharma , many thanks to give opertunity to say our problem . Any way my wife is suffering for 4-5 years with finger joint stiffness and severe pain as well as knee also – it is might be astioarthrities.
    Can you plz. suggest me any homeopathy medicine to relief from finter joint pain and stiffness
    Awaiting your early response and advise.

    Thanks and Rgds.

  81. Surender Singh Kaushal says:

    I have pain in knees,body joints such as fingers, shoulders & ankles.I have also nerves pain particularly in feet.
    Surender Kaushal

  82. Gillian Shilson says:

    Dr Sharma, thank you the very helpful site. I have slight swelling and pain beginning in one finger joint and it seems that Caulophyllum may be the best remedy, but may I ask what strength?

  83. S.seetha Lakshmi says:

    Having severe pain in left elbow wrist and fingers all swollen.i am a RApatient and was on methotrexate for more than ten years and had all side effects and stopped and was on Homeo for more than 12years and worked very well but now again I am having severe pain as stated and stopped Homeo and again on methotrexate injection.kindly advise me and prescribe me medicines to overcome my elbow and wrist and fingers pain.i want to discontinue my allopathy

  84. K l malhotra solan H.P says:

    I am 70 years old. I have oa in knee. I feel sewling on uper part of patella. ,climbing and down the stairs are tuff ķiñdly tell the medicen

  85. I am suffering from Pain in lower back since last 10+ years. Now I am 30 year old. I am an IT professional. Suffering this pain while sitting on the chair as well as when go to bed and take rest. I usually take blooume 3. Please suggest. Also if I sit for a very long time I feel pain in my ankle when I stand.

  86. sriman subham mahapatra says:

    Kindly prescribe me I am 14 years old being a student I approach you that in the month of last December I feel pain in my knees then after 1weak in my right lateral foot with some swollen on that leg subsequently then in right ankle and after1weak it affected to left side ankle now by help of allowpathic treatment swolen is cured but knee pain is not cured. My weight is 47kg and height is 160cm I awaited for your reply.and advice in homeopathic for permanent cure.

  87. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I want to ask for ur best medicine for my left frozen shoulder? When pain some more then some pain in left chest upper right portion with some palpitation. But when i do exercise or little hot massage then i feel some gas and feel some relax…
    Say medicine.
    Thanx dr. Sharma

  88. During the pas 3 days I am suffering from whole body joints pain with high fever,as per doctor suggestions it is a symptom of polyarthritis,he gave me pain killers,antibiotics,tablet to reduce fever ask me to wait for 5 days..Now I feel better but I cannot continue the allopathic medicine for long term

    Can you suggest me which homeopathic medicine suits foe me to relieve this condition?


    • Rabinkarmakar says:

      Dr,my wife 40 years old she has been suffering from arthritis several years.also high ASO above300.she has pain all over her body and joint.she also have thyroid and taking eltroxin 125 mg. Please advise which homeopathy medicine she should take.

  89. sir; last year s winter m mere back side m sitiffness or unckle m swelling hojati ha.mere age 44year and weight 72kg.ha.mujye konsi medicine Leno chahiye.please tell me

  90. Mamta varma says:

    Sir I’m suffering from pain in knees ankle and left shoulder (hair line fracture)few years ago Khadr hone par muscle me cramp hota h
    Blood test airport behind h years sab 10 years ago last year chikangunia hone key vajah deserved hair fall Europe constipation BHI h headache kit medicine allopathic Khadr rahi his pl. suggest k
    My weight-83 kg
    Height-5.4 feet

  91. Dear Dr.

    My son is 13.5 years old and having very bad leg pain since quite some time. His hb is low, CRP and ESR very high. He had a history of ulcerative colitis when he was six, but no visible symptoms of UC at present. What could be the possible reasons of this severe leg pain? Please suggest??

  92. I’ve had RA for the past 10 years. I’ve tried several medications that have yet to be beneficial, including Methotrexate, Actemra, etc.
    I’m 22, female.
    I’ve had a total shoulder replacement, and a wrist fusion.
    What homeopathy would you suggest for me?

    Thank you.

  93. Shahnaz hafeez says:

    I have Ra for at least 15 years pain in all the joints very uncomfortable .please suggest any homeopathy med I am 68 years old ..

  94. ebrahimbasheer says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering rheumatoidarthritis last five years used allopathic and ayurveda but not cure my age 57 male
    weight 80kg height 5/10
    Except valuable reply sir
    my name basheer
    I feel more pain both knees.
    also back pain.
    hand thumb also
    stiffness very tired no sugar little bp

  95. ebrahimbasheer says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering rheumatoidarthritis last five years used allopathic and ayurveda but not cure my age 57 male
    weight 80kg height 5/10
    Except valuable reply sir
    my name basheer

  96. v leela kumari says:

    Gudmrning , iam 38yrs old female .iam suffiring from ra since 5 yrs. so many treatments and medicines .there is no relife.DMARD drugs also used. now iam using ayurvedic medicines .but i am getting tomuch pain. rt knee swelling and pain + rt knee .may i start homeo pathy medicine with ayurvedic medicine.

  97. Dear Sir,
    My Anti-CCP and RA factor tests are negative,ESR count is also normal,my doctor has diagnosed osteoarthritis. My fingers are swollen,my palm is also has swelling and pain.In July my uric acid level was 7.3 and I had big toe pain and left hand middle finger pain.Now uric acid is 4.7.I took homeopathic medicines from a doctor but could not get relief.At present I am taking allopathy medicines. Please help me.

  98. Pranesh Purkayastha says:

    Best medicine for arthritis

  99. i am housewife age 51 more than over 20years pain of hip joint recently whole body attack of pain like khnee anckle wrist shoulder joint and many more other site joint pain to contunie .please advice me how to relief my pain

  100. Terry VanBibber says:

    I found a lot of useful info so far on this website. That only problem is there is no dosage. That would be so much easier.

  101. Marie Sterlace says:

    I was diagnosed with RA/Inflammatory Arthritis and Fibromyalgia about 4 years ago. I suffer horribly today with these illnesses. I have morning stiffness, I hurt everywhere, everyday with severe multiple joints, muscles and skin pain. I also have herniated discs in my neck and back with nerve damage at these locations. I hurt my right wrist months ago and it won’t heal. I take Methotrexate, plaqenil, cymbalta, prednisone, flexeril, folic acid, etc.

    After sitting, sleeping I get the intense stiffness and pain, however, when walking more than 15 minutes, be at housework or shopping I suffer with even worse inflammation and pain and when I woke up in the morning. I feel like my body is very brittle and if I fail my bones were just shatter.

    Please let me know any homeopathic remedies you think that would be beneficial to me. I currently take in addition to those prescribe medicines listed above, Digesta Cure, Nutri 02, Curcumin, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins n B 12, D3, and Fish oil. These are all gluten-free as I have celiac disease as well for the past seven years.

    Dr., please let me know any homeopathic treatments in addition to what I’m taking above that you think would be beneficial to me.

    Thank you.

  102. Rakesh Ranjan says:

    Hello sir
    When I sit, there is a cracking sound in my right leg’s knee, although there is little pain. On climbing on stairs, I feel some pain. But cracking sound is always when I sit..This is occurring since last two years.
    In my left leg ankle, there is pain when I get up in the morning..Also, after some time of inactivity, I feel pain in ankle..If I walk for more than 10 minutes or more than 1 Km, I feel much pain in left ankle..After applying some massage, It feels better.
    This is occurring since last one year.
    Please suggest me some medicine. It will be a great help from you.
    Thank you Sir

  103. Pvmspratapa Sastry says:

    I am using diabetes-related medicine . I am having knee pain after using this medicines. Please suggest me medicine for my knee pain. I will sit six to seven hours in my office. I am 56 age. Actually there knee stiffness hip pain and I am not walking properly due to pain. I am having back bone pain also.
    Please suggest suitable medicine in homeo for immediate relief. Pvmspratapa Sastry.

  104. Sonam sharma says:

    My rh-factor is not positive… My doctor is not saying anything but I m suffering with immense pain in my knee elbow and hips.. plz suggest sth

  105. test

  106. Dear sir
    I have met with the accident 17 months back and broken my right femur bone and left upper arm bone and gone through multiple surgery in hosmet hospital Bangalore but I can’t able to walk without crutches due to stiffness in my injured leg and I have lost my tendons in fingers of injured hand and can’t to grip crutches of left hand can please guide me if their is treatment in homeopathy medicine please help I want to get raid of this problem
    Thanking you

  107. Ms Jenny Lye says:

    Dr Sharma ,

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my finger joints and my wrist joints . I am on sulfasalazine and naproxen .what should I take and how do I get the homeopathic medications as I cannot seem to find homeopractioners in my area?

    Thank you .


  108. Sir
    My self BN Shukla
    Last 1 year i am suffring from ankle joint heavy pain swelling stifness and can not .walk few step, tthre are heavy pain in foot fingers skin colours beeing blue and ESR are 110
    Please advise me homeopathic medicine to tretment

  109. Gopal Krishan says:

    My son age was 2 yrs when he have first left knees pain have fluid joint locking we gone through all test for arthritis. But all report are negative. This all happen three to four time . Now he is 11 year same problem start but now in left elbow but all report are negative.
    Please suggest us what to do

  110. Nabanita Sarkat says:

    Im 60 +…I’suffering from severe pain in my legs.Both legs are swollen…feet…toes…swelling of ankle joints…pain radiates to the limbs…limbs become stiff…cannot fold knees…..intake medicines for uric acid…day by day situation is worsening…cannot walk climb stairs…difficulty in standing…constant pain….cannot sleep….total disaster…please suggest of a good medicine for my recovery…im a working lady.

  111. Sir I have stiff joint pain in the mornings. Ankle in left leg is swollen and painful for almost a year.

  112. Hello Dr Sharma
    My mother suffering was last two years Ra positive arthritis please give me advise

  113. S K ASHOK NATH says:

    my wife was suffering was from psoriatic arthritis some eight years back. now psoriasis has gone and arthritis has creeped in resulting in knee joints and upper palm to shoulder pain. doctors have advised complete knee replacement. psoriasis treatment was in homeopathy. can arthritis be treated in homeopathy ?

  114. Bhaskar Bhattacharjee says:

    I am 54 yrs old male, last month I was attacked with viral fever. After its cure, i developed severe pain mostly in toe, palm joints. I consulted my physical who said it may be after effect of the viral fever. As advised, i took Ornacortil 200mg for 5 days and my pain gone totally. But slowly it returned within next 3 days. Now he has prescribed HCQS 20, twice daily after meal for 3 months., guessing it RA. But I am scared of HCQS as on earlier occassion 18 years ago, after taking quinine, my eyes were severely affected and I got double vision. So I want to shift to homeopathy. After reading your article I think Rhus To will be suitable for e. But what will be the power and dose? Shall I take Rhus To 200 every 3 hours. Is there any ointment to apply externally?Kindly suggest.

  115. Surbhi sneh says:

    I am 29 years old married woman. In 2009 I had pain in my left knee and then migrating pain all over my joints. But five years back my RA became positive. Right now my both elbows and both wrists are in lot of pain and restricted movements since 2 years. No other joint is in pain. I had been in methotraxate and other drugs few year back. But after being pregnant I stopped all medication. I have a baby of 9 months old. I have severe pain in right elbow and morning stiffness in elbows and wrists. Pls suggest me homeopathy medicines. I have lost 12 kg weight in these 2 years.

  116. Hello Dr,
    I am 60yrs old female and have been suffering from RA since last 4month. I had a terrible cold followed by cough in January this year which lasted for almost 6month. I was given a few courses of antibiotics and then steroids . Finally I was asked to take inhalers which helped to control the cough. By this time extreme pain started in my wrist,toes and them the arms. Was sent for Ra blood test which came up at 75. I have been on salfasalazine E N 500 and pain killers since sept.

    Please can you recommend a suitable homeopathic treatment as I lungs and heart don’t feel ok and would like to come of these medication.

    Thanking you

  117. Thakur singh says:

    Very nice to read d article. Very effective.
    Sir my age is 55. I am suffering rheumatoid arthritis for d last 5 years. Latest report of RA factor is 61. Stiffness in whole body too much.when get up early morning, my hand s feel very heavy .While closing finger too much pain. But after early morning toilet I feel 60 percent relief. If I sit anywhere more than half an hour while getting up I feel problem. Also feel noise( tak tak) in my wrist,ankle etc. number of times. I feel also better When I drink a glass of lemon water. I also feel one more problem that is हाथ पांव की नसों का चढ़ जाना।
    अब 10 -12 दिनों से गरदन ओर शोल्डर में भी खिंचाव रहने लगा है

    Kindly suggest medicine.
    Can I take one clove of garlic early in d morning empty stomach with d medicine u will suggest

  118. Very nice to read the article.Thanks a lot.
    Pl. Guide me which medicine should i take , climbing up and down the stairs gives unbearable pain in my knees more in the right knee.W alking more than one km is also difficult for me due to knee pain.
    Please reply.

  119. Philip davies says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    Can you help tell me what I should take and what results I could expect for my Talonavicular arthritis. By bones click painfully as I walk and is worse weight bearing. My dr wants me to have a bone fusion which will mean I won’t be able to work for upto 6 months as I’m a driver and I also won’t be able to see my young children who are hundreds of miles away. He said the gel in between the bones had gone and nothing would bring it back.
    I’m trying devils claw with shark cartridge, horsetail aerial part, with nettle leaf and meadowsweet leaf, all in one tablet that I suck.
    Do you think this is a good mix or can you recommend anything to get my gel or cartlidge to Re grow.
    It’s not deformed yet and I feel it’s a good time to try everything

  120. Imran sajid says:

    I am patient of arthritis last 23 I am 37 years old. 2 years ago my condition is so bad now I can’t sit on my foot and I can’t bend my fingers. I am using alopathic medicine.please tell me homeo pathetic medicine can help me?

  121. muhammad iqbal says:

    dr sb i am so much feeling pain from sitting to standind.finger wrist joint are in bearable condition.this all occour after two daye fever.some say chiken gonia
    kindly advice.

  122. Hye sir,
    I’ve rhuemotoid Arthritis n my pains have increased to a larger extent from last two months. The pains move on from one joint to another and it collectively attacks 3-4 joints together. I have recently started taking R11.
    Will it work?
    Kindly suggest what to do or hownmay I start treatment with you?
    Please advise

  123. Good Morning
    Dr. Sharma
    I have pain in knee joint, ankle, and swelling in ankle joint particularly right foot. The pain starts 6 months before with my left-hand elbow that now reaches up to the arms of both hands and the foots.
    My uric acid is 7.6 and vitamin D is also in 20-25.
    Kindly suggest as I dont want to start allopathic medicine.

  124. पैर के बाए पैर के निचले भाग में एड़ी से ऊपर गांठ में सूजन एवं दर्द ।पीठ सूजन दर्द, कन्धे व गर्दन के बीच गर्दन व कन्धे को जोडती है उसमें दर्द ।दोनों पैैैर के गुठने में दर्द।

    २. पेट भी खराब रहता है।

    ३. इससे पहले न्यूरो की दवा चलती थी सिर के मस्तक नाक के ऊपर दर्द होता था

  125. Sir
    My wife aged 37Yrs is having Knee Rheumatoid Arthritis, in the blood report ESR is 29 and CPRP is 45.7
    Pls adivse

  126. Thanks Sir, I am not a doctor but I have interest in homeopathy. I liked your article.

  127. Albert Colaco says:

    Dr. , I am male, 65 years. Have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Both my knees affected. Now my shoulders, elbows and wrists and fingers are affected alternatively. Since December. 2016 I am on Mexate 15 mg weekly with Vitamin D3 oral once a month and nano foliate tablet twice a week. However. when there is a flare-up I am compelled to take recourse to painkillers like Microcid 75 mg x 5 days.

    Please advise.

    Thanks and regards

    Albert Colaco

    • Ajit Kumar Mukherjee says:

      i am suffering last 10 years taking homeo medicine presently I am feeling only right knee stiffness and pain can not seat on land with in padma ashana

  128. does homeopathy have side effects

  129. Pabitra KR Singh Roy says:

    I feel stiffness with pain in waist , knee, and ankle while changing sitting position to rising and vice versa. Take both hands support on the ground while rising .
    What medicine will be beneficial ?
    What type of diet is advised?

  130. Ahmed Abbas says:

    I suffer from RA. Methotrexate and NSAIDS keep it in control but there are serious side-effects and they raise the blood pressure to very high levels. Do homeopathic medicines for RA also raise blood pressure?

  131. Subh Karna sharma says:

    I am safring from joint pain with saweling and R.a factor _ negative and ANA test positive

  132. Parveen Sharma says:

    HELLO Dr. Sharma, I can’t stand for long. Both ankle and right hip joint always sensation of burning, so is that I can’t walk long have to have a break of at least five minutes to start again.
    Age 56, lean body, non alcoholic, non smoker.
    Please advise.

  133. BOBITA KHATUN says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 52yr old lady with RA for 19yrs.Tried various meds but no relief.My knee ,toes have deformed.Please help.

  134. shahzad khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 55 years old. I had rheumatic fever 20 years ago. Now i have pain which started in joint above my right foot heel, now it shift’s in different joints of both feet. some times it moves upwards to knee joint or in finger joint but just for a while. I have sinuses and got operated my tonsils a few years ago.
    For homeopathic diagnostic, every thing starts from my right side like my right nostril, right side of throat, joint pain in right foot first, right knee etc.


    • Nabagopal Chanda says:

      Dear Dr. Sharia
      My wife,aged 64 yrs, has been suffering from Rheumatic Arthrities in knee joints for last 2 yrs. I have tried ayurvedic, allopathic medicines but no relief in pain in sight. Of late she has been taking Homeo medicine pansitilla 1 mg combined with physiotherapy for last 2 months but no remarkable improvement at sight. Kindly suggest proper medicine for relief of pain so that she can move and walk.
      Regards……..NG Chanda

  135. Siddharth Paramhans says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    We live in Gurgaon India. My wife is a chronic RA patient and already taking drugs like Methotrexate inj (20 mg per week) HCQs300 besides folvit, Adenosyl D etc. As painkiller she takes Voveran 50mg BD. She had bilateral swelling and acute pain in both knee besides lot of weakness and lack of energy which is not reducing for over a month now. Can you recommend some Homopathic treatment for her if this work. Please suggest. Kind regards Siddharth Paramhans

  136. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 55 year old male, average body, neither fat nor skinny, like sweet and salt more or less equally, perhaps salty things a shade better. As a child, had a hot constitution, felt hot all the time. Now, in my 50s, feel more affected by cold and my feet usually remain colder than the rest of the body.

    Have recently been diagnosed with underactive thyroid. And I get headaches triggered by cold that impact my sinuses.

    I am reaching out to you for suggestion on two of my ailments where I have had no effective remedy.

    (1) arthritis (not rheumatoid, for it is non-symmetrical): my knee joints ache, left more than right. However, what really bothers me is my right thumb, around trapezium, or, I would say, in between the metacarpal and trapezium. I understand the synovial fluids have dissipated. I feel piercing pain and I am not able to do much activity that requires me to put pressure with my thumb.

    (2) symptom of a need to cough when breathing in. It is just a small coughing action that my body makes me do. There is no phlegm. Sometimes this flares up (every few years), and I cough more vigorously for a few months together without relief. And then it goes away on its own. Have had numerous tests and prescriptions for asthma medications such as inhalers, puffers and pills, but without noticeable avail.

    Just wondering if you would be willing to spare your precious time to offer me some homeopathic advice.

  137. Lorena Garza says:

    I’ve been with arthritis for 48 years, since I was a child. The arthritis is on all my joints. My hands, wrists and right knee are the ones that cause me more problems.
    When I was a child I tried homeopathy but I didn’t get better.
    Do you think I can get better with homeopathy?

  138. Mesbahuddin Ahmed says:

    I am 40 years old. I am a patient of AS. I have continuos inflammation in all large joints. HLA B27 is positive. Can I get homeo treatment. What is the medicine and dodges.

  139. sanjay agarwal says:

    I have painful nodes in all small toes of both feet. Please suggest medicines.

  140. I am a female age 40 years. I am feeling joint/muscle pain since last 1 month. Doctor advised for RA factor test & ESR. The ESR is in normal range and RA factor is 26.
    Is this is condition of RA. If yes, what best treatment is available? Whether II should adopt homeopathic treatment or allopathic.
    Sir, guide me please.

  141. Albert Colaco says:

    I am male, 65 years. Suffering from RA since 15 years. Under allopathic treatment for it. Knee joints, shoulders, left elbow and wrist affected. Sometimes pain is severe. Pl. advise.

    Regards & thanks.

    Albert Colaco


    i am diabetic since from 17 years.Aged 50 years,please tell me the medicine

  143. My mother had Polymyalgia Rheumatica in her arm and shoulders. The doctor is afraid it will go up her neck into her head. She is on Prednisone again since June. What should she take in place of Prednisone?

  144. Vandana Bhatia says:

    Hello Doctor
    Initially I was suffering with ankle pain, now in addition my finger joints started paining. I am in worry as my maternal grand mom and my maternal aunt and my mom, suffered this problem. I believe in homeopathic medicines. Not able to consume allopathic. Can I get recover by only taking homeopathic treatment. I am 40 yrs old.

  145. my mother has high esr level i.e 79 .here age is 72 .RA factor is 19.10 and uric acid is 4.3.she has very severe joints pain .kindly guide us

  146. Ikram Ul Haq says:

    I am ikram, age 48,(male), I am suffering in joint pains and sweling in fingers of both honds,wrists, time to time, pain shifted from one hand to other hand. some times shoulders freezed and not work properly. RA fecter tes is positive due to this problem facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities. Uric acid is also near about 200.please help me. Local Dr says that these symptom are called arthritis. Kindly help me for treatment. Thanks

    • sanjay agarwal says:

      I have painful nodes in all small toes of both feet. Please suggest medicines. please advise whether to take caulophylum or actea spicata ?

    • Ikram Ul Haq says:

      I am ikram, age 48,(male), I am suffering in joint pains and sweling in fingers of both honds,wrists, time to time, pain shifted from one hand to other hand. some times shoulders freezed and not work properly. RA fecter tes is positive due to this problem facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities. Uric acid is also near about 200.please help me. Local Dr says that these symptom are called arthritis. Kindly help me for treatment. Thanks

  147. Virender Jain says:

    I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as my RA Factor was positive and anti- ccp was 430. I am suffering from pain in my right elbow joint for the last six months and now the pain has started in my left elbow as well. Because of this I lose grip in my hands too. There are occasional pains in my different finger joints. I am a diabetic and also suffer from high blood pressure. Please suggest me the best treatment for the same.

  148. FAIQA AL BARWANI says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.
    I am suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Almost all my joints are very painful especially the knees.
    When I wake up in the morning pain starts until after.
    Please advise.

  149. Ashish Sharma says:

    right foot pain & inflammation from hip to toe

  150. Omar asghar says:

    Dr I have pain in my right knee and back of knee when I walk and stand when I sit there’s is no pain which madicine I will take thank you

  151. Aparajita Nath says:

    Sir lm suffering from rheumatism from one year after l fall down while walking and got hurt inmyright knee joint:now even l have severe pain in my right knee joint and could nt sit properly for pain and my right foot also get swelling so please suggest what medicine should i take

  152. Ikram Ul Haq says:

    I am ikram, age 48,(male), I am suffering in joint pains and sweling in fingers of both honds,wrists, time to time, pain shifted from one hand to other hand. some times shoulders freezed and not work properly. RA fecter tes is positive due to this problem facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities. Uric acid is also near about 200.please help me. Local Dr says that these symptom are called arthritis. Kindly help me for treatment. Thanks

    • Ikram Ul Haq says:

      I am ikram, age 48,(male), I am suffering in joint pains and sweling in fingers of both honds,wrists, time to time, pain shifted from one hand to other hand. some times shoulders freezed and not work properly. RA fecter tesT is positive due to this problem facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities. Uric acid is also near about 200.please help me. Local Dr says that these symptom are called arthritis. Kindly help me for treatment and advice homeopathic medicine. Thanks

  153. Hi my name is Deepthi is I am suffering with joint pains in toes and fingers I did RF test CRP test uric acid test all these are negative and my vit d level is sufficient CBP test show s 10.5 HB I cannot understand Wat type of disease iam suffering with too whom I consult please suggest

    • Sapna shukla says:

      I m 30years old. I m suffering from knee pain from one year just after my second delivery. Test for R. A. and uric acid are negative. Pain increases till night after walking and standing. My hemoglobin is 9 which never increases. Doctors told me this may be a reason. Please suggest me some medicine.

  154. Asraful haque shamim says:

    Dear sir,
    I am shamim.Age 30 years.I feel shooting pain and inflammation in my leg for about 10/12 months.I feel pain like many bee or insect bite in my leg.The pain upwards to the leg and spread all the leg.pain feel in small joints like toe and finger i takes pain kiler for it but pain not cure.It is very unbearable for me.pls sir suggest me for cure my pain.

  155. Can I take no. Of medicines (above described) together

  156. Dr Sir. I am 31 years old. I have been diagonised with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 1year back. I tried Allopathic medicines which I come to know are merely steroids so I switch to Ayurvedic Medicines with no relief. My RA factor is 176 and is facing a lot of difficulty in performing my day to day activities. I feel a lot of pain in my limbs especially in the morning and often in thighs and back, difficultt in sitting down in washroom,walk with limping,weight loss of 15kg in a year from 60 kg to 45 kg,difficulty in holding utensils. I reuest you to please guide me for the treatment

  157. Deborshi Ghosh says:

    I have pain in my knee joints. I am used to morning walks of 5 km. but
    I cannot do it now. What can relieve my pain . I do not take any Alopathic medicines at all.

  158. Rheumatiod problem .joint pains shifting fron one joint to other. shoulder jam. Fingers swallon sime time.want to leave alopathy medicine
    is Rhus Tox good medicine . How to take it. How many times in a day to take it
    Or any other medicine

    • My symptoms are more like on RHUS T. . Please guide me how to start medication. What potency. My pain worsens at night time and mainly in shoulders.



  160. j k choudhury says:

    namaskar dr sharma,i have been suffering from right shoulder joint (shoulder-humerus) pain since two months.i am unable to lift my arm upward above the age is 50 years.advise me please.

  161. Tanmoy DasGupta says:

    Respected sir,
    Please suggest me some homeo pathy medicine for my mother ,that she is 70 and she is suffering from joint pains of knee now she is felling sevier pain mainly during sleeping,she is taking homeo med from a doctor but it is not getting any result.
    So kindly suggest some medicine which i can buy myself from the market and use .
    With thanks
    PO-City Center, Durgapur-713216, WestBengal, MOB-9434538353

  162. Rakesh Arya says:

    My mother ( age 52, weight 68) is suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis from past 4- 6 years, her knee is recently replaced on 12th june 2017. befrore that no rheumatoid medicines were given to my mother as the doctor to whom we are taking treatment is given medicine for osteoarthritis. then we checked anti CCP and ESR on 1 week of june, that was anti ccp= 200 and esr = 100. then after knee replacement at AIIMS delhi. their doctor suggested methotrexate 10 mg once a week and folvite once a week and Hydroxychloroquine sulphate once a day. but still she had pain in both knee specially at night. and recently on 24/7/2017 we rechecked esr and anti ccp and ra factor that was anti ccp 469, RA factor- (quantitative) 125 IU/ml and esr 71 mm. Can homeopathy treatment helps to control this disease.

  163. Disha MORDANI says:

    Hello doctor, my daughter is suffering with rheumatoid arthritis since last two years,actually when she was four years biopsy was done, it showed lupus nephritis, the immune system has affected her kidney, they are weak, kindly guide what homeopathy medicine I can give., she gets shifting pains and especially it is more during winters and rainy season,she is now 13 yes old, she is also on medication like lefno10,foliate, livogen and omnocortil,and second,plus lmn how many times she should take homeopathic medicines in a day as advised

  164. G.Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am 46 years old male, facing continuous knee and foot joint pain problem due to high uric acid , kindly advise me with remedial homeo medicine. i father was patient of arthritis.

  165. Tapas Das says:

    I am suffering from ra for 6 month.Finger,hip,waist,foot ,knee etc suffer from pain.Suggest medicine.

  166. Dr Dharma,I appreciate your solutions on homeopathy remedies for RA diseases. But what remedy is recommended for an obsessed patient with RA of knee ,hip and ankle joints.

  167. Saritha kumari says:

    My right elbow is stiff sInce 2 months and unable to have my food.can it be treated by homeopathy medicine.

  168. I have pain in my right leg which stared from lower back and hip which goes in knee and whole leg front and back side and out side.This pain started few months before and has increased now.I feel very uneasy as I sit and at night too.Three days before shoulder pain has started .There is stiffness on right side.I have cervical and backache problem .pls sujjest me medicines .

  169. Nisha Kumari says:

    I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from two years.My CRP is 11 and l am suffering from shifting pain large and small both l suffering from gastric also Please suggest me which medicine is suitable for me

  170. Vinod Kumar nanda says:

    Iam suffering with osteoarthritis and also excess weight and hypothyroidism. Due to loss of cartilage some deformity has come in legs. Now osteoarthritis is in advanced stage. Drs says for knee replacement surgery. My age is 70 years. Please advise me suitably in the matter. What homeopathic medicine should be taken to get relief and to save me from surgery for which i am not prepared and much afraid.

  171. Rajesh Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma I am ra positive in blood reports. my knee joint are swolled and all the fever near 100.5C° in my body & and in the morning unable to walk even one step all day I feel weakness .
    please tell me which medicine is suitable for & how much dose a day and what’s quantity
    Thank you
    warm regards
    Rajesh Sharma

  172. Hi Dr. Sharma

    I am Dayani and suffering from joint stiffness and stiffness in fingers. I met a homeopath and he gave me Rush tox 6c, 12X and 18X. But sill I am not cured. Yesterday he recommended me nut mur 12X. But no improvement any how. Could you pls recommend me a good treatment.

  173. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My husband was diagnosed with RA at the age of 29. He took Methotrexate and Prednisone for years. His RA has slowly advanced. He is turning 40 shortly and has been on Xeljanz and Prednisone for about 2.5 years now. He moved to Xeljanz when the Methotrexate regiment stopped controlling his pain and symptoms and Embrel did nothing for him. He has already replaced one knee due to RA with the other knee not far behind and one of his shoulders is looking like it will be up for replacement after that. Both his wrists are weak and sore most of the time and he has frequent flare-ups in his fingers, toes and sometimes his neck and back. The Xeljanz is still working, but I fear that the RA is slowly becoming stronger. I am hoping I can add homeopathic treatment(s) to what he is currently doing that will help with his pain management and augment the longevity of the Xeljanz. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts and recommendations on this. Thank you.

  174. Shelley Marwaha says:

    dear dr sharma, iam 47 year old woman having stiffness in my fingers. it started with severe pain in my right hand index finger about a 40 days back. now i feel stiffness in all my finger joints. these are the medicines i am taking..kali iod/1m once a week.
    rhux tox 30, phytolacca q, caulophylum-q, actea spicta-30 all of them 3 times a day. along with it i have mag phos-6x, cal phos-6x, kali sulf- 6x. i am taking all this for last one month, pain in my index finger is same and my rest of finger joints also pain. i have lot of acidity problem. please helpme. both my parents have arthritis. my mother is deeply affected. i am really scared.

  175. P.K.GRAY says:

    RESPECTED SIR, can I use bacillinum CM,for all joints pain of RA?

  176. Sanjev Luthra says:

    My hands become numb and hard while sleeping, particularly right hand. Moreover, my right portion of body feel heavier. Earlier there was pain in right knee and right elbow which subsided with time. I take alcohol thrice a week. Please help.

  177. susmita ganguly says:

    i am suffering from Arthritis in my total lower parts of the body and upper body also like wrist elbow and also morning stiffness. which Homeopathic medicine can be effective in this conditions.please help me….. my age is above 50……..

    • Aruna mukherji says:

      I am suffering from calpol tunnel syndrome. ..the tip of my fingers feel numb..and I am unable to write or hold anything even my thumb n wrist suffer acute pain…I am also unable to close my wrist…is there any medicine which can cure me ..I have been advised surgery which I don’t want to go for…pls help I am in grt pain…l am 47 yrs old and am a teacher..

  178. Sujit Nath. says:

    Sir, I am 50 years old, my angioplasty has been done on 13/09/14 and one stent has been put in my LAD, now I take tablet Metolar XR-25 after breakfast and Deplatt CV20 and Valzaar 80 after night dinner. Very recent I am feeling pain in my joints like as my right elbow, in left heel and just behind right toe. In morning when I left bed the pain is seviour.
    Recent I have examined Uric Acid and found 6 (normal range 3.5-7.3). Is it for Uric Acid or Gout, please suggest me. In this condition can I take homeopathy medicine if yes please let me know the name of medicine and help a poor like me.
    Thanking you.

  179. kumar shankar says:

    R-Arthritis with digestive diorder

  180. pranab kumar mondal says:

    amar duti hantuta prachhanda pain,batha, phola, basta parina,hantu bhanja korta parina, ki medicine khala ami upakar pabo .

  181. Iam suffering from to much pains in left thigh,and right lower leg and inner parks that kidney . formerly i suffered with romantic fever in childhood and chickenguinya

  182. my wife is suffering from auha ,ra,hypothiodism for five a medicine

  183. Respected sir,

    My age is 32. Recently i am suffering with RA. I have tested Anti-CCP and the result is as 7.4. Is it possible to cure permanently. I am in teaching field. So it is very big problem for me to stand for a long time. I have problem in knees only. Please give me a good suggestion.

  184. pranab kumar mondal says:


  185. Respected Sir, My father had a stroke five months ago and it affected badly to his right side limb including right hand, leg and face. after a long period of treatment he got just well now but his right side leg, shoulder joint, elbow joint,wrist and fingers joints are very painful that he is unable to move them easily. kindly mention such medicines to be very infective for these painful conditions. ( those medicine should be available at any homoeopathic clinic or homoeo drug store in India). I am waiting for your response. please suggest……..

    • Respected Sir, My father had a stroke five months ago and it affected badly to his right side limb including right hand, leg and face. after a long period of treatment he got just well now but his right side leg, shoulder joint, elbow joint,wrist and fingers joints are very painful that he is unable to move them easily. kindly mention such medicines to be very ifective for these painful conditions. ( those medicine should be available at any homoeopathic clinic or homoeo drug store in India). I am waiting for your response. please suggest……..


    Hi Doctor,
    This is Nilay Kumar Adhikary, 50-year old, male. I am suffering from following problems for last two-three years :
    The small joints are in pain, hot and swollen. They include fingers, sometimes wrist and ankles. Sensitive to contact. Occasionally associated with fever but not confirm that the fever is due to joint pain. Worse at night. Swelling, redness and pain in the palms of the hands. At times elbows are also affected. Same symptoms are found on ankles also. Sometimes affected areas change 2-3 days periodically from palm – to – finger – -to – elbow – to – knee – to – ankle.

  187. malgorzata says:

    Hi doctor.

    I have scoliosis from childhood. Rheumatoid arthritis. 2 disk pertrusions. One affecting nerves mainly to left hand. All sorts of different sensations through body. Currently mainly tingillings pain needlse pullings. Rubbing in neck disks. Areas affected hands, shoulders mid spine tightness, lumbar spine going to right knee and ankle, Muscle stiffness. Wors when called. Pains in hand fingers and joints knee joints ancle joints. Depressed. Sensations to head tinglings like electricity. Sometimes feeling of brain squeezes. Can you advice what could help me please. I’m 42 female

  188. Dr. Shafqat from pakistan says:

    What potency of medicine for rhumatoide arthritis

  189. Dr. Shafqat from pakistan says:

    What potency of medicine

  190. Swayam shree says:

    Hello doctor,my brother left knee pain starts suddenly at midnight ,stinging pain unbearable,bfore that no any slight deformity in knee was fully normal.afer that midnight ,the left knee swells more nd pain nd stiffness occur day by day increasing.we done tests blood sugar,uric acid ,urine routine all is normal.then what causes knee deformity,nd pls suggest about medicines.pls give urs suggestion about this.Age is 29 yrs.

    • Swayam shree says:

      Hello doctor,my brother left knee pain starts suddenly at midnight ,stinging pain unbearable,bfore that no any slight deformity in knee was fully normal.afer that midnight ,the left knee swells more nd pain nd stiffness occur day by day increasing.we done tests blood sugar,uric acid ,urine routine all is normal.then what causes knee deformity,nd pls suggest about medicines.pls give urs suggestion about this.Age is 29 yrs.

    • Hello dear, I want a best Dr. Such type pain, I can give u them cont. If u want,, snd me ur WhatsApp no-9871718065,, shikha..

  191. madan Mohan Gupta says:

    Age 54 Years, chartered accountant

    I have knee pain
    shoulder stiffness
    Fingers stiffness.

    Increase when move from rest

    Pl advice medicine.

    • Hello sir, I know about such types pain n stiffness’s a best Dr. If u wants then I give u details,, send me ur WhatsApp no-9871718065,,

  192. t n v r s r sarma says:

    sir i suffering from rheumatically in this time spondiilities and back pain also first time come left elbow swelling with pain started gradually recovers but present suffering from every bone and thigh pain fingers also pain some medicines in homeo used but no result so please tell me the purify drug in homeo. some times pains also change area to area . i have no sugar, present BP is come in fifteen days so please tell me . all ready so many pain killers are used please tell me the permanent drug in homeo

    • Iam suffering from to much pains in left thigh,and right lower leg and inner parks that kidney . formerly i suffered with romantic fever in childhood and chickenguinya

  193. Y Haripriya says:

    I am diabetic since 11 years. Gestation diabetic milletus. Taking allopathic medicine regularly. Past one month my both knees are paining. X ray taken. Orthopaedic doctor told no problem with x-ray. Wax bath referred for 5 days. That also given for both knees. No use.if i take homeo medicine along with allopathic diabetes medicines will homeo medicine work? Sir, please advice me to get rid of knee pain. Thanks in advance.

  194. SANTANU BISWAS says:

    Two days back after doing night duty while coming back to home I started to feel pain in the left feet toe and the fingers. Reaching home I saw that the four fingers of the left foot are a bit swollen and the toe which had problems from long back also swollen a bit. Doctor Having osteoro arthritis already and having aurvedic medicines already can you some homeopathic medicine for that. The swollen reduced within two days. A small amount of pain at the toe which is lasting for a long time.

  195. Rheumatoid arthritis in begining
    Age 38 years f minor pain in fingers about 2 month ago then in ra test positive 29 anticcp 24 doctor prescribe methotrexate 5 mg weekly and hydroxychloroquine 200 mg daily with calcium and aceclofenac.Now no pain in body but i feel weekness please tell which homeo medicine i should take and can i stop allopathy med or continue it with homeo medicine

  196. Raghuveer says:


    I am suffering from RA in hands .

    Right hand Thumb and forefinger are most effected.

    Can you suggest good homeo treatment.

    Right now I am using Ayurveda Rheymalaya forte 3 times a day but it’s not working good.

  197. Narendra Nath Pati says:

    Sir, I am 60 male.Since last 9_10 years I am feeling tenderness while moving my head either sides with cracking noise. Further, most often I feel stiffness,tenderness on the back part of my head.These symptoms have been found increasing during winter and chilly/rainy days.Please prescribe any homoeo remedy.

  198. sudhaker rao says:

    sir iam already taking homeopathy medicine and also using alopthy for arthrities can it causes any ill health

  199. Vikram dhawan says:

    My age is 30 years I have a problem in my hip joint, have a lots of pain . doctors suggested for sergury but no one grantee after operation I be OK. So I use R73 homeopathic medicine for pain from two weeks. Pls tell any medicine is avail for my pain in homeopathic or ayurveda .

  200. Sir rhematoid factor .. 28.3 mg\ 1 0- 18.0 mg\ 1 all joint pains & spellings hihg

  201. Mian Fazal Tawab says:

    Meray paou k panjo may dard rehta hay aour gutno may b dard rehta hay, nemaz k doran otthay waqt takleef hoti hay aour badan hoon ke kami ke waja say kamzori b hoti hay pl medicine tajwez karay

  202. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    From last 4-5 days i am feeling stiffness and pain in my various joints like fingers, wrist, shoulder and knees. I have not yet done any test but my mother has RA problem from past 10 years and i am finding same symptoms as her.
    My question is, once i diagnosed with RA problem, should i directly go with Homeopathy medicine or initially need to start with allopathy medicine.

    Please advice.

  203. D. J. Bose says:

    Sir. I have been treated at Shankar netralay Chennai for necrotizing S clarifies in left eye since2006. Now I feel joint pain. Can I go for homeopathic treatment for stopping further complications in my body.

  204. Azam khan says:

    Respected dr. Sharma,
    I feel serious pain in both of my knees. Specially during sleeping it is worst. Please guide me and prescribe suitable medicines for the complete treatment. Please be informed that I am a high blood pressure patient also.
    Azam khan Karachi

  205. Jasleen kaur says:

    My mother of age 47 is under homeopathy medicine since last 1 year all was going well until now, she had pain in shoulder for 2to 3 days then it stopped on its own, next day she had swelling and pain joint between thumb and index finger. It was very severe pain and radiated to arm. She had to take anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers. My question is, Is her condition worsening or it is normal during treatment. Her RA factor was negative in last test that we took 2 months ago?
    Please reply sir . Humble request

  206. S K UPADHYAY says:

    My wife(49 Yrs) is suffering (for last 6-7 yrs)from pain in joints like finger, wrist & ankle,legs,arm. swollen arm & Leg. Shoulders swollen. Can’t raise arm fully. sometimes rashes in arm etc. pain on first movement in morning.
    Lessens on movement. pain also after rest on 1st movement.Left waist pain and left side back pain. Suffering from gastric problems for last 8-10 yrs.Feels feverish sometimes
    RF 4 months back 21, 1 month ago 256 now 46. she is on Allopathic medicines WYSOLONE(7.5mg), Mexate(15mg). Foliate(5mg) etc.
    Kindly give your kind suggestion. And if it can be cured by Homeopathy treatment.
    S K Upadhyay

  207. SAURABH SINGH says:

    Sir my mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis for last 10 years. Now her wrist, fingers, knees and feet joints are swollen and painful. We are from allahabad, i want your guidance in terms of her treatment.

  208. Soma barman mandal says:

    Serum anticcp 1165ul/ml back side of left knee noted lump ,right back elbow and left ankle side all three place are sellow with rash and etching noted red marks,
    Age 46 yrs,female

  209. Hello doctor garu,
    I’m taking homeopathy medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis before that I was on wysolone 5mg and HQTOR 200mg(used 9- 10months these tabs).i have RA last two years diagnosed after 1year.RA factor is 20.ESR is 90-100.after starting homeopathy medicine I used allopathy medicine for 4months. Now I’m using only homeopathy medicine.feeling some relief from pains after using homeopathy medicine.after stopping allopathy medicine I’m getting rashes on my hands,palms(when I’m using allopathy and homeopathy medicine simultaneously no rashes on hands).

    Shall I use allopathy and homeopathy medicine simultaneously or shall I continue only homeopathy medicine?
    Can you give me suggestion please?

    Rashes are good sign for body responding for homeopathy treatment ?

  210. Vijay Gautam says:

    Doctor Saab, I have severe joint pain in both the knees and feet for last 4-5 month. I had chikengunya in mid of September last year. Taking allopathic medicine for rheomoaid arthritis for last 20-days but pain is unbearable. Please advise on the homeopathic remedies and treatment for my problem.

  211. Dr.Mohammad Javed says:

    8 yr old female child come to my cln.she is suffering from acute Arthrites last 2 knee actue swelling ,she doest wandring here n there without any support.wbich remedy is best in Homeopathy please suggest .fever is continue ..n hb% is also low.plz suggest me.remedy.

  212. I am 54 yrs old r/a patient in small joints such as hand and finger and main problem in both knee from 10 years and also patient of thyroid (TSH) level 6.18 please give suggession

  213. SIR, I’M Athira , 27yrs old, arthritis patient. how to reduce arthritis pain, stiffness.

  214. Not sure if I have Rheumatoid arthritus.Am 67 yrs of age .Have severe pains in shoulders at night almost like a form of bursitus.Ibrufen gives me some relief
    Can you suggest a homeopathic remedyor remedies

  215. Muhammad Adnan says:

    Please advise regarding poly arithritis for 13 year old kid.

  216. I have been suffering from interstitial lung disease, from 4-5 yrs from now. I have been given steroids of and on as the condition is. Even though it is not regular but still steroids or antiallergic or antibiotics are given. Is there a treatment for this in homeopathy?. My main issues are constant cough and breathlessness, I have tried Backsons homeopathic medicines but didn’t improve.

  217. I have severe knee pain in left leg , right side lower knee area,for long , I am over weight by 123 kegs with height of 5ft 8 inch. I am a professor by profession. I have to walk and stand in class for 60 minutes . I have pain in climbing up and down stair . I used to walk for 2 Kim’s everyday after dinner but due to heavy pain , it ristricts some time. I want to reduce weight by walking but pain resists it much. I had an accident caused plastic surgery on right leg set mind set to bear total body on left , cause more painful

  218. Sarathchandra k says:

    My uncle was suffering from allergic arthritis .When he take sweets of any kind,tamarind, Citrus fruits
    Immediately his pains will be please prescribe homeo medicins

    • pushpa reddy says:



    my wife aged 48 is suffering from severe arthritis of knees. both knees are swallen with acute pain. kindly help

  220. I have a knee pain just started and created a lot of problem particularly by bending. Although I have signs of arthritis in my body like shoulders and a little bit in hip but these are not very annoying as yet. I am going on holiday in about 10 days and I am very much worried about travelling. If there are tablets that you can provide it will be great help to me before I start my holiday.

  221. Hand fingers pain in morning

  222. Sole and ankle pain &swelling can remove for ever by Homeopathy Treatment??.I am seronagetive spondylo artheris pateint diagonesis by CMC VELLORE,with 45 yrs of age?

  223. Parveen Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother aged 55 , having joint pain in Knee joints and Finger joints, since last 2-3 years , done all tests for rheumatoid but all are normal , by seeing it looks like RA, Please suggest the medicines.

  224. satish jadhav says:

    age 49 year..developed hip jonit pain with this winter were earlier case of L5 overlap S1 (history of 4 years) as it was supported by diabetic status more then 16 years along with the disease called LABYRINTH MIDDLE EAR BONE INFECTION .(lost body balance 3 time due to this ,acute change in atmosphere lead to giddiness often ) this is the case history….occupation lawyer…left standing practice for the same. was creative indulge in art before law rather excelled in it greatly…hobby of astrology too

  225. I have problem in my shoulders joint. Suffering from pain when I throw ball/stone to a particular distance – 100ft. I had consulted orthopedic doctors. They had suggested many medicines – Lymed, proxym, chymeral forte…..

    Nowadays I’m facing issue when I lift weights. Feel numbness if I hold for a 2 to 3 min.

    I had tried with ayurvedic medicine as well. But there is no changes in relief.

    Can U Please suggest best medicine and duration of the course.

  226. romana khan says:

    hello sir, i am romana from dehradun. 42 years old not married. diagnosis from Sero negative R.A. since last 8 years. i have tried allopathy ayurvedic treatment but not got the relief. my both hands all fingers get deformities and my both wrist is not moving. Shoulders are not moving and in my right knee inflammation is increased. I am not sit by right knee on the floor. my weight is 42 kg now. my weight is decreased from last year, in 2015 i am 47 kg. my R A is negative Anti ccp is highly positive ESR is 54 ANA is negative CRP is 40. Hb is 10.
    Plz prescribe me homeopathy medicine.

  227. Hi, myself Navin 40 yrs old,as I woke up in the morning my back becomes so stiff that any movement becomes difficult for me.Always a pain remains in my back.what should I take in homeopathy

  228. durga jaspal says:

    seems to be the rarest of rare and best efforts by the doctor sharma ji for the benefit of the public.
    durga jaspal is patient of Rheumatoid arthritis. she has got her knee replaced, but there is acute swelling in wrists and fingers of both hands. severe pain when touching and holding of hands and fingers. least strength in hands. can not bent knees more than 30 degrees. i shall be grateful if some best medicine is suggested. i will contact you if your mob no. is provided. my mob no.-8731026840

  229. shambhoonath says:

    m y wife is both hand thumb is pain and khat khat ka awaj and i am give the rhus ta x 30 but not any relieaf you are advice good medicine

  230. SANDEEP kumar says:

    My age only 20yrs
    My all legs joint very painfull and my right hip joint
    Is very painfull and my legs finger is tedhi and my right wrist in painfull and left hands middle finger painful and my both bin toe joint is red and painfull and better from bath and worse from sitting sunlight
    Plz some adv

  231. Dr Sharma,
    I do not understand potency I should use for Puls and Kalmia in shifting pains RA.
    I used Puls 200 and became ok and discontinued use. It has come back and I started Puls 200 again.
    Please advise how long I take and what potency. Also I took biochemical 12 salts. Should I?

    • Kumar Singh. says:

      I have knee pain and stiffness. Taking strong allopathic pain relievers. Have inflammation in knees esp right knee. Moving worsens, knee feel hot, I am 40, RA since 8 months. Pl suggest medicine and potency.
      I was and am traveling in Japan. Is that causing RA ?

  232. Dear Docyor
    Im 57 yr male and since last week experienced sudden sprain to left side of left foot ankle making pain. Underwent allopathy pain killer with cream and foentation. Mt Vit D level is 18.5 quite low. Im on Calcirol and Shellcal also. Kindly advice.

  233. I am 71 having R.A. for last 30 yrs.booth, my elbows are deformed, left knee joint has a gap, left ankle has sprained & pains because i had a fall 3 months back, right foot pains if i walk for 20 min. or even if i stand for more than 15 min. Right toe and third and forth foot finger nails have dried and color is dark grey. I daily do some physical exercise and walk for half n hour. I am also diabetic and take one zoroyl M1 tablet daily to keep the same under control. For R.A. i take one voveran 50 mg twice a week.

    • Mr. Jayant Shah says:

      Resp. Dr Shrama,
      I am Jayant Shah, age 64 years.
      I am suffering from above disease since last about four years. Occasionally I get small joints pain with stiffness, swelling and some time redness. It happens in any one joint at a time and remains for 12 to 24 hours. Some time effect is very painful. Normally it starts by evening, increases at night till morning and gradually reduces by afternoon.
      I am taking Folvite one tablet x 5 days and one Folitrax 0.5 and one Folitrax 0.75 per week.
      I walk for 40 mins six days a week and do light exercise in the morning.
      Kindly suggest medicine for me and oblige.
      Thanks and regards,

  234. amit rajput says:

    Deformities occur in my both knees and hip and I never loose hope also I do not feel something happened bad to me I m in faith that I will be cured somwhere somehow. Sir can u help me

  235. Sarita kumari says:

    How arexciting eyes affected due to rheumatoid arthritis

  236. Nilufa akter says:

    Hi doctor, i am nilufa akter. My age is 28yrs. My left leg hip joint deformated and were severe pain in left leg 1 year before. Then the doctor of apollo hospital in dhaka told me that this pain and deformaties happend because blood circulation is stop in left fimoral head. So doctor drilled in my left fimoral head. Now my pain reduce but still have. In last week doctor said my left femoral head is deteriorating again. He saggest hip replacement if this pain increase in high range. Will you please give me better option? I am married and have 5yrs old baby. What can i do now? My weight 69kg. Height 5’2″. I am from Bangladesh. Thanks. I am waiting for your answer.

    • Dr. Ayub Hossain says:

      Sister, You may contact me at my chamber, if want a permanent cure. I treat chronic diseases and a classical Homeopath at Narayangonj. As you are from BD, and I have cured many patients with RA, deformities etc. Inshallah Allah will help you. You can call 01945252459 for serial booking at my chamber. Regards – Dr. Ayub Hossain.

      • I am M52 from Chennai. I have pain in my thigh muscle if I stand or walk for long time. No pain in normal resting or sleeping. No pain in any joints or any other place. My MRI revealed severe damage in my right hip joint. My ortho is suggesting me to go for Total Hip Replacement. Earlier I was suspected to have TB in hip joint. TB Gold was negative. My ESR is around 100+. My RA is 17.5 My CRP is 10.4 . My condition is right hip joint deformation and severe pain in right thigh while standing or walking. Any suggestions please ….

  237. saiseetha raman says:

    i was identified RA in2014 .My vit D was low i took vitd and b12 injections and it disappeared. i also took bryonia 30 . it flared up in 2016 badly and affecting joint in rotations with intense pain somwtimes fingers and shoulder joints together. pain is unbearable with mobility affected. please recommend medication .

  238. DR Sharma, just started homeopatic tinctures for RA. Wondering if ok to take oxycodone and xanax till I start feeling better. I’ve been on other RA drugs and they didnt work and bad side affects. I’m excited about way to help with this. Thank you

  239. B. Adilakshmi says:

    Dear sir
    My wife
    Suffering with rheumatoid artharities aftet attack typhoid fever since 3 months
    Pl suggest us
    Mallikarjuna rao

  240. Hello sir, my ra factor is 16.0IU/ml and along with taken some other tests like SGPT-10U/L CRP-2.57mg/l SGOT-17U/L … Do I have ra???yes then what treatment should I take … Hoew many months it will take to resolve this problem… We are planing baby is it effect on my children,

  241. SIR,

  242. I enjoy reading your articles in facebook. I get pain in my hip joints only when i am sleeping at night. It is more during rainy season and winter. Can i take sanguinaria and ledum pal? Please advise.


  243. Good morning Dr.Sharma.
    I have suffering from rumatise aurthrities for the last 6 years, the present severe pain in right elbow. I used many medicines like,allowpathy,aurveda and and homeo .present I taking zempred 4 mg (methlpredosfon), accelfenace,hydrochlorquin and also taking homeo also.
    at a time both medicnes can I use or any other problem. In homeo which medicine i can take pl.kindly advice and guide.

    Thank you Dr.

  244. Malati behera says:

    My age is 48 l feel knee joint pain and my knee also stiff I feel difficult to do any work. Recommend which medicine required .

  245. I am from Australia.My mother is suffering from osteoarthritis and has severe knee pain.She is also obese.She also complains of neck pain due to spondylitis . You have suggested few medicines. Can the combination of these medicines be given to my mom and if yes what can be the combinations.

    I would highly appreciate your response.

  246. Manoj kumar says:

    Plz suggest my mother is suffering from atthritics in every joint. She is using rush tox 30 and authored drop of homeopath but she doesn’t feel welcome only feel some relax now requested you plz suggest another medicine in homeopath for further relief. Did we know those above medicines are using by her, if any side effect plz suggest.

  247. Tajinder kaur says:

    Joint pains after chickenguiniya Cervical spondylitis with numbness n stiffness in left arm .Feeling good in warm conditions

  248. Swelling fingures with pain ininfeet in walking R,h positive

  249. Sir my mother aged 68 is suffering from RA. She had taken Treatment from Rheumatologist. She have no pain but weakness is to much with high ESR 34 and stiffness in toe joints. Kindly suggest her Treatment please.

  250. Sir, I have got RA and have been prescribed HCQS 200, Foiltrax, Folvite & Pantacid L.
    I have problem for the last two years. With these medicines, I am managing the disease.

    I have shifting pain in small joints, like wrist, finger joints, etc.

    What Homeopath medicine shall I take. Also tell me whether I should continue with the above treatment along with homeopath medicines.

  251. Anuradha verma says:

    Hii Dr sharma mujhe pichle 8 saalo se meri knees or finger joints me daard hai mene kayi doctors ko bhi dikha ya but koi result nahi mila mere paro ke panjo me saabse Jada daard hai mene before 6 years later apne paro ki bones me injection bhi lagwaye the but uske baad problem baad gyi I am really in to pain.

    Please give me a suggestion.
    Anuradha Verma (age 42 years)

  252. sonia thukral says:

    my ra is positive but all other blood reports are normal…still i have pain in my wrist and knee…pls suggest some homeopathic medicine for me as i want to quit with these alopathic medicine

  253. Pratibha saxena says:

    Sir mujhe 5years se knees me legs me aur har joint me bahot dard h. Stiffness h and legs me weakness lagti h .aur knees me caskan sa dard hota h zor dalne p Jo bahot dez hota h. 5 years se me dawai kar rhi hu thora aaram mila h lagbhag 30 %. Abhi 1 month pehle test karaya tha to uric acid halka aa bata hua h Jo Ki pehle bhi test hua rha tab kabhi nai nikla , tab bhi bahot zyada dard tha .please sir mere liye koi dawai bataiye mere age 36 years hai pain Ki wajah se meri puri life he ruk gyi h, please sir help me.

  254. Hello Dr sharma
    My name is farhana begum I have rheumatoid arthritis since 14 years I m taking medicine. What preventive measures shoul I take to control it.

  255. Patricia Dyke says:

    I have RA & they want me to take dangerous drug Enbrel.I also have emphysema.The RA mainly affects my fingers,hands,wrist & ankles.Could you possibly suggest a homeopathic remedy for me please.I also get shivers sometimes.

  256. Suresh Redkar says:

    My wife is facing R A for last 15 years. She has taken many medicines from Ayurveda, Homeopath and also she is practicing yoga. But this month she has got very acute pains all over the body. I like to get some remedies for her by using homeopathy medicine from a matured doctor in homeopathy. Will you please help me to find such doctor. I stay in Panaji Goa.

    Hope you will guide me in this case

    Thanking you

  257. Vineet Mathur says:

    Good afternoon
    My wife is suffering with RA .pains in knees small joints in fingers shoulder.suggest medicines with potency.

  258. Hello sir
    I have multiple problems was on homeopathic treatment for a long time but sadly due to demise of my doc I’m on hunt for anew homeopathic doc. till then need help…
    I’m 36yrs old my problem started when I was 16…Started with PCOS lead to hypothyroidism then rheumatoid arthritis… Right now along with these I’m facing joint pains sugar crashing as insulin levels are high, joint pains, excess weight, low B. P., Loss of energy specially morning hours n absence of periods for past 3 months with white discharge or yellow stains.
    Please help

  259. Colonel D Bhowmick ( Retd) says:

    I am a 70 year old retired army officer. During my service I had undergone severe injury on both my legs.The Army doctors have examined my legs and have recommended Glucomine sulphate which seems to be ineffective. I had in the past taken homeopathic Dr Reckweg R73. This seems effective but I took it for a short period as it was only on the recommendation of a friend..The clinical position is this that when resting there is no pain in my knees. After standing for a prolonged period the pain starts also after a prolonged walk about a km or so the pain returns. There is no swelling or inflammation in my knee.
    In view of the above I would request you to recommend to me some effective homeopathic medication .I do take medicines for high BP ie Losart 50 mg and Urimax for prostrate

  260. Dr. Pl. Prescribe medicine for decreasing esr from 58. Thanks regards



  262. Hello,

    I am 25 year old and suffering from SLE since 8months. I had udergone homeopathic treatment but had to switch to steroids as my hemoglobin level had gone too low had reached 5 and even after blood transfusion within a month the level went down even more. Combs test report is positive. I feel good until i take steroids as soon as i reduce the doze i suffer from many unknown symptoms. Currently it has hit my liver. Sgpt count is 1000 sgot900. Food doesn’t stay in stomach nor much liquid. It is very painful. Please help. I want to live but have lost the hopes to live.

  263. Mohammad Younus says:

    Dear Concern,
    I am suffering different kind of pain, like back pain, shoulders, knee joined, pain and HLA B27 positive, Some one call it is spondylitis arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

    Kind regards,
    Mohammad Younus

  264. Sangeeta Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 35 year old women having RA from last 16 months with current RA factor -228/ml,ASO-266/ML,ANA-95 Units,CRP-28.91,cALCIUM-6.3MG,Uric Acis-3.34 andC-4-/10.2MG.
    I was taken last 6 months from february’16 to june’16 allopathy with medicine defcort and folitrax
    From (july )last month i was under homeopathy treatment by Dr,Jitesh Sharma ,jharsuguda,india.
    he prescibed me Rhus Tox and colchicum but till i didn’t get relief from inflamation and pain with stiffness.
    So please suggest what can i do along with these medicine or any other medicine.
    waiting for your response and suggest.

    • Hai, I am suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis. My fingers are swollen and bent cannot catch anything easily because ankle pain. ankle and knee joints painful Kneww painful while getting up or standing or walking. find difficulty in standing also. feel always drowsy in morning Nights no proper sleep.suggedst medicine I am 48years old.

  265. Hi
    I am having on and off pains in my joints like finger, wrist, knee, toes which are generally aggravated in change of weather. The joints are acutely inflamed and tender. I am 28 year old female. My RA factor was negative. Warm application soothes the joint pain and motion aggravates. I am very much tensed whether I have RA and what is the prognosis. I have two little kids.

  266. shib sankar pathak says:

    Dear sir iam 57 yrs suffaring from one month due to knee joint pain could not doing up & down to much problem so suggest some medicine.

  267. saroj mishra says:


  268. Shivdarshan verma says:

    Dr. Shrma i m 59 working in mkt sales. All joint of my body make “kt” “kt” noise on the movement of any body prt.
    3 month I feel stiffness in both shoulders…. pain in shoulders… difficult to lift arm.
    What homeo med can you suggest me

  269. meena rawat says:

    Can I take rhus tox and sanguinaria can together as I have ra in shoulder , finger, elbow and wrist For last three months ???

  270. sunil kumar gupta says:

    my wife having rheumatoid arthritis in advance stage from last 6-7 years. her ankles having no movement. no he wants to take Rhus Tox, actaea spicata and bryonia medicines. pl. we want to know about dose and timing of the following medicines. pl. give us suggetions.

    • r.chinnadurai says:

      my wife, aged 49 with 70 kgs, is suffering from RA about 25 years and initially took allopathy, sidha, ayurvedic medicines as suggested by doctors concerned. now taking homeo medicines as suggested by the homeo dr. still she is suffering from joint pain, stiffness in small fingers and wrist. now she is taking homeo medicines (1) ARGNIT 30 (2) OSTOFIT DROPS (3) BRYONIA 200 (4) KALIMUR 6X (5) CALCAREA FLUR (6) RUTA 30. please guide us.


  271. Sankar Prasad Chakraborty says:

    My elder most sister Manjula Chakraborty,70 years,sugar patient, has got brain operation on Aug’13 after cerebral attack. Now brain is working fine but she is suffering from joint pain at small joints-finger,toes,elbows etc.and movement is too much troublesome. She is under treatment of DR. M. Bagchi, Neuromedicine,MD. Dr.has prescribed Gabapin SR 450 for joint pain along with other 5 type medicines. But after taking that medicine for 3 weeks pain continues and some side effect like inflammation on face,legs, drousiness etc. occurs. Telma 40, Dyator 5 prescribed for pressure and inflammation of foot. After 4 weeks sister is totally fed up and discontinues Gabapin SR 450 and some medicines except medicine of sugar & brain. Now she uses ORTHO OIL and ORTHO Capsule and getting little bit relief from pain. Therefore I am in hopeless condition and thinking for Homeopath treatment. Please give some suggestion whether she will be relieved from joint pain or not.

  272. Indu agarwal says:

    I am from Jaipur. I am suffering from knee pain. now a days the pain in the knees too much. It is difficult to walk. Suggest any medicine to reduce the pain.

  273. Mahesh sailor says:

    I have full body pain all joints from neck fingers toes elbow I can say full body pain n while sleeping n morning gran while full day also can u suggest homeopathy medicine ths happens since three years pl
    Best regards

  274. Pinki kumari says:

    Hello sir, i m pinki from ranchi. I am suffering from joint pain for 7 years. I checked my bood group 5 times but the report was not positive, and i also concern many br. but nothing happen good day by day my condition was worse.if any medicin for my codition.

  275. Seema Sharma says:

    Sir, I am female, 40 years old. I have acute shoulders, neck and joints pain in arms. 24 hours, I feel pain . I can’t bend my neck even for ten seconds. I have consulted many doctors, one of them told me that I am having Polymalgia rheumatoid. Please suggest what medicine I should take…
    Thank you

  276. Sir my mother 24 muscular pain highly increasing morning time and sawllo knee blood cloting different places and pain so please sir pricribe homeopathy medicine plz relay

  277. Neelam Prasad says:

    Respected Sir.
    I’m 46. Female. I’m suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from last 10 yrs. Above mentioned all the symptoms r in me right now .. I’m not able to handle a glass full of water.. I’m feeling handicapped.I have taken several types medicine since a long time …
    Please help me..
    I will be very obliged to u Sir.

  278. Sir my husband suffering from R.A sence 2years pain in fingers , elbow ,shoulder, and stiff to leg joints treatment is on in homeopathy the medicine is baaume 29,rehumapluse and other medicine for last two years is their any permanent solution for this one day Miss pain will be started please help us my huby age is 50

  279. Kusum Choppra says:

    I am 66 with high BP, diabetes. There are nodules of swelling on both my knees. Acute pain behind the knees. Difficulty in standing up from a sitting position. Thighs n lower legs are slim but heavy swelling around knees n upper leg. Severe pain in feet, recently with lentils fasciitis. Shoulder arms wrists are also sore n painful. Lethargy is pervasive. Is there help for this?

    • R S Agrawal says:

      My wife suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since last 15 years . recently since last one year she has Rheumatoid Nodules under sole of both the foot near the finger and thumb and there is acute pain and difficulty in movement .

      if require I can send photo of affected area .

  280. My mom is suffering from arthritis . Having pain in her ankle, wrist (swollen) followed by weakness . What to do

    • Shahida shafiq says:

      Hi, please can you recommend a homeopathic remedy for me.
      I have osteoarthritus in my knees for nearly 2 years, now my ankles and feet are also aching all the time, I have a lot of stiffness in my ankles and feet, in pain all day, my job involves me being on my feet most of the day, after resting for 5 or 10 minutes,it’s so painfull to walk around again due to stiffness , pls help.
      Thank you

  281. B.L.jaiswal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 72 years old. I am suffering from arthritis since long.Off and on my knee bones slip with pain. i also feel pain while standing after sitting along. Please advice. Thanking you.

    Your’s sincerely

    R/O 26, Bagh lal Ji, yahiaganj Lucknow. U.P.
    Mobile; 09838666493

    • B.L.jaiswal says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma
      I am 72 years old. I am suffering from arthritis since long.Off and on my knee bones slip with pain. i also feel pain while standing after sitting along. Please advice. Thanking you.

      Your’s sincerely

      R/O 26, Bagh lal Ji, yahiaganj Lucknow. U.P.
      Mobile; 09838666493

  282. suman kumar says:

    I dr suman kumar suffer from pain on sole including heel and pain and swelling of finger of both upper and lower limb and stiffness of musscle of lower limb and gradually progress to stern oct aviculture joint and acrimoniclavicular joints and sometimes stiffness of neck and shoulder musscle that why there are limited neck movement since 2 to 3 month

    • My wife suffering leg pain back hip nee and anke old advice age 53 f up right or left cremp evey nigh any time weight 80 kg

  283. Nasir Masih says:

    Dear Sir,
    Start pain in my both knees start from a month ago, first time I feel pain when I am siting on floor while eating meal.
    after x-rays, Doctors said that gap reduce in bones of both knees from one side, all three blood test are normal like uric acid etc.
    Kindly advice and recommen medicine.

    Thank you,

    Nasir Masih

    • Doctor vishal says:

      You can take hypericum 200, 2 drops in 1 spoon of water for 5 alternate mornigs , symphitum 200 one drops in 1/2 spoon of water for 10 days and calcaria phos 6 x , 4 tablets in a day with lukewarm water.

      It’s only suggestion not a prescription.

  284. punit chauhan says:

    Sir, I want to know that is the rhemotoid arthritis totaly curable in homeopath?

  285. sukhdev singh says:

    Iam suffering from hla b27 positive and worse pain in pelvis area pls recommend me treatment

  286. shashi luthra says:

    my name is shashi luthra i have high pain in both shoulder and both knee pain and treatment in homeopathy and allopathyand treatment in viscosupplement suggest foods and vegetables in pain relief

  287. Hi there
    I am suffering from left rusts pain
    I am 42 years old dr say it is arthritis wht medicine do u suggest in homeopathy should I take

  288. Hello,
    I am Dinesh, I have acute pain in my right side collar bone and both shoulder joints and my left Knee . When i stretch my shoulder and my collar bone i hear cracking sound almost every time. The pain is very concentrated in my collar bone and left knee. And both my shoulders i can hear the bones cracking with each other when the bones crack each other i feel a lot of pain and if i hold something for long(lest say a news paper) my shoulder joint is hell at that time. I can live with this pain. SOme times i feel like i wanna give up. Please suggest me a good medicine.

  289. suresh kanojia says:

    24hours joints & musculer pain ,highly pain increase evening 5 o’clock whole body pain but mostly my ankle knee shoulder wrist in the morning period pain,in mid night period I am not standing freely same position morning period please sir pricribe homeopathy medicine for my body nature. good evening sir

  290. BRIJESH SINGH says:

    my mother has been suffering from severe knee pain for 6 months and feels problem to move. Can you please suggest medication?

  291. Nice narration.

  292. Om Prakash Jaiswal says:

    Dear sir,

    Am suffering from MSA extra paramidal disorder (Parkinson disease) since last 2 years.
    Am unable to walk properly and fall backwards. Suffering from cervical and lumber spondilytis. Right ankle joint is swellen. Burning pain happens on cervical and spinal cord.
    Am 64 years old.
    Please suggest medicine ? thanks.

  293. Shirish Jain says:

    Dear sir
    My name is shirish Jain , I having arthritis in my hip right hip as per the mri report and X-rays , also people are saying me that there is a treatment in homeopathy. Can you please let me know more about it as I am really confused and looking for a solution . Please advice

  294. Devender B says:

    Good evening sir.. I am 50years suffering from rumatise authorities for six years used many medicine lastly my right hand elbow damaged without allopathy medicine steroids it is very difficult to dr help me

  295. Good evening Dr.
    My age is 21 years , i am suffering from RA waist and back painful suffering from lost 3 years shifting pain and highly painful i will take pain killers in alopathy medicine , now i wish to take Homeopathy only sir

    Shifting pain not able move the places some times

    Kindly suggest good medicine for me


  296. Good morning Dr,

    I am 46 yrs old male from India, having problem in both of knee joints from last 5 yrs. I had tried everything but failed.

    Can you please help me for removing my problem.

    Please suggest how you can help me.



  297. Respected Mam,

    My wife she is 35 years old and last 1 month have a joint pain i can discuss with the doctors regarding the joint pain doctor suggest for X RAY . According to X RAY report doctor said she is suffering from Arthritis so can you tell me what medicine is available in Homeopathic if yes suggest me.

  298. jahar lal panda says:

    I am suffering from arthritis for along time say five years .I feel pain during movement only .using rhustocks. is it correct. what is your suggestion? there is noswelling.

  299. urmila roy says:

    Woman patient age 54 years. Suffering from joints pain in both the knees for over 5years. More pain with slight swelling in left knee. Pain increases in the morning. Plz suggest medicines.


    Respected sir,pls sugessest mo some homeo pathy med for my mother ,that shee is 45 and aslim week figure with acidity,gas,indigation and constipation problem,but since 4 years she is suffering from joint pains of knee ,waist and toe,now she is unable to stand up from sitting and move,felling sevier pain all time,she is taking homeo med from a doctor but it is not giving any reasult. so sir kindly suggest some medcicine which i can buy myself from the market and use .With thanks i am SUKANTA KUMAR SAMAL.AT/PO-KARILOPATANA,KENDRAPARA,ODISHA,MOB-9438141676

  301. Thejashri says:

    Hi Dr sharma,
    This is Thejashri here .
    I have inflamtion on the ankel joints of boths legs , its more on the left leg.
    I have severe heel and ankel pain in my left leg.
    Kindly let me know how homeopathy can help me.
    I would like to get relief from this problem
    doctors gave some medicine, but no improment

  302. Chinmayeesethi says:

    My age is 32. I have pain in ankle with swelling and from joint heat also came. Im not able walk properly. Unable seat also in plain surface. Please docotr is this symptoms are of rheumatoid arthritis?

  303. My mother is badly effected of rheumatite arthritis so that she could not sit on her self we keep them for her meal her RA factor is 24 and CRP is 64 .she also had constipation.

  304. Janet Strong says:

    I have had RA since 2000. I contacted it from an antibiotic. Today I have severe pain in my elbows and hands. This is the daily pain I deal with. I only take Tylenol and Ibuphren 3 pills of each twice a day. I do not go to a doctor anymore because they only want to put me on the killer medicine. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have extreme weakness and weather conditions do not seem to bother me. I do really great with moist heat such as soaking in a tub of hot water.

  305. A Q Ansari says:

    hamare ghutne me uthne bhaithne me bahut dard hota hai, hath ki ungly me muthi bandhne aur taqt bharne me zore nahi lagta hai bahut dard hota hai , body ke sabhi haddiyon ke jod me dard hota. Akhon me har waqt neend aur karuwahat bani rahti hai pure badan dard aur thakawat har samy , chahe jitna aaram karen bas thore waqt ke baad thakawat aur badan dard pahle jaisa.

  306. S S saxena says:

    I have pain in my right knee. There is swelling in the right side bottom bone at knee.

    • Anurag Pratap Singh says:

      Hi sir
      I’m 43 years old, having pain in joint
      Mainly knee , ankle and heel
      Please suggest me medicinine for that

      Thanks & Regards
      Anurag Pratap singh

  307. J p jain says:

    Sir, I am 62 male 5’10” wt 103 kg.i am suffuring from rheumatoid arrthritis.If ,I seat on a place for more than 30 minutes,it takes at least one minute to walk that too with pain inupper and middle joints and muscles that too slow and short distances of 20-30mtrs.more over ,I can not stand for more than 2-3 minutes

  308. Kiffseeri says:

    I am having severe joint pain in My both wrist. My blood test EAR is 13H and the RA factor which is +3. I am having stiffness in my muscles and not able to move normally. Its very difficult to hold anything’s due to stiffness and pain. I am not able to sleep properly due to pain. Could please advice

    • Respected sir,
      I am suffering joint pain last 18 years and my pain is transfer to one joint to another joint. in morning i fell stuffiness in every joint and there is sujen in every part of body still in hand finger and ankle.
      please suggest me in Homeopathy there is is treatment this illness.

      • Respected sir,
        I am suffering joint pain last 18 years and my pain is transfer to one joint to another joint. in morning i fell stuffiness in every joint and there is sujen in every part of body still in hand finger and ankle.
        please suggest me in Homeopathy there is is treatment this illness.

  309. Munusami.s says:

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism and diabetes for the past ten years.medine duotrol500,eltroxin100.please prescribe me homoeo medicine for the above diseases.

  310. i would like to ask about my arthritis problem

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