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Homeopathic Remedies for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a severe and complex mental health condition in which a person fails to understand or to differentiate between reality and unreality. It is mainly characterized by delusions and hallucinations. Delusions are fixed, false beliefs that cannot be shaken even when a reason is given against such beliefs. Hallucinations are sensory perceptions that occur in the absence of external stimuli like hearing a voice or seeing an image that is not present in reality. Disordered thinking and abnormal social behavior also accompany these characteristic features.

There is a vast scope for the treatment of many such psychological complaints with homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are found to be very effective in treating Schizophrenia. Being of natural origin, they are free from any toxic side effects and are safe to use. Apart from safety, homeopathic medicines for schizophrenia are also not habit-forming, and one can withdraw their use once recovery begins. Homeopathic medicines act deeply and aim to work on correcting the root cause of the disease. Delusions of varying kinds, hallucinations, and the other accompanying features of Schizophrenia are treatable with natural homeopathic medicines. Due to the use of these medicines, the intensity of symptoms is seen to reduce gradually and there is a sense of general well-being.

Homeopathic Medicines for Schizophrenia

Homeopathic Medicines For Schizophrenia

There is a huge list of homeopathic medications to treat Schizophrenia, and the remedies are selected symptomatically depending on a case-to-case basis. The top-ranked homeopathic medicines for Schizophrenia are Lachesis, Anacardium Orientale, and Hyoscyamus Niger. The keynote symptoms of these homeopathic remedies are as follows:

1. Lachesis – Top-Grade Medicine

Lachesis is the top recommended medicine for schizophrenia treatment. Certain delusions are mainly indicated for the use of this medicine. These include the patient’s delusion about having been poisoned by someone, being harmed, or being followed by enemies. There is suspicion to an extreme degree towards everything. The sensation of being under the control of some superhuman power is yet another unique feature in persons needing Lachesis. Another delusion could be there are robbers in the house. In some cases, there is a delusion that she is dead and people are preparing for her funeral. A wish to isolate themselves, aversion to work, and a marked loquacity (excessive talking) are also present among such subjects. There is disorganized speech and continuous talking marked by quick jumping from one subject to another unrelated subject. Repetition of the same words over and over again is also present in the speech.

2. Anacardium Orientale – For Auditory Hallucinations

Anacardium Orientale is an important medicine for Schizophrenia where a person hears voices. The voices are mostly of spirits or dead people. A few patients narrate that the voices say that they are going to die soon. Some patients say that the spirits call their names, and command them to follow them. Some patients state that the voices inside them speak in abusive language. Those who need it experience delusion as if the mind and body are separated and delusion of being double or having two wills. A very unique delusion that may be present is that on one shoulder an angel is sitting commanding and doing good things, and on the second shoulder a devil is sitting asking to commit bad things. Other accompanying features are extreme sadness, absent-mindedness, suspicion, indifferent behaviour, and lack of interest in anything. Forgetfulness, aversion to work, desire to swear and curse, and talking in phrases that make no sense are also some characteristic symptoms that may be present. Another unique feature is the feeling that everything is a dream, and nothing is real.

3. Hyoscyamus Niger – For Delusion Of Being Poisoned And Seeing Absent Persons

Hyoscyamus Niger is useful in cases where the patient thinks someone is going to poison them. In most cases, as a result, they avoid eating or drinking offered by others. There is also a suspicion that family members are keeping a watch over them all the time.  Sometimes the patient does things that appear foolish. Laughing loudly at everything is also distinctly present. An impulse to strike and bite others may also arise along with delusions. Excessive and hurried talking, and unintelligible muttering can also appear. One may make strange and funny gestures like a clown dancing. The next important symptom to use this medicine is when a patient says he is able to see people who are not actually present.

4. Stramonium – Where Patients Talk with Imaginary Spirits

Stramonium works well in cases of Schizophrenia where the patient thinks that they can talk with spirits. Patients who need this remedy say that they are under the influence of these spirits. They may also say that they are in communication with God. They carry out conversations with imaginary people. A feeling of restlessness accompanies talking to spirits and imaginary people.  Delusions about the presence of multiple people in the room may also arise though none are there in reality. The patient sees people coming out of all corners of the chamber. Patients who hear voices that scold them are also treated well with Stramonium. Another delusion that points towards using Stramonium is a firm belief by the sufferer that he is going to die soon. As a consequence, they start to give directions for their funeral. A constant praying and recitation of religious rhymes also predominantly appear with the above features.

5. Platina – For Schizophrenia Accompanied By Delusions Of Grandiosity

Platina is a high-grade homeopathic medicine for Schizophrenia with delusions of grandiosity. Patients who need Platina think of themselves as superior to others, and of great value to humanity. They believe that they are better than everyone else, and that all others are insignificant in comparison. Even the closest family members seem to be of no value and inferior to them. They exhibit great pride and are extremely critical of others.

6. Baryta Carb – For Suspicion That A Person Is Being Talked About

Baryta Carb is helpful in treating Schizophrenia where sufferers have a high suspicion that other people are talking about them. There is also a feeling that they are being made fun of and people are always laughing at them. Other symptoms that accompany are difficulty in concentration and confusion of the mind. Childish behaviour is also common among patients who need the medicine — Baryta Carb.

7. Plumbum Met – For Delusions Of Conspiracies Of Being Murdered

Plumbum Met is administered for Schizophrenia among those suffering from delusions of others conspiring to murder them. These individuals think everyone around them is a murderer and their life is in danger. Sadness, melancholy, restlessness, anxiety, aversion to talking, and absent-mindedness also prevail.

8. Thuja Occidentalis – For Sensation Of Being Under Superhuman Control

Thuja Occidentalis is of help in cases where the patient feels as if he is under the control of some superhuman power. The patient has a vacant look with staring eyes and may talk in a hasty way or use the wrong words while talking. They are also sad, irritable, and suffer from insomnia. They are usually unable to manage daily life tasks.

9. Calcarea Carb – For Delusions Of Being Followed By Someone All The Time

Calcarea Carb is administered for Schizophrenia with a delusion of being followed by someone all the time. Along with this, there is the fear that something bad is going to happen. Fear of misfortune and of losing reasonableness in one’s life is also present. Anxiety, high irritability without any reason, and the constant fear of death also appear.

10. Kali Bromatum – Where Persistent Sleeplessness Attends Delusions

Kali Bromatum is a medicine for Schizophrenia where there is persistent insomnia accompanied by delusions. The delusions are of varying kinds. They mainly include delusions of conspiracy, and of persecution (as if someone is conspiring against them or pursuing them). Symptoms of depression, which include profound melancholy, indifference to life, and uncontrollable weeping, are also present. Such patients fear talking to people. Another marked symptom is a feeling of being singled out as the only person for divine wrath.

11. Cannabis Indica – For Disorganized Speech

Cannabis Indica is a very useful medicine for Schizophrenia with the presence of disorganized and incoherent speech, with the tendency to stammer. A person who needs Cannabis Indica begins speaking but is unable to complete a sentence. They forget words while talking. A lot of ideas tend to crowd their brain, and they get lost in thought and/or are unable to fix their attention on one subject. Uncontrollable laughter may arise when the patient laughs at every word spoken to him. They even laugh at serious matters. They, however, have the persistent fear of becoming insane.

12. Medorrhinum – When Nothing Seems Real

Medorrhinum is a medicine for Schizophrenia when nothing seems real, and the person feels everything is a dream. This is accompanied by feelings of anxiety and of always being in a hurry. Patients are also impulsive, and cruel and tend to use abusive language. As night approaches they are overwhelmed by the fear of someone following them. They have delusions of people looking at them from behind the furniture. Apart from the above symptoms, sudden mood changes may also be present. A very characteristic feature is that patients constantly think that they have done some unpardonable sin and are going to hell, so they keep praying.

13. Aurum Met – To Manage Depression

This medicine is of great value to manage depression in such cases. Those who need it have intense sadness, and hopelessness along with predominating suicidal thoughts. They feel as if life is a burden, and the future is all dark. They indulge in self-criticism. There is a desire to die, and such people constantly talk of self-destruction and suicide.

Reasons Behind Schizophrenia

1. The exact reason behind Schizophrenia is still not clear to the medical fraternity. However, a combination of genetic, and environmental factorsseems to play a vital role in making a person prone to developing Schizophrenia. It most commonly begins in teenage or early adulthood.

2. It is also thought that some imbalance in chemicalsused by the brain(neurotransmitters dopamine, glutamate, serotonin) for communication between one nerve cell to another nerve cell and losing connections in some brain areas may play a role behind its cause.

Risk Factors

There are certain factors that increase the risk of schizophrenia such as:

  1. Family history of schizophrenia
  2. Certain viral infections to the mother during foetal development, malnutrition, stress, exposure to toxins during foetal life, and having gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia increases the risk of schizophrenia in baby
  3. Infections and autoimmune diseases that affect the brain
  4. Prolonged stress for long time periods
  5. Using psychotropic drugs like cannabis
  6. Some factors like childhood trauma, abuse in childhood, dysfunctional families, death of mother/father, unemployment, being bullied or any deep insult in the past may increase the risk of schizophrenia in a person who has a predisposition for it.

Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

1)Positive/psychotic symptoms: These means symptoms related to actions and thoughts not based on reality

A). Hallucinations: Sensory perceptions that occur in the absence of external stimuli like hearing a voice or seeing an image that is not present in real. a). Mainly auditory hallucinations occur in schizophrenia, in which the sufferer hears voices in the absence of any sensory stimulus.

b) Hallucinations related to smell, taste, and vision may also occur though these are not common.

B). Delusions: It is a firm belief in something with a lack of evidence to support it. a) Delusions are mainly persecutory in nature. In these delusions, patients feel that someone is plotting to harm them, someone is spying on them, they are being followed by someone, or someone will poison them. b) A delusion as if someone is controlling their thoughts or is keeping a watch on them is also a prominent feature among some of those who suffer. c)Delusion that they are very important or have excess fame.d) Delusion of possessing extraordinary powers e) Delusion that another person is in love with you.

3. Disorganized Speech: Disorganized speech and confused thoughts are present. The sufferer may give an answer to a question that has no link to the asked question. Senseless talking, jumping from one subject to the other quickly while talking. Speaking in a monotone, and saying meaningless words may also arise. They may also feel as if some external source is controlling their thoughts or think that they have some extraordinary powers.

4. Negative symptoms: These refer to not showing normal behaviour by persons having schizophrenia: It includes social withdrawal, losing interest in life activities, weak expression of emotions (not sad on sad occasions or not happy on happy occasions), lack of facial expressions, fewer to no gestures, lack of emotions, lack of motivation, neglect in maintaining personal hygiene.

5. Other symptoms are difficulty in recalling things, confusion of thoughts, poor concentration, moving slowly, writing excessively but meaninglessly, difficulty in making decisions, changes in sleeping patterns, and suicidal thoughts.

6. Catatonia:In some cases, the sufferer may stop talking with the body fixed in a particular position for long hours.


If not treated certain complications can arise such as:

Anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, aggression, depression, suicidal thought or attempt, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse are a few things that may complicate Schizophrenia.


1.There are no lab tests to diagnose schizophrenia. It is diagnosed by ruling out other mental health conditions and substance-induced psychosis. Certain tests may be carried out like MRI, and CT scan to check for changes in brain structure; blood tests to rule out other causes of symptoms.

2. A detailed psychiatric evaluation and symptom study is required to diagnose schizophrenia

3. Criteria given in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

(DSM-5) may be used to diagnose schizophrenia. As per this manual two diagnostic criteria have to be present for one month with a major impact on social or occupational functioning for minimum of six months. Among these one symptom is to become hallucinatory, one remains in delusion and disorganized speech and the second symptom is to be some among negative symptoms or disorganized or catatonic behaviour.


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  1. Altamash Abjani says:

    Hi Dr. This is Abjani.. My Son whose age is 32 and suffering form depression Anxiety and severe OCD since many years. Actually he was perfect before and topper in university, but had minor depression for which we consulted Phychiatric. then condition started becoming worse and till today he is on fludac and various SSRI. sometimes his condition becomes worse and have mild schizophernia like symptoms as if we are watching him and planning someting about him. Also in business he feels that everyone is conspiring us to get some gains. this is hapening since 7-8 years now and his sleep also not proper

  2. Arvind Kumar Ranjan says:


  3. Dr. P.suresh says:

    Hello doctor, I am Dr. P.suresh MD, allopathic medicine, one of my patient is suffering from schizophrenia, have delusions and hallucinations, he is 51 years old and Male patient. He has anxiety and repeatedly telling same sentences. He is not taking allopathic medicine because of side effects. Can you suggest any homeopathy medicine without side effects

    • BALDEV PRASAD says:

      मेरे पिता 85yr को पिछले 2वर्ष से ओलेंज 5एमजी एवम क्लोनाफिट एमडी 0.5 एमजी (sos) दे रहे है इनके लिए होम्योपैथी की ऑल्टरनेट मेडिसिन बताएं जो इनके स्थान पर उपयोग कर सके इनको एलोपैथी के side-effect के कारण रेगुलर ट्रीटमेंट नही लेते प्लीज समाधान बताएं

  4. Anthony Davis says:

    How much are the products

  5. Surjeet Narindra says:

    Long time back my son diagnosed with Schizophrenia unspecified (F20.9)
    He was prescribed last month By Dr Ashok in India Hyoscyamus 200 4 drops in fruit every day.
    His Psyharist in USA prescribed Olanzpine 20mg which some days he skips
    His Symptoms: He murmurs the whole day which we can not figure it.
    Has delusion that some shall come and start war – has disorganized speech
    is very difficult to tackle him
    Does not want to see any doctors :::
    Please advise

  6. ananthy Baskaran says:

    My Son is suffering from some Phys iatric problem for the past 16 years. Now, he is age is 26. We are taking treatment for the past 15 years. Now, he is taking Risnia Forte Tablet 4 mg one per day at night.
    Kindly suggest equal medicine in Homeopath instead of Risnia Forete. He is talking continuously and having behaviour problem. Hs is a B.E. Mech Engg. Graduate. He has anxiety problem. Now, he has not willing to job to any where.

    Kindly suggest suitable Homeopathic medicine

  7. my son is 31 years old and suffering from scheziophernia. he is on medication from pgi chd.and relapsed after 6.5 years.he is btech and professoerof physics. i want to take homepathic treatment with allopathic treatment.he is taking arip mt 30 mg .oleanz 5 mg and lonozep 2 mg in night.

  8. Dr. Sharma,

    My son is 19 and was diagnosed with Cannabis induced schizophrenia. That was two years ago. He was on medication (Risperdal), was always tired, and gained 60 pounds. Reduced the meds via psychiatrist, which helped. Eventually, he went off medication about two months ago. Now he is regressing and his symptoms include 2, 5, 7, and 10. He prays regularly for relief and does not want to take medication again. Can you offer help? Thank you

  9. Hello.

    I have been diagnosed with a psychosis 2 years ago and ever since been trying to get of a very small Dosis of amilsulprid and a very low Dosis of an antidepressant. As I am very sensitive to this medication. I have massive side effect and would like to get off them by using natural remedies. And wonder what I can do?

    Kind Regards


  10. Hello Dr. Sharma. My 19 1/2 yo son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia July 2021. He’s had three hospitalizations since June 2021. He is currently taking antipsychotic Geodon, antidepressant Venlafaxine, and Hydroxizine, plus melatonin for sleep. His symptoms are still unbearable most of the time. He believes interdemensional beings are making fun of his brother, me or his father. He believes he is in communication with God, and says he hears the voice of God, and also the devil. He tells me about homicidal intrusive thoughts— those thoughts make him upset, as he has zero desire to hurt anyone. I do not believe he’s capable of hurting anyone, but the thoughts torture him. He also feels as if he’s being watched all of the time. He also suffers from severe anxiety and depression.

  11. Michelle Mariscal says:

    Hello I am currently in remission of symptomology of schizoaffective disorder. I take Risperdal and low dose of latuda and kratom as an antipsychotic which has finally helped me to be free from delusional thinking, the last 5 months. I would like to know if platina might help me to reduce my psych meds? Thanks

  12. Adrienne Jones says:

    Dr Sharma my son suffers from schizophrenia where he has strong delusions that people are talking about him & that he’s being watched. He will cover all the sprinklers thinking they are cameras. He cannnot hold down a job because he always thinks people are talking about and watching him. A couple times it’s caused fights. I’m really afraid of his ability to manage in life. He’s been diagnosed and given meds but refuses to take due to side effects. If there’s anything you can recommend to help, I’d be greatly appreciate.

    • Prabha sharma says:

      Dr sharma my son has mild schizophrenia . He has little fear from public connections . He has some fear from studies and job . Allthough he has done job many times . He has to leave due to low confidence . He is 34 yrs old. He is B.Tech. and mba .

    • my son is 31 years old and suffering from scheziophernia. he is on medication from pgi chd.and relapsed after 6.5 years.he is btech and professoerof physics. i want to take homepathic treatment with allopathic treatment.he is taking arip mt 30 mg .oleanz 5 mg and lonozep 2 mg in night.

  13. Phani Kiran Bodavula says:

    Hoe can i contact you?

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