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9 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Sciatica

Homeopathy is a very advanced science fully equipped to treat neuralgic pains, including sciatica. Homeopathic medicines can treat acute as homeopathic  medicines for sciaticawell as chronic sciatica.

Some well recognized Homeopathic medicines for sciatica are Colocynthis, Magnesia Phosphorica, Gnaphalium Polycephalum, Arnica, Rhus Tox and Cotyledon.

Homeopathic Medicines for Sciatica

Homeopathic medicines, which are natural and safe, work on the root cause of sciatica for complete, effective healing and cure. In fact, a Homeopathic consultation, if taken in time, could prevent surgical intervention in cases of sciatica.

1. Colocynthis – For Sciatica of Left Side

Colocynthis is known to greatly benefit left-sided sciatica. It is indicated where a person complains of pain along the course of the left sciatic nerve. The pain starts in the lower back and radiates down the leg to toes. In some cases, the pain is located in the left hip or pain in hip radiates to the knee. The pain may be drawing, tearing, shooting in nature. In some cases, it may be lightening, shock-like or cramping. Pressure application may provide relief. Lying on the left side also offers relief in some cases. Few persons requiring Colocynthis may also get relief from warm applications.

2. Magnesia Phosphorica – For Sciatica of Right Side

Magnesia Phosphorica is a reliable prescription for right-sided sciatica. The sciatica pain is cutting, shooting, stabbing or stitching in nature. Pain starts in the lower back and extends down the right hip, thigh, hollow of knee and leg. Pressure or warm applications may offer relief. In some cases, uncovering the lower limb worsen the pain.

3. Gnaphalium Polycephalum – For Sciatica with Pain and Numbness

Gnaphalium Polycephalum is the most useful medicine for pain in the sciatic nerve when attended with numbness. It is also indicated where sciatica pain alternates with numbness. Folding thighs onto the abdomen provides some relief. Gnaphalium Polycephalum is also prescribed in sciatica cases where the pain is confined to the calves and feet.

4. Arnica Montana, Hypericum Perforatum and Ruta Graveolens – For Sciatica from Back Injury

Arnica Montana, Hypericum Perforatum and Ruta Graveolens are the most useful medicines for sciatica arising from injury to the back. The injury may be caused by falls or blows. Arnica Montana is advised in case of sciatica with excessive soreness of lower limbs. The slightest touch is unbearable on the affected side. Hypericum Perforatum is considered when the sciatic pain is attended with tingling, burning or numbness in the affected leg. The spine is also very sensitive to the touch. Walking or stooping is impossible from intense pain in the back and lower limb. Ruta Graveolens is the remedy where sciatica pain gets worse on lying down at night. A weakness of lower limbs attends.

5. Cotyledon Umbilicus – For Sciatica with Pain and Sensitivity in Lower Limbs

Cotyledon Umbilicus is a well-indicated medicine for intense sciatica pain where it is accompanied by high sensitivity in lower limbs. Heaviness in the lower limbs may also be felt. Also, in the case of stinging pain in the left hip, Cotyledon Umbilicus shows remarkable healing.

6. Bryonia Alba – For Sciatica that Worsens with Walking

Bryonia Alba is the most effective Homeopathic medicine for sciatica that gets worse from walking. The slightest motion may worsen sciatica in such cases. Lying down absolutely still provides some relief. Bryonia Alba is also the medicine to prescribe where the person feels relief by lying down on lower limb of the affected side. The hip and leg of the affected side may feel heavy.

7. Kali Iod – For Sciatica that gets Worse with Sitting or Standing

Kali Iod is an excellent remedy for sciatica that offers great help where sitting or standing worsen pain. Kali Iod is also the preferred medication for sciatica pain that gets worse at night. The person may wake from sleep in the middle of the night due to the pain. Walking provides some relief. Another unique feature in such cases is formication on the legs. The formication is mostly felt while sitting.

8. Rhus Tox – For Sciatica that becomes Painful with Rest

For sciatica pain that gets worse from rest or while sitting, Rhus Tox is the ideal prescription. Lying on the painful side could worsen the pain in such cases. Walking or movement of the affected limb offers relief. Along with severe pain, a burning sensation may be felt in the lower limbs. Rhus Tox also works wonderfully well in treating sciatica that arises from lifting a heavy weight.

9. Valeriana Officinalis – For Sciatica where standing Increases Pain

Valeriana Officinalis is the most suitable medicine for sciatica that gets worse from standing. Persons who need this prescription may also complain of sciatic pain getting worse from stretching the leg. Walking may make things better. Valeriana Officinalis is also the most popular medicine to prescribe where severe pain is felt from the calf (back of leg) to heel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is sciatica?

Sciatica refers to pain that begins in the lower back and travels down the lower limbs traversing the root of sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. It marks its beginning in the lower back and runs down the hips, back of legs and down to the feet. There is one sciatic nerve on either side of the body and any one of them may be involved when pain is experienced. An irritation or compression of sciatic nerve leads to sciatica.

2. What causes sciatica?

The causes of sciatica could be many, but the main among these are pinching, compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. This pinching or compression may result from a disc bulge or a herniated disc in the lower spine. Other causes of sciatic nerve compression are degeneration of the spinal disc, stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal, bone spurs, spondylolisthesis (dislocated vertebra), piriformis syndrome and compression of sciatic nerve from a tumor in the spine.

3. I have sciatica and my MRI shows a disc bulge in the lower spine. Are the two related?

A disc (intervertebral disc) is basically the shock absorbing cushion between the spinal vertebrae. Discs are placed between vertebrae – one intervertebral disc between two vertebrae. When a disc develops a bulge due to some reason, it moves out from its normal position and starts compressing or putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. This compression leads to sciatica.

4. How can I tell I have sciatica?

Pain in the lower back that radiates down either leg clinically signifies that you have sciatica. The pain may be dull, tearing, shooting, lancinating (piercing or stabbing) or electric shock-like in nature. Few other symptoms that persist are numbness, tingling, burning sensation or weakness in the lower limb on the affected side. Standing or sitting for long worsens the pain. Lying down or walking relieves the symptoms. Doctors usually prescribe investigations such as X-rays, MRI, CT scan, EMG i.e. electromyography.

5. Can sciatica be both sided (bilateral)?

In a majority of the cases, sciatica is one sided i.e. with unilateral involvement of the sciatic nerve. However, the sciatic nerve on both sides (bilateral) may become involved. Causes of bilateral sciatica are large, central disc herniation, compressing of nerve roots, multiple disc herniation at different levels and spinal stenosis.

5. My pain is confined to the lower back and hips, is it sciatica?

You could. Though in a majority of the cases, sciatica pain starts from the lower back and radiates down the legs and feet, there are cases where sciatica pain starts in the lower back, but radiates down to the hips and not beyond.

6. My calf muscles and feet hurt. Could that be sciatica as well?

Yes, this is a possible scenario with sciatic nerve compression. Sciatica pain, which usually starts in the lower back and runs down the leg and feet, could in some cases be confined to the leg and feet alone. Any medication should follow proper investigation.

7. Is sciatica related to age?

No, sciatica has nothing to do with age. A person in any age group could suffer sciatica. However, sciatica from degeneration of spinal disc or spinal stenosis is mostly noted in elderly people.

8. Can lower back injury lead to sciatica?

Yes, lower back injury can cause compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, leading to sciatica.

9. What investigations are conducted to establish or rule out sciatica?

Any major investigations related to sciatica include X-rays, MRI, CT scan, EMG i.e. electromyography.

10. I had sciatica, which is now healed. How can I make sure it does not come back?

You can prevent sciatica from recurring by learning techniques that reduce stress and strain in the lower back. Doing regular exercise also helps.

11. Can I take physiotherapy sessions along with Homeopathy medicines to manage my sciatica pain?

Of course, you could definitely do exercises or take physiotherapy sessions alongside Homeopathy medicines to manage sciatica. In fact, physiotherapy has serious long term benefits in sciatica. However, in severely acute sciatica pain, exercise should be avoided. It can be resumed once the acute episodes of sciatica have settled down.

12. My doctor advised surgery. Will it help to try Homeopathy medicines in such a scenario?

Yes, Homeopathy medicines are extremely effective and have to power to treat even severe cases of sciatica and avoid surgical procedures. However, the extent of benefit from these medicines will be based on factors such as duration, intensity, and cause of sciatica. Spinal surgery can be avoided in a large number of cases.

13. My physician says I have piriformis syndrome. What is that?

Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular disorder that is caused when the sciatic nerve is compressed by the piriformis muscle. Piriformis is a muscle located in the hips and a spasm in this muscle may compress the sciatic nerve. The symptoms arising include pain or numbness of the hip i.e. the gluteal region. Tingling may also be felt in the hip. The pain, after starting from the hip, may radiate down the course of the sciatic nerve. Excessive sitting or pressure over the piriformis muscle may worsen the symptoms.

14. What is the cauda equina syndrome?

Cauda equina syndrome is a serious neurological condition and a surgical emergency. Nerves located at the end of the spinal cord form a bundle called cauda. A severely ruptured disc in the lumbar area, spinal canal stenosis, injury and malignant tumour in the spine are common causes for cauda equina syndrome. The symptoms of cauda equina include severe low back pain, numbness/weakness in legs, bladder or bowel dysfunction, urinary retention, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, anesthesia or paraesthesia in area including perineum, external genital, anus or pin needle feeling in groin or inner thighs, sciatica type pain and gait disturbance. Homeopathic medicines are of no help in such cases and the patient needs to be rushed into Emergency.

15. Can lifestyle changes can help treat sciatica?

Yes, lifestyle changes can truly help manage sciatica and to an extent help it heal fast when accompanied by Homeopathy medicines. Just learning a few techniques to adopt for the way we sit, stand or bend to lessen the stress on the back can reduce pain and make life that much easier. The first on the not-to-do list is forward or backward bending. The next is lifting heavy weights. Prolonged sitting and standing must also be avoided. Reducing body weight will help, as will avoiding high heels and quitting smoking. To further reduce pain, warm applications in the affected area are advised. Sleeping on a firm mattress is also recommended. Stretching exercises and physiotherapy also hasten the positive effects of medicines and help the condition to heal faster.

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  1. Neeraj Sharma says:

    Sir I got a back injury while during wrestling after injury pain was not remove

  2. Ilyas Bawany says:

    I feel severe pain on my left hip going down towards left tigh and numbness on my left foot i can’t sit and stand on my left foot i am getting pain killer but no relief my pain became worse in night what should I do need your useful advice thanks my age is 64 years

  3. I feel pain of left leg last one year.kindly suggest homeopathy medicine

  4. Dear Sir,

    My age 57. Yrs. I’m having L4/L5 herniated disc, sometimes I have low back pain but every day I have an acute pain in right leg between at mid of tibia bone, when waking after no more than 100 m

    1. When I’m on rest I do not feel much pain very mild pain.

    2. When I’m walking (less than 100 m) or I am standing for longer I get pain in right leg at mid of the tibia going down to ankle some times like my leg is twisted in a torture. I can not walk & stand for long.

    My pain started 1 year ego. Other than this I do not have any other health problem as far as I know

    Please help, can you suggest Homeopath medicines.

  5. sosamma thankachan says:

    Dr.good evening . Dr.muche kamar air donom hip joint se pain hoker mere donom thice me he air swelling bhi donom thice me he. Jyada. Der tak bitna. Khada hona aur karvet badalna bhi mushkil ho raha he. Severe pain he. Muche konsi med. Lena he please batayiyega. thank you sosamma Thankachan Homoeopathy dept.bhopal


  6. It’s very painful my wife’s right heap to calf muscle tearing pain .she takes so many homeo medicine but no response yet . please help me Doctor.

    • Jaswant kaur says:

      Namaskar Dr sahib.I am 72 year old suffering from sciatica pain of right side.My pain increase’s when I get up from bed.I can not stand even for two minutes.I am a diabetic patient.and having kidney problemalso. My crtanine level is 5.6 and urea is 90 for that I am taking Aalserum 200 two dros daily and NL 2 twenty drops thrice a day .I need your advice.Pl suggest appropriate medicine .I am in very painful condition. Pl reply.with regards jaswant kaur

  7. Pain starts from hips to legs. Sudden feeling of sensation in legs. I can’t walk properly from right leg. I am female and my age is 5e

  8. Hi I need medicine for pain

  9. Hi I need medicine

  10. A.M. Khan says:

    My wife is suffering from sciatica in left leg with severe pain. Medicines used are: Colocynth 200, Bryonia 200, Hypericum 1000, R71, R81, Gnaphallium 30, Gaultheria Q and Mag Phos Pentarkan one tan every 2 hrs. Pain exist. Unable to stand and walk. Please suggest.

  11. Khan Habib says:

    Hi sir My name is Habib Khan I’m from Mumbai,Sir I want to take online treatment from U as I am suffering from scaitica and also taking pills for palpitations that is Supermet 50XL.

  12. Kala ravi raj says:

    Sir namaste 🙏 sir my name ravi. Sir I have lumber problem L3 L4 L5 S1 broad based disc bulge and tinny annular tear. Sir I have cronick pain left side buttok and leg also. Dr says go to surgery. What can I do sir. I don’t want go surgery. Please reply sir. I have mri reports.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Madhava Rao Karanam says:

    Dear Dr. Vikas Ji,

    My age 59. Yrs. I’m having L4/L5 Herniated Disc also low Back pain in left Leg between Ankle & Knee.

    1.  When I’m on rest I do not feel much pain very mild pain on Left Leg between Ankle & Knee.

    2.  When I’m walking & standing I get pain in Left Leg between Ankle & Knee. I can not walk & stand for long.

    My pain started on April 25th 2020. Daily I’m doing Excercises feeling better other than I do not have any problem.

    Please can you suggest Homeopath medicines.


    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  14. Neelima arora says:

    Sir, four months ago I had stiff back which turned into sciatic giving me pain in right hip and calf and near ankle only while walking even to a small distance ie one or two minutes. But I was and am perfectly fine while sitting ,lying and even exercising for sciatica. after a month stiffness in back went away but pain in leg still persists . Kindly guide me and give suggestions as to what I need to do
    Thank you very much

  15. Marie Galbraith says:

    Dr. Sharma I have had Sciatica for fifteen years no after a fall with my Dog down the stairs! It is on my right side and very painful and I also go to a Chiro for ten years and have nerve damage in mu feet and numbness! It is hard for me to take our Dog out and suddenly my feet go numb and can barley make it to go into the House! I have been using Homeopathic Medicine for twenty eight years, what is the best for the Sciatica on my right side? My Chiro has helped me a lot but my Diabetic Dog has to go out at least five times a Day and going down twelve stairs! Thank You Marie Galbraith

    We have the miracle treatment for actrosis and sciatica …
    After several years of research by associations of traditional practitioners on thousands of patients.
    A herbal medicinal powder, to be taken for 3 days
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  17. qazi Zafar says:

    Good afternoon, i m from pakistan my wife is suffering from this problumabout 25 years now her age is 55 first she suffer in th age of 22like that a homeo very famous dr hilal mahpuri treat her and she get treated now again 7 years she is slavery suffering she has also vertigo when vertigo is attack her she is unable to do some thing or move,after ur lecture i feel i should contact u ,, her cervical problem is most better after 5 years with neck collar and Indian remedy spondylices,, now lumbago vertigo n sciatic pain is a big problem ,kindly tell me ur fee and how u treat,,remade is all kind is available in pakistan ,,i think vertigo is related to ear problum,, adr advice surgery ur tnx full QAZI KARACHI 92-3013319019

  18. Sir jee pranam , my mother has enough pain in limps she is unable to walk go to bath room etc .Dr says it is sacitica . Please sir sen me the perfect name of medicine .plz plz . Patna Bihar Mob No 7250007742

  19. Vidhya Dessai says:

    Dear Dr.
    Myself Vidhya Dessai suffering from slip disc to L3,L4 & L5 due to this my nerve is getting pinched . This gives me severe pain while sleeping, sitting and getting from the bed.
    Pl help me in giving good solution to cure my pain.

    Vidhya Dessai

  20. Rebecca Liney says:

    Morning Doctor Sharma

    I have awful pain in my right groin, bottom cheek and knee, which has been made worse by walking. The odd twinge in my lower back but nothing major. Could this be sciatica I have had it for a while and originally it was made worse by long car journeys but now it’s come on from walking. Heat and rest help but I have young children so this doesn’t happen much.
    I’d love to hear your advice, I’m an avid homeopathy user.
    Kind regards

  21. afia nadeem says:

    as per symtoms of right side scitica magnesia phosphorica is 100% suitable for me as written above. what potency and d0ze should i take sir

  22. Dear Dr .
    I am suffering sever pain for scitica .
    Can you gide .

  23. Hello sir,
    I am suffering from sciatica since last 18 days in early days I have pain in my left leg starting from upper hips to upper knee. I am on physiotherapy and before test since last 18 days but now when I walk still there is pain 😔 in my upper hips. Pls suggest what should I do.

  24. Hello sir ,
    I am Suffering from hernieted disc in l4 and l5 having severe pain in back hip thigh calf and heel and numbness in heel calf and thigh of left leg . My Dr told me for urgent surgery , can I avoid it with the help of homeopathic medicine which medicine is best for me . Please do in favour .
    Vijay kale

  25. Bimanesh Banerjee says:

    It observed that since few months I feel pain which originate in the lower backside and it increases in sitting for long or standing, but there is no such inconvenience in walking. I have consulted Neurologists, Rheumatologists, As per their opinions due to osteoporosis such things caused at this age of 65yrs.I came to know that Homeopathy has the unique medicine for sciatica. Someone has advice for R71. Pain is in the right leg, now concentrate in the thai portion.
    Your kind opinion is anticipating.


    Sir I was very much obliged to see your valuable video on Sciatica. I am suffering from Spondylolisthesis and resultant Sciatica in right leg since 8 years. I shall faithfully follow the remedies’ regime enunciated by you. May the Lord Almighty give you long active life so that you relieve the pain in the physiques and minds of thousands of people. With respectful regards, Shriram Kulkarni (Belgaum-Belagavi, Karnataka)

  27. Geethanjali says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I was diagnosed with a sciatica which started after my first delivery in 2013 and is bad after 2nd delivery as I took epidural. The pain start from lower back, goes to my left leg with numbness and knee pain. What would be a good homepathy remedy for this problem.
    Thank you

  28. Sanjay Desai says:

    Namaskar Sirji. If two (or more than 2) homeopathy medicines are to be taken, then: can they be taken “together” or should they be taken one-after-another with time gap?

  29. I am in extremely lower back pain and it is going down my right leg which is sciatica I cannot straighten up with the pain i have tried hot baths but it doesn’t help I am in so much pain is there something I could take.

    • Sanjay Desai says:

      Namaskar Sirji. If two (or more than 2) homeopathy medicines are to be taken, then: can they be taken “together” or should they be taken one-after-another with time gap?

  30. I have sciatica and I am taking the homeopathy medicines. My pain is shooting up after taking the medicines an it was informed that in several sciatica cases pain will shot up and then starts to reduce after starting he medication. Is it true ??

  31. Atul Chaudhari says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife has a slip disc problem since 3 years, i have visited the doctor done MRI, X rays test they say that surgery has to be done, but we are avoiding the surgery as her age is just 36 now. So we visited a other doctor who gives panchakarma treatment that doctor said that she is having a sciatica problem & the symptoms are as same which are given above, she has pain in lower back which goes to hips & toes.
    Can homeopathy treatment cure her.

  32. My mither is suffering from sciatica. Her age is 61 and she has pain in her left leg. She can not fild her her left leg. The leg has stiff from tje knee joint. Can you prescribe any medicine pls.

    • Hi Doctor,
      I am 39 and since last 4 months under treatment of disc bulge 8mm on leftside of lumbar l4 and l5.
      I had done Aft and other physiotherapy treatment but in vain. I came across a chiropractor from canada she helped in clearing the disc part and no pain is there in the spine, but since last 4 days my left hip to leg is having severe pain, i am taking hot treatments which are effective but am unable to sit and only sleeping..
      Request you to suggest necessary homeopathy medicine and a proper solution so that i can get back to normal asap.

  33. Suresh chand saxena says:

    Lover back pain only pain 40yr I m 70yr old exarsiz is painful please sajest medicine thanka

  34. Satyajit Chatterjee says:

    Dear Doctor ,Wife of my younger brother in last two months feels terrible pain in low back and leg also.Due to terrible pain her right foot lost sense. We met many Nurologist and as per their advice done three MRI for Lamber,MRI for Spine and MRI for Neck but did not get any adverse report except Lamber Spondolisis. She is still bearing Heavvy pain in back. I need your best suggestion and medicine in Homeopathy to get relief from the same

  35. Brig Duggal says:

    Dr Sharma
    My nerve is reduced to 7 mm for Scatica
    Can homeopathy cure me
    Brig Uggal

    • Sir,
      My wife has left leg pain since one year. We visited to doctors, they diagnosed it as sciatica. Can you tell how can I treated it ?

      • Regards Dr hoped that ur sir will b ok me marjan 53 have pain at my lower back left side hip and going up to knee muscle also numbness at left feet plz may I request for homeopathic treatment plz

  36. Ahinta bhowmik says:

    Mujhe l4l5.l5s1.disc bulgeing hai.konsa medicine lena chahye

  37. Pawan kumar says:

    Sir good morning.
    I am pawan kumar aged 49 years suffering from PIVD L5-S1 (OPTD) twice in Nov 2013 and Oct 2017. Now since 06 Jul 19 i am unable to sit or walk due to severe pain in my right leg . May i request you to advise some immediate pain relief medicine along with regular medicine to get rid of it.. i am not able to do natural call without assistance. Please help me out sir. Regards.

  38. Sir I m suffering by sciatica pain in leg side leg plz tell me treatment

  39. Hi Sir iam anusha and iam having disc bulge in L4-L5 with sciatic pain in my right leg and if i sit for sometime im getting pain at the back and sometimes in the left leg alsoo and im also having numbness. Is there permanent treatment in homeo to solve my problem.

  40. Is homeopathy medicine for sciatica is safer during pregnancy!

  41. dubai approvals says:

    With the goal of providing our patients with choices for alternative, we are pleased to introduce our department of Homeopathy for consultations and medications along with diet & lifestyle counseling.

  42. Tabinda Abbas says:

    Dear sir

    I am from Pakistan from last two years I can’t be able to sit on floor in cross leg position it causes a pain I can stand and walk properly drive too but some pain in my ankle and now a day’s having pain in my lower back , I am 32 years old , unfortunately diabetic too taking insulin maxtard fatty body , kindly suggest me the medicine or drops which r available in Pakistan.


  43. Anjay agrawal says:

    Dear sir
    I have severe pain since 2014.tbe pain starts from hips and move downward . Still rest gives me some relief. The pain starts some time in the left hip and sometimes in the right hip. Then it goes increasing rapidly and make me helpless.The mri report tells some bulging in l2 and l3. I took so many homeopathic medicine. Now I m getting hopeless. Please suggest me.

  44. Umesh Kunkur says:

    Dear Dr, I have sciatica of left leg. Chillness is experienced as if cold water is poured through sole. My left heel pains as if something is inside.

    Please advise.

    Thank you, Umesh.

  45. Ashok Kumar Dubey says:

    Hi Sir
    My mother felt suddenly than found in MRI L1 smashed vain then always pain in left hep and urine and toilet not clear and uncontrol.Her age 75 year. Doctor advise to surgery and fitting plate. What are doing Sir please advise us.

  46. Dear Sir,
    I do not have radiating pain, but left hip down there is mild pain, more like weakness nearing pain, left thigh less pain, left leg left side slight numbness, on left sole towards centre toes, there is spongy feeling or numbness.
    Is it sciatica?
    I used to carry heavy bags. Also consumer of alcohol on moderate to high side which I have now stopped. Also heavy stress since last three years, very stressful as I was being falsely put on allegations.

    I am planning to take after reading your post:
    sciatica: Colocynthis, Gnaphalium Polycephalum, Valeriana Officinalis and Kali Lod
    Dosage power 30;
    Will try each for one month, in combinations.

    Thanks and regards
    Ashok S

    Kindly asvise if possible.

  47. Pratima Lamba says:

    After knee replacement and physical therapy for three months, I got back pain running down to my foot.
    Inner calf is numb on the surgery leg, walking makes it really bad. It is my right leg.
    Little pain in back, have herniated disk also, but had no pain for last 20 years due to it.
    After this surgery I am walking differently and not limping so my sciatica got inflamed.
    Is there any medicine you can recemond?

  48. Rajat Kumar Mohanty says:

    My mother about 89 yrs old, suffers from sciatica pain in right leg. Please suggest the best medicine to cure it permanently.

  49. Neeru mishra says:

    I have pain in lower back and cannot sit long coz I feel numbness in left leg in MRI found bulge in left side . please suggest the best medicine and an it be cured permanently ? Plz suggest

  50. Ramesh Agarwal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    For couple of months I am noticing lot streched feeling In both my thigh more on left side.
    Standing is worse Ana’s while walking I find
    Lot of tension in my side of thighs. I wonder whether it is diatoms or some thing else. Walking because tense thigh and all the time I feel I should sit down. I can sleep alright. I do not feel pain during sleep. On left outer portion of the thigh
    Feels little burning pain persists. I have bad left knee. They are advised to get knee replacement

  51. Shilpa BK says:

    This is shilpa 27 years female. I m have shaft shooting pain in 4 points in both the legs. Where now I could feel from my lower back hand and till nose. This is unbeatable to stand and sit both. Pls help with ur suggession.

    • Subir banerjee says:

      My mom 65 yrs of age suffering for last two months,bedridden,CT scan andCTscan with myelography suggests severe stenosis inL3-L4,L4-L5and L5-S1.She has pain in hip region which moves to left side side ways till knee.she feels pain while moving sideways.she is diabetic for12yrs,now in control.she could not walk now.pls suggest medicine that will help her to walk after reducing pain.

  52. Hello Ma’m
    I am 42 year old woman and suffer from weakness in hips, pain in left hip,pain in a point in left knee and pain & chilling feeling in left shin that worsens while sitting and lying down

  53. Tanweer Rizvi says:

    For more than three I have been suffering from acute gastric, when gas starts producing I feel short breathing, nausea, restlessness. Some times it starts suddenly and becomes so serious that stiffness starts in my hands and in face. It feels like that I have heart attack. Often I had to rush to hospital after few hours I become ok. Most of the time ny bowel is disturbed. I am also suffering from cervical spondylosis and cytica.

  54. Aayush Lohia says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I had spasm in L5-S1 which triggered my sciatica in left side. Nerve is compressed around left hip which causes shooting pain from hip joint to gleutes and extends till knee. Left limb is painful and sometimes feels numb or heavy to lift specially while entering driving seat. I run distances every morning mixed with gym for fitness. But due to sciatica I have not been running for 3-4 weeks. Pain has subsided with physiotherapy and homeopathy (Colocynthis followed by Ammo Mur) 1m doses. Since pain was acute hence was advised Myospaz Forte too. Today was pain free but 30-40 kms driving triggered nerve compression and pain again from hip to knee. Pls advise

  55. does gnaphlium treat sciatica

  56. Hi Dr.
    I have slight scoliosis for many years with occasional sciatica pains.
    I could still dance and walk and be active by just rubbing something on my left hip when it flared up.
    However, 3 months ago I carried too heavy bags and as I put them down I felt the sharp, stabbing, shooting pain the most unbearable ever.
    I eventually went to the chiro who tried to help me but eventually reffered me to a neuro surgeon who did an MRI that showed I have a herniated disc in between L4 and L5.
    He did suggest surgery, but I have opted for physio therapy and stretching exercises1st. They have worked alot and I can walk alot stronger but sometimes I do limp.
    I am a diabetic (type 2) so I dont want to take a million different pain meds.
    The neuro did put me on Trepeline (10mg) at night and Im also taking Traumeel.

    I can sit comfortably as long as I have a pillow or small towel behind my back. I cant stand for too long.
    Walking helps but then sometimes I get the stabbing pain while walking or standing. I cant lie on my left side.
    Can you provide advice as to what else I could take to assist with the sharp, stabbing pain please.

    Thank you

  57. i am suffering two much pain in left hip to thigh i can not stand or walk beacuse pain worse after movement
    suddenly sitting also worse pain pl advice medicine.

  58. i am suffering two much pain in left hip when i get up in the morning. This pain consists till then when i walking and moving. Which medicine should intake Pl. suggest.

  59. rashmi agrawal says:

    if there is can be nerve adjust spontaneously at correct place through homoeopathy.

  60. sudip Kumar says:

    Diffuse disc and central and paracantral protrusion at L4 _L5 level compressing ventral thecal sec causing narrowing of spinal canal and bilateral exit foramina and compressing of bilateral L5 traversing nerve roots (AP SPINAL CANAL DIAMETER IS ABOUT 9.5mm)

  61. Dr varun sharma says:

    Hello sir i hv left side siatica, my mri shows minor disk bulge L1 to L4 with b/l siatica compression.
    symptoms r pain in left leg, numbness (sometimes), when i walk a lot i feel no pain, i feel cured. But while on resting lower back pain starts along with pain in gluteal region. Feeling some pain in left knee. I am already taking some homeo medicine but not getting totally cured

  62. Lorraine Thomas says:

    I was diagnosed lung cancer spread to spine three years ago I am non smoker was healthy active. My t10 vertabrae collapsed twice causing compressed spine. I had radiotherapy on the site and now have numbness left side spine but I also had suffered sacral joint dysfunction which had got better just before cancer. It is now back and I have weak glute muscles and numbness from sacral joint to ankle feels like I have clingfilm wrapped around my lower leg. I cannot sit long. I ordered sciatica remedy but note they have acid picric in it
    Can you suggest?

  63. Hello Dr Sharma,
    What potency and what frequecy would you recommend for the sciatica pain? 30C or 200C?

  64. mantu mandal says:

    i have pain in left leg.pain comes down from thigh to is immense pain and i cant stand or seat.while lay down i feel some relief.what medicine i take?please prescribe.iam female and my age is thirty two.

  65. shyam sunder lal jain says:

    I have serious pain in my left leg near the knee. I can not even stand without stick forthe last 2/3 days I am tbedicine if Bryonia could be supplemented. aking Rhustox30.4/5 times some time i feel slighly better tren the same condtion. pl tell whioch better

  66. Vilas Bhokare says:

    I have shooting, stiching and burning pain from hip to hill of right side leg. Please suggest me medicine with its potency and doses I should take.

    • Vilas Bhokare says:

      I have shooting stiching and burning pain from hip to hill of right side leg. Suggest me medicine with a potency and doses to be taken.

  67. Vilas Bhokare says:

    I have right side sciatica and wish to start with Magnesia Phosphorica.Let me know of what power magnesia phosphrica and doeses i should take.

  68. Vijay Angral says:

    I have lower back pain with l4l5 the most affected degenerated disc causing left leg and hip pain. I shall be using R11 and R71, will that be fine or need any other alternative. I chose this on my own. Doc recommended surgery.

  69. Raghunadhababu Gadagottu says:

    My wife fall back 6 years ago , suffered back and sciatica pain, treated with steroids and pain killers. It again appeared severely since 15 days,causing pain from hip to toe in right leg, low back pain, and in the back of the knee, and calf. Unable to walk, or bend the left leg. MRI reveals,discs from L-4 downwards are degenerated and disturbed. Medicines didn’t work. Doctor suggested spine surgery which is not gaureeteed and risky. Kindly advise.

  70. Bharat Bhandari says:

    My Maa is having severe pain in her left leg and back. It’s nerve pain. Earlier she had some acute kidney problem where her creatinine level went up to 11, but now it’s constant at 2.9 to 3.1 . Kindly suggest medicine for her .

  71. H P Agrawal says:

    I am suffering from lower back pain for last several years. MRI shows spinal canal stenosis of the ower spine – 6-7 vertebra, and age related degeneration. I am 75 years of male with medium built and weight 65 kg. I am diabetic also.

    The back pain leads to pain while sitting, pain in the buttocks and pain normally on right side of hips that is diagnosed as sciatica pain. I frequently have pain on both sides of hip. It becomes very difficult to walk when the pain emerges but after standing a while the pain decreases and I l can again walk a small distance. When there is no pain I normally walk in the morning for 2-3 km.

    Even in car I can not sit for longer than 2 hours. the pain increases with long sitting. Doctors have advised me to wear a belt while sitting and walking but I am not using. I am also doing some physical exercises as suggested by orthopaedics.

    On the recommendation of a local homeopathic doctor I am talking Rhus tox 200, Hipericum 200, Mag phos 6x and Ferrum Phos 6 x for the last two months. but I do not find any change. I am taking these medicines three times a day.

    Kindly suggest a suitable course of homeopathic remedies.

  72. MD.ASADUZZAMAN says:

    Dear Doctor
    I went to chest specialist for ct gaided fnac for spot in my right chest and found non cancerous ( soamoa)
    and at the time of ct guided fnac they introude a syringe type to get sample from that chest spot after that couple weeks later I fet back side right litle bit pain along with my right shoulder and two limbs like blood clotting and numbness.
    what do I do now?
    please advice

  73. Mrs. Adam says:

    Hi I am a female with 77 years of age and Dr advised me sciatica with bulging disc l4 l5 and s1 are affected . My symptoms are burning in both legs sometimes at piriformis area and most of the times it attacks on the right side leg and some on the left side. I am really in pain please advise good homeo med thanks

  74. Amal Chaudhry says:

    I have sciatica pain on the left side. It get worsen when I have some serious tension or worries. It appears that my sciatica gets this message. For king standing position, the pain starts from lower back and if not rested it continues into the left back. Some time these is pinching in the left foot.
    What medicines will suit my conditions.

  75. Ansar sagar says:

    Hi sir I feel numnes in my right leg fingers when I stand and when I waking long I feel more pain is sciatica?

  76. Dharmarao Pasarakonda says:

    Dr. Sarma, i have pain on rights side of hip. Seems to be piriformis syndrome as physician diagnoised. It is severe when i get up in the morning. Any warm or massage, help in reduction of pain. Sometimes it disappeare or reduces after light excercises. Just to inform i have AT200 tablets. What is your suggestion? How to go about it? Can you advice, please.
    With regards, Dharma

  77. Sumana Paul says:

    Hello Doctor, I am a patient of scoliosis in T3,T4 bones and multiple bulging discs.Recently I have extreme pain in my left hip down the knee and leg.Taking orthoneuro medicines and physiotherapy worsened the pain.Bowels don’t move clearly, urine report shows 1-2 pus and epithelial cells.I have severe pain.I also have osteoarthritis, osteophytes, cervical spondylosis. Please help !

  78. Dharmpal Rana says:

    Good evening sir
    I have sciatica pain of left side since last 7 years. I took treatment previously from Ayurveda and healed. Second time I took homeo treatment for 3 months and got relief again. Both the time Dr. advised not to lift weight. Although I exercise precaution and practice yoga regularly yet as I am a farmer, many times it become necessary to lift some weight or bowing forward and then I face problem and pain come in form. So now a days I am facing the pain from lower back, limbs and also in left leg up to knee. I am feeling a strain in calf muscle. Is Colosynthis a suitable medicine for my problem.
    Please help.
    Thanks & Regards
    Dharmpal Rana

  79. BHUSHAN SAIL says:

    Hello Doctor

    I am Bhushan aged 31 suffering from sciatic nerve problem. i am having muscle cramps, difficulty in walking, leg numbness.
    Pl suggest some medicines,

  80. Sadashibapanigrahi says:

    Sir lhave found cicatica pain booth side which medicine l take in homeopathy.

  81. Jennifer downey says:

    Hello. My wife i dont know what she has im trying to figur it out so i can help her she is in constant pain all the time she has like lil knits knots just a few that is on tge back of her knee where it stays between her hip and knee i rub the knots down and it eases the pain how do i help it and help her at home

  82. Sir,
    I am suffering from leg side sciatica from last one year.
    I am taking colocynth 200.
    Is it right medicine? What should be done of it?
    Please advise.

    • Beauty Paul says:

      Hello Doctor, I am a patient of scoliosis in T3,T4 bones and multiple bulging discs.Recently I have extreme pain in my left hip down the knee and leg.Taking orthoneuro medicines and physiotherapy worsened the pain.Bowels don’t move clearly, urine report shows 1-2 pus and epithelial cells.I have severe pain.I also have osteoarthritis, osteophytes, cervical spondylosis. Please help !

  83. Is there any homoeopathic remedy that can treat bilateral sciatica?

  84. Col b m sabhlok says:

    I have pain in the lower back and it radiates through right leg buttock to calf.
    Pl suggest some medicine.
    I am taking my Riley and etoricoxib.
    Also I am having Physio therapy.
    Suggest the medicine for pain relieving.
    Col sabhlok


    What’s the medicine for pregnant women for sciatica.

  86. RajeshRanjan says:

    My wife has acute pain on left side only on left arm and below knee on left leg she is diabetic. Allopathic doctor called it neuropathy diabetic. She has severe pain in nerve only at left side. Please suggest I will be very much obliged for your help.

  87. Dear Sir,
    My husband is having Ankylosing Spondylitis. He is taking Homeopathic medicine since 1 yr which includes R1 N R11. One week before the doctor discontined R1 N R71 has been prescribed. He has pain in waist, tingling in inner thigh, back is already stiff. Please suggest what else he can take.

  88. Najmusssqib Saqib Ahmad says:

    Dr I have gap in 4th and 5th vertibra pain starting from hip joint to lower side in left leag and also right leag if I am walking long distance pain increase PL suggest medicine

  89. Dr A B Vitekar says:

    I have left side sciatica last 2 yr lots homoeopathic medicine take but no results please give guide lines

  90. Hasnat aziz says:

    Herniated disc l4 l5 .
    Pain in left hip
    Side of left leg below knee.
    Tingling sensation in left foot.
    Prostrate issue also.
    Kindly advise which homeopathy medicine to use



  92. berihun amsalu says:

    I may have sciatica. I am not sure it is more than 10 years this pain faced me.The pain is dull, tearing, shooting, piercing or electric shock runs allover my body most usully legs and arms starting from upper back. The pain irriadates to lower backs two legs, chest, arms, necks with burning sensation . Standing or sitting for long worsens the pain.
    I have made several times clinical diagnosis no positive result indicated.
    Could you tell me my pain syndromes association to sciatic? And Medication advices.
    Thank you

  93. Sciatica treatment best medicine is colocynth

  94. Harkirat kaur says:

    Left sided sciatica

  95. FARHAN KAMAL says:

    My friend has a right side siatica so if he takes the medicine Magnesia Phosphorica, so its just act as a pain killer or its cure the siatica .and what the dose of this medicine

  96. Zubair khalid says:

    Hello Dr.
    M suffering from left legg sciatica from 3 months.can u help me in this problem.

  97. Hello dr. Mere sister ko sciatica problem hai us ki left leg me pain hota hai MRI report is l2/3 and l3/4 dics mild left far leteral bulge without any neural elements compression mild scoliosis please proper medicine bataye thanks

  98. abhay kumar says:

    i am suffering from hepatitis B so please tell me some best medicines for this infection

  99. k.k..srivastavaa says:

    I am 66,have bulging discs L5S1 . The portion has burning sensation left side sciatic nerve is impinging .on walking for some time or standing my left leg becomes numb with tolerable pain . Third finger of the left leg gives a feeling of a plastic touching it. Would you suggest me medicine and do’s and dont’s.Exercise etc . The symptom is 2 month old.

  100. Sir,
    I am in army and 35 yrs and suffering from right sided sciatica for last one year, which worsen when sitting, standing more than 5minutes or walking. I also feel numbness and pain starts from lower back and goes down to calf and feet. Please suggest advice or medicine. Regards

    • I have Right-sided sciatica, its worsen when standing or when i walk about little longer, I am comfortable when sits on chair and raising up from sitting position is very painful. When lying on bed i also feel not comfortable,
      which Homeopathic remedy you advise for me and please also mention its potency and dosage.
      Best Regards

  101. Shaban Lalani says:

    Respected Sir
    I am 71 years old working as Security Guard. I got lower back pain from back to toe for last one year. I consulted doctor. He advised me for surgery but I don’t want. I have acute constipation . I don’t go to bathroom for three days. I feel continuous inflammation in my rectum. I can’t eat spicy, salty & sweet foods.
    Please advise me .Thanks and god bless you.

  102. saleem akhtar says:

    I have Right-sided sciatica, which worsen when sitting on chair or car , i also feel numbness in right foot toe cramping in calf is also felt when the pain is increased . while walking and laying on bed , i feel comfortable however sitting and raising up from sitting position is very painful.
    which Homeopathic remedy you advise for me and please also mention its potency and dosage.
    Best Regards

  103. Gangadhar Mishra says:

    Repected sir,my left side leg and portion starting from left side waist becoming and after consulting docter they told me this is scitica . Which medicine of homeopathic i will use. One homeopathic doctor advised me to take as follows , pl advise me whether this medicine is correct –
    1. Colocynthis mother tinc. 30 ml. 20 drops with half cup water daily morning and evening.
    2. Arnica 200 mother tinc. 2/3 drops daily 2 times
    3. Kali lod 30ml. Mother tinc. 4/5 drops daily 2 times.
    All medicines should take minimum 30 minutes gap

    With yoga 2 times . Pl . Pl. Help me sir i shall be thankful.

  104. Hi.i have a sciatica pain in my right leg. and in btwn I am pregnant too
    Please suggest a homeopath medicine which can help me in my pain especially in the thigh and buttocks.

  105. SANJAY SINGH says:

    Sir I have sciatica pain in left side and on thais and knee and all leg please tell me what is the remedies for me and also sensetion on foot please help me

  106. aparna basu says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    My mother has left sided Sciatica pain and it is tearing in nature. She is with me in Manchester, undergoing physio sessions and i know from her previous experience that homeopathic medicines help. I have ordered Colocynthis for her through amazon which has a strength of 30 C. Wondering if you can help me with the dosage details and frequency.

  107. Shaveta sharma says:

    Is homopathic medicine like Haslab Drox-17 Lumbago safe during pregnanc???

  108. Sir for my right side sciatika pain which homeopathy medicine can i take.and how meny doses and which potency should i take please tale me.

  109. Prabhat thukral says:

    By lifting heavy weight I had injury on my was disc bulge on mri report. It was 2 month back , now I am facing sciatica pain from my right hip to leg calf. What should I do.

  110. SANTOSH KUMAR says:

    Please advise my problem. Old 20 year my back pain left side. But not confirmed my deases. Please advice for many treatment.

  111. Sir, I have sciatica pain rt side, when walking and standing more than 5 minutes it’s worse with numbness in leg. Pain starts from lower back and goes down to calf and foot. Sitting and laying give relief. Please suggest medicine, regards. AN Ghosh , 51 yrs age , Mob 7832851336.

  112. Sir it’s very educative, thanks.

  113. I have sciatica pain in right leg from hip to down to toe and some little numbness in left leg . Problem form 2month is acute and before that it was little mri report show l5s1 disc is bulge plz suggest something. For your information I’m on drug for hypertension.thanx

  114. Chamanjeet says:

    Dr sharma my mother is 68years she has pain in left lower back which radiates to leg and some time electric current like pain starts please suggest a way mri has been done which shows bulging of disc. Allopathic medicine is going on and has little relief can we give her homeopathic medicine with allopathic medicine

  115. Krishna Priya says:

    Iam suffering with sciatica right side. While sitting the pain increases. My pain starts from lower back to thumb. While laying the pain reduced to 95 percent. Pl suggest me proper medicine.

  116. Frances biggerstaff says:

    I have perifor is syndromne. Pain intensifies when sitting. Please help

  117. hi I’m having back muscle pain 8 months ago my MRI Normal Uric acid normal calcium normal I’m a it staff sitting every day 6 to 7 hours pain like to much hurting some time feeling burning please suggest me best treatment

  118. Karisa Michel says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I found your information on taking certain homeopathic medicines for left side sciatica very interesting. I am assuming that the medicines you recommend help with inflammation reduction. What I was curious about mostly is if the left hip and low back pain with accompanying sciatica only to the knee, most likely a result of my spondylolisthesis, could possibly also be causing or even be affected by the pain in my ovaries. Usually, I experience intense cramp like pains in my ovaries upon standing usually around a week before my menstual cycle starts. I have also been having abnormal periods, for about the last 3 months that are much longer than normal with flooding and symptoms of low testosterone/progesterone including weight gain and absolute disinterest in sex. I am only 41 and lost 30 lbs a year ago but am slowly regaining the weight back without any change in diet or any other apparent reason. I am currently 152 lbs and 5’2″.I am curious if you have any recommendations for medicines or otherwise that would maybe lend some relief. I have had traction, chiropractic and massage , but so far nothing seems to offer any lasting relief. Thank you for your time and consideration. Kind regards, Karisa Michel

  119. SUNIL KUMAR DAS says:




    Dear Sir ,

    I am facing problem in tailbone left side . There is pain when I sit on floor or on chair .

    Kindly suggest Homeopathic medicine so that I could get relief .

    Rajendra Agnihotry

  121. SANJU SONGARA says:

    dr sharma ‘s,
    good exprience share ……awernence for sitica pain and good managment homoeopathy …..


  122. i have herniated disk in my back and sciatic nerve pain on my right side i have anxiety with nervousness = can’t sleep and night medicine will waht help me please

  123. Sir mere ghutne se niche back Side masal me jabardast dard hota h aur ye pain jyada tab hota h jab me khada rha jata hu aur ab toh 1 mints bhi khada nhi rha sakta mene nourosarjan doctor ko dikhaya tha MRI bhi karwai h jisme L4-L5 ke bich me dabav btaya h. Ye dard mere pichhale 7 mahine se h aur abhi jyada problem hone lag gai. Me Army se hu toh please meri madad kre
    Mera naam Rajkumar
    Mobile number 8949935995

  124. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I have problem in my lower spine and at 3 out of 5 and 2 out 5 lower shock absorbers are herniated/compression is there. I have developed foot drop on my left foot and weakness in legs and body balance is not firm or strong and recently had a fall and had tibia broken bone so had to undergo surgery and rod is inserted which is 8 month now walking with the support of crutches. I am suddenly loosing balance and my knees suddenly bend without any effort and I loose balance and fall this has happened quiet often. Some family friends suggested to take Homeopathic medicine will I be alright and get over my problems of spine / weakness of legs / foot drop
    Kindly suggest

  125. What potency of the homeopathy medicine suggested in the above article. Is it 30, 200, or 1m

  126. dr.chennabasappa, Ph/.D., says:

    Doctor Saheb:

    i am suffering from sciatica and foot drop., for the last three months.

    i cannot lift my foot from the ankle, but i can press it.

    i cannot walk properly.

    is there homeopathic medicine to cure my foot drop.

    please helpme.


  127. sohail Ahmed Ansari says:

    Sir My mother is 65 years old. she is have contnous and severe pain from waist to leg even in feets for past 6 moths Please sugesst some good homeopathy medicine.

  128. I have a pain in my back which travelled through my leg , now the back pain is cured but there is a severe pain in my right leg which worsen on standing or walking for long. I had taken calcaria phosphate but it did not cured . What should I do now?

  129. Hello Doctor,

    What can be the best medicine for Sciatica both the sides
    Pain worsens when I move from the rest. There is a muscle Knot on my lower back right hand side and now there is left side also. Pain worsens before the menstrual cycle.
    Please Advise

    • Hi I am diabetic and have a back pain and goes to my legs dr said about operation he said 4,5 have press the vean I don’t know what I do I am live London please send me good medicine I can pay online asap thanks

  130. Gopal Gaurav says:

    Sir I have ingrown toe-nail problem from around 1 year. can it be cured without removal of nail.

  131. R. S. AGRAWAL says:

    Mai jab bhi baithta hu to kuchh minto mai hi left hips mai durd chalu ho jata h aur left feet ki angulio se pindliyo tak jalan ( JHAN JNAHAT) hona shuru ho jata h. Ye durd aur jhan-jhanahat khade hone par bhi bani rahti h. Chalne mai aur khade rahne mai bahut durd hota rahta h.
    MRI mai L4- L5 postero -central protrusion of disccausing mild indentation over thecalsec and mild narrowing of the both neural foramina.
    Please advise and suggest effective and quick relief medicine.
    Warm regards,

  132. shahzaib khan says:

    Is swallowing at the feet along with the pain is also the symptoms of shiatica

  133. Muhammad Hayat says:

    As per my MRI report
    ” Bulging discs at LV4-5 level and LV5-SV1 levels partial narrowing of both neural foramina at LV4-5 level”
    Plz tell me its treatment
    I shall be very thankful to u

  134. Krishnendu Mitra says:

    2 years ago my wife had a L5-S1 large slip disk which pressered on the nurve as per the dr. Minimum movement was stopped due to extreem pain on right leg and she was on ice only. Dr. Advised emergency operations and micro-disectomy was performed. Even after operation few months took to decrease her pain, but she could got normal life due to pain. Now the old condition returned again. Right side extreem pain for last two months. She was sleeping on lest side. Last night the extreem pain stroke in the left side. It is so unbearable that she is trying to make suicide. Please help me.

  135. Mukund Thakar says:

    My name is Mukund Thakar from Nandurbar. I am suffering sciatica pain last four months. X-ray and mri done.indicats mild faset at lower spinel cord. According to my alopathy dr.there is no comp. Cure treatment .only pain relief medicin can help little. Now I have read your artical and hope to get comp. Cure.I have pain at Right side hip, near abdomen and to thigh and at knee.I working in office have seat long time but when I stand and tried to walk, I fell too much pain near abdomen (top uper thigh at right side. Kindly suggest very proper medicin.
    I am 66 years age. Need to work for there is no other support. We are only two in and my support.
    Hope with you.

  136. RICHARD CRASKE says:

    I have pain in the buttock mostly like a hot poker and down the lower leg.
    thank you

  137. I have spinal stenosis and disc bulges, which medicine should I use.

  138. i have pain in thai and lower toe so what sahall i do.can i take colocynth and which power should i take plz confirm me

  139. I am R.D.Tiwari, aged :- 51 years .
    I Am suffering from pain in lower back pain, not able to walk freely due to pain.
    please advise homeopathy medicine .

  140. pradeep kumar says:

    my mother , aged :- 65-70 years .
    see is suffering from pain in both legs and lower back pain, not able to walk freely due to pain. see is also suffering from arthiristis (keen pain) . when pain is occured doctors can priscribed tramadol tab. for the relif .
    but i asked to you pls priscribe homeopathy medicine for my mother.

  141. Ikechukwu Igbokwe Igwe says:

    What is the homoeopathic remedies for the two lower limbs numbness with the sensation of matching something on the sole of the feet

  142. Bharat Dhanjibhai Kanojiya says:

    My wife
    Age : 47
    1. She is suffering from 21-Aug-2017 –
    2. Much pain during standing, walking and seating ONLY ON RIGHT LEG back side between the hip and the knee. Numbness and burning sensation on sole of the right leg. LESS PAIN ON BACK SIDE OF SPINE SIDE of L5-S1.
    She can not stand, walk and seat more than 2 minutes.

    Doctor Mr. Hitesh Patel, given pain killer medicines and suggested to Endoscopy to L5-S1.. We denied him such surgery.

    At present she is taking aryuvedic TABLES, powder and above prescribed medicines. Not taking physiotherapy treatment and totally bed rest.

    I shall be thankful, if you kindly please suggest medicine.

  143. Dr. Shalini Tiwari says:

    It is really a good treatment of neck pain.and it has more very effective information.

  144. Samarendra Patra says:

    How to take (dosage) Magnesia Phosphorica.
    Duration of the course.
    Any preventive measures in terms of food, exercise , sleep etc while consuming it?

  145. M.P.Ranga Rao says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from degenerative spinal stenosis combined with osteoporosis. I feel weakness in my back/spinal cord and tearing pain in both of my feet. Neuro-Surgion has advised me to undergo surgery. But, I preferred to undergo conventional treatment for the same from Orthopedic Doctors of a Government hospital for the past one and half years. Doing prescribed exercises regularly. I have been prescribed Picrowin (Pregablin+Nortryptlin) tablets and Dracol CT (Calcium tablets). But there is no let up in my pain. I am able to lead my routine life normally but with lot of pain and difficulty in mobility.

    Please advise me whether there is a Homeopathy medicine/treatment/remedy for my problem?

    • M.P.Ranga Rao says:

      Sir, I have been suffering from degenerative spinal stenosis combined with osteoporosis. I feel weakness in my back/spinal cord and tearing pain in both of my feet. Neuro-Surgion has advised me to undergo surgery. But, I preferred to undergo conventional treatment for the same from Orthopedic Doctors of a Government hospital for the past one and half years. Doing prescribed exercises regularly. I have been prescribed Picrowin (Pregablin+Nortryptlin) tablets and Dracol CT (Calcium tablets). But there is no let up in my pain. I am able to lead my routine life normally but with lot of pain and difficulty in mobility.

      Please advise me whether there is a Homeopathy medicine/treatment/remedy for my problem?

  146. Jayakanthan says:

    I suffer with Sciatica having burning sensation and Numbness in both legs and foot.could you name the medicine to get relief as early as possible.

  147. akbar khan says:

    i have scatica seviour pain, no pain killer works, s1 l4 been compressed 5.8mm which medicine do you advice in homeopathy for instant relief. where will i get this medicine hyderabad

    • Swaraj Kumar says:

      Respected DR Sahab. I am Swaraj Kumar from Ghaziabad UP age 69 years ( male). I am suffering from sciatica pain in right leg since about 2 years. MRI reports finding are suggestive of osteoporosis, lumbar spondylosis with degenerative disc disease. Mild disc bulge with left propensity at L4–L5 level. Mild disc bulge at L5–S1 level.
      The main problem is that I am unable to walk even a short distance. I find better when lying on bed. I can not wear shoes at all. Walking difficult even with chappals. In the night, due to pain in right leg, I wake up and find some relief after gentle massage. My fingers of right foot are severely numb and painful. I am doing some physiotherapy at home after expert’s advice. But no relief as yet. I am non diabetic but having moderate blood pressure which is under control after taking medicine. Some high cholesterol also for which I am taking Atorlip 5mg . Kindly suggest suitable homeopathic medicines for me. I am totally confined to home and all other activities are in vain. With thanks.

  148. Madhusudan pandey says:

    Sir,myself retired engineer 74 years old suffering from back lower pain from Hip to knee and toe. In 2013 the TKR is done in Right knee due to osteoarthritis. Right leg is correct .no pain in right leg .now a days problem is only in left leg pain .some doctors says HIP arthritis and some says nurolajical problem. Sir,what’s your suggestions. For your kind information i hahe started homeopathic medicine such as Colocynth and Rhustos. As as asuming Saitica pain . Sir suggest me the proper treatment. So much thanks sir

  149. Sujeet kumar sharma says:

    Dr sahab mera left side ka leg panje se lekar ghutne tak lambai me sunn pad gaya hai.aur right side me kamar se lekar neeche tak chalne par tej dard hota hai.yah dard letne par nhi chalne aur utne baitne me hota hai.kripya mujhe homeopathic medicine bataye.jisse mai surgery se bach saku.

  150. Shagandeep says:

    My mother has so much pain in her lower leg . It moves towards the foot. With this pain she cannot walk and even face problem in standing but no pain is there when she is at rest makes her feel as her leg and foot is sleeping. so tell me any scan is required for it or not?

  151. Rakesh Saini says:

    Dear Dr. Shaib,

    I am suffering sciatica pain in my left upper leg and left hip for the last one year. I have taken homeopathy medicines from a very reputed doctor but there is no relief. Some of the doses were given of 1 M potency but of no use.

    Please advise and recommend medicines so that I can get relief.

    Thanking you.
    Rakesh Saini

    • I too suffer from sciatica but i consult one doctor and i got cure in 2 days its amazing his medicine is very expansive if u want to cosult him call on my number 9160610342


    Hi Dr. My MRI of lumbo sacral spine was done using turbo spin echo pulse sequences.
    Further I am having nerve blocked left leg and toe with pain. Pl. Advice me accordingly. With regards.
    Ashok Srivastava

  153. Hello doctor,
    I have sciatic pain in right leg since 2 month .It started suddenly after lifting heavy weight , pain subsided but numbness is not going . sometimes the pain become so severe that i cant do any work, literally terrible pain that make me cry.please help me doctor . need ur suggestions

  154. Chandrakant Ghaghda says:

    I have a scitica pain in left leg stating from buttock to the tip of fingers and it gets severe while walking few minutes and while sleeping , can u suggest any homoeopathy medicine as I am a believer that homeopathic treatment is best.

  155. shilpa m says:

    I have operated as Endoscopic discectomy L5S1 ,due to severe sciatica pain on left leg ,last year. I am 34 yrs old & also handicap by birth. (The femural head on left is absent ) After one year I have a same pain on right leg behind the knee & sometimes in back(right side) also.Please consult me a proper Homeopathy medicine & also how should be taken?

  156. abdullatif says:

    hello dr. sharma,
    i have developed severe sciatica on the left leg due a bulging disc causing irritation of the left sciatic nerve. unable to tolerate sitting and due to leg pain, difficulty walking. only laying down is helpful. currently taking naproxen, tramadol, nortriptyline for one month now.
    i have become tired of the pain and the medication is not takjng care of the problem. have started physical therapy which is helpjng. but slowly. i want to take another route, hence, homeopathic remedy seems to interest me.
    what can i do, what can i take in order to resume regular activity?

  157. MERCY BURTON says:

    Dr, Sharma: I have been diagonised as SCIATICA PATIENT, My symptons are constant pains shooting down my hips mainly on the left side for 12 years, since this year it has started on the right side too.
    Symptoms of burning, tearing, pricking, numbness, which i suffered for several years on my left side, is now effecting my right side too, same symptons on my right side. Worst while lying down or sleeping. Severe Cramps from ankle to calves on left and right side
    .My movements of bending touching my toes is good, moving my hips from side to side is good, bending backwards is difficult. But continues pains in different parts of my spine. very difficult to sit long as
    bottom is painful.
    Tried treatments Allopathy, Aryuvedic, Kerala, Russain treatment. Qi treatment was effective as it was shaping my body into the right shape. Only too expensive and time consuming as I had to go daily
    to Koregaon Park, Pune from Wanorie in Camp, Pune. I could not afford to pay Rs.1,000/- per day.

    Kindly advise what line of Homeopathy you recommend for the relief of severe pains which is ruining my life as I was and still am a very active person and need to move and sleep without these pains,
    Night is awful, as every side I turn is painful, then the Cramps on both legs disturb my sleep as muscles
    get so knotted in cramps and very painful. I suffer from Compressed nerves/Pinched nerves and
    Inflamation on both sides of my lower back just near the kidney region. Also Pulling, Jerking paind
    on the left side of my groin. I have 3MRIs and reports.

    Please advise the line of Homeopathy treatment to relieve my painful symptons. I was advised spinal
    Lower back injections, but do not know if this will work. I do not wish to be bed ridden or i a Wheel
    chair, incapicitated depending on others to help me, as it is troublesome to them as well as to me.
    Families are so busy working to keep up with the Rising prices, that they have no time to spare and no money to spend on treatmet of the senior parents,

    Awaiting you prompt advise.

    Thank you with best regards.


  158. SIBA PRASAD NANDA says:

    My wife( age 44 years, height 5 feet 2 inch, weight 76 kgs) is suffering from sciatica pain since last three months and getting pain moving from left buttock-thigh and knee upto left side leg finger. While sleeping at night she gets pain like lighting and shok in the left leg from knee to upto left leg finger. She is having back pain since last 3 years, but the sciatica pain started since last three months. I have given ayurvedic medicine and physeothertapy treatment, but sciatica pain not relieved. Also she is having BP and taking allopathic medicine for the BP, but not getting sleep most of the time during night.
    Sir if you can guide and prescibe the medicine for the sciatica and sleeplessness as written above, I will be very much thank ful to you.

  159. H P Agrawal says:

    I am suffering from disk bulge and stenosis. A few days ago I suffered zciatica pajn in the left side. Ghe pain increases on standing and increases further on walkjng. Becomes tearing and unbearable. I have today started with colocynth 200 and Rhustox 200 alternately every two hours on the advice of a friend who has some knowledge of homeopathy. Kindly advise.

  160. rajrani tripathi says:

    sir i have right side sytica and it may be 6-7 years old and doctor adviced me for surgery my age is 40 .i feel pain in standing walking something long and sleeping gives releaf so plz sir ,give me some advise for medicine related and all which is good

  161. subrahmanya sai says:

    I have left side sciatica with sysmptoms of lower back pain , stiffness of left calf muscle and burning of feet
    stiffness of lower lims and numbness of little and middle leg fingers(left only). It is all left side only.
    I used some allopathy and some physiotherapy also. But it is repeated and numbness is not completely
    cured. please advise homeo medicine. I am 57 yrs male and having DM type 2 and BP. using allopathy
    and it is under control.

  162. शत्रुहन रत्नाकर says:

    मेरे दोनों पैर में बराबर मात्रा में और बराबर लम्बाई में नश में खिचाव वाली दर्द होता है . जब पानी को छूता हूँ उस समय नश में ज्यादा खिचाव ऐठन वाली दर्द होता है.खासकर जब किसी काम जैसे खूँटी से कपडा निकलना ,चलना , कोई सामान उठाना आदि सोंचे तो और ज्यादा दर्द होता है.
    उपाय बताएं ,

  163. Sarah Blake says:

    I wonder if you could give advise on which remedy for sciatic pain please. I have bulging discs in L3/L4/L5/S1 region with associated sciatica predominantly radiating down left buttock and into calf and also the same in the right leg. I have been put on antiinflamatory meds however would prefer a homeopathic remdy if you can suggest anything at all. My lower sacrum feels as though it has been kicked. My symptoms have worsened from having a cranial sacral therapy treatment where I feel that the nerves have been over stimulated.
    Kind Regards

  164. Ram Kishor shukla says:

    Sir,please refer to my mail dated 14 April,16 Apr 2017. My phone number is 91-7317592178 for further discussions.Pease give miss call on above number.Ram kishor shukla

  165. Ram Kishor shukla says:

    Respected Sir As I have already mailed you all my problem in previous mail.I am already taking gnaphlium30ch polycephalium for,last 10 days .No relief in pain please advice .please refer my ,mail dated14 Apr 2017 Thanks for early reply. RKShukla

  166. Ram Kishor shukla says:

    Dear Sir I have sciatica pain in my right leg it starts from hip and goes down to thigh and bottom leg.terrible pain starts while walking I have been prescribed gnaphalium polycephalium 30ch . I am taking this medicine for last 8 days but no change. Kindly advise me perfect medicine which can cure my pain .Rk Shukla

  167. Suman tuli says:

    I have right sided scietica for the last ten years.

  168. P.SIVAKUMAR says:

    Sir , I am having pain in my right leg , the pain is very severe and doctors advised to do surgery in l4 and l5 disc because of disc dislocation and i consulted a homeopathic doctor he told i am suffering from sciatica . so kindly give a suggestion whether i can do surgery or it can be cured by homeopathic medicine. but the pain is severe sometimes i can’t walk properly.

  169. vikash kumar says:

    Good evening
    The last 2 weeks i have unbelieveable back pains in my lower back on my left side which shoot through my whole leg even my foot . Untill now the doctor is telling me its sciatica … could you please referr me to a certain medical treatment ,
    Thank you yours sincerly .

  170. Pawan kumar says:

    I am 71 years old. Last one year suffering from scietika. Left side pain is higher than right side. The problem is get high in morning time before walking. What medicene you sujjest me?

  171. Ramkishore shukla says:

    Dr sharmajee namaskar I am suffering with sciatica pain as per MRI L5 and s1 please advise correct medicine.Alopathic medicines are not effective in the pain.while walking pain starts from hip and goes down to thigh and leg then unable to walk . For types of medicine have been prescribed by neuro Docter.Also some hero dr advised me to take hypericum 1000 weekly threee times in 10 minutes gap.please advice suitable medicine.

  172. Ritesh Saxena says:

    My bilateral hip replacement eas done on 17-4-16. I have foot drop problem just after hip replacement. Physiotherapy & stimulation has been continuously since then. Pl. do needful

  173. PANKAJ KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother is suffering with Sciatica detected recently . She is of 78 yrs of age . Please advice.

  174. Suraj Singh Yadav says:

    Sir मेरे left कमर और left leg knee तक pain hai. Pain to पुरे करू कमर me he hai. साथ साथ left side neck me bhe dard hai. Koi ek week ho गया. क्या

  175. Bhambhudi khan says:

    Bhambhudi khan

  176. Mohinder parmar says:

    Hello Doctor

    For the last couple of months i have had this feeling of havin a pinched nerve in my lower back (Right side). The pain runs down from right lower back to right side of my buttocks along the thigh to my knees and along the calf to my toes. Now it is so bad that my right knee hurt on the inside and is unstable. It tends to buckle involuntarily. I feel a constriction in my thigh and my calf close to the knee on the back of the knee.

  177. Dear Sir,

    I have a herniated disc/disc bulge at L5 – S1 impinging on the S1 nerve. Pain started from back, travelling down to back of thigh. I have paid in my bum and the calf where there is a burning sensation. Getting up after sitting for more than half hour is painful. Please suggest appropriate remedy

  178. Gaurav Joshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a disc bulge at L5 – S1 impinging on the S1 nerve. Pain started from back, travelling down to back of thigh. Can’t walk more than 100 meters. Tried all conservative treatments. Every treatment helps for some days, then the pain is back. Im trying homeopathic medicines now since last 1 month, which have helped a little. Kindly help. Will be ever grateful.

    Age 35

  179. Vishal kalra says:

    Hello Dr. SHARMA hope you doing well.. I have sciatica pain in lower back and it goes to right hip and then leg up-to knee and main pressure is on the lower back area while getting up from bed and chair I feel so much pain.. So I started taking Arnica and Ruta.. Plz tell me is it a gud combination.?
    Thanx and regards
    Vishal Kalra

  180. k.nirmala says:

    iwas sufferingfromsciaticaforhepast7weeks.wouldyousuggestmesomehomeomedicines

  181. Abdul Nayeem says:

    disc bulging in L4-L5 ,pain in back thys and lower legs since 4 to 5 years agrevate in evening times

  182. Tanaya das says:

    My aunt rupa bose of age 47,is having problem,for 6months..she can’t talk properly,while walking she is loosing her balance nd sometimes falling down on road very badly,her fingers of her hand bcme totally half bend,she can’t do straight…sir its a request if you kindly give a proper solution so that she became well..

  183. Keshav goyal says:

    Sir i m going through retrolisthesis subtle of l5 on s1 from nearly 2 months. And i m taking medicines regularly… And there is some improvement in my walking posture which is balanced now.. But pinching in my leg and sometine numbness is making this condition worse. sometime when i stand from chair after sitting 5 to 10 min there is kind of pain in my buttock. Please tell me tge solution. Now i m taking nerobeen and ortodox mr. I have eaten calcium tablets from 1.5 months now stopped.

  184. t.sridaran says:

    Sir, I am 65 years old and under went laminictomy during 1998 for l4-l5. Now suffering from similar problem for l3-l4 and not interested in surgery. It is on the left side and I use lot of pain killers. Please suggest me whether can I use liquid form of rhustox/gnaphilium for this treatment. thanks t.sridaran, hyderabad

  185. Alzbeta Jurekova says:

    Good evening
    The last 7 weeks i have unbelieveable back pains in my lower back on my left side which shoot through my whole leg even my foot . Untill now the doctor is telling me its sciatica … could you please referr me to a certain medical treatment ,
    Thank you yours sincerly .

    • Stefania says:

      Good evening, I am 38 years old woman.
      The last 5 months i have back pains in my lower back on my left side which shoot through my whole leg . Untill now the doctors are telling me its sciatica … i tried everything from the conventional medicine- physiotherapy, ozone injections, antiinflammatory and corticosteroids and no great results. Another problem is that I am about to have an embryotransfer in a week after in vitro procedure. would you please help me with homeo treatment ,
      Thank you yours sincerly .

      • Stefania says:

        Good evening, I am 38 years old woman.
        The last 5 months i have back pains in my lower back on my left side which shoot through my whole leg . Untill now the doctors are telling me its sciatica … i tried everything from the conventional medicine- physiotherapy, ozone injections, antiinflammatory and corticosteroids and no great results. Another problem is that I am about to have an embryotransfer in a week after in vitro procedure. would you please help me with homeo treatment ,
        Thank you yours sincerly .

  186. sir my name is nitin age 26year left leg color dopiler plz tablet medicine So fast work. Tablet

  187. Dear Sir
    My Name is Manju my age of 46 years old I have suffering from siatica pain on left leg behind portion lower knees more pain do not walk myself plz suggest medicine .

  188. Pls suggest remedy for pain in the right leg due to sciatica. Not able to walk,bend.

  189. DEAR SIR,

    I have l4-l5 and l5-s1 disc bulge problem .kindly guide me tretatment

  190. I’m a 51 year old male. Have been suffering from chronic back pain for 15 years. An arthritic disk, given a fusion for it at L5S1.
    Recently I detox from all the drugs I was on because they didn’t work, and stopped all visits to five medical professionals in charge of my pain and continued use of prescription drugs.
    Since I’ve been off the meds I’ve experienced greater back pain after standing for just a few minutes, I can sit or lie down longer. This is not the active life I want to live.
    The only option given to be is another fusion, that I know will not work.
    I continue to treat my condition with ice, heat, creams, stretching, yoga etc.
    These are only temporary problems to a permanent condition.
    Can you help?

  191. Respected Dr Sahab,
    I am 52 yrs old and suffering sciatica left leg since approx 2 years. Alopathic Doctors diagnosed PIVD and suggested long walk and no medicine. It is very difficult me to stand continuously and walk for more than 10 minutes. Early morning condition is very worse. Continuous standing and walking results pain in back, hip and down to foot. Some time I feel burning in my left feet upper side. All types of medicine have been taken alopethic, aayurvedic from Baba Ramdev, and homeopthic. Now I am taking homeopathy medicines but not permanent relief. What medicines are being given I do not know. My wife is also suffering from same disease. Please can you suggest permanent treatment and how long it will take to cure us.


  192. Very informative Dr Sharma. Would appreciate your suggestion.


  193. sanjay kumar says:

    I have a pain in hip and left leg from last three months

    • Ram Kishor shukla says:

      Sir I am taking gnaphlium polycephalium 30ch for last 10 days two drop,in water thrice daily. No fruitful result .pain is still there .please advise effective medicine with dodge to be taken. I will consult on your given number to your rep.please advise medicine which can cure pain.Thanks for early reply. RK shukla

  194. Ram kishore Shukla says:

    Medicine for scitica pain including dose.

  195. Hi Doctor,
    I am having this Lumber (L5) disc bulge and sciatica pain since 4 years now. But in recent past the pain has increased tremendously. Now the lower back pain specially on the left side has increased and is rendering to the left leg also. I am having extreme difficulty in bending forward and normal walking,standing & sitting as well.

  196. Dear Dr sherma
    I am from pakistan ND age 35 femle.I have sever schiatica pain from last one year..but at the start the pain was sever .even can’t walk .and at morning my leg from tomb to knee start numb..ND later my heel start pain when I awake at morning..but I use medicine neutomate and some physiotherapy than a bit relex and now pain low but heaviness start when I awake at morning or I sit for long time .sometime I walk properly sometime I feel uncomfortable .may kindly suggest some good medicine for strengthen the nerve .

  197. Anil Raizada says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Ji
    I am having sciatica pain and on physicothreapy regularly I have been told that there is medicine for this in homeopathy kindly advise medicine and oblige

  198. I am 73 years old lady .I have sciatica pain for the past 9 months .I tried elopathy but with no results .
    i have pain on my left hip once i start walking .After keep walking for at least 10 .15.20 minuets 9 depends on the severioty of pain ,it takes long if pain is more ) i get some relief .but if i dont walk cotinuosly it never subside .i am taking Rus Tox 200 early morning say 4 o clock .then i get some releif .this I have started 2 Weeks back Plus I am taking Adel 39 thrice daily for the past 2 months but still daily i get pain . Now Advice .

  199. Dr. Sharma I am suffering from severe sciatica pain for the last two months please prescribe me homeopathic medicine. I am 37 with 55 kg.


    pain in left side lower jaw teeth with tingling sensation for one month, little relief by hot,age sixty,carries is present,pain in root of the thumb,lower back spine and in left knee.numbness at the root of the left year,favorite food sweet and meat,favorite season spring.

  201. Raj mohammed says:

    My left leg & back pin sciatica. Please tell tablet name

  202. Subir Dasgupta says:

    I am feeling acute sciatica pain down below my left leg even the left foot top is also paining but walking after some time i am bit relieved of the pain but not always. i cannot bent forward since my back is paining on forward bending. Please help me in getting relief.

  203. Meena debbarma says:

    Dear sir, my mother is suffering from this sciatica problem. Doctor told that 1 disc has degenerated, another 1 disc swollen. For now doctor advice not to travel, to go for physiotherapy. She cannot sleep, it causes constant pain. Also she feels elongation of bone at hip lower bone towards buttock. Is there any remedy in homeopathy. Please kindly suggest. Thank you.

  204. Sir my mom fell down suddenly few years she is suffering from acute pain in back and legs.this pain radiate from lower back to knee.she is also feeling numbness.what may be best remedy for this.r rheumtablets r good for this.pls give ur advice

  205. Jayprakash Thaker says:

    ===Mild scoliosis of the lumber spine.
    ===Moderate reduction in the L5,S1 disc space with end plate sclerosis.
    ===Anterior marginal osteophytes at L3,L4 & L5 levels.

    Pain starts from right side upper buttock and goes down to just above right side ankle since April 2016. I do not take pain killers.

    I am 65 years young. Got done BYPASS & TKR [Bilateral] on 16/08/2011 & 15/03/2012 respectively.

  206. Hi,
    My father (80 years) feel numbness in his feet, we consulted doctor and taken physiotherapy session and this has reduced numbness but not completely. and please note that he has got no pain other than knee pain.

    he is already taking medicine for other treatments, like warf, ecosprin, etc….

    please let me know if homeo path can help in this treatment….


  207. Dr.T.Srinivasa Murthy says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    6 months back I fell down from chair, it resulted a slight dislocation of tail bone(coccyx) and severe pain ,while sitting the pain was unbearable. Took medicine for one month and got relief.
    during the recent 15 days i had pain in left hip I thought it could be due to kidny stone(which I had earlier used berbaris vulgaris) or enlargement of prostate gland(which was identified during earlier ultrasonic scanning , but not very large hence used R-25 for one month). From one week the pain started radiating to left leg.for the past 2 days the pain is severe and leading to numbness in foot. In sitting I am feeling comfortable. while walking it is severe, laying down to sleep is pailful if i stretch straight, changing the direction also painful. Orthopedist told it is disc problem. please suggest me suitable medicine.
    age: 52 years , Male , height 5.6feet , Profession : lecturer ,

  208. Pritam Dewan says:

    I am suffering from left side sciatica from last 6th months, specially donateing blood at C.M.C. i take, kali carb 1m, then it is ok. But now it’s happening again. I also take kali carb, then medohhrinum but it’s not working.
    Please help me.

    • Dr.T.Srinivasa Murthy says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma

      6 months back I fell down from chair, it resulted a slight dislocation of tail bone(coccyx) and severe pain ,while sitting the pain was unbearable. Took medicine for one month and got relief.
      during the recent 15 days i had pain in left hip I thought it could be due to kidny stone(which I had earlier used berbaris vulgaris) or enlargement of prostate gland(which was identified during earlier ultrasonic scanning , but not very large hence used R-25 for one month). From one week the pain started radiating to left leg.for the past 2 days the pain is severe and leading to numbness in foot. In sitting I am feeling comfortable. while walking it is severe, laying down to sleep is pailful if i stretch straight, changing the direction also painful. Orthopedist told it is disc problem. please suggest me suitable medicine.
      age: 52 years , Male , height 5.6feet , Profession : lecturer ,

  209. Sunil Kumar says:

    I am suffering from both leg pain, may be sitica

  210. Ravi kumar says:

    dear dr my name is ravi i am 23 year old i have a problem that my left chest is greater than rigth chest , so i m felling unwell so make me what to do for this sr plz help me

  211. Dear Dr. Greetings from new Delhi
    My name is Tariq,
    I am based in new delhi. I am 50 years of age.
    I have for past one year numbness under my feet , tingling and dry skin problems as well. I also have tingling sensation in hands and needle like sensations as well . I am diabetic too and taking metmorfin as well. I also have swelling more on right food. I have difficulty in walking with bare feet. Please advise.
    Kind regards
    Tariq Syed

  212. maryjohnson says:

    I’m MARY JOHNSON, I contracted HIV in 2011, I was told by my doctor that there’s no possible cure for HIV. I started taking my ARV’s, My CD4 was 77 and viral load was 112,450. I saw a website of Dr.OSO, also I saw a lot of testimonials about him on how he uses herbal medicine to cure HIV. I contacted him and told him my problems, He sent me the herbal medicine and I took it for 7 days after then I went for check-up and I was cured. The medicine has NO SIDE EFFECT, there’s no special diet when taking the medicine. He also cure ALS, HEPATITIS B, CANCER, HERPES and lots more. You can reach him on or .call/Whats-app +2348162084839

  213. Sir, My wife is 52 years old. She is suffering from sciatica,science last 6 months. Heavy bleeding due to bulky uterus is also another problem. Plz. suggest some remedy.
    Thanking you.
    Mukund pardeshi

  214. Sikha Gupta says:

    i am suffering at night .The pain start from backside of my buttock and going down towards my leg.The legs are facing spasm of nerve from backside of right leg.kindly suggest some medicine of homeopathy

  215. Sir,
    My 1yr old son’s trigger fingers and 1 thumb finger get locked in bend position.He unable to straight his finger on its own …What shall I do ??

  216. Dear Dr. I am a 67 year old woman 5ft 4ins 9St 4Lbs exsercise regular quite fit but recently started with pain and stiffness in theighs top of legs really painful and stiff on getting up from settee and most nights in bed can’t sleep for pain in outer theigh, sometimes pain going down back of leg and into front of foot, the more l sit down the more painful Otis when standing up,please can you say what you think could be the problem, thank you .

  217. smriti singh says:

    dear sir,
    I am having prolapsed disc but right now i dnt hav pain in left leg as having sciatica problem

  218. sanjay borse says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Self Sanjay Borse from Mumbai,I have been suffering L4-L5 herniation for 2 years. I have lower back stiffness & pain and Pain in Left leg.
    Pls suggest.

    • Dear sir
      My name is sajjad my age 28 and I m suffering same problem of sciatica. MRI result .. that the problem in s1 to l5 disc .here doctor alrdy recommended surgery. Kindly if u have another way plz tel me ..

  219. Dr I am ram singh bhati back pain luwar narve root bloke L4 L5 S1 six months before pain too much pls halp me

    • K.PADMASREE says:

      Dr. I am Padmasree 43yes old woman.I am a teacher. So I am used to stand for long hours. I have more pain inlower back to both sides buttocks from ten days. When I am standing it affects me the most and it is painful. While sitting or sleeping it is not painful. Pain worsens more ins standing position. I am undergoing Physiotherapy also and doing exercises from five days. Stii too much I cannot stand even from ten minutes.Please suggest the remedy to reduce the severe pain.

  220. ajaz qureshi says:

    Dr I am ajaz and having sciatica pain since a year but since a month some time i have severe pain
    i am having L4-5 L5-S1 I AM DOING PYSYOTHERAPY in mckenzie therapist but then also i have pain please suggest me which homeopathy medicine shall i use by which i can relieve my pain

  221. shishir kol says:

    Hello sir I m shishir I was suffering from slip disc l4 l5 last 4months … I got too much pain in left leg.. pllzzz help me sir…

  222. Ahammad Zaki says:

    Dear Sir,
    This is Ahammad Zaki from Bangladesh. I have been suffering L4-L5 herniation for 2 years. I have lower back stiffness & pain if i stand for few min and it gets better once i bend forward few times. Can you kindly suggest me something. Please help.

  223. Dear Doctor,
    I am R Rao, 70 years of age residing in Bengaluru. I have lower back pain. Nowadays, it pains even slight shaking of body. I have consulted an orthopedic doctor ( M S – orthopedic). After an x-ray, it is diagnosed as Lumber spondylitis, degenerative changes and muscle spasm.
    Medicine prescribed:
    1. Cap Thiox o d 8 mg 1—-0——1 for 3 days
    2. Pan D 1——0—–1 for 3 days
    3. Thiox Gel.
    While I was on medicines, I was having relief but after 3 days , I am getting the lower back pain.
    Kindly suggest me as to how to get permanent relief of this pain.
    With good wishes

  224. Dear Doctor,
    I am R Rao, 70 years of age residing in Bengaluru. I have lower back pain. Nowadays, it pains even slight shaking of body. I have consulted an orthopedic doctor ( M S – orthopedic). After an x-ray, it is diagnosed as Lumber spondylitis, degenerative changes and muscle spasm.
    Medicine prescribed:
    1. Cap Thiox o d 8 1—-0——1 for 3 days
    2. Pan D 1——0—–1 for 3 days
    3. Thiox Gel.
    While I was on medicines, I was having relief but after 3 days , I am getting the lower back pain.
    Kindly suggest me as to how to get permanent relief of this pain.
    With good wishes

  225. Dear Doctor. Sharma Sir,
    I use to have pain in my left leg from back of thigh to bottom little finger offenly . when it is started, I had lot of severe pain and could not walk , so i took treatment from allopathy .about 2-3 months after now again pain is felt occasionally. I have heard good treatment of about you for the same pain. kindly suggest curable solution to me and oblige. is it a curable pain? is their any homeopathy medicines? I have a small wart about 2 cm along the top back of left leg small finger line, do this keep pressur on siati nurve ? please reply.
    Yours faithfully,

  226. Jignesh Purohit says:

    Dear sir,
    I mr.jignesh Purohit was suffering from slip disc for which half disc was torn out so I finally done the surgery of L5 S1 on 07 th Dec 2016,after surgery my pain is gone but the tingling is still in my right leg three of the last finger is still going numb or tingle.
    Pls suggest the medicine to stop tingling in my leg figures.

  227. Jasbinder Kaur says:

    Is there any effective homeopathy treatment for Vitiligo?

  228. Dear Doctor I’m sasikala from chennai.I have severe pain in my lower back ,buttocks and under both the legs.the pain gets severe when I stand and cook and when I get up from resting .I also have dizziness and weakness of the left side of my body. Of all the back pain and associated pain are worse.I have not consulted any allopathic Doctor .my friend asked me to take ruta and hypericum 1m potency.kindly advice

  229. Raj kishore singh says:

    Sir L4 -L5 me nuse dabne se dahine pair me uper se niche tak asahnie dard hota hai yah takriban panch saal se hai homeopath me hi upchar kara rahe hain thik hone ke baad fir repeat dobaar ho gaya kiya homeopath scitica ka permanent ilaj nahi hai Sir agar iska permanent cure hai to medicine ka name with company bahut upkar hoga mujh per sir thank you sir

  230. jide daniel says:

    l had pains from back disc to my legs. After treatment l can not function sexual l have weak errection. please l need solutions

  231. Dheeraj Sharma says:

    Hello dr. Sharma. Mera name dheeraj sharma ha. Me india. Rajasthan se hu. Mere nine year se lift side me kamar se uuper chot lage thee.aur phir lift side me uper se lakar neeche tak dard aur kheechav rahata ha. chalana bhadana aur khade rahna bhee muskil ha.Please sir koee dava bhataye

  232. Md. Sohail says:

    Hello Dr.
    Mera umra 21 hai. Mere right pair me karib 6 mahine Se dard hai. Kamar se foot tak ek line ki tarah dard hota hai. Aur Mera right pair halka halka dubla gaya hai. Maine angrezi dawaiyaan bhi li per koi asar nahi huwa abhi mai homoeopathy medicine le raha hoon per us se bhi koi faida nahi huwa. Sir meri request hai ki mujhe iski ilaaj ke liye koi sujhaw dawaiyaan batayein. please…

  233. Vibha Singh says:

    Meri age 20 hai mere left leg me dard hota hai kamr se pair tk dard hota h. thodi der chane v thodi der tk khade nhi rh pate pair me dard hone lgti h jb dard ho rha ho to baith jane pr dard khtam ho jata hai bs thodi door chalne aur thodi der tk khade ho jane pr dard hone lgti hai…ghutno ke peeche or sunn sa ho jata jb drd hota hai …jb dard ho rha ho tk pair ko thoda sa utha dene pr junjhunahat hoone lgti hai…
    Please mujhe dava suggest kr dijiye…

  234. Jaffar Hussain says:

    Dear Dr.

    meri age 28 the jb mje sciatica ke pain right side per start hui ab me 31 me hon but abi tk kui relief ni mili bht medicine le or MRI xray etc. kerwaya but kuch hasil ni hua ab me homeopathic ko start kerna chahta hon kia mje is se complete relief milay ga?

    or agar medicine suggest kr den meharbani ho ge.



    Sir o have a pen in my right lower abdomen and right testicle at the time of standing and my right side backpain o am 37 year old. I have no urinary infection please sugest me which medicine i have take

  236. Hi Dr Sharma!

    i would like to know whats the best homeopathy medicines to help me in the situations:

    * Anxiety and stress
    * weight loss
    * sleepness
    * craving of sweets
    * kids anxiety and nervous ( I need something to help my son )
    * kids mental focus
    * sciatic pain

  237. KAMRAN AHMED says:


  238. NeetuSethi says:

    Hello Doctor, I am having severe sciatica pain in my left leg since 20 days. I am unable to sleep in bed. Left side turn is completely stopped during sleep. Now when I sit on my chair in office it’s paining from centra of the buttock to the knee. Taken 3 painkillers Ultracet every day but of no use. Please help me.

  239. Swatantra Pandey says:

    Hi sir, my self swatantra I m suffering from tail bone pain. This from last 2 years I m taking pain killer and multivitamin. But looking for better treatment. I started doing exercise and yoga it’s boost but still some time I feel pain. Can there is any homeopathic medicine for the same plz advice. Regard Swatantra

  240. Hello Sir, Im 22 yrs old i have pain in my left leg since 6th month. If i seat i cant stand . If i sleep i cant left. What can i do?

  241. aanchal kukkar says:

    Hello Dr.
    I m aanchal n I have sciatica problem please tell me how homeopathy can help in treating n suggest me which homeopathy medicine should I take

  242. I am 75 yrs old I felt pain below knee while standing or walking more than 10 minutes 10 to12 yrs I did stretching exercises and got relief now again since a month feeling pain unbearable e
    ven standing for a minute below knee near ankle mri done suggest compression L4/L5 DISC

  243. Dear sir i have been suffering bilateral sciatica pain from six mri report shows lv5-sv1 disc problems.what type of treatment in homeo medicine i can continue.

    • Hello doctor

      I am 67 years old. I have stenosis in l4/l5. After
      Walking 5 / 7 minutes l feel very pain in my both
      Legs & numbness in both problem is 5
      Years old. Plz suggest medicine.
      N k Mittal gurgaon

  244. Radha Shingroop says:

    Hello sir, I have very survier pain in my right hand I cant sit sir please tell me why reason

    • Dear Dr…im vieya from Malaysia 35 female
      I’m having pid since 2 months all suddenly I can lift up by body or sit from bed this going on pass 2weeks
      I try physiphysiotherapy but because pain I can’t near to lift up my body from bed
      pls help me

  245. Miraj afridi says:

    Dear sir I have pain in my right leg back since two month I go so many doctors they give some tablet but after someday pain start again in my mri report there are sciatica problem, what I will do know. Need ur help

    • p.s.n.murty says:

      Sir I am 82 old years , I am suffering from pain in right side at lumbor region at right hip and after standing form a few minutes I am getting sever pain in lower part of right leg in the back side muscles there is a slight swelling a few inches above the knee but there is no heat or redness at the swelling but pain is concentrated at the place and back side muscles, X-ray shows hat there is sllight gap in L3 and L5 of spinal caard. CAN YOU SUGGEST ME ANY REMIDY

  246. Ajay n tayade says:

    Respected sir,
    My wife is suffering from sciatica since 2005.
    She is 37 years old.pain starts from back ( both
    Side ) & continued UpTo both legs through hip.
    pain get severe while bending , sitting down &
    getting up . she feels normal while standing up
    & sleeping on back .
    thanking you sir !

  247. Shaad hashmi says:

    Dear sir
    My name is shaad and i m hvng this one side low back pain from 5 year..aftr mri docter said my one tissue is get soft thats why my bone is irrittating the nurve around ..but this pain is trasfrng from back to leg.plz suggest me some good medicne and exrcise

  248. anjay kumar agrawal says:

    Sir I am 49 years old .I am suffering from pain in the buttoc area. The pain starts slowly than become severe. So severe that I can not even move my lower portion of the body. The pain sticks to the particular area of the buttoc.sometimes in left and sometimes in right.I have got treatment in gangs hospital Coimbatore. MRI, ct scan, done .but no result found.pain is very severe .So please suggest some remedy.I also used homoeopathy.

  249. Dear Sir,
    I am patient of PLID. As per doctor advise MRI was done. MRI impression was :
    * early degenerative disc and spine disease
    * L3-L4 : central and both para central disc bulging causing corresponding thecal sac indentation with bilateral foraminal narrowing.
    * L4-L5 & L5-S1 : central and both para central disc protrusion causing corresponding spinal canal stenosis with bilateral foraminal narrowing.

    My problem diagnosed last year and pain subsided by taking allopathic medicine. Now about 2-3 weeks pain arises again. How can help homeopathy to reduce my pain and correct all these problems. Pain feel in the back when bent forward and also standing from sitting posture and from lying posture.

    Your advise is this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  250. Anshu Sabharwal says:


    The issue concerns my sister age-34 after cesarian last year on 6th sept’ 15, 1st child(son) , she developed sciatic pain.It is excruciatingly painful for her to bear for past 1 week again.

    Please inform about the problem and treatment.

    Thanking you

  251. Mahabubur Rahman says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am 42 years old, My L4, L5 & S1 disk displacement & harniation, nerve bulged as per MRI report. Due to this I am suffering during last 4 months pain in left leg left side thai & heep, culf mussle & also anglet. The pain is increased day by day, it is now not in tolerable position. Now the condition is very critical, I’m not able to standing due to the reason of pain.
    Please advise medicines.

    Thanks & Regards,


  252. Mahabubur Rahman says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am 42 years old, My L4, L5 & S1 disk displacement & harniation, nerve bulged as per MRI report. Due to this I am suffering during last 4 months pain in left leg left side thai & heep, culf mussle & also fleets feel less sense & weakness. The pain is increased day by day, it is now not in tolerable position. Now the condition is very critical, I’m not able to standing due to the reason of pain.
    Please advise medicines.

    Thanks & Regards,


  253. aine parkes says:

    Hi it would be great to get some advice on what remedy to take, I have pain in my right hip and what feels like my groin area or right ovary, the pain is radiating from my hip and lower back down my leg and also down the front of my leg. I have suffered from sciatica before during my pregnancies but this added pain from the groin area is different. It hurts to lift my leg and im tired and overwhelmed from trying to get about and look after my 3 younger children. I also suffer from anxiety and find aconite helps this.
    I also get light headed feelings and have a fear of fainting.
    The hip pain and sciatica like pain is making me very restricted and I cant seem to lift anything or mop the floor without the pain returning, any help or advice would be great. I was thinking arnica might help or rhus tox,
    Thank you,

  254. Debdut Gorai says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 46 years old, my L4 &L5 nerve bulged as per MRI report. Due to this I am suffering during last 4 months pain in thai & heep of right leg. Also fleets & hands of both legs & hands tingling & pins, feel less sense & weakness. Can’t sleep on the right side.
    Please advise medicines.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Debdut Gorai

  255. Adrian DE HEER says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 84 years old and had laminectomy of the column ( L3,L4,L5) about 18 years ago. For the past 18 months, I have had pains, which are attributed to sciatic nerve, going from the right side of my waist, along my hip, right side of the thigh and down the right side of my tibia to the foot.
    The foot tends to be numb and have recently been having physiotherapy in water to do some exercises. I am able to walk unaided, but after about 50 meters, there is cramp and numbness in the right side of the tibia.
    This feeling subsides slightly when <i sit and rub my leg for about 1 minute, and I am ready to go for more meters until the numbness and pain start.. What homeopathic medication do you propose, or what can I do to alleviate the situation. Sometimes, I walk like a snail,which does not help to burn calories. Can I ride a fixed bicycle to strengthen my leg muscles ? Thanks for your reply

  256. Nireesha Damodaram says:

    Dear Sir, Iam 43 yr old female. For the past 2 plus weeks, iam having back pain and sciatica in the left leg. While back pain was there for the initial 2 days , the pain is now more in the left hip, below knee and extends to the back of the foot. While walking the pain shoots up and not able to walk even a 50 meters some times. Standing long time also causes the pain. Please suggest ! my life style is sedentary and morning i used to go for walkig for 30 mins considering my age.

  257. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from sciatica pain in my left leg. Pain is reduced now it is in the lower leg .Can you suggest me homeopathic medicine for it.

  258. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am presently undergoing physiotherapy to hopefully remove the Sciatica pain I am suffering. I had pretty severe Sciatica pain three years ago; physiotherapy helped eliminate the pain for over three years. During the mid Summer of this year the lower end of the spine (Lumber) on the right side started getting painful (mid to severe pain) with shooting pains down right through the back site of my leg all way down to my toes. When I visited the Physiotherapist it was suggested a decompression of the spine treatment using computerized decompression machine. It is now almost four months since I am on this treatment. The shooting pains are not as frequent as before, but the pain in the back, the back of leg and below the knee is still there. What more distressing is my left leg is now as painful as the right one where the pain started initially. Now I have both legs suffering sciatica while my Physiotherapy is still in progress.

    I can tell you the physiotherapy does not seem to help remove this pain any further and I am not sure what to do next.

    I don’t mind a minimal invasive surgery to remove any herniated disc or a bone spur pressing on the Sciatica nerve. If you have such surgery capabilities, I would like to know. If not can you please tell me how the Homeopathic treatment will help remove this excruciating pain.

    I will be anxiously waiting to hear from you.


  259. A R Neelayadakshi says:

    Doctor I have a severe pain in my legs when I stand for a long time. Also at times my right knee gets locked for few seconds to minute and then it is alright. can you sugest any medicine for the same. i have taking Calcarea fluorica as I have vericose veins but in a very mild stage. Iam 63 years old and retired as a Librarian. So I am used to long hours of standing.

  260. helli Docter I have very survier pain in my hip n let n shin pain can’t sleep

  261. sanjaykumar says:

    Dr. Sir my son now he is 5 years old but can’t able to stand nd walk Because he have case of ctev by birth now after several plaster nd surgery correction has done but the doctors said he have symptom of spina bi feuda nd weak muscles so he can able to stand or walk wit support wit braces nd walker.but still he is not able to walk long. So I want to know about cure regard to homeopathic medicine nd want it advice may be this medicine back his strength in legs muscle so he can improve nd walk .

    • Sir, I can give u a best suggetion about ur son’s this desease, u just msg me ur whatapp-9871718065,, shikha…!

  262. Tracey ward says:

    I am experiencing pain a little in my lower back more in my left buttock travelling worse down my back of my left leg to my foot to walk I have to take pain killers but when sitting or lying it doesn’t hurt

  263. Zaid Ahmad says:

    have disc bulged at d11 and d12, Is it called herniated or something else. I donit have pain in the back but backside of right thie most of the time but not in lower leg. Please suggest something.

  264. Ravinder Singh Dhaliwal says:

    My mother 65 yrs old is suffring from sciatica nerve pain in both legs from hip to feet..X Ray report ….The inter vertibral disc space reduces in L5 S1 level. pls treatment .

  265. Ravinder Singh Dhaliwal says:

    My mother 65 yrs old is suffring from sciatica nerve pain in both legs from hip to feet..The inter vertibral disc space reduces in L5 S1 level. pls treatment .

    • Sangeeta sahay says:

      I am Sangeeta ,46year old suffering from severe sciatica pain and osteoarthiritis.plz suggest the best remedy in homeopathy so that I can go to office.Regards

  266. Kausik Mazumdar says:

    Respected Dr, pronam. My father has been suffering from lower back pain for an year. At present the pain is started from leg massal and travel through feet. Right leg is most affected. X Ray is done L5 L6 problematic. Colosynth6 Rash Tox 30 applied. No result .pl help

  267. Varsha Sottany says:

    I am a 48 yrs old woman. i am a housewife. i have pain in my buttocks and below my knee behind my leg in a nerve only in my left leg. when i am standing it affects me the most and it is painful. but while walking the pain is very less. while sitting or sleeping it is not painful. it is mostly more painful in the evenings rather than in the mornings. the problem is only not identified yet. so please suggest any treatment at your earliest. thanking in anticipation.

  268. Manojtiwari says:

    Im Radheyshyam Tiwary . age- 74 yrs. Duration- 6 yrs
    Problem- paining in lower limb to feet. Intense buring in feet, no sound sleep last 6 months , more trouble in last two months. Happens in both limbs. Disorder of sleeping pattern n talking past matters in unconscious sleep.
    Present medication is going on of – Dr. kalyan Banerjee last two months only.
    Medicine- Hypecerium 200
    Carto 30

    But intense paining at death like extremely increased afr medicines taking more at night aft 11’00pm to morning 3:30am.

  269. Respected sir I’m Mohd Azam, My father is 50 years old, and she is suffering from SCIATICA. Now she finds difficultly in walk straight and not able to walk properly at least slowly now her leg are feeling numbness. She is lying on bed from last 45 days. l so am worrying and She is having pain in the right leg which starts from Hip. Doctor sir pl help us and let us know how we can fix this issue and to come out from this .

    MOhd Azam

    • Respected sir I’m Mohd Azam, My father is 50 years old, and she is suffering from SCIATICA. Now she finds difficultly in walk straight and not able to walk properly at least slowly now her leg are feeling numbness. She is lying on bed from last 45 days. l so am worrying and She is having pain in the right leg which starts from Hip. Doctor sir pl help us and let us know how we can fix this issue and to come out from this .

      MOhd Azam

      • Dr. Sharma,

        I recently learned about homeopathy from an old high school friend. She has used it in several ways quite successfully.

        I have sciatica pain. I have worked with a chiropractor; I have been walking at least 10,000 steps; I have been doing core strengthing exercises and have been stretching. I also have used ice packs and heat. My greatest pain is in my left calf. It tingles almost always and cramps when I stand. I also have pain in my buttocks and in my right thigh.

        I had an MRI. This is the report from that:

        FINDINGS: The reconstructed parasagittal images show the
        vertebral body heights and alignment to be generally within
        normal limits. The intervertebral spaces are fairly
        well-maintained although there is desiccation of the disc at
        every level.

        At the L4-5 level, there is trefoil stenosis. The AP diameter of
        the thecal sac is narrowed to 7 mm. There is also narrowing of
        the neural foramen bilaterally at this level.

        At the L3-4 level, the AP diameter of the thecal sac is narrowed
        to 9.1 mm due to a disc bulge slightly eccentric to the left.
        There does not appear to be any significant narrowing of the
        neural foramen at this level.

        At L2-3, there is a disc bulge eccentric to the right. The disc
        narrows the AP diameter to 8.3 mm and also results in slight
        narrowing of the neural foramen on the right at this level.

        There is a disc bulge centrally at L5-S1. There does not appear
        to be any significant narrowing of the thecal sac however the AP
        diameter measures 11.2 mm. There is mild narrowing of the neural
        foramen on the right. There is no evidence for spinal stenosis
        or nerve root encroachment at L1-2.

  270. hello doctor
    I m 36 years old.I have pain in my left buttock and posterior thigh since 4 months now it has become worse.followings are the symptoms:
    pain starts at night when I come on bed
    pain starts when I start moving after Sitting
    pain becomes severe when I lay down and walk after Sitting in car or chair or bed
    can’t lay down on stomach as the pain becomes severe and numbness starts
    dr.says it is typicall sciatica and it is due to carrying weight
    that is due to carrying my 7 years old son with right sided hemeplegia
    kindly suggest me med.

  271. Monika mehrishi says:

    I am 58 years old woman .mujeh 3 ,4 baar slipped disc ki problem ho chuki hai.1 year se left thigh me burning hoti hai side me.toe bhi Sun rahta hai.main problem sote time hoti hai.eyes close karane par back se thigh tak slightly jumping jaisi feeling hoti hai.earthquake aaraha ho jaise .kabhi 2 baithane me bhi feel hota hai .neend aane yah hilane par nahi feel hota.kya yah bhi scitica ke symptoms hain.? Kya medicine leni chahiye?

  272. Riaz fatima says:

    Dear dr sharrma , I am 65years old women. I am old sciatic pain patient.pian from left side back comes to left leg .Orthopedic dr sveral times XRaY&MRI always Sid this is shiatiica a gave by mouth painkillers& steieriod shot in back&did physical therapy please suggest any homeophatheic medicine

  273. Nisha bhargava says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I have been suffering from sciatica pain in my right side of back, thigh and leg please tell me some treatment for this I m unable to stand for a long time even for 5 mnts

  274. pravash kumar nayak says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 45 years old & suffering sciatica on right leg since last 6 months. Firstly I was lying condition. i could not move from bed. My MRI report is 6mm canel where it require more than 10 mm. Then by physiotherapy(taction) I became little cure. I was not able to walk. Now I am walking by using belt and feeling little pain and stiffness in right leg. Now I want to use Homeopathy for fully cure. One doctor has prescribe me below medicines. I started use it last 4 days.
    1. Hysagria 200
    2. Kali Bichro 30
    3. Mag fus 6X – 2 Tab with worm water in night
    Cal Flus 6X – Do
    Kal phus 6X – Do
    Nat Sul 6X – Do

    Please advice me if any other medicine you want to prescribe me.

    Pravash Nayak

  275. Anand Panchal says:

    Nameste,I am 41 yrs old.In 2010 suddenly i felt heavy back pain and flamming in left hips.
    I could not understand that time on last night i lift a bag of wheat and felt a sound of ‘tak between both the hips near tail.
    from that day to till today i have been moved to many doctor and gone through MRI immaging thrice every Doctor told me that i dont have slip disc,then why is pain is in bcak and left hips to feet,i was on bed for three month when the pain started in right leg also.
    pls tell me is there any treatment.
    No Doctor listened me and i am living with pain from last 6 years.
    pls help me.

    Anand Panchal

  276. Rakesh kumar says:

    Respected sir I’m Rakesh Kumar, My mother is 65 years old, and she is suffering from SCIATICA. Now she finds difficultly in walk straight and not able to walk properly at least slowly now her leg are feeling numbness. She is lying on bed from last 45 days. l so am worrying and She is having pain in the right leg which starts from Hip. Doctor sir pl help us and let us know how we can fix this issue and to come out from this .

    Rakesh Kumar

  277. Vipin dev Handa says:

    I am having rt sided sciatica pain.ihave to travel to New Delhi on01 st oct16.sitting is a problem to undertake such a long air journey.could u pl tell me some medicine which can give me relief .
    Vipin Handa

  278. Yogendra Singh says:

    Sir I have shyitica in right leg and in my foot thumb and finger is not going to upper side but when I want move down side it going and Thai leg has mor cramp and leg is going too weak so help me sir

    • Vasudev Patel says:

      Sir I have sciatica in left leg and in my foot thumb and fingers are not going to upper side but when I want move down side it going and leg is going too weak so help me sir.
      Which take medicine in homeopathy?

  279. Respected sir I’m Sridhar I am 53 years old sir now I find difficult to walk straight and not able to run at least slowly now my leg are slipping (like bending at joints) when I am walking other are thinking when I am walking I was drinking alcohol so am worrying and so sad docter sir pl help me and make me to come out from this . Sir let me what I want to do pl sir from your truly Sridhar

  280. Disk Prolapse of L 4 & 5 shooting pain inthe left leg from hips to to toe if movement is made tried ayurveda took pain killers has not helped much.Is there any medicines which could cure in homeopathy?


    Respected sir,
    My mother is 80yrs old.She is sufferring from acute pain from knee to foot with burning sensation for the last three days.No relief from pain killer tablet or injection. Please advise.

  282. Ranjana Agarwal says:

    My leg pain .L 5 and s1 MM RI reports sir
    What can I do

    Sciatica problem

  283. Hi good evening Mr dr Sharma sir im sufring from last apr 2015 pain start from my left hip and gose to thigh to botem of the foot when i start to walk I have checked up it from many hospital like aiims, safdarjung ,spine injary etc but there is no cure at all plz you are requested to advice me

  284. Dear Sir,

    From approx 1 year. in right side leg and hand getting pain . feeling shaking specially on bed. i am continously touch with homeopath doctor in jaipur but not feeling rrlax.

    kindly advice my remedy.


  285. Dear Sir,

    One week back i started pain in back and coldness in thigh .what to do what is this

  286. Hello doctor

    My name is muskaan and i got slip disc at L5 in 2014 and now its been 2years still iam getting numbness,tingling sensation,pins & needles types from lower back to left leg.please tell me why still iam getting those symptoms as its been 2 years.please reply.

    Thanking you sir.

  287. I am suffering from left side lumber nerve compression. I find difficult to walk and stand on my feet. Pl advise me homeopathy medicine medicine so that i could walk without any pai in the left lumber I am suffering for one year

  288. mohsin habib awan says:

    my father has problem of lower back.
    His disc LA4 over lap LA5 and S1 also mild affected.
    He done MRI and surgeon advised him for surgery.He is not willing for surgery.
    His main canal has blocked and someone told me that in Homeopathy there is painless treatment.
    could you please advice me any medicine for him.
    I shall be appreciate.

  289. Raisa asif shaikh says:

    Mera 2010 ko hadsa hua tha jisme mai 8 ghante behos thi aour mere ek ankh tirchi ho gayi thi uski puls thin ho gayi thi kan se khun aya tha. Bad me mera mri nikala gaya jisse pata chala ki meri jo ankh hai left side ki uski puls thin hai. To Kolhapur ke dr Prabhu b
    Ne treatment dene ke bad ankh tik ho gyi.kuch dino tak kuch problem nahi tha.lekin ab Muje chakkar ana sir me dard hona bar bar shuru hai to plz help me. Akur mai job karti hu. As a teacher. Meri age hai 33

  290. mahesh kumar says:

    jayada padhane ke karn mujhe sar me 1year se mind me sansnahat 24 ghant sansnahat hota rahta hai aur kuchh bhi padhane se sansnahat badh jata hai aur sar dard hone lagta hai mera umar 26 year hai

  291. Hi sir
    My name is Murthy from bangalore.I am 65 years old. My problem is sciatica nerve pain in my left leg. I am getting sever leg pain it starts from thigh and goes till toes. When it attacks I
    Cannot walk. Shooting pain at the back of the left leg. With this pain. I cannot sleep. I cannot
    In 1994 I underwent slip disc surgery
    because of this I am having numbnes below the waist. I am suffering neurological problem since then. My bladder is affected and no

    Could u pls tell me whether my siatica problem can be cured by homeopathy treatment without going in for surgery

  292. BIJAYA KUMAR GURU says:

    I have been suffering pain and numbness in the part from left hip to feet through knee since 10 years while I was running with 40 KGS on my left shoulder and in same time I felt my left leg was pressed.. I have been taking Homoeo medicine but I can’t be cured.I also more feeling with backpain in cold season while I was standing for 20 minutes… please sir suggest me how it will be cured…

  293. Ruchika Kandari says:

    hello doctor
    I am 22 years old. I am having severe pain in whole left leg, from hips to feet. I feel more pain when I lie down.
    can it be sacticia?
    I got my MRI done. the doctor said it cannot be treated.
    what should I do?

  294. सुशील शर्मा says:

    दांये पैर के घूटने के पीछे हमेशा मीठा मीठा दर्द रहता है पैर के पिंडली में भी दर्द रहता है । दांये घुटने पर बोझ नह़ी दिया जा रहा है।
    मेरा ममर 70 हो जायेगा। वजन 84 किलो लम्बाई 162 से मी है

  295. Vishal khan says:

    Hi I am homeophathic doctor khawar tanveer .. My knee space is getting narrow so plz tell me something about that what treatment I should take for best results ..

  296. Lori Motley says:


    I am very frightened about the L4 disc bulge I am encountering. So afraid that after 10 weeks it is still painful and not healing with medical approach of steroids, ultram and gabapentin. It is very difficult to work while I have this even though sedentary. I am interested in some proven Homeopathic solutions before any surgery. I need to comment I am very healthy, was physically active and ate healthy, but with I suppose disc wear from running, and working out this happened. I am not only suffering physically, but spiritually and mentally. Please advise.

  297. Sir,
    My mother has the problem of pain in left knee
    On the suggestion of local doctor she undergone MRI reports are telling that there is bulge in vein through back bone in L1 L2 & L3 can you please suggest any treatment for this

  298. N.S. ABDULLA says:

    Dr. Sharma Sir, I am aged 88 years, live at Guntakal (Anantapuram district) of Andhra Pradesh in India. As per MRI report Lumbar spondylosis, Multilevel disc degeneration and disc buges, Diffuse disc bulge at L3-4 in the setting of soft tissue canal stenosis, moderately comressing the thecal sac and traversing L4 nerve roots. As per bone mineral densitometry the impression is Osteoporosis. I have severe pain in the heep and feel Sciatica. Please advise treatment and what is to be done.

  299. Sir i have lower back bulge and severe sciatica pain. I live in USA. I want to know how homeopathy will prevent it and how much time it will take

  300. Mrs Arshad says:

    Hi ,l have lower back problem because of sceitica and herniated disk I m taking rustox but it’s not recover me plz give me advice .i’m suffer this problem frome three years thank you

  301. Ranjeet Singh Chouhan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My mother is suffering from sciatica since 10 years, she is aged about 45 years, we have been looking to many treat ment like alopathy treatment at Udaipur MB hospital, treatment with Baba ramdev patanjali medicine and treatment at PD patel Aurvedic hospital Nadiad.. she is undergone treatment is running with ayuvedic medicine of PD Patel hospital . After ayurvedic treatment she is feel 25% improvement but not cure so please suggest me Sir what we do for my mother . She have suffering big pain in leg and back side.
    I will waiting for your faithfully reply
    Thanks Dr. Sahab

    Thanks & regards,
    Ranjeet Singh Chouhan

  302. Jack N. Whipkey says:

    Dr. Sharma:
    I am 83 yr old male. I live in Costa Rica. I went to hospital with another condition, and nurse? gave me
    an injection in my hip. I felt immediate pain in my right leg and foot. Now my right foot is numb and
    inflamed. She evidently damaged the sciatic nerve. I cannot move my toes and the right side of my
    foot and heel are completely without feeling. I am unable to walk and must rely upon a wheelchair
    to get around. Is there anything that can be done for my condition?

  303. Manali Jain says:

    I m a 19 yrs old girl n my height is 4.11 I want to increase it by 3 inches …… bt my bones are fused so how my height will increase?

  304. Syed Munawar shah says:

    I’m suffering from pain for the last six weeks in left leg down below the knee. It becomes more painful while standing or walking. Surgeons have advised surgery for degenerated disc. A couple of heated therapies done but of no use.
    Kindly advise.
    Syed Munawar shah

  305. PRADIP THAKARE says:

    My wife has a problem of sciatica from last 3 months she has started yoga but at night the pain in her leg is unbearable please suggest homeopathy treatment

  306. neville j dsouza says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am having slip disc problem L4 , L5 since long. After many years now the problem has again cropped up. I was initially geting pain in the lower back and now the pain is at the back of the buttocks and calf area when i stand and walk.
    of course i take allopathy medicines when the pain is more
    please advise which homeo medicine to take, the pain is on the right side.
    my MRI done in 2006 showed prolapsed disc in L4 and L5.
    I am doning my back exercises but since the pain is there i have stopped
    should i talke RHUS TOX

  307. Hi

    My mother is suffering from sciatica since six months, she is aged about 56, she undergone treatment like
    Epidural steroid injections, but still she suffering from the pain.Could you please suggest me what should be the next step.

    Thanks & regards,

  308. Masruf Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 32yrs of age male, from last 3 years I am suffering severe lower back pain middle area of L4-L5. It has started the pain long time sitting works. Several times I met with allopathy doctors, also took manual therapy many times but it nothing benefits for me. When I sit on the chair from the beginning of one minute, it starts acute pain in that area. I have pain only that place. I can’t sit on chair even can’t sleep properly on bed for pain.It’s hell my life totally. When I try to walk feel so better. Could you please tell me what should I do or Have any solutions for this problems??

    Thank you so much given your valuable time to me. Thanks and Kind regards.

    Masruf Khan

  309. avinash kumar thakur says:

    I have been suffering from slip disk ( disk bulge at L4-L5 & L5-S1 level) since last two years. I have tried many treatments like elopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda etc.. But I haven’t get any relief . Sir I am very depressed. So i want to know about the treatment procedure in your clinic and how much times it takes to totally cured. Plz hepl me out from this disease.

    • Muhammad Asif says:

      Respected Dr.Sharma!

      I been suffering from slip disk ( disk bulge at L4-L5 & L5-S1 level) since last three years. I.feel severe pain in right leg while walking ? specially early in the morning when I get up after sleeping.also feel numbness in fingers of both feet .
      I will be very thankful to you.if you slect proper medicine ? for me.
      Muhammad Asif from Pakistan

  310. Sujay Kumar Pani says:

    I am suffering from sciatica since nine weeks. The pain starts from right side buttock to heal. I am aged about 67 yrs and a regular doer of yoga and pranayam since last ten years. I am using RHUS-TOX 200 andNUX-MOS-200. The pain is irregular but continues since last 20 days or more after i started medicine 15 drops each every day.Please aviice further action to get relief from consicent pain in the right leg .

  311. budhadev sahoo says:

    I am feeling pain. in my left leg muscle and left side back pain is regularly working by long time sitting so I am doing my yog regular and it helps a few result improve a few times if I don’t yog one day then I would felt very week so how can I completely go away from this dieses u suggest me.

  312. Swaraj chakrabarti says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Do you believe after I went thru Laminectomy (spinal surgery for my stenosis) I still can get relief by homeopathy treatment? If you are confident of remediation, I can work with you. Do you need my MRI reports (before and after surgery) ? Thank you.

  313. Esther vin says:

    Hello doc. I hope I get a reply to this sooner than expected

    My dad is in a bitter condition. He cannot walk without having severe pains, he cannot sit with having pains and neither can he lay on bed or get up without pains. He feels this pains from the right side of his waist down to the right leg.
    This allows comes when the weather is not favourable , specially during the rainy season.
    please Dr. Sharma I need help urgently! He always complaints of having bites down to his bones and sometimes bone marrow.
    Can you prescribe drugs that would stop it since his not willing to go to the hospital.
    Help a person in need Doc.

  314. Kulwinder Kaur says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    My name is Kulwinder, I live in Australia.
    I am a mother of two kids. One is 6 years old and little one is 6 months old.
    I am going through a big problem I don’t know what it is?
    I just feel really uncomfortable whole day, just like I had a very strong medicine which my body can’t tolerate. I feel I have a lot of acidity, bitter moth all day, I have tried a lot of acidity medicines nothing helped me, sometimes I feel my heart beat going very fast, shortness of breath but according doctors machines every thing is fine my heart beat is normal, blood pressure is normal. But I don’t think so. I feel very low, very tired. When I wake up in the morning I feel normal, very comfortable. Once I eat something doesn’t matter what and how much I start feeling all these things, till I go to bed at night.
    According to doctors it could me anxiety or depression or both. My GP give me depression medicine which actually didn’t worked, but made my symtoms more sever.
    I am feeling this since I was 6 week pregnant, almost one and half years ago. After having baby this feeling slow down for few months. Then I had to leave Brest feed because of excessive milk supply and mastitis. And after few months of that I have started feeling all those things again.
    I am going through this every single day, every minute. Which is really hard to tolerate.
    Could you please advice me what is actually happening to me, what is the name of this problem.

  315. Nuralamsekh says:

    Dr.Sharma sir wbengal Harb Present Name Nachron molla Hospital Dr. Example Ripot Harb Oparesan Add vill Monirtat 6 no ps Jaynagar mozilpur Dis South 24 p.g . Webengal Homiopaty Medisan Titment Modail no 8348187857 Lengaus Bengali

  316. Ashish Ranjan says:

    My father is 68 year old man suffer ing with back pain in both limb , but pain start after walking around 100 meter after rest become normal and also problem in urination. I had treatment in allopath traction of 40 days but no any improvment . I had don mri show L4 and L5 sterisclarotic

  317. Neil Short says:

    Kind Regards Dr .I have been having really bad back Siatica and hip lower back pain even tingling sensations in my feet and fingers I really do not know what to I should do .please can you advise me

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  319. anand kumar mishra says:

    i am suffering from L-4 & L5 and spondlysis always feeling I will fall down though I am dibatic kindly give me suggestion and exercise for this problems

  320. Roshni Mathew says:

    The mri scans show compressed nerve between l 4 & l 5 of the spinal chord

    • anand kumar mishra says:

      i am suffering from L-4 & L5 and spondlysis always feeling I will fall down though I am dibatic kindly give me suggestion and exercise for this problems

  321. i am 53 old women suffering from sciatica pain last 15 days please recommend homeo medicine for permanent relief

  322. My mother aged around 85 years is suffering from pain in right thigh (feeling like needle piercing) whole day. Pain subsidized a little bit by massaging oil like Mahanarayan. Pain again resurfaces after 30-40 minutes. Earlier Allopathic medicine Gaba Neuron G was given to her for 3-4 years. Now the medicine lost its affect. Homeopathic medicine Ruta 30 and Hypericum 30 were also suggested but no relief is found. She is unable to walk due to hip bone injury some 10 years back. No sugar but having BP, being treated by allopathic medicines. She is also suffering from difficult breathing almost all the year, which is being being treated with the help of Homeopathic medicines. But nothing is showing any positive relief. Can u please suggest some medicine, Sir?

  323. Venkatesh says:

    Sir, I have sciatica right leg pain from 3 months. MRI report: L5 S1 disc bulge 3.5 mm. Is surgery required or not. I am not interested in surgery. Is there any scope to cure from sciatica permanently by homeopathy medicine. how many days are required to cure from sciatica.

  324. Devchandra kumar says:

    I am suffering from cervical spondylitis, with numbness and cramp in left leg and hand. I also lower lubmar pain.

  325. rajesh kumar says:

    Sir m suffering from sciatica pain in my left leg coz of slip disc please help me out

  326. biplab banerjee says:

    dear sir
    my cow two rear leg is nurve problem and cow is no walking .first time one leg and other leg is this time.this problem is solution medicine pls help me.

  327. manoj kyal says:

    Dr ji meray left leg m thai m heavy pain h m bath na uthanay. Se heavy pain hota h thaI m air jasay atak gaya h wo nikal janay state kadha hota hu havey pain h help me

  328. Santosh potti says:

    Sir,my daughter age 14yrs is suffering from same kind of problem as mentioned above had taken CT scan Sonography Xray but all the reports are normal as said we r showing to Dr.Menakshi Upaday gyno and Dr.Sachin ortho in which they gave the medicines but their medicines r not able to get relief from the pain.we r expecting ur suggestion for our daughter.

  329. Swetlana says:

    Sir, I m 28 yr old female. since 1 yr, i have pain in my back which now extending to the lower extremities. sometimes it becomes problematic to change my posture on bed. Disease gradually worsening, nausea vomiting numness cramping back and leg muscles, problem in sitting and walking is also felt.

  330. AMAL KANTI BARUAH says:

    I have been suffering from scitica with acute pain in leg and buttock. . I do yoga and excercise but yet I get suffer. Pain is burning and sensation. Would you please be suggest any remedy. The problem is since for last 3 to 4 weeks.

  331. bhupendra Jambhulkar says:

    My dad suffer sciatica pain for last 3week. he has advice for physiotherapy.
    As well as dad having heart medicine for 9years will it be ok to go on homepathy medicine.
    or is there any oil for sciatica.

  332. i have suffering fro back pain last 2 years , i have work sitting whole day in chair in office , my back pain that time worst and having filling weakness . the pain now more grew they went to lag pinch and shoulder pinch , pls advice in my mail

  333. Pooja kathuria says:

    Good evening Dr sharma

    Pl advice as am suffering from sciatica pain post my delivery…my boy is 6 month old now and pain got started after 2 month of my delivery c section…

    I consulted ortho and they term it as sciatica as X ray was ok ok my spine…

  334. Govind shah says:

    Dr Sherma image a foot ball pain , particularly in right leg,right two toes,please recommends me some homeopathic remedy.i am coming Baroda,india in November

  335. jenk murray says:

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  336. saroj nandi says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I was suffering from acute sciatica left side. MRI shows L5S1 herniated disc. My pain is down to a 1 out of 10 now but I still have pain in lower back around L5S1 area. I can’t bend forward to lift my left leg from the knee while sitting. I get pain when I stretch my left leg hamstring. Dr says that could be because the disc ia touching the nerve when I stretch my hamstring. I just started RUTA graveolens 30c and hypericum on a friends advice. Please suggest and help. Thanks Nandi

  337. Sreeradha says:

    Suffering from sciatica pain a lot. Shooting pain starting from hip to right foot…due to sciatic nerve compression… please suggest some good homeopathy medicine… currently using rhustox 200 and colocynth.

  338. anil kumar kulkarni says:

    sir , please my left leg to ancle suffering with pain now sleepless nights are going on

    • Anil kumar kulkarni says:

      Respected Sir, I am suffering with sciatica and knee swelling since last one month, I had rhumatide arthertis from long time kindly advice me proper treetment

  339. ANDREA R KNIGHTON says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,,And how are you today,I so wish i could say its A Beautiful summer morning,But Im in alot of pain,which 10 yrs ago,I would be at work,home to ride my horse,boating,fishing…cooking-grilling out doors,But i can’t stand long,walk to far,play ball,no activities…. ,A long ongoing story short,IM 50 and I was in a horrible auto accident,coma,most bones on right side were fractured…Head stapled up…Hip cracked… a disc in back broke in half,I have spondylolisthesis,broke my scapula in shoulder, ,and this was all on right side of body… Arthritis,Bursitis ,bone spurs in spine… ..YES I was to get surgery a few times now and put it off,Im, scared it might get worse,Also i live in a small comm. and Drs, are behind times,alot are not even aware of traumatic brain injury,ITS Been a terrible journey,im very blessed thou,it could of been worse, Also im Dizzy 24/7 due to traumatic brain injury// have severe nerve damage in hands and toes..,any Info would be appreciated…Also the siticia problems dont help,LOL, IM A mess….Thanks you so much if you had the time to read my note, Andrea Knighton

  340. sudheer singh says:

    my mom face this problem 34 years back , can u suggest any treatment

  341. Irene Mbithe Mbithi says:

    Thank you so much Dr.Sharma for this information.I usually feel the pain at my lower back,right hipbone and thigh too and also the needle tingling at the hip
    .Which medicine should I go for?and are you in Kenya?

  342. devendra says:

    morning sir
    I am suffering from sciatic pain last 5 days in my left
    leg pain started from buttock and radiating to thigh calf muscles then in feet pain is sevear in sitting then less in standing and on laying down only heavyness and small amount pain .
    please advice me needful
    thanks. devendrad

  343. Sir,

    Siatic nerve in right leg has been paining and suffering from 1 month.

  344. devaraju p says:

    Sir Good evening I am Devaraju have pain and irritation in my both hips ,doctor is told me do the back strength exercises, regular I do the exercises little bit ok but still I have irritation.

  345. kissoonah devanand says:

    sir good morning i am 57 yrs ,surring from back ache since two yrs, i have slipped disc and bulging disc i feel unconfortable to walk and have sciatica pain

  346. Ms. Chandrakala says:

    My problem is sciatica pain. Already 2 surgeries of spine . and at this time I suffering from again sciatica pain. In January 2016 , my accident …hand fracture. ..from at same situation sciatica problem…. So I very confused …pain is very high n suffer from 6 months. Treatment- physiotherapy, exercise, aurvedic and allopathy medicine. But pain not down ..its high. Doctors recommend surgery…so very depressed…so that I can do..

  347. Ashutosh chakraborty says:

    I am Ashutosh from hyderabad,suffering from back pain in the left lobe including the front glands some grandular sweelingd ,enlarged feeling comes,I applied RT,Gnaphalia,Ruta,actea,some sense comes but not abolish,some constipation is there.Will you suggest the medicine

  348. dr.Abdul Rahim BHMS says:

    Dear dr i have one pt with sciatic nerve injury due to IM haing mild pain.nw he is in physiothery treatment. Pt fully not age5yrs old boy …. please do ur needful help….

  349. naveen das says:

    sir iam suffering from 3 yrs in brain mananjitic due to my portion is working but i unabla to walk for long i get pain in my right leg and pain in my back pls tell me the cause and tratment i show in all India Delhi they told it will improve by itself as your willing power

  350. Nikhil Agarwal says:

    Hello sir,
    Actually my dad is having a problem since last 1 month. The pain started from his back just near to spinal cord and gradually it came to his chest and left hand. He has consulted heart specialist as well as bone specialist but still he is having the pain. And now his left leg has also started the same pain.
    Please consult.

  351. Muhammad Rashid Iqbal says:

    Sir i have pain in my buttock and through out in right leg. When i sit i feel very worst pain and numbness but when i run pain finished also when i stand up for some time pain finished but feel tiredness. I am in saudi arabia and doctor sujjested opertation and i don’t want to go through it. Please sujjest which kind of medicine i should to use. Thanks!

    • Sandee Hiatt says:

      Thank you for such a thorough article. I am looking for relief from severe sciatic pain on right side. It is excruciating in the mid thigh and also extends down the leg to toes, as well as into the buttocks. It has been on and off, at times completely debilitating for the last year and a half.
      X-ray and MRI has revealed a herrniated disk at L5 S1 and nerve impingement. I had a epidural steroid shot last week. It felt wonderful for a few days. However, the pain was back by day 3 / and severe by day 4.
      I am having another injection next week which will go around my spine more to try to hit the area damaged mor specifically. I use Norco for pain, Tizanadine – muscle relaxer. I try very hard to use any means that are not drugs to help since they make me feel so sedated, sometimes irritated, etc.
      I use Epsom salt baths, which are extremely helpful. On a chronic day I take several bathes. It seems to release the knot in my upper right thigh and help me relax a little.
      I have Lidocaine cream , Voltaren Gel for topical use which seems minimally helpful.

      I like to help myself as much as possible. It is clear to me that surgery is possible.
      My question to you; what can I do, or take, or evaluate in my diet to help my daily pain? I am 52 and female.
      I don’t understand how to use herbs. When I read about it there seems to be many names mentioned but nothing specific, or doses or time to take.
      Right now I cannot sleep. No position does not hurt. I took a bath. Took Norco after trying to take less for two days and I am in a lot of pain just sitting on my bed.
      I am sorry for the editorial. I like your website and it seems visual and less confusing than many others. I hesitate to share but if it could help someone else, please do share. Namaste

  352. Dr. Sharma,
    My husband just had back surgery to relieve the pressure on disc and nerves .. The Sergeon said he could see the nerves were pinched more than the MRI indicated. After the procedure husband imediatly has worse sciatic pain than EVER! What remedies could help repair damage to nerves, if that is the cause of problem?

  353. imran shahzad says:

    sir first i have problem of lower backbone pain then it shifted into the right leg.i have sever pain in my right leg when i sleep it start almost after one hour after sleeping and till continouos i plz suggest which type of homeo medicine i use?

  354. BHARAT PARIMOO says:

    Sir, I am 60 year old man. I am having pain in lower right lumber, right hip and right leg including sides of knee. Please advise treatment. Thanks

  355. sohan kr singh says:

    Dear Sir, Jai Mata Di,
    Myself sohan 35 years i am a bank manager presently posted at Katra Mata vaishno Devi , i am feeling pain from right hip and it goes from thigh to toe , i went to super specialist hospital at here consult the orthopaedic doctor prima facia they told that my uric acid is high and it was tested resulted 7.1 ,but medicine they gave me did not help me later on i went to neurophycian and suggested MRI ,and after seeing the report he advised me to consult neurosurgeon , neurosurgeon told me that i need surgery as there is problem in L 5-S1. I am writing below the report which is written in MRI report. please give me advise .

    With regards,
    sohan kr singh
    Jai Mata Di.

  356. R. L. Malhotra says:

    I have cute sciatica problem these days. I am not able to walk of sleep comfortably due to severe pain in my hip and lower thighs. I am taking Colosynthis – 200 3-4 drops four time a day since 5 days. I am not feeling much relief. Please suggest me other homeopathic medicine.

    Should I undergo for Cat Scanning or MRI.

    Kindly advise me. I shall be highly thankful.


    R. L. Malhotra

    • Y D sharma says:

      Hello all who suffer from sciatica pain due to herniated disc id slip disc. I do not recommend operation as it can secure. I m 60 yes pls and nearly died of this pain and suffering taking 15 pain killers a day causing stomach kidney disorders until I found this man who cured my pain in 15 minutes .This man is doing service to humanity specialising in correcting the disc to remove sciatica pain. For this one has to travel to Rohtak haryana 80 kms from delhi and he will attend only vetweeen 9 am to 12 noon. He is Mr Dogra and write to me for his number and details

  357. Atul kumar says:

    Dr sir i had a problem in my disc L5S1.
    So last year i got a surgery in max hospital dehradun.
    By Dr. A.K.Singh. And i was fine but from last two months i got d same pain in my right leg. And it is increasing day by day. So suggest me is there any good and shore treatment in homeopathic.

  358. Shaktinath Kumar says:

    Sciatica pain. Lower back to down to the leg through back side of thigh on both legs. Nerves compressed between L-4&L-5 .gap 8.4 mm and 7.8 mm .

  359. Multiple disc bulges l34,l45,l5s1 dull pain from left buttock to knee ,with regular activity pain becomes more by evening kindly sujjest homeopathic medivinr

    • I had sciatica pain in left leg,L4,L5,S1.i have taken treatment from arya Vaidya kottakkal Kerala and now I am able to walk sit stand.i don’t know about homeopathy treatment but I suggest not to go for surgery best treatment us Ayurveda or homeopathy only

  360. vinod singh says:

    My wife is having shooting pain for 10 -15 minute once every month due to L5 s1 lumber bulging as indicated in MRI . Please suggest it can cure with homeopathy treatment.

  361. Dr Sachin Kathole says:

    My wife is suffering from L5_S1 disc herniation from one month ; Only Pain is decrease & able to walk in one month but she can’t seat. so please inform me about further treatment

  362. M.Chidananda Rao says:

    I feel pain near the hip joint when stretched forward while sanding, when the right leg is lifted forward while standing erect, pain and difficulty in immediate walking by the right leg when sit for a long time, at times the sensation is from the hip to bottom of the right leg.

    • vinay chandra says:

      I feel pain near the hip joint when stretched forward while sanding, when the right leg is lifted forward while standing erect, pain and difficulty in immediate walking by the right leg when sit for a long time, at times the sensation is from the hip to bottom of the right leg.

  363. k.venkateswarudu says:

    Hello sir I Venkatesh I prepared for competition exams. I feel over stresd. My left side parts are weakness such as leg and hand.I very afraid these symptoms.any medical treatment available and how to control.please give me solution age is 26 please Sir tell me

  364. k.venkateswarudu says:

    Sir I feel over stress. I prepared competition problem is my left side parts are weakness form one month.I have afraid form these symptoms please give me solution. Back bone nervs are pain only left side part. How to control and prevention please give me any medical tablets are availability

  365. Doctor my grandson, 7 months old can’t sit properly and even there is no strength in legs doctors says that he is suffering from down syndrome and advised to test eyes and ears. we tested and found normal please help in treating my grandson

  366. Manju sinha says:

    I am manju sinha aged 59 yrs suffering from rehumatin and sciatica pain in right knee from back to leg i one nerve pain. Please suggest homeo remedy. I am diabeic n hyper tension patient from last 9 yrs.

  367. Connie Jones says:

    I had a slipped deteriorating disc in my lower back when I was 13 years old. My daddy would not let them operate. I am 56 now and have had to “baby” my back throughout the years until after menopause when I began having more issues – the same only more frequent. I do not have any issues with my bowels, but after number 2 or more than usual activity, my lower back and the back of my legs kill me. It feels as though someone is tearing the muscles right off my bone. It is disabling. I have a scheduled appointment with my doctor. Just wondering what you thought.

  368. Kanak Kant says:

    My sciatic pain is in left leg ,from hip to calf muscles,some times walking is very painful, bending knees is specially causes cruciating pain, climbing stairs or getting down them also painful.
    What do you advise?

  369. Ranan Mukherjee says:

    Shall be extremely grateful to suggest whether Colocynth 6 shall remain effective for my wife aged 61 yrs suffering from sciatica pain in the right side alongwith osteo arthritis almost both the knees being affected.
    Can colocynth & Rhus Tox be given simultaneously, if so, in which strenghth.
    Shall remain ever grateful.
    Kind Regards,
    Ranan Mukherjee

  370. Hello Dr.

    My mother is 62 year old diabetic patient. recently he is experiencing unbearable pain from up to down left leg it’s schatica pain. Need your help in this please suggest any treatment in this regard.Thanks

    Farooq Shah

  371. Sir mere leg k ankle me 1 saal see pain has….Sab kuch treatment Le Liya…. Mai ek athletics player hu…….. Koi upaye btaiye

  372. Ashley Hernandez says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    My name is Ashley. I have been experiencing sciatica pain. I also have been having trouble with my back. I have to pop it back into place to relieve pain. I get pain all down my leg, that is dull and aches. also in my hip. It is my left side being affected. My big toe on my left food has a spot where it feels numb all the time. Not really much feeling there. Recently my leg hurts and feels heavier than my right. If I do a lot of standing it especially bothers me. Sometimes my legs will ache for days even after resting. What remedy would best suite my situation?

  373. Amrita Ghosh says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My daddy is 62 year old diabetic and high blood pressure patient. recently he is experiencing unbearable pain in his both the thighs and he feels as if his legs have became very weak. today he fell down thrice all of a sudden and said that his knees bent or couldnt support.
    We reside in Allahabad and we are consulting on of the best diabetic specialist in here for his diabetes and Dr. Sachin for his his pains. but nothing is actually improving the condition.
    Please suggest what should we do next.

    Thanks & Regards
    Amrita Ghosh

  374. Veta cappetta says:

    I am suffering from what i think is periformis syndrome though doctor will not order xrays or mri. What do you recommend homeopathically?

  375. M yogender Singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I yogender Singh suffering with low back pain because of L4-l5 & L5-s1 problem. Pain is radiating from buttocks to bottom of right leg. Since one month an totally bed rest. I am taking Ayurvedic and allopathy medicine. Please suggest me in this regard.
    M. Yogender Singh

  376. Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I am suffering from sciatic pain since last two months in my right leg. The MRI scan says that there is a disc bulge. Please help me to understand how homeo medicine can treat this. Please help me.

  377. Hallo
    I have heard sciatica nerve problem for over 13 yesas tried painkillers heat packs MRI done nothing showing .
    I am in so much pain how can I treated of this problem completely through homeopathy? I live in Kenya

  378. I have a herniated disc L5-S1. Acute. Had for 7 weeks now. Gradual improvement but now plateaud General left leg pain and limping

  379. Mukesh chawda says:

    I have a sciatica since last two months. MRI report indicates mild herniated disc at L5S1, which compresses SCIATIC nerve. I am undergoing physiotherapy treatment, but still there is no improvement.
    Suggest a particular homeopathic medicine for permanent cure.
    Right now I am taking vertefine (sbl).earlier I had taken biocombiantion 19.

  380. Sir a 15yearsold boy have pain in mussele of lower side of stomach and in the beginning of leg so he cant walk properly

  381. ngozise ndhlovu says:

    I have gone to hospitals and taken several tests which come clean. Kidneys ,liver, heart ,spleen, blood functions have come out within parameters. My sexual power has been dimishing rapidly. these days after one sex in two days ,I feel very drained and at times erection has gone flat about 4-5 times. my age is 48 and vegetarian. My age can have dimishing sexual power but this one is strange and not related to age but disease or whatever. This has been so for over 2-3 years. please help Dr Sharma as I need sex besides health.

  382. Hello my mom having a paralyze stroke she is all right but she’s facing right side hip numbness because of this she walk slowly and having loss of balance taking P41 Pfluger of an homeopathic how numbness came to an end ??

  383. manish kumar says:

    sir pain in to spinal ,back side of left leg thigh, back side of knee & heel:What is call sciatica. what is treatment of this deasis.please give me name of homyopath medicin.

  384. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My nephew is 2 yrs olf and was a premature baby. He still does not sit or stand or walk or talk. I wanted to know if homeopathy will be able to gelp him

  385. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from sciatic pain since last two months in my right leg. The MRI scan says that there is a disc bulge. Please help me to understand how homeo medicine can treat this.

  386. satinderbir singh says:

    I have sciatica problem .the pain goes through right hip to the toe. mostly it happened when I sleep to long.sometime I feel numbness on the left toe .in the right knee I feel worst pain.

    • sir, I am suffering from my underfoot where by a cracked bottle cut at my underfoot so as a result of that I can’t even walk since last three weeks it happens at my right foot. so help me to go about home medicine

  387. Rimsha Javaid says:

    Dear Sir i am rimsha javaid.sir i have problem in my right-hand carpel tunnel problem 2years and till. plz tell me homeopathy medicine.

  388. Hello Dr.,

    I have disc problem specifically L4 L5 S1 from last
    2-1/2 yrs,I have taken so many medicines also for this,which actually showed no results as well as went for FMT (Functional Manual therapy) from VARDAN in South Delhi, was better in last 8-9 months. But again from last 10 days having the same problem even getting worst, not able to sit & walk for more than 5-10minutes.

    Please tell us something what should we do?will this homeopathic treatment be helpful.

    Will wait for your reply.


  389. Ngoato Takalo says:

    Hi Dr

    I have a sharp pain along the shoulder making it difficult to sleep. It is as if I hit something with my elbow. My first 2 fingers are numbe, as the back part of the left hand. My hands are very weak. I can hardly use my hands.

    Please help

  390. Vijay kumar tiwari says:

    Dear sir

    I am 35 years old suffering from sciatica pain last 8 month in left leg side and my m.r.i report L5s1-6.5 mm. I am taking advise by nuro phy/ sur but pain is continue and also my job is marketing so many times in field.

    So I am humble request of you please advise to me medicine.

    Vijay kumar tiwari

  391. Hello Dr.Sharma

    I am Iqra and my age 26 years suffering from pain since 2 years ( Right Side ) after pregnancy with the fetus in the uterus pressing on the sciatic nerve.

    The pain may radiate down the buttock to the thigh and down the Right leg and sometimes going to the foot.
    The character of pain may be severe, mild, burning, stitching, shooting, piercing, continuous, intermittent and so on.

    I consult many doctor but after taken allopathic medicine it start pain again and also doing sometimes yoga. I working lady and also not take more holiday from office.

    Please suggest me homoeopathy medicine.

  392. Pushpa balagopal says:

    I have pain in buttocks & thigh on left side & numbness on right thigh. Please let me know how to get relieved from this pain

  393. faiz hassan says:

    I am 43 years old and suffering from sciatica pain from the last almost three months. In this February I felt pain in my back and afterward it travelled to my right leg and now i am feeling severe pain in my leg while walking and i feel such like numbness in my right foot hardly can move. Plz advice me an authentic homyopathic medicine to relief in my pain

  394. m kamran sahgal says:

    Shiyatic pain right back to feet aafring from two month I use before apatite ambule tpeary relief Stoll safrong use before brioniya gynapalium rstox but bathing improved

  395. kamendra singh says:

    Hi Dr. sharma,

    I am suffering right side in back pain and leg pain since last 6 months.
    Please help me for same.

    Kamendra Singh

  396. safia bano says:

    I have pain on my left leg ,from hip to toe some times i cannot move my leg.near the left knee on the left side it is swollen . Can I use DROX-24 SCIATEC DROPS .Both my hands are very painful I cannot fold my fist. if i do massage with oil or IODEX IN the night the next day it is less painful please recommend some good medicine of homeo

  397. Shooting Sciatic pain from the hip to the leg.. Please suggest.. does homeo medicine have treatment for this Dr..
    Thank you n Regards

  398. joy debnath says:

    I have suffering about 5 years in scaitica nerve pain its dangerous deasae

  399. Anil Dhondiyal says:


    I had slip disc in 2010, after a treatment of medicines I was relived till 2 years. After 2 years I again got pain in my back which was traveling down to legs. Since then I am having less pain in back and more pain in legs.


  400. Hello sir. My son is 4 year old but he speak very less and some time not in full day can you help me have you any medicine for please

    • Hello sir. My son is 4 year old but he speak very less and some time not in full day can you help me have you any medicine for please

  401. adeleye folake says:

    This my cervical mri report.Cervical spine. There is mild  straightening of the vertical spine? Spasm. The vertebral  alignment  is however preserved.anterior and posterior  magical osteophytes are noted at the superior and inferior entreated of c4./c6 vertebral level also noted
     There is reduction in the usual high t2w signal intensity  of c2/c3, c3/c4 c4/c6 and c5/c6 discs  in keeping with  disc dessication.multi level disc herniation  with  indentation  of the anterior the car space is noted at c3/c4.c4 /c6
    : Multi level disc herniation  with indentation  of the anterior the car space is noted at c3 c4 c4 c5 level with mild compression of the spinal cord at c5 c6 level
    : Axial  images show c3 c4 circumferential  disc bulge  mild narrowing  of anterior theca  appear
    [: C4 c5 circumferential  disc bulge
    : Obliteration  of the related anterior theca space narrowing of the right exit foramen.c5 c6 central and paracentral disc herniation  obliteration  of the anterior  theca space narrowing of the anterior theca space
    [Narrowing of the exit for amine bilaterally  there is ill  defined two hyperintensity withing the spinal cord at c4 and c5 vertebral levels suggestive  of spinal  oedema
    : No unusal  area of enhancement  is however  seen
    Conclusion: Degerative disease  of the  cervical spine with  multi level  disc bulges  and herniation exit foraminifera narrowing and spinal canal stenosis  worse at c5 c6.this are my symptoms.pain from my neck radiating Inot my arms and fingers.I also have pains on my elbow and wrist. The pain penetrates into my nerves or muscles sorrounding my elbow and wrist.I also have knee pain and pain on my ancle and the joint sorrounding my ancle.I feel weak on my knee as as well.I also have severe low energy and low strength.the pains resist all pain medication.please what do you advice and how can I be treated

  402. Tarik Saadat says:

    My wife has stenosis of spine in L5 & S1 area. In Dec 2015 she had severe Sciatica unbearable pain which made getting up from bed an excruciating ordeal.In January 2016 she was given an Epidural injection in the back which stabilized her. The Sciatica gradually receded but now from time to time she has shooting current running in her left leg but then there are a few better days. She did pysiotherapy for a month exercises of legs use of TENSE machine with hot padding.She can walk with Rollater once up from bed.Some but little help is required in getting up.There is however swelling in her feet maybe due to sitting for long time. She is made to walk after every 1 to 2 hours.Now the doctor has advised an injection of Transforaminal in the S1 area. She is using medicines Neubrol Forte; Tramal;Baclin& Diagesic-P & lastly Methycobal.She is getting the regular massages in her hamstring area where the pain radiates.Kindly advise. I read that Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox is very good. What all is required to bring her to good health relieve pain so that we do not go for operation.

  403. Sajiv Sibal says:

    I am suffering from sciatic nerve pain on my right leg for the past 6 months. There is a mild pain in my lower spine and the pain is acute in my bum and radiates right through to the right side of the leg. The bottom of my foot often becomes numb and there is tingling and pins and needles feeling as well.

    I have dome MRI, X Ray and CT scan, the doctors advise Microscopic Decompression.

    Please advise

    My wife is suffering from pain on her neck, shoulder and lower back that radiates to both legs.

    Please advise.

  404. B.R. Sahni says:

    I am aged 80 yrs, I experience stiffness, numbness and pain in my right. Pain starts from hip. Mostly, stiffness and pain is experienced in the calf and ankle joint. An x-Ray was done and the orthopaedic surgeon diagoned is also Very early osteoarthritis. Oricerin was prescribed but no relief. Request recommend homeopathy medicines.
    B.R. Sahni

  405. hy doctor, this is mohsin , um suffering from bachache at lower vertebrae to hip, may be sciatica, its just like an inner injury, i never fallen down or not any tragedy happend to me….. plz suggest for immediate and permanent recovery

  406. VINOD KUMAR says:

    I am 56 yrs old male and having slip disc since 2007 and now it has become so painful for the last one year and despite frequent injuctions and pain killers no relief.
    I am also diabetic and blood pressure also.
    In the left leg and the toes feeling numbness and burning sensation like needle
    Unable to sleepnow.
    Pls advise.

  407. Shahrukh says:

    sir in my dorsal region on left side found an posterocentral disc herniation -protrusion is seen at D11-12 level impinging of thecal sac . so I want to ask u that is this harmful for me in future or we can continue my exercise in future? please tell mee..

  408. Hi there. There is an inexcusable lack of homeopathic doctors in my town, and I really could use some advice. I am experiencing sciatic pain in my lower back (central at base of spine), with pain that radiates into my left hip and down into the left thigh. I have been alternating ice and heat for 15 minutes each every hour or two and have begun doing some basic exercise for the lower back (knee to chest) very cautiously. No matter what position I am in, the pain is constant, so I rest it, then move, then rest it, then move, very carefully avoiding bending forward, twisting or lifting. What can I take to help me heal and provide relief?

  409. Sir, i am suffering from left leg and left side waist pain spreading from back side to down word to left & right anckles both, right hand l bow with burning sensation along with stiffness of both legs on sitting on chair. Joints on movements are making cracking noise. Better feels at morning after bed, no stiffness , less pain but more cracking noise while move,
    I am using BARAITA CARB 200 FOR ENLARGED PROSTATE also. another medicine Ruta Q, PULSE 30 & CALCARIA FLOOR 6X.
    Kindly suggest me for above.

  410. Sayali dole says:


    My dad is suffering from sciatica. He suffers from bad lower back pain and also numbness in his feet.

    Can you please let me know how we can treat this ?

    Thanks in advance


    • Mrs.selvia kumar says:

      Dear sir. I am 56 yr old. In my MRI report it says that I am having modic type 1 endplate changes.I am taking Homeyopathy medicine for lumber pain since 3 years.will homeopathi help for this or shall I go for allopathy medicine. Please advice. Thank you

  411. B.R. Sahni says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from stiffness, numbness and pain in my leg calves. After walking for 10-12 minutes, I experience stiffness, etc in leg calves. I take rest for a minute or two and start walking again for sometime. The pain sometimes originate from my right hip. Please recommend the treatment through homeopathy medicines. I would also welcome exercises for this.

    B.R. Sahni

  412. Ravinder kumar bansal says:

    I am suffering from slip disk l4 l5 since 2003.
    Now from 15 days I’m suffering from pain that moves from lower back to tow through this and knee on standing and walking.refer the remeady and medicines. Thanks.

  413. I m 25 yeae old weight 73 kg hight 5 feet 4 inch i have problem to back pain but pain is left leg lower back to eng leg i have completely all reports also MRI
    And MRI dession i have send sir pls how to fast feet
    Which medicine use
    The MR findings are suggestive of posterior and left paracentral bulging of L4 and L5 intervertebrL disc with annular fissuring causing mild compfession

  414. S V SUDHAKAR says:


    With medicines is it possible to bring back the bulge casued by diffuse of nucleus populus. I am suffering the problem for the past 4 months and last month i went to allopathy treatment. I was diagnosed by MRI and observed disc bulging at 3 locations in the lumbar region. One was mild, one is small and the one at L4-L5 is significantly bulged into spinal canal and compressing the nerve. The pain in the lower back, right thigh and leg pain were completely reduced after taking medicines for 15 days. Later I had, only pain at the buttock and thigh bone joint area, later after taking medicines for another 7 days it got cured completely. Numbness, tingling at buttocks and thigh region is completely reduced , but i feel sharp pain at right side of L4-L5 area and it restricking my free movement of leg. Forward movement of leg and rising leg inforward direction without bending at knee pains me. As of now I had no symptoms of bladder and bowel syndrome and foot drop symptoms. Any cure in Homee to relieve the pain further

  415. Pradeepta Bhattacharyya says:

    A fantastic article.Lucid,well researched,informative.Hearty Congratulations Dr Sharma.Regards.

  416. [14/03 02:58] folakegold: Cranial mri.both cerebral hemisphere pituitary gland cepebellum and ventricular system appear withing normal limit ‘s. No space occupying lesion collection bleed or unusual area of contrast enhancement seen.there is a t2w hypo intense. T1w and flair mucosa wall thickening in the posterior portion of the left sinus in keeping with chronic sinusitisCervical spine. There is mild straightening of the vertical spine? Spasm. The vertebral alignment is however preserved.anterior and posterior magical osteophytes are noted at the superior and inferior entreated of c4./c6 vertebral level also noted
    There is reduction in the usual high t2w signal intensity of c2/c3, c3/c4 c4/c6 and c5/c6 discs in keeping with disc dessication.multi level disc herniation with indentation of the anterior the car space is noted at c3/c4.c4 /c6
    Multi level disc herniation with indentation of the anterior the car space is noted at c3 c4 c4 c5 level with mild compression of the spinal cord at c5 c6 level
    [Axial images show c3 c4 circumferential disc bulge mild narrowing of anterior theca appear
    C4 c5 circumferential disc bulge
    [14/03 03:11] folakegold: Obliteration of the related anterior theca space narrowing of the right exit foramen.c5 c6 central .Narrowing of the exit for amine bilaterally there is ill defined two hyperintensity withing the spinal cord at c4 and c5 vertebral levels suggestive of spinal oedema
    No unusal area of enhancement is however seen
    Degerative disease of the cervical spine with multi level disc bulges and herniation exit foraminifera narrowing and spinal canal stenosis worse at c5 c6.pls I need a cure

  417. vikash baunthiyal says:

    sir I have chronic pain in right leg and buttock since 2 months..Impression in MRI are diffuse disc bulge with broad based disc protrusion towards right L4-5 compressing the right traversing extradural L5 nerve root with right lateral recess stenosis.
    2. Diffuse disc bulge L5-S1 just indenting
    the bilateral traversing S1 nerve root (R>L).
    sir pls help me

  418. Nagalakshmi says:

    Sciatica …for the past 5 yrs. Before only back pain.pls advise

  419. L5-S1 level. I have pain in left leg since last two months. Impression in MRI are Diffuse & forminal disc bulge at L4-5 level indenting anterior thecal sac & left sided neural foramina with mil compromise of right sided neural foramina. There is abatement of bilateral exiting L4 nerve roots at this level. Ligamentum flavum hypertrophy at this level .
    .. Diffuse & forminal disc bulge with left paracentral disc herniation at L5-S1 level indenting anterior thecal sac with mild compromise of bilateral neural foramina. There is abutement of bilateral exiting L5 nerve roots, abutement of right sided traversing S1 nerve root alongwith compression of left sided traversing S1 nerve roots at this level. Milligamenturm flavum hypertrophy at this level with mild resultant secondary spinal canal stenosis (8.5mm) seen at this level.

  420. Homoeo Dr Zakir shah Afridi says:

    I hope you will be fine and healthy
    I visit your site and read your articals and they r very intrested anf full of knowledge and i like jt
    Sir want to get some knowledge about different type of deseas treatment in homeopathy

  421. ghule ashok says:

    Hi sir i am25 year old young men suffering ago six month pain lowbackahe mri show mild multilevel degenertive dick sign and symption pain both legs and rt and lt side backachek plz treatment …….thank you reply sir

  422. Amit Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have the similar symptoms like numbness and pain from right hip till foot. My weight is 103 Kg, Height is 175 cm. please advise me with suitable prescription if possible.

  423. Muhammad Aziz says:

    Dr. Sahib, my wife have problem in lower spine. After MRI she was diagnosed that soft disk between the back bone is decreased and come out from his place and pressing the main nerve which is passing near back bone called “HARAM MAGHAZ”. Thats why she is suffering from a heavy pain and unable to walk properly. Dr advised her complete rest as dont wash clothes, dont sweep, dont sit on your feets and sit like straight stick.
    Sir please help me regard this problem. She is near 50.

  424. Dr Sharma,
    I am 55 years male, l get a civier pain on both my thighs for the rest of the day if do some work just squatting as little as 5 minutes. Only thing I do to comfort my self is by lying down on the bed and get my 5 years old grand son to to walk on my thighs up and down for 5 to 10 mts.


  425. SANDEEP TUPE says:

    Hi Docotor,

    I am from Pune

    I am suffering from sciatic pain which radiates from back through the buttocks, thigh, knees and on the sides of my leg and to heel. When I sit for some time it get worst and for long standing and walking I get pain .
    Pls kindly suggest me a good solution

    Sandeep Tupe

  426. Hello sir,


    • Miss Jovita Lobo says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      I am 69 years old and I have been working since 1966 doing desk work.. Earlier it was on the typewriter but later the computer. Since 2012 I have been getting lower backk pain and the last 6 months when I get up from sitting or sleeping I get twitching in my feet and lower leg – on right side and then left. Standing gives me relief but cannot walk for more than 10 minutes. My leg gets numb and heavy and unable to move. After standing in one position for a few minutes, I can resume walking again.
      Wish you could fhelp me.

      Thanking you

  427. USHA SHEKHAWAT says:


  428. Bavani Krishnan says:

    HI Mr.Sharma

    I am from Adelaide , Australia

    I am suffering from sciatic pain which radiates from back through the buttocks, thigh, knees and on the sides of my leg and to heel. When I sit for some time it get worst and for long standing and walking I get pain .
    Pls kindly suggest me a good solution


  429. VIJAY BANSAL says:


  430. Pankaj kumar says:

    My 8 year old daughter who have suffring from fever from 1 March 16 to 6 March 16 with सर्दी एवं खाँसी । इसी दरमयान वो तीन चार दिनों तक चलने फिरने मे असहज महसूस कर रही थी।वो दोनों पैर की ऐड़ी बिल्कुल नहीं रख रही थी सिर्फ दोनों पैर की पंजो एवं ऊगलियो के सहारे किसी तरह चलो सकती थी। किन्तु पिछले 2 दिन से बिल्कुल ठीक ठाक चलो रही है। treatment के दौरान जब Blood examin हुआ तो ASO Titer 450 iu/ml -Positive आ गया । उसके बाद doctor ने Penidure 6 lac लिखे एवं उनहोने कई सालों तक injection लेने की बात कही जो इस छोटी बच्ची के लिए काफी कष्ट दायक है। इसलिए मेरी आपसे विनती है किसी आप इसका संपूर्ण ईलाज करें इसके लिए हमलोग पुरी जिंदगी आपके शुक्र गुजार रहेंगे ।मेरी सिर्फ यही एक धन है और कुछ नहीं । धन्यवाद
    Your faithfully
    Pankaj Kumar
    State- Bihar
    District – Patna
    Mob- 09431920087

  431. Rituparna Dutta says:

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Ritu , age :- 30 yrs and I am suffering from L5 S1 disc herniation and prolapse where my pain is radiating to my left leg. I am unable to walk or stand for more than 1 minute at a go. I need to sit every time to feel better.

    I would request you to prescribe me some medicines for reducing my sciatica pain as I have severe pain behind the calf muscle , thighs and lower foot (left leg). I don’t have any numbness or tingling feeling.

    Please help in reducing the pain


  432. Mubarak shaik says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have back pain and right leg numbness past 6 months

    kindly give me suggestion where to meet how many days will take to cure

    thanking you

  433. M.irshad says:

    Main Pakistan se hon.mujhe aik may pehle kamar m shadid dard we pehle 15,20 din haka dard raha.his din shadid dard huwa us din main he inj.lagwaya to dard to khatm ho via lekan pain ki 2 choti unglian tang ka much his a air adha butac sun hogia air chalte waqat pain ka panja ni kam krta air panja par khra ni how’s jata.main aik neurologist k pas via us ni MRI karwa k slip disc btaya air operations ka kaha.main bohat preshan hon.plz.muje homeopathic medicine batye Jo main istamal or salon.meri umae 36 sal wazn 72kg.h

  434. Mahmood Mirza says:

    I am 73 and suffering from sciatica over 15 years. Please advise me best Homeo remedy for this disease.

  435. Respected Dr.,I am suffering from severe sciatic pain for d past 4 yrs .I am 45 yrs old.I went for varma treatment. Felt fine but days gone I had heel pain where I can’t get out from my I have to walk like a handicap it’s becomes worse nowadays Dr .pls I need a complete cure I don’t want to go to allopathy Dr .pls help me .I tink my tears didn’t go wrong .god only showed u .pls help me Dr .thank u

  436. shivam kumar says:

    dear sir left leg me jangh me dard hota hai pahle kamar me hota tha ab ghutne se upar dard hota hai plz…. sir ye kis bimari ka lakshan hai aur kaiske karan hota hai ..plz.. reply me.

  437. waheed shah says:

    Dear sir I,m from Dubai do u have clinic in dubai

  438. Thank you for ur amazing help with my slipped disk and trapped nerves xx l use homipathic rememieds a lot and has helped me through the things in life cxx l have 2 beautiful children because of it x

  439. ARUN TRIVEDI says:

    Respected Sir.
    My self ARUN TRIVEDI I am from satna Madhya pradesh. My age 39 years&I am suffring sciatica science 24 month. I already did many treatment but never get any relief. I have suffer lowerback pain right leg. Pain start lower back&right leg hip .Thai&knee. Lower back pain&right leg hip pain in between l am not continuously seating & walk around anywhere.if I am stand to chair so my right leg. Hip. Lower back generate a lot,s of pain. Kindly suggest me get to stop this.I also did MRI now the surgeon hag advice do to surgery. But my family not satisfied to do surgery. Kindly help me homeopathy medicine treatment

    • ARUN TRIVEDI says:

      Respected sir,
      I am also send(post) to our physical history & medical report date on 28 Feb.2016. Pls give me best homeopathy medical treatment
      Dhawari satna m.p.

  440. MANOJ KUMAR SINGH says:

    Good Morning Sir,

    My self Manoj Kr Singh ( AGE=47 yrs ) Suffering from Sciatica pain in right leg. Sir My humble request to you , to pls guide me the homeopathy medicine to cure this pain.
    Pls note that I am suffering from sugar problem also. ( I am using allopathy medicine for sugar control ).

    Thanks & Regards
    Manoj Singh

  441. Maroof Hussain says:

    Aoa Dr sharma,
    Plz tell me good medicine in homepatic. Low back pain and also in right leg and Thai. I used Gnaphalium
    Polcephalum % Dr willmar sch 20ml but no effect plz tell me more effective. Medicine

  442. Shiraz Malik says:

    Respected Sir,

    my self shiraz malik i am from nagpur Maharashtra, my age is 37 years, & i have suffering sciatica since 20 months, i already did many treatments but never get any relief, i have suffer left leg pain start lower back left leg pain in between i am not continuously walk around anywhere, if i am trying to walk my body goes down & generate lot’s of pain in my lower back to my left leg, kindly suggest me to get stop this. & i also did MRI now the surgeon had advised to remove the bone through surgery, but my family not satisfy to do surgery kindly help me to without surgery by medicine method (

  443. Muhammad Nazir says:

    Good Morning Sir,
    My cousin is suffering from lower back & leg pain. The MRI diagnose (L5 S1 PIVD) which is that her nerve has been compressed by bone. Now the surgeon had advised her a surgery (Laminectomy etc). Is there any treatment to cure or remove this bone by medicine. Please let me advise to go for surgery or it can be treated with medicine.


    Muhammad Nazir

  444. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    What would you recommend for a major muscle mass loss and bilateral facial weakness with spasms, mostly in a chin area.

    Thank you in advance.

  445. Hello Doctor,

    My father in law is suffering from acute sciatica pain in his left leg. The pain originates from the left buttock.. We have tried Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatments but aside from temporary relief in pain, there has been no permanent cure … Will Homeopathy help him ?


  446. rajneeta dhiman says:

    Hello Dr sharma…..i m suffering from lower back pain going from left hip down to one nerve..for last 2 months…i have taken allopathy medicine but no relief…i can not sit for long or on floor….it hurts when i stand up as thete is some nerve got stiffed…i am able to walk after 2/3 minutes slowly ..i usex to practice dance and exercise before this feeling shooting and sometime electric shock type pain in back buttock and side of leg…plz suggest me to get well….thanks..

  447. Respected Dr
    I am suffering from Sciatica since 5 months, I visit Neurologist and physiotherapist I went for 1 month exercise and treat me with hot pad and electric shot. But my pain is as same as before, What can I do please suggest me..
    Regarding Niruka

  448. Sir,
    I met road accident on mri test found that hair cracks in L2 L4 ants sciatica pain in knee and in thye and also pains in muscles and as central disc protrusion
    Kindly prescribe homeo med for recovery and better future as I am exe person in forest there will so much of walk,bike ride and also standing my age is 44 years
    Thanking u sir
    Kindly advice at the earliest

  449. Rajendra Agnihotry says:

    Dear Sir ,

    My wife have some problem with regard to pain in left thigh . She face lot of difficulty when starat walking after sitting or rest . She gets relief after some walking .
    Earlier I have tried colocyinth 30 but she did not get relief. Now I have started giving Rhus Tox 200 .

    Kindly advise .
    Rajendra Agnihotry.
    I beongs to homeopathic famility . My Father was a Homeopathic Dr. .My Daighter is aslo Homeopathic Doctor

  450. hello dr. sharma……..can you please let me know what to take. i am 64 and have pain for the past month and a half, in my front part of my right thigh, in the external or upper outer part of thigh……..which prevents me from sitting in yoga lotus position………..which i was able to do with no problem prior to this. sometimes my right calf hurts as do my glutes area occasionally.
    i love to exercise…..and havent for almost 2 months. please help.

    thank you and god bless.

    gita sara

  451. M Sarfraz Malik says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have slipped dick problem with lower back pain & have pain & numbness while walking both legs few months ago . After Allopathic treatment i have no improvement so please suggest me homoeopathic treatment. I will be very thankfull to you.

    Best Regards,

    M Sarfraz Malik.

  452. Sir, I am suffering from sciatica pain for a month, shooting pain in the right thigh radiating to ankles. Aggravation at the start of movement.
    feeling numness on the feet.
    difficult to raise the right hand Advise me medicine

  453. Sir, I’m suffering from 24 month sciatica pain in right leg backside while walking ,standing, till foot . Kindly give the advice for the permanent cute in homeopathy. I m a cricket player so plz help me sir

  454. harpreet singh says:

    Sir, I’m suffering from 5 month sciatica pain in right leg backside while walking ,standing, till foot . Kindly give the advice for the permanent cute in homeopathy. pls help me

    Thanks & regard

    harpreet singh

    • I am suffering acute pain in the back side of right leg as sciatica pain and I cannot fold the leg. Pl give the medicine.

  455. poonam chouhan says:

    Sir, I’m suffering from sciatica pain while walking ,standing, lying, back pain passes till foot and some time it comes in right leg or left leg. Kindly give the advice for the permanent cute in homeopathy.
    Thanks & regard

  456. Sir mere left side me pure pair me do sal se dard hai please medicine

  457. Sir,
    I am suffering from Sciatica pain while walking, standing, back pain passes till foot.
    Kindly advise me sir, which treatment is best to get permanent cure..
    for this homeopathy or siddha .
    Reply please…

    • Sir
      Usually I have swelling on my left leg near the toes.If weather is slightly warm,my leg is having too much burning sensation on upper side not the sole side. Today I am having pain in my visible nerve on that part and lower legs.I don’t have back pain. Is it sciatica? Please advise me.

  458. Sachin Banerji says:

    Dear Sir,

    I overstretched my right lower back while playing football. It has been 2 weeks now and the pain has shifted on from the lower back to right hip and behind the thigh. However the pain is mild and only occurs at particular times (during some activities while playing). No pain is felt during running walking standing or sitting. But when take a shot while playing football, it pains at that particular time. Please help.

    Thank You.

  459. G. Suresh Babu says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Sciatica pain while walking, standing, back pain and under foot.

    Kindly advise me sir, which medicine can I use for the problem .

    • shashi prakash mishra says:

      Sir i have suffering from sciatica leg pain. Please Kindly advise me sir, which treatment is best to get permanent cure..
      for this homeopathy

  460. Too much pain in left leg and left side if back bone

  461. sciatica pain , starting from spinal cord lower back travels down to thighs back part, calf muscle and to the toe (left leg mainly and sometimes in both the legs) for the last 8 months. No effect of various medicines, even Homeo medicine has not helped

  462. vivek govind kadam says:

    Hi, i m vivek. I suffetwd by sciatica. Pls help

  463. Hi…I am suffering from sciatic pain from last one…..I lost my job as well because of the pain..pain is there but..I want to do some little house hold work sometime….. But the doctor suggest me total bed rest….so many medicine..I can’t….should I consult with a homeopathy doctor…..will it help??

  464. l5-s1 disk bulge and thecal sac in spine,im suffering pain in hip and thigh right side

  465. I am 82 yrs. had left hip fracture, jul 2013 and total hip replacement. after couple of months felt tingling in left foot. in a couple of few more weeks felt pain and numbness in left foot, swelling in left foot and ankle. and stiffness in the left leg upto calf level.
    abt 5 or 6 mnths back swelling was gone but the numbness and pain in the foot continues. it aggravates at night when lying down, reduces considerably when wearing shoes and walking. I also get sometimes pain in the lower left back, hip region. I can walk without a stick. For 7 to 8 mnths I have been taking
    Gabapentin 300mg and methylcobol 500mg once a day. I am also taking sabalserrulata tincture twice a day for prostate hypertrophy.
    I request for your advice regarding the treatment for the leg pain, stiffness and numbness, etc. as mentioned above and whether it is symptomatic of sciatica or not.

  466. Dear Sir
    I am 35 years old woman having three children. I have sciatic pain since last one month. My MRI reports mild defuse bulge of L4-L5 vertebrae.

    I have severe pain and cannot even move or bend my right leg. I also have swelling on my right thigh and knee. I used allopathic medicines but no rwleif. I am Paralyzed. Plz help me.

    • Developed sciatica from sitting on a wallet for ages, working at a computer. Acupuncture and chiropractic did not help, surprisingly, because one or the other usually heals this kind of malady. Nearly giving up, I tried Colosynthis Homaccord, oral drops, from -Heel. One bottle and it cleared up. Amazing.

  467. Brahmanand sharma says:

    Respected sir,
    I am 35 years old. I am suffering from sciatica from 1.5 years. Can I completely cure.

  468. Naresh Kapahi says:

    I have had sciatica for the past 4 months and it is persistent. I had an MRI done and it showed a minor bulging disc.

    The doctor does not believe that my condition is serious business my pain can be intense at times. I have been stretches for sciatica with some relief.

    What treatment can you recommend.

    I live in San Francisco.


  469. sir mere age 30year hai meri back pain mai

    nithai right side bhut dard raheta hai uthne baithne mai bhut problem hoti hai or jada der khade rahene per chakkar ane jaisa feel hota tretment liya lakin back or spin pain ke dard nahe gya kya karoo pramash de bhut presan hoo

  470. Pradeepjain says:

    My wife have bulge in. Between l4 l5 what is best treatment for this she having this problem from 3yrs

  471. I am having slip disc problem L 3 – 4, L 4-5 since August 2010. But it agrevated in december 2013 and I was on bed for 2 months n had to use a wheel chair also. Took an off from my work that time. But since 2013 the Sciatica pain starting from left buttock travelling through the left leg till the left foot has developed. Suffering from severe pain. Kindly help.

  472. Demetria Spencer says:

    Yes I’m 31 years old and I’ve been havin bad back problems since I caught pneumonia in October I’ve been giving 3 steroid packs and some injections and narcotic meds ntg working its not helping it has gotten worse I’ve been to 4 different emergency rooms nobody is helping so my pcp ordered a mri it came back and she ordered for me to see a neurosurgeon on February the 9th but I need to know wat I can do till then cause I’m miserable seriously

  473. Irangani Selvadurai says:

    I am having pain in my back which goes down a little below my knees.The pain is bad when I sleep and try to turn and when I sits down and get up.I cannot put my foot down and walk then as it hurts in my back.
    I get a pulling pain down my leg when standing .Specially when I sleep and get up.
    What treatment should I take to get better,I keep the hot water bag and and apply Diclofenace Gel BP thrice a day and take Diclofenace 50mg thrice a day,and Ometrazole 20mg twice a day before meals.But the pIn is still there.
    Can you please advice me as to what treatment I should take.As they say the best treatment is homeopathic treatment .

  474. Sir i sufring from l5s1 before six i am ksa i check up one hospital.dr take mir than check my mri than say you need to opretion l5s1.plz tell me sir this opretion successful. than how many month after i comebag our work.i am the electrical formen here.than after how many month after driving my car.plz give me suggest for l5s1 surgery. thanks.

  475. Rajkumari 55 years says:

    Dear sir
    I have
    Blood pressure at 180
    Head neck back is paining
    Uneasiness all the time
    Legs current like thing
    Can sleep only in one position
    Please suggest some good homeopathic medicine

  476. Sir,
    Some 8 or 9 years back my frnd met with an accident (iron rod fell onto his feet and he lost his 3 toe fingers).he was admitted to govt. Hospital nearby.they hve not fixed his broken toe he is having severe pain in lower back portion from hip to toe in left side of d body.he consulted doctor recently and treatment was also done but no benefit.plz suggest any medicine in homeopathy or any treatment in homeopathy.we stay in mangalore.he is only 28years old and his life is in bad condition,not able to work also becoz of severe continuous pain and that too poor family( parents koolie workers).I want to help him….plz reply.

  477. I m suffering from sciatica on my left lower back & leg from 3years
    MRI Reports are normal
    What to do
    Im 26year old.
    Give me suggestions

  478. Dr manav uttam pawar says:

    I have a pain in right hip since 20 days and whplease suggest me a homeopathic medicine
    en i play cricket it’s ageerervated

  479. raj kumar ram says:

    I am asciatica patient far the last 7 yrs.both legs lower back ,thigh,hips and waist.are affected.I feel pain when standing and walking.ok.advise medicine and doses for quick relief and to be cured .

  480. Neeta lokhande says:

    I have sciatica pain from 1 month…pain is from hip to leg…when I stands for long time then I feel pain at the time of sitting or bending down..I m 30 years old…I don’t want allopathy medicine & its side effects….so pls suggest me homeopathy medicine & exercise…thanks.

  481. Sailendra Kumar Nayak says:

    I am having sciatica pain in my left leg.Pain is accute while getting up from bed.After walking for sometime pain vanishes.I have multiple slip disc in L3L4&l5.Please advice for medicines and let me know whether it is curable by homeopathy.

  482. My wife is 62 years of age and she is now suffering with Sciatica pain from hip to down right leg since 3 months. She is able to move and walk but with some pain. She is taking english medicines. Please suggest her Homoeo Medicines.

    Thanking you.

  483. Akinsola Fola says:

    The pain so severe in the right side of my hip, lower leg and tingling and numbness in my foot
    Please when I complained in the hospital I was told to do MRI test which I don’t have money to do due expensive nature of the test in my country.
    I believed that this your homeopathic treatment will cure me.
    Please sir how do I get these drugs?
    Please reply as soon as possible.

  484. Ashish Banerjee says:

    I am 57. MRI report suggests that I have ” degenerated disc disease” ; ” nerve root compression at L5 S1, L4 L5 levels. Suffered acute pain running down from hip to foot in left leg. Numbness in left feet. Left toe lesser able to hold downward pressure compared to right toe. No pain while lying but acute pain while sitting or standing or walking. Undergoing alopath treatment. Progressing very slowly. Am in rest for one month.Please advise.

  485. vivek kumar singh says:

    I have sciatica tingling sensation and numbness in my right leg.

  486. sushmita singh says:

    hello sir ,muthe 2years se sciatica hai .meri full body mei pain hota .Maine treatment karaya but muthe IFT ,ICT treatment bhi diya but koi aram nahi

  487. I have the problem of vericose vein on my both legs . I have also so much pain on my right leg this pain may sciatica pain vericose vein from last two years

  488. hi sir,
    please i received an injection on the butt for treatment of malaria about six years ago and ever since i have severe pain in my back, buttock where the injection was administered and right leg. it sometimes occurs whiles am waking up from bed and at times when i travel in a vehicle for long hours. it feels so painful and don’t know what to do. please i need help as to how to treat this pain.

    Please kindly suggest the medicine and necessary precautions.

  489. Hi Sir,

    I am suffering from sciatica for last 6 years but managed without any medication by regular exercise and posture.
    But now I’m working in an organization where I’ve to sit constantly for hours on laptop and rarely get time for exercise. The pain is coming back and it’s difficult at night to sleep straight or walk. Earlier it used to happen in left leg and lower back but now it is in both legs.

    Kindly suggest the medicine and necessary precautions.

  490. I am aged 69. Suffering from skate a for 3 months. Excruciating pain intermittently for 4 to 5 times a day initially in the left calf muscle. But later it turned into severe pain occurring each time I take a couple of steps . But the pain remains only for a couple of minutes . Thinking vascular problem, consulted vascular doctor who guided me to arthopedician and got MRI done. The report says it is “grade-2 anterolysthesis of L5 over S1 with bilateral spondilolysis at L5.” The doctor prescribed pain killers and suggested surgery. Could you kindly suggest homeopathic remedies to my problem. My husband has some knowledge of homeopathy administered Colosynthis-200 and Gnaphalium 30 pills for a day before consulting the arthopedician.
    With regards,
    M Aruna

  491. bhagesh m pillai says:

    ive been diagnoised for sciatica by an ayurvedic doctor as i have pain in between my buttocks and left side of spine and still taking medicine but recovered only 50%,i want to cure it completely s please suggest age 29 problem since 3yrs

  492. Aizaz Sami says:

    dear Sir ,
    i m from Peshawar Pakistan , 18 year male student.
    i m feeling pain and sleepness n right side leg / foot (whole foot).
    MRI Report and Neuro Surgeon says , this is SCIATICA and surgry is must. my parents are unable to aford the expenses of spinol surgery.
    i want the homeo treatment.
    plz help me and recomended me homeo medicines.
    thanking you sir.

  493. hello sir good morning sir i have a lot of pain from hip to back side of leg from 9 to 10 months.i m taking physiotherpy and homeopathic medicin but i m not feeling this time i have a lot of pain.pls sir suggested me what should i do? pls sir

  494. Last 9-10 months my wife having sevier pain in back side in hips,thigh and legs mainly in hips and thigh. I have already waisting my money with Dr.Batra but they are useless they only growing hairs they don’t have any treatment for back pain.Please if you have any medicine for that suggest me. Sir soory for those words if I used in my writing. Sir I fedup to see when my wife taking pain killers. Igo homeopathy because my grandfather is a homeopathic Dr. But fedup with that hair growing Dr.Batra.last one year approximately she taking medicine from batra but she don’t have even one percent relief. Pls held me if you can.

  495. Vijay Bansal says:

    After going though the above ,I think am having sciatica problems in legs ,they are always burning with ache in calves,legs and weakness in knees. It is very difficult for me to stay at one place even for 5 minutes.It seems that my legs are giving very uncomfortable. I am sixty five years old, and have been in cars due to business of building contracts. This is continuing since very long time. Otherwise medicaly and clinically I have no problem except this one.Please advise something if possible.

  496. Dr afaque ahmad says:

    Hello sir i am a dentist and I am suffering from sciatic pain since six month and taking medicine and physiotherapy but I have no releif some time i feel numbness in leg finger
    kindly help me

  497. Doc I have weakness in left side of the body.I’m unable to walk steadily
    I experience as shock travelling at times specially in left side .I gave giddiness.I hacleft knee pain and lower back pain .the muscles around my left knee are very tight.both my hamstrings pain intensely I’m 40 yes old .pls help me.

  498. i have slip disc (hernitation of disc) since 7 month .i have pain both leg and back hips .not seat to much time.i take ayurvedic medician since 3 month and Homeopathy medician (R71 & R11) since 20 days
    but dont i have any pain relif

  499. colonel s.k. dikshit says:

    I am suffering from sciatica pain since May 2015 Pain starts from the end of back bone, travels down to thighs back side, down to calf and to the foot.
    In allopathy there seems to be no treatment. How homeopathy can cure me. I have also taken some medicine from a senior Homeo doctor but no relief seen in 15 days. Kindly help.

  500. Mrs Mithlesh Rathore says:

    I have severe pain in left leg from hip to knee. I also suffer from high B P and Diabetes, but under control by alopathic medicines. Pl advise me homoeopathic medicine for the leg pain.

  501. Sir suffering from sciatica, more pain in left buttock, leg and foot.loss of sensation in left toe

  502. Sir,
    I am suffering from sciatica pain in my right leg. I can’t walk and sleep easily. i am also taking gaultheria procumben medicine.

  503. Ranjana Singh says:

    From a day before yesterday I have the symptoms for sciatica. I was in lots of pain in my rt side from lower back and thigh. I was not able to move, walk. I feel twice a pinch pain for few seconds in my chest also.. I think twice in a day only. When I slept for the night I feel much better in morning. Some times I face severe neck pain also not rt now. Kindly suggest me some homeopathic medicine and exercise with some lifestyle daily routine to follow for betterment. I want to know to rt sleeping n sitting posture also to help myself.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ranjana Singh

  504. Vinod Kumar yadav says:

    I am suffering from lower back pain since2010
    In past I had treatment from AIIMS NEW DELHI but now it pain I have also MRI of L S SPINE
    It occurs in L3-L4 & L4-L5

    • Aizaz Sami says:

      dear Sir ,
      i m from Peshawar Pakistan , 18 year male student.
      i m feeling pain and sleepness n right side leg / foot (whole foot).
      MRI Report and Neuro Surgeon says , this is SCIATICA and surgry is must. my parents are unable to aford the expenses of spinol surgery.
      i want the homeo treatment.
      plz help me and recomended me homeo medicines.
      thanking you sir.

  505. Banty kumar says:

    Sir,i m suffering from severe pain of scitica.kindly reply which of the medcines is for this.and easily available..

  506. ABDUL JBARM says:


  507. RAJESH THAKUR says:

    sciatica pain , what is the main medicine in homeopathy that we control and prevent them. pls detail me some medicine related us

  508. Mubasher Ahmed says:

    I am 62 years old and suffering right leg Sciatic pain from a from a fortnight. My X-rays show normal and started taking Colo synth, RHUSTAS, and Ghynaphallym 200 but after three days I am observing that with medicine when Air/ Gas discharges, all the muscle become relaxed and there is no pain. Now after third day my observation is with digestion/or with medicine when air / gas develops all the muscles of Sciatic nerve from buttock to right feet become stiff and much painful. Can you advise me if any medicine change is required or carboveg can be included to ease the situation. I cannot put weight on my right leg due pain. Kindly help me as I cannot stand up

  509. p k maknojia says:

    I am 47 year old female suffering from pain since 3 month, my X rays saw normal , pain start from heap to toe ,and feeling numbness, pinging, I also suffer from fatty liver, my height is 152 cm and weight is 79 kg,
    kindly advise me to relief from such a pain

  510. Hii doctor

    I m suffering from scaitica right side bulding disc l5 s1 pressing nerve symptoms r same as pain from buttock to leg foot sevre pain , taking homeo pathy medicine but no result up to now , pain is same and numbness too

    I want just want know is smoking while taking homeopathy decrease the power

    I smoke at night after 3 hours of taking medicine
    I cnt sleep without smoking so please tell me

  511. Mahesh Dinkar Bidaye says:

    iam suffering from sciatic nerve pain plz give an advice to homeopathy medicine.

  512. iam suffering from sciatic nerve pain plz give an advice to me.

  513. sushil kumar dutta says:

    hello doctor, i am 61 years old and suffering from diabetic ,blood pressure since 10 years. but last 3 yrs. i have sciatica pain in left leg. normally there is no pain but when i move ,after 50 to 100 meter walking i feel pain in the back and if move further severe pain below the knee muscle and bound to stop walking. after rest for 5 mints. i can move further. i have done mri but nothing found. please advice me what to do.

  514. joby chacko says:

    Respected sir,
    My X Ray of LS Spine depicts LV 5 over S1 with spina bifida and spondylolisthesis.
    I have been suffering from Sciatica (Right lower limb) for the last 6 years and now the pain become very severe,feeling as penitrating inside the bone from lower back upto right foot wspecially on walking and standing.
    I have been on regular medicine on
    Tab.Gabaneuron HS,Cap.Thiospan BD,Tab.Lypen 10 BD along with ultracet for years but no relief till time.
    My doctor have written c/o CBA Sciatica (Rt) FTD_1 feet SCR (R) 60% and (L )80%.
    Can you please guide me with your advise?

    • joby chacko says:

      Respected sir,
      33 year old Male.My X Ray of LS Spine depicts LV 5 over S1 with spina bifida and spondylolisthesis.
      I have been suffering from Sciatica (Right lower limb) for the last 6 years and now the pain become very severe,feeling as penitrating inside the bone from lower back upto right foot wspecially on walking and standing.
      I have been on regular medicine on
      Tab.Gabaneuron HS,Cap.Thiospan BD,Tab.Lypen 10 BD along with ultracet for years but no relief till time.
      My doctor have written c/o CBA Sciatica (Rt) FTD_1 feet SCR (R) 60% and (L )80%.
      Can you please guide me with your advise?

  515. syed sebit says:

    I have sciatica pain in my left leg so when I am sit so painfull for me plz tell me about thathow can I stop this pain quickly

  516. Ahmad Saeed says:

    Dear sir
    I have pain in my lower limb.There is also tingling and sleeping feeling occasionally.X-ray of lumber area showed mild sciatica. I am under the treatment of orthopaedic surgeon.The pain subsided but restrictricted around the knee and I am feeling pain while walking near the knee.

  517. Khalid Feroz says:

    I am suffering from severe pain on my right bum to right leg its very uncomgortanle kindly advise

  518. saroj kumar swain says:

    Dear sir my right thigh became senseless and occasationally it feels like ant eating.

  519. Vinay Prakash Singh says:


    I am having sitica pain in my left leg it is from back of knee to toe. One important thing I am also suffering chronic gas problem whether it is because of it , kindly advise me. THANKS

  520. lower back pain and knee and thigh pls help

  521. 39 years old..female.i have start d pain before 10yrs ago. 2000 is my first deliver 2005 is last deliver..within 5 years I delivered 3 babies by scicerion..I have d pain waist to toes continues 6 months above…nowi use tablet princical by dr treated..but not any change..I can’t do floor cleaning work..after pain is high…homoeo medi can relief this pain? Pls priscribe that medi…for my treatment. .any suggestions ..sir pls send medicine name…can remove pain from mylife?

  522. I am feeling sever pain starting from waist, mainly right part down to thr thigh not the knee,right side. Have been like thid for 3 days

    Med used
    NOLGASIC 2*3times/day
    Airtal Difucrem 1.5%, 3timed a day

  523. Siya Ram Singh Aditya Raj says:

    Hai’Doctor my wife age about 53 year;old . she suffering kulha pain in left side pain pain start kulha to left thai to leg’;about 04dayas .she paitant of sugar but contol now; pl advice homopthic medicine. i wait for advice thanks.

  524. hemant kumar says:

    Koi tablet

  525. D.Jayalakshmi,63 years says:

    I am feeling pain starting from lower end of right leg to the knee, some times upto waist. .Some times I get pain in the nerves. The pain is continued upto a week. When I had too much pain I am using Zerodol-P @one tablet perday. Kindly advise me what type of exercises can be done. is physiotherphy necessary?

  526. Dwight fagan says:

    Dr Sharma greetings I have a problem with my lower back and left hip side feeling constant pain while standing or sitting. Too long I when to this doctors and he introduced me to zerodol,-p and he said I must try this for my pains that is constantly ,also I have a bad sinusitis disease too that drain bad with alot of hives as I take the zerodol tablets in three hours as it said it started work on the symptoms but I want to know if this tablet heal the symptoms completely that I don’t feel the sciatica nerves pain or pinch nerves as the doctor said it can help I am planning to do a xray too to see if I need any operations or a special tablets like zerodol can help me too fast and accurate to my sick ness please tell me what to do and if this tablet is quite fine and destroyed it as last and I am back on my strong feet again god bless

  527. amit tripathi says:

    Hello sir…… good evening…. can homeopathy prevent anterior horn cell disease……my younger bro is suffering from d disease… n there is left deltoid muscular dystrophy… symptom like burning sensation n tingling n numbness occuring in rt shoulder also…… we r worried …pls help….allopathy has given up on disease…. they say no cure….

  528. Dear Sir,
    I had polio when I was 6 month old. I recovered well except my right thigh was about 3cm thinner than left thigh. I am 34 now and recently I am loosing muscle from my right calf muscle although my right thigh remained same. Doctors diagnosed it as Post polio syndrome. Is there any medication for me?
    Thanks in advance.

  529. Amar Jeet Singh says:

    Sir, After walking only 20 meters my leg gets tired it feels that i have walked miles.
    kindly let me know the reason and solution.

  530. i m suffring slipdisc since 8years ago
    i excercise regularly
    i do computer hob 8hours
    while i sit on flat floor pain in lumber disc or tail bone
    what should i do to finish chronic pain

  531. Muhammad Idris says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am in Pakistan and suffereing from svere pain in back that travells from hip to both legs till feet due to disc bulging problem that has compressed my blood veins.
    Can you please help me.
    Be Blessed.

  532. Dear sir

    my father in law is suffering from sciatica from 3months. he is taking homeopathic treatment but no benefit. he is not able to walk. please help us what to do



    sir,my brother is suffering from low back pain and right leg pain, he is unable to do his daily work, he unable to stand,walk.
    according to MRI report he has8mm disc bulge in L5,S1.kindly suggest what to do.

  534. Zafar yasin says:

    I am feeling pain in both legs&thig&feets.when I awake then feel swear pain&difficult for me to walk. Please tell me the treatment for this deseae.Thanks

    • My mother is 50 years old and she is suffering from lower back pain and pain in the left leg since 2 years. She consulted to many doctors and took many medicines but still there is no relief. So please suggest some medicines for permanent relief.

  535. hello sir,
    i have suffering form back pain and lag nerve pinch and pain from last two year .

  536. N.MURUGADAS says:

    dear sir ,since oct 2015 .I have pain in lower right leg,thigh backside and calf. I went orthopaedic doctor ,he give four type tablet 1.dolowin -plus.2.nurokind-lc,3.evion-prte,4.somgrag.still I have pain what can I do,. pls help me sir .I am from Pondicherry .

  537. sacatica pain l5 l4.. when i walk i feel pain left side on buttock and left side and nubness of left side foot.

  538. Dinkar Nishad says:

    Dear doctor
    I am dinkar my wife nirmala back problem 4 years L4 and L5 lots off treatment but pain same as pls help

  539. Dear Doctor
    I am a teacher working in one of the private schools in Andhrapradesh , India.
    Since September 2014 I have been suffering from sciatica. At times it almost makes me unable to move even one step. The starting was with a shooting pain inside my left thigh which occurred very frequently.
    I have taken allopathic medicines…..but of no use. Tried to take ayurvedic treatment. They suggested to take treatment admitted in the hospital for a period of 21 days that costs a big amount of money which I can’t afford

  540. Dear Doctor
    I am a teacher working in one of the private schools in Andhrapradesh , India.
    Since September 2014 I have been suffering from sciatica. At times it almost makes me unable to move even one step. The starting was with a shooting pain inside my left thigh which occurred very frequently.
    I have taken allopathic medicines…..but of no use. Tried to take ayurvedic treatment. They suggested to take treatment admitted in the hospital for a period a

  541. Ashok ADVAL says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 70 year old person having polio in my left leg making it week and shortened by 3/4th of an inch.I have undergone spine surgery in APRIL 14.I have not fully recovered after that. I can walk but with much of difficulty. I am having numbness in my legs cramps during sleep and continuous pain in my right leg starting from thigh region to hip and calf region. Kindly help me.

    Ashok Adval

  542. MR. C.L. ROHATGI says:



  543. Aparesh Chaterjee says:

    Pain is felt from waist to cough on the right leg. Specially when sitting under folded leg posture. This is happening since last one month. Normally also feeling pain while seating on chair. Pain is reduced while walking. Age 55 years.

  544. Subhra Santoshi Behera says:

    She had operated the Spina Bifida in theyear,2004 & also knee in the year,2010 for releasing stiffness .Recently make the scoliosis correction and dithered the cord. please give the suggestion for improvement of lower limp & feet . the size of the leg is ok

  545. shivdas mahto says:

    . my age is 52 years. My diabetes and hypertesnsion was detected on Jan 2015. After taking the medicine on daily basis , suger level- fasting is 100-130. and BP is 80-120. . I am having high level of constipation from one year. presently , slight improvent in constipation is there. slowly from two months i am facing butttock and lower calf musle pain . as per doctor it is a sciastica pain . . presently after ayurvedic panchkarma , i am facing less pain . but in morning , it is very much high. i am facing lot of pain , after continuous standing of more tha 4-5 minutes . . i have already started leg excercises. pl. advise me from homeopathy side . i want to avoid injection ( steroid)/ operation .


    Hai sir good morning. My mother has suffering from sciatica nerve pain from 3 months if there is any better treatment for relief of that sciatica nerve pain. Please suggest me

  547. sheffeldismuke says:

    I have serious pain in my right butt area and right hip where can I find the drug colothyn?

  548. Vishal Singh says:

    L4 l5 and l5 S1 disc bulge.

  549. Uday Prakash Pandey says:

    My son age is 13 years. His left leg is vibrating when he seat on chair and stand leg at panda it is automatically vibrating while there is no pain.
    Please advise

  550. Dear Sir,
    Greetings of the Day,

    I have numbness in my toes and when I started taking homeopathy medicine from my Doctor, the numbness has started increasing and now I have numbness in front portion of my both feet. Sometime I feel pain in my legs and sometimes in hands. With best regards,

  551. Dear sir; l have been suffering from 15days of scietica pain. when I walk the pain increase high under leg so please advice me sir

  552. vakeel mohammed says:

    Dr . Sharma plese self age 60 year hai 60 days se sciatica ke dard se paresan hai sir please advise me

  553. abhasircar says:

    I get pain from back ver tebral column to lower part of legs,At times it is difficult to walk.allopathic doctor diagnossed it as sciatica,please advice some medicine

  554. dear sir, I have l4-l5 disc protrusion according to my MRI report I feel lot of pain in right leg only during walking please tell me some useful medicines

  555. I am suffering from sacitica pain and numbing in left foot last one month

  556. NS Natarajan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I had an incidence of Prolapsed disc in 2000. Got cured with medication and proper exercise. I am 64 now and did not significant issue with the slipped disc pain. I am very active and even play badminton on week ends.
    Lat week we ended a 6 day tour of south in a Tempo Traveller with family members. It is at the concluding day , this stramge pain on my right buttex going dowwn till knee started on the veins running there. I feel occasional pains on the right side of the buttex also and going down to the ankle. But it is not regular like the right one.
    Can you please advise. I am 5’10” and weigh 92 kgs.
    Thanks in advance
    NS Natarajan

  557. Hello!
    Thank you for this information, I need something besides surgery. I do have a question; is there a reaction between the (1) Rhus Tox 6-12-30-200x and (1)50mg Tramadol? I have tried just the deep massage therapy along with the Rhus Tox but could not sleep, it was a nightmare. Doctor said sciatica and RLS.

  558. Dear Dr Sharma. I have a pinched nerve at L5/s1. Serious pain on walking. Pain in groin and right back and thigh. Can you advise what would help. Many many thanks

  559. I’m writing on behalf of a man (age 47) who is currently in prison with less than 2 years left to serve. He wants to know if he can live a normal life without surgery.

    MRI Results
    Exam: Lumbar Spine

    History: Pain bilateral leg numbness and tingling. Previous laminectomy L4-L5

    Technique: Multiplanar T1 and T2 weighted sequences.

    Findings: Vertebral body height preserved. No acute fracture or bony destruction. Conus is at L1.

    Impression: At L4-L5 postsurgical changes identified. Mild anterior displacement of L4 on L5 is noted. The patient has had a previous laminectomy. Artifact from posterior clips are noted. Loss of intervertebral disc height and signal present. There is a broad based residual disc material present that extends into both exit foramen and displaces the thecal sac. Vilateral exit foramen stenosis present. Spinal canal diameter is narrowed 8mm. The findings represent a component of recurring or residual disc herniation.

  560. V.Rama Subba Rao says:

    I am aged 63 years and suffering from sciatica since 3months. I have rediating pain from left thigh down to l the leg upto foot. I am getting severe pain while I am standing or walk for 3 or 5 minutes and if I sit the pain get relieved within 3 or 5 minutes. I am taking physiotherapy (traction, Heat pads treatment and IFT) since one week and I am still getting pain. Kindly suggest me remedy.
    Thanking you

  561. Joydiip D Soor says:

    My Mother aged 79 has had a gradual decay of her bones due to osteoarthritis and since 2006 has had her gap between L5 & L6 reduced primarily because of bone erosion and hence the nerve emanating from that part of her vertebrae shoots up in pain as soon as she begins to lie down.Once she lies down,it becomes difficult for her to get up within at least an hour.

    Sometimes in the middle of the night she gets varicose veins attacks and sometimes her pains could qualify to be sciatica pains as well.

    Beneath her feet,she feels that the nerves have knotted up and perhaps her skin below has loosened up to fall apart.

    Would be grateful for your advice


  562. rukhsana manzoor says:

    hi i feel back pain herniated disc at l4 l5 compression on sciatic nerve pain in left leg calf numbness in foot when walking iwas on bed rest now i ve not severe pain and numbness iused kali phos ferrum phos and mag phosin 6x silicia 30 ignitia30 tell me only one reemedy now ifeel weakness in walking a little pain in both sides tell me about yoga exercises my age is 40

  563. Amjed Malik says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I had Sciatica pain back in 2005 but it was cured after certain treatments. Now it has resurfaced again and I am going through a severe pain for the last few days. Please advise me what to do and how to get back to normal.

  564. Hello sir mera naam shiba he meri age 25 he & unmarried hu mujhe 3 years se thyroid he abi mai regular thyronorm 88 mg le rahi hu or 3-4 years se sciatica pain b hota he lekin kabhi kabhi hota he 1 year me 1-2 baar abi 5-6 dino se bhot pain he right leg me jyada lower back pe plz advice me.

  565. Muhammad EJAZ says:

    Dear sir my mother is suffering from body bones pains problems specially back bones and legs. Doctors suggested it sciatica pains plz refer some medicine. Will be thankful to you.

  566. Adolfo Iracheta Jr says:

    I have tremendous pain when I stand or walk for a very short period of time… I can walk maybe 10 steps and the pain is overwhelming. Sometimes I can 2alk longer but mostly it is short bursts and then I have to sit and lay down or bend down and stretch my left arm towards right side and pick up my left leg. Mt pain is coming from my left hip very lower back and travels down to my left calf sometimes ankle. I can’t sit down long at all as it sends very strong shocking pain to my legs from hip down to my calf on left side. Can you help me find a solution.

  567. Mohil Sanghavi says:



  568. ankur sharma says:

    MEre father ki age 70 year hai 20 days se sciatica ke dard se paresan hai sir please advise me

  569. Helo sir,i hv sciatic pain since 2 started my first delivery..i tried normal delivery for 14 the pelvic bone is i done cessarian..i undergone spinal anaesthesia… after 24 hrs i feel left side leg was numbness ana i cant able to stand..neurologist put some injection to relive muscle..physiotherapy are done at that time..feeling much better..again pregnant so stop physiotherapy.. doctor said to go MRI bt im didnt taken..nw im taking homoeopathic medicine since 3 months bt still no improvement.. i didnt go any other treatment..nw my second baby is 8 month old..what to do..isn’t serious..

  570. Hi Dr

    My dad is suffering from spondylisthesis sciatica pain . He is now in bed ridden condition since 40days . No pain wen lying down but he is not able to sit or stand as pain gets severe. Hence pls suggest some pain killers which will help to come out of this problem

  571. श्रीमान जी नमस्‍कार, मेरी माताजी की उम्र 55 वर्ष है माताजी को कमर में उल्‍टी साइड काफी दर्द रहता है यह दर्द नीचे ऐडी तक रहता है। अब दर्द के साथ काफी जलन भी रहती है। यह बीमारी लगभग 4 वषों से है । माताजी का इलाज काफी एलोपेथी में कराया है परन्‍तु कुछ भी लाभ नहीं मिला है बीमारी दिन प्रतिदिन बढती जा रही है। होम्‍योपेथी का इलाज आगरा स्थित दो डाक्‍टरों से कराया है लगभग 6 महीने तक इलाज कराने के बाद भी कोई लाभ नहीं मिला है। महोदय बीमारी दिनप्रतिदिन बढती जा रही है। डाक्‍टरों द्वारा बताया गया है कि एल4 एवं एल5 स्लिीप डिस्‍क है जिनके कारण यह दर्द बना हुआ है तथा डाक्‍टरों द्वारा आपरेशन कराने की भी सलाह दी गई है। श्रीमान जी कपया सलाह देने का कष्‍ट करे क्‍या आपरेशन ठीक रहेगा। यदि ऐसी कोई दवा होम्‍योपेथी में है जिससे मेरी माताजी ठीक हो जाये या उनका दर्द ठीक हो जाये तो आप से निवेदन है कि उस दवा का नाम तथा प्रयोग की विधि पूर्ण रूप से मेरी ई-मेल आईडी पर बताने की क़पा करें। जिससे मेरी माताजी की तबीयत सही हो जाये । मै आपका उपकार कफी नहीं भुलूगा । आपका अरूण

  572. Dolly sharma says:

    Sir,my dad is 62 years old,having sciatica pain from last 12 years,starting from buttock to toe of right leg,having numbness,sometimes needles pinching sensation and conspitation too. Kindly suggest whether pain can be cured gradually and completely by homeopathy.Regards Dolly Sharma

  573. proms rathore says:

    kamar ka nech pain ho tha tab mane homeopathic doctor ka pas gaya to doctor na bola ki sciatica ha to doctor na apni medicine start ki….

    Dr name is nasim ahemad khan

  574. Sher jogezai says:

    Dr im having l4 l5 s1 daignosed in my mri since december 2014 an in july i had treatment electro magnetic therapy an was perfectly alright now two days bach suddenly pain comes back and now numbness in left heel and pain in left leg also started kindly advise me wat to do now

  575. hi doctor i am 55 old i have left leg pain final diagnosis left l 5rediculopathy due to l4/ pivd with type 11 dm with dyslipidemil pls help

  576. Hai doctor,
    . I am nf2 tumor patient. Tumor affecting on auditory nervous and spine, so my hearing is 65% lost my leg mucils are 65% lost, take cyber knife radiation on brian, tumor size is redused, I an not take surgery, but sir not improve my situation,
    . any treatment in homeopaty recover my situation.
    . yours fathfully
    . arumanoor Vincent p

  577. Doctor
    I get at some time intervals…immense pain travelling through left side of my body from around waist down to the knees. The pain becomes unbearable with me not being able to stand..sit or even sleep…makes it impossible for me to bend down and I get a pinching pain..and when I try to locate cannot find any one specific point or area (in between waist to knee at my left side) it starts from back side of waist lower back and travels sideways down till the knee. It is not always but every 3-4months it surfaces and have been suffering this for past 12 yrs and now I am 30. Doctors I visited suggested iron supplements calcium supplements which I took. But don’t know if it has worked because it still continues. Pls help.

  578. Mere peet me pechle 15 sall se bahut dard rahta hai mere reed ke haddi ka 2 baar surgery ho chuki hai lekin kuch bhi aaram nahi hai bahut ilaj karvaya .meri puri peet me akadan rahti hai dono pairo me dard rahta hai aur puri kamar akad jati hai dono pairo me kamar se lekar neeche tak dard failta hai aur subhah uthte samay takriban aada ghanta bistar se unme lagta hai krupaya illag bataye

  579. Frances Singh says:

    Dr. I had surgery on my L4 or L3 in 12/2007. For a while I was better but now the pain brings me to tears. No pills help my pain. The article above describes me spot on. My back, side, thigh, and foot pain. After having a bone marrow test it seem to be worst. I’m having an epidural done in a couple of days. Have you heard any paients say that this works? I am getting so desprirate. I need help.

  580. Hello
    From last 25 days I m having a back pain…
    It’s getting worse day by day. I m taking strong painkillers and chiropractic tratements but it’s almost 3 vsit to chiropractic but no relief..
    I m not able to stand for more than 3 min or sit.
    At night the pain get worse. This is my very old prob this thing happen me again after 2 yrs..
    Suggest me something and help me out.

  581. YASMINKHATOO says:

    sir,i have sciatic nerve pain from 4 to 5 become very severe when i am standing 10 to 15 minute regular and also it cause problem in walking..i am in age is 25 year.please suggest some medicine which help me in this problem.
    thanking you.

  582. Nancy Thakker says:

    my mother is unable to walk
    She has lumbar and thoracic stenosis please help

  583. Dear Dr. Sharma
    Kindly suggest some good homeopathy medicine as I ‘ having sciatica pain of and on…gets worse during travel or prolonged sitting….
    thanks and regards


    सर हमारा कमर से लेकर पॉव तक बहुत दर्द होता है कृपया आप द्वा बताये
    मो. 7498986158


    Dear sir,
    My father as 67 yrs old and he cant walk and stand more than 5 min because of right side back and leg pain. I was show my father to neurosurgon and he is suggested to operate. then for second opinion i was show my father to neurologist he is suggestd that no need to operate. he is prescribe steriod and pain killer and advise to take rest. kindly homeopathy can cure the disease. i really need your help sir. please advise.
    thank you very much.
    waiting for your reply sir.

  586. Hi sir

    As per syntoms i thought my pain is scitica nerve pain
    Can you help me what is the best treatment for this problem.

    My name is srikanth reddy
    I am a software eemployee

  587. Leanne McCumber says:

    I have suffered with debilitating sciatica for 7 years. I have clear MRI. I’ve been to 4 docs who want to mask pain with pills. I’ve refused shots don’t want surgery, went to Chiro but she made it hurt more. I have now purchased incline and have started stretching with Pilates and yoga but my hips are still out of alignment because of Piriformis. Please I want homeopathy! I heard about Rhustox. God Bless You. If ever I become cured I promise to help others.

  588. sushil kumar dutta says:

    i am 60 years old and suffering from diabetic. from last one year i am suffering from pain in left pelvis during walking .After about 50m walk pain starts in joint capsule of left hip and if move further, pain moves towards tibialis like cramp and unable to move. After some rest i can walk further for some distance.
    please advice me and suggest homeo medicine to get rid of the problem.
    i am taking medicine for blood pressure , sugar and thyroid.

  589. Poonam Chandani says:

    Hi doctor,
    i have been facing the problem of Sciatica since a few months.i had approached homeopathy doctor when i last when to Jaipur my home town.i have lot of benefit frm the medicine but it pain still while i get up early in the morning for 15-20 mts. Kindly suggest remedy. I m noting down the medicine given to me by my doctor. Five phos and rush tos.regard

  590. Sajal Awasthi says:

    Dear Dr.Vikas,
    My mother has got the sciatica pain since two weeks earlier it was not there.
    Kindly advise a good homeopathic medicine she is 66 years old,

  591. Ameer Noor Ahmed says:

    Dear Doctor!
    I had the micro disectomy of L5, S1 on 12th August 2015.i am using calcium fluoratum 12x from the next day of the surgery which has now being replaced by calcium fluoratum 6x.the dr advised me a bottle of calcium phosphoricum 12x along with calcium fluoratum 6x.
    Please can you advise me that i should take both the medicans or otherwise.

  592. Sir, Iam feeling cramps even while standing in left leg.pain in the calf below the knee.pain in the sciatic nerve more severe in left leg than right leg There’s pain in buttocks left side more pain than the right side.
    what homeo medicine should I take to get relieved from cramps and pain in sciatic nerves of both legs.cramps more severe in left leg. More severe blockages.
    Thanks& Regards

  593. If anybody slipped on the floor after hip replacement surgery.then we can do?and it is serious?

  594. Both leg and left side head face body also pain

  595. DR S.K.NAYAK says:

    age 65 both knee pain stiff can not fold knee can not stand without supporting hands mail med

  596. ravindra negi says:

    Dear sir, I am facing sciatica pain, start from back, radiating to down left leg.
    Please help me by suggesting homeopathic medicines.

  597. DHARA SEAL says:

    I am 65 yrs old suffering from sciatica in my right leg. Unbearable pain , can’t stand on my feet properly, Burning sensation in my knee joint. unable to lie dow.

    Taking Colocynth 200 1 dose early morning for the last ten days. Pain has decreased but burning sensation is sill unbearable.
    Would be grateful for your kind suggestions

  598. Sangeeta arolkar says:

    I have sciatica pain s1 l5 both are hernieted and pain fron lower back radiates ti thighs n outer side of calf. I walk and cycle regularly and do stretches advised br physiotherpaist bur bent or pickin something slightly heavy or doin cross trainer aggrevates the pain a great deal and im never been pain free. Its chronic. Pls advise me what should i take im 52 year old woman with average weight of 60 kg and 5,,4,, hieght
    Thanku very much

  599. suryanarayana says:


    My mother who is aged 76 years is suffering from sciatica to her left hip joint and left thigh. She is known diabetic and also heart blocks. She is feeling pain unbearable while sitting and squatting. Of course, she does not feel much pain while walking. Presently she is under the treatment of English medicines .

    Kindly help her by suggesting a best medicine in homeopathy.


  600. mehul desai says:

    Iam having problem of nerve in left leg some times it is vibrating ,some times burning soles

  601. Sir,I have sciatic pain in left leg that radiates from buttock to toes of left leg.professionally I have to do long hours of standing work and physically moving work.sir,please help me to get rid of this pain so that I can continue my MRI report was normal,but doctor said that it was mild in condition after seeing my MRI.sir,please help me.

  602. ajitesh Das. says:

    SIR. . Iam a Spondylitis patient After Doing MRI my C5 C6 disc is pressing my nerves so Iam feeling very uneasy. Please give me your advice.

  603. Meenakshi Kamboj says:

    I m a 39yrs old housewife. During periods I suffer sever pain in my left leg . First two days it starts from a particular point near thigh and goes through hip n down to leg til toe. It increases while sleeping n leg is coverd witn blanket n remains only two days. Remaini g month there is no such problm. Is it scitica nerve pain. Plz help me what treatment I take for the problm.

  604. My mother is suffering from sciatica last 2years.. She is 50+ now. She can’t stand and walk even for 5 minutes. She is getting that pain very worse at back side of lower hips and thighs.. She got allopathy,ayurveda and homeo medication but no relief. Doctor please suggest an effective homeo medicine for my mother’s severe pain.

  605. Sir,
    my father is suffering from severe pain in his lowerba ck and now the pain has started from his lower back to his leg on one side I believe it’s a symptom of sciatica he is even not able to move his body and lying on bed for last one month so please suggest me for the same from where I should do the treatment of my father should I consult neurologist physiotherapist or orthopaedic.I am staying in dehradun .


    I have taken treatment for high lower BP 130 instead of 80 and get cured after 10 days treatment. After discharge my left leg feet got buning sensation continuously. I can walk and moving and normal BP and sugar. What treatment or physiotheraphy are to be taken. Please advise

  607. Ashok Kumar Bhattacharyya says:

    Dr I am63 years, having sciatica pain in my left leg starting from hip to ankle for the last four months.I have taken colosynth 30,gnaphalium 30, Rushtox 200, Nat Mur 30, Arsenic 30 etc. but no reief. it gets aggravated in the night at 3.00am.cant sleep. Please advise.

  608. my age is 33 years I have pain in my lower back and numbness in left leg Mri done in report multilevel disc changes L3 to L5. more mark L4 L5. for last 4 years. suggest me homeopathic drops or medicine. in alophaptic they say only surgery for me.

  609. Sir,
    As per my Mri I have problem in L4 L5 and due to this I have back pain and numbness in my left leg, partially in left leg also for last one moth. Now Drs, are advising for surgery. Kindly let me know whether my illness can be cured without. Surgery.

  610. Sir last 18 days iam suffering pain in right hips and leg as mri report L5 S1

  611. Nancy Bell says:

    My pain is mostly when I lie down and only on my left side it goes from between my shoulder blade down my back to lower back hip bone to down the outside of thigh to tingling toes and numbness. Only on left side mostly at night when I lie down. Just lately I have been remodeling my house and on my feet alot and it has started to hurt more and for longer periods. It does not bother me when I ride ny bike 5 or 12 miles. Mostly at night.

  612. Muhammad Farooq says:

    My MRI Report result are

    Diffuse central and right paracentral disc protrusion at L5-S1 with its inferior migration causing significant compression upon right sided neural tissue.

    I have little pain in my down right leg nerve and in back side since February 2015. I feel tiredness in my body and become very lazy. I am fifty year old. I used five month unani medicine but so far not healthy. Please write me medicine of homeopathic for my problem.


  613. Dear sir,
    I am suffering from sciatica pain ( right side ), Doctor said there is a Bulge of nerve. Kindly advise me if there is good Medicean in homeopathy. Please advise me medicean

  614. Amitesh Pandey says:

    Dear Sir
    Hope you are doing well. My mother 53 yrs old is suffering from sciatica pain in left leg from hip to thigh till the ankle. She is in too much of pain. I treated her so many places but not succeed. She is taking high power medicines like mobiswift D and sometimes zerodol p to get rid of the pain and visiting physioyherapist.
    Kindly suggest some medicines to get rid of this pain parmanently.

  615. narendra patel says:

    Sciatic pain in right leg from hip portion to thigh and lower part of leg, foot, knee

  616. I am married lady 2 sons 1girl all children came with operation . Since 15 years I have severe pain from abdomen to legs some time severe headaches will come I tried every doctor not cured my disease methacobol inj. TanTRA contin 100 and tried all homeo med and oils it is not cured give me advice now what should now I cannot walk and cannot stand please advise me sir may god bless you

  617. shamma akhter banu says:

    Akhter. Age 45 years. I am Sciatica patient for 07 years. My MRI Report is stated below

    MRI of L/Sspine
    1. .Lumber lordotic curvature is reduced.
    2. L4-l5 &L5-SI discs show dehydration with reduction of L4-L5 disc height.
    3. Oestophysis seen in L4-L5 bodies.
    4. marrow signal intensity found normal.
    5. posterior disc bulge at L4-5 level with facet-flavel hypertrophy causing mid canal stenosis.
    with bilateral forminal narrowing & L5 nerve roots compression.
    6.No pre and paravertebral lesion detected.
    7.Visualized cord shows normal color and caliber.

    Impression: MRI findings consistent with
    Posterior disc bulge at L4-5 level with facet flavel hypertrophy causing mild canal stenosis with bilateral foraminal narrowing & L5 nerve roots compression…
    This is a copy of whats written in my MRI report. Local Doctor has prescribed surgery.
    BUT I am not willing to go to surgery yet. I am under physiotherapy for about 1 month.(UST, Tense, Traction.) please help me and correct suggestion.

  618. Syeda Kiran Fatima says:

    Severe Pain in sciatica nerve probably due to slipping discs pl prescribe homeo medicines

  619. M.A.Raiker says:

    respected shri Dr. Sharmaji


    I am writing to you as my wife Swati Raiker is suffering from spondylosis and sciatica since last three years.She is taking Bryonia-30 as Homeopathy medicine but she is not getting relief from pain .I request you to please advise other Homeopathy medicine to be taken together with Bryonia-30.Meanwhile I want to bring to your kind notice that my wife has high blood pressure and takes allopathy medicine for that.
    please guide at the earliest .

  620. Dr.i am suffering with siatica nerve problem in my right leg. Now i am using homoeopathy medicine .How long i need to use this medicine .can it be cured permanently by taking homoeopathy medicine. i am going to marry soon .Is this siatica problem makes any trouble in my marriage life. i don’t want to spoil my life partner life because of my problem.please suggest .

  621. Dear dr.sharma
    I m having severe sciatica pain on my right side fr past 2 yrs.i hav done everyway posible to get rid of it.but al in givs me temporary relief n I dnt want to take any pain killer.kindly suggest me a gud homeopathic medicine.


  622. Raoof Awan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 60 years old. I am from Pakistan. In 2011, I was having a very severe attack of neck pain. I could not move my neck to left side. I was also having pain in my left shoulder. I was having numbness in my fingers of left hand. I still have numbness of my middle and forefinger. Anyway, I used pain killers and still I am using Gabapantein of 300 mg. My neurologist gave two epidureal injections on my back. At that time neck surgery was advised to me. I not opt for surgery and at present I am far better as far as my neck is concerned. Following is the report of my MRI Report.
    As per MRI Report OF 2011 I was having Loss of cervical lordosis related to multi level degenerative disc disease changes and muscle slshoupasm . At the levetal of C3/C4 moderate central disc protrusion was seen. At C4/C5 desciccation of the disc with mild diffuse disck bulge and miled effacement of the anterior thecal sac was seen. At C5/C6, desiccation of the disc with moderate diffuse disc buldge at left more than the right. Mild compression of the C5 nerve roots bilaterally was seen. Mild spinal canal stenosis was seen.

    At C6/C7, descissation of the disc with moderate diffuse disc bulge with extruded disc noted on the left paracentral and postero-lateral aspec t with compression of the left C6 nerve root narrowing of the left neuro foramina was seen moderate spinal canal stenosis was seen.

    For the last two months I am having sever pain in my left hip and and also in my knee. I checked with Orthopedics Surgeon. He advised me for knee Xray , Uric Acid and 2S – OH Vitamin D Test. As per Xray, there is a gap in the knee, uric acid is 2,5 mg/dl, 2S-OH Vitamin D 17.7/mg/ml. Surgeon gave me different pain killers and vitamins. After taking these medicines, I am feeling better.

    I also started to take homeopathic medicine and Gel. After checking on internet and also with the consultation of some homeo doctors, I am using following homeo medicines.
    Rhus toxicodendron 200 and Rhus-Rheuma-Gel N.

    I am also planning to use Colcocynthis 200 with Rhus Tox 200. Please advise me that these medicines are OK or you can advise me some other medicines for sciatica of Dr Schwabe. An early response will be appreciated.

  623. arun pandit says:

    Aggravation by only standingsanding

  624. vinodh kumar says:

    sir my wife age 32 weight 51 kg she got sever pain lower back. both legs foot to top back completed bones also joints pas 06 month pain pas two month on bed no movement and we checking ortho hospital and physthirpe and blood and xry MR scan every thing normal 10 hospitals no one DR not identfication illnes only they proved pain killer and sleping dosage and vitamin tablet waiting for reply mail addreas thinking you vinodh kumar

  625. SUSHMA AGARWAL says:

    Pain in the right lower back.
    Unable to stand or walf comfortable after a period of half an hour to one hour. Back becomes stiff.
    Post midnight, the total back with the upper back becoming very painful.
    Unable to sleep on my back.

  626. syed hasan says:

    It is getting difficult to sit for prayer on jai namaz, a burning pain start in the left foot, coming from buttock to the knee. now feel also that something is blocked in the left leg nerve behind the knee. Kind suggest homeopathy treatment and I am also a diabetic patient.

  627. sikha dutta says:

    acute pain in right side from waist to right leg with electric shock feeling.sometimes feel numbness in the toe.cannot not stand straight and lie in the bed.only can sit in the wooden chair for some times.

  628. Bhola sah says:

    I have spinal chord problem which has my body senceless and lower back pain regularly,both to chest down.
    . so ,please sugggested medicin to me.
    . Bhola sah

  629. R K Prasad says:

    I am 58 years old. I am suffering with lower back pain since so many years. Now the symptoms of lower back pain are as follows.

    1. Left side of the lower back pains heavily.
    2. back to the leftside of the spine also pains
    3. Under the blade of the left side arm pains.
    4. pain intensifies during sitting and standing.
    5. some times pain is so intense, no more sitting is possible
    6.releif comes by resting, lying on the back.
    7. pain releivers does not give any relief.
    Please advise what can be done. is there any homeo remidy for my problem.

  630. inayat luke says:

    I am 75 at present. suffered a long time cough, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Yet the chronic catarrh is not ameliorating completely. but sever most problem is now legs and knee pains while ascending and descending stairs. In the morning on awaking the flanges I find stiff. will you kindly suggest some remedy >?

  631. My age 24.I am suffering from sciatica since 2 months. Homeopathy treatment will helpful or not…how many days it will take to cure…plzz help me

  632. Y Y GOVINDA RAJU says:


    I am 44 years old, I have been suffering from back pain that travels from the left hip and down through the back part of the thigh to the knee, but the pain is not severe. I identified cause of the pain is compression or pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain that centers in the area of the left hip, and some times it may be as tingling. I noticed that pain is increasing when I use staircase.

    And also when certain activities, such as coughing or sneezing is make the pain worse, and also I identified that when I stand for 15 to 20 minutes continuously the pain is increasing from left hip and down through the back part of the thigh to the knee.

    I have taken physiotherapy treatment three months ago and the problem was solved, like when I sit for 5 to 10 minutes and stand the pain occurs and travels through the back part of the left thigh to the foot and gradually reduces within 15 to 20 minutes, and now I am not suffering from such pain.

    I have been taking only homeopathic treatment for the pain which travels from the left hip and down through the back part of the thigh to the knee, like RHUS TOX 30 twice in a day since one month, but there is no that much improvement.

    Please guide me to get rid of these problems once and for all.

    Thanking You Sir,

  633. Rahul Kulshrestha says:

    Sir ,My fathers has a nerve compression in spine and doctor has been advised me to do a operation,but recently I hear about Dr homeo by my friend ,is there a treatment of this disease ?
    kindly help me to advised sir
    thank you

  634. Y Y GOVINDA RAJU says:


    I am 44 years old, I have been suffering from back pain that travels from the left hip and down through the back part of the thigh to the knee, but the pain is not severe. I identified cause of the pain is compression or pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain that centers in the area of the left hip, and some times it may be as tingling. I noticed that pain is increasing when I use steps.

    And also when certain activities, such as coughing or sneezing is make the pain worse, and also I identified that when I stand for 15 to 20 minutes continuously the pain is increasing from left hip and down through the back part of the thigh to the knee.

    I have take physiotherapy treatment three months ago and the problem was solved, like
    when I sit for 5 to 10 minutes and stand the pain occurs and travels through the back part
    of the left thigh to the foot and gradually reduces withing 15 to 20 minutes, and now I am
    not suffering from such pain.

    I have been taking only homeopathic treatment for this, like RHUS TOX 30 twice in a day since one month, but not that much improvement.

    Please guide me to get rid of these problems once and for all.

    Thanking You Sir,

  635. Hi, I have very mild bulge between l5 and s1. I have pain i the back of my right leg starting from buttocks to lowerleg. I have taken epidural and it has gave temporary relief. Then I tried chriopractor, occupational therapist but nothing seems to work. Now, I am having consistent pain and I really appreciate any help from you.


  636. Nidhi Nidhi says:

    Hello sir .i m nidhi..mere papa ko sciatica ka problm asya hai ..unki kamer ki nas dab gayi hai.mri kiya hai..disc l4 l5 me frk aaya hai.papa ko shugr hai..age68 hai..dr ne oprate bola hai..ap batay kya karu..plz rply me as soon as..

  637. MRK REDDY says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since six months I am getting pain at the down of the thai (i.e above the knee righ side and righ side of the feet). And I am unable to bend my leg now. Please suggest me the good momeopathy medicine which will cure and do my daily routine smoothly.

    best regards
    mrk reddy

  638. Kalmia 200
    Arnica 30
    Rhus tox 30
    Bryonia 30
    Natrum mur 1m
    Calf flour 30 side effects of using this combination

  639. waqas vicky says:

    Hi Dr.
    I’m Waqas from Pakistan.I have sciatica pain since 18 months due to heavy body building in gym.It was started from back pain and after four months its shifted down to my legs now I can’t able to walk and stand easily.I consult so many Doctors and they gave me a lot of medicines but all in vain.I did my MRI lumber spine test and reports told that My L5 disc has pinched a nerve which is why I’m suffering from pain.I am an athlete and I can’t live with this pain so far I want to heal soon.So guide me about this problem that how can I cure and become perfect that I could able walk run and do exercise easily again.
    Waiting for your response.
    Waqas Vicky

  640. iam taking rush tox 200 &mag phos 12x&ledum pal 200 how i can take

  641. Attah Nelson says:

    I am 25 years of age..
    I feel sharp pain in my waist/hip and also in the
    vein that runs through the side of my right knee.
    I really need your help..

  642. helen ngau says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am writing on behalf of my mum & my dad
    My mum
    she will be 79 years old in August 2015. She has complaint the pain in both of her legs – the pain will travel down to her feet and later it will became numb. She has been going to see doctors after giving jab – it feel ok but later it will come back again. The doctor also mentioned that she has low blood or enough blood.

    My dad
    He is 83 years old. He was having heart problem. Doctor mentioned that his blood cannot he dilute or cannot be thickened. he was on medication and quarterly medical checkup on his condition.

    Dr Sharma , what are causes and what the remedies for my mum and my dad.

    Thank you

  643. Susan Hsue says:


    My mom is 63 years old. From the past few months she is suffering pain in her legs. It is like electric pain. When she sits for a long time and then when she gets up the suddenly she has this pain for a very long time. after sleeping also when she gets up then she has this pain. The pain starts from her thighs to the lower part of her right leg. Can you please advice some remedy for my mom.

    Thanks & Regards

  644. Nigamananda Sahoo says:

    My disc between L4 and L5 slipped science one and half year .I felt acute pain on my left back and radiant pain on my right back. Now I felt acute sciatica pain in my both leg .Please help me .Thank you .

  645. H c Singh says:

    I am 74 year old male. For the last one month I have developed pain in the left leg calf. There is no pain and numbness while sitting or lying but once I stand numbness and tingling develops. When walking some distance pain starts in the right calf preventing walking. When sitting in vajrasan pain subsides when. The calf is pressed.. Some relief is observed from hot water bottle compress. I am taking Mag phos 3x, and a combination medicines of Acon 6, colocynthis 30, graphl allium 30 and phyto 30 but not getting desired result. Will you kindly suggest what should be done.
    Physically I have sound health. I have been doing regular morning lwalk and yoga sans for about one and a half hour regularly. My morning walk stands discontinued for this problem. I am constitutionally the subject of Lycopodium and in the past I have got benefits from it in temporary problems. I have no chronic problems except moderate BP for which I am taking Craetagus Q and Rouvolfia Q 10 drops each in the morning.
    Hope for your response.

  646. Mahinder Singh Bedi Age 62 says:

    Please suggest me medicine for Sciatica i am already L4 L5 disc operated some 23 years ago. This problem is for the last one year sir. Please suggest.Thanking you

  647. s k vasiashta says:

    Dear Doctor

    I could not take MRI on sciatica on account of Claustrophobia. the pain is more than one month old and affects right leg–hip, thigh, and calf region. i also doubt if it is sciatica or something else. plz advise treatment


  648. rajendra singh says:

    my mother aged 70 year suffering from back pain from hip to bottom .she are not able to standing from last four months .please help and suggest any treatment for her.

  649. Prasad Vempati says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering with back pain and sciatic nerve pain from the last 6 months. I haven’t tried any medicines so far. I was doing some exercises and some times take pain killers. I would like to go for a treatment. I was going through internet I found your article and the treatment method. I will be in Hyderabad for another week and go to Canada. Is it possible to have a meeting with you or without that you can help in treating it?

  650. Amit kumar says:

    mild compression of nurve root in L3-L4 :L4-L5 & L5 S1…….Acute Lumbago……not able to walk starts pinching in lower back after 3 to 5 min of walking…weight de kar baith nai pata…indian toilet me nai baith sakta…nd sometimes leg me kuch feeling

  651. mehjabeen says:

    Dr.sharma,namaste, my problem is that I am sugar patient,now feeling severe pain from my backbone to the lower part of leg,feeling weakness,someone say that you have arqunnisa pain.Please advise me what to do keeping in mind that I am a sugar and hbp patient.thanksI am late fourtees.

  652. Arvinder kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 40 year old , from one year ago i am suffering pain in my left hip goes to down in foot . In MRI reports it shows L5 S1 compress the roots of nerves . I have taken alopathy medicine which gives me relief. But some time pain start. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine.
    Thanks & regards

  653. Santosh Yadav says:

    Sir, I am suffering from pain back of the knee the pain I feel as a special nerve is affecting from back side of my right leg. It is also very difficult to stand up. I this regard I desire please advice me what we should and what is the disease name please.

  654. Dr. Sashi Sekhar Biswal says:


    My age is 35 and I am in a job. I have to sit 10 hr. in the office every day. Last 10 days I am suffering in acute pain in Knee to foot of left leg. So, it is a request that if possible kindly prescribe exact medicine to cure.
    Thank you,

  655. Mrs Sunetra Marathe says:

    My husband (53 age) has detected pancrease Cancer in advance stage in last month. He also has the problem of ostoporosis & low bone density. Now due to weakness dr told not to take decision of Chemo.He is on pain management only. He has Medicine like gabantin 300+100, Crocin 2, domstal, gerbisa, concore 5mg, coversil. In month of Feb,March, April2015 he has brain strokes. So Clegzine inj. & ecosprin tab 75mg. is continued for 3 months due to DVT problem in left leg. But now there is no swolen in leg he can walk slowly. But in night time 2 to 5-30 am he is restless due to pain in lower back. He can’t sleep. When I give him dynaper tab. than is gate comfort & he sleep for an hour.
    I want to ask you, is there any medicine in homeopathy which is eqivalant to dynaper tab. ? I will give him whenever he gate back pain.

  656. ashok tiwari says:

    pairo , kulha avm kamar me bahut dard hai . dard kamar se dhire-dhire badha hai , uthne baithne me bahut dard hota hai ? kya dawa le ..

  657. HI, Doctor i am 7 months pregnent and i am having too much pain in back.pain move with movement.pain is on my left hip to under knee.i had apidural 2 years ago.also i have minoe thelesemia,and hypothiriod.kindly tell me homeopathic med.thanks

  658. N. S Khan says:

    Dear, Sharma
    I am 63 years and have.a severe Sciatica pain in my hip and back area of lower part of my left leg. Pain is so severe that I can not walk and stand for some time.
    Please suggest me the Homeopathic Medicin.

    N. S Khan

  659. My father age apx 67 .he is suffering from vein compressed problem for the vein that come to legs from hip side. 2.5yrs back got operation in AIIMS too for uplifting vein but not success.he has lots of homeopathy ayurvedic etc treatment .now his condition become worse day by day. He is not able to move . Now he is also feeling numbness in his hand too.but he has no pain in his legs as legs become almost dead . Is there any proper guidence . Is this MND decease

  660. arvind dubey says:

    dear sir
    i am suffering from slip disk and there is no any pain right now but my left leg is not working properly .tell me what can i do

  661. gulshan singh says:

    hi Dr.

    I have the same condition explained above, I have a sciatica Pain that travels from the lower back or from the hip through the back part of the thigh to the lower part of the leg or to the foot and right outer portion of the right foot is numb.

    Request advice some medicine to get relief from pain.

  662. Rogemar Cinco says:

    Good Day Doc,

    I am 32 years old and I am experiencing sciatica pain for almost 1 year and a half, It all started when I bought the Ab King Pro exercise equipment for my abs, and I felt pain after that, immediately I stopped it but the pain keeps going on and even worse, my only remedy is to take painkiller which I am still using up to now. It results from ruptured disc on my l4-l5 and it is dessicated, I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, water therapy but I am not getting any better, I also tried the root sleeve block, which they inject steroid. It is really hard for me to walk, to sit down, to drive as it is really painful from my left buttocks up to the calf of my foot.. can you please tell me how does homeopathy can help with my case and what are the treatments to be done…
    I am hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks and God bless!

  663. Sir

    My father has pain in back that comes to left leg (Sciatica) . This problem is around 2 years now. Is there any positive treatment in Homeopathy????????

    Pls guide????

  664. Kiran shirsath says:

    Dear Sharma sir
    I am 32 years old. I am in crpf para military. I have lumber disk problem & hip, disk pain from last 5 years please help me sir.

    Thanking you sir
    Kiran Shirsath

  665. Sir i have unbearable pain in my legs !!. Just cant sit and stand more than 15 minutes!!.please help me

  666. yash bajaj says:

    My age is 29 yrs I am suffering from lower back pain .I went to the doctor and then suggested for mri .they said that this is first stage of slip disc u can lose down your. 10-15 kg weight in six. Month and take rest for at least 3 months your problem will resolve about. 80% but. There is suddenly pain in my left leg and hips so what is the solution can slip disc removes permanently by homeopathy treatment
    Suggested medicines my weight is 85 kg male

  667. Vasudha kulkarni says:

    My mother 85years old has sciatica in right leg .along with pain killers I consulted my Dr friend and started bryonia.ledunpal.magfoss.arnica.rhustox.colosynth.hypericum.and gnaphlicum 200 .pain has reduced but
    pain is there (slight) can’t sleep in nights .feels uneasy.

  668. asha kanna says:

    i get pain in left hip & lower leg on getting up from bed in the morning. that time i can not put my left foot down on the floor. after one or two hours the pain gets lesser an then start getting almost normal.
    pl advice. i go to gym do cycling for half an hour., treadmill for 10 minutes at speed of 4. i also o knee walla machine.. i have unergone slip disk problem three times few years back. i am 63 years old active person.

  669. nagendra says:

    Dear sir
    I have suffering sciatic nerve pain in past 2 months. How relife this nerve pain so i need suggetion

  670. zulfiqar ali says:

    sir i m suffering from the back pain disk4,5…. it is very difficult for me to walk… sir what should i do? plz guide me. thanx

  671. chavan.G G says:

    I have sciatic problem.the neurosergen gives opinion of surgeory.

  672. nisar ahmad says:

    Dr. sharma has no knowledge about homeopathic treatments when I contacted him he sent me 3 months supply with no result when I contacted him again he said he has no more knowledge about the problems I have he just send some sweet pills and make money.

  673. Hi sir
    I am 42 years old I have pain from hip to heel right side. Doctor said this is scitica.
    Please sugest me best treatment.

  674. Dear Sharma,

    My gae is 32 years. I am having slipped disc in l4 and l5. I have sciatica pain from past 5 years. Please advice the good medicine for my sciatica pain. I have pain in both the legs up to down the feet. I have taken pain killers but that is not solving the problem. Please advice good homeopathic medicine and diet to cure.


  675. boosa srikanth says:

    hi sir

    am 30 years old , my work is a desk job and also i can move freely in office also..

    problem: lower back pain , buttocks also paining , left leg pain , neck pain

    i have consulted many doctors (except homeopathy) but no use..and now my consulting doctor is from yashoda he is a spine surgeon , he suggested me to do daily exercise and not to go for surgery ..

    when i do exercise am feeling OK , but due to some reasons am daily doing 50 kms trave by bus,
    now the pain is increasing …if pain is heavy then i use joint act DN tab(doctor suggested).

    am suffering from scatica from last 4 years ..

    and i have few doubts::
    1) do we expect permanent solution from Homeopathy treatment..
    2) where is the location
    3) duration of treatment
    4) how it is different from regular treatment.
    5) any side effects
    6) cost
    7) any assurance for treatment (pl don’t think other way)

    and finally pl forgive if i ask any thing wrong ..

    thank u..

    expecting reply

  676. gita prasad says:

    DEAR Doctor,
    I have pain in the left leg-starting from the lower back left through the left heap down the thai(opposite) upto the knee and below the knee. Sometimes, I don’t have any problem and feel very happy withot pain(burning sensation). But most of the time, low to high burning sensation persists. It started after my operation of removal of uterus in oct 2010. Since then it is troubling me.
    Sometimes, I can not sleep during day or night time due to burning sensation in the left leg. How can i GET RELEIF FROM THIS??


  677. neeraj kumar says:

    I am 23 years old I am suffering from sciatica in left leg for 1 year I am eat homeopathy medicine colocynthis 200CH and bryonia 1M but pain is continued not relief I have big problem plz help me.

  678. mukesh kumar says:

    Sir meri
    MRI report me spine me nerve press ho rhi h jisse pain ho to leg me.
    Treatment btao. Plz..

  679. champalal Rajpurohit says:

    Sir my name is champalal I am 34 years I have pain before 3 years I will taken ayurvedic treatment and some problem cure but now I have problem now right leg buts and below thyes. . and some times come electric socks now I am teking Homeopathy medicine local in Kurnool but not responsing full. So please

  680. when i sit then later on i stand i got button and hips pain and difficult to walk.what could be a problem im 9 mnth pregnant.

    when i take a walk also i get some pain on my abdomen what the problem

  681. Dear sir Can homeopathy help me to cure buttstock ? What are the cause of buttstock in male,and how it can be cure? I have low immunity… And suffer from caugh normally…but from last 2 month I am suffering from buttstock

  682. Dear dr my mother is about 42 yrs old and she is slightly fat having waight about 75 kgs .she is suffering a pain in both legs and lower weast plz give me a solution for this.

  683. Sushant verma says:

    Dear sir : my father he is 65 year old . he have problem in his right leg like vibration from last 2year I have provide treatment to many doctors but today his is same condition my request to u plz give me right suggestion to control his pain …… Thanks : Sushant verma

  684. Dr sharmaji
    I am having sciatica pain in left side.i feel weakness in my left leg. Feel walking unsteady and difficulty while getting up when sitting kindly suggest some good homeo medicine

    I am slim fair 70 years old no diabetics yes I take medicine AMLONG 10mg for BP daily

    Kindly advice should I continue taking homeo cal and what other medicine for my sciatica pain
    I would like to mention that I had stomach proble it is bloated after taking food and feel pain in upper abdomen

  685. I am having sciatica pain in left side.i feel weakness in my left leg. Feel walking unsteady and difficulty while getting up when sitting kindly suggest some good homeo medicine

    I am slim fair 70 years old no diabetics yes I take medicine AMLONG 10mg for BP daily

    Kindly advice should I continue taking homeo cal and what other medicine for my sciatica pain
    I would like to mention that I had stomach proble it is bloated after taking food and feel pain in upper abdomen

  686. please check me

  687. Rajinder Sachdeva says:

    Sir I am 54 yes. I am suffering from cronin pain in my right foot and ankle for 2 months.As per my MRI report is Bulge disc with dessicassion is seen from L3-L4 to L5 -S1 level. I have taken meedicies and therapy for one month.I have relief from muscular stresses and 20 % relief from foot pain.At this stage what do you suggest Sir.?

  688. Lokesh khanna says:

    Respected sir , I am goin through pain in my
    Left leg only usually in the whole leg but more to
    Towards area below knee …. I don’t knw wether
    It is due to acidity or some other reason
    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine to
    Cure it ….

  689. Dear sir,

    I am suffering from lower back pain from past 2 years. My age is just 25. Pain is severe during sleeping and sitting position.I went to appola, they are asking to take MRI treatment. Please help me, how can I back to original condition.

  690. I am 27 years old and my wight is 60kg like to loss weight by homeopathic medicine or drop how about Dr.bhashi B 28 plz advice something sir

  691. anthony dickson says:

    dear sir sharma , please help my father has been suffering from sciatica for the pass eight month n cannot walk nor stand pls which of the drugs will be better to cure dis sickness thanks.

  692. Kuldeep Ojha says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am suffering from sciatica in both sides, the pain has been increased beyond tolerate label, pain was happening while standing for long time, but, it has been started while lying down in a normal posture or driving bike with sensation and burning, I lives in Dehradun, I need your guidance to be treated it, so, it could be cure forever.

  693. soumojit de says:

    hello sir. few months ago i feel severe pain in my soulders and arms. then i contact a doctor for it . after examine he told me to do a xray. the report says that i have cervical spondylosis. sir kindly tell me about homeopathic remedies. how, when and what homeopathic medicine should i use for it? thank u.

  694. deborah paschal says:

    Pls sir, my mum is of aged and she is having dis shock from her waist to her foot, wit sharp pains that is stoping her from walking. What. Kind of treatment will I give her

  695. bkanuradha says:

    I have been suffering fron lower back sciatica pain for thr past 5 months after panchakarma now using sciatin drops minims 33for by near dr advice. Please give your advice.

  696. Sir. I am 73 yr old. Few days back I injured my rt knee and had swelling. Now swelling has subsided but as per symptoms described in yr web site. I feel to be having severe psin on back side of my leg between knee &tow which is sciatica psin.
    I will be grateful if you could advise on this.
    RN Misra

  697. Dr. Dharma
    I am 46 years old. I am a teacher. May you please help me with the problem under written.

    My left foot is numb especially the big toe and two other toes following the big one. The outside of the left leg is also sometimes feels numb but right at the bottom from the foot. Sometimes the waist line aches and causes both the legs to ache and it becomes difficult for me to walk. I usually pushes myself to walk and do some work. I am attending physiotherapy and do some exercises assigned, l will be better for that sfeyrnoon but after say two to three hours pain starts again. May you please help.

  698. rajkumar says:

    Sir, muje lest year January se back pain h.. M.R.I. Report me.. “disc desiccation with diffuse disc bulge at L2-3 & L4-5 levies causing moderate bilateral lateral recess stenosis and. Mild
    of traversing nerve roots.” aaya h … Doctor. Surgery Ki advice. De rehe h .lekin me nehi krana chats Hu .aap hi kuch advice dejiye..plz.

  699. I am suffering from sciatica. The pain (very severe)travels from the lower left back right till the sole of the foot.
    Kindly advise.

  700. Corinne Parkinson says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have L4-L5 herniated discs from injury/fall 45 years ago. I am now 78. Last 6 months take Curcumin 1500mg; Magnesium complex 1124 mg and Finitro forte plus(Glucosamine500mg, Boswellia 125mg, etc). No other medication. Move around very well in comparison to othersd.
    Winter -cold affects it so bad, sometimes cannot leave bed without screaming.
    Is there any other solution than surgery?
    Gratefully yours

  701. visalakshi. 64 years old. says:

    Sir!namaste! Posterocentral prolapse of
    L4-L5 disk & wedge compression of D12
    Vertebra most likely due to old trauma . This is scanning report from vijaya hospital chennai.lhave much & more pain left side of the hip to leg.pls sir help me and suggest suitable treatment..Thank you sir

  702. Manmeet Singh says:

    Hi Doc,

    As per my doc im suffering from L5 sciatica . Ive rested for 13 days n was back to my work.. no heavy weight or sport but its been abt 40 days n still there is pain the min I stop taking my pain killers… what should I do further.. pls suggest… im wearing belt n also doing physiotherapy.

  703. U K Dwivedi says:

    I have been attacked by Sciatica for the first time. Please inform me which homeopathic medicine of what strength with the specified doses I should consume and for how many days. Shall be extremely grateful. I live at Noida, U.P. I am about 66 years’ old.

  704. Shyamdas. T says:

    I am 53 yr old male having sciatica since last 2 yrs. I took allopathic medicines and felt better for a yr. Recently it started giving me pains from my lower back to my left foot. X ray showed prolapsed disc ( last 5 ). The pain killers prescribed by the doctor made acute constipation for me. To regulate my bowel movement they gave milk of magnesia, dulcolax, glycilax, suppositories and then enema medicines. Nothing worked really. I am in terrible distress bcz of back pain & constipation. Is there a way out in homeo medicines.? Is it really effective? Kindly advise me.

  705. sreejyothi says:

    sir my age is 25 i have a problem that i cannot breathe properly and i have a fear to go outside because i may felldown anywhere sometimes i am getting impudence also this problem has been started 1 year ago i have taken relaxin tablets for 2 months what is the reason behind that can i become a normal person

  706. Dear sir,
    I am suffering from left leg pain ..Most of it is in the buttok i consulted ortho specialist one monthback he preferd mri in mri scan suggests that there is nerve press and a pathogen in spine.he predicted it as tuberculosis pathogen gave medicine.even after a month there is no change in my Condition.what should I do now?

  707. Pan kanwar chaplot says:

    My mother get operated for lumber spine problem,11yrs back now again she is having numbness and oedema feet,unable to walk even 30-40meters,is there any solution,she is 76 yrs old

  708. I am sciatica patient (lower back pain only), pain in elbows, persistent severe throat infection, blocked nose, cervical spondylitis , excessive body heat. Suggest me permanent medicine or remedy.

  709. Hi I have had headaches and stiffness of the neck with burning down back and hands with pins and needles.
    MRI shows at c4/5 c5/6 circumferential disc osteophyte complex causing mild canal stenosis indenting the anterior aspect of the tecal sac. There is moderate right foraminal stenosis.
    C7/t1 has small broadbased posterior disc protusion with mild canal stenosis and indentation fo the anterior thecal sac. Is there anything I can do with this naturally? thank you

  710. Hello Sir
    My mother age about 60 year she is suffering pain in left waist, knee, leg, toe from long time she can not move without another help. she is very fatty. please suggest me medicins in homeopath.

  711. Sir
    I am Advocate and i am suffering from back pain since 4 month .in 2003 i am suffering from L3 and L5 Injury in spine .some homeo medicine cure me

  712. Aijaz Hussain says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma sb,

    I have scaitica pain in my left leg&cough starting from hip to ankle for three months due to scaitica pain. I went through all Standard treatments. No treatments are helping me. Can you
    help me to relief my miserable pain.If you need any further informations ,please inform
    me.Thanking in anticipation.


  713. I and suffering from pain likely to sciatica since 2-3 years and feel pain often in the right side of back of right knee. This pain goes down and up also . Please let me know the remedy.

  714. R K SHARMA says:

    Dear Sir, My wife is 59 years old and suffering from Diabetes, thyroid (TSH ONLY), and survical.
    She is having 120 kg wt. and always in sleeping mode. During night also, she will sit and kept sleeping
    without knowingly. Can you suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine for her.
    with regards.




  716. Miss.Junmit says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    On behalf of Miss.Junmit, she is suffering sciatica pain in her left legs since long. Due to pain, she has to use ‘ DYNAPAR QPS PLUS ‘ in affected area. A few year back some Homoepathic medicine got relief. Is there any Homoeopathic medicine to complete healing
    of her pain.
    Pl suggest the names of Homeopathic medicine for her to heal completely.
    We shall remain grateful to you.


    West Bengal.

  717. Humerah Sayeed says:

    I am a 44 yr old , 88 kg woman with 3 children, 17, 14, 11. i have a hard nodule on my left thyroid for the last 14 yrs. I am euthyroid. Dr says it’s a cyst on the thyroid and has to be operated. That’s the only option. I have
    started homeopathy as soon as this was discovered but no result. I am having calcarea flor for so many years. More over I have a breast adimona for 25 yrs now on the right. Do you suggest any medicine?however there is no pain of any sort in these areas. I have a pain that starts from my right hip and travels to my feet when ever I lie down. My sleep becomes disturbed. Is it Scythia? Pls help me with some medicine with their exact doses, I can buy them locally.

  718. i am suffering sciatica and joyant pain .my left leg is feeling numbness burnig and pain .if i do any work in my hand my chest felt pain and burning.sleep problem also .this problem start from last 6 months .plz dr. Help me .i went dr. Before and dr. gave xray and refort is sciatica and artheritis pain .

  719. Sir,
    My penis’s holl in lower (down) side If can be possible that this holl in middle in my penis.

    Sir give me suggested.

  720. mamta singh says:

    Sir I am suffering from sciatica in right leg pain starts from right side of my hip to the end of the leg . O m 44 years old.
    Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine .

  721. B K Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from the last month waist pain. Last month pain is in left hand side of waist and this month the pain is existing only in right hand side. In December 2014 I have heart problem so that NGO plast operation has been done. I do not know but I think so that after NGO plast operation I have been complication of waist pain.

    Sir, Please suggest whatever you think better.

    B K Sharma, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad – 826 004

  722. Parimala says:

    I am 44 years old and suffering from L4and L5 disc herination due to which I feel my sciatica nerve pinched and causing pain in my left leg and lower back…. Can u please suggest me some medication in homeopathy…..appreciate ur help in this.

    Thank u so much

  723. john lobo says:

    Doctor my mum is 72 years old and she is having seviwr pain in the hip side after walking some distance and she gets bent in the front side.she stand one minute then she walks due to pain in the doctor help me what treatment shall i do for my mum. she is having this pain from last two months.

  724. PAWAN KUMAR says:


  725. Rohit Jaggi says:

    Dear Doctor, I am suffering from Sciatic pain for the last five months. I am regularly going for physiotherapy and undertaking back strengthening exercises, however the s nagging pain continues in my buttock and right calf. There is no pain in my back. Can u pl suggest homeopathic medicine to treat this problem.



  726. ShalinI singh says:

    My height is 5.6
    Weight 78
    Age 30 yes
    I am suffering from sciatica pain from last 4 yrs in which I have taken allopathy medicines.homeopathy and many more but nothing worked out.pls help me as I am a mother of 4 ur old kid.
    I have a shooting pain in right leg which increases when I sit.stand or walk more than 10 mins.
    I also face problem when I sleep at night and have to change sides the pain increases a lot.hope I have given ample of information in order to get help from you.
    Thx Shalini

  727. sc sharma says:

    l5s1 problem persists? using drox 24 at present. May like to have your valuable suggestions pl/

  728. I am suffering from severe sciatica pain L4 n L5 dislocated n sciatic nerve compressed thus severe pain in my left hip n back side of thigh generally till knee.kindly help me out of this severe pain.

  729. mahtabuddin ahmad says:

    after walking continuously for 7-10 mins my right leg starts becoming heavy and then it becomes numb. thereafter i have to sit down and after sitting for 3-4 mins. the numbness goes away.
    pl. help me by your kind suggestions.
    thank you

  730. Nirmal Singh sembi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I am 76 years old retired officer living in Mohali (Punjab). I am 5ft 10 inches weighting about 70 kg. I have knee pain in both knees for the last about five years. Almost all systems of medicines tried and pain still exists. Now the sciatica pain has started in my left side. Standing straight is very painful. It has started five six days back. Pl. suggest some good homeo remedy. All my pathology tests are within safe limits. Thanks.

    Nirmal Singh Sembi

  731. M.chandrasekhara rao says:

    Sir,iam Medical practisanor My age 40 years suffering from back pain for one month. That pain comes veary heavy moves to festivals so please give our valubul medicine for homeo sir

  732. amber batham says:

    Sir im 20 year old and i’m suffring from sciatica pain since last 15 month. I cant afford surgry plz help me what can i do…???

  733. pravin kumar says:

    I am 36 years old,have pain in lower leg and back side.this is painful for me because I am sales person and running every day by bike.

  734. abul Kalam azad says:

    At first pain hota tha back or two leg me. Medicine me relief hogaya samthing. Spain me injections push korne ke bad pain relief huya. Fir Spain pain jayada hogaya. Is Spain pain se relief Milne ke mangtahu. Thank you.

  735. Mona anand says:

    i m 42 Yrs old..i m suffering from slip disc n compressed nerve root for past 3 Months..on painkillers n lyrica 75mg morning evening..but not much relief.
    i m having a severe pain in the backside of my right leg starting from hip to ankle..but no numbness or tingling sensation. The pain is so bad i can hardly walk or stand..pls help

  736. Mr Chaudhry says:

    Dear doctor I am nearly seventy five years suffering with diabetic type 2 controled by tablets I am having sever pain in my both Lowe legs ie (calves) before was only at night time like leg cramps but now it is all the time and my leg muscle has Ben waisted lot legs are very thin now,I keep rubbing different type of creams and oils for pain relief which do help for a short time.Though I got knee pain and my feet are acking some tome very old and burning ,tilling sensation, it looks like it is the nerve system which is causing all that misery. Due to cramps leg pain I can not sleep well, I have other problem of prostate enlargement for witch I take one capsule Tamsulosin MR 400mg with that I have no problem,I drink lot of water and I have to urinate many time during day and few times during night. I am non drinker of alcohol and am non smoker . Please advise and prescribe any medicine for pain relief and also for diabetic and prostate if you can I shall be very grateful to you ,thank you

  737. khalid mehmood says:

    G Dr. sb i am suffering from Sciatica since 04-months and the allamaat are same as diagnoses by all the concerned Doctors ( i.e. lower back pain with right leg pain lower side and two finger of foot also silent (soun), please advice the medice of Homeo in pakistan

    I am very thankfull to u

  738. Mahlodi Thupana says:

    Sciatic pain severe from hip, bum, thigh, leg. Doing walk excercise when moderate. What do you recommend?

  739. Anoop Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering with back pain thouout my left leg since 5 moths. Please advice any injection to treat this pain. Pain starting from my back and get into leg.

  740. neha kumari barnwal says:

    Sir i am 22 years old and having sciatic problem that had started from lower back and now it came to feet n hand. I am doing exercises regularly n sometimes i got relieve but sometimes it pains alot:-( i just want to know that is there any permanent cure for sciatica pain treatment in homeopathic or not??…can regular exercise can help me to get cured permanently?

  741. Malathi Nayak says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 43 year old female, suffering from low back pain since 2 months. my MRI reports shows

    L4-L5 – Mild diffuse disc bulge seen indenting upon thecal sac. No e/o nerve root compression seen.
    L5-S1: Mild diffuse disc bulge. No e/o nerve root compression.
    Vertebral bodies are normal in height, alignment and signal intensity.
    Rest of intervertebral discs are normal in morphology and signal intensity.
    Spinal cord is normal in signal intensity.
    Paravertebral soft tissues are normal in signal intensity

    Please suggest me homeopathy medicines and how to get rid of the severe pain

  742. Dipak Bhattacharya says:

    I am suffering from sciatica as diagnosed by my doctor. I have been prescribed Calcium tablets and “AXOGAOURD”. He has also advised Yoga, which I have started (last 7 days) . I get a radiating pain on the right side from my buttocks right to my calf muscle. Pain also appears on the left side too but occasionally. It becomes difficult for me to walk and I get numbness of my foot and feel weak in the legs. I have been told that homeopathy has medicine for immediate relief. I seek you advice as I am 68 years old but I was having good active habits, playing tennis at club level. I miss it very much.

  743. M.K.Day says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 80 years old man. I am diabetic and insulin dependent and blood sugar remains in normal limits. I used to walk 3to4 miles almost every day and I used to enjoy my walking. About four years ago I started feeling pain around my waist and travel down through the back of right leg. After about a month later I started feeling numbness around the waist and down the legs. In no time I found it difficult to walk more than 50/60 feet. I was prescribed Colocynth and it did miracle on me. I lost all the pain in no time. But it reappeared again in few months time and this time Colocynth did not work I was given Rhustox and Hypernicum but nothing worked. At present I cannot walk from one room to another. Physiotherepy in not showing any result.Please help me Doctor.Eargerly awaiting your reply.

  744. Hello. i have sciatica nerve which pulls while im standing/laying down or sitting. Its only on right right. Starts from hip area n goes down to thigh n comes front on my leg. i hav no idea what to do. Im so much in pain.. And i have these varicose veins behind of my leg. Do i need lazor surgery done. if i do will these nerve stop getting pull?

  745. Umesh Kumar says:

    My Father is suffering from sciatica since one year. We took all kind of treatment, but no relief in pain. He has a pain in his left leg only when he is walking and also has numbness in his foot thumb. Can you suggest how homeopathy help us.

  746. Ahmad Karim says:

    I have diebatiese from 15 years and Scoliosis from 5 years and my back portion bend and 24 hers. pain in back.
    Please advice Scoliosis is curable

  747. Hello sir. I am 30 yr old. From last fifteen day I have pain in my left leg during standing and walking. I have taken medicine like diclofinac MR ,gpopro, unimat lc ,

  748. pushpender singh says:

    Sar my left leg is high pain my disck sliping L4
    &L5 i hav yous for neurobin plus tab in continew 3 month ihave presint time 60/ recvar but pin is always plis sugest homiyo pathik trit ment so thanks sar

  749. Tapashi Ghose says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My self, female, aged 41, feel pain in left side postirior thigh & lower limbs. The pain is severe when I sit on floor & start to get up. There is continuous pain & now a days I feel pain in both lower legs.
    There is a small tumor type felt in left hip also & our local homeo doctor is treating me since last 6 months. There has been relief from pain, but temporarily.
    The pain also occurs while I lie down, but for some time.
    Can you please suggest a medicine for permanent cure? I do exercise a bit also like stretching etc. Awaiting your response please.

  750. jade williams says:

    I fell two days ago and hit my back I am not having pain in my back but my head is hurting I need to see a doctor

  751. Hello doctor,

    I have Scitica.Pls suggest me the remedies.


  752. PRASHANT says:

    Sir, i am 44 yrs (Male) . my job is sitting in the office for last 8 months i am having pain on the left side from hip to toe . i feel heaviness in my left leg while walking and restless some time in sleeping. also having pain on my back while sitting on floor or problem in standing up from the floor .
    please guide or prescribe some medicine although i was prescribe vitamin E CAPSULE PLUSE Neurokind.this help me up to some extent.

  753. S.S.Dhiraj says:

    Sir, My daughter (31 years old) is suffering from back, leg and foot pain due to disc L-5 problem and having TB symptom are taking allopathy treatment from a reputed hospital in delhi. When she sits, having severe leg pains. Is there any homeopathy medicine which can be given her alongwith allopathy medicine. Please advise me. I shall be highly thankful to you.

  754. sp saha says:

    my grand daughter aged 17 yrs is suffering from initial sictic pain in legs ,sometimes she feel senseless on
    some part of her body,pl advise.

    Thanks with regards.

  755. laxman singh says:

    Dear Sir
    My wife is now a days feeling the SCIATICA problem recently it has started from 1 month ago kindly suggest the medicine and the preacution
    thanks and Regards
    Laxman singh shekhawat

  756. Partha sarathi Dash says:

    Sir, I am 51 year old, height 168 cm , weight 75kg.I have been feeling the pain like siatica.Doctor asks for X-Ray, which shows no such symptom.But pain is not reducing even after taking allopathic medicine Pragbalin 75 for last 25 days. Please advise me the homoepathic way , if any.

  757. parul tyagi says:

    Sir, I am 29 years old …I am having sciatica problem ,feel so much pain in both d leg s,n back…plz tell me can homeopathy treatment cure it or not.if yes how

  758. Sulabh Garg says:

    Diffuse discbulgewith prominent ligamentum flavum l4-5level indenting the thecal sac both l5 traversing nerve roots with b/l slight neural recess stenosis.diffuse disc bulge with left paracentral discprotrusion at l5-s1 level compressing the thecal sac,left s1 traversing nerve root with indentation of right s1 traversing nerve root and moderate central canal stenosis

  759. Sir,

    I am 31 year old & I am suffering from pain in left side Buttock to back thy & to lower part of my leg from last one year. Pain starts after sitting 10 minutes or lying on bed for same time . please guide me to get rid of this problem.

  760. shashi kumar says:

    Have pain due to sciatica on my both legs. Cannot stand for Long and sit at all. Taking pain medication to relieve pain . Can you suggest any homeopathic med to treat this? Also will it work in conjunction with allopathic pain med .e. can this problem cure completely.

    plz reply as soon as possible

  761. J.C.B Nagajayachandra says:

    Sir Greetings from Nagajayachandra,

    I would like to put my severe problem which I am suffering with severe Low back,joint pains all over joint in body.For last Two months even I am unable to walk.I have been suffering with severe Low back for last 6 years. But the joint pain are for last six months only.In 2010 October I was operated for L4,S5 disc.So I request you Is there any remedy to get rid of there severe pain. please suggest sir.

    Thanking you sir,
    J.C.B Nagajayachandra,

  762. Clotilde OXFORD says:

    Dr.Sharma I am 77 years old and i have Sciatica problem. I have a MRI report 3-03-15.
    There is 1 retrolisthesis T 12 on L1 and L1 on l12 .Grade 1 retrolisthesis on L2 L3 Gade 1 anterolisthesis L4 L5 There is multilevel loss of disc space height and sisc desiccation of loss space height most evident at L4-5. The pain is on the right leg the knee and the foot and the big toe. I am very healthy and never take any medication. I am from Argentina and my family is Italian i always took homeopathic medicine, I am taking belladonna what else can i take to inprove my health or my pain, Thank you very much .Sincerely Clotilde Oxford

  763. Purshotam Behl says:

    Pain in left thigh and buttocks left side

  764. Ajeet Shukla says:

    Sir i am 34 year old and suffering from lumber spodilitis grade 1 at L4 S1 .from 10 year .in between i had taken many consultation and traetment from SGPGI Lucknow .and homeopath medical college Lucknow. but till date no fruitfull results .kindly suggest how it cure.

  765. back paing due to slip dics

  766. M. Ali Raja says:

    Respected Sir

    I read out your article and found very healthy information over there.

    As my wife is suffering in the same disease from the last four (04) years and now pain is transferring from hips to legs lower portion.

    I have visited an Orthopedic Surgeon in a well know Family hospital “National Hospital Lahore” but there is no relief in pain.

    Sir, can you suggest us any other type of medicine in homeopathic

    Waiting for your kind response,

    Warm Regards
    M. ALI

  767. Pankaj Jain says:

    I am 54 years old, Wt- approx. 70 Kg, Ht.- 5.5.1/2″, otherwise physically and mentally fit, believes in natural cures and hardly had consumed medicines. However, it appears that during my engineering days in 1980 I had small fall on hip (trying to kick the wall for Karate practice) but there was no pain etc, again in 1984 at BARC Hostel while doing morning exercise in hurry – tried to touch my feet forward bending – had some sound followed by back pain which was subsequently ok with diathermy etc, again in 1996 while preparing to catch train in Mumbai with family pain started due to stress and bending etc, it was detected as slip disc at L5-S1 level – it was Ok after 2 weeks rest. Later had few relapse which may be due to two wheeler riding or other reasons – was ok after rest and physiotherapy – (homeopathy, yoga & brathing exercise). I always consider myself completely fit, even used to ride bi-cycle few Km in the morning about a monthe back.

    I am employed with transferable job, quite sitting on computer, however always active, routine walking.
    Presently, I am in Dehradun. Recently , there was lot of weather variations in March April, I had to break my morning routine, cud not go for morning walk, exercise and cycling etc — started some pain in lower back but this time it has transmitted to pelvic area , thighs, legs upto feet. There was little numbness, however it was not consistent and I have carried on with routine with care. Unable to cure fully inspite of physiotherapy. Lying and sitting is no problem, only while taking turn or walking some distance start having heaviness even numbness. I am afraid of any operation or heavy medicines which I have avoided in last 25 years with my own will power and natural cures. Recently, MRI was done which indicates:
    “Multilevel disco-vertebral degeneration with moderate posterior mediolateral at L4-L5 level, moderate right Para central disc extrusion at L3-L4 level and moderate posterior disc bulge at L2-L3 level.”
    I myself is pusuing Hpathy with conviction and few friends. Tried few remedies like Arinca (to start with), RT, Bry, Cal phos 6X, Gnephylum etc in last one and a half month, however did not see consistant result as I have seen miracles in other cases. Though there is improvement but I am confused and wish to take consistant treatment to have convincing cure.

    I will be grateful if u can give me advice, more of counselling … thanks
    Pankaj Jain

  768. Dr. Sharma Sb.
    dr sb mn pakistan se belong krta hn. dr sb mujhe Disc Herination hy………. plz mujhe Guide k jye…….. mn 2 saal se is problem mn hoon mujhe Araam nai aya……. plz mujhe Medicine Tajveez kr dn

  769. Hello Doctor

    My mother is suffering from this sciatica pain from last 8 months. She is diabetic for past 12 yrs. We visited many alopathic doctors but no use. All link it to diabetes and give some tabs. Kindly provide me a list of homeopathy medicine for this pain and timeframe when we can expect this pain to come down. Please help.

  770. my mother is suffering from sciatica pain. the pain is so much severe. she is not able to sit and stand properly. pls help us.

  771. Mrs. Muneera Hamza says:

    Dear Doctor, I am a Srilankan suffering from lower back pain for the last four years. My MRI rport says central disc bulge at L4/5 level with mild narrowing of intervertebral foramina with early compression of L5 exiting nerve root. Have been taking homeopathy treatment from a Srilnkan doctor and doing physiotherapy too.But no proper cure. I have developed sever knee joint pain both legs. I want to know whether this is due to lower back pain. Am I having sciatica? What is the best homeopathy medicine for this? I am worried and fear whether it will restrict my movements. Please help me to get over my pain. Thanks.

  772. bade kameswara rao says:

    Dear sir
    I am 36 years old my left side low back pain and i concelted the docgtor and he said to me you must done MRI after MRI doctor see the reports and he said to me your l s spain disk displaced and compressed the left side leg nerves .
    Sir, what is the treatment of this problem

  773. bade kameswara rao says:

    Dear sir
    I am 36 years old my left side low back pain and i concelted the docgtor and he said to me you must done MRI after MRI doctor

  774. fida hussain says:

    Dear sir, I am 32 years old suffering from sciatica pain in my right leg some times in left leg also at the time of sleeping , sitting on a chair or sitting on a seat in condensed area in a vehicle, plz suggest me the treatment. Thanks. Fida hussain

  775. I’m ken I’m 40 yrs male I’m suffering from tingling n numbness in hand n feet only during sleeping mode.numbness vanishes once I’m awake but my sleep is disturbed.

    During day time I don’t get numbness I did my blood check up for diabetes I do not have diabetes or bp.

    Sir pls advice treatment for my illness.

  776. GMSINGHVI says:

    how and if homeopathy can help sciatica pain and if yes how long it takes on average. Are there any major sideeffects

  777. C.K.Palanisamy says:

    My wife is suffering from sciatica complaint L4 L5 disk bulg and pain in night
    What medicine can help me

  778. Moira Badstubner says:

    This is the third week I have been suffering with sciatica pain on my left side.
    i am taking a strong pain killer and also tissue salts.
    A therapist has massaged the special body sections in regard to this pain several times.

  779. b.k. sumati says:

    Dr. i am 45 yrs old, at present I m suffering from severe nerve flashes and pricking pain in joints, more on the left side and also it radiates from foot traveling towrds thigh , hip, stomach and hand till shoulder. Then legs becoming hot and even abdomen. Anothr one is i didntget my periods past 2 months. My homeo Dr had given me Cerato. Kindly guide me

  780. b.k. sumati says:

    Dr. at present I m suffering from severe nerve flashes and pricking pain in joints, more on the left side and also it radiates from foot traveling towrds thigh , hip, stomach and hand till shoulder. Then legs becoming hot and even abdomen. Anothr one is i didntget my periods past 2 months. My homeo Dr had given me Cerato. Kindly guide me

  781. Manish kumar says:

    I am suffering from disc bulge at L4L5and S1 level. I experience pain at the lower back and radiating pain in legs right or left . it started 8 months back. It recurs on and off .

  782. Dr P K kurre says:

    Dear Dr sharma
    Good morning
    today I got my Mri report and there in some clinical finding observed as follow
    stenosis at c2 right side
    small thecal protrusion at c3 c4

    Most important thing is
    a large thecal protrusion seen at in betwen c6c7
    which is penitrat spinal cord and kept over right hand nerve

    so last 5 day ago to till day I feel unbeatable
    pain and power of hand and fingers are as such
    if any kind of homeopathic medicine is help to
    cure please help to inform me
    Neurosurgeon advise me don’t take surgery be cause of the strength or power of hand and fingers are normal

    2 year previously it was appered which was treated by medicines by neurologist .
    protrusion level is c6 c7
    recently I m taking alopathic med . May I take homeopathic med. Along with allopathic there in any contra indication please inform me .
    if any kind of you help me to treat the problem to cure please help me
    MOB 9753920378

  783. Sir me pichle 4 5 sal se sciatica ke dard se pareshan hu meri age 30 sal he kafi ilaj kraya par abi tak koi labh nahi hua ap plz muje homeopathy se kya iska ilaj mumkin he barahe karam ap muje rply kre shukriya

  784. Ali Gohar says:

    Dear Doctor sahib,

    For the last two months i am suffering from Sciatica, i am using R-71 but still i am not feeling.please advise medicine for relief of pain.


  785. hi I am 58 yrs old female I have lower back pain past 10 yrs spinal cord, now since past 3 months my knees started paining and sumtimes I feel from my back lower to feet numbness and heaviness.what could be the reason and also I had just back of my heart spasm pain past 3 yrs could not recover and all of the sudden my shoulder blade to neck muscles and nerve is paining.
    kindly advise.
    00971 50 8727255 and also I have upper neck pain when moving right and left I get a sound cut,cut,cut

  786. hi I am 58 yrs old female I have lower back pain past 10 yrs spinal cord, now since past 3 months my knees started paining and sumtimes I feel from my back lower to feet numbness and heaviness.what could be the reason and also I had just back of my heart spasm pain past 3 yrs could not recover and all of the sudden my shoulder blade to neck muscles and nerve is paining.
    kindly advise.
    00971 50 8727255

  787. satyanand sada velip says:

    i have 15mm kidney in the mid pole of left kidney………… what i should do………….

  788. evelyn mitchell says:

    i have siatica very badly ,what can i do for it i had a shoy in the bone on my hip thinking it woukd subside , but hasent please help me thank you

  789. My wife aged 28 having low back pain for the past 1.5 year and along with this she is having right leg pain & numbness since last Aug 2014 if she walks longer. She took MRI on Dec 2014 & below is the observation:
    – Loss of lumbar lordosis
    – Dessicated disc with reduction in disc height in l4-l5 & l5-S1
    – Posterior diffuse disc bluge at l4-l5 indenting the ventral thecal sac causing moderate spinal canal stenosis and bilateral neural foraminal narrowing impinging the bilateral exiting nerve roots.
    – Posterior disc protrusion with mild inferior migration at l5-s1 causing narrowing of the vental thecal sac, severe spinal canal stenosis and bilateral neural foraminal narrowing impinging the existing nerve roots on both sides.
    She was able to her regular activities with some rest if needed. On 1 Apr, she had a sever low back & leg pain & was not able to walk few step, now she is in rest and taking pain killer & vit b tablet.

    Any treatment from Homeopathy or other treatment without surgery for the above case?

    Refai k

  790. sanjiv priyadarshi says:

    I suffer from lower back pain coupled with siaatic nerve pain in right leg with numbness and tingling upto soles of feet and pain in right hip(Pin pointed). Relieved by NSAIDS. kindly suggest if homeopathy can cure my situation. I am able to walk but have more pain while sitting. I am 52 , 5.8 feet and weigh 86 kgs. Thanks and regards !

  791. My uncle is 84 years old he suffer from right leg pain for 2 years and {suffer from asthma, blood pressure} he is weak. which are medicines. and preventions

  792. jyotna varshney says:

    jai sri ram sir ji,
    sir main 33 yrs. ek govt. teacher hun .sir doctor ki MRI report ke anusar december 2014 main mujhe lumbar spondylosis bataya gaya jismain L5 ka apne sthan se htna bataya tatha ekmatra treatment opration bataya. maine opration nhi karaya hai kuchh yogasan tatha kuchh homeopathy medicine se thoda relif mila hai pr abhi purntaya swasth nhi hun. mere left leg main hip se thigh tk nambness hai tatha left foot main bhi numbness hai. main left foot pr bina kisi sahare ke khade nhi ho pati. jyada chalne main donon pairon main pain hota hai aur n hi jyada der tk khade ho pati hun .jyada der tk baithne pr lower back k sath pith main pain hota hai sath hi sidiyan chadne pr knees main pain hota hai..plz sir purntaya swasth hone main meri help kijiye..
    thanks sir..

  793. jyotsna varshney says:

    jai sri ram sir,
    sir main 33yrs.old ek govt. teacher hun sir . sir dr. ki MRI. report main maujhe doctor ne lumbar spondylosis bataya jismain L5 ka apne sthan se hatna bataya aur opration ek matra treatment bataya pr maine abhi opration nhi karaya hai aur ghr pr hi kuchh yogasan kiya aur kuchh homeopathy medicine li pr abhi puri tarah relif nahi hain abhi bhi mere left leg main hip se thigh tk nambness hai aur left foot main bhi numbness se aur jyada chalne pr left leg main pain hota hai aur jyada baith lun to lower back aur pith main pain hota hai. sath hi left leg pr main bina kisi support ke khade nhi ho pati.sir plz purntaya swasth hone main meri sahayta kijiye..

  794. jyotsna varshney says:

    jai sri ram sir,
    sir main 33yrs.old ek govt. teacher hun sir . sir dr. ki MRI. report main maujhe doctor ne lumbar spondylosis bataya jismain L5 ka apne sthan se hatna bataya aur opration ek matra treatment bataya pr maine abhi opration nhi karaya hai aur ghr pr hi kuchh yogasan kiya aur kuchh homeopathy medicine li pr abhi puri tarah relif nahi hain abhi bhi mere left leg main hip se thigh tk nambness hai aur left foot main bhi numbness se aur jyada chalne pr left leg main pain hota hai aur jyada baith lun to lower back aur pith main pain hota hai. sath hi left leg pr main bina kisi support ke khade nhi ho pati.sir plz purntaya swasth hone main meri sahay

  795. Disk slip of 4th&5th highly pain goes to leg &neck ankle
    Pls suggest homeo drop to solve the problem

  796. gazi saiful islam says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    It’s very nice article on Sciatica. I think it will helpful for the doctors and the Patients.

  797. chandan kumar says:

    sir mere MRI k mutabik lv4 and lv5 ki disk main frk ha.jis ki wja se meri left tang main kafi drd hota ha or main us ki wja se chal ni skta.aur main mehsus krta hun k meri left side ki hipbone bahir nikli hui k doctors kehte hain k rough and tough bone ha.jb k main smjhta hn k usi ki wja se pain hota ha.aur main zada ch b ni skta.right leg kmzor ho rhi ha.plz suggest me something k main jldi se theek ho jaon.i am only 21yr old.i will be waiting for your kind reply.thanks


  798. Sir mere thighs mei samne ki taraf knee se uper ku taraf pain feel ho raha hai like thida sa hota hai fir band ho jata hai.sir mai ye janna chahati hu ki ye kyon ho raha hai . Ye pain mujhe 3 dino se feel ho raha hai

  799. arsalan paracha says:

    mere left leg me disc se lekar panje tak khicau rehta hay na me kharra ho sakta hoo or na hi chal sakta hoo doctor kehte hay ke opperation hoga ap bataen is ka illaj hay agar hay to meharbani farma kar is ki medican bataen kiyu ke 4 month ho gae hay

  800. Dear Dr,
    My wife
    Age: 30 years
    Ht 5′.4″
    Wt: 79 Kgs
    She has been suffering from pain in the Rt leg from the heels and extending from the back up to the buttocks for the four years.
    Some time back she was advised to take colour doppler study for both lower limbs.
    The result of the impression was:
    Continuous reflux at sapheno femoral junctions bilaterally.
    Negative for deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins.
    The allopathic Dr treated with few medicines but the but nothing happened and the pain has started in the Lt Leg too.
    The pain is very tingeing like a needle pricking and her Heels have become very very soft at the bottom like ripe juicy mangoes and she is unable to bear the pain.
    Pl suggest whether this is normal or does she have to take any medicines, if is there any medicine in homeopathy for treatment to be back normalcy.

    Thanks looking forward to hear from you

  801. Dear Dr,
    My wife
    Age : 30 years
    Ht 5′.4″
    Wt : 79 Kgs
    She has been suffering from pain in the rt leg from the heels and extending from the back up to the buttocks for the four years.
    Some time back she was advised to take colour doppler study for both lower limbs.
    The result of the impression was : Continuous reflux at sapheno femoral junctions bilaterally .
    Negative for deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins .
    The allopathy Dr treated with few medicines but the but nothing happened and the pain has started in the Lt leg too.
    The pain very tinging like a needle pricking and her Heels have become very very soft at the bottom like ripe juicy mangoes and she is unable to bear the pain.
    Pl suggest whether this is normal or dose she have to take any medicines , if is there any medicine in homeopathy for treatment to be back normalcy.

    Thanks looking forward to hear from you

  802. Kamlesh Shah says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I , Kamlesh Shah, have expjained my present condition as below:
    My age is 59 years.
    Pain that travels on right side from the lower back or from the hip through the back part of the thigh to the lower part of the leg or to the feet .
    Pain is there while lying down in a normal sleeping or lying posture and has no other option other than to stand or walk .

  803. saira nuzhat says:

    I have pain in my lower back along with leg and feet.I can hardly walk few steps. how cess

  804. Arshu Jain says:

    Doctor ,I have a bulging disc in l3-4 & l4-5 discs which lead to a mild pain continously in my lower back.
    the pain is pinching and on left side generally.
    the MRI shows diffuse disc bulges.
    I am 21.
    and the pain starts after one day at gym where i dont lift heavy weight but may get twisted during lifting.
    Tell me what are the possible treatments and please tell me the approximate period of total recovery if possible as other doctore told me that it will resolve completely soon as i am quite young.
    Thank you

  805. Syed Zohaib Hussain Shah says:

    Dr.Sharma. I am 35 yrs, I have sciatica pain on my left leg from left hip calf & foot to under left leg & knee pl. give me /suggest me homoeo medicine. thanking you sir.

  806. h.m.patel says:


    During sexual intercourse my left testicle occasionally moves upward in body.

    When this occurs, the testicle in question feels like a hard lump beneath my skin of my lower abdomen.

    To move it back to the correct position, it is necessary for me to push the ‘lump’ downward until the testicle reappears, and then apply pressure to the right hand side of my groin until the testicle moves back into my scrotum.

    This usually happens when I am having sexual intercourse in the missionary position, but kneeling up slightly with my thighs spread quite wide apart.

    Whilst this does not cause me pain, it does cause some discomfort and considerable concern. I have never heard of this happening to anyone else.

    Is it normal? Is it possible to prevent it in homeopathic ?


  807. vikas kumar says:

    Sir I have lower back problem last 3to 4 month.I was examin by a orthopedic doctor.after ct scan report in my l4 and l5 one par are detected.and my annular disc are bulged…now I getting some alopethic medicine as per Dr advice..but it was not permanently qure my pain.I am starting regularly exercise as per advice by I am getting some relief.I asked you is it sytic pain..kindly guideline is it permanently qure or not.I am interested in after day I am suffer from this pain kindly advice me what I do…

  808. Dr. Sharma;
    A couple questions as I have had several injuries resulting in multiple problems.
    Due to 2 separate auto accidents, #1. At age of 52, The person hit my car head on: Resulting in trauma to my front brain, whip-lash, concussion, went into premature menopause, memory loss, short term mostly but some long term memory loss, personality change, loss of affect, lots of crying, depression, PTSD, has worsened to anxieties and causes heart flutters worsening, stressors triggers it. Afibulations, heart flutters. Have had nightmares of being killed ever since, either being ran over, ran off cliff, killed by a man, almost every night.
    Then, 6 years later, a car driving 60-70 mph struck me from behind as I waited to make a turn; he was driving at age 93 with macro degeneration (sp?) Again, I suffered whiplash & concussion, more memory loss, they thought I had permanent brain damage but not. With aging, its been 10 years since last injuries, am getting absent minded a lot and feel foggy minded.
    I have hashimoto’s disease too. No physician have helped me with this. I will not take synthetics!
    I don’t have hot flashes that are wet, am post-menopause, but I get heat flashes & have to take off a sweater or shirt and cool down. I have a mass on my right side of thyroid/parathyroid, non-malignant.
    Surgeon wanted to remove it, I refused.
    I had several falls going into & out of residence, the stone pavers were wobbly (not glued down) & my canine & I both would fall. 3 winters ago, I fell on the ice hurting my left shoulder, left hip and knee. My shoulder was dislocated & affects my entire arm & shoulder/clavicle as well. My left knee in particular is in severe pain, difficult some days to even walk. My shin hurts all the way down, and ankle sprained as well. When I sit at desk, it feels like a knot in my left hip underneath my buttocks.
    I fell off a retaining wall in the snow, fell 2 Feet, and have lumbar collapsed discs, L 3,4,& 5.. My body is a state of constant pain. I’ve had sciatica problem at upper hip all way down to my foot, I can’t sleep in my bed anymore because my mattress is firm & too painful. I get little restful sleep at night.
    3 Months ago, I went to a foot dr. to have my big toe toenail trimmed as it was getting to be ingrown. I asked what he would do but didn’t tell me. Unknown to me, he injected anesthesia in my toe & did surgery. It was infected from the start. It is sore, it has affected my ankle all the way up, it looks infected too, it is inflammed & deep pinkish-red. He said I’m finished, I don’t need to come back unless I want the other toe done. !!!! That won’t be happening. My entire left side of my body needs help!
    I would be most grateful for your help and suggestions.
    With Respect,

  809. pravin ray says:

    Sir I am 45 yr problem a mild nerve compression At l5s1 disc causes tingling and numbness in feet and ancle of feet plz give me medicine name or treatment


  810. Vikas Sahni says:

    Hello dr, I have just had a micro-discectomy for my l5-s1 three weeks ago and i am recovering slowly but still have residual pain due to nerve inflammation. Do you have anything in homeopathy to take care of this? If yes, how long would it take to see the result?
    My other discs have some bulge as well. Please suggest me something for that as well in addition to the nerve inflammation.

  811. ravi. patted says:

    Dear doctor,
    my mum age is 75yr suffering from lower back pain with left side waist hip is burning during night sleep. what is the health cause and she treated with orthopedic surgeon and nerve surgeon still she has not recovered. can you please suggest us the treatment and tests required to carryout. she cannot walk more than 20 minutes

  812. Govindprasad Baheti says:

    what about piriformis muscle syndrom

  813. RAKESH MINOCHA says:

    my daughter 14 years old was diagnosed with sciatica and being treated by phisiotherapy and R71 drops but after the pain has subsided she has developed lateral pelvic tilt on right side and down shoulder on same side pain has subsided 90% no allopathy was taken.Is the tilt temporary and be cured by exercises or we have to take homoeopathy medicine for it. just 10 days have elapsed since we noticed this change and sometimes it looks ok and sometimes protuding is sure that this developed just few days before. Previously she used to get up tilted due to pain but now sometimes no pain is there and there is a tilt. could it be psychological as we keep on telling her to stand straaight. both lateral and ap xrays done for spine and report is ok. please advise.

  814. I feels pain in back bone as well as hips bone and nee

  815. MG Rajendran says:

    I am suffering from sciatica pain since 1 year. While standing or walking the pain starts from buttock to just above the foot joint on left leg.

  816. T.G.Mukherjee says:

    My wife, aged 60, is suffering an acute pain in her lower back left side and is extending to ancle even at heel. Such pain is about 2 weeks old. We have treated with physiotheraphy but failed, say not heeled. Now some Alopathy Doctor gave some medicine saying that some muscle coming out of backbone and is obstructing the nurve. One Antibiotic and some pain killer has been prescribed and asked for complete bedrest for 7/10 days. 4/5 days of such bed rest gone but not much improvement is noticable. We want to get releived in quick session since marriage of our son is fixed in another 20 days to go .
    We will be highly obliged if you can you suggest some medicine as per condition stated above.

  817. Shrawan Pathak says:

    K/c/o aml type2 with sever pain in lower limb with limbs jurc

  818. P.Sripathy says:


    My wife is aged 64 years and suffering from LS4 and LS5 disc bulge problem from one year. She has taken various treatement such belt tablets accue puncture and many exersises. She has also very little sugar . All the docters give different opinions and we do not know what to do. The present condition is she can not freely walk and stand for a long time.We are residing in Bangalore and please help and suggest me in this regard to give any Homeopathic treatment.

    Thank you sir, Yours Faithfully,


  819. nitish rao says:

    I am suffering from sciatica nerve pain since one was started in May 2014.sir,firstly I felt pain in lower back than it goes to lower portion of right leg…below knee…I consult a orthopedic doctor..he told me about this problem..the treatment that was given …medicine…medicine…n one injection for pain relief..but it didn’t work…than I went to a spine doctor in Indian spine injuries center, vasant kunj New Delhi.currently I am taking medicine from there but no results…sir due to lots of medicine…it effects on my body..slowly slowly my face going darker in color.I feel weakness….tension…..plz help me out…
    Nitish rao
    Age 22 years

  820. Dear dr saib. I am having disc prolapse at lumbar 4/5 and diffuse disc bulge at l 5/S1. Foraminal neural stenosis is due to bone spurs at the same level.

    Already took rhus 200 10+10+10
    For month but my symptoms are same having bilateral feet numbness during walking. Please guide and advise

  821. usha singh says:

    Res. Dr Sir, age-59,female ,2 sons,house wife,height 5ft. ,weight 68kg ,over all health is good. suffering from back pain very seriously. MRI says degeneration in L-4 L-5 de-generation .allopath says NOT NEEDED operatin.regurly walk 45 minuts in morrning .do my kitchen / home work .my back bone area,both hips sufferd with shooting / unbearable pain, pray god for death. Now days its coverd my theigh, calves, even up to toe. Allopaths DR advice me to take Paracitamol 2 tabs t.d.s. they say there is no treatmnt in this pathy. lastly operation . SIr help me and save my life .I am ready to end this sons are away for their bread. husband is a retaird pity empoly Weare poor people . pleas help me. advice some medicine. thanks.

  822. Hi Doctor,

    I am suffering from severe pain on my nerve from my back to the leg up to the toe. I am having this pain from past one month now. I took an MRI scan. On consulting doctor he said its because of slip disc caused sciatica and has pain in the nerve. They had advised me to take physiotherapy for 2 weeks and see if any improvement has been in place. if not I need to undergo a surgery. I don’t see much improvement after course of two weeks. Can you please suggest me to recover from this pain without undergoing any surgery. Please help me.


  823. Dear sir…

    My mother age 48 is suffering from obesity. Weight 120 kg. Height 5’2. Diebities… Score 7 out of 10 in quarterly avg sugar test. Thyroid… And obstacle sleep apnoea…. Now also facing numbness in left side of body… Lost approx all money in treatment but not getting comfort… In allopathic….

    Found you on Internet… Kindly help us by guiding treatment in homeopathy…. Please….

    With regards

  824. B N Bondare says:

    I am having a nerve compression problem at L4/5 resulting into stiffness and pain from waist to toe. Pl advise.

  825. Dr. I have knee pain and ankle pain in both legs.I can’ t walk fast and find very difficult to climb stair cases.Toile Sotting i

  826. Sumbul Sadiq says:

    Pain on right side back of the hip and right leg calf.If I stand for a while the severe pain in calf region.I weigh 238 lbs.plc tell me some thing for weight reduction also.I have hypothyroid.Last month I have started BP medication .plc if you can tell me for my BP also.Can I take BP and thyroid medicine with allopathic.

  827. Rahul Agarwal says:

    Sir I m suffering frm sciatica severe pain in left leg, my age is 39 yrs., weight 110 kg, height 5ft 11 inches. Plz suggest me th best medicine. Wating for ur highly appreciable response. Thanx

  828. Manoj Kumar says:

    Dear sir
    Pl help to find solution of pain ( Sciatic nurve ) in leg from a duration of 3 yrs. Sometime I feel un bearable pain in legs . So kindly let me suggest a better homeopathic treatment to relief my pain.
    Manoj Kumar
    +234 8152092352

  829. lata singh says:

    Heleo sir…
    I havehave been a patient of sciatica for the past 3-4 years. …n I hv tried rhus tox 200 but it didn’t work well. ….so I need a full relief from ur treatment. ..kindly help come off this pain

  830. Dr rasesh patel says:

    sir, my brother about 30 years age now he got little sound in his back during pulling small machine about 10kg . now he cannot walk properly on second day cannot bear his body weight , on MRI study found that the soft tissue disc imbalance now orthopedic suggest to operate him , but no any symptoms of pain , tramer start when walking, right toe + first finger moves on dorsal surface he feels better when little exercises his body weight about 60kg so give best medicine for him

  831. Purshotam Behl says:

    Having pain in left knee ,no improvement after a walk ,relif when sitting. Constriction in hip also left.

  832. MR.S.K.MUKHERJEE says:

    I am 57 yrs of age.
    I I have gone through the topics & my position is similar to that as stated above. I am suffering from last 25/30 days. From 14.3.2015 I am under homeo treatment at Bongaigaon Assam where I work. Till date not got relief. I am under the treatment of Dr. D.K.Chakraborty,MD(H)DBMS(KOL)RCPU.
    I am attending office but cannot sit in chair comfortably. Get some relief after sleep. Dr. has given me RT30, one drop before meal named PAINTOX,one message named MUSCUHEAL prescribed & I am taking all those.
    Please suggest me what I should not take & any more medicine are required. How long I required to get fit.Any exercise I should do.


  833. MR.S.K.MUKHERJEE says:


    I I have gone through the topics & my position is similar to that as stated above. I am suffering from last 25/30 days. From 14.3.2015 I am under homeo treatment at Bongaigaon Assam where I work. Till date not got relief. I am under the treatment of Dr. D.K.Chakraborty,MD(H)DBMS(KOL)RCPU.
    I am attending office but cannot sit in chair comfortably. Get some relief after sleep. Dr. has given me RT30, one drop before meal named PAINTOX,one message named MUSCUHEAL prescribed & I am taking all those.
    Please suggest me what I should not take & any more medicine are required. How long I required to get fit.Any exercise I should do.


  834. VISHWA R PANDE says:

    Dear Sir,
    My request for back pain is already sent please go thru and advise me.

    with regards

    V ishwa r pande

  835. Due to prostrate condition passing urine requiring exertion of pressure. Undergone turp surgery 2 years ago and now psa level is 22..pls advise medicine

  836. Sailaja.S says:

    Respected sir,

    please suggest me a medicine for reducing for my leg heal nerve pain. some times it has burning sensation and sometimes its pinning. please help me and give a medicine/suggestion for my problem.

    with king & regards

  837. saira nuzhat says:

    sir,on 20th of Feb I had severe pain in hip joint followed by leg and pain doesn’t go especially when I w a lk or stand.can you please help me.

  838. D 12 pain Mir results biopsy pls help

  839. 2 years ago i passed through a L1 spinal tumour surgery. after that i got difficulties in walking. some muscles of lower limb are thinned but not completly. i have no sensation in my foot. there is sometimes nocturnal urination but day time i can feel urge of micturition. pls tell me some exercise limb and urinary bladder

  840. ANAND pralash says:

    I have back side pain.this pain start 25/30days before Dr.says it is sciatica pain and he gave medicines but I have no any relax
    So please advise me sir.

  841. I am suffering sciatic pain from back to leg and finger right side. rusx tox not benefit to me for 5 month kindly suggeat treatmants.

  842. SUDIPTA MANDAL says:

    I sudipta mandal , 30 year’s male, I am suffering from low back pain which spread throughout my buttock and thigh, it more difficult to tolerate whenI lying down bed at night. In day time when I am walking sitting I felt quite better than night. It starts from December s last week 2014. First went to a neurologist he advice me for 7 days bed rest and medicine and US therapy . It help little improvement. But when I joining my office it started again. I am a bank Employee. Then I went to a orthopaedic he advice me for two weeks bed rest and tuction and used belt. . But till now I am suffering. …. Sir Plz reply. .

  843. ravi prasad says:

    1. At L4 – L5 Level, there is disc desiccation, diffuse disc bulge, left posterocentral disc extrusion and bilateral severe neuroforaminal narrowing abutting exiting nerve roots.
    2. At L5 – S1 level, there is diffuse disc bulge causing bilateral moderate neural foraminal narrowing, abutting exiting nerve roots.

    After hellopathic treatment (1year), ayurvedic(4months), Homeopathic(6months), there is no progress. Please suggest me the needful.

  844. ishwar lekhwani jhansi says:

    Sir .I have pain in my legs .and weakness in whole body .I m a bussinessman nerves of legs r weak.when I will sleep , my legs r so weighted and I couldnt stand please refer which medicine we used and what preacautions we take …thanking u

  845. Kavitha CD says:

    Hi, iam kavitha I have gone for HGS testing in dat I got a report right side blockage what to do for dat can u reply please. And I have got irregular periods already 3rd month is going on. for 5moths 3 months like that I will get periods and suffering from thyroid. I have gone for thyroid test also is came normal. I don’t know what to do. By 21 st March 2015 I will six years completed of my marriage till now I have not got a child. All of them are asking me a child im getting irritated hearing that words from others. So please please clarify my details

  846. Cindy Alexander says:

    I have severe spinal stenosis in L3 and l4 with a “slipped disc”. I also have have osteoarthritis in L 1 thru L5. A steroid injection left me in twice as much pain and much less mobility. Bedtime is a nightmare. Took me 1/2 hr to get to a sitting position eith alot of pain. Ortho surgeon recommended a spinal fusion and a lumbar ? ( recovery is a 9 to 12 month process). I’m desperate for other options.

  847. डिअर सर मेरे दोस्त की रीढ़ की हडही टूथ गई है और ओह पिछले ६ महीने से चारपाई मे है उसका कमर से नीचे का हिसा काम नहीं कर रहा है क्या वोह फिर से चल सकता है की नहीं
    from Delhi

  848. Hello dear; it’s the problem going about two years iam feeling pain in my back and l used a lot of homephatic medicine but my back pain doesn’t got better and l,m taxi driver my driving is risky or not . my age 27 years. Thanks

  849. I think I suffer from sciatica. how can you help me.

  850. vivek soni says:

    sir l am 34 years old. l am suffering leg nerve pain since last 2 years & some says it is sciatica & some says it is sirvical pain. suggest me right medicine soon. thanks a lot.

  851. dalia dutta (58) says:

    spondylolisthesis ,L4 forward over L5 and OA change in bones arround knee joint , joint spaces diminished

  852. Chittajit Pathak says:

    Myself Chittajit Pathak 30 years old suffering from tremendous back pain with irritation, burning & numbness starts from spinal cord,hip,right buttock travelling to right knee upto right feet soul. I cannot wake up early from bed. It is very painful to move, sit & work through out the day. I am suffering from this condition for the last four years . I am also suffering from piles & constipation, acidity, heartburn & gastric problem. Kindly, refer me some good homeopathic medicine

  853. I have compressed nerve l4l5andin neck side also MRI taken ism having vertigo andlt knee pain i cannot sit down since5months radiating pain back of thigh back pain also cannot stand longtime kindly help me I have tried Bryonia rhus tox hypericum Iam67yrs diabetic in control thank you

  854. ayoola ojo says:

    Cramping and numbness in legs and hands. Prescribe drugs 4 me and other advise on it.

  855. Hi

    I am 43 years old female. From two days I have pain numbness and pain in my lower back, legs and pain. Tingling pins and sleepy feelings in foot. Feels better while walking but worse when laying and sitting. Kindly suggest what is this and which medicine should I take.thanx a lot.

  856. s.s.narayana says:

    sir, i am 44y aged male i am working as gardner while i am in work i lifted some whiet i feeled some shock thing at my left side hip i put downed the whiet immideatly and sit downed after i took pain killers pain is controlled i usualy contd works 10day after the pain repeated its raised hip to leg when walking i met homeo dr he gave 2 type tabs 1type syrup(name unknown)i used 15days pain has gone 2months later now pain repeated it has worse feels please advise me sir.

  857. sukhdeep singh says:

    Dear sir.
    I am suffering from low back pain it starts first from tip of spine and goes to left leg some times swear i fell mently sick for hole day my weight is also incrased so plz advice me medicine for stronging my nerve system and for my low back’s problem also and plz advice me some exercise also!! I will be very thankful 2 u try to reply me as soon as possible

  858. Ilyaas Malik says:

    I have Sciatica & lower back pain from 2 month I have pain in my left leg which is effected with road accident 43 years ago can not bend the leg from knee leg was broken from 2 places fumer & thigh the pain is going from hip to leg & feet have a problem to sit sleep walking & standing to day I read on net about these 2 medicines 1.Rhus tox 200c & Colocynthum 200c & have started from today alternately after every 2 hours 5 drops each in a sip of water I want to how much time it will take to cure & this will be permanently cure or for short time. Thanks

  859. Amaresh Biswas says:

    Dear Sir,
    About 7-8 months ago, all of a sudden, I felt unbearable pain in my back region. It became difficult for me to lie on bed and on sitting there, it also became all about impossible to make stretch my leg in front. At the time of walking, I was feeling pain at my sole, specially at the left leg. I consulted a neurologist and on visiting me, the Dr. advised me absolute bed rest for one month. He advised me for not to undergo surgery, because already surgery was done on my backbone about 10 years ago and this time, the report of MRI did not direct for such act. After one month of bed rest I felt better and i joined my office. First two- three months I was all about normal and thereafter, again it started to be worsened. Now, I feel numbness and heviness in toes and sole of my left leg and tingling sensation in those toes. Walking in pressing the sole on the surface is also felt uncomfortable. I also do not feel the sensation normal around the calf muscle. Sometime there is cramp in muscle around the ankle joint.
    At this condition, I request you to help me in my recovery, suggesting suitable homeopathic medicine, based on the symptoms stated above.
    Thanking you sir,
    Amaresh Biswas

  860. 1]……..spondilythesis at l5 s1
    2]………….gap between l5 s1 is 1mm
    3]………..leg pain during walking

  861. I have chronic low back pain which is worse while sitting last 8 years mri shows slight nerve compression at l4 L5 level

  862. disk bulge at L5 S1 causiing sever scatica pain, please name the medicine and remedy

  863. I am suffering from pain at coccygeal area and both groins. The pain is severe and rotational I just can’t sleep and I can’t get up from bed are there any medicines in homeopathy.

  864. bhupender kumar says:

    Dear sir

    I m bhupender and I have problem in my L4-L5. And I am 25 years old can it be cure fully and I am taking trayodashang guggul & mahayograj guggul by baba ramdev can it be cure.

    Thanks & Regards

  865. dear sir
    i have severe pain in my right buttock going towards thigh and knee.feel trouble while walking and cannot stand up for longer hours .moreover some time i feel pain in different positions (middle upper nd lower nd neck)of back too .but m somehow managing with massaging gels or exercise. three yrs back i had mri which shown dere is a slip disk at two level but den i had physiotherapies..nd got releif but now again its troubling with pain in different position sometimes here sometimes there .please suggest what i should do now.

  866. My name is arzan from pakistan
    Sir i m suffering with disc harination problem 6 weeks later followed by pain in right leg in thigh and buttocks pain not going below the knee kindly suggest medicine

  867. pavan ahuja says:

    I mother is suffring frm satica i think so doctor said me if we oprate so my mother will be fine i want to consult wid u plz i want ur parsnal contat no so i can explain u i breaf

  868. Majid khalil says:

    Doc saab mri disc ka problum hai l4 and l5 is damage plz mujhy koi homephaty elaz batay thanx

  869. AMRESH KUMAR says:

    I am suffering from Sciatica pain for 6 year. i take homeopathy treatment beneifit approx 4 year. but in present time re pain now. please suggest to me homeopathy treatment.

    Thanking you

  870. joseph Bayanbfar says:

    I have 2 mm hemride disk n my lest side. I did two epidural injection and am ding physical therapy. dod you have any suggestions ?

  871. Hello sir, vry gdevng

    This article vry nice.
    I hv some knowledge about hypertention.
    Thank u

  872. bhagyalaxmi sabat says:

    I’m suffering from sciatica pain

  873. please mjy remedy batae m
    jy buhat dard hy lower back mn plz doctor ny steroid injection laga dea faraq para pr us k side effect buhat hu gae .kia karu?

  874. deepali pawar says:

    Hi Dr.sharma a lady of an age 60,having right sided sciatic pain from last 5 months with a chronic complaint of heartburn,sciatic pain aggravate by cold,there’s a numb feeling in her leg. she’s disappointed coz of sudden death of her husband 3yrs ago,nd constantly thinks about past nd cry…….so..what should be the proscription?..

  875. kartar singh says:

    cronic left lower back pain radiating to left leg and foot.being a heart patient i cannot take any pain killler . please suggest/treatment in homeopathy.

  876. Umar Farooq says:

    I am 45 years old and I have a deep pain in my left buttock (uppish). Can you please help me in this case. It is very very painful. Not going down to leg. Can not bend on wash. I have a disc slip problem in 2013.
    Just pinching there and cannot express anymore.
    I hope you will suggest some homeopathic medicine for these conditions.

  877. Respected Sir, I am suffering severely as the vertebrae at L5 S1 region has slipped forward and causing below symptoms

    1. While in sitting position ,Severe pain and slight burning in toilet area
    2. While in sitting position, slight burning in urinating area
    3. While in sitting position, pain in exactly middle of lower back that is the area just above burtocks and in middle
    4. In standing and walking weakness and pain in right leg

    Sir, all allopathic doctors are suggesting surgery. Please let me know fairly if you can cyre this. Sir, I beg you to be fair


  878. anita saxena says:

    Left Leg side

  879. Gauri Shankar says:

    Sir, my mother age 57yrs have left sided sciatica pain that radiate in thigh and lower leg. Duration from 2-3 month. Having taken also allopathic treatment but no complete relief. Doing also some back exerciseand taking hot fomentation also. I want your valuable opinion regarding Homeo treatment. My mother also taking anti hypertensive medicine regularly, non diabetic. Thanks

  880. subramanyam says:

    A slight heart blocked and chest pain

  881. sir I am suffering from l4 l5 slip disc, A button projection is there as per MRI scan, I face the acute pain in sciatica nerve, Please suggest the treatment,


    Have gone through a lower back surgery since 2013, but my biggest problem is, it pains sometime severe and less. The problem is am not able to find a good therapist. I believe is the type of exercise that was given to me does help sometimes and pain me. The surgery was my L4 and L5 herinated disc. My concern now is which type of exercise am suppose to do. Your advice would be valuable in this case, thanks.

  883. Hi

    My name is Tina I just turned 20 I been having pain started from my right lower back and down to the foot it’s been going on for about 8 months now and I just can’t stand the pain anymore . At the moment I don’t have the money to go see a doctor and I just need help what is the best thing for me to do to make it better .. Thanks

    • Hii tina u can use lycopodium 200 with mag phos 200. ..jarur fayda hoga…guaranteed. ..10 drop 4 times a day with 1 spoon water..tq

  884. M.M. Mathew says:

    My wife, aged 53 years, fell down on the house floor and fractured her left hand radius portion and her hand is put in plaster. She feels loss of sensation and numbness on the right thigh. This feeling is felt more when he lies down to sleep. While sitting also she feels the numbness. Doctor, what could have happened and what is the remedy available in homoeopathy in such situatioin ?

  885. Dear Sir,
    I am 32 year old women, working and travelling on two wheeler daily one to two hours. Recently, i had back ache, after MRI Scanning, I got to know that I have a disc bulge problem. Will this problem cured or not? some body suggested that there is no medicine to cure this. can it be treated with Homepathy. Will really homeopathy solves my problem.

  886. Am having gsnglion cyst near my ankle…it was oosed out many times …with allopathid treatnent…cut ipen n drained out…yet it gets refilled

    suggest any medication without surgery

  887. I have been having symptoms of sciatica since 8 days – pain on rightside of the right calf radiating from the back hip,more so during walking and standing and relief felt during rest or lying down. I initially tried mag phose for 6 days with very little relief. After seing your website i want to try colocynth 30??? Murali

  888. M C Sharma says:

    I am of 65 years of age. About 20 days back I felt acute pain in my right hip and after 2-3 days this pain found radiating from right hip to thigh and calf and up to toe of right foot. MRI report dt 14 Jan 2015 shows-
    1. multilevel desiccated disks.

    2. Postero-central discal protrusion at L 4-5 level with central annular tear effacing the anterior
    epidural fat and mildly indenting the thecal sac from ventral aspect.

    3. Diffuse diskal bulge at L5-S1 level effacing the anterior epidural fat and impinging on both proximal
    S1 nerve roots. partial compromise of bilateral intervertebral foraminae at L5-S1 level.

  889. I have been dying with this for the last year I’m only 19years old and can barely walk anymore I don’t know what to do, I tried basically everything I really need help please…

  890. Vimal Koul says:

    I have this problem and can’t sit without pain in lotus position and if I can manage to sit then I have pain in rising and later on walking for some time . Can you help please ……..I’m 50 years of age and male .

    I also have acidity problem and sinus for your information . And am on BP , blood thinning and cholesterol control medication .

  891. V N Gurjar says:

    I am 48 year old male, suffering from sciatica pain in left leg for about two weeks. The pain is present in the back of thigh and runs into calf causing heaviness in leg and some times tingling in toes. It aggravates while walking and relieved if leg is folded. It is quite uncomfortable to sit in chair as well. There is no problem in squatting or sitting with legs folded .
    Please suggest medicine. I have been suggested brionia and berbaris vulgaris.

  892. Sior,
    Iam 76 Yrs Old. MRI scan reveals L3/4, L/5 and L5/S1 interveetebral disc posterocentral and posterolateral protrusion, bilateral facetral joint arthroses causing ventral dural and indentation
    and bilateral neural foramina and recess narrowing. The exiting bilateral L3,L4,L5 nerve roots
    are compressed.
    Hence I am getting pain when in standing position more sevear.

    Pl kindly suggest some Homeao pathy treatement.

    At present I am taking Allopathic Treatment.

    Awaiting your Kind reply Sir.

    Yours Faithfully,


  893. I am suffering from l4-l5 lumbar disk slipped for more than a homeo medicines .Artho surgeons advise to go in for operation.So kind of you.

  894. santosh Kumar Rathore says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    Hop you will be fine me santosh Kumar Rathore from sindh Pakistan my brother age 37 years have Sciatica problem MRI report is L4, L5 nerve press we are taking homeopathy medicine Rhus tox 200, Bryonia, coloncythic. Medicine some relief now please you suggest me what we do

  895. Priyanka singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am 38 year , 90kg weight married lady living in Dublin , Ireland for 10 yrs. 2 yrs ago I was talking to my friend (homeopathic doctor) when she realised that I have left side weakness in my body. She prescribed me to take LACHESIS200 – 3 times in a day at 1 hr interval once in a month for 6 months.

    I took for 3 months and then forgot. last year all of sudden I had frozen shoulders in both my shoulders. right shoulder recovered in a month but left shoulder was worst , after 3 months of physiotherapy left shoulder is working but still I feel weak in the left shoulder, hand and left lower back. when I sit i feel tilted to left side a bit .

    I have started to take Lachesis 200 again and taken the first dose on 15 jan 2015.
    Please guide me what i should do………waiting your guidance

    many thanks

  896. Dear sir,
    Hope, you will be fine, Sir, I am working as assistant professor of Biology in Islamabad Model College for Boys sector H-9 Islamabad, Pakistan. I would like to discuss a problem of my mother, I hope you will guide me. Actually she had been fallen on the floor by the hips about six months ago, since then she has been complaining severe pain along the length of left leg on back side, the pain radiates from hips and travel down towards the foot. mostly pain becomes more sever on standing position or during walking then she feels some relief in pain on bed rest after much time. furthermore, she has also been complaining numbness from abdomen to lower body region in both legs. we have consulted one of homeo physician but still no significant relief in pain is obtained through his medicines (i don’t know which medicine he is using), however, numbness is reduced to some extent and now she complains numbness below knee in both legs.
    Sir kindly guide me about this remedy


    Abid Ali Mughal
    Assistant Professor of Biology,
    Islamabad Model College for Boys sector H-9 Islamabad, Pakistan.
    phone: 0092-331-5672212

  897. I am suffering fromitching and psorises in both legs from ankle to knee and thighs and also from nervepain inleft leg down to ankles unable to walk. I do some stretching exercises . I have not done any test or report only consulted allopathy clinic of our office who gave pain killers without success.Dr pl suggest good treatment with medicines tja can be purchased locally. my digestion is normal I am pure vegge.71 kgand 170xcm and 48 years. i work in govtlab. pl respond and ive me quick relier from itching
    expectng a response
    yours with regards

  898. abdul haleem says:

    Respected Sir, Mai sciatica ke bemari mai mubtail hun homeopathy ki dawai 3 hafta sa istamal kar rah hun lakan koi farak nai par rah. mehbarbani farma kar koi hal batian.

  899. Had a Laminectomy at L5 S1 also L4 was cleaned around as L4 was in danger of herniating at some time soon, Came out of surgery with no pain at all, Felt WONDERFUL, About 2 weeks after the surgery I kind of missed a bottom step at my house, did not fall just landed left foot at the botton of staircase, with like a jar in my body, has had sight pain since, I now have pain again in my left buttoks and down my left leg in the calf area, also same type of leg pain in right leg, not in buttock on right side. Started Physical Therapy, have gone 3 times, to painful to do IF the legs are hurting, can take pain pill prior to P.T., but then I cannot tell if I am pushing myself too hard, because I don’t feel the pain then. Advice on what my next step would be,P.T. will end the end of February, and will possibility be returning to work as a Direct Care Giver to 3 adult men, and household duties to do, bathing the men, laundry baskets of their clothes to be brought up from the basement,making dinner, loading dishwasher etc. Many jobe or things that can happen in a 8 hour period Therapist keeps telling me if I fell pain to back off the exercise, avoid hurting my problem areas, any ADVICE for me??

  900. shambhu nath says:

    Sir I am patient of seaitica 38 year old.which type of treatment is available and what is cost that your treatment and which type of test require for identify condition of seiatica

  901. I am having lower back pains and throbbing like pains on the lower back and right side of my back, where I believe kidney is supposed to be. My Urine Dr and kidneys and bladder ultrasound are O.K as checked by the Aga Khan hospital Karachi. I am told by doctors that it is back bone sciatic pain, slipped disc irritating the sciatic nerve. Dyclo 50 has helped, but I have pain when I am standing, like Muslim prayer when I am standing, but no pain when I bend or do sajda. I am taking Reckeweg R 11, but not much relief. Can you or some other doctor help. Thanks and

  902. sunil kumar says:

    I am suffering with scitica pain since 8 months.I have done many treatments and I am doing regular exercises but not getting any effects.please suggest me your valuable advice.age 44.

  903. Hello Doctor,
    This article is very informative…
    I would like to pit forward my query regarding my father in law’s sciatic problem. He is undergoing homeo treatment for the same from six months. Despite the treatment, He is suffering from severe pain. And it oa heard that the homeo treatment increases the trouble first and then treat a that. Is that true? If that is true please suggest some remedies for the pain. Please be notified that he is diabetic. Awaiting our precious advice..
    Thank you.

  904. MOHAMMAD VASI says:



    HISTORY ..





  905. harish kumar says:

    I am 69 years old . few years ago i was diagnosed for high triglicerates and was advised to take and till date I am continuing and satisfied with the reports. But for the past 2 years I am having pains in right abdomen upper and lower area sometime in liver,kidney,appendix constipation and sometime breathing problems with bp of 145/89. The pains of different organs come one by one in a one week gap.I use DR.Receweg medicines which heals very fast.and the bp becomes 135/85. What do I do

  906. Obedul Haque says:


  907. tarun bhardwaj says:

    i have silpped disc prolem and sacatica nerve problem sir and i am suffering for last 2 months sir plz hellp me .

  908. I have sciatica pain, what should I take for that. Someone used R71 and recommended it to me. I’m diabetic as well. Is it ok for me to take R71. what other treatments I can use. I’m in alot of pain on my left leg starting from above the thigh, all the way to the ankle. Pls help.

  909. maariyah ijas kachi says:

    Dr. Hye I m Maariyah….
    I hv severe pain in hands shoulder back hip thigh leg I.e d whole body .I hv consulted many doc bt no effect. .plz let me know what shld I do. …gv me rpl as soon as possible plz its a request

  910. vivek kumar singh says:

    I am person of 36 years of age. I have a overall balanced and healthy person except few symptoms of sciatic in my right leg ( by the way its not pain but numbness due to sciatica) which sometimes awkward my normal walk. Its not pain but numbness in my right leg.

    For that I regularly doing stretch excercise and other leg excercises through that I got bit relief but the problem not eliminated completely.

  911. praveen sutar says:

    Sir, my father is suffering from cronich broncities once he had a brain stroke also, he lost his voice and then later after treatment voice recover. and second time an attack was there, result left hand and left leg didnt work. he was hospitalised and immediatly recovered. now i have to ask weather homeopathy medicine will work on it or not . his age is 74 now. and he is fadeup of taking big tablets. i m giving him arnica 30 potency 1 drop daily. and some drops of broncites of bakson medicine.

    Waiting for reply.

  912. SANJAY BHANDARI says:

    sir I am filling pain along back side of left thigh position.(it may be along the scietica nurve ).At first i took RUSH TOX 30 but there was no improvement.Now taking mag phos 12x.pain has decresed but symptom remain same.please give me some medical advice so that I can PERFORM my normal activity.

  913. Pradeep Kumar says:

    My age is 64 yrs. For the last four years. I am suffering from acute Sciatica pain. The pain runs from lower back to the inner side of knees through the right side of Hip & Thigh. The pain is severe & is felt whenever I leave the bed or the chair. Pain is not felt when lying or sitting. Some time, the pain is felt like lightening, Sometimes the legs feel numb. I have tried Rhus Tox, Colocynth, Gna & bryonia but no respite from pain & numbness. Please suggest a quick & longlasting treatment for me to get rid of the problem permanently. Thanks.

  914. Dr.
    Since last 10 days after a sudden jurk i am suffering with right side back pain, sitting & laying is restful but after standing for a 2 minutes pain increases from back to front side of thie & make me unable to stand any more. I am taking Drox 24 5 times a day since last 3 days. Kindly advise.


  915. Faiyaz khan says:

    Sir safak dawa kis bimari me kaam aane wali dawa hai is dawa ka naam sarak hai ya aspak hai plz helf me mera bhai ye dawa kuwait se manga hai plz helf

  916. Carrie Resto says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma :
    I am a 56 year old female. I have suffering from Degenetive disc issues.Now it seems to gotten worse. Now I have Sciatica .Last year I indured several series of Epidural injection,I was coping for awhiile and now the severe pain is back again. I do-not want to have any surgeries but I considering Liproscopic surgery. I really need your medical advice,please.
    My right side is always painful, big toe is numb,tingling feet,electric shock when walking,I use a back brace and a cane,I sit with a Sciatica pillow,overall I am HURTING ALL THE TIME!!
    Best, Regards

  917. i am 54 years old after 8 month before i got pain in my hip i check in ganga ram hospital in delhi dr kalra spinal specilist he give me one injection but i did not get relief then i treat by orthopedic specialist in dwarka a
    dr ashish choudhery.after his treatment and exercise i did not feel comfort.again i go to spinal specilist he give me treatment of ozone feeding in L5 AND S1
    four month passed in this treatment but i get small relief.then i do actupressure and acupuncher and R71 and R30 now i take RHUS TOX 30 ARNICA 30 AND HYPERICUM 200

  918. shanta shah says:

    i do have sciatica on the left side- left leg from hip to the bottom of the foot gets severe pain via sciatic nerve

    i am seeking homeopathic solution to my problem.

    i am 80 year old female
    this pain has started since 3 to 5 years back.

    will appreciate greatly, any help or remedy

    shanta shah

  919. sk nizamuddin says:

    sir mera back pain or leg pain huwa tha uske baad oparation huwa magar per ka dard kam hogaya magar kamar pain 5 saalse hai kisi halme kamta ni kya karu sir aap batawo kya kiya jaye har wapt sote fir v pain hota hai khade hona baitna bahut jada pain hota hai plz sir kuch kijiye

  920. shyamsundar.Naik says:

    it is my disease

  921. Left kulhe main date hota hai. 60 year old

  922. I am having severe pain, numbness and burning sensation even if i walk for few steps or stand for a while. And the numbness, burning area includes buttox and penile area. I am 63. I shall be greatful if i can get rid of this problem, and get back to normal life again.
    Jay pathak.

  923. Sir
    I have a severe pain in my left leg from 1month &i had taken medicine from aelopathic doctors bt it gives me no relief now tell me about homopathy trestment

  924. arvind agarwal says:

    i m arvind agarwal,suffering from kid