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Homeopathic Remedies for Schizophrenia

There is a vast scope for treating many psychological complaints with homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are found to be very effective in treating Schizophrenia. Being of natural origin, they are free from any toxic side effects and are safe to use. Apart from safety, homeopathic medicines for schizophrenia are also not habit forming, and one can withdraw their use once recovery ensues.  Homeopathic Medicines for Schizophrenia

Homeopathic medicines are deep acting remedies that aim to work on correcting the cause from which the whole disease is initiated so as to bring about remarkable recovery in Schizophrenia. Delusions of varying kinds, hallucinations, and the other attending features of Schizophrenia are treatable with natural homeopathic medicines. With the use of these medicines, the intensity of symptoms is seen to reduce gradually with the regaining of a sense of general wellbeing.

Schizophrenia and the Reason behind It

Schizophrenia is a severe and complex mental health condition in which a person fails to understand or to differentiate between reality and unreality. It is mainly characterized by delusions and hallucinations. Disordered thinking and abnormal social behaviour also accompany these characteristic features. It most commonly begins in teenage or early adulthood. The exact reason behind Schizophrenia is still not understood. However, a combination of genetic and environmental factors seems to play a vital role in making a person prone to developing Schizophrenia. Other factors that raise the risk of Schizophrenia include—using psychotropic drugs, positive family history, stress/infection to the mother during foetal development, exposure to toxins during foetal life, and autoimmune diseases. Some factors like childhood trauma, abuse in childhood, dysfunctional families, death of mother/father, unemployment or any deep insult in the past don’t cause Schizophrenia but tend to trigger it in a person who has a predisposition for it.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

 The primary symptoms of Schizophrenia are hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations are mainly auditory, in which the sufferer hears voices in the absence of any sensory stimulus. Delusion is a firm belief in something with the lack of evidence to support it. Delusions are mainly persecutory in nature. In these delusions patients feel that someone is plotting to harm them, someone is spying on them, they are being followed by someone, or someone will poison them. A delusion as if someone is controlling their thoughts and/or is keeping a watch on them is also a prominent feature in some sufferers. Along with this, disorganized thoughts and speech are present. The sufferer may give an answer to a question that has no link to the asked question. Senseless talking, jumping from one subject to other quickly while talking and saying meaningless words may also arise. They may also feel as if some external source is controlling their thoughts, or think that they have some extraordinary powers. Other attending features include social withdrawal, losing interest in life activities, weak expression of emotions, poor concentration, lack of facial expressions, difficulty in recalling things, confusion of thoughts, neglect in maintaining personal hygiene, difficulty in making decisions, changes in sleeping pattern and suicidal thoughts. Anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, aggression, drug abuse are a few things that may complicate Schizophrenia.

Homeopathic Medicines for Schizophrenia

There is a huge list of homeopathic medications for treating Schizophrenia, and the proper remedies are selected symptomatically for each case. The top ranked homeopathic medicines for Schizophrenia are Lachesis Muta, Anacardium Orientale, and Hyoscyamus Niger. The keynote symptoms of these homeopathic remedies are as follows:

1. Lachesis – For High Degree of Suspiciousness

Lachesis Muta is a highly reputed medicine for Schizophrenia treatment. Paranoid delusions are mainly indicative of the use of Lachesis Muta. These delusions include high suspicion of being poisoned, of being harmed and of being followed by enemies. There is suspicion in an extreme degree towards everything. A sensation of being under some superhuman power is yet another unique feature in persons needing Lachesis Muta. A wish to isolate themselves, aversion to work, and a marked loquacity are also present among such subjects. In loquacity, the prominent symptom is continuously talking with quick jumps from one subject to another unrelated subject. Repetition of the same words over and over again is also present in speech.

2. Anacardium Orientale – For Auditory Hallucinations

Anacardium Orientale is an important medicine for Schizophrenia where a person hears voices. The voices are mostly of spirits or dead people. A few patients narrate that the voices say that they are going to die soon. Some patients say that the spirits call their name and command them to follow them. Some patients state that the voices inside them speak in abusive language.

Other attending features are extreme sadness, absent-mindedness, and suspicion. Forgetfulness, aversion to work, desire to swear and curse are also some characteristic symptoms that may accompany. Another unique feature is the feeling that everything is a dream, and nothing is real.

3. Hyoscyamus Niger – For Delusion of Being Poisoned

Hyoscyamus Niger is useful in cases where the patient thinks someone is going to poison them. In most cases, as a result they avoid eating or drinking. There is also a suspicion that family members are keeping a watch over them all the time.  Sometimes the patient does things that appear foolish. Laughing loudly at everything is also markedly present. An impulse to strike and bite others may also arise along with delusions. Unintelligible chattering can also appear.

Other Significant Medicines for Symptomatic Treatment

4. Baryta Carb – For Suspicion that a person is being Talked About

Baryta Carb is helpful in treating Schizophrenia where sufferers have a high suspicion that other people are talking about them. There is also a feeling that they are being made fun of and people always laugh at them. Other symptoms that attend accompany are difficulty in concentration and confusion of mind. Childish behavior is also common among patients needing Baryta Carb.

5. Stramonium – Where Patients Talk with Imaginary Spirits

Stramonium works well in cases of Schizophrenia where the patient thinks that they can talk with spirits. Patients needing this remedy say that they are under the influence of these spirits. They may also say that they are in communication with God. They carry out conversations with imaginary people. A feeling of restlessness attends this talking with spirits and imaginary people.  Delusions of the presence of multiple persons in the room may also arise though none are there in reality. The patient sees people coming out of all corners of the chamber.

Patients who hear voices that scold them are also treated well with Stramonium. Another delusion that points towards using Stramonium is a firm belief by the sufferer that he is going to die soon. As a consequence, they start to give directions for their funeral. A constant praying and recitation of religious rhymes also predominantly appears with the above features.

6. Plumbum Met – For Delusions of Conspiracies of being Murdered

Plumbum Met is well indicated for Schizophrenia in persons suffering from delusions of others conspiring to murder them. These individuals think everyone around them is a murderer and their life is in danger. Sadness, melancholy, restlessness, anxiety, aversion to talking and absent mindedness also prevails among them.

7. Thuja Occidentalis – For Sensation of being under Superhuman Control

Thuja Occidentalis is of help in cases where the patient feels as if he is under the control of some superhuman power. The patient has a vacant look with staring eyes, and may talk in a hasty way or use wrong words while talking. They are also sad, irritable and suffer from insomnia. They are usually unable to manage daily life tasks.

8. Platina –homeopathic medicine for Schizophrenia accompanied by delusions of grandiosity

Platina is a high-grade homeopathic medicine for Schizophrenia with delusions of grandiosity. Patients who need Platina think of themselves as superior to others and of great value to humanity. They believe that they are better than everyone else and all others are insignificant in comparison. Even the closest family members seem of no value and inferior to them. They exhibit great pride and are extremely critical of others.

9. Calcarea Carb – For Delusions of being followed by Someone all the Time

Calcarea Carb is well indicated for Schizophrenia with a delusion of being followed by someone all the time. Along with this, there is the fear that something bad is going to happen. Fear of misfortune and of losing reason is also present. Anxiety, high irritability without any reason and the constant fear of death also appear.

10. Kali Bromatum – Where Persistent Sleeplessness attends Delusions

Kali Bromatum is a medicine for Schizophrenia where there is persistent insomnia accompanied by delusions. The delusions are of varying kinds. They mainly include delusions of conspiracy and of persecution (as if someone is conspiring against them or pursuing them). Symptoms of depression, which include profound melancholy, indifference to life and uncontrollable weeping, are also present. Such patients fear talking to people. Another very marked symptom is a feeling of being singled out as the only person for divine wrath.

11. Cannabis Indica – For Disorganized Speech

Cannabis Indica is a very useful medicine for Schizophrenia with the presence of disorganized and incoherent speech, with the tendency to stammer and stutter. A person needing Cannabis Indica begins speaking but is unable to complete a sentence. They forget words while talking. A lot of ideas tend to crowd their brain, and they get lost in thought and/or are unable to fix their attention on one subject. Uncontrollable laughter may arise where the patient laughs at every word spoken to him. They even laugh at serious matters. They, however, have the persistent fear of becoming insane.

Medorrhinum is a medicine for Schizophrenia when nothing seems real, and the person feels everything is a dream. This is accompanied by feelings of anxiety and of always being in a hurry. Patients are also impulsive, cruel and tend to use abusive language. As night approaches they are overwhelmed by the fear of someone following them. They have delusions of people looking at them from behind the furniture. Apart from the above symptoms, sudden mood changes may also be present. A very characteristic feature is that patients constantly think that they have done some unpardonable sin and are going to hell, and so keep praying.

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  1. naina jain says:

    he is deaf. My brother always talk to himselft with hand gesture. No hallucination or delusion to him.

  2. Ramamohan rao says:

    Sir … I pray you regarding my daughter, she was 17 y. Complete inter with 10/10. But last 3 months onwards she’s beheaver was changed. She use to like Alone ness ( loneliness) over sleep or sleepless ness , intransigence ( stubborn ness) , intima tenss . Any time watch some cartoon films and she enjoy herself , try to avoid her personal things ( bathing and others).
    Sir I request your valuable suggestion with remedy .( Homeo medicine )
    Ramamohan rao, Vijayawada.

  3. Hi
    I have a family relative aged 50 single who has schizophrenia and is being treated with Benzyzine tab 10 mg once a day – has had high dopamine

    There are many episodes of anger and violent outbursts at home and family is very disturbed.

    Despite taking Benzyzine last 20 years the symptoms
    Are now more severe because meds were discontinued last 2.5 years and now restarted

    What homeopathic remedies can help with this


  4. Sir, you have not spoke about potency and combination of medicines that can be given to Schizofrania patient. Tapan, India. 91-9935032745

  5. Dawn Smith says:

    How much are the homeopathic medicines for schizoaffective disorder?

  6. B.K.Vinayak says:

    Before falling asleep I hear some unclear human voices in my head.
    Please advice.

  7. Homeopathy will cure schizophrenia I am schizophrenia patient

  8. Rajul Parikh says:

    Dr Sharma
    I am concluding that my mother has schinzophrenia.
    can you Help


  9. V.BALARAMAN says:

    Respected Doctor,
    My daughter is 44 yrs married with 2 kids twins both female.Four years ago she had some problem

    in their house.She went into deep depression, violent and anger suicidal tendency.Twice she was admitted

    in the hospital was given ect and other medication.Till 4 months ago she was was much better.In the month

    of june 18 she became much depressed anger and violent .Once again she was given ect .In the last ect

    there was some problem.Then again she went back to the old position.The main problem now is audit

    ory halucination .At present she is on amisulpride 800 mg total ,chlopromazine ,parkin and lorazepam.

    The sleep is very disturbed.

    Kindly guide me on this.

    With kind regards


  10. AN Ganeshamurthy says:

    My wife is a schezophrenia patient. She was under Lachesis 200 treatment taking twice a day. She was doing well. But this new moon day it erupted strong. Is it because of over dosage or needs a change in medicine. She has suspecion that others talk about her and is too talketive on matters unrelated.

    Can you guide me on this

  11. AN Ganeshamurthy says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    Can you give some site into the potency and period of treatment as in some cases single doze does whereas in others it runs to years

  12. Is there a permanent cure for Schizophrenia in homeopathy?

  13. Kaundinya Rao says:

    My nephew suspects that he is being followed or observed by some one. He suspects his room mates may have added(some poison) something in his food when he is not attentive. He completely shaved his head couple of times. He at times, said that someone has planted a chip in his head to monitor him. He talks well with outsiders, but when close relatives like his mother , sister uncle call him he tells above things. Also those things are not being told continuously but often. We request you to suggest a homeo medicine. It will be a great help. Please reply to my mail Sincerely, Thanks Rao

  14. Mukul sharma says:

    Ginkgo biloba is cure of schizophrenia ?

  15. Hello,
    I wanted to know the best medication for extreme depression after lay off of job; divorce and no child custody- my brother is not working since last 2 years; staying aloof, no contact with friends, no self hygiene and cleanliness of room where he libes( does not clean himself or wants to get cleaned) sleeps well, pain in and around ear and haed, obese( pain in abdomen at times- extreme fat around abdomen)excessive extreme hunger , eats 6-7 chillies in one go, likes extreme cold, very angers and lashes out extreme bad words to close family members. Can u advise the best medication? Does not want to get treatment by doctor.

  16. Rajendra Deshmukh says:

    Schizophrenia disorganised speech

  17. Hello dr sharma
    My mother has schizophrenia since 5yrs and she had allopathic and homeopathic treatment as well but no relief at all. plz suggest us any Homeopathic remedies.

  18. Helen Vanhouten says:

    Hi my mother has this mental health issue
    Where can I buy hyoscyamus Nigar 200

  19. Hello DR.Sharma

    I am really excited for your meds. My husband has schizophernia. He has personality disorder type of thing. He cannot get along with anyone. he misunderstand everyone he talks. he percepts everybody wrong. does not trust anyone including me. he is always irritated agitated and in bad moods particularly in the mornings. talks to himself all the time with weird face expressions, throwing coins and try to read the coins. He tried antipschycotic shots and several meds , never looked normal. he was little manageble with the meds. now he is refusing to go to the doctor. his symptoms are worst. i am trying to give him some mild antipschycotic. he does not look good. plus he has terrible side effects showing. he has tardive diskenesia. i saw your remedies. according to the discription i like to try lachesis and stramonium for him. are these right meds you think or i should try something else? would you guide me on that?

  20. Martin Tanner says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma,

    I have schizoaffective disorder. I have experienced most of what you describe in your remedies. I was proscribed sulphur by a homeopath. So I’ve been taking it for the past week. It helps with my anxieties and also I was feeling like I needed more medicines b/c I was having a feeling of mental telepathy as well as a feeling of communicating with spirits. For the past three days these symptoms are gone. I have freedom again just from taking sulphur 30c. Could you comment?

  21. K. Sateesh chandra says:

    Thank you sir. Yours absolutely necessary good information. Thanks to Dr. Homeo

  22. Sanchayeta Chakrabort says:

    My mom is 70yrs old. She has diabetes and high BP. In 29th January 2018 she has an attack of strock. Now she is taking alopathy med but from 27 th June she has been suffering from hallucination.she thinks someone is watching her from window and in everywhere insect of a particular type is present in our house. She can’t eat properly because insect is also there in Her plate. SO PLS suggest a med that can help her.

  23. Ellen Kolb says:

    My son, who is now 35, has been sick for many years. Since approx 3yrs takes an injection of ability once a month. It helps some yet he is still holding much anger, blamed all for his problems he has caused, obsessed with money, depressed and never happy unless has money. Has self medicate over the yrs. No one favorite drug. I do think a drug called Molly’s make him happy per his frienfs. What would you think could help him? Thx u

  24. Prabhakar Gonamanda says:

    Dear doctor,
    My mother aged 75yrs. does not remember me, my sisters and all the relatives, but she remembers certain things such as she used to stay in Eluru which is our native place. She repeats the same questions again and again. Like if she asks that who I am and after I tell her, she repeats the same question in every two minutes. At times she forgets that she had her meal and she asks for the again. Pl suggest homeopathic remedy.

  25. Nadimuthu.R says:

    My wife aged 55 years is now sufferring from severe schizophernia for the past 5 years.even from 1982 she was regularly under Eptoin(phenobarbitone)stopped on allopathic dr advice during 1985.But due to the sudden demise of our 1 year old child in1986 she had severe depression treated with shock treatment and medicine.Later had achild during 1988.She had one convulsion 3 months after the birth.on consultation she was under eptoin,eltroxin,CPZ, pacitane for long years till 2014. During this time she was quite normal and looking after Family well.She was little lethargic but dping the routine good.Since March 2014 she gradually refused to take food andfailed to do the routine,uncared self_hygiene,complaining hearing voices,meaningless incoherent speech,abusing with harsh words myself and her children,complaining somebody tried to poison her and the situation worsened she is refusing to take food stating she had an abscess in stomach.A Gastro specialist examined and found she is ok advised her to take food regularly,she is now under the care of aPsychiatrist snce 2014 and the medicine is talen without any break.Everyday I have to struggle to give her food,now she is taking the following Psychiatric medicine regularly Morning_eptoin_1,eltroxin-125mg,Ecitane_1,Ilosure4mg-1,Supradyn(multivitamin)
    She is reduced day by day and became bony and looks skeleton.I pray your goodself to save her,requesting reply and good remedy

  26. Shishir kumar Acharya says:

    Dear Sir
    My mother is 80 years old.She keeps speaking to herself and has hallunication that she is she is speaking to our relatives who are not present about irrelevant topics .She does not like to move or walk.She feel very much tired to walk or do any thing and expects others to do all her work .Her blood examination report is normal except that her uric acid level is slightly higher at 10 mg/dl and blood pressure is 110/70
    She walks with much difficulty with the help of a walker. She lies down and keeps talking to herself and persons who are not present . She urinates while walking or on the bed because cannot control and the time taken to reach the toilet is more. Many times she forgets to take her breakfast or lunch in time .She is very stubborn and does not listen to any one.Kindly help me

  27. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    my son has been struggling with schizophrenia for the past 16 years. I have been researching homeopathic medicine for him to reduce and hopefully at some point replace the chemical medicine. He’s very hard headed and doesn’t accept new treatment. He doesn’t go to any homeopathic doctor. He has auditory hallucination. he has delusion of grandeur. He believes that he has great ideas that can save our world from all the miseries and unbalances. He is restless, anxious. he has mood disorder. very happy or depressed. He’s very smart and has a great memory. very peaceful and pleasant person. How can I engage him to try natural remedies? can he take it while he is on chemical medication ?
    Please advise me how to help him!

  28. Dear Doctor my mom is suffering from Schizophrenia
    Problem she talks lonely reacts on face gives smile without reason she always talk lonely she always tell that no body respect her no body loves her no body regards her in small factor she reacts always.
    Sir kindly suggest me the best medicine in homeopathy will it cureable kindly reply .

    Reply Please.

    • Kari Stanley says:

      I take anacardium 200c that’s 6 pellets each dose for audible, visual and tactile hallucinations. I’ve been taking it 1 month finally have seen some relief. I’m going to continue taking this until the disorder is gone. Thanks

  29. sir i am suffering from schizphrenia ..and i uses sulphitac od..and sizodone..i will think about god and using harsh words to god always..and think rubbishly abouz god..i am muslim..please suggest one medicine

  30. Piyush Kant Singh says:

    Dear Doctor my wife is suffering from Schizophrenia
    Problem she talks lonely reacts on face gives smile without reason she always talk lonely she always tell that no body respect her no body loves her no body regards her in small factor she reacts always.
    Sir kindly suggest me the best medicine in homeopathy will it cureable kindly reply .

    Reply Please.

  31. Hi,
    My brother is suffering from this condition and is not ready for the treatment as he thinks that others want to harm him including all family members.
    Please let me know how we can go about it without him knowing that we are treating him???

  32. Sir,
    I am taking allopathy treatment. Using atypical antisychotic amisulpride for psychosis and escitalopram for depression. But I am suffering from side effects like weight gain. can I get good treatment in Homeopathy for my illness ?

  33. How can I reach you Dr Sharma?

  34. NASRULLHA says:

    DR SHARMA MY SON WHEN IS 8 years old he is change he leave life is calliping and speak a differnt kind of word i dot know his sleep finesh sorry dr my english is very poor my child know 18 year old he break in thing sundly egersive and fight me take him so many dr elo homeo haerbl some of baba he never come back life i use homeopatic canbis andeica setermioum hoyosmoue ana caerdium it dose not work please help me tell rael medcine

  35. My daughter, Devyani, is suffering from ‘ Delusional Disorder’ asper the diagnosis of psychiatrist. She refuses to see any doctor or take any medicine. She even not taking home food or even water.
    She contracted this disease during her job at Samsung Bangalore. We now have come to know that she was in love but that boy was not interested and complained to her seniors. Thereafter she resigned and is back in Delhi.She has Delusion that Samsung is spying and everybody including family are bribed by Samsung.

    • Dear Doc, my brother can hear voices since last 10 years, after break up with his girlfriend. he thinks everyone is out to destroy him. he specifically gets angry whenever he hears a female talk (may be connecting to his girlfriend), suspicious of everyone , talks to himself or as if the neighbours are present (directing his talk to the walls, etc.). he gets very upset and jealous if we seem happy and does not get proper sleep at nights, moves from room to room as he hears the voices. pls guide what treatment to give him, and the duration. tks

      • F. Abbott says:

        I am a clinical psychologist and am looking for holistic ways to treat a client of mine that has schizophrenia,who is physically active but has sudden outbursts of anger while living at home with his mother and father. He is currently taking daily 600 mg of clozaril

  36. My wife is suffering from schizophrenia from last more than ten years, allopathy, ayurvedic medicines did not have long term effect. Medicines were discontinued as she refuseed and not agree to go to doctor. First two symptoms as shown in article are there predominantly and also third one partially. Will you please suggest in what combination and potency these medicines are to be taken. Tapan (husband)

  37. Namaste dr sharma my son age 32 suffering some problem of doubts and think that someone making plots against him .He wants to live alone don’t want to mix society He has taken allopathy medicine under psycestic medicine name is sulpitac 50 .After 7 months he left again symptoms arise . Pls sir help me suggest me homeopathy medicine I will always thankful to you.

  38. Dear Dr Sharma,19yrs old boy has auditary hellucinations,scared of people,thinks they will harm him or kill him.he has disordered speech .can I give him anacardium Oriental.hyocyamus nigerand cannabis indica together?

    • sunil kumar says:

      sir my name is sunil and i m very upset from a delusion that i hav a problem in panis means my full consideration is running whole day and night in this problem . and due to this its occure in original and dip dip may simaon discharge from may panis .. and due to tension i ma lso taking medicine for insomania in actual i hav no sexual problem bt i dont know why i think so and during walk , sitting and travel my considtarion when goes to such point its slowly slowly move to actual and feel very irritating my helath going down day by day i take may ayurvedic medicine but fail .. so plz tell me a good medicine for this dilusion .. when i take a drug like alcohol i feel relex from the problem but i dont want to take such drug plz help me

  39. ramesh satpal says:

    respected sir, my daughter is suffering from schiz. since 2006.DISORDER of speech,hallucination and delusion. She is taking allopathy medicine Solian -200 and VENTEB XL- 75 EACH PER DAY.Kindly suggest homeopathy treatment


    Dear sir,

    My wife is suffering from schizophrenia. It started around one year back, now it is increased. She always says our neighbors talk to her, and she talk herself, thinking talking with them. Some time shouting against them, she is not able to work. She says they are controlling whole world through electric and magnetic, they have some machine, they are terrorists, to escape from police they hold us and controlling everybody. Some time she cry. She don’t come to doctor, if doctor give medicine she throw it. Please suggest me what to do? How to cure it.



    PH . 9880254802

    • G. Saravanan says:

      Diagnosed with Psychosis (or) Schizoprenia Negative Symptoms. He has all the negative symptoms of schizoprenia. Treated wrongly for OCD by one Psychiatrist for 3 months. Got nervous disorders, so stopped. Started treatment at AIIMS for the last two years with Amisulpride, Nexito, Betacap TR or Betacap and colonozapem. But tremors, movement disorders, etc. continued. But slowly increased the dose due to occasional triggers and worsening of symptoms. Till December, 2017, he was given 200 mg + 200 mg Amisulpride daily. Unfortunately, he developed Akasthisia (urge to move and walk incessantly with involuntary movements and tremors). Therefore, dosage reduced to total 250 mg now. But he has started showing the same symptoms, including Akasthisia and other symptoms of schizoprenia, including neck movement after withdrawal. So we are in dilemma – whether to cotninue the same dose or not. If we continue, there is side effect. If we withdraw, then also side effect. Please let me know how to get out of this situation?

  41. Dear Dr. I am a mess. I hear voices (ruined my brain thinking of horrific shit to make them go away) i have panic attacks and high Anxiety.

    And to top it off OCD Horrific thoughts that circle and i can’t make go away, I am having a hard time stopping the thoughts. its like i gotta play everything out to the end. I’ve tried all the anti psychs drugs, to no avail. is there something that i can try holistically?

    I’ve tried to research cbt therapy also to no avail. i hate my thoghts i deal with my voices call me all sorts of names because of my crap ass thoughts which all stems from them anyhow.

  42. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am 36 and started having auditory hallucinations since April last year after being rejected in a relationship. I am currently taking Risperdoon and anti-depressants. Still hearing criticizing voices and the medication has caused me to gain weight and leaves me feeling tired and demotivated.

    Starting a new challenging job on Monday and terrified that I won’t be able to cope and make a fool of myself

    Please suggest the most effective treatment?


  44. Courtney Morgan says:

    I’m so appreciative for this type of platform, it gives us all opportunity to openly share our experiences without fear of shame. It is no longer a news that there is permanent cure to schizophrenia. My daughter was diagnosed of schizophrenia 15 years ago, over those time, I spent more time in hospital than out of hospital without much improvement. It was difficult and humbling, but we’re so proud that we’ve done it all to save her, finally she sign herself into using CONSUMMO treatment. She now think more clearly. She has grown as a person in all facets of life. She more compassionate, intelligent, wise, sociable, and actionable! For more detail on Consummo, kindly visit this blog, And if you have used this medicine, I will advice you create an awareness to help others. Thank you.

  45. Mary Firestone says:

    Hi, Im looking for a homeopathic Dr. To help my son. He is 25 and suffering with schizophrenia. Please tell me if you can help or refer me to someone who can. Thank you very much.

  46. I can hear voices in my head constantly. I keep forgetting every minute. Someone thinks inside me.i need your advice.

  47. looking for a homeopathic remedy for fear of the future . Patient is depressed and anxious~ afraid that he will not be able to survive alone in teh future. Afraid of ill fortune in the future. Tends to be a loner most of the time, but afraid to be all alone as they get older. Days are filled with either severe depression, or extreme anxiety. Pt. has been taking both arsenicum album, as well as aurum, because he feels he can’t go on anymore, and that he is doomed. The fear and delusions of the future and loss are very heightened. Please suggest a remedy. ( the patient’s constiutional remedy is aurum, and arsenicum album is used often as well. Nothing is really helping, however, at this time)

  48. Blured vision while facing people and different atmosphere.moreover hearing others mind

  49. Harish Chandra Pathak says:

    Sir, A 26yr yr adult has following symptoms since last 10 yrs…
    1. remains silent
    2. no care of himself, remains naked,his cloths remain dirty.
    3. when asked something remains silent, or doe’nt reply ,or
    his reply is short,ununderstable.
    4. he walks aimlessly on his own.
    5. seldom obeys commands
    Symptom no 2 was some allopathic tt,which are still going on
    Ps suggest accordingly
    Thanks H C Pathak


  51. Avishek Sahu says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been advised amisulpride 50. To avoid its significant side-effects, I want to try homeopathy. Could you suggest a homeopathic equivalent to this. If you are looking for a dominant symptom to be addressed, it would be persecution complex more than anything else. Please let me know if I could make a payment for this consultation I am choosing to make online through this message.

    Kind Regards,

  52. My mother had schizophrenia since 1968 and she had been taking allopathic medicine eskazine and pacitin upto 1997
    Now i m giving her ayurvedic medicine medha vati
    She resembles all the syptoms which are given in lachesis and hyoscyamus niger and also auditory hullcination of anacardium medium
    And i want to that with lachesis abd hyoscyamus niger can we give anacardium ori
    And also guide in which form and how much doses be given
    Thanking you in anticipation

  53. kalimullah khan says:

    My mother is shyzopherenic .she always shout that ghost is coming into home and home is about to collapse so run from home home .she always doubt the relative and neighbours and consider them enemy who will harm her and her children .she rarely sleep .plz help ua out this proble .our life has become now hell

  54. I’m suffering from mental illness schizopheria . I found myself completely lost. I am facing thought disorder sees things like colours . I’m am suffering from one year and it really effects my life my relationship my career . I masturbate on daily basis but known i quit . After finding myself in difficulties. I am taking anti depression medicines but as you known they have side effects . Please tell me a natural way to cure schizopheria . Please tell me any effective medicine of homeopathy . Please do me a favour so I shall be very thankful to you.

  55. Hi, I suffer from PTSD and schizophrenia. I have found several remedies which seem to be perfect pictures for treating various aspects of these two separate but intertwined disorders. My question is do I take one remedy at a time until those specific issues are gone, or can I take multiple remedies and treat multiple aspects at the same time? The answer seems to be one or two at a time, and to take my time healing. I have been battling for most of my life. I am nearly 40 and frantic at times with how much of my life has been swallowed by unwellness.

  56. Hi , my child is 8 yrs old and had undergone multiple major surgeries since birth. He has been in early intervention therapy a lot. Unfortunately when he started public school , he started becoming less interactive and when we started therapy for autism, he started becoming really frustrated and aggressive. I had to.pull him out from school. He has now become really agitated and aggressive behaviours when he does not know hw to express his needs,or feel uncomfortable or feel anxious . He is non-minimally verbal.

  57. Thank you for this. I am just getting into research. My daughter is exhibiting signs of schizophrenia (I am a mental health therapist, not a psychiatrist-majority of my clients have schizophrenia). She has delusions, excessive talking, paranoid delusions that something is always there about to appear, auditory hallucinations of whispers, religious mania, continuous talking, and fear of darkness. She is 11. What do I need to give to her, and how much. I DO NOT want to go the medication route for my child if I don’t have to. Thank you so much!!

  58. My son is suffering from Schizoaffective disorder for the past 12 years and recently inspite of the medicines he is taking he still has disorganized speech and constant talking which does not make sense. It will be very helpful if you could suggest some Homeopathic remedies. We are living near Boston and appreciate your kind help.

  59. brijesh patel says:

    Is pschizophrenia is completely curable or you just provide symptomatic relief?

  60. my friends daughter 40 yes old diagnosed Sczhophrenia is ok 95 percent as long as she takes allopathic medicine PRODEP 10 mg one tablet morBing and one tablet ARIP MT 5 mg at sleep time and advised by doctor for life time.Please suggest equivalent HOMEOPATHIC medicine —Thanks (can she have a baby? will baby be normal?

  61. you have not mentioned any medicine for delusion of control. My son aged 21 is suffering from delusion of thought broadcast for last two years. Earlier, he was suffering from fear, anxiety etc. His symptoms of thought broadcast did not respond to respridone and even closapine. He is taking 400 mg of closapine daily for last one year. With the use of closapine, he is better and stable but symptom of thought broadcast still persists. what do you recommend please

  62. Rajesh Singh says:

    Sir,my wife is 34years old and we have two son,she is suffering from schizophrenia and she is taking allopathic medicine for last 12years .But not getting better response,what is another scope and it’s monthly treatment we in Bharuch Gujarat.thanks.

  63. Laxmi H Mehta says:

    Hello how are you? My son is diagnosis with schizophrenia please let me know that it can be treated with homeopathic medicine my no 919 455 1700 thanks

  64. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    It’s about my Son. He is now 37 y.o.
    He suffers of depression since he was 20 y.o. With one manic episode at the beginning.
    He was taking lithium and antidepressant for 5 years. Was in remission for 1 year.
    Then was trying some stimulants and ended up in a hospital.
    Last year his father past away (suicide).
    My son took it hard. Was depressed. And was given dextroamphetamin by his doctor. For ADHD.
    After 3-4 month he become psychotic.
    I convinced him to stop that medication. And then he got obsessed with religion.
    At some point said that he is Messia. Prays mornings and nights. Growing beard.
    Think that people watching him and talk about him. Installed motion camera in his apartment to watch if
    somebody would get in his apartment and do something to curse him.
    Live alone, no friends.
    Doesn’t work, cannot concentrate.
    Normally his is very smart an funny with great sense of humor, very good looking. Not now.
    I came across homeopathy, but need help and guidance.
    Please, Dr. Sharma, if there is anything can help my Son to get back to normal state of mind and normal life?
    With best regards, Mother.

  65. Hi. My husband is 40 years old. He was diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder, bipolar type in his early 20s. He takes Risperdone and Trileptal. However he still has very prominent symptoms. Can you recommend something, preferably just one supplement as he tries to take as few different meds as possible.

    Thanks so much!

  66. Do you know of any doctors who are successful in this area in new jersey or Philadelphia.

  67. Jennifer says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I suffer from schizoaffective disorder. I hear voices. I feel things that are not there. Bipolar is my other part of schizoaffective disorder. I have really more depression more than mania. I take meds for it and it helps but the voices and feeling things that are not there haven’t went away. And I really don’t like conventional meds, because of the damage it is doing to my body. And they are not a cure they are just a bandaid. But with those being my symptoms. What would you recommend?

    • My family member has symptoms as below:
      People talk about her, especially about her sexual parts.
      People are trying to harm her, insult her
      Does not go out of home.
      As such she prepares food etc at home for every body.
      Another observation is that she does not have control while shopping, sh often purchases things in large number, bed sheets 15, suits 10 at any one time.
      Recollects some events involving some known person insulted her, that person is still after her life and causing damage to her.
      On allopathic medicine Espzine plus for 20 yrs, normally remains ok , but sometimes go in loop of past events, which never took place.
      Some times feels like weeping and feels comfortable after weeping.
      She has occasional, left half body pain for which I gave her Lachesis, which gives her relief.
      Could you pl help

    • I hear voices I have auditory hallucinations plz give me medicine to cure this disease

  68. James Gerding says:


    Thank you for “Homeopathic Remedies for Schizophrenia.”

    Would you agree that if one is not “medicated” and/or while handling environmental stresses healthfully, if a severe panic attack occurs, one can exhibit nervous break symptoms that are difficult to “return” from?

    Do you advocate cannabis indica as a viable treatment option, an initial treatment option, and/or a last resort treatment option? For instance, I was diagnosed with treatment resistant depression. When I was introduced to stimulant attention deficit medication, it was the only “anti-depressant effect” medication that did wonders for me in 15 years.

    I was accepted into my state’s cannabis prescription program & doing well for some time, until it seemed negative side-effects would appear 24-48 hours later. Are there underlying chemicals in cannabis indica strains that are fairly dominant in cannabis sativa strains? I ask because sativa and hybrid strains are typically dangerous for me, because of the potential for high anxiety & even panic.

    I threw out my cannabis card & cannabis a few weeks ago when I thought it was doing me more harm than good. However, I am well-known, especially with family for giving a treatment option very little time & patience for possible effectiveness & healing. Quite lost & wandering.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hello
      I’m not sure if Dr. Sharma ever answered your question or ever answered any of the questions people have asked on this site.
      I am a homeopath in the US. Your question about cannibas is a good one. Both strains of cannabis are joneopathic remedies meaning taking cannabis in its herbal form is. Ot good. I was trained as a homeopath to give the homeopathic version of either canbabis indica or cannabis sativa to people that were using it regularly recreationally or for treating a medical issue and began to develoo negative mental side effects.
      If you can get the homeopathic remedy of these strains of cannabis, read an on line homeopthic Materia Medica of each one to see which fits your experience.
      Keep in mind, if you decide to try homeopathy, you must abstain from drinking coffee both caffeinated or decaf, mint in any form, eucalyptus and other strong- smelling essential oils like camphor, peppermint, tea tree oil, neem etc. Mint mouthwashes and toothpastes. What homeopaths suggest is finding a homepathic-friendly version of these products made with lemon, orange or cinnamon. Once you are set up with these products and can abstain from coffee and other things mentioned, you can try homeopathy to see if can help with your mental issues.
      When using homeopathy for mental issues, I was trained to use the higher potencies like a 200c . If you are trying homeopthy on your own, start a journal and keep take of your feelings before and after taking the remedy. Note the potency, how you felt a day, a week and a few weeks after taking it. If you felt better after taking a dose of remedy and then all of a sudden it just stopped working, you may have antidoted it. Track down an LM potency of this remedy if it seemed to be helping and take this potency instead of the 200c. LM potencies can be taken more frequently, especially if you are in either a work situation or family situation where others around uou are using substances that are antidoting your remedy outside of your control.

  69. Shova bhowmick says:

    My sister is 80 years lying g I bed for 3 years for broken of head of left side femur bone no operation can be done for her age now his suffering helucination see water floating on water seeing g death people taking g to them , no epistemology not want to to eat . Please suggest homeopathic medicine and dose

  70. Ankita Garg says:

    Doctor,I am 26yrs, wants to stay alone,away from my parents,critical of everybody including my parents,have got delusions towards life’s philosophy, detached from the realities of life, abusive towards my parents.
    Recently diagonised to be suffering from Schizophrenia.
    I am a Sepia characteristic woman.
    Have taken Sepia10M at an interval of 3months as per the advice of a Homeopath.
    Is it the correct medicine and potency?
    Feeling no relief.

  71. My 18 year old son has schzophrenia and has just started taking clozapine anything else he can have thankyou

  72. This is Jawed from India, age 34 unmarried. I was suffering from anxiety since 2011 but it was not big issue and I was OK, until in 2015 June I started feeling severe pain on both sides of neck, severe confused mind when walking or riding and when studying or writing. Furthermore I feel severe body fatigue and little walk makes me tired. Also I feel pain in neck. Severe hopelessness and no desire to work and marriage but I was not like this 2 years before. Very ambitious and intelligent sharp minded I was. Also I bow find hard in focussing on something and least interest in anything. Mind feel numb and remain mostly at home . Pain at both side of neck and continuous confusion and inability to do things literally killing me.also I think lot about trivial issue which got less imp and if something went wrong I keep thinking about it why I did this.

    Also I have chronic allergy rhinitis and rhinosinus due to which i avoid cold things and dust exposure but situation has worsened and now white mucus coming fr chest and coughing at night.

    I have been running after doctor since two years and already took homeopathy of 4 doctors but no relief. Tjey diagnosed as depression but medicine dis not work and also no much relief in allergy. They prescribe 6-7 medicines which I had to take 12-13 times and it was horrible.

    One homeopath said u have scheOphrinia and illusion problem and told some symptoms which did match to my case like hopelessness, no desire to do anything and all neck pain and back is associated with it.he too gave several medicines but I refused to take and decided to consult some classical homeopath.

    I desperately need help from some good expert homeopath whi can suggest me good remedy which I could follow.

    I will highly appreciate if some renowned dr can take my case and assist as i have already water lacks of rupees and still no imprvement.

    Anyway right now i am taking one allopathic medicine who also said is depression . There is some improvements in cognitive impairment nut not much in neck pain and confused mind.

    Thanks and allahay bless you with health and prosperity for noble deed.

  73. Tyrone Crofton Home says:


    My mother aged 80 suffers from hallucinations. She sees children coming to her then running away, room full of people, somebody offering her cold drink, child putting some cake into her mouth, etc. She exhibits constant laughing tendency for no reason, & at times I feel she is going to burst out laughing for no sensible reason. Eyes also have a strange bright look. not normal. Suspicious nature, feels people are discussing her negatively. Feels she may have some disease or the other. Thoughts of being treated like a princess. Inability to relax & appears to be in a constant hyper state. At night sleep seems to be ok but she has a tendency to place her right hand on her right forehead just above the eye. I think hallucinations occur either during the afternoon or in the middle of the night.

    Would be grateful if you could kindly prescribe some homeopathic remedy with recommended dosage, please.

    Warm Regards,

  74. SANGITA SINGH says:

    Hello sir….
    My daughter is 26 years old. she hear voices. 1)she hear real voices and she transforms it according to her thought as if they are laughing on her or telling foolish to her.
    2). very suspicious(some times starts shouting shut-up- shut-up.why are you laughing on me or talking about me.
    3). she think that people are reading her mind,cameras are there, she tells that people are her mind through mobiles..
    4) she thinks that people are disturbing her from outside and passing comments on her, her bad images which comes in her mind..
    5) suicidal tendency.
    6) she asks tell me what wrong i have done…..
    7) some times she removes clothes from the goddess in imagination…..





  75. Hello sir… brother is 23 year old. He is lots of time spend in bithroom like 5-6 hr for
    bathing (but not daily bathing)And 1-2hr doing handwash….from 6 months he take excessive cleaning. he is nothing say anyone. He don’t go anywhere. he is seatting continue onlyone place on his bed And whole day watching tv. he don’t show any emotions.
    Otherwise he is very intelligent student and social kind of boy.
    Sir please tell me whats problem he have and solutions also.

  76. Mashao Mamazi says:

    My son is hearing voices,he is currently studying at Bloemfontein University and I just received a call that he is being put into a psychiatry care for observation,for two weeks.he is very sane, this voices become severe when he is studying.This hsa been going on since April 2017.Doctors advised him to discontinue his studies.Please help.

  77. Jalajakshi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My father suffering past 5yrs with schizophrenia, he was taking Depron-l, but no improvement. He is 65-year-old. Himself taking, negative believe, anxiety telling stories like some body hearing and recording.
    Please suggest homeopathy medicines.


  78. Elaine Cruz says:

    Hello Dr Dharma,
    My daughter is also suffering from schizophrenia since 2008. She is under treatment giving clozapine from the last 2 years. Can she be treated with homeopathy. Can schizophrenia be fully cured by these medicines?
    Please reply.


  79. Samia Aurangzeb says:

    Hello Dr Dharma.My brother is suffering from schizophrenia from the last 10 years.He is under treatment giving clozapine from the last 7years.Can he be treated with homeopathy. Can schizophrenia be fully cured by these medicines.plz reply Thanks

  80. Akhileshvari says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have a son who is 14 and he has autism. Recently he has begun to experiment with drugs such as alcohol marijuana and LSD despite my warnings. Last Saturday he took all three of these substances at once. Because of his family history of severe mental illness, mainly schizophrenia, I am very concerned about his future mental health.
    Is there any homeopathic treatment that can negate the effects of the drugs he has already taken and prevent future psychosis?
    Thank you for your time and expertise.
    Akhileshvari, writing from Australia.

  81. Miriam Bulori says:

    Hi dr Sharma, I am writing about my brother 54 years old male who has schizophrenia, his symptoms are mostly he talks with himself , his speaking is not normal, he repeat things (like he forgets he already said it), he has a short loud fake laugh that he does after most things he or someone else’s does, he draws lines and line likes all the time, he draws in all the walls and floor of his room, also he has been smoking 2 packs cigarettes a day which we helped him to cut it to 1 pack a day recently, and he has been drinking 20 cups of black teas per day which again we helped him to switch to herbal teas (in the morning cleaning and detox teas and chamomile lavender tea in the afternoon), his symptoms are better (lighter) now than when he was younger! He is a loner and does not like to socialize at all, his eyes and around his eyes are sick looking, he likes to listen to music and he listens to radio all day long, he likes music videos as well. When we were teens and we still didn’t know about his illnes he had touched both of my younger sisters’ privates when they were sleeping! I am the oldest sister in the family, he has to inject Haldol every 10 days and when he does his symptoms become really strong for 2-3 days! And his hands start shacking real bad also. When I was reading about homeopathic remedies for schizophrenia I thought Lachesis was the closest! But am not sure, please advise what you think is the best for him if you can, I really appreciate, I am going to take care of him for the next few months, I am totally broke and both of us have only governmental insurance which is very limited on choice of doctors and meds!!! Thank you and god bless you

  82. Laxmi mehta says:

    Hello Dr Sharma my son 32 years suffering from hearing voices for 8 years would like to get treatment thanks my no whattup 919 455 1700 thanks

    • leslie lunn says:

      Dr. Sharma,

      I have a 18 year old son who was diagnosed with Schziphrenia and he constantly talks to himself, laughs out loud for no apparent reasons, move his mouth as though he is talking to someone. He has been taking more than 15 different medications for this last six to seven years but nothing is effective. He now to the point where he cannot get him school work completed. Appreciate any suggestions to help his condition.

  83. Chris Moore says:

    Dr. Sharma
    My son had a bad drug intake and ended up taking risperdone for about 2 years. He does not talk, I have not found a natural cure to help him to have a decent conversation. When he does try to talk, he gets caught up like ” a cat has got his tongue”. When he does talk, it takes him a while to get it out. Please advise.

  84. HI Dr. Sharma,
    I have been dealing with schizophrenia as well as other mental disorders for the past 10 years. I have auditory hallucinations, paranoid thoughts, irritability, anxiety, depression, mood instability. I am coping quite well with everything, learned a lot over the years, but there is more the puzzle. What in terms of homeopathy can help me? I am ready to move on from pharmaceuticals to something more natural. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and believe all of this is because of it. I am not giving up the fight.
    Thank you, Alex

  85. Charlotte A. Francisco says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I was a dental hygienist and the government used me to police a very large number of dental offices. Long story short, now they say it didn’t happen and I’m a paranoid schizophrenic. This started in 2001 and I was homeless for over 5 years. I then worked off and on in Cheyenne, Wy. I lost my job, because the business closed. I moved to Yukon, Oklahoma and did not have a very successful experience.

    I’m now trying to get on disability because no matter what I do, I just keep getting made fun of when I try.
    I don’t want to be on medications. Is there any course of treatment that would satisfy the medical and government requirements for treatment, for this alleged disease that they have forced upon me to get me to shut up??

    I thank you for your assistance. I pray that you help me so I don’t end up a brain dead zombie!! Please help me.

    Charlotte A. Francisco

  86. Dear sir . My mother sufering brain tumer. Last Year opareted now she is trited by prasant banergy medicen ruta6,cp3x.arncupmet200,lachise200,hysam200,mv200,but her present syemtos is she is notspeek praper worde. Move randamly atensionprablem set close her eye .i also Localy ade a medicn anacadium oriantal. Plese advice

  87. hello Dr.

    myself tathagat, i dont know what is exactly happen with me but this is true that as symptoms appear since my childhood it looks like schizophrenia. so it is my kind request plz guide me. what should i do to come out from it or maitain a normal life. i have taken many times one year regularly medical treatment from a homeopathic doctor. i feel it will never come, but it appears again.

    i am doing my best to maintain my normal life, but sometimes it looks difficult. but now i have problem with loss of memory, headache, nervousness and loss of confidence.

    so plz help me.

  88. I m suffering from schrizophrenia from 10 years can you help me

  89. 14 years old, sadness comes and goes . Seeing and hearing voices and hallucinations of people from other times , telling me to harm myself, disorganized thoughts and speech , unable to organize my school work and tasks on a daily basis, brain won’t shut off. Always chaotic. Drugs like ssri just made it worse.

  90. कुलदीप says:

    नाम कुलदीप । आयु-27 बर्ष
    श्री मान जी कृप्या हमारी समस्या का समाधान करने का कष्ट करे ।
    ●अत्यधिक मानसिक तनाव,चिन्ता,चिडचिडापन
    ●मन का सदैव काल्पनिक विचारो मे रहना
    ●अकेले मे स्वयं से वाते करना,अतीत की घटनायो को सोचकर
    ●अकारण हॅसना,भावुक होना
    ●सोच समझ की कमी
    ●उचित निर्णय लेने मे असमर्थ
    ●याद्दाश्त,एकाग्र्ता,आत्मविश्वास की कमी,अध्ययन मे अरूचि
    ●सोते समय सेक्स सपनो के साथ स्वप्नदोष(प्रति सप्ताह)
    ●शारीरिक कमजोरी,आलस

  91. Susie Arviso says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 35. At age 22 she went into her first full blown psychosis. She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia a couple years ago. None of the antipsychotic meds they’ve given her have helped. What’s more — they have given her ‘new” ones that turned out to be ones she previously tried, under a different name. This gives me the sense that Psychiatry is a racket, money-mongering scam. I also have great reason to believe these medications are potentially destructive and dangerous.
    In the meantime, I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter whom I value and love.

    Her symptoms include hearing voices, talking to imaginary people, mood changes, thinking “God” is criticizing her, hysterical laughter at times, crying for no apparent reason, not making sense in her speech, sadness, and moments of lucidity when she seems fine and her normal self. She often has no situational awareness which causes her to forget important things and loses things, like keys, her purse, etc. She’s gone to jail at least twice for forgetting to pay for driving tickets or not getting her car registered.

    Please write or call me. I would like to know about a different way to treat her as mentioned in the above article. Thank you,

    Susie Arviso

  92. Hello Dr Sharma, My sister suffer mental illness like Schizoophrenia, she gets delusion thoughts like someone is trying to harm her and that someone is getting in her home and watching her. She does admit that she have problem or any illness, she believe she is fit and does not have any medical issue with her, she refuse to take medication which doctor priscribe her Olanzapine.

    Dr Sharma could you please help me if you can advise me which home remedy would be best without causing any side effect and she get cure quickly permanently. Where Olanzapine is cause sleepy and drowsy. Please advise which home remedy I should give to my sister and where I should be able to purchase and not to expensive. Thanks

  93. Sharon Kurtz says:

    I’m diagnosed as Schizoaffective disorder but believe it is trauma I suffered or PTSD. What is the best homeopathic remedy for this. Also I do get paranoid at time.

  94. Anjana Singh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma this is Anjana singh from Patna India. I am mother of 19 yes old son. He is very brilliant child from beginning but due to illness his studies get hampered. When he was in eleventh he got delusional thought of somebody chasing him when returning from coaching. Any body has kept camera and plotting against him. In this way illness started. I immediately rushed to psychiatrist. Then after his medication started. After then I changed three psychiatrist and then settled to Dr. Satiyasa Singh Aiims Patna. He decreased his dose slowly and now he is at least dose of medicine. He is taking only arizep 10 mg once in night. He is stable now and studying Engineering computer science ist year. But as a mother I think he must completely recover again become a happy child as he used to be in past. One thing I tell you I have read a lot about this illness and came to in conclusion that it is genetic. So I need your advice and homeopathic remedy. Thanking you and hoping for your reply

  95. Rachel Page says:

    Dr. Sharma

    My brother has been on medication 20 years for his schizophrenia. His doctor has said it has damaged his kidney. Now he wants to take him off his medication. My family is very concerned how we can help him manage. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  96. I am aged 68 and suffering from type 2 diabetes for the past 30 years. I am controlling it by reduced intake of food, minimum exercise like vajrasana and allopathic medicines like glynase5mg and glycomate 500 three times? i also took homeopathic medicines, but no use. Is a cure possible by which I can resume normal food?

  97. how do you treat auditory hallucinations?
    what is the dosage of the medication, how do i take it and for how long?

  98. NoorMohammed says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My wife is suffering of schizophrenia and I am very concerned about her life and health. She is living restless life without joy and interest. I really need your kind assistance. As you mentioned name of homeopathy remedies on this website but you have not mentioned potency , doses , etc I hope that you will reply me

  99. Utpal Choudhury says:

    My Brother is suffering from a mental disorder past 3 years. His symptoms are he talks to himself for days, there a some hand gestures like – creating circles with both hands, he will remain this way for days – say 20 days and then he will get his senses back and will be normal.

    The history of my brother, he use to work for a BPO for some years. He lost his job after the process closed down. He then came back home to help my Dad with our home construction, since then he is at home.

    Please suggest which medicine would be good for him.

    Regards ,
    Utpal Choudhury

  100. Deborah Baker Payne says:

    Happy New Year Dr Sharma, My name is Deborah Baker, I am vegan, who has Bipolar 1 for many many years, my sonJerome Leader whos non vegan has Schizophrenia for 8 years. We both passionately dislike side effects of medication, which I refuse to take, but son has been on/off medication. Its been a long rough challenging journey for us both finding a caring inexpensive ND, recieving limited SSI low income, effortless trying too heal our grueling aliments with NO real proper caring support too be able reccommend, recieve and purchase homeopathic Schizophenia (Phosphorus, Anacardium Orientable, Cannabis Indica) remedies without an ND approval. I would truly appreciate if you can possibly help us. Thank You So Kindly! 323-399-9115, Deborah Baker Payne

  101. Hello dr. sahib, my sn is 25years old,& is a aerospace engineeer& now tuts physics to +1& +2 students on competitions level. He had problem of Schizophrenia first time in 2009.He had given d treatment. Bt after 6 months or one year, he relapsed. There is side effects of olianz 7 lononzep .I m very helpless. my son is very intelligent bt when d problem occurs,we cant do anything.main symptom is delusion of persecution and the patient feels that others are making some plot against him. auditory hallucinations,Disorganized speech Please suggests me d medicines in homeopathic Or in Ayurvedic.I will be very thankful to u

  102. My wife is suffering from age 46 years,effect from 10 years. medicine -Amis 200, clomach 25, floxin 60. BUT NO CURE .Please guide me to treat her in a better way with homeopathy/naturepathy
    main symptom is delusion of persecution and the patient feels that others are making some plot against him. auditory hallucinations,Disorganized speech Please tell me I can apply this medicine 1.Hyoscyamus Niger 2.Anacardium Orientale
    Samit Dutta

  103. Dear Dr Shrama,

    My wife is suffering from Schizofernia. Please guide me to treat her in a better way with homeopathy/naturepathy
    main symptom is delusion of persecution and the patient feels that others are making some plot against him. auditory hallucinations,Disorganized speech Please tell me I can apply this medicine 1.Hyoscyamus Niger 2.Anacardium Orientale
    Samit Dutta

  104. Dr.Sharma please!
    My brother Akberali was attacked by Schizopherinia in 1976 after the deah of my father whom he loved very much. A that time he did not weep and remained clamed for couple of days, the we realized and took him to the pchyiatrist, who advised modicate injection with serance 5 mg one daily alongwith Kamardin 1 daily. Within one week’s time he became okayed and refused to take medicine as he said that he is okay why he should take medicine, but the doctor insisted to give him medicine in water but it did not serve 100% treatment. The time passed away and we gave him this treatment for three months more. I waned to tell you that he was listening voices and he hands out his hands in the air and was telling something which we could not understood. However now about 41 yeas have gone, the medicines have changed an now he is stable not listening any voices etc.but remembers his old friends and father who died. He is presently taking sizopin 100 mg, serenace 5 mg one and kamadrin 1 daily. He get trouble in walking. He do not care his shave and clothes, but he is stable…we want him that he should atleast care himself in clothing, shaving etc. Doctor, please let me know, I am his brother, what we should do more for him, any better treatment, you can advise us, please let me know. Thanks and regards, (Anwerali)

  105. Ashwin Kumar Mishra says:

    Namaste sir,my father age of 80 has diagnosed schizophrenia and Parkinson.he is talking sizep 10 at bed time.from September 2013 he is under treatment for.
    He used to talk as well when alone but keep silence in public.don’t recognize or not want to recognize mother died in2001.after he and my younger brother lives in village.i live apart from him.but unfortunately my brother got expired in 2011.after he was any cure possible sir.

  106. Mojhy awazy ati hy insano ki kabhi koi orat kabhi koi mard kabhi koi jin kabhi koi mawakil tang karny lagta hy koi nazar nahi ata .kabhi kabhi mojhy koi kam karny ki hidayat ki jati hy kabhi ye awazy drati hy 15 sal se me Dr. Se ilaj kar wa rhi ho mager soty me awazy ati hy .dawai khati ho tu din me awazy nahi ati mager soty me koch na koch sonai deta hy. A

  107. Hello Dr Sharma,

    After completing pre-med college in Germany and I did not get admission to medical school(2006). I tortured my self for about a year for not doing so well. Later I tried to rewrite the exam within a short time , despite a full time job.

    What happened was that I begun to hear voices. And Grandiosity.

    I have had treatment on pills for typhoid encaphalopathy since 2007 till May, 2016 when I refused to take the medicine again , because I started fearing for the excessive weight gain.
    During this period, I occasionally feel the Grandiosity coming when work stresses me. When I rest well, it seems to vanish.
    On 5th December, the Grandiosity returned strongly , so I was sent to hospital and put under medication again.

    The doctor said because I stopped taking the drugs, that is why it came back, because the bad neurotransmitters accumulated.

    I am now in Africa. Can you please help me to get healing completely and how. Because I know deep down I can be treated completely and not rely on pills all my life.

  108. Hello Dr Sharma,

    After completing pre-med college in Germany and I did not get admission to medical school(2006). I tortured my self for about a year for not doing so well. Later I tried to rewrite the exam within a short time , despite a full time job.

    What happened was that I begun to hear voices. And Grandiosity.

    I have had treatment on pills for typhoid encaphalopathy since 2007 till May, 2016 when I refused to take the medicine again , because I started fearing for the excessive weight gain.
    During this period, I occasionally feel the Grandiosity coming when work stresses me. When I rest well, it seems to vanish.
    On 5th December, the Grandiosity returned strongly , so I was sent to hospital and put under medication again.

    The doctor said because I stopped taking the drugs, that is why it came back, because the bad neurotransmitters accumulated.

    I am now in Africa. Can you please help me to get healing completely and how. Because I know deep down I can be treated completely and not rely on pills all my life.

  109. says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    After completing pre-med college in Germany and I did not get admission to medical school(2006). I tortured my self for about a year for not doing so well. Later I tried to rewrite the exam within a short time , despite a full time job.

    What happened was that I begun to hear voices. And Grandiosity.

    I have had treatment on pills for typhoid encaphalopathy since 2007 till May, 2016 when I refused to take the medicine again , because I started fearing for the excessive weight gain.
    During this period, I occasionally feel the Grandiosity coming when work stresses me. When I rest well, it seems to vanish.
    On 5th December, the Grandiosity returned strongly , so I was sent to hospital and put under medication again.

    The doctor said because I stopped taking the drugs, that is why it came back, because the bad neurotransmitters accumulated.

    I am now in Africa. Can you please help me to get healing completely and how. Because I know deep down I can be treated completely and not rely on pills all my life.

  110. Shankarnarayanan says:

    My son now 26 has been taking Antipsychotic medicines for the past 10 years and is still experience Schizoaffective disorder symptoms. Presently he is on VRAYAL 3mg and Saphris 10 mg but still continues to have symptoms of disorganized speech and thoughts. Pl suggest suitable Homeopathy medicines to help him.

  111. Shannon Schumacher says:

    My boyfriend has the persecutory version. He also hears and sees things. when he is in the middle of it he is cold, emotionless, extremely unhappy. Can you please give me some suggestions, so I can have him read up on your treatments. He need something some way to take control so he can be himself

  112. fozia Qaddous says:

    Hello dear Mr shrma my brother hasib is patient of shezofrina since last 5 year. now his history because this is in our family. my mother, two sisters. but they understand theirs desensitisation and took medicine. but my brother said he is not ill and didn’t take any his mantliy conotion is very heist religious and spiritual attitude in himself.he claimed God shows his blessing to him. and he saw lots dream every day and night. cleaned himself every time. and kept fast after a day. offered prayers day to night and not sleep for many days. this condition since last two months. plz help us which homeo pathic medicine we can gI’ve him. olanzapin tablets we gave him but he doesn’t know about it.

    • beverley thompson says:

      Good day doc my dsughter is 33 and she been diagnosed with bipolar and schizophtenia about 7 years ago her medication is resperidone 2mg which she doesnt take please advice me on natursl tresent that can help her its really stressing to see her like this , hallucination etcplease please i desperately need your help

  113. May Althouse says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, My Mother was FINE and functioning Normally clean up till July of this year and then Her medical doctors started changing her medicines and putting her on different medicines and then they told her to stop taking her THYROID medicine COLD TURKEY!!! She had been on the thyroid medicine for 32yrs!!! That’s when us kids noticed that something was going on with our Mom because She kept getting worse and worse (Mind wise). We stepped in and tried to pay attention with what the doctors were doing and put a stop to them messing with her meds, but it was too late!!! Now our Mom just keeps REPEATING herself and is acting more and more unstable in her mind! We tried to put her back on the thyroid medicine, but the doctors keep telling us that her thyroid lab work is fine, even though we try to explain to them that when She is back on it She can function a little more normal!!! Now She has been put in the pyschiatric ward of the hospital against her will and/or ours and they keep giving her these god awful physcotic drugs that are making her very ill and now hallucinating and VERY agitated!! Can you please help us to get her mind back??? I am very familiar with using homeopathic remedies.
    Thank you

  114. Emilio hernandez says:

    Hi. Doc… My wife is unresponsive to her present medication which is invega.. She is still hearing severe voices… I feel so sorry for her. Wish i can do something about it but i cant… Pls. Help me.. Thank you.

  115. Deer Dr,
    My elder Sister facing schizophrenia for last 5years, she taking 5mg Resperidone/day and 10mg haloperidol/day.
    Plz recommend me homeo Medicines by their name and dose for her treatment.
    Thank you

  116. Hello Dr my son has started an episode of psychosis. He was admitted in the hospital after an episode of violent act towards me and my husband. He was treated with 10 mg aripiprazole for three weeks . now he is discharged and refused to take medicine at home. He is 21 year old past6 years he was depressed but never treated. Main symptoms in him is delusion. He is alright with us after the treatment. Which homeo medicine should I give him instead of aripiprazole. Please give me a reply

  117. Hearing sound hallucination & dellusions & felling think as my ownrelatives cheating want to murded any body , prescribe medicine with potency. Thanks

  118. Paul Eisenberg says:

    59 yr old male. childhood paranoid schzio w anti social, disorganized thoughts and speech. on resperidone 1mg 2x day, valium 5mg am for teeth grinding { wear mouth guard at night } & 2.5 mg as needed for mild anxiety, .25mg xanex for higher level of anxiety { not mixing the 2 }. no interest in sex. partnered w g/f 12 years. no symptoms declared by urologist. trazadone 25mg for sleep w .75mg melatonin to stay asleep. want to try homepathic, cannot afford to see a profesional. on ssi, medicade which will not pay for it. psychiatrists i’ve seen will not assist in homepathic. any help would be an advatage. thank you


    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I would like to tell you that my elder son was suffering from schizophrenia . His behavior is delusional, hallucination, depression, always feels some super power (died mother) is talking, lack of desire to form relationship, or to take responsibility. Feeling lose owns reality, restlessness, anxiety, carelessness, social isolation and unhappiness. He is not taking interest in daily life work. He always jealous to his family specially his step mother and talking quarrelling with abusing words. Due to his this behavior he is residing at separate from the family.
    It is therefore requested your good self to kindly advise and give the name of medicine with require doses.

    • Respected Dr. Sharma,
      One of my relative ( Female / 25 year old) have schizosphrenia and have following symtoms ….Her behavior is delusional, hallucination, depression, always feels some sprit is talking, lack of desire to form relationship, or to take responsibility. Feeling lose owns reality, restlessness, anxiety, carelessness, social isolation and unhappiness. He is not taking interest in daily life work.

      Can you please tell me that there is any Homeopathy medicine is available which will cure her symptoms.

  120. My son suffering from mental illness studying B.tech2year giving amigold and oxetol300 etc kindly suggest home medicine

  121. Kshirod Kumar Rout says:

    Dear Dr Shrama,

    My wife is suffering from Schizofernia. Please guide me to treat her in a better way with homeopathy/naturepathy

    K K Rout

  122. sebin thomas says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am taking 200 mg sulphitac in the night and presently I dont have any hallucinations and delusions, but my problem is that I cant study anything and i cannot remember any thing in exam.Can i gradually stop sulphitac.

  123. Dear Dr.Sharma

    My husband is at the moment in hospital for Psychotic disorder, the Psychiatrist first time diagnosed him with depression and anxiety attack and now she is suspecting schizophrenia.

    My husband has been given in the past spiraled for a long time

    She has been giving my husband now isomil, ativan and zyprexa believing that my husband should be on it chronically.

    I have noticed that he has a lot of side effects but she is ignoring that.

    I am desperate. Would you recommend other ways, natural ways to assist my husband?

    Thank you

    Warm Regards


  124. OM PRAKASH BHAGAT says:

    Good morning.I am suffering from enxiety since 4 yrs.taking some medicine like Tynept OD 37.5,Qutan SR 100,and Trazinol 25 mg.simptom like start brething problem,restless ness,enxiety,loss of appetite etc.
    on the support of these medicine fill good but this is not longer solution.please suggest me which homeopathic medicine is good for me.

    • Namastey Dr. saab,

      My 18years son having symptoms of Schizophrenia like aggressive at home, abusive, souting, difficult in study and memorise, uncontorled etc. One of my close Dr. friend prescribed him Olimelt 10mg. We are giving this medicine to my son since two months by diluting it in milk or tea.

      May I request your good self to kindly suggest me substitute of Olimelt in Homeophathy and duration of course as olimelt is suggested for one year. I shall be very thankful to you.

  125. good morning Dr. Sharma

    I want to talk to you first online then i will take appointment from you if moms problem can be cured

  126. Hello Dr, Sharma,

    I have been having musical hallucination since May 2014 after I took Avelox, Nexium and Tetracycline to treat a H. Pylori infection that I did not have. Dr. Dana Chlysta prescribed the medication.

    I keep hearing singing, it is more noise than anything. I can only hear 4 words, yee yah and yah hee. I don’t know what they mean though. My priority is to be cured of the musical hallucination.

    Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.

  127. SHRIDHAR PRASAD says:

    My daughter is suffering from schizophrenia & bipolar disorder since last 18 years back. Can it may be treated through Homeopathy medicine?

  128. Respected Dr. Sharma, My son aged 20 1/2 years is hearing hallucinations of the people staying in our down flat since April 2016. He is on homeopathy medications also since April and the doctors at Dr. Batras told me to consult a psychiatrist also since he had become very violent ( he even took a knife and went down to kill those people but was just standing at their stairs for some time and then came up). So I consulted a psychiatrist who started him with Olimelt and he is under that treatment since June 2016.

    At Dr. Batras’s the homeopathy medicines being given include- Kali phase 6x, sedatife PC, calmavera drops and sometimes they tell me to give him 3 drops of anacardium in half glass of water( once a month).

    But Dr. Sharma, the only improvement is that now he is not getting any suicidal feelings in himself like before but the hallucinations are still there. Before these voices disturbed him everywhere even in his university but now as soon as he enters our flat he starts hearing them again. They tell him all negative things about himself like he is a dumb person, his height will never increase, if he eats too much he will become more fat etc. He is forcing us to change the house otherwise he will never be Ok again. WE have paid rent here till May 2017 so can’t change the house at the moment. Kindly advice

    Is this treatment given to him is Ok as there is no improvement in his hallucinations and is fed up now of those voices.

  129. Shivangi jain says:

    Sir is the treatment of schizophneria possible?? Will the patient will be recovered with full gurantee?? Plzzz sir answer my que apart from medication anything that helps the patient recovering from his condition?

    • Ranjan sinha says:

      My brother present age36 after my father’death in 2004 ,he has been suffering from schizophrenia and mania.
      Syptom— walking aimlessly full day with speed and long k.m
      Sleeping disorder—never sleep during this session without medicine
      Self talkative and hand shaking
      Abused word

      Treatment—From Ranchi Dr.ranjeet neurologist

      Every year this attack after not taking medicine properly

      Now I want homeopathic medicine for permanently cure.

  130. Edgar Farias says:

    Hello Dr Sharma!!

    I´m Dr Farias from Mexico city, actually im doing to investigation about the homeophatic treatment from paranoid Schizophrenia.
    I try to find a cientifical sustention from my investigation, so i asked me if you can help me with some references or where i find that i need
    I am looking forward to you response

  131. To Dr. Sharma
    this is farha Jamal frm shahjahanpur India
    sir.. .my sister nida Jamal is suffering from this disease…. She keeps talking to herself. . Laughs, never get involved in any home activity …she is B. Sc.. B. Ed. In eduCation … Gets frustrated very soon… Almost zero tolerance of other peoples .Please suggest me a medicine for this disease ..
    We have taken the alopathic treatment for a long time. . That is… Abt 2.5 yrs… Nowadays going for the homeopathic treatment.

  132. Dear Doctor,
    My name is P. K. Bharti my son is suffering from Schizophrenia. His age is 35 years and suffering from last 12 years. He is taking drug Sulpitac on doctor recommendation but most of the time he is depressed. Is there any medicine in homeopathy for its cure.
    With Regards
    PK Bharti

  133. Hello doctor.
    My name is Jordan and I am from Bulgaria. We will be endlessly grateful if you can help my sister, she cava Petya and 36 godini.Dushevnoto their suffering resulting from early 2008, after the loss of our father, peace be upon him. From that day she fought, zanimari favorite activities at night could not sleep, began to smoke a lot of cigarettes close to your room, accuses mom that gave birth to it and worsens, chuvtsva that can not think, he says it is not useful to society, can not remember complaining of glavobolie.Rabotila is in different places, but have left because and make remarks. I want to emphasize that my sister graduated with honors mathematics school, then finished college advokat.Nyakolko times is treated in the center psichno health and is now on maintenance therapy -Leponeks 100mg.
    May 2015 because it speaks several languages ​​began working as a host at a prestigious hotel, and to be able to cope with its obligations decided to reduce the dosage of 1/4. Next month June 2015 was pibira on weekends and drink 50 Clozaril tablets 100mg. GLORY OF GOD GOPOD
    a miracle that my sister is zhiva.Kogato we asked her why she did it, she answered us, “My brain woods, so I can not … I’m not working, I have no strength for anything, my brain forests can not wash clothes. I speak slowly, not hear, I have a friend I have friends all day to stay at home “to date, the same thing that not live no forces became aggressive towards our mother, I really miss her, I give anything to be just fine, thank you with all my heart

  134. Dear Dr Sharma
    1) Weakness and restlessness with exhaustion after the slight exertion
    2) Over sensitive to noise ,odors and light. Irritable
    3) Headache and dizziness
    4) unable to have sound sleep

    • Dear Dr Sharma
      1) Weakness and restlessness with exhaustion after the slight exertion
      2) Over sensitive to noise ,odors and light. Irritable
      3) Headache and dizziness
      4) unable to have sound sleep

  135. m k basuray says:

    my nephew is suffering from schizophrenia and as complained by him he is always under command of dead people and always hears theire voices.always gets disturbed and due to this he can not have sleep,he always try to live alone,this problem has been facing for last three months.he is 31 years old,highly qualified,doing service .do you recommend any homeopathy medicine?pl.advice

  136. namaste docter saab, mei behad gambheer dimaagi bimaari se pareshan hu, isame mera dimaag mere sar(khopdi) ko ulta farsh ya jameen par patakne ka aadesh deta hai kisi chalti hui gaadi se sar(khodi) ka upri hissa takraane ka aadesh deta hai, mein nahi jaanta ki ye kon sa pagalpan ya bimaari hai, par ye meri jindgi barbaad kar chuki hai, kai baar is pagalpan se pareshan hokar mene apna sar diwaar par takra diya, jis kaaran mujhe TBI(Trumetic Brain Injury) bhi ho gai, aur meri sochne-samjhne,sahi-galat me fark karane aur koi baat yaad rakhne ki chamta poori tarah se nast ho gai hai, sar please me to this insan illness.

  137. Dear Dr Sharma my brother aged 49, single , is suffering from Shizophrenia he experiences hallucinations and chases ghosts especially at midnight violently striking them with anything in reach. He says he can see my dead mother and talk to her is unable to sleep at night. He was working as a computer hardware engineer and the problem started around three years ago. when he stopped working and cut off communication from everyone ,complained that some one at the office had cast some kind of spell on him– leaves food halfway saying the demons had spoiled his food. Around 15 years ago he desperately wanted to marry a girl who rejected him due to his own fault and he has been unable to deal with it. He blamed it on a number of people . i believe the trouble stems from this rejection. He loves spicy foods not very fond of food. in 2008 he confessed to me that his mind was not working right but the malady did not effect him

    • Dear Dr Sharma my brother aged 49, single , is suffering from Shizophrenia he experiences hallucinations and chases ghosts especially at midnight violently striking them with anything in reach. He says he can see my dead mother and talk to her is unable to sleep at night. He was working as a computer hardware engineer and the problem started around three years ago. when he stopped working and cut off communication from everyone ,complained that some one at the office had cast some kind of spell on him– leaves food halfway saying the demons had spoiled his food. Around 15 years ago he desperately wanted to marry a girl who rejected him due to his own fault and he has been unable to deal with it. He blamed it on a number of people . i believe the trouble stems from this rejection. He loves spicy foods not very fond of sweets. in 2008 he confessed to me that his mind was not working right but the malady did not effect him

  138. Ramakrishnareddy says:

    Goodevening sir .iam working in bevarage company .they manufacture whisky and every day i have an habit of drinking.whisky 200ml or beer i am unable to hearing voice properly.please give me a solution.since from3 months i totaly stop drinking.

  139. Patient is having Schizophrenia where the main symptom is delusion of persecution and the patient feels that others are making some plot against him. She gets sweating often even in relatively cold weather. Makes imaginary statements about others telling of our family

  140. sourabh setia says:

    hello Dr. sharma my brother is 17 years old. He was preparing for PMET when he suddenly starts complaining of hearing voices of some of our dead relatives then he started saying that some people talk to him.
    when we took him to psychiatrist he diagnosed him with schizophrenia and gave him some hypnotics and sedatives.
    Doctor please guide us what should we do to treat this disorder. if we should continue drugs given by psychiatrist or should we move to homeopathy.
    i read the drug for it i.e. “Anacardium Orientale”, if this is the drug which can treat my brother how should.
    Doctor its very painful to see him in tat condition.

  141. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    How do you distinguish bipolar from schizophrenia as both can have delusional thinking?

  142. Hi Dr Sharma my 14 yr old daughter does not recognize her parents she thinks that we are the voices in her head and we as her parents have died she throws aways food that she normally eats and love she says it looks weird or she laugh and looks as if we have done something bad to the food she sees spider or a mouse when there is none present. She also speaks to us as if we are her and the voice in her head tells her who to trust and who not to trust she also says she is about 4 different people with about 3 being celebrities. She is not sleeping and conversates continually outloud about different events that happen in her life but with mixing up the stories and people. Can you please help me find her the right natural medicine.

  143. sandip kachare says:

    hello doctor,
    my sister suffering for last 6 years Schizophrenia.
    first time she hearing voice and her body is quake and scare that time doctor suggest pelido od 3.0mg tablets after 6 month tablet change pelido od 1.5mg tablest. sir i have last 6 months this tablet stop. i am going to natural therapy like morning meditation and himalaya Ashwadhanda tablets 250mg, himalaya bhramni 250mg, and tulsi 250mg tablets, this tablets her take in night. and her take morning apple juice with honey in the morning and at list one week her take green cardamom juice. she improve Schizophrenia.
    i want to help in any side effect for this tablets and give me suggestion for Homeopathy tables and any therapy please suggest she improve Schizophrenia.

  144. maana prasad says:

    how to give homeopathy medicine without knowledge of the patient, with any substance, water or drink or with any other food items..( without knowledge of the patient, ) because ( my wife ) in any way is not taking any medicine for Depression

  145. Sukumaran says:

    Hello Doctor , I am writing for this to my mother who is 72 year old.
    She is suffering from Schizophrenia since last 3 / 4 years.
    Her symptoms are :
    Some times tells us somebody will kill her, sometime she repeatedly ask the question
    in every minutes and every time we will give the same reply but will repeat the question.
    Some times she will change her tune as child and some times she will shout /cry loudly,
    Sometime she will cry without any reason.

    This will not happen every day and sometimes it will last only for few hours.

    She met Psychiatrist sometime back when she was in hometown and he prescribed to
    take Amigress 100 in the night.
    We saw some improvement in her attitude after taking this medicine.
    She stopped taking this medicine 4 months back and now again she started with same symptoms.

    I was thinking to take Homeopathy medicine instead of Allopathy due to her old age.

    Please help /suggest to how to move forward and I will be highly obliged.

  146. Pratyush Swain says:

    Namaste Dr. Sharma…
    I pratyush Swain of rourkela, Odisha… Sir my father’s age is 50 years old and he is suffering from schizophrenia… And he also takes prolinate injection once in a month… Will he take this injection for lifelong???? Is there no medicine to cure my father completely???

  147. Hello Dr.
    My father has suspicious nature. He suspects about the character of my mother. He gets hallucination mostly in the night and he goes wild, becomes abusive towards mother. He says same thing everyday and beat her .
    Can this be treated?

  148. ravindra says:

    25year boy diagnosed as bipolar and scizophoerina. Admitted for 40days given 8to9times ECT and allopathic medicines from one stoped allopathic tablets.three weeks before given hyoscymus 1m 3times. Still no difference. So what to do? Please this I will be highly obliged.

  149. Patient hears what is seen in tv at night and because of that patiend can not sleep whole night it is so tourchering for patient with physical weakness

  150. murali yamajala says:

    my brother 57 sufering from schizophernia since 2013. allopathic treatment since 2014 april didnt help him totally . since jun 2016 he attempted suicide several times . he was admitted to psychitric clinic for 2 weeks.. he received TMS for 2 weeks and ECT for once a week along with Fibrate & STATIN treatment.
    sinced 24.06.16 he is in hostel with security. i am convinced from his behaviour that he is HE but someone is responding to our caring. Please suggest homeo medicine.

  151. Schizoafeective disorder, symptoms are not easily managed. Hospitalization every 3 to 4 months. Anxiety, anger,some times flat, mind very slow to process and respond, can sleep but not deeply. When having severe symptoms can hear voices, feel paranoid, pacing, cannot sleep or eat. Food tastes strange.

  152. Respected Dr.
    A patient having mental disorder is not taking medication herself. Is there any successful treatment in homeopathy for it. And can we give her prescribed medicine by mixing it in milk.

  153. Manzoor hussain says:

    hello, Dr,sharma with lot of hope i am writing this letter to you in order to get a satisfactory reply from you my sister who is 33 year old with 2kids is suffering from hallucination, Hearing voices. “auditory hallucination.” seeing things. “visual hallucination. feeling like insects crawling on her hand or on the face or other parts of body Smell things that aren’t there “olfactory hallucination.” “gustatory hallucinations.” she feel things that don’t exist. tactile hallucination.” she feels a sense that insects are crawling on or under her skin. she is feeling a blast of hot air on her face that isn’t real. so if she touch any bottle or glass its turning hot which actually not she is facing lot of hardship by this

    plz suggest us how to move ahead with her treatment

  154. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My brother is suffering from schizophrenia for several years.The symptoms and episodes are not persistent.Now a days,the symptom is prominent as he is showing indifferent and strange behavior towards family.He forget whatever he talked a while earlier,sometime,use abusive words.Please guide me in this regard.I will be very thankful to you.

  155. My daughter is affected from this she is taking medicines which are make sleepy which medicines are useful

  156. nabakishwar parida says:

    I want Hyoscyamus Nyger for my sos’s treatment for schizofrenia .The symtons are matching as stated . Can u please out

  157. Dear Dr Sharma.Please guide me about my daughter.she us sixteen aveeage height and weight but doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables.I am very much worried about her future.Suggest some medicine.

  158. dr saysisa says:

    Gud evening sir,i read ur article it seems that homoeopathic caa cure mania of any type.
    sir my son is 14 yrs old. Following changes i have
    1. Very irritable.always tries to argue in small small things.
    2.never ever he is going to accept his fakt.
    3.developed a habbit of bathing,washing hand frequently.
    4.religious can he become normal man

    • What homeopathy can help one of my relatives who is 45 years old and talking all the time on her own .She has been suffering from delusion and paranoia She is very bad tempered and has violent anger and always sees bad dream . She does not sleep well .sHE IS VERY SUSPICIOUS Please be kind enough to advise what homeopathic medicine will help her .She has superiority complex . Please be kind enough to advise .Foara

  159. Ananya chakrabarty says:

    Dear Doc,
    My syster is diagonosed with schizophiniya
    All symtoms like mania,not want to talk with people even relatives not wanting to eat from others hand as well as not beleiving others and unsocial behaviour and wrong speech
    Pls suggest medicine sir
    Ananya chakrabarty

  160. Sir,
    I am illness to schizophiniya at 15 years.I stragul lot.presently I use oleanz and tell treat it long time.I am in AP.present age is36.please support me.
    Thanking u sir

  161. Hello Doctor,
    My mom is 74, and has schizophrenia. She does not believe anybody and specially hates my dad. So she left home 13 years ago. All the time she has problem with others- she believes all girls are sleeping with boys (including me) and talking all the time dirty things about them, She only have faith on boys, any man (except my dad) she has great belies on her own brothers. Now she is living with me. But she does not tolerate me at all. She always in depression and every now and then she stops talking with me. She wants everybody should follow her. All the time she watches kids movies and serials. and loves watching revenge movies.
    How can I help her (and me too)? Which homeopathic medicine will help her?
    Please help me

  162. Dear Sir,

    My mother – Age 83 Years

    She was hallucinations problem since 2015. she saw snakes on window at home premises, also cat, old man, small kids, girls.

    Medicin taking : Olmesar-a, clonotril, Glysole 1MF
    Ayurvedic : panchagavya Gritha (2 months, now stopped)

    But hallucinations problem as it is. Pl. suggest

    Thanks & regards

  163. Dr viraj perera says:

    Hai dr sharma. I dr Perera from Sri Lanka ,i want to differentiate fallowing remedies for my schizophrenic patient platina,varatrum album,hyos,stramonium and belladonna what are the characteristics of above remedies in. Schizophrenia cases

  164. hello doc, my bro was a sweet loving child untill about 4 years ago he started to change.he had huge memory problems,he forgot how to write properly,couldnt study and understand text books,became aggressive,had troubles in school and was struck out from 2 schools.we related it to teenage and put pressure on him.he ran away from home 2 times.became emotionally detached.but 5 months ago he stopped talking,lying on bed all time,laughing by himself,he says he sees insects and they take him to famous personalities ,lady diana wants to marry him.he was put on resperidone it helped a bit he is now on zyprexa zydis 10mg.he is fairly stable.plz help us we dont want to keep him on drugs in long run.plz plz plz do reply

  165. Dinakaran E says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, One of my relatives is exhibiting intense religious faith and believes she has committed sins in her past birth which can be washed away by degrading herself. She stoops down to low levels like moving around with beggars and prostrating to strangers. She feels god appears to her in their forms.
    Kindly advise.

  166. awais rashid says:

    i have suffering schizophrenia from 19 years.i have heard some sounds about god and that sound meaning are very bad for god.
    i have also suffering from mental discomfort and restless.
    i am not mentally rest or easy time , even a second in a day.
    only when i sleep i feel happy but now these days i c,nt sleep more.
    i am feeling pain in my body and now i have sugar from last 4 months an d high blood pressure from last 9 years.

  167. Piyush Srivastava says:

    Hello dr sharma
    when i was studying in b.e. and my 7th sem exam was going on i developed some mental that time in 2001 I was 24 Years old whati felt was something like this
    1.i felt that all the peeople are watching me
    2 I became extremely fear ful.
    3,i started thinking that i am special and superior than other people
    i later on in Jan 2003 developed same symtoms
    then again in nov 2003
    then i consuled a psyciatrist
    who suggested resperidone 2 Mg daily
    this problem whenever occured to me it lasted for2/3months
    i continued taking resperidone 2 Mg
    then same attack came to me in dec 2006,then in july 2008,march 2009 And then again in dec 2011 When i consulted a neuro psyciatrist he suggested me olsanzapine 5 Mg,amisulride 50 Mg and loraezepam 2mg now since last five years iam taking these medicines and i am allright but now i want to switch to homeopathy as allopathic medicines have many side effects

    • Ravi Pratap Singh says:

      Hi, Had the same issue, I had serious bipolar disorder issues in 2002. I started with resperidone which was prescribed for 6 years.

      After all this time, I became very dull and slow, physical strength reduced. I used to be a good athlete and here I was struggling doing daily work. My communication skills was reduced to nill, I gained loads of weight from 65 to 95 kgs and my self-confidence was gone. Also the bipolar disorder shifted to a mental level rather than manifesting on physical level.

      I started consulting a homeopathic doctor he prescribed me with remedies, which helped me out amazingly. Then one after another I tried many remedies some self prescribed and some through doctor which helped me overcome many issues. It seems only thing which are not easy to cure is side effect of resperidone.

      I would recommend you to visit good homeopathic doctor, who understand is good at reading patient behavior. He might give you many remedies in starting but will come to single remedy later on. Also do some self prescription it also helps.

      If with the issues you mentioned you have High blood pressure & too much anger (even if mentally) take “Lachesis” . If you have sadness and longing for loved one with High bp take “Nat Mur”. Start with 30 c (once/ twice a day) potency and move to 200 (once in 2 days) , 1 m (once a week). You can try higher potency of 10M, LM etc but I will suggest not to go with them until required.

  168. Number 5871 says:

    I have Schizoaffective disorder and feel like being normal or at least without auditory hallucinations is something unlnown to me. Ever since I was little I felt grandious or insignificant, my family stayed together but I could never stay out of trouble I feel miserable more than half of the time and need help. Im on Invega shots monthly ever since at least 2 years now and dont knoe if anything will work anymore. My diet isn’t the greatest either but I squeeze in juice or fruit every blue moon what do you think thanks, 5871

  169. Sujit Datta says:

    Dear Dr Vikas Dharma,
    My child age of 13 years has been suffering from schizophrenia with PCOD,PCOS,Obesity. Her main symptom is that ghost fear,insurgent fear.She hears unknown voices,she angried for unknown voices.She imagined that ghost will enter her body,will kill her,that insurgents are lying hidden nearby village,they will come soon,kill her and her parents.her mother is also schizophrenia patient since my childbirth. Presently my child taking allowed medicine T. Siezodon 8mg, T.Qutan 200mg,T.Bexol 2mg.Now she is OK,but she feels drowsiness,did not pay attention in study etc.I have given her several homoeomedicines,but no fruitful result.She is to need permanent solution. So please guide me in homoeo line of medicine.

    SujitDatta,JE,Amarpur,Tripura,pH 9402155240

  170. Maria Londono says:

    My husband and I have been married since I was 17 years old (28 years so far). He spent 22 years in the Air Force where he could have been exposed to radiation. We also took a tour to India for four years. That is all I know about my husband’s work in the military.

    In 2007 he started having trouble following instruction and would often tell my daughter and I we were second guessing his decisions. When he retired in 2008, he started going to the VA clinic for his health care. I knew he had some depression but felt that was not the only reason for his confusion. After retirement, he seemed to be OK and was hired by a friend to be a translator and science tech for a government contract I was also working on. During that year, the symptoms became more apparent. When he was not out in the field, he would state that the computer had lost the documents or drawings he was working on. Needless to say that when the contract was finished a year later, they let him go. I knew that had affected him terribly but he stayed busy taking care of all the honey-do lists for the house and would ride his bike to the gym and Starbucks every day to socialize with everyone there. Not your typical depression case at all. There was no moping around or sleeping during the day. He had dinner ready most of the time and was a wonderful supportive husband when I had a bad day at work. This went on for years. I noticed he was slowly declining so I put him on an herbal protocol to see if that would help. All the while, he would go to the VA and all they did was put him on one medication after another for depression. He had adverse effects to all of them so I asked him to see a psychologist. He went for a year but was still not interested in finding work or doing anything to change his situation. It was more of a buddy session we were paying $200 an hour for.

    Finally in 2012 while I was at work, he told me he fell off his bike and hit his head. So I took this opportunity to take him to the doctor myself and that started the process of the MRIs and other brain testing. By this time, he was already using the wrong words in sentences and couldn’t answer questions properly. Of course the Air Force doctor that saw him thought it was PTSD. Finally, after many more doctors that told me it was depression, he was given the dementia diagnosis in Dec of 2013 from the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville. However, the doctor felt it was Alzheimer’s and I didn’t because his symptoms had not followed any of Alzheimer’s early warning signs. There was much more confusion and misuse of language than memory loss. We tried everything, the usual medications for dementia made him worse and he lost the ability to recognize himself June 2015 when I gave him the first dose of Namenda. A month after he started the Namenda, he became angry with his reflection. That just spiraled down to where we are today. He is currently 52 years old and was just released on Wed from the local mental hospital with three more symptoms. Along with his newly “controlled” anger, he now also has hallucinations, logorrhea, and dystonia from the medications they gave him while there. Unfortunately, I can’t take him home because he requires one on one 24/7 assistance. It was affecting me too much and I was getting sick, so he moved to a small assistant living facility in Palm Bay, FL that is willing to do whatever it takes to help him and keep him from going to a state mental hospital.

    So there you have it, no one really knows what my husband suffers from. I was my husband’s sole caregiver for 2 1/2 years with no respite, am his legal guardian, and am still hoping to find someone who has answers to what is killing my husband’s brain.

    Any thoughts or help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


    Maria Londono

  171. Hi, my husband has been suffering from schizophrenia for the past three years. The doctors gave him medications that never worked.
    Through some extensive research, whe had found that Aurum metallicum, Hyoscyamus Niger as well as Anacardium Orientalis were the remedies that covered all of his symptoms.
    We started with the Aurum metallicum and the Hyoscyamus Niger in 200c potencies and noticed a difference in his symptoms. His stools were harder and instead of going three four five times a day it ranged between one and 3 during the day. He could sleep more effectively, sexual urges he had not felt in three years are back, he used to be completely or alsmost completely emotionnally flat (didnt feel joy, happiness etc) they seem to have started coming back. However for the auditory hallucinations through research we’ve found that Anacardium orientalis is very good. My question is is it safe to take the 200c potency in Anacardium along with the other two?

  172. my son ayan suffering from schizophrenia for the last 2 years getting treatment at aiims slight improvment but yet he is unable to do anything yet, having hallucinations delusions ,social withdrawl,silent.feels himself useless so it is better to die,extremely forgetfuland so on. should i go for homeopath

    • Niharika says:

      Hi, try NIMHANS. Its the best for any mental illness. They have treated my aunt with minimal medicines, yoga and social rehabilitation. My aunt used to believe that she has some goddess inside her body and would act like one on several occassions. Now she is all fine. The duration of her treatment was less than a year.

  173. Ajay Gupta says:

    Hi Dr,

    I am writing for my mother of 75 yrs old, widow since last 40yrs. She last year had low sodium problem and was hospitalised to treat that. Also MRI was done and report can be sent to you on your mail ID once you provide.

    However after that she although was getting weak but otherwise was ok. since last two months she has fluctuating sodium levels and we give them salt filled capsules twice a day as per Dr adivce. The other big problem is with her behavior which has changed and rather troulesome for herself and for the family. I have gone thru the symptoms you have mentioned above and exactly copying some of them which persist in her.

    The patient with the persecutory delusion believes that others are making some plots/plans to harm him and are against him.
    This also includes thought broadcasting and insertion/withdrawal of thoughts in which the patient feels that his/her thoughts are being broadcast to others and thoughts that are not his own are being inserted or withdrawn from his mind.
    disorganized speech and behavior, repeating the same couple of words, difficulty in maintaining a train of thoughts, starting to talk about a topic and ending it on a totally different subject, etc. Disorganized behavior includes child like, aggressive and irritated responses.
    anxiety, unhappiness (dysphoria); feeling of temporary loss or alteration of one’s own reality
    (depersonalization) like feeling that the limbs have changed size; speaking not less but more; poor self care; social isolation.

    Now i want to know if she is suffering from Schizophrenia? if yes can she be treated with Homeopathic in this age if not completely but upto some extent. If yes which medicine you advice.

    Also i have kept on following alopathich medication and should i continue with this or stop before giving your prescription.
    Since last 10 days I have kept her on following medication

    Pantocid OD before breakfast.

    Levipil 500 OD after breakfast.

    Amloz L OD after b/f.

    Trika. 25‎mg before bed OD.


  174. Ajay Gupta says:

    Hi Dr,

    I am writing for my mother of 75 yrs old, widow since last 40yrs. She last year had low sodium problem and was hospitalised to treat that. Also MRI was done and i am mentioning the report excerpts hereunder.

    However after that she although was getting weak but otherwise was ok. since last two months she has fluctuating sodium levels and we give them salt filled capsules twice a day as per Dr adivce. The other big problem is with her behavior which has changed and rather troulesome for herself and for the family. I have gone thru the symptoms you have mentioned above and exactly copying some of them which persist in her.

    The patient with the persecutory delusion believes that others are making some plots/plans to harm him and are against him.
    This also includes thought broadcasting and insertion/withdrawal of thoughts in which the patient feels that his/her thoughts are being broadcast to others and thoughts that are not his own are being inserted or withdrawn from his mind.
    disorganized speech and behavior, repeating the same couple of words, difficulty in maintaining a train of thoughts, starting to talk about a topic and ending it on a totally different subject, etc. Disorganized behavior includes child like, aggressive and irritated responses.
    anxiety, unhappiness (dysphoria); feeling of temporary loss or alteration of one’s own reality
    (depersonalization) like feeling that the limbs have changed size; speaking not less but more; poor self care; social isolation.

    Now i want to know if she is suffering from Schizophrenia? if yes can she be treated with Homeopathic in this age if not completely but upto some extent. If yes which medicine you advice.


  175. Deborah Cavanaugh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My son is 25 with classic schizophrenic symptoms but refuses to see a doctor or any professional and doesn’t believe there is a problem. He has auditory hallucinations, is unkempt with long fingernails when he was once meticulous about his appearance, and he has his own reality about many things. He is also very withdrawn and has alienated most of his friends and family because of his odd behaviours. He will not walk anywhere nor take public transit. I think that he might take homeopathic remedies, if I told him they were for general well-being, but I’m not sure what to suggest. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Pratyush Swain says:

      Namaste Dr. Sharma…
      I pratyush Swain of rourkela, Odisha… Sir my father’s age is 50 and he is suffering from schizophrenia… And he also takes prolinate injection once in a month… Will he take this injection for lifelong???? Is there no medicine to cure my father completely???

  176. My son is now 28 yrs old but started off with severe anxiety then started hearing voices approx. 3yrs ago. He says they are Satin and Jesus and the voice of an old friend that is still living. He thinks that friends has put curses on him to be tormented by these voices. He has terrible headaches starting at the base of his head to the crown of his head along with episodes of feeling like he is fading out of consciousness but never loses consciousness. He writes things on paper all day long . He do not even watch tv. He can’t focus on anything but reading the Bible. He forgets everything. He does go to the gym and exercise and says that is the only thing that helps him. He also has night terrors.

  177. saji mon says:

    problem of sleeplessness, thinking some one is always plotting against, some colleagues talk against , fear on seeing unknown people, fear of huge figured people.

    medicine like sizodan, risinia, atinan worked- but temporally, kindly recommend some homeopathic for permanent cure.

    patient aged 30 yrs, male.


  178. RUPA DUTTA says:

    I am Rupa Dutta. age 46. female.Schizophrenia petient.Main problem delusion,hallucinations ,disordered speech . Please help me. what can i do? last 10 years continue. i took medicine amis 200, (amisulpride) clomach25, floxin 60. I want homeopathic treatment please arrange to send me the name of medicine on my mail.

    • RUPA DUTTA says:

      I am Rupa Dutta. age 46. female.Schizophrenia petient.Main problem delusion,hallucinations ,disordered speech . Please help me. what can i do? last 10 years continue. i took medicine amis 200, (amisulpride) clomach25, floxin 60. I want homeopathic treatment please arrange to send me the name of medicine on my mail.

  179. Aasim khan says:

    Sir I m syzophiniya petient from last 8 year I took the medicine of syzopin 100 ,clonil 75 SR,rinsin plus I want homeopathic treatment please arrange to send me the name of medicine on my mail.

  180. Dear doctor, I am having schizophrenia for four years and taking antipsychotic zyprexa and antidepressant cymbalta, my problem was I thought bad body odor was coming from me and auditory hallucination, also if I stop antidepressant I feel depressed, which homeopathy medicine is right for me, thanks

  181. Henry ortega says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    I’m writing on behalf of my daughter Juselle. My daughter has been diagnosed with schizophrenia in April of 2014. She has been on medication for sometime now. There is times when it seems like the medication is working but than I see other symptoms happening.
    A friend had mentioned to me about natural path doctors.
    I want to give this a try.
    Can you please help.

    Thank you
    Henry ortega

  182. Terri Harwell says:

    May I be healed of mental illness at age 65?

  183. what about confabulation after head injury that may be confused with “schizo?”

    more like Capgras syndrome where the emotional connection between loved ones is broken and the person accuses the loved one of sexual acts – and other things that the person could not possibly be doing.

    also talks excessively — gets agitated esp on awakening – and sometimes talks all night —

    is angry about perceived hurts from the past – but also has legitimate reason to be angry and has been abused.

  184. Our daughter aged 31 is suffering from schizophrenia from her childhood.We have tried all types of allopathic medicines . Now we would like to try HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE. Please suggest.

    Our daughter has a thinking disorder. She keeps on talking to her own self ,she is constantly hearing voices which prompt her to do things against her wishes . she keeps on thinking all the time. She sees ghosts also.
    Please suggest some medicine.

  185. Olivia McDonald says:

    My husband suffers from chronic Lyme disease and has seizures, Lyme rage, confusion, brain fog, forgetfulness, depression, suicidal thoughts, short term memory loss! He tested positive for active bartonella and other co infections. Doctors want to only treat him as a mental patient when he has a bacteria remaking havoc on his brain and body. Just looking for homeopathic alternatives

  186. Dear Doctor,

    Hope this message will find you in the best of health, my father is 76 years old suffering from
    Mild shezofernia,
    Symptoms: he is scient whole day not want to talk to anyone.
    He like the company but unable to join,
    Restlessness, specialy aftetnoon he cant
    Stay or set at one place sometime he is going
    To room then after 2/3 min again he is going out.
    Following the same.
    Craving for tea,sweet and when he drink that vomiting.
    Mucus saleva type
    Sometime he is abusing someone and talking to
    Unavailable persons or ghost
    What homeopathic medicine to use?

  187. Dilip Goswami says:

    My younger son aged 23 years passed BCA and doing computer courses,developed schizophrenia.
    He becomes unattentive and most time when he remains alone talks with an imaginary person placing his face upwards. Most of the time he rebuke the imaginary with high tone.In addition to allopathic medicine he has been given Anacardium Orientale-200 two times daily. Please advise.

    With regards Yours faithfully
    Dilip Goswami.

  188. Hi,

    My mother and sister both are suffering from Schizophrenia. My mother age 66 is having habit of talking alone. She became very suspicious and doubt everyone is trying to kill her. All the world is after her to kill.

    My sister Age 35 have disorganized speech is present in Schizophrenia. She keep talking alone. Please help me. Contact me at 9892496826


  189. Archana sharma says:

    Sir i m suffering from schizophrenia my treatment is going on but sometime i affred when i stop taking medication when coarse is over it may attack again so allopathic medicine have some side effect so i want to take homeopathic treatment so that it not affect further suggest what should i do?

  190. clotilda dsouza says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My son 31 yr old Damien is undergoing treatment for schizophrenia since 2004.
    There have been ups and downs with medication : going to work for a while and getting a relapse.

    Now he is on Kloza 100 [2 tabs] at night.
    He sleeps only after taking these doses for about 8 to 10 hrs.
    He has not worked for past one year.

    He wants to start working but due to his sleep unable to do much; His doc has advised not to discontinue this even for a day ; he may get a relapse.

    His main complaint is all kind of thoughts, ideas rush to his head and he spends better part of the day on his computer putting down his thoughts. He does not like to be inturrupted during this thought process till he writes it down; pages and pages he is writing for the past years.

    He is good with computers software, hardware etc and has a superiority complex. What he says and does is always right. He is very spiritual with knowledge about Bible, Koran, Gita etc. He says all this Divine knowledge he gets and notes it down

    Do you think Doctor he can be helped with Homeopathy; Pl advise and guide me.

    God Bless!

  191. Dear sir, my brother is having schizophrenia for last 6 yrs. (auditary hallucinations, lack of interest, anger and donot wanna go to doctor) took medicines for irregular period but then left. plz give some advice

  192. Abhijit saraf says:

    Dear sir,I m suffering from sczhophenia last from ten years now I’m 33 year old. Can you give me some advice.

  193. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have a 20 year old who has had paranoid psychosis over the last 3 years, believing he is being watched on the computer and that he is being talked about by everyone as if he is on a TV show. He alternates between being very jovial, funny and loving to very depressed, hostile and angry. He also developed OCD and is sensitive to smells and noise.

    I believe his problems started with his adverse reaction to the MMR Vaccination (August 1999) which caused him to have no Solid Movement for 4 years until he was properly diagnosed and I cleared his stomach with Good Bacteria, Garlic and Warm Lemon Juice. He had been prescribed laxatives by the hospital as treatment for the 4 year period.

    This caused him to have a very Toxic Stomach for 4 years which has placed him as high functioning on the Autistic Spectrum.

    I believe the high anxiety which is typical of an Aspegers adolescent has been the cause of his psychotic break at 17. He had been doing well at school up until this point.

    He has been given various anti-psychotic medications which have made him put on excessive weight and cause frequent urination.

    He is currently on 10mg clopixol medication daily which keeps him calm but does not alleviate the paranoid thoughts.

    I also give him the following natural supplements to counteract the adverse effects of the anti-psychotic medication:

    Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg (Omacor) x 2 daily

    A strong Multivitamin (Now Special Two with Greens) x 2 daily

    NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg x 2 daily

    5HTP 500mg x 2 daily

    Curcumin (turmeric) 750mg x 2 daily

    Glycine 500mg x 2 daily

    Probiotic 10-20 billion x 2 daily

    This appears to have tempered his anger and depression but has not taken away the unshakable delusions he has had since the psychotic break started in 2012.

    I have read that Anacardium Orientale can be used to successfully dispel these delusions/ hallucinations, which are causing him to be angry and depressed.

    I have also read that Calcarea Carbonica can be used for effective weight loss around the stomach (where he has tripled his waistline due to reduction of metabolism from using the medications).

    Also that Natrum Mur can be used for effective weight loss around the thigh and buttocks area.

    I am urgently seeking a holistic cure for my son, as due to this devastating paranoia he now wishes to live alone. This I would gladly welcome if I thought he would be safe, but when he does not take any supplements and medication he becomes uncontrollably angry, which is dangerous.

    I would welcome your expert advice on how to heal this illness with homoeopathy.

  194. Carla Simpson says:

    My 23 years old son is hearing voices and talked to people daily it is very scary i feel like he will harm me sometimes he isonthe injection i think maybe he needs more help was diagnosed at age 17 please for advice thanks am worried

  195. Hi,
    So you are not in the USA?
    Was wondering if you take medical..

  196. Kay Mbayise says:

    I have my 70 year old mother who has Auditory Hallucinations and loss of memory.













  198. Hello, my name is Michelle James. My son was not diagnose with schizophrenia. However, I do see a few symptoms and I will really get him some help before his symptoms get worse. I am a single parent of four and live in Delaware. I do believe in holistic healing.. Can you help me in this situation or have any suggestions.

  199. RAJINDER DHAWAN says:

    dear dr.we have a patient of schizophrenia having auditory hallucinations and is under medications from aiims delhi.please inform us if there is any cure for this disease in homeopathy.thanks

  200. Syed Ashfaq says:

    Hello sir,
    Sir my brother having age 70. The symptoms as mentioned above are exactly matching to my brother. sir my brother behave like this from last one month. I want to start his homeopathic treatment. Sir give me your address and contact no for further treatment…. . Thanks

  201. My wife considers herself as a goddess. Though she is on medication but every alternate week she gets ready and wants to go and sit in any temple. Is there any solution?

  202. ajit nandi says:

    for 5 months in inhouse treatment for paranoid schopsychronia
    age 37yrs Can he be treated in the family environment please suggest


    I have children with mental problems and they are severe everything i have read on this page , i like where do i find these herbs/homeopathic meds for them so that the voices will stop or at least be calmed ,and everything else that goes with this . please let me know as soon as you can, also what book should i look for in my herbal books most of them dont get in depth regarding mental illness and chinese medicine does not c
    all it that. please help thank you very much. sincerely your, ms Baker

    • Nirmal Sethia says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      My wife was detected schizophrenic in 1984 and since then she is under treatment. Ups n downs are very frequent and very unpredictable . How can you help ?
      Which city you are located?
      Thanks n Regards
      Nirmal Sethia

  204. Dear Sir,
    Patient History
    Name: Muhammad Ishfaq S/O: Muhammad Hamid Yar Sex: Male Marital Status: Unmarried
    Date of Birth: 01-04-1994 Education: Under Graduate plus DAE electronic
    Occupation: From Last two years job in PEL Electronic
    Not like his present Job.
    Hobbies and Recreational Activity: Quran reading, watching TV, traveling in home
    Problem Presenting
    Start problem December 2013
    In December 2014 same condition but recovered to normal within one month
    December 14, 2015 again start same problem
    • Left Home without intimation
    • When came back to home he said I protected you from death
    • You people speak lie
    • Arrange my marriage before Jan 05, 2016 otherwise I will again leave Home (This is Deadline)
    • He takes 1 Hour in Bathroom
    • spits his saliva in shopping bag often
    • He says no need of medicine I am fine
    • Take good sleep some time
    • Take good food in huge quantity some time
    • He visits to different Doctor (Urologist, Dermatologist, and Gynecologist)

    • Behavior: Angry, Lazy, appetite, aggressive behavior, less sleep, Depressed, phobic,
    • Feelings:
    • Angry, Guilty, Unhappy, Depressed, Regretful, Jealous. Envy,
    • Thoughts
    • I did many mistakes, can’t do anything right
    • Don’t ask my problems
    • Can’t make decisions
    • Life is end so don’t speak lie
    • If you marry me with (F) girl then you are right
    • My life is controlled by outside force

    Family History
    Father: Muhammad Hamid Yar Age: 51 Years Education: Master Relation with Father: Not Good
    Mother: Abida Nasreen Yar Age: 51 Years Education: Middle Relation with Mother: Sometime normal
    Brother: Waqas Hamid Age: 23 Years Education: BE Aerospace Relation: Not Good
    Brother: Abdul Razzaq Age: 19 Years Education: BDS Relation: Normal
    Sister: Rabia Hamid Age: 16 Years Education: Student 9th class Relation: Normal
    Brother: Abdul Rehman Age: 14 Years Education: Student 7th class Relation: Normal

  205. vivekananda says:

    It is my son of 19 1/2 years old the problem is about.It all started about one and half years ago. started saying he is not interested in studies and is interested playing cricket at the national level without having any initiation into the game till that age. still we admitted him in the cricket academy which he attended for a while and stopped going to altogether. then he started saying his spectacles are coming in the way and he would get rid of them by doing eye exercises and return to the game. he has been doing those exercises for over a year now without any results but insists on continuing the same.
    he started hating every one in the family and suspects all are out to get him by sabotaging his plans for the game in order to see him return to studies. He is aloof and does not eat food because of which he lost considerable weight. does not even take bath and cut his over grown hair shave despite others commenting about his stink. of late he wears a dark coloured goggles all the time even while inside the home all the time. i would be grateful if you suggest a remedy to overcome his problem.–regards/parent

  206. Mangalesh Dhanraj says:

    मेरा लड़का जिसका उम्र 19 साल है । 2015 में CBSC बोर्ड द्वारा 10 क्लास पास किया । IIT &JEE तैयारी करने के लिए वो विशाखापट्टनम में श्री चैतन्या क्लासेस में छात्रावास में रहने गया । वहाँ तैयारी के दौरान ही उसे रात रात भर जागना पड़ता था । उसी दौरान ही समझ में न आना, नींद का न आने की समस्या होने लगी । उस समय उस स्थिति को मैं समझ नहीं पाया । अभी वर्तमान में नींद का अच्छी ढंग से न आना, पढाई में बिल्कुल ही रुचि न होना, सिर में कभी-कभी काफी बेचैनी होना, कभी-कभी छत से कुदने जैसा हरकत करना, भविष्य को लेकर काफी चिन्तित होना आदि लक्षण है। क्या हैमियोपैथी में इलाज संभव है ।

  207. samiuddin ahmed says:

    Dear doctor,

    My wife thinks that she is a Hindu goddess and starts chanting different mantras. He is taking psychiatric tablets but of no use. Kindly suggest me some best medicines for her. I shall be thankful to you.


  208. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m writing to see if you know of any remedy for my son’s unusual form of mental illness: he becomes depressed in the spring, then psychotic in July and August. In September, he gradually becomes normal again so that by the first part of October he’s fine. Then depression sets in.
    Aurum Met 200c helped greatly with his depression. Anacardium helped his obsession with good versus evil. He has many symptoms of Tarentula Hisp but also of other remedies.

    He has been seen by 4 homeopaths so far. They have all helped but my son needs something that covers both stages of his illness: his depression and his mania/psychosis in the summer months.

    He has a lot of allergies.

    Thank you so much for your help, Dr Sharma.

  209. NASIM AWAN says:

    my son 38 has been diagnosed schisopherenia paranoid he was treated by a psychiatrist and allopathic medicine SERAQUELL 300 mg which resulted into more sleep without any improvement<a friend has suggested to try homeopathic treatment

  210. Helen Stephens says:

    My 45-year-old daughter has a twenty year history of treatment for bi-polar disorder. She has received most of the current treatments available. I am interested in considering homeopathic alternatives.

    How would advise that we begin?

  211. arif mustofa habibi says:

    My name is arif mustofa habibi. I’m from Indonesia

    I have old brother, he is 45 years old, he is married and have 2 children, he is introvet, and jealously,
    10 years ago, he had hallucination voice that ask him to do something,, everyday he had hear that and very disturbance, and he believe that he is attact by magic by someone, and now he had visual hallucination that make him lough every time,

    And he believe that he had miracle like prophet because of his visual hallucination and some rime voice hallucination.

    Every time he had un controlable laugh because her visual hallucination is very funny and make him laugh every time.He also have uncontrol anger if anythink not accordance with her mind.

    Medicine from doctor (allopathy) can help but not cure.

    Would you mind to help us to diagnosis my brother? I very thanks to you for your kind

    History of his deases:
    1. 15 years old : Fall from tree (4 meter tall tree)
    2. 30 years old: Get voice hallucination and he believe that he attact with magic
    3. 35 years old get visual hallucination and uncontroll laugh, uncontroll anger,
    4. 38 years old fired from his job because of his deases, and he is very anger because of this fired and have revenge in her mind
    5. And until now, 45 year old he still hallucination, visual hallucination, and get un controlled laugh, uncontroll anger,

    Homeopathy medicine that I have give to him 3 month ago:

    Agaricus 1000
    Anacardium 1000
    Cannabis indica 1000
    Chamomilla 1000
    Chantaris 1000
    Hyosciamus 1000
    Kaliphos 1000
    Lac caninum 1000
    LACHESIS 1000
    Lilium Tig 1000
    Platinum 1000
    Sepia 1000
    Belladona CM
    Sulphur CM
    Aurum Met CM

    Aurum Mur CM
    Lachesis CM
    Nat Mur CM
    Cannabis Indica CM
    Arnica CM
    Oppium CM

    I read on internet and bough that homeopathy medicine from online shop.

    The anger, jealous and suspicious is become controlled but the visual hallucination that make him lough every time is still attact him

    Would you mind to help us,, to give me the appropriate homeopathy medicine,

    Your sincerely

  212. Symptoms are bad dreams,delusions , weak memory .persecution ,Insomnia and ceaseless talking

  213. My mother is suffering from auditory hallucination. She thinks others are out there to harm her and her family. These days she sleeps a lot during daytime. She gets up very early morning to prepare breakfast. Though she was diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia 3 yrs before and was given English medicines for few months. Now past few days the family members can make out her behavioural changes. Please suggest a homoeopathy remedy.

  214. My. Son is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia he has delusional thinking. He says people are able to read his mind and people will attack him is there any homeopathic treatment for this. Also Dr Sharma your clinic in which country? Can you please reply me as soon as possible thanks

    • Dear Dr Sharma

      Symptoms are bad dreams , delusions ,persecution ,weak memory .Insomnia , ceaseless talking .

      Please advice .


      • Hi!
        One of my very close relative suffers from schizophrenia for the past 5 yeras.Initially Doctors said it was bipolar,then they dais it was schizo. now the person is on medicine for schizo and OCD. The says to see sexual images everywhere ,another person;s reproductive organs while talking to them,hence a deep feeling of guilt to an extent that suicidal tendencies are also seen. the relapses are very frequent and sudden,, now a days they are happening after a few days only Has quit many jobs, not even able to do normal daily works like banking….The person concerned is married Please guide
        currently on schizopin(which I just came to know has very sever side effects and Fluvoxamine . We have also started homeoptahy medicine 2-3 weeks from Dr sunil sharma of Ethos body and mind clinic in green park ,delhi
        Please help!!

  215. Dr,

    one of my close relative who is 45 years is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. He thinks that people / friends to him are making plot to defame him. he also thinks that people know about the plot and that’s why they are not talking to him. He is having delusion.
    On the other hand he does every thing perfectly on time and is good with family and take care of all his daily routine. only as daily work loads start reducing he will again start thinking and many a times break down completely.
    Few times he shows aggression towards children.
    he has taken Allopathic medicine in past but was having side effects , hence need to stop.
    Please suggest which medicine we should take.


  216. My son, now 26 years old, has auditory hallucinations as a result of recreational drug abuse. The hallunications have been evident since Feb 2015, probably signs of schizophrenic illness like paranoia starting 8 or more months prior .
    To date he has not been on medication (except for about 2 weeks). He has been found to have pyroluria and take extra zinc and B6.
    He is very flat, depressed, unmotivated and avoids social contact. He can not communicate with others, he seems unable to follow and contribute to conversations.
    He no longer takes any drugs and doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee. He is following the Pfiffer protocol and takes Krill,oil and Evening primrose oil.

    I am so hopefully of finding a cure for my son, please let me know if you feel you can help him.

    Kind regards


  217. suraj bhaedwaj says:

    Sir…i. am 21year old my name suraj bhardwaj studying 2nd my mind is so imaginary thinks
    Are any time doing and that type thing are like enjoying own thing at a alone … i am not study mood . Not any daily work well also be a 1yearlosss my
    Engineering college …i am very depressing for my status …and some time i can thinking about sucied to
    End this bullshit life
    ….sir i request to suggest me…

  218. I fear my son exhibits signs of the above. In particular possessing an exaggerated idea of self-importance; over-sensitiveness to all external impressions; he becomes volitile for no apparent reason and does not respond to reason. At times I will speak to him and he will respond with, what did you say?

    He has 2 jobs. He does everything they tell him to. he never complains. But at home he has odd behaviors. He lathers his hair with hair gel; he swallows glue. I’m thinking of giving him the phosphorus but am unsure as to how much.

  219. Phyllis Rentie says:

    My son has schizophrenia where he has dillusions and hears voices too. He has the type that he does not realize he had the disease it has him home bound practically. Please help I feel hopeless for his recovery. He was on Zyprexia. It did very little to help him.

    • Nabin Mahata says:

      I have schizophrenia and right now I am alright taking this following alopathy medicine Amisulpride 100mg, Olanzapine 7.5 mg, Quetiapine 25mg but It is not the permanent ssolution.I want permanent solution through homeopathy. I will be highly obliged to you sir if you kindly help me to recover from this chronic disease

  220. My problem is auditory hallucinations [abusive words; suspicion at everything around me and anxiety while walking. I also feels as if someone is following me and talking about me].I am taking Anacardium Orientale now.How many days I may take this medicine? please help me.

  221. Hi,
    One of my loved one has experienced scziphermia thrice. twice it was due to office matters. 3rd time it was when his father died.Not sure it was fear of ghost or fear of lossing.He does not tell anything & does not share anything.He never comes to a doctor.He was under medicatio but now the medicines are stoped as he was very allright.But last week i felt he was thinking something different. when i became very positive & started supporting him generally (like making him laugh, asking what he wants n all) then he was very allright.
    I want to know
    1)Whether this kind of diseas can be treated completely?
    2)are there any sideeffects of homeopathy medicines?
    3)Will person be able to leave without medication after he recovers?
    Thanks in advance

    • My 54 year old mom had experienced extreme amount of family stress…. I feel she is experienced psychosis…. Feels someone has put a curse on her and people are coming in the home and doing things to kill her…. She is very religious and prays a lot but…. It seems now she is on alert and does not sleep….,
      It’s starting to affect the family…., w

      We would like to try homeopathics before even thinking of medications…. Do u have any suggestions? Need help quickly…. Thank you..,,

      We are in toronto on

  222. lisa seals says:

    3 years. was prescribed Ritalin. car crash, 12 feet guard rail, brakes gone, car nosed dived into right guard rail. no hospital treatment. fortunate I got home. 6 months later, fell on ice, hit back of head so hard had to get therapy for my eyes to focus. tried to get family to help with Ritalin. they just kept prescribing it. I had to commit myself. I have heard voices ever since. the “voices” r getting electrostaticted. 24 hrs. a day. this never stops. I know my mind has created a way to understand the words I hear. there r hundreds of them. they ask me if I think I raised them from the dead. telling me they r just a sound, a voice with no body, a conscious. I feel my body pulled on a lot. I also cannot hear my own thoughts. I am wondering if this med takes time. the electrostatic, or shocking, I hear & loud blasts seem to b happening “to” the voices. going on to long. I know there’s no money in the cure. I am looking for homeopathic medicine to silence my creation.

  223. Hi, thank you for your compassionate work, i’ve been getting hay fever, allergy, sinus flu and sneezing the whole day for about 12 years, usually i get it every 2 or 3 days, and i’m ill the whole day. Would you be able to help me?

  224. I have irregular periods and PCOD do you have any medications?I am trying to concieve but I am not able to.

  225. I am Schizophrenic since 2008 and there was one relapse in between because I stopped the medicines.
    Now I am stable with allopathic medicines . Since side effects are more so, I want to switch to homeopathic. Please suggest

  226. Laxmikant Kulkarni says:

    My daughter is suffering and has symtoms.Pl prwscribe medicine for her she is 28 years and taking alopatic medicines for last 8 years
    अकेले मे हंसना या रोना।
    एक जगह घंटों गुमसुम खडे रहना या बेठे रहना।
    सभी पर शक करना।
    नहाने से बचना।
    भीड से भय लगना।
    निर्णय लेने की छमता न होना।
    याददाश्त की कमी होना, एक बात बार बार पूछना।
    मीठा ज्यादा खाना।
    दूध या दूध की बनी चीजें ज्यादा पसन्द होना।

    • Tarun chawla says:

      Dear sir hiiii….i am from bikaner rajesthan….my sister is suring from Schizophrenia since last 10 years i will change many dr but not relif …….plz sir give me gud deriction thanks 9660228165my cont no

  227. My son has been on medication for 20 years.He believes people are fellowing him around and he hears voices what could he take to help him

  228. Hi Sir,

    My mother has been suffering from Schizophrenia from past one year.The symptoms are exactly the same mentioned under auditory hallucinations .Kindly suggest me the treatment or usage of Anacardium Orientale. Your response will be very much helpful.

    Thank you in advance sir

    • To Dr sharks. I am requesting you to guide us the use age of the medicine Anacardium orientable and where do we get this medicine pl help us. Thank you

  229. dr praveen Gupta says:

    Sir my mother is suffering from chronic schizophrenia and she is not on any medicine, your all symptoms is matching with my mother symptoms ,tell me what i prefer homeopathic medicine to my mother .the problem is 15 years old.

  230. Meena malhotra was admited in masina hospital in 2005 ,she was constantly mummring to herself was very aggressive, the problem started when one day she came back from her classes and reported that she had rays coming out from her eyes and she can see snakes ect, she never share her problems, and would spend most of the time mummring about some unknown,she once had locked her parents and ran away at her relative house,There was no SUICIDE ATTEMPS ,in hospital she was not cooperative not allowing to touch her private parts,her speech was innocent and was allways touching her face and body,lack of acceptance or awareness found UNDIFFERENTIATE TYPE OF SCHIFOPHRENIA CONTINUOUS .twice she was admitted

  231. Tapan Kumar Saikia says:

    Hello Sir, My daughter, 24yrs, has been suffering from Schizophrenia for last 5 yrs. She is taking homeopathic treatment from a Mumbai based institute for last 10 months. Though she is gradually getting relief, but during 1st week of September’15 the decease again revives. Why happened so ? May I expect any advice from you ?
    With best regards,


  232. Pankak mishra says:

    hello sir my grandmother is suffering from demnetia disease ..she has a forgotten problem .she always asking about her mother and brother like she gone to old days ..behave like that type even she is working well ..she does all the duty means brushing bathing eating .etc. please guide me by that i can make her out of this

  233. Lok Nath Miglani says:

    My daughter Garima is suffering from three years she feels fusion in her activities and she feel uneasy with his family friends outside persons from their actvities. She suddenly disturbed and Distrbed with minor things she always canfused with immeterial things. She feels pictures words and shadows which scare her and she feel that she can not live now she feel this will abolish all. Alopapth diag as Schizop. Taking madic minor respond pls sug homeo medicine

  234. My mother suffers from delusional disorder jelalous type. What would you rcommend for this?

  235. sanjay sharma says:

    sir i m suffering from schizophernia. At present I m taking allopathic medicines. But no gain. The symptoms are
    1. Doubts that all the mishappenings in My relatives are because of my thoughts
    2. Somebody is reading my thoughts
    3. This somebody can harm me.
    4. Somebody is responsible for my suffefrings till date.
    5.I forget very much.

  236. sanjay sharma says:

    sir i m suffering from schizophernia. At present I m taking allopathic medicines. But no gain. The symptoms are
    1. Doubts that all the mishappenings in My relatives are because of my thoughts
    2. Somebody is reading my thoughts
    3. This somebody can harm me.
    4. Somebody is responsible for my suffefrings till date.

  237. I am the mother of a 24 year old son who is schizophrenic. I do not know how to help him. He was diagnosed about 8 years ago. He has taken several prescription medicines that do not seem to help much. He has no interest in anything. He just sits in the gloomy house. He has become a smoker and I fear he will have cancer one day. I want him to have the best life he can have. What do I do ?

    • Ammar hamza says:

      Ammar Hamza is my son who expresses flat behaviour confined to his room doesn’t talk much doesn’t expresses any emotions except irritable abusive brief periods then at times feels sorry for that
      Diagnosed as schizophrenia and being treated for that but no significant effect as far as taking interest in life or leaving his room or overcoming his inhibition to face or converse with people or desire to do a job etc

  238. Preetima Khanduja says:

    My mom-in-law is suffering with shyzopherinia and she is thinking that I have hired people to kill her and I’m poisining her food and she experiances hallucinations .. How can I help her

  239. I used to experince some of the above mention symptoms.. But now i no longer experince them the major thing bothering me now is Alogia i really need help on that.. Tanks.

  240. Sir,
    As discussed hereinabove I wish to mention that I have developed habit of forgetting the last matter, getting confused and unable to recall what the issue was and what I was required to do. I am unable to concentrate on reading any topic or issue. In the middle of issue I get upset oh god how long it is also I do not remember what I had read. There is whistling sound in my ears mostly left ear. Doctor has diagnosed it as TINNITUS and it is a start as it is not disturbing me in my work. My discussion about any topic ends at some different topic and in the middle of discussion I start searching the thoughts what more I can discuss which may be relevant. I feel fear that I may forget the issue during discussion. Kindly advise me as to whether I am suffering from Schizophrenia or it is Schizophrenia personality or what ever it is. Kindly also advise as to whether it can be treated with homeopathic treatment, if so what will be the medicines.

  241. Sir,
    As discussed hereinabove I wish to mention that I have developed habit of forgetting the last matter, getting confused and unable to recall what the issue was and what I was required to do. I am unable to concentrate on reading any topic or issue. In the middle of issue I get upset oh god how long it is also I do not remember what I had read. There is whistling sound in my ears mostly left ear. Doctor has diagnosed it as TINNITUS and it is a start as it is not disturbing me in my work. My discussion about any topic ends at some different topic and in the middle of discussion I start searching the thoughts what more I can discuss which may be relevant. I feel fear that I may forget the issue during discussion. Kindly advise me as to whether I am suffering from Schizophrenia or it is Schizophrenia personality or what ever it is.

  242. Sir i hav a problem . Use to wash hand again and again. Fear of darkness whn i m alone. Checking things. Fear of running water or river. Fear of becoming insane. Exaltation of spirit. More then that d problem of stammering. Worshiping god frequently. Busy in imaginations with different thoughts. I m 27 sir. So can i get any sugestion frm u. Evry tim i think not to follow this but different thoughts came to my mind by which i m compeled.

  243. this format may lead one to believe the comment is private. would like to ask a private question please.

  244. Denise Kellly says:

    I hear voices about 5 years ago starting. A bunch of chitter chatter, someone crying for help and my name. They are worse at night. They seem to be getting louder and more aggressive. I am hearing impaired so I can’t understand what they are saying. So it is like they are starting to scream. Like “Can you hear me Denise.?” I was in therapy for the voices. They thought voices result of trauma and these voices were parts of me trying to come back to the whole of myself. They have never told me what to do and they don’t seem to bother me much during the day especially when I am with people. I try to remain productive but this is starting where on me. Cd you please help. I am 47 years old.

  245. Dear sir,
    My wife name is srisuman age 34.
    She is suffering Frm paranoid schizophrenia diagnosed. ( Frm last 10 yrs)
    She is taking allopathic drugs like Dhoon 100mg, deventin 50mg. Pipra 100mg.
    She is always in drowsy n sleepy.
    Hearing voices and commands is main problem.
    She feels that Someone insulting her.
    Can u please prescribe the homeopathic drugs for her
    Is homeopathic medicine cures schizophrenia.
    Thank u sir.

  246. can schizophrenia be treated by homeopathy?

  247. Cindy Lopez says:

    Hello Dr, sharma my name is Cindy I take care of my autistic brother whom is 46 yrs old he has anxiety also DX with schizophrenia and aggressive behavior and insomnia. he has been on a regimen of meds that haven’t worked for him. So I was thinking of going the homeopathic route.. Not sure on what meds are best for his treatment. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some information on a good homeopathic remedy for him thank you in advance.

  248. Dear sir;
    Can we take homeopathic medicine with allopathic medicines .My sister is taking treatment for scizophrenia .Actually she don’t feel confident about leaving (stopping ) allopathic medicine.But we are actually concerned about her fast recovery & side effects of allopathic medicines.

    With regards;

  249. chandrakant.j.sharma says:

    onbehalf my dad his daughter asking .my dad is suffering from sizopina medicine since 8 years and always sleeping .plz help or guide how to stop this medicines and brother too having.thnk u

  250. Amitabh srivastava says:

    श्रीमन मेरे छोटे भाई श्री अविनाश श्रीवास्तव जिनकी उमर लगभग 37 साल है जो 16 जून, 2008 से स्कीजोफ्रेनिया से ग्रस्त हैं। जिनका एलोपैथिक और होम्योपैथिक ट्रीटमेन्ट साथ साथ निरन्तर चल रहा है, बार बार कुछ महीनों के अन्तराल में रीलेप्स हो रहे हैं
    अकेले मे हंसना या रोना।
    हस्तमैथुन करना।
    एक जगह घंटों गुमसुम खडे रहना या बेठे रहना।
    आंखें घूरना।
    सभी पर शक करना।
    खाना मुंह में ठूंसकर खाना।
    कान में अशलील आवाजें अाना।
    मुंह से लार गिरना जिससे सोते समय तकिया भीग जाये।
    शीशे के सामने देर तक खडे रहना।
    नाखून, दाढी, बाल न काटना।
    नहाने से बचना।
    भीड से भय लगना।
    निर्णय लेने की छमता न होना।
    याददाश्त की कमी होना, एक बात बार बार पूछना।
    किसी की परवाह न करना।
    जो चीज पसन्द आये अकेले ही खा लेना।
    मीठा ज्यादा खाना।
    दूध या दूध की बनी चीजें ज्यादा पसन्द होना।
    नशे की ओर भागना।

  251. Rekha Gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My brother who is 40years old and a Child Specialist has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. First time it started with the feeling “I am not myself” about four and a half month back i.e. around 25th March,2015. He became very restless, fearful and had almost no sleep. On 06th April,2015 our father expired all of a sudden. After that this thing increased. Allopathic treatment started in mid of May which was not really helpful but yes controlled his condition to some extent. Medicines were having lots of side effects like body ache, low energy level etc. Whenever he felt that “I am not myself” anxiety and restlessness was difficult to handle. He felt like not living any more. From almost last 17 days we have started Homeopathy treatment. Over imagination has reduced to a great extent but feeling “I am not myself and somebody else” disturbs him a lot. Right now he is taking both the treatments.

    My concern is whether Homeopathy has 100% treatment for this problem or not. How long it will take for him to lead a normal life? He has lost his will power to do anything.

    Your reply is really valuable for us.

    Please revert ASAP.



  252. rajesh kumar singh says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from schizophrenia and social phobia for last ten years.she is 28th years old.she gave born two sons.she is not taking self care,poor child care,lack of concentration, irregular appetite, irrational fear,dreaming problem, not attending her responsibility, not doing any work completely, very restless and cannot sit in one place, self talking, get confused, low self esteem. We are taking allopathy treatment for last ten years from lot of psychiatrist but we not getting better result ,now what we can do ?and now we are taking homeopathic medicine by nearest doctor along with.sir I’m hopeless please help me.

    • My wife is suffering from schizophernia for the past 8 years. She is hearing voices of relatives with doing unbeliavable activities.
      She is taking alopathic treatment. The whole day she is sleepy. Is there any complete cure under homeopathy? Parallely We started homeopathy treatment from last three months. Can we stop alopathic treatment?

  253. Gopalakrishna says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Mother is suffering from this disease for the last 35 years. Now she is 57 years.

    My mother is having the following symptoms:-

    1) Over talk
    2) Illusion of hearing various voices from far away
    3)Suspicion on husband & Others.
    4)Using abusive language
    5) Anxiety & Fear, Depressed.
    6)She doesn’t believe in homeopathy and only believes in allopathy
    7) She has a feeling that if she takes homeopathic medicines loose motions will happen.
    8) Always praying
    9) Always closes doors and hiding in the house from husband.
    10) Would not be able to sleep without taking sedatives.

    We are using allopathy medicines for several years so please let us know if we can stop those if we use the medicines suggested by you.

    Also we would like to go for two months package as we don’t know whether she will continue with this or not. Please let us know if the medicines will be supplied to our address or we need to buy? Also please let us know if you can give medicine for motions as well. We need at least 40% results for her to convince the patient to use further.

  254. Bhushan patil says:

    Sir,I have been suffering from hallucinations since from two years. I have recently adopted homeopathic treatment for the same.sir my question to you is that,is it possible for me to be completely cure through the homeopathic treatment. your suggestion will be valuable.thanking you.

  255. jayaramireddy says:

    Respected Sir,

    My Son is suffering from schizophrenia disease from seven years. Now i came to known about this disease please help me.Is there cure for this disease in homeopathy.Kindly please let me know.I am waiting for your reply.My contact number is 9963610595 and my name is Rama krishna reddy.

    your’s faithfully,
    D.Rama Krishna Reddy.,

  256. Karuna Nidhi says:

    my Wife age 40 yrs.suffering from schizophrenia since last 15 yrs.taking allopathy treatment but no result kindly suggest some medicine in homeopathy and how to take them. Sir I am not understand your matter please How to Homeopath maedicine

    • Karuna Nidhi says:

      my Wife age 40 yrs.suffering from schizophrenia since last 15 yrs.taking allopathy treatment but no result kindly suggest some medicine in homeopathy and how to take them. Sir I am not understand your matter please How to Homeopath maedicine. So in this case please suggest/guide me which medicine will help to cure Mamata for which my family will be grateful to you

      karuna nidhi

  257. Karuna Nidhi says:

    my Wife age 40 yrs.suffering from schizophrenia since last 15 yrs.taking allopathy treatment but no result kindly suggest some medicine in homeopathy and how to take them.

  258. Mamata Panigrahi says:

    Dear Sir ,

    Mrs Mamata is my wife she is 38 . we have two kids (elder is a girl(18) & younger is a boy (10+). After giving birth in the year 2005 she got schizophrenia( suspect that she was trapped with Guni) and we took her to Banagalore for yellowpathic treatment during Jan 2007 before that also she was under treatment .For one year she was ok. But after that slowly the disease developed . Currently she is developing same and accusing that she was trapped in Gnni and others are creating plan for her. now we observed also disorganized speech and repeating the words. She is not ready to visit doctor stating that what doctor will do . Now she is taking sulpitac 50 mg twice daily .

    So in this case please suggest/guide me which medicine will help to cure Mamata for which my family will be grateful to you
    Kartikeya Panigrahi

  259. SIR
    i am facing schizophernia and tinnitus from last 7 years,
    kindly suggest and help me to get rid from these problems..
    it really destroying my life day by day.

  260. Maya Rai says:

    Hi, I have schizophrenia and I would like to switch to Homeopathy. Will it help me? I read that homeopathy is not recommended for schizophrenia. Thank you in advance for you reply.

  261. Dominique Bender says:

    Ive been having auditory hallucinations along with paralyzed feeling of the whole body at random times.. impossible to awake from sleep by feeling to heavy or having a dream that im awake getting up to take a shower repeativly and wanting to wake up but can not. also dizziness blurred vision paranoia and all of these things are not low on the scale they are high on a scale 1-10 their a 10 and severe i take rispodone hydroxazine proponol from a county mental health doctor perscribed but i was looking into home remides becausse all these medications do for me is make me just a little bit less “triped” out .. my dignois is drug induced physcoisis, but i was wondering and the closes store to me would be mothers market, but what kind of vitimin or herb or anything i could use to help the entire thing mainily the aduitory hullucinations

  262. Rohini Ramesh Tamhankar says:

    Dr.Sharma, My son is suffering from schizophrenia i.e. Auditory hallucination and thought broadcasting problem since last 7 years.He is Bsc., Master in computer Management,B.ed. and is 41 years old. Alopathic Drugs have not reduced or helped in controlling these problems. He gets job but due to fear of making mistakes,for lack of concentration due to Hallucination ,he leaves the jobs. No amount of councilling from his friends from job and family members convince him to continue job. He always stands first in training period and gets certified for good performance.Still he leaves the job.Since he left the last job in October 2014,the problem of hallucination has manifold and to get away from voices ,he goes for long drives on motor-cycle for 10 to 12 hours.Comes home only to take bath and change of clothes. He does not feel comfortable at home because he thinks people staying in Building,walking on road always talk about him and call him by names because they can hear his thoughts . The voices have taken full charge of his mind& thoughts and he believes whatever they say and react accordingly. All our efforts of convincing him otherwise have gone futile. Will you be kind enough to give Homeopathic medicine, so that he can lead normal life.His psychiatrist may phone you if it is okay with you. Mrs.Tamhankar

  263. kowsik bera says:

    Sir I want to know whether schizophrenia is curable in homoeopathy or not . Because in allopathy there is no cure of the same

    • Avtar Singh says:

      Sir; i want to know?in Homeopathy.Schizophrenia is curable?Alopathi medicine AMISULPRIDE given by Physian?and adviced to use it whole-life !So write about Homeo-Treatment !!!!

  264. Firoz Ahmed says:

    Respected Sir,My wife 30 years,suffering from delusional disorder, kindly suggest me about homeopathy treatment and obliged. thanking you

  265. Dear Doctor,

    Is Schizophrenia curable by homeopathy?

  266. gopal bid says:

    I would like to intimate you that my nephew is affected schizophrenia (auditory hallucinations) since Four years .she take oliza 10mg tablets. After taking this medicine she remain fine, but so many problem arise like heavy growth, forget quickly, etc.and if she stop this medicine,after two and three weak latter problem start again.

    please suggest me how can we overcome this problem.

  267. Swati Upadhyay says:

    Dr Sharma,

    My sister is suffering from pscizophrenia since 15 years ,she is under medication but there is no improvement in fact her condition is worsening day by day….she quarrel unnecessarily… Shouts …..lots of jealousy and anger.She hates me like devil. I am her biggest enemy. She talks irrelevant and irregular. Keeps on walking whole day,sleepless, talks with herself.. Unorganised behavior. I want to start her homeopathic treatment…. We have tried allopathy but there is no improvement or relief. Please suggest some homeopathic treatment. She was normal but in the year 2000 she started developing mental abnormalities and unorganized behavior…. After 2000 till now… improvement…. She is aged about 28…..we are extremely worried for her. Please suggest some treatment.

    Waiting for your reply
    Swati Upadhyay

  268. prashant gupta says:

    dear sir my doctor has given me olimelt 2.5 for the problem of anxity. now i am addicted to it. can i get some medicine to leave olimelt. i have no other problem or symptom.thanks

  269. Pls call bk at 7654613509

  270. Nand Kumar Sharma says:

    Hi Dr. SHARMA,



  271. my daughter us 22 and DX. if schizophrenia. is recently finally agreeing to monthly shots of abilafy but with great resistance. she is otherwise non compmient accept for marijuana use. is there a chance that certain strains may treat anxiety; depression; and delusions. she often says miley Cyris is cussing her out. she is better on abilafy but side effects are hard to witness. one full week of can’t sit still. one to two weeks of really good quality of life then the last week is hell. c/o being raped when not on meds and has much more difficulty with life and is extremely volnerable to assault. its awful because I love her and there is just so many story’s I could tell you that would break your heart. I’m so glad I finally got her on abilafy but her wish is to do this drug free or to use cannabis. I take care if her and it really is a full time thing because she is so unpredictable and confused when she was off meds. any ideas

  272. karthikeyan says:

    My wife is suffering from schizophrenia for last 5 years allopathy didnt work pls help me

  273. razia sultana says:

    disorder in speech even sometimes patient what to say or says totally irrelevant to the topic. date of birth june 4, 1964.diagnosed shezoferinia.

  274. Sir my wife 32 yrs old she is suffer schizophrenia since 8 years taken resperdon qutipine & etc but not cure pls given good suggestions and treatment

  275. p r sudha rani says:

    iam getting treated for schizophernia since 25 years the medicines iam using are
    sizodon1md,firisito10,topaz 25,now iam 43 years old and have a kid and iam persuing my ca final last group
    but i have gained lot of weight i was just 58kgs at the time of marriage now iam 85 kgs and also iam suffering from arthritis what can be done to change from allopathy to homeopathy completely

  276. Ajay Kumar Singh says:


    My Mother suffering think other other word people and feel they are the main givers in term of money, so we need to give money/tax to these guys(Like Ramdev). He talk people who are pased away..Not listen our talk. Do not take care any family member. always some other worlds. She feels some one Baba talking over instruction what will happends in future. More belief in Baba kind of people. Did not take medicine as she get sleep.. Money is again big concern for her, all money will be go to BABA as Tax. Not listen to anybody..isolated in his environment. We consult Dr Psychiatrist, but she did not take medicine because of sleep she get. Please suggest how she can be Treated.. Most difficult part she can not take regular medicine. If someone give medicine, she can not trust him..All are enemies for her in his home.

  277. Juan Vega says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Deari Sirs,

    My name is Juan Vega, I am from Bolivia and live with my polish wife in Nicaragua. We have a 17 years old son diagnosed with schizophrenia.
    He has been taking the traditional medicine treatment of Risperdal and Altruline. He has recovered from a type of cathathonic schizo to an almost normal state, but according to his doctor he has to keep taking the traditional medicine forever.

    I would like to know if there is a possibility that you could help us with Orthomolecular or Homeopathic treatment that could help our son to recover from schizophrenia.
    Please let us know if this treatment could be done via On Line and the costs.
    My skype: juanvegamba6 Mobile 505 81320428

    We are open to your advice.
    With kind regards,
    Juan Vega

  278. Hello Doctor,

    My sister is an ovarian cancer patient from last 2 years, till date the things were working fine. However since last month she has developed some symptoms of paranoid. She has starting suspecting everyone in home. Although talking normally most of the time, but in morning she start up with insane.

    please help

  279. Hello Dr.Sharma , my uncle diagnosed schizophrenia but he avoid to take medicine what prescribed by doctor. Can you please tell me will it cure by homeopathy treatment & how long it will take to cure completely.

  280. Sushil Kumar Singh says:

    My father is suffering from schizophrenia.
    Hr is taking resperidone tablets 5mg daily.
    He is not taking bath. Not doing brush. Smoking continuously.
    Sitting and thinking . I think medicine is not controlled.

  281. Bev Pather says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 17.He is now 27 years old. He is wanting to get off his anti-psychotic medication, olanjapine and systena. He has a history of non-compliance with these meds bec of the side effects and he also does not believe that it helps him in improving his state of joy, and positivity . He is in and out of hospital due to street drug use/and depression. He tried to commit suicide a few months ago .
    He is mostly affected by auditory hallucinations that he cannot share with me. He laughs uncontrollably and says that he communicates with his dead grandfather who advises him.
    He feels that this disease has robbed him of his normal youth functioning and has great regret and blames us, his parents for committing him to hospital and getting diagnosed.OFten he says that he is not properly diagnosed and yet in the same breath, says that he needs some meds, perhaps not the injections, as he hates needles.
    He is now on the path of drug abuse, mainly crystal meth, acid, cocaine and crack. He says that he is beyond being harmed by these drugs as he is in control , grandiose idealizations of how special he is as the chosen one.
    My question is, how do I start him on homeopathic meds , given that he is still under care from the allopathic community. His doctors will not release him from their care.
    What dosages can be given concurrently with his meds. What can be given to lesson or stop his drug use?
    In anticipation of your help

  282. cheryl carbino says:

    Hi I have a 17 year old son that has had schizophrenia for 4months and just got out of the hospital I am having trouble finding a homeopathy doctor to help I am desperate for help right away before more damage is done. He is on prescription drugs that are not helping and are making him a zombie. Please write back as I need your help immediately. Thanks Cheryl

  283. My brother is suffering from schizophrenia for almost more than 15 years and is on allopathic medicines he is stable but list any interest in doing anything for his future even shirks daily routine works. He talks nonsense if contradicted. Please let me know if we can give him homeopathic medicines eith allopathic medicines to improve his condition. If yes, please suggest some. He is 40 years and taking Oleanz rapitab 20 mg daily at night.

    I shall be highly grateful for help.

    Thanks & regards.

  284. Mahendra Sharma says:

    my son who is 20 yrs old has recently started talking to himself. left studies and leaving poor life style, very aggressive behavior towards family members. does not feel himself to be sick. recently diagnosed with schizophrenia when contacted to psychiatrist. please help


  285. sukhwant kaur says:

    Hi ,Dr sharma i am sukhwant kaur, i want to share some things for my husband. he has same problem like he heard some voice and talking to someone all day long who’s not related in his life.dr recomend him to olanzapine but he refuse to taking that medicine now, but this medicine not good and helpfull for him.please gave us something help him to get better.he is only 32 please help us heis not going to visit doctor he think he is good he has no problem only sumebody track and taking through satelite.please send me response back.

  286. VVM REDDY says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am a patient of schizophrenia for the past 20 years. Kindly recommend me some homeopathic remedies.
    I am presently on 200 mg clozapine every night.
    I used to have auditory hallucinations and I used to have paranoid thinking. I used to think every one is thinking about me and some people were trying to harm me. I used to think my food is made poisonous.

    Earlier I used stramonium 200 and 1M that worked fine.
    I used Aurum Met 200 that also worked fine. But I am not cured permanently. I want to be completely out of all medication.

    I can explain in detail if you permit me to call you at any time.

  287. dr kashif naseem says:

    hi. i am from pakistan. i am dr by profession. i am suffering from depression for last 3 years.
    now i have delusion of being insane. sir can u help me.

  288. Dr , I have a 28 years old son suffering from schizoaffective disorder. Since 17 years old he is taking medications , he has tried all kinds of psychiatrist meds and a lots of psychiatrists but no change even recently he is worse even he is getting clozapine 500 mg . This was the last hope with this med but nothing being changed I am desperate what to do , lost all my hopes . Please help me . Thank you .

  289. Rajesh Parmar says:

    सर मेरा लड़का जो अभी 20 साल का हे और काफी ब्रिलियंट हे और iiटी मुम्बई में पढता हे अभी 1 महीने पहलेही हमें कॉउंसलिंग करने के बात पता चला के उसे सिज़ोफेर्नीया की बीमारी के सिंmtans हे 20 दिन पहले मेने होमियो पति ट्रिटमेंट चालू की पर जब वो कॉलेजे में था वापस उसे प्रॉब्लम दिखा तो मेने अलोपथी का ट्रीटमेंट 2 दिन पहले चालू किया पर आप मुझे कुछ आच्छा सुजाव या मेडिसिन ट्रीटमेन्ट के बारे मे राय देगे तो मेरे बच्चे के करियर के लिए हेल्प होगी मेरा मो न 9823046459 हे आप कृपया फोनभी कर सकते हे

  290. Dr. Sharma
    My mother is suffering from Schizophrenia since last 20 years. She is 63. She is on allopathic medicine however the sympton keeps reappearing atleast once or twice a year. She is taking quite a high dose. She developed suicidal tendency during her last relapse. We do a lot of counselling at home, give her a lot of love, attention and care. Wanted to check if there is any hope of homeopathy medicine curing her completely. We have put her on homeopathy along with allopathy however we have not seen any improvement. Thank you so much.

  291. my brother is suffering from szofrania is sczofrania treatment is available in your clinic.
    my mb no is 9973205632

  292. rajendra jani says:

    dear sir, my wife age 28 ,she had a schopheina problem,she taken alepathy medicine not proper effective

  293. namit arora says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My mother is age 49 and suffer from delusions and auditory hallucinations. she believes that our guruji is conspiring against her and his voices she listen everytime. sometimes she gets violent usually once in 2 months but the thoughts prevail everytime. she cant get a good sleep at night. she thinks its paranormal and cant be treated.
    I think the main cause of her getting schizophrenia is me. i went to gurujis place for 4 years and this separation from me has led to this. but now i m back 8 months already still she is not well.

    I took her to a psychiatrist and started medicines. but after 1 month she stopped it completely and now she says medicines cant treat her. whenever i tell her about taking to dr she completely refuses.
    She says medicines cannot cure her, these will only add to her woes.
    Plz. suggest me what can be done. how can i convince her to take medicine and which medicine to take homoeo or allopathy.
    Regards namit

  294. Jackie Hamilton says:

    I have an 18 year old son who is dealing with anxiety and is hearing voices. I understand that he has used meth a few times in the last three months and am seeking a homeopathic remedy to help him. He is not liking being alone, feelsxpeople are watching houm and are going to hurt or kill him, no longer sleeps in his room for fear of being watched thought the front of the house windows. His bedroom has windows that face a busy street. He was recently put on a 5150 hold and diagnosed with Schitzophrenia, will not take Rx meds. Any suggestions arw greatly appreciated. Thank you

  295. Dear son imran 33 yrs of age has been diagnosed having schizophrenia..he has used lot of alopathic medicince but not cured..would u please suggest some homeopathic remedy..

  296. Sir
    My son is treating for paranoid scezoprenia with risperidone6mg andhe is afraid of side effects can homeopathi help him

  297. My sister agex 55 is diagnosed paranoid schezofrenia. Allopathi medicines caused bad side effects. Grateful for your advice on if she can be cured by homeopathy.

    Thanks N Regards/Panna

  298. Md Subrun Jamil says:

    Dear Sir

    I am from Bangladesh. My brother whose age is 30 years have schizophrenia for minimum last 10 years. We are continuing Alopethic medicine. For first 5 years of his disease medicine treatment was not regular. We have not been able to determine his problem.

    Currently at this stage his overall condition is very slight better comparing to previous time. He always thinks somebody will harm him and he will die soon. Sometimes shouts with voice.

    Can you suggest if any as per stated situation


  299. My son aged 17 yr is suffering from schizoaffective disorder n is under treatment for abt four years but not keeping good health even.
    Can he be treated under homeopathy n get recovered fully to live a smooth life.

  300. Marilyn Payne says:

    My daughter Anna is 23 years. She has had a lot of trauma and stress. Going away to college at 16 and finishing in a stressful environment. Trauma from police brutality. Trauma witnessing her grandfathers’ murder. I took her to a hospital that said they were able to treat as an outpatient with therapy for the PTSD. At the arrival they forced her from me and was abusive and injecting her with drugs. She was raised vegetarian and never inoculated. It took me 4 days to rescue her out of there. She stated they put a device in her ear and clicked something in it. She asked me everyday to rescue her. I arrived to pick her up and she was paranoid of me and didn’t want to leave with me. She is talking to herself, restless, sometimes catatonic, no appetite, she states she is “scared”, drifts into a state where she is unaware of her immediate environment. She states she is hearing voices .Some are of her grandfather others she doesn’t recognize. She is seeing “shadow people” She will sometimes have an outburst by screaming No and sometimes crying. This started in October. Please help. My phone number is (202)248-8855

  301. Leslie Gray says:

    Dr. Sharma my son has been schizoaffective for 6 yrs. He hears voices. Every western medication the FDA approves of he has taken clozapine helps the most but it is not a cure. I have used Anacardium Orientale, Platinum Metallicum and Phosphorus, Hyoscyamus Niger, Stramonium and Stapysagria for the 1st 5 days of taking it 4-6 times a day he has had the best days in 6 yrs since his illness. We never tried homeopathics for this but used for allergies. What a BLESSING!! his psychiatrist says clozapine is now working 🙁 it is not he has been on it 4 months this time and still has voices he took it for 22 months and had voices then 22 months so clozapine is no cure all. But HOMEOPATHIC ! it is awesome to have relief. Thank you for the data! that no one else shared I share this to all since you do not reply on this feed. Thank you for the information I feel like you have just given me my life back and his life back Thank you!!!!!!!!

    • Nikesh,

      Thank you for posting this! I have a daughter with schizoaffective. I will tried what your son took. Do you have the amounts for each and where you got them? Thanks again and may God bless you!

  302. my son take cannabis smoke continue 4 years after he quite that bad habbit now suffring psychosis not take any medicin and food saying ” u r mix some poison in food ” so I found to treat “cannabis indica, lecasis. how I use them potency and periad and another sugasation please give me Sir

  303. Janice Bunyett says:

    My 27 year old son has been hearing voices for approximately a year. He is getting worse everyday. The doctors have giving him medications that eith make him worse, almost kill him, make his behavior out of control landing him in jail or just plain does not work, not to mention impossible side effects. My son is in reality and knows the voices are not real. Although the voices are non-stop driving him madd. They are so loud he has problems hearing when we tslk to him and also keep him awake. He also has major anxiety and a feeling that his soul is being pulled from his body. He describes a feeling of sevete doom and emptiness.

  304. False argument sleepless and no eaten high tension feel

  305. My 85 year old mother is suffering spells of auditory and visual hallucinations. Relatively new onset last year after this reaction from Cipro in august. She calls them ‘ crisco people’.she takes thyroid Medicine for many years. She was fine before last august. Please advise.

    • sir,
      my cousin is 44 now and suffering form schiozphernia from the past 15 years ..he is responding well to
      ariprozole (approx. 2.5mg) but refuses to take it for side effects.. is there any solution for it in homeopathy,any medicine without side effects…


  306. Ananta Kumar Bhuyan says:

    Dear Sir,

    with great hope and expectation i am to inform you that my daughter 27 yrs of age was badly suffered in schizophrenia during the month of March 2012 and since than she was under treatment of a psychiatric doctor of Guwahati ,Assam. First 20days of treatment the medicines were not responded but now well and good with reaction of medicines as she loss concentration , unwillingness to work ,very lazy and habit to sleep long time .Her health is going fat .She completed her Master Degree in Anthropology in 2011 and presently working in a M E School and have less courage to take any higher responsibility.
    Under this circumstances kindly help me as well as my daughter for treatment with medicines of less side affect as it is the right time for her marriage. Kindly let me know whether marriage will be a problem for her . My mail id is – Mobile Number is -9435084645.

    Thank you .
    Yours truly A,K,BHUYAN.

  307. Jigme Wangmo says:

    Recently my son has been diagnosed as schizophrenia patient .Getting treated with drugs which makes him so slow in answering and also slow walks like almost like sleep walk. Please help my son. I am so worried. He takes 2 mg respiredon and another to help side effect. His symptoms were like hearing from super natural beings and often said that he saved the world and like can change the weather. He would often be mad with us me and his dad. At that time smoking marijuana. He takes his pills but I really do ‘nt like . Side effects looks worst than whatever problem he has. Please help us . I want to stop medication as soon as possible. Looks so harmful than help.


  308. Ravi Jethanandani says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Am a Paranoid Schizophrenic patient for the last 18 years.

    Would appreciate if you could advice some homeopathy
    medicines for the same.

    Thanks and regards,


  309. Dr. Dharma…I am severely depressed with a lot of anxiety…I also have auditory hallucinations… The voices tell me that I am in a spaceship…they talk to me about Christ either hating me or helping me…they frighten me with words about satan and tell me to think positive thoughts…there is ringing in my right ear and I hear the voices out of my right ear. I have great agitation…I hate my job and think I am better than my work. I continue to live in the past when I was safe in my marriage…for years I deluded myself that I was somehow going to have a music career… I am 52 years old and have been diagnosed as bipolar by one doctor and having PTSD by another doctor…I have only in the last year been hearing voices. I take perphenazine and lamactil…please help me to get on the right homeopathic remedy and wean off meds

  310. hi my sister is suffering from delusions she keeps saying some one is observing and some one is plotting and doing bad and says a few known people names .even some times she says the people who are plotting even trying to change our minds is there any permanent cure for this she is already attending pschyatriast
    and using medicines she is ok some times and suddenly gets into a state some times.kindly reply me wether any cure for this thanks

  311. My sister is having schizoprenia for the last 10 years. she is taking medicines for many years preferred by a psychiatrist but there is no improvent. her mood sometimes changes terribly.This schizoprenia effects slightly come over her daily…My dad knows this ,takes treatment for her but cant understand her feelings of schizoprenia and always scolding at the time when she cant do out usual activities…scolding as posing to behave like others…Moreover she is 30 years..we are all worried about her future.she is taking 4 tablets in the night and felt sleepiness in the next morning…what to do ???

  312. Dear doctor
    Where do we get these medicines and dosage? My wife is suffering from this since last several years.She is now 53 yyears old.

  313. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 56 years old and diabetic since last 5-6 years. I don’t take any allopathy medicines and try to control it by eating and some ayurvedic medicines. Now a days my blood sugar levels are high at around 250- 300, 1 hr after morning breakfast. Would like to know whether homeopathy would be effective in my case. I am totally a no-no allopathy person.


  314. Nitish Ahuja says:

    Hi doc, my mother 47 years old is suffering from schizophrenia since last 4-5 years and is currently taking allopathy medicines (risnia md 1mg and amigold 200mg). She imagines that she is guided by some supernatural powers. though the medicines that she is taking is keeping her conditions normal but the thought process is not changing. She is totally ignorant consulting any doctor and for every other thing she blames the supernatural power. she is diabetic and has high blood pressure. I would like to know whether there is an effective treatment in homeopathy.

    Nitish Ahuja

  315. HITENDRA KUMAR says:

    My wife, 57 years, has a habit of constantly talking with persons, family members who are far away and not present before her and even with those persons who are no more alive. Her lip sing is noticeable and audible. She is also having high blood pressure and Diabetes. Her Serum Cretanine is 2.2 and Hb is 8.5. How it can be cured under Homeopathic treatment?

  316. Hello dr sharma
    I’m writing to get some Information for my husband, in 2013 he has a first phase episode of psychosis where he was hearing voices was suicidal and also seeing things since then he has been taking olanzipine which has helped a great deal, he has been perfectly fine and symptoms have been manageable until last weekend he had a conversation with his father which has triggered symptoms again, they aren’t as bad as last year but it’s very distressful, how could you help?

  317. colonel bs deol says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother is having auditory hallucinations, and persecution fears .She feels old aquaintances are plotting against hernow . We used to give her Amisul 50 ,but she refuses to take it as bitter and it causes her weakness. She is ready to take homeopathy medicine. She is 85 but fit physically yet. I have read the article in detail and am convinced it is positive type schizo with persecution fears and auditory hallucinations
    Will be grateful for your advice to help my mother.
    Colonel Deol

  318. Nitin gupta says:

    Hello doctor.
    My sister is 29 yrs old and she is suffering from schzhophrenia as told by a phychiatrist ,she becomes aggressive very early without any reason says useless things which does not relate to anything sometimes use abusive language she avoids talking to people she cries without any reason we are trying to cure her disease with allopathy but no inprovement is found, sometimes it becomes very difficult to handle situations .
    I need ur help please do reply wat should be done is this situation.

    Nitin gupta

  319. Carmen Mitulescu says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have a son 24 years old experiencing all the schizophrenia symptoms. I am a desperate mom, since he refuses to see a doctor. Also for about 7 years since high school he used all kinds of drugs including creck. He is suicidal, he trained to kill himself by hanging about 3 months ago in the basement. We took him to the hospital and since then he doesn’t want to leave the house. I try to feed him well, give him vitamins but most of the time he refuses to eat or take the vitamins. I keep praying to God to help him and save him. I DON’T want to lose my son and I don’t know what to do…can you please help ? !!!!

  320. have you ever been on SIZOPIN ( CLOZAPINE).

    It is the ultimate medicine, normally prescribed after all other meds fail to improve the condition

  321. KRISTEVIA SALES says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Your website is great!!!! I have a question for you concerning my daughter. She is 17 and recently started hearing voices. She says that she can hear the voices from family members that have passed away, and there are three voices in particular, people who were bullying her at her school that are constantly stuck in her head. They criticize her and they yell at her that they want to “get out of her head.” Sometimes when she is watching tv, she says that she can hear the voices of the characters from the show that we are watching in her head. I would like to try the homepathic treatment as a new way to try to help stop the voices or at lease minimize them. She has been taking Zyprexa 10mg. The side effects are making her worse I feel so I am weaning her off of it. My question is should I try the Anacardium Orientale or should I try Hyoscymus. Please advise and thank you for helping people to help themselves!

  322. Lalla. Kebbeh says:

    My 25 year old son is suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia. He was prescribed haldol but that is not helping much. I need something that will stop the delusion most. Please help.

  323. sir i younger brother suffering from varous delusions. according his symptom he is suffering from schizophrenia. plz give good advise for treatment.
    thank u

  324. subbulakshmi says:

    my husband is affected by paranoid schizopherinia he takes amisulpride 300mg and pacitrix 2mg but it does not work

  325. dear dr sharma, one of my colleague working with me in the bwnk is about 30 yrs and unmarried. he considers himself as the most intelligent and superior to rest all. the symptoms indicated for delusion of persecution and delusion of grandeur completely hold true in his case. for quite some time past in the evening he says someone is slapping somebody else in neighbourhood in the evening around 7-8PM and even goes out in search of them outside. kindly advise what medicine can I suggest him. He says he is ok and no medication is reqiured but I feel he requires treatment. also kindly explain in detail wheather he will be perfectly fit.

    • Dear doctor Sharma,
      My son age 15 has suddenly stopped going to school and insists on changing his school. Even after making him understand for two hours he keeps on insisting to change his school without giving any valid reason. The school he recommends is very far away.
      The Doctor recommended a medicine for five days to bring his body chemical balance to normal but after taking it only once he felt dizzy.
      The doctor said that due to the chemical imbalance he fails to understand what we are saying.
      Please recommend something for him.
      I will be highly grateful.

  326. himanshu soni says:

    my little sister is suffering from shizoprania last 16 year all medicine allopathy are used the docter .please suggest me.she is married [38 year].at present we are admitted in rehabilate centre .last7 month we providing change is found she was taken natural sleep.but the agration is not gone .please suggest me.

  327. Abhilasha singh says:

    Dear sir,
    I am in treatment since last ten years for schizophrenia.I wish to know , can i switch to homeopathy as I am tired of taking these medicines.My disease is not getting cured . help me please. I take resperidon tablets daily due to which I have become overweight.I find life meaning less and I also hear voices .

  328. vishal shukla says:

    Sir, my brother is suffering from schizophrenia from last 2 n half year but it was diagnosed from last 15 days. He feels that he will be live only for next 2-3 months. Right now he is in hospital under observation and taking medication from elopethic doctor (well reputed in our area Dr. Joshi from Jalgaon).

    Kindly suggest if there is any cure of these disease in the homeopathy? And how much time required to recover from the same.

  329. shahzia nusrat says:

    Hiii doc my problem is my brother he has done MBBS from Russia bt does nothing as his screening test is not cleared;he has created a shell around him does not meet anyone talks to hypothetical people have dellusuons n hallucination bt not ready to meet any doctor n do not want to take medicine :he consider me n mother his enemies n sometimes become aghresssive ,.after my fathers death he loves to b in soltitude .he is very intelligent bt waisting his life. N v also feel helpless in helping him.plz reply

  330. m s murthy says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son aged 31 years suffering from schixoaffective disorder with symptoms like anger, irritation, mood swings and aggresive behavior for the past 3 years and on allopathic medicines. The side effects of these medicines like dizziness, drowsyness whole day makes him ineffecive in his daily routines. He is unable to takeup any job. Recently he suffered a relapse after stopping medication for fee days.
    May I request you to suggest if his condition has solution in homeopathy.
    Awaiting your valuable advice.

    Thanking you,

    M s murty

  331. says:

    my wife is facing schizo effective disorder , can it be resolved by homeopathic treatment

  332. Dominique Bony says:

    I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The medications I take make me gain weight and increase my

    chances for high blood pressure, dementia and diabetes. Please help me get off those medicines.

  333. syed Danish M Mashhadi says:

    My son 23.In problem far last 4 year with thoughts that He hears voices hallucinations of people talking to an listening to him from tv. He has a drug habit drinking an smoking marrow ana he believes it helps him with the voices.Giving him 4mg repridol Divalprox 250mg.

  334. Hello doctor.
    I am a woman of 30 years old. I have been diagnosed with psychosis for 3 years now with having it for 4 years. It is all in my mind. It is my father and my dead grandmother who are a part of the psychosis.Sometimes it can be anyone..They tell me to get out of the house. It is always negative and mean things they say to me.I have been living at home with my parents when this started and I still live at home. The voices are all in my mind 24/7. What homeopathic remedy could I try to treat this psychosis?

  335. ghulam rasool says:

    hi Dr Sharma my big brother age42 years and he is schizoph last 8 years

  336. Gopal Krishna says:


    My mother is suffering from schizophrenia. She was treated by a psychiatrist for more than six months after that she refused to go there but she was perfectly fine for few months. That Dr. advised OLIZA (Olanzapine) and NEXITO varying from 10 to 5 mg.
    She feels some body is talking negatively about her and trying to harm her. Some times when alone she talks to that invisible person so loudly as she is quarrellings. She also feels headache and sometimes sleepless nights.
    She says that she is absolutely fine and doesn’t need a doctor, that’s why I am not able to consult with any psychiatrist.

    Please Help. I will be grateful to you.

    If u wish i can pay your fee online.

    Gopal Krishna
    New Delhi

  337. K.JOHN DE BRITTO says:

    Dear Sir,

    My first Daughter Selvi.J.Jennefer (Age-25)affected by Schizophrenia for the last 3 years
    now she is taking alopathy medicine kindly advice for Homeo medicine pl.

  338. Re post: After re-reading this the next day and removing the spelling mistakes. and a few little mistakes.
    Hey, it was late and I was tired.

    Hello Dr Sharma

    First, this is an inquiry on behalf of a good friend of mine.
    I’m a Naturopath without too much experience treating mentally ill patients.
    My friend is a 39 year old female who has suffered from mental health issues most of her life.
    I believe she is an un-diagnosed Paranoid schizophrenic with Visual and Auditory hallucinations.
    Currently her primary problems are hearing voices and noises.
    Her story started when she was very young with Bulimia. Once this was brought under control she started drinking. Later when she married (Age 18) she became depressed and was put on anti-depressants. The medication didn’t really help and eventually she was put on dexamphetamines. A few years later she was divorced and her ex took both the children and has refused all access, to the point of no-one even knows where he lives. So she is unable to see her children (2 and 3 yo at the time of the breakup about 4 years ago). Somewhere around this time she started having hallucinations (both Visual and Auditory).
    In the last 4 years she has been bounced around from being homeless to jumping from one bad relationship of convenience to another. Her family have not helped as they don’t understand her disease. Ultimately she tried to commit suicide by consuming about 500 tabs and caps (every pill that was in the house). A week later she wakes up in a recovery a little worse for the experience.
    about 3 years ago she had to have her wisdom teeth extracted. this was a bungled operation. About 3 months ago she had a cracked jaw and X-rays showed massive degeneration of the bone tissue directly under one for the smashed but still present wisdom tooth roots. 3 operations later and the jaw appears to be slowly healing. required a bone graft from her hip.
    However, since the 3 operations, her Auditory and Visual hallucinations have increased dramatically.
    I’ve taken her into my home to try and give her a stable environment with as little stress as possible. (I’ve known her for most of her life). I have also been trying the ortho-molecular approach but I have met with only limited success. I have managed to remove the Visual hallucinations, but the Audio is now driving her to tears most nights.
    I’m not a Homeopath but I’m thinking that maybe a homeopathic approach may help where I have failed.
    I’m thinking maybe Anacardium Orientale – but what potency and dosages would you recommend?


  339. Hello Dr Sharma

    First, this is an inquiry on behalf of a good friend of mine.
    I’m a Naturopath without too much experience treating mentally ill patients.
    My friend is a 39 year old female who has suffered from mental health issues most of her life.
    I believe she is an diagnosed Paranoid schizophrenic with Visual and Auditory hallucinations.
    Currently her primary problems are hearing voices and noises.
    Her story started when she was very young with Belemia. Once this was brought under control she started drinking. Later when she married (Age 18) she became depressed and was put on anti-depressants. The medication didn’t really help and eventually she was put on amphetamines. A few years later she was divorced and her ex took both of her children and has refused all access, to the point of no-one even knows where he lives. So she is unable to see her children (2 and 3 yo at the time of the breakup about 4 years ago). Somewhere around this time she started having hallucinations (both Visual and Auditory).
    In the last 4 years she has been bounced around from being homeless to jumping from one bad relationship of convenience to another. Her family have not helped as they dont understand her disease. Ultimately she tried to commit suicide by consuming about 500 tabs and caps (every that was in the house). A week later she wakes up in a recovery a little worse for the experience.
    about 3 years ago she had to have her wisdom teeth extracted. this was a bungled operation. About 3 months ago she had a cracked jaw and Xrays showed massive degeneration of the bone tissue directly under one for the smashed but still pressent wisdom tooth roots. 3 operations later and the jaw appears to be slowly healing.
    However, since the 3 operations, her Auditory and Visual hallucinations have increased dramatically.
    I’ve taken her into my home to try and give her a stable environment with as little stress as possible. (I’ve known her for most of her life). I have also been trying the Authomolecular approach but I have met with only limited success. I have managed to remove the Visual hallucinations, but the Audio is now driving her to tears most nights.
    I’m not a Homeopath but I’m thinking that maybe a homeopathic approach may help where I have failed.
    I’m thinking maybe Anacardium Orientale – but what potencies and dosages would you recommend?


  340. Manaswi sharan says:

    I am suffering from schizophrenia for last 12yrs. I am taking alleopathy medicine Oleanz, chemical name
    Olanzapine. It controls but not cure. My dark side ,i continuously talk or keep mum for long hour,forget while speaking and last great interest in female body. Another thing i observe that i have OCD.My elder
    sister is also suffering from schizophrenia of hallucination type .My problem i feel sensation in my private part.
    kindly help me.
    Manaswi sharan

  341. Manaswi sharan says:

    I am suffering from schizophrenia for last 12yrs. I am taking alleopathy medicine Oleanz, chemical name
    Olanzapine. It controls but not cure. My dark side ,i continuously talk or keep mum for long hour,forget while speaking and last great interest in female body. Another thing i observe that i have OCD.My elder
    sister is also suffering from schizophrenia of hallucination type .
    kindly help me.
    Manaswi sharan

  342. sanjeevagarwal says:

    i amsufffering from schizophrenia & O.C.D.plz tell me cure

  343. My wife is suffering from schizopharnia since two years. She is 48 years old and a teacher.
    She received treatment from C.M.C Vellore.Tamil Nadu India. She is now dialy taking quitipin 400 mg
    .She quite stablised .She teaches in a school in Ranchi. Her social skills are poor . She is very ill tempered. She gets angry with me and shouts at me every day.
    I need treatment for her cure.
    Kindly Advice

  344. Dear DR,Sharma,
    Thanks for the information which you have given above,my wife have being suffering from Schizophrenia and she have being under psychiatric Doctors since for the last 38 yrs.but no good result,still taking medicine with lots of resistance,by any chance if she refused to take pills then she return back to same position.
    Now I will try Homeopathic medicine according to her symptoms,but the problem is you have not mention the potency of each remedy,could you please send me the required potency of each remedy.
    With Best Regards,
    jawed khan

  345. Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 34 and has suffered from delusions for the past 10.He has taken 6 different psychotropic medications in that time frame, that have caused him to gain over 75 lbs. The side effects in attempting
    to treat the symptoms has been very problematic as to further damaging the neurotransmitters of the brain
    that need to be repaired and healed.
    We are searching for a Homeopathic solution to heal his mind from this illness.His delusions are of the
    persecution type as conspiratorial.Any advice or recommendation will be greatly welcome. We shall awaite
    your response,

  346. Torneita Hardin says:

    Dr. Sharma I’m in desperate need of your help. My 21 year old son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia almost a year ago. It’s pretty much been hectic every since. I live in the Delta so I’m no where near a homeopathy Doctor. My son systoms include hearing voices, thinking someone is trying to fight him, he accuses others for his failure, sentences don’t make sense. He is also a smoker. Please help thanks and may God bless you.

  347. Debdip Lala says:

    My wife is suffering fro mental disorder. DOB: 27.08.1980. She is of very pleasant nature when normal, but gets furious when the condition detoriates. At that times, she hardly prefer to speak to anyone, behaviour becomes unorganised and rude, often creating conflicts at home, which actually worsens the situation. In these days, she can hardly sleep at night, and loses appetite as well. I had gone for some homeopathic treatment( name of medicine not disclosed by doctor), she said that these are symptoms of pscyzophrenia.Under that treatment she was in very good condition, but after 4/5 months, her normal menstrual periods got stopped, and had to discontinue the medicine, and within few days conditions are very poor once again. The problem is that, she is not ready to visit a psychiatrist, as well as now she is in panic of homeo medicines as well. How can I start soe fresh treatment, through biochemic medicine or something like that, not disclosing fully to her. I would be grateful if you can suggest some medicine name, which can be started. i am more bothered with her mental state and ready to compromise if there is effect on reproductivity.

  348. rishi yadava says:

    I am suffering from psyzoprenia since 14 year i am taking amisulpride , ecitalopram. And trihexipenidyl HCL. I want to improve my memory .cognition.and concentration by homeopathy medecine.i am also taking piracetam

  349. About My brother says:

    Hello DR Sharma, my brother has these same conditions he already diagnosed here in Usa that he has a disease of Schozophrenia. Me and my family is so worried about him because of his nonstop talking, which includes abnormal talking, hearing voices especially some kind of music. When he talks it ends in different topics. In his talking he always include that God sending him messages he is not saying any word by his own self. One more thing about him is that he never takes medicine, he was taking medine before 8 months. Please advice me what we have to do in this critical condition as soon as possible please. How can I order this medicine?

  350. Neeshant Srivastava says:

    Does homeopathy offer a permanent cure to the disease. In my case the disease is NOT hereditary and it was the result of some excruciating circumstances that lead to imbalances and a certain collapse of the brain. I am on medication and have been for many years. I found out that as long as I took my medicine regularly, my mind found it hard to entertain the thought that I had bee actually inflicted with the disease. For all these years I have been searching for a cure and they tell me that no cure has been established so far and I wonder if it ever will be. However I have faith is alternative medicines like Ayurveda and Homeopathy. I honestly feel that there is actually a simple cure that we don’t know. I can imagine that all major discoveries, and I mean the vital ones happened by accident. I believe that there is a cure for every disease be it mental or physical. Right now I am looking for some improvement in my condition. I am OK as long as I am on doses am I am under the care of a good doctor. I am normal right now as can be and have been in this state for many years. Could you please suggest some homeopathic medicines for some improvement, like less dependence on allopathic medicines if not a complete reversal of sorts. Thank You.

  351. veerasekaran says:

    My son aged 33 suffering due to audio holucinations particularly . It developed initially five years ago. He was put on allopathy medicine for about one year. Regained normal condition. No medicin for six months. problem repeated. Started medicine again continuing for past three and half years. Currently he consumes LAXOPAX-20 mg during night and TRhyyphenidle hdrochloride -2mg during morning. Problem is under control. When dosage level reduced from 20mg to 10mg problem again increases.Dosage reduction tried by dcoctor. Can homeopathy cure completely and once for all. My son was a software engineer before this problem. He is post graduate engineer ,after this problem,he lost software job. Currently working as teaching faculty in a private engineering university

  352. my daughter renu is suffering from schzophania and ocd as digonsed by the dr. Please advice which medicine in homiopaty is useful for her.

  353. prashant verma says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I my self is a homeopathic doctor ,my nephew is having schizophrenia.He complaints about noises or voice of persons coming in his ears.There are mood swings , sometimes he laughs and sometimes he cries. He is also very restless. I have given him the following medicines :-
    1.Ignatia 1m once a week

    2.stramonium 30

    3.hyoscyamus 30

    I want to know your opinion on the above subject
    Eagerly waiting for your reply


  354. Lavleet Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My mother (Aged 80) is suffering from Dementia and Micro Angiopathy for last one year. The medicines like olimelt 2.5, Arecep etc. are causing side effects. Her behavioural is becoming imbalanced and sleep is irregular and rarely sleep for three to four hours a day. She is diabetic for last twenty years and perhaps the medications for diabetes has also contributed for the present position.
    Kindly advise how homoeopathy medicines can help in her treatment for dementia and Micro Angiopathy.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Lavleet Sharma

  355. Nidhikar Gaur says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Nidhikar and I live in New Delhi. I am married and we have 2 children, daughter-11yrs old and son 4yrs old.
    My wife is having Hallucinations and hearing voices problem from last 5 yrs and has been increased gradually year by year. Due to which she has started using very very bad abusive language. She has started beating our 11 yrs daughter after listening something that is not real. She has also tried committing suicide once, 2 yrs back.
    Major problem is of hearing voices (negative for her and for her daughter). She thinks that she has more children and all of them are lost/kidnapped and have been beaten and getting raped.

    Need your help in this. Have consulted Doctor about 2 yrs ago and she gave sedatives due to which life was in more trouble.

    Please message me when can i meet you.

    Nidhikar Gaur

  356. Cristina says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am writing you as I am very concerned about my partner who has Schitzophrenia.

    We stopped the doctor’s medication some time ago because these were affecting his vital organs (and were not helping much anyway with his conditon) and we have tried some homeopathic treatments such as Matricum Natriacum, Gelsium, Cannabis Sativa and now we are about to start (today) with Arsenicum Album. However, I am so concerned as I don’t know if there has been some relationship to the Cannabis Sativa, but my partner has and is suffering so much with allucinations and voices: he says his mother, sister, brother (all who are dead) keep appearing out of nowhere, talking to him and he has sensations of persecution that certain people are out to get him. He is 55 and has had this condition since his mid 20’s…he has never opened out to me like this about these allucionations, which I’m grateful for, but he is suffering so much he says he doesn’t want to live and is crying.

    I have been searching on this website and wonder if Anacardium Orientale may be helpful for him, or anything you may suggest (I am also researching any other herbs and minerals such as zinc and omega 3 which may soften his trauma somewhat).

    Thank you

  357. nitin saboo says:

    sir,my wife is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia since 2007 and taking allopathy medicine. please guide wheather this disease is curable in your clinic

  358. Prashanth says:

    Dear Doctor,my friends son is suffering Schizoprenia since 18-24 months,is under treatment and most of the symptoms are disappeared.Now he fears to stay alone in his bedroom/house.Not working due to fear,says works at home.Other routine works like brushing,bathing,eating food,watching TV,etc are ok.Only thing is he fears to go to job/to be alone/to meet people etc.He sleeps normally not alone,but in parents/brothers bedroom.He is 28years old male,unmarried,vegiterian,has obesity,overweight.Pls suggest whether he can be cured completely with Homeopathy if so kindly prescribe medicine with dosage.(from India)

  359. Pradeep Gaikwad says:

    Dear sharma madam

    Patient is my father 58 yr old recently he had undergo heart bypass surgery. recently i come to know that he is taking treatment of psychological from last 8yrs in between this doctor suggest him some medicine name is olimelt 5mg . If he not take this medicine he fell unconsinous, acidity, felling scared from inside.

    Need your help for this.


  360. ASHISH SAXENA says:

    Dear Dr Saab,

    my wife is in schizophrenia

    plz call me & help me

    my no is 9871697496


    Ashish Saxena

  361. munish bhatia says:

    Social isolation, delirious speech,restlessness,thirst,irritability. Symptoms from birth till now ( presently 33 years)
    Please reply & specify treatmeat as soon as possible.

  362. Rakesh Dembla says:

    My son aged 16 years had a attach of bipolar disorder(ATPD) in march 2011 and till then he is
    under medical treatment. The symptoms of Schizophrenia exists sometimes.

    He is taking medicines regularly but there is no improvement.
    He has left studies and have no interest in anything . He remains average for six months and get disturbed for the rest of six months in a year .
    Pl suggest whether any treatment is available to overcome this problem for whole life

  363. rashmerekha pati says:

    my brother suffers from schizophernia and married. No relation with his wife and withdrawal from society. not interested to work or active. no mixing with family members. fond of sleeping. he is under allopathy treatment, no hallucinaton now but no relation with his wife, not even sharing his with feeling others.

  364. Alka Madan says:

    This is about my son who is showing symptoms of Schzo phrenia for the last five years. He is currently on homeopathy with some other doctor local here in USA. Can I consult with you as well and try to understand if it curable or he can be improved.

  365. arash alilu says:

    good luck

  366. my son age 20.5 yrs.suffering from schizophrenia since last 7 yrs.taking allopathy treatment but no result kindly suggest some medicine in homeopathy and how to take them.

  367. Sinead O'Neill says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am concerned about my 15 yr old daughter Isobel, she told me this evening that she has been hearing voices and that when she lays down quietly her mind races and that she is afraid she is possessed. If you can give me some advice on remedies that would be of great help thanks.

    Kind regards,


  368. MAUREEN CAMARA says:


  369. Bernadette Howarth says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My Mother-in-law has severe symptoms of delusion and hears voices. We would like her to take Hyoscyamus Niger and Lachesis. My question is this – are these remedies something she would have to continuously take, or would one bottle do the trick? My husband had frozen shoulder and one bottle of ferrum metallicum was sufficient for the pain to be aliveated. Is each case different? Thank you for your time,

  370. samelal patel says:

    please dr treat me I addict opiate [doda] 7year old my calf muscles sevear pain
    and abdomen umbilical region pain this pain only relif eat by opium[doda] I am suffring fram anxity please Dr help me homoeo treatment
    Thanks Dr

  371. Bhushan says:

    hi, this is Bhushan Satam from panvel, Navi Mumbai.
    please use my information and try at least one. i also suffered by schizophrenia and {Bipolar disorder from childhood time} severly from 1998 to 2012 . but in 2012 I changed my psychiatrist , now i am totally qure but i need to take 3 tablets in night,named soltus-300 mg/full tablet, skizorill 25 mg/one fourth, and rexipra-5 mg/half tablet .i am taking treatment from my home town{panvel} docter and his name is Dr. Kale he is successful psychiatrist and sexologist he do practice in old panvel, Raje Complex above Axis bank, evening 6pm to 8 pm and morning 11am to 1pm. sunday number-02227454220[hospital],02227460989-clinic. DO VISIT OR CONTACT THIS DOCTER TO SOLVE UR SISTERS PROBLEM. TODAY I TOTALLY ENJOYING MY LIFE LIKE NORMAL HUMANBING.THIS IS INFO IS WRITTEN BY ME,THAT IS BHUSHAN.


    LET US COME TO THE POINT . DO HOMEOPATHY HAS TOTAL REMEDIES ON SCHIZOPHRENIA AND BIPOLAR DISORDER THAT IS DO YOU HAVE ANY SUCH MEDICINES WHCH AFTER TAKING CAN QURE THIS MENTAL DISORDER TOTALLY , BECAUSE IF I STOP MY MEDICINES MY MIND SEVERELY ROLL BACK TO VERY SERIOUS{SERIOUS UNCURE} SCHIZOPHRENIC AND BIPOLAR DIORDER ILLNESS THAT IS DISORDER OF MIND. IF YOU HAVE ANY HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES WHICH CAN QURE MY BOTH MENTAL DISORDER TOTALLY AND HELP TO LIVE WITHOUT MEDICINE AFTER YOUR TREATMENT. THEN DO REPLY ME WITH YOUR AMOUNT/SERVICE AND HOW I CAN TAKE YOUR TREATMENT ONLINE. I BSC undergraduate person. today i do enjoy my life like normal individual but i need to take 3 tablets of said medicines which make me to remain qure on daily bases at the same time they produce sleepness in me which do not allow me to go on normal 9 to 6 job as wake up at 9 am in the morning even taking tablets early in night. so if your treatment can free me from these disorder without continuing any homeopathic medicine after given time period to your treatment. please let me know. I TRY TO DESCRIBED MY CONDITION HERE AS COMPLETE AS POSSIBLE HOPE YOU WILL GIVE ME POSSIBLE RIGHT CALL IF HOMEOPATHY HAS WITH YOU. BYE.

  372. What is the best homeopathic medicine for delusional disorder

    • I need help can’t take western meds paranoid depressed live in past frightened hear voices sometimes when people are around shy don’t trust anyone some people can read my mind have candida have been ill since 12 please help me

  373. shreeshan says:

    My dad 87 year old started exhibiting behavior similar to Schizophrenia
    he was very healthy throughout his life till he had arteries block 3 years back.
    Symptoms are
    1. he feels his brother, and other known person are waiting, come to house, will come and pick up
    2. He wants to go to some place which is in Andrapradesh and some farm house.
    3. He will get ready and pack things and wait near gate saying some names will come and pick up.

    MRI, EEG, blood test is absolutely normal
    From yesterday started small dose of zopin tablet, doesn’t look effective, he feels sleepy
    Let me know if we can connect and take your help for medicines

  374. Dear sir,

    My mother is suffering from auditory and visual halucinations for the past 18 years.
    She is taking alopathic treatment. The whole day she is sleepy. Is there any complete cure under homeopathy?

  375. My brother is age 46 and is being diagnosed as schizophrenia. He is thinking that some one has do some super natural totkas with him. due to that he is not able to do anything. He also start seeing fictitious persons in his thoughts and fight with them. He thinks that some people are planning to harm him by using these tactics. HE was shown to doctor and he starts Tab. Resparidon 1mg. After consuming this medicine the fictitious persons in his thoughts ar not seen now. But he is still in fear and cant do any work feels weekness, fatigue etc. earlier he was very energetic and doing socialwork. Please suggest ay treatment in homeopathy.


    M Sharma

  376. ram sankar says:

    Platinum Metallicum is an excellent medicine for treating delusion of grandeur .
    What is the indian name to ask in the pharmacy?
    What is the dosage and how to take it?
    What is the duration of this medication for recovery

  377. Ankit kumar says:

    My son is suffering fron schizophrenia he sometimes fear in night and he don’t take bath daily sometimes He has written songs but he drives the car we are giving him alopathic treatment sizopin tablet what homeopathic treatment will help him

  378. Dear Dr Sharma, Iam in a govt job since last 18 years and got married in Nov’2000. A little later after marriage, my wife used to complaint that some people stand opposite our house and look towards our house which I found none and I would tell her that there’s nothing and not to worry about such things. The situation turned really bad in later part of 2004 where symptoms were very prominent. They were :- people are talking about her with an aim to malign her, conspiring against her, that I, her husband, is also part of her enemy gang, vehicles are making too much noise just to irritate her which again is allegedly planned by me, dogs bark just to irritate her, neighbours are also part of this etc etc. Her medication started in Oct’04 and its then that I got to know about psychiatric condition called ” Delusional disorder”. she has been under medication since then, initially with alpendazole & now with ‘resperidone’. She becomes ok in between but at times, things seem to go out of hand. we have 2 kids: 10 year & 07 year olds who at times are on receiving end too. kindly advise.

  379. mandeep kaur says:

    mam mere father ki 2 saal pehle death ho gayi thi. tabhi meri sister pshocologically weak ho gayi. oh wo abnormally behosh bhi ho gayi thi.oe uski eeg abnormal aayi thi. lekin divalprox,lonazep.or vitamin capsule 6 months continue lene se wo thik ho gayi . lekin wo homeopathic bhi sath-2 leti thi. Now she is suffering from same problem on the death of my taya ji. she used to give abnormal reactions and says about those things which do not exists.just like she thinks everybody knows what she thinks, like listening Horns and all Etc.plz tell medicines and diagonose

  380. Roxanne McConnell says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I.have been researching natural treatments for Schizophrenia as my daughter has been diagnosed with Schizophreniform and psychotic disorder, Aspergers symptoms, PTSD, etc and found some info on just two homeopathic remedies… I worked at a natural health store and have a Degree in Early Childhood Education, but nothing prepared me for the torture odd seeing my daughter go to a mental hospital ordered by the school… Thank you for any help you have as I try supplements and homeopathic remedies..

  381. vinayak v gokhale says:


    i feel that my wife is showing some symptoms of schizophrenia

    the systems are as follows
    living in the past – recalls past events which are negative in nature and how they have hindered her progress or how they are affecting her now
    mistrust – she doesn’t trust anybody not even me or our son
    always blames others for her faults – it is not her fault but we came in between so the fault occured
    everybody is her enemy – everybody is trying to deceive her and wants something from her even her deceased parents how they used her (her parents were divorsed) for their advantage
    even her sisters how they deceived her
    she hates my side of family and forbids to me to keep contact with them
    everybody is beneath her (faltu in hindi) they are not worth taking to
    she has no friends only acquantances she tries to meet new people but after about 3 meetings declares as phony and breaks contact with them
    she will speak with them nicely when met but after coming home critisizes them making us wonder ‘why she talks with them’ she never calls them to our home
    please guide

  382. K Lakshmi Narayana says:

    Patient is my son-in-law (age 35 years) who is suffering from paranoid Schizophrenia (diagnosed). Convincing him for Homeo treatment is a difficult proposition which I have to explore. Dr. will you please provide me the details such as :
    1. Duration of treatment effect
    2. Continuance of present treatment ( two years old)
    3. Effect on the present job performance
    4. Possible cost of the treatment


  383. Dear Dr Sharma:

    My daughter who is 30 years old is suffering from schizoprenia for the last 10 years. Is there is homeopathic medicine available for treatment. She also gets itiching in her private part. We had shown her to a psychiatrist who prescribed some medicines, but it does not yield any result.

    Sir, kindly let me know at the earliest.


    • D.R.SACHDEVA says:

      can schizophrenia be treated by homeopathy?

      • rishi yadava says:

        I am suffering from psyzoprenia since 14 year i am taking amisulpride , ecitalopram. And trihexipenidyl HCL. I want to improve my memory .cognition.and concentration by homeopathy medecine.i am also taking piracetam

    • As per me , allaopathic medicines should be the mainstay to treat schz.Homeopathic / alternative/ayurvedic treatment can be used as an add on . I am alaso on the same boat.

  384. Jay Johnson says:

    Dear Dr. Johnson,

    As I read the homeopathic remedies, I was quickly able to find my sons’ symptoms. Most of them can be found under the one in which Anacardium Orientale would be effective. My son was diagnosed with depression initially in 2007 after several traumatic circumstances had occured in his life. The loss of his grandfather to cancer, the loss of a girlfriend and job, and the loss of his 1st apartment all at age 18. He began drinking heavily and smoking marijuanna. I was told by his doctor that it was depression. He started the ant-depressants for the very first time in his life and had a horrible reaction, hearing voices, anxiety, wanting to take off his clothes and be naked, and hostility. 7years later we are still trying to taper off of the risperdone without another hospitalization. I am now looking for a naturalpathic or homeopathic doctor in michigan that can safely decrease the hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and depression which typically occur when the taper begins. I was told that his condition was drug induced. He has had approximately 8 or 9 inpatient hospitalizations when we abruptly stopped taking the medication because he didn’t like the side effects. Any suggestions for professional support?


  385. Sir I have frakles on my face they are getting darker I want a solution for them sir please help me plzzzzz I will b very thankful to u

  386. Today at 11:37 AM

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My brother is age 45 and is being diagnosed as schizoid f60.1. He has been asocial whole life, with low ability to cope with problems, communicating and interacting.

    Recently he had an surgery of hernia with spinal anesthesia, and was frightened before the surgery and probably was hiding a problem which caused worsening of his general condition. He was frightened that it will die from surgery.

    After the surgery he started to be forgetful, talking unconnected and anxiety was increased.

    He sent 30 days in hospital but no improvements are shown. Prescribed olanzapine, 1 1/2 dosage before bad and some antidepressants and anxiolytics.

    Month after the surgery fall unconscious for few seconds, and hospitalized, doctors said it was epileptic attack. We done CT, magnet and EEG and everything was normal.

    After the hospitalization he started to show enormous appetite, without control. even started stealing from stores and hiding food at home to eat. This is very embarrassing and huge problem for us as a family. He wake up early in the morning and immediate asking for food, than after that he wants to get back in bed.

    He was not like this before, even though he was as described above asocial, he was doing general home obligations, paying bills, baying groceries, and never made any delists. He is even it could be said coward for every serious situation in life even semi serious , he always would when he was “normal” retreat.

    Maybe worth to mention that in summer 2012 had intestine blockage and was several weeks in hospital with lots of vomiting and diarrhea at beginning and it was resolved was enema in hospital. Situation worsened after that.

    I am using my self homeopathy and started to give him a phosphorus 200c once a month, and arnica 200c once a week.

    best regards

    • My sister agex 55 is diagnosed paranoid schezofrenia. Allopathi medicines caused bad side effects. Grateful for your advice on if she can be cured by homeopathy.

      Thanks N Regards/Panna

    • sir,
      My uncle is suffering from psychological disorder. He thinks differently and talks differently which is irrelevant to the present situation. Some times he says he is being ordered by somebody (unknown) to do something like stop eating, to stand at a place (without any reason) etc. Some 20 years back he got this problem and he was taken to so may doctors. Finally one homeopathic doctor gave him Arsenicum alb 200X and Kali phos for 6 months and he became normal (though not fully but upto 90%). Again for the past one year he is having the same problem. Can you please suggest any medicine for him?

Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.

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