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Treating Anemia in Rheumatoid Arthritis With Homeopathic Remedies


Having Anemia in Rheumatoid Arthritis is very common . This leads to low energy levels and fatigue in patients suffering from RA . Homeopathic remedies can help in overcoming anemia in rheumatoid arthritis , thereby improving over condition of the patient. These medicines can be used in conjunction with other homeopathic medicines being used for RA. Please consult your physician before doing so.

FERRUM MET :- Homeopathic medicine ferrum met is one of the best indicated medicines in cases of anemia associated with chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Ferrum met may be given in weak, anemic individuals who have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. There may be palpitations on least exertion and an unusual aversion to work on account of weakness and pain. Ferrum met may be given in rheumatism of the shoulders and hip joints. The most marked symptoms such as stiffness and pains seem to subside when the anemia is treated. I, in my practice have prescribed ferrum met in anemia associated with rheumatoid arthritis and have got very good results with it.

FERRUM PHOS :- Homeopathic medicine ferrum phos can be indicated as a supplement for iron deficiency anemia in cases of rheumatoid arthritis. This homoeopathic medicine is known for its efficiency in treating anemia of any duration. All symptoms of anemia such as lethargy, easy fatigue, shortness of breath, paleness, weakness are covered well with ferrum phos. The joints are swollen with marked stiffness and pain. Ferrum phos may be indicated in rheumatism of the neck joints, shoulders, hands and fingers. The fingers are swollen and in long standing cases, there may be contractures and deformities. The palms may be unusually hot to touch. The person may wake up with an extremely stiff neck and shoulders. All pains are worse at night and are better by cold applications.

CHINA :- Homeopathic Remedy cinchona offficinalis or china as it is known, is also a well indicated medicine in rheumatoid arthritis associated with anemia. In chronic rheumatoid arthritis china may give very good results when the pains are compounded with weakness and fatigue. The pains in the limbs and joints may be as if sprained. There is an aversion to any movement or exercise due to pain. The affected joints are swollen and there may be a sensation as if the limbs have been tied tightly with a wire. China may be given in cases where the limbs tremble and feel numb. Slightest touch is unbearable due to pain and tenderness in the joints. All pains are worse at night, during winters and cold in general. Pains are better by hard pressure, warm rooms, hot applications and open air.

ALFALFA :- Homeopathic medicine alfalfa is a very good tonic in all cases of anemia because it improves appetite and helps in the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Alfalfa may be given in rheumatoid arthritis associated with anemia as it improves physical stamina. Due to chronic rheumatoid arthritis, there is every possibility that there may be loss of appetite and a generalized weakness. Alfalfa not only improves appetite but also improves the general health. The muscles that are affected due to chronic pain and stiffness also get toned up and may get strengthened. Alfalfa may also help in improving sleep disturbances and bouts of depression that the individual may be suffering due to chronicity of the rheumatoid arthritic pains.

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  1. Hi DR Sharma, I am a 65 yr old happily married woman who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Plurisey, Degenerative Disc (neck-spine), and Sjogren’s, to name the top complaints. Two years ago I became so fed up with allopathic medicine that I started looking into Homeopathy. I am off all meds & steroids and only do the bio-logics every four months. I would really like to get off that stuff too. Lately, the pain has been so unbearable, keeping me awake most nights, that I am considering going back on pain meds. My quality of life is slipping drastically. Suggestions.

  2. Donatella Gelati says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I took a diving course at Maldives and I developed tinnitus in my right ear.
    Back home in Switzerland I had my ear checked by my homeopathic doctor and also a ear specialist.Both agreed that my ears are fine, slightly differ in anatomy and I can dive again.
    I had Gynko Diopseris tincture along with Silicea D12 prescribed.
    Yet, my tinnitus is giving me troubles and becomes louder when attending the opera house, playing violin or being in stressful situations.
    I read a lot about homeopathy and wanted to ask you if perhaps Graphites or Ferrum Phosphoricum would help and also what remedy would you recommend.
    I am diving again soon and hope it want worsen the tinnitus.
    I look very much forward to your kind and much appreciated reply and in the meantime I remain with kindest regards

  3. hi doctor my mum recently had a brain stroke and she is very weak she’s taking opium she also anemia with this remedy can she take alfalfa tonic

  4. niranjan guha says:

    My wife is suffering from iron deficiency anemia but iron pills she cannot consume as it results diarrhea.Please tell me any homeo medicine that she can develop more red blood cells

  5. K. M. NAJIB says:

    Anemia in 3 years old girl – China what potency is recommended – what other Medicin you suggest

  6. my daughter have thalassemia intermedia, how can i cure her. please suggest medicine.

  7. Which homeopathic medicine I will take for my irregular periods. Sometimes i skip my periods. I have two kids with operation.

  8. urmila choudhary says:

    My mother sufring cronic anemia in last 7 months.8unit blood transfusion last 7 months.hb in5.5 and last 30 years sufring r.a. rbc is very low. His age is 60 told me his blood iron is iron a iron than vomating dangres pain in abdominal.3 days.pls help me. We are little farmer family. I m liv in a village.pls told me good medicion.

  9. shakeel says:

    my 4 years daughter have beta thalassemia intermedia. She need every 3 months blood transfusion. Please suggest medicine for avoid blood transfusion

  10. TAPAS ROY says:

    My wife, aged 52 year, is suffering from Rhemotoid Annemia . She is now under Onchologist who started various types of Iron tablets, tonic and chemo therapy in form of tablet but the Hemoglobin percentage never exceeds from 7.2 against normal percentage of 11-14. Please advise whether any Homeo Medicine can be given to her.

  11. lakesh singla says:

    1. Problem of consipation, piles
    2. Problem of decrease haemoglobin(7.9)
    4uric acid(6.6) & sugar(97)

    Age 27(m), Please solve my problem with your kind attention

  12. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My mother (64) has been suffering from chronic anemia almost since last 25 years. The causes of which are not known despite all tests including bone marrow assay. Fifteen years back she developed Rehumatoid arthritis of knee and later shoulder joints. Five months back she had a bypass surgery and has not recovered from it. Her Hb count fell to 6.7 and she had to be given blood transfusion. As of noe her hb count is 9. She is pale, unable to get up independently, gets tires when she goes even to the bathroom, is unable to control her stool and weak. There is no dizziness but she has shortness of breath and palpitations ( which alopaths say is because of poor functioning of heart valve and anemia). She has no appetite, which we fear will lead to low blood counts again. Please advice us as we desperately need help. Regards

  13. waheeda akram baig says:

    res/ sir once again I Try to join U because I am also patient of R.A. last 5 yrs. and I get medicines priscribed by Dr. Milind Aurangabadkar (Nagpur), which ever problems you have mention above is exactly true so please explain me is there possibe 100% chances to curity of R.Ain homeopathy or not (100% na ho to 80% hi sahi)

  14. akhilesh pathak says:

    i am suffering from BALANITIS is there any homeopathic medicine for it i am also diebetic. please help me.

  15. K K SHASTRY says:

    Dear Sir,

    am 55, working in legal dept in a public/listed company at Hyderabad. For the last one and half year, i am having the below problems:

    01. Muscle cramps under knee back side.
    02. indigestion
    03.some yellow foul smell watery fluid percolation from anal.
    04.Strees and angry without any casue.
    05.Fear for nothing.
    06. Education background is good. But schooling friends and unwanted thoughts and its pictures are still in memory.
    i met some homeopthy specialists at Hyderabad. But i could not get proper treatment. Highly impatiant in hearing the troubles/problem. However, i believe that homeopthy will never fail, may be homeopath will fail. I had gone through your website. Could you help me. On receipt of your consent i shall deposit the cost of the medicine and your fee. KKS

  16. My 15yr old daughter suffering from arthritis below knee.
    Doctor told she may suffer from heart problems.
    Please advice me.

  17. ashok chawla says:

    child is suffering from eye disease doctor diagnoses it genes deficient his eye sight decreases day by day . please recomend us medicence

  18. L. Grift says:

    I have Fybromyalgia and IBS (with diahrea.) For about 6 months I have had severe gas and bloating. The gas and bloating gets worse in the evenings after I eat. By bedtime I feel like I have passed gas constantly for hours. The smell is very foul and it lingers on my clothes and in the air. My stomach is so bloated that I look like I am pregnant!I am doing the research to go on a bland diet to see if I can get this under control. I just feel like my insides are rotting and fermenting! I have never had gas this bad for this long even with the IBS. My doctor did not take my problem seriously and I left his office feeling so frustrated! I am female, 52 yrs. old. Take several medications: Prozac, Neutontin, Propranalol, Bentyl. Thinking of going on the Candida diet but need some releif now!

  19. shinekumar ss says:

    i am shine kollam my problem heart valave problem mvp height 147 weight 45kg growth very low how to maintain the problem

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